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Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - Edition 437


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ARSON ATTACK SEES BUSINESSGOUPINFLAMES T HE BRITISH OWNERS of a family run business are offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible after arsonists tried to destroy their business. Autocares Manchabus, a fully legal and licensed passenger transport company, was targeted in the early hours of Wednesday morning when three of their minibuses were deliberately torched. Husband and wife team Kevin and Susan Rutterford spent three years working towards getting their business off the ground and became a fully registered private hire bus company two years ago. During those five years they have worked tirelessly to make the business work

and currently employ five drivers. The couple were woken by screams from their neighbours at 3.20am to find two of the businesses buses burning to the ground near their house in Villamartin. In a mirror image attack, another of the company’s vehicles was set alight at 4.00am

outside the driver’s house in Los Altos. Autocares Manchabus under its trading name of HTS works predominantly on behalf of internet transfer companies transporting large groups to and from airports and golf courses. It also provides a car rental service and has become a well-known

and well respected business. It had a growing customer base, established through word of mouth recommendations and a reputation for reliability and affordable prices. Kevin said: “We are devastated; three buses being set on fire and at two different locations is not a coincidence. Someone deliberately wanted to ruin our business, but we have no idea who or why. However, we are determined that they will not win, we will not be intimidated or run out of business. We have a responsibility to our employees and their families, as well as our customers and we will fight to keep everything we have worked so hard for.” The couple wish to pass on their thanks to their neighbours for all their

help and support during this upsetting time, and to friends and customers who have also forwarded kind messages. Kevin is now working with the police to try and identify the arsonists. If anyone saw anything they think might be of interest in either the Villamartin or Los Altos areas in the early hours – 3.00am to 4.00am – of Wednesday, 4th July, please contact Kevin on 660 430 597. Mireille Toddington

2 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

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Good news on the unemployment front Spanish unemployment numbers fell by almost 100,000 in June making it the best June figure for 16 years. It is also the third month in a row where the figures have shown a drop.


RADITIONALLY JUNE is a good month for employment due to the start of the holiday season and this year is no exception. A total of 52,654 people found work solely due to the start of the holiday season. These figures were even better than June last year with 30,000 more people being taken off the unemployment register in June 2012 as opposed to June 2011. The total drop in unemployed of 98,853 brings the total unemployed at the end of June down to 4,615,269 according to information released by the Ministry of employment early last week. The number of people affiliated to the social security system and hence paying social contributions also improved last month by 31,332 employees that is a small rise of 0.18% from the previous month of May. This takes the total number of contributors to over 17 million for the first time this year at a total of 17,027,843. However despite the good news for June

and the fact that it was the third month in a row showing a decline, the rate of decline is slowing and if the figures for June this year are compared to June last year the number of unemployed is still up 12 per cent, just short of half a million extra unemployed over the same month last year, a reflection of the Spanish economy being in recession. Unemployment for all groups of workers fell with the exception of agriculture which arose by 1,182 a rise of 0.74 per cent. Unemployment levels fell in June for both men and women although the fall in the number of unemployed men was slightly greater than that for women; numbers of both men and women unemployed though are broadly equal. The secretary of state for employment Engracia Hidalgo welcomed the figures but said they would need to watch carefully to see if the trend was maintained over the next few months. As regards the number of unemployed in the Valencian community there was a fall during the month of June of 9,104 a percentage decrease of 1.59 compared to the previous month of May. This was slightly lower than the percentage decline for the country as a whole which was 2.1 per cent. In total there are 564,130 registered unemployed people in the Valencia region. Of these 281,893 are men, 282,237 are women and 52,165 of the total are under the age of 25 years. Paul Mutter

News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Bite Size NEW MEDICINES RULES Changes to Spanish healthcare system means British News pensioners contribute to prescription charges New park opened in Los Balcones The Mayor of Torrevieja Eduardo Dolón accompanied by the delegate for Parks and Gardens Carmen Gomez, the provincial deputy for tourism Joaquin Albaladejo and the councillor for the environment Francisco Moreno opened the brand-new ‘Ilo-Ilo’ park situated in calle Salinas on the urbanisation of Los Balcones. The new park covers an area of 28,000 m2 and has 700 m of pathways. The project to create the park has cost almost €300,000. The Mayor explained that many special techniques have been used of‘xeriscaping’which are designed to help save water and create a park area of low water usage. The planting has been carefully chosen to include indigenous plants such as esparto, aromatics and palms of recognise origin. It has been designed to be practically maintenance free. There are also two play and recreation areas one for children and the other with ‘biosaludable’ equipment to help people keep fit and flexible. The Mayor welcomed the work that has been done to regenerate this area for the benefit of residents and visitors alike which can now be enjoyed by all the family.

Grant for Alimentos Solidarios The Town Hall in Torrevieja agreed last week to provide almost €33,000 to Alimentos Solidarios in order that they can continue with their programme of providing daily meals for those residents in the city who are struggling in the current serious economic crisis. Alimentos Solidarios consists of 50 volunteers who cook and serve meals on a daily basis. People who use this service have to show they are residents in the town and pay a very small amount towards the cost of the meal except in exceptional economic and financial circumstances. The Mayor of Torrevieja Eduardo Dolón announcing the grant said that Alimentos Solidarios was helping to improve the nutrition and hence the health of those struggling on low incomes during these difficult financial times. Seahorse summer school announced for disabled children The councillor for social welfare in Torrevieja Tomás Ballester announced that once again the Town Hall would be organising a summer school for disabled children called ‘Caballito de Mar’ or ‘Seahorse’. This is the fourth year running that the council has organised this event designed for children between the ages of 4 and 15. The summer school will operate from July 17th to the 3rd August between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm, Monday to Friday at the Habaneras school. The object of the summer school is to provide children with a range of different activities to help develop communication, creativity, and physical dexterity through sports and dance. There are Continued on page 4

British pensioners living in Spain are now required to pay towards the cost of their prescriptions under changes to the public healthcare system introduced by the Spanish government. One of the changes means that all state pensioners who are registered for healthcare in Spain as residents must now pay a percentage towards the cost of their medicines. The contribution for state pensioners has been set at 10% of the cost, with a cap of as low as eight euros per month depending on personal income. How much a pensioner must pay depends on personal circumstances. If you need more information you can contact your local health service provider directly, who should be able to give you detailed information on the prescription charges. This system of ‘co-payment’ - paying a percentage of the total cost of medicines - is common among European countries and has been applied to those classed as ‘active’ in Spain i.e. those normally considered to be of working-age, for some time. Under European Union regulations, the UK pays Spain an average annual cost to provide healthcare for its pensioners. This entitles UK pensioners who are resident in Spain and registered with an S1/E121 form to the same access to state healthcare as would be provided to a Spanish pensioner. As a result, any healthcare changes that are applicable to

Annual income Less than €18,000

Spanish state pensioners are equally applicable to all UK state pensioners, as well as those from other EU/EEA countries. These include any costs that someone may be charged, including those for prescriptions. The system for co-payment is being managed by each individual autonomous community, so the process may differ slightly between regions. For those in the Valencia autonomous community, a freephone helpline has been set up which has English speakers available. The telephone number is 900 101 081. You can find out more information and check for future updates on changes on public healthcare provision on the UKinSpain website at healthcare-updates . • The contribution a pensioner pays towards their prescription depends on annual income and individual circumstances. The table below is a guide only and provides a basic overview of what residents are expected to contribute. • The government has not yet released details of how income will be assessed or how payments will be capped, and consequently the British Embassy and British Consulates have no further information on this issue.

Social situation % of contribution Working Age 40% State Pensioner 10% 50% Between €18,000 & €100,000 Working Age State Pensioner 10% Working Age 60% Over €100,000 State Pensioner 60%

Capped at: No capping €8/month No capping €18/month No capping €60/month

Pensioners who need further clarification should contact their local health service provider. More detailed information can also be found on the Ministry for Healthcare, Social Services and Equality website at



N IBERIAN FLIGHT from El Altet to Madrid due to take off shortly after 1.30 pm last Wednesday afternoon was forced to taxi to a special secure area near the top of the runway following an alert that there may have been a bomb on board. The pilot of the aircraft had contacted the control tower at the airport and a special security protocol had been set in motion. Guardia Civil officers and airport workers rushed to the area where the plane was parked and a total of 134 passengers and six crew were evacuated from the aircraft into two buses which took them to the terminal building. The alert had begun when one of the passengers, a 52-yearold from Tenerife, had asked to see the captain. He said he had received a phone call in which he had been warned his


suitcase had been tampered with and could possibly obtain something dangerous like a bomb. After the plane had been evacuated Guardia Civil officers together with special explosive sniffing dog teams went through the aircraft and all the luggage. The luggage of the man who had raised the alarm was specially xrayed but nothing suspicious was found and the plane eventually took off for Madrid at 4.45 pm although several of the passengers declined to fly. During the alert the rest of the airport was functioning normally. The man who had caused the alert was arrested by Guardia civil and appeared in court in Elche the following day. The court decided the man did not pose a real threat and released him with the requirement that he reported on a regular basis. Paul Mutter

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News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012



OLLOWING MEETINGS of the pharmacists’ colleges in the three separate provinces making up the Valencian community, pharmacists in the region have decided to call off the indefinite strike they had planned to commence this week. The strike call was agreed to earlier last week following the failure of the Valencian government to meet the pharmacists’ requirements to pay outstanding monies owed to them. The last payment made was for invoices in January this year. Pharmacists throughout Valencia are owed something in the region of €480 million which on average amounts to about €200,000 per pharmacy. Despite promises from the Valencian government that they were doing everything to rectify the situation no money has been forthcoming to pay at least February and March’s bills. The Valencian government had been able to settle last year’s bills due to help from central government in line with the national government policy of helping regions and municipalities pay their suppliers up to the end of December 2011. However at the moment there is no such plan to cover debts incurred for this year. In the middle of the week the Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato intervened with the proposal that the pharmacists would be included in a plan organised by the national government to pay suppliers. The Minister said that it would take around two weeks to organise the arrangements to do this and so each of the three provinces in separate meetings voted to decide whether they

would go ahead with the strike or whether they would postpone it in order to give the government time to make good their words. Notices had gone up throughout the provinces at pharmacists informing their customers of the intended strike and the reasons for it. The vice president of the Valencia region José Ciscar said that in the event of a strike 468 pharmacies in the region would provide a minimum service. In addition he said they would implement a special phone service whereby anyone unable to obtain their medicines could call and they would be supplied within 24 hours. The pharmacists had also threatened to stop buying new supplies of drugs from their suppliers, thus suggesting that within a week supplies of some drugs would have run out. At the separate meetings of pharmacists colleges held in the three provinces voting was in favour of postponing strike action for two weeks only. If after that period there was no progress from the government in settling their bills the strike would go ahead without requiring any further meetings of the pharmacists. A recently formed separate group of pharmacists called La Asociación Profesional de Farmacéuticos ' Farmacias Unidas' called for the resignation of the Valencian Health Minister Luis Rosado for his lack of credibility. This association was still reserving the right to go on strike despite the decision of the three colleges, and was due to make a final decision early this week. Paul Mutter

Majority of Spaniards in prison abroad are arrested for drug related crimes Eighty-three percent of the Spaniards being held in prisons outside Spain are there because of drug trafficking and drug related crimes. The Ministries of Health, Social Services and Equality, Justice and Foreign Affairs, have launched a campaign to warn Spaniards travelling abroad of the risks of consuming or trafficking in drugs.

Posters are being put up in train stations and airports across the country saying ‘Don’t buy, don’t consume or traffic drugs when abroad’. About a third of the Spaniards are in European jails but there are also prisoners in Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Morocco. Mireille Toddington

FINES FOR DUMPING GARDEN WASTE Residents, communities and urban-isations across the municipality of Orihuela are being advised to stick to the rules on disposing of bulk garden waste and pruning, or risk the consequences of a hefty fine. The directive in question is available on the city website: and come under the heading of “garbage collection”. The directive, enforced since 2008, declares that the owners and managers of landscaped areas are required to collect and dispose of their own landscaping waste if it exceeds the equivalent of 1,000 litres. Where the waste is less than that volume, municipal services will make the collection. The waste cannot be deposited on public roads. If it has to be left for collection it should be placed in approved containers such as garden refuse sacks to prevent it being scattered across roads and pavements and creating an eyesore.

Councillor Pablo Vidal said: “The cooperation of citizens to avoid large accumulations of pruning is essential. Fines can be issued if necessary.” The website also provides a location map of the mobile eco-parks and pruning containers these are city disposal and collection points for prunings and garden material. The one at Lomas de Cabo Roig is accessible 24 hours of the day, seven days a week. Failure to adhere to the municipal laws relating to the collection and disposal of garden waste can result in fines of up to 3,000 euros. The Department of Urban Cleanliness wants to share its comprehensive provision of this service with the citizens of Orihuela Costa to reduce to amount of prunings that are dumped at the side of the road or next to domestic rubbish bins and are asking for the maximum co-operation from residents. Mireille Toddington

Legality of gay weddings to be decided after seven years


EVEN YEARS after the conservative Popular Party (PP) appealed the same-sex marriage law introduced in 2005 by the Socialist government; the Constitutional Court is set to decide whether this controversial piece of legislation is upheld or repealed. All 11 justices will convene to rule on the fate of a law that has so far allowed 20,000 same-sex weddings to take place and made Spain a pioneering country for gay rights. The court currently has a clear progressive majority, which suggests that the appeal will not prosper. However, four new justices are due to be elected in the coming days in a replacement process that is already almost two years behind schedule. Even so, the new composition (six progressives and five conservatives) would not be much different from what it is now – seven progressive justices and four conservatives. Whatever the decision, it will presumably once and for all resolve an issue that has been causing confrontation between the Socialists and the Popular Party for seven years now. The debate over homosexual marriage has been present in just about every single election campaign in Spain since the summer of 2005, when it passed in parliament.

The appeal against gay marriage legislation is the last item on the court’s agenda, which means that there is an outside chance that the decision could be postponed until the next plenary session later in July. At that point, the four newly elected justices would still not have taken up their posts. This decision follows hot on the heels of last week’s Gay Pride, which saw between 700,000 (according to police) and 1.2 million people (according to organizers) packed into downtown Madrid to watch the Gay Pride parade. The highlight of the fiveday celebration featured 19 floats that slowly covered the distance between Puerta de Alcalá and Plaza de España amid loud music and wild dancing; yet the festive mood barely concealed widespread concern that the Constitutional Court might be on the verge of repealing ground-breaking legislation allowing same-sex marriage in Spain. Another cause for concern was the recent budget cut to the public health system, which some fear will affect access to HIV treatments. Indeed, several people complained about a lack of real content in an event that has grown to become one of Europe’s largest celebrations of lesbian, gay, transsexual and bisexual pride. Mireille Toddington

Bite Size News Continued from page 3 some requirements to join the summer school but attendance is free. Special leisure days for the disabled at the Aqua Park The councillor for social welfare in Torrevieja Tomás Ballester announced the creation of a programme of "blue leisure days" (Días Azules de Ocio). These days are specially designed for those with disabilities and five dates have been set aside; the 7th and 21st of July, the 4th and 18th of August and 1st of September. A number of special activities have been organised on each the days between the hours of 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm such as face painting, table games and petanca. In addition there are sessions of aqua gym and steps combined with relaxation and stretching activities. Alongside these there will be the normal activities taking place in the Aqua Park because the intention is for integration during the rest of the day. The councillor for social welfare said that one of the objectives was to reach as many associations and groups in the province of Alicante so that they could take part in these special days. The Aqua Park has improved and developed its access over the last 12 months to provide extra facilities for the disabled and to improve access to areas within the park itself. Multipurpose cultural and youth centre design winners announced The winners of the competition to come up with ideas for the intended Multipurpose cultural and youth centre in Torrevieja were announced last week. Luis Pérez Maeso and Isabel Peris Rodrigo won the prize of €3000 and will now have the job of producing a complete plan of their suggestions. The Multipurpose cultural and youth centre is to be built on a plot of 2000 m2 which was the former headquarters of the Guardia Civil located at the junction of calle Apolo, San Pascual and calle Zoa. With an estimated budget of some 8 million euros, the Centre includes two underground floors for parking, rooms dedicated exclusively to youth activities, concert rooms, an information centre, rooms for dance classes, home for the Municipal School of Theatre, choral rehearsal rooms for the city, a home for the Ricardo Lafuente Municipal Choir and a new Central Library. The centre will be capable of being used by more than 3000 people at the same time. Admission to Floating Museum now two euros For the first time in the eight years since it has been open there is now a small charge of two euros per person for admission to the floating museum in the harbour with its collection of boats, guns and other items on display. Paul Mutter

News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Major drug successes in Alicante province The National Police had a major drug success last week when they stopped a van driving along the A7 motorway. After searching it was found to contain almost 3 tons of hashish.


OLICE SAID the consignment was on its way to Alicante and as a result of the seizure 15 people have been arrested from what they described as one of the most active drug trafficking groups on the Costa Blanca. When the police first stopped the van the driver was clearly not keen to be interviewed and tried to drive away at high speed. He even tried to run away when the van was brought to a halt but police caught up with him and he was arrested. The investigation into this particular group’s activities began last December. The leader of the organisation is a Spaniard nicknamed ‘The Caliph’ who had made various contacts in Morocco for the supply of hashish. His second-in-command said he worked as a sales man on a salary of €20,000 per year but he possessed several luxury vehicles and a substantial property in Alicante. The head of the group also had personal bodyguards accompanying him at all times to provide protection and avoid police detection. Police investigating the group discovered they were preparing to transport a very large consignment of hashish which was due to take place at night travelling along the motorway. Various police vehicles were deployed at motorway

access points and were able to identify two suspect vehicles. A chase then ensued through the streets of San Vicente del Raspeig before the drivers were apprehended along with three other occupants of the vehicles. When he heard about the arrests ‘The Caliph’ ordered his staff to get rid of any incriminating items and evidence. Police officers discovered a large plastic bag with 33 mobile phones, phone chargers and various documents. An additional 11 people have been arrested including those who acted as go-betweens between the group and the suppliers of the hashish. The police noted nine properties in the province of Alicante in which they found a large amount of computer equipment, documents, 60 mobile phones and 10 vehicles. As part of their investigations six properties have been embargoed and 20 bank accounts frozen. Further north in the province in the town of Llíber, officers from the Guardia Civil arrested two men last week after discovering what is believed to have been the largest illegal marijuana plantation in Europe. The plantation consisted of 16 plastic greenhouses containing around 10,000 plants. Every plant was being grown in its own bag of compost in order to accelerate the


growth. Each of the greenhouses contained a sophisticated watering and odour absorption systems to help disguise the presence of the cannabis plants. Officers were alerted when a planning application made to the Town Hall in Llíber for the erection of 16 greenhouses in order to grow vegetables had been refused and yet the greenhouses had been erected. The officers seized 43 kg of marijuana packed and ready for distribution in half kilo vacuum packed bags together with a van which had English number plates and a false bottom. It is presumed the vehicle was used to transport the drugs to countries in northern Europe like Holland and Belgium. On searching a luxury villa on the land adjacent to the greenhouses computer equipment and a number of mobile phones were found all of which the police hope will lead to further information about the operation of the plantation and which may quite possibly lead to the arrest of others involved. The two people involved were described as an 18-year-old Spaniard and a 45-year-old British man with the initials B A H. The British man was ordered to be detained in prison. Paul Mutter


News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

CLARO approves draft government agreement In a specially convened Extraordinary General meeting on 6 July, members of CLARO approved, by an overwhelming and near unanimous vote, the draft PPCLARO government agreement. Some 60 members participated or were represented in the meeting and there were no votes against and two abstentions. The case for the agreement was presented by the President, Secretary General and a former Vice President in English, Spanish and German. They stated the case for the U-turn in CLARO policy from criticising the Popular Party between 2007 and 2011, when CLARO was in opposition, to the present proposal to enter into a government agreement with the PP. The reasons given were: the negative treatment experienced by CLARO and its then councillor for the Coast, Bob Houliston, by CLR; a dysfunctional government divided by political and personal disputes and they also cited hanging on to power by legal but undemocratic devices. It was said at the meeting that the Popular Party had repeatedly recognised that they had not paid sufficient attention to the coast in the past and had not appreciated the value

Green cards signal approval. of CLARO in representing the political opinion of all the different nationalities of those residing in Orihuela Costa. The two parties have agreed to enter into negotiations to establish a possible basis for cooperation in government, which has resulted in a comprehensive 12-13 page document. In the debate which followed the presentations, there was near unanimous agreement on the need for CLARO to learn from its negative experiences in the three-party government and to adapt to changed circumstances. Those attending complimented the CLARO negotiating team for their success in negotiating a comprehensive agreement which would serve the interests of the municipality as well as the needs of Orihuela Costa

specifically. It was not essential for the decision on the agreement to be taken by an Extraordinary General Meeting. Approval by the seven-member Executive Committee would have been legally sufficient. However, in accordance with the party’s principles and beliefs, CLARO wanted to ensure that participation in the decision should be as broad and democratic as possible. With the unopposed and near unanimous approval of the draft PPCLARO government agreement, CLARO’s Executive Committee is now authorised to sign the agreement. A signature ceremony is expected to take place in the next week at which time, the text of the agreement will be published. Mireille Toddington

More austerity measures this summer The first wave of reforms came on Christmas Eve and the second one during Easter. The third was announced by Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy last Monday, this time to coincide with the summer holidays. As the German Chancellor Angela Merkel would put it, there is no favour that will not require payback. Indeed, the deal that Rajoy brought back from the European summit in Brussels promised debt reduction, but to a price of more austerity measures in Spain. The requests are basically the

same as those on the list of recommendations earlier presented to Spain by the European Union, and similar to those of the International Monetary Fund. If followed, they will permit Spain to get the necessary protection against market pressure, as it can no longer remain captive of the risk premium and the unsustainable financing levels, which has been the case until now. On his return from Brussels - after a stop in Ukraine to see the Spanish national team win the European championship - Rajoy said on last

week that it is time to “press the accelerator for the reforms.” Although there are pending changes for the energy sector and for the public administrations, the next “reformist” wave will raise the requirements for resistance that Spaniards have been subject to since the first major cuts were introduced by former Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in May 2010. In other words, Spaniards can expect higher taxes and more budget cuts in Continued on page 8

News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

New headquarters for AECC in Torrevieja

The newly established committee for the AECC in Torrevieja officially opened their new headquarters in the town. In fact it was a return to what had been their headquarters at Torrevejense Ausentes 33 for many years. Present at the opening was the new president Maria Wilson and vice president Raluca Sianu. Attending from the provincial AECC was the provincial president Pablo Enriquez Valens and other committee members from Alicante. The Councillor of health for Torrevieja Carmen Mateo attended as a representative of the Torrevieja Town Hall. Initially during the month of July the offices will be open on Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 10.00 am and 2.00pm. The offices will be closed in August and reopen in September when it is hoped that it will

be open more frequently during the week. The offices will be open for people to go and make appointments for mammograms or prostate cancer checks or indeed to book an appointment with a psychologist if they need to talk to someone about their particular circumstances or that of a family member. The office will also be a place where any money that has been raised for the AECC can be taken and every donation will be recorded and registered and can be seen by anyone who is interested. The very first donation to be given to the new team in their new offices was 150 euros in memory of Roger Winston who died recently. He had asked that friends give donations to the AECC instead of flowers. There will be no specific English or Spanish days; Maria Wilson the new president is keen to encourage

The first donation in the new AECC headquarters presented to Maria Wilson (second from left) with Raluca Sianu far right and Carmen Mateo and Pablo Enriquez Valens behind.

integration. To that end there will be English and Spanish speakers available whenever the office is open. She also said it is her intention in the future to have small events in the office offering dancing, exercise "a bit of fun" in the evenings. Pablo Enriquez said he was delighted that Maria Wilson had accepted the challenge of the role of president in Torrevieja and speaking in English as well as Spanish he mentioned the long history of people in Torrevieja working as volunteers in the fight against cancer. Maria Wilson said that “cancer doesn't choose who it goes to; cancer knows no boundaries.” She wanted everyone to work together and said that the office was “for everyone, all nationalities.” She pledged to work hard on behalf of the AECC as she already has with the Pink Ladies group in Orihuela Costa. The AECC in Torrevieja is urgently looking for further volunteers who can spend an hour or two a week, or more if they are able, to help in the office for this very worthwhile cause. Full training is given and anyone who is interested can contact Maria Wilson on 603 292 963 between the hours of 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Paul Mutter



