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RETANSA COAT ENLARGES PREMISES RETANSA COAT, Vitoria company part of the COATRESA corporate group, has enlarged its premises acquiring a new warehouse, from 3500 m2 to over 5000 m2. With this enlargement and the reorganization of the procedures in order to optimize the new premises, Retansa becomes de facto in the greatest coating company in northern Spain, being able to apply Teflon coatings and any other non-stick coating on any metallic piece. New premises for surface treatment of metallic pieces to be Teflon-coated have also been acquired. With those premises the procedure will take less time and will make Teflon to enhance adherence, quality and durability featured by all Teflon treatments of all companies in COATRESA group.

Coatresa S.L. | C/ Puig dels Tudons, 8 naves 79-81 Barberà del Vallès (08210) - Barcelona

Retansa Coat Enlarges Premises