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COA Sydney

COA’s Krygier Centre 25 Rowe Street, Woollahra, 2025 NSW Tel: 9389 0035 Email: coa@coasydney.org www.coasydney.org

Enriching the Lives of Jewish Seniors

Editor Sandy Matrai s.matrai@coasydney.org

N E W S LE T T E R January—February 2019


The crowning glory of the past couple of months was our annual Chanukah Luncheon Concert, which we put on together with JNF. If you weren’t one of the 150 people in attendance, be sure not to miss it next year! After a catered three-course meal we spent the afternoon dancing to Klezmer music. We’ve also been working hard to find ways to make COA even better than before. Vaucluse MP Gabrielle Rachel Tanny, Gabrielle Upton MP, Dave Sharma, and Roland Gridiger Upton helped push through a grant to renovate our It’s been a busy two months for me as the new CEO Kosher Meals-on-Wheels facility. Woollahra Council here at COA Sydney, but I’m pleased to say I’ve hit the also gave us a grant to expand our bus outing ground running. Julia may have left me big shoes to program, which we will be rolling out (pun intended!) fill, but at least they were running shoes! What’s most in early 2019, so if you have limited mobility and want special about COA is how it always feels like home. to join in a new outing, please let us know. Members, volunteers, and staff already feel like family and it has been lovely to start a new position where I As I move forward in this role, I am looking forward feel so supported in my mission to lead COA to grow very much to getting to know everyone here even and thrive. better. We will soon be approaching all our members In the past two months we’ve accomplished quite a lot. Our annual Volunteer Party was but a small token of our appreciation for all our volunteers do and was a great opportunity for me to meet many people. Our Dinner Club with Kevin Bermeister was a stunning success, with 60 people in attendance and Kevin speaking engagingly about the miracles of history he has uncovered in Jerusalem. Our Melbourne Cup celebration was also very special, with members and friends gathering to watch the race on the big screen. And we had a special thank-you party for Julia, but don’t worry – we’re not letting her go anywhere!

to gather your opinions on the programs and services we offer here. Now is a good time to begin thinking about what you love most about COA, but also about what we can do better. Is there an activity you’d love to be doing? Is there a day of the week when you feel lonely and wish there was a program on? Expect a survey from us in February and please don’t be shy!

CEO, Rachel Tanny

If you haven't paid your 2019 COA Membership fee, please find your renewal notice enclosed. Every membership payment helps to support COA. If you are a not a paid member please consider joining your COA family. Page 1

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LUACH / HOLIDAYS JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 January Australia Day Public Holiday—COA Closed

New Years Day Public Holiday—COA Closed



Tu B’Shvat


21 January Purim Katan


28 January


19 February

THE DEDICATED LADIES DELIVERING COA’S SHALOM CONNECT PROGRAM COA’s Shalom Connect is an important project that facilitates volunteers to contact isolated community members weekly, twice weekly, or daily, depending on the person’s needs. This service is manned solely by volunteers. The two longest serving volunteers are Ellen Glass, who has been on the phones for COA for well over a decade, and Hanni Chalmers OAM, who has been involved with communicating with members for over twenty years. Together they connect with community members for a long conversation each week.

providing both a sounding board for problems and advice on relieving those problems. In early 2016 the program was extended to include a group of volunteers who call clients each morning for a quick catch up (5-10 minutes at most) This program is coordinated by Agnes Matrai, who also makes the Monday morning phone calls, and includes indispensable volunteers: Diana Burman, Tanya Kant, Sabina Kovadlo, Rachel Lazarov, Svetlana Shiper, Judith Steigman, and Anna Waldman. All of these amazing ladies coordinate and debrief with COA’s social workers when needed so that any observations about changes in client needs or condition can be addressed. They also go out of their way to meet far flung clients in person and introduce them to the friendly voice they speak to each morning.

Having gotten to know their clients very well over the years some of the talk is social, but part of the conversation is about detecting client’s changing This program is such a wonderful way for people circumstances, seeing if a service may be needed to living outside the usual Jewish hubs in Sydney to feel help them stay independently in their own home, and safe, cared for, and connected to their community.



