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Tuesday, August 28th 2012 - Edition 444


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ELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA is to air a 'short but symbolic' series of bullfights after new rightwing government took control of its board. Live bullfighting is returning to Spain’s public broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE) after six years of viewers being unable to watch, in real time, the last few

minutes of a bull’s life. A fight at the bullring in Valladolid is set to be broadcast on 5th September, allowing bullfight fans to see half a dozen animals fought and killed on the sand of the city's arena. The decision to show live bullfighting comes after the conservative

People’s Party (PP) of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took control of the broadcaster's board and changed its senior management. TVE will not pay the three bullfighters involved or the company that runs the Valladolid bullring, though it will bear the cost of setting

up the multi-camera broadcast. Top matadors Julián López – known as El Juli – José María Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante have waived their royalties as part of a campaign to stop growing anti-bullfight sentiment that has already succeeded in getting the practice banned in the autonomous

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2 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

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Cliff had his design team create an advert that was easily spotted and the content easily understood. I was absolutely delighted when after our first advert appeared I received a telephone call and an order which the customer had seen

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News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Bite Size LIVE BULLFIGHTS BACK ON SPANISH STATE TV News Hospital Handbook now in English The hospital in Torrevieja has reissued its patient manual which is now available both in Spanish and English. By doing so the hospital management team hope to ensure that all patients are aware of their rights and obligations as well as providing them with basic information about the hospital which will be of use during their stay. A spokesman for the management team said that understanding the admissions process and how their stay will be organised in hospital is vital to ensure the welfare and peace of mind of patients. The manual also contains such basic information as the times when meals are served, visiting hours and the fact that the patient's doctor would be responsible for telling them and their family how treatment is progressing. In addition patients are advised to be careful of their personal possessions and that if they do not have somewhere secure to store them they can make use of the safe in the hospital itself. Consumers Association advises on gas engineer visits For many years we have been reporting in this newspaper about cases where our readers have been charged exorbitant amounts for so-called engineers carrying out tests of their gas installations and overcharging when replacing parts that should in reality cost a trivial amount of money. For those of you who may believe that it is the expat community only that has been targeted take heart, if that is the correct expression, because we are not alone, the Spanish have been experiencing this problem as well. To help, the Consumers Association OMIC has warned everyone that whilst the tests or services are perfectly legal they have been made aware there are companies offering their services who are not properly registered with the Department of Industry of the Valencia government. OMIC warns everyone about this and advises them that they can check if the company is properly authorised to carry out such services by dialling 012 for the Valencian government or by calling in at the OMIC offices or by telephoning OMIC on 966 926 348 extension 115. Continued on page 4


Continued from page 1 eastern region of Catalonia. “TVE believes that the potential audience that might be attracted to this lineup is, in itself, a sufficient reason for broadcasting it,” a spokesman said. “This will be the first of a short but symbolic series of bullfights … which Spain's public television channel plans to programme,” TVE added. TVE pulled bullfighting from its schedules last year, saying it contravened its code of conduct for programmes before Spain's late evening watershed hour. Bullfights mostly start at 6pm or 7pm, falling into children's viewing hours and so raised issues of protecting children from the bloodshed. However, furious fans had accused the broadcaster of shunning a key part of Spanish popular culture. “This means that TVE, which belongs to us all, will deprive us of something that over the centuries has formed part of the cultural patrimony of many Spaniards, both of the political right and the left,” columnist Andrés Amorós wrote in the conservative daily ABC. But Rajoy's PP, which swept to power in November, is involved in a controversial reform of the broadcaster and is accused of removing senior journalists who are seen as too leftwing.

The section preventing children from watching live bullfights was removed from its code of conduct earlier this year. “Management has acted accordingly,” a senior TVE source said. TVE had not banned bullfighting completely, and continued to cover it on late night television and radio programmes devoted exclusively to what fans consider to be an art form – newspapers cover it in their arts pages. Regular live broadcasts of the major bullfighting festivals from Madrid, Seville and elsewhere stopped in 2006, after TVE was priced out of the market by private broadcasters. “Now the bullfighting lobby seems prepared to do anything in order to bring live fights back to our public television channel, even if that means trampling over European Union television rules,” the Animalist party, which lobbies against bullfighting, said. TVE sources denied that any such rules were being broken. Anti-bullfighting supporters are also raising the issue that‘Spain’s National Art’ has been exempted from the IVA/VAT increase which comes into effect this Saturday, 1st September 2012. The IVA paid on other cultural tickets sees IVA rise from 8 percent to 21 percent. For Bullfighting it stays at the lower rate. Mireille Toddington

Children visit Iceland store On Saturday the 18th of August, seven children from the Elche Children’s Home attended the Iceland store, La Marina to pack bags for customers and raise money for their home. The idea was born from a conversation between Michelle Copp (Pets in Spain) and Mary Stringer (Iceland). With the kind permission of Graeme, the store manager, the children started work at 1030 and by the time they had finished, 3 hours later, they had raised 398 euros from the kind donations of members of the public. The Director

of the home, Sara Garcia, has asked us to pass on her gratitude to everyone at Iceland’s for their help and support on what was an excellent day for the children who had the opportunity for some work experience, a new feature of the ongoing help that we will be providing to the home, and also for the kind donations. The children will be attending the store again before Christmas. Our thanks also go to Jim and Trish of Print Solutions (La Marina) for printing all of the publicity required for the day FREE.

To donate monetary contributions please go to and then to the tab`Send Money’ to the e-mail Our new Facebook page is Elche Childrens Home Our New Website is For any further information please phone Cris on 647 149 777

Pictured below are 5 of the many Iceland staff who helped us on the day by giving the children warmth, kindness and for also ensuring that they will not need any sweets, chocolate etc for the foreseeable future.


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News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

'EL DORADO' ACTOR GOES Competition to win two half season tickets for FC Torrevieja MISSING ON THE COSTA DEL SOL

Bite Size News

What a season in prospect at the Vicente Garcia! Torry has signed last year's Player of the Year in Ernesto, who was quickly snapped up by The CoastRider as the player they are sponsoring this season. Torry will be looking to Ernesto to drive them into the promotion play off matches, much in the same way that he did when helping Catarroja win the championship last season. Now, here is your chance to win two season tickets for the first half of what promises to be a thoroughly exciting year at the Vicente Garcia - all kicking off on Sunday 2nd Septmber with a 6pm start against nearest rivals Crevillente. The CoastRider is giving away these tickets and will save the luck winners 100 euros each compared to paying at the gate for entrance to Torry's home matches until Christmas. And this is just the first of a number of great prizes that FC Torrevieja and The CoastRider will be offering to its readers throughout the year. To be in the draw to win these two season tickets, simply answer this question. Which division 2B club did Torry defeat 4-0 in one of their pre season friendly matches this month? Send you answer by post to The

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CoastRider Office, by email to: or at our Facebook page by 12noon Friday 31st August. In order to make Sunday’s match the winner will need to collect the tickets from The CoastRider office by 5pm Friday 31st August.

The Guardia Civil are looking for a missing British man who has been living in Cala de Mijas. John Martin Leach is a TV actor who was once in the series set on the Costa, ‘El Dorado’. He was seen for the last time on Tuesday 21st August in the area of La Cala del Moral. He was recovering from an illness, and was carrying just 10 euros. He is thought to be carrying his mobile phone, but when the family has rung, it

has not been answered. The Guardia Civil are trying to locate the last position of the phone when it stopped working. Meanwhile, the 63 year old British hiker, Gordon Simm, remains missing in the Nerja area. He went walking last July 21 in the Rio Chillar valley and has not been seen since. An experienced walker who knows the area he is thought to have got disorientated in thick mist.

Local author needs your help Quesada-based budding author Clare Lawrence is looking for locals to help supply her with material for her book project entitled“What Makes You Happy?” Clare has been using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to spread the word of her project and has already had some great responses and now she is turning to the local communities here on the Costa Blanca. “What Makes You Happy?” will be a collection of exactly that, details of what makes someone happy. This could be anything from one word, to one sentence up to a whole paragraph. Clare said: “I want to create a book that will cheer and inspire people. To create a book that if people are feeling down or are struggling with a difficult situation they can read to make them smile and help pick them back up. “So many of us can tend to focus on the negative things in life and what we cannot do or cannot have. I want the book to help people recognise the positive aspects of their lives and appreciate what they have.” Anyone who would like to be involved in this project can send Clare

a quote, a word, a sentence or a paragraph about, which summarises: "What Makes You Happy?" For example this could be: "Sunshine" or "The sunshine makes me happy" or "The sunshine makes me happy because I can sit around the pool and when I get too hot, I can jump in the cool water." The quotes can be light-hearted or deeper and thought provoking. Clare hopes that she will be able to collect thoughts on what makes people happy from all over the world and once she has enough material aims to publish the quotes in book. You can send your quote via email to: or or on FaceBook or Twitter. Clare can also be reached through her WordPress blog site: http://clarelawrencecelebrityjournal Contributors do not have to have their name published and can choose to remain anonymous if they wish. To see some examples of quotes that have already been submitted visit: 4899825554628/ Mireille Toddington

More controls for Hippy market in Torrevieja next year The so-called Hippy market which takes place along the Paseo de la Libertad in Torrevieja is to be smartened up next year with the addition of new permanent wooden stalls. In addition greater control is to be exerted over the area in order to prevent the unauthorised and illegal sale of goods there. Currently the market is extremely popular and a significant tourist attraction along the front in the town. What the council wish to do is to formalise arrangements with stallholders with the erection of around 130 stalls constructed of wood which will remain permanently in place instead of the current arrangements where the stalls are erected and dismantled every day. The new stores will be arranged in such a way that there will be no space between them for other vendors, not properly licensed, to sell goods. The measure was formally adopted by the Council last week with only the ruling PP voting in favour. The councillor responsible for the area,

Eduardo Gil Rebollo said that the vacant ice cream kiosks along the Paseo will also be removed. The new regulations will also mean that no other structures, other than the approved wooden ones can be erected in the area. According to reports the new regulations are also intended to tighten up on the issuing and award of licences to traders along the Paseo de la Libertad and also in La Mata for instance by giving preference to those who not only have their paperwork in order but are also up to date with any rental payments due. There will also be limits on the type of merchandise it is possible to sell in these markets ensuring that it remains essentially a market of craft and handmade items. According to an article in Información markets taking place on private land will also be more closely controlled and require authorisation by the councillor for commerce's Department in the Town Hall. Paul Mutter

Valencian government awards grant for specialised family and childcare service The councillor for social welfare Tómas Ballester announced last week that the Valencian government had approved a grant of €34,660 for the provision of specialised services for family and childcare (SEAFI). These specialised care services have been organised by the Department of social welfare and equality in Torrevieja since 2004 and are designed to help those families who are at risk or in social difficulties. A team of four professionally trained workers specialising in the psychology of such situations is involved with providing support for families. The main work of the team, who deal with support for single parents, supporting families where there is domestic violence, intervening where children are at risk and being involved with preadoptive or foster families, involves addressing situations of family conflict that could lead to children having to leave the family or resolving issues that can prevent children being returned to their family. One hour parking spaces to return in September With the peak summer tourist season over, the Mayor of Torrevieja Eduardo Dolón has announced that as from next Monday, September 3rd, 50 parking spaces will once again be made available along Ramón Gallud as one hour parking slots from its intersection with calle Orihuela to its intersection with calle Chapaprieta. This idea of having one hour only parking slots in the centre of town was agreed with the Association for small and medium-sized businesses in Torrevieja (APYMECO) and put in place at the end of April this year. The Mayor said he had been pleased with the results of the scheme which was withdrawn along calle Ramón Gallud during the holiday season in order to improve the flow of traffic and avoid traffic jams during this peak holiday period. In total along various streets in the city centre there are 100 such parking spaces. Paul Mutter

News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

You’re never too old, busy or important to learn a new language Those of us who might be feeling that we are too old to learn a new language notably Spanish and perhaps have struggled with trying to come to terms with it for several years might be impressed by the recent news that the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins spent three weeks recently learning Spanish at university in northern Spain alongside a group of youngsters from a number of countries including Poland, Japan and Austria. The course was held at the Menéndez Pelayo International University at its campus in the city of Santander. I'm sure he won't mind me telling you that the president has just had his 71st birthday last month. He and his wife both enrolled on course because they wanted to improve their language skills ahead of an official trip to be made to South America in two months time. According to the deputy director of languages at the university the president had spent the first two weeks studying for five hours per day with seven other students. For the third and last week he had a special timetable arranged specifically for his needs covering legal and financial terms in Spanish. The deputy director said, “He is now capable of speaking fluently and

spontaneously, and he can read and understand complex literary texts.” No pre-publicity had been issued about the president attending the university and undertaking the course and he spent his time on campus incognito. Now before you feel too inadequate about having spent five or six years attending regular lessons and

graduate degree in sociology, was a statutory lecturer in the Department of political science and sociology at university College Galway and was visiting Prof at Southern Illinois University. He did in fact resign his academic positions in order to concentrate fully on his political career and ambitions. It is not altogether clear

still been unable to ask for little more than a cup of coffee when the President of Ireland appears to have cracked the language in three weeks I have to tell you a little bit more about Mr Higgins. Michael D Higgins is no slouch, after all he is the president of Ireland but more than that he has a

what level if any Mr Higgins had of Spanish before he undertook the three-week course but to be able to speak fluently, spontaneously and understand complex literary texts in that period of time seems pretty impressive. Paul Mutter

Concejalia de Urbanizaciones working with Help Vega Baja The Association Help Vega Baja is a charity providing help to the English speaking population of the Southern Costa Blanca. They help people of all ages and with all types of problems and provide assistance all year round to anyone in their time of need including a 24 hour emergency line. As well as giving comprehensive

information, they also host a number of support groups, provide a team of hospital visitors, hire out Orthopaedic Equipment, have registers of drivers, translators, carers and so much more. On Monday the 3rd of September between 2pm and 4pm, the Concejalia de Urbanizaciones, headed by Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski, has organised an Open Day in the Social


Centre on Urbanisation Marina, San Fulgencio. Please try and make time to come along and see the wonderful work that Help Vega Baja do and the services that they provide. For further information, please call the Office for the Urbanisation on 966 443 002.


News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

INVITATION TO ROJALES WATER PARK FOR EMAUS The water park in Rojales which opened in 1986 Have invited all the Children of Emaus children's home in Elche for a free day at the Water Park. The Children who will be met at the park by Director Pepe Camara and Manager Victor Lorenzo are all really exited and looking forward to making a big splash on the day. Having seen the information leaflet they can't wait to try out the amenities which cater for children of all the ages. The younger children will be taking full advantage of the Splash pool, Amazon Lake and Yakatan river trails, while the older Children are raring to go on the much bigger slides which include the Magic Carpet Slide as well as for the dare devils the Giant Kamikaze Slide. Even the Children's Assistants are eager to help on the day (not sure about on the Kamakazi !!) Thanks to Pepe and Victor it will be a Great Day. Picture in the photos from left to right are Victor Lorenzo ( Park Manager) and Pepe Camara(Director). MANY THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION IN THIS MATTER.

PARTY IN THE PARK On 19th August over one thousand people enjoyed a great day out at LaMarquesa Golf Car Park. The whole event’s main sponsor was Spanish Property Consultants with the North & South Pub, The Black Bull, and Flanagan’s, Quesada Golf Club, Super value & Quick Save giving support amongst others. A big thank you should go to Dirk (Dentist) for all his help. You can make

an appointment with Dirk on any day at 2.30. The winner of the weekend to Benidorm was Kekn Hakald. Who we cannot contact as the number we have is incorrect. Kekn please can you contact Spanish Property Consultants to claim your prize. Donations are still being received, which will be presented to four Charities

Thank you to all who attended and all Sponsors for their support.

Art exhibition on the coast Local art lovers are being invited to visit an artistic exhibition of caricatures by the famous artist from Orihuela, Alfonso Ortuño. Alfonso, who was a former student of architecture, has worked many years for Spanish national television as their official cartoonist. He has also had many exhibitions in Orihuela where he was born 32 years

ago. His caricatures of politicians and society people have made him famous. This is the first exhibition of this kind to be held in Orihuela Costa and it has been promoted by Pedro Mancebo, Councillor for Tourism, the Coast and Beaches. Alfonso´s work can be viewed at the Club Nautico, in Dehesa de Campoamor, from

Saturday 25th August until Saturday 8th September, 2012. All invited

News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

The Lions are turning up the heat on the Ducks With less than four weeks to go until their first annual duck race, the Torrevieja Costa Lions Club are getting ready for their big day. This

for remedial therapy. Dayron who suffers from chronic non-progressive encephalopathy secondary to perinatal cerebral hypoxia, undertakes

years event will be used to raise funds for six year old Dayron Blanc from Formentera del Segura, who needs to travel to hospital in Palma, Mallorca

hydrotherapy at the hospital which helps his muscles to develop and encourages him to be more active, a significant improvement can be seen

after each session. It is hoped with continued therapy , one day in the future Dayron will be able to walk. The Lions President Janette Bennett and Lion member Maureen Moss visited Dayron in Formentera recently meeting both his parents Elisabet and Basilio. Dayron despite his disabilities is a very handsome, sociable and happy boy. All the funds raised at the Duck Race will be used to provide Dayron with the best chance to live a normal life. The Duck Race takes place in Paraje Natural Soto de Molino in Formentera del Segura on Sunday 23rd September at 2pm. A fun afternoon of games and entertainment is planned by the Lions. Entry to the event is free to all. There will be a barbeque, bar, ice cream van. Musical entertainment will be provided by JB Brass, Peter Hull and the acclaimed TKO Roadshow until 6pm. The main attraction is of course the Duck Race where you can back a duck for only 2.00 euros, the more ducks you back the more chance you have of winning a good prize. Come along, bring friends and family and make Dayrons day very special.

Paralympics to inspire a generation


OLLOWING THE SUCCESS of the Olympic Games the organisers of the 2012 Paralympics are hoping for similar results. The ParalympicsGB's chief executive Tim Hollingsworth said , "we are riding a little bit on the wave of the fantastic success of our Olympians. We are seeing the nation really embracing the Paralympics, buying tickets and putting us on the way to being the first sold-out Paralympics and showing a huge amount of interest in Paralympics GB." British Prime Minister David Cameron said, "The Olympic Games made our country proud. I believe these Paralympic Games will make our country prouder still. Already this is shaping up to be the best, the biggest, the most incredible Paralympic Games ever. Over these next two weeks, we're going to have more of those moments that will bring us together and make us proud. We are going to show the whole world that when it comes to putting on a show, there is no country like Britain and no city like London." It took five days to transform the Olympic village which hosted over 10,000 Olympic athletes to the Paralympic Village which will host 4,280 Paralympic athletes, 3,500 team officials, 1,225 games officials and 22 assistant dogs. Modifications have had to be made elsewhere to, for instance it took 14 days to make all the necessary adjustments at the Royal Artillery barracks to accommodate the Paralympic sports of shooting and archery. The iconic Olympic rings have also been replaced throughout the country by the three Paralympic ‘Agitos’ rings in red blue and green which are the commonest colours in the


flags of the world’s nations. Two new competition venues have been specially created for the Paralympic games, one at Elton Manor for the wheelchair tennis competition and training pools for Paralympics swimming events and the other at Brands Hatch capable of seating 7,500 spectators for the Paralympic road cycling competition. The Paralympics embraces 503 events in 21 disciplines of 20 sports. The events will be staged at a total of 19 competition venues over the 11 days of the games. Each athlete has to be assessed and placed in one of six recognised disability categories and then classified within that in order to ensure fair competition against athletes with similar levels of ability. The Great Britain team has taken part in 13 summer Paralympic games and 10 Winter Paralympic games winning a total of 493 gold medals, 476 silver medals at 478 bronze making Great Britain the third most successful country in the Paralympics overall and the second most successful country in the summer Paralympics alone. Paralympics team GB will be hoping to continue that success this time round in London. Paul Mutter


News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012 CUSTOMER PROFILE

C & G Fabrications by Mireille Toddington

With the economic crisis continuing and stories of doom hanging over Spanish-based businesses, C&G Fabrications is a local success story. For more than eight years C&G Fabrications has gone from strengthto-strength and now manufactures and supplies PVCu windows, doors and conservatories to domestic and trade customers across the Costa Blanca. The business began in 2004 from humble beginnings when husband and wife team Richie and Julie opened the C&G showroom at the Los Dolses Commercial Centre installing the products they sold. Just two years later C&G began manufacturing high quality, secure PVCu products to hightech specifications after opening its

factory in Almoradi. All C&G products are produced using top quality German profiles manufactured to UK specifications and all come with full comprehensive guarantees. The system profiles used are made by Thyssen Polymer Gmbh, which is one of the leading industrial companies in Europe and has been distributing top quality PVC-u to approved manufactures and installers for more than 25 years. The Thyssen system has a proven track record and has successfully attained BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BS7413 and British Board of Agreement quality and performance accreditation. In addition, the profiles used by C&G has been tested by Spanish body AENOR and certified to be able to withstand

all elements of the Spanish weather – so unlike some, these will not warp in the heat. Having the ability to make such high standard products in Spain saw C&G Fabrications expand its customer base to include trade as well as domestic supply and put the business in a unique position. Julie and Ritchie extended the management team to include former factory manager Lee Earl as director and his wife Rachael and under their combined efforts the business has continued to grow. The team has focused on meeting customer needs, in terms of quality products and customer service levels. This has resulted in a high level of word-of-mouth

are bespoke to each individual customer’s requirements. Being at the forefront of innovation, C&G is always looking to extend its offering with new products and is currently developing a range of composite doors, which is hopes to be able to provide to customers in the near future. In addition to its core products, C&G are also able to project manage building works through its network of professional tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, plasterers, tilers and builders. Most recently C&G Fabrications has opened a new showroom at the Moncayo retail village, which is open every Saturday from 9.00am to 2.00pm and managed by Dave Edgar. The main showroom remains conveniently located in the Los Dolses commercial and opens Monday to Friday from 10.00am until 5.00pm.

referrals and customer recommendations. C&G is fully committed to providing a friendly, professional service. All work is carried out by its own professional team both in its factory at Almoradi and on site at customer homes. Customers have one point of contact covering free no obligation quotations, sales, after care service and manufacture; providing a Alternatively call the office on 0034 966764730 very personal approach for the or Lee Earl on 667 689 587. customer. Email: C&G Fabrications manufactures and installs: Tilt and Turn Windows, French Doors, Residential Doors, Patio Doors and Please note that all information contained conservatories. All are within this CoastRider Customer Profile available in an has been provided by the client, and is extensive range of therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are designs and styles and the sole responsibility of the client.

Registration for Adult Education classes opens in San Fulgencio The Department of education in San Fulgencio has informed us they have opened the registration period for adult education classes which will remain open until 16th September. The school for adults (Escuela Para Adultos – EPA) will offer over the forthcoming months providing classes in a number of subjects including Secondary education graduation, Basic Reading and Writing, English and Spanish for

foreigners. Anyone interested in attending these classes can fill out an application form and register at the Town Hall. The councillor for education Susana Ortuño said that a nominal cost will be made for each course which should be affordable by all residents and has been kept as low as possible to meet some of the costs of holding the courses. Those costs that could not be

covered by fees from students will be met by funds from the town Hall. Last year the adult education school held courses for more than 150 students from the municipality and surrounding areas in the Vega Baja. Anyone needing more information can send their questions by e-mail to or look on the Town Hall's website at www. Paul Mutter



CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Win a full page advert in the CoastRider! Local businesses and groups are being invited We’ll even throw in the design of the ad for free in the hope that to participate in a special raffle, set to raise funds we encourage as many small for EMAUS. Primarily known for its orphanage and medium businesses in the care for children aged nought to eighteen area to join in and help us raise EMAUS helps children, teenagers, adults and the funds for our EMAUS Back to School elderly. EMAUS currently has nine children’s Campaign. These children really need shelters, a family counselling unit, two homes for your assistance, so it would be great to the elderly and a shelter for battered women. send them back to school in September Four years ago, in 2008, EMAUS opened a ‘baby with their heads held high, with new orphanage’ for newborns to six year olds, books and pencilcases - the lot!” working alongside the government adoption The competition is not only open to local network. businesses, but individuals and clubs can This special raffle will see monies raised for enter too. Perhaps you support a local dog’s the CoastRider’s Back to School Campaign for home or charity and you would like to use your the children of EMAUS. With the help of our full page ad to publicise their good work? readers and clients, we aim to purchase Maybe you have a special family event coming school books, equipment and stationery up like a 21st or 40th birthday - you can use for the children of the Elche care home. your full page ad to shout about your special Each ticket into the special raffle will celebration. cost just €10. The closing date is 26 It couldn’t be easier to enter - all you need to August 2012 and the winner will be do to buy your ticket is call in person to the announced in the CoastRider edition 444. CoastRider office (details on page 2) or Claire Worland, Managing Director of the call 966 70 10 60 or 667 196 351. CoastRider, said, “This is a great Who knows, it could be you! opportunity for small businesses to bag themselves a bargain - a full page ad in the CoastRider for the price of a raffle ticket!

Healthcare withdrawn without reason


ENICE REARDON, her husband and their 15 year old daughter have lived in Spain since 2006 and have received free healthcare since that time. However, despite this fact and having a valid SIP Card until 2013, the family has now been told that cover will be terminated after 31st August. As official residents they initially received free healthcare and when the system changed in 2008 they were not eligible as neither work in Spain nor are pensioners. However, they applied for and were granted ‘sin recursos’ due to the family’s low income status and the fact they are not entitled to healthcare in the UK. Under this system their current SIP Card expires in 2013, but on recent trip to the doctors Denice was told that the card would be stopped on 31st August – but no-one can explain why. Denice asked the doctor why and pointed out the date on the SIP Card, but he was unable to throw any light on the decision, just that the expiry date was flagged on his computer system. The Cento Salud representative at the Town Hall that covers Campoverde was also unable to help. Denice then phoned the British Consulate in Alicante who referred her to the social security office at Orihuela, which was also unable to answer the question of why the card

was being withdrawn and if a replacement would follow. Still concerned Denice phoned the General Sanitat Headquarters who confirmed the card would expire early but knew nothing else. Denice said: “I am part way through treatment for bronchitis and was due another x-ray, which I have now been told they will not do due to the change in status on my SIP Card. My husband has prescription medications, which we will now have to buy from the farmacia which will cost around 60 euros a month. All three of us will only be allowed emergency treatment and no-one can tell us why. There has never been an issue with our cards since we collected them in 2009.

IN THE DARK “I find it unbelievable that the health department could not tell me what the procedure was to get a health card reinstated and could not tell me of a new one would be forthcoming. I spoke to two people who both said they do not know what is happening. It seems they are as completely in the dark about all this as we are!” The current situation in the Valencian Community is that only those who pay into the system through an employment contract, selfemployment payments or are pensioners qualify for state healthcare. Those who fall outside of these

categories were initially able to join the autonomous community’s local health scheme in exchange for monthly payments. Families on low incomes who were unable to meet these payment could apply for ‘sin recursos’. However, Valencia is no longer taking new applications for its locally run health scheme the Valencia Monthly Quota Scheme and the Spanish government has announced a staterun ‘Convenio Especial’ (Special Agreement) for those without access to state health cover. However, whether it is this change that is affecting Denice is unclear. Details of this new scheme, including when it is expected to come into force, have not yet been published. In theory, you would think that the ‘sin recursos’ agreement would stand at least until the original date of 2013 and surely if the scheme is closed to new applicants then those who are already part of it, whether on payments or sin recursos, would be honoured in terms of required medical treatment.. Denice said: “I just wanted to make people aware of the problems they may face if they are like us. It is all a bit worrying after the fight we had to get our healthcare provision in the first place! We live here as official tax residents, thought everything was agreed and then things are changed without warning or reason.” Mireille Toddington

San Miguel water saga continues There was more confusion in the ongoing saga of water in San Miguel urbanisations this week as neighbourhood association Archangel claimed that privatisation has seen bills surge by up to 400 percent. However, considering that the service is not due to start until 1st September you have to question

WHEN? exactly how the group claims to have bills in its possession that prove this is the case - when in reality no-one has yet received a bill and GestAgua have confirmed that none have been issued. The press release issued by Archangel claims that the water in San Miguel should be liquid gold, for the prices that will be charged and that it is the pocket of taxpayers that is being punished. It says that the first bills have arrived from the first supply of privatised water and that there is a dramatic rise of 300 percent to 400 percent. It gives an example of quarterly usage that has risen from

26.73 euros to 51.53 euros. However, according to the prices which have been published in the “Boletin Oficial de la Provincia Alicante” the price per cubic metre of water has been officially set at 1.16 euros up to a consumption of 14 cubic metres over two-months. Between 14 and 28 cubic metres over two-months it is 1.65 euros. Under the previous supplier, ERNA, residents were charged 1 euro per cubic metre no matter how much had been consumed. An increase definitely, but nowhere near 300 percent. According to one Las Filipinas resident ERNA has recently issued its latest bills which include any past underpayments relevant to that property, so some owners have received bills that have been much higher than usual, which could be where the confusion stems from. Currently, the new supplier, GestAgua, is struggling to cope with the sheer amount of customers signing up for the new service. Many have signed the new contract and paid for new equipment bit are still waiting for their water metres to be installed. It is clear that not everyone will be starting the new service on 1st September and as it is a bi-monthly bill it could be November before we are able to see if the Archangel claims have any foundation to them. Mireille Toddington

Art classes with Suzanne Stokes

Indian Chief by Suzanne Stokes

Almost a year ago to the day in The CoastRider we featured the opening of an exhibition being staged at La Herradura restaurant in Los Montesinos by Suzanne Stokes, a local artist, author and a leading light in the local theatrical company Dramatic Licence. She was showing 20 of her own paintings in the magnificent setting of this extremely attractive restaurant owned by Francisco Lidon and has just announced she is to start a new art class at La Herradura Restaurant, Los, Montesinos, on Thursday mornings, beginning on 7th September. Suzanne has been teaching drawing and painting for more than

eight years at a number of venues in the area, and includes water colour, pastel, oil and acrylic in her classes. Beginners are always welcome as she works with everyone individually. Suzanne’s classes are very informal and friendly though; she describes them as more like a social club and many of her students have been attending for several years. “I’m delighted to have been invited to teach at this gorgeous venue by owner Francisco Lidon,” said Suzanne. “Many of my own paintings which are exhibited there are of Flamenco Dancers, and of course the venue is famous, not only for its excellent food, but also for the wonderful dancers who perform there.” Classes will be from 10.30 am 12.45pm and cost eight euros and you can get more information on Suzanne’s website or by calling 680 961 025. Paul Mutter


News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Ryanair kan förlora spansk licens Lågprisbolaget Ryanair kan riskera att förlora sin licens för att flyga till och inom Spanien i upp till tre år. Detta har uppstått i kövattnet av tre plan som omdirigerades från Madrid till Valencia förra månaden. Planen fick ta en oväntad omväg på grund av dåligt väder i Madrid den 26 juli. Rapporter hävdar att de tre piloterna signalerade Mayday på grund av en påstådd brist på bränsle men efter att ha väntat i kö för landning, lyckades de tre flygplanen till slut landa säkert på Manises flygplats i Valencia. Ryanair sade att de aktiverade Mayday anropet när det var tillräckligt med bränsle kvar för 30 minuters flygning och hävdar att de tre planen lämnades flygande över Valencia i 50,68 och 69 minuter. Nu har den spanska luftfartsmyndigheten inlett en utredning om varför lågprisflygbolaget tvingades att göra tre nödlandningar på en dag. Ryanair hävdar att flygbolaget arbetar med bränslenivåer i linje med vad som krävs av europeiska myndigheter och att bränslenivån

aldrig sjunkit under den tillåtna nivån. Ryanairs talesman, Stephen McNamara, citerades i El País och sade att alla Ryanairs flygningar sker med bränslenivåer i linje med rekommendationer från Boeing och Europeiska byrån för luftfartssäkerhet. “Detta inkluderar vad som krävs för taxning och extra flygning i händelse av oförutsedda omständigheter”. Internationella pilotförbundet säger att bränsleberäkning är komplicerad och att om det finns en fördröjning innan start, kan mer bränsle behövas. Kritiker hävdar att Ryanair är ute efter att spara pengar och att flygbolaget skär kostnader genom att ha mindre bränsle för att göra planet lättare och därigenom upnå lägre total förbrukning. Pilotförbundet hävdar att om anklagelserna är sanna så betyder besparingarna ökad risk för passagerare och besättningarna. En rapport i El País hävdar att om oegentligheter kan konstaterats av spanska luftfartsmyndigheter skulle Ryanair kunna bli av med flyglicencen i Spanien under så länge som tre år, samt böter på 4.500.000 euro.

Läkemedelsubventioner upphör 1 september Den spanska sjukvården slutar subventionera vissa läkemedel från 1 september. Listan omfattar 417 läkemedel, men 100 av dessa kommer att fortsätta att finansieras av staten, om läkaren anser att det är lämpligt. Det innebär att dessa läkemedel blir dyrare för patienterna från den 1 september. De flesta av läkemedlen på listan är för behandling av mindre åkommor, men patienterna måste nu betala fullt pris för angivna läkemedel som behandlar åkommor såsom: hudirritationer, hosta, diarré och förstoppning. Hälsoministern, Ana Mato, tror på besparingar om 458.000.000 euro från september till juni. Sammanlagt 425 läkemedel kommer att uteslutas från den offentliga sjuk-

vården men listan som publicerades nyligen omfattar 417, eftersom man kommer att revidera listan regelbundet. Patienter med kroniska tillstånd, såsom cancer, tarmproblem och inflammationer etc. kommer få sina läkemedel subventionerade även i fortsättningen. Listan innehåller några storsäljande läkemdel som Almax, Emportal, Duphalac och Fortasec. Patienter bör rådgöra med sin läkare, som kommer att kunna ge specifik information för varje enskilt fall. Det finns också en lista, på spanska, av de läkemedel som berörs på webbplatsen för den officiella statliga bulletinen på: E-A-2012-10952

Mercadona tog bort kosmetiska krämer från försäljning Elva kosmetiska produkter har dragits tillbaka från Mercadonas snabbköp. Alla de berörda produkterna är krämer eller after sun som säljs under varumärket Deliplus. Anledningen till att produkterna dras tillbaka beror på ingredienser i produkterna. Det spanska läkemedelsverket anser inte att det finns någon risk för allmänheten, medan tillverkaren säger att produkterna uppfyller alla nödvändiga kvalitetskrav. Deliplus reviderade produkternas innehåll i slutet av juni och därmed uppfyller de alla läkemedelverkets krav på kosmetiska produkter. Mercadona beslutade ändock att ta bort dem som en försiktighetsåtgärd. Trots att de inte utgör en risk för hälsan, har tillverkaren tvingats att ändra formeln till följd av en officiell rapport som kopplats till vissa ingredienser och uppkomsten av cancer. I rapporten betonas att när två av ingredienserna i dessa produkter, trietanolamin som styr pH och konserveringsmedlet Bronopol används samtidigt kan nitrosamin bildas. Det är detta ämne som är relaterat till uppkomsten av vissa cancerformer. Den låga nivån på dessa komponenter i Deliplus krämer betyder att det är ytterst osannolikt att det skulle kunna uppstå någon skada av att använda dem, men tillverkaren har ändå bestämt sig för att ändra i innheållet i de berörda produkterna. Om någon är orolig för detta meddelande så kan de ringa 902 548 222.

