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About Me: My name is Christopher Columbus. I was born in Genova (Italy) in 1451 and “Wikipedia” says that I’ll die in 1506, in Valladolid, Spain… I am an explorer and I will make a great discoverydiscovery- I am going to prove that the Earth is round like an egg.

My ships Those beauties are the ships I chose to make this great discovery. They’re called: • Santa Maria • La Pinta • La Niña I trust them. I hope they don’t disappoint me.

The beginning of the journey I, Christopher Columbus, begin this journey, in search of new paths to India. Today, Friday the 3rd of August 1492, I leave from Huelva, (Andalucía [by the way, it’s a beautiful place]). We’re going to the Canary Islands. Islands.

--8th August— August— We’ve got a lot of opinions from the three ships’ captains, but I would like to leave the Pinta ship in Gran Canaria because it is in bad condition and I would like to repair it. But we can’t do it today.

--9 --9th August-August-Damn ship…!! Today, with no other choice, we must get to La Gomera, Gomera, the nearest island to repair it.

Welcome to the Canaries!!

th --6 --6


We left La Gomera, with all of our ships repaired, and one of the captains saw three Portuguese ships around the island, maybe they were spying on us… I guess they’re envious!

Hey, that must be Colombus… Is he going out already? I hope he’ll be OK.

--The --The Ocean Voyage-Voyage-The journey was very quiet and long… nevernever-ending… We talked a lot about where to go.

Is he mad…?

----11th 11th OctoberOctober--

Land sighted! We finally reached our goal! We left our ships and walked ashore. Then, we saw some funny people! They had dark skin and they were‌ almost naked.

Where are we? Obviously, this is not India. We walked and walked, but we didn’t find anything except some of these dark, halfhalfnaked people. They didn’t speak our language. Is there somebody who can speak our language?? What can we do? I’ve got an idea! Let’s try to take some dark people to Spain. Let’s try to communicate with them to explain who we are and try to take some souvenirs back.

Will you come with us to Europe?

Let’s return to Europe! Excellent! Some of these “Indians” agreed to come with us! We must begin the return journey immediately! Let’s go!

Some time later…

Finally!!! Spain!!! We’re back! Alive! And we have these “Indians” to prove the Earth is… an EGG!!

Curiosities …Will Wikipedia” be right? Will I die soon?

…Will I go around Europe with the Comenius Project? …One thing is sure. This diary finishes now. now

Daily journal of Christopher Columbus  

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