COA OPEN HOUSE COA Activity Centre, 25 Rowe St, Woollahra.

WEDNESDAY 20TH FEBRUARY TUESDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 11AM - 2PM Kosher Lunch, Live Music, and all the fun of a Cruise Boarding from Rose Bay Wharf; limited transport available Admission $45 for COA members, $50 for non members Limited seating so please book early Email: operations@coasydney.org Tele: Thanks to our Sponsors: Ray White Real Estate Double Bay Krulis Commercial Real Estate Bondi Junction, Swift Personnel

9389 0035

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11AM TO 3PM Meet your COA “family of friends” Have a kosher lunch in company Enjoy live entertainment and activities Explore COA’s range of services


VOLUNTEER PARTY 2018 If just one person can change the world, imagine the impact over 150 dedicated individuals make when they join together. COA Sydney’s volunteers do exactly that – come together to make a meaningful impact on their community, their friends, and themselves. COA is not like any other Jewish organisation in Sydney. We work with a ratio of one paid staff member to 11 volunteers. Unheard of! Our volunteers take on all sorts of roles; making lunches, delivering meals, providing social support, making regular phone calls, shopping, transportation, delivering activities and lectures, and providing the management skills needed to run COA. The overall health benefits of volunteering are amazing! Studies from 2015 and 2018 have shown that regular volunteering promotes healthy longevity, improves brain elasticity, and may in fact reduce the risk of heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Becoming part of a volunteer management committee

or facilitating an activity improves mental agility, as this kind of volunteering requires critical thinking and provides both benevolent purpose and excellent opportunities for collaboration. Our volunteers can tell you firsthand how wonderful it feels to “do good” in the community. Each year in November we take the time to say “Thank You” to the people who truly make COA the unique and vibrant organisation that it is. We thank them for their contributions and the huge quantity of man hours they give with such grace and joy – we simply could not do all that we do without them. We invite anyone looking for community opportunities to contact us on 9389 0035 and feel the love and friendship that is all part of volunteering here at COA Sydney! You can find more pictures of our volunteers at the Thank You Party in a photo album on the COA Sydney Facebook page.

PITCHING IN WITH THE COMMUNITY In November COA Staff and Volunteers joined the NCJW initiative to pack birthing kits for Africa. The packing took place in the NCJW hall. It is such a pleasure to be able to share the skills and commitment of COA with worthwhile organisations and projects in our greater community. This is not the first time NCJW and COA have worked together. Earlier in the year COA provided knitted blankets and hand-made baby dolls for the NCJW’s Mum for Mum Project.

Do you need care at home or assistance with the tasks of daily living? Are you in recovery from a hospital stay? Are you not yet on a Government Home Care Package?

COA Social Workers are here to help you find affordable, reliable help at home when you need it most.

9389 0035 or s.worker@coasydney.org Page 3

COCKTAILS AND “THANK YOU”S COA Management Committee organised a special occasion to thank Julia for her 34 years of dedication as our CEO. Friends, staff and volunteers of COA, with representatives from Jewish organisations, wished Julia well as she moves into her new role of COA client liaison director. Many more photos are available on COA’s Facebook page.

Pam & Russell Stern present Julia Golding OAM with a Gold leaf for COA’s “Tree of Life” to commemorate her years of service to COA

Dr David Rosenwax AM, JCA CEO Bruce Goldsmith, Robert and David Teicher

President Frank and Rose Marks Eva and Lou Levi with Julius Nadel presenting flowers to Julia Golding OAM Gary Stafford, Anne Butt, Talia Zantis, Roy Butt, and Rosemary Stafford

CEO Rachel Tanny with Vice President Ilona Lee AM

Prof. Henry Brodaty AO and Carole Brodaty

Anna Berger, Leon Price and Jackie Ryker

Jewish House administrator Hazel Mill and CEO Rabbi Mendel Kastel OAM David and Stephanie Brem

David and Diana Laufer

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Shirley Politzer OAM, Ben Politzer, Judy and Ray Doobov

Vice President George Freund with Rachel Lazarov

Shirley Rich, Michelle Hilton, and Harry Rich

THE CRAZY HAZY DAYS OF CHANUKAH How much can one organisation do in eight days? The answer is a whole lot! First we had the endless parade of doughnuts which were fed to the members, volunteers, and staff who attend COA’s activity centre on Mondays and Wednesdays. Then there were those delivered to Jewish residents and staff of every aged care facility visited by our Hannah Meyer Project. Then there were the ones our CEO Rachel Tanny brought in daily from the Bagel Company for anyone visiting the office. Oh my!

