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Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 - Edition 449


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GOTA FRÍA CLAIMS ELEVEN LIVES Friday’s severe weather claimed eleven lives across the south of the country as heavy rains and high winds caused chaos.


EANWHILE, TWO PEOPLE remain missing as Guardia Civil and Protección Civil search and rescue teams continue to scour Lorca and Malaga. The two went missing in Lorca in Murcia and in Malaga as a result of the floods. In Murcia, officers from the Guardia Civil and volunteers from the Protección Civil alongside the canine rescue unit found the vehicle of a missing German woman. At the time of going to press, the woman had not yet been recovered. Her car was found at around 3pm on Sunday. According to sources, the empty vehicle was Continued on page 4

2 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

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News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Bite Size Mobile phone entries in Torrevieja Town Hall bills News Don’t be alone at Christmas Registrations are now being accepted for this year's campaign called “Don't be alone at Christmas”. This program is aimed at older people who are living alone and have no chance of spending Christmas with their family or friends either because they live a long way away from them or for other reasons such as family conflicts. A total of 600 places has been offered at the Hotel Agora Spa and Resort in Peniscola between 23rd December and 27th December. The aim of the programme, which is a Valencia wide programme, is to provide company and friendship for those living alone over the Christmas period. Each place at the hotel includes full board with the possibility of catering for special dietary requirements, free transport from home to the hotel and back, entertainment, sporting activities, trips to the nearby towns and villages, table games, and dancing. There will also be a special dinner on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day itself. To qualify for a place applicants must be over 65 years old or a pensioner at least 60 years old and not be suffering from any medical condition that would make it difficult being with others. The councillor for social services, Tomás Ballester, said that applications are being processed by the social services department and the deadline for receiving them is November 5th. Remodelling of San Roque contract signed The contract for the remodelling and re-urbanisation of the area of San Roque was signed last week by the Mayor of Torrevieja Eduardo Dolón and the director general of Acuamed, Arcadio Mateo. The project, costing nearly €5 million, forms part of the agreement the town made with Acuamed as compensation for allowing the pipework for the desalination plant to go through this particular neighbourhood in the town. The work which involves new lighting, replacement of pavements, and asphalting the streets themselves is expected to take around nine months to complete. Also to be carried out as part of the same project but not yet finalised will be the improved access along the beachfront. Desalination plant operational by June 2013 The director general of Acuamed Arcadio Mateo said last week that the desalination plant in Torrevieja which is due to start trial running in January next year will be Continued on page 4

prompts internal investigation


CCORDING TO AN internal investigation carried out by the councillor for new technologies in Torrevieja, José Fernando Reira, it seems some at least of the councillors need some training on using the new smart phones. The investigation arose as a result of entries found on two local councillors’ telephone bills which are now open to examination under new transparency agreements and have been pored over by opposition political parties. The first problem related to the discovery of entries on the councillor for sport, Daniel Plaza’s phone bill allegedly made to contacts and numbers offering a range of different sexual services. It was reported there was a total of 49 phone calls lasting 55 minutes in total duration. The calls occurred in October and November of last year. The councillor denied making the calls and an investigation was opened to try and ascertain the circumstances surrounding the calls; who might have made them and how they could have occurred. Further examination of telephone bills by opposition parties in the town discovered that another councillor Eduardo Gil had apparently appeared to subscribe to an Internet pornographic channel on his phone.

The councillor for new technologies in Torrevieja José Fernando Reira investigated both issues and concluded that both councillors had accidentally subscribed to the services. He was quoted as saying, "we have confirmed that councillors were not using the services and since they do not personally receive the telephone bills they were unaware of the situation." He went on to say that those who had been affected had "little knowledge of new technologies". As a result the Department of new technologies has contacted their mobile phone supply company in order to remove the subscriptions and improve future control to prevent accidental subscription to these and other services available through mobile phones. The‘Phonegate’saga got worse as the week wore on with a technical advisor and three technicians being cited in the regional publication Información as having subscribed to mobile TV apps on their official phones which supply sports information and even live football games. The same newspaper last Friday ran a new story alleging the councillor for Infrastructure Javier Montoro had spent 400 euros on 48 hours worth of calls to his partner during the months of October and November last year using his official mobile phone. Paul Mutter

Ryanair fined for refusing to board a minor Budget airline Ryanair was fined €930 in a Valencian court recently for not allowing a six-year-old child to board with his family because he had no national identity card. The plane concerned was a Ryanair flight between Valencia and Sevilla in August of 2011. The child was accompanied by his parents who had the necessary identification for themselves including their family book. The judge ruled in the family's favour on the grounds that in the case of an internal flight between two airports in Spain the national civil aviation rules of security should apply which states that any Spanish national passengers under the age of 14 who are accompanied by their parents do not require any identification of their own but have to be identified by their parents. At the same time the fact that the child was denied boarding meant that in practical terms the parents were

denied boarding as well even though they were properly identified because they would not be able to travel without their child and leave him on his own. The court decided the amount payable to the family has €930.21 made up of €600 for moral damages plus the cost of the drive to Sevilla and the unused tickets. This compared to €1,680 initially claimed by the family. There was no appeal allowed against the judgement which will be sent to Ryanair who did not appear at the court hearing. According to reports the Consumers Union of Valencia said they were gratified by the decision and described the airlines attitude as “unfortunate and regrettable”. They also said they had a number of similar complaints pending and wanted to encourage other customers who had complaints to make official ‘denuncias’. Paul Mutter

MOST OF SPAIN’S TRAFFIC ‘BLACK SPOTS’ NOT SIGNPOSTED News emerged this week that out of Spain’s 150 traffic ‘black spots’, only six are signposted. An AEA European Motorists’ Association report issued on Friday revealed that most of the country’s perilous roads are not signposted as such for drivers. The report claims that the most dangerous accident spot in the country is on the N-630 in Béjer, Salamanca where


accidents are 120 times the national average. The report also claims that 47% of the accidents are caused in part by the state of the road, and the authors are worried budget cuts could delay urgent action to improve essential road infrastructure.


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News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Some small relief in 64 injured in Madrid protests cost of electricity


EVERAL THOUSAND PEOPLE took to the streets of Madrid on Tuesday last week to protest against the government of Mariano Rajoy and its current austerity policies. Dubbed the 25-S group, around 6,000 people had turned up demanding the dissolution of Parliament and the amendment to the Spanish Constitution. The police were out in force blocking the entrance to the Congress building itself to prevent protesters gaining access. For quite some while the protest remained peaceful but eventually just after 7.00

pm a small group tried to force their way across the fences and gain access to the parliament building. The police responded with force despite earlier calls for them to show restraint against protesters. Some arrests were made while other protesters tried to restore calm the situation. By 9.00 pm the police were employing rubber bullets against a hard-core of protesters to prevent a greater disturbance. Later on at around 11.00 pm many of the protesters not involved in the violence were disappointed in the way the protest had turned out and had hoped and expected more of the spirit of the 15 M protests.

According to reports there were those who believed that troublemakers had infiltrated the protest with the specific aim of confronting the police. Two protesters interviewed by El Mundo said,“They were organized and were covered with balaclavas so we could not recognize them. They have tarnished the protest." A total of 35 people were arrested and of the 64 injured 27 were policeman. This was not to be the end of the protests because the following day, a group surrounded the Congress and held a demonstration in the Plaza de Neptuno calling for the dissolution of Parliament and a more participatory democracy. At the end of the day on Wednesday the protesters were evicted from the square and moved on. According to reports, blanks were fired by security forces and clubs were used against protesters in order to disperse them. Some rubbish containers were set on fire but shortly before midnight, order was restored to the area. Three people had been arrested and three people were treated for minor injuries. The Ministry of the Interior praised the police for acting with “proportional force” and the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in a televised press conference from New York emphasised that the majority of the 47 million people living in Spain were not present at the protests last week. Paul Mutter

The Ministry of the Interior praised the police for acting with “proportional force”.

With so many costs increasing it is a pleasant change to be able to report on a reduction, albeit a small one. Following the most recent energy auction the price closed at a reduction of 4.6 per cent. Within the average electricity bill this element accounts for almost half the cost therefore the average reduction should be 2.1 or 2.2 per cent. The industry minister José Manuel Soria made the announcement last week and being questioned as to when the reduction would be seen by consumers in their bills said it would happen very soon the belief is next month, in October. Electricity bills this year have been affected by the rise in IVA from 18 to 21 per cent imposed at the

beginning of September and also the revision of bills as a result of the Supreme Court ruling for the last quarter of 2011 and so with these increases the small reduction mentioned above will not be noticed. It is however the first reduction in the cost of electricity since 2009. The other half of the electricity bill is made up of various fixed costs including transportation and costs the government regulates. The Minister also said that the so-called tariff deficit at around €24 billion, being the accumulated difference between income and expenditure was not expected to increase as expected this year despite the lower electricity prices. Paul Mutter

Gota Fría claims eleven lives Continued from page 1

found buried under mud and debris in one of the ramblas in Puerto Lumbreras. It seems that the car could have been dragged several kilometers by surging floodwaters which gushed through the 120km long ravine. The woman’s husband has identified the vehicle as being

that of his missing wife. Meanwhile in Vera, the body of a 52 year old British woman is reported to have been found after she went missing during the weekend’s floods. The woman went missing in Vera, Almeria. She is said to have been living in the area for a number of years and had married a Spanish man. Friends told the press that her body was found in a nearby lake. She is believed to have vanished during heavy rains on Friday morning as she travelled to work. A major cleanup operation is underway this week as substantial damage was recorded on local roads and bridges. On the Costa Blanca, dozens of roads remain closed for safety regions and at least one bridge over the A7 motorway has collapsed. In what was the worst Gota Fría in twelve years, more than 200 litres of rain per square metre fell in less than

24 hours. In Torrevieja and the Orihuela Costa, as much as 56 litres of rainwater fell in just one hour on Friday evening. Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has promised to ask for EU aid for the worst affected areas while Spain’s Minister for Development Ana Pastor gave an assurance of govern-

ment support for the affected municipalities. Extensive damage to homes and business has also been noted along the coast, with many farmers reporting loss of thousands of livestock. Among the dead was a nine year old girl who drowned trapped inside a car in Murcia. The girl had been travelling with her grandfather and brother when their car was trapped in rapidly rising floodwaters on Friday. The girl’s grandfather also perished in the flood, as did a second gentleman who tried in vain to save the little girl. The girl’s brother survived, reportedly by holding on to a lamppost. Meanwhile, residents in Rojales were warned yesterday (Monday) to have sand bags at the ready as Local Police feared the river may burst its banks. Warnings were issued on Monday after the river rose by more than five metres.

Bite Size News Continued from page 3

operational by June 2013 operating at 30 per cent of its capacity. He also said that a number of new jobs would be created when the plant was fully operational but did not say how many. Construction of the plant has been dogged by controversy but the director-general questioned remarks made by the provincial secretary of the socialist party who said that completion had been hampered by the PP. International day of tourism celebrated at the floating Museum The councillor for tourism and culture in Torrevieja Luis Maria Pizana received around hundred people last week at the Floating Museum which was specially opened to commemorate the International Day of Tourism. Foreign residents, association members and a group of 30 students made up the numbers and were able to visit the schooner Pascual Flores, the submarine Delfin S – 61 and the Albatross patrol boat. They were also shown the naval artillery provided by the Spanish Armada which is on display outdoors in the grounds of the museum. The visitors were shown around by Rafael Aracil the floating Museum conservator and technicians from the Department of Tourism in the Town Hall of Torrevieja. New cultural program available The latest cultural program for Torrevieja covering the three months of October, November and December has been released. There are a total of 214 activities with a budget of €63,511. The complete programme comprises 56 concerts, 12 galas, 12 plays, 12 lectures, seven exhibitions, six competitions, six musicals, four film screenings, four dance performances, two courses and a zarzuela produced by the municipal company. The councillor for culture in Torrevieja Luis Maria Pizana said the program offered a diverse range of activities and events for all ages and has been designed to encourage everyone to go out and enjoy not just the leisure opportunities but also the bars and restaurants in the town. A full review will be printed in next week's CoastRider and printed copies of the new program are available from the OARI, tourist offices and the stage door at the Municipal Theatre. Paul Mutter

News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012



HE SPANISH GOVERNMENT of early retirees. revealed its budget for 2013 On the positive side the last week designed to government intends to “finance growth” and “limit introduce before Decempublic deficit” according to ber of this year a new Deputy Prime Minister Soraya ‘youth training in the Sáenz de Santamaría, Budget workplace’ strategy deMinister Cristóbal Montoro and signed obviously to help Finance MinisterLuis de Guindos mitigate youth unemploywho had the job of presenting the ment currently standing at budget outline to the press on over 50 per cent. There is FINANCE MINISTERLUIS DE GUINDOS Thursday last week. Presenting the also another scheme to details in Congress last Saturday morning Cristóbal replace ageing vehicles. A contribution of €2,000 funded Montoro said it was a budget designed to end the crisis half by the government half by the motor trade to replace and return Spain to being seen as a ‘trusted partner’ of the cars over 12 years old and commercial vehicles over 10 European Union in southern Europe. As a result years old by more fuel efficient and less polluting there are widespread reductions in ministries vehicles will be available as from the beginning spending for next year with all the major of October and last till the end of March departments experiencing significant next year or when the money runs out. cuts compared even to this year, all Replacement vehicles have to be less designed to help Spain to achieve the than a year old with a total value target deficit of 6.3 per cent for this including IVA of under €25,000. State year and 4.5 per cent by the end of lottery prizes over €2,500 will be 2013. Projections for the budget are subject to a 20 per cent tax in 2013 based on a shrinkage of half a per and 2014. The tax and benefit for cent in GDP next year and it is this principal residences will be removed. which many commentators find Grants to political parties, unions and difficult to swallow. Most are forecasting business organisations will take a further drops significantly greater than this with cut next year. Citigroup believing the economy will drop by Health, social services, industry, energy and 3.2 per cent and even the IMF's forecast is for a 1.5 per tourism will experience the greatest cuts next year. cent drop in GDP. Clearly if this would be the case the Unemployment levels are currently forecast to be much government's budget is sunk before even set sail from the same as this year but the budget for benefits will be cut harbour. Borrowing costs for the government next year by 6.3 per cent. A supervisory agency will be set up to are rising to €38 billion. monitor budgets and deficit compliance especially Disregarding that for the moment here in the regions. The budget was warmly are some of the details in the budget. Civil welcomed by EU officials and it was widely servants wages to be frozen next year believed to have been partly but the extra Christmas payment will constructed to meet any conditions be replaced for public sector that might be imposed by the EU if or employees. Pensions will rise by 1 per perhaps when Spain applies for a full cent. This will be funded partly by bailout. If such conditions are already dipping into the reserve fund to the in place it will make it easier politically tune of some €3 billion. Both of these for Mariano Rajoy’s government to sell measures are seen as being more a sop a bail out to the country. Other to the politics of the current moment commentators are less convinced about and regional elections coming up rather the budget particularly as it is based on a than being sensible policies to help reduce very conservative drop in GDP next year and the deficit. There is a commitment to bringing are concerned about the growing social protests actual retirement ages more in line with the "natural" in the country and the push for independence in Catalonia. retirement age by reducing the grounds for and numbers Paul Mutter

State lottery prizes over €2,500 will be subject to a 20 per cent tax in 2013 and 2014.

Health, social services, industry, energy and tourism will experience the greatest cuts next year.



News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

University students moving to other regions to save money The current economic situation is forcing many families and students to look further afield for their university education. The reason is twofold, on the one hand many families have less money available to spend on the children's education and on the other hand the cost of going to university is rising but not equally across the regions. Students in the Valencia region are discovering that by moving to universities in Murcia and Castilla La Mancha savings of up to 30 per cent can be made. Lack of money in family budgets is also causing parents and students to enrol in fewer courses, only those that are absolutely necessary for their course requirements and future needs. The Rector of the University

of Alicante, Manuel Paloma, said there are fewer students taking fewer subjects as a result of the economic conditions. He went on to say that there was evidence in this year's enrolment period of students

that some, especially in the south the province are deciding to study in the neighbouring areas of Murcia and Castilla la Mancha because of the

savings that can be made. He was concerned that the difference in costs of university courses between the regions, with Catalonia being the most expensive and la Rioja the cheapest, meant an end to “equality of opportunity and access to higher education”. However he went on to say that despite this there was an increase of some 800 students looking to be enrolled in the University of Alicante but taking fewer subjects again because of the cost. This has led to a prediction that the number of student loans will be down by some 10 per cent this year and the University, in conjunction with a number of financial institutions, is looking at ways of implementing a method of payment by instalments for tuition fees. Paul Mutter Pictured: Alicante university.

Sale of coastal land stopped


HE INTENTION OF Antonia Moreno to sell 11 plots of public land in Orihuela Costa, nearly half the remaining land owned by the Town Hall on the coast, for the construction of more than 500 new houses was successfully challenged in the Plenary meeting last week. In a Popular Party motion supported by CLARO Councillor Bob Houliston, a motion was approved by majority vote to stop the procedure and reclassify the land in question for civic purposes. The PP-CLARO arguments were the obvious objections to this policy: that it was a mistake to deprive Orihuela Costa of land that would be needed in the future to provide facilities for social, civic, educational, sporting and leisure activities for an expanding population; that this was the wrong time to sell council land when prices were depressed; that 500 more houses is the last thing Orihuela Costa needs now with so much unsold property; that

builders already owned enough land to build masses of news houses if they thought the demand existed and finally that this was pure opportunistic policy to boost the coffers.

projects in Orihuela Costa like a multi-use auditorium centre and pedestrian bridges over the N332 and motorway could be funded from existing resources which are going to be used for building of what are

Antonia Moreno

The opposition believes that this is a major setback for Antonia Moreno and the rest of the government as the sale of land on the coast for some €13 million would have provided them with enough money to go ahead with politically prestigious projects. In fact, needed

generally deemed to be unnecessary new town hall offices in Orihuela. Bob Houliston said:“The success of this opposition to the sale of council land for house-building is a major achievement of C.L.A.R.O’s new policy of cooperation with the Popular Party.”

5th anniversary celebrations for Butterfly Children’s Charity shop in La Marina Next Friday, 5th October, the Butterfly Children’s Charity are having a Tea/coffee morning to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of their shop being open in La Marina. They would like to invite all their customers along to the event so they can thank them for their continued support. Tea/coffee and homemade cakes (which we are reliably informed are ‘to die for’) will be served between 10.30 am – 2.00 pm free to everyone who comes.

News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Drugs go missing Hundreds of kilos of drugs have been taken from official government compounds in Andalucía. The confiscated drugs were taken from official deposits in Cadiz, Malaga and Seville. Thieves are believed to have dug into a bunker in order to gain access to the drugs. Cocaine and hashish were reported missing. Meanwhile, security precautions are under scrutiny after alarm sensors and cameras did not detect the thefts. The confiscated drugs are the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

Sailing license arrests A number of arrests have been made after Guardia Civil uncovered a counterfeit sailing license operation. In addition to three arrests, 52 people were also fined for purchasing counterfeit nautical qualifications via the internet. Licences changed hands for between €2500 and €3000. It is believed the operation was worth in the region of €100,000.

The Mayor of Torrevieja meets the new Norwegian ambassador to Spain The new Norwegian ambassador to Spain, Johan Christopher Vibe, was acquainting himself with his new post by visiting the Alicante province last week. He came to Torrevieja as part of that visit and met with the Mayor of Torrevieja Eduardo Dolon and the councillor for foreign residents Rosario Martinez. There are some 2,500 Norwegians registered on the padron and the Mayor of Torrevieja was able to describe the many varied activities that this highly integrated group is involved with, including the celebration of Norwegian

Constitution day itself on May 17 in the Park of all Nations. The celebration attracts hundreds of Norwegians from Torrevieja itself and the surrounding area and consists of various acts including country dancing and the provision of examples of Nordic cuisine prepared by the residents themselves. Johan Christopher Vibe is 59, has a degree in Law, joined the Norwegian Foreign Office in 1990 and was Deputy Chief of Mission in the Norwegian embassy in Washington DC, 2009 – 2012 prior to the appointment to his new post based in Madrid. Paul Mutter

The new Norwegian ambassador to Spain with the mayor.

Figures for Spanish manufacturing reveal depth of crisis


S THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT grapples with the problems of high unemployment and trying to create new jobs, figures released recently of manufacturing activity over the last few years give no crumbs of comfort. They show not just a response to the current crisis but a longer term trend of a consistent reduction in the manufacturing base in Spain. Not only is this a reduction in the number of workers, where it is estimated that some 900,000 jobs have been lost over the last 30 years, it is a reduction in the gross added value from manufacturing which is half what it was 35 years ago at 15.1 per cent, which is three percentage points below the EU average. What is worse is that the manufacturing capacity that is left is not being fully utilised. At 71.6 per cent almost 30 per cent lies idle because of lack of demand. Production utilisation is almost 10 points behind the EU average. The problem is not merely a short-term problem it is a structural problem already identified by the previous socialist government of José Luis Zapatero when the Ministry of industry commissioned a report (PIN 2020) which found that too much of Spanish manufacturing activity was involved in low and medium to low technology sectors. Almost three quarters of those occupied in manufacturing were involved in low or medium to low technology applications, accounting for 65 per cent of production value and 85 per cent of all manufacturing companies. Only 3.7 per cent of the companies, 5 per cent of manufacturing workers and 5.4 per cent of production value were involved in high technology sectors; well behind most countries


in the European Union. Unit labour costs also increased significantly with an average annual rate of 2.8 per cent over four times the average for the Eurozone illustrating the hill to climb as regards labour costs. The five principal objectives of that report, published in December 2010, remain the same namely to improve the competitiveness of industry, promoting innovation and research and development, promoting growth and dynamism of small and medium-sized enterprises, encouraging companies to target international markets and strengthening strategic sectors. The strategic sectors identified in the report were automotive, aerospace, biotechnology environmental protection, renewable energy, agribusiness and information and communications technology and digital content. At the time of writing the report those strategic sectors accounted for 36.8 per cent of employment and 34.4 per cent of value. The target for 2020 was, and perhaps still is today, that these sectors should become 40 per cent of the total employed in industry and 44 per cent of the value. Paul Mutter


News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Valencia president announces reduction in the number of Parliamentary MPs The President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Alberto Fabra, announced last week that there would be a 20 per cent reduction in the number of deputies in the Valencian Parliament at the next legislature. This would reduce the number of seats from 99 to 79 and in a wide-ranging speech outlining some of the cost reductions his administration is trying to implementing he said he hoped that all political parties would understand the need to make such cuts. “We have to make these adjustments and share the sacrifices we are asking of our citizens in the public interest,” he said. He also announced his intention to reduce the number of members on government advisory bodies by 50 per cent and reduce their operating costs by 20 per cent. He started his speech by saying that the source of the regions debt was quite simple to understand. The region had never received sufficient funding to match what it wanted to spend on infrastructure and other services in order to keep pace with other regions in the country. He said it was his government's responsibility to take

the necessary decisions and make the necessary cuts however unpopular in order to resolve the debt situation. He said the Valencia region was the only one that had lowered its debt in the last quarter, “no autonomy has made an adjustment so deep in their public spending as we are doing in Valencia.” “Each and every decision we take we think of the health and welfare of

tax benefits for those with larger families and a new regional deduction for purchasing school supplies aimed at benefiting families with low or middle incomes when one of the two parents is unemployed. The Valencian government is aiming to invest €99 million over the next three years to help create 15,000 new jobs and said that new laws will be President of the passed imminently to Generalitat reduce by a third the time Valenciana, taken to open a new Alberto Fabra. industrial establishment in the Valencian region. In addition, companies and even individuals who are owed money by the government can offset taxes or other fees against that outstanding debt. Alberto Fabra also said that a new healthcare model based on shared management would soon be adopted. This new our citizens,” he said. “If we have to model is designed to save €1.7 billion make reductions in health and over 10 years and next year in 2013 it education it is to ensure the long-term is anticipated that the accounts for survival of both,” he added. “We have health in the region will be balanced. to be more creative. We have to do He assured everyone that quality and more with less,” he went on. “We must performance in the health service not mortgage our children's future,” he would not be affected under this new concluded. business model. The president announced there would be further increases in income Paul Mutter

New Bishop for Orihuela


aturday at 5.00pm saw the new Bishop of Orihuela, Jesus Murgui Soriano, arrive at the diocese riding on a white mule – as dictated by tradition – and knock on the city gates. The bishop was named by Pope Benedict XVI as new head of the Orihuela Cathedral and is one of only four bishops in the last 501 years, since the days of the Borgias, of Valencian birth. Born in 1946 and ordained a priest in 1969, Jesus Murgui was a pastor in Alaquàs, Moncada and Ontinyent before climbing in the hierarchy of the Archdiocese of Valencia. His last posting was in Mallorca and he now faces the challenge of driving a large diocese, that of Orihuela, with 1.3 million inhabitants. During the official ceremony the Bishop travelled from the Ermita de San Antón after a brief prayer and being received by the Commission of Festivities before arriving on the mule

at the city gates. According to tradition the Cabildo knocked three times on the historic city gate, to which the mayor enquired "Who goes there?", and was given the answer "It’s the Bishop of Orihuela entering" at which point the municipal maceros, opened the city gates to Murgui Soriano and allowed him entrance. The ceremony was performed in front of a small group of invited guests, who included dignitaries from across the province. The procession then journeyed through the streets of the city and ended at the door of the Cathedral, where the new bishop accompanied by councilors and principal authorities and other distinguished guests were allowed through the door of the Annunciation. However, to ensure that the thousands of Catholics that lined the streets and surrounded the cathedral were able to see the ceremony the Town Hall festivities department had

installed giant screens in the Plaza del Marques del Rafal. This was the first formal welcoming of the Bishop to be held in the city since 1564, and the Mayor of the City, Monserrate Guillen, had issued a proclamation calling on all citizens to participate in the event. Mireille Toddington Jesus Murgui Soriano.

News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012


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To plan financially, you must understand investment risk. Many people, when they hear about risk, will make associations with the chance of being defrauded or losing all of their money through a fall in share price. This capital risk is important, but it isn't the only type. When you make an investment, other factors need to be taken into account such as varying interest rates and inflation. Solely concentrating on capital risk and ignoring these others can result in an overly cautious approach being taken. Understanding risk involves not only identifying your own attitude towards it but also identifying the different types of risk too. You can then pick up advice to help you minimise unfavourable possibilities.

Asset classes There are a number of different asset classes in which you can invest, each of which comes with its own risks. The four main asset classes are cash, bonds, property and equities (stocks and shares). Cash is the least risky of the four but tends to deliver low returns, which means the value of your money can be eroded in times of high inflation. A step up the risk ladder is investment in government bonds, or gilts, followed by investment grade corporate bonds, where you as an investor effectively lend money to large companies in exchange for a fixed-rate of interest. Equities are the most risky asset class as stock markets can be highly unpredictable. Emerging markets’ (such as India, China or Brazil) equities are viewed as the highest risk as the companies you are investing in are less well-known.

Some simple rules The greater return you want, the more risk you will usually have to accept. The more risk you take with your investments, the greater the chance of losing some of your initial investment; your capital. If you are saving over the short-term it is wise not to take much capital risk. Therefore what you are investing for and when you'll need access to your money will have a big impact on what types of investments are right for you. If you are investing for the longterm you can afford to take more risk; investing in share-based assets has proved to be the best way for providing growth that outstrips inflation. There is a risk attached but, when you invest over the long-term, there is more time to recover your losses after a fall in the stock market.


News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Regeringen lovar översyn För få män gör prostatakontroller av pensionssystemet


en europeiska prostatadagen uppmärksammas denna vecka mot bakgrund av en EU-omfattande undersökning "Hälsa i Europeiska Unionen", som visar att endast 13 procent av de europeiska männen har tagit prostata tester. EU: s hälsostrateg, Markos Kyprianou, sade att det är nödvändigt att öka medvetenheten om både prostata- och kolorektalcancer. "Män bör rådgöra med sin läkare om regelbundna provtagningar. Data för dessa två typer av cancer är alarmerande ", sade han. I Torrevieja på San Jaime sjukhuset är Sven Petry ansvarig för urologiavdelningen. Han vill också uppmärksamma männen på behovet av att i åldrarna 45-50 börja med en periodisk kontroll. Han sade att 80 procent av män över 70 års ålder drabbas av godartad prostataförstoring (BPH) någon gång i sitt liv som kommer att kräva operation för att åtgärda problemen. Han sade vidare att 25 procent av männen i åldrarna 40 och 50 påverkas

av detta och att BPH är den vanligaste godartade tumören hos män över 50 år och den vanligaste orsaken till att besöka urolog. Petry sade att med tiden genomgår prostatan en rad förändringar och ökar i storlek och form och det orsakar ibland partiella hinder av blåsan, vilket ofta leder till att man måste gå på toaletten oftare under natten och kan i vissa fall leda till progressiv försämring av njurarna. Men han fortsatte med att säga att genom att fånga upp situationen på ett tidigt stadium kan rätt övervakade läkemedelsbehandlingar vara tillräckliga för att behandla problemen.

Torrevieja dåligt på att skyddade k-märkta byggnader Ombudsmannen i Valenciaregionen har kritiserat Torrevieja i sin årliga rapport till Valenciaparlamentet. Enligt rapporter i lokala och regionala tidningar beror kritiken av Torreviejas kommunledning på dess inställning till byggnader som klassificeras som skyddade i den allmänna stadsplanen. Särskilt att notera var den gamla biografen i staden, som låg där den nya stadsteatern uppförts. Ombudsmannen betonade att inga försök gjordes för att genomföra bevarande och restaurering av den gamla byggnaden som borde ha varit fallet enligt sin status som en skyddad byggnad. Istället revs den för den helt nya byggnaden som nu upptar

platsen. Det nämndes också en annan byggnad i Los Balcones, dvs huset och tornet intill huvudvägen, som numera är i ett tillstånd närmast att betrakta som en ruin och övergivet vilken har varit föremål för enstaka tidningsartiklar under de senaste åren. Ytterligare en byggnad som omnämns är La Pension de Parejo på Calle Azorin i centrum av Torrevieja som förklarats vara av arkitektoniskt intresse. Ombudsmannen, Soledad Becerril, har sagt att efter tre år av klagomål till staden Torrevieja har man ännu inte lämnat några förklaringar till de frågor som ställts till varför ingenting har gjorts för att skydda dessa byggnader.

Regeringen offentliggjorde ett dokument med sin syn på den nuvarande ekonomiska krisen förra veckan med titeln "Spanska regeringens reformpaket - beslutsamhet att möta krisen". Det 33 sidor långa dokumentet börjar med att beskriva den nuvarande ekonomiska situationen i Spanien och bakgrunden och beskriver de åtgärder som vidtagits hittills. Där ingår reformer av arbetsrätten, förändring av den offentliga sektorn som bl a omfattar en minskning av antalet offentliga företag, avbetalningsplaner för leverantörer och reformer av regelverket för att göra det mer flexibelt och effektivt. Dokumentet fortsätter sedan att lista ett antal områden som ska åtgärdas men som kräver ny eller ändrad lagstiftning, allt planeras att genomföras under det nu inledda parlamentsåret och omfattar totalt 20 olika lagar. Dessa inkluderar reform av den offentliga förvaltningen för att minska dubbelarbete och antalet sysselsatta, reformer av energisektorn, idag kraftigt subventionerad, reformer av utbildning som syftar till att förbättra kvaliteten på utbildningen och, en reform av det sociala trygghets- och pensionssystemet .

Syftet med de senare är att skapa ett socialt trygghetssystem som ska vara självfinansierat i framtiden. Man kommer med nya regler när det gäller pensionsåldern och i synnerhet förtidspension, för att säkerställa att den genomsnittliga pensioneringsåldern är mycket närmare den lagstadgade pensionsåldern. Finansministern, Luis de Guindos, varnade förra veckan för att det skulle vara omöjligt att upprätthålla de sociala förmånerna om inte ändringar görs. Dessa kommentarer har ofta tolkats som att man kommer minska förmåner och pensionsutbetalningar. Ministern betonade vikten av ekonomisk tillväxt för att skapa förutsättningarna för en välfärdsstat och sa att den nuvarande ekonomiska situationen kräver "uppoffringar". Andra områden och lagstiftning som skall behandlas före utgången av detta år inkluderar ändringar av en kustnära lag för att stärka skyddet och en hållbar användning av kustområdena och förhindra en ökning av byggandet. Rapporten publicerades före besöket av Tysklands förbundskansler Angela Merkel, och upprepar den spanska regeringens åtagande att slå sitt underskottsmål på 6,3 procent i år och

Regeringen tar bensinbolagen i örat Vi konsumneter har kunnat notera ökade bränslepriser sedan i mars i år. De flesta av oss känner nog att oljebolagen är snabba att höja sina priser när kostnaderna för råolja går upp men relativt långsammma att minska dem, om alls, när priset sänks. Spanska konkurrenskommissionen undersökte situationen och i juni kom en rapport om prissättning och distribution av motorbränslen i Spanien. Genom att studera priserna före skatt som konsumenter i andra europeiska länder betalar fann kommissionen att förarna här i Spanien betalar bland de högsta priserna i EU. Enligt deras data mellan februari 2011 och februari 2012 ökade priset på 95 oktanig bensiföre skatt med 21 procent och diesel med 16 procent. Kommissionen sade att höjningarna var särskilt höga i jämförelse med andra länder i EU. De fann också bevis på vad de flesta av oss misstänkt, nämligen att när priset på råvaror går upp svarar priset vid pumparna snabbt med en ökning, men när råvarupriset faller så sänker bensinbolagen väldigt långsamt.

Fortsatta prishöjningar i augusti ledde till att industriminister José Manuel Soria kallade till ett möte med ordförandena för de stora oljebolagen, Repsol, BP och Cepsa, i förra veckan och hävdade att det inte fanns tillräcklig konkurrens mellan dem. Ministern sade till oljebolagen att prisuppgången under de senaste veckorna var "oproportionerlig". Regeringen är angelägen om att se priset på bränsle så lågt som möjligt både för konsumenterna och för att hålla transportkostnaderna nere. Ministern fortsatte med att säga att när andra sektorer gör uppoffringar i form av prissättning är det orimligt att bränsleleverantörer bara höjer priserna. Han sade att alla måste hjälpa till med den ekonomiska återhämtningen. Bränsleprishöjningar i augusti bidrog till en 0,5-procentig ökning till inflationen. Efter mötet sade ordföranden för Repsol, Antonio Brufau, att de skulle göra vad de kunde för att hålla priserna nere. Industriminister José Manuel Soria har varnat för att regeringen kommer att vidta åtgärder om bolagen inte frivilligt följer regeringens önskemål.

betonar den spanska regeringens syn på att bank- och finanspolitiken måste integreras kraftigare i euroområdet och så snabbt som möjligt för att skydda medlemsstaterna och valutan i framtiden.

