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Piedmont Company Profile (an H2O Innovation company)

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Overview of H2O Innovation


Piedmont executive summary






Distributor network


Product overview Flexible couplings FRP filter housing Cartridge elements


FRP Manufacturing Engineering Raw Material Production Quality


H2O Innovation Corporate Presentation

H2O Innovation’s DNA 3 business units connected for a flexible and evolutive offer

Water & Wastewater Projects • • • •

FiberFlexTM Bio-WheelTM Bio-BraneTM FlexMBR Desal, RO, NF

Specialty Products & Services (SP&S) • • • •

Couplings Filter Housing SpectraGuardTM ProDose XPRTTM

Operation & Maintenance • SPMCTM • ClearlogXTM


A complete offer from an accountable partner H2O designs, manufactures & commissions smart water treatment systems and unique auxiliary technologies with the goal of improving the performance of the systems dedicated to municipalities and manufacturing plants and maximise its customer retention.

Technical services Operation & Maintenance

Specialty chemicals

Data acquisition and monitoring Corrosion free couplings and cartridge filter housing

Design engineering

Membrane filtration

System manufacturing


Organique growth and acquisitions

2015 Acquisition of Clearlogx

New business unit: Operation& Maintenance

2013 Acquisition of Piedmont Pacific

2009 2007


Acquisition of Professional Water Tech.

Acquisition of Sigma Environmental Solutions

Tragedy of Walkerton • E. Coli bacteria • 9 deaths

Listing Alternex


Openning of an engineering office in Burlington

Acquisition of Biosor Tech.

Birth of H2O Innovation / Acquisition of Darv-Eau

Acquisition of OxydH2O & Systèmes Bioflo

2002 RTO-TSX V


Establishment in USA: Acquisition of Membrane System Corp.


Acquisition of Wastewater Technology

Listing on OTCQX

Opening of a sales office in Spain


2012 Winner Water Tech. Company of the Year 2016 GWI

Acquisition Of Itasca Systems


Acquisition of Utility Partners

2016 TSXV:HE O

Continuous growth Close to our clients

Head quarter : Quebec City, QC Regional offices and manufacturing plants Canada Ham-Nord (QC) Burlington (ON) Calgary (AB) USA Minneapolis (MN) Vista (CA)

Mexico Monterrey Cancun Spain Bilbao NEW 550 employees




“Large companies have tried and failed to bring together the roles of systems integrator and chemical supplier. H2O Innovation has used smart technologies to bridge the two disciplines, creating a virtuous circle based on greater understanding of the customer experience. […] H2O Innovation has demonstrated in 2015 that a small company with the right combination of creativity, entrepreneurialism, and dedication can shake up the established ways of the global water industry – and thrive. The

rest of the world should take notice.” GWI – Global Water Awards, Feb. 2016


Table of Contents




Specialty Products & Service (SP&S)

Parts & Services



‌with 4 brand names 10


Executive summary CORROSION RESISTANT EQUIPMENT FOR MEMBRANE DESALINATION APPLICATIONS Piedmont Pacific is a global leader in corrosion resistant equipment for desalination plants and meets critical customer demand for a wide range of applications in the industrial and municipal markets. Established in 2002 in the city of Piedmont California, Piedmont was the first flexible grooved-end coupling company to design and manufacture its products in Duplex and Super Duplex. Today, Piedmont enjoys a leading position in the desalination market. Our couplings, designed for low to high pressure environments, are available in a variety of material and sizes to ensure your system´s performance along with your team´s safety. Piedmont also offers a full range of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) cartridge filter housings. The FRP filter housings are designed specifically for highly corrosive environments. Their design includes smart innovations, simplifying cartridge installation and replacement. Other products in the FRP product line include bag filters, cartridges, and strainers. Piedmont´s mandate is to offer you guidance throughout the process of design and equipment selection. Furthermore, to extend continuous service during and after your project execution to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our team of engineers and water treatment experts understands not only equipment specification, but also membrane based water treatment, so you can trust our advice and recommendations.