Shirlee and Lou Finn

Erna Levy, Shosh Kirshner, and Irma Levett

Greeting cards and emails were sent far and wide to wish a Happy Chanukah to the many supporters of COA’s work. In the COA Activity Centre we had a special concert from Velvel Lederman with all the Chanukah favourites, and two days later a Klezmer concert from virtuoso violinist Leo Novikov. In between we held the annual Chanukah Luncheon Concert in conjunction with JNF. Over 150 people joined together in the NCJW hall to catch up with each other and celebrate over a lovely three course lunch, with raffles, dancing, and entertainment from Len Mahemoff OAM, Shirley Politzer OAM, Nadya Golski, and Leon Bishlei. Attendees agreed it was quite a day!

Tina and Dennis Moddell

Allen and Jaquie Rosenberg

But what lives with us most are those delightful doughnuts! Hopefully we shall be rid of the extra weight before next Chanukah is upon us, so we can do it all again. (Pictures of Chanukah Luncheon here and on Facebook)

Miriam Shifreen and Ann Helig

Norman Gabriel and Olga Tumasova

The doughnuts were not the only things that were jam packed this Chanukhah - Look at that dance floor!

Eat Well Every Day Page 5




Lunch @ 12 Midday Afternoon Tea @ 1:45

Lunch @ 12 Midday Afternoon Tea @ 1:45


New Years Day Public Holiday COA Closed

2 10-11 10:15-11:15 11:30-12 12:45 2-3

7 10-11 11:30-12 12-12:45 12:45-1:45

14 10-11 11:30-12 12-12:45 12:45-1:45

Coffee Club/Games Chair Exercises Shiur with Rabbi Ingram Music from the 40’s - 90’s with new artist Tim Rafie

Coffee Club/Games Chair Exercises Shiur with Rabbi Ingram Popular Dance with new artist Des Gibson

8 9:45-1:30 10-11:30 2-4

Bus Outing $5 Art Class $5 Knitting Group

9 10-11 10:15-11:15 11:30-12 12:45 2-3

15 9:45-1:30 10-11:30 2-4

Bus Outing $5 Art Class $5 Knitting Group

16 10-11 10:15-11:15 11:30-12 12:00


21 10-11 11:30-12 12-12:45 12:45-1:45


Tu B’Shvat Coffee Club/Games Chair Exercises Shiur with Rabbi Ingram Violin Favourites from Nik Djumin

Australia Day Public Holiday COA Closed

22 9:45-1:30 10-11:30 2-4

Bus Outing $5 Art Class $5 Knitting Group

23 10-11 10:15-11:15 11:30-12 12:45 2-3

29 9:45-1:30 10-11:30 2-4

Bus Outing $5 Art Class $5 Knitting Group

30 10-11 10:15-11:15 11:30-12 12:45 2-3

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Coffee Club/ Games Yiddish Conversation Chair Exercise Welcome 2019 with COA favourite Hugh Moran French Afternoon Tea

Coffee Club/ Games Yiddish Conversation Chair Exercise Songs of the Musicals with the lovely Lena Cruz French Afternoon Tea

Coffee Club/ Games Yiddish Conversation Chair Exercise Birthday Party Raffles, special lunch and live music from Tony Mazell French Afternoon Tea

Coffee Club/ Games Yiddish Conversation Chair Exercise Latin Fiesta with sensational Mercedes Scarmacia French Afternoon Tea

Coffee Club/ Games Yiddish Conversation Chair Exercise Australia Day BBQ with music from Keff McCullough French Afternoon Tea

