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The Cobb Tales October 28, 2011

The Week Ahead... Monday, October 31 Mystery History Day in EL 3:15-4:30 Acorn Singers Tuesday, November 1 8:15am Conference Sign-ups begin in Reception 3:15-4:30 “Tues.” Art Club 10:00-6:00 Shop at Perfect Toy for The Cobb School Wednesday, November 2 9:00-10:30 OPEN HOUSE Thursday, November 3 3:15-4:30 “Thurs.” Art Club 5:30-6:30 Primary Parent Night 6-7 Elementary Parent Night (Childcare in the Nest. RSVP with Margaret required.)

What a whirlwind week it has been! As you already know, on Monday The Cobb School hosted close to 350 guests for the Montessori Schools of Connecticut Conference. The staff busily prepared for weeks, and their hard work paid off. The event was an enormous success. This PHOTO ALBUM gives you a snapshot of the grace and courtesy demonstrated by the entire staff on this exciting day. I was proud to stand beside this remarkable Montessori collective who call The Cobb School home. Similarly, this VIDEO provides highlights from the day’s events. Enjoy! On Tuesday we were honored to have Dr. Steven Hughes return to The Cobb School to deliver a compelling presentation on the benefits of Montessori. Guests were riveted by his clear and cogent comparison of school 1.0 v 2.0. Essentially, Dr. Hughes explained that the current structure of the traditional classroom is neither building better brains nor preparing children for the 21st century. His is a courageous position and one Dr. Hughes has come to fully understand and embrace after years of research, clinical experience and classroom visits all over the globe. The hum of our school life will spill right into next week. On Thursday evening we invite you and your child to visit the classroom for a unique experience when your child becomes your guide. Committing to a Montessori education for your child takes a great deal of time, energy and thought. At The Cobb School, we appreciate how our parents sacrifice to make this vital commitment. Mary Lou

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Friday, November 4 1:00 DISMISSAL Nest regular hours

A Message from Mary Lou

The slideshow you’ve been waiting for! Here is a peek into the Upper Elementary overnight at Camp Jewell! Children need to experience the outdoors, and they relish in “going out” for adventures of all kinds. This field trip is a highlight of the year. We hope you enjoy your glimpse of their great work at community-building and their fortitude, good nature and indomitable spirit in the rain. Special thanks to Mark, Grail, Barbara & Chris for leading our children into the woods. Click acorn to view slideshow.

Parent Gatherings & Reminders Mystery History Day & Halloween at The Cobb School Please see last week’s Cobb Tales for details. Parent Night is November 3 This special evening provides you with a chance to experience your child’s classroom. Childcare for siblings is available in the Nest. Please sign up for childcare with Margaret by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1.

believe guide step aside let fly The Cobb School Welcomes...

Conference Sign–ups Begin Tuesday Please stop in Reception some time after Tuesday at 8:15am to sign up for your parent-teacher conference. Choose a 20 minute slot on one of the following days: Wed., Nov. 16 (1:30-5), Thurs., Nov. 17 (1:30-7) & Fri., Nov. 18 1:30-5). Please note that we will have a 1:00 dismissal all conference days, and the Nest will hold regular hours. Childcare is unavailable only from 1:303:10 in the art studio or lower playground. Please register with Margaret by Nov. 16 and escort your child to a classroom assistant in the art studio.

...Lucy to the Morning Primary program in Marisa Gallagher’s class! Please welcome Lucy and her entire family to The Cobb School!

...Aiden to the Morning Primary program in Lhamo Pemba’s class! Please welcome our newest family to The Cobb School!

...Carmen Trainer who has been observing in Carol Ebersol’s class as part of her Primary training. The Cobb School works closely with the Montessori Training Center of New England and hosts teachers-in-training whenever possible. Welcome, Carmen!

...Michelle who has been observing in Marisa Gallagher’s Primary class. Michelle is a teacher-in-training, and we are happy to have her at The Cobb School as she gathers notes for her Montessori albums.

The Cobb School Thanks... ...Fiona Shackleton & Laura Oliver for the GORGEOUS arrangements for the MSC Conference! Thank you! ...Jen O’Dea, Andi Auman & the Hospitality Committee for the DELICIOUS spread on Tuesday night! Thanks to All!

On the Horizon Monday, November 7 Friday, November 11

3:15-4:30 3:15-4:30

Acorn Singers Soccer Club

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Enjoy your weekend! From All of Us at The Cobb School, Montessori!

The Cobb Tales October 28, 2011  

Our weekly newsletter provides a window into our school and informs parents about upcoming events.

The Cobb Tales October 28, 2011  

Our weekly newsletter provides a window into our school and informs parents about upcoming events.