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Brand History The agave sisal plant is native to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, where the early Mayan city of Coba prospered in trade. Centuries later, sisal became a thriving export of Mexico. Today we offer Coba­­™ Wallcovering collection as an homage to the sisal fiber’s origins. Coba™ Wallcovering adds elegance and interest to any wall. Sisal doesn’t just look good; it works hard and is ideal for areas that take a lot of abuse. Sisal is economical to install and skillfully covers problem, walls such as concrete block and other rough surfaces. With 12 colors to choose from, Coba™ is ready to transform any room by giving it naturally beautiful texture.



What is Sisal? Sisal is the natural derivative of the sisalana plant and is grown commercially in Brazil, Mexico, and Africa. The plant is a member of the henequen family. Noted for its tensile strength, historically, sisal has been used predominately for baler twine and rope. The sisal fibers are vat-dyed to color specification and woven to give a beautiful, long-lasting wallcovering.





311 - AMETHYST (9’ or 12’)

331 - EMERALD (9’ or 13’)

332 - GARNET (9’ or 13’)

333 - SAPPHIRE (9’ or 13’)

334 - JACINTH (9’ or 13’)

335 - TOPAZ (9’ or 13’)

712 - IVORY (12’)

713 - PEARL (12’)

714 - CHALCEDONY (12’)

715 - BERYL (12’)

716 - GREY AGATE (12’)

731 - JASPER (9’ or 12’)


Ultimate Protection Coba™ Wallcovering provides incredible protection by weaving high tinsel strength fibers into a solid covering that will not scratch or mare. It is ultimate protection that still provides a warm, natural aesthetic.



LEED Coba™ Wallcovering is made from 100% sisal. Sisal is derived from the Sisalana Agave plant, which is a rapidly renewable product. Coupled with Fibreworks proprietary, low-VOC adhesive, this product is perfect for anyone seeking LEED certification.



SOUND ABSORBENT As a natural fiber, sisal has inherent acoustical properties, which gives Coba™ Wallcovering the added benefit of an average NRC value of .10 under ASTM C: 423-90a. This helps to create an environment that is more enjoyable for people.



ANTI-STATIC Another inherent quality of sisal is that it is naturally anti-static. Coba™ Wallcovering, unlike many other wallcovering products, does not create static electricity that is passed on to people giving them a nasty shock once discharged.



VERSATILE Coba™ Wallcovering can be installed on a variety of substrates; concrete block, plaster, brick, and drywall. The versatility of Coba Sisal Wallcovering gives you solutions to a myriad of problems you might encounter.



Specifications Composite & Construction: 100% Sisal, Boucle Weave Pile Height: 1/4” Weight: Minimum of 48 oz/sq yd Type: Reversible weave without backing Roll Dimensions: 9’ x 100’; 12’ x 100’; 13’ x 50’ subject to availability Quality Assurance: Class A Flame Spread Rating; ASTM-E84; Passes Corner Burn Test; UBC 8-2 &

NFPA 265

Acoustical: NRC Value: .10 avg ASTM C: 423-90a Static Control: 100% static free Environmental: LEED Credits available rating sys; (USGBC); Rapidly renewable bio-based material;

Low-emitting materials

Approved Adhesive: Fibreworks #257 Sisal Adhesive - instant tact, dries firm, non-hazardous, low

moisture, latex & water soluble, VOC compliant

Notice: Fibreworks #257 Sisal Adhesive is the only recommended adhesive for Coba Wallcovering. Fibreworks will not guarantee any installation of sisal when another adhesive is used. If you have any questions, please call Fibreworks. 20


Benefits of Coba


- Extremely durable - will not scar or mar - Economical to install, with minimal wall preparation - Sound Absorbent - Class A flame spread - Meets Uniform Building Code 8-2 requirements - Ideal for high-traffic areas - Transforms institutional surfaces, including concrete block, and prevents telegraphing of joints - Resists casual ballpoint pen marks - Tackable surface - Warm, natural and elegant look - Seamless installation



Green Qualities - Rapidly renewable bio-based material - Sustainably harvested (only mature leaves) - Biodegradable - Low-emitting, water-soluble adhesive - Lead-free - Static-free - May contribute to LEED Green Building Certification New Construction (NC) and Commercial Interiors (CI) credits MR-6 and EQ-4.1



Coba™ Wallcovering Look Book  
Coba™ Wallcovering Look Book