24 drunkningar hittills i år En 62-årig man miste livet i Torrevieja i stadens senaste drunkningsolycka. Under de senaste två månaderna har 24 personer mist livet genom drunkning - de flesta av dem, manliga turister som är äldre än 60 - i Valenciaregionen.Statistiken kommer från Centrum för samordning av nödsituationer, CICU som konstaterade att två människor också drunknade i Castellón på måndagen kroppen av en man i 60-årsåldern hittades i hamnen och en 63-årig manlig dykare hittades död av sjöräddningen. Enligt siffror från CICU, från 2 juni fram till denna vecka, drunknade nio personer i Castellón området, tio i Alicante-området och fem i Valencia. CICU kommenterade också att det inte utesluter att andra drunkningar kan ha inträffat i regionen som man ännu inte har vetskap om.

Förbättrad skyltning av parkeringar Stadshuset i Torrevieja har gjort förbättringar i skyltningen för stadens parkeringar och stadsområden. Borgmästaren, Eduardo Dolon, meddelade att skyltar till sju parkeringar har förbättrats och information om cirka 2000 parkeringsplatser kommer nu att visas i realtid via tre digitala skärmar placerade i centrum. I projektet ingår också uppförandet av affischer och skyltar som kommer att styra trafikanterna till parkeringsplatserna. Dessa kommer att placeras i och i utkanten av staden. De parkeringar som avses är Vista Alegre, Marina Salinas, El Arco, La Plasa, hamnområdet, Internationella Marinan och Miguel Hernández. I framtiden är det troligt att samma realtidsinformation som visas

på de nya skärmarna kommer att kopplas till stadens hemsida så att internet och sociala nätverk får direkt tillgång till parkeringsinformation till sina datorer och smartphones. En app är under utveckling som ger samma information till smartphone-användare via en interaktiv plattform. Med hjälp av GPSteknik kommer man att kunna väg-leda användaren via en livekarta till parkeringen. Borgmästaren kommenterade att denna typ av initiativ, “gör en vistelse i Torrevieja bekvämare för besökare, stödjer ekonomin i staden och minskar trafikproblem ... och slutligen bidrar till välfärd i Torrevieja genom en modernisering av infrastruktur och tjänster till medborgarna.”

Kustkommun överger barn med särskilda behov I februari 2011 började en mamma till ett litet barn med Downs syndrom en kampanj för att säkra terapi för barn med särskilda behov i Orihuela Costa. Alison Atherton Davies kämpade outtröttligt och beväpnad med 2.500 namnunderskrifter lyckades hon få kommunen att inkludera en terapiverksamhet vid nya förskolan i Playa Flamenca - men efter 18 månader syns ännu inga tecken på någon verksamhet. Alison sade: “Min dotter Isabel är för gammal när de väl kommer till skott i kommunen om de nu gör det. Eftersom hon då är över tre år. Jag tycker det är skamligt att politikerna kan lägga så mycket kraft på att bråka med varandra istället för att genomföra det de lovat.” Före valet, lovade alla politiska partier att förskolan och dagis skulle prioriteras om de valdes. Men efter valet i maj 2011 sade nya koalitionen som tog över att det inte fanns några pengar i budgeten för 2011 för att öppna dagis, men hävdade att det definitivt skulle öppna 2012 eftersom man avsatte medel speciellt för detta ändamål. Dagiset, som ligger intill det kommunala sportcentret, är fullt möblerat och utrustat. Anläggningen är fantastiskt fin och 55 barn finns inskrivna av lokala föräldrar för att börja skolan i september. Optimismen var kortvarig och det är nu i mitten av augusti och ingen av de föräldrar som har skrivit in sina barn har hört något från rådhuset eller dess

utbildningsverket, ingen bekräftelse på att förskolan kommer eller inte kommer att öppna och absolut inget startdatum. Föräldrar är oroliga för att de återigen kommer stå utan dagis i september. Föräldrar är oroliga för att kommunen snart kommer säga att det inte finns tillräckligt med barn för att öppna förskolan och den kommer att förbli stängd. Ring för åtgärder Alison säger: “Det närmaste kommunala terapicentrat är DINOCO i San Isidro på den andra sidan av Orihuela. Det är en 50 minuters bilresa - ca 40 km - utan allmänna kommunikationer. “Isabel har Downs syndrom och medfödda hjärtproblem. Hon deltar hos DINOCO i Orihuela tre dagar i veckan efter skolan. Det innebär att hon lämnar hemmet till skolan före 09:00, och inte kommer hem igen förrän 7-8:00 på kvällen. De flesta vuxna skulle finna detta schema utmattande och hur påverkar det då ett 3 år gammalt barn. Mer än fem timmar i veckan av pendling i bilen har också en stor inverkan på familjelivet.” Alison uppmanar kommunalråden att infria sina vallöften och öppna vår offentliga förskola här på kusten. Om du vill bidra till att trycka på för skolans öppnande och för insatser för handikappade barn så maila till:

News CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

REPSOL INTENDS TO START LOOKING FOR METHANE GAS OFF THE COSTA DEL SOL The company will be searching for the methane in the Alborán off the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical. The designated area for Repsol is a total of 206,760 hectares. This is Repsol’s most controversial site, because of its possible effects on tourism, is called Siroco-A which goes to the south of the Punta de Calaburras in Mijas Costa, to 12 kms from the south-east

of Fuengirola. The first Repsol platform will be semi-submerged and will launch its eight anchors over the winter and spring. Once operational and it starts to drill into the seabed, the first 90 metres will be achieved by pressurised water, and then, for a depth of 1,600m, a rotating drill will continue creating a hole 30 cms wide.

Respol puts the cost of getting the project underway at 100 million euros, describing that as ‘a business very intensive in capital’. The oil companies say that there is a 10-12 percent of finding gas and that is considered to be good. Ecologist groups, fishermen, as well hoteliers on the Costa del Sol, have said they are worried about the potential risks for the environment, and tourist image of the Costa.

Tomatoes Everywhere


PAIN SEEMS to have cornered the market in unusual fiestas and right up there towards the top of the list must be ‘La Tomatina’ held every year in a town called Buñol about 40 kilometres east of Valencia. The festivities involve the largest tomato fight in the world and the celebration takes place as always on the last Wednesday in August which this year is this week, Wednesday 29th. Before the day commences the local inhabitants put protective sheets over their buildings to protect them from the onslaught but the event proper starts at around 10.00 am with a ham being placed at the top of a greasy pole covered in soap, the ‘soap-post’, and the ‘fight’ cannot begin until someone is able to scale the pole and bring the ham down. Of course there is much jostling and competition to see who can be the first to achieve this feat. When that is accomplished at around 11.00 am the signal of water cannons being fired and the shouts of ‘Tomate, tomate’ marks the start of the fight proper and the lorry loads of specially grown and purchased cheap tomatoes are hurled liberally around. Participants are encouraged to wear protective eyewear and the crowd looks more like a collection of cross channel swimmers and scuba divers with their goggles and facemasks. The tomatoes have to be ‘squished’ first as well – no hurling of hard fruit and no other objects are allowed to be included such as the odd beer bottle or two! The end of the fight is again signalled by water cannon and then the job of hosing down the streets starts and returning the twin to normality. The origins of the tomato battle occurred in 1945 when a fight broke out during a local fiesta


and as a vegetable stand was nearby, fruit and vegetables were thrown in the fight. This was broken up but was restaged the following year involving only tomatoes however the event was banned in the early 1950s with a number of participants being arrested. However in 1957 a coffin carrying a giant tomato was carried through the streets in protest and received much publicity and as a result the event was officially recognised with a number of rules and regulations surrounding the event established. A nationwide TV report in 1983 brought the event to the attention of the rest of the country which served to increase its popularity and in 2002 the Tomatina was granted the title of an event of International tourist interest. La Tomatina is immensely popular, attracting thousands of visitors to the town whose numbers normally swell from about nine thousand to nearer 45 thousand during the celebration. Paul Mutter

12 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

RYANAIR PASSENGERS PROTEST Expect more farm OVER 12 HOUR DELAY protests in Spain The Guardia Civil and Police were called to Menorca’s airport when a Ryanair flight had a 12 hour delay. The flight from Menorca to Madrid was timetabled to leave at 12 noon, but the pilot detected what is being described as a 'technical anomaly', and he decided to stop the take-off. Spanish Airport Authority AENA said the passengers on flight number RYR3057 were taken back to the terminal amid scenes of tension and protest, and shouts of ‘sinver-güenzas’ (scoundrels), ‘manos arriba, esto es un atraco’ (hands up this is a hold-up), and ‘Que les quiten la licencia’ (take their licence away). The passengers on the plane complained that at no time did they receive information from the company or crew about what was happening. They were not told what the mechanical breakdown had been caused by, or what Ryanair planned to do to resolve the issue. The Police and the Guardia Civil had to intervene and calm the passengers down, and they made sure that the airline gave each passenger an official stamp on their complaints form to make it valid. According to Spanish news outlet 20 minutos, Ryanair has refused to give any information at all on the incident. When asked by the media the company refused to provide its version of events or discuss the technical problem. Meanwhile the airline has opened an investigation on the three emergency landings that took place at the end July in Valencia due to a lack of fuel.

As Rajoy's austerity measures start to take effect there will be more struggles for land – they have a long history in Spain – and the struggle of unemployed Spanish farm labourers now continues to grab global headlines. First came the enterprising supermarket sweeps led by the maverick "Robin Hood mayor", Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo. Then, more recently, the mass occupation of the Palacio de Moratalla, owned by the Duke of Segorbe which was taken over by labourers. “We're here to denounce a social class that leaves such places to waste,” proclaimed Diego Cañamero, leader of the Andalusian Union of Workers. However, the duke was not there to hear him say it, being at one of his other homes, 60 miles away. The duke, like many of the region's titled landowners, receives farm subsidies from the EU for his vast expanses of land, irrespective of whether anything is grown

on it or not – meanwhile, rural poverty and unemployment soar ever higher. While the eurozone crisis, Rajoy's austerity measures, and the collapse of the construction industry on the Spanish coasts have brought it into sharp focus, the struggle for land goes back centuries in Spain. Some of the most notorious examples include the ill-fated Asturias Rising in 1934, in which 1,335 people were killed, and the election of a Spanish Federal Republic in 1873, a regime of radical decentralisation, which saw villages proclaim independence from the state and begin to carve up the large estates of the nobles for farming. The current struggle for land terrifies the Spanish right, and the scarcity of their response has been telling. There has been no criticism of their argument – simply, that the crisis of capitalism is being visited squarely on the poorest in Spanish society – because there can be no criticism.

Need a SIGN? Call Signaron Signaron is a small company, run by Barry and Dean. The pair are former colleagues who originally met around 18 years ago, whilst working for a large printing company in the UK. They lost touch over the years and Dean and his family moved to Spain nine years ago. Meanwhile Barry carried on in the printing industry and set up his own company. Two years ago Barry also decided to relocate to Spain, and thanks to Facebook the two got back in contact. Very quickly they started working together again and Signaron was born. Since then the business has

gone from strength-to-strength. Although based in the village of Pinar de Campoverde, Sigaron works across all geographical areas of Spain, and has even exported to France and England. Signaron provides a fast, efficient, friendly and reliable printing and signage service. They approach signage as a marketing tool and want to help customers succeed by providing them with signage that helps them stand out from the crowd. See main adveret on page 69.

Foreign Tourist numbers in Spain during July beat all records

Despite rather stagnant demand from Spaniards themselves for holidaying at home and against the concerns voiced earlier in the season, foreign tourist numbers in Spain hit an alltime record for July of 7.71 million. This is the best monthly total since records began. This follows a record June of 6 million tourists meaning that in the first two months of the peak holiday season, June and July, 13.71 million visitors have holidayed in Spain. This leaves the industry much more optimistic and barring an unusual disaster in August could well see this summer’s figures setting an all-time record. The best summer’s result to date was set in 2007 when

20.9 million visitors holidayed in Spain. Last year’s figures for August were 7.64 million and so expectations are high that the 2007 record will be broken by a total for this month greater than 7.2 million. Despite or perhaps because of the crisis foreign tourist numbers for this year to the end of July were 32.86 million, a 3.3 per cent increase on last year but are still below the peak years of 2006 to 2008 when numbers between 33.1 and 33.6 million were recorded. Tourists from the UK (7.7 million, 23.4 per cent) are still the biggest sector of foreign visitors, however so far this year British numbers are only 0.3 per cent up on 2011. It is

the German and French tourists who are showing the greatest percentage increase in numbers visiting Spain this year. German tourist numbers are up 6.5 per cent and French 4.2 per cent. Together they represent 31 per cent of foreign visitors. More tourists are visiting from the United States as well this year with numbers up 15.3 per cent to 1.08 million visitors. However it is not all good news for the tourist industry in Spain which counts for 10 per cent of the gross domestic product. Domestic bookings, that is bookings by Spanish nationals holidaying within the country, are down and this year represents the second consecutive year of a decline in numbers. Domestic bookings have traditionally accounted for almost half of the total tourist business. Also on the horizon is the rise in VAT rates due to take effect in September which could well affect spending and book-ings for the rest of this year. Paul Mutter

News 13 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Petita Elefanta celebrates 40th birthday Terra Natura, Benidorm, has hosted a special birthday party for a very special elephant. “Petita” celebrated her 40th birthday in style with a lunch of frozen vegetables and 20 kilos of apples, one of the favourite fruits of this particular Asian elephant. Petita was rejected by members of her herd because she is looks different to the rest of them. In the eyes of her peers, Petita was ugly and too little for them when she first joined the herd. However, this situation of discrimination was made better over time thanks to the friendship and support of another of the elephants, called Kaiso. Her acceptance and companionship encouraged males and other females of the herd to gradually accept her. Therefore her best friend Kaiso was guest of honour at the birthday party. Children attending the 'Summer School' at Terra Natura visited the Asian elephant enclosure to help the zoo keepers to give this special lunch fruity celebration lunch. The 20 kilos of apples

Petita ate represents just one-fifth of the food these elephants eat each day and most of the 100 kilos is made up of fruit. After watching the elephants being fed and eating all the fruit the children sang “Happy Birthday” to Petita. They were then given a guided tour inside the elephant house, where the animals receive veterinary care and sleep at night. During the presentation, zoo keepers discussed the progress of encouraging Petita’s socialisation and integration and told of the issues she experienced within the group when she first came to the resort. The park has used the 40th anniversary to launch an initiative that will allow all people born on 23rd August to have free admission to Terra Natura Benidorm until 31st August. To qualify for the initiative, guests must prove their date of birth showing by showing their DNI/NIE. Mireille Toddington

The children enjoy the party



HE ROYAL INDIA is located in Los Montesinos just off the main road running through the town. The restaurant itself is very attractive, well decorated and comfortable with plenty of space between the tables which are extremely well dressed and set out. The front of house service is very welcoming, friendly and efficient. There is plenty of choice available from the Royal India's menu which contains many dishes which are well known and loved favourites but also has many slightly more unusual dishes including a range of specials all designed to tempt the diner. There is a very full range of

starters including salads, soups, and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. My wife chose vegetable pakoras whilst I looked to try something I had not eaten before and decided on the Malai Chicken Tikka, chicken marinated in yoghurt, cream, butter and egg with mixed spices and mint. The description alone sounded delicious and I was not disappointed when the dish came to the table succulent pieces of chicken with a fragrant, medium hot coating around each morsel. The vegetable pakoras were enormous but the lightest we had ever tasted, full of different vegetables and not overpowered by gram flour as some can be. Both starters were delicious and thoroughly recommended. Choosing a main course was even more difficult. Those who like their tandoori dishes will not be disappointed with the selection which includes both fish and prawn kebabs and a special tandoori mixed grill. The menu is in fact very well set out and easy to read with vegetarian dishes divided from the non-vegetarian and the different degrees of heat of each dish clearly marked as are the main ingredients. There is a particularly interesting range of mild curries including of course Kormas but also Pasandas

From L to R Debbie, Raman, Sidhu of the Royal Indian

with saffron and almond, Mughlai with ground cashew nuts, cream, sugar, egg yolk and mint sauce and the sweet and sour Patias. Those looking for a slightly hotter curry have well-known Tikka masalas, Balti and Rogan Josh to choose from along with sweet-and-sour Balchao and spinach based Saags. For those with an even higher heat tolerance no Indian menu would be complete without Vindaloo and at the Royal India they even have a range of extra hot Fahls! Then there are the biryani dishes and a full range of vegetarian dishes. In addition to all these there is the section of Royal Indian speciality curries including rich and smooth butter curry, chicken and lamb Nargassi and other dishes you may not have experienced before. My wife chose a special vegetable Karahi whilst I dipped into the speciality

curries and chose a chicken Shahee cooked with cumin seeds, fresh tomatoes, Indian cheese and a touch of natural yoghurt. With onion rice and pilau rice to accompany the dishes it was a feast fit for a king and queen. The flavours were excellent and portions well sized. Somehow I managed to squeeze in a plain Lassi which was delicious and an ideal complement to the meal. Both Sidhu and Raman the main hosts in the Royal India restaurant are extremely attentive and make spend time talking with all their customers. Raman explained they want their customers to feel part of the Royal India

family. There is a special Menu Del Dia available at the Royal India at €9.95 and a special dinner menu available at €15.95. More details and directions are available in their advertisement in this week's CoastRider or you can ring the restaurant on 966 720 906 or 678 186 065 for more details and information. The Royal India in Los Montesinos is well worth a visit both for the excellent food and the friendly atmosphere. Paul Mutter

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Business CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Your Tax Obligations in Spain - it’s more important than ever to get it right Many British expatriates living in Spain do not understand where they have to pay tax. They either mistakenly believe they have a choice, or they decide not to declare themselves for tax in Spain. The irony is, it is often more beneficial to pay tax in Spain than in the UK. You are tax resident in Spain if any of the following apply: 1. You spend more than 183 in Spain in a calendar year. The days do not have to be consecutive. 2. Your “centre of economic interests” is in Spain. 3. Spain is your “centre of vital interests”. There is no choice; you either are, or are not, resident under the rules. If you meet the tax residence criteria of both Spain and the UK, tie breaker rules will determine where you pay tax. As a resident in Spain, you are liable to Spanish tax on all your income and gains wherever in the world they arise. You currently also need to declare your worldwide assets for wealth tax purposes. Some UK source income is also taxable in the UK, although the double tax treaty between the UK and Spain determines how double tax relief is applied. Anyone not applying the rules correctly is now likely to be caught out. The consequences could be costly. The Spanish government desperately needs to increase revenue and is intensifying its crackdown on tax fraud. It is targeting residents who have not declared all their income, particularly overseas income, and foreign nationals who live here but do not declare themselves for tax. The tax office now uses land registry and utility company records to

establish who owns property in Spain and how long the property is occupied, and compares it with tax return records. It has written to hundreds of property owners warning them it is aware they have not submitted tax returns, and giving them an opportunity to regularise their affairs. It wants to ensure that everyone who lives in Spain pays tax in Spain. We are also hearing more and more reports about the authorities contacting resident expatriates who it believes have not correctly declared their offshore bank accounts and investments. The tax office is believed to be using information supplied by the offshore jurisdictions. Until 30th November 2012, anyone with undeclared income and gains can take advantage of a tax “amnesty”. The government has promised to get much tougher on tax evasion once the amnesty is over, and a new tax fraud prevention law will come into effect. Taxpayers will be obliged to report all bank accounts and assets owned outside Spain, with stiff penalties for those failing to comply. Blevins Franks specialises in understanding the interaction of Spanish and UK tax, and the implications for British expatriates. We will clarify your tax position and advise on legitimate tax mitigation opportunities in Spain. Summarised tax information is based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which may change. Individuals must take personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website Bill Blevins, Financial Correspondent, Blevins Franks

The Euro

Your weekly currency update, sponsored by

WEEKLY EURO UPDATE The euro had a fairly good week. It added a cent and a half against the US dollar and half a cent against sterling, apparently without any great effort, and EUR/USD touched a seven-week high. Investors were not overburdened by economic data either from Euroland or Britain. The UK figures were in contrast with last week's numbers, most of them a disappointment. Rightmove's house price index was down by -2.4% in August; public sector borrowing increased in a month when it should have fallen; the CBI's measures of factory orders and retail sales were both well below forecast; mortgage approvals by BBA members were as miserably few as usual. The only glimmer of light was this Friday's first revision to second quarter gross domestic product. The UK economy shrank by only -0.5% rather than the -0.7% indicated in the first estimate. Euroland's economy had little to say for itself. June's current account surplus was larger than expected and construction output fell in June. The provisional purchasing managers' index readings for August were similar to the previous month's, all of them between 45 and 48 and therefore below the boom/bust dividing line at 50. Rather than the economic data it was therefore sentiment that led the euro higher. Investors still cling to the notion that the European Central Bank's plan to rescue the euro, revealed a month ago, has a realistic chance of working. Their logic is that Germany cannot afford to do other than hold the show together, even if it costs serious money. Chancellor Merkel appears to believe it is crucial to do so. She launched a marketing

campaign this Friday under the slogan "I want Europe" and said in an introductory speech that "Europe is and remains above all a matter of the heart... We have [European integration] to thank for our peace, our prosperity." But of course the way ahead remains littered with obstacles. Spain's banking system is suffering from the flight of capital out of the country. AIG and IAG are just two companies who have recently revealed that they are moving money out of Euroland in general and Spain in particular. Spain's central bank revealed earlier this week that the country's commercial banks had borrowed a record €376bn from the ECB in July to replenish a shrinking deposit base. The word on the street is that is that Mariano Rajoy is involved in discussions about applying formally for a bailout, which would be a condition of European Central Bank support for Spain's government bonds. At the same time Greece's prime minister is touring Europe to petition for an extension to the repayment schedule for its bailout borrowings. Whether or not they are minded to grant his request, EU leaders will make the decision only after they have seen the latest audit by the "troika", due next month. So the euro is on hold for the time being. The situation is no worse than it was and it might even improve, even though nobody can guess when or to what degree. EU politicians seem to be reading from the same script but that's all they are doing so far; reading not doing. And that state of affairs is not likely to change at least until after the ECB council meeting on 6 September.

Moneycorp is a foreign exchange specialist who can take care of all your money transfers to and from Spain; however small or large. Their experts make the process quick, easy and highly cost-effective.

Contact Moneycorp in the Costa Blanca on +34 902 887 243 or in the UK on +44 (0)20 7589 3000 Email: or visit their website

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Financial advice from AES International ... Mark Harrison

Retirement Income consider the future Financial Services For Expats we want a good income from our savings to maintain our lifestyle in Spain

RELAX We can help you. Do you need more income?

Retiring is not an event it is a journey

Legal Finance Fund

3 Year Bond

• 9.8% return over the last 12 months • No entry charge • No exit charge • Income or Growth available • GBP or EURO

• 8.00% per annum in GBP • 8.00% per annum in EURO • Income paid monthly OR invest for growth • Minimum investment 20,000 GBP or EURO

QROPS Specialists Confused about QROPS? Need to release a cash lump sum? Call us for a plain speaking, no-jargon chat about how we can help you. Main Office - Torrevieja


Understandably, this credit crisis has had a huge effect on everybody and has made people cautious and extremely conservative about where they place their hard earned cash. Most retirees in Spain want to create a rock solid savings portfolio with no risk to their capital. This is perfectly understandable as the credit crisis has rocked the world and most people are poorer than they were a couple of years ago. Bank accounts may seem prudent, but it may come back to haunt you. A certain amount of incomegenerating savings accounts are necessary, but too often, people go overboard on bank accounts and shun other potential income generating products that are sorely needed to give a good average return on their savings. Most bank accounts will not leave you with much after inflation. When bank rates are as low as 1%-3% per annum then there is a big risk to leaving all your money in the bank. Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to harp on about different products that you can put your money into, I just want you to consider the bigger picture of keeping all your money accessible.

C/Bautista Bertomeu Sober (near Aquapolis water park 03183 Torrevieja • Spain OPEN: Mon - Fri (10a.m. to 2p.m.)

Torrevieja office

Alicante region

Murcia region

Moraira region

Playa Flamenca/Pilar/Quesada/Rojales La Marina/ San Miguel/Torretas Mark Harrison Tel: 965 704 338 Mobile: 617 414 593

Pinoso/Hondon/Almoradi/Catral/ Villajoyosa/El Campello/Benidorm Nick Venn Tel: 966 196 563 Mobile: 689 151 631

Orihuela/Mar Menor Murcia/Mazarron Steve Higgins Tel: 968 978 188 Mobile: 634 017 511

Denia/Javea/Altea/Calpe/ Benitacell/Moraira/Albir Sam Hulson Tel: 966 499 767 Mobile: 693 713 451 AES International is a trading style of AES Financial Services Ltd which is registered with the Comisión Nacional del Mercado del Valores (CNMV) and Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones (DGS) and is authorised to give investment advice under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). Some of the Investment examples advertised may be unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS) and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors should always speak with their adviser as to the suitability of these investments within their portfolio. It does not constitute an offer to enter into any contract or agreement, nor is it a solicitation to buy or sell any investment.

It is very easy to think short term about your savings – a lot of clients that I meet do not want to tie up money and want to keep as much of their capital as accessible as possible. Their main fears are – what if something goes wrong and I need the cash? What if in the future I make a big purchase and need money? What if my partner dies and they need a cash sum? These are all valid fears, but keeping all the money accessible is short term thinking. Statistics say that we are all living longer and if an expat retires to Spain in their 50s then they could have over 30 years of life ahead of them, which as you know is an extremely long time, and they need an income to pay for it. The problem with financial planning is that no-one knows when it is time for us to shuffle off this mortal coil, if we did, then we could plan it that on our last day there is just a penny left in our bank account. So it’s important to have a long term plan as well as a short term one. If you have money in the bank that provides you an income to supplement your pension then separate your money so that you have cash for big purchases and emergencies, then money that is tied up short term (let’s say for 1 year) that provides an income to live off (but also accessible if a cash sum is needed). Then I would also tie up money to look after your income for later in life (beyond 5 years). Planning your finances this way means that you will have income now, next year and for the rest of your life. If you plan to spend all your savings within the next 12 months then keep all your money accessible. If you are using your money to supplement your lifestyle in Spain then you can afford to tie some of it up to potentially get a better return. Split your money into compartments to take care of your life now, your short term future and your long term future too. You can contact me at


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Back in northern Europe, September marks the end of summer. For those of us living on the Costa Blanca, it would be wishful thinking to think that autumn weather is a certainty in September. We are all familiar with Septembers when temperatures stay between 25 and 30°C through the month. Still, there is something going on now. Nights begin to get a little cooler, and when you walk out in the morning, the air feels just a bit more comfortable. The days are getting shorter, and that is beginning to have an effect. Although uncomfortably hot weather is not yet a thing of the past, we can begin to appreciate that cooler weather is not too distant. And if we are lucky, cool fronts this month can make the weather downright pleasant. The word “autumn” commonly conjures up images of harvest, falling leaves, the end of the growing season and the beginning of dormancy leading into winter. For gardeners here, however, the traditional autumn period is not a time of winding things down in the garden, but of revival and renewed effort. Finally, we can get back into our gardens and enjoy

ourselves as the debilitating heat of the hot season loses its grip on the weather. Looking around now you might begin to notice an increase of vigour in your warm season bedding plants. Even heat-tolerant flowers do not always look their best in August. But shorter days mean fewer hours of intense heat, even though the daytime highs may stay about the same, and plants begin to experience less stress. This encourages a “second wind” in the flower garden that may last well into October or early November. Late September and October’s mildness makes just about any gardening tasks pleasant. The soil and air are warm but not overly hot. Fresh summer produce is still delicious, but production is slowing down. Not until mid-to-late November do we generally experience the nippy cold weather and changing leaves that tell us autumn has finally arrived.

Some things to do in the landscape now Start or reseed lawns. Keep the soil surface moist so seeds germinate and seedling roots get a good start. Aerate and feed established lawns. Trees/shrubs Plant new trees and shrubs while the soil is still warm to encourage the roots to get established before going dormant for the winter. After planting, water deeply and keep well-watered. Feed citrus trees for the last time this year and water trees less as the weather cools and the rains (hopefully) take over. Pale green new citrus leaves may need a dose of liquid chelated iron or a solution of fish emulsion and kelp. Trim off deadwood and watersprouts (quickly-growing upright shoots), but leave major pruning for January, when trees are dormant. Shape evergreen hedges for the last time this year.


Citrus trees Continued on page 17

17 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

Spring flowering bulbs Flowers If you have not done so, cut back some of your summer bedding plants and flowers that have grown tall and leggy over the long growing season. This generally involves cutting plants back about one-third to one-half their height. However, do not cut them back beyond the green foliage to the older woody growth, as this may kill the plant. In addition to cutting them back, groom the plants to remove dead flowers and unattractive foliage. If plants are leaning or have fallen over onto nearby neighbours, prop them up or stake them so they will stand upright. Prepare flowerbeds and vegetable plots. It is still a tad too early to plant cool-season bedding plants like chrysanthemum, even though they will begin to show up in area nurseries this month. If you feel you need to plant something now, you can go with some of the more heattolerant cool-season bedding plants, such as petunias, dianthus, calendula, snapdragons and alyssum.


September is still so warm, there is no hurry to plant these bulbs. Purchase them now, if you like, while the selection is still good. But keep the bulbs indoors at room temperature until October or November when the weather has cooled down, and plant them then. Some bulbs like tulips and hyacinths need to be chilled in a paper sack in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator for four to six weeks or they will Roses This is the last month to prune roses and feed them for not bloom. their last bloom cycle before going dormant. Prune dead canes and weak top growth, but hold off on severe Vegetables pruning until plants are dormant in January. Feed plants Sow seeds of cool season vegetables now for a fall crop. lightly and continue to water them only in the mornings Lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, carrots, beets, to lessen mildew and other wet-foliage-at-sunset-with- kale, peas, etc. are good choices. So let us anticipate the soon-to-arrive milder weather and warm-evenings disease problems. Spring-flowering bulbs also become available this enjoy the delights of gardening over the next few months ... month at local nurseries and garden centers. Given that Marc Vijverberg

PALM TREE REMOVAL We are the automatic, No. 1 choice for hundreds of homeowners from Gran Alacant to Pilar. We work closely with the Spanish Department of Agriculture to remove and legally dispose of Phoenix Palms, which have succumbed to the RED PALM WEEVIL. Our work is fully insured for your peace of mind. ALL Debris is removed from your property. We relish difficult jobs. CALL TODAY -- THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY.


634 372 558 (OR 634 309 377)



TREE FELLING We are the largest firm of registered tree fellers on the Southern Costa Blanca with a close knit and very experienced team. Using the correct machinery, we work safely and efficiently to ensure that our customers suffer minimal disruption. See our video at We tackle any trees including huge pines, eucalyptus and tall ‘fan’ palms which may have outgrown their welcome.

Have a look at our new website where you can watch a short, interesting video on how we remove massive trees from difficult locations, or give us a ring and we will send you a DVD of the video. You can email us on

Walls, Roundabouts, Pathways Patios, Slabbing, Tiling Kerbing, Gravelling Plumbing & Electrics by Qualified Tradesmen We use our 35 years of experience to work with our customers to design and create gorgeous gardens.




F GROUND WORKS & GARDENS A R M Mini excavator & very experienced driver - 30 euros per hour. 4 hours minimum hire. No extras.  Land cleared & graded. Tree stumps removed.  Weed blanket & gravelling - our speciality!  Holes dug for septic tanks. Skips loaded. All trees cut back or removed, including massive Pines, Eucalyptus and Palms.  Automatic watering systems.  Foundations dug for builders & home owners



email us at:

(The International Business Association)

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Spanish airports on short time

Sports facilities cost hike

Last Thursday (23rd August) saw eight of an originally planned 14 airports in Spain go on reduced hours. In total 17 airports and two heliports in Spain were expected to see their operating hours reduced from that date as the new Airport Efficiency Plan came into effect. The plan was approved by the Ministry for Development last June. However, at the last minute, AENA reduced the number of airports with a shorter operating day to just eight, but they said that number could go up after the summer. Under the original plan, the 17 AENA operated airports that have less than 500,000 passengers and two heliports were to see their operating hours reduced from 2,002 a week to 725 hours. The airports affected are Valladolid, Melilla, San Sebastián, Pamplona, León, Badajoz, Ceuta,

Those using the municipal sports facilities in San Javier could find themselves out of pocket as the PP government of the town has approved a general increase in prices. The increase is specifically aimed at those sports and facilities that are most popular and used often such as the swimming pool, tennis and paddle courts. The most costly rise, at a steep 50 percent, will be applied to the use of the tennis and paddle courts. Using the indoor pool will cost swimmers an extra 19 percent. Oppostion spokesman for UpyD José Luis Ros Medina, criticised: “The hike is not two or three euros a month over the last two year as claimed by the mayor. The sharp rise comes at the worst possible time, when families must deal with other increases such

Salamanca, Burgos, Vitoria, Algeciras, Torrejón, Logroño, Córdoba, Albacete, Huesca-Pirineos, Cuatro Vientos, Sabadell and Son Bonet. The new hours will start once printed in the ‘Normativa Aeronáuntica. The airports will not be closed but they will be left in what has been described as ‘a lethargic state’. It’s not year clear which eight airports will be affected first. With these measures the Ministry for Development will reduce the operative services in 19 infrastructures, which amounts to 185 hours a day. The objective is to reduce their losses by 50 percent next year. AENA has accumulated a debt of 15 billion. Some 300 from their 13,000 employees will lose their jobs. AENA and the unions are to restart talks at the start of September.

as VAT. It is known that many families will not be able to afford to pay these higher fees and will simply stop using the service. Therefore, this rate hike will not generate as much revenue increase as the PP clams, because the number of users will fall dramatically.” The UPyD is also opposing the increase as it is across the board and does not take into account the special situations of the disabled or unemployed. The rates for these groups are subject to the same considerable rises as everyone else. The spokesman went on the blame the previous PP government and swimming pool management company Aqualia for the increases, saying “the losses are borne by all pinatarenses under Town Hall accounts. This is a disgrace of governance”.


The IMF cinema in Torrevieja (beside ‘Habaneras’ shopping centre) is once again showing movies in English. The CoastRider would like to thank all its readers that responded to our previous article on the IMF Cinema in Torrevieja (besides ‘Habaneras’ shopping centre). The feedback was presented to Cinema Manager Fabian Tortosa, who said he was “encouraged” by the response and the comments people had made. So much so, that he now plans to present the results to his area manager with a view to obtaining a special licence that would enable him to obtain films that have the facility to automatically change the language. As there is a considerable cost involved in this licence, Senor Tortosa hopes that the email responses from CoastRider readers will help support his case and justify the cost. Watch the space for further details. The manager was also agreeable to the idea of establishing through the CoastRider, a group for film-goers and is keen to develop special offers and discount days aimed at the ex-pat community. The IMF cinema is once again showing movies in English. The movies in English are show in ‘original version’ or V.O. which means that although they have been dubbed in Spanish, can be enjoyed in English by wearing a pair of headphones in the cinema. The wireless headphones

transmit the original film soundtrack directly to the viewer so you can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies on the big screen, in your own language. A refundable deposit of €20 and identification (passport, drivers licence, etc) is required to borrow the headphones. This week it is a long-awaited follow-on to a popular trilogy…. The Bourne Legacy (EL LEGADO DE BOURNE V.O.) Showing: 6.00pm, 8.30pm, 11.00pm This week sees one film screened in English, but what a film it is: The Bourne Legacy is the latest American action thriller film directed by Tony Gilroy, screenwriter of the first three films. It is the fourth instalment in the Bourne film series, which is based on Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series. The film uses the same title as The Bourne Legacy, a later Bourne novel written by Eric Van Lustbader. The Bourne Legacy expands the Bourne universe created by Robert Ludlum with an original story that introduces us to a new hero (Jeremy Renner) whose life-or-death stakes have been triggered by the events of the first three films. Renner leaves his

duties as a bomb-diffuser (and Avenger) to join a highly secretive national-security program that requires him to give up whatever modicum of a personal life he had left. After a few syringe shots and creepy speeches about "the program," he thinks maybe the government doesn't have his best interests at heart, so he decides to make it on his own. The government isn't happy…. Any further ideas or feedback on how the IMF cinema can make your viewing experience enjoyable can be sent to and we will pass on your remarks.