Massivt stöd för Kataloniens självständighet På den ”katalanska nationaldagen” eller La Diada Nacional de Catalunya dök 1,5 miljoner personer upp på kvällen i centrala Barcelona, enligt Guardia Civil, för att demonstrera för Kataloniens självständighet, En del andra observatörer från media uppskattade antalet till 2 miljoner. Myndigheterna hade ursprungligen väntat ett deltagande på omkring 600.000. Demonstrationen och marscherna hade organiserats av den katalanska nationalförsamlingen med, om än inte öppet, så åtminstone tyst stöd från den katalanska regionala regeringen. Parollen för demonstrationen var "Katalonien, nästa självständiga stat i Europa." Många åskådare viftade med den katalanska flaggan för självständighet "estelda" i stället för det nuvarande katalanska officiella flaggan "senyera". Innan hade det diskuterats om att Katalonien regionale ledare Artur Mas skulle vara närvarande men han valde till slut att inte visa sig på grund av sin ställning, men han sade att han skulle ta hänsyn till maifestationen och dess utfalll. Det visade sig bli den största demonstrationen någonsin i staden. Det finns ettmenormt stöd för självständighet i regionen Katalonien, ett område i Spanien med en distinkt kultur, stark egen identitet och ett eget språk. Många känner att det är fel att Kataloniens, en av de rikaste regionerna i Spanien, skatteintäkter omfördelas till andra delar av landet. Artur Mas och hans regering har drivit på starkt för en finanspolitisk linje som tillåter dem att behålla de skatter som betalas i regionen på samma sätt som Baskien. Premier hävdar att om de kunnat göra det så skulle Katalonien ha haft mycket bättre förutsättningar att undvika statlig inblandning lokalt och därmed de nedskärningar som för närvarande åläggs regionen. Så sent som för två år sedan i juli 2010 var den konstitutionella domstolen i Spanien inblandad i en dom mot avsedda förändringar i statuterna för Katalonien då man ville få in ordet "nation" med hänvisning till katalanska folket.

News CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012



Captain Olazabal

The European Ryder Cup team stunned the golfing world this weekend when they staged the greatest comeback in the 85 year history of the tournament. German golfer Martin Kaymer ensured the trophy would be coming back this side of the pond with a crucial putt to clinch victory over Steve Stricker and round off a sensational comeback against America. It was touch and go, especially when Rory McIlroy made his game by the skin of

say I had only 25 minutes to get to the course. I jumped into the front seat of a police car and we went – at least I wasn’t in the back of it. “I got here as fast as I could and once I was here, I was fine. I played great and didn’t have time to think about what had happened.” Tearful captain Olazabal said: “These guys gave me 150 per cent. What they did today to turn around this contest was magical.”

his teeth – the golfer had misjudged the time and only made it to the course, dangerously close to tee-time, by availing of a high speed police escort. McIlroy, who went on to beat Keegan Bradley two and one, thought he was starting at 12.25 rather than 11.25. Colin Montgomerie, a former captain, was not impressed. After watching fellow Scot Paul Lawrie help the Euro fightback with a five and four win over Brandt Snedeker, Monty claimed

WHERE NOW FOR YOUR UK PENSION FUND, MALTA OR NEW ZEALAND? Following the enforced exit of Guernsey and the Isle of Man from the market for the transfer of UK pension rights into a QROPS, the two jurisdictions that capture the interest of most advisers are Malta and New Zealand. However, it is important not to forget the specific attractions of Switzerland as a QROPS jurisdiction especially for those who require liquidity and who are over the age of 55. Switzerland as a jurisdiction will be discussed in a future article. Malta, because of its location within the EU is for most advisory firms the jurisdiction of first choice. For a client age 55 or over who left the UK before 6 April 2007, Malta offers an immediate 30 % lump sum however income is restricted to UK GAD rates. If you're looking for the maximum possible level of benefit flexibility that is not restricted to the operation of UK rules when it comes to how your income benefits can be calculated then New Zealand wins the argument hands down. If offered the choice which would you prefer? Does the option of taking a lump sum from age 55 of 30% of the amount transferred in as well as all of the investment growth seem attractive? As an example, let us assume that if at the age of 45 your transfer value was £100,000 and through good investment management it doubled over

that McIlroy, who arrived at Medinah in a police car with five minutes to spare, should have known better. If McIlroy had arrived two minutes late, he’d have lost the first hole. If he’d been five minutes late, he’d have been disqualified. McIlroy said: “I thought I was off at 12.25, not 11.25. “I had checked it on my phone but the times were on Eastern time. “I was casually walking out of the hotel when I got a call to

Business Profile

the following 10 years to £200,000. Would you rather have the choice to be able to take a lump sum of £60,000 from a Maltese scheme or £130,000 from a New Zealand scheme? As a second example, assume at age 55 a fund value of £100,000, would you rather be able to draw income from a Maltese scheme of up to (currently) £4,100 a year or have a choice if you wished to draw up to £16,000 a year? New Zealand allows you to take control over how the benefits are phased during the course of your retirement. It is true that both jurisdictions in the event of your death after taking benefit avoid the 55% tax charge that applies to UK schemes (so long as you have been outside the UK for at least five tax years at the date of death). And it is fair to say that Maltese schemes offer more investment flexibility but this for most people is not the most important consideration. If you thought that Malta is the only option open to you perhaps it is time to think again. Why not contact us today for your free, no obligation review and recommendation? For further information about QROPS, Pension Planning and long term investment opportunities please email or call 96 626 0901.

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

12 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

All the fun of the Fiesta in los Montesinos It's Fiesta time in a Los Montesinos and the celebrations got off to a start last Sunday Fiesta programme cover by Alegría with the annual pilgrimage to La Marquesa Juárez Gelardo winner in the under 13 category of the poster competition in honour of our Lady the Virgen del ‘Los Montesinos as I see it’. Rosario and there is a full timetable of events stretching over the next couple of weeks. With the full-blown heat of the summer over this is an ideal opportunity to visit the town and take in some of the events that are being put on and at the same time enjoying a drink and a meal in one of the many bars and restaurants in the town. The emphasis this week is on sporting events with Padel, tennis and Frontenis competitions running for most of the week and into the following week with the finals taking place on Wednesday, 10th October. On Saturday evening of 6th October there is an opportunity to watch the very colourful and traditional crowning of the Fiesta Queens and their ladies in waiting. This will take place in the main square at 10.00 pm but before that starting at around 9.00 pm each of the Fiesta Queens will be escorted from their homes in the village to the main square. Most of those to be honoured will have had their home streets decorated and painted in recognition of their election as Fiesta Queens and attendants. The crowning ceremony will be followed by music in the square and then later on at midnight there will be a disco in the Barraca Popular. On Sunday, 7th October, starting at 9.00 Later on in the day at 5.00 pm there is the type of am with registrations in the square by the town event that really makes local fiestas. In the case of Hall there is a show of vintage motorbikes all of Los Montesinos it is the "No Engine Fun Cars” which have to be over 25 years old and in racing competition. It's an opportunity for possession of the necessary legal paperwork. entrants to build their own vehicles and prizes are

awarded for the most creative design and the fastest as vehicle race around some of the streets in the town. On Monday evening starting at 9.00 pm the fiestas organising committee are suggesting

Street Parties to promote friendship and integration and anyone who wants to organise a party should contact the town Hall by Friday, 5th October so that their roads can be officially closed. On Wednesday morning October 10th at 9.30 am it's the traditional big heads or ‘Cabezudos’ parade accompanied by the traditional Valencian music of the ‘Dulzaina’ walking through the streets of the town to the main square where there will be workshop activities for children consisting of games, music make up much more. At 5.00 pm in the evening there is another very traditional Fiesta event held in a number of towns in the region and elsewhere in Spain; this is the traditional ‘Carrera de Cintas’ where cyclists race to remove painted or embroidered sashes hanging from a crossbar. In days gone by this would have involved horsemen but nowadays it is much more common to see bicycles being used. Traditionally the sashes are usually left by the young ladies of the village and the winners are rewarded with a kiss! The main procession in honour of the town’s patron saint the Virgen del Pilar occurs on Friday, 12th October starting at 8.00 pm this will be followed by a firework display and then later o, starting at midnight there is more entertainment in the barraca popular. There are more celebrations on Saturday the 13th commencing at 7.30 pm with floats and a fancy dress parade with prizes for the most original costumes, and yes this is followed by another disco in the barraca popular. Paul Mutter

Marie Joy and Mike Davies take a final bow


T SEEMS HARDLY CREDIBLE but after a supposedly for retirement, it was not long lifetime of ‘treading the boards’ Marie Joy before Mike and Marie Joy were back on stage and Mike Davis are finally calling it a day performing their own brand of music, and and retiring after their very last concert comedy to sell-out, packed halls and that is the which will take place in the Virgen del Carmen way it has remained ever since. Many local Cultural centre, Torrevieja, on Wednesday, 24 charities have benefited from their concerts October starting at 7.30 pm. As has always been including APANEE, the AECC, the Cruz Roja and the case the proceeds from Mike and Marie of course S.A.T. where they have also worked as Joy’s concert will go to charity volunteers. Their St charity, and in this case a David's Day concerts charity the couple have celebrating all that is long been associated ‘Welshness’ became legendary with, the animal welfare as did some of their party charity ‘S.A.T.’. Tickets for pieces like ‘If I were not upon the concert are five euros the stage something else I’d each. rather be’ which they have Marie Joy began performed with a number of performing at the very different groups including the early age of three and was Rascals and Footwork Dance. appearing professionally On the bill to accompany in working men's clubs Mike and Marie Joy at the MARIE JOY AND MIKE DAVIES before she was 12 years farewell concert on October old. She toured with Frank Randal’s very 24 in the Virgen del Carmen Cultural centre will popular ‘Randal’s Scandals’ which also be the Orquesta Cecilio Gallego offering the numbered Roy Castle amongst its stars and typical Mediterranean sounds of the guitar, worked in the Butlins holiday camps review mandolin and lute under the direction of company as well being a regular in pantomime. Manuel Martinez Girao, a group that has Marie Joy met Mike Davis in 1966 and they featured in many of Mike and Marie Joy's married later that same year creating a unique previous concerts. The CoastRider's very own double act on and off stage. Performing in Aoife Leddy accompanied by Phil Ketly on clubs all over the United Kingdom they were guitar will perform as ‘Greentown’ featuring a voted ‘number one double act’ by their fellow selection of acoustic folk songs. In addition professionals and were chosen to appear in two there will be dancing from ‘A Touch of Class’ and Blackpool and two South Yorkshire command the list of artists will be completed by singer performances. and entertainer Geoff Hyde. Moving to the Costa Blanca 20 years ago, Paul Mutter

News 13 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Mancebo successful in demand for footbridge at Cala Mosca


EDRO MANCEBO, Councillor for the Coast, Infrastructures, Tourism and Beaches presented a mocion at the Plenary Meeting held at the Town Hall, Orihuela last week to demand that the long overdue, additional pedestrian bridge be put in along the N332. The councillor asked for all parties to support the request without further delay or excuses and vote to install the bridge at Alameda del Mar, Km marking 51,500 - better known to all Orihuela Costa residents as the crossing point at Cala Mosca. The Councillor expressed his concern regarding the safety and security of local residents and tourists who literally take their lives in their hands to cross the busy N-332 at the Lidl roundabout to cross to the coast. There is a distance of more than three kilometres at this location from the previous pedestrian bridge until the next safe crossing point This bridge, which remains the obligation of the developer, should have been in place a long time ago. All the required and necessary licenses from the road departments in Valencia and Alicante have been in place for nearly two years. And so, the second point within this mocion was to actually fine the developer for not providing and completing the bridge which was his obligation. However, the PP and Bob Houliston rejected to support the first point and the second point of the mocion because they found it ambiguous and unfair to fine the builder. Despite the fact that the initial obligation should have been met under the PP term of administration and could have been progressed by Bob when he was councillor for the coast. Councillor Mancebo said he found this ironic considering the amount of time that Bob Houliston and his CLARO team dedicated to Cala Mosca. Cala Mosca, he said was “CLARO´s baby” and surely the safety of the public should always be first priority. Pedro Mancebo said: “This refusal to support the mocion was simply a political move by the PP and Bob Houliston so as not to annoy the developer, who is known to be a very close friend of relevant members of the PP party.”

DOUBLE CROSSING Bob Houliston had tried to include information within the second point to delay the completion of the bridge. This however, did not deter the Councillor for the Coast who found a clever solution to this problem by removing the second point from the mocion before voting took place. This time the PP and Bob Houliston had no choice but to agree to this unanimous vote. The pedestrian footbridge at La Mosca is not the only missing bridge across the N-332, and for this reason the Councillor for the Coast has allocated 240,000 euros in the budget for the other long awaited footbridge which will be placed at La Regia. Now the budget has finally been accepted, despite the attempts of the PP party and Bob Houliston to stop it, the project for this bridge can now be put in place. This part of the mocion was not supported by the PP, who suggested that the budgeted 240,000 euros for La Regia should be used for the footbridge at Cala Mosca. The developer of Alameda del Mar, obliged to build the bridge at Cala Mosca, would then be responsible for supplying the bridge at La Regia. Councillor Mancebo responded that this is what the PP have been doing for 25 years misusing public money for carrying out infrastructure and other works which should have been completed, and paid for, by the relevant developers and builders at the time of completion. Mancebo concluded that the safety of the residents and tourists is paramount and it is the government´s priority to have the two bridges in place as soon as possible. Mireille Toddington

Help Vega Baja buys school books for needy children San Miguel Archangel and Help Vega Baja are combining forces to support young children and families hardest hit by the crisis. Local charity Help Vega Baja has donated 3,000 euros towards school books for the children of under privileged families in San Miguel. Working alongside the Neighbourhood Association ‘San Miguel Archangel’, 28 children were identified from the food bank initiative run by the two organisations. These children were in desperate need of help to buy the text books for this school year and in each case the donation will cover around 50 percent of the cost of the books required. The system works in conjunction with local book stores who have set the books aside and once collected by the family, will provide the receipts to HELP who will reimburse the cost. The aptly named Help Vega is probably the oldest charity in this region and has been providing help and support to British

citizens for more than three decades. Through the work of its dedicated volunteers it continues to raise money to help those in need. Ron Perrin, president, Help Vega Baja, said: “We are pleased to work with the Neighbourhood Association Archangel to extend our help and support to people of other nationalities within our community. Our aim in donating this money for the purchase of school books is to help provide a better future for the next generation.” Besides a commendable example of solidarity, this initiative is also a clear sign of the daily integration between residents of different nationalities in the local community. Mireille Toddington The Help committee and Manuel Gomez (centre) of Association Archangel .


Business CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

The‘brand of Spain’ loses credibility The current crisis is affecting the image of Spain abroad. While Spanish King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy strived to improve the ‘marca España,’ the 'brand of Spain,' during their recent visit to New York, protests outside the Spanish parliament on 25th September and the independence demands from Catalonia are widely reported by US and European newspapers. The negative image has also reached the markets, with the Spanish Ibex 35 market and the risk premium falling following the protests in Madrid and the announcements of early elections in Catalonia. Photos of the clashes between protesters and the police during the '25-S protest' in front of the Congress of Deputies, the lower house of parliament, last Tuesday evening, have been published around the world. “Violence” is the most repeated word about the demonstrations, a “violence” generated from a general discontent. According to major international media outlets, the protest comes as a response to the government’s austerity program, the high unemployment rate, the deficit, the recession and, also, the negative attitudes towards a financial rescue or bail out as has being negatively labelled. The French daily newspaper, Le Monde, reports that the protests show “the anger with which Spaniards stand up against the crisis.” It also reports that the situation in Catalonia has led to “enormous instability” in Madrid. Financial Times reports about the situation in Catalonia on the front page. According to the newspaper, market pressure on Spain has begun to increase again. It is not only the announcement about early elections in Catalonia by Premier Artur Mas, and the 25-S demonstrations, however, that destabilises the country, but also the

negative attitudes in Germany, Finland and Holland towards a direct recapitalization of troubled Spanish banks, which was agreed in July, but which has put Rajoy’s government in an uncertain position again. The problems of credibility arrive at a moment when Spain is trying to re-launch the ‘brand of Spain’ outside the country's borders. The Spanish authorities are trying to establish confidence, primarily among investors and on the markets. For this reason, the government has intensified its agenda with more visits abroad by business delegations during the last months. At the same time, King Juan Carlos' and Rajoy's trip to New York, which ended last week, is aimed at normalising the image of Spain, with the prime minister defending Spain’s role as an international power in the United Nations’ General Assembly. Also, both leaders spoke to media during their visit in attempts to increase confidence in Spain. The king was interviewed by The New York Times the same day that the newspaper published a photo gallery from Spain under the title “In Spain, austerity and hunger,” which was criticised by some for showing an exaggerated image of misery. The prime minister gave a long interview to The Wall Street Journal, in which he said he will request a rescue if the interest rates on Spanish debt don’t fall. Mireille Toddington

The Euro

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WEEKLY EURO UPDATE The euro has had a second difficult week. The consolation for its supporters is that the current one appears to be ending more optimistically than the last. Nevertheless, compared with last Friday's opening levels the single currency is weaker by one and a half yen and three quarters of a US cent. Against the pound it is down by a third of a penny; alternatively, sterling has risen by two thirds of a euro cent. Until Wednesday afternoon the euro was retreating on most fronts. Having grown weary of giving it the benefit of the doubt investors were looking more closely at the economic data from Euroland and the lack of progress on the European Central Bank's plan to hold down the borrowing costs of Club Med governments. The pan-Euroland data consisted mainly of confidence readings compiled by the European Commission, covering consumer confidence, the business climate, economic sentiment, industrial confidence and services sector sentiment. They were all either worse than their predecessors, below forecast or both. By way of example, consumer confidence at -25.9 was the lowest for more than three years. The national data were no better. IFO's three measures of German business confidence all deteriorated, as did German retail sales. There were not many statistics from Britain either but in most cases they matched or exceeded expectations. In particular the second revision to gross domestic product (GDP) showed the economy shrinking by -0.4% in the second quarter rather than the -0.5% previously estimated. Clearly there can be no jubilation about a GDP figure that is minus anything but at least it was a move in the right direction for the pound. But it was politics, not economic data, that had most impact on currencies. And for the euro, the most important politics were those of Spain. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has more balls in the air than he can comfortably control. Along with the regional election which takes place in Galicia on 21 October, Sig. Rajoy's home turf, the leaders of Catalunya have called for

their own previously unscheduled one in November. The fear in Madrid is that the Catalans will treat the vote as a proxy for a referendum on independence. And if that is the way they decide to go it will make a mess of any Spanish bailout arrangements. Another newly-erected obstacle for Sig Rajoy is the move by Germany, Holland and Finland to prevent European Stability Mechanism cash going directly to Spanish banks. The objectors claim that the banks' bad loans are "legacy assets" from previous crises and therefore ineligible for ESM support. That being the case, the money must be channelled via the Spanish government, with all that implies for audits and austerity. However, investors were surprised to learn on Thursday that Spain intends to self-medicate with yet more home-grown austerity. Prime Minister Rajoy announced another €40bn of spending cuts and a third year of frozen salaries for public sector workers. The suspicion is that he is hoping the new measures will be enough to prevent the imposition of even tougher terms when Spain applies for its bailout. The Spanish announcement went down well with investors, who saw it as a step closer to the bailout which, they still believe, will solve the problems of Spain and the euro zone. The euro had a reasonable day on Thursday, strengthening by a third of a US cent and holding firm against the yen. This Friday French President Hollande will follow Prime Minister Rajoy's example with what some commentators call France's toughest budget in 30 years. It is expected to include €30bn of spending cuts and tax increases. If President Hollande's measures are as popular with investors as were Prime Minister Rajoy's, the euro could end the week on a firmer note. Less obvious is whether that upbeat mood would survive the weekend once analysts had calculated the likely impact of €70bn worth of austerity on the Euroland economy.

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CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012


Tax Planning In Spain Today And Beyond By Bill Blevins,

Financial Correspondent, Blevins Franks We are all paying more tax in Spain this year, and it does not look like there is going to be any respite any time soon. The scale rates of income tax increased across the board, ranging from an additional 0.75% for income below €17,007 to an extra 7% on income over €300,000. This takes the top rate of tax up to 52%. In Andalucia and Cataluña it is higher at 54% and 56% respectively. Your investment income has also been hit. Tax on savings income (bank interest, capital gains, dividends etc) was hiked to 21% for income up to €6,000, then 25% on the next €18,000 and 27% on the excess over €24,000. When announced, the government said these higher taxes would only apply for 2012 and 2013 income. However, they were implemented as part of the measures to reduce the budget deficit down to 3% in 2013, and as we already know this will take at least a year longer than previously expected, it is possible that the higher taxes will be around for longer too. Wealth tax, meant to be temporary for 2011 and 2012, could also be extended. With the possibility of a bailout for Spain looming, we cannot rule out further tax rises either. Higher taxes mean more people are looking to protect their wealth from tax, but you do need to very careful with your tax planning and always ensure it is fully compliant with Spanish tax law. You need to fulfill all your Spanish tax obligations and only use legitimate arrangements to lower your tax liabilities. The government is seriously cracking down on tax evasion and now has a number of effective tools to trace people who have not been paying tax correctly. We are already hearing reports about the authorities contacting expatriates living in Spain about undeclared offshore deposit accounts, and we will hear more of this in future. The government has promised to get even tougher on tax fraud once the current tax amnesty (the “Voluntary Disclosure Procedure”) closes on 30th November 2012.

From previous announcements we know that it is proposing to introduce an anti-fraud law, which if approved would increase penalties for tax evasion. It is understood that the government is working on changes to the Criminal Code and are proposing to extend the statute of limitations for tax fraud from four to ten years, and to increase the maximum sentence for serious tax crimes to six years. Another proposed measure is to oblige all Spanish residents to report all bank accounts and assets held abroad. According to reports earlier in the year, the penalty for non-compliance would be €5,000 per each undeclared piece of information or set of data, with a minimum of €10,000. There would be no statute of limitations for collecting tax on such undeclared income. The landscape for tax planning in Spain has changed significantly over recent years, and more than ever you need professional guidance to first of all make sure you are paying tax correctly, and then to establish what legitimate opportunities are available to you to lower your tax liabilities in Spain. A firm like Blevins Franks has decades of experience advising British expatriates in Spain on their tax planning and wealth management. Summarised tax information is based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which may change. Individuals should take personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website P L E A S E N OT E T H AT THIS COASTRIDER



















Sprits help raise family funds PSYCHIC NIGHT HELD in aid of the Davila/Grewar family fund has raised 610 euros for the charity. Last weeks’ event saw The Baker Foundation packed to capacity with around 70 people waiting to hear message from the spirit world, channelled by psychic medium Sandra Mitchell Aetheris. The event is the third evening of its kind to be held by the charity and was filmed by Viva TV, which also interviewed Sandra for its Let’s Talk show. This is the second full house that Sandra has inspired and there was no doubt that the audience was impressed with the two hour session. Janie, from San Luis said: “This was a wonderful evening and tastefully delivered; an absolutely amazing medium who delivered messages with both dignity and humour.”


Terry and Penny, for all their help and support and gave an update on the situation for the family, which touched people’s heart-strings and inspired even more donations. The Davila/Grewar Family Fund is a registered charity which supports four children following their young mother’s death from cancer. Her husband Jose is a long distance lorry driver, who works tirelessly to keep his children out of care and together as a family unit. Under the Spanish social services system, Jose is not entitled to any financial support and was advised that the only thing he could do after his wife had died was to put his children into care - obviously, this is not an option he would even consider. Jose has no family support and so needs help to pay for a long-term nanny to care for the children while he is away

Others used phrases like “amazing” and all agreed the evening was fascinating and entertaining. Donations for the family fund were raised through pre-event ticket sales, entrance on the night and a prize raffle and at end of evening organiser Lyn Adams thanked Mrs Edith Baker for her continued support. She also thanked volunteers from The Baker Foundation particularly

working. The monies donated to the Family Fund are used to pay for this care and to benefit the children directly. For further information on any of the above, or to make a donation, call Lyn on 965 077 014 or 676 650 210. Mireille Toddington Above: Psychic experience.





Campo Verde Theatre Group at the San Miguel Fiesta Campo Verde Theatre group fully entered into the spirit of the Fiesta in San Miguel de Salinas on Saturday last when they entered the procession and participated in the festivities of the town for the first time. The theme for the group was "The Rock and Roll Era" and they rocked around the town to Helen Shapiro, Bill Haley, Elvis and a medley of 1950's artists dressed in their rock and roll outfits. The group were accompanied by their very own Elvis. Big Ben was also much in evidence, and as is fitting for a clock of this size it moved at a very sedate pace, stopping completely to allow the group to "Rock Around the Clock!" This was another fun evening for members of this well established and respected theatre group who thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they sang and danced through the streets of the town. There was a very appreciative reaction from the crowds who clapped

enthusiastically after every routine. Although this was the first time the group have joined the fiestas in San Miguel the group have a long history of participation in the Pilar de Horadada annual fiesta.

Campo Verde Theatre Group will be soon performing their next production, "Anything Goes, The Variety" at the Casa de Cutura in San Miguel on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October. Throughout the heat of summer the company has been very busy rehearsing at the Community Centre, Blue Lagoon. The show will be a variety evening of music, dance and laughter. Tickets can be obtained from Colin on 966 774 127 or Tom on 966 700 876 and cost 8€ each.


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Sometimes if a plant is overwatered, it just does not seem to recover afterwards. The leaves start to get dull and turn yellow and the whole plant seems to be on a slippery slope towards death. You try to correct the watering issue but nothing seems to help. Chances are your plant is suffering from root rot.

What is root rot? Root rot can have two sources, one is a prolonged exposure to overwatered conditions can cause some of the roots to die back due to a lack of oxygen. As they die, they will start to decay or rot away. The rot can then spread to healthier roots and kill them as well, even if the soil conditions are corrected. The other source can be from a fungus in the soil. The fungus may lay dormant in soil for years and then may suddenly flourish when the plant is overwatered once or twice. The root rot fungus attacks the roots and causes them to die and rot away.

What does root rot look like? If you are unsure whether your plant has root rot, you may be wondering what does root rot look like? Brown or blackened and damaged areas are visible on crowns and roots, but

symptoms are most obvious on the above-ground plant parts as diseased roots cannot absorb water and nutrients needed for growth. Plants that have small, off-colour leaves, are stunted, low in vigour, slow growing, or those that wilt easily on a warm day may be infected with root rot. So if your plant begins to decline gradually or quickly for no obvious reason, you will want to check the roots. To confirm a root rot problem, carefully remove an affected plant from the soil, place it in a bucket of water and gently move the plant around in the water to wash off the soil. If roots are washed too vigorously, all of the rotted tissue will be washed away, often leaving the remaining white interior that appears healthy. A healthy plant has numerous fibrous white roots. It will even have visible white root hairs. Roots of a diseased plant appear water-soaked and usually brown or black. The discoloured roots

are often soft and mushy, while healthy roots are firm.

Root rot prevention Control of root rot should be aimed at prevention. Use only healthy transplants. Weak plants may be diseased and you certainly will not save time or money in the end if you use weak plants. Since poor drainage usually goes hand in hand with root rot, proper site preparation to provide good water drainage away from roots is imperative. Rotate annual plantings in the garden every 2 or 3 years with unrelated plants to help prevent the buildup of pathogens in one area. Also, remove crop residue at the end of the season to help reduce pathogen survival. Other measures of precaution: 1. Plant resistant cultivars when available. 2. Set out transplants when soil has warmed up enough for good growth.

Corn root rot

Rhododendron root rot

Rhododendron root rot

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Daylily root rot

Root rot

Strawberry root rot

3. Enrich soil with compost. 4. Try not to cultivate close to roots which can cause injury and allow disease to enter. 5. Plant in well-drained soil and avoid overwatering. 6. Make sure water does not pool around the base of trees by forming irrigation moats to hold water at least 12 inches (30 cm) away from the stems or trunks. 7. Use soil solarization before planting as it has been shown to give good results in controlling root rot.

Treating root rot Whether the problem is prolonged overwatering or a single overwatering that caused a root rot fungus flare up, you must act quickly. Remove and destroy badly infected plants. They will normally not survive

anyway, but can often be propagated so they will not be lost completely. Moderately affected plants may be saved by pruning away diseased roots and replanting in well-drained soil. Treating root rot ASAP will give your plant the best chance to survive: 1. Remove the plant from the soil and wash the roots under running water. Wash away as much soil and affected roots as possible while being gentle with the plant. 2. Dispose of the soil that the plant was in. 3. Use a sharp, clean pair of shears or scissors to trim away all of the remaining affected roots. You may have to remove a significant amount of the root system. 4. Disinfect the shears or scissor and prune back 1/3 to 1/2 of the top growth on the plant.

This will give the plant a better chance to re-grow the roots as it will not need to support as much top growth. 5. If possible, dip the remaining healthy roots in a fungicide solution to kill off any possible root rot fungus. 6. Disinfect all pots or tools used on or around infected plants using a 1 part bleach to 9 parts water solution. 7. Replant the plant in clean soil/potting mix. If the plant is in a pot, make sure the container has good drainage and only water the plant when the top of the soil is dry. While the plant is re-growing its roots, do not fertilize the plant, as this may stress it. You do not want to have to treat root rot again in the plant. Hopefully now the plant will recover and you will get your beautiful plant back. Marc Vijverberg

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The IMF cinema in Torrevieja (beside ‘Habaneras’ shopping centre) is once again showing movies in English. The IMF cinema is once again showing movies in English. The movies in English are shown in ‘original version’ or V.O. which means that although they have been dubbed in Spanish, can be enjoyed in English by wearing a pair of headphones in the cinema. The wireless headphones transmit the original film soundtrack directly to the viewer so you can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies on the big screen, in your own language. A refundable deposit of €20 and identification (passport, drivers licence, etc) is required to borrow the headphones. This week it is the spectacularly remake of early 90s classic, Total Recall, starring Colin Farrell. Total Recall (DESAFIO TOTAL V.O.) Showing: 6pm, 8.15pm and 10.30pm Originally adapted by director Paul Verhoeven in 1990, author Philip K. Dick's classic sci-fi short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale returns to

the big screen in this remake starring Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, and Kate Beckinsale, and directed by Underworld's Len Wiseman. The planet has been decimated by nuclear war in the late 21st century, leaving only two nations -- the United Federation of Britain and the Colony. Douglas Quaid (Farrell) is a factory worker with a stable job and a loving wife (Beckinsale), but upon learning that a company named Rekall could grant him the memory of the ultimate espionage adventure, he decides that a virtual vacation is better than no vacation at all.


But in the midst of having the new memories implanted, something goes haywire. Still strapped to the chair as the system breaks down, he's branded a spy as the authorities close in, and quickly flees for his life. Later, Quaid discovers that he has a secret identity, and he joins forces with rebel soldier Melina (Jessica Biel) on a mission to track down Matthias (Bill Nighy), the head of a fierce resistance movement that's been labeled a terrorist organization by the tyrannical Chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston). Cohaagen seeks to control the entire free world, and now the harder Quaid fights to defeat him, the clearer it becomes that his memory had been altered long before he walked into Rekall. Any ideas or feedback on how the IMF cinema can make your viewing experience enjoyable can be sent to and we will pass on your remarks.

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WELCOME TO CUENCA with Vivalia Travel

Cuenca’s old town has the UNESCO World Heritage designation. The city overlooks the ruins of its Moorish castle, the ancient Kunka fortress. Meanwhile, below, the modern city grows on the Júcar plain. The “upper city” - the medieval streets that give the city its character - begins beside the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Luz, next the San Antón bridge. Here begins a tour of the hills, steps and viewpoints which provide beautiful views. Cuenca is located across a steep spur, whose slopes descend into deep gorges of the Júcar and Huécar rivers. It is divided into two separate settlements: the “new” city is situated south-west to the old one, which is divided by the Huécar course. The climate of Cuenca is the typical continental Mediterranean of Spain’s “Meseta” (inner plateau). Winters are relatively cold, but summers are quite hot. Spring and autumn seasons are short, with pleasant temperatures during the day but with rather cold nights due to its altitude from 956m

above sea level up to 1000m in the old town. Its name may derive from the Latin conca meaning “river basin”, referring to the gorge of the rivers Júcar and Huécar. It may also be derived from the nowruined Arab castle, Kunka. Other alternative original names have been suggested, including “Anitorgis”, “Sucro” or “Concava”. The city of Cuenca is also known as the “Eagle’s Nest” because of its precarious position on the edge of a gorge.

kind of building was frequently seen throughout Cuenca, but nowadays only three “Casas Colgadas” remain, built in a cliff, above Huecar Gorge. La Casa de la Sirena (House of the Mermaid) and the two Casas de Rey (Houses of Kings) were built somewhere between the 13th and 15th centuries and have been renovated in the 20th century. Now the houses host the Museum of Abstract Arts and a restaurant, but they remain the most photographed landmarks in Cuenca.

The Hanging Houses


Also known as “Casas Colgadas”, The Hanging Houses are the most popular attractions of Cuenca, Spain. The history and exact origin of The Hanging Houses is unclear. Some believe they are of Muslim origin, while others say they are Medieval. Centuries ago, this

Cuenca Cathedral was built from 1182 to 1270. The façade was rebuilt after it crumbled down in 1902. It is the first gothic style Cathedral in Spain (together with Avila’s one), because of the influence of Alfonso VIII’s wife, Eleanor, daughter of the King of England and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, who introduced the Anglo-Norman style. From that date the cathedral has undergone some changes. An apseaisle (doble girola) was added in the 15th century, while the Renaissance Esteban Jamete’s Arch was erected in the 16th century. The main altar was redesigned during the 18th century by famous architect Ventura Rodríguez: it features a precious iron-work gate. The façade was rebuilt in 1902 from ruins due to the collapse of the former bell tower, the Giraldo. In the early 1990s modern coloured windows were installed, and in 2006 one of the two old

baroque organs from Julián de la Orden was recovered. The other organ has also been restored, and on 4 April 2009 an inauguration ceremony was held. The naves do not follow exactly a straight line. The San Julián altar, dedicated to Saint Julian of Cuenca, at the apse-aisle, The Hanging Houses are consists of columns the most popular made of green attractions of Cuenca

marble. Another curiosity are the “Unum ex septem” signs at some chapels. It is said that if one prays looking at these signs one would obtain a five-year forgiveness for one’s sins, and seven years if one prays during the patron saint’s day. Arrange your holidays with your local travel experts Vivalia Travel. Call them on 965 716 615 or send an email to or visit them at C/Santomera, 8 in Torrevieja near clinic Acequion.

20 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

ShowgroupTorreviea HAH, MAR MENOR OCTOBER EVENTS Tuesday October 2nd. 11.15am. Volunteers Meeting at Bacchus Restaurant, Commercial Centre Oasis, Los Narejos. Optional lunch to follow 5€. Wednesday October 17th Chatters Social Group. Bacchus Restaurant, Commercial Centre Oasis, Los Narejos 11.15am. Quiz, medical advice, come along, have a chat and make new friends. Optional lunch with drink 5€. Friday October 26th. Fashion Show with Ziggy and her ladies and Craft Fair at La Vereda Restaurant in Sucina. Fabulous clothes auctioned after the show. Homemade stall, crafts, Christmas Cards. Tombola,Table top etc. 3€ entry (include nibbles and drink). Open for lunch and crafts from 1pm, show at 3pm. For more information or to become a HAH volunteer, email or telephone Lesley on 968 134 978.