References Largest Installed base in Desalination Industry

Worldwide distributor network  Based in Vista California  Founded by Jim Medanich  Was CEO of Energy Recovery Inc 2000-2002  Remained on the board until 2008  Was a metallurgist by profession  Piedmont was the first to introduce Duplex and Super Duplex couplings in the desal industry

Product overview Flexible grooved end couplings for ROPV/UF/ERD

FRP cartridge filter housing for SWRO


Flexible couplings

Flexible grooved end couplings for corrosive and high pressure environments

Largest FRP Filter Housing ever were built by Piedmont

Project: Size: Location: Customer: End User:

Shuaibah 3 SWRO 250,000 m3/d Saudi Arabia Abengoa/Fisia ACWA Power




FRP Filter Housings

Fiberglass reinforced polyester cartridge fitler housing for RO membrane protection

FRP Filter Housing Styles


Traditional Flanged

Package removal







FRP Filter Housings

FRP Filter Housing Internals


3 Product –



3 Product –



3 Product –



3 Product –



3 Product –



Product -

Cartridge elements

Type of elements



Depth filtration Nominal filtration


High flow capacity Nominal filtration 25

Absolute filtration

FRP Manufacturing - engineering


FRP Manufacturing - production Raw Material The Fundamentals of Fiberglass Composites are materials made up of individual components, whose combined physical strength exceeds the properties of either of them individually. In the case of composite laminates, there two basic elements involved: fibrous reinforcement (such as Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber or Kevlar), and resin.

Piedmont will use basically fiberglass as a reinforcement.


Manufacturing - production Raw Material Forms of Reinforcement These three reinforcements can be purchased in many forms and weaving styles. All three are generally available in tow (pure unidirectional fiber form), veil mats, and woven fabrics. Fiberglass is also offered in a pressed chopped strand mat option.

Tow and Roving Material in this form exhibits the highest properties achievable for a given fiber family. They are typically supplied on spools so that they may be fed into filament winders or unrolled and cut as they are needed for selective stiffening. It is possible to wind extremely strong tubes using this form of material.


Manufacturing - production Raw Material Chopped Strand Mat This material is just what the name implies. The fibers are typically three to four inches in length and are randomly oriented. Chopped strand mat is not a very strong material because of the short fiber length. However, it is isotropic. This means that it is equally strong in all directions. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and can quickly build thickness into parts, molds, or even a repair. It is suitable for non-structural applications


Manufacturing - production Raw Material Woven Fabrics Woven fabrics are strong reinforcements because the fibers are bundled into yarns oriented in just two directions. The warp and fill yarns run at 0 and 90 degrees respectively. Thus, fabrics are anisotropic, or strong in only two directions. Fabrics need to be oriented so the fiber yarns run parallel to the expected loads. If extra strength is needed in a different direction, another ply must be added at an angle to the first. The most common angles are +/- 45 degrees.


Manufacturing - production Raw Material Selecting Resin Resin selection is based on fabric compatibility, service conditions, and the desired characteristics of the finished part. There are two common types of thermosetting resin to choose from: epoxy and polyester. Epoxy is the higher performance and higher priced system. It is used in weight critical, high strength, and dimensionally accurate applications. Polyester resins are less expensive, offer more corrosion resistance, and are more forgiving than epoxies. Vinyl ester is a third resin option, often described as a cross between epoxy and polyester resins, as it falls between them in price and handling characteristics. It offers excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. Piedmont will use: Vinyl Ester Resin as a chemical barrier due to its resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, bleaches and solvents. So it can be used in many chemical processing applications. They offer excellent toughness and fatigue resistance. Isophthalic resin for the structural parts. Isophthalic polyester resins offer high strength, good flexibility and chemical resistance. These resins can be used for moderate corrosion resistance applications to a temperature range around 180° F. Isophthalic resins exhibit good resistance to water, acids, weak bases, and hydrocarbons such as gasoline and oil. 31

Manufacturing - production Filament winding process Filament winding consists of winding continuous rovings of fiber onto a rotating mandrel in predetermined patterns. This method of manufacturing provides the greatest control over fiber placement and uniformity of structure. In the wet winding method, the fiber picks up resin either by passing through a resin bath or from a metered application system. In the dry winding method, the reinforcement is in the preimpregnated form termed towpreg. After several layers are wound, the component is cured and removed from the mandrel (or in some cases the mandrel becomes part of the component).


Manufacturing -


Piedmont will strictly follow a previously with the customer agreed Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)


Your supplier for engineered corrosion resistant equipment for the desalination industry

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