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WELCOME TO ALGHERO with Vivalia Travel Alghero gets its name from the abundance of seaweed (alghe) in the surrounding waters. It was known as Algarium in the Middle Ages and Al Alguer and Barcelloneta under Spanish rule. Alghero’s origins date back to the X Century when the Genoese, with the help of Pisans, turned the Arabs away and obtained land grants from the Judges of Logudoro, one of the groups of judges that governed Sardinia during the Middle Ages. The Genoese House of Doria took possession of the city at the beginning of the XII Century and held onto it until 1353 when the Catalan fleet defeated Genoa’s ships near Porto Conte on the outskirts of Alghero. The Algherese revolted against the garrison’s commanding officer, killing him. The Spanish responded by sending 12,000 men and 100 galleys to suppress the revolt. A treaty was signed and the original inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes and allow the town to be settled by Catalan families. Later, when Charles V wished to use the city as an operations base against Saracen pirates, he visited Alghero and was so warmly received by its people that he proclaimed them todos caballeros, a mark of distinction held still held in regard today by the Algherese. In 1713, when

Alghero came under Austrian rule with the Treaty of Utrecht, Spain tried once again to take the city over but was obligated by the Treaty of London to yield Sardinia to the House of Savoy. Alghero was not again greatly disturbed by foreign influences until it suffered bombings during World War II. Fearing an invasion by the Allied forces, the Sardinians built bunkers in strategic locations around the city that still stand today as grim reminders of Alghero’s more troubled times. The old city is closed behind thick fortress walls, interrupted only by solemn towers. The old city’s stone streets, narrow and bordered by shops, are dotted with randomly spaced and seemingly unplanned tiny piazzas (squares). The polychrome dome of the church of San Michele and the church of St. Francis’ pointed Aragonese tower dominate the city. The monuments represent the gothicCatalan style. Sightseeing begins at Porta a Terra Square, on the eastern margin of the old

town that extends into the vast green area of the public gardens where Giuseppe Manno’s statue, a historian from Alghero, can be seen. The monument was made in 1894 by Pietra Canonica. San Francesco street includes the town’s principal meeting place Sulis square where the view of the sea is interrupted by the impressive Espero Reial and Sulis towers. Along the seaside and at the end of Colombo Way is the recently restored San Giacomo Tower (San Jaume) next to the church of Our Lady of Carmelo from the XVI Century. The promenade Marco Polo extends past the bastion of San Giacomo, characteristic for its narrow openings from which canons were once fired. The seaside opens onto the beautiful panorama of the Algherese roads and the promontory that separates the city from the Porto Conte inlet. Its headland is called Capo Caccia. The small tower of Polveriera (or St. Barbara) is past the bastion, where the coast reaches the north-west end of the promontory and the old city is situated. The coast then turns east, nearing the upper part of the tower of St. Elmo. From here it's possible to see the pier, the port and the landscape far to the north including the long beach of San Giovanni, the small island of Maddalena, Calic marsh and the colourful mountains of Nurra. Continuing along Magellano Way and the seaside, you will find the narrow wall passage with a series of arches that seem to close in around the city’s antique dock. Continuing on, between the coastline and curved walls, you’ll reach the summit in front of the doors that once opened to the sea. This is one of the historic accesses to the fortified city. Nearby there are the impressive ruins of

the Maddalena Fort where Giuseppe Garibaldi disembarked the 14th of August 1855 as captain of the cargo ship “Il Lombardo”. Entering the old city, the visit starts in Piazza Civica (historically “placa de la Dressana”). Here medieval arches lean against the walls of Count Serra di Sant’ Elia’s Palace, the House of Savoy’s Master of Ceremonies and the deconsecrated church of Rosario from the XVII Century. We cross the Duomo’s small square, where we can see the front of the cathedral, dedicated to St. Mary, with a richly decorated apse and octagonal bell-tower inspired by the best examples of the late Catalan-Gothic period and constructed between 1562 and 1579. At Principe Umberto street n.11, you will find the interesting “casa Doria” from the XVI Century with its renaissance-styled facade and gothic windows. Just beyond it is Curia Palace, the headquarters of the Episcopal archives unified with the

capitulary ones of the St. Mary church. At the end of the street is the Mercy Church. Another important church is dedicated to St. Michael and is near Ginnasio Square. Past the Carlo Alberto street intersection, you will come across one of the most interesting buildings of Catalan culture in Sardinia. The church complex, convent and St. Francis’ cloister, was constructed in the first part of the 1300s and partially reconstructed at the end of the 1500s following its collapse in 1593, and finally restored in the XVIII Century. Travel to Porto Torres in Alghero with your local travel experts, Vivalia Travel on their lovely cruise leaving from Valencia on Nov 5th for 8 days all inclusive from 399€ final price tax included, visiting Trapani and Messina in Sicily, Naples, Rome and Porto Torres in Alghero. For bookings call 965 716 615 or send an email to info@vivalia or visit them at C/Santomera, 8 in Torrevieja.

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The Union Jack Golf Association

Last weekend, three events were held to help the children of Emaus back to school in September and to send Keira, the little girl with cerebral palsy, to America for an innovative treatment. On Friday evening a dinner, dance and auction organised by Vikki Notman and Melanie Arnold of Panache Events was held at La Ermita Restaurant in Benidorm where 587 Euros was raised and a wheelchair was donated to Emaus. On Saturday an activity packed fun afternoon and evening was held in Finestrat with the help of the Town Hall. Special guest and compare Matt King raised the roof with his performance and the guests enjoyed dancing displays by Drama Kids and Broadway Academy which was filmed by John McCormac of Chica Chica Productions. With the barbecue, raffle, Emaus cake stall and bar run efficiently by Gemma Tonks, the event raised 1,009 euros. The weekend came to a conclusion with a four team golf competition at Villa Aitana Golf in Benidorm organized by Dave Morris and Big Ted of the Union Jack Bar in Benidorm. Each of the four participating teams had individual winners and the overall team winners of the Emaus Cup were “The Union Jack Golf Society” with a score of 596 points.

2nd place went to Villaitana with 584 points, 3rd place Alfaz/Albir and 4th Team Europe. A barbecue, raffle, bagpipes by Drew the Piper, and entertainment by Cool FM were enjoyed. Special guest Montserrat Fitur of Emaus was present to hand out the golf prizes and tell the guests all about the association. The event added a total of 2,391.00 euros to the weekend’s total. Along with a donation by The Tartan Army in Scotland (who built a sports pitch for Emaus last year) of 1,410 euros, flights for Keira donated by Virgin Atlantic, accommodation supplied by the Ronald McDonald charity along with other donations, the grand total for the weekend was 5,817.14 euros. Overall organiser, Tony Grande of The Bed Centre, Calpe said “There are some extremely generous and hard working people here on the Costa Blanca and with their help we have raised an amazing amount of money for Emaus and Keira. There is still more to do but we are delighted with the outcome.” For further information on these and other events, please go to, email, or look for“The Calpe Bed Centre” on Face Book where you can follow Keira’s progress in America.

21 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

22 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

‘You Can’t Be Serious’ is a weekly tongue in cheek look at the world through Bernie Comaskey’s eyes. With kind permission of the Westmeath Examiner.

A-LIST, B-LIST…OR ANY LIST WILL DO ME! I heard somebody say on television last week that all anybody needs to be a celebrity is to have a personality. This was all I needed to hear, so I hightailed it into the editor’s office. As far as I was concerned there was a vacancy to fill. There are celebrity chefs, celebrity bainisteoirs and just about celebrity everything. ‘I would like to be known as a celebrity columnist in future’, sez I. My boss stared at me with that same look of horror usually reserved for guys who break it to the publican that they still haven’t got the twenty Euro they borrowed last month. He must have pressed some hidden button or other under the desk because a couple of mean looking security guys, with twitching hands, just happened to wander in as I was in the middle of making my application and explaining how this would raise the profile of the paper. Perhaps had I not gone on a bit about how my personality was strengthening his job security; or maybe it was just the word ‘security’ which triggered off the overreaction of his two henchmen, as this was the only English word they knew. Anyway the long and the short of my ambition to be a celebrity columnist is that the two gorillas helped me down the stairs and put me out on the

laneway through the tradesman’s entrance. ‘Neither of you gentlemen will ever be a celebrity security guard with that sort of a personality’, was my parting shot – admittedly from well outside the slammed door. Nothing like an injection of a bit of humility to make the man I always say, so I have decided to say nothing more and just be a humble celebrity columnist, while keeping this fact to myself. What gives with this modern obsessive hunger for celebrity status? So called reality TV has spawned the most motley collection of freaks and misfits, all of whom have achieved their ambition of ‘being famous for being famous’. And this fantasy dream world is now being bred into the very young as well. Where once if a school child was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, the answer would have been nurse, teacher, farmer, fireman or pilot; now the top three career aspirations are sports star, model and actor. ‘I want to be famous’ in another most common reply given by children to those conducting surveys. More than a third of today’s school kids have no clearer ambition than to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. What is your view on heavily made up toddlers parading around in

beauty pageants? Well, like it or not, a significant number of Irish parents have embraced the trend of child beauty shows. Someone said recently that ‘being anonymous was worse than being poor’. This is because our aforementioned celebrities dominate the media. Some of us still retain the capacity to be astonished by some of the s***e which is deemed the most important news item with which even broadsheet newspapers demean their front page. Worst of all, there is now the emergence of the actual child celebrity. Surely there is something very disturbing in the fact that actor Tom Cruise’s five years old daughter is an accredited celeb in her own right and has actually appeared on some best dressed list? Then you have your celebrity families with their entire frivolous and very often contrived headline making. Drivel like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and such. (It is at this stage now that some reader decides to write to me with something like: ‘for a man who claims not to watch it, you seem to know an awful lot about it’ I read the newspapers and Mrs Youcantbeserious and the daughter do research for me!) Then you have every tittle tattle to do with the

Osbournes and the Jacksons and their ilk. The celebrity game is a strange business because while there are ‘genuines’ who have earned the title by virtue of their success in business, entertainment or in the sporting arena; there are also the ones who are famous for being infamous. Some criminals have even made the A-list and great train-robber Ronnie Biggs springs to mind in this category. Celebrities have been made out of people simply by inherited wealth or extravagant lifestyles. We have A-lists, B-lists and of course countless other sub-categories including ‘wanna-be’s’ and ‘never-will-be’s’. There is a never ending stream of names, photos and insipid stories designed to fill the appetite and splash over magazines and newspapers. Bizarrely the need for this consumption is out there. Of course celebrities can be defamed as well as famed by the gossip journalists and men in blouses. When a celeb is no longer of interest they are discarded and replaced by the next they consider worthy of the name. Celebrities are disposable. A celebrity is generally a person in a society who is famous or known by the widest number of people in that

society. Because I am fortunate to own a landmark pub in Spain I get to meet and greet a variety of celebrities. They come from the world of sports, TV, politics and entertainment. Some are on the way up and other are like myself, on the way down. And yet some more are just where they want to be. However, a majority of these celebrities are the real deal who have earned their status. Almost without exception, I have found these types of celebrities to be wonderful people simply because most don’t regard themselves as celebrities in the first place. Celebrity is a funny thing. It enhances some lives and destroys others. Some are aware of how famous they are while others act like they are just ordinary people. And in truth celebrities, no matter how famous, are all just human beings like the rest of us … sorry, that should read, ‘like the rest of you’!

The fame of great people ought always to be estimated by the means used to acquire it.

By Paul Mutter A column which takes a second look at some of the items that have occurred in the current and recent news; an opportunity to pause and ...reflect.

Desperate Times for The Dandy It was a desperately sad day recently when reading the papers online one morning I saw to my horror that The Dandy comic would no longer be available in printed form but would be retreating to the digital environs of the Internet. It was rather like revisiting your first place of work, looking forward to basking in a nostalgic half-light of memories, only to discover it has been demolished to make way for a new supermarket. For me, like so many of my era I am sure, The Dandy along with its companion comic The Beano was an integral part of my existence growing up. First published in 1937, this year is The Dandy’s 75th anniversary year, a sad occasion in which to announce the demise of the printed copy with circulation having fallen to 8,000 copies a week from a high of two million a week in the 1950s, probably the heyday of comics. There were so many comics available in those days with so few surviving. Alongside The Dandy and The Beano there were The Topper and The Beezer, slightly larger format comics. Then of course particularly for boys there was the Eagle, Lion, and Tiger of course with Roy of the Rovers featuring prominently on the front page. Others that immediately spring to mind without much thought are The Hotspur, The Wizard and slightly later Valiant. Throughout it all The Dandy and The Beano seemed to have something the other comics did not. Less flashy but with the beautifully

drawn characters and humorous, simple storylines these two managed to outlive the others. Many of the characters have passed into folklore with Desperate Dan and his cow pie surviving from the very first issue of the Dandy. It was its sister comic The Beano though that had an even longer list of famous and iconic characters; Dennis the Menace, the Bash Street Kids, Lord Snooty, Minnie the Minx and Roger the Dodger to name just a few. There was something not totally respectable about most of The Beano's characters. They were always getting into scrapes of one sort or another perhaps that was why for many middle-class parents The Beano was viewed with some suspicion as not being perfectly suitable reading material for their offspring. The more educational comics with sections on how to make spacecraft out of used washing-up bottles were seen as much better choices. However where I lived our local hairdresser was the place to go to catch up on all those comics that you either weren't allowed to read or had missed. I well remember even missing my turn in the queue in order to finish the latest exploits of the Bash Street Kids and desperate Dan. Times change though and storylines and presentation of the printed comic struggle to keep up with the more sophisticated presentation possible with the Internet. Today's children have access to a much wider range of experiences but I still wouldn’t swap that for the enjoyment that The Dandy and The Beano amongst others gave me as a child and then there were those long

awaited Christmas comic annuals - what joy!

I’d rather just have the box thank you With the school holidays about to finish it will not be long before the newspapers, especially those in the United Kingdom, are warning us that Christmas is only a few weeks away. Minds will have to be turned to arrangements for the festive season to come, including choosing presents for friends and family. To help in making that decision there will no doubt be articles telling us what the top 10 most popular presents are for him/her and for little Jimmy and little Rihanna. So sophisticated are the presents available and given to children nowadays it is not easy to see where it will all end, many already have so much’ high-techery’ around them they could launch their own spacecraft to Mars. However the Daily Mail came up with the antidote to all this extreme gadgetry recently in an article which claims that a little over six pounds spent on eight items could, according to experts, "stimulate children's imaginations and be better for their development." According to a recent report commissioned by the makers of Ribena the average family spends £10,021 on toys for every child before they reach the age of 18. Sally Goddard Blythe who is director of the Institute for neurophysiological psychology in Chester and a member of the expert panel that compiled the report said this has “lead to parents being seduced into thinking that the more they provide for their

children and the more money they spend, the better parents they are”. The compilers of the report polled 2,004 parents who admitted that inter-parent competition and peer pressure on their own children compelled them to spend more money on toys and the latest gadgets. However almost three quarters of them admitted they thought their own simpler childhoods were more fun but 17 per cent said they did not feel like good parents unless they could buy their children whatever was the latest craze. So what are these eight simple toys costing apparently £6.21 that these experts reckon should take the place of iPads, X boxes and smartphones. In no particular order of priority they are: coloured embroidery threads, drawing pencils, wooden shapes or building blocks, coloured paper, plasticine, beads, cardboard pieces and toy figures. All of these items can be packed in a box together with a list of 50 constructive games that can be played with the contents. This may be the recipe for Christmas at crisis times but it is not easy to see it favourably stacking up against the likes of an iPad or remote control car. The parents and grandparents amongst us though will I’m sure have experienced with their own children and grandchildren, particularly the very young and those relatively uninfluenced by the consumer society, the delight of watching them open their presents only to gently push brightly coloured contents to one side and

engage in a gripping and absorbing interaction with the box and packaging. Sally Goddard Blythe for one believes that electronic toys are becoming dominant and children are less likely to develop problemsolving skills using them. With fewer children having free access to playing outside and spending more time not just inside but metaphorically attached to the world inside the game machine or computer their world is ironically expanding and yet contracting at the same time. The compilers of the Ribena report believe that exploratory and child led play where children explore the world for themselves is much more creative and important to their development than for example playing video games. The worry that many modern day parents have about their child security and safety is borne out by the results of the report which showed 55 percent of parents believing their child's play was more restrictive than their own had been and 29 percent admitting they actively restricted their child’s play because of their concerns over their offspring's safety and security. The report’s experts clearly believe a return to building blocks and crayons would be a beneficial move. It will be interesting to see how many parents this Christmas have the courage to buy that £6.12 box of suggested toys for their children.

Paul Mutter

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PRICE 699€ 538€ 549€ 449€ 465€

Tel: 619 93 33 21 or 622 45 44 52 • Tel/Fax: 965 710 903 • email:

24 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

Album Of The Week The View - Cheeky for a Reason

Released 9th July 2012 on the Cooking The album is a mix of breezy melodies and Vinyl label choruses that will have you singing along. One critic described the album as ‘Fleetwood This is the forth studio album for the Macs Rumours done by the Clash.’ Cheeky for a reason is a lad rock album but rock/indie band from Scotland, with Q Magazine describing it as their best the view are now starting to peruse a more album yet. ‘How Long’ was the first sophisticated brand of rock. single released from the album, and the This album will be featured in Sarah album will also be showcased in the UK Simpson’s Brunch-Time show on Sunshine FM between 11am – 2pm. with a 21 date tour.


MUSIC NEWS The Wedding singer, what a great movie, well Craig David who has turned Wedding Singer made a surprise appearance at a couples nuptials in Cambridgeshire. Theo Coyne and Lisa Potter-Dixon started a campaign on Twitter and YouTube in a bid to convince David to be guest of honour on their wedding day. They were all left stunned when Craig arrived at the reception and sang an hour long set for the couple and their guests. He left a message on their website a day after the wedding, “Had the most amazing experience last night surprising Theo and Lisa at their wedding celebrations, seeing them so happy having me attend and hearing me sing was as emotional for me as it was for them.” Def Leppard star Joe Elliot is battling ill health during the bands US tour and had to apologise to fans after cutting a concert short. He had to leave stage during a show in New York due to a nasty cough which is

threatening to upset the bands tour. On the groups official website he wrote “I caught a hacking cough which just ripped the hell out of my voice”. Elliot consulted a doctor after the show and after a few cortisone shots it now seems to be on the mend. Paul Weller has said no to reuniting with any of his former band mates and said he finds it really disappointing when his peers reform their old groups. Despite fellow rock group Stone Roses sorting out their problems and reuniting with much success, he admits he is tired of seeing old bands come back for a second shot at the lime light. Weller formed The Jam back in the 70s, he split from the band in 1982 and formed The Style Council before embarking on a solo career. He said, “old bands reforming are driving me potty and taking away the limelight from brand new bands and upcoming artists”.

1. Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom 2. Rita Ora – How do we Party 3. Wiley – Heatwave 4. Emilie Sande – Read all about it 5. Taylor Swift – We are never getting back together 6. Florence & The Machine – Spectrum 7. Devlin – Watchtower 8. Calvin Harris – We’ll be coming back 9. Angel – Wonderful 10. Trey Songz – Simply amazing 11. Public Enemy – Harder than you think 12. Simple Plan – Summer Paradise 13. Nicki Minaj – Pound the alarm 14. Maroon 5 – Payphone 15. Stooshe – Black Heart 16. Porter Robinson – Language 17. Owl City – Good Time 18. Elbow – One day like this 19. Redlight – Lost in Your love 20. Rudimental – Feel the love

IRISH CHARTS - TOP 20 1. Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks 2. Rita Ora – How we Do (Party) 3. Florence & the Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name) 4. Taylor Swift – We are never getting back together 5. Emeli Sande – Read all about it (Pt III) 6. Calvin Harris – We’ll be coming back (feat. Example) 7. Owl City & Carly Rea Jepsen – Good Time 8. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers 9. Nicki Minaj – Pound The Alarm 10. Will.I.Am – This Is Love (feat. Eva Simons) 11. Wiley – Heatwave (Ms.D) 12. Fun. – Some Nights 13. Flo Rida – Whistle 14. Maroon 5 – Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 15. Far East Movement – Turn Up The Love (feat. Cover Drive) 16. Nicki Minaj – Starships 17. Stooshe – Black Heart 18. Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up 19. Ryan O’Shaughnessy – No Name 20. Train – Drive By

25 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

The Coastrider sent writer Dave Bull away with a budget of just 200 euros and instructions to see as much of Spain as he could. Always up for a challenge Dave headed for Alicante train station (no flights allowed!) to see just how far he could get. We will catch up with Dave over the coming weeks to check on his progress…

By Dave Bull

Tarragona By the time I arrived in Tarragona it was 7.30pm and I didn’t have anywhere to sleep for the night so that was a priority, the hat would have to wait a bit and as I left the railway station (which is right next to the Mediterranean) and walked up the hill into town I began wondering whether I would find a bed for the night or end up sleeping on the beach – Tarragona was packed! For the next three hours I wandered Tarragona’s historical centre (up and down La Rambla and beyond) trying a succession of Hostels, Hotels and Pensions but all had the same answer, ‘Sorry, were full.’ I was just starting to wonder whether I should try to find a pregnant woman and a donkey – at least that way I’d get a stable ... maybe? I was tired by now, and I needed a wash and a shave after six hours of travelling and would have happily settled on sharing a stable – with a horse if necessary. However, luck was on my side and as I tried the last of the three Hostels in the Placa del Font - which was full of people by the way - I got a firm ‘yes’ from the owner. Who, I have to say rather quickly it seemed to me, took me to my room and made a point of showing me the shower ... Cleaned and changed - I hadn’t shaved as I’d forgotten my razor but

I’m sure Indiana Jones would have approved of a two day stubble, even without a hat - I went to explore the town, and get something to eat. I saw some of the roman monuments that the city is famous for (it is also a UNESCO world heritage site) and made my mind up to see the rest or at least what I could, in the morning, before I headed off to somewhere else, to find a hat. Now, I needed to eat and that wasn’t difficult at all as Tarragona has an abundance of street cafes and squares all throbbing to the beat of visitors contently eating away – so I became one of them and thought about the following day – where would I go next? I got up early, rested after a comfortable night and was exploring the amphitheatre and the aqueduct (both of course Roman) by 8.30am and eventually (and a little reluctantly) I headed down to the bus station to see what awaited me. It’s also worth pointing out here that because of Tarragona’s unique climate (the seasons are all very similar) it feels like springtime all year round. So, I walked into the bus station and hopped on the first bus I came to (driven by the friendly Andres) and asked where it was heading, ‘Barcelona, ‘ he replied. Yes! Now that was something to look forward to on the one and a half hour journey.

Andres also gave me a useful map of the city which pointed out all the ‘places of interest’ and, this being Spain, number one on the list was the Camp Nou (Barcelona’s football ground) which is understandable but number two gave me a frown. You see in this city, heavily influenced by artists and architects (not the least of which was Gaudi) the second on the list of top ten attractions was ... El Corte Ingles. Now, call me cynical, but I think a little commercialism may have slipped into the bus company’s agenda? ‘You like Michael Jackson?’ asked Andres, who really should have been looking at the road and not turned around with both thumbs up looking at me. I replied that I did and the rest of the journey was filled with Billie Jean and Thriller (at a good rate of decibels) and Andres bouncing one foot or the other off of the floor or the pedals depending on the song ... Barcelona It was 1.00pm when I arrived and I said farewell to Andres (and Michael) and decided to head straight for ‘Las Ramblas’ Barcelona’s famous area where bohemians, pavement artists and dodgy sunglasses sellers can be found. Here also you’ll find some of the best restaurants and hotels in Barcelona – but, of course, they come at a price. I needed a room but one

on Las Ramblas was not only out of my budget, it was my budget for the whole weekend! No, I needed somewhere a little more economical and I was just beginning to get a little concerned about my accommodation for the night, or lack of, as trying to find a bed in Barcelona, in August is probably a bit like trying to find a Spanish Olympic gold medal winner (sorry couldn’t resist!). By 3.30pm I’d called over 20 different places advertised offering accommodation – and they were all full. Not good. However, I always find the best way to deal with a problem is to ignore it for a bit – so I went to look for a hat. I had no luck (again) with the hat – I wanted to look like Indiana Jones but whichever one I chose made me look less like an explorer and more like…well, an idiot really. I plonked myself in a seat on Las Ramblas and ordered a cool beer to help me think about my priorities which were rapidly changing their order. Now I was hungry, so the hat had to take second place but really I needed a room above all else or I was definitely going to end up on Barcelona beach for the night. I tried several more places all with the same answer ‘lo siento, pero no ...‘ and by now it was dark, making it that bit harder to find my way around. Finally, I found a room

at ‘La Paloma’ hotel which was a bit brightly painted on the outside (pink), but they had a room – and I could have it. However, the look of (at first) respect I got from the two concierges when I asked for a room for the whole night, soon turned to smirks as they pointed out that I was, in fact, trying to sleep in a brothel ... I moved on, determined to avoid further brightly painted boarding houses – especially if the concierges were built like Oak trees – and began looking again for somewhere to sleep, by now it was 10pm and I was very tired, very hungry and by now very hairy. After another dozen or so fruitless calls I found a place! At this point the experienced traveller should be asking himself why a hostel has room, at the weekend, in August, in Barcelona ... but I’m not the experienced traveller so I just headed for the place – and that was another mistake.

Join Dave next week to find out why….

26 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

EMAUS CHARITY FUNDAY A fun, free event takes place on September 15th 2012 in aid of the EMAUS orphanage charity. From 12 noon to 6.30pm, Bar La Campana in Urb Eden, Guardamar becomes the venue for a spectacular array of the best of local entertainers. Music and dance will be provided by Dave E Moss, Shani Ormiston, Lorna Michelle, Rebecca Hold, Cris Jonson, Cherry K with dancing from the children of Dance Xtreme. TKOfm’s Andy James will compere and DJ at the family event with facepainting for the little ones on offer courtesy of Emma. Fun events feature a yard of ale competition, a charity auction, raffle prizes, side stalls and much more. Organisers told The CoastRider that they hope as many people as possible raise much needed funds for the EMAUS children’s home in Elche. If you would like to get involved, or find out more, call 691 305 749 or 685 608 442 or email or Primarily known for its orphanage care for children aged nought to eighteen EMAUS helps children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. EMAUS currently has nine children’s shelters, a family counselling unit, two homes for the elderly and a shelter for battered women. Four years ago, in 2008, EMAUS opened a ‘baby orphanage’ for newborns to six year olds, working alongside the government adoption network.

Dear Editor I feel compelled to write to you and your readers regarding life here in Spain. This past weekend we met with an all too typical example of the negative attitude of the expat community. Last Friday morning my wife and I were playing Spanish music in our apartment (at a reasonable volume I might add). Whilst I was out of the apartment my wife received a visit from one of the ex-presidents of the community, complaining that her sister (who was staying across the hall) had an issue with the music being too loud – she could apparently “hear” the music across the hall. My wife and I are both professional people who run a business here in Spain. We are by no means the “boom boom” sound offensive that met us back in the UK. It seems there are still people here in Spain that have not realised that living in an apartment community means living in close proximity to other people. They also don’t seem to realise that Spain is in fact a noisy country and noise is an integral part of the culture and the lifestyle. I wonder when these people will stop trying to convert this wonderful and passionate country into a miniature England! It is typically these people who have no intention to learn the language or culture, do not integrate with the Spanish, and frequently moan and complain about the

environment they themselves have chosen to live in. When will this partition of expats realise that there is more to life here than Iceland ready meals and sitting indoors playing online poker? It is also this type of expat that stated their reasons for moving as excess immigration to the UK and the fact these immigrants don’t learn our language, eat our food, nor integrate in our society. The word irony comes to mind! To all expats making the effort, integrating and learning about this wonderful country – fair play to you all! You are definitely in the minority! Kindest regards, David Healy, Almoradi Dear Editor The K9 Club would like to thank your newspaper for your help in advertising our animals. We have had a lot of interest and have rehomed at least 4 dogs in the last ten days because of your involvement and support. Thank you so much. K9 Dear Editor The Velvetones Harmony Chorus starts rehearsals after the summer break on Wednesday, September 5th. The ladies, who come from UK, Ireland, Sweden and New Zealand, meet every Wednesday, 10am - 1pm,

at the restaurant El Paraiso, Jardin del Mar 1, near Carrefour in Torrevieja. The chorus has a repertoire of songs in English from barbershop to musicals and entertain audiences at concerts and sing-outs in aid of local charities. Haven’t sung for years? No matter, you’ll soon feel at home on the risers. Drop in for a cup of coffee and see us in action or get in touch with Judith Phillips, our musical director (634 363 556) or June Brady, our chairwoman (965 327 446). Regards Jean Persson, for the Velvetones

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on the letters page are not necessarily those of The CoastRider. Letters may be edited for legal reasons and/or for reasons of space and clarity. Letter writers must supply full name, phone number, address and NIE/Passport number for our records (not for publication).


27 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

Due to the ongoing expansion of the business MILTON EXPRESS, promoters of WINNING EXPRESS and the major shareholders of SPORTING ARBITRAGE LTD are relocating to La Zenia “It was a logical step” said Chairman John Murray, “with the increasing levels of business being generated in the Costa Blanca region, we felt we needed not only more office space, but our own identity. The La Zenia location is more prominent with excellent free car parking available”. From 1st September their new office will be in Edif. Centro Zenia, Avda. de Villamartin S/n Urb. La Zenia, Orihuela Costa.

International Event which will be held at San Miguel Castle, Castillo de Conesa, on 11th and 12th September. Come along and meet us! Steve Claridge, respected BBC TV pundit will be in attendance.

GET ONBOARD WITH MILTON EXPRESS AND ENJOY AN ALL-ROUND WINNING EXPERIENCE Access to the arbitrage facility is now only available to members of Winning Express although this condition will not be retrospective. Now for £99 residents on the Costa Blanca can sample the full services for three months with a money-back guarantee if they fail to make a profit.

BONUS FOR SPORTING ARBITRAGE CLIENTS It’s not all doom and gloom on the financial front - clients of Sporting Arbitrage received some welcome news, namely that a half-yearly bonus is to be introduced. The bonus system came into force from 1st August and Sporting Arbitrage will be updating their systems to provide the facility to all existing clients and to newcomers who apply via the Winning Express opportunity. Existing clients of Sporting Arbitrage have the opportunity to try all our services on a no obligation three month free trial. Please see website for full terms and conditions along with details on all our serviceand promotions. Milton Express office is based at Sophia Business Centre, La Regia and they can be contacted on 965 322 863 whilst all administration duties are carried out by Admin Solutions (UK) Ltd, Velocity House, Tenter Street, Sheffield S1 4DE tel 0114 213 3539.


Milton Express are sponsors of the forthcoming

29 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th2012

31 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

The CoastRider PRIZE CROSSWORD sponsored by

Benimar and Punta Prima (please collect from Punta Prima)

Be in with a chance to win a 10€ voucher from those lovely people at The Card Place every week. Simply send your completed crossword for the cryptic clues to our office by 12 noon on Thursday. The overall winner will be drawn from a hat of correct entries. Don’t forget to include your contact details and remember, you can enter every week! Send your completed entry to, fax 966 701 037 or bring it to our Torrevieja office (address on page 2). Draw will take place at 4pm every Thursday. The CoastRider’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.



Chris Tracey Please contact The Card Place to claim your prize. Identification will be required.


quick ACROSS 4. Competition (7) 8. Blush (6) 9. Progress (7) 10. Ingenious (6) 11. Avaricious (6) 12. Introduction (8) 18. Get back (8) 20. Composure (6) 21. To each (6) 22. Deform (7) 23. Actually (2,4) 24. Think (7)

DOWN 1. Maxim (7) 2. Stuck (7) 3. Buy back (6) 5. Poor (8) 6. Rouse (6) 7. Ebb (6) 13. Uncivilised (8) 14. Old stager (7) 15. Under (7) 16. Elf (6) 17. Fatal (6) 19. Fret (6)

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ACROSS 4. It’s meant to have a catch in it (7) 8. Fitting support mostly (6) 9. First-class heading to column (7) 10. Unstable, but accepted by the company (6) 11. Make 21 happy? (6) 12. What our ancestors left from their troubled times (8) 18. A priest a sycophant converted (8) 20. Push learner initially and get a scoop (6) 21. Successfully retired? (6) 22. It’s up with mirth when there’s success around (7) 23. Charles Roe initially is twice at the turning-point (6) 24. The colonist who pays his debts (7) DOWN 1. Honest, and certainly not lying (7) 2. Agree that 100 are in very good shape (7) 3. The right bird to grieve over (6) 5. Emerge again to gather fruit (8) 6. Can’t he serve without delay? (6) 7. Pass a form of 21 (6) 13. Good order for pastry? (5-3) 14. Varied people who take the plunge and go east (7) 15. Speed is something to scorn (7) 16. How much has to be paid for the attack? (6) 17. A number tell female relation to be gone! (6) 19. Secure against loss for certain (6) Crossword solution 443 QUICK Across: 4 Rivalry; 8 Redden; 9 Advance; 10 Clever; 11 Greedy; 12 Preamble; 18 Retrieve; 20 Aplomb; 21 Apiece; 22 Distort; 23 In fact; 24 Reflect. Down: 1 Precept; 2 Adhered; 3 Redeem; 5 Indigent; 6 Awaken; 7 Recede; 13 Barbaric; 14 Veteran; 15 Beneath; 16 Sprite; 17 Mortal; 19 Repine. CRYPTIC Across: 4 Trawler; 8 Proper; 9 Capital; 10 Infirm; 11 Please; 12 Heritage; 18 Parasite; 20 Shovel; 21 Asleep; 22 Triumph; 23 Crisis; 24 Settler. Down: 1 Upright; 2 Conform; 3 Regret; 5 Reappear; 6 Waiter; 7 Elapse; 13 Applepie; 14 Diverse; 15 Despise; 16 Charge; 17 Avaunt; 19 Assure.

In edition 443 'The best DJs are born, not made!!!' Migel Jayasinghe, Urb. LO Crispin Please contact The CoastRider to claim your prize. Identification will be required.

Runners up....... Now this what I call the baby boom !!!! Mervyn Evans, Altos de la Bahia " Rock ya , baby ! Julie Friend. Jardin Del Mar, Torrevieja Country music for me---Yeah! Yvonne Fisher. Benimar 2, Rojales.

