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The Cobb Tales October 14, 2011

The Week Ahead... Monday, October 17 3:15-4:30 Acorn Singers Tuesday, October 18 3:15-4:30 “Tues.” Art Club

A Parent’s Reflections on the Discipline Course My husband and I attended a discipline seminar with Uma Ramani for the last four weeks. There were several pearls of wisdom that resonated with us. Here are our key takeaways: 

Wednesday, October 19 3:15-5:00 Explorers’ Club 6-8PM SHOPPING NIGHT 20% TO COBB Thursday, October 20 8:30-9:30 Parent Coffee 3:15-4:30 “Thurs.” Art Club Friday, October 21 3:15-4:30 Soccer Club

The big picture. Proper discipline takes more time and more effort . . . up front. The goal, however, is for the child to develop self-discipline and the confidence to make appropriate choices on his/her own. The importance of observation. We must force ourselves to slow down and observe the child and ask ourselves key questions: “Why is she behaving this way? What needs does he have that are not being met? What is she trying to tell us and how can we help her so she feels more prepared, secure and free to make the appropriate choices? Give children a sense of purpose. A child must feel that he is contributing and that his actions are for a purpose. Being a productive, contributing member of a family/ community gives him a sense of self-worth and self-importance. Every child has a certain capacity to help, and by allowing him or her to help, you are encouraging the growth of self-discipline. Summing it all up: As Uma stated, “Our task as adults is not to inflict discipline, but to offer help.” In other words, “discipline” in the traditional sense of the word (often associated with consequence or punishment) can be avoided by offering help to the child at an appropriate time. Routinely teaching our children appropriate behaviors in a constructive, positive manner and allowing them the freedom to make the right choices on their own is a way for us to circumvent using “discipline” (as traditionally understood).

Thank you, Uma Ramani, Mary Lou Cobb, and all the other parents who participated in the discipline course—we learned a lot from you all! Beth Lambert and Greg Behling, parents of Morgan, age 4.

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A Window into Montessori This week we offer a variation on a theme. Parents often wonder if Montessori is right for their child. In this presentation we guide parents, in Montessori fashion, to their own answer. Please click the ACORN below to find our Prezi that asks you to ask the tough questions. Keep clicking the arrow in the bottom right corner to move through the presentation or look under “more” for “autoplay.” You’ll also find “full-screen” under “more.”

Click acorn to view slideshow.

Parent Gatherings & Reminders On Wednesday, October 19 from 6pm-8pm, two fabulous stores, Better Giving by Kipling and Over the Moon, will host a special evening of shopping. Both owners have generously offered 20% of all sales to The Cobb School. Better Giving by Kipling carries a distinctive selection of stylish gifts & home décor with many new items for Fall, and Over the Moon offers quality merchandise with a concentration on socially responsible and environmentally sustainable items. Learn more at & Please drop by 44 West Main Street in Avon on Wednesday night! Wine & snacks will be served.

A MOTOPHOTO album from the 2011 Recognition Ceremony is now online. To view photos click the link or copy the URL link into your browser's address bar: mbpage.aspx?eid=04KE017J The password is for parents only and was Mystery History Day is Monday, October 31. Your Elementary child will soon be coming home with information about this special day. Be on the lookout.

The Cobb School Thanks... The Beautification Committee is so very thankful for a happy and energetic group of volunteers who transformed the school into autumn splendor, and who planted hundreds of bulbs in anticipation of a gorgeous spring. Our gratitude to: Jennifer Auger, Michelle Ankenman, Jon, Catherine and William Chapel, Suzanne O'Connor, Jennifer Lambert, Jennifer O'Dea, and James and Brynna Oliver! And our thanks to members of the Beautification Committee who provided pumpkins and bulbs in advance. Additional thanks to Laura, Fiona and Windy for your leadership and guidance.

The Cobb School Welcomes... Hadley, little sister to Madeleine, born September 29 to lucky parents Jen & Eric. Be sure to congratulate our growing family!

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Carmen Trainer, a Montessori teacher-in-training, observing in Mrs. Ebersol’s class this week. The Cobb School works closely with the Montessori Training Center of New England and hosts several student teachers throughout the year. Welcome, Carmen! Believe


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On the Horizon Monday, October 24 Tuesday, October 25 Wednesday, October 26 Thursday, October 27 Friday, October 28

NO SCHOOL Cobb hosts Montessori Schools of CT 3:15-4:30 “Tues.” Art Club 6:30-8:30 STEVEN HUGHES 3:15-4:45 Explorers’ Club 3:15-4:30 “Thurs.” Art Club 3:15-4:30 Soccer Club

Enjoy your weekend! From All of Us at The Cobb School, Montessori!

The Cobb Tales October 14, 2011  

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