New hours for AECC at the Civic Centre The new winter hours for the AECC office at Orihuela Costa Civic Centre are between 11.00am and 1.00pm every Wednesday. The AECC Torrevieja office is open Monday to Thursday between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

find new home

The ShowgroupTorrevieja recently put out a call for help in finding a new venue suitable for their rehearsals and also hopefully to be able to put on productions. Like many other clubs in the area they were having to move following the sale of the old Los Arcos restaurant, home to so many local associations for so long, and its conversion into a wok restaurant. Jo Rich from the Showgroup told us they had a huge response to the article in the newspaper and they were delighted to say they had secured new premises for their rehearsals at that well-known local establishment in El Limonar, Sackos. They are holding rehearsals there every Friday between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm and wanted to thank the management and staff of Sackos not only for allowing the show group to use the excellent facilities but also for the warm welcome they had given the group. The new

owners at the former Los Arcos have also allowed the Showgroup to continue using the premises for the storage of some of their equipment at least for the present time. The ShowgroupTorrevieja by the way are always looking for new members to join them whether as actors performing on the stage, backroom people and particularly anyone who might have the ability to become a sound and music technician working with the group's modern equipment. If you think you might be interested in joining the group in any capacity then you can either go along and meet them at one of their regular Friday rehearsals or telephone Sandy on 96 671 36 14 or Jan on 96 618 97 41.They are also preparing a new website currently under construction at Paul Mutter

21 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

A sporting chance for Guardamar The Mayor of Guardamar, Carmen Verdú, and the presidents of several sports clubs in the town have signed the annual agreement between them which sees the Town Hall support and encourage grass roots sports

and help make it accessible to all. The seven clubs: Judo, Basketball, Sporting CF Guardamar, Tennis Club, Racquetball, Guardamar Cicloturista Peña, and soccer Guardamar will receive more than 113,000 euros between them. This funding is to be used to develop their club activities and to help with the arrangements and organisation of several events throughout the year. All other local sports associations and municipal clubs can apply receive aid through theannual call for proposals. The

details of the grants will be published in October. The Mayor was accompanied at the signing ceremony for the sports council grants by head of sports Javier Cremades. During the presentation the mayor highlighted the efforts made by these clubs each year; particularly the social and formative benefits of their activities, which provide the young people of the town with healthy leisure pursuits. Mireille Toddington


The local PSOE Committee

Residents of Entre Naranjos and Laguna Green have met with Carlos Bernabe, the General Secretary of the PSOE in Orihuela, in order to form a local branch of the socialist party. The meeting was attended by two PSOE Councillors, members of the party’s executive committee, members from Orihuela Costa PSOE and a dozen residents from Entre Naranjos and Laguna Green. The meeting agreed that the main aim of the branch is to support and help the residents of the two urbanisations by maintaining a link with PSOE councillors in Orihuela and other members of the Triparte Coalition, so that residents can feedback their ideas and opinions to the City Council. The Entre Naranjos PSOE branch will meet regularly, hold social events and public meetings and will support and publicise all new developments that benefit everyone on Entre Naranjos and Laguna Green.The meeting appointed a committee comprised of: Derek McMahon as Secretary, Dave Hill as Treasurer, Brian Egan as Communications officer, Sebastian Andreu Marcos as Alcalde Pedaneo for Entre Naranjos and Torremendo and Sarah Hill as Chairperson. The meeting discussed the enormous changes that have taken place on Entre Naranjos and Laguna Green since the Coalition began governing the

municipality of Orihuela. It was highlighted that after years of neglect and disinterest by the ruling Partido Popular, residents have seen huge changes in a very short time.These include: legal adoption of the area, roads completed, new sewage system, additional bus services, a community policeman, a fiesta committee and Spanish lessons. In addition, Sebastian Andreu has met regularly with the Presidents and held a number of public meetings with councillors to inform the community on developments - at the last public meetingover 200 people attended. All of this, it was said, could not have been possible without the support of PSOE Councillors such as Antonia Moreno and Antonio Zapata from Urbanismo, Rosa Martinez in Education and Carolina Grace for Fiestas as well as the Los Verdes Councillor for Transport, Martina Schuerer and the Mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillen. The first social event will be held on Saturday 6thOctober at 12midday, at 125 Entre Naranjos, where members and supporters can have a drink and some lunch, and meet with PSOE Councillors. If you are interested in meeting councillors and with the PSOE please do join us. For further information telephone: 965 003 408. Mireille Toddington


Friends and family that family gathered travelled from in Dona Pepa last California to help week to help her celebrates Eleanor Hannam this momentous celebrate her occasion. 100th birthday. According to the Tuesday 25th National September was Statistics Office a very special there are around day, which 10,000 people began with the Eleanor celebrates with her family either living in opening of a birthday card from non- the UK or who are British Citizens who other than Queen Elizabeth II to are 100 years old. The Department for commemorate the occasion. Work and Pensions forecasts that In the early evening friends and family, almost a fifth of Britons will celebrate including some who has travelled their 100th birthday.In total, about half especially from America, joined the a million people a year will be birthday girl for a pool-side party. celebrating their 100th birthday by Eleanor, who lost her husband more 2066, compared with about 10,000 than 20 years ago, came to Spain on now. Nearly 8,000 of them will reach holiday to visit family nine years ago. their 110th birthday. After an extended stay due to ill-health Eleanor believes that the love of her she decided she liked it so much that family, a good sense of humour and she never returned home. She has two copious cups of tea are the secrets to a children, Rita and David and several long and happy life. grandchildren. It was David and his Mireille Toddington

Sports grants

22 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

‘You Can’t Be Serious’ is a weekly tongue in cheek look at the world through Bernie Comaskey’s eyes. With kind permission of the Westmeath Examiner.

‘WHERE DOES THE TIME GO ...?’ You cannot but have heard that it is fifty-three years since the last replayed All-Ireland Hurling Final. I didn’t need to be told. You see, I remember it well and the excitement generated by the great Michéal O’Hehir especially towards the end of the match. That all occurred more than half a century ago and there is one thing I did not know then and which I still cannot believe: I never thought that fifty years could pass so fast. They told me but I didn’t believe it. Yesterday I attended the funeral of a beautiful ninety-three years old lady down in Kilcormac Co Offaly. I went working for Nancy Spain and her late husband Jack, the year that Offaly reached its first All-Ireland Final. That too is more than half a century ago: I know where the time went, but I cannot now come to terms with how quickly it flew. The inscription on the old grandfather clock down in my granny’s in Ballinock read ‘Tempus Fugit’. I asked my mother what it meant and she replied ‘time flies’... but I didn’t believe her. In recent times I have met people I was at school with fifty or more years ago. I wonder if they were prepared for how fast their

half century would pass - because I wasn’t. I look at old photographs and I long to see people as they then were, but their time has flown too. ‘Time and tide waits for no man’, Master Lawlor told us in school. I never doubted anything he told us - but I couldn’t see what that had to do with me. ‘Where does the time go’, old people might wonder, but I gave it no thought because I had lots of it … hadn’t I? ‘Time flies’, the people along the road or coming into our house would comment. ‘The evenings are “bet” and it will be Christmas before we know it’, my father would moan around this time of year. I knew Christmas would come, but it would never be ‘Christmas before I knew it’ for me. Granda Mulligan was in his nineties when I was a late teen. He told me one day that his life had passed like the blink of an eye and for me to remember that. I believed him that he thought his time had flown too quickly, but I didn’t believe that would ever happen to me. I had just linked up with my new best friend, alcohol and I thought we would be good friends for

life. Trends and fashions might alter in small ways, but the showbands, the dances, the long dark hair and the girlfriends would go on forever. The sixties generation was to have all the time in the world: Right? Then we had children and it seemed like they would be babies forever. They couldn’t get teeth, or walk, or talk, or grow up quickly enough for me. Older and wiser people told me to enjoy those years while the kids were mine. I did, but when they said those few short years would fly, I didn’t believe them. In my youth I made fun of ‘ould fellows pushing forty’ going to dances. They told me I would be forty too and quickly at that and they were right … but I didn’t believe them at the time. They said ‘life begins at forty’, but I didn’t believe that either and if I could only rewind and press the ‘pause’ button for a while longer, that is where I would hold it. Today is my birthday. I remember when I was five and when I was ten: It only seems like yesterday since my twenty-first and this morning since my fortieth. They are speeding up and piling up ... and I never thought

they would rush in on me like this one. I am aware that if the next All-Ireland hurling replay waits for another fiftythree years I will have been a long time dead and most people will have forgotten I ever existed. Not only that, but most of the people I know now will be long dead as well. I tell my children that and that time will fly … but they don’t believe me I know. Time is the most precious commodity in the world and we manage it worse than all our other possessions. I do not use the word ‘waste’ here, because sometimes doing nothing is not a waste of time. But procrastination and failing to deal with what needs to be done today is mismanagement of God’s greatest gift to us. No, I didn’t believe it would ever go so fast, but I believe it now and I am doing something about it. I have paid my dues and the rest is now ‘me time’. I worked for fifty years and from now on I am going to do nothing except what I feel like doing. No more guilt feelings for idling a day and when I just feel like lazing in the company of Mrs Youcantbeserious, family and friends, well then that is what I shall do. If it


Official inauguration

Killing time is not murder, it is suicide.

Tell it like it is: You have your say... Over the week, The CoastRider visited the Centre and asked shoppers for their opinions of Zenia Boulevard:

The CoastRider attends the VIP launch and finds out what shoppers really think of Zenia Boulevard… Opening show

feels good I’ll do it and if it feels bad, I’ll leave it for the next guy. I like my own company sometimes too … and there will be no more explaining or justifying doing stuff on my own. Thank God that the time which flew past me hasn’t been too hard on the body and I enjoy the best of health. It won’t always be like this, because if nothing else, I know now for sure that time and tide waits for no man. Don’t ever ask me what I do with my ‘spare time’. There is no such thing as spare time, but the world is awash with spare ideas as to what to do with my time and spending it with friends comes near the top of the list. It is never too late to learn and I have finally learned how fast time goes and it is up to me to grab as much of it as I can while it passes me by: It won’t wait for me!

Four years after it was announced, Zenia Boulevard finally opened its door to the public last Wednesday and saw thousands of shoppers flock to the Orihuela Costa it what was to be an Steve and Sarah extremely successful first week of trading for the centre. The evening before saw 2,000 specially invited guests descend on the centre for its official inauguration and an elaborate show including dancers and a firework display. Roads were full on Wednesday as people travelled from far and wide to visit Zenia Boulevard on its first day of trading. However, despite the heavy traffic levels the N332 and local roads coped with the demand, as did the parking capacity at the centre. It may well have been slow going at times but the traffic moved and everyone managed to park. It must have felt like Christmas come early for the 150 stores in the centre as tills rang and goods flew off the shelves - and several shops reported a near sell out. Luckily the centre has been built with Josie Garland crowds of bustling shoppers in mind, and the wide avenues and numerous seating areas and open spaces allowed for a busy but not frantic feel to the whole experience. Far from being a one day wonder, the crowds continued to flock to Zenia Boulevard all week, even the torrential rain on Friday didn’t dampen the shopping ardour. However, visitors did spot that typically Spanish design flaw - next to no undercover areas and therefore very little protection from the elements once the heavens did open. However, come Saturday and Sunday, and more fair weather, and the crowds made the most of Zenia Boulevards first weekend of trading. Of course much was made prior to opening on the effect that the new shopping centre would have on local businesses. However, the consensus this week at Via Park I and II and in La Zenia itself was that it was too early to say whether Zenia Boulevard was proving to be detrimental to trade.

Beccie Strickleton

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the mall. It is very modern and more than enough shops to visit in one day. Most important was the space to move about both in and out of the shops. The food areas are dotted all over so you can have a rest and a coffee with ease. One impressive area was the kids play area giving parents plenty of time to recharge with a coffee after chasing kids around and loads for the kids to do as well. I think it will benefit the area tremendously.” Steve and Sarah “It is a very well designed shopping centre with plenty of seating areas to rest those tired feet or leave the husbands!” Joise Garland “Brilliant to have such a great choice of shops right on your doorstep. Beautifully laid out, with a very American feel to it. Just a bit unfortunate that it isn't under cover.” Beccie Strickleton “Really enjoyed my shopping experience at Zenia Boulevard. Lots of new shops that I hadn't see over in Spain before and plenty of parking. It will certainly put La Zenia on the map. A little more cover to help shield you from the elements is the only minus point.” Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher

23 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

24 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Album Of The Week Bob Dylan - Tempest Released September 10th 2012 on the Columbia label This is the 35th studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. This album was handed to me by my friends David and Julia (the original Rock Chic) and I’ve got to say I really like it. Dylan wrote all the songs himself with the exception of ‘Duquesne Whistle’ which he


MUSIC NEWS Oasis Reunion - just when you thought you would never hear those two words together, a former Oasis band member is hoping that the feud between the Gallagher brothers can eventually be put behind them, because he wants to reform the band. Oasis split in 2009 after a bitter bust-up between Liam and his brother Noel, Liam went on to front his new band, Beady Eye with Andy Bell & guitarist Gem Archer whilst his brother Noel went solo. Andy told a music website “I’d love it to happen, I think that life’s too short for it not to happen, but, in reality, do I see it happening? At this point, no I don’t. The matter rest entirely with the two brothers” So will it happen? We will have to wait and see. Many big names in music have signed up to star in a TV tribute to the late singer Whitney Houston. Usher, Celine Dion and Jennifer Hudson will celebrate the life and career of the pop star in the forthcoming one hour special show, which will be filmed at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on the 11th October. It will also feature artists sharing their memories of Whitney, as well as clips of her performances and never seen footage.

co-wrote with Robert Hunter. Tempest has received good reviews from the critics, who praise it for its traditional music influences and Dylan’s dark lyrics. Many have speculated that this is Dylan’s last album, based on the similarity of Shakespeare’s last play The Tempest. This album will be featured on Sarah Simpson’s Brunch-Time show on Sunshine FM between 11am - 2pm

This special show will air in the U.S. on 16th November, just days after the release of a new greatest hits album. Whitney Houston drowned in her bathtub in L.A in February at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Mika’s new album was inspired by his sister’s brush with death after a horrific accident in 2010. His sister Paloma Penniman fell 50 feet from a window at her home in Kensington, West London. She was impaled on a metal rail in which fire fighters had to cut her free before a helicopter response team flew her to the Royal London Hospital. Surgeons managed to save Paloma’s leg from amputation at the hospital and Mika has nothing but praise for the NHS workers who helped his sister to recover after the fall. He was so inspired by her recovery that as soon as she was in a stable condition he headed straight to the studio to work on a new record entitled ‘The Origin of Love’. His sister was having a sneaky cigarette on the balcony when she lost her balance and fell 50 feet to the railings below... Ouch! Sarah Simpson

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Church fashion show

PSY - Gangnam Style Script - Hall Of Fame (feat. Will.I.Am) Flo Rida - I Cry Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Neyo - Let Me Love You Example - Say Nothing Fun. - Some Nights David Guetta - She Wolf Conor Maynard - Turn Around Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy Little Mix - Wings Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait DJ Fresh - The Feeling Pink - Blow Me (One Last Kiss) Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Times Paloma Faith - Never Tear Us Apart Sam & The Womp - Bom Bom Otto Knows - Million Voices Emeli Sande - Read All About It (Pt III) Dappy - Good Intentions

IRISH CHARTS - TOP 20 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Script - Hall of Fame (feat. Will.I.Am) Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers PSY - Gangnam Style Of Monsters & Men - Little Talks Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 6. Fun. - Some Nights 7. Sam & the Womp - Bom Bom 8. Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait 9. David Guetta - She Wolf (feat. Sia) 10. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Times 11. Rory & The Island - Jimmy’s Winning Matches 12. Pink - Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 13. Little Mix - Wings 14. Florence & The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name) 15. Neyo - Let Me Love You 16. Cheryl - Under The Sun 17. Rihanna - Diamonds 18. Flo Rida - I Cry 19. Emeli Sande - Read all About It (Pt III) 20. Rita Ora - How We do (Party)


Los Rosales Restaurant is to host a fashion show in aid of the Chaplaincy of St. Peter and St. Paul in Torrevieja. The event will take place on Friday 12th October. The event will begin at 7.30pm followed soon after by a barbecue meal followed by the fashion show at 9.00pm. To ensure the night goes with a swing, entertainment will be provided by Cathy Carson and TAABS. This is the fourth year that organisers Pauline Woodend has organised the fashion show and the second year in conjunction with Moda La Finca of Algorfa. Tickets for the event are priced at 10 euros and can be obtained from Pauline on 96 572 57 42 or Bruce Heath on 96 678 60 79. Los Rosales Restaurant is located on the Lemon Tree Road, Guardamar. The Lady herself

Guardamar is to host a lecture series to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the Lady of Guardamar. The programme will run from 5th October to 28th December and will see a dozen specialists analyse the archaeological footprint of the Old World in the municipality. This autumn will see a total of eight conferences held at the Casa de Cultura in Guardamar, which begin with an introductory lecture by Carlos Ferrer, Curator of the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia, which will address the Palaeography of the lower river Segura. The importance of the physical environment of ancient settlements in the municipality also will be examined on 19th October by Jorge Soler, archaeologist and Director of Exhibitions at the MARQ. Whose lecture is entitled prehistoric settlement in the final stretch of the river Segura. Full details

of the lecture series can be obtained from the Tourist Information Office in Guardamar Plaza de la Constitución or telephone: 96 572 72 92. The series will end with a lecture by Ramón Sánchez, High School Teacher, on Guardamar’s educational itinerary in the Ancient World. As part of the commemoration there will also be workshops for schoolchildren in the Archaeological Museum of Guardamar. The Arqueológoico Mueso will run a series of guided tours for school children in the municipality that will complement the educational workshops geared to each age group. The closing of this year's celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the Lady of Guardamar is scheduled for late November in the auditorium of the Provincial Council of Alicante where the L’Encantá legend will be staged. Mireille Toddington Lecture programme

A donation of €900 was given by the Pistoleros to Help At Home Costa Blanca at their Presentation Dance event on 22nd September at El Rancho Los Montesinos. The evening was well attended and great fun, many Line Dancers took to the floor including Norah President of Help At Home Costa Blanca who needed a lesson to join them. The Pistoleros hold regular functions at various venues where you can join if you like Line Dancing. Red Strokes who provided the entertainment was presented with an Honorary Member certificate of the Pistoleros due to his commitment to them.

25 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Double your swimming time with heliocol solar pool heating system. Efficient: Heliocol is the most efficient solar pool heating system on the market, producing more heat per roof than any other system. Reliable: Heliocol’s proven reliability makes it the choice of smart swimming pool owners worldwide, trouble-free systems, completely resistant to pool chemicals and will work efficiently for decades.

Safe: Heliocol solar pool heating panels are manufactured with the highest quality, medical grade plastics to ensure that the water coming from our collectors is safe, clean and tested to rigorous standards.

Smart: Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy option and solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy, doubles the swim season and is extending the use of your pool investment.

Heliocol is outselling every other solar pool heating system worldwide and is adding value to your home.




448 Office: La Finca Golf, Calle Antonio Pedrera, Soler Parc RC23, Local 20, Urb. La Finca Golf, Commercial Centre, 03169, Algorfa, Alicante


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

27 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

By Paul Mutter A column which takes a second look at some of the items that have occurred in the current and recent news; an opportunity to pause and ...reflect.

The law is an ass When the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge in the United Kingdom said last week that it was unacceptable that cases should take as long as eight years to go through the courts with different appeals being tried, you know there must be something fundamentally wrong with the process as it stands. Although he said he was not referring to any specific case he was answering journalists’ questions in relation to the case of Abu Hamza, for the ‘hate cleric’, despite having his appeal against deportation in the Grand Chamber at Strasbourg rejected, has managed to launch yet another appeal in the High Court. This is the man who was jailed in 2006 for seven years on charges of inciting murder and race hate outside the mosque at Finsbury Park. This is the man who hates the United Kingdom so much yet whose lawyers are doing all in their power to keep him there. His record is an appalling one, being accused of being involved in hostage taking in the Yemen, inciting a holy war in Afghanistan and even trying to set up a terror training camp in Oregon in America. It is deportation to America that he is

The case of Abu Hamza, for the ‘hate cleric’, despite having his appeal against deportation in the Grand Chamber at Strasbourg rejected, has managed to launch yet another appeal in the High Court.

fighting and the last appeal was lodged by his lawyers on the grounds that he would face inhuman treatment if returned to America. However the European Court of human rights ruled earlier this year in April that that would not be the case following which his legal team tried to make an appeal to the Grand Chamber which was rejected last week. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph Abu Hamza’s lawyers have made half a million pounds all coming from legal aid representing him and the annual cost of keeping him in prison in Britain is said to have been £50,000. The Lord Chief Justice said, “We really can’t have cases taking that long to reach a conclusion. It’s not right. The problem is that new points keep coming up and new points are taken and then they go through the process. What you need is a process in which all the points which need to be addressed are addressed once and then there is an appeal process that comes to an end. Any case that takes eight years, unless there’s some extraordinary explanation, is unacceptable. It is a source of real fury to me.” Even the Queen herself in a comment ill-advisedly leaked by the BBC was asking why it seemed to be impossible to get rid of this man. Hamza has in fact been fighting extradition to the US since 2004; the Americans want him to stand trial on terror charges. It is believed that this latest, and one hopes last, appeal will be raised on the grounds that Hamza should not be extradited because of his allegedly poor physical and mental health which has supposedly deteriorated over the last few years. Cases such as these, particularly with proven links to

COSTA BLANCA Have you got what it takes to be named Costa Blanca X-Factor winner 2013? Indeed, it is time once more for budding entertainers from cross the region to enter the biggest and best talent competition. X-Factor Costa Blanca is being organised and held by the Emerald Isle, La Florida and in conjunction with Sunshine FM and The CoastRider newspaper. The competition has been running now for several years and always proves popular with the local community who flock to the venue every Monday to show their support for the entrants. For this reason, anyone wishing to go along to any of the heats is advised to get there early as it is always a full house. Heats for this year’s competition will begin on Monday 26th November and the judges are Nick Gold, Eva Ford and a third rotating judge, which will include Sunshine FM’s Bigger Breakfast host Trev Massey and Sunshine FM coowners Dave Naughton and Tony Horrocks. The competition compere, as always will be Simon Morton.

The competition is open to contestants of all ages and all talents, including singers, dancers, comedians, musicians and magicians. Up for grabs are 1,800 euros worth of cash prizes: 1,000 euros for first place, 500 euros for second place and 300 euros for third place. The winner also scoops the opportunity to record a studio CD. The 2012 competition winner was Emily Hullman who amazed judges and the audience week after week with the strength and versatility of her voice and was note perfect on every performance. Her rendition of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ was one the best live versions the judges had ever heard. Mireille Toddington

terrorism implying the guilty party wishes to damage and even destroy the society he is living in, must be brought to a speedy conclusion and not cost the taxpayer a small fortune if the public are to retain their belief that the legal system is there to protect individuals and society and not to line the pockets of those that practice it and be abused by those who have no stake in society. Once again the thorny issue of human rights and what people should be entitled to versus the need to protect individuals and society raises its ugly head. The Hamza case and others like it leave the man and woman in the street shaking their heads in dismay, wondering whose side the lawmakers are on, asking who will protect them and their way of life from those who seek to destroy it.

The thin fabric of law and order For those of us living here on the Costa Blanca pictures of the protests in Madrid may seem like a world a million miles away but such protests are becoming more frequent as the economic crisis continues and more austerity measures are implemented by the government of Mariano Rajoy. The implications of the latest budget for 2013 are still to be fully clarified and made clear. It has been favourably received at least for the time being by many commentators and those officials in the EU. Some believe that the budget has been specifically constructed to meet the needs that would be imposed by the EU in the event of a bailout being sought. However that still has to be asked for. Most people inside the country and in the Eurozone will have breathed a sigh

Protests are becoming more frequent as the economic crisis continues and more austerity measures are implemented by the government

of relief at Friday’s announcement that the money required to recapitalise the Spanish banks was extremely close to the figure previously announced by the first set auditors. There had been fears that it would be significantly greater. But it appears for the moment that the Spanish government has bought itself yet more time before having to ask for a full-scale bailout from Brussels. That is providing that over the next week or two financial markets take the same view. However the recent protests and the moves by Catalonia to try to push for independence at the very moment the country as a whole is going through such difficult times have been viewed with dismay outside the country never mind inside the country, altering people’s previous perceptions about Spain and its real ability to pull through the current crisis. Rajoy and the previous Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Zapatero were desperate to demonstrate to the world that Spain was a country that should be sitting at the top table when it came to economic forums and other representative bodies. However the commonly held view that Spain will have to ask for a rescue by Brussels places the country very much in

league division two rather than the Premier league. The Catalan government calling early elections and it’s threat to offer a referendum to the Catalan people as to whether they wanted to be independent or not brought a swift response from the Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria reminded the premiere of Catalonia, Artur Mas, that such a move required a change in the Spanish constitution which was a question for the whole of Spain and not just Catalonia. Potentially more serious still were comments from the Spanish Military Association, which is made up of former members of the Army, who said in an article in El Mundo that anyone promoting the breakup of Spain such as the moves in Catalonia could end up being tried by a military court reminding everyone, if in fact they needed it, that the military is there to protect the Constitution and the sanctity of a united Spain. The thought of any military involvement should Catalonia decided to move towards independence brings to mind another dark and desperate period in Spanish history and one which nobody would wish to repeat.

Aena concludes test flights at Región de Murcia International Airport Aena Aeropuertos sent a technical aircraft to Murcia this week to carry out flights to verify the arrival, departure and approach procedures proposed for Región de Murcia International Airport (RMU). The flights undertaken by technical staff from Aena were aimed at testing out the procedures to be used by future operators of the airport and ensuring that they were acceptable. The procedures were previously agreed upon by the General Air Force Academy

based at San Javier, following consultation with representatives from the Alcantarilla Air Base and the Spanish Air Force, as well as senior officials at the Department for Public Works and Planning of the regional government, the airport concessionary company and experts from Aena. During these verification flights, all arrival, departure and approach procedures which require the use of the VOR air navigation aid were tested, not only that

of RMU, but also those of nearby airports (San Javier, Alicante and Almeria). In addition, the technical staff tested procedures involving the use of precision approach instrument. The results of these flights will be published by Aena Aeropuertos in an official report during the coming weeks and will subsequently be presented to the Interministerial Committee of Defence and Public Works (CIDEFO) for approval.

Note: ILS, Instrument Landing System, is a ground-based instrument approach system that provides precision guidance to an aircraft approaching and landing on a runway, using a combination of radio signals and, in many cases, high-intensity lighting arrays to enable a safe landing during instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), such as low ceilings or reduced visibility. VOR, VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range, is a type of short-range radio navigation system for aircraft, enabling them to determine their position and stay on course by receiving radio signals transmitted by a network of fixed ground radio beacons with a receiver unit.

28 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Due to the ongoing expansion of the business Milton Express, promoters of Winning Express and the major shareholders of Sporting Arbitrage Ltd, have re-located to La Zenia. Their new office is now Edif. Centro Zenia, Avda. de Villamartin s/n Urb. La Zenia Orihuela Costa. Telephone 965994815 “It was a logical step” said Chairman John Murray, “with the increasing levels of business being generated in the Costa Blanca region, we felt we needed not only more office space, but our own identity. The La Zenia location is more prominent with excellent free car parking available”. Milton Express office is now based at La Zenia and they can be contacted on 965994815.

GET ONBOARD WITH MILTON EXPRESS AND ENJOY AN ALL-ROUND WINNING EXPERIENCE Access to the arbitrage facility is now only available to members of Winning Express although this condition will not be retrospective. Now for £99 residents on the Costa Blanca can sample the full services for three months with a money-back guarantee if they fail to make a profit.

BONUS FOR SPORTING ARBITRAGE CLIENTS It’s not all doom and gloom on the financial front - clients of Sporting Arbitrage received some welcome news, namely that a half-yearly bonus is to be introduced. The bonus system came into force from 1st August and Sporting Arbitrage will be updating their systems to provide the facility to all existing clients and to newcomers who apply via the Winning Express opportunity. Existing clients of Sporting Arbitrage have the opportunity to try all our services on a no obligation three month free trial. Please see website for full terms and conditions along with details on all our serviceand promotions. Milton Express office is now based at La Zenia and they can be contacted on 965 994 815 whilst all administration duties are carried out by Admin Solutions (UK) Ltd, Velocity House, Tenter Street, Sheffield S1 4DE tel 0114 213 3539.


The Winning Express is endorsed by Steve Claridge, BBC Sports Pundit For more information please visit

BUSINESS PROFILE Class Education Centre offers a brand new concept in learning by providing extra tuition by fully qualified teaching staff, predominantly in the core subjects of English and Maths. Class Education, based at the La Fuente Centre, offers several courses including: IGCSEs in English Language, English Literature and Maths. There are courses for those wishing to learn English as a second language; help with dyslexia and hand writing skills and English to Spanish lessons. There is also general tuition in Maths and English and tuition in Maths through the Spanish curriculum. Class Education Centre offers science at any level for students aged from 6 to 18 years old including combined science and specialised tuition in chemistry or physics and for those looking for higher education the Centre also offers Maths at A level. Courses are available to students of all ages, as there are no restrictions and mature students are welcome. Class Education Centre, is the brainchild of teacher Rachel McKeown. Having worked at a number of local schools for several years, Rachel realised that there are education needs that are not being met by the system; particularly for expatriate students. Given the current economic climate many parents cannot afford International schooling fees, but are concerned that the Spanish system does not provide UK-recognised qualifications. Ironically, some expatriate children who have been educated through the Spanish system, can struggle with their English language and breadth of vocabulary

and need extra help with their mother tongue. Added to this, the Maths curriculum in Spanish schools is taught at a much higher level than its English equivalent, and therefore some students require extra support to help understand the subject and to prepare for exams. Rachel said: “Here at Class Education we are passionate about our subjects and about teaching them in innovative ways that connect with our students. All of our staff are enthusiastic about what they do and this helps motivate our students to learn in a positive and enjoyable educational environment.” Rachel, who teaches the Maths courses, is joined at Class Education by English teacher Caroline Sturgess and given the considerable response there are already plans afoot to expand the courses offered in to other subjects. For further information or to discuss Maths or science courses please contact Rachel on 639 442 639. For information on English courses call Caroline on 603 301 304. Alternatively, call into Class Education Centre on the upper floor of La Fuente Centre, above The Stray Sod and next to The Wok. See main advert on page 18. Mireille Toddington

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Business Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

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CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

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CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Simply The Best The Fabulous Dusty Springfield tribute portrayed incredibly by International singing star Patti Ross will return for a five show tour in October and will also feature an amazing tribute to Tina Turner. In 2011, Patti amazed audiences with her likeness to Dusty and also portrayed a fabulous Elkie Brooks tribute but this year’s tour will show her illustrating the songs and style of the incredible Tina Turner too! Promoters Jukebox Promotions say "Patti is an amazing artist who is better known for her Big Band music and connections as the singer with the Andy Ross band back on BBC 1 Come Dancing. She is one of the most versatile female singers to hit the Costas and we know that people will be surprised at her performances during this tour." This tour also features the fabulous Jukebox Legends who will

Dusty returns in October with Tina Turner

appear after returning to Spain from a successful tour in the UK. So, Dusty and Tina Fans - You must see this show as it is "Simply The Best.” Shows on this tour will be: Tuesday 16th October La Marina Sport Complex 966 796 389 Tuesday 23rd October The Lounge Bar, Torrevieja 966 922 134 Wednesday 24th October The Club, Quesada 966 717 028 Thursday 25th October Rocajuna, Punta Prima 664 591 795/965 997 260 Saturday 27th October Casa Ventura, San Luis 966 789 247 Tickets 8.50€ - Pre-show meals available at most venues (at 7.00pm). Please arrange when booking tickets!

All shows start at 8.30pm (8.00pm seating). Book tickets for all shows at the venue of your choice - Allocated seating so book EARLY for best seats!!! (October events) for date and venue details. or call 695 135 134.

Help Association of Vega Baja RACE NIGHT on FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER 2012 6:30 for 7:00 pm at THE CLUB, Calle Toledo, QUESADA. TICKETS 10€ 2 x Race Tokens and 2 Course served supper included Tickets from HELP’s office in San Miguel Mon-Fri from 10-13:30 (966 723 733) All proceeds to HELP Vega Baja

MAGIC NIGHT at THE INDIAN OCEAN, Lemon Tree Road DOÑA PEPA SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 7pm TICKETS 12€ Bucks Fizz upon arrival. Choice of 6 different curries plus Bombay aloo or vegetable curry to share. Plus any rice and naan bread to share, glass of wine per person and to finish tea, coffee or caramel vodka. Magic with Graeme Mykal, Raffle and short fun quiz. Bookings at The Indian Ocean or call 966 718 211 All raffle proceeds to: HELP Vega Baja

Orihuela Costa Playgroup Until further notice the Playgroup will meet at the De Bassus Restaurant in La Zenia on Tuesday mornings 11:00 13:00. All tots, parents, grandparents and guardians are welcome to attend - the more the merrier! We meet in the upstairs room of the restaurant which has a ball park, a slide and various other toys. The Playgroup not only gives the little ones chance to play together and have contact to

other children but also allows the Mums, Dads and Grandparents to exchange ideas and perhaps enjoy a coffee together. For more information please contact Denise at the International Residents Office in the Town Hall at Playa Flamenca on 966 760 000 ext: 34 or via e-mail We look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays!

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Mozarella filled meatballs and spaghetti Ingredients (For 4)

For the meatballs 500 grms of minced beef 50 grms of fresh breadcrumbs 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 teaspoon of salt ½ teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper 40 grms of fresh parsley, finely chopped 1 teaspoon of dried oregano 75 grms of mozzarella 3 tablespoons of olive oil For the sauce 1 small onion 2-3 roasted red peppers, (from a jar) 2 tablespoons of tomato purée The juice of one orange 200 ml of beef stock 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar 50 grms of stoned green olives, sliced 400 grms of dried spaghetti Water Salt Olive oil Ground black pepper

Method For the meatballs Finely chop the parsley and mix in a suitably sized bowl with the minced beef the breadcrumbs, crushed garlic, seasoning, parsley and the dried oregano. Wet your hands slightly to help with the handling and moulding and divide the mixture into 10 to 12 balls depending on how big you like you’re meatballs. Do not make them too small otherwise inserting a piece of cheese into the middle of each one will be difficult. Divide the mozzarella into the same number of chunks as meatballs that you have made that is 10 to 12. Flatten each meatball and press a piece of mozzarella into the centre. Gather the meat around it and pinch together to make sure each stuffed meatball is sealed. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the meatballs for around 10 minutes, turning occasionally to make sure the meatballs are browned and cooked evenly. For the sauce first make up 200 ml of beef stock from half a stock cube and then chop the onion finely

and fry in the oil and juices that are left in the frying pan from the meatballs. Fry the onion in the pan juices until softened. Add the tomato puree, orange juice, stock, roasted red peppers and vinegar into the pan. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes. Then tip into a bowl and let cool slightly before taking a hand blender to purée the sauce a little. Tip the puréed sauce back not the pan and add the meatballs and bring to a simmer again. Cook for 25 minutes until the meatballs are thoroughly cooked through. Take the olives and slice them each into about three pieces each and add to the sauce just before serving. While the meatballs are cooking take a large pan half full of salted water and bring to the boil. Add your dried spaghetti and cook for the appropriate time depending on how firm you like your pasta. Drain well and pour in a tablespoon or two of olive oil, the best you have, to keep the spaghetti from sticking together and add some freshly ground black pepper. Divide into bowls or plates and add the meatballs and sauce on top. Enjoy with a glass of red wine.

