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C O B R A S O C I E T Y presents “l’Odysée," its fourth season collection for Spring 2013. Inspired by inscriptions and shapes of Goddesses on ancient coins and the adventures of Odysseus and Medusa, the collection journeys from the ancient world to the present. Turkish tiles and stained glass windows are fused with Egyptian metal screens, tin Victorian ceilings and Art Deco wrought iron gates to create the laser etchings, cuts and perforations which dominate the collection. This season’s palette draws its inspiration from the very heartbeat of the Moroccan Forest. Diverse succulents live alongside vibrant, war painted hues of blood oranges and thriving green vegetation, which is interrupted only by the hint of an occasional scent of roses that can be found on every boot. COBRA SOCIETY further develops its signature of ultimate elegance, heritage, tradition and modern technology by introducing laser-cut leather and calf hair, with intricately hand crafted riding boots for him and for her, and leather soled espadrilles with hand woven Betanias. Three styles of bags, including a teal suede backpack, a larger version of the popular “Reidie,” and a unisex leather tote, make their COBRA SOCIETY debut. COBRA signature boots and Loafers (Otto ankle bootie, Canon high-heeled bootie, mid-calf Alcazar and Over the Knee Zeus and the Najet loafer), featuring coconut and cognac lasered leathers; cream, black and red calf hair; charcoal and red suede. The signature orange and red Madder Root and Snake and Chain Kilims are back with adornments. New patterns are woven in Spring greys, with the newest Kilim, “La Jungle,” which weaves pops of marigold and avocado with black into the boots, and on the new “Tangier,” an all-Kilim large travel bag. Continuing with COBRA’s signature machined-brass industrial hardware are added adornments, such as whimsical bronze leaf charms, removable Byzantine crosses, which vertically grace the spine of the boot, and half bullions on the loafers. And as always, the l'animal emblamatique de la marque—the COBRA charm. The COBRA is an ancient sacred symbol representing eternity,protection, rebirth and transformation. COBRA Society’s luxury accessories evoke a sense of heritage, strength and antiquity. Traditional handcrafted Moroccan artistry is honored and encapsulated within eternal quality and a street style appreciated by today’s fearless and fast living. Designer Alex Davis, named “The Next Global Style Hunter” by Vogue UK, combines her love of the vibrant North and Central African culture with a fearless modern day individuality that is expressed through one-of-a-kind accessories that have traveled far and wide to reach home. Created by villages of women in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco and a talented weaver in the North, each Kilim and Betania are intricately hand-dyed and woven with a skill only found within the passage of generations. 14