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ILAG PRESENTS A NEW RANGE OF COLOURS FOR ITS NONSTICK PRODUCTS ILAG, Coatresa's supplier for nonstick coatings - being Coatresa a Teflón® coatings specialist -, presents a new range of five colours for its cookware coatings. Enric Jeff Carvajal Torres, ILAG's designer, have developed new colours and included them in ILAG's colour chart:    

SNORKEL BLUE, reminiscent of the blue sea LILAC GREY, looking more serious PEARL GOLD, the result of a deeper mix reminiscent of Oriental splendour, and finally ROSE QUARTZ (with overtones recalling subtlety and play) and SERENITY BLUE, reminiscent of the blue sky immensity and inspiring serenity.

The latter - ROSE QUARTZ and SERENITY BLUE - are a Pantone's contribution, a company specialising in fashion and interior design. Taking into account the colour of its nonstick coatings cookware, ILAG analyses its customers' behaviour to see which ones attract more their attention when purchasing one of its products. For further information about nonstick coatings for metal parts, household or cookware, please contact Coatresa's sales department.

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Ilag Presents a New Range of Colours for its Nonstick Products