This week it is the turn of one of the most versatile of all dishes, namely meatballs. Meatballs in one version or another can be found all over the world in the cuisine of so many countries it must rank as a universal food or at least a universal method of the preparation and cooking of meats. They can be made from beef, pork, lamb or a mixture of meats and in addition chicken and turkey can also be ground and formed into these delicious morsels. Readily available tinned or fresh in local supermarkets here in Spain there are of course known as albondigas. They are very easy to make at home and that gives you the opportunity to add your own flavourings and even fillings to personalise the dish. In fact with the use of a few different spices you can create an Italian dish, Spanish dish, an Indian dish, a Swedish dish or a Middle Eastern dish making meatballs an excellent option for quickly and easily ringing the changes and adding variety to your dishes. The last time we visited meatballs here in the Cooking with CoastRider column

was three years ago when I featured two recipes, one in January, an Indian dish beef kofta with aubergine, still one of my all-time favourites and then later in March a recipe from a cookbook of local regional Spanish recipes produced in Los Montesinos which featured minced beef meatballs in a chicken casserole. This week's recipe is to my mind a little bit of a cross between a Spanish approach and an Italian approach. The sauce is a rich one combining tomatoes, roasted red peppers and olives whilst the meatballs themselves are stuffed with a little piece of mozzarella cheese, adding a creamy flavour and light texture to the dish. Pork or a mixture of pork and beef could equally well be used to make the meatballs and as I mentioned below don't be tempted to make them too small otherwise filling them will become very tricky. The sauce is very piquant and could be used with other dishes. It might look a little familiar to some as it is very reminiscent of the sauce that is often cooked with chicken cacciatore.

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Retired Activities Club

Entertaining Angels

The new term for the Torrevieja Retired Activities Club opened with a very amusing talk at their September meeting. Members had invited John McGregor to talk to about his life in the RAF and, more importantly, as an SAC. It proved to be a very good move for the Speaker Organiser as everyone who attended thoroughly

Dramatic Licence is busy rehearsing for their next production entitled “Entertaining Angels”. It was written by Richard Everett and produced in 2009 with Penelope Keith as the leading lady.

beach. Members were divided into two teams to play against each other up until around lunch time. Most people brought a picnic lunch and afterwards it was the ladies against the men and then a knock-out competition with all members taking part. The winner of the individual knock-out was Rosemary McKeever.

T enjoyed the talk. The talk was made to be very informal and funny and members had a virtual tour around the world when John mentioned all the places he had been on active service. The activity for September was playing petanca on the beach at La Mata on Saturday 22nd on a beautiful sunny day. Around 25 members arrived for coffee in a local bar and then set up the 'pitch' on the

Thanks go to Neil for organising this event. The next meeting will be held in the Marina Club Bar at the International Marina in Torrevieja on Wednesday 17th October at 11.00am and visitors will be made welcome at that time. If you would like more information on the Torrevieja Retired Activities Club, please contact Neil on 965 008 087.

HIS IS VERY different from the recent comedies that Dramatic Licence is famous for. This play has it all and promises to take you on a “rollercoaster” of emotions from witty sharp edged comedy through jealous anger and aggression to touching sensitivity. Bardolph the vicar of the parish has passed away leaving Grace his grieving widow to “move on” to pastures new. Therefore, the replacement vicar is waiting in the wings to take over “HER” new position with a degree of excitement and trepidation. Grace’s daughter Jo and her sister Ruth, who has flown over from Uganda are both there to support her. However, fiercely independent Grace insists she doesn’t need them. The question is will Grace be able to clear the maelstrom of mixed emotions and grief going around in

her head to leave her home of 40 years? Well she has got to! More importantly can she let go of the vivid memories that she has of her life there with her beloved “Bardy” As usual Dramatic Licence will pull out all the stops to give you an evening not to be missed at Teatro Cardinal Belluga in San Fulgencio on 25/26/27th October at 7.30 for curtain up 8pm. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 616089943. Tickets are also on sale at Cards n More La Marina, The Card and Gift Shop Quesada, the Card place Benimar & the Post Box Dona Pepa. Due to the hard work done by Graham Knight they have also been asked to do an extra night in the auditorium of Virgen del Carmen cultural centre in Torrevieja on Friday 2nd November, at 8.00pm. Ticket for this performance can be obtained from Torrevieja box office or through the AFA Alzheimer’s Association. All proceeds will go to AFA Alzheimer’s Association. If you have never been to one of our plays and think of the theatre as stuffy and a bit “Highbrow” then please think again … come along and enjoy a fabulous evening’s entertainment. For a more in depth insight into the goings on at Dramatic Licence, see Suzanne Stokes’ article on page 42 of this week’s CoastRider.

Torrevieja Flower Club Torrevieja Flower Club was very pleased to present the butterfly children’s charity DEBRA with a cheque for €250. The club meets every 3rd Wednesday in the month and this week, organisers told the CoastRider, “We have top demonstrators from England and

Ireland demonstrating wonderful design which you can create for yourself at home. Our meetings are held at Rocajuna Restaurant near Punta Prima on the N332 starting at 2pm. We first started our club 21 years ago with just a few friends now it has prospered and grown into a well known floral design club. Why don’t you come along and see our next demonstration, if you have enjoyed it why not become a member. There will be a reduced entrance fee for your first visit, (4 euro). We have social evenings, days out and trips to other clubs.” For further information please call Sandra 966848220. You will find more details on the club on their website,

MASTERMIND BEHIND HUGE COCAINE HAUL JAILED ohn Alan Brooks, aged 61, who is originally from Blackpool but had been living in Marbella, Spain, assembled a crew to import the cocaine on board the boat Dances with Waves. A multi-agency operation led by SOCA resulted in the dramatic interception of the boat by Irish authorities 170 miles off the south west coast of Ireland in November 2008. It had set sail from Trinidad in the Caribbean and was heading for Liverpool. Brooks, who was arrested in November 2011 while visiting family in Blackpool, was sentenced today at Birmingham Crown Court after being found guilty of conspiracy to import cocaine. Crew members Philip Doo and David Mufford, from Devon, and Christopher Wiggins, who had been living on the Costa del Sol, were arrested at the time of the seizure. They pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply, and were each jailed for ten years at Cork Circuit Criminal Court in May 2009. SOCA Regional Head of Investigations Matt Horne said: “Working with international partners to stop consignments of drugs before they can even reach our shores is a priority for SOCA, and is just one of the ways we undermine the cocaine trade and put the UK

A career criminal, who was an international fixer for organised crime groups across the world, has been jailed for 28 years for masterminding a plot to smuggle 1.5 tonnes of cocaine into the UK. illegal drugs market under stress. “Brooks was the go-to man for organised crime groups as he was an expert in arranging the transportation of huge quantities of drugs. His criminal career stretches back nearly 30 years, during which time he has travelled extensively using false identities and has been imprisoned on

in prison where he belongs and we’re going after his money. “Not only have we kept a huge amount of cocaine out of the UK, we can be confident that a number of crime groups have also been denied profits which would otherwise have been reinvested in further criminal activity.”

a number of occasions. “We also discovered he had escaped from a Moroccan prison in 2000 but once he was in our sights there was only ever going to be one place he would end up. Now he’s back

The Maritime Analysis Operations Centre for Narcotics in Lisbon played a vital coordinating role in the interception of Dances with Waves. SOCA shared intelligence with officers at the Centre, who were able to direct

Ireland’s Joint Task Force (Garda, Customs and Navy), onboard the naval vessel L.E. Niamh, to the boat’s location as it was in danger of sinking. The cocaine was estimated to be worth over £134million. As part of the investigation, SOCA officers were also able to evidence that prior to Brooks travelling to Trinidad to oversee the purchase of Dances with Waves in 2008 using a false identity, he had purchased the Passion Storm from the same boat yard in 2006. Its name was changed to Dragon and it was stopped by the Spanish authorities in 2007. Officers found 3,400 kilos of hashish on board and the four crew members were arrested. In 2007 he went to the boat yard again to pay a deposit for the Picaro and also paid a deposit to a company in the UK for a rigid-hulled inflatable boat. Both deals fell through as he was arrested at Heathrow Airport for travelling on a false passport. He was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment. After completing his latest jail term in the UK, Brooks faces extradition to France to serve the 13 year sentence he was given in his absence regarding a 4.2 tonne cannabis seizure in 1989. SOCA’s financial investigation is ongoing and a confiscation hearing will take place at a later date.

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CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

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Famous landmark pub changes hands


ADDY’S POINT, the first Irish pub on the Costa and the institution which more than anything else, established a huge Irish community in the area, has passed out of the ownership of the Comaskey family. Bernie and Pamela are just so delighted that it is Rory and Hazel, long time staff and work colleagues who finally purchased the business outright. When Bernie and Pamela Comaskey established Paddy’s Point in 1999, they could never have envisaged the success it would grow to be. “We can go nowhere in the world without

support”, stated Bernie. Hazel came to work in Paddy’s Point as a young university student for the summer of 1999. The following year, Roscommon man Rory arrived – after the shortest interview in the history of interviews; held in a pub in Edgewardstown, while his mother sat outside in the car! Rory quickly established himself as an integral part of the team, working his way up through the ranks to become in turn, head-barman, manager, leassee, and now free-hold owner. Bernie always said about Hazel that she would achieve anything she put her mind to, and this is

meeting someone who knows Paddy’s Point”, Bernie told the CoastRider on Thursday, “It is still a great feeling, but the story is not about us anymore; the baton has been passed on to Rory Lee and Hazel Conor and I hope all our friends who supported us so loyally over the years, will continue to give Rory and Hazel that same level of

how it came to pass. With her hard work ethic, charm and sharp brain, Hazel has proved herself over the years and truly deserves her success now. Rory and Hazel were only one of the hundreds of love stories which began in Paddy’s Point. Now with two children, theirs has been a happy ending.

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Let Us Entertain You! By Suzanne Stokes

even years ago the founder members of Dramatic Licence Theatre Company – with no money, no theatre, no props – but six actors and two backstagers, somehow managed to put on their first play, a farce called Don’t Dress for Dinner. It was a triumph of hope over expectation – and it went down a storm. We were offered the chance to perform it at both Daya Nueva and Rojales theatres and more than 700 people came to see it. The company has now lost count of the shows they have produced – and although some of the faces on stage have changed, the standard of production has not. We’re something on an institution now, and people know they can expect a professional show. But very few members of the audience have any idea of what goes into putting a show on stage – or how many people are involved. So for the next couple of weeks, we hope to bring you an insight into how a play goes from being a script in a book to a living breathing performance. The first hurdle is to choose a play. The company have a play reading committee who spend a great deal of time reading, assessing and discussing prospects for the next show. The problem most performing groups have in Spain at present is a shortage

of young people who are available and interested to join. This limits which plays can be considered – as does the number of men in the cast. Once the play is chosen and a director has agreed to produce the show, there is a play reading evening at our rehearsal room in a warehouse near Algorfa. This gives everyone a chance to hear the play, read for different characters and decide whether they would like to audition. It also gives the director a chance to hear voices and begin to think about how the play might be cast. A few days later there is an audition – which is always a tricky time for the director. Inevitably some people are not cast – not because they are poor actors, but because they might not be right in terms of age, or other reasons which have nothing to do with their ability. But often those who are not cast will come forward to help backstage, sew costumes, prompt, build sets, paint...make tea (essential), sell tickets or whatever else is needed. The joy of joining a group is being part of a team. Firm friendships are made which come to feel like extended family and no-one is deemed more important than anyone else. So, once the cast is chosen, we begin rehearsals. Cast members have the daunting task of learning their lines, and the director has to get to know every nuance of the play and

decide how he or she wants to develop it, a bit like conducting an orchestra. With some plays timing is everything. In a farce the timing of doors opening and closing, or trousers going up and down, is hugely important! Indeed comedy is not an easy option as it can flop miserably if it’s under-rehearsed. Pantomimes in particular need to look as if everything has gone wrong by accident – but the slapstick on stage should have been rehearsed many times to get it to work. Other plays, such as the one I am currently directing are less frenetic, much deeper and thoughtful, so the directing requirements are quite different. Entertaining Angels, a play by Richard Everett, which starred Penelope Keith during its UK tour, is possibly the best piece of drama we have ever attempted. It is funny, sad,

totally absorbing and a joy to work on, and you can find out how to get tickets on our website or call 616 089 943. The play will be at Cardenal Belluga Theatre, San Fulgencio on 25th, 26th and 27th October at 8.00pm. Thanks to the good offices of Graham Knight, there will be another performance exclusively for AFA, The Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Society, at Virgin del Carmen Theatre on Friday 2nd November, at 8.00pm. Tickets for the Torrevieja show are only available from the Torrevieja Theatre Ticket office, or the AFA Charity Shop behind the church. All tickets are 8 euros. Next week I’ll be talking about the hard work going on back stage, how the set is designed and constructed, and the build up to the first night.

The United States gives Spain Gibraltar money laundering details The United States has given the National Court judge, Pablo Ruz, details of accounts opened in Gibraltar for the Gürtel network, which are linked to companies implicated in money laundering in the United States. The concealment of the case and the money laundering was organised by the head of Gürtel corruption, Francisco Correa. The companies involved in the money laundering are Crawford USA L.C, Hilgart Investments LTD, and Flybridge investments which hid their ownership of property it acquired in Miami. Correa and his wife, Carmen Rodríguez Quijano, own land, houses and boats in a luxury urbanisation in Sotogrande, just a few kilometres from the Gibraltar border. The data given by the USA to Spain forms part of one of 17 international letters. These were sent by request to the international judges who have been investigating the Gürtel case since 2009. The documents sent to Judge Ruz at the request by the Anti-Corruption prosecutor in Spain, contains handwriting evidence of the signature of Correa’s wife on documents in the United States and Gibraltar. The magistrate also wants the handwriting of Antonio Villaverde, one of the lawyers charged in the Gürtel case for alleged money laundering. Mireille Toddington

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Big Band Sound back at the Asturias Relax and enjoy a the smooth sounds of the Broadway Big Band with another popular evening of music at the new Asturias Restaurant in Punta Prima on Sunday 7th October at 8pm. The band plays a proportion of the programme using flugel horns instead of trumpets which, along with our fine trombones, saxophones and great rhythm section, produces a smooth satin sound. Many of the old favourites from Ted Heath will be featured plus some up-tempo numbers with a little jazz thrown in. Bill & Gloria look forward to seeing their regular audience and new friends on the 7th October. Tickets are €8. Telephone 679576591 or email Tickets are also available from the new Asturias Restaurant in Punta Prima. Early booking is advised. A donation will be made to HAH (Help at Home) Costa Blanca.

Catalan leader fixes date for early election showdown

October is Breast Cancer Month, and to this end, the dance community on the Costa Blanca is coming together to dance and to raise much needed money, not only for the AECC cancer support charity, but for the local children’s home, EMAUS as well. Last year local Zumba teacher Cindy van Asperen together with Jenni Ray from Casa La Pedrera held a Zumbathon which raised a combined total of €5000 for both of these charities and this year, even more styles of dance are being represented. The day starts at 10am with the Kingsbury Academy of Dance with dance teacher and Pride of Spain Teacher of the year nominee Ruth Kingsbury who will be representing the modern and jazz style of dancing for an hour, to be followed by zumba at 11am. Cindy has recently welcomed a new baby girl into the world so they have invited Lisa Gordon from Lisa´s Zumba with her pupils to participate in the Zumba challenge to share the load for another two hours. Finally it’s the turn of Lyn Aspden of Strictly Dance at 2pm who will dance for another hour, who will be representing the ballroom

and latin american style of dancing including the Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Argentine Tango, Argentine Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and even a barn dance thrown in for good measure. To get involved, simply decide which style of dance you would like to dance to and pay 5 euros on the day or get sponsored! Spectators are welcome to enjoy the day’s events for a euro, which includes freesytle dance sections and live entertainment provided by beautiful voice of Marie, a local singer. There will be refreshments, a bbq and more importantly cream teas served on Sunday afternoon, plus the Grand Designs House will be open will its beautiful arts and crafts for sale. So make a date in your diary not to miss the first ever Danceathon in this region. Sponsorship forms can be obtained from the dance teachers directly or by emailing Jenni at More information on the website at which has a link to the facebook page or call Jenni on 660816620

London asked to issue a ruling about the Rock The Gibraltar First Minister, Fabian Picardo, has said that he wants the United Kingdom to issue a rule on Guardia Civil boats in the waters of the rock. Picardo feels that the ‘non aggressive’ statement from the British Government last week, reaffirms ‘the British sovereignty over the waters’, and he hopes that as a result the Guardia will ‘reduce their incursions’. Picardo said his Government, with the support of London, ‘continues to work to regulate the fishing, from the land, in the high sea and from diving’. The Gibraltar Chronicle says that the officials from the Gibraltar Royal Police contact the captains of the Spanish boats if are fishing illegally in the waters around the Rock. They gave 62 warnings to different boats between April and September. The police say to the fishermen that they have been given instructions for the fishing to stop, but in most cases the fishing continue to work. Meanwhile, Mariano Rajoy has used the United Nations General Assembly to talk about Gibraltar. The Spanish Prime Minister has been in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, and he used his appearance to ask the United Kingdom for dialogue over Gibraltar. Spain and the U.K. have been more than ten years without talking about the sovereignty of Gibraltar. The Spanish Foreign Minister, José García-Margallo, said he wanted to start conversations. The PP was not in favour of the three-way forum from the previous Socialist Government. Rajoy called on the United

Nations to cancel the Treaty of Utrecht which dates from 1713 and what Gibraltar says is valid law. But Rajoy has remembered ‘The Brussels Process’ in which London and Madrid committed in 1984 to talk about sovereignty in a bilateral way. Rajoy also claimed the entrance by Spain into the United Nations Security Council in the year 2015-16. Barack Obama said he preferred to go and watch television rather than meet a world leader during the United Nations General Assembly, but he did have his photo taken with Rajoy and Michelle. Speaking to the Wall St Journal, Rajoy said ‘If the interest on the debt is high for a long time, be sure that I will ask for the rescue, but had not any decision yet. Rajoy said he would keep the retirement age in Spain at 65 years old. He said that retirement age was reasonable in Spain and he respected it, but we would have to work on the ‘problems’ of early retirement. Rajoy also announced a fiscal authority in Spain to control the budgets. Mireille Toddington

Catalan premier Artur Mas has told the region's parliament that he is calling an early election vote on 25th November, as a response to the “exceptional” rejection by Spain’s government of a suggested fiscal pact that would allow the region more control over tax collections. Mas made the announcement to the consellers, the ministers of the Catalan regional government, to whom he suggested that early elections should be held on 25th November or 2nd December. They have decided that it be held on November 25. The decision to go to the ballot box before Mas’ mandate is up comes after growing calls for independence for Spain’s richest region and the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s rejection of his demands for a fiscal pact under which Catalonia would have the right to levy its own revenues and for these to be divvied out with the state. Mas justified the elections saying it is time to “give the people a voice.” Calls for more regional independence from

the central administration in Madrid have increased in Catalonia, where a massive march for independence was held in Barcelona on September 11, in which hundreds of thousands participated. Following the demonstration, Mas talked about a “mutual fatigue” between Catalonia and Spain. A victory for Mas' CiU center-right nationalist formation would give him a mandate to pursue greater control over the Catalan region's affairs. There are no specific avenues in the Spanish Constitution that allow for the secession of a region. The opposition Socialist Party has proposed amending the Constitution to introduce a fullyfledged federal system along the lines of other European countries such as Germany. The Rajoy administration has thrown out the idea of a new funding arrangement for all of the regions. Catalan government spokesman Francesc Homs classified as “disconcerting” and “contradictory” the invitation of the Rajoy administration for talks on improving regional funding. He said the appeal for negotiation would not distract Catalan nationalists from their intention of going “our own way.” Mas said he intended to present a resolution to the regional assembly that demands that “the people of Catalonia be allowed to freely and democratically decide their collective future.” However, Homs said Catalonia, which has asked Madrid for an emergency loan of some five billion euros to settle debts maturing this year, was open to talks. “We are not closing the door to dialogue,” he said. Mireille Toddington

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CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Telephone (0034) 966 718 779 Fax: (0034) 965 725 582 Email: Calle Blanca No 1 (near Goyos Restaurant), Quesada




75,000 Euros

125,000 Euros

103,500 Euros







87,500 Euros

85,000 Euros




275,000 Euros



119,950 Euros






120,000 Euros

44,000 Euros




165,000 Euros










Estate Agents

PRICE: €134,000

PRICE: €185,000

PRICE: €197,500





3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Private Swimming Pool ♦ Summer Kitchen ♦ 500m2 Plot ♦ Close to Local Amenities ♦ Easily Maintained

2 Bedroom Detached Villa ♦ Furnished + Immaculate Condition ♦ Views to Golf Course ♦ 200m2 Garden + Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Walking Distance to Local Amenities

3 Bed, 2 Bath. Rustic Style Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Private Swimming Pool ♦ Located on La Marquesa Golf Course ♦ Close to Amenities

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 600m2 Plot & Immaculate ♦ Sun Room & Summer House ♦ 8m x 4m Private Swimming Pool ♦ Views to Golf

PRICE: €220,000


5 Bed, 3 Bath Executive Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished & Immaculate ♦ 890m2 Plot ♦ Large Sun Terrace ♦ 10m x 5m Private Swimming Pool ♦ A True Investment


2 Bed, 2 Bath. Semi-Detached Villa ♦ Part Furnished ♦ Roof Solarium ♦ Sun Room ♦ 250m2 Plot ♦ Garage ♦ Private Heated Swimming Pool ♦ Fantastic Views

Due to the continued success of our company, we have now launched our “LUXURY SHOWCASE” and are immediately taking homes in excess of €500,000 - €1,000,000 plus for our executive clientele.

PRICE: €85,000


2 Bed, 2 Bath Top Floor Apartment ♦ Roof Solarium with Lovely Views ♦ Utility Room ♦ Immaculate Condition ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Close to Local Amenities

Coastal Properties/Golf Courses Guardamar Ciudad Quesada Area/La Marquesa Golf La Finca Golf (Algorfa) La Veleta (Torrevieja) La Zenia Punta Prima Villamartin Golf Cabo Roig Campoamor

For a private and confidential consultation, please call Rebecca on 618 603 683 WE ARE ONE VISION, ONE TEAM, ONE OFFICE.


PRICE: €85,000 NOW: €75,000

2 Bedroom Top Floor Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Large Roof Solarium ♦ Lake Views ♦ Overlooking Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Close to Local Amenities

PRICE: €138,000

PRICE: €115,000

PRICE: €350,000

PRICE WAS: €89,000

NOW: €125,000



NOW: €67,950

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Sun Terrace ♦ Corner Plot & Off Road Parking ♦ Communal Swimming Pool

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Sun Room & Roof Solarium ♦ Sea & Lake Views ♦ Car Port ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Close to All Amenities

4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 500m2 Plot ♦ Garage + Workshop ♦ Wine Cellar ♦ Rustic Style Barbeque Area ♦ Private 6m x 5m Swimming Pool ♦ Town Centre Location

2 Bed, 1 Bath. Linked Bungalow ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Front & Rear Gardens ♦ Fully Tiled Underbuild ♦ Close to Local Amenities 449

CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

50 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

FOR SALE Fantastic extended corner house south facing, quiet urbanisation, La Siesta, Torrevieja (Costa Blanca) Next to NaturPark, 2 min. walk to all amenities, Bars, Restaurants, Bus stop, etc. GROUND FLOOR: lounge/Dining room, air con, American Kitchen, 1 bedroom, bathroom/Toilet. FIRST FLOOR: Massive Master bedroom with park view, bathroom/Toilet, air con, wooden staircase to second floor. SECOND FLOOR: Bedroom, Bathroom/Toilet, Large terrace overlooking saltlakes with marvellous views from La Mata to San Miguel de Salinas. GROUND FLOOR TERRACE with fully covering electric awning. LARGE UNDERGROUND STOREROOM. TV on each floor, each floor sliding aluminium windows, property partly furnished, car park. 5 minutes drive to Guardamar, La Mata, Torrevieja.

143,700 Euros Property must be seen. For viewing appointment please call

607 031 885

Fire in Valencia sees 2,000 people forced to abandon homes Some 2,000 people were evacuated from their homes recently as a wildfire blazed out of control around 60 kilometers northwest of the city of Valencia, in the interior of the province. The government road safety agency DGT said that flames and smoke had cut off a number of roads in the Los Serranos area. Some 350 fire-fighters had worked overnight to try to bring the blazes around the villages of Chulilla, Gestalgar, Sort de Chera, Pedralaba, Bugarra and Casinos under control. A government spokesman said that the fire-fighters’ job had been made more difficult by strong winds, which were fanning the flames. The Spanish division of the Red Cross set up provisional camps to house those evacuated from their homes. Some 240 slept in the facilities overnight. Another 200 people were put up at a school in the area. People in Chulilla had alerted the authorities to the outbreak of the fire around 4pm on Sunday, and tried to fight it themselves with sticks and hoes. “It was horrible, the smoke stopped us from seeing anything,” said Carlos Martínez, a local resident. Martínez and his partner, Amparo Esteve, have a six-month-old baby. “I left our house because I have a baby, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone” she said. Martínez lamented the fact that several century-old pine trees that had

been spared in a fire in the area in 1994 had now been burned to the ground. Juan Mire, 82, and his wife Isabel, 78, also spent Sunday night at the school. “We came in an enormous bus, and we haven’t slept,” Isabel said. “I didn’t even have time to take a comb with me. I only managed to get my medication.” The fire has now stabilised after affecting 5,500 hectares, although there are still a few ‘hotspots’ to be controlled. Those who were evacuated from the homes in Sot de Chera have been allowed home as have occupants of urbanisations in LLíria. The origin of the fire, which started around 4.00pm last Sunday, remains unknown. As many as 27 air fire fighting resources and 500 land resources from the Generalitat fought the blaze as it advanced thought the Valencia district of Los Serranos, with support from the Military Unit for Emergencies. Spain recently suffered its driest winter in 70 years, and this year’s hot summer has put the country at a particularly high risk of forest fires. More than 184,000 hectares of land were

destroyed by fires between 1st January and 16th September, according to its agriculture ministry, the highest amount in a decade. The Valencia region was also hit by fires in July, while the provinces of Avila, Malaga, Catalonia, and the popular holiday islands of Majorca, Tenerife and La Gomera, have all been affected. In August several hundred British holidaymakers were evacuated from hotels and holiday apartments in the Costa del Sol due to fires. Visitors are advised by the Foreign Office to check with their airline or tour operator before travelling, to keep an eye on local news and follow the advice of Spanish authorities, particularly when visiting the countryside or national parks. Mireille Toddington

51 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

The Pool People in San Luis The Pool People situated in the Lakeside commercial centre at San Luis is the place to go to for all your swimming pool requirements. Whether it is chlorine and other chemicals to treat your pool, a new pump or other spares to keep your swimming pool operating at peak efficiency then the team at the Pool People are the ones to help you. They stock a comprehensive range of products in the shop and if they don't have what you're looking for on their shelves they have an extensive catalogue backed up with a 24 hour delivery service from their suppliers. The shop in San Luis opened about four months ago but Andrew Morton, who owns the business, has been operating a very successful complete maintenance business for swimming pools for the past seven years and opening a retail outlet seemed a logical next step. So the Pool People offer much more than chemicals and water testing kits, they offer a complete swimming pool service covering all aspects right from building the pool in the first place to maintaining them on a regular basis for their clients all over the southern Costa Blanca. Whether you own a property with a pool but only occasionally visit the area or are a full-time resident the Pool People can take care of your swimming pool and its upkeep leaving you with the pleasant job of simply enjoying it. The Pool People offer a number of different maintenance contracts to suit your requirements whether it's a holiday residence or your

home and can tailor a specific programme to meet your needs if their standard packages do not meet your requirements. For people moving to buy a property on the Costa Blanca owning a swimming pool is often high on the list of requirements, that touch of luxury that make living in Spain so enjoyable. However keeping them in tiptop form requires time and a little knowledge and for those who want to carry out the tasks themselves but may be uncertain about how to do it the Pool People offer a complete training course in swimming pool maintenance. The course covers all aspects of regularly maintaining your own pool with advice on solving potential problems and a free support and advice service after the course is completed. The Pool People also offer free a water test. If you are not sure about the condition of your pool simply take a sample of water along to the shop in San Luis and they will analyse it for you and tell you what needs doing for free. The Pool People have specialist leak detection equipment utilising ultrasound enabling their technicians to quickly and easily identify the specific point where any leak is occurring. So if you are unfortunate enough to experience a leak in your pool using the Pool People can mean minimal disturbance to your terraces and garden. Andrew Morton

at the Pool People has a team of nine capable of carrying out all aspects of swimming maintenance work and operating in all areas of the southern Costa Blanca from Sax to Fortuna and Los Alcazares and all regions in between. Currently they look after 130 pools every week. So if you are thinking of having a swimming pool built or already have one then the Pool People are the people for you. The Pool People is situated in the lakeside commercial centre, calle Aviles 7, San Luis and is open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm with no siesta Mondays to Fridays and between 10.00 am and 4.00pm on Saturday. You can ring them on 634 282 714. There is also a very informative website at which not only has details of their services offered but also an extremely useful information section full of hints and tips about swimming pools and their upkeep. Paul Mutter

Business Profile

John Morton and Michelle of The Pool People

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

Camera Corner A short while ago in a photography magazine, I read an interview with a recently retired professional photographer. He was asked if he thought Digital Photography had spoilt the true art of photography. ‘I don’t think so,’ he replied. ‘In fact, the advent of digital replacing film has raised the bar’. In these articles I will aim to set out ways to improve your own photos by having a better understanding of how to use your digital camera. These days, even the cheaper compact cameras have amazing facilities to enable the untrained photographer to take pictures that they could not have achieved with a film camera. And of course, there is so much you can do to improve the photo further by using computer software. This has meant that because the standard of photographs created by enthusiasts is so much higher, the professionals have had to become even better! We ordinary mortals can also benefit from this new technology, and make our everyday photos of holidays and family a much more satisfying record. We can do this in two ways. We can learn how to use all the main features the camera offers. Most people just leave the camera in automatic mode, or one of the scene modes, which are variations of automatic; portrait, sport, close-up etc.

These modes work reasonably well in many situations, but often good photo opportunities are lost because the camera couldn’t cope. For example, recently I was sitting across the room from my daughter-in-law with grandson on her lap. Immediately behind them was a large window with the early afternoon sun streaming in. Had I taken the photo on automatic, the bright backlight from the window would have probably meant that they would have come out so dark as to be barely discernible. But I took it using spot metering, and I got a lovely picture of them. There are many situations when taking a photo on automatic results in a poor photo that you would delete. However, with a little knowledge of your camera you could set the camera

to suit, and not miss a good photo opportunity. Secondly, you can remember always to look around for the best composition. I am sure that all of us have photos where we just asked a friend or relative to smile, and shot the photo, only to find later that Aunt Jane has a power station chimney seemingly protruding from the top of her head! Looking around first, then taking it from a different angle would have made a much better picture, and whilst that example is bit extreme, considered composition always makes a big difference to a photo. Over the coming months I will be writing regular articles covering many of the basic issues that ensure your pictures are more creative and

This article is the first of a monthly series about digital photography, written for Coastrider by David Stokes of Photogenics Costa Blanca. satisfying. Next week I will begin with a guide on how to choose a new camera. Subsequent articles will be monthly, and cover subjects about the various settings on the camera – focusing, and metering, aperture and shutter speed for example, and how to use them in different situations. I will also be covering some of the principles of good composition. In the meantime, how can you gain more knowledge of photography, apart from ploughing through terminally boring and confusing manuals? Paul Ashton and I started Photogenics Costa Blanca with the primary objective of offering basic tuition in using a digital camera. We also run a follow- on course of instruction in using computer software to enhance photos. The basic camera courses run for 8 weeks, the next one starting 2nd October at La Herradura Restaurant, Los Montesinos. Apart from learning about the camera, you will meet other like-minded people. With that in mind, we have also started Photogenics Photography Group, which meets once a month, for those people who have been on one of our courses, or who are likely to do so in the future. We have a different theme to each meeting, with as many people participating as possible, with the aim of learning more about photography from each other in a

friendly social atmosphere. At the next meeting on the 9th October we will be setting up studio lights, so everyone can have a go at studio portraits. If you are interested to come, please get in touch (see contact details below). Then there is the Torrevieja Digital Camera Club (‘TDCC’) which meets at PALS Club, La Siesta from 6pm on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Paul and I are active members of TDCC, which has been established for over ten years, and welcomes new members of all ages and abilities. Each meeting includes talks on various topics followed by discussion, a members print competition with judges comments and members voting the winner, as well as plenty of time to socialise and have a glass of wine too. The club also organises trips and social events. Their website is, or you can email Contact Details Photogenics Costa Blanca Photogenics Photography Group Web: Email: Telephone David on 649 613 517 Paul on 617 071 942 If you have a question you can email it Some questions and answers will be printed in the next issue, and whilst we will do our best, we cannot guarantee to answer every email received.


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Spanair victims’ group seeks justice outside of Spain Angry over a Madrid court’s decision to drop a criminal case into the fatal 2008 Spanair crash at Barajas International Airport, survivors and the families of the victims of the disaster have said they will seek justice outside of Spain. “We are not going to be let down by the [Madrid High Court’s] decision, and we plan on finding the justice that was denied to us outside of Spain. This is far from over,” said Pilar Vera, president of the Association of Victims of Flight JK5022. The 20th August, 2008 accident resulted in the deaths of 154 people, including the two pilots and crew on board. Only 18 passengers survived the crash, which took place as the plane was completing its take-off. Vera, who was in Canada this week for a meeting of families who have lost loved ones in air crashes, said in a phone interview that she was “outraged” by last week’s court ruling. However, she didn’t say where the group intends to seek justice. The Madrid High Court, which had provisionally charged two mechanics with negligent homicide last December, has now put the blame on the pilots, Antonio García Luna and Francisco Mulet, both deceased, for forgetting to deploy the flaps and slats that would have lifted the aircraft on take-off. Judge Juan Javier Pérez ruled that the survivors and loved ones of the victims should seek compensation

through civil claims. Until now, Spanair’s insurance has paid out about 10 million euros in claims. Vera, who lost a niece in the accident, said that the judge’s decision sets “a dangerous precedent” because the court relies on a “discredited” report by the Public Works Ministry’s CIAIAC investigation team, which lays the blame on the pilots. The mechanics, Felipe García and José Antonio Viñuelas, were originally charged for failing to get to the root of the problem with an air temperature probe (RAT) and the failure of the aircraft’s TOWS alarm system, which did not go off. The victims’ association had been pushing for criminal charges to be filed against Spanair executives, AENA airport administrators, and officials from plane manufacturer McDonnell Douglas but the court ruled against it. Vera has also attacked the central government for not doing enough to help the victims and their families, such as with a support plan, during the four years since the Spanair flight crashed.

