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The Cobb Tales September 28, 2012

The Week Ahead... Monday, October 1 Acorn Singers 3:15-4:30 Piano lessons 3:15-6:30pm

Wednesday, October 3 Outdoor Club 3:15-5 Thursday, October 4 Art Club 3:15-4:30 Friday, October 5


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Simsbury, CT 06070

112 Sand Hill Road

Noon Dismissal for ALL students, including the Nest and all-day YCC.

The Cobb School, Montessori


Tuesday, October 2 Piano lessons 3:15-6:30pm

A Special Thank You... Ms. Uma Ramani and all the wonderful parents who took the course ´3DUHQWLQJ<RXU0RQWHVVRUL&KLOG¾ This three-part class launched our Parent Education Series for the 2012-2013 school year. Next Wednesday, October 10 at 8:30am in the library we will host our first Parent Coffee. We encourage parents to come to the library after morning drop-off, have a cup of coffee and stay for a lively discussion of ´%HOLHYH*XLGH6WHS$VLGH /HW)O\:KDW'RHV,W0HDQ"¾If you FDQ¡WDWWHQGWKLV&RIIHHGRQ¡WZRUU\³ there will be Coffees held throughout the year, and each one enjoys its own topic and appeals to a wide variety of our parents. Parent Education is an important responsibility of being a member of the Cobb community. Learning about 0RQWHVVRULLVNH\WR\RXUIDPLO\¡VKDSSL ness at the school.

A Window into Their World Every year our Upper Elementary head into the world for an educational, overnight adventure. This \HDU¡VH[FXUVLRQWRRNRXUFKLO dren to Project Oceanology in Groton, Connecticut. These budding oceaonographers took to the task with verve and acumen. This video provides snapshots of their experiences. Education extends far beyond the four walls of a classroom, and Dr. Montessori knew this. Project O proves it.

 Click  acorn  to   view  slideshow.  

Parent Reminders Silent Journey Fri., Oct. 19 & Sat., Oct. 20. &RPHDQGH[SHULHQFH\RXUFKLOGUHQ¡VZRUOGLQDZD\\RX have never experienced before. Unique to the Montessori ZRUOGWKH6LOHQW-RXUQH\SXWV\RXLQ\RXUFKLOGUHQ¡V shoes and unravels the mystery of the Montessori curricXOD7UDYHOIURPWKH<RXQJ&KLOGUHQ¡V&RPPXQLW\ through the Upper Elementary and come to understand the genius behind the Montessori method. This is a two-day event and parents should try to attend both the Friday night and Saturday morning workshops. <RXUFKLOG¡VWHDFKHUVZLOOEHSUHVHQWLQJOHVVRQV6DWXUGD\ PRUQLQJDQG\RXZRQ¡WZDQWWRPLVVWKLVRSSRUWXQLW\WR sit before him or her just as your child does every day at The Cobb School. Register with Margaret in Reception by calling 860-6581144, emailing or stopping by. If \RXKDYHQ¡WDWWHQGHGD6LOHQW-RXUQH\QRZLVWKHWLPH

Parent Infant Community Meets Fridays Do you have baby? Are you pregnant? Do you have a friend who has a newborn or is expecting? We invite new parents or parents-to-be to attend our Infant Development class held on Fridays at 8:30am. This course includes 10 sessions for $125 with its first two sessions FREE. Take your two classes for FREE and be part of our first Parent Infant Community. Register with Sallie Ann Jacobs at 860-658-1144 ext 107. First YCC Parent Meeting Fri., Oct. 12 at 10:30am This fall in our brand new Parent Infant Community Room, we will be hosting YCC Parent Meetings. Each discussion will cover an array of topics pertaining to the developing needs of the toddler. All our current and prospective YCC parents are encouraged to attend. Childcare will be provided. Please let Sallie Ann Jacob know if you will be able to join us Friday morning!

7KLV:HHN¡V3KRWR$OEXPV The Cobb School Thanks ...Gerry Leonard for telling the first Great Lesson under the stars! What a wonderful tale and beautiful night. Thank you also to all the Elementary families who joined us for this brief, rare and magical event. Be sure to see the photo album from the event.