NOTE: Programs are subject to change without notice




3 2-3 Current Affairs Discussion Group

4 10-1 Bridge $5

6 10-2

Table Tennis $3

Shabbat Services at Krygier Centre

(please book)

10-1 Scrabble (Book your place)

Join Rabbi Mendel Kastel OAM each month at 6pm NextBirthday Services:Party 4 January 1 February

6pm Bondi Shul

Everyone Welcome 10 2-3 Current Affairs Discussion Group

11 10-1 Bridge $5

13 10-2

10-1 Scrabble (Book your place)

1:30-4:30 Chess Club 1-4:20 MOVIE $5

Table Tennis $3 (please book)

The Mouse That Roared Peter Sellers stars in this comedy about a very small nation getting a very big bomb.

17 2-3 Current Affairs Discussion Group

18 10-1 Bridge $5

20 10-2

Table Tennis $3 (please book)

10-1 Scrabble (Book your place)

‫טאָן איר רעדן אַ ביסל‬ Do you speak a little 24 2-3 Current Affairs Discussion Group

25 10-1 Bridge $5

27 10-2

Yiddish? Table Tennis $3 (please book)

10-1 Scrabble (Book your place)

1:30-4:30 Chess Club 1-4:20 MOVIE $5

Moulin Rouge In honour of Australia Day Nicole Kidman stars in Baz Luhrmann’s award winning musical comedy/drama

31 2-3 Current Affairs Discussion Group

Birthday Party

Australia Day BBQ 30th January

New Member Meet and Greet

If you’re planning on coming, give us a “hoy” on 9389 0035 so we can get enough sausages.

Specia l Lunch and Bi rthday Cake

“Good-on-ya’ mate!” Page 7

Our weekly lesson has been transformed into a weekly conversation group. All levels of Yiddish are invited to attend. Every Wednesday at 10:15am at the COA Activity Centre

6 January Wednesday 1

Live Music from Tony Mazell




Lunch @ 12 Midday Afternoon Tea @ 1:45

Lunch @ 12 Midday Afternoon Tea @ 1:45

SENIORS FESTIVAL 2019 - COA Events Wednesday 13th - Valentines Day Concert with singer Tony Mazell Monday 18th - Celebrate the Seniors Festival with music from Keff McCullough Tuesday 19th - Seniors Festival Cruise with music from Hugh Moran Wednesday 20th - COA Open House with Klezmer duo Leon and Nadya

4 10-11 11:30-12 12-12:45 12:45-1:45

5 9:45-1:30 10-11:30 11:30-12:30 2-4

Coffee Club/Games Chair Exercises Shiur with Rabbi Ingram Music for Dancing with super duo John and Uki

Bus Outing $5 Art Class $5 Hebrew Class Knitting Group

6 10-11 10:15-11:15 11:15-11:30 11:30-12 12:45 2-3

7pm 11 10-11 11:30-12 12-12:45 12:45-1:45

Coffee Club/Games Chair Exercises Shiur with Rabbi Ingram Songs of the World with special guest Sasha Pak

Dinner Club

12 9:45-1:30 10-11:30 10:30-12

Bus Outing $5 Art Class $5 JNF Seniors Morning Tea 11:30-12:30 Hebrew Class 2-4 Knitting Group

13 10-11 10:15-11:15 11:15-11:30 11:30-12

12:45 2-3

18 10-11 11:30-12 12-12:45 12:45-1:45

19 Coffee Club/Games Chair Exercises Shiur with Rabbi Ingram Celebrate the Seniors Festival with music from Keff McCullough

Purim Katan

11am to 2pm Boarding from Rose Bay Wharf Booking essential COA Centre Closed

25 10-11 11:30-12 12-12:45 12:45-1:45

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Coffee Club/Games Chair Exercises Shiur with Rabbi Ingram 100% 1950’s Dance with one man band Ian Blakeney

Coffee Club/ Games Yiddish Conversation Shiur -Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth Chair Exercise Showtime with sensational singer Carina Grace French Afternoon Tea