Number of long-term unemployed quadruples The ranks of the long-term unemployed have quadrupled since the economic crisis broke in Spain some five years ago, according to a study by the association of temporary employment agencies AGETT, released last Thursday. The report, which takes information from the National Statistics Institute’s Active Population Survey for the second

quarter, states that the number of people who have been looking for a job for over a year or more totalled 2.974 million in the period AprilJune, more than half the total number of unemployed. The AGETT also noted a big jump in the number of jobless who are over 55 years old. The unemployment of this sector of the labour market climbed from 5.5

percent in the third quarter of 2007 to 16.8 percent in the second quarter of this year. In absolute terms there were 495,700 unemployed in this category, up from 131,700 in the third quarter of 2007. Spain’s jobless rate at the end of June stood at 24.6 percent, the highest in the European Union, and more than double the average in the EU. The rate for workers under 25

years old was over 50 percent. The number of people out of work stood at 5.693 million. The AGETT report said that increasing numbers of workers aged over 55, the majority of them women, have entered the labour market during the crisis, many for the first time, presumably to cover the loss of income of other members of the household.

53 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

IT’S SHOW TIME! Round and round the garden IT’S SHOW TIME! On Friday October 19th at The Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio at 8pm the the CBTG present “HERE WE GO AGAIN” a Night of Musical Variety. Tickets are on sale at €6 from the Butterfly Children’s Charity Shop and the Tourist Office in La Marina, all ‘SATS’ Charity Shops and Kennels or telephone Maria on 966715891. As usual all ticket sales will go to local charities, so, not only will you have an enjoyable night of entertainment but you’ll be benefitting your own community. Organisers told the CoastRider, “We have great fun creating an evening’s entertainment if you think you would like to get involved why not come along to the Theatre on a Monday afternoon. New members will be made very welcome…Oh yes you will!” This show’s theme is Old Time Music Hall for the first half and Beside the seaside for the second half, many wonderful ‘dejavu’ memories. Find out more about the group via their website: www.thecardenalbellugatheatregrou

Last month, HELP Vega Baja’s Friendship Group recommenced after the summer break at a new venue. For the past eight years they have been at Playa Flamenca and have now moved just a short distance to the tea-room of the Church La Parroquia Cristo in La Regia. HELP’s Friendship centre welcomes those who would otherwise be housebound or isolated. The centre provides a loving, friendly environment and the chance for visitors to make new friends; chatting, playing board games or just relaxing. There is always a volunteer to be of assistance. If you know someone who is unable to get out and about, is lonely or, if you know a carer who needs a few hours on their own, tell them about the Centre, it could be the answer to their prayers! HELP told the CoastRider, “If you or someone you know would like to join us, why not come along to ‘the Help Friendship Centre’. We meet most Monday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm at the Church La Parroquia Cristo in La Regia.” For more details call the San Miguel office on 966 723 733, Monday to Fridays between 10:00 and 13:30



Summer may be drawing to a close, but GASP will still be "Round and Round the Garden" on Sunday 14th October and Monday 15th October in the Salon de Actos, Santa Pola Life Resort, Gran Alacant. This hilarious comedy is part of the "Norman Conquests" series of plays by Alan Ayckbourn. It tells the story of how Norman's plans to take sister-inlaw Annie away for a dirty weekend don't quite come off.

What will wife Ruth do? Will vet Tom ever declare his true feelings? Will Sarah find the fuse-wire in time? All these questions and more will be answered at 7:30 pm at the Life Resort. Tickets are only €5 each and include a drink in the interval. For ticket sales or reservations phone 966 181 113/966 181 194 or 628 774 461 or email



Help Friendship Centre



Large 4 bed, 2 bath. property on 14,000m2 plot. Pool, large garage and close to town. Plots ideal for horses.

OPEN TO SERIOUS OFFERS. 3 bed, 2 bath. immaculate villa on 3,000m2 plot with open-plan kitchen. Pool, garage, great views.

OFFERS! 3 bed, 2 bath. villa in mountain setting but walking distance to town. Generous sized rooms on 3,000m2 plot with pool and glazed-in terrace.

Renovated, furnished 3 bed, 2 bath. semi of 104m2 build, walking distance to town, with mountain views.

1 bed, 1 bath. character finca on 1,000m2 plot. Outside kitchen with BBQ and enough space for a pool.

GREAT HOLIDAY HOME. 3 bed, 2 bath. villa on a low-maintenance landscaped 1,000m2 plot with pool. Electric gates.



3 bed, 1 bath. property with wooden casita and amazing mountain views. Updated property with garage and BBQ area on 2,007m2 plot.


MOUNTAIN SETTING. 3 bed, 2 bath. country property on 4,600m2 plot with large terrace. Walk to town. Mortgage transfer sts.

PRICE: 149,000€

OFFERS AROUND THE ASKING PRICE! Lovely 2 bed, 1 bath. property on 3,200m2 plot with small casita and walking distance to town.

PRICE: 139,000€



PRICE: 95,000€ ABANILLA Ref: SM 2080

BARGAIN! Stunning 3 bed, 3 bath. rustic property ABSOLUTE BARGAIN. Best priced property on a plot of 5,460m2 with separate guest at the moment. 3 bed, 2 bath. villa with pool accommodation. Pool, outside kitchen. on 500m2 plot.

PRICE: 230,000€

PRICE: 115,000€


PRICE: 169,000€



CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

55 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Bill Toleman Bill Toleman of La Siesta passed away on Monday 16th July. This was a sad day in the Costa Blanca bowls calendar. Bill was a kind and gentle natured man and with his wife Crystal were a formidable force when bowling was introduced in the Costa Blanca in the 1990’s. Bill was an outstanding bowler and Skip and I remember with fond memories when I was fortunate enough to be in his team in the Nationals in 2001 with Tony Pilling. Bill represented Spain on several occasions and won National titles. Boy could he bowl with weight and he was one of the quickest bowlers on the mat I have seen. I only wish we had seen more of Bill on the green when he retired but sadly he suffered serious kidney failure and was on dialysis for many years. Not once did I hear him complain about his predicament. My condolences go to his wife Crystal

and his dear mother in this very difficult period in their lives. God Bless you Bill and may the angels keep looking after you. Bill’s wife Crystal said, “I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to the Torrevieja Hospital staff who looked after Bill until his passing away. Also I would like to thank Jim and Lynn Hudson of La Siesta Bowls Club who devoted all of their time in looking after Bill, with me, during the last five weeks of his time. God Bless Bill.” John Fyles Haigh

School of Spanish Culture Registration is now taking place at the Orihuela Centro Civico to take part in “Escuela de Acogida” (school of Spanish culture). The course is intended for foreigners. An intermediate level of the Spanish language would be necessary. Duration of the course: 40 hours from November 19 – 30 November, 2012. Time: 09:00 – 13:00 Price: free of charge At the end of the course a Diploma will be presented (For non-EU citizens a valid Residencia is necessary) More information is available from: Oficina - Residentes Internacionales Plaza del Oriol, 1 (Urbanización Playa Flamenca) 03189 – Orihuela Tel: +34 966 760 000 ext. 34 Fax: +34 966 761 250 E-mail:

Royal British Legion at the re-enactment of the Battle of Falaise Friday (October 12th) 09:00 a.m. Installation and assembly of military camps and militaría fair. 10:00 a.m. Opening of photographic exhibition in the Casino of Murcia. 12:00 a.m. Parade in the city of military vehicles and afoot tropos. 16:30 p.m. Opening of military camps. Historical simulations. 17:30 p.m. Parade in the city of military vehicles and afoot troops. 18:30 p.m. Combat simulation in Santo Domingo square (Paris 1944). 20:00 p.m. Conference in the I.E.S. “Licenciado Francisco Cascales” regarding battle of “Huerto de las Bombas” with reenactors in the assembly hall. 21:00 p.m. Close of actions and military camps. Saturday (October 13th) 09:00 a.m. Installation and assembly of military camps and militaría fair. 10:00 a.m. Opening of military camps and photographic exhibition. 11:00 a.m. Parade in the city of military vehicles and afoot troops. 13:00 p.m. Official inauguration by Major of Murcia. 16:30 p.m. Continuation of reenactment in the Malecon Gardens. 17:30 p.m. Parade in the city of afoot troops. Reenactment in the Malecon Gardens. 18:30 p.m. Parade in the city of military vehicles. Reenactment of II World War. 19:30 p.m. Reenactment of battle of “Huerto de las Bombas” (1706) in the Belluga Square. 21:00 p.m. Close of actions and military camps. Sunday (October 14th) 09:00 a.m. Installation and assembly of military camps and militaría fair. 10:00 a.m. Opening of military camps. Beginning of reenacting. 11:00 a.m. Offering to the fallen in the Malecón Gardens 12:00 a.m. Parade of war veterans and reenactors paricipants in battle. 13:00 p.m. Battle of “Falaise pocket” (France 1944) in Teniente Flomesta avenue. 14:30 p.m. Acto of closing and end of reenactments.

The Royal British Legion has been invited to this year’s re-enactment of the Battle of Falaise which will be held in the City of Murcia on Sunday 14 October 2012. In previous years many standards have been present from other exservice organisations as well as The Legion Standards. A parade will take place prior to the re-enactment with the Torrevieja Pipes and Drums leading, followed by the Standards, the Chelsea

Pensioners and Veterans. It is hoped that as many branches as possible will be represented as this a very enjoyable event. Travel costs if claimed must come from your own branch. The Orihuela Costa Branch is laying on two coaches which will be leaving the town hall at 9.00 am (Playa Flamenca turn off on N332). The cost of the coach will be €10 per person. To book the coach please contact Eddie Coleman on 966733076


Series 10 - How do I manage my files and folders? Welcome back to a series of computer related articles brought to you by VistaSol Computer Solutions. Over the coming weeks we’re going to be featuring articles based on the theme of ‘How do I . . .?’ In this week’s article we’re going to continue with our latest series on the subject of ‘How do I manage files and folders on my computer’ by looking at some great tools on the desktop.

Part 6c – A La Carte, Or Pick Your Own? Continuing with our theme about the desktop, we’re travelling back in time to examine the XP desktop further. This week we'll have a nosey under the covers of the Start Menu!

of the menu option. When you point to, or click on one of those menu items, you'll see more programs, as in the next example below

Lifting the Covers! The first thing you need to do is access the 'Properties' of the Start menu. Right-click the Start button and then choose (click on) the 'Pro-

Windows XP - The Start Menu - Under the Covers Last week we showed you how to take advantage of the 'Search' facility from within the Start Menu in Windows XP. This week we'd like to get a bit further under the covers and show you how to configure (change) the contents of the Start Menu to meet your own preferences.

Start Menu - Contents All the programs on your computer are accessible from the Windows Start menu. When you first click the Start button, the left side of the Start menu shows icons for some (but not all) of the programs on your computer. The right side of the menu displays options for "locations" such as the 'Help and Support Centre', and folders where you store personal items such as documents, pictures, and music. The image below shows a sample Start menu. Don't worry if yours looks different to this example.

perties' option, (see below).

Most casual users have no idea how many programs they have, or what the names If you click the Start button, and don't see all of the options shown in the right side of that menu, you can follow the steps below to customise your Start menu so that it's right column displays at least the options shown above. You can of course add, or delete these as you wish - read on!

Personalising your Start Menu The All Programs menu will probably be intimidating for an inexperienced user, but check out our earlier article about the 'All Programs' section of the Start Menu if you missed it. For the moment, we're going to look at how you can change the items in the right column of the start menu.

Icons on the left side of the Start menu represent a few of the programs on your computer. To see icons for all the programs on your computer, you need to click on 'All Programs'. When you point to (or click on) 'All Programs', a much larger menu opens, giving you access to all your programs. Some of the items on the Start menu may also represent groups of programs. You can tell which ones represent groups by the (arrowhead symbol) at the right side

A dialog box titled 'Taskbar and Start Menu Properties' opens. Make sure the "Start Menu" option is selected, then click on the 'Customize' button next to that option as shown below.

If you click the Start button, and don't see all of the options shown in the right side of that menu, you can follow the steps below to customise your Start menu so that it's right column displays at least the options shown above. You can of course add, or delete these as you wish - read on!

In the 'Customise' Start Menu dialog box that opens, click on the Advanced tab. You'll see a range of options in the dialog box. If you want your Start menu to look and act like the one you see in the images we've displayed here, select options in your own dialog box to match those shown.

The middle section of the dialog box shows a long list of Start Menu Items. This is the area which defines the 'right side' of the Start menu. (Scroll down to see additional items in this list). There are no hard and fast rules which state that you must set up

CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

57 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

continued from page 56 After making your changes, click the OK button in each of the two open dialog boxes to save your changes and close the dialog boxes. Click the Start button now. You'll see that the right side of your Start menu now contains the options you specified in the steps above. Bear in mind however that you haven't made any lifelong commitments here. You can open up those same dialog boxes again and make any changes you want, at any time in the future. Conclusion The examples shown here are specific to Windows XP, but not exclusively. You can apply these same principals to any other flavour of Windows and configure them to your hearts content.

your Start menu a particular way, the choice is entirely up to you. But if you want your Start menu to show you the most frequently used items, I suggest you choose the options indicated by the red arrows in the image below. Tip: In the image above, items with an icon next to them (like Control Panel, My Computer, etc.) may hide

their options. If you come across one of those, double-click the icon to reveal the options beneath it, as in the example shown here in this tip.

Mary via email asks: My computer seems to recognise my USB mouse but only sometimes, Is there a way to fix this or am I better off ditching it? Aunty Says: Hi. Mary. It is possible that the USB port on the computer is faulty or underpowered, the latter being a fairly common occurrence on some laptops and the front USB ports on a lot of PC towers, and for the sub €10 price of a new mouse it will certainly be worth trying one out. If the new one is intermittent as well then try different USB ports and let me know how you get on. Marcia via email asks: Hi Aunty, Am I right in thinking there is a free version of AVG 2013? It came up on a club computer I use but nothing has come up on my home one. I am using Microsoft XP. The format for 2013 is totally different. In your opinion is it a good idea to try & download it? Aunty Says: Hello Marcia. AVG 2013 has been available for a while but it’s had very mixed reviews so I would suggest holding back for a while, at least until the many reported teething problems are sorted. The latest batch of AVG 2012 updates have a lot of the new and important features of 2013, without the need to do a new install of the actual program, so as long as you keep your current version up to date you can let the eager beavers do the

Don't be afraid, have a go at clicking on a few buttons and see what happens - what can possibly go wrong . . . . . Simples!

experimenting. If you absolutely must have the new version then manually download and install it from rather than wait for the automatic updates, and as always, remember to do a ‘custom’ install and switch off any extras you’re tricked into downloading or installing. Fred via email asks: My laptop’s touchpad is way too sensitive and I want to reduce its sensitivity. I have searched in the Control Panel and Mouse Settings to no avail (Windows 7). Is there anything I can do? Aunty Says: Hello Fred. There is normally a mouse section in control panel which you can also get to by clicking on the ‘start’ button, typing mouse and hit enter. Most laptops should also have a dedicated program for configuring the touchpad and this will vary depending on the make and model of your machine. Look for anything called ‘Synaptics’ or ‘Alps’ and often this can be accessed from an icon in the bottom right corner of Windows. You may also find an updated and improved driver is available via your laptop manufacturer’s website, so pay them a visit armed with your laptop’s make/model number which you can find on a label somewhere underneath your laptop.

Send your computer questions to

58 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Dear Editor On behalf of "Reach Out" the Christian charity for the poor and homeless in the area can we say a very big thank you to C & A in The Habeneras for their kind donations and support. Particular mention must go to Laura from C & A who has been extremely kind and helpful. Regards David & Lorraine Whitney on behalf of REACH OUT Dear Editor, This afternoon we ventured on foot to the new La Zenia Boulevard. There does not seem to be a safe way of crossing the road from the urbanization side, there is a Zebra crossing outside the main entrance, however you have to take your life in hand trying to use the crossing safely! On waiting for a suitable gap in the traffic we ventured onto the crossing expecting the traffic to stop, however on both occasions one lane of traffic stopped but the outside lane failed to do so !! It's a good job we are familiar with this problem as I could be sending this comment to you from the grave. Maybe it would be good idea to suggest that some form of safe crossing lights are introduced

before there is a fatality. This is an accident waiting to happen. Kind Regards Geoff and Gill Chambers Geoff and Gill – the CoastRider has passed your concerns to Orihuela Costa Town Hall. – Ed. Dear Editor I would like to wish a big thank you to Bar Patricia, staff, locals and to the entertainers that gave up their spare time to help raise over 550 euros for Tims Trek to Madrid in aid of Alzheimer's Research on the fundraising fiesta (21 Sept). The bar has raised over 1,350 euros in total and still counting! Many thanks, Tim and Hayley Dear Editor Warning to all users of the Avinguda de la Platja at La Zenia. The Town Hall appears to have come up with a money spinning idea to help swell its coffers. It would appear that they have linked up with local auto repair shops as, at long last the road hazards that have plagued motorists for so long along the short stretch by Consum have been attended to. I thought

that I should go to Specsavers when I drove along there the other morning because as I approached what used to be the raised pedestrian crossing outside Consum, I could see not one but two of those horrible bolt down humps only centimetres apart. But no, I was not mistaken, as my poor neck will testify as it was shaken badly twice in as many seconds as I raced over the bumps at about 1015kph. These despicable humps are bad enough when they are set every 25met or so on some roads, but is it really necessary to have 2 of them so close together?? They are a menace to both cars and passengers alike. About the only people who will be happy with this situation are the auto repairers when they get loads of suspension repairs to carry out and the government with the extra taxes this will generate!! B.W. Dear Editor I don't know if you can publicize this but the so called '' gasmen '' are at it again. At present they are going round the La Florida area in a white Volvo. Regards Alan Winters

Dear Editor. In last weeks paper (448) you had a report re TKO & TKO Gold having to cease broadcasting due to licencing problems. I was devastated as I thought they were off air due to transformer work. I have tuned in from the very start and followed through to Gold on its conception and listened every day to the fantastic music from my youth, soul and motown especially, and joined in the little quizes and conundrums and got lots of local info too. So what good will come of taking them (and maybe others too) off air? How many people have now lost their incomes which will have a knock-on effect locally? Not only that but the government will lose revenue from taxes and Iva too.Charities have lost their (free) promotions also! I'm sure that many others will share my sentiments when I say a "Big Thank You" to the DJs and hope that it is not goodbye but Hasta Luego! and pray that they get their licences sorted out soon. Many Thanks Sue Shaw Dear Editor I would just like to say that I visited the new shopping mall yesterday

(26th Sept) and went in the new Leroy Merlins shop. I would like to express my thanks to all the staff in this store for their polite and helpful manner. It was a pleasure to shop in this store, the staff were so helpful, they all spoke very good English and nothing was too much trouble for them to deal with. They wouldn't even let me lift things into my car, they called someone to do it for me. Even the products are in Spanish and English. I know I will be using this store in future. Sheila Kirby (a very happy customer)

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on the letters page are not necessarily those of The CoastRider. Letters may be edited for legal reasons and/or for reasons of space and clarity. Letter writers must supply full name, phone number, address and NIE/Passport number for our records (not for publication).

59 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

60 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

ROOT OF ALL EVIL OR MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND? “If you say you´re worthy, you are; if you say you´re not worthy, you´re not. Either way you will live into your story.” T. Harv Eker from the Millionaire Mind. Everyone has strong opinions about money and love it or hate, you certainly cannot completely avoid it even if you live in the middle of the Gobi desert. Given that these harmless notes of paper evoke such strong emotions in us, have you ever stopped to think what money really is. The reality is that, in a lot of respects, money is an illusion, a slight of hand, a conjuring trick. Hundreds of years ago, our currency was silver and gold. People would feel uncomfortable carrying all of their gold around with them so they would deposit it with the goldsmith who would issue them with a certificate in lieu of their cash. It didn´t take long before people were trading with their certificates instead of collecting their actual gold and thus paper money was born. A number of clever goldsmiths soon discovered that they could give loans to people who didn´t have any gold by issuing them with certificates and charging a high rate of monthly interest. In exchange, those people depositing gold would receive a small amount of interest. This soon progressed to lending people money when the bank didn´t have enough gold to back it up and thus was born today´s modern banking system. Provided everybody doesn´t want to

withdraw their cash all at once, the system works but in bad times such as the Wall Street Crash and more recently with Northern Rock we witness just how fragile the system really is. Banks generally have only one tenth of the money invested in them. What is more, money nowadays is no longer based on gold or anything else for that matter. It is purely based on what the government say it is based on and how it performs against other currencies and so the debt bubble continues to grow and grow. Pretty scary stuff all things considered. Whatever your views about money, none of us can completely survive without it and the majority of us, if we are being totally honest, would like a bit more of the green stuff to wing its way in our direction. By all means, do the lottery but if this is your only strategy for getting rich quick, you might well be disappointed. But there are some things you can do, and more of it than you imagine is down to your attitude and thinking. Verbal programming. How many of these sayings were you exposed to when you were young? Money is the root of all evil, money doesn´t grow on trees, people are filthy rich, money doesn´t buy happiness, you can´t be rich and spiritual, you can´t receive money for doing good deeds. No

Costa Security Grills B U S I N E S S


Costa Blanca into Murcia If you are looking for from Javea to La Manga anything in the welded and inland as well. His steel line then Mark prices are always very Butterfield of Costa competitive even Security Grills is your man. though he told us the He is able to fabricate price of the raw steel is anything from the small to rising at the moment. the very large. Whether it is So if you have a project security grills or doors, that requires some steel gates, mosquito screens, welding and fabrication railings, you name it Mark It really is a family don’t delay, give Mark at can put it together for you. He used to build buses and business! Mark with his Costa Security Grills a wife Helen and call today. is very flexible and can deal daughters Francesca (L) Mark also lends his with all types of bespoke and Maddie (R) skills to other lines of work. Give him a call and he will come and measure up, discuss work and can deal with building with you what you want and provide a projects such as reforms, swimming free, no obligation estimate. All his pools and retiling. Costa Security Grills has been in work is powder coated and can be finished in a wide range of colours; it business for several years and have just does not have to be black or white. moved to new premises on the Other types of finish and treatment can industrial estate behind the Sunday be carried out on request such as Zoco market and to contact Mark of galvanising, just ask his advice. He also Costa Security Grills to discuss your fits the work himself where necessary requirements you can telephone 966 and services a wide area along the 789 249 or 670 083 076. Paul Mutter Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

wonder a lot of us, have so many issues around our cold, hard cash. Let´s examine some of these statements. Money is a tool and as with any other tools it can be used sensibly or it can be used badly. It is not the tool´s fault and it does not make it evil. Of course money cannot buy happiness but being poverty stricken can make you pretty miserable. And as for having to choose between spirituality and money, that´s like trying to choose between your eyes and your ears. You need a good balance of both to keep your life happy and harmonious. As a result of the programming we have been exposed to as we have grown up, many of us have a distorted view of money. We resent rich people rather than aspire to be like them. We feel, deep down, that they must have done something corrupt to achieve their good fortune and thus we instinctively push money away from us without even realizing we´re doing it. Of course, there is no magic wand which will lead us to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but at least if we change our attitude towards money, we have an outside chance of making it work for us. Next week we will look at some alternative ways of thinking to support financial success. Watch this space.

61 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

62 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

COASTRIDER READERS! MÁSMÓV!L needs your help to become a national champion for spain in the european business awards! MÁSMÓV!L, the best value for money mobile phone operator for both mobile calls and mobile broadband (Internet) in Spain has been selected to represent Spain as one of the country’s finalists to the European Business Awards. This year, National Finalists from Spain have produced a video submission, which has been uploaded onto the European Business Awards website. The company video with the highest number of votes for Spain will automatically get through to the next round of voting and become a National Champion, so get voting now, it’ll only take a couple of minutes! The public vote is open until 17th October 2012, which gives each company just over two weeks to get as many votes as possible, so go online and vote for MÁSMÓV!L right now at Visitors to the site will see details of how to vote on the home page. Step one – visitors choose a country. They can then view all entries for that country by clicking on the company name. On each video page, there is a vote button. One vote per country per person will be allowed. Christian Nyborg, Co-Founder & Dir. International Business Division of MÁSMÓV!L, who offers clients the cheapest rates to UK and German landlines for only 4cts/min says: “With just over a month for people to vote online for their favourite video, we are hoping that the public will get behind us and take some time to view our video and cast a

vote. We enjoyed making our video submission and believe it gives us an opportunity to explain the background to our business and highlight why we are successful despite the current economic conditions. We hope that anyone interested in business will enjoy watching our video and vote for us. The more customers and PR we get, the more benefits in terms of cheaper tariffs and service we can pass on to our clients.” About MÁSMÓVIL MÁSMÓV!L is totally focussed and adapted to expats and offers friendly and polite customer service in four languages. The company stands for total transparency with no small print, no penalties and they don’t tie you up to long term contracts; you may leave whenever you want. With MÁSMÓV!L you can enjoy high-speed Internet from the moment you arrive in Spain. Their USB Modem has the advantage that it is ‘unlocked’ and may therefore be used with other branded SIM cards so you’ll avoid expensive roaming prices when you go home and you only pay when you’re in Spain! Over 120.000 clients can’t be wrong! If you would like to enjoy cheaper calls and customer service in your own language right now, call free phone number 1473, ask about your nearest agent or visit to contract online. Please vote for MÁSMÓV!L



Tuesday 2nd October


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Helicopter Heroes. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Britain’s Empty Homes. 12.30 Cash in the Attic. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Only Fools and Horses. 4.05 CBBC: Horrible Histories. 4.35 Lockie Leonard. 4.55 Leon. 5.00 Alesha’s Street Dance Stars. 5.30 Trade Your Way to the USA. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. EastEnders. Holby City. The Paradise. BBC News. Regional News; Weather; National Lottery Update. 11.35 Is Breast Best? Cherry Healey Investigates. 12.35 Citizen Khan. 1.05 FILM: Outrageous Fortune (1987). 2.40 Weatherview. 2.45 Sign Zone: Watchdog. 3.45 Sign Zone: Dig WW2 with Dan Snow. 4.45 Sign Zone: Rip Off Britain. 5.30 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Zigby. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Little Robots. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Escape from Scorpion Island. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Eliot Kid. 8.55 Newsround. 9.00 What’s New Scooby-Doo? 9.20 Leon. 9.25 CBeebies: Mister Maker Comes to Town. 9.45 I Can Cook. 10.00 The Adventures of Abney & Teal. 10.15 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.25 The Large Family. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Dirtgirlworld. 11.00 Chuggington: Badge Quest. 11.05 Nuzzle and Scratch: Frock and Roll. 11.25 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics Conference Special. 2.00 My Life in Books. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.00 Daily Politics Conference Special. 5.00 Helicopter Heroes. 5.30 Flog It! 6.15 Antiques Road Trip. 7.00 Eggheads. 7.30 How We Won the War. 8.00 The Story of Wales: The Making of Wales. 9.00 The Great British Bake Off. 10.00 Ian Hislop’s Stiff Upper Lip An Emotional History of Britain. 11.00 Later Live with Jools Holland. 11.30 Newsnight; Weather. 12.20 Today at Conference. 12.50 The Choir: Sing While You Work. 1.50 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Loose Women. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 4.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 11.00 11.30 11.35

May the Best House Win. The Chase. London Tonight; Weather. ITV News and Weather. Emmerdale. UEFA Champions League Live. ITV News at Ten and Weather. London News and Weather. UEFA Champions League: Extra Time.

12.35 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Denise Welch. 1.30 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 Golden Balls. 4.50 ITV Nightscreen.

ITV 5pm May the Best House Win

7.05 The Treacle People. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. 10.00 Frasier. 10.30 Frasier. 11.00 Undercover Boss USA. 12.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 River Cottage Veg Heroes. 1.30 Come Dine with Me. 2.00 Come Dine with Me. 2.35 Come Dine with Me. 3.05 Come Dine with Me. 3.35 Come Dine with Me. 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 Deal or No Deal. 6.00 Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course. 6.30 Come Dine with Me. 7.00 The Simpsons. 7.30 Hollyoaks. 7.55 8.00 Channel 4 News. 8.55 Channel 4 Presents Lee. 9.00 Double Your House for Half the Money. 10.00 Hotel GB. 11.00 Rude Tube. 12.05 Alan Carr: Chatty Man. 1.10 Random Acts. 1.15 European Poker Tour. 2.15 KOTV Boxing Weekly. 2.40 Sailing: America’s Cup Discovered. 3.05 International Volleyball. 4.00 The Grid. 4.25 British Formula Ford. 4.50 FIA GT1 Championship. 5.50 FIM Superbike World Championship 2012. 6.15 Inside Endurance: The Brownlees. 6.45 Deal or No Deal.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.40 Milkshake! Monkey. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Celebrity Wedding Planner. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 The Family Recipe. 1.20 CSI: Miami. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 CSI: NY. 4.15 FILM: Circle of Friends (2006).

7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. 10.00 Frasier. 10.30 Frasier. 11.00 Undercover Boss USA. 12.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 River Cottage Veg Heroes. 1.30 Come Dine with Me. 2.00 Come Dine with Me. 2.35 Come Dine with Me. 3.05 Come Dine with Me. 3.35 Come Dine with Me. 4.10 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Celebrity Wedding Planner. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Chinese Food in Minutes. 1.20 CSI: Miami. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 CSI: NY. 4.15 FILM: Amber’s Story (2006).

6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Emergency Bikers; 5 News Update. The Manson Family: Born to Kill? 5 News at 9. 10.00 Person of Interest. 11.00 CSI: NY. 11.55 CSI: NY. 12.50 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 1.45 Forensic Files. 2.10 SuperCasino. 4.55 Nick’s Quest. 5.25 House Doctor. 5.50 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

Wednesday 3rd October 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Helicopter Heroes. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Britain’s Empty Homes. 12.30 Cash in the Attic. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Only Fools and Horses. 4.05 CBBC: Horrible Histories. 4.35 Lockie Leonard. 4.55 Leon. 5.00 Alesha’s Street Dance Stars. 5.30 Stepping Up. 6.00 Newsround. 6.15 Pointless. 7.00 BBC News; Weather. 7.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.55 Party Political Broadcast. 8.00 The One Show; BBC News; Regional News. 9.00 Watchdog. 10.00 Britain’s Secret Health Tourists: Panorama. 11.00 BBC News. 11.25 Regional News; Weather. 11.35 The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draws. 11.45 Not Going Out. 12.15 FILM: Wreckers (2011); National Lottery Update. 1.35 Weatherview. 1.40 Sign Zone: See Hear. 2.10 Sign Zone: Wartime Farm. 3.10 Sign Zone: Rip Off Britain. 3.55 Sign Zone: Celebrity MasterChef. 4.25 Sign Zone: Celebrity MasterChef. 4.55 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Zigby. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Little Robots. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Escape from Scorpion Island. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Eliot Kid. 8.55 Newsround. 9.00 What’s New Scooby-Doo? 9.20 Leon. 9.25 CBeebies: Mister Maker Comes to Town. 9.45 I Can Cook. 10.00 The Adventures of Abney & Teal. 10.15 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.25 The Large Family. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Dirtgirlworld. 11.00 Chuggington: Badge Quest. 11.05 Nuzzle and Scratch: Frock and Roll. 11.25 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics Conference Special. 2.00 See Hear. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.10 Weakest Link. 3.55 Wanted Down Under. 4.40 Helicopter Heroes. 5.25 Flog It! 6.10 Antiques Road Trip. 6.55 Party Political Broadcast. 7.00 Eggheads. 7.30 How We Won the War. 8.00 The Story of Wales: Power Struggles. 9.00 Antiques to the Rescue. 10.00 Welcome to India. 11.00 The Culture Show. 11.30 Newsnight; Weather. 12.20 Today at Conference. 12.50 Death of a Wag: Storyville. 1.50 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Loose Women. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 4.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 May the Best House Win. 6.00 The Chase. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.25 Party Political Broadcast. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 All Star Mr & Mrs. 10.00 Mrs Biggs. 11.30 ITV News and Weather. 12.00 London News and Weather. 12.10 Exposure. 1.05 Goodwood Revival 2012. 1.55 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 FILM: Columbo: Suitable for Framing (1971). 5.20 ITV Nightscreen.

5.00 Deal or No Deal. 6.00 Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course. 6.30 Come Dine with Me. 7.00 The Simpsons. 7.30 Hollyoaks. 7.55 8.00 Channel 4 News. 8.55 Channel 4 Presents Hannah. 9.00 The Food Hospital. 10.00 Hotel GB. 11.00 Shameless. 12.05 Random Acts. 12.10 2 Broke Girls. 12.40 New Girl. 1.05 Music on 4: iTunes Festival 2012. 2.05 Music on 4: Mercury Prize: 2012 Albums of the Year Live. 2.20 Music on 4: Spotlight: Ones to Watch. 2.35 FILM: The Blue Umbrella (2005). 4.15 St Elsewhere. 5.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.55 Countdown. 6.40 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard.

6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers; 5 News Update. 9.00 New Emergency Bikers; 5 News at 9. 10.00 Dallas. 11.00 Paddy & Sally’s Excellent Gypsy Adventure. 12.00 FILM: Identity (2003). 1.45 Forensic Files. 2.10 SuperCasino. 4.55 Nick’s Quest. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.50 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

Thursday 4th October 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Helicopter Heroes. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Britain’s Empty Homes. 12.30 Cash in the Attic. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Only Fools and Horses. 4.05 CBBC: Horrible Histories. 4.35 Lockie Leonard. 4.55 Leon. 5.00 Alesha’s Street Dance Stars. 5.30 Show Me What You’re Made Of. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. Waterloo Road. Hunted. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. Question Time.

12.35 This Week. 1.20 Holiday Weatherview. 1.25 Sign Zone: Undercover: Debt on the Doorstep Panorama. 1.55 Sign Zone: Countryfile. 2.55 Sign Zone: Dead Good Job. 3.55 Sign Zone: Rip Off Britain. 4.40 Sign Zone: Celebrity MasterChef. 5.10 Sign Zone: Celebrity MasterChef. 5.40 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Zigby. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Little Robots. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Escape from Scorpion Island. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Eliot Kid. 8.55 Newsround. 9.00 What’s New Scooby-Doo? 9.20 Leon. 9.25 CBeebies: Mister Maker Comes to Town. 9.45 I Can Cook. 10.00 The Adventures of Abney & Teal. 10.15 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.25 The Large Family. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Dirtgirlworld. 11.00 Chuggington: Badge Quest. 11.05 Nuzzle and Scratch: Frock and Roll. 11.25 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics Conference Special. 2.00 Animal Park. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Wanted Down Under. 4.45 Helicopter Heroes. 5.30 Flog It! 6.15 Antiques Road Trip. 7.00 Eggheads. 7.30 How We Won the War. 8.00 The Story of Wales: England and Wales. 9.00 Wartime Farm. 10.00 The Choir: Sing While You Work. 11.00 Mock the Week. 11.30 Newsnight; Weather. 12.20 Today at Conference. 12.50 Ian Hislop’s Stiff Upper Lip An Emotional History of Britain. 1.50 The Culture Show. 2.20 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Loose Women. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 4.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.30 11.35

May the Best House Win. The Chase. London Tonight; Weather. ITV News and Weather. Emmerdale. Are We Giving Kids a Sporting Chance?: Tonight. Emmerdale. The Corrie Years. Homefront. ITV News at Ten and Weather. London News and Weather. The Jonathan Ross Show.