The best caption each week wins a mug featuring their winning caption and photo! Send your caption with your contact details so we can call you when your mug is ready to collect to: Email: Fax: 966 701 037 Phone: 966 701 060 Note: Deadline is Thursday 12 noon Sudoku Solution

Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they go into space because passing wind in a space suit damages them. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

When I said plug me in I meant to music not electricity! Pam Ashton, El Galan Yep got it! Its Queen, with Radio Gaga Gaga! Josie Evans, Altos de la Bahia Telesales ! Coo Eeee! Josie Evans, Altos de la Bahia Bring it on babe! Ray Barrett, Las piscinas. "All we hear is radio Ga gaa radio Goo goo radio Gaa gaa" BRENT FARRELL, BLUE HILLS

32 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

PM plans more cuts ahead of possible bailout


FTER THE briefest of holiday periods, the Spanish Cabinet reconvened with just one subject on its mind: the economy, which looks to be heading toward needing a full bailout. Statements made by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his ministers have evolved from denying that there will be a full rescue for Spain, to “let’s see first what the European Central Bank does and then we’ll take a decision.” Some kind of bailout, whether granted with soft or tough conditions, appears to be inevitable now, and pensions - previously the one area in which the government was not willing to make cuts - are no longer untouchable. Further tax rises may also be in the pipeline as Rajoy’s

administration battles to bring the deficit down to 6.3 percent of GDP by the end of the year. As Economy Minister Luis de Guindos recently revealed, the Spanish government believes that “the Eurogroup will define the procedures [for a bailout] in the second week of September.” And before that happens, the government wants to ensure that it is able to meet its deficit targets, given that a rescue would be conditioned by a request for continuous information about public spending and revenue. “With the cuts that we have made, we more or less know where we are in terms of spending,” says one

government source. “But we don’t know how revenues are going to go.” Meanwhile, some of the cuts that have already been introduced will begin to take effect on 1st September, when around 150,000 immigrants who are in Spain but do not have their residency status in order will no longer qualify for free healthcare. Five regions — Andalusia, Asturias, the Basque Country, the Canary Islands and Catalonia — have said that they will ignore the new rules from the central government and will continue to treat all patients. Mireille Toddington Pictured above: Mariano Rajoy.

Deadly jellyfish close beaches in Spain Swarms of potentially deadly jellyfish have forced the closure of beaches across north-western Spain as swimmers were warned to stay out of the water in what experts described as an unprecedented ‘plague’. Beaches across Galicia and Asturias on Spain’s northern Atlantic coast were affected as hundreds of thousands of the gelatinous creatures were washed towards shore. There are now fears that the deadly plague could head down the coast to the tourist beaches of the Costa Blanca. At least a hundred Portuguese Man O'War have been spotted floating close to the shore across the northern regions as well as enormous blooms of Pelagia Noctiluca - mauve stinger jellyfish that more usually plague the beaches of the Mediterranean. The man o'war - not strictly a jellyfish but a floating colony of microscopic

hydrozoans - has tentacles that can reach 30 yards long and are barbed with a sting that typically cause painful welts lasting up to three days. In some cases the sting can cause an allergic reaction and in rare cases, heart failure. Even when washed up on the sand the stings still contain venom. Authorities are also worried about the unprecedented number of mauve stingers, bright purple invertebrates that emit a yellowish glow at night which are swarming along the north-western coast this summer. Scientists say unusual tides and currents are bringing the creatures, which pose a danger to bathers because they are so difficult to spot, towards shore. “We are dealing with a species that potentially poses a great danger because of their high level of toxicity,” said Luis Lara, head of Cepesma, a

marine species protection organisation. “It is a plague of proportions never seen before. There are great banks of them covering between a mile and a mile and a half from shore,” he said. Images showed tens of thousands of the pinkish globes washed in with the tide, covering sandy beaches usually packed with holidaymakers. The Red Cross organisation, which provides lifeguards on popular beaches and has been treating hundreds of bathers for stings, said the beaches would likely remain closed over the next few days. “Close inspection of the waters and sandy areas across the region will have to be undertaken before we can consider opening the beaches again,” explained Enrique Perez Fernandez, head of the western zone for the organisation. Mireille Toddington

80 year old woman destroys 19th century church fresco An elderly woman has destroyed a 19th century church fresco with her attempts at a DIY restoration that she undertook without permission. The "Ecce Homo" a depiction of Christ crowned with thorns painted by local artist Elias Garcia Martinez has graced the wall of the Santuario de Misericodia Church in the village of Borja, near Zaragoza, northern Spain, for more than 120 years. But over the last 18 months its surface has deteriorated due to moisture in the church, causing parts of the painting to flake off. A woman in her 80s, upset at the worsening state of an image she loved to look at, took it upon herself to restore the artwork to its former glory, but unfortunately with devastating consequences. The result was a botched repair in which the original face has been almost completely painted over with amateur brushstrokes and the image now resembles an ape more than a man. “Unfortunately a local resident with very good intentions decided without consulting anyone that she would restore the fresco,” confirmed Javier Silvestre, the councillor for Culture at Borja Town Hall. “The result is disastrous and we are now consulting experts to see what can be done.” A panel of art historians will meet at the church next week to consider

The changing face of the fresco.

the problem. The amateur restorer had completed her transformation of the masterpiece without anyone noticing and the “restoration” was only discovered when descendants of the artist made a donation towards its upkeep and an expert was sent out to examine the fresco. At first church authorities thought it had been deliberately vandalised until the octogarian came forward and admitted her actions. The Centro de Estudios Borjanos, a local cultural organisation responsible for the preservation of artistic heritage in the town has called for a full investigation into how it was allowed to happen. A spokesman from the Centre said: “The value of the original work was not very high but it was more of a sentimental value.” It was painted by Elias Garcia Martinez who is the father of two well-known local artists and the family had made a donation towards its preservation. “The lady, who is in her 80s, acted without authorisation from anyone.The church is always open because many people visit and although there is a guard, no one realised what the old woman was doing until she had finished,” the spokesman said. Relatives of the artist are now considering whether to take legal action against the DIY restorer. Mireille Toddington

33 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

34 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012


Coca d’espinacs By Paul Mutter

Ingredients (for 9 x 14" tray) For the dough 250 g of pizza flour 125 g of warm water Half a teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of olive oil

For the filling 800 g of spinach 4 medium sized tomatoes 30 g of pine nuts 40 g of raisins Salt and pepper Additional olive oil

Method First make the dough. Sieve the flour into a large bowl, make a well in the middle and mix in the warm water to make a dough. You may need to add a little more warm water if the dough does not come together but only add enough to pull all the flour together and away from the sides of the bowl. Add the salt and the olive oil, mix in thoroughly and with well-floured hands take the dough out of the bowl and kneed on a floured surface for a few minutes. Place the dough back in a clean floured or oiled bowl to stand and rise for 20 minutes or so. While the dough is rising make the filling for the Coca. Put a saucepan of water on to boil and when simmering put in the tomatoes and leave for several minutes to soften and split their skins. Take each tomato out in turn, handled carefully and remove the skin from each. Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the hard central core and seeds leaving the flesh. Chop the flesh up and put to one side. Take the spinach and rinse with cold water in a colander. Shake the excess water off and place in a large saucepan over a low heat. The spinach will eventually begin to wilt. When cooked down fully tip into a sieve and using the back of a spoon press the excess moisture out of the spinach. Put the raisins into a little hot water for 5 minutes to swell. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Take a suitably sized flat baking tray and grease with a little olive oil. On a well-floured surface roll out the dough into a rectangular shape to fit the tray. The best way of achieving this is to roll the shape out roughly, place on to the tray and then use your fingers and hands to press the dough into the corners of the trying as it is extremely difficult to roll out a true rectangle. Spread the wilted spinach evenly across the surface, dot with pieces of the chopped tomato and sprinkle the pine nuts and raisins across the top; season with a little salt and pepper and sprinkle additional olive oil over the topping. Place the tray in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes until cooked. Tip carefully onto a wooden board and cut to serve. The Coca can be eaten hot or cold. Allowing it to cool improves the flavours of this version in my opinion.

This week for the recipe we travel to the Balearic Islands to make one of the iconic dishes from the cuisine of this part of Spain also found in Catalonia. It is the Spanish flatbread called ‘Coca’ which is completed with a range of different toppings both savoury and sweet. The actual version I have chosen is one of the most famous recipes, Coca d’espinacs, or Coca with spinach. It is traditionally finished with the addition of pine nuts and raisins although I have chosen to add a little tomato as well. Other popular toppings are sardines or summer vegetables, a topping of red pepper, onions and tomatoes. The well-known spreading sausage called sobresada is also incorporated into another very popular version. Flatbreads have been baked for many centuries throughout the Mediterranean region and toppings of one sort or another have also been added for a considerable period of time. The ‘proper’

dough for Coca is a yeast dough although there are versions utilising a yeastless dough. They can be made wafer thin or thicker giving a soft centre to the bread base. I have cheated slightly in a sense by using

The Coca can be thought of as the Spanish pizza. The main difference would appear to be that Coca recipes do not utilise cheese and tomato paste in the same way that the Italian pizzas do as a base

seem a lot but the vegetable does wilt down very considerably on cooking. Simply cook it in the leftover water from rinsing as described below, do not be tempted to cook it in more water. I

a pre-prepared flour mixture designed for making pizzas which you can buy in local supermarkets. It is simply flour with a raising agent added but gives a good result and is quicker and easier to use than making a traditional yeast dough.

to toppings and as far as I'm aware there are no sweet versions of pizzas although it would seem from at least one source that historically the pizza began as a sweet item. If you are unfamiliar with cooking spinach the amount in the recipe may

personally substituted muscatel raisins because I love the flavour and the extra sweetness. However I found they lost a lot of that in the cooking and you have to be careful about burning them on the top of the Coca.

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CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

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CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

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40 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

The Big Four Football Clubs

The 2012/13 Football Season has started! All fixtures for the local Second Division A teams are on the Calendar of Events at:


HERE ARE FOUR large football stadiums within the area of the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. During the 2012/13 season, Alicante Hércules, Elch CF and Real Murcia are playing in the Spanish Second

Division A, whilst Cartagena CF is playing in the Second Division B. The Big Four Football Clubs Travel Guide, which you will find in the Leisure Time section of the Costa Blanca South, has all the links to the official websites of each club, as well as Google maps of the locations of the stadiums and the GPS coordinates for you to just punch into your sat nav and go. Match tickets can usually be brought from the ticket offices at the stadium 2 hours before kick-off for all home matches. They can cost as little as 15 euros and as much as 63 euros depending on which ground you are at and where you would like to sit. Here at Euro Tour Guide we are very keen to give suggestions of places for ‘non-football supporters’ to visit at the same time, so everyone in your party has a great day out! Here are a few ideas in this article for you. Alicante Football Stadium Hércules Club de

Fútbol is based in Alicante. It was founded in 1922, and holds home matches at the Estadio José Rico Pérez, which seats 30,000 spectators. There is plenty for the nonsupporter to do in the city of Alicante. If the match is during the day then print and follow our walking map to get a true flavour of some of the delights of Alicante. If it is an evening match, then head for the marina and take a wander around this stylish area, there are lots of places for dinner and a drink or two! Cartagena Football Stadium Fútbol Club Cartagena was founded in 1995 and plays its home games at the Estadio Cartagonova, with a capacity of 15,105 seats. Cartagena is a beautiful, compact city with a massive naval history; it is easy to walk around and there are many restaurants and tapas bars in the narrow, characterful streets. If scenery is more your thing, then head to the

tiny Cala Cortina, a quaint cove just outside the city or take a drive through the stunning Sierra Mineras. Elche Football Stadium Elche Club de Fútbol was founded in 1923, and holds its home matches at Estadio Manuel Martinez Valero, with a capacity of 39,000 seats. Elche CF are affiliated with English club Bolton Wanderers. Elche is a great place for nonsupporters. The city centre is full of palm trees, so you can simply pack a picnic and a book and relax in the beautiful municipal palm park. Alternatively follow our walking route to discover more, or visit the magnificent Hort de Cura botanical gardens. Murcia Football Stadium Real Murcia Club de Fútbol was founded

in 1908 and plays its home matches at Estadio Nueva Condomina, which can hold 33,045 spectators. The football stadium is very conveniently located right beside the Nueva Condomina and Thader Shopping Mall and Ikea. If you prefer something more relaxing then drive to Archena in the Ricote Valley with its natural thermal spa. Match Fixtures

We add all the fixtures for all Second Division A matches to the Calendar of Events along with the results of previous matches and the league table position of each team. The times and dates of the next match is only published after the last match. The information is updated on a weekly basis, so please check back regularly.

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A little pee to save the planet No we are not taking the p….! A research scientist in Spain, Manuel Jiménez Aguilar, has recently published an article in the ‘Journal of Hazardous Materials’ arguing that urine could be the very substance to help combat global warming. Most scientists believe that global warming is contributed to by the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is naturally absorbed by plants, the sea and even the ground but at the rate it is being produced by us humans the natural environmental controls cannot keep pace. Manuel Jiménez argues that urea which is found in urine could capture carbon dioxide converting the urea into ammonium bicarbonate, a substance that can be used as a fertiliser. Manuel is aware however that as urine decays it would need to be kept fresh somehow if it was to be collected and used commercially. His proposal would be to use olive waste water, which is the black liquid left when ground olive paste is spun, to help preserve the urine. He even goes so far as to propose that suitably designed pieces of equipment could be inserted in power station and other industrial chimneys so that exhaust gases could pass through the liquid and have at least a

proportion of the carbon dioxide removed. Manuel's calculations suggest that CO2 emissions could be reduced in this way by 1 per cent. Manuel Jiménez works at the Andalucía Research and Training Institute of Agriculture and Fisheries and in his report goes on to suggest that urine recycling and solid waste treatment could revolutionise the waste treatment industry generating savings of as much as 20 litres of water per person per day and leading to a reduced need for artificial fertilisers to be applied to the land. Manuel also believes that the urine and olive waste water mixture could be used to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions from vehicles . Paul Mutter

O'Leary Could you be a Michael takes legal action Hospital Visitor? against Spanish


OULD YOU SPEND a few hours each month as part of the Help Vega Baja Hospital Visiting Team? The Help Vega Baja team visit the Vega Baja hospital three times each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They visit all English-speaking patients and offer a range of support services and information. Jim McEleny is the person at Help Vega Baja who has responsibility for organising the visiting team. He gave us an indication of what the hospital visitors do.” We spend time with the patients chatting and are able to offer books and magazines, which are free of course, as well as the local English language newspapers, including The CoastRider of course. For patients with eyesight related problems we can offer 'talking books' to help pass the time. We are also able to offer advice and assistance for when the patient is due to leave hospital in arranging the hire of equipment to make their life easier, be it wheelchairs, crutches, bathroom aids and so on.” Jim is currently looking for more people to join the visiting team. “Due to people leaving the area or being ill themselves, our numbers have dropped, resulting in our very willing ladies and gents having to make five or six visits a month - more than we would wish. The ideal is two visits of about two hours a month per member.” Without additional members Help Vega Baja will be forced to reduce the number of occasions they are able to visit and spend time with patients in this busy hospital which serves such a wide catchment area in the region. If you are interested in becoming a member of this team providing this very worthwhile and useful service then Jim has said he would be happy to meet individuals to give them a more detailed description of the work involved and answer any questions they might have. Alternatively you can e-mail him at or telephone 966 780 564 or 666 105 307. Paul Mutter

pilots' union There has been a Ryanair story in the news almost every day of late and now we hear that Ryanair is to start legal action against the Spanish pilots’ union SEPLA. Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, said he would be starting legal action against the ‘Sindicato Español de Pilots de Líneas Aéreas, SEPLA’ for ‘defamation’ by its pilots. The pilots had called on the AESA, the State Agency for Air Security, to ‘get to the bottom’ in the investigation into low-cost airlines and their emergency landings because of a lack of fuel. At a press conference O’Leary claimed the union should have presented their complaints to the Irish authorities and not to the Spanish. He noted the ‘impeccable’ safety record of the Irish airline which has been flying 28 years continuously ‘intact’. He said that he had put the statements made by the Iberia Commander, Jorge Ruiz, and by the lawyer representing the Spanish Consumer and Users Confederation (CEACCU), Eugenio Ribón, into the hands of his lawyers. Jorge Ruiz had declared after the Valencia incidents that the company had been telling pilots to use less fuel, while the consumer group said the airline was ‘compromising the safety of the passengers. O’Leary said the three emergency landings in Valencia on July 26 complied ‘totally’ with the airline and the EU’s procedures.


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

43 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Does a Spanish Nuclear Plant have the same cracks as found in Belgium?

IN CELEBRATION OF AUTUMN “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;” from, To Autumn - by John Keats Whilst sweltering in temperatures of 40 degrees and above, it is comforting to know that the cool tendrils of autumn are waiting just around the corner. It always surprises me how on 1st September, as if the weather knows the date swimming pools have a slight cool, crisp edge to them. As you dive in, you know instantly that autumn is on its way. What a relief. All of a sudden, there is breathing room on the beach as holiday makers, in their droves, prepare to return to their real lives. Parking spaces become a little easier to find and we can feel privileged that we live here all year round and have the

opportunity to enjoy our beautiful surroundings any time of the year. This is our real life and we can come to the beach any time we want. As if by magic, the sun´s haze loosens its grip and we have crystal clear views of the coastline stretching in all directions. Every crevice of the dark mountains that surround us can be clearly viewed as if chiseled out by the hands of giants and we find that it is cool enough to take a stroll through the lemon and orange groves as the trees prepare to bear fruit again. It is a beautiful time of the year in Spain. On the equinox in September which generally falls on 21st or 22nd, the sun crosses the celestial equator and day

and night are of equal length so we are right in the centre of everything. England is also a beautiful place to be in Autumn. As children make their way reluctantly back to school, they throw sticks up at the trees to release the big spiky conkers, picking blackberries off the bushes to make home-made blackberry and apple pie. How did nature know to make these two delicious fruits ripen at exactly the same time? Taking a walk on a crisp cold day with a low sun shining in your eyes, the multi-coloured falling leaves and the cold nip in the air let you know that winter will not be far away. So while farmers prepare for harvesting crops, this is a time for reassessing our values and setting goals for the future. More structure creeps back into our lives as we prepare our children for starting back at school and start setting our alarms again in the mornings as we return to the world of work. This is the perfect time for reviewing what´s important to us. So next time you head for the beach

take a note pad and pen along with the deckchairs and umbrella. Take a little time to decide how you would like your life to look. What makes you tick? What would you like to achieve which you haven´t done already? What are you good at and in what ways would you like to improve? What makes you happy – not just content but really happy? How can you introduce more of that into your life? What new skill can you learn? Look at all aspects of your life and give them a mark out of 5 with 5 being high and 1 being low. Review your health, relationships with family and friends, finances, career, free time. Once you have put them in order according to their scores, you can prioritise what you wish to concentrate on first. Next week we will look at setting goals and acting upon them but for this week while the sun is still high and bright in the sky and we are still enjoying the remnants of summer, spending valuable time thinking about it is quite enough.

The Nuclear Safety Council, CSN, is to investigate whether the aging nuclear power station at Garoña could be suffering the same cracks which have been found in a Belgian nuclear plant. Any defect in the manufacture of the reactor would complicate

extending the life of the plan as planned. The plant should close in July 2013 but it to ask, in the first week of September, for an extension to 2019, which the PP cabinet has already approved. Brussels gave a warning earlier this month after uncovering a defect in the manufacture of the plant. Ecologists in Spain have always described Garoña as ‘The nuclear power station of the 1,000 cracks’ referring to earlier problems over ten years ago. In Spain the safety council thinks it improbable that the nuclear plant at Cofrentes, a village in the Valencia region, is suffering and problems.


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012


To advertise your coupon on this popular weekly page contact us on 667 196 351 or 607 050 528

EXPIRES 3/09/12

EXPIRES 3/09/12 EXPIRES 3/09/12

EXPIRES 3/09/12

EXPIRES 3/09/12



CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

47 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Ref 1387


LA FINCA GOLF 108,000â‚Ź

Here we have a superb Lola style bungalow on La Finca Golf Course. The property consists of 2 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and 2 bathrooms, a spacious lounge/diner with feature fireplace and an American style fully fitted kitchen. There is also a large solarium with an attractive shaded and arched area, plus there is ample space at the rear of the property and a good sized garden. The property is sold partly furnished and is located close to the commercials. The development is gated with electric gates for access and overall is a stunning property at a superb price.

Come into our friendly offices in either Quesada by the petrol station, between Mulberrys and the Computer Shop or the El Raso office on Commercial El Campico next to The Hot Stone restaurant, for more information on the above properties and many others available. We will be happy to give advice on the buying or selling process in Spain and look forward to meeting you at either office. Tel. Quesada: 966 718 836 Fax: 965 990 246 Mob: 628 045 614 Tel. El Raso: 965 501 006

We are currently looking for good priced properties for waiting clients in Quesada and Guardamar. 444


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Telephone (0034) 966 718 779 Fax: (0034) 965 725 582 Email: Calle Blanca No 1 (near Goyos Restaurant), Quesada





90,000 Euros

59,950 Euros

85,000 Euros







35,000 Euros

87,500 Euros

79,000 Euros







200,000 Euros

48,000 Euros

380,000 Euros







129,950 Euros

75,000 Euros

62,500 Euros








49 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

La Plaza Constitucion 2 Local 4 BENIJOFAR 03178 Alicante Professional Real Estate Agents selling quality properties! Ref 1994

La Siesta

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La Finca Golf

Ref 1990

Entre Naranjos

Open 10.00 - 18.30 Mon to Fri 10.00 - 14.00 Saturday Viewings by appointment Sunday

Tel: 966 712 440 For a complete & professional service visit us on the MAIN SQUARE, BENIJOFAR Detached Villa Private Pool 2 Bedrooms 132m2 Build 2 Bathrooms 406m2 Plot MANY EXTRAS, BEAUTIFUL!

Quad House Com. Pool 3 Bedrooms Solarium 1.5 Bathrooms 90m2 Build TOTALLYREFURBISHED,WOW!

Apartment (Upstairs) Com. Pool 2 Bedrooms Gated Parking 2 Bathrooms Solarium INCREDIBLE PRICE!

Apartment (Ground) Com. Pool 2 Bedrooms Nr. to Golf 1 Bathroom Small Garden PRICED TO SELL!





Ref 1988

San Luis

Ref 1987

Los Altos

Ref 1984

Entre Naranjos

Ref 1982

La Finca Golf


Apartment (Upstairs) Com. Pool 2 Bedrooms Solarium 1 Bathroom Lake Views FANTASTIC VALUE FOR MONEY!

Apartment (Ground) Com. Pool 2 Bedrooms Nr. Amenities 1 Bathroom Off Road Parking WALKING DISTANCE TO BEACH!

Quad Villa Com. Pool 3 Bedrooms Amazing Views 1.5 Bathrooms Nr. to Golf NO OFFERS AT THIS PRICE!

Apartment (Ground) Com. Pool 2 Bedrooms Off Road Parking 2 Bathrooms Huge Garden! FANTASTIC PRICE!






Call us 966 712 440









Series 10 - How do I manage my files and folders? Welcome back to a series of computer related articles brought to you by VistaSol Computer Solutions. Over the coming weeks we’re going to be featuring articles based on the theme of ‘How do I . . .?’ In this week’s article we’re going to continue with our latest series on the subject of ‘How do I manage files and folders on my computer' by looking at some great tools on the desktop.

Part 5f Where to Start? Continuing with our theme about the windows 7 desktop, this week we’re going to examine the ‘TaskBar’ further. So far we’ve covered what’s ‘right’, now we are going to cover what’s ‘left’! In our final section about the taskbar, we’re moving all the way to the left to

the ‘Start Menu’

Windows 7 Taskbar - The Start Menu

What's new with the Start menu? In Windows 7, you have much more control over the programs and files

that appear on the Start menu. The Start menu is essentially a blank slate that you can organise and customise to suit your preferences.

Start menu You may have noticed that the ‘My Recent Documents’ menu option no longer exists on the new Windows 7 Continued on page 51

Cheryl via email asks: Often when I plug my USB stick into my PC I get a message saying something like “This USB device can perform faster if you connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port”. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does I really notice how slow reading and copying to my USB stick becomes. Is there anything I can do? Aunty Says: Hi Cheryl. This can often happen when you use the front USB ports on some PC towers as they are often slightly weaker than the ones at the back, I imagine it’s something to do with the way they are connected internally. Try a spare one on back of the computer and see if this resolves the problem and let me know. Peter from Catral asks: Hello Aunty. I read in one of your articles that you shouldn’t have too many antivirus or antispyware programs so I have chosen to uninstall Superantispyware and Spybot and just use Microsoft Security and Malwarebytes. When I try to uninstall Superantispyware from control panel I get a message “error reading uninstall data” and although Spybot seemed to uninstall OK, I get a message when I restart my computer that “the Spybot application was unable to start” Please help as this is driving me mad. Aunty Says: Hi Peter. This could be a job for Revo Uninstaller, which is a free and very useful program you can get from In its simplest form it shows all your installed programs in a list (or as icons from the view menu option) where you can pick any that you wish to remove and It does a

much more thorough job than the built-in Windows uninstaller. You’ll probably be quite shocked at how many programs show up when you first run it. In your particular case you may find that, bizarre as it may seem, reinstalling both the latest Spybot and Superantispyware and then running Revo Uninstaller will get rid of the annoying problems. Mr Chipz via the enet forum asks: I have a PC running windows 7 and I am having difficulty locating compatible drivers for my webcam which is a ZS211 generic. I am relatively computer literate but after days searching for drivers and getting diverted to completely irrelevant websites and being duped into downloading rubbish. I am writing to you in the hope that you can help as all I want are the drivers for the webcam. The CD supplied with the webcam are for XP and I have tried running in compatibility mode with no luck. Aunty Says: Hi Mr Chipz. It’s possible (and quite likely) that the necessary software drivers haven't been released by the webcam manufacturer or likewise included in Microsoft's driver collection that comes bundled with Win7. You could try and get the Vista drivers as they nearly always work with Win7, be a bit careful as you can run into problems with the wrong versions of drivers (32bit or 64bit) and as you can pickup a good webcam for under €10 I'd be tempted to take the easy route.

Send your computer questions to

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

51 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012 Continued from previous page Figure 1 Start Menu

Start Menu. This has been replaced with something called ‘Jump Lists’. Before we start this new topic of the Start Menu, you’ll need to understand how ‘Jump lists’ are used in the Start Menu and in the Taskbar. To this end, this week we’ll start by talking about Jump Lists and then move on to the Start Menu in more detail next week.

Jump Lists Windows 7 introduces Jump Lists for both the Start menu and the taskbar. Jump Lists are lists of recent items, such as files, folders, or websites, organised by the program you use to open them. In addition to being able to open recent items using a Jump List, you can also pin favourite items to a Jump List, so that you can easily access the programs and files you use every day.

arrow next to the program. To open an item • Click Start, point to a pinned program or to a recently used program near the top of the Start menu to open the program’s Jump List, and then click the item. To pin an item to a Jump List 1. Click Start, and then open the program’s Jump List. 2. Point to the item, click the pushpin icon, and then click Pin to this list. To unpin an item 1. Click Start, and then open the Jump List for the program. 2. Point to the item, click the pushpin icon, and then click Unpin from this list.

Notes • The next time you open an item that you’ve unpinned, it might reappear in the Jump List. To remove an item from the list, rightclick the item, and then click Remove from this list.

Working with Jump Lists on the TaskBar Jump Lists on the taskbar give you quick access to the things you use most often. See Figure 4: Pinning an item to a Jump List on the taskbar Figure 2 Jump Lists

The same items appear in a program’s Jump List on the Start menu and on the taskbar. By default, no programs or files are pinned to the Start menu to begin with. After you open a program or an item for the first time, it will appear in the Start menu, but you can choose to remove it, or you can pin it to the Start menu so that it always appears there. You can also adjust the number of shortcuts that appear in the Start menu so that it doesn’t get too large.

Working with Jump Lists on The Start Menu Jump Lists on the Start menu give you quick access to the things you use most often. This used to be known as ���Recent Documents’ in previous versions of windows. (See figure 3) To view the Jump List for a program • Click Start, point to a pinned program or to a recently used program near the top of the Start menu, and then point to or click the

the program to the taskbar, if it isn’t pinned already. o Folders are considered Windows Explorer items, and appear in the Windows Explorer Jump List when pinned or opened. To unpin an item • Open the program’s Jump List, point to the item, click the pushpin icon, and then click Unpin from this list.

Notes o The next time you open an item that you’ve unpinned, it might reappear in the Jump List. To remove an item from the list, rightclick the item, and then click Remove from this list.

Conclusion I think you'll agree that Windows 7 offers a lot more configuration options than previous versions. Whether you choose to use these enhancements is entirely up to you - it's your desktop after all. However, once you begin to understand the concept of Jump Lists and begin to use them as described above, you'll never lose track of another document again.

Contact Us Any questions regarding this article, please contact us by email using the Figure 4 Pinning an item to a Jump List on the taskbar

To view the Jump List for a program • Right-click the program’s button on the taskbar. To open an item from a Jump List • Open the program’s Jump List, and then click the item. To pin an item to a Jump List • Open the program’s Jump List, point to the item, click the pushpin icon, and then click Pin to this list.

following address. (Please don’t phone us with your questions because we are very busy and prefer emails which we can reply to when we have a quiet moment - thank you). You can also find us on ‘facebook’ - don’t forget to click on the ‘LIKE’ button (if you haven’t already). See you next week, until then Happy Computing!

Notes o You can also drag a file icon or a shortcut from the Start menu or the desktop to the taskbar. This pins the item to the Jump List and also pins

Contact VistaSol Computer Solutions for all your computer repairs Tel: 966 925 548 Figure 3 Pinning an item to the Jump List on the Start menu



In the seven year´s since Karen and Norman Love have been running ‘The Post Room Benijófar’ the couple have transformed it from a simple mail-box rental space into, a village-style post office, which has become the heart of the community. All of the changes at The Post Room Benijófar, have been driven by its customers and its latest service - Print Room Spain - is no exception. Nestled inside The Post Room Benijófar, The Print Room Spain offers a wealth of printing services from basic colour printing to: business cards, flyers, leaflets, business information, brochures, menus and specialist printing processes such as car wraps and exhibition or branded merchandise. This really is a one-stop-shop for all printing needs and there is no minimum or maximum order or limit. Of course, as with all its services, The Post Room Benijófar is able to pass on considerable discounts to its print customers. For further information on the Print Room Spain visit: or email on Meanwhile, The Post Room Benijófar, continues to provide its usual range of services such as faxing, photocopying, mailbox rental, postal services to the UK and worldwide and is a registered agent for DHL. There is also a virtual mail box service, available for a small registration fee, for one-off deliveries. This could be, for example, a legal or important letter, through to a large item such as garden furniture or white goods. The Post Room Benijófar, also provides dedicated passport services, dealing directly with The British Embassy in Madrid. With no third parties involved and Norman an approved passport photographer. The Post Room Benijófar has authorised status to process all elements of the passport procedure. Norman is also recommended by the Dutch Embassy for the photographs necessary in their own passport process. Photographs for American Green Cards, International Visas and Driving Licences as well as worldwide passport photographs are regularly requested. Norman is also able to produce photo prints up to A1 size, along with high quality canvases from clients own images or prints. The photo restoration service also

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012


revives valuable old, or damaged photographs. As you would expect, The Post Room Benijófar, stocks a range of goods for the convenience of its customers, such as newspapers, magazines, greetings cards, ink cartridges and gifts. Customers can make use of the book exchange, or hire cots and car seats – they can even leave their dry cleaning for collection. There is internet access, which is completely secure, which allows customers to on-line bank or make purchase payments, safe in the knowledge that as soon as the session ends the specialist software will re-boot the computer, erasing all passwords and connections. Expatriate services, particularly fiscal and financial advice, is another area of expertise. This includes translations, NIE numbers, Residencia, wills, insurances and investments. Over the years Karen and Norman have become local oracles of knowledge, particularly for local tradesmen and services. Often customers will call in because they need a carpenter or a gardener and know that The Post Room Benijófar, will know “a man that can”. It was The Post Room Benijófar, that evolved the concept of the Benijófar Carol Concert, the popular annual Christmas Fayre and Carol Service. The store also supports the Emaus Children´s Orphanage in Elche. Last year The Post Room Benijófar, was named Business of the Year in the CoastRider Pride of Spain Awards - and grateful thanks goes to all of its customers for their loyalty and support. To celebrate its success The Post Room Benijofar is offering 10 percent discount on all letters posted via their Royal Mail Services, and on print orders (excluding flyers), until the end of September. The Post Room, Benijófar is open from 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday’s. Home visits for Passport photos and applications can be arranged for housebound or disabled clients. For further information call 966 712 382, pop in to C/San Jaime No 5, Benijofar, you’ll find them behind the Church, or visit their website email Mireille Toddington

RBL RECEIVE POPPY DONATION Members of The Campoverde Theatre Group presented a cheque for €250.00 to the Orihuela Costa and District Branch of The Royal British Legion. The Branch holdsits meetings on the third Thursday of every month at The Olympia restaurant in Mil Palmeras. The Compoverde Group informed everyone that their next show ANYTHING GOES will be performed at the San Miguel Theatre late October. Tickets and more information from Colin Nelson 96 677 41 27.For more information on the Orihuela Costa and District Branch please visit their website

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

Chorus girls Jan Holden and Helen Lloyd presenting the cheque to the Branch Chairman Keith Carter

53 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Another Ryanair incident in Valencia over fuel

Following the on-going saga of three Ryanair mayday calls on 26th July, there has been yet another emergency situation involving the low-cost carrier. In the most recent incident it is reported that the company had to order the passengers to leave the plane. Witnesses say the flight in question was preparing for take-off when it was noticed that the plane was losing fuel. Passenger ran from the aircraft and one passenger Miguel ÁngelCubillos said that fuel could be seen “squirting from one of the wings”. The same passenger claimed that is seemed that one of the pilots made a strange manoeuvre while the plane was being refuelled, and then the squirts of fuel could be seen running from the far end of one of the wings. Once they had left the troubled flight the passengers then had to wait in the airport until the issue was resolved.. Ryanair said that said it was a mechanical breakdown which had to be repaired by an engineer before take-off. The plane finally departed two-and-a-half hours later than scheduled at 11.00pm. In a statement issued following the incident by Ryanair, the company said that engineers had to repair a valve in order to rectify the problem. They apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers on flight FR1919 by this ‘minor technical breakdown’. Mireille Toddington

Business grants for young entrepreneurs Orihuela Town Hall’s Youth Department has announced a grant program for young entrepreneurs. The initiative aims to promote and actively encourage the creation of businesses in the town by the partial financing of the start-up process. Head of the Youth Department, Councillor Carolina Gracia said that the government team has approved the scheme and eligible applicants can now apply. In order to qualify for the grant the

business must have been established after 1st January 2011 and the owners must be aged between 18 and 35 years of age, with a minimum of 50 percent of the capital being owned by young people between those ages. There must have been a minimum investment of 3,000 euros into the business and that the firm must located in the municipality of Orihuela. Application forms and databases to

access these grants can be found on the municipal website at: www.orihuela.esandapplicants must submit the required documentation before 1st November, 2012. The grants issued will begin at 1,500 euros and the criteria for success will also focus on employment generation such as the adoption of legal forms of social economy and hiring people with special needs and disabilities.