PAIN’S LOCAL and regional governments will not only have to cut salaries for public employees, it will also have to reduce the workforce considerably, as the public sector needs to be scaled down "forcefully," according to Elvira Rodríguez, president of the parliamentary commission on economy and deputy for the governing centreright Popular party. The local governments in Spain’s 17 autonomous regions and more than 8,000 municipalities bear much responsibility for the imbalances in the public accounts and they must undertake major budget cuts in order to reduce Spain’s high budget deficit – 8.9 percent in 2011 – and to get the country’s economy in order. According to the national census, the public sector employs over 3.1 million people, out of which 2.1 million are so-called funcionarios, civil servants in local, regional and central governments who have entered their positions only after having passed competitive exams. These people are guaranteed life-time employment, which means they will not be affected by the dismissals. The remaining 30 percent of the public employees, a total of about 1 million people, risk being dismissed at any time. The government spends 123 billion euros every year on these positions. The situation is most difficult for those who are employed by the municipalities. According to government statistics, one in five among public employees work for the 8,116 local administrations in Spain’s cities and villages, a total of almost 647,000 people. Among them, about 60 percent do not have a contract that protects them from so-called ‘ERE’s, a collective termination of employment for a group of employees, allowed when the employer is under economic restrains. Budget Minister Cristóbal Montoro has mentioned the possibility of layoffs in the public


sector for months. “The public administrations are not employment offices,” he said. “The public employees must earn their position, just like any other Spaniard.” 'Safer' in central government and regions Among those working for the central government, 80 percent can remain calm. Out of about 593,000 employees, only about 124,000 have temporary contracts that can be terminated. The number of ‘safe’ employments are even higher in the autonomous regions, where only 150,000 out of 913,000 public employees are on temporary contracts that can be terminated. The jobs in the public sector that should disappear are those that are not for ‘career civil servants,’ or funcionarios, according to Antonio Beteta, State Secretary at the Ministry for the Treasury. “[These are] public jobs that are normally peripheric” he said referring to a large number of public positions that were established during the economic boom. “Their employees are not funcionarios but they are still public employees, but there is nothing else that can be done.” Until now, when PP deputy Rodríguez said a public sector that has grown by 440,000 employees during the last 10 years is unsustainable, the recession seems to have been ignored by the public employer. In fact, between 2007 and 2010, the autonomous regions created 600 new companies run by the region, generating “important growth” for the public sector and adding up to a total of 2,292 entities dependent on the regional governments by mid-year in 2011, whose employees are paid from the public accounts. The government’s plan to reduce spending in the public sector is still being elaborated and the details are not known yet. The plan is expected to be approved by the end of July. Mireille Toddington


News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Continued from bottom story page 6 the public sector in order to avoid that the deficit gets out of hand again, as it did by the end of last year. At a time when self-confidence has, albeit it temporarily, hiked in Spain after the victory on the football fields, Germany and its allies are getting ready to fight over the details in the EU agreement regarding direct aid to the banks and the purchase of

sovereign debt with joint funds. What the country needs to do is to avoid upsetting them and to show that we are poor but reliable. The cuts will thus be done in line with the European recommendations: privatisations, increased value-added taxes, increased taxes on for instance alcohol and tobacco, budget cuts in elderly and health care, elimination of tax reductions, salary cuts for public servants and so on. The cards will be revealed in the

cabinet meetings in July and maybe also in August, giving a hint on what the basic budget lines for the annual budget 2013 will look like, which will be even harsher than the one in 2012. There will also be new recommendations for budget cuts in the autonomous regions and it cannot be excluded that there is a possibility that some of them must be intervened by the national government. Mireille Toddington

Cricket in the streets, music and the chance to feed a few goats


OR A FEW HOURS last Saturday evening part of calle Concordia in Torrevieja was turned into an arena for street cricket. Lampposts, trees, and street furniture were covered in plastic cushioning to prevent injuries and the area was marked out with red and white tape. The event was being staged as part of Torrevieja's campaign to encourage shopping in the centre of town at the weekends called ‘Torrevieja open on Saturday’. For the organisers of the cricket game it was not only an opportunity to demonstrate the finer points of the game but also a chance to perhaps encourage others to get involved in this sport in Spain. Jon Alger said they were trying to encourage particularly young Spanish players to become interested and take part in the sport. Already there are joint

initiatives with some of the local schools. John explained the basis and rules of the game which are very straightforward. It is played with a soft ball to avoid the obvious potential disasters

with nearby shop windows and scoring is designed to test the batsmen's ability to steer the ball rather than use maximum force. There is also an unusual rule relating to catching the ball where batsmen can also be caught out if a fielder catches the ball with one hand after it bounces once. Also helping with the organisation was Neil Brook, Junior Director of cricket for Cricket EspaĂąa who mentioned that the senior national side would be taking part in the tournament in Corfu which if they were successful in would see them moving up a division. As the start time drew near the youngsters who had turned up for the evening was split into teams, given their team T-shirts and had the rules explained to them. Soon the first the balls were being bowled and as the runs mounted up, Graham Shelton totted them up on a portable easel. The game

soon attracted an interesting group of spectators and the local television station was there to interview Graham and discover a little bit more about the game. For more information about local cricket you can telephone 605 319 889 or 671 608 503 or email Elsewhere in the centre of town as part of the same event there was live music, a demonstration of bodybuilding, a workshop on caring for plants in the house, hand massages, a painting workshop for children, a fantasy board game proving very popular in calle Caballero de Rodas and in the same street a selection of animals from the Rio Safari Park at Elche. This has featured in several of the weekend programmes and has proved enormously popular with children who

get the opportunity to feed some of the smaller animals. The next series of events in this campaign takes place on Saturday, July 21 starting at around 6.30 pm. Paul Mutter

News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


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ZENIA BOULEVARD ÖPPNAR I SLUTET AV SEPTEMBER Det nya jätteköpcentrat Zenia Boulevard öppnar sina dörrar onsdagen den 26 september och bli det största köpcentrat i provinsen Alicante och ett av de största i Europa. Denna ultra-modern anläggning är en investering på mer än 200 miljoner euro och kommer att skapa 1.800 direkta arbetstillfällen och ännu mer indirekt sysselsättning. Förra veckan fick pressen en virtuell rundtur i Zenia Boulevard. Den två våningar höga gallerian kommer att erbjuda de mest kända och berömda lokala, nationella och internationella varumärkena. Det inkluderar: Primark, Alcampo snabbköp, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, Norauto, Conforama, Casino del Mediterraneo, Bowling, Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Oysho, Bershka, Zara Home, H & M, C & A, Deichmann, Guess, Geox , Swarovski, Punto Roma, Muerde la Pasta, Kiko, Druni, Marvimundo och Baby Centre bland andra. Zenia Boulevard är redan till 96 procent fullt och kommer att inrymma totalt 150 butiker. Centret har varit i planeringen sedan 2008 och ägs av Grupo Auchan, som är den största varuhuskedjan i Spanien och den 12: e största i världen, med butiker i 12 länder runt om i Europa. Utvecklaren har gjort betydande förbättringar av den lokala infrastrukturen för att säkerställa att gallerian lätt kan nås, bland annat från AP7. Det finns 5000 gratis parkeringsplatser - hälften över och hälften under jord - och 90 procent av butikerna ligger på bottenvåningen, återigen för att främja god tillgänglighet för alla shoppare. Den andra våningen kommer huvudsakligen inrymma en restaurangyta med populära barer som Lizarran och Cerveceria samt casino och bowlinghall. Centret består av torg, små gator och

portaler med en botanisk trädgård i centrum på Plaza Mayor. Trädgården har växter och blommor som är typiska för Valencia och Murcia regionerna och kommer att vara en idealisk plats att fördriva en timme eller två efter en förmiddag upptagen med shopping. Det finns även ett Londontorg, som kommer att vara en populär plats för att umgås och designad för att tilltala de tusentals brittiska invånare som lever i och runt Orihuela Costa. En företrädare för Zenia Boulevard sade: "Zenia Boulevard uppfattas inte bara som ett shoppingcenter, det är också en mötesplats, ett fritidsområde, eller med andra ord en levande mötesplats, där våra kunder kommer att få unika upplevelser. Zenia Boulevard vill överraska sina kunder med speciella, roliga och pedagogiska evenemang som shower, tävlingar och lokala evenemang en fantastisk mix av möjligheter att delta, lära och upptäcka". En Alcampo stormarknad kommer att utgöra hörnstenen i Zenia Boulevard. Alcampokedjan har funnits i 80 år och har fyra stormarknader i regionen Valencia. De kommer att ha färsk frukt från lokala leverantörer och fisk direkt från Santa Pola fiskmarknad. Det kommer också vara mer än 900 produkter från andra länder som Storbritannien, Tyskland, Frankrike och Ryssland för att tilltala den internationella kundkretsen som är unik för Costa Blanca. Stormarknaden anser att den kommer att erbjuda en sänkning av priset på kundernas vanliga varukorg och planerar även att erbjuda hemleverans, onlineshopping och en snabb uppsamlingsplats där personalen kommer att lasta rakt in i din bil inom fem minuter. Förutom matbutiken kommer Alcampo även erbjuda en bensinstation.

Spanjorerna missnöjda med var de bor Konsumentorganisationen OCU har genomfört en undersökning om var det är bäst att bo i Spanien. De frågade mer än 5.500 personer i slutet av 2011 för att få resultatet och upptäckte att 15 spanska städer misslyckats med att nå en grundläggande livskvalitet när det gäller de tillfrågade. Undersökningen visar att 50 procent av de människor som bor i Barcelona, Madrid och Sevilla har sett sin stad bli successivt sämre under de senaste åren. Den fjärde bottenstaden är vår regionala huvudstad, Valencia. Andra

städer som också fått dåliga betyg av sina invånare är Las Palmas, Palma de Mallorca, Badalona, Alicante, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Málaga, Murcia, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Granada, Vigo och Cartagena. Det finns dock positiva invånare i Pamplona, Vitoria, Gijón, Bilbao och Logroño där det påstås av invånarna att det finns en "bästa livskvaliteten". Undersökningen visade att arbetslöshet och hälsa är de frågor bland befolkningen som man känner störst oro för.

Ex-borgmästaren i Torrevieja avgår 456 läkemedel Ex-borgmästaren i Torrevieja, Pedro Hernandez Mateo, har meddelat att han avgår som ordförande för den lokala partiföreningen (Partido Popular). Beslutet följer på starten av en rättegång i Valencia domstol. Han har sagt att han avgår för att kunna försvara sig lättare och bevisa att han är oskyldig till anklagelserna mot honom. Rättegången gäller tilldelningen under 2004 av kontraktet för sophantering i Torrevieja. Pedro Hernandez Mateo var ordförande i den lokala föreningen i 28 år. Den nuvarande borgmästaren i Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, står bakom föregångares beslut att avgå. Han gjorde sig till talesman för partiet och underströk att man tror att Mateo är oskyldig. Dolon tillade att hans föregångare inte vill riskera att processen drabbar partiet lokalt eller regionalt. När det gäller avtalet för sopor har Dolon sagt att han sett all dokumentation från det aktuella året och att så vitt han kan se gick upphandlingen korrekt till efter

dåvarande riktlinjer för upphandling. Generalsekreterare i partiet Serafin Castellano sa att Pedro Hernandez Mateo beslut att avgå visar på hans ansvar mot PP. Åklagaren i fallet anser dock att Mateo begått en tydlig och uppenbart olaglig handling i tilldelningen av kontraktet för sopinsamling och inte att agera på ett öppet sätt så som åligger en borgmästare. Åklagaren kräver ett straff på tre års fängelse och 21 års förbud mot att uppbära offentliga ämbeten. Det finns spekulationer om att beslutet att åtala tidigare borgmästare kommer att leda till ytterligare disciplinära förfaranden mot honom inom PP. Detta skulle vara i linje med nye Valenciapresidentens Alberto Fabra strategi ”nolltolerans mot korruption”. För närvarande behåller tidigare borgmästare Pedro Hernandez Mateo sin plats i regionfullmäktige. Tills vidare blir nu Eduardo Dolon ordförande i partiföreningen fram tills dess att föreningen kan hålla ett årsmöte och välja en ny ordförande.

Massiva skulder hos vägtulloperatörer Ministeriet för utveckling i Spanien har visat att företag som är verksamma vid de avgiftsbelagda motorvägarna i landet har skulder på € 3,8 miljarder. Deras samlade vinst på € 50 miljoner i år är inte ens tillräckligt för att betala ränta på skulden. Nio privata vägtulloperatörer rapporteras vara på randen till konkurs på grund av att uppskattningar av trafikvolymen när vägarna var planerade inte uppnåtts. De viktigaste avgiftsbelagda vägar som har lyfts fram i rapporten är motorvägarna runt Madrid och Alicante-CartagenaVera motorvägen. Ett av de berörda företagen, Ferrovial, har skulder på 1 miljard till 20 banker och har inte kunnat få kredit sedan juni förra året. Ett annat företag involverat i några av motorvägar i närheten av Madrid klagade på att kostnaderna för genomförandet varit betydligt högre än väntat. Runt Madrid har trafikvolymen nått endast 35% av vad som prognostiserats. Det finns även oro för att vissa av motorvägarna som byggs eller projekteras inte kommer att ge tillräckliga intäkter heller vare sig på kort eller lång sikt. I synnerhet Madrid till Toledo där kostnaden för expropriering av mark sköt i höjden med 600% i utkanten av Madrid enligt en källa. Detta berodde på att domstolarna beslutade om mycket högre kostnader för expropriation än prognostiserat. Det finns också fall där det finns alternativa icke-avgiftsbelagda motorvägar i närheten. I vissa fall föredrar man att använda dessa även vid risk för

trafikstockningar eftersom de är gratis. I fallet med Cartagena Vera motorvägen som invigdes 2007 är motiveringen att det vid tidpunkten för beslut och genomförande så var det meningen att området kring motorvägen skulle utvecklas med byggandet av tiotusentals hem. På grund av krisen inom byggandet har denna förväntade utveckling i Murcia och Andalusien inte skett. Skulden för motorvägen är över en halv miljon euro. För att rädda situationen sade ministern för utveckling Ana Pastor förra veckan att regeringen skulle ge 290 miljoner för att ge en viss lättnad åt företagen. Hon sade också att man arbetar med tilldelning av ytterligare fyra nya högkapacitetsrutter. Med tanke på de rådande omständigheterna Det förvånade de närvarande vid konferensen och även politiker inom oppositionen. En PSOE talesman i utvecklingsfrågor sade han tvivlade på livskraften i de nya bidragen ministern hade aviserat. Han sade att kortfristiga lån var förmodligen svaret, men på längre sikt bör en omstrukturering av de inblandade företagen en bättre lösning. Detta är inte första gången som företag som deltar i motorvägar i Spanien har räddats. Mellan 1980 och 1983 ingrep staten i tre koncessioner och så sent som 2010 då den tidigare socialistiska regeringen erbjöd betalvägoperatörerna förmånliga lån på 80 miljoner euro så att de kunde fortsätta sin verksamhet.

utan subeventionering Hälsovårdsministern Ana Mato föreslår att upphöra med finansieringen av 456 läkemedel som för närvarande finns på listan över subventionerad medicin. Detta kommer att resultera i besparingar på 440 miljoner euro. De läkemedel som berörs omfattar ett brett spektrum. Vissa är föreskrivna mycket sällan medan andra är för mindre åkommor såsom hosta och förkylning. Vissa är till och med att anses som vara föråldrade idag. Självklart får läkarna fortsätta förskriva dessa läkemedel, men patienterna kommer att få betala för dem själva. Det förväntas att patienter som lider av mindre krämpor som halsont, förkylning och hosta kommer att gå till närmaste apotek och självmedicinera istället för att gå till läkaren i första hand. Risk finns naturligtvis att läkare kommer att förskriva andra preparat som finns på listan över subventionerade läkemedel. Ministern erkänner denna möjlighet, men har sagt att man hoppas att god praxis och läkaretik vid förskrivning kommer att förhindra. Det har varit kritik i tidningar att en del av dessa läkemedel är viktiga i behandlingar för vissa sjukdomar och tillstånd. En läkare som citeras i El Pais nämner behandlingar för virala infektioner i huden till exempel genitala vårtor. Samma läkare var orolig för att läkarna kan hamna i förskrivning av alternativa läkemedel som har fler biverkningar. Ministern har sagt att det kommer att finnas undantag i de fall läkemedlen specifikt används för vissa sjukdomar. Regeringen säger också att läkemedelsföretagen kan komma att drabbas av minskad försäljning av de preparat som nu patienterna själva måste betala för. Det nya systemet för betalning av läkemedel, som innebär att patienter betalar för en del av kostnaden för sina recept beroende på inkomst, trädde i funktion den 1 juli. Ordföranden för farmaceuter i Valenciaregionen Maia Teresa Guardiola varnade för att många apotek i regionen upplever en nödsituation när det gäller utbudet och tillgängligheten av många produkter . Hon sade att det i många apotek är brist på 50 procent av de mediciner de förväntas ha i lager. Hon sa att apoteken behöver hjälp från den nationella regeringen för att få betalt för vad regionerna är skyldiga för utlämnad sub-ventionerad medicin. Om man inte får det tvingas man begränsa inköpen, ytterligare, friställa anställda eller till och med gå i konkurs.

News CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


COUNCILLOR’S OFFICE ON LA MARINA URBANISATION ONE-YEAR-OLD The office of the Councillor for the Urbanisations and his team had its first birthday last week.


O CELEBRATE THE fact the Councillor for the Urbanisations, Jeff Wiszniewski, issued a press release thanking all those who have helped make the office of success. Since the office has been open they have dealt with around 50 enquiries week ranging from

complaints about weeds, mosquitoes cockroaches, broken pavements and street lighting to assisting many of those living on the urbanisation with the necessary paperwork required to obtain official documents, minor work licenses, and opening licenses. Members of the team working in the office have also built up good relationships with many official charitable organisations such as Age Concern, Impact charity, and EMAUS. They have also recently agreed to a fortnightly session with Help Vega

Transferring your “goldplated deferred” pension to a QROPS A newspaper headline caught my eye last week. It stated that 80% of the cost of doctor’s pensions are met by the State. It must therefore be the case that in relation to other UK public sector pension schemes the overwhelming majority of the liabilities fall on the public purse. In other words these schemes are only partially funded by the contributions made by members and their employer - the balance of the cost of member’s pension rights is met by the State i.e. the taxpayer. There are many expats who have moved overseas having in the past worked in the UK public sector. Perhaps as a doctor, a nurse, a teacher or as a civil servant. If you are in this position then you will have a deferred pension due to be paid from the appropriate pension scheme as and when you reach pension age. This pension will be protected against inflation between now and when you draw it and throughout your retirement. The cost to the UK taxpayer of these benefits is enormous and in these times of financial difficulty we are already seeing attempts by the UK Government to reduce the benefits payable from public sector pension schemes. This will in time inevitably have a knock-on effect on the deferred benefits of ex public sector employees and the most obvious way to change things is through eroding the inflation proofing of deferred pension rights. In addition the current low interest rate environment has had a dramatic effect on the transfer values associated with deferred rights in

Customer Profile

final salary pension schemes. Indeed over the last 12 months we have seen situations where transfer values associated with such rights have increased by 40% or more. There could therefore never be a better time to consider transferring deferred pensions in such arrangements. The transfer value will take full account of the current benefit structure and so “lock in" the value of the full benefits associated with your previous public sector scheme membership. Low interest rates mean that if anything the available transfer value currently on offer will be artificially high. The same argument applies in fact to any deferred pension rights in final salary schemes generally. It is certainly worth at least finding out what the current transfer value is as you may be considerably surprised. Written by: Stephen Ward BA (Econ), ACII, APMI Managing Director Premier Pension Solutions. Stephen was a member of the UK Government’s Pensions Industry Working Group advising HMRC on the pensions’ legislation changes which introduced Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) in the 2006 Finance Act. He is also the author of the definitive textbook on pension taxation, “Tolley’s Pensions Taxation 201112”. For further information about QROPS, Pension Planning and long term investment opportunities please email or call 96 626 0901.

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

Baja which will start in September. The office has acted as a focal point for the provision of food for the needy within the municipality which is an on-going project and a German translator is now available in the office working every Wednesday. The office has also set up and arranged many activities in the Social Centre the latest of which is conversational Spanish and English to which more than 50 people attended. The main Fiesta for 2011 was organised by the office and an additional one at Christmas was also planned.

This year the team are in the middle of planning for the main Fiesta in August, a visit from the Mediaeval Market, an October Fest, as well as something for Christmas and New Year. Jésus Amoros who works in the office has been at the forefront of establishing a new Proteción Civil unit which was first used at the celebrations held on the urbanisation to commemorate Queen Elizabeth the second's Diamond Jubilee. Paul Mutter

12 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Summer events in Torrevieja HE CULTURAL PROGRAMME for the three months of July, August and September Torrevieja was announced and released last week. Despite the recession and restrictions on the available budget the Cultural Association has managed to arrange a total of 168 activities over the summer period. This is in fact 36 more than were planned in the same period last year. The three

brotherhood through the streets of the town to the port area. There it is placed on one of the fishing trawlers specially chosen and honoured for the event. Members of the brotherhood and other invited guests including the priest travel on the boat around the harbour followed by a flotilla of other vessels. The priest blesses the water and prays for a fruitful harvest from the sea and a safe passage

months of the high summer period not only represent peak months for tourism in the town but also see some of the most important cultural events of the year that Torrevieja stages. Perhaps top of the list as far as international audiences are concerned is the Habaneras competition which this year will feature 16 choirs from 11 different countries including one from Madrid and one from the Valencia community. In addition six choirs from Torrevieja will take part in a special gala at the end of the competition. In total the 22 choirs consist of more than 800 singers. The competition is being staged between the 23rd and 29 July in the open air arena of the Eras de la Sal. Before that and acting as something of a curtain raiser is the very popular ‘Habaneras on the beach’ concert. This will take place on the night of Friday, 13th July starting at 10.30 pm on the Playa del Cura beach. This event is always very well attended with many people bringing tables and chairs and their supper down on the beach to eat while they enjoy the music. Music is piped all the way along the paseo from the stage at the far end of the beach. One of the main fiestas in Torrevieja also takes place during this period. The Virgen del Carmen Fiesta is one of the best loved fiestas in the city. The statue of the Virgin is carried from the main church on the shoulders of members of the fishermen's

for the fishermen during the coming year. The streets are always lined with thousands of residents and visitors for this fiesta. On the return of the statue to the harbour there is a magnificent firework display and the traditional hymn ‘Salve Marinero’ is sung by the choir the music of the union musical Torrevejense band before the image of the Virgin is taken back to the Inmaculada church. The procession this year will take place on Monday, 16th July starting at around 8.30 pm after a special Mass in the Inmaculada church in the main square of the town. Prior to that and always a very popular event is the paella competition which takes place on Saturday morning 14th July. The competition itself involves teams of fishermen in the fish market. There is always a tremendous atmosphere with music, dancing, plenty of drinking and eating, and the occasional making of a paella. At the same time a giant paella will be cooked outside the fish market for people to enjoy. It is as much fun watching the paella being prepared as it is eating it. The judging of the competition and the large paella are ready at a roundabout 2.00 pm and are being prepared for at least two hours before that.