12.35 Poms in Paradise. 1.05 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 Are We Giving Kids a Sporting Chance?: Tonight. 4.25 ITV Nightscreen. 5.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show.

7.05 The Treacle People. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. 10.00 Frasier. 10.30 Frasier. 11.00 Undercover Boss USA. 12.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 River Cottage Veg Heroes. 1.30 Come Dine with Me. 2.00 Come Dine with Me. 2.35 Come Dine with Me. 3.05 Come Dine with Me. 3.35 Come Dine with Me. 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 Deal or No Deal. 6.00 Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course. 6.30 Come Dine with Me. 7.00 The Simpsons. 7.30 Hollyoaks. 7.55 8.00 Channel 4 News. 8.55 Channel 4 Presents Nathan. 9.00 Location, Location, Location. 10.00 Hotel GB. 11.00 The Million Pound Drop Live. 12.40 Random Acts. 12.45 The Boy Who Can’t Forget. 1.45 Embarrassing Bodies. 2.40 Jimmy and the Whale Whisperer. 3.35 Cruises Undercover: The Truth Below Deck Channel 4 Dispatches. 4.05 My Brother, the Murderer. 4.30 Time Team. 5.25 Deal or No Deal. 6.20 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 The Hotel Inspector. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 CSI: Miami. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 CSI: NY. 4.15 FILM: McBride: Tune in for Murder (2005). 5.55 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00

The Family Recipe. 5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Classic Car Rescue; 5 News Update. Heroes of the Skies; 5 News at 9. Making Faces. True CSI.

12.00 Jack the Ripper The Definitive Story. 1.00 SuperCasino. 4.55 Nick’s Quest. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.50 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

Friday 5th October


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Helicopter Heroes. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Britain’s Empty Homes. 12.30 Cash in the Attic. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Only Fools and Horses. 4.05 CBBC: Horrible Histories. 4.35 Lockie Leonard. 4.55 Leon. 5.00 Alesha’s Street Dance Stars. 5.30 Blue Peter. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. Cash Britain; BBC News; Regional News. EastEnders. Miranda. Strictly Come Dancing. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. John Bishop: The Sunshine Tour.

12.50 The National Lottery Friday Night Draws. 12.55 EastEnders. 2.50 Weatherview. 2.55 Sign Zone: The Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation. 3.55 Sign Zone: Question Time. 4.55 Sign Zone: Rip Off Britain. 5.40 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Zigby. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Little Robots. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Escape from Scorpion Island. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Eliot Kid. 8.55 Newsround. 9.00 What’s New Scooby-Doo? 9.20 Leon. 9.25 CBeebies: Mister Maker Comes to Town. 9.45 I Can Cook. 10.00 The Adventures of Abney & Teal. 10.15 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.25 The Large Family. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Dirtgirlworld. 11.00 Chuggington: Badge Quest. 11.05 Nuzzle and Scratch: Frock and Roll. 11.25 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics. 2.00 Animal Park. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Wanted Down Under. 4.45 Real Rescues. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 9.30 10.00

Flog It! Antiques Road Trip. Eggheads. How We Won the War. Escape to the Country. Mastermind. Gardeners’ World. Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs. 11.00 QI. 11.30 Newsnight. 12.00 The Review Show. 12.45 Weather. 12.50 Later with Jools Holland. 1.55 FILM: Goodbye Solo (2008). 3.20 BBC News. 5.40 Close.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Loose Women. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 4.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 May the Best House Win. 6.00 The Chase. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Island Hospital. 9.30 Coronation Street. 10.00 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Ronan Keating. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather. 11.30 London News and Weather. 11.35 FILM: American Gangster (2007). 2.20 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 3.55 FILM: Columbo: A Stitch in Crime (1973). 5.10 ITV Nightscreen.

ITV 11.35pm American Gangster

7.05 The Treacle People. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.25 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.55 Frasier. 10.25 Frasier. 11.00 Undercover Boss USA. 12.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 River Cottage Veg Heroes. 1.30 Come Dine with Me. 2.00 Come Dine with Me. 2.35 Come Dine with Me. 3.05 Come Dine with Me. 3.35 Come Dine with Me. 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 Deal or No Deal. 6.00 Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course. 6.30 Come Dine with Me. 7.00 The Simpsons. 7.30 Hollyoaks. 7.55 8.00 Channel 4 News. 8.55 Channel 4 Presents Oscar. 9.00 Baggage. 10.00 Hotel GB. 11.35 Alan Carr: Chatty Man. 12.40 Rude Tube. 1.45 Random Acts. 1.50 The Simpsons. 2.15 My Name Is Earl. 2.35 My Name Is Earl. 3.00 Napoleon Dynamite. 3.25 Allen Gregory. 3.45 Charlie’s Angels. 4.30 St Elsewhere. 5.15 Deal or No Deal. 6.10 Countdown. 6.40 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. 6.55 The Treacle People.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 The Hotel Inspector. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Chinese Food in Minutes. 1.20 CSI: Miami. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 CSI: NY. 4.05 FILM: Vinegar Hill (2005). 5.55 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00

Chinese Food in Minutes. 5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Heroes of the Skies; 5 News Update. Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers; 5 News at 9. 10.00 Being Liverpool. 11.00 FILM: Into the Blue (2005). 1.10 SuperCasino. 4.55 Motorsport Mundial. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

Saturday 6th October


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 11.00 Saturday Kitchen Live. 12.30 Nigellissima. 1.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 1.15 Football Focus. 2.00 Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Qualifying Highlights. 3.15 Bargain Hunt. 4.15 Escape to the Country. 5.00 Final Score. 6.10 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 6.30 All New Total Wipeout. 7.30 Strictly Come Dancing. 8.45 Merlin. 9.30 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune. 10.20 Casualty. 11.10 BBC News; Weather. 11.30 Match of the Day; National Lottery Update. 12.50 The Football League Show. 2.05 Weatherview. 2.10 BBC News.

BBC1 7.30pm Strictly Come Dancing

7.00 CBeebies: Zigby. 7.10 Finley the Fire Engine. 7.20 Little Robots. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.45 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30 Bear Behaving Badly. 8.55 The Scooby-Doo Show. 9.20 Dennis and Gnasher. 9.30 Trapped Ever After. 10.00 12 Again. 10.30 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head. 11.00 Ricky’s Radical Reinventions. 11.25 Splatalot. 11.50 Deadly 60 Bites. 12.00 Prank Patrol. 12.30 Diddy Movies. 12.45 MOTD Kickabout. 1.05 Animal Park. 2.05 FILM: Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959). 3.30 FILM: The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003). 5.00 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.00

FILM: Easy Virtue (2008). Wartime Farm. Flog It! Dad’s Army. Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs. 10.00 QI XL. 10.45 Arena: Magical Mystery Tour Revisited. 11.45 FILM: Magical Mystery Tour (1967). 12.40 How the Brits Rocked America: Go West. 1.40 Sings the Beatles. 2.40 FILM: Daddy and Them (2002). 4.15 Close.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 CITV: CITV. 10.25 ITV News. 10.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 11.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 12.20 The X Factor. 1.40 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 1.45 FILM: Jurassic Park (1993). 4.00 FILM: Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (1999). 6.35 6.45 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 11.20

London Tonight; Weather. ITV News and Weather. New You’ve Been Framed! Fool Britannia. Take Me Out. The X Factor. The Jonathan Ross Show.

12.20 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 12.40 FILM: Before Sunset (2004). 2.00 The Store; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 Ladette to Lady: Australia. 4.50 ITV Nightscreen.

7.05 The Hoobs. 7.30 British F3. 7.55 International Volleyball. 8.50 Channel 4 Presents Jonnie. 8.55 The Morning Line. 9.55 T4: Adele: Real Stories. 11.00 T4: Justin Bieber: London Live. 11.50 T4: Revenge. 12.50 T4: Suburgatory. 1.20 T4: The Big Bang Theory. 1.50 T4: The Big Bang Theory. 2.20 T4: The Simpsons. 2.55 Channel 4 Racing. 4.55 Come Dine with Me: Ireland. 5.20 Come Dine with Me: Ireland. 5.55 Come Dine with Me: Ireland. 6.25 Come Dine with Me: Ireland. 6.55 Come Dine with Me: Ireland. 7.25 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Jaws: The Great White Myth. 9.00 Comedy World Cup. 10.00 The Million Pound Drop Live. 11.35 FILM: Panic Room (2002). 1.45 FILM: Sancharram (2004). 3.45 Hollyoaks.

ITV 7.30pm

5.50 Deal or No Deal. 6.45 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 7.05 Roary the Racing Car. 7.15 Fifi and the Flowertots. 7.25 City of Friends. 7.35 The Mr Men Show. 7.50 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 8.00 Roobarb and Custard Too. 8.05 Bananas in Pyjamas. 8.20 Play! 8.30 Noddy in Toyland. 8.45 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 8.55 Little Princess. 9.05 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky. 9.25 Angelina Ballerina. 9.45 Rupert Bear. 10.00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 10.10 Toby’s Travelling Circus. 10.25 Roary the Racing Car. 10.40 Jelly Jamm. 11.00 Power Rangers Samurai. 11.35 Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 12.10 Looney Tunes. 12.20 Looney Tunes. 12.30 FILM: The Towering Inferno (1974). 3.40 FILM: 55 Days at Peking (1963). 6.40 8.50 8.55 11.20

FILM: Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990). 5 News Weekend. FILM: Battle of Britain (1969). CSI: Miami.

12.15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 1.15 SuperCasino. 5.00 HouseBusters. 5.25 Divine Designs. 5.50 Rough Guide to Beaches. 6.00 Hana’s Helpline. 6.10 The Milkshake! Show. 6.35 Thomas & Friends. 6.45 Roary the Racing Car.

Sunday 7th October 7.00 Breakfast. 8.35 Match of the Day. 10.00

7.00 CBeebies: Zigby. 7.10 Finley the Fire En-

The Andrew Marr Show. 11.00 Sunday Morn-

gine. 7.20 Little Robots. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane.

ing Live. 12.00 Sunday Politics; Weather for

7.45 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30

the Week Ahead. 1.20 Bargain Hunt. 2.20 Cash

Deadly Art. 8.45 Copycats. 9.15 Paradise Cafe.

in the Attic. 3.05 Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Highlights. 5.05 A Question of Sport: 2012 Olympics Special. 5.40 Points of View. 5.55 Songs of Praise.

9.40 Wingin’ It. 10.00 12 Again. 10.30 Junior Bake Off. 11.00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites. 12.30 The Great British Bake Off. 1.30 FILM: Safari (1956). 2.55 FILM: The Long Ships (1963).

6.30 Planet Earth Live: A Meerkat’s Tale.

5.00 Flog It!

7.30 BBC News; Regional News; Weather.

6.00 Rugby League.

8.00 Countryfile.

7.00 Great Barrier Reef.

9.00 Antiques Roadshow.

8.00 Top Gear.

10.00 Andrew Marr’s History of the World.

9.00 Built in Britain.

11.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 11.25 Match of the Day 2. 12.45 FILM: Halloween H20 (1998). 2.05 The

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 CITV: CITV. 10.25 ITV News. 10.30 House Gift. 11.25 There’s No Taste Like Home. 12.30 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 1.30 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 1.40 Murder, She Wrote. 2.40 The X Factor. 4.55 The Home of Fabulous Cakes. 6.00 7.00 7.30 7.40 7.55 9.00 10.00 11.05 11.20

Downton Abbey. Cornwall with Caroline Quentin. London Tonight; Weather. ITV News and Weather. The Chase: Celebrity Special. The X Factor Results. Downton Abbey. ITV News and Weather; Weather. The Classic Brit Awards 2012.

12.50 Premiership Rugby Union. 1.35 The Store; ITV News Headlines. 3.40 British Superbike Championship Highlights. 4.30 Motorsport UK. 5.20 ITV Nightscreen.

Hoobs. 8.00 London Triathlon. 8.55 Channel 4 Presents Lee. 9.00 Will & Grace. 9.30 Will & Grace. 9.55 Frasier. 10.25 Frasier. 11.00 Sunday Brunch. 1.35 The Big Bang Theory. 2.05 The Big Bang Theory. 2.30 The Simpsons. 3.05 The Simpsons. 3.35 FILM: My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997). 5.35 Deal or No Deal. 6.35 FILM: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009). 8.20 Channel 4 News. 8.50 8.55 The Political Slot. 9.00 Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home.

10.00 Dragons’ Den.

10.00 Homeland.

11.00 Mock the Week.

11.05 Friday Night Dinner.

11.30 Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

11.35 FILM: Bruno (2009).

12.00 FILM: The Quiet American (2002). 1.35

1.10 Comedy World Cup. 2.05 American Foot-

Sky at Night. 2.25 Weatherview. 2.30 Sign Zone: Andrew Marr’s History of the World.

7.30 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. 7.35 The

3.30 Sign Zone: Holby City. 4.30 Sign Zone:

Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Highlights.

The Paradise. 5.30 BBC News.

3.35 BBC News. 5.10 Close.

ball Live. 5.45 Grudge Match. 5.50 Deal or No ITV 10pm Downton Abbey

Deal. 6.45 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard.

7.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 7.05 Roary the Racing Car. 7.15 Fifi and the Flowertots. 7.25 City of Friends. 7.40 The Mr Men Show. 7.50 Castle Farm. 7.55 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 8.05 Roobarb and Custard Too. 8.15 Bananas in Pyjamas. 8.25 Play! 8.35 Noddy in Toyland. 8.45 Milkshake! Monkey. 8.50 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 9.00 Little Princess. 9.10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky. 9.25 Angelina Ballerina. 9.40 Rupert Bear. 9.55 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 10.10 Toby’s Travelling Circus. 10.25 Roary the Racing Car. 10.40 Jelly Jamm. 11.00 Power Rangers Samurai. 11.35 Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 12.05 Looney Tunes. 12.10 Extraordinary Dogs. 12.40 Inside Hollywood. 12.50 Dallas. 1.50 FILM: The Cannonball Run (1981). 3.45 FILM: Hell to Eternity (1960). 6.10 8.35 8.40 11.00

FILM: MacArthur (1977). 5 News Weekend. FILM: Dumb and Dumber (1994). FILM: Shoot ‘Em Up (2007).

12.45 FILM: Kill Switch (2008). 2.35 SuperCasino. 5.00 The FBI Files. 5.50 Rough Guide to Cities. 6.00 Hana’s Helpline. 6.10 The Milkshake! Show. 6.35 Thomas & Friends. 6.45 Roary the Racing Car.

Monday 8th October 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Helicopter Heroes. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Britain’s Empty Homes. 12.30 Cash in the Attic. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Only Fools and Horses. 4.05 CBBC: Horrible Histories. 4.35 Lockie Leonard. 4.55 Leon. 5.00 Hacker Time. 5.30 Sam & Mark’s Big Wind Up. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. Fake Britain; BBC News; Regional News. EastEnders. Return of the Supergrass Panorama. New Tricks. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. The Town That Never Retired.

12.35 FILM: Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003). 2.10 Weatherview. 2.15 Sign Zone: Wartime Farm. 3.15 Sign Zone: China on Four Wheels. 4.15 Sign Zone: Masters of Money. 5.15 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Zigby. 7.10 Finley the Fire Engine. 7.20 Little Robots. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.45 Chuggington: Badge Quest. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Escape from Scorpion Island. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Eliot Kid. 8.55 Newsround. 9.00 What’s New ScoobyDoo? 9.20 Leon. 9.25 CBeebies: Mister Maker Comes to Town. 9.45 I Can Cook. 10.00 The Adventures of Abney & Teal. 10.15 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.25 Wibbly Pig. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Get Squiggling! 11.05 Waybuloo. 11.30 In the Night Garden. 12.00 Daily Politics Conference Special. 2.00 Restoration Roadshow. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Wanted Down Under. 4.45 Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 9.30 10.00

Breakaway. Antiques Road Trip. Eggheads. Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two. The Many Faces of June Whitfield. University Challenge. Nigellissima. Wonderland: I Was Once a Beauty Queen. 11.00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks. 11.30 Newsnight; Weather. 12.20 Today at Conference. 12.50 Dragons’ Den. 1.50 Richard Hammond’s Crash Course. 2.40 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Loose Women. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 4.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 May the Best House Win Vive la France. 6.00 The Chase. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs. 9.30 Coronation Street. 10.00 Monroe. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather. 11.30 London News and Weather. 11.35 The Great Train Robbery. 12.35 Grimefighters. 1.05 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 Champions League Weekly. 4.25 ITV Nightscreen. 5.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show.

7.05 The Treacle People. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. 10.00 Frasier. 10.30 Frasier. 11.00 Undercover Boss USA. 12.00 A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 Come Dine with Me. 1.35 Come Dine with Me. 2.05 Come Dine with Me. 2.35 Come Dine with Me. 3.05 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent. 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.55 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.50

Deal or No Deal. Come Dine with Me. The Simpsons. Hollyoaks. Channel 4 News. Secrets of Your Boss’s Pay: Channel 4 Dispatches. Food Unwrapped. 999: What’s Your Emergency? 8 Out of 10 Cats. Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

12.55 Random Acts. 1.00 Shameless. 2.00 The Good Wife. 2.40 The Good Wife. 3.25 FILM: Ask the Dust (2006). 5.20 Enough. 5.25 Deal or No Deal. 6.20 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.30 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.40 Milkshake! Monkey. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Trisha. 1.00 Inside Hollywood. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 CSI: Miami. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 CSI: NY. 4.15 FILM: Wild Hearts (2006). 5.55 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00

Chinese Food in Minutes. 5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Being Liverpool; 5 News Update. Classic Car Rescue; 5 News at 9. FILM: Step Brothers (2008).

12.00 FILM: Kingdom of Heaven (2005). 2.40 SuperCasino. 4.55 Great Scientists. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

67 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

September meeting at U3A Torrevieja U3A members. The dancers practice every Wednesday afternoon at the CMO and there are also classes for line dancing, Sevillanas and Flamenca Rumbas, amongst others. If you are interested in joining the group you need to be a member (free membership) of the CMO. To join the CMO you need to be on the Padron and have a SIP card. If you would like to find out more about the Torrevieja U3A please contact the Secretary at or by telephone 966 844 349. Alternatively come along to the monthly meetings which are held on the last Monday of the month at the CMO Building in Torrevieja. Doors open at 10.00 a.m. Coffee and refreshments, including English breakfast, bocadillos, ensaladas, etc are available at very reasonable prices.

Solar. solar energy like:

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Solar Electricity Solar hot water Solar pool heating Solar dehumidfiers Pool covers Grant available

Free survey, no obligation on your behalf. Office: La Finca Golf, Calle Antonio Pedrera, Soler Parc RC23, Local 20, Urb. La Finca Golf, Commercial Centre, 03169, Algorfa, Alicante Open Monday - Friday 09:15 to 18:00 • Telephone: 96 607 87 73 Email: • 448

On 24th September Torrevieja U3A held its usual monthly meeting at the CMO building. The meeting was extremely well attended with many members returning after the summer holidays and taking the time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. Five new interest groups, including yoga, wine appreciation and poetry appreciation, as well as two lunch club dates and day trips were announced to keep the members busy over the coming months. The highlight of the morning, however, was most definitely the dancers who came along to entertain everyone. The multi-national dancers, under the direction of Councillor Inmaculada Montesinos, performed eight traditional Spanish dances. These included the Pasodoble, the Sardana, El Chotis and Isa from the Canary Islands. The audience was thoroughly entertained by the dancing, music and costumes of the dancers, some of whom were


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

69 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Age Concern take afternoon tea Sponsored by


A unique opportunity is upon us this month to recognize our local health and beauty practitioners. This is a great way to recognize our favourite hairdresser, our chosen nail technician and a whole host of other aesthetic and health experts who work hard to make sure the local community is pampered to perfection, inside and out! There is an army of people at work on the Costa Blanca beautifying the general public, women and men alike. For the last six years, health and beauty practitioners in the region have been recognized by the CoastRider’s Health and Beauty Awards. The awards celebrate the crème de la crème of hair stylists, beauticians, nail technicians and more, and have had a great reception within the industry since inception in 2007. This year, it was decided to go all out once again for the awards ceremony. Taking place in November 2012, a gala event will be held at the illustrious

Rebate venue – a stylish rural restaurant in a magical setting. Once again, the awards will be fronted by your favourite all round entertainer, Mr Nick Gold. Readers, Facebook friends and those within the health and beauty industry are invited to take part once again in this year’s awards by nominating their most deserving salon, practitioner and more in the following categories: Best Salon Best Hairdresser Best Junior Stylist Best Nail Technician Best Beauty Therapist Best Dental Clinic Best Fitness Provider Best Barber Nominations are being taken now, so if you’ve found yourself a terrific hair stylist, a gem of a beautician or an amazing nail technician – tell us about it! If your personal trainer would put Mr Motivator to shame…make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

All you need to do is log on to the CoastRider website and complete the online nomination form, which needs to be done no later than 15th October 2012. The awards themselves take place on 19th November 2012. Tickets for the ceremony are priced at €25 and include a champagne reception, three course meal and entertainment throughout the evening. To complete the ultimate girls’ night out, a disco will take you into the wee small hours. Salons and stylists, don’t be shy! Encourage your clients to nominate you and you could be in with a chance at featuring in these prestigious awards - a great opportunity for some excellent free publicity for you and your business. Exciting opportunities for sponsorship and branding exist so if you are in the industry (practitioner, supplier, etc) or would like to get involved, call Lesley on 966 70 10 60 or 607 014 647

A TRADITIONAL afternoon tea was held at the El Mirador in Eagles Nest this week in aid of Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur. The idea for a regular fundraising event came after the success of the Ascot Ladies’ Day event which was held at the bar and restaurant in June and will become a monthly feature. The cakes are all provided by Juanita, an amateur but very good cake maker who lives locally and the pastries and sandwiches were provided by El Mirador. More than 40 people took part in this week’s afternoon tea although the bar can accommodate 60 people. The cost per head is just 6€ which includes sandwiches, pastries and sausage rolls as well as a selection of

Dave and Ann Wade celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary at the event

delicious cakes and of course, tea and coffee. Justine, owner of El Mirador said that she plans to hold an afternoon tea on the last Wednesday of every month and if other charities would like to utilise the event as a fundraising activity, they are welcome to contact her on 667 979 173. A raffle was held, with prizes donated by the bar and other local businesses and the money that came as a result of the raffle was donated to Age Concern. One couple even chose to use the event to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary. Dave and Ann Wade had their very own table for two complete with love heart shaped cakes and biscuits.

70 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

misplaced loyalties. Nancy and Darren worry their newborn son might not survive the night. Brendan has to make a tough decision when Cheryl holds him responsible for the death of Walker’s brother Cam. Nancy finally meets her baby, but Darren disapproves of the danger she exposed herself to. Meanwhile, Doug wonders whether to take a break from Ste. Dirk tries to intervene as the McQueen family’s troubles take their toll on Myra. Esther makes a fool of herself again, and Darren blames Nancy for their son’s health problems.

false hope her family will get back together. Chas and Cameron plot to steal the Woolpack takings to pay off Carl, while Rishi agrees to keep quiet about his discovery when he realises how much Jai loves Charity and Noah. In the aftermath of the burglary, Chas admits to Diane she forgot to lock away the takings, while Rodney sympathises with Jimmy over his broken relationship with Carl. Carl calls the police about the Woolpack break-in and as officers arrive to question Cameron, Chas asks Debbie to give him a false alibi. Chas comes under pressure when Diane and Cain question her about Hollyoaks Cameron’s part in the burglary forcing Riley is forced to break Mitzeee’s heart to her into a confession. Carl makes Charity ensure baby Bobby’s safety, and as Emmerdale Walker and Brendan’s feud heats up, one Ashley visits Gabby to ask if she was an unexpected business proposal. member of the community pays the telling the truth about Marlon hitting her ultimate price. Walker takes ruthless and ends up agreeing to her moving in EastEnders measures to ensure he completes his with him. Jai misses Rachel’s baby scan. Alfie remains suspicious of Kat, who feels vengeance against Brendan, and as Rishi finds the scan photo at the factory guilty for everything she has done. Nancy goes into premature labour, and confronts Jai, who has no option but Michael has difficulty juggling Jacqui confronts Myra about her to admit he is the father. Gabby is given fatherhood and work, while Lola meets

up with an unruly old friend. Kat takes extreme measures to win back the Vic, Jay arrives for his first day on the car lot and social worker Trish grows increasingly concerned about Lola’s lack of care for Lexi. Lola is caught in a desperate situation where helping Abi could have huge consequences for her own future. Kat receives a key, and Michael faces a terrible decision about Scarlett. Lola feels sorry for herself, until a few tough words from Cora persuade her to never give up fighting for Lexi. Syed turns to handsome stranger Danny for help with his finances.

Wendy makes Ken an offer. Marcus and Maria feel awkward as they try to rationalise what happened between them. Nick is impressed with Mary’s efforts, and Brian stirs things up between Deirdre and Ken. Deirdre’s suspicions grow when Ken heads out for another ‘meeting’, and she decides to find out where he is really going. Michelle feels jealous of Ryan and Sally’s bond. Deirdre confronts Ken about Coronation Street his friendship with Maria confides in Jason about her fears, Wendy, and refuses but declines his offer of help and turns to to believe him Marcus instead. Lloyd engineers a when he claims meeting between Jenna and Mandy, and nothing untoward Kirsty returns to work. Maria looks to is going on. Sally Marcus for support as she prepares for leads a walk-out at her test results. Mary steals business from the factory. Nick with a Spanish night at the cafe, and

HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION (15) Directed by Adrian Grunberg, How I Spent My Summer Vacation stars Mel Gibson as an unnamed career criminal who gets busted after a heist and is promptly thrown into a Mexican slum-like jail known as El Pueblito. Quickly scoping out all the angles, he decides that the key to his escape is to cause as much trouble as possible for prison-running criminal Javi (Daniel Gimenez Cacho), but his plans are complicated when he befriends a 10 year old kid (Kevin Hernandez, from The Sitter) and his exploited mother (Dolores Heredia). Meanwhile, vicious criminal boss Frank (Peter Stormare) figures out who stole from him and sends hired goons to El Pueblito to retrieve his money, unaware that two corrupt cops appropriated the stash after making the arrest. Brought to you by Moving Movies. Tel: 650 944 934/652 751 072m movingmoviesdvds@gmai z

La Marina

What’s On

romp through the criminal underworld The real star of the show, however, is the prison itself, El Pueblito, which oozes debauchery and desperation, in equal measure, throughout. The story excels in delivering a frenetic array of suckerpunches coupled with action and violence that, in places, test the 15 certificate to its limit. Aside from the myriad scenes of high-octane set pieces and gunplay, the film also boasts a script which should not be overlooked; it is as morbidly comedic as it is sharply written. As Gibson repeatedly outmanoeuvres, outthinks and outplays police, inmates and guards in quick succession, Gibson effortlessly resumes the backtalking bad-ass of Riggs and Porter with selfassured aplomb. For a highly memorable dose of wise-cracking skullduggery, look no further.

THE PIRATES IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS (U) Co-directed by Peter Lord and Jeff Newitt, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is the latest stop-motion feature from Aardman Animation, based on the series of books by Gideon Defoe. Hugh Grant voices the Pirate Captain, who hungers after the coveted Pirate of the Year Award but is constantly beaten by arch rivals Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven) or Cutlass Liz (Salma Hayek). After his latest humiliating defeat, Pirate Captain vows to win the award at all costs, but he gets distracted when he encounters scientist Charles Darwin (David Tennant), who informs him that his beloved parrot Polly is in fact the last surviving dodo. Assuming that assorted boffins will reward them handsomely for their find, the pirates set sail for London, aiming to present Polly to the Royal Society, but they've reckoned without pirate-

Title: Midwife on Call Author: Agnes Light Price: 9.90€ (Book of the Month) Format: Paperback

Concejalía de las Urbanizaciones - The Office for the Urbanisations, led by Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski (PIPN - Partido Independiente por las Nacionalidades) and his team, are pleased to send you our fourth information update, giving you information on events and activities happening throughout San Fulgencio and the Urbanisations. We hope you find it informative and encourage you to visit us in the Office on Calle Madrid, Urb Marina, or ring us on 966 443 002 if you have any further enquiries. Conversation Classes English / Spanish Conversation Classes will be starting up again in the Social Centre of Urb Marina, on Monday the 3rd of September at 6pm.

San Fulgencio

Gibson may be dead set on torpedoing his Hollywood career in real life, but How I Spent My Summer Vacation proves there's still life in the old dog yet when it comes to grizzled, seemingly unflappable anti-heroes. He also has likeable chemistry with young Kevin Fernandez, while there's strong support from Gimenez Cacho, Stormare and Bob Gunton as a businessman caught up in an elaborate escape plot. The story itself is very much an intelligent pastiche of grind-house and B-movie revenge flick with the merest whiff of Messrs Tarantino and Rodriguez thrown in for good measure. In his directorial debut, Adrian Grunberg also succeeds in bringing a tangential flavour of his previous projects, such as Traffic (2000) and Man On Fire (2004), to the film and delivers a highly enjoyable

Dramatic Licence Presents“Entertaining Angels”. It was written by Richard Everett and produced in

hating monarch Queen Victoria (Imelda Staunton). The voice cast is excellent: Hugh Grant abandons his usual Hugh Grant voice (you know the one) and turns in a delightful, warm-hearted performance, while there's terrific support from Martin Freeman (as Pirate With Scarf, Pirate Captain's right-hand man), David Tennant and Imelda Staunton. There are also smaller, but no less effective turns from Piven, Hayek, Brendan Gleeson (as Pirate with Gout), Lenny Henry (as Peg Leg Hastings), Ashley Jensen (as Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate) and the one and only Brian Blessed, in a roaring cameo as The Pirate King. The inventive, witty script is packed full of hilarious gags, both verbal and visual, with jokes aimed at both children and adults (e.g. an inspired cameo by The Elephant Man). There are also several brilliant

Agnes Light trained as a nurse in the 1960s and went on to become a midwife - helping to bring new lives into the world for over thirty years. After fainting from shock at the first birth she attended as a student, Agnes eventually grew to adore her job and the lifelong friends that worked with her on the maternity ward. In her enchanting memoir, she recalls how she struggled at first with the strict rules of hospital etiquette, and the expectation that she would always know 2009 with Penelope Keith as the leading lady. As usual Dramatic Licence will pull out all the stops to give you an evening not to be missed at Teatro Cardinal Belluga in San Fulgencio on 25/26/27th October at 7.30 for curtain up 8pm. Tickets are 8euros and can be purchased online or by calling 616089943. Tickets are also on sale at Cards n More La Marina, The Card and Gift Shop Quesada, the Card place Benimar & the Post Box Dona Pepa. Due to the hard work done by Graham Knight they have also been asked to do an extra night in The auditorium of Virgen del Carmen community centre in Torrevieja and again the tickets are 8euros and curtain goes up at 8pm. Ticket for this performance can be obtained from Torrevieja box office or through Torrevieja Alzheimers AFA. All proceeds will go to Alzheimer AFA. If you have never been to one of our plays and think

running gags, such as the pirates' fondness for disguise, the character of Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate and Darwin's flashcard-monkey butler (though that joke had its thunder stolen slightly by the recent A Monster in Paris). As you'd expect from Aardman, The Pirates! is both beautiful to look at and crammed with wonderful background details, ensuring that the film will reward multiple viewings. On top of that, Lord orchestrates some superb action sequences that will give you new respect for Plasticine. This is a thoroughly enjoyable, beautifully made and frequently hilarious animated adventure that should prove a big hit with both adults and children alike. Highly recommended and here's hoping for a sequel.

the right thing to do - from dealing with hysterical fathers to miracle multiple births - Agnes quickly learned she had to keep a cool head whatever the circumstances. This is a heart-warming portrait of a thoughtful and compassionate midwife. Funny, poignant and rich with period detail, “Midwife on Call” traces Agnes’s touching journey from squeamish pupil to assured professional. About the Author Agnes Light has been a midwife for more than 40 years, becoming a

of the theatre as stuffy and a bit “Highbrow” then please think again... come along and enjoy a fabulous evening’s entertainment. Concejalia de Urbanizaciones working with Help Vega Baja. The Association Help Vega Baja is a charity providing help to the English speaking population of the Southern Costa Blanca. They help people of all ages and with all types of problems and provide assistance all year round to anyone in their time of need including a 24 hour emergency line. As well as giving comprehensive information, they also host a number of support groups, provide a team of hospital visitors, hire out Orthopaedic Equipment, have registers of drivers, translators, carers and so much more.

Torrevieja THE CITY OF TRURO MALE VOICE CHOIR: CORNISH CHORISTERS TO OFFER TORREVIEJA CONCERTS. The powerful male voices which make up the “City of

nurse in the 1960s. This is her first book, if you have read and enjoyed books by the Author Jennifer Worth - “The Midwife” - “A True Story to the East End” - “Farewell to the East End”, then you will love this book.....

Bookworld España (Torrevieja) C.C. Las Habaneras, Local B11, 03180 Torrevieja (Alicante) Tel. 966 704 821

Truro Male Voice Choir” should prove enough to lift the roof of concert venues in the ‘City of Salt’ this autumn!! This accomplished and numerous male voice choir will be performing in Torrevieja during the very first week of October 2012. Concert dates are as follows:- THURSDAY 4th October at 20.45h in the Parrish church of the ‘Inmaculada Concepción’. Admission free. This concert will also feature local, Scandinavian mixed choir “Coro Nórdico de Torrevieja”. FASHION SHOW - For the Chaplaincy of St.Peter and St. Paul.On Friday, 12th October and tickets are 10 euros to include a BBQ at Los Rosales Restaurant on the Lemon Tree Road, Guardamar. People will arrive at 7.30 with a meal at 8.00 o'clock followed by the fashion show at 9.00.

71 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

73 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

75 CoastRider - Edition 438 - July 17th 2012 Scottish Country Dancing The Torrevieja Scottish Country Dance Group would like remind members that the weekly dance sessions have resumed on Thursdays from 3-3.30pm for beginners and 3.45-6.00pm for general dancing. The group’s new venue is restaurant Los Rosales, Campo de Guardamar, CV895 (‘Lemon Tree’/Montesinos Road - near ‘Lemon Tree’ Sunday Market) The group welcomes beginners, new members and visitors here on holiday to the afternoon dancing sessions. No partner is required but please wear flat shoes. For more information, contact John on 96 678 35 08 or Wilma on 96 673 06 66.

21 March - 20 April

21 April - 21 May

22 May - 21 June

22 June - 23 July

24 July - 23 August

On our tiny planet, there are many rules. It's deemed unacceptable to adopt a 'devil may care' attitude toward things everyone else believes to be worth worrying about or taking seriously. If it appears others are being too serious for their own good, then that's an even better reason to go against the grain. Seriousness brought by the imminent Full Moon will wane, soon enough. What we believe to be easy to do is sometimes difficult for others. Note use of the word 'difficult' instead of 'impossible'. If something has been done before by someone else, then it clearly can be done. The concept might be easy for you to grasp but someone else is struggling with something you find easy to achieve. You can do much to help them now. Let's talk about struggle. Let's discuss strife. Perhaps we should address the saying 'these things are sent to test us', too. All too often, we struggle in the belief that a problem shared is a problem doubled. The key to eliminating your current struggle involves taking a deep breath, swallowing a large amount of pride and asking for help. Ask for help now and you shall receive it.