26 9:45-1:30 10-11:30 11:30-12:30 2-4

Bus Outing $5 Art Class $5 Hebrew Class Knitting Group

Coffee Club/ Games Yiddish Conversation Shiur -Rabbi Jacki Ninio Seniors Week Kabala Meditation with Rabbi Dr Orna Trigaboff Valentines Concert with Tony Mazell French Afternoon Tea

20 COA OPEN HOUSE 10-11 Coffee Club/ Games 10:15-11:15 Yiddish Conversation 11:15-11:30 Shiur -Rev Sam Zwarenstein 11:30-12 Chair Exercise 12:45 Jewish & European Klezmer with Leon Bisheli & Nadya Golski 2-3 French Afternoon Tea 27 10-11 Coffee Club/ Games 10:15-11:15 Yiddish Conversation 11:15—11:30 Shiur-Cantor George Mordecai 11:30-12 Chair Exercise 12:45 Violin & Dance with COA favourite Nik Djumin 2-3 French Afternoon Tea

NOTE: Programs are subject to change without notice




1 10-1 Bridge $5

3 10-2

Table Tennis $3

Play Table Tennis ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

stimulates brain function tactical thinking skills hand / eye coordination aerobic exercise social interaction a treatment for dementia.

(please book)


10-1 Scrabble (Book your place)

Call 9389 0035 to book a time. Bring a partner or ask COA to arrange one for you.

$3 per person 6pm Bondi Shul 7 8 2-3 Current 10-1 Bridge $5 Affairs Discussion 10-1 Scrabble Group (Book your place)

10 10-2

Table Tennis $3 (please book)

1:30-4:30 Chess Club 1-4:20 MOVIE $5

Operation Petticoat Cary Grant and Tony Curtis star in a comedy about the misadventures of a submarine crew in WWII

14 15 2-3 Current 10-1 Bridge $5 Affairs Discussion 10-1 Scrabble Group (Book your place)

17 10-2

21 22 2-3 Current 10-1 Bridge $5 Affairs Discussion 10-1 Scrabble (Book your place) Group

24 10-2

Table Tennis $3 (please book)

Table Tennis $3 (please book)

1:30-4:30 Chess Club 1-4:20 MOVIE $5

De-Lovely Kevin Klein & Ashley Judd in a biography of Cole Porter 7pm Discussion Group $2

28 2-3 Current Affairs Discussion Group

New Program for 2019

Wednesday Shiur 15 minutes of discussion provided by

Emanuel Synagogue Page 9

Knitting Group Tuesdays 2-4pm Have a great social experience and use your knitting skills to benefit others.

Beginners are very welcome!

Ron & Yvonne Bahar Earl & Ellen Baker Asne & Judith Bauskin Sharon Choo Julian & Florrie Cohen Marilyn Davis

Estelle Fluxman Rose Hanerman Norman Majer David Newman Sara Solomon Mattie Trragano

Meet & Greet New Members and

Birthday Party Music from Tony Mazell Wednesday 16th January

MELBOURNE CUP 2018 Annually the COA staff have gathered to watch “the race that stops the nation”. In 2018 we invited our members and friends to join in. It was such fun that we decided it must be part of our annual program from now on. So make sure to join us this year for food, fun, and a flutter!!



The principal behind the Human Sound Project is to COA, inspiring our members with a lively interactive encourage a group of individuals to make music musical experience. People joined in enthusiastically together to help members of the group connect socially, and begged us to invite them back in the future. and spiritually. The group’s founder Simon Jankelson believes that humanity’s greatest tools to uplift and connect are song and story, and that these collective experiences can overcome the disparity in diversity. The Human Sound Project has travelled around the world sharing songs and experiences, opened for the Sundance Film Festival, and worked with corporate entities and social groups, aged care facilities and schools. In November 2018 Simon brought the volunteers of the Human Sound Project to visit Page 10



As a lunar calendar the Jewish year does not sync up with the seasons, making a leap year necessary. A Jewish leap year occurs 7 times in a 19 year cycle, so that the Jewish year generally matches the cycle of seasons annually. This year—5779—is one of those special years. During a Jewish leap year an extra month of “Adar” is added to the calendar and they are called Adar I (or Adar Aleph or Adar Rishon) and Adar II (or Adar Bet, or Adar Sheni). During the Jewish leap year Adar II is considered the “real” Adar, the month in which yahrzeits for Adar are recited and someone born in Adar becomes bar or bat mitzvah. It is also the month in which we celebrate Purim.