Towards the end of August from the 21st to the 25th of the month the 10th International Festival bands will take place organised by Los Salerosos. Prior to that on Saturday 18th August starting at 11.00 pm Isabel Pantoja is appearing in the Recinto Ferial Parque Antonio Soria. Tickets are already on sale for this enormously popular Spanish singer and actress. Running from 11th July until 31st August is an exhibition sponsored by the Obra Socal ‘La Caixa’ entitled the ‘Neolithics’. This should prove enormously popular and is reviewed elsewhere in this week's CoastRider. Returning to a musical theme the award winning Helston school jazz orchestra from the UK are coming to Torrevieja to take part in three concerts, Sunday 15th July, (12 midday) in the Doña Sinforosa Park (Playa Acequión) free admission; Tuesday 17th July at 8.30 pm in the Teatro Municipal admission 3 euros in aid of the Alzheimer’s Association AFA (Tickets available in advance from the municipal ticket office or ‘at the door’ as from two hours before the commencement of the concert; Thursday 19th July, 11.00 pm along the seafront ‘Plaza de Embarcadero’, in La Mata. On Saturday, 11th August the Electromar Music Festival will attract thousands of young people to the Recinto Ferial Parque Antonio Soria to watch and listen to the invited artists who are performing starting at 6.00 pm. At the time of going to press six thousand tickets had already been sold. The price of the tickets started at one euro and rises as the date of the concert gets nearer. During the summer alongside the musical events there are a number of exhibitions being held in the usual locations in the town. As always these exhibitions are free and can provide a pleasant break from sun and sand. Full details of all the events in the cultural programme for the summer are available in a printed booklet which can be obtained from local tourist offices or the stage door of the municipal theatre in Torrevieja. Paul Mutter

News 13 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Neolithic age exhibition in Torrevieja An exhibition about the Neolithic age starts in Torrevieja on Wednesday, 11 July this week and runs through until 31 August.


HE EXHIBITION IS visiting various towns and cities in Spain and has been sponsored and arranged by the Obra Social ‘La Caixa’. Given the situation with the old savings banks it is very pleasing to see that at least one of them is still able to put on such an exhibition. The exhibition covers the art, economy, technology, culture and rituals of the first Neolithic communities covering a period of 8,000 years. The Neolithic age or New Stone era is traditionally considered as the last part of the Stone Age. The Neolithic age sees a progression of changes from hunter gatherers to using wild and domestic crops and the use of domesticated animals. Neolithic culture is considered to have started in Jericho between nine and 10,000 years BC. It is a period when only Homo Sapiens of the human species existed. The period also sees the emergence of writing. The exhibition is full of examples of items that have been found at various archaeological digs

particularly in the Middle East and these have been put in context with reconstructed scenes of living quarters all put together in a very attractive, visual and educational format. This type of exhibition makes history extremely accessible to everyone and the standard of these exhibitions, of which there has generally been one per year in the summer, has always been exceptionally high. They make a perfect holiday diversion. Admission to the exhibition is free and the exhibition itself is situated in a large marquee close to the ice factory in the harbour area and can be seen from the car park. The exhibition is open from 12 midday until 2.00 pm and again from 6.00 pm until midnight all week. Paul Mutter

Spain fails the language test At the recent G-20 summit US President Barack Obama approached Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to say hello. Their “conversation” lasted no more than a few seconds. There was little more they could say to each other without the help of an interpreter. The situation was much the same with Rajoy’s predecessor. The image of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero sitting by himself staring at his papers while the rest of the international leaders chatted away in little groups illustrated an uncomfortable reality. According to statistics, the failure of the prime ministers on the language front is merely a reflection of Spanish society as a whole; and the future looks far from promising. In fact only 28 percent of 16 year old students are competent in English while the European average is 42 percent, according to the European

Survey on Language Competences whose results were revealed by the EU last week. Of the 14 countries examined Spain is ninth when it comes to competence in the first

foreign language (English), behind countries such as Sweden, Malta, Holland, Estonia or Slovenia. However the situation improves considerably in the case of the second foreign language (French) where Spain comes

third. This improvement has been put down to the fact that French is optional and students who learn it are more applied. The survey takes into account three aspects: listening, reading and writing. The EU considers a student competent in a language if they have reached levels B1 or B2, or in other words, that they can understand the main points in a speech or text. This is something the majority of Spanish students are incapable of doing. The Spanish students fare worst in listening comprehension where 76 percent fall beneath the required level. In Sweden, top of the table, barely nine per cent of students failed the listening test. Only France and England - in the latter case French is considered the first foreign language for children in British schools - have worse marks than Spain in this section; which comes as little surprise. Mireille Toddington


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A third of unemployed without benefits Unemployment in Spain dropped by 2.1 percent in June compared to the previous month, according to the labour ministry (see Paul Mutter’s article on page 2 of this week’s CoastRider). The situation, however, remains dark with a total of over 4.6 million people without jobs, the highest rate in the European Union. Also, the number of unemployed who receive benefits has dropped, given that the time limit of two years has run out. One third of those without jobs don't receive any aid. Moreover, the unemployment figures do not take into account the seasonal changes, given that large numbers of jobs are created in the tourist industry during the high season between April and August, jobs that disappear after the tourist season. If seasonal changes are discounted in the statistics, the number of unemployed actually grew by 18,697, which means unemployment would affect over 4.7 million people. The crisis has not only affected the number of unemployed, it is also affecting the unemployment benefits. One third of those registered as unemployed – 34.6 percent – do not receive any aid. When based on statistics over the active population, this number is even higher: almost half of the people who are unemployed receive no benefits. According to the labour ministry, 2.9 million people get unemployment

coverage out of the total of 4.6 million who are unemployed, a number that is decreasing. When the crisis begun, the coverage rate – the relation between the total number of beneficiaries and those with work experience registered as unemployed – was 71 percent. Following the recession and the increased unemployment rate, the coverage in 2009 was above 85 percent. It began to decrease rapidly from this moment as many beneficiaries reached the time limit for benefit aid of two years, to reach the current level at 65.4 percent. The drop of unemployment numbers in June was the largest since data has been collected in 1996. It was the third consecutive month that unemployment has decreased. Mireille Toddington

The Euro

Your weekly currency update, sponsored by

WEEKLY EURO UPDATE Having looked relatively unwanted last Friday the pound made two upward leaps during the week, the first at lunchtime on Monday and the second early on Thursday afternoon. The net result was a weekly gain of just over a cent for sterling. Against the US dollar the euro also had a losing week. It looked alright on Friday morning but thereafter it was all downhill. From its Friday afternoon peak the euro fell by three cents and it opened this Friday morning with a net loss of more than two US cents on the week. A week ago the euro was basking in the glory of the Brussels Breakthrough, in which a Franco/Hispanic/Italian ambush had forced Germany to agree to the direct subsidy of failing Spanish banks. The euphoria lasted through Friday but had worn off by Monday morning. Monday was uncomfortable for the euro partly because of that but also as a result of figures showing unemployment in the euro area at 11.1%, a record high. Sterling's edge came courtesy of the monthly purchasing managers' index readings of the manufacturing sector. None of the figures from Europe was good; all were below the line at 50 which divides growth from contraction. But Britain's was the best of a bad bunch at 48.6. Switzerland scored 48.1, Germany 45.0 and Euroland as a whole came in at 45.1. the differential was worth a good half-cent to the pound. The next significant point of departure came on Thursday at mid-day, when the Bank of England and the European Central Bank revealed their latest

monetary policy decisions. Investors' expectations were cut and dried: the Bank of England would add another £50bn to its stock of £325bn UK government bonds and the ECB would lower its benchmark Refinancing Rate from 1% to 0.75%. As far as it went, investors turned out to be spoton in their anticipation. But the ECB did more. It lowered, from 0.25% to zero, the rate of interest it pays on commercial banks' deposits. The unexpected move will change banks' attitudes to the "deposit facility". If they place spare cash with the ECB for safe-keeping they will now receive no return at all. The intention is that banks will be more inclined to lend to customers, or at least to one another. The inference, however, is that the change will encourage banks with spare cash to switch it into higher-yielding currencies - and there are not many that yield less than zero. As they do so it will put further downward pressure on the euro. Despite the developments of the last week the link between the euro and the pound remains strong. For two months, through summits and breakthroughs, rate cuts and quantitative easing, the pound has hardly moved out of a two-and-ahalf-cent range. Sterling is looking at the top of that range this Friday morning, as it has before. On every previous occasion it has turned back. The chances are that the same thing will happen this time. Buyers of the euro should consider taking advantage of one of the best buying opportunities since November 2008.

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Warning: employment scam Further to the recent story in The CoastRider, it appears that the man who calls himself “Patrick Alonso” is operating a number of employment scams. In the initial story, the job advertised was for a private driver and the prospective employee was asked to refund a generous cheque that had been sent in error. Suffice to say the cheque bounced, but luckily the man was not foolish enough to send the money as requested. This week we were contacted by a

gentleman that had also applied for the job, with similar results. He has passed the contact details to the fraud squad in the UK and is waiting to hear from them. However, there is another job for a customer services position that has been advertised recently that also appears to be the creation of Patrick Alonso. The fear is that the scammer has placed several advertisements for different jobs, with different numbers to try and con as many people as possible. Please be aware that any jobs

advertised through the media are done so based on the good will of the advertiser; whether that is print or broadcast. It would be advisable for anyone dealing with a company they have not dealt with before to request the basic company details: CIF number, address, contact details and check its validity before proceeding. Do not, under any circumstances, send cash in any form to someone you do not know – no matter what the reason. Mireille Toddington

El Mundo celebrates anniversary El Mundo bar and restaurant, Benimar, hosted a charity fun day on Sunday to mark its second anniversary and raise money for charity. The fun began at midday and continued for 12 hours straight, ending at midnight. Locals and customers flocked to the bar to watch back-to back entertainment from the bars favourite regular entertainers. These included: Ricky Powell, Nick Gold, Bella Luna, Bono tribute, Eddie C, Maria O’Hara, Pat Martin and Duo amongst others. There was plenty to eat and drink and the party was soon in full flow. If there is one thing El Mundo always delivers it’s a fantastic atmosphere, and the party goers were not disappointed. However, in addition to all the fun and frivolities, there was a more serious side to the anniversary celebrations. Money was raised throughout the day on behalf of the

Red Cross as part of its campaign to support local needy families. Funds were boosted by a raffle and a charity auction with prizes donated by the local business community. Many people took along dry goods, tins, food stuffs and basic hygiene products that could be passed on to those in need. The money was still being counted at the time of going to press and will be announced shortly. El Mundo has hosted several charity events during the last two years, raising money for local charities and good causes. El Mundo is located at the entrance to the urbanisation Benimar and over the last two years has established itself as a popular bar restaurant Get you day off to a good start with a breakfast at El

Mundo, there are light lunches and evening meals serving everything from Belgian Stew to burgers and soups to steaks. It was recently shortlisted in the Best Bar/Café category The CoastRider Culinary Awards 2012 and the fabulous food coupled with regular live entertainment, quizzes and karaoke has placed El Mundo at the heart of Benimar nightlife and made it a firm favourite with local residents and visitors alike. For further information on any of the above visit: or call 966 715 440 or 682 119 340. Alternatively call in to El Mundo, Centro Commercial Benimar, Benijofar. Mireille Toddington

Bite Size News Orihuela Costa Beaches make good impression The quality certificates for Orihuela beaches have now been collected and councillors were told that judges were particularly impressed with several aspects of the coastal management process. Eleven beaches have been awarded either a Blue Flag or Q flag – or both. The former is awarded by a panEuropean Association and the later by the Spanish Ministry for Tourism. However, only seven of the eleven beaches can display their awards as the others have no flag pole! According to the Councillor for Tourism and Beaches, Pedro Mancebo, the judges were particularly impressed with the planting of palms along the promenades, installation of additional foot showers and the

Signed photograph of Leo Messi to be auctioned An authenticated signed and framed photograph from Barcelona star and world player of the year Leo Messi will be auctioned as one of the events taking place on Saturday, July 28th in San Fulgencio alongside the football match between the local police and the team organised by Paul Docherty. Paul Docherty is a father of three and the local painter and decorator. He was diagnosed with cancer of the colon eight months ago and is being treated in Torrevieja hospital for secondary cancer in his liver. He has been so impressed by the care he has received at the hospital he decided he wanted to raise some money for the AECC. The match itself will kick-off at 11.00 am with a display from Dance Xtreme during the half-time interval. There is entertainment in the afternoon from local show group TAABS and local band the B Boppers. The councillor for the urbanisations, Jeff Wiszniewski said they have the Mary Leishman foundation in the UK to thank for the signed photograph. The foundation visited Spain a few weeks ago to raise funds by having a celebrity golf match. Sam Hall who works in the Town Hall’s office on the urbanisation was at the event and mentioned the fundraising for the AECC that was to take place on July 28th to representatives from the foundation. Shirley Graham and Billy Braisby who committed to providing something "a bit special" for an auction in order to boost funds. The auction itself will take place in front of

available shortly and you will be able to get hold of them and raffle tickets from local bars in La Marina or Westminster Estates which is situated in the Consum square. Alternatively you can buy them on the day itself. Buying the programme also entitles you to entry into a separate raffle. Anandas bar in the grey area on the la Marina urbanisation is holding a special fun day in support of the AECC on Saturday, 14 July. Starting at 2 PM there will be all sorts of events taking place including table football, air hockey, and karaoke. All these games and others will be available and can be played for a small donation which will

the municipal swimming pool in San Fulgencio at around 6.00 pm on the 28th July. Anyone wishing to make a bid can either bid on the day itself at the auction or can submit a sealed bid which needs to be taken to the offices of the councillor for the urbanisation. As well as the football match and entertainment there will be a bouncy castle for children, hot dogs and burgers and a bar. Entry to the day will be by buying a programme which will cost three euros. These will be

go to the charity. Of course there will be food and drink available as well. Final arrangements are being made for the football match and the organisers have even decided on the music that will be played as each team comes on to the pitch at the beginning of the match. Paul Docherty's team, known as the ‘Mean Machine’ will be heralded on to the turf to the sounds of ‘Eye of the Tiger’, a piece of music used as the theme tune for Rocky. The local police have had chosen for them the theme from the Benny Hill show! It all promises to be a very good day for a very good cause. If you would like to make a donation to this very good cause or could help in any way the organisers would love to hear from you and you can contact Sarah Bavington on 606 184 924 or you can email her at Paul Mutter

Sarah Bavington and Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski with the Lionel Messi photograph

general environmental protection work that had been undertaken.

Life’s a beach Staying on the subject of beaches, this year’s life guard contract has now been awarded and the teams have been on the beaches since mid-June. The contract was awarded to the same company that provides a similar service in Pilar de la Horadada. In a move that can only be a positive one, the government team has extended the contact to ensure that the public is protect more than ever this year. Life guards will be working longer days and the contract will also run for an extra working week in September. The tender process has now closed on bids for the cleaning of Orihuela Costa beaches, a contract worth around 35,000 euros. This is a specialist contract that requires a company with the necessary experience in caring for coastal environments such as seaweed collection and drying.

Sewage saviour The plant at Lomas de Cabo Riog has struggled to cope with the amount of sewage for many years, especially in high season. This subjects local residents to horrendous smells on a regular basis throughout the summer and work is long overdue to rectify the situation. However, EPSAR, the waste water and sewerage management company says that making the level of changes required will be an expensive task. Luckily, the government team has spotted a PP error that may just generate the cash needed. It appears that under the previous administration, several developers were never asked to pay the contribution legally required towards infrastructure. This money is still outstanding and if it can be collected would cover the cost of upgrading the sewage plant. However, there is a downside in that many of the developers may have since declared bankruptcy and if so the money will remain unpaid. The bill cannot be deferred to urbanisations or residents. Mireille Toddington


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

On the market last Sunday my son suddenly came chewing on a piece of sugar cane he had been given at one of the vegetable stalls. Honestly, I thought sugar canes were grown only in the West Indies, so I was quite surprised to learn that southern Spain actually has a long history of growing sugar canes. In fact, the last remaining sugar cane factory in Europe “Azucarera de Gualdalfeo” is on the south coast of Spain near Motril. There is also a small sugar museum which shows the history and process of sugar refining through working models and interactive displays.

SUGAR CANE: Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) is a giant, thick, perennial grass (which looks rather like bamboo) cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide for its sweet sap. The plant grows in a clump of solid stalks and has graceful, but very sharp, sword-shaped leaves that resemble those of the corn plant. Mature canes may be up to 6 metres (20 feet) tall and 2.5 - 5 cm (1 to 2 inches) in diameter. The colour of the stalks ranges from almost white to yellow to deep green, purple, red, or violet. It typically takes about 12 months to reach maturity although the time varies widely around the world from as short as six months to 24 months in

some places. Where it differs from many crops is that it re-grows from the roots so the plant lasts many cycles before it is worn out. Sugar cane was originally grown in southeastern Asia and the Pacific for the sole purpose of chewing the sweet juicy stems. The rind was removed and the internal tissues sucked or chewed and it is still a popular street food in South Asia, as is sugar cane juice. Sugar extraction came later and production of sugar by boiling the cane juice was first discovered in India, most likely during the first millennium BC. They pressed out the somewhat muddy juice from the cane and boiled it to make syrup which was then cooled in large flat bowls to make crystals that were easier to transport and store. In the local language the pieces of crystal were called khanda, which is the source for our word candy.

HISTORY: Sugar cane originated in New Guinea where it has been known since about

6000 BC. From about 1000 BC its cultivation gradually spread along human migration routes to Southeast Asia and India and east into the Pacific. To make a long - but fascinating - story short, sugar cane then slowly spread throughout the world by famous warlords such as the Persian Emperor, Darius, who named sugar cane “the reed which gives honey without bees”, Alexander the Great who also took with him “the sacred cane”, and later the Arabs as they carried it with them during their invasions and conquests around the Mediterranean. When the Arabs took sugar cane to Portugal and Spain both countries were quick to find suitable growing locations as it was a luxury product which yielded a huge and profitable crop. They gained considerable knowledge of sugar from the occupying Moors and after the Moors were expelled, they used this knowledge to spread sugar use and production throughout the tropics. During his travels, Columbus discovered that the Caribbean had the perfect

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Sugar cane sap

climate for growing sugar cane and he brought sugar cane to what is now the Dominican Republic in 1493. The crop was quickly taken to Central and South America and later to the British and French West Indies where it was planted and grown on big plantations. In the 17th century, most European countries had colonies throughout the world where they could grow their own sugar cane. As the farms grew, the demand outdid the local labour supply and slaves were brought in from Africa to work on the plantations. Farming sugar cane was immensely profitable and it became known as “white gold”. When slavery was abolished in the 1800s, people were paid for their labour and still today it is the living of many people to harvest sugar cane. Over half of today's global sugar production still comes from sugar cane.

piece has at least one bud (you can identify the bud by a ring that goes around the stalk, similar to the rings on bamboo). This is where the new stalks will grow from. Take your cuttings and lay them horizontally in your soil. If you are planting in a container, plant it low enough in the pot that you can add a few inches of soil above it. For planting directly in the soil, just dig a trench a few inches deep and plant your cuttings there. Cover with soil and keep it moist. Within a few weeks, you should see new stalks sprout up. If you are in a warm area and the plants get water regularly, the sugar cane will grow fast. Once planted, a stand can be harvested several times. After each harvest, the seed-cane sends up new stalks, called ratoons. The first crop is called the "plant crop" and takes 9-24 months to mature,

depending on location. The following “ratoon” crops mature faster. As many as four or more ratoon crops may be produced before replanting is necessary. Sugar cane is harvested by chopping down the stems, but leaving the roots so that it re-grows in time for the next crop. The canes are cut close to the ground because the lower stem has the highest sugar content. Cut off the leaves and tops and turn them into the soil. The harvest can stretch over several months which is convenient since once cut, the stalks begin to lose their sugar content very quickly. The sugar canes can be pressed for sugar cane juice to be enjoyed fresh with ice or boiled to make your own raw sugar, used in cooking, or you can just get chewing… Marc Vijverberg

GROWING SUGAR CANE: Sugar cane is very easy to grow and propagate provided it gets lots of heat and plenty of water. If you would like to try growing your own, here’s how you do it: First, you will need to find a stalk of sugar cane. Select the freshest, uppermost parts of young canes sold as food, and cut them into 15-30 cm lengths (6-12 inches). Make sure each

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WELCOME TO GANDIA with Vivalia Travel Gandía, capital of the county of La Safor, is set in unusual landscape between the mountains inland and the Mediterranean Sea. An extensive strip of sand almost five kilometres long runs along the coast of this area, offering a wide range of tourist infrastructures and services, making it one of the most attractive destinations on the Valencian coast. A ducal city, Gandía has an illustrious past, as can be appreciated in its historic part, where the mark of Duke Juan de Borja remains in the form of important buildings like the Ducal Palace, the Collegiate Church and the Old University. Its festivals, some of them declared of tourist interest, and its typically Valencian cuisine are some of the other attractions offered by this town. The good climate this Valencian city enjoys all year and the quality of its beaches attract those looking for sun, sea and the chance to practice all kinds of sports. In the harbour area, a deeprooted seafaring tradition exists alongside the most modern facilities, among them a sailing club, which will delight all devotees of windsurfing, sailing or diving.

And, on both sides of the harbour, there are almost five kilometres of coast where magnificent beaches of fine, golden sand give way to one another. A long and busy promenade marks the limit of the North Beach, situated in an easily accessible area and provided with all kinds of services, including places to hire sailing equipment. Hotels, restaurants, discotheques and terraces give the place a great atmosphere, especially on summer nights. Those looking for a more intimate environment should go to the most northerly part of the coast, where, surrounded by dunes, lies the quiet nudist beach of L’Ahuir, with about two kilometres of sand. Two the south of the harbour are another two beaches, Venecia and Rafalcaid. Surrounded by a succession

of small dunes, both allow you to enjoy a refreshing swim in a beautiful natural setting.

The historic centre of Gandía But, if Gandía’s coast offers many charms, its historic centre has no fewer. The noble buildings that emerge at every step reflect the splendid past of this ducal city, a title obtained thanks to Alexander VI, the Borja pope. From the 15th and 16th centuries onwards, the city developed an intense court life at the same time as flourishing economically and culturally, as the creation of Gandía university demonstrates. Beside the course of the River Serpis, the Ducal Palace stands on the remains of a large old house of Arab origin. Built between the 14th and 15th centuries, it has a clear Italianate influence. The collegiate church of Santa María is another of Gandía’s symbolic buildings. Its construction, faithful to Gothic rules, was carried out between 1250 and 1520. In it, the Door of the Apostles which originally had carvings by Damià Forment, is outstanding. The tour continues to the convent of Santa Clara, the hermitage of Santa Ana, the city hall and the hospital of San Marcos. In the latter building is the Archaeological Museum, where the area’s important prehistoric finds are

brought together.

Cuisine, festivals and surroundings Gandía’s most typical speciality is “fideuà”, a dish made in the same way as paella, but with noodles instead of rice. You can also taste recipes that have rice, as the main ingredient, cooked in a variety of ways: “a banda” (cooked in fish stock and served with garlic sauce), “arroz negro” (with squid ink) or the famous paella. For its part, fish is prepared in the oven, stewed or fried. To finish with, there is nothing better than the emblematic orange, either fresh or made into juice. “Horchata” (soft drink made of tiger nuts) and wines from Valencia and Utiel-Requena are drinks that have their own denomination of origin. As for festivals in Gandía, the most outstanding are the Fallas, which are held from 15th to 19th March, and

Easter, between March and April, both declared of Tourist Interest. The festivals of the patron saint, in honour of San Francisco de Borja, take place between 29th September and 3rd October. The county of La Safor offers visitors interesting excursions. Bordering Alicante is Oliva, with clean beaches and picturesque popular districts. Inland in the province, you can discover unexpected landscapes and monuments, like Parpalló cave, an important prehistoric site, and the Monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Valldigna, from the end of the 13th century. Travel to Gandia with your local travel experts, Vivalia Travel. If you are planning to visit this incredible place we offer you to stay in a 3* hotel for 2 nights - half board for 125€ per person. Call 965 716 615 or write an email to or visit them at C/Santomera 8 in Torrevieja.

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uying or selling your apartment or house privately so there are no agent fees? We can help you with our friendly, professional expertise and give you the tools you need to execute a successful sale.

You pay us nothing but our legal fees. Why do you need us…? • We provide all the legal paperwork. • We draw up, translate and provide you with an office where you can sign the legally binding contracts. • You receive a professional “For Sale by Owner “sign for maximum exposure. • We hold the buyers deposits on account and issue legal receipts. • We help with negotiations. • Buyers and sellers are properly protected legally. • We translate for buyers and sellers (English, German, French, Bulgarian, Swedish). • We transfer all utilities to the new owner - electricity, water, community etc. • We provide Peace of Mind. • We provide you with an inventory form.

