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april 25, 2014

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Bids & Blooms TONIGHT! 6:30pm Hartford Golf Club 134 Norwood Rd West Hartford




Circus Week!

PIC Foundations of Discipline

Mother’s Day Celebrations

with Mary Lou 9-10am

M. 8:30am Miss Carol T. 8:30am Mrs. Huot W. 8:30am Mrs. Gallagher TH. 8:30am LEL F. 8:30am UEL (rescheduled)

See schedule on p. 3 and please let teacher know if you cannot attend.

YCC parents welcome! Please RSVP to Sheryl.

A Letter from Mary Lou with EXCITING NEWS A Window into our World I am delighted to announce that The Cobb School will be hosting German exchange students from May 3 until May 17. Our guests are students at Musisch Aktive Montessori Einrichtungen in Bad Tolz, Germany. Four Upper Elementary families will host the students, and we are grateful to the Reids, Robinsons, Josephs and Burnetts for opening their homes to our new friends. As you know, a guiding principle of the Montessori philosophy is to give children the world. This means different things to different people. To me, it means opening children’s minds and hearts. It means exposing children to different cultures and languages and guiding them to be citizens of the world, so one day they can comfortably and confidently travel the globe. If we are not consciously working to open children, we are unconsciously closing them. The world is a wide and wondrous place. When you open your door and welcome it in, everyone wins. With this exchange, and in a thousand other ways everyday at Cobb, I am proud to be highlighting the Internationale in our Association Montessori Internationale school.

On any given Thursday, this is what The Cobb School looks like. All one needs to do is walk through our environments to find children in joyful work. We call it love realized. Click HERE to watch this week’s video. Enjoy!

Please join me welcoming our German exchange students by attending a Parent Coffee on Wednesday, May 7 in the library after drop-off. Mary Lou

The Cobb School, Montessori

112 Sand Hill Road

Simsbury, CT •



The Cobb School welcomes... ...Landon to Miss Sheryl’s YCC! Please be sure to say hello to Landon and his parents, Lisa and Justin. Welcome! ...and Neil also to Miss Sheryl’s YCC. Please say welcome to Neil and his parents, Marisa and Brian. We are so glad you’re here!

Playground Rules for Parents... It’s that wonderful time of year again when our families linger on the playground after dismissal for some fun in the sun! We are delighted that our families can come together and that we can provide a place for our children to be children. Please read the following playground guidelines that will keep our children happy and safe. • After dismissal, parents are responsible for their children and should make sure that the playground rules are being followed and that behavior toward one another is kind • Please be sure to monitor your children on all parts of the playground, including the upper field • No excessively rough play, no tackling, no metal bats or other potentially dangerous sports equipment • No other potentially hazardous activities such as racing toy trucks down the sidewalk, throwing or kicking balls with extreme force • Swings may only be used in the seated position

The Cobb School thanks... ...the parents from the Young Children’s Community for their AMAZING staff luncheon. It was absolutely delicious! Thank you!

• No climbing on the Beaver Lodge • Crow’s Nest of the Pirate Ship is only for Extended Day students and older; no more than 2 students at a time • No standing on or jumping off the top of the train • Be safe and courteous on the Star Climber • One student at a time on the slides; no walking up the slides; wait until it is clear for the next student to slide down • No exiting the playground into the woods or parking lot for any reason unless accompanied by an adult • Toys should be returned to the shed and cabinet when children are finished playing. Thank you for supporting and following through with these guidelines. We hope the students have a safe, enjoyable time on the playground!

The Parent Education Puzzle This week we made it easier for you to read The Cobb School Blog. As you probably noticed, our blogposts will now drop into your email, and you can click the link to our website to read our short messages about Montessori. These brief comments are just one small piece in the parent education puzzle. Another small piece is found on our Facebook page. The photos allow you to see Montessori in action. And the articles sometimes evoke and sometimes provoke. We want to help you shape your positions on education, parenting, and family life. The more you get to know you, the more you get to know us. A third piece of the parent education puzzle includes you chatting openly and frequently with the Montessori adults in your children’s lives. Remember, Cobb School teachers and administrators have hundreds of years of experience with thousands of children. Most parents can count on one hand the number of children in their charge and on the other hand the number of years of childrearing experience. It may seem like the volume and weight are much greater, but the numbers don’t lie. Look to experience for guidance and support. The fourth piece encourages you to work through suggested reading lists, including works by Dr. Maria Montessori. And the fifth and most important piece of the parent education puzzle is for you to observe all that surrounds you through a crystal clear lens. That is no small feat. Are you up to the challenge? We think so.

Circus Smirkus Schedule repeated We hope you can join your child for his or her scheduled time with our resident clown, Troy Wunderle! Please let your child’s teacher know if your child will not have a parent or caretaker present. Thank you. Wednesday, April 30 10:00-11:00am Mrs. Huot 11:15-12:15pm Joy 2:05-3:05pm: Johnnie Thursday, May 1 10:00-11:00am Miss Pemba (Cobb School Library) 11:00-12:00pm Miss Sheryl (Cobb School Library) Friday, May 2 8:45-9:45am Miss Carol 10:00-11:00am Mrs. Gallagher 11:15-12:15pm Mark

Summertime at Cobb 2014 Brochures & registration forms went home before break. Click HERE to view the brochure and HERE to print additional registration forms. Next Week at The Cobb School M. 4.28 Acorn Singers 3:15-4:30 Woodworking 3:15-4:45 piano lessons 3:15-7 T. 4.29 W 4.30 TH. 5.1 F. 5.2

Elementary Art Club 3:15-4:30 piano lessons 3:15-7 Lego Club 3:15-4:45 Extended Day Art Club 3:15-4:30 ART WALK RESCHEDULED Parent Infant Community 9-10 Mary Lou guest speaker The Foundations of Discipline YCC Parents welcome! Suzuki Music 10:45-11:45 piano lessons 3:15-7

Cobb Tales April 25, 2014  
Cobb Tales April 25, 2014  

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