because Purim is observed in Adar II, the importance of Adar I must still be recognised. Thus, Purim Katan fills that void, although it is celebrated differently from Purim proper. Certain prayers recited on Purim are not recited on Purim Katan, the Megillah Esther is not read, gifts are not sent to the poor, and people do not dress in costumes. But it does have some of the restrictions of Purim, in that fasting and funeral eulogies are not allowed. So how does one celebrate Purim Katan? The simplest way is to enjoy a small festive meal with family and friends, be glad of heart, and make your Hamantachen with a twist.

But Adar I is considered a lucky month, a happy month, and during this very special bonus month we celebrate the minor festival of “Purim Katan“ or “Small Purim”. According to the Talmud in tractate Megillah 6b,

CONNECT WITH US We know that some of you can’t access Facebook, but for those who can, COA has been making a concerted effort to keep you all up to date. Go to the COA Sydney Facebook page and you will find pictures from our major events, and from around the centre. You will also find ads for major events planned throughout 2019 so you can put them in your diary and make sure you don’t miss out on a moment of COA’s famous family atmosphere.

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But where does that leave anyone who does not have access to the internet, or who does not want to go on Facebook? You can always drop in to COA to see what events we have planned for 2019. Or check the program pages of these newsletters carefully for the great social events in the next couple of months. If you are on the internet but not using Facebook, try accessing COA’s website www.coasydney.org, where you will find a digital version of our newsletter and announcements of major events.

2019 NSW SENIORS FESTIVAL - LOVE YOUR LIFE What started as NSW Seniors Week at the turn of this So how does one keep up with it all? century has evolved into the NSW Seniors Festival. This year the festival will run from Wednesday 13th February The easiest way to stay up to date with festival to Sunday 24th February. happenings is to visit the website at www.seniorsfestival.nsw.gov.au/ With hundreds of groups and From here you can click on organisations participating there “subscribe” to get dates and will be hundreds of events, events information delivered activities, and opportunities to straight to your email, or join the choose from across Sydney and festival’s social media page at NSW, such as the COA’s Harbour www.facebook.com/ Cruise on Tuesday 19th February NSWSeniorsFestival/ or the COA Open House on for all the latest updates and Wednesday 20th February. information. After performing a marriage the Rabbi gave some advice to the newlyweds: "The first ten years are always the hardest," said the Rabbi. "How many years have you been married?" They asked. "Ten years," the Rabbi replied.

"Sarah, how's that boy of yours?" "David? Ach, don't ask – he's living in Newtown with a man named Kwon-Sheng." "That's terrible!" "I know – why couldn't he find a nice Jewish boy?"

In Medical Emergency Call

9371 2222

Peninsula Apartments

Surfers Paradise 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, 1 min to beach, fully-equipped kitchens, laundry, Foxtel and large balconies. Facilities include heated outdoor and indoor pools, children's wading pool and playground, heated spa, sauna, tennis and squash courts, barbecue facilities and in-room massage. Special Rates for COA Members

Phone: 93718407 Email: drosenwax@bigpond.com COA is Funded by: Department of Health (DOH &CHSP); Claims Conference; Local Councils and Donations from generous members of the community COA is a Member of: Jewish Communal Appeal’s Family of Organisations, Jewish Board of Deputies, NSW Meals on Wheels Association of NSW, Carers NSW Inc, Ethnic Communities Council NSW and Volunteering NSW COA Partners with: B’nai B’rith, Jewish House, JNF, Hatzolah, Jewish Care (Club 50), Burger Centre, Kids Giving Back, Kesser Torah College, OBK

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COA Newsletter January - February 2019  

Newsletter includes our bi monthly program of events and activities provided by COA. Social even ts for Seniors week are included and need t...

COA Newsletter January - February 2019  

Newsletter includes our bi monthly program of events and activities provided by COA. Social even ts for Seniors week are included and need t...

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