When a prospective buyer is interested in your property, contact us and we will arrange contracts, provide an impartial third party professional setting for you to meet, and progress the sale. And of course, with no agent fees, all the money paid by the buyer will be yours to keep! Alternatively, if you are looking to buy a house, and you will be contacting the owner direct, you can rely on us to help you through the purchase process and ensure everything is legal. You can expect excellent service, proper contracts, and also a better price, as the owner doesn't have to pay a large percentage of the purchase price to an agent! If you sell your home yourself, without the assistance of a real estate agent, you can save a bundle on commissions. No law requires you to hire an estate agent when you sell a house. Some work you can do yourself, however, to sell your house privately, you need to deal with the legalities also, which is virtually impossible to do by yourself in Spain.

We will take of this side for you. We can represent the buyer and seller, all the way through the negotiation stages providing a third party environment to meet, assistance with the preparation of the purchase contract and dealing with checking the paperwork, obtaining documents from the buyer and seller and providing the vital liaison between the two, fiscal representation and translation at the Notary on completion. The most common way in which property is purchased is by way of a contract prepared by the seller's

estate agent, and signed at the estate agent's office. We have property contracts that you can use for your private purchase/sale. If you have already signed the Contract Note or Contract of Sale, you should send a copy to our office. Once we have dealt with the contract for you, we will obtain documents relating to the property from the Seller and commence the legal work. If the buyer is obtaining a mortgage, or if a seller already has a mortgage, we will work with the Bank to progress the sale. As completion approaches we will prepare all the

necessary documentation and can act for the buyer and seller liasing between the two, contacting each party. On completion day we will attend the Notary with both parties, translate and ensure that matters progress smoothly. For the seller, we will calculate the 3% retention, calculate and advise regarding capital gains and plusvalia and fiscally represent you through the transaction. Finally, we will send you a letter to confirm that the matter has been completed, and handle the transfer of utilities, community charges and SUMA invoices given that the ownership of the property has changed. We charge 1,500€ as a package for both buyer and seller (that is 900€ Buyer and 600€ Seller - this is for the purchase/sale process other charges may apply for additional paperwork). This is discounted by 700€ from our normal rates. All prices exclude IVA. Contact Amanda on

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

NO AGENT - NO COMMISION JUST PAY YOURSELF! BUYING OR SELLING YOUR APARTMENT OR HOUSE PRIVATELY SO THERE ARE NO AGENT FEES? WE CAN HELP YOU WITH OUR FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE AND GIVE YOU THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO EXECUTE A SUCCESSFUL SALE. You pay us nothing but our legal fees. Why do you need us…? • We provide all the legal paperwork. • We draw up, translate and provide you with an office where you can sign the legally binding contracts. • You receive a professional “For Sale by Owner” sign for maximum exposure. • We hold the buyers deposits on account and issue legal receipts. • We help with negotiations. • Buyers and sellers are properly protected legally. • We translate for buyers and sellers (English, German, French, Bulgarian, Swedish). • We transfer all utilities to the new owner - electricity, water, community etc. • We provide Peace of Mind. • We provide you with an inventory form.

When a prospective buyer is interested in your property, contact us and we will arrange contracts, provide an impartial third party professional setting for you to meet, and progress the sale. And of course, with no agent fees, all the money paid by the buyer will be yours to keep! Alternatively, if you are looking to buy a house, and you will be contacting the owner direct, you can rely on us to help you through the purchase process and ensure everything is legal. You can expect excellent service, proper contracts, and also a better price, as the owner doesn't have to pay a large percentage of the purchase price to an agent! If you sell your home yourself, without

the assistance of a real estate agent, you can save a bundle on commissions. No law requires you to hire an estate agent when you sell a house. Some work you can do yourself, however, to sell your house privately, you need to deal with the legalities also, which is virtually impossible to do by yourself in Spain. We will take of this side for you. We can represent the buyer and seller, all the way through the negotiation stages providing a third party environment to meet, assistance with the preparation of the purchase contract and dealing with checking the paperwork, obtaining documents from the buyer and seller and providing the vital liaison between the two, fiscal representation and translation

at the Notary on completion. The most common way in which property is purchased is by way of a contract prepared by the seller's estate agent, and signed at the estate agent's office. We have property contracts that you can use for your private purchase/sale. If you have already signed the Contract Note or Contract of Sale, you should send a copy to our office. Once we have dealt with the contract for you, we will obtain documents relating to the property from the Seller and commence the legal work. If the buyer is obtaining a mortgage, or if a seller already has a mortgage, we will work with the Bank to progress the sale.

As completion approaches we will prepare all the necessary documentation and can act for the buyer and seller liasing between the two, contacting each party. On completion day we will attend the Notary with both parties, translate and ensure that matters progress smoothly. For the seller, we will calculate the 3% retention, calculate and advise regarding capital gains and plusvalia and fiscally represent you through the transaction. Finally, we will send you a letter to confirm that the matter has been completed, and handle the transfer of utilities, community charges and SUMA invoices given that the ownership of the property has changed.

We charge 1,500€ as a package for both buyer and seller (that is 900€ Buyer and 600€ Seller - this is for the purchase/sale process - other charges may apply for additional paperwork). This is discounted by 700€ from our normal rates. All prices exclude IVA. Contact Amanda on

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22 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

‘You Can’t Be Serious’ is a weekly tongue in cheek look at the world through Bernie Comaskey’s eyes. With kind permission of the Westmeath Examiner.

I HATE DRIVING - IN A ROUNDABOUT SORT OF WAY I am sure that many of you must have wondered at some time or other as to the severity of the lurch in the tummy felt by the look-out on the Titanic when he caught first sight of the looming iceberg. Talk to me and I shall explain that very same sensation to you, because I get it every time I see an unexpected roundabout approaching. An iceberg would be easier to navigate around than some of these superduper modern random roundabouts. I hated roundabouts long before Lorraine Keane turned the rest of the country against them by renaming them “rhindabites”. The fact of the matter is that I was traumatised by one of those yokes way back in the sixties; and I’ll tell you all about it in a minute if you can hang on here. Approaching the roundabout you are familiar with is bad enough, but am I the only driver whose hands sweat like a dog’s tongue and a nerve starts to twitch over my left eye-lid as I approach the dreaded manmade island which is right in the middle of where I want to go? The overhead hanging signs advise you as to which lane to stay in. I am not exiting until the third or fourth exit, so I do what I’m told and remain in the right-hand lane. Half the traffic in the left-hand lane does not disappear as expected on first or second exit and won’t let me back in when it comes to my turn to get the bloody hell out of there … sorry about the bad language, folks; but you are lucky this is only the replay. The dictionary will tell you that a roundabout is a

type of road junction or calming device (‘calming device, is it!’) that leads traffic around a central island, after yielding to circulating traffic. Sounds simple and sensible when you read it like that, doesn’t it? The road traffic experts will tell us how much better it is for traffic flow to have roundabouts rather than traffic-lights at intersections. Well then if this be so – and these boys must surely know something, how in the name of all creatures great and small, can they explain new-fangled roundabouts with up to six sets of traffic lights to negotiate as you dizzily dally while deciding what to do next. The first roundabout was invented in New York in 1904. My first tangle with a roundabout took place in England in 1965 I was a recently qualified, cabhappy, twenty-one years old bus driver employed by Birkenhead Corporation to drive double-deck buses and help make life easier for the ordinary people of Merseyside. I was some bus-driver because, unknown to my superiors, I didn’t know my way around the routes when I was turned loose on those unsuspecting wretches. I was depending on my experienced conductor to keep an eye on where I was going and direct me from the glass hatch at the back of the cab. The number 10 was (still could be, for all I know) an easy route to follow, from Rock Ferry to New Brighton as I recall. About half way you went around St. James’s Church, which was positioned dead centre in the middle of the way,

with about five streets converging on the church from all directions. If you are wondering how I can remember such detail after all these years, you have not been paying attention, because I told you I remain traumatised by what happened next. My conductor was busy collecting fares (for the teas!) and only realised something was wrong when he felt sort of dizzy from the circling, while I waited for he to come and tell me which road I should take. I think I only went around four times, before twenty or so of the passengers started screaming at him and he came to the hatch and straightened me out. By the time we got to the depot, the conductor, whose name I can’t remember, so we’ll just call him Judas, had told the other crews that we went around the church eight times and by that evening in The Farmers Arms, the clinic next door to the depot, ‘Paddy’ had gone around saint James’s Church twenty-six times. Me and roundabouts never got on since that day. However things balance out in life and in more recent years I have had a roundabout called after me … well, in a roundabout sort of way that is: The roundabout at La Zenia, where we founded the world famous Paddy’s Point Pub, was the first one on the N332 between Alicante and Cartagena, which is a 100 kilometre stretch. It naturally became known as ‘Paddy’s Point Roundabout’ and is still called that name by a great number of people; even thought over the past dozen years the numbers of both

roundabout and pubs has increased by the hundreds: Only the one can be first though. It is many a morning that first roundabout was decorated by a car sitting on its roof on top it or the tracks of where some guy tried to tunnel through it. I wish I could say nobody got killed, but that would not be the truth. Most lesser accidents on roundabouts are caused by drivers ‘rear-ending’ the car in front of them, because most are watching the traffic going around and not the one coming in, or which has to slow down suddenly. One of my on-going hobby-horses is that traffic indicators are not being used properly by half the drivers on today’s roads and nowhere is this more evident than on the roundabout. Born on the edge of Drumcree Bog, I never expected to be subjected to anything like these challenging circles of chaos. I have never adapted well to anything other than straight lines and this is why I am off now to catch a train!

Stupid mistakes are made by other drivers – we only make “not a thing I could do’s”

CAMPOVERDE CHARITY LUNCHEON A luncheon for AECC was recently held at the El Clavel Restaurant in Campoverde, raising a total of €774 for the cancer charity. €400 of this was kindly donated by Ray, the owner of the restaurant, the other €374 was made up of donations and proceeds from the raffle that was held. Pamela Blanden from the Campoverde branch of AECC, organiser of the event, also wants to remind people in the


CASHMORE, Alan Gilbert. Sadly and suddenly on 4th July. Much loved father to Malcolm and Deborah, grandfather to Stuart, Amy and Matthew and father-in-law to Wendy and Andrew. Reunited with his beloved Betty. Funeral to take place at Tanatorio de Guardamar Tel: 966 727 245 on Friday 13th July at 10.00 am. All are welcome. Cremation in Rojales. Wake to be advised.

area that the AECC Office is open every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10am to 12pm to make appointments for Smear, Mammogram and Prostate Cancer testing. The office can be found in the Europa Building at the entrance to Campoverde, but will be closed for the whole of August. However, people can still contact Pamela on 966848353 during this time.

MOVIES IN ENGLISH The IMF cinema in Torrevieja (beside ‘Habaneras’ shopping centre) is once again showing movies in English. This week, it is popular family favourite, Ice Age with the fourth installment of the movie - Ice Age Continental Drift. The movies in English are show in ‘original version’ or V.O. which means that although they have been dubbed in Spanish, can be enjoyed in English by wearing a pair of headphones in the cinema. The wireless headphones transmit the original film soundtrack directly to the viewer so you can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies on the big screen, in your own language. A refundable deposit of €20 and identification (passport, drivers licence, etc) is required to borrow the headphones. Ice Age Continental Drift (La Edad de Hielo 4 V.O.) Manny, Diego and Sid embark upon another adventure after their

continent is set adrift. Using an iceberg as a shop, they encounter sea creatures and battle pirates as they explore a new world. Feedback Management at the IMF cinema are keen to continue screening movies in English and revealed to the CoastRider that they would like to dedicate one entire screen to showing movies in English all year round (with no need for headphones the movies would be screened entirely in English). To do this, they have asked us to ask our readers for feedback would you be interested in going to the cinema? What sort of movies would you like to see? Any ideas or feedback on how the IMF cinema can make your viewing experience enjoyable can be sent to and we will pass on your remarks.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Matt (9) and Sarah (11) love Mam, Dad and all your family in Spain x

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AQV012 FK - 12.000 BTU (INVERTER) AQV09 PSA - 9.000 BTU 565€ (INVERTER)






1.249€ YE 09 JKE (INVERTER)


ONLY 24db











9.000 BTU COLD 12.000 BTU HOT


Unit fixed



HSU 12 HEM 03/RZ 12.000 BTU 538€




ASD 07 URC 9.000 BTU



HSU 12HEKO3/R2 12.000 BTU




Tel: 619 93 33 21 or 622 45 44 52 • Tel/Fax: 965 710 903 • email:

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Album Of The Week Alison Moyet - The Singles

Released 27th June 1995 on the Columbia/Sony Music label Time to feature a great album that came out in the 90s, Single is the name of British Born singer Alison Moyet’s greatest hits album which includes unreleased tracks ‘The first time ever I saw your face’ and ‘Solid Wood’, as well as tracks from the 80s group Yazoo. Born Genevieve Alison Jane Moyet in Essex began her pop career in 1982 aged 21, she formed the synth-pop due Yazoo with Vince


MUSIC NEWS Amy Winehouse fans will be pleased to hear that more album releases are due according to her dad Mitch. The Rehab hit-maker hit the top of the album charts last year in December after the release of Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Amy died in July of 2011. Her dad said that fans could be hearing even more of her material in the future. “There are loads of covers, loads of them” he added, “but the problem is we don’t want to rip anybody off. When her fans are so precious to us we don’t want to put out dross.” Madonna broke down in tears in a concert in Germany over the weekend during a slowed down version of the song ‘Like A Virgin’. The pop star is on her MDNA tour and has already hit the headlines after flashing a nipple

Clark former Depeche Mode member. Yazoo had a string of hits such as ‘Only You’, ’Don’t Go’, ‘Situation’ and ‘Nobody’s Diary’. In 1984 she went solo after the duo disbanded and had a number 1 album with Alf which had three international hits singles ‘Love Resurrection’, ‘Invisible’ and ‘All Cried Out’. This album will be featured in Sarah Simpson’s Brunch Time Show on Sunshine FM between 11am - 2pm.

in Turkey and bared her bottom in Rome, but stunned fans with an emotional concert in Berlin on Saturday 31st June. She dropped to her knees on stage whilst singing a haunting rendition of ‘Like a Virgin’ and openly cried in front of the crowd, she then carried on with the rest of the concert. Rihanna had to scrap an appearance at the Rock in Rio festival in Madrid after her beloved grandmother lost her battle with cancer. The grieving singer went ahead with a concert in Sweden but came under fire after her performance with many suggesting that she was drunk. Rihanna has now decided to take time off to grieve and has shared her grief on Twitter.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Maroon 5 - Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Chris Brown - Don´t Wake Me Up Will.I.Am - This Is Love (feat. Eva Simons) Flo Rida - Whistle Stooshe - Black Heart rudumental - Feel The Love (feat. john Newman) 7. fun. - We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) 8. Coldplay & Rihanna - Princess Of China 9. Kary Perry - Wide Awake 10. Cheryl - Call My Name 11. Carly Rea Jepsen - Call Me Maybe 12. Labrinth - Express Yourself 13. Taio Cruz - There She Goes (feat. Pitbull) 14. Train - Drive By 15. Rihanna - Where Have You Been 16. Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm 17. Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) 18. Paloma Faith - Picking Up The Pieces 19. Usher - Scream 20. Nicki Minaj - Starships

IRISH CHARTS - TOP 20 1. Flo Rida - Whistle 2. Maroon 5 - Payphone (feat Wiz Khalifa) 3. Will.I.Am - This Is Love (feat. Eva Simons) 4. fun - We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) 5. Cheryl - Call My Name 6. Chris Brown - Don’t Wake Me Up 7. Katy Perry - Wide Awake 8. Coldplay & Rihanna - Princess Of China 9. Loreen - Euphoria 10. Train - Drive By 11. Nicki Minaj - Starships 12. Rihanna - Where Have You Been 13. Carly Rea Jepsen - Call Me Maybe 14. Marina & the Diamonds - Primadonna 15. Stooshe - Black Heart 16. Flo Rida - Wild Ones (feat. Sia) 17. The Wanted - Chasing The Sun 18. Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm 19. Ed Sheeran - Small Bump 20. David Guetta - Titanium (feat. Sia)

CUSTOMER PROFILE Eazylawns is the leading specialist in the trend for artificial grass that is taking the costas by storm. Forget 80s astro-turf and cheap-looking plastic turf, Eazylawns provides high quality artificial lawns that are so realistic no-one can tell the difference from real grass. Eazylawns was born of necessity; A client was looking for a solution to the common problem in Spain – how to make a lawn green and keep it green. Through the businesses extensive experience in garden maintenance, the team put together a program of watering, scarifying, fertilising, hollow-tining and cutting. This method was extremely costly, time consuming and far from fool-proof. Then they considered artificial grass. Eazylawns sourced several different types and were not impressed. Most of what they saw looked totally unrealistic and the level of service and expertise left more than a little to be desired. This inspired the team to develop its own product. Eazylawns products are produced in the UK and the business covers the Costa Blanca, although it has undertaken projects as far afield as Valencia and Marbella. The business offers a free full consultation and quotation service and works closely with each customer on the design and installation process. Once agreed, the installation is prompt and efficient, leaving the site clean and tidy. Artificial grass is safe and has a low abrasion index, providing a soft landing if there should be an accident. It is realistic and can be adapted to all areas, surfaces, uses and budgets and it comes with an five year guarantee. Put simply artificial lawns are

practical, environmentally friendly, cost effective and convenient. Added to that is the sheer quality and realistic look of this product, it really does have to be seen to be believed. So, whether it’s a tennis court, putting green, communal lawn, picnic area or private garden, Eazylawns will make sure your grass is greener all year round. In addition to artificial turf, Eazylawns offers a complete garden design service, this includes: paths and patios, planting, irrigation systems, borders, outside lighting, and rockeries. For further information on any of the above, call 636 102 509, email: or visit: Mireille Toddington

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client,and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.

25 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

27 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

By Paul Mutter A column which takes a second look at some of the items that have occurred in the current and recent news; an opportunity to pause and ...reflect.

They have found it... probably They seek it here, they seek it there that damned elusive Higgs Boson. The announcement was made last week by the director-general of CERN Rolf Heuer, “we have a discovery.” What he was

referring to were the results from two research groups using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), that’s the enormous machine that looks like something out of ‘Stargate’, which very strongly suggested that the search for the Higgs Boson was over. The room was packed with research scientists and journalists. In fact there was not enough room for all the scientists to have a seat and be able to listen to the historic announcements. By the sound of the reports in the newspapers the following day most of the journalists present had little or no idea of the difference between a Higgs Boson and a big Mac. So what is all the fuss about? The Higgs Boson is a missing piece in the jigsaw to understand what matter is made of and how the universe functions. It can be thought of as a very small elementary particle but one that has a special place in the current theory of how the universe works called the Standard Model because it is a particle that gives everything else its mass. Without it everything would be flying around at the

speed of light and our existence would be impossible. In fact without it the theory dos not work and a new explanation would have to be looked for. Some commentators have drawn an analogy between the Higgs Boson and the energy field that accompanies it, the Higgs field, with treacle. Other particles travelling through the treacle find a resistance slowing them down and it is this that we can think of is giving the particles mass. In common terminology we would call it weight although this is not technically correct but will do to explain the principles of what is going on. It was six scientists back in 1964 who predicted the Higgs Boson as being necessary in order to put the finishing touches to the Standard Model. It has taken almost 50 years for that prediction to be proved, at least the scientists feel fairly confident it has been. So why has it taken so long? One of the reasons is the very high energy required to discover this elusive particle. At the time almost 50 years ago there was not a machine capable of generating the energies required to discover the Higgs Boson. It needed the massive investment in the Large Hadron Collider to build a ‘particle smashing’ machine powerful enough for the search to be undertaken. Even then the work is extremely complicated and difficult. The Higgs boson only exists for the tiniest moments of time before it decays into other particles. Its existence therefore has to be inferred from the decay pattern. Even now, despite the high probability the discovery has been made scientists working on the project are still insistent that further results and analysis is necessary for the proof to be conclusive. So, as one of the journalists at the briefing asked, what does it all matter to us mere mortals? What the particle physicists at CERN are involved with seems so remote

from our everyday problems of living and the current economic crisis. One answer is that fundamental research as it is called pushes back the boundaries of understanding and knowledge and in the bow wave behind that leading-edge we eventually gain benefits through new technology that should improve our quality of life. The ceaseless questioning of why we are here and what's it all about is part of the very essence of us as human beings. Does this discovery mean that science as we know it now has all the answers? No, already many are saying discovery of the Higgs Boson may be the end of one phase but the start of another yet more exciting and complicated stage trying to resolve a few more unanswered questions. Whether there is a final answer and whether we as humans are capable of discovering it is an open question but for the moment pure science has made an extremely important further step along the way.

Joined up writing unravelling An interesting survey carried out by online stationer Docmail has raised the question as to whether or not we are all forgetting how to write. They found in their research that a typical adult has not written anything for about six weeks. With so many of us spending so many hours each day at the keyboard of a PC or laptop it is perhaps not surprising that when we have something to communicate it is through the computer keyboard or our mobile phone that we do it rather than hand writing a note; and with the advent of touchscreens and speech recognition software that is

New Orihuela Town Hall website unveiled

The Councillor responsible for the modernisation of the administration, Martina Scheurer, has launched the new-look municipal website. In order to keep costs low, the revamp has been undertaken by current employees of the city of Orihuela, but the government team is delighted with the results and hopes that all residents, of all nationalities across the municipality will take a look. The website address remains and the site Website re-launched can also be accessed through all the major search engines used buy councillor and department. those surfing the net. The councillor Each department has contributed to admitted that the improvements had the look and content of the site. The taken a considerable amount of time, home page will show the key events but defended the staff responsible for happening across the municipality, working on the project because they such as the fiestas of the Reconquest. also had to continue with their usual The departments each have their own jobs. The new site has a contact page, such as culture, local police and mailbox, which will be expanded to tourism. These can be accessed from provide a mailbox relevant to each the home page via a link that takes the

visitor to that departments section of the website. At the bottom of the home page, there are different icons that connect to other municipal services, such as the Circus Theatre, Conservatory of Music and Amovens platform dedicated to vehicle sharing. Scheurer stressed that the website has been designed to be a useful source of information for local residents and visitors alike; with everything from events and sightseeing to official forms and procedures. It is hoped that several key interactions between citizens and the Town Hall will now be able to be completed on-line at home or via a mobile internet connection. To reflect the international make-up of the municipality the website can be viewed in several languages including: English, Catalan, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Mireille Toddington

increasingly accurate even the days of the computer keyboard may be numbered. A total of 2,000 people took part in the Docmail survey and two thirds of them said that they rarely write and when they do write by hand it is only for ‘hastily scribbled reminders or notes’. More than half of those surveys admitted that the quality of their handwriting had declined. The managing director of Docmail, Dave Broadway, believes that the general decline in handwriting has come about from the need for convenience and communication that is clear and speedy. He believes that handwriting ‘will always carry a sentimental value’ but has to give way to other methods when it comes to efficiency and speed. The results of the survey paint an interesting picture as far as the future is concerned with presumably progressively more and more people becoming less used to handwriting and more involved with keyboards, dictation straight to software, touchscreens and predictive text. What does this mean for the future of handwriting and what does Dave Broadway mean by handwriting having a sentimental value? Given the results of the survey where the majority of people

are using handwriting infrequently and for small minor uses then it seems much more likely that the future of handwriting will rest with those who see it as an art form, that is calligraphers. Dave has a much more optimistic view about technology than I do, declaring that technology puts everyone on a level playing field when it comes to the ability to communicate clearly.” Not sure I agree with Dave on that one but the medium certainly is the message. Text messaging and the use of e-mails is leading to the development of a “new” language, one that attempts to make creating the message even faster than it already is by shortening words and relying on the sounds of syllables to give meaning. In schools the creation of handwriting will be relegated to the art class and everyone will be taught speed typing by the age of five. Rather like a return to the Middle Ages written works will be produced slowly and with great skill. Unlike the work of the mediaeval monks however the purpose will not be to preserve and communicate the knowledge contained in their writing but to preserve what will become the ancient art of forming letters.

Do You Need help? Do you live alone? Call Help At Home Costa Blanca on 698 779 287 We are caring members of the local community whose aims are to provide a little FREE Help At Home following assessment. Voluntary Carers, some of whom are medically qualified, to help people of all ages, in their own homes. Home Help / Respite Care / Social Services / Welfare advice We also offer our clients by arrangement: Transport to Hospital or Doctor’s appointments. Mobility Equipment. If long term care is required, we offer advice and support for help from the Social Services and Caritas, Orihuela Costa / Torrevieja, including Nursing / Care Home provision. This help is offered FREE and subject to resources available to the charity.