54 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Extra help for longterm unemployed The Spanish government has announced an extension to the ‘plan Prepara’ which is designed to provide some support for those who are longterm unemployed and have exhausted the normal unemployment and social benefits due to them. The scheme was first introduced by the socialist Prime MinisterJosé Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in February 2011 and provides for a basic payment of €400 per month to those who have exhausted their benefits. The announcement which was jointly made by the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, the Minister for Employment, Fatima Banez, economic advisor Álvaro Nadal and the Minister for Finance CristóbalMontoro, will increase the amount payable to those who have at least two dependents apart from their spouse or partner from €400 per month to €450. The Minister for employment Fatima Banez said, “The government wants to make it clear that nobody who is really in need should find themselves destitute.” Along with the increase for those with extra dependents it is intended to revamp the scheme to make it more effective in reinserting the unemployed back into the labour market. This will supposedly be done through retraining programs which will be implemented by increasing the collaboration with the autonomous regions concerned. Álvaro Nadal said that the plan, “will improve the employability of its beneficiaries with a view to getting them back into the labour market.” The government's strategy with the plan is therefore three fold, to improve the financial protection for those who need it, to improve the employability of those

who are long-term unemployed and to work more closely with the autonomous regions. The plan to date has been criticised for its lack of effectiveness in returning the unemployed to work however with the Spanish economy back in recession for the second time in three years it is not easy at the moment to see how new jobs will be created. At the end of July 4.5 million people were unemployed according to the official Labour Ministry figures. Only two thirds of those out of work are entitled to unemployment benefits which are payable for maximum of two years. The number of households where all the members are out of work and unemployed was 1.737 million at the end of June according to the National statistics Institute. There have also been comments from leading members of the government's own political party questioning whether some of those who receive the benefit of €400 per month currently should continue to receive it. In particular they have drawn attention to those unemployed who are living with their parents. As if in response to this the Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria announced that the extra payments would not involve any increase in the existing budget. This clearly implies some reductions to those who currently receive the payment. In addition, although the final details of the plan had still to be revealed, it is likely that benefits could be withdrawn from those rejecting job offers or refusing to go on training courses made available to them. Paul Mutter

55 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

England’s “Mad Chef” takes over CARL’S BAR!


he very popular Carl’s Bar, located in the attractive main square in Los Montesinos, has a new owner. Karen and Shim who have owned the bar for the last three years have retired. Martin Emery, the current chef, known to locals as England’s “Mad Chef”, has taken over the business. He will be assisted by Tricia Martinez and their current friendly staff. Existing customers of this popular, English style bar and restaurant, will see little change for the moment and everything that makes Carl’s Bar popular, will still be there… great English style food with bold flavours and generous portions… at affordable prices. There will still be a wide range of beers, wines and spirits. Tetleys bitter, Gaymers cider. Mahou Spanish lager and Mahou sin alcohol lager will be available on draft. For something softer, the usual selection of soft drinks including Irn-Bru, Nestea, energy drinks and J2O, will be available as well as variety of tea and coffees. All ingredients that the “Mad Chef” uses at Carl’s Bar, are sourced locally and freshly cooked to meet his customers’

orders and the majority of deserts are home-made. The dishes that have made Carl’s Bar famous, such as their steak pie and fish and chips, will remain very much as mainstays, on their menu. Guests can still look forward to ‘Come Dine With Me" on Wednesday nights, fish and chips on Friday nights, ‘Grills galore’ on Saturday night and of course it would not be Sunday without the Carl’s Bar traditional Sunday lunch still only €8.95 for 3 courses including 1/2 bottle of house wine per person. Tricia told us they will be introducing a new winter menu in the coming months and probably replacing the menu del dia with a range of tasty, value for money specials. "We find that people are less interested in eating a full Menu del Dia nowadays," Martin and Tricia are looking to build on the existing success of Carl’s Bar as a family run business, that is not to say they are not planning some changes. For instance, a new website and mailing list is being created to help keep customers up-to-date with the latest goings-on in Carl’s Bar and in the town of Los Montesinos.

HELP Vega Baja HELP Vega Baja’s social group Friends Unlimited holds meetings at The Club, Calle Toledo Quesada on Thursdays from 2-4pm. Thursday 6th September, sees the resumption of Friends Unlimited meetings, with an insight into the life of a couple of local characters before their retirement to Spain. Sandy Hollywood, will give her light-hearted talk on “Things that go bump in the night” and John Hollywood, will give a talk on the highs and lows of his life as a top class chef with“A chef’s point of view”. For the full programme visit website: To date during 2012, with the assistance of the speakers, demonstrators, artistes and all those attending the meetings, menu del dias and coach trips, Friends Unlimited have raised over €4000 for the HELPCARE programme. Help Vega Baja in collaboration with Care4You, a registered, professional healthcare organisation, provides members of HELP Vega Baja, with a variety of schemes that supplement the Spanish Health Services. If you would like more information about Friends Unlimited please ring the coordinator: Pat Perrin, 966 719 862. If you would like someone from HELP to give a talk to your club or need more information about HELP Vega Baja, please ring either of the offices: San Miguel de Salinas 966 723 733. Opening Hours: 10:00 to 13:30 Monday to Fridays. Torrevieja 96 570 42 82. Opening Hours: 10:00 to 13:30 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Email: Our 24 hour emergency help-line 96 570 42 85.

You will also soon be able to pay by credit card at Carl’s Bar, with a small surcharge of one euro … a facility that is not commonly found in bars. They are also looking to introduce “customer loyalty cards” to reward the regulars, sometime in the future. Martin and Tricia are also very keen to receive feedback from their customers and suggestions for dishes they would like to see on the menu. Carl’s Bar is a family business with the customer very much in mind, with its friendly atmosphere and staff, you are ensured of a warm welcome. Carl’s Bar is open from 9.30 am in the morning until late, seven days a week, Breakfast is served from 9.30 am and for those late risers, is available until 6.00 pm in the evening. With a large relaxing outside terrace area, why not pop along to Carl’s Bar and meet Martin, the “Mad Chef”, Tricia and the staff and enjoy a drink or two and some of chefs’ traditional home-cooked food. You can telephone Carl’s Bar on 966 721 272 for a booking or more information or email us at Paul Mutter

BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!! It’s alright for some, the heat may be off for you but we have a show to put on! And that means rehearsals starton Monday 10th September through to Friday 19th October at The Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio. The show is “Here we go again” a Night of Music and Variety. Tickets will be available from Maria on 96 671 58 91. The theme of the show - In the first half we escape to the good old days of the ‘Old Time Music Hall’, many of the songs you will know but for those who don’t, the words are emblazoned on a screen so there will no excuses you’ll have to join in!! The second half revisits the seaside, as we all did many years ago before we discovered ‘Sunny Spain ‘. I don't know about you, but I find you can’t beat a bit of reminiscence. The Show date is Friday 19th October so make sure you mark the date in your busy diaries and please let your friends know too. Also check out our website:

Tuesday 28th August


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Saints and Scroungers. 12.30 Animal 24:7. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: I Want My Own Room. 4.35 Splatalot. 5.00 Shaun the Sheep. 5.10 Wingin’ It. 5.30 Trade Your Way to the USA. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. Holby City. Accused. BBC News. Regional News; Weather; National Lottery Update. 11.35 The Lock Up. 12.15 Citizen Khan. 12.45 FILM: Greenfingers (2000). 2.15 Weatherview. 2.20 Sign Zone: 7/7: One Day in London. 3.50 Sign Zone: Babies in the Office. 4.50 Sign Zone: Real Rescues. 5.35 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Guess with Jess. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Wibbly Pig. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Barney’s Latin America. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Frankenstein’s Cat. 8.50 Arthur. 9.15 OOglies. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab. 9.45 Baby Jake. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Octonauts: Creature Reports. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Coast. 1.05 To Buy or Not to Buy. 1.50 FILM: Days of Glory (1944). 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Real Rescues. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30

Flog It! Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Eggheads. Celebrity MasterChef. Dig WW2 with Dan Snow. The Great British Bake Off. The Midwives. The Rob Brydon Show. Newsnight; Weather.

12.20 James May’s Things You Need to Know. 12.50 The World of Parade’s End. 1.20 BBC News. 5.20 Close.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Murder, She Wrote. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 11.00 11.30 11.35

Midsomer Murders. Don’t Blow the Inheritance. London Tonight; Weather. ITV News and Weather. Emmerdale. Live UEFA Champions League. ITV News at Ten and Weather. London News and Weather. Corrie Goes to Kenya.

12.35 UEFA Champions League: Extra Time. 1.30 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 Golden Balls. 4.45 ITV Nightscreen.

ITV 6pm Don’t Blow the Inheritance

7.10 The Hoobs. 7.35 The Hoobs. 8.00 Freshly Squeezed. 8.30 According to Jim. 8.55 Will & Grace. 9.25 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.55 Frasier. 10.25 Frasier. 10.55 Come Dine with Me. 11.25 Come Dine with Me. 11.55 Come Dine with Me. 12.25 Come Dine with Me. 1.00 Come Dine with Me. 1.30 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.35 Channel 4 Presents Nathan Stephens ‘Warrior’. 1.40 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun. 2.40 River Cottage Bites. 2.50 FILM: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.25 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.35

Deal or No Deal. Come Dine with Me. The Simpsons. Hollyoaks. Channel 4 News. Channel 4 Presents Jonnie Peacock ‘Speed’. Jon Snow’s Paralympic Show. SuperScrimpers. Islam: The Untold Story. Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder: The Big Clear Out.

12.40 24 Hours in A&E. 1.40 Surfing Special: The Endless Winter. 2.05 KOTV Boxing Weekly. 2.30 Sailing: America’s Cup Discovered. 2.55 International Volleyball. 3.50 The Grid. 4.15 British Formula Ford Championship. 4.45 FIM Superbike World Championship 2012. 5.10 BG Energy Challenge. 5.40 Brief Encounters of the Sporting Mind. 5.45 FIA GT1 World Championship. 6.40 Ironman 2012.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.30 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 9.55 Castle Farm. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Ultimate Police Interceptors. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Celebrity Big Brother. 2.15 Pawn Stars. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 NCIS. 4.15 FILM: Incident in a Small Town (1994). 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Andy Bates Street Feasts. 5 News at 6.30. Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads; 5 News Update. 9.00 Myra Hindley: Born to Kill? 5 News at 9. 10.00 Person of Interest; 5 News Update. 11.00 Celebrity Big Brother. 12.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.00 Cricket on 5. 1.55 SuperCasino. 4.55 Great Artists. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Nick’s Quest. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

Wednesday 29th August


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Saints and Scroungers. 12.30 Animal 24:7. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: I Want My Own Room. 4.35 Splatalot. 5.00 Shaun the Sheep. 5.10 Wingin’ It. 5.30 Jedward’s Big Adventure. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35 11.45

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show; BBC News; Regional News. The Flowerpot Gang. Who Do You Think You Are? BBC News. Regional News; Weather. The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draws. Have I Got Old News for You.

12.15 FILM: Flightplan (2005); National Lottery Update. 1.45 Weatherview. 1.50 Sign Zone: The Tube. 2.50 Sign Zone: When I Get Older. 3.50 Sign Zone: Doorstep Crime 999. 4.20 Sign Zone: Real Rescues. 5.05 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Guess with Jess. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Wibbly Pig. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Barney’s Latin America. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Frankenstein’s Cat. 8.50 Arthur. 9.15 OOglies. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab. 9.45 Baby Jake. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Octonauts: Creature Reports. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Coast. 1.20 FILM: Gunga Din (1939). 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Real Rescues. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00

Flog It! Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Eggheads. Celebrity MasterChef. Dig WW2 with Dan Snow. Restoration Home One Year On. Vexed. The Culture Show at the Edinburgh Festival. 11.30 Newsnight; Weather. 12.20 The Midwives. 1.20 BBC News. 5.35 Close.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Murder, She Wrote. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 Midsomer Murders. 6.00 Don’t Blow the Inheritance. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 The Corrie Years. 9.00 Super Tiny Animals. 10.00 Britain Then and Now. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather. 11.30 London News and Weather. 11.35 FILM: The Jacket (2005). 1.25 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 3.30 British Touring Car Championship Highlights. 4.40 ITV Nightscreen.

ITV 11.35pm The Jacket

7.10 The Hoobs. 7.35 The Hoobs. 8.00 Freshly Squeezed. 8.30 According to Jim. 8.55 Will & Grace. 9.25 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.55 Frasier. 10.25 Come Dine with Me. 10.55 Come Dine with Me. 11.25 Come Dine with Me. 11.55 Come Dine with Me. 12.30 Come Dine with Me. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 FILM: The Odyssey (2012). 1.40 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun. 2.45 Channel 4 Presents Liz Johnson ‘Night Swimmer’. 2.50 FILM: Sabrina (1954). 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00

Deal or No Deal. Come Dine with Me. The Simpsons. Hollyoaks. Channel 4 News. London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony.

12.20 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. 1.25 Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh. 2.20 Music on 4: Summer Daze. 2.50 Music on 4: Mercury Prize Sessions: Graham Coxon. 3.00 Music on 4: iTunes Festival 2012: Preview. 3.15 Music on 4: Spotlight: America. 3.30 Coming Up. 3.55 Mesh: King Pylon. 4.00 Happy Endings. 4.25 St Elsewhere. 5.10 Deal or No Deal. 6.05 Make Do & Mend. 6.30 Quick Bakes with Eric Lanlard. 6.55 Sali Mali.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.30 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 9.55 Castle Farm. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Ultimate Police Interceptors. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Celebrity Big Brother. 2.15 Pawn Stars. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 4.15 FILM: Thicker Than Water (2005). 6.00 5 News at 5. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Andy Bates Street Feasts. 7.30 5 News at 6.30. 8.00 The Hotel Inspector; 5 News Update. 9.00 Secret Interview; 5 News at 9. 10.00 Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction. 11.00 John Barrowman’s Dallas: Dreaming of Bobby. 11.40 John Barrowman’s Dallas: Shooting JR. 12.10 Celebrity Big Brother: Eviction Interview. 12.35 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.35 Comedy Kings: Best of Just for Laughs. 2.00 SuperCasino. 4.55 HouseBusters. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

Thursday 30th August 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Saints and Scroungers. 12.30 Animal 24:7. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: I Want My Own Room. 4.35 Splatalot. 5.00 Shaun the Sheep. 5.10 Wingin’ It. 5.30 Roy. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. Waterloo Road. Good Cop. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. Neighbourhood Watched.

12.20 The League Cup Show. 1.20 Holiday Weatherview. 1.25 Sign Zone: Countryfile. 2.25 Sign Zone: June Brown: Respect Your Elders. 3.15 Sign Zone: Doorstep Crime 999. 3.45 Sign Zone: Real Rescues. 4.30 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Guess with Jess. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Wibbly Pig. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Barney’s Latin America. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Frankenstein’s Cat. 8.50 Arthur. 9.15 OOglies. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab. 9.45 Baby Jake. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Octonauts: Creature Reports. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Coast. 1.20 To Buy or Not to Buy. 1.50 FILM: Hotel Reserve (1944). 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Real Rescues. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 10.00 11.00 11.30

Flog It! Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Eggheads. Celebrity MasterChef. Live Athletics. Iceland Erupts: A Volcano Live Special. The Boss Is Back. Newsnight; Weather.

12.20 The Rob Brydon Show. 12.50 James May’s Things You Need to Know. 1.20 The Culture Show at the Edinburgh Festival. 1.50 BBC News. 5.30 Close.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30

7.00 The Treacle People. 7.10 The Hoobs. 7.35

Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30

Freshly Squeezed. 8.00 Paralympic Games

This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino &

Breakfast Show. 10.15 Paralympic Games 2012.

Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London

1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05

News and Weather. 3.00 Murder, She Wrote.

Paralympic Games 2012. 2.00 Paralympic

4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather.

Games 2012. 4.25 Deal or No Deal.

5.00 Midsomer Murders.

5.25 Come Dine with Me.

6.00 Don’t Blow the Inheritance.

5.55 The Simpsons.

7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 The Kindness of Strangers: Tonight. 9.00 Emmerdale. 9.30 Coronation Street.

6.25 Paralympic Games 2012. 7.30 Hollyoaks. 8.00 Channel 4 News. 8.30 Paralympic Games 2012 Tonight. 11.30 The Last Leg with Adam Hills.

10.00 Britain by Night.

12.15 FILM: The Odyssey (2012). 12.50 FILM: A

11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather.

Running Jump (2012). 1.35 Ben Rushgrove.

11.30 London News and Weather.

2.30 Embarrassing Bodies. 3.25 Brief Encoun-

11.35 The Jonathan Ross Show.

ters of the Sporting Mind. 3.35 Apocalypse:

12.35 Poms in Paradise. 1.05 Jackpot247; ITV

The Second World War. 4.30 Apocalypse: The

News Headlines. 3.35 The Kindness of

Second World War. 5.25 I Hate That Smile. 5.30

Strangers: Tonight. 4.00 ITV Nightscreen. 5.35

Brief Encounters of the Sporting Mind. 5.40

The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Deal or No Deal. 6.35 Freshly Squeezed.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Murder, She Wrote. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 Midsomer Murders. 6.00 Don’t Blow the Inheritance. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 UEFA Super Cup Live. 11.10 ITV News and Weather. 11.40 London News and Weather. 11.45 FILM: Stay Alive (2006). 1.20 The Store; ITV News Headlines. 3.25 FILM: Deep Blue Sea (1999). 5.05 ITV Nightscreen.

7.05 Paralympic Games 2012 Tonight. 8.00 Par-

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.30 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Ultimate Police Interceptors. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction. 2.15 Pawn Stars. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 4.15 FILM: McBride: It’s Murder, Madam (2005). 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Andy Bates Street Feasts. 5 News at 6.30. Stansted: The Inside Story; 5 News Update. 9.00 Nazi Temple of Doom: Revealed; 5 News at 9. 10.00 The Hotel Inspector. 11.00 Celebrity Big Brother. 12.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.00 SuperCasino. 4.55 HouseBusters. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Nick’s Quest. 6.35 Nick’s Quest.

Friday 31st August 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Saints and Scroungers. 12.30 Animal 24:7. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: Deadly 60. 4.35 Splatalot. 5.00 Shaun the Sheep. 5.10 Wingin’ It. 5.30 Blue Peter. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 10.30 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. Cash Britain; BBC News; Regional News. EastEnders. Miranda. In with the Flynns. Mrs Brown’s Boys. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. Would I Lie to You?

12.05 Come Fly with Me. 12.35 The National Lottery Friday Night Draws. 12.45 EastEnders. 2.40 Weatherview. 2.45 Sign Zone: The Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation. 3.45 Sign Zone: Real Rescues. 4.30 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Guess with Jess. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Wibbly Pig. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Barney’s Latin America. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Frankenstein’s Cat. 8.50 Arthur. 9.15 OOglies. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab. 9.45 Baby Jake. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Octonauts: Creature Reports. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Coast. 1.20 To Buy or Not to Buy. 1.50 FILM: The Spiral Staircase (1945). 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Real Rescues. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.30

Flog It! Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Eggheads. Celebrity MasterChef. Hidcote: A Garden for All Seasons. Mastermind. Gardeners’ World. Parade’s End. QI. Newsnight.

12.00 The Review Show at the Edinburgh Festival. 12.45 Weather. 12.50 Reading Festival Highlights 2012. 2.20 BBC News. 4.30 Close.

alympic Games Breakfast Show. 10.15 Paralympic Games 2012. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 Paralympic Games 2012. 2.00 Paralympic Games 2012. 4.25 Deal or No Deal. 5.25 Come Dine with Me. 5.55 The Simpsons. 6.25 Paralympic Games 2012. 7.30 Hollyoaks. 8.00 Channel 4 News. 8.30 Paralympic Games 2012 Tonight. 11.30 The Last Leg with Adam Hills. 12.15 Alan Carr’s Summertime Specstacular 2. 2.15 FILM: The Darjeeling Limited (2007). 3.50 Mesh: The Wrong Turn. 3.55 My Name Is Earl. 4.15 My Name Is Earl. 4.35 Happy Endings. 5.00 St Elsewhere. 5.45 Deal or No Deal. 6.40

ITV 11.45pm Stay Alive

Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.30 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 9.55 Castle Farm. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Ultimate Police Interceptors. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Celebrity Big Brother. 2.15 Pawn Stars. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 NCIS. 4.15 FILM: Family Gathering (2010). 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Andy Bates Street Feasts. 5 News at 6.30. Frontline Police; 5 News Update. Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads; 5 News at 9. 10.00 Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction. 11.30 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 12.20 The Bachelor. 1.20 Cricket on 5. 2.15 SuperCasino. 4.55 Motorsport Mundial. 5.20 House Doctor. 5.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

Saturday 1st September


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 11.00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites. 12.30 Football Focus. 1.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 1.10 Live Formula 1: Belgian Grand Prix Qualifying. 3.30 Triathlon. 5.00 Final Score. 6.25 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 6.45 A Question of Sport: Gold Medal Winners Special. 7.20 All New Total Wipeout. 8.20 Doctor Who. 9.10 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune. 10.00 Casualty. 10.50 BBC News; Weather. 11.10 Match of the Day; National Lottery Update. 12.30 The Football League Show. 1.50 Weatherview. 1.55 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Guess with Jess. 7.10 Louie.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 CITV: Mini CITV.

7.00 Channel 4 Presents Oscar Pistorius ‘One

7.20 Wibbly Pig. 7.30 Dipdap. 7.35 Chugging-

8.20 CITV. 9.25 Saturday Cookbook. 10.25 ITV

Giant Leap’. 7.05 Paralympic Games 2012

ton. 7.45 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30

News. 10.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 11.25

Tonight. 8.00 Paralympic Games Breakfast

Project Parent. 8.55 The Scooby-Doo Show.

The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 12.20 The Real

Show. 10.15 Paralympic Games 2012. 2.00 Par-

9.20 Dennis and Gnasher. 9.30 The Slammer.

Housewives of New York City. 1.20 The Real

10.00 Who Let the Dogs Out? 10.30 Incredible Edibles. 11.00 Cop School. 11.30 Splatalot. 11.55 Deadly 60 Bites. 12.00 Prank Patrol. 12.30 Diddy Movies. 12.45 MOTD Kickabout. 1.05 Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food. 1.35

7.30 Channel 4 News. 8.00 Paralympic Games 2012 Tonight.

FILM: Dennis (1993). 4.35 FILM: Never Say

11.30 The Last Leg with Adam Hills. 12.15 FILM: Cloverfield (2008). 1.55 FILM: Po-

Never Again (1983).

FILM: Sodom and Gomorrah (1962). 4.00 FILM: Ensign Pulver (1964).

7.10 ITV News and Weather. 7.55 Fool Britannia.

6.55 Flog It!

8.25 Red or Black?

7.55 Dad’s Army.

9.10 The X Factor.

8.30 BBC Proms 2012.

10.10 Red or Black?

10.30 Who on Earth Was Ford Madox Ford? A

10.55 The Jonathan Ross Show.

11.35 TOTP2: School Days.

etry (2010). 4.15 A Film from My Parish: Six Farms. 4.25 The Fishmonger. 4.30 Happy Endings. 4.55 St Elsewhere. 5.40 Deal or No Deal.

7.25 New You’ve Been Framed!

6.10 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain.

Culture Show Special.

BBC1 8.20pm Doctor Who

Housewives of New York City. 2.15 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 2.25 Countrywise. 2.50

6.55 London Tonight; Weather.

5.40 Coast.

alympic Games 2012.

6.35 Quick Bakes with Eric Lanlard.

6.30 FILM: Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011). 8.15 5 News Weekend. 8.20 NCIS. 9.15 CSI: NY. 10.10 Celebrity Big Brother. 11.10 CSI: Miami.

11.55 ITV News and Weather; Weather.12.10 FILM: Pride and Prejudice (2005). 2.30

12.35 FILM: SoulBoy (2010). 1.50 FILM: Dead

The Store; ITV News Headlines. 3.50 In

Ringers (1988). 3.40 Close.

Plain Sight. 4.45 ITV Nightscreen.

7.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 7.05 Roary the Racing Car. 7.15 Fifi and the Flowertots. 7.25 City of Friends. 7.40 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. 7.50 Castle Farm. 7.55 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 8.05 Roobarb and Custard Too. 8.15 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.25 Play! 8.35 Noddy in Toyland. 8.50 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 8.55 Little Princess. 9.05 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky. 9.25 Angelina Ballerina. 9.40 Rupert Bear. 9.55 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.15 The Mr Men Show. 10.30 Roary the Racing Car. 10.40 Jelly Jamm. 11.00 Power Rangers Samurai. 11.35 Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 12.10 Looney Tunes. 12.20 Celebrity Big Brother: The Eviction. 1.50 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. 2.50 FILM: Mystery Woman: Redemption (2006). 4.30 FILM: Michael (1996).

Channel 12.15am Cloverfield

12.10 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 1.05 SuperCasino. 5.00 HouseBusters. 5.25 Divine Designs. 5.50 County Secrets. 6.00 Hana’s Helpline. 6.10 The Milkshake! Show. 6.35 Thomas & Friends. 6.45 Roary the Racing Car.

Sunday 2nd September 7.00 Breakfast. 8.40 Match of the Day. 10.00

7.00 CBeebies: Guess with Jess. 7.10 Louie.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 CITV: Mini CITV.

7.00 Channel 4 Presents London Dreaming.

The Andrew Marr Show. 11.00 Sunday Morn-

7.20 Wibbly Pig. 7.30 Dipdap. 7.35 Chugging-

8.20 CITV. 9.25 Dinner Date. 10.25 ITV News.

7.05 Paralympic Games 2012 Tonight. 8.00 Par-

ton. 7.45 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30

10.30 House Gift. 11.25 There’s No Taste Like

alympic Games Breakfast Show. 10.15 Para-

ing Live. 12.00 Country Tracks; Weather for the Week Ahead. 1.00 BBC News. 1.10 Live Formula 1: Belgian Grand Prix. 4.15 A Question of

Copycats. 9.00 Deadly Art. 9.15 Paradise Cafe.

Sport: Gold Medal Winners Special. 4.45 Ocean

9.40 Wingin’ It. 10.00 Who Let the Dogs Out?


10.30 Junior Bake Off. 11.00 Saturday Kitchen

5.45 Songs of Praise.

Best Bites. 12.30 The Great British Bake Off.

6.20 The Indian Doctor.

1.30 FILM: A Tale of Two Cities (1958). 3.25

7.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather.

Coast. 3.30 Escape to the Country. 4.15 Burgh-

7.30 Britain’s Hidden Heritage.

Home. 12.25 The Hungry Sailors. 1.25 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 1.30 The X Factor. 2.35 Britain Then and Now. 3.30 FILM: Columbo: Butterfly in Shades of Grey (1993). 5.25 Doc Martin.

lympic Games 2012. 2.00 Paralympic Games 2012. 7.30 Channel 4 News. 8.00 Paralympic Games 2012 Tonight. 11.30 The Last Leg with Adam Hills. 12.15 FILM: Submarine (2010). 2.05 FILM:

6.30 The Talent Show Story.

Water Lilies (2007). 3.30 Veronique. 3.35 Hol-

7.25 London Tonight; Weather.

lyoaks. 5.40 Ultimate Frisbee. 5.45 St Else-

ley Horse Trials 2012.

7.45 ITV News and Weather.

where. 6.30 Quick Bakes with Eric Lanlard.

9.30 Inspector George Gently.

6.15 Oceans.

8.00 Coronation Street.

11.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather.

7.15 Swimming with Crocodiles.

9.00 The Cube.

11.25 Match of the Day 2.

8.15 Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.

12.35 In with the Flynns. 1.05 The Sky at Night.

9.00 Top Gear.

1.25 Weatherview. 1.30 Sign Zone: The Dark:

10.00 Toughest Place to Be a Nurse.

8.30 Countryfile.

Nature’s Nighttime World. 2.30 Sign Zone:

11.00 The Best of Men.

Holby City. 3.30 Sign Zone: Good Cop. 4.30

10.00 The Last Weekend. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather; Weather. 11.15 Harry’s Mountain Heroes. 12.45 Premiership Rugby Union. 1.40 The Store; ITV News Headlines. 3.45 British Super-

Sign Zone: The Riots: In Their Own Words. 5.30

12.30 FILM: The Edge of Love (2008). 2.15 BBC

bike Championship Highlights. 4.35 Motor-

BBC News.

News. 5.30 Close.

sport UK. 5.25 ITV Nightscreen.

Channel 4 7.05am

7.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 7.05 Roary the Racing Car. 7.15 Fifi and the Flowertots. 7.25 City of Friends. 7.40 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. 7.50 Castle Farm. 7.55 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 8.05 Roobarb and Custard Too. 8.15 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.25 Play! 8.35 Noddy in Toyland. 8.45 Milkshake! Monkey. 8.50 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 8.55 Little Princess. 9.10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky. 9.25 Angelina Ballerina. 9.40 Rupert Bear. 9.55 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.15 The Mr Men Show. 10.30 Roary the Racing Car. 10.45 Jelly Jamm. 11.00 Power Rangers Samurai. 11.35 Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 12.10 Looney Tunes. 12.20 Celebrity Big Brother. 1.15 FILM: The Slipper and the Rose (1976). 4.00 FILM: Belle’s Magical World (1998). 5.50 FILM: The Wizard of Oz (1939). 7.55 5 News Weekend. 8.00 Cricket on 5. 8.55 John Barrowman’s Dallas: Dreaming of Bobby. 9.30 John Barrowman’s Dallas: Shooting JR. 10.00 Celebrity Big Brother. 11.00 9/11: Escape from the Impact Zone. 11.45 FILM: Reign Over Me (2007). 2.15 SuperCasino. 5.00 HouseBusters. 5.25 House Doctor. 6.00 Hana’s Helpline. 6.10 The Milkshake! Show. 6.35 Thomas & Friends. 6.45 Roary the Racing Car.

Monday 3rd September 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Rip Off Britain. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Escape to the Country. 12.45 Cash in the Attic. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.40 Doctors. 3.10 Only Fools and Horses. 4.05 CBBC: Marrying Mum and Dad. 4.35 Splatalot. 5.00 Shaun the Sheep. 5.10 Wingin’ It. 5.30 Sam & Mark’s Big Wind Up. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. Fake Britain; BBC News; Regional News. EastEnders. Dial 999 and Wait?: Panorama. New Tricks. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. Citizen Khan.

12.05 Gavin & Stacey. 12.35 The Lock Up. 1.15 FILM: Arachnophobia (1990). 3.00 Weatherview. 3.05 Sign Zone: Engineering Giants: Ferry Strip-Down. 4.05 Sign Zone: The Riots: In Their Own Words. 5.05 Sign Zone: Britain’s Heritage Heroes. 5.35 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: Guess with Jess. 7.10 Louie. 7.20 Wibbly Pig. 7.30 64 Zoo Lane. 7.40 Chuggington. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Barney’s Latin America. 8.30 League of Super Evil. 8.40 Leon. 8.45 Frankenstein’s Cat. 8.55 Newsround. 9.00 What’s New Scooby-Doo? 9.25 CBeebies: Buzz and Tell. 9.30 Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab. 9.45 Baby Jake. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Uki. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 The Large Family. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Dirtgirlworld. 11.00 Octonauts: Creature Reports. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics. 2.00 My Life in Books. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Wanted Down Under. 4.45 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British. 5.30 Flog It! 6.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. 7.00 Eggheads. 7.30 Celebrity MasterChef. 8.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. 9.00 University Challenge. 9.30 Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food. 10.00 Horizon: How Small Is the Universe? 11.00 James May’s Things You Need to Know. 11.30 Newsnight; Weather. 12.20 Toughest Place to Be a Nurse. 1.20 Richard Hammond’s Crash Course. 2.05 BBC News. 4.20 The Super League Show. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30

6.40 Freshly Squeezed. 7.05 Paralympic

Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30

Games 2012 Tonight. 8.00 Paralympic Games

This Morning. 1.30 Loose Women. 2.30 ITV

Breakfast Show. 10.15 Paralympic Games 2012.

News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 4.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show. 4.59 London Weather.

1.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 1.05 Paralympic Games 2012. 2.00 Paralympic Games 2012.

5.00 My Tasty Travels with Lynda Bellingham. 5.20 Come Dine with Me.

6.00 The Chase. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather.

5.55 The Simpsons.

7.30 ITV News and Weather.

6.25 Paralympic Games 2012.

8.00 Emmerdale.

7.30 Hollyoaks.

8.30 Coronation Street.

8.00 Channel 4 News.

9.00 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs.

8.30 Paralympic Games 2012 Tonight.

9.30 Coronation Street.

11.30 The Last Leg with Adam Hills.

10.00 A Mother’s Son. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather.

12.15 The Girl Who Became Three Boys. 1.20

11.30 London News and Weather.

The Good Wife. 2.05 The Good Wife. 2.50 Re-

11.35 FILM: Land of the Dead (2005).

venge. 3.30 Happy Endings. 3.50 St Elsewhere.

1.15 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 3.20

4.40 Eating for Two. 4.45 School Disco. 4.55


Deal or No Deal. 5.50 Make Do & Mend. 6.15




Nightscreen. 5.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show.


Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.30 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Big School. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge. 1.05 The Family Recipe. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Celebrity Big Brother. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 NCIS. 4.15 FILM: Back to You and Me (2005). 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. World’s Scariest Near Misses; 5 News Update. 9.00 Frontline Police; 5 News at 9. 10.00 Celebrity Big Brother. 11.00 Celebrity Wedding Planner. 12.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.00 The Hotel Inspector. 1.55 SuperCasino. 5.05 Sons of Anarchy. 6.10 Wildlife SOS. 6.35 Wildlife SOS.

59 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012







MUST SELL! Spacious 3 bed, 3 bath. modern villa on 4,000m2 plot with space for pool. Large veranda with mountain views.

Luxury refitted, 4 bed, 3 bath. villa with apartment. Coastal views, heated pool, large terrace with wood beams.

3 bed, 3 bath. house with private pool and mountain views from terraces. Few minutes from town centre.



GREAT BUY! Character 4 bed. finca on 2,008m2 plot. New kitchen, mountain views. Pool with Jacuzzi. Outside BBQ and fishpond.

PRICE: 199,000€

Character property 4 bed, 3 bath. with all the mod AMAZING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for stables, kennels etc. with 4 bed, 2 bath. property and cons on plot just under 10,000m2. Splash pool, mobile home on 30,000m2 plot. Must be seen! outside kitchen and BBQ in mountain setting.




2 bed. country property, 2,000m2 plot with 1 bed. apartment, mountain backdrop and about 3 minutes to town.

3 bed, 2 bath. partly reformed, newly decorated finca on 3,300m2 plot. Large solarium with fantastic views. 618 364 956.

Fully furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath. villa with pool and landscaped garden on 10,000m2 plot. 618 364 956.

PRICE: 93,000€

PRICE: 140,000€

PRICE: 299,000€ EL REALENGO Ref: EL RE 2

PRICE: 199,999€

PRICE: 195,000€ ORIHUELA Ref: IWF 3&4

Near Orihuela in a quiet hamlet – 2 properties for the price of 1. No offers! Live in 1 and rent 1 out? New pool and terracing.