Education news... $V&KLOGUHQ¡V)UHHGRP+DV'HFOLQHG6R+DV7KHLU Creativity Why Third Grade Is So Important So Many Hands to Hold in the Classroom B.C. Schools to Promote Student Self-Discipline

Our New Parent Infant Community Division Head Duties "It's a beautiful mornin' ahhh." A little instant gratification is okay. Gourd-tastic! In the beginning: Gerry Leonard tells the first Great Story under the stars

True Grit, Can You Teach Children Character?

Independence Integrity

How Self-Expression Damaged My Students

Responsibility Respect Â

Fast Facts for Families (repeated) *UDQGSDUHQWV¡ 6SHFLDO)ULHQGV¡'D\ Friday, October 5 10am-12pm :KDWLV*UDQGSDUHQWV¡ 6SHFLDO)ULHQGV¡'D\" This event is an opportunity for our students to host their grandparents or a special friend at their school. Our visitors ZLOOHQMR\DYLVLWWRWKHFKLOGUHQ¡VFODVVURRPVDQGWKHSOD\JURXQG Do parents attend? No, this event is intended for guests only. Parents have the opportunity to attend the Elementary Great Lesson, Parent Coffees, the Silent Journey, Parent Nights, UEL Work ViewLQJDQGPRUH*UDQGSDUHQWV¡DQG6SHFLDO)ULHQGV¡'D\LVD separate and special opportunity for the children to host guests other than their parents. +RZZLOOP\FKLOG¡VJUDQGSDUHQWVEHLQYLWHG" We sent invitations to the grandparents listed on the forms \RXILOOHGRXWWKLVVXPPHU,I\RXGLGQ¡WVXEPLWWKHIRUPZH sent invitations home via your child so you could pass the invitations along to grandparents or special friends. :KDWLIP\FKLOGGRHVQ¡WKDYHDJUDQGSDUHQWRUVSHFLDO friend to visit that day? Your child is, of course, still invited to school for the day! However, to help your child avoid feeling unsure, it would be ideal for you to arrange for a guest or to see that your child can accompany a friend and his or her guest. Will there be accommodations for those with special needs?



Elementary  Special  Dress    

Grandparent/Special  Friends  Day,   The  Elementary  Expo  &  field  trips  unless   the  trip  requires  special  outdoor  clothing:  

 Girls   x 1DY\EOXHRUNKDNLVNLUW ´EHORZILQ gertip  length  or  longer)  OR   x Navy  blue  or  khaki  slacks   x White  blouse  or  white  polo  shirt  long   enough  to  be  tucked  in   x White  stockings  or  white  socks   x Black  or  brown  dress  shoes  (no   Merrell  shoes)     Boys   x Navy  blue  or  khaki  slacks   x White  dress  shirt  or  white  polo  shirt   long  enough  to  be  tucked  in   x Dark  socks  &  black  or  brown  dress   shoes  (no  Merrell  shoes)      

Handicapped parking is available near the new Upper ElemenWDU\DQGWKHPDLQHQWUDQFH,I\RXUFKLOG¡VJUDQGSDUHQWVRU special friend are visiting UEL, they should park in the upper ORW,I\RXUFKLOG¡VJXHVWVDUHYLVLWLQJWKH<RXQJ&KLOGUHQ¡V Community, Primary or Lower Elementary, they should park in the lower lot. Will arrival be the same?

Yes, you may drop off your child between 8:15am and 8:30am. Their grandparents or friend may arrive at 10am. Staff will be directing guests to the correct classroom. What about dismissal? School ends at noon for all children, including the Nest, so you may pick up your child from his or her teacher on the playground or your child may be dismissed into the care of his or her grandparent or friend (OHPHQWDU\FKLOGUHQPXVWEHLQ´6SHFLDO'UHVV¾LQGLFDWHGULJKW7RGGOHUVDQG3ULPDU\FKLOGUHQPD\ dress nicely. Thank you for your help.

The Cobb Tales September 28, 2012  

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