We Need You! We need volunteers to help those in need of a little FREE help at home short term to cover Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, Rojales, Quesada, San Luis, La Siesta and La Marina areas. Retired experienced Nurses who can offer NVQ Carer skills for clients in need. Spanish / English speaking Nurses to offer qualified nursing care in the client’s own home. Volunteer Home Helpers, Drivers, Translators and Respite carers who all are so valuable to our FREE service. Fund Raising Manager to raise funds to cover volunteers’ expenses and the costs of running the Charity. Call 603 245 020 for information to become a Volunteer or email . Charity Registration No: CV-01-048327-A

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Milton Express, promoters of Winning Express and the major shareholders of Sporting Arbitrage Ltd are in new hands. The company, founded originally in late 2009, has recently been purchased by Dubai-based Acquiro Trading International Ltd who intends to promote the business opportunity that is linked to their services, across the Costa Blanca. Access to the arbitrage facility will shortly only be available to members of Winning Express this will not be retrospective but residents on the Costa Blanca can now sample the services, and view the earnings potential, on a no obligation three month free trial. For those who do become subscribing members there is an opportunity to win a fabulous EIGHT DAY CRUISE FROM BARCELONA TO TUNEZ - NAPOLES ROMA - FLORENCE - MONACO - BARCELONA. DOUBLE CABIN, ALL TRAVEL COSTS INCLUDED AND 500 EUROS TOWARDS SPENDING MONEY. Which will be arranged in conjunction with Viajes Playa Flamenca. Details on the website Milton Express office is based at Sophia Business Centre, La Regia and they can be contacted on 965 322 863 whilst all administration duties are carried out by Admin Solutions (UK) Ltd; Velocity House; Tenter Street; Sheffield S1 4DE tel 0114 213 3539. 437

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CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

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32 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Dia del Pajaro in Orihuela HAH Costa The famous fiesta of the "Moros y Cristianos" - the Moors and Christians - which re-enacts the reconquest of Orihuela will take place in the city from 16th July until 23rd July. However, a further fiesta day and procession, one of the largest in the city, and one which is not very well known on the coast, is celebrated in Orihuela every year on 17th July. This fiesta is called "Dia del Pajaro" which literally translated means day of the bird.

between the Moros y Cristianos. The procession starts at 11:30 and lasts approximately two hours, coming to an end at the Town Hall where the flag with the Oriol will be raised and the Spanish National Anthem will be played. Luckily, the weekly bus service travels to Orihuela on a Tuesday, so this year the timing is perfect for the Oriol procession. Anyone interested in attending this very traditional Orihuela procession is requested to reserve a seat on the bus in plenty of time. Playa

This is a very important fiesta day in Orihuela when the Oriol - a large bird which is depicted on the flag of Orihuela - takes part in a long procession through Orihuela and is then brought back to the balcony of the Town Hall. Due to the length of the parade it is possible to watch the procession practically from every street corner. The procession is accompanied by music and members of groups who re-enact the battles

Flamenca Town Hall can only organise transport for the number of people who have reserved their seats beforehand. The price of the return ticket to Orihuela is the usual price of â‚Ź4.90. The bus will depart from the Mercadona roundabout at Playa Flamenca at 9:00am and depart Orihuela at 4:00pm for the return journey. Please contact the Tourist Office on 966 760 000 ext: 32 or call in person to reserve your seat(s).

Blanca News New Charity Shop open in Orihuela Costa in aid of Help At Home Costa Blanca. The shop can be found at 409 Calle Niagara 2, Playa Flamenca near the Flamenca Beach Commercial Centre. Opening hours 10.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Donated new and nearly new clothing, shoes, bags and bric a brac. Pop along and find a real bargain. The Help At Home CB Advice Bureau is open from 10.30 to 2pm Monday to Friday, 409 Calle Niagara 2, Playa Flamenca near the Flamenca Beach Commercial Centre. We offer FREE help at home to those in need of short term care and in these times of economic crisis, we can refer you to our partner Caritas Orihuela Costa if you are in need of emergency welfare help and the local Social Services for disability/carers and/or welfare benefits etc. For more information and to make an appointment contact:

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Benefit for Rockin Lou Lou


ukebox Promotions have arranged a benefit night for Rockin Lou Lou (Louise) who, along with her father Ravin Rupert, was injured in a recent accident. She is in Torrevieja hospital and may be there for some time with open fractures and bad leg damage. She will not be able to sing or work for a long time. The benefit show will take place on Sunday 29th July at Viloriens Restaurant in Rojales at 8.30pm (seating at 8.00pm). Tickets are just 5 Euros There will be a couple of great fundraising competitions on

times of need. Andy Jones, Red Strokes, Ravin Rupert (Louise’s Dad who was also injured in the accident), Tony Kelly and Jukebox Legends. Other acts may join the show and it's going to be a fantastic night at this fantastic restaurant courtyard so please book now as tickets are limited. Tickets at the venue or call 695135134. See a poster of the show at Viloriens will also have a fantastic pre-show meal deal on offer at just 14.95₏ for four courses plus a glass of wine inclusive for this show.

the night. Viloriens have offered a very high quality meal with Cava along with a great menu del dia too - both for two people - and Jukebox Promotions have added two free tickets to one of their Elvis 35th Anniversary tour events in August. This is just one of the great things happening and ALL proceeds will go to the benefit (including net ticket money). The following acts have kindly offered to perform on the night and we thank them very much for helping a "stricken colleague" in

This will be at 7.00pm for those that want to book it. Talk to the venue to book this deal on 966712263. Peter Day, from Jukebox Legends says "This was a particularly bad accident and Louise will be out of action for at least a year. Rupert has lesser injuries but has been badly bruised and cut. We are only too happy to arrange this benefit night for Louise and hope that the public will come along and support it as so many of the top local acts have".

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Great Days Out relaunch website David and Jessica Hayes have been contributing to the CoastRider for over a year, writing our ‘Great Days Out’ column – a fortnightly feature on interesting things to do in the local region and suggestions for some great, credit crunch friendly, days out for all the family. Having recently rebranded and relaunched their own website, we caught up with the dynamic duo to find out why, and how they became travel writers...

When did you start travel writing and why? Thinking back we can say that we started travel writing when we were working as resort managers for Crystal Holidays in their Ski and Lakes and Mountains programme, as we had to produce an information book about the local area for each hotel. When we moved to Spain we continued with the tourism theme and started offering property management. In order that owners and guests could find their way around the local area and visit places of interest, we produced a basic pack of directions, known as The Orientation, on a turn left, turn right, continue straight on, basis. Following on from this, we wrote, published and subsequently sold out of the “Hayes Guide to the Costa Blanca South” guidebook.

When was your ‘old’ website downloadmytravelguide established – did it enjoy much success? Downloadmytravelguide went live in January of 2011. It was a great first step into the world of websites and we had lots of positive feedback, which you can read in the Testimonial section of eurotourguide - our information even helped one couple decide where to buy their house, and stopped another couple from selling theirs as they never realised quite how much there was to see and do in the area until reading our website!

You have a book and a TV programme too. Can you tell me a bit more about that? The Hayes Guide was a real challenge. The Orientation had directions covering a very small

area, but we had to make the book relevant to a larger geographical area in order for it to be a viable enterprise. Having overcome that issue by developing our own maps, we then had to decide where to include and where to leave out! Settling on a publication size of 150 pages helped us and the book rolled off the printing press in May 2009. Part of our marketing involved making a 5 part TV series with VivaTV which covered some of the locations featured in the guidebook. This was great fun as not only did we plan the filming days and write the scripts, but we presented the series ourselves too. Richard from VivaTV was really easy to work with, giving us tons of encouragement and artistic direction as well as doing all the filming, editing and producing. You can see all five programmes (2½ hours worth) on the new website in the ETGtv Costa Blanca South under Local Area and Days Out.

Why have you chosen to change your website? During the past year or so the website has grown and naturally developed in directions we didn't originally think of, with the addition of extra features like the hugely popular Calendar of Events. We also wanted to add more functionality and provide a better user experience by offering things like My Favourites. For this the website required an upgrade and, not being a couple who do things by halves, we decided that nothing other than a complete rebuild would do! The old name had become irrelevant, as we initially intended just to recreate the Hayes Guidebook as an online version which could be downloaded, so we thought we might as well change that too! Hence a new name, new branding, new colours, new layout, new functionality, well new everything really!

Do you travel to all these places yourselves? Yes, we have visited every single place and taken every single photo that appears in the travel guides ourselves!

Is it a bit of a vocation – do you enjoy it? We love it! Although neither of us have had any

Do friends and family always expect fabulous days out with you two when they visit? Once a tour guide, always a tour guide! We love showing off the area where we live and the many excellent events that can be enjoyed here. Friends and family get no choice - we take them out and about with us, and often don't have to go very far to find some delightful experience.

Do you think that people are looking at days out and short breaks now more than ever because of the financial climate? Sierra Callosa January 2012. official tourism, writing, photographing or computing training or qualifications we both have lots of enthusiasm, heaps of passion, total dedication and the desire to share the many great things to see and do here with everybody! Maybe we go slightly over the top sometimes, like getting up at 4:00am to go to an early morning parade of Moors and Christians in Alcoy starting at 05:45, but it was well worth it!

Who takes the photos and who makes the notes? Or do you take it in turns. (Jessica) We both have our very specific areas of expertise and skills, so don't tend to take things in turn. David generally plans the days out and does the driving, whilst I do the writing up and inputting of the information. When it comes to photographs it depends on the subject - David is great at photos with people; I'm much better at landscapes!

How do you find working together as husband and wife (I only ask because I would kill mine!)

Apart from a brief spell in the UK, we have been working together for 15 years now. It is great (most of the time) and we wouldn't have it any other way. We know each other so well we can't even play the Liar, Liar board game.

What Glass Slipper? The Truth is out there Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella once she had married her prince? We are left to make up our own minds and most of us imagine that they had a blissful marriage and as they say "lived happily ever after" If you want to know the truth, if you can face the truth, keep an eye out for Stagestrucks next production "Happily ever after ? " A Stagestruck spokesperson told the CoastRider, “We will show you the true story so please spare the younger children, we don't want to shatter their beliefs. If you're big enough to watch what really happened, we are prepared to show you. You must clear your minds of all fairy story propaganda that has been fed to you since childhood. Grow up and realise that happy endings rarely happen.” Will Cinderella come to her senses? Have the ugly sisters had

cosmetic surgery? Stagestruck! have all the answers and more. If you enjoyed Ancient Grease, don't miss "Happily Ever After?" Could you be our Cinderella? As Charlotte Church is unfortunately busy this December we have a vacancy. Are you 40ish? can you sing or hum in tune? Can you see yourself in this dress? (see photo). If all the answers to these questions are "yes" then please phone Stella on 966 786 154 or Ellen on 627 887 010. Dates and times of the show to be announced.

Times are tough financially, so keeping it local is a great way to save money. As one of our neighbours recently said 'why do I need to go on holiday when I have so much on my doorstep?' We most definitely agree, especially as after 6 years we are still finding new and exciting things to enjoy!

What is next for EuroTourGuide? There are many new and exciting developments and improvements in the pipeline! We will continue to add new functions to the website and will be releasing our Places to Stay section very soon. This new section will feature properties for rent which will sit alongside the many places of interest and events, thus creating a unique way to market it to possible renters. If you, your friends, your neighbours or anyone you know would like to include a property on our website, simply sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about our opening offer! Most importantly we will keep focused, motivated and providing you, our users with information to enable you to easily enjoy exploring! Now a question for you from David and Jessica of Where do you like to go and what have you discovered in the local area which isn't on our website? Fill in your suggestions on the Contact Us Form which is located at the bottom of the webpage, and let us share your idea on our website and via the CoastRider Newspaper.

La Siesta Anglican Church BBQ In view of the many local events organised to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at the beginning of June the La Siesta Anglican Church Community decided to delay their celebrations until Thursday 28th June. And so on this day over 60 people gathered in the church

grounds to celebrate with a Jubilee BBQ. Sitting amongst the trees on a very warm evening as well as enjoying the food and drink they were entertained with music and song provided by Cathy Carson and TAABS. At the conclusion of the BBQ a giant Jubilee cake was cut by Cathy and TAABS and everyone had the opportunity to have a slice washed down with a glass of Champagne. Thanks to the generosity of those attending this very successful BBQ raised a magnificent € 745 for the Anglican Chaplaincy funds.

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CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

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Non-residents owed an estimated £400 million in overpaid inheritance tax


TAX LOOPHOLE means that thousands of Brits have been overcharged almost one hundred per cent inheritance tax by the Spanish tax authorities for properties and assets they have inherited here in Spain according to a legal team working on behalf of non-resident clients. The group has estimated that over 40,000 UK families may be affected owed on average roughly £10,000 each. The issue has arisen over the different treatment regarding inheritance tax between residents and non-residents. The exact amount due under Spanish inheritance tax is complicated but non-residents can pay up to 34% of the inherited property value whereas residents living here in Spain often end up paying very little indeed. This unequal treatment led the European Commission to take Spain before the European Court of Justice in March this year. The Commission believes that the current Spanish inheritance tax rules go against EU treaties regarding the treatment of residents and nonresidents who are nonetheless citizens of the European Union. It is expected there will be a favourable ruling to non-residents which may force the Spanish tax authorities to reimburse those that have been affected and have lodged appeals with them. There is however a time limit on making a legitimate claim and lodging an appeal which must be made no later than four years from the actual date the tax payment was made. For anyone who thinks they might be affected it is

therefore imperative they make a claim before the time limit is reached. The team working on this issue is the same team that worked to plug the capital gains tax (CGT) loophole which led to 90,000 UK families being overcharged an estimated £283 million. Luis Cuervo of Spanish legal reclaims said, “we have successfully represented more than 1000 UK citizens in the CGT reclaim and we are currently starting to represent UK families in their bid to reclaim the money that has been wrongly taken from them through inheritance tax. Taking quick action is important as the right to claim may expire.” Anyone interested in making a claim or wishing to discuss the matter further can find out more from the team's website at Paul Mutter

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Body of fire-fighting helicopter pilot found in Valencia HE BODY OF THE HELICOPTER PILOT who crashed when fighting the fire in Valencia last Monday, has been found in the Forata reservoir. He has been named as 59 year old José Agustín Nieva Gómez, who was born in Madrid, and lived in Sevilla. He was married and had two children, two of whom are National Police Agents. He was a member of the BRIF from Daroca, Zaragoza, and was a veteran with 4,000 hours of air-time. A search by 63 Guardia Civil, Firemen and Divers from the Emergency Military Unit took place the morning after the crash and the body was found at about noon. A kerosene stain on the ground gave the pointer to the wreckage which was at a depth of 16 metres and closer to the dam than previously thought. One of the fires in Valencia, at Cortes de Pallás, is described as being ‘in a good situation’ and the other at

Andilla no longer has flames. According to the Government Councillor, 28,643 hectares were destroyed in the Cortes de Pallás area, and another 19,940 were lost in Andilla. It’s a total number of hectares affected of 48,583. A 57 year old man who is thought to have started the fire in Andilla has been detained. He is accused of starting the fire when burning stubble. The two arrested for the fire at Cortés de Pallás are on provisional release. The latter two are accused of negligence when installing solar panels in a house. Local politicians, however, were united in blaming other factors for the devastating wildfire, among them a 13-percent reduction in the fire-fighting budget in the region. Prevention, the mantra goes, is the best form of defence. “The problem is that the mountain has not been cleaned,” said Popular Party mayor of Yátova, Rafael Lisarde through

Karaoke Fun On 22nd June HELP Murcia Mar Menor held a BBQ and Karaoke at the Club de Regatas in the Port, Los Urrutias and it proved to be a very enjoyable evening. €183 was raised, which is added to the income made by HELP from its various events, raffles, auctions, car boot and donations. The karaoke competition proved to be very popular and was won by Vic Hibbs. Graham, Mick and Bernard teamed up to form “The Three Stooges” and were awarded the wooden spoon. Don’t give up the day job boys!

tears. “It becomes a tinderbox if it is not cleaned. I’ve been saying the same thing for years but it doesn’t have any effect. I don’t want emergency fire brigades, I want brigades that expurgate the pines, that remove the bushes and that collect wood so that there are no fires. It would also create jobs for people in the village. What good does it do me when helicopters pass by with important people in them when the mountain in my village has already been burned?” HELP NEEDED The pilot died after reinforcements poured into the areas of Valencia province ravaged by one of the worst wildfires to break out in Spain in the past decade. Shortly after the first crash was confirmed, a second accident involving another helicopter was reported. The authorities stated that both crew members of the stricken craft were “conscious” and being treated by the emergency services. Both helicopters were part of the Forest Fire Reinforcement Brigades drafted in from across the country to help with the effort to contain the blazes, which began the previous Friday in the municipalities of Cortes de Pallás and Andilla and have charred more than 48,000 hectares of prime pine forest, causing the evacuation of some 300 residents of surrounding villages. The displaced were able to return to their homes on Monday as the fires were largely brought under control by the massive deployment of fire-fighters, military personnel, emergency brigades, police and civil guards. In total more than 1,800 people are engaged in the battle against the fires, which have been fuelled by high temperatures, winds of up to 70 kilometres per hour and unseasonably low humidity. Mireille Toddington

CRIME – awareness and prevention

By Gary Brothwell, a retired Police Officer with a total 35 years of Military Police and front-line Civil Police experience. Part of a series of articles written by Gary Brothwell for the CoastRider to help readers, their families and friends from becoming the victims of crime here on the Costas and elsewhere.

THE CRIMES TO BE DISCUSSED! I am relying on experience and not statistics in my assumption that, for expats the current front runners are; 1. Theft from the Person Including; a. Handbag or Baggage Snatch from the person or occupied vehicle. b. Robbery with violence in the street. c. Bogus Police Officers. d. Motorway Crimes. e. Pick-pockets. f. Cash Dispenser & Credit card Fraud 2. Burglary. INSTINCTIVE REFLEX! We are alive because we are survivors! That is an achievement so take time to give ourselves a pat on the back. How have we managed this? The answer is that nature has equipped us with survival instincts and reflexes (unfortunately the criminals have the same powers). Fight or Flight Reflex; when faced with an obvious threat our body automatically prepares for action to run or to fight. Whilst we come to a reactive decision our heart rate increases, the flow of blood is increased to essential muscle groups, our vision becomes more focused and our body-stance changes. We probably interpret these reactions as that of a fear response but

our appearance to others changes and we see changes in those individuals who are a threat, as they, in turn, react to our body signals. We read the verbal and non-verbal messages that we are giving off to each other and the ‘reaction decision’ is made on the evaluation of the threat. Why is this relevant? It is relevant because the professional criminal is aware that if he stimulates our fight or flight reflexes his chances of completing his intended crime is reduced and the risks to him are increased. It is unlikely he is thinking this from a scientific point of view but it is born of experience. Therefore, the professional criminal is going to factor in a strategy, to avoid activating our defence reflexes! Depending upon his intent he will seek to complete the crime without us knowing or he will try to complete the crime or subdue (control) us before the reflex is triggered in the victim. VICTIM DEFENCE STRATEGIES! 1. Avoid being the target. 2. If we suspect or know we are being targeted we have to be careful not to activate a violent response from the criminal. We are likely to do so if we enter into combat with him. We are

likely to do this by threatening to or embarking on a violent response towards the criminal that is aggravated because it threatens to or does block an escape and/or cause injury. However, there may be occasions we have to use force to break away or defend from injury! See 4 below. 3. Disrupting the criminal’s intent. This is best achieved by bringing immediate attention to the criminal. We don’t need to know the local word for HELP! We simply need to scream and shout at the same time holding our hands out in front, palm outwards, and retreating away from the threat. Embarrassment is a ‘socially conditioned trait’ do not be afraid to attract attention. Noise has the effect of attracting the attention of potential witnesses, the police and well intentioned Samaritans. If a personal attack alarm is being carried then activate it at the same time 4. It is important to remember that in the event we have to use force against the criminal, that causes him injury, then our actions make it plain to potential witnesses that we are the victim, we are under attack and that we are trying to avoid violence. These are impact factors that may justify our

use of force if we are later held accountable for our actions! PROXEMICS! Nature has provided us with ‘space awareness’ about our body. A space that if invaded, without consent can constitute a threat and trigger our fight or flight reflex. Above is a basic representation of those space zones. We have all experienced someone who might not be an obvious threat but who, without invitation, invades our ‘personal’ space from our ‘social’ space or our ‘intimate’ space from our ‘personal’ space. The result is that we feel uncomfortable and adjust position so that we recover the space we are most comfortable with. OR we change our body line to give off non-verbal signals that we are not comfortable. If the invasion of personal space continued we might well have escalated to fight or flight reflex.

THEFT FROM THE PERSON! In all cases the thief will have to enter our personal or intimate space in order to steal. Therefore, our main defence to this type of crime attack is to always maintain an awareness of our space and stop the criminal from entering it whenever possible. HOW DOES THE THIEF OVERCOME THE SPACE BARRIER? The thief has a number of arrows to his bow. 1. He gets us to invite him into the Intimate/Personal space. 2. He puts us into a situation allowing him to share the Intimate/Personal space. 3. He overcomes the Intimate/ Personal space by stealth. 4. He uses diversion. 5. He attacks in a confined area where space cannot exist. 6. He uses direct or indirect force. Next week – Crime and Social Conditioning, the Crime Triangle Don’t forget that all of Gary’s articles are on the CoastRider website so you can view or save the whole series. If you have any questions for Gary, please email

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Afghan Heroes Scoop Ultimate Tribute Show World famous tribute duo Tania and Darren Alboni will be at Los Rosales on Tuesday 17th July for a ONE TIME ONLY show. “The Ultimate Tribute Show” sells in the UK for upwards of £20 on a show only basis. The talented couple are coming to Spain for a much deserved holiday and wanted to help Afghan Heroes Charity and support our devoted and extraordinarily brave forces that serve in Afghanistan. Hot foot from the likes of Dubai and Egypt, you can see the most amazing tribute for an incredible 10 Euros AND that includes a meal. This is an offer that won’t be repeated and at that price tickets are flying out. Beautiful Tania is the official no 1 tribute to Amy Winehouse, and is so convincing, that she was Amy’s decoy. When Amy died Tania asked Amy’s father, if she should stop doing her in the show. Mitch Winehouse replied that he wanted her to “Carry on and keep the memory of Amy going”. Huge praise indeed! On her astounding repertoire will be the mega stars Cher, Shakira, Shania Twain and Karen Carpenter. Husband and “Stars in Their Eyes” winner Darren, has been described as, “more Mick Hucknell than Mick Hucknell!” You can also expect a jaw dropping Elvis and Roy Orbison to delight the audience. The line up and fantastic price of this international show means that a sell-out is assured. This is another Premier for Los Rosales in Guardamar who are proud to

support the bravery of forces who have given their lives in the line of duty. “Night Out Promotions” have very kindly donated as one of the superb raffle prizes for Afghan Heroes, 2 VIP tickets to see Joe Longthorne (MBE) live at Benidorm Palace later this year. For the best bargain you can get for 10 Euros and to show your support Afghan Heroes call Afghan Heroes Regional Co-ordinator Jax on 697501992 TICKET OUTLETS Los Rosales Restaurant – Guardamar – tel 606 192 691 The Postroom Benijofar Cards n More La Marina Card and gift shop Quesada Postbox – Dona Pepa Hire Centre – San Luis Or email

Doors open 7.30pm. Don’t miss out this is a once in a life time opportunity - Call TODAY!