PRICE: 155,000€

17 year old Brit dies in Cabo Roig accident A 17 year old British man has died in Orihuela Costa after suffering an accident on his bike. He has not been named in police reports. The accident happened last week in the early hours of the morning, the day after the family arrived on holiday. It is thought that the young

man was cycling through the underpass of the N332 at Cabo Roig at speed when his front wheel caught on something. He was catapulted forwards and into the wall, the fall breaking the man’s neck. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

PRICE: 215,000€ FORTUNA Ref: FORT 3

BARGAIN. 3 bed, 1 bath. villa with large conservatory, pool and landscaped gardens on 1,000m2 plot. Walk into town. Must see!

PRICE: 149,000€



CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

61 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

62 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Useful Contacts: Fiona Harlowe, Skin Therapy: • Alliance for Lupus Research: www.lupusreseach .org Fiona Harlowe is fully qualified and gifted Facialist, specialising in the treatment of aging skin and other skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea and Pigmentation. She believes in a fully integrated holistic treatment, combining the latest equipment and product technologies with a hands-on approach rooted in massage and touch therapies.


Skin Pigmentation & Vitamin Deficiencies


t this time of year many of us experience uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation (brown patches). Much of this is caused by exposure to the sun, and it is, therefore, crucial to wear your sun protection to help prevent sun induced skin pigmentation. However, there are other causes of uneven skin tone, including imbalances of vitamins and vitamin deficiencies. Skin pigmentation comes from the presence of melanin, a black-brown protein also found in skin, hair, and in specific cells in other organs such as our intestines and brain. The more melanin in our skin, the darker it appears. Our skin tone and pigmentation levels are determined by a number of factors: Genetics determine general skin color, whilst environmental factors such as the amount of sunlight exposure will contribute to skin pigmentation. A number of vitamin deficiencies can also affect our skin tone, leading

to a loss of skin pigmentation and a pale complexion.

Vitamin C One vitamin that can affect skin pigmentation is vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C helps produce collagen, a protein essential for healthy skin, nails, blood vessels, hair, connective tissue, bones and a number of other tissues. We are all familiar with how important collagen is to our skin. Also known as the ‘scaffolding’ of the skin, collagen is, essentially, responsible for supporting our skin and keeping it firm. Collagen production depletes as we get older, and other factors such as the consumption of sugar, also have a detrimental effect on the production of collagen. A lack of Vitamin C will also be responsible for some pigmentation. Vitamin C deficiency also causes scurvy, and whilst this may sound like a very old fashoioned and out-dated disease, it is infact, a condition that leads to abnormally pale skin. As the

has been a rise in poor nutrition and diets lacking in vitamin rich foods, this is a surprisingly common disorder these days. In addition, scurvy can cause bone damage, tooth loss and blood vessel and skin damage. You can prevent scurvy by eating a range of fruits and vegetables, since many types of produce provide a source of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin B-9 A deficiency in Vitamin B-9, also known as folic acid, can also lead to a loss of pigmentation in our skin. Folic Acid levels in our body are crucial for maintaining our metabolism and contribute to our energy and blood cell production. Chronic under-consumption of folic acid can lead to conditions like anemia, which causes a decrease in the appearance of skin pigmentation, creating overall, or patches of pale skin.

Vitamin B-12 Vitamin B-12, or cobalamin, will also

lead to skin pigmentation. Cobalamin aids the production of hemoglobin, along with breaking down the nutrients for energy in our tissues. A deficiency in Vitamin B-12 can lead to pernicious anemia, a particular type of anemia which causes fatigue, fever, numbness, palpitations and a pale skin. Vegans and vegetarians will have an increased risk of Vitamin B-12 deficiency and should take Vitamin B-12 supplements to avoid anemia and a loss of skin pigmentation.

Skin pigmentation and Vitamin D Although a Vitamin D deficiency is not directly related to the production of pigmentation in our skin. Melanocytes are the cells that produce the pigment in our skin, and they serve as the site of Vitamin D production in our bodies. When our skin is exposed to sunlight (or daylight, as all daylight comes from the sun), the melanocytes make Vitamin D. Ensuring that we have

adequate sunlight exposure prevents a possible Vitamin D deficiency. The level of pigmentation present in our skin, helps to determine exactly how much sunlight we need to make enough Vitamin D. For example, a lighter skin will need less than a darker skin. However, it is absolutely vital that we do not damage our skin whilst trying to ensure we get enough Vitamin C. Living in Spain we get enough Vitamin C in very little sunlight compared, say to that of a typical UK day. Operating out of Vanilla Hair & Beauty, Villamartin Plaza Fiona always offers free consultations. Please call to book your appointment on 966 765 616. You can also email Fiona via Book your free 20 minute consultation with Fiona today by phoning Vanilla Hair & Beauty, Villamartin Plaza on 966 765 616 or email Fiona directly on

63 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012 ultimatum to Theresa. Dodger encounters difficulties in the search for his real father, Martha goes missing, and Myra finds an alternative way to vent her anger with a little help from Jacqui and Bart. This programme will not be broadcast on Channel 4 HD. A surprise visitor at the McQueens’ hopes to persuade Michaela not to pass up an opportunity, and Myra decides it is time for one of her charges to move out. The Savages pick up the pieces after Dodger’s shock announcement. Esther and Ruby dread their first day of college, while the Kanes could be forced to accept charity.

charge. The fight for custody of Leo begins in court, Charity ruffles feathers in her attempts to rebrand the firm and Victoria changes her tactics to win Alex back. Paddy seizes his opportunity to take revenge on Marlon and Laurel by telling the Woolpack locals including a stunned Ashley that they are together. Ashley is devastated after hearing the news about Marlon and Laurel, while Alex finds himself torn between Victoria and Moira as his romantic problems continue. Ashley breaks the news to his Hollyoaks children that Laurel is now in a Dirk tries to offer Dodger some fatherly relationship with Marlon, while Rhona advice, Martha struggles to resist suggests she and Paddy flee to New toasting Lacey’s 16th birthday, and Zealand with Leo as soon as possible. Nancy questions Riley about his Emmerdale Kerry’s ex-boyfriend shows up and it affections. Dodger finds a scrap of Laurel assures Marlon she will tell Ashley becomes clear to Amy she has been lying evidence about the identity of his real the truth, David and Priya promise about him. Laurel and Marlon are left to father. Ash confronts Martha about her Nikhil they will end their relationship, deal with the consequences of Paddy’s behaviour, and a jealous Joel delivers an while Carl reminds Jimmy who is in actions.

EastEnders Sharon decides to take Dennis away from Albert Square, but both Ian and Jack try to persuade her to stay. Janine suspects Michael is having an affair. Joey sets out to destroy Anthony’s relationship with Alice by luring him into a poker game with Derek but it is not long before there is more than money at stake. Kat receives a present at the Vic, and wonders whether her lover is trying to send her a message. Sharon gets into a heated argument with Tanya. Ian feels like part of the family again, only to receive another setback. Kat struggles to resist her lover’s charms, while Tanya and Sharon embarrass themselves in the playground.

Coronation Street pub, and Michelle is enraged to discover Ryan did not attend the gig. Tina takes Tommy’s loan repayment to Kirsty, but their words become heated. Tracy hatches a plan when she sees Ryan working in Dev’s kebab shop and Eileen replaces Paul’s vase. Tommy drives the pizza van to work after Kirsty’s meddling makes him miss the bus, but his exhaustion places him in peril. Steve and Michelle discover Tracy is Ryan’s new workmate.

Tommy makes an announcement about Kirsty’s behaviour to everyone in the

PAYBACK SEASON (15) Co-written and directed by Danny Donnelly, Payback Season stars BAFTA Rising Star Adam Deacon as Jerome, a Premiership footballer (Sir Geoff Hurst, no less, plays his agent), who's living the high life of fast cars, faster women and gorgeous riverside apartments but still regularly finds time to pop back to his old estate to visit his dear old mum and his less-than-impressed younger brother (Liam Donnelly). On his latest trip home, Jerome runs into his old neighbourhood gang and decides to impress them by taking them out for a night at a swanky London nightclub, but things quickly go horribly wrong when jealous gang-leader Baron (David Ajala) starts tapping him for money on a regular basis. Brought to you by Moving Movies. Tel: 650 944 934/652 751 072m movingmoviesdvds@gmai z

To be fair to the film, there’s strong work from both Leo Gregory (as Jerome’s friend and trainer) and from David Ayala, who’s both charismatic (so much so that he shows up Deacon's lack of same in contrast) and chilling as Baron. However, Burley struggles with an equally unconvincing part (not helped by her appalling posh accent), while The Chronicles of Narnia’s Anna Popplewell is shockingly bad as Izzy and seems to have let a five year old apply her make-up, in the dark. It will be interesting to see if the legions of fans that voted him BAFTA's Rising Star show enjoy Payback Season, because this is staggeringly inept on a number of different levels and will test the patience of even the most committed Deacon devotee.

guides “Killshot” with a generous hard-boiled edge, paying specific attention to the psychological turmoil of the characters, especially Blackbird, who never comes across as a one-note villain character, but a man who doesn’t have a home, scarred by guilt and ready to atone for his sins by teaming up with loudmouth Nix. The dynamic between the men is one of toleration and uneasy allegiance, played well by Rourke, who’s an unlikely choice to portray a FrenchCanadian native, but he manages to turn the role into a riveting depiction of remorse and threat. The accent is incredibly goofy, but there’s a lollapalooza of half-hearted Midwestern, Canadian, and southern accents to absorb in the film that effectively mask Rourke’s 50% effort. Gordon-Levitt is less effective as Nix, amped to

broadcast the character’s clueless bravado, but incapable of metering the role to create a larger impact of menace. With such overbearing facial reactions, there were moments when I feared the actor was under the impression he was making a silent film. As well as the stalking dread of Blackbird and Nix, Lane and Jane share kindly, sorrowful moments as the divorcing prey. Madden seems unusually interested in the subplot, allowing the actors ample screentime to communicate the erosion of intimacy and the awkward circumstance of reunion. For a thriller, these are surprisingly well-rounded characters, adding to the flavour of the picture, taking “Killshot” away from a standard action route and into something passably human. Worth seeing.

KILLSHOT (15) A hitman for the Toronto mafia, Blackbird (Mickey Rourke) is a Native American killer who’s looking to retire to his reservation and find some inner peace; instead, a young, brash, and moronic petty criminal named Richie Nix (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) involves Blackbird in his harassment of a real estate office, and the only two witnesses to the crime are Carmen (Diane Lane) and Wayne Colson (Thomas Jane). A couple on the verge of divorce, Carmen and Wayne are placed into the Witness Protection Program and moved from Michigan to Missouri, where they enjoy the benefits of anonymity, rekindling their attraction. However, the change is short lived when Blackbird and Nix set out to murder the Colsons before more trouble is brought upon the crooks. Director John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love”)

Holt is Scandinavia’s answer to Val The Snow-covered streets of Oslo Oslo. McDermid, writing dark and unsetA hatred that is not yet satisfied. are the very picture of Christmas “Like a mash-up of Stieg Larsson, tling crime with more than a little wire tranquility. But over the tolling of bells for Christmas Day, a black Jeffery Deaver and Agatha Christie” - in its blood ... note sounds. As first light breaks, Bishop Eva Karin Lysgaard is found stabbed to death in the quiet city centre. DI Adam Stubo heads up the police investigation, but it is Johanne Vik, criminal profiler, who infers an unlikely pattern from this shocking murder, and who suspects that a bitter and Bookworld España (Torrevieja) untempered hatred has been C.C. Las Habaneras, Local B11, 03180 Torrevieja (Alicante) unleashed upon the city of Tel. 966 704 821

Title: Fear Not Author: Anne Holt Price: 9.90€ Format: Paperback

Charities San Miguel

What’s On

Meanwhile, Jerome begins a tentative romance with posh TV reporter Lisa (Nicola Burley), who’s shocked when her gossip reporter friend Izzy (Anna Popplewell) brings her a story about Jerome's apparently ongoing gang connections. Adam Deacon’s a fine character actor when he's playing wise-cracking support roles or weaselly scumbags but he's surely nobody’s idea of a charismatic leading man, let alone a Premiership footballer. As such, he’s singularly unconvincing here, whether on the training ground (there’s not a single shot of him kicking a ball) or in the painfully written romance, and it’s impossible to root for him, not least because all Jerome's troubles are his own stupid fault.

The Actors studio presents their long awaited show“Funny Business” at the Casa de Cultura in San Miguel on Thurs/Fri 23rd/24th August. Doors open 7.30pm for 8.00pm show. Tickets 6 euros available from the Alzheimers Shop Torrevieja. Bargain Books in San Miguel or can be reserved by Tel: 966 704 097. Or just buy tickets on the door on each night. Helping to support AFA Alzheimers Torrevieja.

Torrevieja The Neolithic, Nomads and Sedentaries Exhibition at Torrevieja Port

Until the 31st August (next to the floating museums). Free entrance. Monday to Sunday 12.00 to 14.00 and 18.00 to 24.00.

Rojales The Next Meeting of Neighbourhood Watch Group will be held on Monday 3rd September at 11am in the Municipal Centre in Ciudad Quesada. The meeting is open to all residents living in the 03170 postal area. Please tell your neighbours and come and join us. For further information see our website or contact David East (Lead Co-ordinator) or Helen Tudor (Secretary) Rojales Arts & Crafts Market Sunday 2nd September from 6pm till late) Come and enjoy meeting artists, seeing their work, watching demonstrations, dance, eat and drink too. If you want to display your work just contact me. Also from Sunday 2nd September at the Rojales caves exhibition of work in the Sala Mengolero Cave with free wine etc from 6pm. Look for small pink signs that say Cueves del Rodeo. Map directions and photos are all on our website at www.CostaArt.Net/caves.html

64 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Laura Boyle will be in Spain 2nd-6th September 2012 & is available for private readings in Spain. The price is 30 Euros for half an hour and is recorded onto a CD for you to listen to again. Contact her on 00 44 7717 858 484 or on 634 020 133 when she is in Spain.

21 March - 20 April

21 April - 21 May

22 May - 21 June

22 June - 23 July

24 July - 23 August

A certain issue is not going to go away. It looks set to hang over your head, prodding and poking you to remind you it is there. You have more power and control at your disposal than you think in order to get rid of it, once and for all. This will require you to summon courage and speak your mind to a certain person. An essential conversation can be had calmly and sensitively. Before we have to make an important decision, we must find ourselves first in a state of complete obliviousness. What shocks, upsets or intrigues us appears out of nowhere and we then set our sights on finding out as much as we can in order to determine what our next move should be. You now have such information. Decide now how you intend to use it to your advantage. Once upon a time, passwords were words or phrases used to open cavern entrances concealing gold and rubies, or allowed entrance to secret clubs or societies. Nowadays, we use passwords to grant us essential online and telephony access to many aspects of our daily existence. Something being withheld from you can become accessible with the right choice of words. Should you say nothing? Should you refrain from making grievances known to a certain person? This would be easier if a certain precedent hadn’t already been set. Someone is very used to a certain arrangement being a certain way between you and them. Understandably, you’re not sure how to upset a certain applecart. You-know-who is probably more receptive than you think. We are inclined to believe everything in our world must be ‘black’ or ‘white’, this way, or that way. We tend not to like 'grey' or ‘middle ground' territory. We feel a need to sort it in such a way that it becomes either black or white, like everything else. You are likely frustrated by a ‘grey area’ in your world now. Welcome it. It’s presenting you with more than one option where you need them. It’s natural to weigh up both sides of a decision. Whilst there is much to be said for refusing to acknowledge failure or the possibility of incorrect judgment, it is sensible to be aware of the pitfalls of any plan but it is equally sensible to give them no more time than they deserve. You have made what can only be described as a very right decision recently. Trust that.

24 September 23 October

When stuck in a traffic jam, we are relieved to see a surge of traffic moving forward and believe our frustrating wait has finally come to an end. We become more frustrated when we suddenly stop and realize that our wait must continue indefinitely. This sums up situation in your world. You have grown weary from the ‘stop/start’ aspect to it. Now, something starts moving forward.

24 October 22 November

When we are able to identify something we believe others cannot see, we are sometimes unsure if it is our duty to point it out. This is especially true when we see something that appears glaringly obvious yet, for some reason, others fail to see it. We then feel a need to question what we're seeing. There is something you must point out to someone now. Trust that you are right to do so.

23 November 22 December

We are aware of how many opinions are available should we ask for them. Many get presented to us without us asking for them. Some people will always compelled to let others know that they are a step ahead or can see flaws or inconsistencies in other peoples’ plans. But, sometimes, advice can be helpful and insightful. That appears to be the case with advice you're being given now.’

23 December 20 January

‘I can’t give you what I haven’t got’. Such words are often said by debtors to their creditors. Creditors are used to hearing such statements. They understand, albeit with some difficulty, that they cannot get proverbial blood from a proverbial stone. You appear to be under pressure to give more than you are able to someone or something. Trust that a mutually beneficial solution exists.

21 January 19 February

Are you experiencing something as simple as a minor disagreement with a certain person or might there be more than meets the eye with respect to why you and someone else are not seeing eye to eye? You appear to have a very fixed idea about why you’re right and someone else is missing the point. The other side to the story is one you must consider now. Many people believe every minute of our lives has been mapped out by some divine being. If that were the case, we would have no free will available to us, our lives would be little more interesting or real than a movie storyline. You could be wondering now why your life is moving toward a certain destination. Trust it is part of a very grand plan but one you have significant control over.

Dear Laura A new man has moved into our urbanization and we have become quite friendly. H gave me the impression that he was single and we started spending time together and eventually started a relationship. I had to go back to the UK last month as my daughter was having a baby and was away for three weeks. When I returned I was gobsmacked to find that a woman was living in his house with him. We have hardly spoken as he keeps avoiding me and the pair of them seem to be very close. Yesterday I saw her in the supermarket and decided to introduce myself. She told me that she was his wife and had been ill for some time having hospital treatment in the UK but was now a lot better and had decided to give up work and come out to live in Spain full time with her husband. I really love this man and I don’t know what to do now. It is horrible sitting in my house and listening to them laughing and joking. For A is it almost as if I don’t exist, as if we never had something between us. Half of me just wants to go over to him and have a show down but his wife seems nice and I don’t want to upset her. This is starting to make me feel very bitter and I don’t know what to do next. Do you see me and A getting back together again or should I turn my back on him. Before being with him I was single for nearly five years and I really thought he was “the one”. J Dear J The cards of the present show your indecision as to what to do next but also show that you are at a crossroads & need to make a decision as you can’t go on like this with the uncertainty. As you live in such close proximity that is another reason why you need closure on this situation. I feel you should talk to him about this situation – if he is unwilling then maybe you could ask his wife if he’d be able to help you lift something heavy in the house, that way ensuring that you have some time alone. I feel you need to have a discussion with him to help you move on with the situation. That is the very least he can do. I do feel there will be a discussion with A but I don’t feel you will hear what you really want to. I think in an ideal world you would wish for him to tell you that they are more like friends rather than husband and wife. That he has been thinking of leaving her for quite some time but her illness has kept him in the marriage. Well I’m afraid the cards are not reflecting those sentiments so you need to look at ways to keep yourself busy, to get out & about and make some new friends. I don’t think it would really be

productive to have a showdown as it would upset his wife, who, like yourself is an innocent party here. I think you have to chalk this up to experience and try to move on however hard this might be. Try not to let this experience influence other future relationships. Incidentally in your cards I do have two very different men showing themselves so I feel there is someone else for you in the not too distant future. I have drawn you an Angel Love Card which says “Let me guide you to gently let go of this situation” Adiel Dear Laura I read your column in The CoastRider every week and wonder if you would have time to answer a question for me please? I lost my wife last year to cancer. We had a good marriage spanning almost 30 years. My problem is that I feel rather lonely out here by myself and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to start dating or whether I am destined to be alone for the rest of my days. Thanks R Dear R I don’t feel that your wife would mind you looking for happiness and love. The dynamics of each relationship are different and no one will take the place of your wife. Any new person would have different ideas, would have experienced different life experiences and so in reality you are not trying to replace your wife, you are considering making contact with other females and if things develop then what? That is really your question! In life you can have many soul mates, twin flames, karmic twins, whatever you wish to call them. These are very deep bonds with people in your life. Just because you decide to embark on a new relationship that does not mean that you love your wife any less, that her memory will be desecrated in any way. I am certain that your wife would give you her blessing for any new relationship or friendship forged. Just one word of caution though & that is not to get too involved, too quickly & often people in your situation end up getting married on the rebound and then find that they have made a grave error of judgement due to their willingness to throw themselves wholeheartedly into a new relationship. Your will be reunited with your wife in the afterlife along with other members of your family and close friends who have passed as, after all, they are one of your twin flames. I have drawn you an Angel Love Card which says “I protect you as you open your heart to love” - Verchiel

65 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Ole! It’s Flamenco all the way

Ballet Al Andalus

Flamenco Fenomenal! will be the final show of Afghan Heroes second year of fundraising. The charity has come a long way in that time, from only having two volunteers, including Jax Lawson here in Spain, to winning a military award within the year. Their plan has always to help retrain and rehabilitate any military personnel that have been badly wounded in the

Afghanistan war. With no government funding, all their projects have been funded by a very generous public. From sending over 30,000 gift boxes, to providing free holiday homes, Afghan Heroes now have their sights set on building a post trauma centre that will provide free rehabilitation and career training. On Tuesday 28th August, Restaurante Los Rosales on the Lemon Tree Road in Guardamar will be holding “Flamenco Fenomenal” to help the cause. This all Spanish show will star the legendary Filiu and Cía. Filiu is well known for his remarkable guitar talents and his unique styling has gotten him many appearances on Spanish television. Providing the rich flavour of flamenco dancing will be members of the Ballet Al Andalus. An inspiring evening showcasing the music and dance that is at the heart of Spanish culture. Tickets 12.50€ for show and meal. On sale at Restaurante Los Rosales Guardamar, Cards and More La Marina, Hire Centre San Luis, Card and Gift Shop Quesada, Postroom Benijofar, Kennedy’s Supermarket Los Montesinos, Macy’s News Café Playa Flamenca, Card Place Benimar and Punta Prima, or call Phil 606 192 691, Jax 697 501 992 or email On September 15th the AECC will be holding a raffle at The Liverpool Band Show, the number one Beatles tribute band, at Restaurante Los Rosales. Tickets are €12.50 for show and meal from above outlets. Afghan Heroes would like to thank everyone who has shown their support by attending this month’s shows, and especially to the gentleman who has generously offered the use of his second home as a free holiday home for injured soldiers and their families. For more information on the “Give Us Time” initiative, please go to


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

My Round

Days of the week – they’re pretty much the same Seated on the terrace we sip beer, not tea, While evening of life draws nearer the last game, And Levantine breezes blow cool from the sea. Where in the world would you and I rather be Than in a Mediterranean villa, sole possession to our name? Friends made here, though few, are good company, No rush-hour traffic - aren’t we thrilled that we came? Yet traffic on the Internet will keep us ever busy. With Voip-cheap and Skype, we could well pick and choose Whom to speak to, from where, decide when to use. Who could have dreamt that life was this cosy? After a lifetime of toil, us pensioners have found A lifestyle to savour – ‘Cheers – c’mon, it’s my round!’ Migel Jayasinghe

67 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Louise Gray and friends celebrate her Topshop collaboration in style The London style set descended on Topshop’s flagship Oxford Circus store last night to celebrate the launch of Louise Gray’s eagerlyanticipated collection for the brand. Surrounded by pieces from the fashion collection and accompanying make-up range, which has hit Topshop stores nationwide and the website. Actress Jaime Winstone was in attendance dressed in black leggings, chunky heels and a sequined smiley face tee from the new Topshop line. She was joined by the likes of singer Delilah, model Mary Charteris, Fashion East founder Lulu Kennedy, TV host Zara Martin and DJ Princess Julia, as well as designer Henry Holland, shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood and actresses Ophelia Lovibond, Gwendoline Christie and Antonia Campbell-Hughes at the fun fashion bash. Party host Louise Gray was also dressed in head-to-toe pieces from

her own collections, including an orange swirl sequined skirt and a shimmering smiley face cropped top from the Topshop range. The complete six-piece collection carries all the hallmarks of Louise’s eponymous label – think shimmering sequins, slouchy silhouettes, fun motifs and clashing colours. As well as the clothing, you can shop the beauty range too, which features party perfect face and body glitters, electric blue liquid eyeliner, shimmering eyeshadows and nail polishes, plus our new beauty bag staples – jet black mascara, lipsticks and cream blush, to name a few. You’ll be pleased to hear that prices for the Louise Gray for Topshop collection are purse-friendly, starting at a teeny-tiny £6.50 for a nail varnish and rising up to £200 for a sequined tunic. But if you want to add some of the items to your new season wardrobe, be quick, because we don’t expect them to stay on the rails for long ...

Big Break for Adhoc Billie

Adhoc Theatre Company has a budding film star in their midst. Known for his role as Stanley Gardner in “Run for Your Wife”, and “Rene Artois” in “Allo Allo the VIP”, Billie Anthony Gaddess’s talent has also been spotted by British film makers. The Portobello Film Festival starts next week and is known as the UK’s largest festival for independent film makers. Among their many films will be two that have Costa Blanca resident Billie in them. Normally he plays funny and nice men, but that

image is about to change! Spotted online by the director of Solaris Films, Billie was auditioned and got the roll of, strangely enough “Billy the Debt Collector” in the film “Dead Frequency”. The follow up film “Entwinement”, which also features Mr Gaddess, will be shown at the festival in early September. In the world of acting you never can tell how and when your next big break will come. For the founder of Adhoc Theatre Company, it was being in the right place at the right time, and of

course, knowing the right people! Billie was such a hit with the sound and stunts advisor on “Dead Frequency”, that when Gary Allsopp was asked by film director Philip Routledge if he knew any quality actors for his latest film “The Hit,” our very own nice guy Billie was given the job. The film is due to be released next year, and we find our versatile actor and stuntman playing Jeremy Cooper a corrupt councillor. Billie also stars with Emmerdale actor James Conlon. In November, Billie will be back to playing the nice guy, as he takes on the role of Rene Artois once again but in “Allo, Allo the full stage show” for Adhoc Theatre Company. The company would like to thank everyone who attended “Rock and Roll Again with Adhoc” which raised 400€. If you would like to join Adhoc, they still need backstage and front of house staff, please call 677 600 809, email or go to

The EU Court of Justice refuses Gibraltar’s appeal over local fishing The European Court of Justice has refused to admit the appeal made by Gibraltar against the capacity of Spain to preserve the environment around ‘the Rock’. The preservation of flora and Fauna was the argument Gibraltar used to try to impose the ban on local fishermen from La Línea and Algerias who fish with the traditional method of using nets. A spokesman for the court in Luxembourg said last week that this was a ‘final decision’ which could not be appealed. The press release issued by the Gibraltar Government published recently read: No. 526/2012 Rock of Gibraltar Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce, in accordance with the requirements of the Nature Protection Act 1991 and the EU Habitats Directive, the designation of the Rock of Gibraltar Site of Community Importance (SCI) as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). This has been effected through

the publication of Legal Notice 118/2012. The Rock of Gibraltar has long been recognised as an important biogeographical area due to its rich diversity in species and habitats. It is for these reasons that it was designated by the EU as a Site of Community Importance in 2006. In fulfilling our obligations on the management of the Rock of Gibraltar SAC the Government will be working with relevant bodies to ensure the long term sustainability of these areas, which must be developed and enhanced as one of Gibraltar’s most precious resources. The court also rejected the first appeal made by Gibraltar, and supported by Britain, in May 2011. This appeal was against the decision of the European Commission to inscribe the maritime zone called ‘Western Strait’ as a space protected by Spain. It included an area registered previously by the United Kingdom as a British Natural Habitat. Gibraltar has appealed to the

European Courts to annul the decision claiming that the zone in question includes ‘the British territorial waters of Gibraltar’ and a zone on the high sea. However the court ruled that it was not possible to partially annul the registry of the ‘Eastern Strait’ in just a part which affects the waters in dispute. The European Commission has said that they hope that Spain and the United Kingdom will collaborate on the matter. Brussels though has no intention of getting involved in any open conflict. The Spanish fishermen’s representative, Pedro Maza, has said ‘The situation will deteriorate after the Gibraltar Government has reiterated the fishing ban’. Spain meanwhile has made a formal complaint over what it says is a U-turn on the suspension of a fishing ban. And according reports in the Spanish press a ‘verbal note’ sent to London insisted that the waters were not ceded by the Treaty of Utrecht. Mireille Toddington

68 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

We SELL houses because we are realistic professionals with a 100% service concept for our Sellers and Buyers

Live your Spanish Dream Real Estate Avda del Pino 54 Pinar de Campoverde Tel: 965 060 779 or UK nr:02033849926

FREE OFFER for a free quality listing of your property. We are especially looking for beach side properties in Playa Flamenca,Mil Palmeras, Cabo Roig, La Zenia, RioMar, Torre de la Horadada and also Pinar de Campoverde

New office now open in Campoverde,call for details on our telephone offer. 1m Satellite Dish with HD Box only 229€ one off payment

Full Sky HD package only 20€ per month (dish and internet required)

High speed internet, phone & TV No land line required Option 1 2MB internet €15 Option 2 6MB internet €25

Option 3 10MB internet €29.99

Freephone calls available with our 5€ per month package. Installation charges apply. All prices inc. IVA.

P and N TV Services

Tel: 966 116 856 or 622 448 381 Email:

69 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

SCA to enter all-female team on next Volvo Ocean Race The Volvo Ocean Race, which starts in Alicante, will feature an all-female team for the first time since 2001-02 after global hygiene and forest company SCA announced they would enter a women’s crew for the next race. The team are the first to announce an entry for what will be the 12th edition of the race, starting from Alicante in the second half of 2014. The all-female challengers are the first team to confirm an order for the new 65-foot one-design boat, details of which were announced by the race in June. The new high-performance boat is being built by a consortium of boatyards in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Italy and will make it significantly cheaper for teams to mount a competitive campaign. The Volvo Ocean Race will ensure a minimum of eight boats are built, with the goal of getting between eight and 10 teams on the start line for the 12th edition of the race. The first of the boats will be finished in mid-2013. The new design puts less of a premium on physical strength, and means all-female teams should be competitive in the race, which is one of sailing’s Big Three events along with the America’s Cup and the Olympics. “I’m very pleased to see a

women’s team back in the race,” said Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad. “The lack of women in the last few editions of the race has meant we haven’t been representing half the population of the human race. “I’m also delighted to welcome back Sweden, which has a rich history in the Volvo Ocean Race. This is extremely good news.” Under race rules, all-female teams will be able to race with two extra crew members. Richard Brisius, who competed in two editions of sailing’s toughest challenge, will manage the team for Atlant Ocean Racing, who have two previous Volvo Ocean Race victories behind them with EF Language in 1998 and Ericsson Racing Team in 2009. “SCA’s investment in an all-female crew is unique,” said Brisius. “Competing for nine months in the world’s toughest offshore sailing race is a challenge that deserves respect. The new boat design enables an all-female crew, and our aim is to create a strong team that will have the best possible conditions to succeed”. Crew selection Details on the selection process for the new team will be released in the near future, Brisius added. SCA is a global hygiene and forest company that develops and produces personal care products, tissue, pu-

blication papers and solid-wood products. Sales are conducted in some 100 countries. SCA global brands include TENA and Tork. The company has approximately 37,000 employees and sales in 2011 amounted to SEK 106 billion (EUR 11.7 billion). More information at “The Volvo Ocean Race will increase awareness of the SCA brand and create stronger links to product brands such as TENA, Tork, Lotus, Tempo, Saba and Libero,” said Kersti Strandqvist, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications at SCA. “We also want to highlight how our products improve our consumers’ quality of life.” The last time an all-female team competed in the race was in 2001-02, when Lisa Charles skippered Amer Sports Too. The first all-female team to compete were Maiden, skippered by Tracy Edwards, back in 1989-90. The last woman sailor in the race was Adrienne Cahalan, who was navigator on Brasil 1 for a single leg in 2005-06. The most recent edition of the Volvo Ocean Race featured the closest battle in the 39-year history of the event. Groupama sailing team of France, skippered by Franck Cammas, emerged as the winners from a pack of four teams challenging for victory right up until the final few days of racing. Mireille Toddington




For those of you who have not yet heard the good news - FC Rentacar have expanded to open new offices in La Regia, Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja centre near Habaneras shopping centre. There is sure to be an office near you, as we have offices in Gran Alacant, Torrevieja Costa, Torrevieja centre, La Regia, Villamartin and Camposol, and of course our office in La Marina Urbanisation where we started in 1993 ! We also operate from Alicante & Murcia airports, and in the near future, the new airport based at Corvera. We believe that having local offices, in addition to our dedicated reservations team, and internet booking system, enables us to provide a very flexible and personal service. The level of our returning customers is testament to the quality of service that we provide to our clients. We are very excited to announce that not only do we offer car rental but we now offer van rental to our clients which is ideal for house moves within Spain. We intend to expand our fleet of vans so there is a size to suit all needs. Moreover we are constantly increasing our range of models to offer more choice to our clients. We have recently purchased diesel vehicles (Chevrolet Aveo 5 doors and Chevrolet Orlando 7 seater) and automatic models (Chevrolet Aveo), so there is a car to suit all needs in our fleet which ranges from small economy cars, automatic models to larger vehicles with 7 or 9 seats. For those of you wishing to purchase your own vehicle, we always have quality ex rental cars for sale with transfer of ownership included. FC continue to be very competitive on price, in addition to our already low prices, we are currently offering fantastic early booking discounts as well as

regular client discounts and new client discounts starting in October. So book early to get the best possible price. You won’t be disappointed! Avoid hidden costs at the airport, because the price we quote to you, is the price that you will pay on arrival. We do not use comparison web-sites, as we believe in providing an honest up-front price to our clients. The flexibility of the company also allows you to pick up and drop off your hire car at any of our locations with no charge for different location drop-off. The company boasts friendly, helpful and professional staff whose languages include Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch. Office opening hours are Monday-Friday 09:30-14:15 and 17:0019:30 and Saturdays 09:30-14:15.Our airport service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Booking a car with FC is easy, it can be done in person at one of the offices, by phone, fax or email to but the most popular way to reserve your car is through the website or to call our reservations team on 966 796 044.

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

71 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

JAG IS TOP DEALER Jaguar has come top in the 2012 JD Power Dealer Satisfaction Survey, published by What Car?. What Car? editor-in-chief Chas Hallett said: “The survey clearly shows that Jaguar dealers have the most friendly, helpful staff, and the best facilities and workmanship. Customer satisfaction is not just about the product, it’s about the whole package,

and Jaguar is delivering.” Second in the survey is Lexus, with Toyota third, Mercedes-Benz fourth and Honda fifth. The bottom of the table makes unhappy reading for Chevrolet and Fiat dealers, followed by Mazda, Vauxhall, Suzuki and Mini. “This survey shows that lots of dealers are doing a good job but some

still have a lot of work to do. Car buyers are spending a lot of money and should have the confidence that they will get the same standards of service as the best retail outlets on the high street. These opinions, from people who have lived with their cars and experienced these dealers for some time show that this is not always the case,” said Chas Hallett.

Ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11= 11= 13

Dealer network Jaguar Lexus Toyota Mercedes-Benz Honda Skoda Land Rover Nissan Volvo Audi Kia Peugeot Volkswagen

Score 86.1% 83.6% 82.4% 82.2% 81.9% 80.9% 80.0% 79.9% 79.5% 79.0% 78.9% 78.9% 78.7%

Rating uuuuu uuuu uuuu uuuu uuuu uuuu uuuu uuu uuu uuu uuu uuu uuu


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

COME AND VISIT US AT: LA ZENIA, ORIHUELA COSTA TEL : 966 730 116 MOBILE: 672 072 720 EMAIL: VIEW ALL OUR STOCK ON: 50+ Cars in stock - Mon-Fri 9.30 - 19.00h & Sat 9.30 - 14.00h

REDUCED HYUNDAI GETZ 1.1i GLS “2008” 6,995€

AUTO PEUGEOT 308 2.0 HDi AUTO SPORT “2008” 11,995€

FORD MONDEO 2.0 TDCi FUTURA X “2007” 7,500€


AUTO KIA CARENS 2.0 CRDi AUTO “2003” 4,995€


CITROEN C4 PICASSO 1.6HDi SX+ “2008“ 10,995€

KIA CARNIVAL 2.9 CRDi EX AUTO “2006” 9,500€



AS NEW HYUNDAI i10 1.1i CLASSIC 5000kms ONLY “2008” 6,995€

FORD FOCUS 1.6i TREND “2007” 6,995€

38,000 KMS

HI SPEC PEUGEOT 307 2.0i AUTO XT “2005” 5,995€


AUDI TT ROADSTER CABRIO 1.8T “2006“ 13,995€

FORD FOCUS 1.8TDCi TREND SPORT “2008” 9,500€



OPEL ASTRA 1.9 CDTi CABRIO COSMO 150 BHP “2007” 10,995€

RENAULT MEGANE 1.9 DCi CC CABRIO “2008” 11,995€

SKODA OCTAVIA COMBI 1.9 TDi AUTO “2007” 10,995€

RENAULT CLIO 1.5 DCi “2009” 7,995€


PEUGEOT 207 SW 1.6HDi COMFORT “2008” 8,995€

2 x CHEVROLET MATIZ 800 “2006” 3,500€

FORD FOCUS ESTATE 2.0 TDCi TREND+ “2009” 9,995€




SKODA FABIA COMBI 1.4TDi “2008” 8,995€

FORD MONDEO EST 2.0 TDCi AUTO “2008” 10,995€

FORD FUSION 1.4i TREND “2007” 6,500€

HYUNDAI MATRIX 1.5 CRDi GLX “2005” 5,500€

FORD FOCUS EST 1.6 TDCi TREND + “2008” 8,995€


AUTO NISSAN MICRA 1.2i VISIA “2010” 7,995€




CHEVROLET AVEO 1.4i LS “2009” 7,995€

REDUCED 3 COLOURS FORD FOCUS 1.6i “2008” 7,995€

3 COLOURS PEUGEOT 308 1.6i 16v COMFORT - EX-DEMO “2010” 10,995€

PEUGEOT 207 1.4i COMFORT EX DEMO “2009” 7,995€


CITROEN C4 2.0i COUPE VTS “2005” 5,995€


4x4 NISSAN X-TRAIL 2.0DCi XE “2009” 14,995€

7 SEATS OPEL ZAFIRA 1.9CDTi ENJOY “2008” 10,995€


CASH PRICE CITROEN C3 1.1i FURIO “2007” 5,995€

1 OWNER MAZDA “6” 2.0i NEW SHAPE ACTIVE “2008” 11,995€

CITROEN C1 1.0i 5 DOOR “2007” 5,300€

PEUGEOT 307 EST. 2.0 HDi “2003” 4,995€

KIA CERATO 1.6i GLX SEDAN “2005” 5,995€

NISSAN QASHQAI 2.0 DCi TEKNA “2009” 16,995€

1 OWNER PEUGEOT 206+ 1.1i 5 DOOR “2010” 7,500€



73 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Quality cars bought, sold & part exchanged


WE COME TO YOU ANYWHERE IN SPAIN OR UK 96 679 91 94 • 658 961 658

VW Golf Estate 2009 1.9 Diesel €12,995

Over 70 Cars in Stock! Choose either

BMW Mini One 2008 1.4 Petrol €11,995

Amazing August Offer Fiat Doblo 2006 1.3 JTD Diesel €6,995

FREE Car Insurance (with Linea Directa) or

2 years FREE Servicing

Kia Rio 2007 1.4LS Petrol €6,995

Offer starts Monday 13th August and ends Friday 31st August Skoda Octavia 2008 1.9 TDi Diesel €9,995

All vehicles are also fully serviced, valeted and transferred inc. all taxes paid.

Citroen Picasso 2005 2.0 HDi €6,295

Ford Mondeo Estate 2004 2.0 TDCi €5,995

Peugeot 207 Auto 2008 1.6 VTi €9,995

Peugeot 307 Estate 2005 1.6 HDi €7,495

Tel: 966 723 718

Honda Civic 2003 1.7 Diesel €4,995




CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

PREMIUM NEW LOOK AND FEEL TO THE LAND ROVER FREELANDER 2 breadth of capability both on and off road that only a Land Rover can provide.

Land Rover has given the Freelander 2 a premium overhaul, delivering even better comfort, convenience and driving enjoyment. New derivatives, colours, exterior design features, upgraded equipment levels and continued choice of refined and economical diesel engines, all contribute to make this SUV even better. Interior equipment levels soar to new heights in the Freelander 2 with a host of fresh and exciting features including three new colour ways as part of a ‘Dynamic’ derivative, brand new centre console, 7-inch colour touch-screen with enhanced audio systems from Meridian and optional satellite navigation. Passive start replaces key dock and there’s a new ‘intelligent’ electric parking brake which adjusts brake force according to the slope the vehicle is parked on. ‘Say What You See’ – a voice activation system with visual prompts, and rear view camera capability are also both new to the Freelander 2. Exterior design details have been revamped for an integrated and co-ordinated appearance, including more contemporary lights front and rear using the latest LED technology and a new signature graphic in the front running lights. The XS model gains all-new 17-inch alloy wheels and an enhanced bodystyling pack. All these great new features are underpinned by the fact that the Freelander scores 5 stars in the coveted Euro NCAP for occupant safety. As the most capable SUV in its class, the Freelander 2 offers the durability and sure-footed all-terrain

How the models line up Entry level to the range is the Freelander S with cloth seats as standard. The GS comes with full leather whilst the XS has been enhanced with distinguishing detail features such as a gloss black grille surround and the 380W Meridian sound system. The Dynamic version has a full bodystyling kit, and a gloss black finish to fender vents, grille bars and grille surround, complemented on the interior with three colourway choices of sport-themed electric leather seats. New and unique to the Dynamic in the UK are 19-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels with a painted finish. The HSE is enhanced with wood interior trim and features a wide range of standard equipment including: panoramic sunroof, memory function for the driver’s seat and door mirrors and the 825W Meridian surround sound audio system. Top of the range is the new HSE LUX which adds that extra special touch with Windsor leather seats, Grand Black Lacquer finisher, premium carpet mats and 19-inch Diamond Turned Wheels. Refined and economical diesels Freelander buyers can continue to choose from two outstanding and highly refined diesel engines, the 2.2-litre 150PS TD4 and 190PS SD4 with four-wheel drive. For extra economy, the 2.2-litre 150PS engine is also available in eD4 two-wheel drive form. Equipped with six-speed manual transmission and Stop/Start, the eD4 achieves an impressive 47.1mpg (6.0 L/100km) and CO2 emissions of 158g/km. The revised Freelander 2 will make its global debut at the Moscow International Motor Show tomorrow, Wednesday 29 August, 2012.

75 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012 and power. If you have a yacht or powerboat get qualified and certified. Contact Richard 00 34 638 056 224/

Cafeteria Bar in Algorfa Just off the Plaza, Traspaso for sale. Existing Business, fully legal, fully stocked.Telephone 966 781 307 or call in for more details. (444)

Experienced Chef required for an Award Winning Restaurant. Please ring 965 719 983 (T) Quiz Master available, fun quiz with treasure chest. Ring Peter on 966 791 044 (444)

Bar for sale Hondon De Las Nieves, 25 mins Alicante Airport. 2 level bar in pretty village square 18,000€ to include all fixtures and fittings. More info call 646 325 388/646 605 323 (445) Freehold Shop unit 194 sqm, with offices and toilets, prime Location in Benijofar 145,000€. 657 789 168 (448) This modern, light and airy café/ bar is located on a busy main road in a good location of Ciudad Quesada. It offers an open plan kitchen, catering for up to 12 covers inside and 20 covers outside on the terrace. Currently serving breakfasts, coffees, snacks, and sandwiches and specialising in fresh fruit juices, smoothy drinks and milk shakes. This business could easily extend its opening hours to include evening trade, and thus increase profit margins, the present owners only open day times. It is available on a leasehold basis and comes fully equipped and ready to move into. The monthly rent is only 623 euros. Price: 14.995 euros. Call 966 712 440. (444) Children’s Indoor Play Park + Bar + Restaurant for sale. This enormous Children’s indoor play park is located in a good central location. With many facilities including a 32m Astra Wave slide, 6m high tube slide, pool tables, air hockey, large play frame + toys, bouncy castle + blower, available to do 98 covers inside, 12 covers outside on the terrace; many more extras including a fully equipped bar and kitchen, games consoles, music system, under 5s play area, TVs, toilets and much much more. It is most known for a large number of kids parties, an excellent atmosphere and the brilliant things to do. It is available on a leasehold basis including all fixtures, fittings and equipment with a monthly rent of only 873 euros. Price 135.000. Call Vincent Real Estate: 966 712 440, or (444) American Diner For Sale. This Classic American Diner is located in a wonderful new commercial centre in a very popular area on the 1st Floor. This business has the possibility to do 135 covers inside and 25 tables outside on the terrace. It comes fully equipped, fully furnished, a fantastic bar and kitchen, with tables, chairs, coffee machine, tv’s, oven, hob, chest freezer and much much more. Ready to move into and start right away! It is available on a lease-hold basis with the monthly rent of 1050 euros. Call 966 712440 or visit (444)

Mobile Home at Bigastro, 2 bed, 2 bath, A/C, TV, shed with washing machine. Fenced plot, can move straight in rent paid till March 2013. 15,000€ o.n.o. Tel 966 182 415 (449)

FADING OR YELLOWING HEADLIGHTS? If the headlights on your car have faded or gone yellow. To prevent an ITV failure or to make them look like new. Call Jes on 638 890 459 (444)

Used MOTOBIKES BUY, SELL & REPAIR, TRANSFER ON SPANISH REG, ITV/MOT, 7 days. Call Marcel 644 166 347 Guardamar (451)

For sale due to retirement, bar and casa 240m2, 3 bed, 3 bath, kitchen – dining, living room, 2 terraces Tel: 679 555 616. All Paperwork in order, Los Montesinos () Business Opportunity, currently trading as Scooter and Motorbike Hire Company. Included in the sale: Premises, website with online booking and a number of bikes. All Licences and Insurances in place. Roberto 619 306 496. (444)

Fishing & Boat Trips, Fishing-Wreck, Reef, & Trolling. Fun Days Swim Snorkel Do-Nut. Sightseeing: Local Beaches, Tabarca Island etc. Individuals or private parties, free hot and cold drinks. Operating from Torrevieja, fully insured and licensed. Contact Kevin on 965 710 654, Mobile 636 159 885 or (449) BOATING LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Own-boat tuition on sail


CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Apprenticeship served carpenter/cabinet maker with over 30 years experience, can supply and fit made to measure wardrobes/cabinets/kitchens etc. Also DIY/gardening/decorating/ van removals. Payment on completion of work. For free estimate call Peter on 603 600 598/966 844 402 (444) LCD TVs audio, video, DVD repairs, electronic component supplies, TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

Gardener, more than 25 years experience on the Costa , English & Spanish spoken, private & community gardens, free quote on 699 682 630 or (446)

Angel Within, Angelic Reiki Teacher/Master, Angelic Reiki, Blue Ray Healing – heals on a deep emotional level. Contact Jacky on 629 560 226 (444) Experienced mobile hairdresser, good price, good service, city in guilds qualified call 663 173 385 ()

Romana Reformas En General. All reforms from small to large jobs. Established company. Includes Building & painting. No obligation quotations available. English speaking. Tel 627 191 431. (444)

Counselling Psychologist available for Consultations. 20 years experience in adult and child Psychology. Registered and Indemnified. Ring: 653 539 699 (444)

English plasterer, internal finishing, external rendering 15 yrs experience, fully legal, call Chris 671 444 246 email: c_pettit@hotmail (450)

Repairs to mixers, PA, karaoke players, microphones, leads, connectors, LCD TV, audio, video, DVD repairs, all electronic supplies, TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS S.L. fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T) CAR STEREO DECODING TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

77 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012 SKY TV fitted €399, Dish tuning €45, New LNB from €45, SKY+HD Box & sky card €399. Call 965 070 458 or 618 585 051()

RESPONSE, YALE and AEI ALARMS, from €125 DIY, fitted from €225, alarm repairs, servicing and upgrades. TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS S.L fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

Music tuition, piano, keyboard, electric organ, all ages welcome, experienced teacher, call Keith 965 325 214 (444)

Caroline Buck English/Spanish Translator, Torrevieja, Vega Baja, Alicante areas. Spanish Educated. Reasonable fees. More information call 622 116 069


Dog training and behavioural problems at home or classes any age or breed 669 040 487 (453)

ANIMAL ANGELS, Veterinary Approved, Pet Sitters & Purr-fect Cattery Los Montesinos Area Tel: 966 721 622/676 717 162 (453)

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012



Here are just two of the many puppies we have looking for a home. Oreo, male 3½-4½ months old. He is very playful and loveable. He is a quiet puppy. Torero, male, approx. 10 weeks old. Currently in a foster home.

THE MEWS CATTERY all feline guests will receive the highest standard of care during their stay GUARDAMAR area TEL 965 971 340

Fern, 8 weeks old and an absolute sweetheart, was abandoned in a crate with 2 litter sisters and covered in fleas. Now she is a happy and healthy little girl ready for a new start in life.

Lucylou, a 1 year old Border Terrier mix, is a lovely little girl with a big personality. She will always be a small dog and a perfect companion for someone who wants a little dog. Call: 616 210 850.


One year old small Alsation cross called Tom. Very friendly, house trained. Good with kids and other dogs. Free to a good home. Please phone 966 718 779 office hours only.

79 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Turn your unwanted furniture, electrical, household goods and bric-a-brac into cash. Anything! Anywhere! 618 165 877, 965 319 220 (444) I buy fridges, washing machines, furniture, electrical, tools, bikes, anything! Get cash call Chris 671 251 332 (452)

618364956 (444)

Bungalow, long stay rental. Portico Mediterraneo (Guardamar del Segura). 2 bedrooms, bath, living room, kitchen, solarium. Furnished. Community pool. Quite area. 900m to the beach and 4km to the town center. 400€/month + electricity and water. Phone 627 773 828/966 731 566 Rebeca (444)

ALBA EQ – 165000€ – Albatera – Typical 4 bed, 3 bath Spanish Finca. Plot of 2600m2 with pool, terrace, fruit trees and fantastic mountain views 618364956 (444) ALBA J&AW – 199000€ – Albatera - 2 bed, 2 bath beautiful apartment in town with garden and fantastic views. 2 floors each with terrace. 618364956 (444)

1+2+3 bed apartments, 2+3 bed townhouses and villas for long term lets in Jacarilla, Los Montesinos, San Miguel, Torremendo, Villamartin 3 bedroom quad in quiet cul de sac in Villamartin, 2 bathrooms, off road parking, garden and communal pool. For long term let 495€pm Unfurnished spacious 3 bed, 2 bath quad in Montebello, Algorfa for long term let 475€ pm 965 720 766/661 748 386

ALBA S – 249000€ - Albatera – Beautiful reformed 5 bed, 5 bath country property. Large pool with bar on 4000m2 plot. Lovely mountain views, must be seen 618364956 (444) ALBA S22 – 249000€ - Albatera - 5 bed, 3 bath reformed finca on 6000m2 plot with great views. Pool with bar area, guest apartment and lower plot with storage 618364956 (444)

Playa Flamenca – Perla Del Mar. Large semi detached villa, 3 bed, 2 bath, A/C, car port (2 cars), conservatory, gas boiler, roof solarium, communal pool. Long let 500€ + bills. Ring Astrid on 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (445)

ALBA YMD – 275000€ - Albatera 3 bed, 2 bath villa with amazing views and 2 bed apartment on 2000m2 plot. Large glazed terrace overlooks large pool 618364956 (444) Crev CJ2 – 299000€ - Crevillent - 4 bed, 2 bath, Hacienda-style property located in quiet cul-de-sac. Large terrace for shade and entertaining. 5 car garage and pool 618364956 (444)

Dolores 3 Bed 2 Bath Detached Villa. 9 x 4 pool, fully furnished. All contents negotiable. Mature garden. Must be seen 169,000€ (no agents). Tel 666 772 250 (445) PLAYA FLAMENCA, 2 Bed 1 Bath Lovely Ground floor apartment. Immaculate condition. Fully furnished. Large private garden & driveway for parking. Lovely Community with 2 large community pools. Perfect location & close to all amenities. 75,000 Euros. Tel: 693 986 335 or 693 986 370 (444)

Bicycles bought, sold and repaired. Part exchange welcome. Parts and accessories available. Ring Mike on 966 718 930/638 062 866 (445)

No need to drink and drive, village house for sale in very good condition, with tv, phone, 10 mb internet and upgraded electrical supply. Only 3 mins walk to main plaza, €70,000, for more info phone 965 480 570/628 093 490 (444)

HP/Compaq Laptop Windows XP, clean hard drive, good condition, new charger €100. Tel: 693 956 707 (444)

Choose from over 40 styles of UK manufactured made to measure doors from €595 fully fitted at Simply Doors Quesada 966 718 738. () Satellite Dish 1.9 with LMB, 130€ ono. Portable aircon unit 50€ ono. Portable aircon unit high powered as new (never used) cost new 800€, semi commercial 175€ ono. Trailer 160 x mtr, Spanish reg 200€ ono. Swimming pool cover roller 5m wide, adjustable 120€ ono. Tel 628 658 098 (444) Mobility Scooter. Less than 1 year old. Bargain at 250€. Tel: 966 712 025 (446)

I have all my properties full with exceptional tenants long term & need 2/3 bed bungalows, villas ect. Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Los Altos, La Florida & Los Balcones. ALSO CASH CLIENTS WAITING FOR REASONABLY PRICED HOUSES IN ABOVE LOCATIONS.Ring Astrid 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (445)

I am urgently looking for property in the La Zenia area for many cash buyers. Also rentals required. Ring Astrid 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (447)

BLUE LAGOON. Terraced bungalow with own separate garage, american kitchen, terrace, sunny and in a quiet location. 37,400 Euros. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (444)

Looking for long-term rental property. Detached villa or finca, private pool from 1st April 2013. Tel: 616 939 326 (444)

PLAYA FLAMENCA. Sunny corner house, 3 bed, 2 baths, terrace, solarium, air con, utility room, furn., off-road parking, com. pool, quiet location yet close to amenities and the sports centre. 99,999 Euros. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (444)

We are looking for good and sensibly priced properties for our German clients (many cash buyers). Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (444)

Room to let, share villa 65€ weekly/€220 monthly including bills, com pool, close to all amenities, short drive to beach 966 786 511 (444)

Bargain! 115,000 Hondon de las Nieves, 440sqm plot, mountain backdrop. South facing detached villa 2 bed, 1 bathroom with a mature low maintenance garden. No Community fees. Ideal for holiday home or permanent residence.Exterior and Interior decorated July 2012. Sold with white goods. Private area for Jacuzzi or plunge pool, ample room for full size pool to be installed. Car port, brick built BBQ area, terrace, solarium, solar water heater, water filter and softener, double glazed tilt & turn windows and patio doors, underfloor heating, air-con inverters and much more. Photos can be emailed. A must see for the price. Tel: 648 786 827 (444)

ALBA 028 – 224000€ - Albatera - 4 bed spacious country property with 2 bed apartment, outside kitchen and large veranda. Pool on 2100m2 plot with palms and fruit trees 618364956 (444) ALBA CHE – 214000€ - Albatera 4 bed, 2 bath country property, pool, 4500m2 plot with part converted guest room/annex. Roof terrace with fantastic views

Crev Mac – 185000€ – Crevillent – 6 bed, 2 bath with 2 bed 2 bath apartment on 8000m2 plot. Needs some renovation. 260m2 garage and panoramic views 618364956 (444) HON F BUR – 199000€ - Hondon de los Frailes - Urgent Sale – 3 bed, 2 bath on 3500m2 plot in amazing setting. Pool, garage & habitacion certificate 618364956 (444) Hon F DS – 220000€ – Hondon de los Frailes – 3 bed, 2 bath spacious villa with doubleglazed conservatory, 3750m2 plot, pool and mountain views 618364956 (444) HON F EPB – 249000€ - Hondon de los Frailes – 3 bed, 2 bath villa with pool and garage on 3000m2 plot. Lovely kitchen and large part-glazed terrace with lovely views 618364956 (444) HON F ING – 149000€ - Hondon de los Frailes – 3 bed, 2 bath country property on 4600m2 plot with large terrace. Mountain setting. Walk to town. Mortgage transfer sts 618364956 (444) HON F WFO – 179000€ - Hondon de los Frailes –– Urgent Sale – 3 bed, 2 bath quality villa with pool on 2850m2 plot. Outside kitchen all in fantastic setting. 618364956 (444) La Mu CJ2 – 65000€ – La Murada - 2 bed, 1 bath fully furnished apartment in market town. Solarium, balcony and communal pool, mountain views 618364956 (444)

80 THE TORREVIEJA COSTA LIONS CLUB meet on the second Thursday of every month at the Cabo Severa Hotel in La Mata, Torrevieja at 7.30pm. everyone welcome. Ask at reception for directions to our meeting room on the ground floor. Or contact me direct on 617 069 064 or mail me at (443)

Ann Summers Parties! Book your fun and free party today, Call Christine 634 346 978, (444)

SALON MARGARETHAS, 23 years in Torrevieja. Hair/Wig specialist for Medical Illness and Hair Loss problems. We offer different Hair Replacements, top fillers, Hair prostheses, Toupees and Wigs. Natural and Artificial hair and much more. Also, fashion/festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Please call our salon reception for an appointment with Margaretha on tel no. 966 921 846 Torrevieja. (448)

ROYAL AIR FORCES ASSOCIATION COSTA BLANCA BRANCH the next General Meeting Tuesday 21st August, will take place at the 'El Paraiso' Bar and Restaurant , located close to Carrefour in Torrevieja, commencing at 12.30pm. Although this meeting is primarily for current members, anyone with an interest in RAFA is welcome to come along. Contact the Branch Chairman, Terry Joy on 966 262 695 or the Secretary, Pat Distin on 966 786 635. BAOBABS CLUBS Baobabs is a social group for those with Southern and East African connections with branches for Costa Blanca South and North. Costa Blanca South meets at Cheers Bar/Restaurant near San Miguel de Salinas from 12 noon on the second Saturday each month. No fees or formalities. For details ring Brian 966 791 970 or Jean 966 784 735

GILBERT & SULLIVAN SOCIETY We are a friendly and very social group of singers and rehearse Fridays 5:30-8:00pm at Restaurant Oasis, Torreta III, Torrevieja. Interested in joining us then contact: Sue Woodward 966 784 108. Email: suzy (445) THE VELVETONES The ladies, who come from UK, Ireland, Sweden and New Zealand, meet every Wednesday, 10 am - 1 pm, at the restaurant El Paraiso, Jardin del Mar 1, near Carrefour in Torrevieja. The chorus has a repertoire of songs in English from barbershop to musicals and entertain audiences at concerts and sing-outs in aid of local charities. Haven’t sung for years? No matter, you’ll soon feel at home on the risers.’ Drop in for a cup of coffee and see us in action or get in touch with Judith Phillips, our musical director 634 363 556 or June Brady, our chairwoman 965 327 446.

GAY TORREVIEJA COMMUNITY Meet new friends and socialise. Email for info uk. (445) La Bamba’s - Ballroom/Latin/Sequence Dancing, Las Rosales Restaurant, Guardamar CV895 (near Lemon Tree Sunday Market) Monday - Sequence class 7.30pm - 8.30pm followed by Social Dance 8.30pm - 10.30pm, Friday - Social Dance 7.30pm - 10.30pm. Also, Starting 5th September 2012 - Wednesday - New Beginners Class 1pm - 2.30pm Intermediate Class 2.30pm - 4pm. Also at Casa Ventura, San Luis, Torrevieja, Starting 6th September 2012 - Thursday - New Beginners Class 7.30pm - 8.30pm. Intermediates 8.30pm 10pm For more information contact Andrea and Brian 616 478 157 (444)

FOR FULL LISTINGS PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE STRICTLY SOCIAL CLUB will be closed from Wednesday June 13th until September 12th 2012. (446) ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Confidential helpline 625 912 078. More information Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. Monday Mornings in Los Alcazares at 11am. Phone English 679 385 105. Spanish Speaking 658 242 930 German 966 789 686 Scandinavian 659 779 222 Flemish 635 047 053. AL-ANON FAMILY GROUP TORREVIEJA. For details phone 692 799 318. SOLITAIRE - Singles Friendship Group Arranging social events, meals, theatre trips - enjoying a new way of life and sharing it with new friends. We do bowling, crazy golf, BBQs, beach trips, local swimming pool. We meet every Friday at Franky´s Bar, Blue Lagoon, summer 7 - 9/Winter 6 - 8. Phone 618 784 564.(446) 50+ SOLOs On your own and would like to join others for a lunch and chat then join us at the following places - no fees and no subs, but we have supported H4Hs for 6 years. Saturday August 25th 1 for1.30 we meet at TERNASCO Bar San Luis contact Ruth 966 789 063 (444)

ORIHUELA COSTA NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH (VECINOS COLABORANDO) Contacts Chris Poole, Tel/Fax 96 676 1379, Graham Jones Tel 96 532 7838. com

ASSOCIACIÓN ALZHEIMER DE FAMILIARES Y AMIGOS TORREVIEJA (AFA) Day centre Prolongación Avda de la Estación 1 Torrevieja or La Siesta behind Age Concern office. Tel 966 702 500 or 647 119 991. Charity Shop at Calle Maestro Francisco Valejos, Torrevieja

CRIME WATCH ESPANA(Asociacion Vecinos Colaborando de la Costa Blanca) Association’s main contacts Torrevieja Tel. 966 786 266 and Catral 965 992 838. Our Email: Our Web:

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

AMIGOS DEL CICLISMO An international cycling group, gathers at Bar Studz on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 09:30 for a leisurely ride of about 80kms. If you’re interested in joining us call Roger on 966 716 442/653 433 933. () TORREVIEJA COMPUTER CLUB Meet the second and fourth Wednesday each month at the Rocajuna Bar, Punta Prima at 19.00 hours. Meetings on 12 & 26 Sept, 10 & 24 Oct, 14 & 28 Nov and 12 Dec. For further information visit: w w (447) ROJALES ARTS & CRAFTS MARKET Studio 17 weekly life drawing classes restart on Friday September 7th & week ‘Observational Art’ course for beginners, Mondays form October 1st 10am-1pm. At Martin the artist’s studio-numbers limited. Email: or phone 648 535 765. THE VEGA BAJA GARDEN CLUB starts its new 2012/13 season of monthly meetings on Monday 3rd September, at its normal venue: Los Rosales Restaurant at Campo de Guardamar on the Lemon Tree Road (CV 895) between Guardamar and Dona Pepa/Los Montesinos. Time: 1.45 pm for a prompt 2pm start. The main speaker will be Chris Hughes (aka Greengrass) and his topic will be “Lawn Basics - 6 reasons why lawns fail”. He will address the problems that so many people have with planting and maintaining a green lawn here in Spain. There will also be our normal raffle and general garden ‘Questions and Answers’ session. Bar facilities available, also meals before the meeting, if required. Anyone interested in the subject is welcome to attend. For further information, contact Val on 966 716 527.

Mario, Qualified Masseur in Alicante, Relaxing Massage for Men, based at 10 minutes from Airport, low rates, all days available, 10am till 10 pm, appointments 649 761 607 (451) Experience a Unique Massage VERONICA. Fully qualified (ITEC & others) FULL 1HR SERVICE, specialising in Thai and Swedish Techniques. By Appointment Only Call Today! 679 292 678 (445) ASHLEY 29, ENGLISH/MIXED RACE Absolutely stunning, near Torrevieja Hospital, 665 883 576 (444) Torrevieja Centro, young oriental girl gives complete massage, 24hrs in your house or mine. C/Patricio Zammit 36 No 1A Tel: 698 280 842 (456) The Swingers Club Costa Blanca, near Guardamar del Segura. or 966 725 373/650 706 725 (447) Torrevieja Russian beauty (35) sexy curvy body, big breasts. Relaxing and erotic massage. Also escort. C/La Loma 72, 634 142 747 (445) Black Lady, young, charming, sexy body, big breasted, slim. Massage, escort, all services. Tel 654 306 230 (445) Torrevieja Casa Angela discreet and private deluxe chalet offers you exotic girls from South America, call us, come and enjoy 24 hrs, easy to find, easy parking, free drink, also escort service 609 573 468/639 832 118 Address: Avd. Asociacion Victimas Del Terrorismo (457) Torrevieja Playa Los Locos beautiful girls are waiting to perform your fantasies from €40 discreet private apartment 682 776 068 (457)

ANIMAL AID Rescue and rehome animals on the Costa Blanca. Info: Linda tel: 965 725 794

GUARDAMAR Janine, 44, breasted, sexy curved body! Easy to find and easy parking. DAYTIME ONLY! 619 466 300/ (444)

P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING HANDS CHARITY FOR ANIMALS) Needs foster homes for abandoned dogs and volunteers for our telephone helpline. 650 304 746 or 962 833 325. For more information and to view our animals:

Playa Flamenca (near new Carrefour before La Florida) Original Spanish lady 35 very attractive offers complete service & erotic massages, private house, very discreet with parking has medical cert. 680 735 412 (444) Natasha, diverse, complete massage, super sexy. Tel: 677 676 554 San Policarpo 87, Apt 1 No. 17 ring bell 2008B. Near Calle Orihuela. (444)

ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY OF ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL, TORREVIEJA Serving the area from La Marina , south of Alicante, to La Manga, near Cartagena Chaplain Revd Christopher Scargill, 966 925 205 Secretary Mrs Joan Berry 968 193 117 Honorary assistant clergy Canon T Sampson 677 237 496 Revd. T Baxter 966181731 Chaplaincy Wardens Mrs C Hopkins 965 720 673 Mr Derek King 968 546 866 Church website PILAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH Calle Canalejas 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service at 11am, and Thursday at 5pm for Bible study and Prayer. Home groups meet during the week. contact or contact Reverend Eddie on 966 769 300 or 650 509 606. (445) SPIRITUAL AWARENESS SOCIETY OF QUESADA meet at Sociedad Compas, 14 Calle de Toledo, Quesada. Sunday, 11.30 a.m. and Tuesday 7.30 p.m. We are now closed for the summer until 9th September with Gail Ross. For more information contact Wendy on 965 323 028. Website is (445) MAGNETS CHILDREN’S HOLIDAY CLUB 2012 Holiday Club for children from four years and over at La Siesta Church, Calle Granados Beginning at 10.30am on Thursday 2nd August and continuing every Thursday until the end of August, contact Steve and Irene-Maria by phoning 966 702 980 or 680 257 344.

CABO ROIG,DENISSE, 28, BEAUTIFUL EUROPEAN FRIEND. NICE BODY, EXCELLENT ATTENTION FOR ALL YOUR FANTASIES PLENTY OF PLEASURE ... 672 872 050 (449) Tina, German playful, same place and other services. Make your fantacy come true. 663 708 438 (444) Edu massagista Español, for men. 626 747 774. San Policarpo 87, Apt 1 No. 17 ring bell 2008. (444) New Caribbean, young friend, black skin, very nice body, excellent attention, caring, sweet. La Zenia, (close to Consum Supermarket). 627 203 147 (446)

Lizzie, a lovely female dog is about 12 months old and is absolutely beautiful. She has a sweet nature and will make someone a lovely pet. She has had all her injections, has been spayed and walks well on the lead.

Don’t be a flop, try some get you up pills. Phone Steve or Tony 638 352 129 (452)

Blackjack, a very handsome, lively 11 month old boy who needs an owner who can lead him and give him the exercise he needs. He loves people. We have 44 animals in our care at the moment, call colin on 676 558 432 or take a look on

Beautiful Caring Lady (35), great body, enjoys giving + receiving pleasure. Discreet, private Flat. VillaMartin. Liddy Tel: 677 865 831 (457)

81 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

SIMPLY REMOVALS EXPERIENCED VAN DRIVER LOCAL/SPAIN UK. CALL MEL TORREVIEJA 603 192 957/966 848 607. (447) VAN & MAN FOR HIRE all areas covered no job too small, efficient & reliable, Inc collections from IKEA, Murcia. Contact Jason 679 551 286 (J) LWB Sprinter van going to UK & back every two weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/+44 751 918 6355 or email: (444)


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Chucky, a 4 month old German shepherd cross, is a handsome, lovely natured puppy and would make someone a very loyal companion. Chucky is used to cats and other dogs. Call: 664 891 382 or Linen Mills Express. Fortnightly service, large or small loads, 75â‚Ź per mtr. Tel. 620 582 063 ()


P & R Tiling The best quality and value in Torrevieja. 25 euros per sq m. INCLUDING tiles, adhesive and labour. See our work on Or call 622 154 380 for a free, no obligation quote. (AL)


Ronda, 2 years old, was found dumped on a roundabout and gets on well with other dogs due to her soft, kind and gentle nature. Apollo, 1½ years old, and has been with us for a while now. Every new friend he gets, very quickly finds a home but poor Apollo is left behind. He gets on well with other dogs.

83 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

WEAKNESSES ARE WITHIN THE LONG GAME any books and articles have been written about the importance of the short game, however I still find that most amateurs believe their weaknesses are within the long game (normally off the tee). To an extent, the golfer can be forgiven for thinking that a wayward or short tee shot could be the reason for a high score on a hole or the frequent struggling to save a score. I was lucky enough to enjoy a few rounds of golf over the past few weeks and I was amazed to see the variation and inconsistent shot choices from a round the green. During one round, played with a very promising young junior golfer from the golf school at Lo Romero, I took note of all shots played within 50 meters of the hole, for both myself and the junior. At the end of the round we totted up the scores and the results were as follows: My score: 74 broken down into 29 putts and a total of 39 shots from 50 meters and in. Junior score: 100 broken down into 40 putts and a total of 61 from 50 meters and in.