Decisions we make can be similar to driving in rush hour traffic and discovering we're in the wrong lane. Other times though, we have to think fast and trust that a potentially risky move won't make a tense situation worse. It's time for you to take a risk. If you are considerate of one or two others, then all will be fine. Let's talk about 'comfort zones'. We slip into them, often obliviously, and removing ourselves is easier said than done. A need exists to remove yourself from a repetitive situation. Something has become tedious and unhelpful yet because you've grown used to predictability it offers, you're reluctant to make a change. The sky intends to help you with this beneficial move now. People are like sheep. Sheep follow each other and cannot be herded. In fact, they're renowned for going around the herder by following other sheep. Do you simply follow what others are doing in the knowledge that it will cause certain people to nod approvingly? Or should you consider doing something unorthodox or controversial? I think you know the answer to that question!

24 September 23 October

Prepare for an enlightening experience. Just when you thought you knew where you stood with a certain person or situation, a proverbial spanner gets thrown into the works but this is by no means a negative development. What you stand to learn or discover is not only going to answer a few questions you've had for a while but shed new and very clear light on puzzling situation.

24 October 22 November

Answers to questions we've pondered for ages sometimes stare us straight in the face. We don't see them because we're too busy looking past them at a much bigger and more complex picture. Soon, you'll make a valuable discovery. Trust that this will significantly change your perception of something you believed to be inaccessible or extremely complicated.

23 November 22 December

To give characters 'depth', authors and scriptwriters give characters background stories that involve them putting on a 'front' or façade to protect themselves from something that happened to them in the past. We all put on fronts and facades in one way or another but it's your ability to see through a certain person's deceptive appearance now that matters!

23 December 20 January

In the same way pepper adds spice to an otherwise bland stew, a bit of tension or drama adds to the excitement of certain ideas or plans. What you probably suspected would be straightforward is probably proving to be complicated. You're being given options to consider now. With options come opportunities. Let them continue to reveal themselves. They will bring what you need.

21 January 19 February

A certain person definitely appears integral to a plan that means a great deal to you, but it appears that getting them to cooperate or see your point of view is proving difficult. If getting someone on your side is important, then try changing your 'selling' tactics. Perhaps you-know-who isn't entirely 'sold' on the benefits to them of helping you. Has a discovery surrounding something that's confused you caused you to reassess your opinion of a situation, or possibly a person? Information coming to light now might transform how you see a scenario you suspected was shrouded in some level of mystery or intrigue but it's important to understand how this benefits you. Don't see it as a handicap or disadvantage.

Laura Boyle will be in Spain from the 3rd - 8th October 2012 and is available for private readings in Spain. The price is 30 Euros for half an hour and is recorded onto a CD for you to listen to again. Visit or contact her on 0044 7717 858484 or on 634 020 133 when she is in Spain. Send your email questions to Hello Laura , I got divorced in April and a few weeks before we had to go to court my ex husband begged me to give him a second chance and take him back. I still went ahead with the divorce because he had hurt me so much. He phoned everyday and sent endless emails saying that he had been a fool that he still loved me and the kids and would never hurt us again that he would spend the rest of his life showing us. My kids and I talked things over and we said we would give him a second chance. He lived in England so he came over about four times before September. He made lots off plans with me and the kids. Then we find out in the middle of September that he had changed his mind never told us and went back to the woman he left me for. The kids and myself were heartbroken once again because we believed all his lies. What can you see for me and my kids in the months to come as I just feel like giving up as I can't take the pain anymore. I feel a fool to let him hurt us all over again. Thanks, A Dear A, There must be countless readers all shaking their heads as they read your sorry tale of woe and I'm sure more than a couple are thinking once a cheat, always a cheat. Please don't beat yourself up over this. You loved this man, you gave him your heart, you gave him children, you believed his lies... to be honest he doesn't deserve you. OK, time for you to get up, dust yourself down and be strong. Not only for yourself but for your children too. They are almost in a worse predicament than you as not only have they been hurt and let down by their father but they can see the effect his behaviour has had on you. It is time to steel yourself, tell yourself that you'd rather eat broken glass and have your eyes poked out with hot steel rods rather than let that man do any more damage to you and your kids. Now let's have a peek at the cards to see what's likely to happen over the next few months. The Wheel of Fortune in the past indicates the sudden change of direction and in the present The World indicates you moving into a completely new chapter, the cycle which you have been in has come to full completion. I am certain that in a week or so you will look back on this nasty period in your life and realise that you are much happier alone with your kids - you will feel much calmer, more in control of your life and happy with the thought that you are in control of your future destiny. The Five of Pentacles indicates that at times you will need feel at times wistful, at times sad, at times a fool but remember, you can't change what has happened in the past - no one can so when you feel like that then pick yourself up, dust yourself down and be thankful that you are on a much happier, brighter path. You will from now on be in control of your destiny and you will find yourself a stronger person than you had ever believed. You will be more focused on financial matters and I believe your finances will improve in the not too distant future. This I feel will be unexpected and will more than likely be guilt money from your ex. Don't worry about this, take it. I do see further financial dealings shortly afterwards and The Wish card indicates that you will start to live your life as you wish, not how fate has dictated so far. I have drawn you an Ask the Angels Card which says “Ask Archangel Michael for protection, guidance and focus for you and your children”. Dear Laura, I have been friends with this man J for over 20 years. He had a temper tantrum one day and since then we have not spoken. I did run into

him in the Carrefour around the Easter time. He looked pleased to see me and we spoke briefly. He said that he’d ring me soon but never did. I wish to know what J thinks about me and whether there is a future for our friendship. I am in touch with some friends of his and they say he has been acting oddly recently and has not been keeping in touch with them very much. He used to go to weekly bingo and quiz nights near his urb but seems to have stopped going to them too. I think he owes me an apology before we can move forward but as I haven't heard from him I want to know what's going on round him. Many thanks, S Dear S, I feel this man is very stubborn and I think there is an element of pride which is holding him back from making contact with you. The Five of Cups is a card of grief, of happiness overturned so I do feel he is missing you greatly. I also believe that he has other things going on in his life at the present time and with an abundance of Pentacles in the spread would indicate financial dealings which are preoccupying him. I do have the Six of Cups - someone coming back into his life so I do feel your friendship is not over yet. As I have not drawn too many cards I feel he will be back into your life sooner rather than later and at a guess I feel it will be this side of Christmas. I know you feel you don't want to contact him but may I remind you that it is you having the psychic consultation so maybe, just maybe you could swallow your pride and contact him? He is missing you, he would like you back in his life and you of course want him back in yours... I have drawn you an Ask the Angels Card which says “See clearly, view things from an Angel's point of view”. Dear Laura, My son is going out with a Spanish girl that I disapprove of. She has dropped out of all education and does not work either. The money which I give my son he spends on her and his schooling is suffering too. Her parents don't seem to bother about her and she is out all hours of the night and so is my son. He has brought her back to our house numerous times whilst we are all in bed and sneaks her out in the early hours before we get up. I know she has been in the house as she will leave makeup traces on the pillow cases and long dark hairs in the bed. I am bringing my son up alone along with my 10 year old daughter. I am not in contact with his dad and don't think I can handle him for much longer. This last year at school is very important for him and his teachers up until the middle of last year considered him to be university material I really need some support here but don't know where to turn to next. Gx Dear G, Welcome to the wonderful world of teenagers! I think you have to try and negotiate with him as if he were an adult, which of course he is, albeit a young adult. If you are at loggerheads then you certainly won't achieve your goal of him ditching his girlfriend and concentrating on his studies. I think you need to use the stick and carrot approach. If there is disharmony in the house then it will affect all including your 10 year old daughter so try to reach a 'happy' compromise such as staying most nights of the week and having the late nights/early mornings during the weekend. I have drawn you an Ask the Angels Card which says “Ask Archangel Chanuel to help us let go of old beliefs allow love in and sleep well”. That's truly what the card says! x

CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012


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EXPIRES 8/10/12

EXPIRES 8/10/12

EXPIRES 8/10/12 EXPIRES 8/10/12

EXPIRES 8/10/12

EXPIRES 8/10/12


77 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012




1 Owner






1 Owner





Extended Warranty FORD FOCUS CMAX 2010 1.6 TDCi DIESEL ONE OWNER








1 Owner

SOLD 7,000 KLM










CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

COME AND VISIT US AT: LA ZENIA, ORIHUELA COSTA TEL : 966 730 116 MOBILE: 672 072 720 EMAIL: VIEW ALL OUR STOCK ON: 50+ Cars in stock - Mon-Fri 9.30 - 19.00h & Sat 9.30 - 14.00h

CASH PRICE HYUNDAI GETZ 1.1i GLS “2008” 5,995€



HI SPEC FORD FOCUS 1.8 TDCi TREND “2007” 7,995€

AS NEW HYUNDAI i10 1.1i CLASSIC 5000kms ONLY “2008” 6,995€




CITROEN C4 PICASSO 1.6HDi SX+ “2008“ 10,995€



KIA CARNIVAL 2.9 CRDi EX AUTO “2006” 9,500€


20,000 KMS FORD FIESTA 1.4 TDCi TREND “2007” 5,995 €


AUDI TT ROADSTER CABRIO 1.8T “2006“ 13,995€

OPEL CORSA 1.2I SILVERLINE “2004” 4,500€


OPEL ASTRA 1.9 CDTi CABRIO COSMO 150 BHP “2007” 10,995€

RENAULT MEGANE 1.5 DCi SPORT “2003” 4,500€

SKODA OCTAVIA COMBI 1.9 TDi AUTO “2007” 10,995€

RENAULT MEGANE CABRIO 1.6i “2002” 4995 €


SEAT IBIZA 1.2I SPORTRIDER “2006” 5300 €

2 x CHEVROLET MATIZ 800 “2006” 3,500€

FORD FOCUS ESTATE 2.0 TDCi TREND+ “2009” 9,995€




SKODA FABIA COMBI 1.4TDi “2008” 8,995€

FORD MONDEO EST 2.0 TDCi AUTO “2008” 10,995€

HYUNDAI MATRIX 1.5 CRDi GLX “2005” 5,500€

FORD FOCUS EST 1.6 TDCi TREND + “2008” 8,995€

NISSAN MICRA 1.2i VISIA “2010” 7,995€


FSH HYUNDAI GETZ 1.1I GLS “2007” 4995 €



CHEVROLET AVEO 1.4i LS “2009” 7,995€



PEUGEOT 207 1.4i COMFORT EX DEMO “2009” 7,995€



PEUGEOT 308 1.6i 16v COMFORT - EX-DEMO “2010” 10,995€

SEAT IBIZA 1.9 SDI COOL “2005” 5,500 €

CITROEN C4 2.0i COUPE VTS “2005” 5,995€

SAAB 93 CABRIO 2.0i SE “1998” 3,995€




SKODA OCTAVIA EST 2.0 TDi DSG AUTO “2008” 11,995€


MAZDA “6” 2.0i NEW SHAPE ACTIVE “2008” 11,995€


TOYOTA VERSO 2.0 D4D LUXURY 1 OWNER “2004” 6,995€

KIA CERATO 1.6i GLX SEDAN “2005” 5,995€

NISSAN QASHQAI 2.0 DCi TEKNA “2009” 16,995€

4x4 NISSAN X-TRAIL 2.0DCi XE “2009” 14,995€



OPEL NEW ASTRA 1.7 CDTi ENJOY “2010” 11,995€


1 OWNER PEUGEOT 206+ 1.1i 5 DOOR “2010” 7,500€



79 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

130kmh speed limit

Rojales car campaign

A new 130 kilometre per hour speed limit on some stretches of Spanish motorway will be subject to a strict set of conditions, officials revealed this week. The new regulation, which is currently being developed by traffic officials at the DGT, is set to be introduced in 2013. Director of the DGT Maria Segui commented on the proposal this week, saying that the higher speed limit can only be applied when ‘very specific conditions’ are met. Conditions include a low accident record and suitable traffic and weather conditions. Meanwhile, reforms will also include a widespread reduction to 90kmh on many roads which currently employ a 100kmh speed limit

Local police in Rojales ran a special traffic campaign last week which performed random checks on vehicles in order to ascertain that all paperwork was in order. Officers compared the vehicle documentation to the vehicle itself in a campaign launched following complaints by residents that many accident claims were being delayed by drivers not having the right paperwork. Officers aimed to target those with false or incorrect documentation but having stopped and checked 52 cars, no crimes were found in any case.

BMW 320i (2009) 2.0i Petrol €19,995

Ford Fiesta (2010) 1.4 TDCi Diesel €10,495

Ssangyong Kyron (2006) 2.7 200 XDi €10,495

Renault Scenic Auto (2000) 1.9 TD Diesel €3,995

Peugeot 308 Prem(2008) 1.6 HDi Diesel €11,995

Seat Altea XL (2008) 1.9 Ref Diesel €9,995

Audi A4 (2008) 1.8 TFSi Petrol €19,995

Peugeot 207 (2008) 1.4 HDi Diesel €8,995

Ford Ka (2010) 1.3 Titanium Petrol €7,995

Seat Toledo (2009) 2.0 TDi Diesel €11,495

Seat Altea XL (2010) 1.6 Eco Diesel €13,995

VW Golf Estate (2009) 1.9 Diesel €12,995

Audi A4 (2008) 2.0 TDi (New Shape) €19,995

Audi A4 Cabrio Auto (2002) 2.4 Petrol €10,995

Seat Leon (2009) 1.9 Diesel €9,995

Ford Focus (2008) 1.8 TDCi Diesel €8,995 Honda Jazz Auto (2009) 1.4 Exec Petrol €10,995 Seat Toledo (2005) 1.9 TDi Diesel €7,995

Renault Megane (2008) 1.5 DCi Diesel €8,995

Fiat Doblo (2006) 1-3 JTD Diesel €6,995


Peugeot 407SW (2007) 1.6 HDi Diesel €8,995

Hyundai Matrix (2007) 1.5 CRDi Diesel €7,995

Ford Focus Ghia (2005) 1.8 TDi Diesel €6,995

Mercedes CLK 320 (1999) 3.2 Petrol €7,995

Kia Rio (2007) 1.4 LS Petrol €6,995

BMW X3 (2006) 3.0D Auto Diesel €19,995

Tel: 966 723 718




CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

ACCORDING TO LINEA DIRECTA, 3 OUT OF 4 ACCIDENTS RESULTING IN INJURY OR DEATH ARE CAUSED BY DRIVER ERROR Whenever we find ourselves in a difficult or dangerous situation when we are driving we only have a fraction of a second to take a decision and carry it out correctly. Consequently, when drivers take the wrong decision, the number of accidents resulting in death or injury is tripled, as figures show that 73% of accidents are caused by drivers making a bad decision, compared to 27% in which they acted correctly. This is the main conclusion of the study “Decision-making when driving” in which 174,000 accidents resulting in injury or death have been analysed. This means that in the last 4 years,

nearly 130,000 accidents resulting in injury or death could have been avoided if the drivers involved had been able to assess the dangers on the road correctly. The most common errors are due to drivers being distracted, joining roads incorrectly, turning badly, illegally overtaking and not maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle in front. As for types of road, Línea Directa’s report confirms that conventional roads are the most dangerous, due to the fact that 76% of accidents take place on them. On dual carriageways and motorways, the most common types of accident caused by driver error are rear-end

collisions and vehicle crashes, mainly due to sudden braking and the switching of lanes. Driver Profile Men aged between 18 and 24 who have held a driving licence for less than two years and the over 65s are those most likely to be involved in accidents due to driver error. The former because they have a lower perception of risk and the latter because they have lost certain skills. On the other hand, women aged between 35 and 64, who have held a driving licence for 15 years or more are those who take the best decisions.

For more information: 902 123 104

81 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Quality cars bought, sold & part exchanged


WE COME TO YOU ANYWHERE IN SPAIN OR UK 96 679 91 94 • 658 961 658

82 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

The CoastRider PRIZE CROSSWORD sponsored by

Benimar and Punta Prima (please collect from Punta Prima)

Be in with a chance to win a 10€ voucher from those lovely people at The Card Place every week. Simply send your completed crossword for the cryptic clues to our office by 12 noon on Thursday. The overall winner will be drawn from a hat of correct entries. Don’t forget to include your contact details and remember, you can enter every week! Send your completed entry to, fax 966 701 037 or bring it to our Torrevieja office (address on page 2). Draw will take place at 4pm every Thursday. The CoastRider’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


EDITION 448 WINNER: W Hamilton: Please contact The Card Place to claim your prize. Identification will be required. Voucher only redeemable for 7 days after collection.


quick ACROSS 1. Fury (4) 3. Bearers (8) 8. Bridge (4) 9. Stupefying (8) 11. Be master (4,3,5) 13. Really (6) 14. Cause to be loved (6) 17. Yet (12) 20. Non-military (8) 21. Just (4) 22. Errant (8) 23. Measure (4)

DOWN 1. Hold back (8) 2. Knotted (7) 4. Song of praise (6) 5. Go against (3,7) 6. Gives out (5) 7. Herb (4) 10. Like a spirit (10) 12. Keep (8) 15. Raise (7) 16. Reach (6) 18. Young eel (5) 19. Freezes (4)

This week’s Caption Competition Call now on 966 714 298

cryptic Winner:

ACROSS 1. Alec may produce delicate work (4) 3. Sheepish roles in defence? (8) 8. A source of wealth not yet used (4) 9. Day’s hire arranged for rural excursions in America (8) 11. Announcement from the Roman Capitol (12) 13. A sweet’s round and in layers (6) 14. Shoot at nothing but obtain something to eat (6) 17. Swiss cantons, for example? (7,5) 20. He paints badly but he can act (8) 21. A marginal advantage (4) 22. Moderate a mixed game and double it (8) 23. Rigid forms of worship (4) DOWN 1. Alec may produce delicate work (4) 3. Sheepish roles in defence? (8) 8. A source of wealth not yet used (4) 9. Day’s hire arranged for rural excursions in America (8) 11. Announcement from the Roman Capitol (12) 13. A sweet’s round and in layers (6) 14. Shoot at nothing but obtain something to eat (6) 17. Swiss cantons, for example? (7,5) 20. He paints badly but he can act (8) 21. A marginal advantage (4) 22. Moderate a mixed game and double it (8) 23. Rigid forms of worship (4)

In edition 448

Irene Rountree, Altos de la Bahia; “Ooh it`s gone right in my filling!” Please contact The CoastRider to claim your prize. Identification will be required.

Runners up.......

The best caption each week wins a mug featuring their winning caption and photo! Send your caption with your contact details so we can call you when your mug is ready to collect to: Email: Fax: 966 701 037 Phone: 966 701 060 Note: Deadline is Thursday 12 noon Sudoku Solution

SOLUTIONS QUICK: Across: 7 Niche; 8 Examine; 9 Termini; 10 Guess; 12 Arbitrator; 15 Trade union; 18 Ratio; 19 Trouble; 21 Portico; 22 Owner. Down: 1 Instructor; 2 Score; 3 Peri; 4 Gemini; 5 Kangaroo; 6 Liberty; 11 Strawberry; 13 Rhetoric; 14 Mastery; 16 Notion; 17 Ebony; 20 Oboe. CRYPTIC Across: 7 Basic; 8 Element; 9 Thimble; 10 Earns; 12 Dead letter; 15 Interprets; 18 Sands; 19 Scratch; 21 Average; 22 Swell. Down: 1 Obituaries; 2 Astir; 3 Scab; 4 Defend; 5 Tenement; 6 Secrete; 11 Stronghold; 13 Eurasian; 14 Stances; 16 Russet; 17 Strew; 20 Rise.

A mole can dig a tunnel 300 feet long in just one night. Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite.

Anne Hetherington.Los Alcazares. "Holy guacamole that touched a nerve" Soniya Phull, Torrevieja; “8 out of 10 monkeys said they preferred it, why? It's the taste" Josie Evans, Altos de la Bahia; “When I said, where`s the lolly, I did not expect this!” Brian, La Finca Golf, Algorfa; “I know they are bad for my teeth but i just love them” Migel Jayasinghe; " Won't do my teeth any good, but how can I resist?" Pam Ashton, El Galan; “That Colgate Sensitive toothpaste really works!” Marion Cuff, Laguna Green, Jacarilla; “Chimp's Teath Party!" Roy Cuff Laguna Green, Jacarilla; "Ooh, it's a chiller from Vanilla!"

83 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Mobile Home at Bigastro, 2 bed, 2 bath, A/C, TV, shed with washing machine. Fenced plot, can move straight in rent paid till March 2013. 15,000€ o.n.o. Tel 966 182 415 (449) FADING OR YELLOWING HEADLIGHTS? If the headlights on your car have faded or gone yellow. To prevent an ITV failure or to make them look like new. Call Jes on 638 890 459 (451)

Used MOTOBIKES BUY, SELL & REPAIR, TRANSFER ON SPANISH REG, ITV/MOT, 7 days. Call Marcel 644 166 347 Guardamar (451)

Fishing & Boat Trips, Fishing-Wreck, Reef, & Trolling. Fun Days Swim Snorkel Do-Nut. Sightseeing: Local Beaches, Tabarca Island etc. Individuals or private parties, free hot and cold drinks. Operating from Torrevieja, fully insured and licensed. Contact Kevin on 965 710 654 Mobile 636 159 885 or (449)

For sale bar with kitchen situated on La Finca Golf Commercial Centre, Algorfa. 40 covers outside, 20 covers inside. Plenty of regular customers. Offers invited in the region of 20,000€. For more information ring 602 657 681 (450) Lemon Tree Market, double pitch total 100m2, with wood cabin storage, can be used for any Retail Outlet, formerly used as bar. Offers or more details. 634 337 747. (449) For sale due to retirement, bar and casa 240m2, 3 bed, 3 bath, kitchen – dining, living room, 2 terraces Tel: 679 555 616. All Paperwork in order, Los Montesinos () Bar Restaurant, fully equipped for rent two floors, large terrace, beside La Marquesa Golf Course. 686 896 690 (449) Expanding swimming pool maintenance company require extra pool cleaning contracts. Community or private. Ciudad Quesada, Rojales, La Marina areas. Top prices/commissions paid for new contracts. Tel 619 342 598 clearwaterpoolspain@ (450)

Chris craft consept - Sport boat seats 7 people has a small cuddie cabin, 4.3 litre gm engine inboard. SSR reg moored at Torre de Horarda Marina. In good condition 4,500€ Tel: 607 031 113(J) BOATING LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Own-boat tuition on sail and power. If you have a yacht or powerboat get qualified and certified. Contact Richard 00 34 638 056 224/enquiries com (453)


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

CAR STEREO DECODING TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

Gardener, more than 25 years experience on the Costa , English & Spanish spoken , private & community gardens, free quote on 699 682 630 or (450)

Repairs to mixers, PA, karaoke players, microphones, leads, connectors, LCD TV, audio, video, DVD repairs, all electronic supplies, TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS S.L. fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

For sale, Body Solid Multi Gym in excellent condition 250€. 607 031 113 (c) Experienced mobile hairdresser, good price, good service, city in guilds qualified call 663 173 385 ()

English plasterer, internal finishing, external rendering 15 yrs experience, fully legal, call Chris 671 444 246 email: c_pettit@hotmail (450)

LCD TVs audio, video, DVD repairs, electronic component supplies, TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

RESPONSE, YALE and AEI ALARMS, from €125 DIY, fitted from €225, alarm repairs, servicing and upgrades. TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS S.L fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

85 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

English qualified Plumber/Gas/Heating Engineer. All jobs considered and no call out fee! Ring 634 683 954 (451) SKY TV fitted €399, Dish tuning €45, New LNB from €45, SKY+HD Box & sky card €399. Call 965 070 458 or 618 585 051 ()


CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

Learn Spanish at your own pace. Private classes in Torrevieja, 1:1 or 1:2. Call 651 376 156 (450) CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS at the award winning Restaurant Catorce in Benijófar. Private air-conditioned classroom, lessons last 1½ hours, maximum class size of 12, no up-front fees, no books to buy, just 5 euros per lesson. Feel confident quickly in a wide range of everyday situations such as eating out, doctors, shopping and general conversation. Lesson 1 starts Monday 15th October at 3pm. Call Alan on 617 530 247 for more details and to reserve your place. (450)

Luxury 3 piece cream leather suite with solid oak surround excellent condition €500. Tel. 965 326 462 (449) Body Solid Multi Gym in excellent condition 250€ o.n.o. 607 031 113 (c) Used and new catering equipment, everything for your catering needs, glasswashers, dishwashers, planchas, fryers, fridges etc. Specialists in Extractions. We also buy second hand equipment. CALL US NOW WITH YOUR REQUIREMENTS 603 310 009 (451) Portable aircon unit high powered as new (never used) cost new 800€, semi commercial 175€ ono. Swimming pool cover roller 5m wide, adjustable 120€ ono. Tel 628 658 098 (450) Nearly new 3 burner commercial Gas Plancha cost 300€, now 150€. Opportunity to have a nice little earner, Automatic Donut Machine, 3 different size donuts, capable of producing 400 donuts per hour. Ideal for Markets, Fiestas, etc. Cost 1,000€ new, now 500€. 966 796 132 (449) Wanted Jacuzzi in good condition. Buyer to transport. Tel. 966 719 321 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Guia Petrol. 1 careful owner. Full Ford service history 76000kms.New battery, water pump,cam belt, tyres. ITV march 2014 €4200 O.N.O Tel 966 189 887 (450)

Residencias & NIEs same day service Orihuela Costa, Quesada, La Marina & surrounding areas, RES & NIE €60 call Wendy 966 782 589/636 595 291 (452)

Canon IR2270 Black &White photocopier to A3 including Double sided. Offers invited. Tel 966 712 382 (449) Fencing panels 1.80mx1.20m. €30 each. Posts and metal feet €12 each. Tel. 674 482 358 (449)

Music tuition, piano, keyboard, electric organ, all ages welcome, experienced teacher, call Keith 965 325 214 (458)

American oak tongue and grooved flooring 13cmx20mm. €20 per Sqm. Tel.674 482 358 (449) Acoustic Guitar for sale. Academy nearly new complete with soft case, strap, tuner, spare Martin strings, plectrum. 80€ Dave 648 472 614 (451)

Dog training and behavioural problems at home or classes any age or breed 669 040 487 (453) 2 Beautiful red and white male English Bulldog puppies, registered with the UK Kennel Club bred by the famous Kelloe Bulldog Kennel, 40 years experience in the breed, ready to go 24th August, will be veterinary checked and 1st inoculation. Mother and father can be seen. €1,800. Tel 966 810 024 or 634 025 565 ( 451) Turn your unwanted furniture, electrical, household goods, bric-a-brac and clean clothing,antiques and collectables into cash. Anything! Anywhere! 965 319 220/618 165 887 (450) ANIMAL ANGELS Veterinary Approved, Pet Sitters & Purr-fect Cattery Los Montesinos Area Tel: 966 721 622/676 717 162 (453) THE MEWS CATTERY all feline guests will receive the highest standard of care during their stay GUARDAMAR area TEL 965 971 340 ()

I buy fridges, washing machines, furniture, electrical, tools, bikes, anything! Get cash call Chris 671 251 332 (452) HP/Compaq Laptop Windows XP, clean hard drive, good condition, new charger €100. Tel: 693 956 707 (453)

87 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012 balcony. Bedroom double & b/i w/drobe. 345€ pcm + bills with contract. Tel: 634 389 640 (449) Algorfa – 2 bed f/f apartment close to centre, school & facilities with fully fitted kitchen, breakfast bar, lounge/diner with patio doors to balcony. Bed 1 double, bed 2 twin beds. F/tiled bathroom with shower over bath. Kitchen with hob & oven. 315€ pcm + bills with contract. Tel: 634 389 640 (449)

FOR SALE Fantastic extended corner house south facing, quiet urbanisation, La Siesta, Torrevieja (Costa Blanca)

I am urgently looking for property in the La Zenia area for many cash buyers. Also rentals required. Ring Astrid 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (449)

I have all my properties full with exceptional tenants long term and need 2/3 bed bungalows, villas etc. Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Los Altos, La Florida & Los Balcones. ALSO CASH CLIENTS WAITING FOR REASONABLY PRICED HOUSES IN ABOVE LOCATIONS. Ring Astrid 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (449)

House wanted Albatera area. Any state considered. 00 44 743 260 8823 or email (451) We are looking for good and sensibly priced properties for our German clients (many cash buyers). Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (449)

Long let Torrevieja, 2 bed Park Home. Air con, TV, DVD, washing machine, communal pool with bar. Close to the beach. 275€ pcm + bills 617 599 470 (449) Jardin del Mar, Torrevieja - 2 bed 1 bath end upstairs furnished bungalow. Kitchen fully fitted, bed 1 double, bed 2 single and extra pull out bed. Balcony, solarium sun all day. A/C and ceiling fans. Walking to bars/restaurants and supermarket/commercial centre. Community pool. 395€ pcm + bills with contract. Tel: 634 389 640 (449)

1+2+3 bed apartments, 2+3 bed townhouses and villas for long term lets in Jacarilla, Los Montesinos, San Miguel, Torremendo, Villamartin 3 bedroom quad in quiet cul-de-sac in Villamartin, 2 bathrooms, off road parking, garden and communal pool. For long term let 495€pm Unfurnished spacious 3 bed, 2 bath quad in Montebello, Algorfa for long term let 475€ pm 965 720 766/ 661 748 386 La Florida, Calle Acuario. Delightful semi-detached Bungalow, 2 beds, car port, roof solárium. Long let 395€ pm. Ring Astrid 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (450) La Siesta. 3 bed ground floor apartment €300 PCM plus bills. Tel. 69396707 (449) La Mata, Torrevieja - Excellent fully furnished 2 bed 3rd floor apartment with private roof solarium Modern building with 2 lifts, door entry system. Large lounge/diner with patio doors to balcony. Fully fitted kitchen. Bedroom 1 dbl bed, b/i w/robe, & French doors to balcony. 2nd bedroom twin beds. Fully tiled bathroom. 395€ pcm + bills with contract. Tel: 634 389 640 (449) El Coral, Torrevieja - Nicely located 2/3 bedroom quad villa. Driveway for car, covered veranda terrace. Lounge diner with ceiling fan & A/C. Fully fitted kitchen, galleria with washer, dryer and storage. Cloakroom toilet. Bedroom 1 dbl bed. Bedroom 2 twin beds. Fully tiled bathroom. Balcony. 3rd bedroom/study/2nd lounge with A/C. 425€ pcm + bills with contract. Tel: 634 389 640 (449) Torreblanca, Torrevieja - Bright 1 bedroom apt with separate dining/office in a popular and convenient location. Communal pool and gardens. 4th Floor. Fully fitted kitchen. Lounge with patio doors to glazed diner/study/2nd bedroom and lrg open

Next to NaturPark, 2 min. walk to all amenities, Bars, Restaurants, Bus stop, etc. GROUND FLOOR: lounge/Dining room, air con, American Kitchen, 1 bedroom, bathroom/Toilet. FIRST FLOOR: Massive Master bedroom with park view, bathroom/Toilet, air con, wooden staircase to second floor. SECOND FLOOR: Bedroom, Bathroom/Toilet, Large terrace overlooking saltlakes with marvellous views from La Mata to San Miguel de Salinas. GROUND FLOOR TERRACE with fully covering electric awning. LARGE UNDERGROUND STOREROOM. TV on each floor, each floor sliding aluminium windows, property partly furnished, car park. 5 minutes drive to Guardamar, La Mata, Torrevieja.

143,700 Euros Property must be seen. For viewing appointment please call

607 031 885 CABO ROIG, Cala Capitán. Detached villa at the beach, 3 bed, 2 baths, guest WC, balcony, solarium, garage, quiet location. 299,990 Euros. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (449) PLAYA FLAMENCA. Sunny corner house, 3 bed, 2 baths, terrace, solarium, air con, utility room, furn., off-road parking, com. pool, quiet location yet close to amenities and the sports centre. 99,999 Euros. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (449) We are looking for good and sesibly priced properties for our German clients ( many cash buyers). Tel. 616 939 326, 966 773 985, ALBA 028 – 224000€ - Albatera - 4 bed spacious country property with 2 bed apartment, outside kitchen and large veranda. Pool on 2100m2 plot with palms and fruit trees 618 364 956 (449) ALBA BLJ – 229000€ - Albatera – Spacious 3 bed, 2 bath villa on 2070m2 plot with fruit trees and great views. Large terrace, pool and solarium 618 364 956 (449) ALBA EQ – 165000€ – Albatera – Typical 4 bed, 3 bath Spanish Finca. Plot of 2600m2 with pool, terrace, fruit trees and fantastic mountain views 618 364 956 (449) ALBA S2 – 299000€ - Albatera – Luxury refitted, 4 bed, 3 bath villa with apartment.