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CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

43 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


Roast Pork loin with balsamic peaches By Paul Mutter

Ingredients for 4 people 1 kg Pork loin 3 Garlic cloves 2 Fresh peaches 3 sprigs of rosemary 2 tablespoons of butter Balsamic vinegar Salt and freshly ground pepper

Honey Olive oil Cous cous Sultanas Almonds Fresh Coriander or mint finely chopped

Method Start by preparing the pork loin. If you have bought it frozen and shrink-wrapped from the supermarket make sure it is properly defrosted by allowing it to defrost overnight. Rinse the joint in cold water and pat dry with some kitchen paper. Normally they are well prepared but if there is too much fat on the joint trim so that there is only a thin layer and if necessary remove any excessive silverskin which is the fine shiny membrane you also find on ribs. This is not vital and in the case of loin as opposed to ribs the silverskin is usually much thinner and in my experience is much more difficult to remove easily so it is not essential. Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Heat two tablespoons of oil in a roasting dish or oven capable dish on top of the cooker and when hot, brown the joint of meat on all its sides taking care not to let it stick too much to the bottom of the pan. A little bit of browning on the joint will do nicely as it adds to the flavour. When that is done, place into the hot oven for ten minutes and

Solmate Solar Energy Pool Heating System The Solmate swimming pool system we install is the best solar pool heating system avalilable on the market.

its flavour. If you are using the yellow clingstone peach you will need to partly cook it first to soften it up. Half the peaches and twist to release one of the halves. In the case of clingstone peaches you will need to cut the stone out. This can often easily be achieved by cutting the peaches further into quarters and twisting again. Place the peaches in a saucepan with a small amount of water and two tablespoons of honey. Bring to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Test their softness with a fork and take off the heat and put to one side. If you are using freestone eating peaches then you can simply quarter or cut into slices ready for the next stage. Place a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan and heat over a medium heat. When the butter is sizzling place the peaches in the pan and cook for about two or three minutes a side until they are lightly browned. Pour a little balsamic vinegar if using over the peaches and heat gently for two or 3 minutes reducing the vinegar slightly. Do not allow pan to

dry out, adding a little water if necessary. The roasting pan can now be deglazed to produce a little gravy. Warm the pan over medium heat and add a little water, using a wooden spoon to release the bits of cooked meat and juices that will be on the bottom of the pan. You can also add a little wine at this stage if you prefer which will help the process. When the bottom is cleaned, reduce the sauce a little and then add a tablespoon of butter. Swirl the pan gently to melt the butter and incorporate it into the sauce. Prepare the dish by cutting the meat, adding the peaches and tipping a little of the gravy over the meat. This dish goes extremely well with cous cous. You can enhance the cous cous by incorporating roasted almonds, sultanas, and finely chopped coriander or mint. Simply make up the cous cous as per the instructions on the packet and add the other ingredients to it mixing in thoroughly - nice alternative to a traditional Sunday roast.

Solmate Solar Energy Hot Water energy for life

The system was chosen to heat the swimming pool in the 1996 Atlanta and 2004 Athens Olympic games. It is excellent value for money and will ensure you and your family enjoy the luxury of swimming without the high costs associated with conventional heat pumps or gas boilers. No other heat source can match the Solmate solar system on performance, price, low running costs or expected life span. Solar in Spain is proud to be a member of the Spanish solar trade association, ASENSA and our system is covered by a 10-year guarantee but has an expected lifespan of over 25 years.

then add the peeled cloves of garlic and rosemary sprigs. Turn the oven down either to 180°C for about an hour or to 120ºC for a long slow cook for about an hour and a half; if slow cooking it is essential to have a meat thermometer to read the temperature inside the centre of the joint which should be around 65 68°C. Whichever method you use remove the joint from the oven when cooked, taking it out of its dish, and allow to rest for a quarter of an hour. While the joint is roasting you can prepare the peaches. The method used will depend on which type of peach you have. It is easier if you have the dessert or eating style of peach which is a freestone type of fruit where, as the name suggests it comes away from the stone very easily. These are also usually very sweet. However at this time of year certainly where I live there is a greater supply of the yellow clingstone peaches. This is the type of peach used to produce canned peaches and requires cooking to properly release


The benefits of installing a Solmate solar hot water system l

l l l l l l l

At least 85% of your household’s annual hot water requirement will be heated by solar energy l Average house uses 40% of the energy to heat water, so you save that amount monthly l All Solmate systems come with a 5 year guarantee. The system has a life expectancy of 25 years A Solmate system will, on average, pay for itself within 5 to 7 years Protect yourself against future fossil fuel price increases. Gas price has risen 30% in the last 2 years Built in immersion heater – no need for a separate gas or electric back-up system ISO 9001, CENER, Spanish Government and solar keymark certificated The system has a proven track record – in production since 1976 Environmentally friendly. The Solmate system uses energy from the sun rather fossil fuels Enamel rather than stainless steel tank to protect the system against poor water quality l Unrivalled after-sales service and support l All system are eligible for goverment grants and 100% finance

Act now, the grant application period for 2013 is due in July. If we manage to install your hot water system before August you receive the grant in May 2013.

La Finca Office: Calle Antonio Pedrera, Soler Parc RC23, Local 20, Urb. La Finca Golf, Commercial Centre, 03169, Algorfa, Alicante




CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

45 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

ESTATE AGENT SERVICE – ESTATE AGENTS – Please Read! ESTATE AGENTS have enough to do without chasing after town halls, notaries, utility companies and banks. Why not talk to us today about our range of money and time saving options exclusive to estate agents. These are the most popular choices for our property professionals using us are: 1) Conveyancing: Have your own conveyancing person. Pay us an hourly fee and we will only work for you. We charge you, or the client, (or you may wish to include our fee within your service to the client) by the hour

or week for legal work. We visit your office, pick up files and arrange completions and other paperwork you need, and do it just how you want it done. We will even sit in your office to help with queries and phone lawyers and banks. 2) Utilities: We can also assist with Iberdrola/Aguagest issues on an hourly basis, or queries regarding Habitation certificates etc. 3) Help desk: We visit your office for an afternoon or a couple of hours a week to act as a help desk for you with legal, tax, car and paperwork queries by your clients. We charge per hour for this. This will reflect well on your company and persuade clients to spend more time in your agency. Just talk to us about how you would ideally like us to work for you. We will adapt to your needs.

Use Spanish Solutions Estate Agency Services it´s the easiest way to show your client how professional you are.

SPANISH SOLUTIONS Telephone 966 761 741 or We speak English, Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian and Swedish. Calle Flores 3, Bajo C. La Zenia II, Alicante, Orihuela Costa 03189. (At the back of Consum at La Zenia roundabout)

NEW VENUE FOR HAH MEETINGS Please note that all future volunteers meetings, and chatters will now be held at the BACCHUS RESTAURANT, Oasis, Los Narejos. Ground floor restaurant with complete privacy and disabled access. Volunteers meet 1st Tuesday every month (NO MEETING IN AUGUST/DECEMBER). Next meeting Tuesday September 4th. Optional lunch afterwards. CHATTERS SOCIAL GROUP meet 3rd Wednesday of each month, next July 18th, also at the BACCHUS RESTAURANT, Oasis, Los Narejos at 11.30am. Meet new friends, quiz, medical advice and talk from HAH Clinical Lead, Lynda Christopher. ALL welcome. Optional lunch afterwards.

HAH REQUIRE STORAGE HAH is looking for a small, dry, secure central store room, (LOS ALCAZARES AREA) for mobility equipment. Must be able to have 24 hour access, ground floor, dry and fully accessible, Small room, lock-up garage would suit. Please telephone 968 134 978 if you know of anywhere to suit.

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Torrevieja Costa Lions Club elect a new President The Torrevieja Costa Lions Club have a new President. At the annual Presidents' night held in Restaurant Lo Marabu on Friday, the retiring President handed over the Presidential regalia to Lion Janette Bennett who has been elected by the Club to serve for the Lionistic year 2012/13. Retiring Lion President Iain Bennett in his final speech to the Club thanked the Club Directors and Lion members for their commitment and enthusiasm over his two year tenure, and looks forward to new exciting times for the Club with new Directors and new members bringing new ideas to assist in the Lions' quest to help those who are less fortunate in the local, National and International community. The Club is now well established in Torrevieja and surrounding towns, and

is recognized as an organisation very much fit for purpose. Lion President Janette looks forward to a very busy and challenging year ahead, with a focus on recruitment of new Lions. To find more information on the Torrevieja Costa Lions you are welcome to attend the monthly business meeting held on the second Thursday of every month at 1930 in Hotel Cabo Cervera, alternatively you can contact Membership Director Dave on 617 069 064 or The next major Lions fund raising event will be a duck race to be held on Sunday 23rd September 2012, in aid of Dayron Caracena Blanc from Formentera, much more information to follow on this event in a forthcoming edition of the CoastRider.

Tied up and left to die Margarate McCabe from APAH contacted the CoastRider this week with a heartbreaking tale of animal cruelty she came across recently. As part of her APAH role, Margaret was visiting Petsworld in San Miguel. While she was there, she was shown a litter of German Shepherd cross pups, around eight weeks old and absolutely adorable. When Margaret was told that the pups had been tied up in a cardboard box and thrown into the large wheelie bins, she was appalled. She told the CoastRider, “There are many cruel ways to get rid of unwanted puppies, but this one must be one of the most cowardly and inhumane ways of all. Death would have only come in one of three ways for these poor innocent creatures. They would either have succumbed to heat

exhaustion; in a similar way to dogs locked in cars in this heat, they would have been suffocated by having rubbish thrown on top of them, or worst of all they would have been alive when the refuse collection vehicle came to empty the bin, and they would have gone through the crusher in the vehicle, and been torn apart!” Shockingly, Margaret said that this wouldn’t have been the first time that innocent animals were crushed to death by the metal jaws of the bin lorry. She told us, “We know this happens, because we have been told by Spanish men who work on the vehicles, of the screams they hear coming from animals they have not known were in the bins; and to be fair to them, their job is not to go searching through every bin before they empty it.”

Garoña nuclear plant to remain working It has been confirmed that the Nuclear Power Station at Garoña, Burgos, will remain in operation for another six years, and will now not be retired until 2019. The Official State Bulletin has spoken today of the disposition to extend the life of the plant. The Ministry has taken this decision after a report from the CSN Nuclear Safety Council, published in February, concluded there were no drawbacks in extend the plant’s life. In Spain during 2011 nuclear energy supplied 20 percent of the electricity demand.

Another Legionnaires outbreak in Calpe There has been yet another outbreak of Legionnaires Disease at the same hotel in Calpe, the Diamante Beach, where three deaths have already been caused. These new cases, reports declare that around five people have been affected, come after three Britons aged between 73 and 78 years of age lost their lives in January as part of an outbreak which affected 15 people. However, this time all those

affected are Spanish and had been spending the last week in June at the hotel on an Imserso. They are now admitted to several hospitals in the Madrid region, where they live, with reserved prognosis. The hotel has been evacuated, and a preventative protocol and cleaning procedures are already in place. All clients booked in to the Diamante beach have been given accommodation in other hotels.

Fortunately for these beautiful pups, their box was discovered by a British couple in San Miguel who were throwing their rubbish into the bin. As it was a Saturday, and the Police Station and Town Hall were closed at the time, they took the box of puppies to Petsworld, just outside San Miguel de Salinas. The vets there are constantly being bombarded by people either bringing in dogs they have found, or worse, finding dogs which have been tied to the gates of the car parking area. For some reason because they are vets, just like Animal Charities, people think they can wave a magic wand and miraculously conjure up homes for all these abandoned and unwanted pets. The puppies are being looked after at Petsworld, and APAH is doing its best to help them find homes for them, but it is vitally important that the public know that this sort of evil and cowardly act is taking place in many different areas. It is an appalling example of the disregard that some people have for the lives of animals owned by them. Margaret said, “The mother of these poor innocent puppies belongs to someone, and that person is irresponsible in many ways; firstly by not having the dog neutered, secondly by not supervising the dog, thereby allowing it to become pregnant, with obviously unwanted puppies, and thirdly and most criminally to dispose of the alive and unwanted puppies in a public rubbish bin; which is a criminal act, and the culprit (if known) could have been prosecuted for the act.”

47 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Ref 1715


QUESADA 49,995â‚Ź

This is probably the best priced example of this style of property that has ever been on the market. It is located within easy reach of local amenities and close to the La Marquesa Golf Course and we don’t expect it to be available for long. The accommodation is over one floor and consists of lounge/dining area, American style kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, plus there is a terrace off the lounge and a garden laid to stone that also offers off road parking. The property is sold fully furnished with the added advantage of air conditioning and the communal pool is ideally situated close by. This really is a great buy and should not be missed.

Come into our friendly offices in either Quesada by the petrol station, between Mulberrys and the Computer Shop or the El Raso office on Commercial El Campico next to The Hot Stone restaurant, for more information on the above properties and many others available. We will be happy to give advice on the buying or selling process in Spain and look forward to meeting you at either office. Tel. Quesada: 966 718 836 Fax: 965 990 246 Mob: 628 045 614 Tel. El Raso: 965 501 006

We are currently looking for good priced properties for waiting clients in Quesada and Guardamar. 437


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Telephone (0034) 966 718 779 Fax: (0034) 965 725 582 Email: Calle Blanca No 1 (near Goyos Restaurant), Quesada





195,000 Euros

76,000 Euros

75,000 Euros







67,000 Euros


69,000 Euros






200,000 Euros

48,000 Euros

117,500 Euros







35,000 Euros

65,000 Euros

175,000 Euros








49 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

s nt e e Ag com el W

Calle de Los Arcos 1, Local 3 Opposite Post Office (Correos) Ciudad Quesada, 03170 Rojales Tel: 96 6718392 Fax: 96 6718393 EMAIL: WEB SITE:

PRICE WAS: €115,000 NOW: €90,000

2 Bed, 1 Bath. Semi-Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Freshly Painted ♦ Views to Pine Forest ♦ Roof Solarium with Turret ♦ Garage ♦ Communal Swimming Pool

PRICE WAS: €89,000 NOW: €67,950

2 Bed, 1 Bath. Linked Bungalow ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Front & Rear Gardens ♦ Fully Tiled Underbuild ♦ Close to Local Amenities

PRICE: €85,000

2 Bed, 2 Bath. Top Floor Apartment ♦ Roof Solarium with Lovely Views ♦ Utility Room ♦ Immaculate Condition ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Close to Local Amenities

PRICE WAS: €106,000

PRICE: €197,500

PRICE: €68,000

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 600m2 Plot & Immaculate ♦ Sun Room & Summer House ♦ 8m x 4m Private Swimming Pool ♦ Views to Golf

2 Bed. Detached Top Floor Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Balcony ♦ Roof Solarium with Turret ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Excellent Views

PRICE: €78,000

PRICE: €410,000

2 Bed, 1 Bath. Linked Bungalow ♦ Extended Front Balcony ♦ Tiled Front & Rear Gardens ♦ Close to Local Amenities ♦ Sought After Area ♦ Views to Salt Lakes

5 Bed, 3 Bath. Executive Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished & Immaculate ♦ 890m2 Plot ♦ Large Sun Terrace ♦ 10m x 5m Private Swimming Pool ♦ A True Investment

PRICE WAS: €85,000

PRICE WAS: €99,950

NOW: €75,000

NOW: €89,9500

2 Bedroom Top Floor Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Large Roof Solarium ♦ Lake Views ♦ Overlooking Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Close to Local Amenities

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Duplex ♦ Furnished + Stunning Views ♦ Close to Local Amenities ♦ Short Walk to Municipal Swimming Pool

PRICE: €285,000

PRICE: €125,000

PRICE WAS: €120,000 NOW: €112,500

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom “Lola” Duplex ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Beautifully Presented ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Short Walk to Shops

PRICE WAS: €145,000 NOW: €138,000

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom “Lola” Duplex ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 101m2 Build Size ♦ Large Cellar ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Sought After Area

PRICE: €85,000

2 Bed, 1 Bath. Top Floor Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Access from Street Level ♦ Roof Solarium ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Views to Golf Course & Mountains

PRICE WAS: €110,000 NOW: €89,950


NOW: €62,000


Estate Agents

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 700m2 Plot ♦ Summer Kitchen ♦ Private Swimming Pool ♦ Cellar/Utility/Gym ♦ Glorious Views

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom “Lola” Duplex ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ 101m2 Build Size ♦ Beautifully Presented ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Sought After Area

3 Bed, 1 Bath. Top Floor Apartment ♦ Part Furnished ♦ Balcony ♦ Roof Solarium with Sea & Lake Views ♦ Beautiful Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Lovely Quiet Location 437

2 Bedroom Ground Floor Apartment ♦ Fully Furnished ♦ Private Garden ♦ Communal Swimming Pool ♦ Close to Local Amenities

50 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


Customer Profile LIBERTY SEGUROS, the number one expatriate insurance provider in Spain is giving clients a 60€ cash back straight into their bank account when taking out a new Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy by direct debit, or a 30€ cash back for Third Party Insurance. LIBERTY SEGUROS offers one of the most comprehensive covers currently available and pride themselves on their efficiency and speed with which they resolve claims. Their brokers are friendly and experienced and you may speak to them in most European languages, including English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Scandinavian languages. As there is safety in numbers it is good to know that LIBERTY SEGUROS has been protecting assets globally for more than 100 years and is one of the largest insurance and financial services groups in the world! The simplicity of taking out a policy with all the necessary guarantees offers you peace of mind. LIBERTY SEGUROS´ extensive cover means that: • Good drivers can earn a no-claim discount of up to 65%. • 10% Named Driver Discount • 30% Tracker Device Discount • Courtesy car or taxi reimbursement • Key Loss Cover

• The value of the vehicle is considered ‘as new’ for total loss, fire or theft claims during the first two years. • You receive help with processing fines. • Personal Accident cover for the driver (indemnity and monthly income). • Extended Travel Assistance Cover and Roadside Assistance Cover from kilometre zero: (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). A card with the Roadside Assistance number is enclosed with the policy. • Free choice of vehicle repair shop. • When the policyholder helps an accident victim, damage caused to the upholstery of the vehicle is covered up to a maximum of € 300. • Creation of the ´Designated Driver´ category. This is a new concept in the market. Clients who meet the requirements for this category will enjoy a reduction in their premium. Choose the level of protection you need LIBERTY SEGUROS allows customers to choose from four different levels of Car Insurance: • Basic Cover that includes damage caused to third parties: Mandatory and Voluntary Liability and Legal Defence and Damage

Claims. It also provides Roadside Assistance as well as Legal Assistance (Processing of Fines). • Basic Cover plus Fire and Theft, which is the Basic policy but will also cover you for fire and theft of the vehicle. • Fully Comprehensive without excess, which gives the full cover and services of the policy. • Fully Comprehensive with excess, which gives full cover and services of the policy and will give you a discount on the insurance price. The higher the deductible, the higher the discount. Furthermore, LIBERTY SEGUROS offers a wide range of optional covers such as: Windscreen; Personal Accident; Suspension of Driving License; Hail Damage; Courtesy Car; Subsidy for Temporary Suspension of Driving License; Damage to upholstery in an accident; Malicious damage and many more. If you would like more information about the offer, or to find the name of your nearest broker, call or click now: 902 255 258

Wakey Wakey!

Charities Combine to Help Patient

Would you like to have a bit of fun, meet a new group of friends, raise funds for local charities and while away a few hours a week. The Cardenal Belluga Theatre Group will soon be starting rehearsals in September for their next production. “All that is required is your enthusiasm,” the group told the CoastRider, “We are the Cardenal Belluga Theatre Group in San Fulgencio village and we have around thirty members, some since the original group started seven years ago, it’s always good to have new people with fresh ideas to keep the shows appealing to our staunch followers.” “We are a friendly group and through the year we have many social events for our members and their friends are welcome too. Why not check out our new website for more information www.thecardenalbellugatheatregrou or call Maria on 966715891.”

At the request of the British Consulate, volunteers at HELP Murcia Mar Menor, have been assisting a gentleman in hospital in Murcia. He has no family, neither here nor in the UK. A HELP spokesperson told the CoastRider, “We have had several meetings with the Social Worker and with her help, we have registered him for assistance from the Spanish Social Services, who responded quickly.” The patient had been in hospital for some months and has had no English speaking visitors in that time, so he was very pleased to have someone to talk to. HELP said, “We were also able to put his mind at rest by getting information that related to his condition. As he did not speak Spanish it was fortunate that the doctors spoke some English, but he needed reassurance about how he would cope in the future.” “We have also been liaising with MABS to see what support they could offer him, when he was discharged. He has now been sent home. One of our volunteers followed the ambulance and, together with MABS, saw him settled at home.” MABS have now taken over but will keep HELP informed of his progress and whether he needs any further help from HELP M.M.M.

*Terms and Conditions • Not for renewals or replacements. • Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Premiums must exceed 450€. • Not for Motorbikes or Commercials.

Please note that all information contained within this CoastRider Customer Profile has been provided by the client, and is therefore deemed correct and accurate. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are the sole responsibility of the client.





PRICE JUST-- 84.950 A wonderful ‘bluetop’ bungalow located in the much sought after residential area of Benimar, Rojales. The property boasts: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious lounge/diner, well-appointed kitchen, rear courtyard with access to a large solarium with wonderful countryside and mountain views, off-road parking and front garden. Sold furnished this property offers excellent value for money! * Pleasant Outlook * Air Con * Off-road parking * Abundance of outdoor space * Communal pool * Walking distance to the commercial centres and the villages of Rojales and Benijofar.


51 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

The crisis also affects 'the rich' in Spain The financial crisis has had a devastating effect on the economy of Spanish households. Almost no one has been spared, not even those with the highest incomes. Since 2007, when the crisis begun, the number of taxpayers with incomes above 600,000 euros per year has reduced by half, and in 2010, the number dropped by 24 percent, according to a report published last week by the Spanish Tax Agency. When the crisis began 10,580 people reported yearly incomes over 600,000 euros to the Spanish tax authorities. Three years later, there were only 5,189 people, which is the lowest number since 2006 and clearly shows the effects of the crisis. All the income groups have been affected by the difficult economic situation. The number of taxpayers in the group with the second highest incomes, between €150,000 and €600,000, decreased from 96,477 to 67,744, while those with incomes between €60,000 and €150,000 decreased from 640,238 to 619,635. The only group of where the number of people is growing, is for those with negative or no income, which increased by 60 percent, which gives an idea of the intensity of the austerity measures introduced by the Spanish government. The drop for those who earn most

is also due to the fact that large amounts of these incomes are generated from financial investments, such as stocks and dividends, which have a larger impact among the high-income groups than among the low-income groups. According to the Spanish Tax Agency, the largest group of taxpayers – 27 percent – earn between €12,000 and €21,000 per year. About 20 percent earn between €6,000 and €12,000. The average income is €19,265, before tax reductions, which means a monthly salary of €1,376. However, there is a great difference between those of Spanish nationality and foreigners: the average among Spaniards is €22,826, while it is €16,319 among the other group. No less than 65 percent have incomes below €21,000 per year. The fact that the highest incomes have dropped, however, does not mean that there has been a convergence of salaries, but the opposite has occurred. In 2007, when the crisis began, the number of people with incomes that were higher than ten times the minimum salary equaled 7.1 times the average salary, while in 2010 it has increased to 7.4. Mireille Toddington

Samaritans in Spain Yet again the support of Nigel Hopkins and his team, performing “THE MAGIC OF THE MUSICALS” at the Orihuela Costa Resort Hotel, La Zenia, on Saturday 30th June, enabled the Samaritans charity to raise nearly €800, simply by standing with collection buckets at the end of each performance. Nigel and his family have been avid supporters of the Samaritans in Spain for the last few years, and such “bucket” collections have proved rewarding, thanks to Nigel and his family! A spokesperson for the Samaritans in Spain told the CoastRider, “Our thanks must got to every patron of the shows, who without their help, we couldn’t have raised the money in order to help our charity!”

