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The Cobb Tales January 27, 2012

The Week Ahead... Monday, January 30 Acorn Singers 3:15-4:30 Wednesday, February 1 Outdoor Club 3:15-4:45

Upcoming Events! Thursday, February 2 Dr. Greg Schoon 6:30pm –8:00pm Dr. Craig Schoon, The Cobb School’s consulting psychologist, will be meeting with interested Elementary parents and staff members in the Coletti-Corbett Library to discuss standardized test scores and what they can tell us. Dr. Schoon has extensive experience in the fields of educational testing and psychological evaluation. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Thursday, February 2 Chess Club 3:15-4:30 Art Club 3:15-4:30 Dr. Schoon Visits 6:30-8:00

Tuesday, February 7 Growing Up & Moving Up 6:00pm-7:00pm The Transition to LEL; 7:00pm-8:00pm The Transition to UEL

Friday, February 3 1:00 DISMISSAL ED & EL for professional development

We hope we will draw a large crowd for this special parent education event when The Cobb School staff will explain what the transitions to the next level are like and how you and your child can prepare. Every parent of a child ready to move to Lower or Upper Elementary should attend, and all parents are welcome to come. Please RSVP to Miss Margaret at 860-658-1144 or

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The Cobb School, Montessori

The Nest will maintain its regular schedule despite Friday’s early dismissal.

Saturday, February 11 from 9:00am-11:30am Valentine Pancake Breakfast! More details on page 2!

A Window into Their World This week’s video is both an explanation of and a tribute to the prepared teacher. We spend much time describing the prepared environment; now we elucidate the notion of the prepared teacher, for the environment is only as inviting and instructive as its guide. Please enjoy these pictures of our gifted staff —Montessori-trained or Montessori-experienced — while listening to excerpts from Chapter 13 “What a Montessori Teacher Needs to Be” in Dr. Maria Montessori’s Education for a New World. This slideshow, a break from our musical routine, attempts to teach our viewers something new... in Dr. Maria Montessori’s Click the ACORN to view slideshow. own words.

Parent Notes & Reminders The Upper Elementary will take the Stanford Achievement Test and the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test on Tuesday, February 7, Wednesday, February 8 and Thursday, February 9. Our aim is to prepare the students to become confident, comfortable and competent test-takers. Once the tests have been completed and the results are received, parents are offered an opportunity to go over their child’s results with the UEL Team. Please note in the event that school is closed due to weather, a make-up date is scheduled for Friday, February 10. Lastly, if your child is ill during the testing days s/he will have an opportunity to make-up the missed portions on February 16.


The Cobb School Annual Pancake Breakfast will be held Saturday, February 11 from 9:00am to 11:30am in the van Gemeren Gymnasium. The Pancake breakfast is a free event open to all our families, but we request you that you RSVP to so we can be well-supplied. (Please be sure to let Windy know if you need allergen-free pancakes.) If you would like to volunteer, please email Laura Radmore (, Liddy Doyle ( or Jenn Lambert (


Step Aside

Paul Cryan Returns! On February 22, 23 & 24, photographer Paul Cryan will take pictures of every child & class for parents’ purchase. Nest Vacation Care March 19-23 with Miss Mollie Download information & a registration form HERE.

Let Fly

From the Admissions Desk Here at The Cobb School, Montessori we know that our current & past parents do our greatest admissions work. We often receive inquiries from prospective parents who have heard wonderful things about our school from people like you. We appreciate your good work on behalf of The Cobb School & never take our parents’ positive reviews for granted. We truly hope you will speak freely and generously about your family’s experience at Cobb. On Wednesday, February 29 at 9am, we will host an open house. We have begun the important work of welcoming prospective students in select classes this year and now turn our sights on the 2012-2013 school year. Please feel welcome to direct your friends & neighbors our way.

The Cobb School Welcomes... ...Theresa Nobilski, a Student Teacher from the Montessori Training Center of New England who will be observing and giving lessons in Carol Ebersol’s class for two weeks.

Encourage prospective parents to watch this PREZI

...and this SLIDESHARE ...and this ANIMOTO

Thank you! This Week’s Photo Albums... Five Reasons to Love the Mixed-Age Classroom Feed the need to read! The Dress Rehearsal

Have a wonderful weekend! From all of us at The Cobb School, Montessori!

The Cobb Tales January 27, 2012  
The Cobb Tales January 27, 2012  

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