REF 490. CIUDAD QUESADA, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, Gas Central Heating, 500m2 South Facing Plot, Off Road Parking, Private 7m x 3m , Heated Swimming Pool, Central Location. €340000(449) REF 491. PUEBLO BRAVO, 2 Bed Ground Floor Apartment, Part Furnished, Private Garden, Beautiful Communal Area, Overlooking Swimming Pool & Gardens, Close to Local Amenities. €65000(449) REF 494. 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Linked Bungalow, Part Furnished, Front & Rear Gardens, Views to Salt Lakes, Close to Local Amenities, Desirable Location.€55000(449) REF 495. 2 Bed, 2 Bath Ground Floor Apartment, Fully Furnished & Immaculate, Communal Swimming Pool, Walking Distance to Amenities, Front Line Golf, Glorious Views €79000(449) REF 497. 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom Duplex, Self Contained Apartment, Fully Furnished, Beautifully Presented, Communal Swimming Pool, Sought After Area. €€170000(449) REF 498. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, 500m2 Plot, Fully Furnished, Sun Room, Private Swimming Pool, Excellent Location. €240000(449) REF 499. 3 Bed, 2 Bath Semi-Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, 200m2 Plot, Immaculately Presented, Excellent Location. €110000(449) REF 505. 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Detached Villa, 1 Bedroom Guest Suite, 440m2 Plot, Part Furnished, Roof Solarium with Super Views, Private Heated Swimming Pool.€190000(449) REF 511. 2 Bed, 2 Bath. Detached Villa, 1 Bed, 1 Bath. Guest Apartment, Immaculate Condition, Fully Furnished, Private Swimming Pool, 339m2 Plot.€180000(449) REF 512. 2 Bedroom Ground Floor Apartment, Immaculate Condition, Fully Furnished, Communal Swimming Pool, Located on La Marquesa Golf Course. €77500(449) REF 513. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, 1 Bed, 1 Bath. Guest Apartment, Fully Furnished, Immaculate Condition, Private Swimming Pool.€210000(449) REF 514. 2 Bedroom, “Fortuna Style” Duplex, Beautifully Presented, Part Furnished, Communal Swimming Pool, Close to Local Amenities.€95000(449) REF 515. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, 230m2 Plot, Roof Solarium, Tiled Gardens, Off Road Parking, Located on Golf Course.€135000(449) REF 516. 2 Bed, 1 Bath. Top Floor Apartment, Fully Furnished, Roof Solarium with Sea & Lake Views, Balcony, Communal Swimming Pool, Close to Local Amenities.€72500(449) For more information please ring 966 718 392 (449)

Aspe CJM1 – 215000€ - Aspe – 3 bed, 3 bath house with private pool and mountain views from terraces. Few mins from town centre. 618 364 956 (449) Hon F AJR – 144000€ - Hondon de los Frailes – 3 bed, 2 bath house only 1 or 2 mins to town. Room for expansion and already has pool and patio areas and large garage/workshop 618 364 956 (449) Hon F AX – 145000€ - Hondon de los Frailes - 3 bed, 1 bath finca on edge of national park. Quality fitted kitchen, sold fully furnished, amazing views 618 364 956 (449) Hon F DPS – 225000€ - Hondon de los Frailes – 3 bed, 2 bath villa with casita, double garage and pool on 1547m2 plot. Glazed porch with mountain views 618 364 956 (449) HON F S13 – 259999€ - Hondon de los Frailes – Large 3 bed, 2 bath country property with 2 bed apartment on 3800m2 plot. Amazing views. 618 364 956 (449) HON F WFO – 179000€ - Hondon de los Frailes – Urgent Sale – 3 bed, 2 bath quality villa with pool on 2850m2 plot. Outside kitchen all in fantastic setting. 618 364 956 (449) La Mu CJ2 – 65000€ – La Murada - 2 bed, 1 bath fully furnished apartment in market town. Solarium, balcony and communal pool, mountain views 618 364 956 (449)

SALON MARGARETHAS, 23 years in Torrevieja. Hair/Wig specialist for Medical Illness and Hair Loss problems. We offer different Hair Replacements, top fillers, Hair prostheses, Toupees and Wigs. Natural and Artificial hair and much more. Also, fashion/festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Please call our salon reception for an appointment with Margaretha on tel no. 966 921 846 Torrevieja. (450)

Have fun learning or improving your ballroom and Latin dancing at the Lo Monte Hotel, Pilar de la Horadada (N332), every Thursday morning. Beginners: 11.15-12.15; Improvers: 12.30-13.30. For further information contact Marilyn 966 762 262 (452)

Apartment for sale in Catral. 2 bed, 2 bath. Great location, communal pool, gated community. 39,900€ 669 723 709 (452) Coastal views, heated pool, large terrace with wood beams 618 364 956 (449) ALBA S25 – 239000€ – Albatera – New 4 bed, 2 bath property on 10,000 plot, empty for some years. Needs TLC, large build, great location with pool. Offers considered 618 364 956 (449) ALBA S5 – 199999€ – Albatera – 3 bed 2 bath country property with 2 bed annex plus pool, workshops and storerooms on 2000m2 plot with habitation certificate 618 364 956 (449) ALBA SER – 199000€ – Albatera – Bargain (offers considered), 3 bed, 2 bath villa on gated urbanization. Communal pools, tennis court and bar. Rare opportunity 618 364 956 (449) ALBA YMD – 275000€ - Albatera 3 bed, 2 bath villa with amazing views and 2 bed apartment on 2000m2 plot. Large glazed terrace overlooks large pool 618 364 956 (449)

FOR FULL LISTINGS PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Confidential helpline 625 912 078. More information Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. Monday Mornings in Los Alcazares at 11am. Phone English 679 385 105. Spanish Speaking 658 242 930 German 966 789 686 Scandinavian 659 779 222 Flemish 635 047 053 AL-ANON FAMILY GROUP TORREVIEJA. For details phone 692 799 318. BAOBABS CLUB a social group for those with Southern

88 and East African connections with branches for Costa Blanca South and North. Costa Blanca South meets at Cheers Bar/Restaurant near San Miguel de Salinas from 12.00 on the second Saturday each month. No fees or formalities. For details ring Brian 966 791 970 or Jean 966 784 735 (449) THE STRICTLY SOCIAL CLUB Second and Forth Wednesdays of the month at The Asturias Restaurant on the N332 at Punta Prima start at 15.00. People of any age are welcome. See our web site on google - thestrictlysocialclub (449) TORREVIEJA COMPUTER CLUB - Meet the second and fourth Wednesday each month at the Rocajuna Bar, Punta Prima at 19.00. Meetings on 10 & 24 Oct, 14 & 28 Nov, and 12 Dec. For further information visit: THE VEGA BAJA GARDEN CLUB Meets monthly at Los Rosales Restaurant at Campo de Guardamar on the Lemon Tree Road (CV 895) Time: 1.45 for a prompt 2.00 start. For further information, contact Val on 966716527. (449) TOTAL CRAFT (Torrevieja) Our ladies crafting group every Thursday afternoon 2-5pm at PALS social club, la siesta, Torrevieja. If you would like more information on who we are and what we do please telephone Maureen 96 678 9977 or call in any Thursday afternoon, where you will be made very welcome.(449) SOLITAIRE Singles Friendship Group social events, meals, theatre trips - enjoying a new way of life and sharing it with new friends and many other activities. Meet every Friday at Franky´s Bar, Blue Lagoon, summer 7 - 9/Winter 6 - 8. Phone - 618 784 564. (451) COME DINE WITH US Meet every Friday evening to enjoy restaurants, live music and make new friends. Age 45+. 15km radius Torrevieja. Phone Janet 667 863 495 (451) FREEMASONRY Freemasonry is thriving on the Costa Blanca with lodges along the coast. If you are a Mason or simply wish to know more about Freemasonry in Spain contact Harry Palmer, 966 712 326 or Email: palmers.quesada@yahoo (452) THE LADIES SEEKERS CLUB meets every other Tuesday at 2pm at Bar Sacko’s, El Limonar. Come along and join us for an afternoon of speakers/demonstrations, general knowledge quiz, photo quiz, music quiz and raffle. Further information please contact Mary Brewer on 966 784 033 (452)

ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY OF ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL, TORREVIEJA Serving the area from La Marina , south of Alicante, to La Manga, near Cartagena Chaplain Revd Christopher Scargill, 966 925 205 Secretary Mrs Joan Berry 968 193 117 Honorary assistant clergy Canon T Sampson 677 237 496 Revd. T Baxter 966 181 731 Chap-

CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

laincy Wardens Mrs C Hopkins 965 720 673 Mr Derek King 968 546 866 Church website SPIRITUAL AWARENESS SOCIETY OF QUESADA, meet at Sociedad Compas, 14 Calle de Toledo, Quesada. Sunday, 11.30 a.m. and Tuesday 7.30 p.m. For more information contact Wendy on 965 323 028. Website is: www.spiritualist (449) ASSOCIACIÓN ALZHEIMER DE FAMILIARES Y AMIGOS TORREVIEJA (AFA) Day centre Prolongación Avda de la Estación 1 Torrevieja or La Siesta behind Age Concern office. Tel 966 702 500 or 647 119 991. Charity Shop at Calle Maestro Francisco Valejos, Torrevieja ANIMAL AID Rescue and rehome animals on the Costa Blanca. Info: Linda tel: 965 725 794 P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING HANDS CHARITY FOR ANIMALS) Needs foster homes for abandoned dogs and volunteers for our telephone helpline. 650 304 746 or 96 283 3325 For more information and to view our animals: HELP VEGA BAJA’S FRIENDSHIP GROUP if you or someone you know would like to join us, why not come along to “the Help Friendship Centre”. We meet most Monday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm at the Church La Parroquia Cristo in La Regia. For more details call our San Miguel office on 966 723 733, Monday to Fridays between 10.00 and 13.30. TORREVIEJA STROKE SUPPORT GROUP meet each Friday between 2.45pm and 5pm in The Annex, Municipal Buildings, Calle Paganini s/n, Urb. La Siesta, Torrevieja. (Behind Age Concern). We are a self help group offering a range of therapies and activities in a social setting: speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy & personal training, art, discussion groups, games, recreation and outings. e-mail: ephone: 966 718 964, and after 22 09 12

THE ACTORS STUDIO an amateur drama group raising funds for the AFA Alzheimers Torrevieja meet every Monday between 7 and 9pm at the AFA Alzheimers day centre at Avenida Estacion 1 Torrevieja. Both acting/non acting members over the age of 18 are made very welcome. Just come along or Tel David on 966 704 097 for further details (449)

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AMIGOS DEL CICLISMO An international cycling group, gathers at Bar Studz on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 10.00 for a leisurely ride of about 80kms. If you’re interested in joining us call Roger on 966716442 / 653433933.()

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ORIHUELA COSTA NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH (VECINOS COLABORANDO) Contacts Chris Poole, Tel/Fax 96 676 1379, Graham Jones Tel 96 532 7838. CRIME WATCH ESPANA(Asociacion Vecinos Colaborando de la Costa Blanca) Association’s main contacts: Torrevieja Tel. 966 786 266 and Catral 965 992 838. Our Email: Our Web: colaborandocatra/home

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89 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

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CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

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Lacey, one of six pups born in July. The owner died and two days later mummy dog promptly produced six babies. They are lovely pups and are currently receiving the necessary vaccinations.


Poppy, 9 months old, was found with her five puppies. She is a very happy, loving little dog all she wants is a family to love her. Jazmin, 3 months old is the puppy of Poppy, a very energetic little girl who loves to play. She weighs just 2 kilos and is going to be a very small dog.

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91 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

CHOOSING YOUR EQUIPMENT TO SUIT THE GOLF COURSE There are a lot of players that buy a set of clubs based on the ease of use and also the make of the club, as opposed to the set of clubs that may actually be more suited to you and the courses that you regularly play on. The professionals on the tour will regularly change the make-up of their bag to suit the conditions of the day or the course that they are playing. They may choose to remove the hybrids in their bag if they are playing a links type course or in high winds as they look to try and keep the ball flight lower. In some tournaments they will take out the lob wedge to replace it with another iron or wood if the course is longer. Now I know that most people have their standard set of clubs in the bag and don’t have the skill level of the professionals to be able to put a 2 iron in the bag or remove their favoured 7 wood, but you can still make adjustments to your set to help your playing level. Many of the golfers I see in the lessons have a bag full of clubs, which through their own admission do not use them as they are not confident in their abilities to use them.

If you have a club that you do not have confidence in using then I do not see the point in having it your bag. This is for a couple of reasons; the first being that you have always got the temptation of taking a chance of hitting the shot and the second is that you should replace it with a club that you are confident with. There is no point, in my view, of carrying clubs that you are not confident in using, this will only lead to more disappointment and heart ache when it comes to each shot. In this area of Spain, the fairways and areas around the greens can get baked very hard by the sun, making the delicate shots around the green more difficult and the choice of weapon much more important. A wedge with a low bounce angle will be much more consistent from the tight lies that are a regular feature of courses in this area. Many of today’s wedges have high bounce angles and are unforgiving on this type of terrain. Choosing your clubs carefully can help to improve your

impact and your shots. The bounce angle of the club is a measurement of the angle between the leading edge of the club and the back of the club. You may be able to notice the difference when you hold the club head vertically. For example if you are struggling

to play off the tight lies, then you need to check your wedges to make sure that they have a bounce angle of less than 8º, this will improve your strike consistency. Vice versa, if you take large deep divots a higher bounce angle will be more beneficial to your game. The bounce angle of the club is a measurement of the angle between the leading edge of the club and the back of the club. You may be able to notice the difference when you hold the club head vertically. Be aware that all irons have some degree of bounce, but these generally do not affect the consistency of strike. Shafts can also affect your consistency. All shafts have a bend-profile, more commonly known as the kick point. For those of you that have a smoother, slower swing your shaft should be more flexible/softer at the grip end of the shaft, while those with a faster more aggressive swing should look to get a shaft with a stiffer tip. Other points to consider is your wrist release, at the point of impact. If you release your wrists early in the

downswing then you should to get a shaft with a soft tip and those who release the club late in the swing should be playing with a stiffer tipped shaft. Remember that shafts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and there is no industry standard to control the variation in shaft flex. A good professional should be able to advise you whether or not the shaft is suitable for your swing and advise you on what shaft would be a better fit. Lastly I would like to say that choosing your golf clubs should involve picking clubs that feel good and suit your eye, as well as clubs that suit your swing and your style. Always try the clubs before you buy them and when possible on a driving range so that you can see the flight of the ball. Lo Romero Golf Academy is based at Lo Romero Golf on the outskirts of Pilar de la Horadada. When you are ready to begin your journey to better golf, give me a call. 902 18 09 18 or 628 19 16 90 or send me an email at


HERCULES BRING A POINT BACK FROM THE DEEP SOUTH Almería 0 l Hercules 0 By Malcolm Palmer Watching this second division encounter after seeing Real Madrid beat Deportivo was rather like listening to Des O’Connor after Placido Domingo. Quality was sadly absent, especially, as the score suggests, in the finishing department - and not just from Hercules, who attacked with some spirit in the first half. They went close midway through the second period when Gilvan Gomes hit a post, but there was little to cheer about, even for the locals, who must

expect more of their usually freescoring forwards, the Brazilian Charles, and the Uruguayan Ulloa. For Hercules, Jeffrey Sarpong was the pick of the bunch, troubling the home defence with his runs down the left, but nothing of note happened until midfielder Escassi contrived to get himself sent off deep into injury time. The Alicante side deserved their point, which keeps them in touch with salvation, although they remain in a perilous penultimate position.

Sailing Association Mar Menor (SAMM)

MONTE GO TOP OF THE LEAGUE CD MONTESINOS...4 l1...CALLOSA DEPORTIVA CDM TEAM: Cubano, Sergio, Dimitry, Fernando, Rubio, Andres, M & A, Sito, Chulo, Edu and Victor. SUBS: Geremias for Rubio, Omar for Victor, Fran for Chulo and Javi for Edu GOALS: Edu (2), Victor (P) and Andres (P) CD Montesinos remain unbeaten in this group after three matches and also go joint top of the division. Two goals from last season´s top scorer, Edu, both being top notch finishes and one a piece from Victor and Andres, both penalties, gave MONTE a well deserved victory. But the game certainly did not start smoothly for the home side. Despite being cheered on by almost 200 supporters at the Campo Municipal in Los Montesinos, they soon went behind to a well organised and willing Callosa side. But goals in the 38th and 45th minute – both from Edu and both stunning finishes, turned the result around before half time. 10 Minutes into the second half, Chulo ran into the area only to be brought down for a penalty, which Victor transformed at the second attempt after the Callosa keeper had saved his first attempt well and just 8 minutes later, Andres puts the game beyond

reach for the visitors as he transforms another penalty, this time after Victor had been brought down the in penalty area, to make the score 4-1. It is certainly a decent start to the season for CD Montesinos although you do get the feeling that they are still a few players short if they are to make a full blown challenge at promotion, especially in defence which at the moment looks quite fragile. But two wins and a draw is certainly a much better start than last season when the club went very close to gaining that promotion place. Next week, CD MONTESINOS are away at Torrevieja CF. At the time of going to print, kick off day and time has still to be confirmed so please keep looking at our website at You can also contact us via email at or by telephone on 637 869 602. VAMOS MONTE!!!

CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

The second day of the SAMM Autumn Race Series was held on Sunday 30th September. The race took place from the CAR Sailing Centre at Los Narejos on the Mar Menor. It was a calm morning with threateningly black clouds in the distance. There was a little wind from the North which increased to 5-6 knots by 12.00 noon, when the first race started. Nine boats were competing and the results on the corrected times were:-

First race: Place Boat Helm First Sailfish Sorocco Robert Hudson Second Sailfish Mistral Bob Miles Third Fourth Fifth Sixth

Solo Shoestring Tres Weta 14 Shoestring Uno

Crew Janice Penning Marinne Elias, Andy Kaluza

Seventh Martin Eighth Weta 15

Don Clark Tug Wilson Ingo Wilson Brian Murray Linda Coates Roy Taylor Bob Blinhorn, D Squires, John Down Tony Jones Vernon O'Byrne Edd Penning Julian Pering


Mick BurgessCarl Vogt, Val Preston

Balaton Conny

Second race: Place First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh

Boat Shoestring Shoestring Tres Sailfish Sirocco Solo Weta 14 Martin Shoestring Uno


Weta 15

Helm Crew Cuatro John Down, Roy Taylor Tug Wilson Ingo Wilson Rob Hudson Janice Penning Don Clarke Brian Murray Linda Coats Tony Jones Vernon O'Byrne Bob Blinhorn D Squires, S Andrews, K Honoor Edd Penning Julian Pering

DNF Kaluza

Sailfish Mistral

Bob MilesMarianne Elias, Andy

The next race day will be on Sunday 7th October. For more information see or email

93 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

One feels that if there were to be another presidential election in Ireland at this time, there would be three names put forward: Jim McGuinness, Brian Cody and Henry Shefflin. Which of them would be victorious? I expect that none of them would allow their name to go forward. Why? Because each of these three men are totally committed to their game - football in the case of McGuinness and hurling for Cody and Shefflin. When Kilkenny and Galway lined out in a sunny Croke Park before a crowd of 82,274 eager fans to determine who was going to claim the Liam McCarthy cup, nobody seemed quite sure who was going to win this replay, the first since 1959. This was the third championship meeting between the two teams this year and Galway had already dethroned the Leinster champions and taken the title for the first time. When they met in the All Ireland final on September 9th, Joe Canning scored the equalising point in injury time and the stage was set for the clash of the season. But it did not really materialise on the day. Canning was the first to raise a white flag in the 6th minute and it seemed as if Galway were intent on renewing their ferocious attack on the Cats, particularly since Henry Shefflin had sent his first free wide a few minutes earlier. Shefflin very quickly got on the scoring sheet after the Kilkenny captain, Eoin Larkin, was fouled but Kilkenny hearts began to quicken when the

young unknown, Walter Walsh, from opportunistic, perhaps, but still capable Inistioge, making his championship of causing the green flag to be raised! – debut for Kilkenny, scored his first point. in the 19th minute and the real This young, 6 foot, 4 inch man finished difference between the two teams was his game with a score of 1-3; an obvious by the fact that all of the enormous achievement on his first Kilkenny forwards and centre field outing for his county! Kilkenny were scored at some stage throughout the match. Most of slowly pulling Galway’s points ahead when were from frees, Galway’s David courtesy of one Burke picked up a big full forward, long pass from Iarla Joe Canning. The Tannin and scored teams went in at his first goal. TJ half time with Reid had replied Kilkenny ahead by with a point for four points despite Kilkenny within having played the seconds but Burke better hurling on struck again with the day: Kilkenny his second goal – 1-11, Galway 2-4. and Galway were Galway emerged ahead in the 18th Eoin Larkin lifts the with more minute. And that Liam McCarthy Cup determination and was to be the last Galway score until Joe Canning scored took the fight to Kilkenny but did not another point from a free and then manage to translate this new energy another one from a 65 in the closing into scores. James Skehill, the Galway stages of the first half. The fact that ‘keeper, was replaced following an Galway had not scored one point from injury and his replacement, Fergal play in the first half was a good indicator Flannery was sorely tested within that Galway were not playing with the minutes while Kilkenny were lucky to same skill or intensity that they had clear the ball off their goal line in the first displayed in the first two matches; or, minute of the second half. Galway tried perhaps, it was an even better indicator to breach the Kilkenny defence and did that Kilkenny, under Brian Cody, had so on a number of occasions and were learned from their previous mistakes unlucky when a goal scored by Cyril and were taking the battle to Galway. Donnellan in the 45th minute was Ritchie Power scored a goal – declared invalid because the referee,


Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Business Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

James McGrath, had already blown the whistle to give Galway a free. Seconds later the Gods again frowned on Galway when a rasping shot from Canning hit the bottom of the post and bounced back into play. Minutes later again the final nail was driven into the Galway coffin when Cyril Donnellan was red carded for striking JJ Delaney. Kilkenny simply now did what Kilkenny do best – played the best hurling of the season and swamped Galway. The debutant, Walsh, scored his first goal on his first day on the Kilkenny senior team and even though Johnny Glynn, the 19 year old Galway star, replied in the 66th minute, it was, quite simply, display time for Kilkenny. Kilkenny were able to show why they are, without doubt, the best team in the country and why they have been able to claim 9 All Ireland titles in the past 13 years. They were able to underline why Brian Cody is the best manager ever, at least in terms of the number of titles he has brought to Kilkenny since he took over in 1998. They were able to act as a vehicle for Henry Shefflin to also make history by being the only man to ever win 9 All Ireland medals from the field of play. Noel Hickey came on as a substitute and also won his ninth medal, but ‘King’ Henry remains the only one to have his ‘haul’ as a playing member during each of these title ‘fights’. It was not a great spectacle simply because Kilkenny had the match of Galway from the start. Galway missed


some easy chances and one shudders to think of what would have happened had not David Burke showed his skill and speed twice during the afternoon? One could also ask what would have happened if Donnellan’s goal had been allowed and Canning’s shot was a few centimetres shorter? Isn’t ‘if’ a mighty word, considering it is so short! Kilkenny are worthy champions for 2012 and the final score was 3-22 to 3-11. The Tipperary minors left us in no doubt that they, too, are worthy champions. They demolished Dublin who were bidding to avenge their defeat of last year. Tipperary last won the title in 2007 and showed some underage talent which bodes well for their senior team in the future. One can only imagine the crestfallen Galway supporters as they left the friendly comfort of Paddy’s Point in La Zenia. Their only relief will be that they were in the benevolent care of Rory and Hazel, the new owners of this Irish Mecca in the south east of Spain and the very capable hands of Alan, Ronan, Ciara and all the rest of the staff there. All that remains to do is to climb down off the fence, dust it off and return it to storage until Championship 2013 gets under way. That depends, of course, on the blessing of the very efficient Aoife in the ‘CoastRider’ and, perhaps, the business acumen of some of the local business interests! Whether or which, the fence is in storage and the view is blocked!

istabella Golf is a relatively new development, opening in 2009, which has 11 holes, which may be played in a sequence allowing for an 18 hole round of golf, Par 73, and nearly 6,000 metre course. Designed by Manuel Piñero former partner of Seve Ballesteros in the 1985 Ryder Cup, and with more than 30 years experience in the world of golf, he has coupled this knowledge with his playing experiences from the best courses in the world and applied it to Vistabella Golf. Vistabella has been developed to offer four different tee positions; wide fairways and numerous strategically placed bunkers all fully integrated into natural surroundings, with a responsible use of resources that has made this more than just another golf course, achieving a unique landscape with over 34 hectares covered in various species of Mediterranean trees and bushes. It’s a fresh and attractive course a welcome addition to the Costa Blanca golf circuit, located in Jacarilla, and near Orihuela and Torrevieja Initially the thought of having to repeat holes to make up the 18 was a little less than inviting; however, once you are standing on the first tee with the vista ahead, you able see the challenges that lie ahead. Large, silver sand bunkers, but there is plenty of fairway providing you hit your ball relatively straight. Desert style areas are okay to play from and they look effective breaking up the fairways well. The green side bunkers are exceptional, with just the right amount of sand and with fairways

riddled with some big bunkers, but they can be avoided. The signature hole is the 3rd a Par 5, with water surrounding three quarters of the inviting green. There good challenging doglegs with opportunities for opening up and giving “full blooded” swings, for the brave there are opportunities to “cut the corners” although playing at medium handicap level it is better to play for a safe par and forget the amazing eagle. No matter what level you play at, this course will keep you going. It's a modern course similar to some of the better courses in the UK, with sculptured fairways that stop the higher handicapper hitting their ball onto other fairways, and offer the lower handicapper a little more of a challenge when cutting the dog legs. The whole layout is well maintained, manicured fairways and groomed off the fairway “rough”, the greens run true, and have multiple elevations and contours, making it a thorough test for the best of golfers, but putt the ball in the right direction and your ball stays on line, they are as good as any the pro's play on. The club house matches the good things about Vistabella Golf making it a very sociable centre. It's a lovely set up, and will get better over the years with plants maturing to make it harder if you're off line, the additional seven holes are played from the other tee boxes. A truly interesting course which will be enjoyed by the most expert professionals and also those new to the game. It makes for a very fascinating golfing experience that brings you back again and again.


Marco strikes again


S.C.D Carolinas 0-1 C.F Sporting de San Fulgencio


This week’s competition was the first in the Presidents cup. A series of four matches with all four to count. The venue being the Pedrera. We had not fished here for some 2-3 years as the embalse was filled, covering all the area where we fished. The venue´s water is now dropping like a stone as they are taking out as much water as possible, well that´s what it looks like! The water’s edge where it is dropping so fast is a quagmire, and all the gear had to be left up the bank some several meters away from you. The fishing was also not up too much with five anglers blanking (memoirs of another venue). Also, note for any new anglers to the area, if you do fish here and it starts to

rain pack up immediately and get off, because if you don´t you will get stuck. Gruas will not go off road to get you out. Top rods on the day 1st Ian (The Irish Wizard) Dalzell fishing the feeder using pellet with 9.52 kilos. 2nd Bill (The Master) Reade fishing the feeder using pellet and the waggler using tares with 7.12 kilos. 3rd Terry ( Swing E´m ) Screen fishing the whip using maggot for bleak and feeder using pellet with 6.02 kilos. PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771.

CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

more like the blast site at a quarry instead of a lake. The water is clear with hardly any algae but the fishing was patchy, and with Stan the Man back to his winning ways on his return from the U.K. taking the honours. 1st Stan (The Man) Roberts with 24.340kg fishing the feeder using pellet 2nd Terry (Swing Em) Screen with 18.920kg fishing the pole using paste 3rd Clive (Golf no more) Cleghorn with 18.660kg fishing the feeder and the monkey with hemp up in the water All details are available from our website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965328368

ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen The 6th round of the Winter League Cup was fished at the Embalsa de Argos on the 25th September. We are now desperately in need of rain as I have only once seen this Lake with lower water levels in the last eleven years of fishing there, the fishermen can now see that the snags we have encountered previously on the feeder , are not trees but large stones. On the cold side of the Lake it looks

The Saints continued their stunning start to the season with an industrious victory over S.C.D Carolinas in Alicante. The tone for the game was set early on, with stray passes and wayward controls the theme of the contest as the conditions played their part. Both teams looked tense and nervous, but the hosts started the better as they started to apply some pressure on San Fulgencio’s back four. Carolina’s first chance of the game was a golden one, despite being in an offside position, the striker curled his strike wide when one on one with Manuel Llopis. San Fulgencio were presented with a great chance of their own, but Marco Aurelio held onto the ball for too long before Fernando Mora sliced his half-volley past the post. After the break the visitors came out looking for an early goal, and they almost got it when Gary Williams was set through by Hector Silva, but his shot was well kept out by the keeper. The Saints were improving as the game went on, but they were limited to long range efforts as the well organised defence of the home side kept the visiting flair players quiet. It would take a moment of brilliance from the man of the moment to break the deadlock in this tight affair. After winning a free-kick in a dangerous position, Marco Aurelio dusted himself off, locked his target

and bent a delightful strike beyond the reach of the sprawling goalkeeper. S.C.D Carolinas pushed on for an equaliser and they were incredibly close to snatching a point, but center back Kino Rodriguez was in the right place to slide in and sweep the ball clear. As the hosts continued to attack, Giacomo Marcello did well to turn his marker and stride forward on the break for the visitors, but his tame shot was knocked away. C.F Sporting de San Fulencio held on for the three points and although they won’t be entirely happy with the performance, no one could have dreamed of a better start to this campaign. Our next game is a home fixture against C.D Cox on Sunday the 7th of October. Jordan Lucas

CD Denia...1 l 0...FC Torrevieja The Torry players were dejected after this defeat at Denia, which sees them stuck on 7 points, having lost three of their last four matches. They worked hard in this contest and deserved a point, but a blatant failure to fashion clear cut chances and score proved their undoing. It was the home side who got their supporters on their feet early with a first minute move that saw ace marksman Roberto flash a header across goal and just wide of the mark. It was entertaining fayre in the first half, sweeping from one end to the other in quick, open play. On the quarter hour Abel flicked the ball on from a throw in on the right and Cuco Ros failed to compose himself, blasting over the bar. The same player then picked up a caution for tugging his opponent's shirt, before the tamest of free kick efforts after Inarejos had been felled on the edge of the penalty box. Then the miss of the match from Cuco Ros on 33 minutes. Jose Manuel won the ball in the air and headed on to Luis Carlos. He jinked and jived before slipping it to Cuco Ros who from 8 yards out smashed it high into the crowd. Then it was a scare at the other end just before half time that looked ominously worrying. With the ball hopefully lofted into the Torry box, no defender made a move to cover it, whilst Manolo stood rooted to his goal line. In nipped Roberto who took the ball out of the sky with the deftest of touches. As he prepared to shoot, Jorge had shot back into contention and snapped it away. The errant Ernesto was brought on at the start of the second period in place of Cuco Ros and made an immediate impact. Looking a bit short of match fitness, nevertheless he showed his class, offering himself as an outlet for the defence, holding the ball up until others joined in the attack and distributing the ball with his usual precision. Burguillos was working hard in midfield, but rashly fouled his counterpart in the centre circle right under the nose of the referee and

collected Torry's second caution of the game. However, he was instrumental in helping create the next Torry goal opportunity. Battling to win the ball, Burgy picked out Luis Carlos, who in turn spied Vicente Boix making headway down the right flank. He played the ball into his path and Boix lost no time crossing it into the middle. Jose Manuel was on it like a flash, but sadly just off target with his header. Manu Amores replaced Inarejos and again the game took on an end to end complexion, with cut and thrust from both sides in turn. Another super interplay between Jose and Luis ended up with a dynamic shot from the Torry striker, which Nico managed to turn away for a corner. Jose was running his socks off, chasing lost causes and putting defenders and goalkeeper under extreme pressure. Torry may have been failing to find the net, but this enthusiasm and effort was not lost on fans who will soon be making him a warm favourite to lead the line on a regular basis. Confusingly though for the Torry faithful, Jose was subbed soon after to make way for Gashe, a move that failed to make the positive effect it had intended. Torry threatened again, this time after Dani has been brought down close to the penalty area, but it was a lightning quick interplay between Borja and Roberto that stole the points. Manu Amores made a disastrous pass in midfield and quickly the ball was sprayed to Borja on the left flank. He wasted no time crossing it where Roberto was quickest off the mark, volleying low in to the corner of the net. It was a little more than Denia deserved, but a goal worthy to win the match. The usual time wasting ensued with Nico

testing the referee's patience from a goal kick and receiving a caution. But despite Torry's efforts they could not find a way past him and in all honesty, he had not been seriously troubled all day. Torry languish in 12th place a mere couple of points above the relegation zone, when a win would have pushed them to four points off the top - such is the early configuration of the group. The good news is abundant, however. Ernesto is back in the fold and with him the team can be magnificent. Young Jose Manuel is beginning to find his feet and works like a trojan. It is only a matter of time before he starts scoring regularly. Jorge and Abel, along with Vicente Boix and Rafa were excellent at the back and with a few little tweaks the manager and staff can cement this defence into the meanest around. But perhaps the best news of all is that Koeman has signed for the club and has now completed his period of suspension. He has been training hard and it will be difficult to see Casimiro Torres leaving him out of the line up for the home tie with Saguntino this Sunday, given that Torry has failed to find the net in three of their last four outings. All in all, this augurs well for the visit of fourth placed Saguntino who drew with league leaders Novelda at the weekend to retain their top four place. The game kicks off at the Vicente Garcia at 6pm, with gates open from 5pm. Who's for a Koeman debut hatrick then? Team: Manolo, Vicente Boix, Jorge, Abel, Rafa, Burguillos, Dani, Luis Carlos, Inarejos (Manu Amores 62,) Cuco Ros (Ernesto 46,) Jose Manuel (Gasch 72) Cautions: Cuco Ros, Burguillos. Jeff Scott

The team

Jorge clears

87 CoastRider - Edition 449 - October 2nd 2012

San Miguel Golf Society ARSENAL...1 V 2...CHELSEA Chelsea visited the Gunners topping the table and unbeaten this season . Chelsea had the better of the first half and took the lead with a Torres goal in the 19th minute. With Oxlade Chamberlain coming on for the injured Diaby this gave Arsenal more possession and on the stroke of half time its 1-1 with a Gervinho goal soared from twelve yards. The second half starts frantically and a second Chelsea goal in the 52nd min direct from a free kick sneaking into the bottom corner. Arsenal behind for a second time and with the Gunners not having the intensity in their play an equalizer didn’t look likely, with Chelsea closing out the game, with Girard missing last min chance Chelsea are the first club to win three times at the Emerates.

EVERTON...3 V 1...SOUTHAMPTON TOFFEES BACK ON TRACK Everton were looking to put their midweek Capital cup defeat at Leeds behind them. They started badly and an Easton header on 6mins from a corner gave Southampton the lead. Everton then took control and goals by Osman on 25mins and two Jelavic goals on 32mins and 38mins gave the Toffees all three points.

READING...2 V 2...NEWCASTLE GAME OF TWO HALVES They came out, ran round, did nothing and went in for a half time cup of tea. The second half brought the action and Jimmy Kebe in his first appearance of the season put Reading in front on 57mins, but sixty seconds later Newcastle equalized with a Damba Ba goal. Reading restored the lead with a Noel Hunt header only for Damba Ba to score his sixth goal of the season in the 83rdmin, but was it handball?

SUNDERLAND...1 V 0...WIGAN Wigan had the better of the first half with the Sunderland keeper making a stunning save to keep the scores level at half time. At the beginning of the second half Wigan were reduced to ten men with Gomez receiving a straight red card, then Fletcher only goes and does it again and scores the winner.

ASTON VILLA 1 V 1 WBA ALL SQUARE IN MIDLANDS There was not much action in the first half resulting in no goals. In the 50th min Shane Long scored with a shot into the bottom corner of the net. In the 79th min Darren Bent a Villa sub scores to bring Villa back into the game. Bent had been unhappy with Paul Lambert for not starting him and this fallout looks certain to carry on.

Salvador and his friendly team played host to the best score of the day and winner of the over 30 members and guests from SMGS when silver category, Chris Hamblett with 39 points. we visited the testing course at La Finca, near Norman McBride (36) and Mark Busson (35) Algorfa. A generally warm day was came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Gold division was again headed up by Barry interspersed with very gusty periods especially on the more exposed parts of this open course. Roehrig who shot a very commendable 38 off With only three players beating par, it left his low handicap. Four players came in 5 shots the vast majority to ponder over the après-golf behind him with 33 points and after quite a few drinks trying to put their finger firmly on the minutes sorting out the count-back situation, problem. “Greens were still a little slow and a bit 2nd place went to Phil Birtwistle and 3rd to Ivor bobbly,” was the favourite but “no run on the Turkington. Commiserations, but a mention, fairways,” and “the way the ball managed to for the other 33’ers, Ken Flaherty and Phil de bury itself in the semi-rough!” both came close Lacy. The “Abacus” award, the one that nobody in second and third…….as is usual “I played like sets out to win, was picked up by John Parker a plonker!” was nowhere to be heard. It’s always nice to welcome a fresh band of with a grand total of 20 points……”not too visitors and this meeting was no exception bad, John – it’s been won with a lot less than with prizes going to three of them. Paul Griffin, that!” playing off 6, came top of the shop with 38 For details of future meetings, visit points followed by Tom Evans (32) and Chris or give Barry a ring on 966 731 Hampton (28). 033. Visitors are always made more than Members finding the target on the par 3’s welcome. were John Parker, Ivor Some of the SMGS winners pictured at La Finca. Turkington, Chris Hamblett and Geoff Giddy who all headed home with sleeves of balls for the NTP prizes. Our thanks go to the management of La Finca for providing the green fee vouchers as prizes. One of these as well as the mounted putter which is the Captain’s trophy went to

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