“We aim to help those folk who want a listening ear, the folk who feel desperate and depressed. “Family and friends often mean well, but don’t always give the advice folk want to hear. We at the Samaritans are nothing more than an “ear” to listen and support any person who feels desperate! “People like Nigel are invaluable to our cause and we never turn away the person who would like to help our cause, be it as a “Listener”, a fund raiser or just someone who wants to contribute in whatever way they can. The most important thing to remember is that none of us know when we just might need help, support or nothing more than a LISTENING EAR.” 902 88 35 35

British murder suspect arrested in Morocco Crimestoppers sought help from opportunity to leave the UK soon after residents of Spain and Morocco late the murders, in the 3 to 4 day period last week in the hunt for the suspected before he was declared a suspect. killer of the Ding family in We now know that Anxiang Du left Northampton. News emerged at the the UK soon after the homicides and weekend that the 53 year old Briton, travelled from Victoria bus station, Anxiang Du, who was wanted in London on a bus to Paris, Gallieni. After connection with four murders in the this he travelled through France into UK last year, has been apprehended. Spain (again probably by using public Du is believed to have been transport). His final known journey was arrested in Tangier on an international to Algeciras in Spain where he caught arrest warrant. He is accused of a ferry to Tangier, Morocco. murdering the Ding family – a couple We believe that having made his and their two teenage children – with way to Morocco, Mr Du may still be in whom he was in partnership in several the Tangier area. As a fugitive, he may Chinese medicine businesses in the take any opportunity to flee, using the UK. Du is alleged to have stabbed the routes or countries he is familiar with. victims at their home in Northampton We know that Du has previously spent and fled the country. time in Spain and is comfortable in the Crimestoppers sought citizens’ help country. in Spain and Morocco to arrest British We have been working with the national Anxiang Du. Earlier this week police and law enforcement agencies in Madrid, Detective Chief Inspector in Spain and Morocco and they are in Tom Davies from Northamptonshire possession of the required extradition Police called on citizens to assist papers, should Mr Du be located and Crimestoppers and Law Enforcement arrested. This should mean that he can agencies in the search for Anxiang Du then be brought back to the UK to who was believed to be hiding in stand trial. northern Morocco, having travelled We have also been working with there from southern Spain. and the Serious and Organised Crime On Friday 29 April 2011, Jifeng ‘Jeff’ Agency (SOCA), Interpol and CPS Ding, his wife Ge ‘Helen’ Chui and their International to ensure we have the two daughters Xing 18 years old and support of the International Law Alice 12 years old were brutally Enforcement Agencies who are murdered in the home in currently focused on locating Anxiang Northampton. The suspected Du. murderer Anxiang Du, 53 from I would like to thank Spanish and Coventry was declared the only Moroccan law enforcement authorities suspect soon after the discovery of the for their support and collaboration in murders and has since evaded the operation to locate and detain Mr capture. Du.” At a press conference in the British In the course of the manhunt, Embassy in Madrid, Detective Chief Crimestoppers called upon members Inspector Tom Davies, leading the of the public who use the ferries from investigation, said: Algeciras to Tangier during the “We acknowledged at an early Campaña del Paso de Estrecho to be stage that Anxiang Du had the aware of the search for Du, together Crimestoppers press conference in Madrid

with up to £25,000 reward available in the UK for information leading to his arrest and conviction. Information was passed to Crimestoppers via their anonymous tipoff line 900 555 111. On Sunday 25 March, three UK Police officers travelled to China with the aim of speaking with associates of the suspect for any information they may have in identifying people who could have assisted Du in his escape. The trip to China also afforded the force the opportunity to meet the family of the victims, update them on the investigation and pass on the force’s deepest sympathies for their loss, in person. Recent developments in the case saw the arrest of four people last week, on suspicion of conspiracy to assist an offender. They were all released on bail pending further enquiries. The suspect is now in police custody in Morocco and confirmation on his extradition back to Britain is awaited from the court. The suspect

The victims

Owners made to refurb dilapidated buildings More than 70 structures in the centre of Orihuela have been subjected to new regulations and technical inspections concerned with refurbishing rundown buildings. The Town Planning Department, headed by Antonio Zapata, has presented the first results of the technical inspections carried out in Orihuela. There is now a short period of consultation for owners to discuss the demands being made on them and then the measure recommended must be undertaken within the proposed timescale. The inspection team from the Town Planning Department has been checking residential properties across the city and has found serious deficiencies in a number of buildings, some of which are less than 30 years old, which leaves question marks over the general standard of Spanish

construction. According to Councillor Zapata the team has conducted about 70 inspections, in 25 cases the team failed to find the owner, this is mainly due to the fact that the names do not match between the housing plan and the property registration. Luckily, this is not an issue, because once approved, the Council may act on the homes and charge any costs incurred directly to the owners. This includes proceeding with the expropriation of the home if necessary. Of the homes surveyed, around 50 are located in what is referred to as the historical quarter of the city and the others are various areas of the municipality. Antonio Zapata said: “The majority of owners have accepted the measures with good grace, and in fact, there are already several

buildings that are under restoration and refurbishment even before the regulations came into effect. Between seven and ten buildings are already under reconstruction work and others are planning to start in the coming days. Houses in Calle Colón, Avenida de Espana, López Pozas, Rocamora and Loaces, among others, are already undergoing restoration work.” The mayor also announced that work will shortly begin on the nineteenth century building, located on the street corner of Loaces Alfonso XIII, a residential building popularly known as 'The House of Tiles'. Also, the council has indicated that this initiative is already creating up to 40 direct jobs, plus other indirect employment. Mireille Toddington


Grand Designs House at it again Casa La Pedrera, the Grand Designs House, is raising the roof for local Charities in their amazing, jam- packed summer programme of entertainment for the whole family. Charities benefitting will be the Alzheimer’s Association, EMAUS and Pets in Spain! Casa La Pedrera, the house that appeared on the Grand Designs Show is bringing you a fantastic summer of exciting outdoor entertainment that is not only affordable and will guarantee a great night out for the whole family. Set within the beautiful gardens with the magnificent backdrop of the blue lake and the setting sun it will be a night to remember and not to be missed! We start with the first of the Flamenco Show on the 18th of July and again on August the 22nd with the amazing professional dancers from Raquel Peña accompanied by live music from an acoustic flamenco guitar. Last year we raised many hundreds for the Alzheimer’s Association and this year we hope to raise even more as local artist Dennis Ashley , who recently won the art competition held at Casa La Pedera with his painting “Flamenco el Sol”, has donated a painting to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Added to this, we are bringing you an new exciting show “Flamenco with Horses” but this time our chosen charity is EMAUS. This is an amazing opportunity to see the

magnificent Spanish, Pura Raza Horses dancing with the passion of Flamenco on August the 15th. There will be another opportunity to be wowed by horses with a Country and western Show with amazing, world class, death defying trick rider Emma Tytherleigh who rode for three years with the famous Cavalia. Organisers said, “Not only have we got an acrobatic horse display with Linzi & Eden but we also have a full evening’s entertainment by Cherry K, a popular country and western performer and some country dancing by Angie which will ensure everyone will get up and have a go including the kids. Dates for these shows are every Sunday starting on July the 29th and following on throughout August on the 5, 12, 19 & 26.” Not to be outdone there are the fabulous Evening Entertainment Tribute Shows with a difference, performed by the popular sell out group, The Caballeros on Tuesday the 31st of July and August the 14th & 21st. In addition, there will be pool fun and BBQs, evenings with games and entertainment every Friday throughout August, again in aid of EMAUS. For more details or to book in advance for these popular shows please call Jenni on 660816620 or visit the website at which has a link to their facebook page.

CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

53 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

“Helston School Jazz” offer royal concert in preparation for Torrevieja! residents and visitors enthusiastically welcomed their open air concerts along seafront promenades and the municipal theatre. Their latest recording on compact disc offers such ‘big-band’ favourites as “American Patrol”, or “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, and features some of their extremely talented solo singers on such tracks as “That Ol’ Devil Called Love” and “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”. “THE HELSTON SCHOOL JAZZ ORCHESTRA” will perform as follows: - SUNDAY 15th July, (12.00h) in

the Doña Sinforosa Park (Playa Acequion). Free admission. - TUESDAY 17th JULY at 20.30h in the TEATRO MUNICIPAL. Admission 3 euros in aid of the ALZEIMERS ASSOCIATION AFA. (Tickets available in advance from the municipal ticket office or ‘at the door’ as from two hours before the commencement of the concert). - THURSDAY 19th July, 22.00h along the seafront “PLAZA DE EMBARCADERO”, in La Mata. DON’T MISS THE HELSTON SCHOOL JAZZ ORCHESTRA – Charles & Camilla won’t!







3 bed, 1 bath house, mountain views, plot of 2400m2 with 10 x 5 pool. Glazed-in terrace, open plan kitchen/diner.

Superb luxury 3 bed, 3 bath country Villa on 1500m2 plot, close to amenities. Underfloor heating in the living area and unusual red tiled pool. Beautiful impressive property.

PRICE: 249,000€



Albatera Absolute bargain! Reduced for Quick Sale! Unique property, 5 bed, 4 bath, needs TLC on 2400m2 plot, pool needs reform or relocation.

3 bed 2 bath country property with 2 bed annex plus pool, workshops and storerooms on 2000m2 plot with habitation certificate.

Offers! 3 bed, 2 bath villa in mountain setting but walking distance to town. Generous sized rooms on 3000m2 plot with pool and glazed-in terrace.

Bargain property. Large 4 bed, 2 bath property with 2 bed annex on 24000m2 plot. Massive pool and business opps for stables, caravan park etc.



PRICE: 119,000€ LA MURADA Ref: LA MU CJ2

3 bed, 2 bath spacious villa with double-glazed conservatory, 3750m2 plot, pool and mountain views.

3 bed, 3 bath villa on approximately 2000m2 with superb views over the valley and comfortable walk into town. Glazed-in terrace, garage and outside kitchen/bbq.

2 bed, 1 bath fully furnished apartment in market town. Solarium, balcony and communal pool, mountain views.

PRICE: 219,000€

Beautiful reformed 5 bed, 5 bath country property. Large pool with bar on 4000m2 plot. Lovely mountain views, must be seen.

PRICE: 185,000€ ALBATERA Ref: ALBA S30


PRICE: 220,000€

Typical 4 bed, 3 bath Spanish Finca. Plot of 2600m2 with pool, terrace, fruit trees and fantastic mountain views.

PRICE: 65,000€


PRICE: 249,000€

PRICE: 179,000€


The “Helston School Jazz Orchestra” who will be making a popular return to Torrevieja this July, will offer just one more concert in Cornwall before they make their way to the Mediterranean sunshine of the ‘city of salt’. This award winning “big band”, comprising of students, aged between 14 and 19 years, from Helston Secondary school, have been invited to offer a special concert to a special audience. The band will play at a royal garden party at a country estate in Cornwall before 800 invited guests including the Prince of wales and the Duchess of Cornwall – Charles and Camilla! Since their formation back in 1989, the band has picked up a number of prestigious awards making it, arguably, the best band of its type in the whole of Great Britain! In fact, in this year’s (2012) National Concert Bands Festival, celebrated at the prestigious ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC in London, these Cornish youngsters came away with the highest award possible, the “platinum” award, having gained full marks in every category. The adjudicators gave the band exceptionally high praise, describing them as “head and shoulders above the rest During their summer 2010 visit to Torrevieja many thousands of


Stolen medieval text found A rare medieval text stolen from the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral last year was found in a nearby garage. The text, Codex Calixtinus, is a 12th century collection of sermons and liturgical passages. It vanished last July from a locked safe in the cathedral. The priceless text was found after police arrested a cathedral handyman who had been fired after 25 years at the cathedral. Three members of his family were also detained. Guardia Civil said they had found the elaborately illustrated manuscript, a treasured part of Spain's cultural and religious heritage, in a garage near the cathedral from where it first went missing. The cathedral is the reputed burial place of Saint James the Greater, one of Jesus' 12 apostles who,

according to tradition, went to Spain to preach Christianity.

It seems the ‘Locksmith’ scammer is back in the area, scamming expats out of money once more. This latest warning comes from CoastRider reader Nicholas from Blue Lagoon who told the CoastRider that the man was seen as recently as last week, plying his trade in the urbanization. Nicholas and his wife were at home on Monday night when a very upset “neighbour” called around to say that he had been broken into and all his money had been stolen. The man asked if the couple could they lend him €40 until he could get to the bank and he would repay them. Of course, it is a con and the man has not been back to repay the money. The Locksmith scammer knocks on doors asking for money to pay for a locksmith as he has either lost his house keys or had his house broken into. He says that he is living in a house close by and gives his address. The house selected is unoccupied at the

time and is not his or is non-existent. He has to pay the locksmith and can’t get enough money from a cash machine to do so. Sometimes he finds out the name of the President of the urbanisation and claims that the President knows him. Over the years he has asked to borrow 30, 50 and 40 euros. If you are lucky you may be invited to attend a party at his house or to go there for a drink. Another story is that he needs to go to the German Embassy in Alicante with his children and asks to borrow the money to get there. He is very plausible in his tale and may change his story. Description He is in his forties, tall with fair hair and scruffily dressed. He speaks perfect English. He has said that he is from Hanover in Germany, Holland or Denmark and his name is Martin but this might again be part of his tale. Please warn as many people as

Missing cat Mojito the cat went missing on Sunday 24th of June. She is 1 year old, grey with stripes. She wears a flea collar and has a micro chip. Her owner is very concerned about her whereabouts, not least because Mojito has a skin condition for which she needs treatment. Please phone 670673242 with any information.

The Codex tells the story of how the apostle's remains were transferred to

Santiago de Compostela and details the various routes to the town effectively a guide for early pilgrims. The Codex is known as one of the first tourist guide books ever written. Dawn raids on properties connected to the former church handyman, his wife, son and another woman led officers to the discovery of at least €1.2 million, eight copies of the Codex and other ancient books that had also been stolen from the cathedral. Officers also found documents and correspondence related to senior church figures and keys to cathedral outbuildings. The cathedral's book of hours, a popular type of devotional book in the Middle Ages, was also recovered. The suspect was made redundant after faking a work contract.

possible not to be taken in by this scam.

CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

55 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


Series 10 – How do I manage my files and folders? Welcome back to a series of computer related articles brought to you by VistaSol Computer Solutions. Over the coming weeks we’re going to be featuring articles based on the theme of ‘How do I ..?’ In this week’s article we’re going to continue with our new series on the subject of ‘How do I manage files and folders on my computer'. Part 3 – Organise your Desktop – Windows XP

In this part of our series on managing files and folders we’re going to offer you some tips to help you make the most of ‘The Desktop’. To this end, this week’s article will feature three parts; in the first part we’ll cover the fundamentals of the desktop in Windows XP, with some tastier bits coming up in parts 2 & 3. (Don’t worry if you’re using Vista or Win 7, we’ll examine those later in the series – but some of these tips are still relevant to you also). Windows XP Desktop

If you're using Windows XP you'll be familiar

Val and Bernard via email asks: Hi Aunty. We want to buy an Internet dongle to use with our laptop when we are in a holiday home in Calasparra. We really only need it to catch up with news and send emails etc. and we would not use it for videos, Youtube etc. How do we know it will work in that area? Aunty Says: Unfortunately you can’t be sure until you try it. The only thing you can to some extent presume, is that if your mobile phone works OK in your holiday home then the same provider should have enough 3G coverage and would probably be your best bet. Some lovely lakes around Calasparra. Jim via email asks: Hi I’ve tried to use your advice on how to ‘drag & drop’ but when I select Nokia OVI suite it goes to full screen, have tried following manual but cannot discover how to transfer pictures to my pictures. Aunty Says: Hi Jim. OVI is the Nokia program that is intended to help you manage/sync your phone with your PC. To be able to use the basic Windows copy and paste function you will need to go to ‘Start’ ‘Computer’ and then double click on the Nokia icon that should be there with your other drives. You can then browse through the various folders until you find the photos you want.

Steve via email: Very interested in your latest answer to someone requiring a free Fax service. I checked out the site and in fact it is only free when sending within US and Canada. To send to the UK would be regarded as international and is charged. Aunty Says: My apologies Steve, it is in fact chargeable outside of the US. I’m still using a clever little ‘work around’ that I was shown that’s probably not totally legit. There are UK based services that are free so I will test a few out and let you know how I get on. Dolly via email asks: Howya Aunty. How do I create a formatted signature in Windows Live Mail. I seem to have two options: one which is too short for the signature I need, the other which is to attach a .txt file which doesn’t allow me any basic formatting. Aunty Says: Hi Dolly. I’ve not tried this with WLM, but it used to work with its predecessor, Outlook. You can create and save the sig as an HTML file using something like Open Office or Dreamweaver (I wouldn’t use Word) and then browse and select the file when you’re in the Mail/Options section of Live Mail. Let me know how you get on.

Send your computer questions to

CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

57 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

with the view as shown in the screenshot above. Your view may look slightly different, but it will be more or less like this. In windows parlance this is known as the ‘Desktop’. There are a number of thing to notice about the ‘Desktop’; in this example you’ll see a background picture of a green hillock – this is known as the ‘Wallpaper’. You’ll also see four objects which represent programs and storage areas on your hard disk (these are known as ‘icons’) – you may well have more ‘icons’ on your ‘desktop’ especially if you've been using your computer for some time. There is also a ‘bar’ across the bottom of the desktop, this is called the ‘Task Bar’’. On the task bar you’ll also notice that to the right are some ‘other icons’ and the time is displayed, this is called the ‘Notification Tray’. To the left of the task bar you’ll see the familiar Start button (no prizes for guessing what this is called!).

• Right click on this menu item to see a new menu appear:

Conclusion This week we’ve looked at sprucing up your desktop, in next week’s article we’ll delve a little deeper! Previous Articles If you missed any of our previous articles, you can always find them here: and here, Contact Us Any questions regarding this article,

Desktop Components The desktop is therefore made up of the following components: a. Icons (programs and ‘shortcuts’) b. Wallpaper c. Task Bar d. Notification Tray e. Start Button Icon Shortcuts What you may not have noticed about these ‘icons’ is that some icons may have a small white square in the bottom left corner with a 'curly arrow' in it – these are referred to as ‘shortcuts’ – because as the name suggests, they are ‘shortcuts’ to the actual program’s start up location (and can be deleted or created without affecting the program concerned).

CAUTION: It’s very easy to delete any icon (or even all icons) from the desktop; be careful however NOT to delete an icon without a ‘curly arrow’ (as shown above). This is because icons without a curly arrow are usually the actual programs executable file (not a shortcut). Deleting these icons may render that particular program unusable. Shortcuts are King As I said last week “Shortcuts are King”! The reason for this is that it's so much easier to ‘start up’ a program by having its shortcut on the desktop. This saves time and effort clicking on the Start button, clicking on All Programs, then scrolling through the list of programs to find your program (you only need to do this once to create the shortcut). Creating Desktop Shortcuts To create a shortcut to a program in Windows XP, and display the shortcut on the Desktop, do the following: • Click the Start button on your desktop • From the Start menu, click on the "All Programs" item • Click on the program folder you want to create a shortcut to. In the image below, we've selected the Home and Learn Web Editor • Notice that a sub menu appears with the name of the programs start up file.

new folder on the desktop – call it ‘Program Shortcuts’ if you like, then drag and drop your shortcuts into this folder. You can create as many folders as you like, and do the same thing.

• On this menu, locate the "Send to" option • Click on the Send to option, and click on "Desktop (create shortcut)": • When you left click on ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’, a new shortcut to this program will appear on the Desktop. • Double click your new shortcut to test it out. You should see a new window opening, and the program will start. Deleting Shortcuts If you find that there are some ‘shortcuts’ on your desktop that you don't use, or are unlikely to ever use - you can delete them. Simply right click on the shortcut you wish to delete, and select ‘delete’ from the menu which appears after you right click on the object. Just remember to check for the ‘curly arrow on the icon’!

TOP TIP! The desktop is a great place to store ‘shortcuts’ to some of your favourite programs. If however, you find that all these shortcuts are making your desktop look a bit cluttered, consider creating a

please contact us by email using the following address. (Please don't phone us with your questions because we are very busy and prefer emails which we can reply to when we have a quiet moment - thank you). You can also find us on ‘facebook’ – - don’t forget to click on the ‘LIKE’ button (if you haven’t already). See you next week, until then Happy Computing!

Contact VistaSol Computer Solutions for all your computer repairs Tel: 966 925 548

58 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Dear Editor THANK-YOU for advertising our request recently for donations. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the public. The quality of donations has been outstanding. This has helped our fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Centre. The AFA Alzheimer’s shop is located at Calla Maestro Francisco Vallejos, Torrevieja (to the right of the church in Plaza de la Constitution), where people can bring their donations of unwanted goods. You will always receive a warm welcome. Once again a VERY BIG THANKYOU to everyone. Carol Samrai, Alzheimer’s Volunteer. Dear Editor, You reported on Orihuela town hall clamping down on noise pollution. How has it come to this? When the Valencia Law stipulates Bars and Cafeterias having Music (including Karaoke,which can NEVER be classed as MUSIC!) must at all times be BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, doors must have automatic door closers .So even if the premises do not have a licence, doors must be closed. Where have the Policia Local been on the Orihuela Costa? I think the Chief of Policia Local need his knuckles rapped, preferably with his own truncheon. Peter La Florida To the Editor In October as you know we are taking part in the Women ‘V’Cancer – Cycle India (Round Two 27th October

– 5thNovember 2012), covering 350 km over five consecutive days, we are fully registered with the charities and have all the relevant paperwork on hand. We have a Charity Race Night event happening on Friday 27th July, at Don Decades, La Regia, (behind Global Cars Cabo Roig) from 7.30pm first race 8pm. Great Family Night, Childrens Play area, Bar food available. Please come along and support us. We are still looking for sponsors, donations, vouchers, raffles prizes etc. We are sure that like us most people know someone affected by this terrible disease. If you could spare us something it would be greatly appreciated. Kind Reagrds Tina & Sonya Dear Editor This is a heartfelt request to ALL the political parties of Orihuela. The current political in-fighting, scheming and drama that has dominated everything recently is both exhausting and disappointing. On behalf of the vast majority of residents, can you ALL set aside your own agendas, scores to settle, etc. and concentrate on representing the people. Remember us? The voters of the last election? We voted for change especially in Orihuela Costa - because we were being overlooked, and felt that no one in power cared about us or our quality of life. We had a population only slightly smaller than Orihuela City, but had little to no social infrastructure to support our coastal population by comparison. No

public nurseries. Inadequate junior school provision. No decent secondary school. No therapy centre for our children. Inadequate access to social services. No library or social centre. No parks. Neglected roads and few adequate public drains. Poor public transport links. The list goes on. Compared to our municipal neighbours, Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada, it was an inexplicable disgrace. Especially given our population, according to the latest census figures. Please, let's concentrate on progressing projects and really improving people's lives. If you want someone to vote for you, earn it through honouring your election manifesto, not by trying to screw over another politician, whether ally or foe. To be honest, the way things have gone over the last few months, no one will want to vote for any political party by the next election! Everyone is behaving so poorly, it feels - rightly or wrongly - that everything of real importance has been sidelined, in favour of jockeying for power and influence. It's time to stop warring, and get on with the jobs you undertook by standing for public office last May. Firstly, please open Playa Flamenca nursery in September as promised. In May 2012 there were 55 children enrolled to start this September, but there is still no official confirmation that staff have been recruited yet. There are a lot of anxious parents who will start looking elsewhere unless you confirm that it will open as scheduled. The nursery will fill itself once you commit and actually go ahead. It can never be a


success and change lives for the better unless it opens. Then please arrange for the local special needs therapy provision you all promised to be provided at the new nursery. The premises are fantastic, and Rosa Martinez herself showed me the room where it will take place, once actual therapist provision has been arranged via Social Services in Orihuela. It is so close to reality now! All political parties - including PP, PSOE, CLR and CLARO - publicly supported this lifechanging proposal last year prior to the election, and 2500 local residents signed a petition to show their public support in January/February 2011. It is nearly 18 months later, and our children are still waiting. There is no political dissent, and there are now enough children enrolled to open the nursery in September, so there should be no reason for further delay. Instead of calling seemingly endless emergency pleno meetings to try and unseat the mayor and your fellow councillors, can we have a constructive pleno when everyone votes together to action a worthwhile and universally supported public social initiative? It will be remembered by the voters of Orihuela Costa, who you will all need again in less than three years time. We - the voters - need to see you all keep the promises you made. Yours faithfully Alison Davies Atherton Local resident, To the Editor Thank you all for your support..... thought this might highlight people’s

determination to help the military. A cycle ride to help homeless ex military living rough in the UK held from the West Coast to the East Coast - Lancashire - Yorkshire, an area well known for this type of challenge including walking across the moors. There was a time limit which ended at midnight. If the rider had not reported in by midnight then the whole ride was void. The rider set off with others and all seemed to go well until he had a BLOWOUT which could not be fixed.... so he pushed /pulled his cycle. By this time he was probably trailing far behind the others but he just kept struggling Time was running out, and no signal at all in the area. The Coordinator sat and waited in the reporting area He was getting very concerned as time began to get nearer midnight.......eventually the cyclist arrived at 11.30 pm- still pushing or pulling his cycle - SO HE COMPLETED HIS CHALLENGE FOR THE HOMELESS UNDER GREAT PRESSURE - and £600 was raised. I bet he was aching from head to toe. Ruth Reid Dear Editor, Recently several members of HELP Murcia Mar Menor went to see the Campoverde Players at the New Asturias restaurant in Punta Prima for an evening of "Titters and Tapas". During the course of the evening Bernard Ash, president of HELP MMM was presented with a cheque for €250 by Tony Kelly, chairman of the Campoverde players. Joan Mitchell

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on the letters page are not necessarily those of the CoastRider.Letters may be edited for legal reasons and/or for reasons of space and clarity. Letter writers must supply full name, phone number, address and NIE/Passport number for our records (not for publication).