After the round we enjoyed a drink and a few tapas and I brought up in conversation what he thought about the round and how he had played. I received a very honest answer “My head wasn’t right……I got angry with myself because I couldn’t get the ball of the tee.” His answer as I say was honest but in my mind the reason for his high score and disappointment was down to the number of shots played from 50 meters. So if we take my score, I was 2 shots over par with 53 per cent of my shots being played inside of 50 meters. The junior was 10 shots over his handicap (HCP 18) with 61 per centof shots being played from 50 meters. So immediately had the junior taken the same number of putts as I had he would have played to his handicap. After talking about the stats, he realized that his result was more down to his poor putting and short game in general. “I am surprised I knew I had putted poorly, but I would never have put my score down to poor short game. I felt as though I had chipped and putted quite well.” So what is the moral to this story? To be honest, it is not just about the short game and the ability to get the

ball into the hole in as few shots as possible, it is about being honest with yourself. If you are honest with yourself and you can analyse your game without being “distracted” your weaknesses will be shown up. If you are honest, many of you have hit a poor drive and then played a great recovery shot and still made a par, but how many of you have played a great drive and a great second only

to 3 putt the green and walk of with a bogey? I would imagine the second description is probably more common than many would like to admit. Practicing the short game is easy, you can do it almost anywhere. But with the fantastic practice facilities in the area, get yourself down to the chipping green and learn how to play from a variation of lies and positions. Please do not get obsessed with learning how to chip with one club from all areas, this takes large amounts of time and dedication. The skill of playing every shot with one club is hard to learn, remember the professionals do not always use the same club, although they have the skill to be able to do so. Practice tip: Take a bag of balls down to the chipping green and your entire golf bag, something else I do not understand are golfers going to the range with a handful of clubs. Remember you have to be able to hit all the clubs in your bag…..if you can’t take them out!! Throw the balls down on the fringe and begin chipping. You should be aiming to land the ball on the first two meters of the green, allowing the ball

to release and roll out to your target. This said, you should then change the club to increase or decrease the amount the ball runs. The simple yet effective method of chipping opens more doors and makes decisions easier to take on the golf course. Look at this method more logically and it may be easier to accept. When you are on the fairway approaching the green you would use the club that is required for the distance you have remaining. So you wouldn’t hit a 9 iron from 180 meters, just because that is your favourite club. So why would you take that approach when playing from around the green? If you are struggling around the greens, give me a call today at Lo Romero Golf Academy. 902 18 09 18 or 628 19 16 90. I am also available on Take a look at or for more information about me or the lessons that are available at Lo Romero Golf Academy. “Where everybody, is somebody”.



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Games to be played between 5pm and 11pm at Villajoyosa Rugby Ground Next up, there is an opportunity to watch some world-class rugby, asthe international sevens tournament returns to Villajoyosa. There are six international teams taking part, providing thrilling entertainment as they battle it out over two days of rugby. Entrance to the ground will cost 10 Euros per day, or a ticket for both days costs just 15 Euros.

This year, the teams taking part in the tournament are: SPAIN, ENGLAND, FRANCE, PORTUGAL, MOROCCO and TUNISIA For anyone interested in finding out just how much hard work and effort is put into preparing for the sevens tournament, the English team will be training in OLIVA NOVA GOLF, from Monday 10 September until the tournament begins. For futher information contact 638 485 928.

Poulter, Colsaerts earn picks Saturday 1 September 7.00 p.m. Campo Futbol Garganes, Altea Preparations for the 2012/13 season start with a friendly against the "Madrid Swans" on Saturday 1st September at 7.00 p.m at the Campo Futbol Garganes, Altea. Entry is free for anyone who wants to come and

watch. We would like to thank the Altea council for their help and cooperation in providing a venue for this game. Friday 14 and Saturday 15 September II ALICANTE INTERNATIONAL SEVENS

No shocks as Olazabal adds Englishman and Belgian to line-up Nicolas Colsaerts (L) and Ian Poulter have been added to the 10 automatic qualifiers. Ian Poulter and Nicolas Colsaerts have, as expected, been selected as Jose Maria Olazabal's wildcard picks for the Ryder Cup. European team: Rory McIlroy Justin Rose Paul Lawrie Graeme McDowell Francesco Molinari Luke Donald Lee Westwood Sergio Garcia Peter Hanson Martin Kaymer Ian Poulter Nicolas Colsaerts USA Tiger Woods Bubba Watson Jason Dufner Keegan Bradley Webb Simpson Zach Johnson Matt Kuchar

Phil Mickelson + 4 wildcard picks The pair complete the 12-man line-up for the European team, who defend the trophy against the United States at Medinah, Chicago starting on September 28. For Englishman Poulter it will be a fourth Ryder Cup appearance after finishing as the highest points scorer for either side in the 2008 defeat at Valhalla, when he also made the team as one of Nick Faldo's wildcards. Colsaerts, who won the World Match Play Championship in May, could have sealed an automatic place with a top-two finish at Gleneagles at the weekend. A tie for 19th meant he ended up just outside automatic qualification in 12th, but his recent run of form made him difficult to overlook and he becomes the first Belgian to compete in the Ryder Cup, and only rookie on this year's team. The announcement means disappointment for Padraig Harrington who has been part of every Ryder Cup since his debut in 1999.

Thader continued their build up to the new season with a visit to near neighbours Algorfa Fifteen minutes into the game and Pazos, starting in goal for Thader, parried a shot but the ball fell to an Algorfa player who side footed the ball into the net to put the home side ahead. Aviles was having a great game in midfield for Thader and after twenty minutes he broke down the left before making a good pass to Quino who levelled the score with a well taken goal. Thader were having a good spell and could have increased their lead when Adrian made a run down the left flank before crossing to Quino whose shot brought an excellent save from the home keeper. Moments later the ´veteran´referee blew his whistle a little too hard and it flew out of his mouth. We couldn´t be sure in the dim light but some spectators said his teeth were still attached to the whistle! Twenty minutes into the second half, Algorfa restored their lead with an

excellent goal from their number 22. Thader brought Lloyd on at this point and he made an immediate impact with a good pass to that man Quino again, whose shot hit the upright and went out of play. Thader eventually equalised with a goal from one of the new players and the game finished all square. On Saturday we travelled to Santa Pola to play their ´B´team who, strangely, were wearing the green and white Elche strip. Regardless of who we were playing, the game became an interesting contest with both teams playing neat, attractive football but there was little goalmouth action, the best chances falling to Thader. The second half continued in much the same vein until near the end when Thader won the match with a good goal from one of our new boys, Ruben. The pre-season friendlies now over,

we can look forward to our first competitive match on Sunday 2nd September, in Rojales, when we entertain highly fancied Hercules´B´. 1130 kick off. For more information contact Peter on 693 768 593 or email

85 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

SWANSEA 3 V 0 WEST HAM SWANS ON TOP Swansea followed up their outstanding opening day away win at QPR with an emphatic home result against newly promoted West Ham. Goals from Rangel Graham and Michu, Swansea´s new signing, gave them the three points.

saw a lively first half with Arsenal having the majority of play and teams going in goalless at half-time. The second half saw the same pattern and with Arsenal having 12 corners and more possession they did not have the quality that Van Persie brought them last season. Two well drilled defences came out on top in this goalless draw.

SUNDERLAND V READING ALL WASHED OUT Match postponed – Waterlogged pitch. Premiership ground with a lawn and can´t keep it dry.

ASTON VILLA 1 V 3 EVERTON TOFFEES AT A CANTER Everton strode into a three goal lead by half time and although Villa, having had a man sent off, pulled one back by El Almodi the Toffees won comfortably with goals from Plenaar, Fellani and Jelavic.

SOUTHAMPTON 0 V 2 WIGAN AWAY DAY JOY First Premiership game at St Mary´s since 2005 and a second defeat for Southampton newly promoted from the Championship. Wigan carried on their good end of last season form with goals from Di Sante and Kone. MANCHESTER UNITED 3 V 2 FULHAM UNITED HOLD ON Following Man Utd´s defeat at Everton on Monday night they welcomed Fulham who took advantage of a sloppy start to score the opening goal by Duff after two mins. Van Persie equalises 11 mins into his home debut. Two further goals from Kagava and Rafael, with a late own goal from Vidic made a nervous end to the game. The talking point was Rooney not being in the starting eleven, coming on as sub and then being carried off on a stretcher. CHELSEA 2 V 0 NEWCASTLE TORRES BACK WITH A BANG Fernando Torres wins a penalty scored by Hazard then scores with a toe poke to earn Chelsea a home win, against a Newcastle side who this season are looking to break into the top four. Newcastle at times threatened but were missing some quality on the day. STOKE 0 V 0 ARSENAL BEAUTY V THE BEAST One of the anticipated fixtures of the season

Las Ramblas Golf Society

What a week. Playing golf in an oven is total madness but some of us still do it. On Monday we played a Best 2 from 4 with all scores counting on the Par 5s. The winners with a score of 89 pts were the team of Tom Hardie, Tony Brooks, Ron Phipps & Brian Townend. Wednesday's competition was a Singles Stableford in which scoring was very good. Three of our lower handicap golfers beat the par of 36 pts with round of the day coming from Tom Hardie who came in with an amazing 42 pts. A great round Tom. The other noteworthy incident was a 2 from Phil Herrington on the Par 4 9th hole. The results were: 1. Tom Hardie 42 pts, 2. Ken Robertson 39 pts, 3. Phil Herrington 38 pts, 4. John Collins 33 pts. 2s Club. Tom Hardie, Ken Robertson & Phil Herrington. On Friday there was a Two Ball Better Ball in which girl power ruled with Barbara Hitchings & Yvonne Phipps winning with a score of 44 pts. Runners up with 43 pts were Nick Campbell & Roy Hitchings.

NORWICH 1 V 1 QPR ALL SQUARE A draw was a fair result for both teams following their opening day results. Norwich took the lead with a goal from Jackson with QPR equalising with Zamara, after Cisse missed a penalty. TOTTENHAM 1 V 1 WBA LATE SPURS WOES An injury time goal from West Brom´s James Morrison gave them an unexpected point against a Spurs side who aim to chase a European spot. Spurs scored with a goal from Dafoe and missed chances to increase their lead, then were caught out with the last ditch equaliser. LIVERPOOOL 2 V 2 MANCHESTER CITY LIVERPOOL KOP IT A pulsating end to end North West derby saw chances for both sides. Liverpool scored their first Premiership goal of the season when Skrtel headed in a corner in the 34th minute in front of the Kop. The second half is as first and in the 63rd minute Reina misses a cross and Toure puts the ball into the back of the net, but lead lasts two mins when Suarez scores sublime free kick. Skrtel makes a blind back pass to Tevez who puts it into net at 79 mins, with the draw final result.

Happywanderers Golf Society Once again this years Charity Match against our old rivals Torrevieja Golf Society took place at Mar Menor GR to raise money for our Captains Charity The Irene Megias Foundation Against Meniningitis. Twelve teams consisting of a four ball Better Ball teed off on a very hot sunny morning hoping the golf would match the Happywanderers Golf Societysurroundings. Torrevieja were out to revenge there beating of last year, I’m sorry to say they pulled off a wonderful result coming in with a 7&half to 4 & half win on a course with very fast greens. After the golf everyone gathered for a Buffet & prize giving plus Raffle to raise money for our charity, with items donated by both societies. The Total amount raised was a marvellous sum of 735 euros. With two more event to come for Happywanderers we hope to reach our Captains target of 1.000 euros. Happywanderers would like to thank Torrevieja Golf Society for there generosity & support and look forward to meeting them next year on home ground.

Mourinho slams players after Real defeat An angry Jose Mourinho gave his Real Madrid players a rare public tongue lashing after they squandered the lead and slumped to a 2-1 defeat at city neighbours Getafe in La Liga. The shock reverse ended the Spanish champions' unbeaten run of 24 league matches, their longest in 15 years, and was the first time they had lost in La Liga after leading at half time in more than five years. Coming after last weekend's 1-1 draw at home to Valencia, it also left them five points behind Barcelona after two matches, a significant gap in a competition where the arch rivals often go toe to toe until the season finale. "Real was very bad, an unacceptable match," a grim-faced Mourinho told a news conference while refusing to single out any player in particular for criticism. "The only message I want you to take away tonight is that it was a deserved defeat for us," he told reporters. "This was a match in which the defeat was absolutely deserved. More than two matches Results For 25th August 2012. 08/25

Real Sociedad 2 - 1 Celta Vigo


Espanyol 1 - 2 Real Zaragoza


Real Betis1 - 2 Rayo Vallecano


Málaga 1 - 1 Mallorca


Osasuna 1 - 2 Barcelona


Granada CF 1 - 1 Sevilla




Valencia 3 - 3 Deportivo

2 - 1 Real Madrid

with just one point it was a horrible match." Getafe's equaliser just after halftime, when Juan Valera slipped marker Sergio Ramos and nodded past Iker Casillas from a free kick, would have particularly irked Mourinho given the amount of work the players have been doing on dead ball situations in training. They also conceded a header in similar circumstances when leading 1-0 against Valencia. "We have been doing more work than ever on dead ball situations and there is nothing more we can do," Mourinho said. "We cannot work any harder on organisation," added the Portuguese. "That goal and the one we conceded against Valencia were two ridiculous goals." The last time Real stayed winless after two La Liga matches was in the 2001-02 season. They finished third in La Liga and lost the Copa del Rey final to Deportivo La Coruna but won the Champions League final against Bayer Leverkusen.

Quesada Golf Society Last Wednesday the Society played at La Ramblas. It is a course that you either love or hate. It is a course not for the faint-hearted and presents a real challenge and demands accuracy. Stray off line and you are in real trouble, either in the trees or in a deep ravine. 28 players turned up to pit their wits against it and some loved it while others said they really wouldn’t like to play it again. The course was in excellent condition with the greens being a touch on the slow side. There were as usual a few incidents which occurred on the day. Alan Evans got his buggy stuck on a rock and it wouldn’t move. Playing partners John King and Dave Westerman came to the rescue and gave the buggy a nudge but it still wouldn’t move so Dave “Samson” Westerman gave it a shove with all his might and eureka managed to move it and get the show back on the road. Janet Candlin just loves long grass and she kept finding it. She also must have hit the longest 2nd shot of the day at over 200 metres as the ball hit a buggy path and rolled on and on well over 100 metres before coming to rest. The trees had a bad day and took some punishment as they kept being hit and were probably thinking – hope that Quesada lot don’t play here again for some time. Finally Darryll Wright returned to the car park after the days golf and noticed that the boot lid of a car was open with nobody there. After a second glance it registered. It was his car and he

had left his boot lid open 5 hours earlier. Thankfully nothing was missing so that proves that golfers are not really a bad lot. The competition was a 4 ball better ball competition and the results of the day were as follows:In 1st place – Dessie Rogers & Brian Airey with 38 pts, In 2nd place – Victor Dew & Ann Hobbs with 36 pts and in 3rd place Alan Briggs & Dave Bartram with 34 pts. The pairing with the lowest score were the 2 lads from Nottingham, John King & Dave Westerman. Coming from Robin Hood country you would have thought they were used to the forest and that perhaps is why their balls kept being drawn into the trees like a magnet. Nearest To The Pins: On Par3s: Hole 6 – Maurice Mills, Hole 10 – Alan Briggs , Hole 12 – Rod Day , Hole 14 – Alan Briggs. On Par 4 in 2 shots: Hole 5 – John Featherstone , Hole 8 – Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs just loved the course and had a very successful day and went home with quite a few bottles of wine to help celebrate with – well done Alan After the the game the players went back to QCC for a drink or two and a buffet kindly laid on mine hosts David and Anita and the presentations. The next game is at Alenda on Wednesday 5 September and the next members meeting is at the QCC on Tuesday 11 September at 10.30 am. A big thank you to David & Anita of Quesada Country Club and member Alan Briggs for their generous donations of 100 and 60 euros respectively to the societies charity fund for 2012. If you live in the Quesada area and fancy joining a very friendly and extremely well run Golf Society contact the Membership Secretary Les Pancott on 966716723.



AnglingWeekly MAGGOTS END RODS AND REELS Support For Emaus Club de Pesca Rods and Reels with support from Abbey Anglers have raised a total of 1,890 euros from its Charity Fishing match and other events which has been used to make cash advances to help with the payment of utility bills, and the provision of decorating materials, pillows, shower equipment and shoes for the children. In addition, members from both clubs have donated huge quantities of toiletries, clothes and toys. Many thanks to club members and outside supporters who have helped with this much needed support for Emaus. PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771.


With this week so far being the hottest week of the year, we began the first match of the Winter League at the Embalsa de Argos on the 21st August. The water is still receding very fast and is now roughly 20 metres down

the bank from the winter water line. I did not see any small fry in the margins which is unusual at this time of the year, but there are shoals of 3-4inch Bass patrolling the edge of the water eating whatever moves. The Barbel were also conspicuous by their absence with only a couple taken on the day, they did not respond to hemp and pellet up in the water. 1st Ian (The Wizard) Dalzell with 36.120kg on feeder and pellet 2nd Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson with 29.880kg on pole and paste 3rd Terry (Swing em) Screen with 26.420kg also on pole and paste All details are available on our website or from the Match Secretary Terry

Elite Golf Society at La Finca Another scorching day at la Finca will it ever rain again, we would welcome a little of the UK's weather if only for a few days respite from the high temperatures. Our competition format for today was an individual Stableford from the yellow tee plates and as well as the hot temperatures, we had a hot player on the course today. Mick Elliott swept the rest of the field away with a very good score of 40 points. In second place was Steve Ansell with 38 points and in third place was Barry Roehrig with 37 points. Fourth place was taken by Will Hammond who also scored 37 points, just losing out on third place after a countback over the last nine holes. Our nearest the pin winners were on the 3rd hole Paul Carrick, on the 6th Mick Elliott, on the 13th Nick Shaw and on the 16th John Stabler. Our two's competition was won

today with two players, Nick Shaw and Brian Bevan, sharing the pot for their two's on the 13th hole. We also played two matches today in our matchplay competitions, one singles and one doubles. In the singles match, Steve Ansell beat the current holder of the trophy Alex Duchart 3&1 and in the doubles match John Stabler and Dave Friedman beat Gavin Parke and Bert Swindles 5&3. Steve now moves on to play Brian Bevan in the semi finals and John and Dave move to the final to play Glynn Chappell and Lorrie Rochester. Our best dressed golfer today was Dave Mullett, hard luck Dave and you can't even enjoy the wine!! Finally we welcomed a new member to Elite today, David Gray. Welcome Dave I am sure you will enjoy your time with Elite.

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

Screen on 965328368, also anyone needing pole or rod repairs can contact me on the above number.

ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together has been reached ( which was to introduce anglers to each other ). Now that newcomers to Spain are few and far between, we have decided that monthly meetings are serving no useful purpose and the friendships that have been made over the past 4 years are now firmly established. We will continue to provide information through our email address if contacted but there will be no membership renewals in May. Thanks to all past members for their support. Email : TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

La Tercia Golf Society It was a very hot day at La Tercia and, as always in August, we didn`t have many members around but it was still a great days golf. Here are the results:NTP Hole 2/11 Ian Henderson. Hole 4/13 Jim Reeves no one managed to hit the long hole 7/16. Longest Drive hole 3/13 Preston Ives Big Prizes...3rd Place Hcp 21 Score 35 Jim Reeves 2nd Place Hcp 18 Score 38 Ian Henderson. 1st Place Hcp 28 (was) Score 44 Paul Loosely, well done Sir. Most Golf Played,well,that was our Capitano,Alan Venables. Anyone wishing to play or join our very friendly society then please call Mr Ian Henderson on 96 671 6616 Next event is at La Tercia on Weds 26th Sept.....Many Thanks to those that attended this month. Dave Johnston

This week ITV Orihuela RFC will be starting their pre-season training, starting on Tuesday 28 August after the summer break in preparation for the Murcia league, so fingers crossed there will be plenty of league games again this season for all of our supporters to watch like last year in this league. Looking forward to seeing all the new players at the training as well. The training on 28 August is going to be at 20.30 at the Polidepotivo Palmeral, then 29 August down at the beach in Guardamar on the beach at 19.00, at the far end away from the bars and restaurants, and finally for the week back in Orihuela at the Polideportivo Palmeral at 20.30 on Thursday 30 August. Centurion Rugby Summer School

as of this week is stopping training down on the beach at Guardamar on Monday and Wednesday, unless anybody wants to continue with it, as all of the pre-season is now starting. If anybody wants to continue just let me know on the number above. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish) So come along and join in the fun at a club with a great friendly atmosphere.

SMGS at LA FINCA La Finca at Algorfa was the venue for the hardy SMGS members willing to bake in the August heat in pursuit of their weekly fix! It’s certainly the toughest of the Quara courses although, unlike Las Ramblas, one of your fourteen clubs doesn’t need to be a chain-saw! In fact a few of the Las Ramblas trees uprooted from the fairways and transplanted at La Finca would provide some welcome shady spots. As is usual, the course was in great condition with the greens just a bit slower than normal. The slight breeze gave little relief from the blistering heat but did help provide good scoring conditions which two in our gold category found very advantageous. 1st & 2nd in the gold division were Ivan Hanak with 40 pts & John

Osborne with 38. David Marshall won the silver with 30 pts & Keith Stevenson was 2nd with 28. Andy “bandido” Whiteley took the visitor’s prize with a 39 and NTP’s went to Ivan Hanak who slotted in a birdie (2 for 4) on the tricky 6th, John Osborne and Les Wilton. With the huge 13% IVA increase shortly to go on green fees, good deals will be even harder to find…however our next 2 “value for money” meetings at Las Colinas and Villamartin are followed on 12th Sept with a really economical visit to Lo Romero. Give Barry a ring on 966 731 033 for full details or visit We’re a friendly bunch with handicaps ranging from 5 to 30 and visitors are made very welcome.

87 CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012


Hercules 1 Elche 2 Alicante derbys are always hard-fought affairs and usually attract a substantial crowd, but the combined effects of crisis and a muggy evening served to keep the numbers for this, only the second match of the season, down to some 12 to 14,000. Hercules kicked off and immediately appeared nervous in defence, but soon settled down and Diaego Rivas and the young Uruguayan Cabrera put in some good work. Escassi was obliged to upend Xumetra and was duly shown a yellow card. The speed of the latter player showed to great effect after 26 minutes when he ran clear of the home defence and shot home past the sprawling Falcon to put the visitors ahead. To this point Hercules had been reasonably effective in defence but the attacking capabilities of the home side were limited to a few sorties by Callejon. Merida, with a lovely pair of orange boots had shown no other attributes and Portillo didn’t even have nice footwear. Four minutes later, Elche were two up, when

Carles Gil hammered home from the edge of the area after another rapid break. The difference in speed between the two sides was all too apparent, and Hercules looked thoroughly groggy as half time approached. Hercules showed a little more life when the second half got under way and Callejon twice shot just wide but there was little to trouble the Elche keeper Manu Herrera. However the Alicante side were able to reduce the arrears when Escassi turned in a cross after a bit of a goal mouth scramble and this appeared to give them a little heart. Elche however were still superior, especially down the wings and it was always unlikely that Hercules could save the game though substitute Sardinero saw a good late effort saved by the Elche keeper and the visitors were obliged to resort to some good old time wasting as the match drew to its inevitable end. This result leaves Elche on top of the second division and Hercules in an unenviable position from which they are going to find it difficult to extract themselves unless they make some radical changes.

The Member’s Golf Society It was a blistering hot day that greeted the 20 members and guests at Campoamor Golf course, which must be admitted, was in excellent condition. Those that booked and didn’t show sure missed a good day’s golfing. We do have to thank our sponsors of the day and once again, the Chuckle Brothers (John Eyre and Colin Marsden) sponsored the 2nd and 3rd places in both the Gold and Silver Categories and Richard Wale kindly donated the wines for the nearest to the pin prizes and we say a very big thank you to all three of them. This is what you call supporting your society. The scoring on the day wasn’t what was anticipated and only one member actually broke par and that was Stuart Brown who scored an excellent 39 points to win the Gold Division and we hope he enjoys playing off of his new handicap. I am told that the Handicap Secretary’s face was one of pure delight when he hit the “enter” tab on his laptop and saw the new handicap for Stuart displayed. In 2nd place with 35 points was the smiling Janet Mason who kept Steve Higgins back in 3rd place with 33 points. The Silver was won by the old warhorse himself, Mick Kennedy with 33 points, 2 in front of Colin Marsden (one half of the Chuckle Brothers) with 31 points and with Chris Hamblett coming in 3rd with 29 points. The prize for the best Visitor went to Norway in the guise of R Nilsen with 26 points. Chuckle of the day was derived from our erstwhile Captain, Alan Rickers. 9th tee, first ball slices away into someone garden or pool, no point in looking for that one, it’s OOB, it’s gone to meet its maker. Second ball hit, not too bad. Captain Rickers drives to his ball, it’s gone, it’s just up and gone. The ‘Bermuda Triangle of Golf’ strikes again. The Match Secretary; after

searching for the ball with a few scratches to the head then looks at the Captain’s buggy and asks him to move it. Yes, you’ve guessed it, after minutes searching for it and there it was all the time, laughing away at him from under his buggy. Our next match is at VillaMartin on 29th August 2012, so please come along for a game with this friendly bunch and put your name down on the booking sheets via our website or by phoning the Match Secretary on 966719604. We, TMGS, will also be running a Monday series of matches in September, Manic Monday’s as they will be known, so once again, if you wish to play with a bunch of happy go lucky golfers, come along for a game. These games will mainly be at VillaMartin and La Finca with Las Ramblas occasionally thrown in to mess with people’s heads!

CoastRider - Edition 444 - August 28th 2012

The first place to look for local sport news, results and reports in the Torrevieja area

Torry's Ten men Triumph It would be unusual if FC Torrevieja did things the easy way. In fairness, this was never going to be an easy game. Acero are super mean at home and whacked Torry 3-1 at La Fornas in January, so it was pleasing that the scoreline was reversed here with a jubilant coachload of Salineros making a magical midnight run back to the shores of salt - but with the sweet taste of victory in every laughing mouth. There were full Torry debuts for Cuco Ros, Inarejos, Pedro Lopez, and Ernesto, with the later duo covering themselves in glory, whilst the other two managed 3 yellow cards between them and looked woefully short of fight and stamina for the task at hand. Cuco Ros misses the home game on Sunday as he will be serving a suspension for his two yellow cards dismissal in the first half, whilst Inarejos should be condemned to miss the sixteen man team sheet on this lack lustre display. Acero won three corners in sixty seconds after only two minutes play, but made no threat with any of them. Their number 7, Fran Gamel, made a fifty yard run in the 8th minute which no Torry player could stop, except by bringing him down. Bielsa got his shot on target but it was easily gathered in by Manolo. It was rather tame play from both sides for the first quarter of an hour, the only points of note being the Acero captain being subbed after sustaining a knee injury and Ernesto getting booked for taking a quick free

I suggested last week that we should consult with God as to the likely outcome of today’s senior football semi final between Cork and Donegal. Perhaps we should simply have consulted with Jim McGuinness? He may not be God but he surely knows his football and how to coach a team to perform to the very best of its abilty. The Donegal performance today in Croke Park before a crowd in excess of 55,000 was truly spectacular. Their defence was all encompassing and their forwards were always dangerous. It is interesting to note that nine of their team scored and that included backs, midfield and, of course, some of the forwards. I wondered on a previous occasion that a team which seemed to depend on their scorer in chief, Colm McFadden, was vulnerable but it seems that McGuinness has imbued all his players with the belief that each of them is capable of scoring. It was Michael Murphy, their full forward and captain, who scored the first point after being fouled by Eoin Cadogan and Paul Kerrigan replied in the 7th. minute for Cork. That was the pattern for the first half; the sides were level seven times before half time and Donegal were ahead by a point going in at half time – eight points to seven. Karl Lacey, Ray Kavanagh, Mark McHugh, David Walsh, Colm McFadden raised the

kick when the referee wanted him to wait! However, on 16 minutes Ernesto did take a free kick to the referee's pleasure and it should have been blasted home by Rafa. He missed it and it was then hooked home by Burguillos who showed remarkable dexterity in doing so. There were chances to both sides thereafter but Burguillos was working like a trojan in midfield whilst Ernesto was a cut above his opponents and tormenting them with his control and passing. A very poor defensive pass put Cuco Ros under pressure on 27 minutes and he lost the ball in a dangerous area and earned his first caution, fouling his opponent. After the crowd had bayed for a second yellow for Ernesto, they influenced the referee on 34 minutes when both players raised their foot to win the ball, but Cuco Ros (who actually won the ball) was again carded and thus dismissed for a second cautionable offence. It was a laughable decision and one that was clearly "made" by the home crowd. Manu Amores should have given Ernesto a better pass on 36 minutes which could easily have made it two for Torry but the referee once more demonstrated his lack of awareness and control, allowing a considerable degree of pushing and hargy bargy to go on as Acero players busied themselves to take a free kick just 20 yards from the Torry goal. It came to nought and Torry led 1-0 at the interval, but knowing that it would

take serious determination to retain the lead, being a man down and subject to the manipulation of the referee by a vocal and partisan crowd of around 400 spectators. It was one way traffic at the start of the second period as Torry allowed only Ernesto a forward role, with all hands to the defensive pumps as Acero gushed forward time and time again. But on 53 minutes a piece of Ernesto virtuoso could only be pushed wide for a corner and from his place kick Sergio in the home goal flapped at it, presenting it on a plate for Inarejos just one foot from goal at the back post. Ten men Torry were now two up, but with a long way to go. Indeed, four minutes later Acero reduced the deficit when after winning a cheap free kick, punted in into the box and Oliva nodded home unchallenged. It looked fair set for the home side to press home their numerical supremacy and punish Torry for ill discipline. But it was the Salineros who next wasted a gilt edge chance of increasing their lead on 67 minutes. Dani had replaced Abel three minutes earlier and he made a dashing run forward and was played through by Inarejos. Deep in the Acero box, Dani cut inside and was having the shirt tugged off his back! No penalty award and Dani released the ball square to an unmarked Manu Amores and with the goal at his mercy, blasted it two yards wide. It went from bad to worse as captain Jorge was booked for

kicking the ball away after the whistle had gone for a foul he committed. The new Torry leader was then most fortunate five minutes later when he lashed into an opponent from behind just outside the penalty area. How this was not a further caution and then another dismissal, I do not know - the crowd were certainly encouraging such an action - and justifiably so! Luis Carlos replaced Manu Amores with fifteen left on the clock, then the farcical substitution of Inarejos with Josemi on 83. Knowing he was being replaced, Inarejos moved as far away from the centre line substitution place as was possible, clearly ignoring all instructions to leave the field of play. It was transparent he was wasting time and the official quite rightly sent him on his way with a yellow card. Stupidity beyond comprehension and indicative of the lazy, feckless effort he made all evening. On 88 minutes Luis Carlos broke fast and slipped the ball into the path of Ernesto, but he went a little wide and his shot, though on target, was saved by Sergio. One minute later and man of the match Burguillos high tailed it into the Acero box, turned inside and tried to curl the ball into the far corner of the net. Clearly Ramiro has passed this skill his way before scooting off to Ibiza. It clipped a defender and fell to the ever alert Luis Carlos who rammed it home to ensure all three points were going back to Torrevieja. In the last minute Fran Gamez was shown a straight red for a

kick at Burguillos, before Manolo accepted the final caution in the 93rd minute for time wasting taking a goal kick. It was a hard earned victory against a usually tough team, with outstanding performances from Vicente Boix, Burguillos and Ernesto. On the reverse side Cuco Ros is not suggesting he is up to making his mark at this standard and on this display, Inarejos needs to knuckle down and start putting in a full shift! Luis Carlos was lively when he entered the fray and both Pedro Lopez and Dani will prove excellent acquisitions based on their debut performances. Next up it is home to Crevillente on Sunday 2 September with a 6pm kick off. Gasch will be hoping he is fit to play against his former club and we will welcome back Carrasco, this time in an opposition shirt. The TKO roadshow will be there helping to create a party atmosphere, so do try to make it along. Entrance is 10 Euros but free to all under 16s. Better still, rather than pay 210 Euros for 21 home games, buy a season ticket at 90 Euros - now that's a bargain! Team: Manolo, Vicente Boix, Jorge (c), Pedro, Rafa, Abel (64 Dani), Burguillos, Manu Amores (75 Luis Carlos), Cuco Ros, Ernesto, Inarejos (83 Josemi) Cautions: Ernesto, Cuco Ros (2), Manu Amores, Jorge, Inarejos, Manolo.

white flag for Donegal while Daniel Goulding, Paddy Kelly, Ciaran Sheehan and Colm O’Neill joined Paul Kerrigan on the scoring sheet for Cork. But is was in the second half that Donegal began to show their true mettle. They harried and blocked and fought for every ball and their pace was relentless. An indication of their refusal to stay still was when their corner back, Kevin McGlynn, came up the field and scored a great point in the 40th. minute. Cork did put up a good fight throughout the match but the pace did show and their focus was lost as Donegal began to pull away with some excellent scores. Cork were unlucky when their star on the day, Colm O’Neill, hit the crossbar with a shot that should have found the back of the net. If he had scored this goal in the 46th. minute, one wonders if Cork would have got renewed vigour but, without doubt, Donegal was the better team on the day. Anthony Thompson could have got a goal for Donegal during the same spell of play but his team mates seemed to be content to pick off their points with skill and were 16 points to

Cork’s 11 at the end of normal time. The referee allowed three minutes of extra time and Donegal relaxed. Colm O’Neill’s fine goal in the second minute of extra time put a much better gloss on the fulltime score of 16 to 1-11 but, in truth, Donegal were a better team by at least 6 or 7 points on the day.

belief that is refreshing to behold. One commentator spoke today of ‘the power of the collective’ and that, in essence, seems to be the secret of their success – each man plays as an extension of each other member of the team. They are a unit and the precision of their play is crafted on the belief that each man is an integral part of the team. Cork, strangely enough, seemed to adopt some of the Donegal defensive tactics, and quite successfully, but they just did not have the pace for such a demanding encounter. But, one kick of the ball could have produced a different result and Dublin or Mayo could have been facing a different opponent on September 23rd.. But justice was served on the day and Donegal go on to contest their first All Ireland in 20 years and their second in their history. If I liked to bet, but, then, Cavan men are supposed to be cautious about their money, I would be backing Donegal for the trophy this year. I know that Dublin and Mayo will have other ideas but I suspect that Jim McGuinness will keep his lads’ feet very firmly on the

ground for the next four weeks. But, then again, surely only God knows! The miner winners, Meath, did a Lazarus type trick over their opponents, Mayo and will face Dublin or Kerry in the final on September 23rd. It was a poor match, marred by some very suspect refereeing decisions as well as some awful attempts at scores but it did whet the appetite for the senior game – and that was well worth waiting for! Next Sunday will see the Leinster champions take on the men from the west. Dublin and Mayo have both displayed the best and the worst of football this season so far but one would expect both teams to rise to the occasion in an effort to book their place in the final. The loss of Andy Moran will be a huge blow for James Horan’s men but one senses a determination in this Mayo team that has not always been there in past seasons. Dublin will be determined to hold on to the Sam Maguire for a second year but their form has been questionable so far. Let us hope that whoever goes on to face Donegal in the final, the match next Sunday will produce the same level of excitement and sporting behaviour which was the hallmark of the match today. And, maybe by then, the sun will be shining every day and the rain will have stopped!

Cork were red hot favourites going into this match. Donegal were contesting a semi final for the second year in a row but had been the butt of huge criticism last year and earlier this year for their style of play. They were seen as too defensive and very cynical in their approach. They are defensive, effectively and decisively so, but they play with a passion and a self

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