59 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

61 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

62 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


Nominate your local hero

S THE CLOSING DATE for nominations for this year’s CoastRider Pride of Spain Awards draws close, we take a look at why and how you should nominate that special person, or group, in our community. Now in its sixth year, the CoastRider’s Pride of Spain Awards celebrates ordinary people who do extraordinary things, with nominees reflecting the core value of giving for the good of other people, and the community at large here on the Costa Blanca. This year there are 12 categories, including Outstanding Bravery, Child of Courage, Carer of the Year and Community Spirit Award. Once you decide what category your nominee fits into you can nominate someone - a family member, a colleague, a community member or even someone you respect and admire from afar - who you feel deserves recognition for what they do or have achieved. At the heart of the CoastRider’s Pride of Spain Awards is CoastRider boss, Claire Worland, who started

the original concept and continues to drive the initiative with her hard work and commitment. Claire told us, “When we launched the CoastRider Pride of Spain Awards in 2007, our aim was simple - to unearth and celebrate our unsung heroes - the people who make this community great. Six years on, and The Pride of Spain Awards have exceeded our wildest expectations. Each year, we continue to be overwhelmed by the stories of selfless actions, courage, compassion and heroism. We’ve received thousands of nominations, and in 2011 we had the highest number of nominations ever. We hope that this year, we can top this again. This is our chance to celebrate the fact that every day countless expat residents go out of their way to help their neighbours, often receiving little recognition for the extraordinary contributions they make to their communities. All of us know someone who deserves such recognition for their selfless actions. It might be your mum, your sibling,

your cousin, your best friend, neighbour or school teacher. I urge you to take a few minutes and nominate them for a Pride of Spain Award in 2012. On behalf of everyone at the CoastRider, I would like to thank our readers, sponsors, political and community leaders who lend their ongoing support to the CoastRider Pride of Spain Awards.” So there you have it - nominating couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is fill in the online form from the CoastRider website - if you have a smartphone, scanning the QR codes which appear throughout the CoastRider will bring you directly to the form. If you don’t have internet access, you can collect a copy of the nomination form from the CoastRider office (address on page 2). Alternatively, if you don’t have internet access or the means to visit the CoastRider office, you can telephone 966 70 10 60 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday (closed Tuesdays) and tell us all about the person or group you wish to nominate.

Tuesday 10th July


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Cowboy Trap. 12.45 Doorstep Crime 999. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: Deadly 60. 4.35 Prank Patrol Down Under; Diddy Dick & Dom. 5.00 Copycats. 5.30 Serious Explorers: Livingstone. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. Holby City. Turn Back Time The Family. BBC News. Regional News; Weather; National Lottery Update. 11.35 Imagine. 12.40 FILM: Passchendaele (2008). 2.25 Weatherview. 2.30 Sign Zone: The Meat Market: Inside Smithfield. 3.30 Sign Zone: The Men Who Made Us Fat. 4.30 Sign Zone: Crime and Punishment. 5.15 Sign Zone: Great British Menu. 5.45 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: The Pingu Show. 7.10 Zigby. 7.25 Timmy Time. 7.35 Dirtgirlworld. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30 League of Super Evil; Leon. 8.45 Frankenstein’s Cat; The Owl. 9.00 Dick ‘n’ Dom Go Wild. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons. 9.45 Big & Small. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build! 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Dipdap. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics. 2.00 Climbing Great Buildings. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Show Me the Monet. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30

Flog It! Antiques Road Trip. Eggheads. The Farm Fixer. Faster, Higher, Stronger. Volcano Live. Line of Duty. Twenty Twelve. Newsnight; Weather.

12.20 Lost Land of the Volcano. 1.20 The Secret History of Our Streets. 2.20 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 May the Best House Win. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 A Touch of Frost. 6.00 Tipping Point. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Trash to Treasure. 9.00 Love Your Garden. 10.00 Live Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The People Play. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather. 11.30 London News and Weather. 11.35 FILM: American Dreamz (2006). 1.35 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 Golden Balls. 4.50 ITV Nightscreen.

ITV 11.35pm American Dreamz

7.00 The Treacle People. 7.10 Sali Mali. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Frasier. 10.00 Undercover Boss USA. 11.00 Four Rooms. 12.00 You Deserve This House. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. 1.35 River Cottage Bites. 1.45 The Fabulous Baker Brothers. 2.15 FILM: Party Girl (1958). 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 Deal or No Deal. 6.00 Four in a Bed. 6.30 Come Dine with Me. 7.00 The Simpsons. 7.30 Hollyoaks. 7.55 8.00 Channel 4 News. 8.55 Channel 4 Presents London 2012: Ellie Simmonds Part III. 9.00 Beauty and the Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice. 10.00 Gordon Behind Bars. 11.00 Secrets of the Shoplifters. 12.10 Kashmir’s Torture Trail. 1.10 Random Acts. 1.15 Daredevils: Life on the Edge. 2.15 KOTV Boxing Weekly. 2.40 Sailing: America’s Cup Uncovered. 3.10 FIVB Beach Volleyball. 4.05 The Grid. 4.30 British GT. 5.00 FIM Superbike World Championship 2012. 5.25 Ironman 2012. 5.55 Road to London 2012: That Paralympic Show. 6.20 FIA GT1 World Championship.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Castle Farm. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.10 Peppa Pig. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.40 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Igam Ogam. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Big Brother. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 The Mentalist. 4.15 FILM: Stolen Innocence (2007).

7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Frasier. 10.00 Undercover Boss USA. 11.00 Four Rooms. 12.00 You Deserve This House. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. 1.30 Channel 4 Presents: London 2012 David Smith Part III. 1.35 The Fabulous Baker Brothers. 2.05 River Cottage Bites. 2.15 FILM: One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942). 4.10 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Castle Farm. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.10 Peppa Pig. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.40 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Igam Ogam. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Big Brother. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 The Mentalist. 4.15 FILM: A Soldier’s Love Story (2010).

6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. The Hotel Inspector; 5 News Update. Half Built House; 5 News at 9. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Big Brother.

12.00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.00 Cricket on 5. 2.05 SuperCasino. 4.55 Great Artists. 5.20 Wildlife SOS. 5.45 Wildlife SOS. 6.10 House Doctor. 6.35 House Doctor.

Wednesday 11th July 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Cowboy Trap. 12.45 Doorstep Crime 999. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: Deadly 60. 4.35 Prank Patrol Down Under; Diddy Dick & Dom. 5.00 Copycats. 5.30 HH: Gory Games. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. Fake Britain; BBC News; Regional News. DIY SOS: The Big Build. The Town That Never Retired. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draws. 11.45 Have I Got Old News for You. 12.15 FILM: Brooklyn’s Finest (2009); National Lottery Update. 2.20 Weatherview. 2.25 Sign Zone: Brick by Brick: Rebuilding Our Past. 3.25 Sign Zone: Arts Troubleshooter. 4.25 Sign Zone: Fake Britain. 5.10 Sign Zone: Great British Menu. 5.40 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: The Pingu Show. 7.10 Zigby. 7.25 Timmy Time. 7.35 Dirtgirlworld. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30 League of Super Evil; Leon. 8.45 Frankenstein’s Cat; The Owl. 9.00 Dick ‘n’ Dom Go Wild. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons. 9.45 Big & Small. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Dipdap. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 Daily Politics. 2.00 Climbing Great Buildings. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Show Me the Monet. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30

Flog It! Antiques Road Trip. Eggheads. The Farm Fixer. Faster, Higher, Stronger. Volcano Live. The Secret History of Our Streets. The Culture Show. Newsnight; Weather.

12.20 Lost Land of the Volcano. 1.20 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 May the Best House Win. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 A Touch of Frost. 6.00 Tipping Point. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Super Tiny Animals. 10.00 Live Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The People Play. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather. 11.30 London News and Weather. 11.35 FILM: Caddyshack (1980). 1.25 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 3.35 FILM: Must Love Dogs (2005). 5.10 ITV Nightscreen.

ITV 11.35pm Caddyshack

5.00 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 7.55 8.00 8.55

Deal or No Deal. Four in a Bed. Come Dine with Me. The Simpsons. Hollyoaks. Channel 4 News. Channel 4 Presents: London 2012 David Clarke Pt III. 9.00 Embarrassing Bodies: Under the Skin. 10.00 24 Hours in A&E. 11.00 Show Me Your Money. 12.05 Random Acts. 12.10 The Killing. 1.05 2 Broke Girls. 1.35 Music on 4: Summer Daze. 2.05 Music on 4: Tribes: Intro. 2.20 Music on 4: 4Play: The Cribs. 2.30 Music on 4: Spotlight. 2.40 Music on 4: The Crush. 3.35 FILM: Akeelah and the Bee (2006). 5.25 Deal or No Deal. 6.20 Countdown.

6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads; 5 News Update. 9.00 Building the London Underground; 5 News at 9. 10.00 NCIS. 11.00 Big Brother. 12.00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.00 Poker: The Big Game. 2.00 SuperCasino. 4.55 Great Artists. 5.20 Wildlife SOS. 5.45 Wildlife SOS. 6.10 House Doctor. 6.35 House Doctor.

Thursday 12th July 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Cowboy Trap. 12.45 Doorstep Crime 999. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: Deadly 60. 4.35 Prank Patrol Down Under; Diddy Dick & Dom. 5.00 Copycats. 5.30 Young Dracula. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. Traffic Cops. The Town That Never Retired. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. June Brown: Respect Your Elders.

12.25 This Week. 1.10 Holiday Weatherview. 1.15 Sign Zone: Britain on the Brink: Back to the 70s? Panorama. 1.45 Sign Zone: Countryfile. 2.45 Sign Zone: Antiques Roadshow. 3.45 Sign Zone: Crime and Punishment. 4.30 Sign Zone: Great British Menu. 5.00 Sign Zone: Great British Menu. 5.30 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: The Pingu Show. 7.10 Zigby. 7.25 Timmy Time. 7.35 Dirtgirlworld. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30 League of Super Evil; Leon. 8.45 Frankenstein’s Cat. 8.55 The Owl. 9.00 Dick ‘n’ Dom Go Wild. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons. 9.45 Big & Small. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Dipdap. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics. 2.00 Climbing Great Buildings. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Show Me the Monet. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30

Flog It! Antiques Road Trip. Eggheads. The Farm Fixer. Faster, Higher, Stronger. Volcano Live. The Men Who Made Us Fat. Mock the Week. Newsnight; Weather.

12.20 Golf: Scottish Open. 1.20 The Culture Show. 1.50 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 May the Best House Win. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.30 11.35

A Touch of Frost. Tipping Point. London Tonight; Weather. ITV News and Weather. Emmerdale. Olympic Winners and Losers: Tonight. Emmerdale. Coronation Street. Case Sensitive. ITV News at Ten and Weather. London News and Weather. Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Sheila Hancock.

12.35 The Late Debate. 1.05 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 3.35 Olympic Winners and Losers: Tonight. 4.00 ITV Nightscreen. 5.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show.

7.05 The Treacle People. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Frasier. 10.00 Undercover Boss USA. 11.00 Four Rooms. 12.00 You Deserve This House. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. 1.30 The Fabulous Baker Brothers. 2.00 Channel 4 Racing. 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 7.55 8.00 8.55

Deal or No Deal. Four in a Bed. Come Dine with Me. The Simpsons. Hollyoaks. Channel 4 News. Channel 4 Presents London 2012: Mandip Sehmi Part II. 9.00 Country House Rescue. 10.00 Bank of Dave. 11.00 24 Hours in A&E. 12.05 Gordon Behind Bars. 1.10 Random Acts. 1.15 Undercover Boss. 2.10 Our Man in Tenerife. 3.05 Secrets of the Taxman: Channel 4 Dispatches. 3.35 Kashmir’s Torture Trail. 4.30 Time Team. 5.25 Deal or No Deal. 6.20 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Castle Farm. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Igam Ogam. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Big Brother. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 The Mentalist. 4.15 FILM: While My Pretty One Sleeps (1997). 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Police Interceptors; 5 News Update. Marco Pierre White’s Kitchen Wars; 5 News at 9. 10.00 The Hotel Inspector. 11.00 Big Brother. 12.00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.00 SuperCasino. 4.55 Great Artists. 5.20 Wildlife SOS. 5.45 Wildlife SOS. 6.10 House Doctor. 6.35 House Doctor.

Friday 13th July


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Cowboy Trap. 12.45 Doorstep Crime 999. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: Deadly 60. 4.35 Prank Patrol Down Under; Diddy Dick & Dom. 5.00 Copycats. 5.30 Blue Peter. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. A Question of Sport; BBC News; Regional News. EastEnders. Would I Lie to You? New Tricks. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow.

12.20 The National Lottery Friday Night Draws. 12.30 White Van Man. 1.00 EastEnders. 2.55 Weatherview. 3.00 Sign Zone: Chatsworth. 4.00 Sign Zone: Britain’s Biggest Hoarders. 5.00 Sign Zone: Great British Menu. 5.30 BBC News.

AGE CONCERN C.B.S. SUMMER CLOSING AND RE-OPENING DATES The Day Centre in La Siesta will close on Friday 27th July and re-open on Monday 3rd September 2012. There will be telephone cover during the closed period (966 786 887) The Torrevieja Shop and Los Montesinos Shop will close at 2.00pm Friday 27th July and re-open Monday 27th August 2012. The Playa Flamenca Information Office will close on Thursday 26th July and re-open Tuesday 4th Sept 2012. The La Marina Office will close on Friday 27th July and re-open Friday 14th September 2012.

7.00 CBeebies: The Pingu Show. 7.10 Zigby. 7.25 Timmy Time. 7.35 Dirtgirlworld. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30 League of Super Evil; Leon. 8.45 Frankenstein’s Cat; The Owl. 9.00 Dick ‘n’ Dom Go Wild. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons. 9.45 Big & Small. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Dipdap. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics. 2.00 Climbing Great Buildings. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Show Me the Monet. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 May the Best House Win. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 A Touch of Frost. 6.00 Tipping Point. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Grimefighters. 9.30 Coronation Street. 10.00 Case Sensitive. 11.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather. 11.30 London News and Weather. 11.35 FILM: Batman Begins (2005). 2.05 The Store; ITV News Headlines. 4.05 FILM: Jaws: The Revenge (1987). 5.35 ITV Nightscreen.

5.30 Flog It! 6.15 Antiques Road Trip. 7.00 Live Athletics: London Grand Prix. 9.30 BBC Proms 2012. 11.30 Newsnight. 12.00 Weather. 12.05 Golf: Scottish Open. 1.05 T in the Park 2012 Highlights. 3.05 BBC News. 5.05 Close.

ITV 11.35pm Batman Begins

LADIES THAT LUNCH Our photo shows the Ladies at the El Mirador Restaurant, Eagles Nest Villamartin, having a lovely afternoon and raising €120 for Age Concern C.B.S. at their recent ‘Ascot Ladies Day’.

7.05 The Treacle People. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Frasier. 10.00 Undercover Boss USA. 11.00 Four Rooms. 12.00 You Deserve This House. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. 1.30 The Fabulous Baker Brothers. 2.00 Channel 4 Racing. 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 7.55 8.00 8.55

Deal or No Deal. Four in a Bed. Come Dine with Me. The Simpsons. Hollyoaks. Channel 4 News. Channel 4 Presents London 2012: Danielle Brown Part III. 9.00 Come Dine with Me. 10.00 The Million Pound Drop Live. 11.35 The Angelos Epithemiou Show. 12.10 A Short History of Everything Else. 12.40 Random Acts. 12.45 New Girl. 1.15 New Girl. 1.45 FILM: Transamerica (2005). 3.25 The Million Pound Drop Live. 4.45 St Elsewhere. 5.30 Deal or No Deal. 6.25 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Castle Farm. 8.00 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Igam Ogam. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Big Brother. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 The Mentalist. 4.15 FILM: Lying to Be Perfect (2010). 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Building the London Underground; 5 News Update. 9.00 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads; 5 News at 9. 10.00 Big Brother: Live Eviction. 11.00 The Bachelor. 12.00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 1.00 SuperCasino. 4.55 Motorsport Mundial. 5.20 Wildlife SOS. 5.45 Wildlife SOS. 6.10 House Doctor. 6.35 House Doctor.

Saturday 14th July


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

7.00 Breakfast. 11.00 Saturday Kitchen Live. 12.30 Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets. 1.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 Cash in the Attic. 2.30 British Olympic Dreams. 3.00 Live Athletics: London Grand Prix. 6.00 A Question of Sport: Extra Time. 6.30 Pointless Celebrities. 7.10 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 7.30 FILM: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). 9.20 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune. 10.10 Casualty. 11.00 BBC News; Weather. 11.20 Mrs Brown’s Boys. 11.50 Live at the Apollo; National Lottery Update. 12.35 FILM: Arlington Road (1999). 2.25 Weatherview. 2.30 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: The Pingu Show. 7.10 Zigby. 7.25 Timmy Time. 7.35 Dirtgirlworld. 7.45 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Barney’s Barrier Reef. 8.30 Dennis and Gnasher. 8.40 The ScoobyDoo Show. 9.05 Project Parent. 9.30 The Slammer. 10.00 Blue Peter’s Big Olympic Tour. 10.30 Incredible Edibles. 11.00 My Genius Idea. 11.30 Splatalot; Deadly 60 Bites. 12.00 Copycats. 12.30 OOglies. 12.40 MOTD Kickabout. 1.00 Escape to the Country. 2.00 Live Golf: Scottish Open. 6.15 Live Challenge Cup Rugby League.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 CITV: Mini CITV. 8.25 CITV. 9.25 Saturday Cookbook. 10.25 ITV News. 10.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 11.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 12.20 The Real Housewives of New York City. 1.15 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 1.25 You’ve Been Framed! 1.50 FILM: Brewster’s Millions (1985). 3.45 FILM: Live and Let Die (1973). 6.00 London Tonight; Weather. 6.15 ITV News and Weather. 6.30 Primeval. 7.30 You’ve Been Framed! 8.00 The Cube. 9.00 Superstar. 10.00 The Nation’s Favourite Number 1 Single. 11.30 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 11.45 Mad Mad World. 12.30 Take Me Out. 1.35 The Store; ITV News Headlines. 3.40 In Plain Sight. 4.20 ITV Nightscreen.

8.30 Dad’s Army. 9.00 The Hollow Crown Henry IV Part 2. 11.00 QI. 11.30 TOTP2. BBC1 7.30pm Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

12.30 FILM: The Painted Veil (2006). 2.25 FILM: Summer Hours (2008). 4.05 Close.

ITV 1.50pm Brewster’s Millions

7.10 Channel 4 Presents London 2012: Jody Cundy Part III. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.35 Superbike World Championship 2012. 8.05 British F3. 8.30 The Grid. 8.55 The Morning Line. 9.55 T4: T4 on the Beach 2012. 10.55 T4: Love Shaft. 11.30 T4: New Girl. 11.55 T4: Revenge. 12.55 T4: The Big Bang Theory. 1.25 T4: Summer Daze. 1.55 T4: The Simpsons. 2.30 Channel 4 Racing. 5.00 5.35 6.05 6.35 7.05 7.35 7.40 10.00 11.35

Come Dine with Me. Come Dine with Me. Come Dine with Me. Come Dine with Me. Channel 4 News. FILM: Twilight (2008). The Million Pound Drop Live. FILM: Scary Movie (2000).

1.20 FILM: Stop-Loss (2008). 3.15 Brain Damage. 3.20 The Million Pound Drop Live. 4.45 This Is Me. 4.50 St Elsewhere. 5.35 Gone Fishing. 5.55 Grudge Match. 6.05 Rescue Remedies. 6.15 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 7.05 Roary the Racing Car. 7.15 Fifi and the Flowertots. 7.25 City of Friends. 7.40 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. 7.50 Castle Farm. 7.55 Abby’s Flying Fairy School. 8.05 Roobarb and Custard Too. 8.15 Bananas in Pyjamas. 8.25 Family! 8.35 Noddy in Toyland. 8.45 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 8.55 Little Princess. 9.10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky. 9.30 Angelina Ballerina. 9.50 Rupert Bear. 10.00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 10.10 The Mr Men Show. 10.25 Roary the Racing Car. 10.40 Jelly Jamm. 11.00 Ice Age 4: Movie Special. 11.30 Animal Rescue Squad. 11.45 Meerkat Manor. 12.15 Big Brother: The Eviction. 1.15 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. 2.20 FILM: Murder Ahoy (1964). 4.15 FILM: McBride: The Doctor Is Out, Really Out (2005). 5.55 8.05 8.10 9.00 10.00 11.00

FILM: The Kentuckian (1955). 5 News Weekend. NCIS. NCIS. Big Brother. FILM: Awake (2007).

12.40 Forensic Files. 1.10 SuperCasino. 5.00 HouseBusters. 5.25 Great Scientists. 5.50 County Secrets. 6.00 Hana’s Helpline. 6.10 The Milkshake! Show. 6.35 Thomas & Friends. 6.45 Roary the Racing Car.

Sunday 15th July 7.00 Breakfast. 10.00 The Andrew Marr Show. 11.00 Sunday Morning Live. 12.00 Country Tracks; Weather for the Week Ahead. 1.00 Sunday Politics. 2.00 Bargain Hunt. 2.45 Homes Under the Hammer. 3.45 Escape to the Country. 4.45 Super Smart Animals. 5.45 Lifeline.

7.00 CBeebies: The Pingu Show. 7.10 Zigby. 7.25 Timmy Time. 7.35 Dirtgirlworld. 7.45 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Barney’s Barrier Reef. 8.30 Dennis and Gnasher. 8.40 The ScoobyDoo Show; The Owl. 9.05 Scoop. 9.30 Wingin’ It. 9.50 Shaun the Sheep. 10.00 Friday Down-

5.55 Songs of Praise.

load. 11.00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites. 12.30

6.30 WW2 Unearthed.

Raymond Blanc: The Very Hungry Frenchman.

7.30 Antiques Roadshow.

1.30 MotoGP. 3.00 Live Golf: Scottish Open.

8.30 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 9.00 Countryfile. 10.00 Wallander. 11.30 BBC News; Regional News; Weather.

6.15 Live Challenge Cup Rugby League. 8.30 Flog It! 9.00 Engineering Giants:

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 CITV: Mini CITV. 8.25 CITV. 9.25 Dinner Date. 10.25 ITV News. 10.30 House Gift. 11.25 There’s No Taste Like Home. 12.20 The Hungry Sailors. 1.20 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 1.25 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 2.30 Murder, She Wrote. 3.30 FILM: Columbo: Make Me a Perfect Murder (1978). 5.25 Doc Martin. 6.20 The Chase. 7.25 London Tonight; Weather. 7.40 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Superstar. 10.30 The Nation’s Favourite Number 1 Single. 12.00 ITV News and Weather; Weather. 12.20 The Cube. 1.15 Premiership Rugby Sevens Series. 2.10 The Store; ITV News Headlines. 4.10 British Superbike Championship Highlights. 5.20 Motorsport UK. 6.10 ITV Nightscreen.

12.40 Room 101 Extra Storage. 1.20 Weath-

10.00 World’s Most Dangerous Roads.

erview. 1.25 Sign Zone: Indian Ocean with

11.00 Mock the Week.

Simon Reeve. 2.25 Sign Zone: Holby City. 3.20

11.30 Line of Duty.

Britain. 5.35 BBC News.

8.10 The Great Swim Series. 9.05 Will & Grace. 9.30 Will & Grace. 9.55 Frasier. 10.25 Frasier. 11.00 Sunday Brunch. 1.30 The Big Bang Theory. 1.55 The Big Bang Theory. 2.25 The Simpsons. 2.55 The Simpsons. 3.30 FILM: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008). 5.30 Big Dance 2012. 6.30 Three in a Bed. 7.30 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Deal or No Deal. 10.00 Thelma’s Gypsy Girls. 11.00 Meeting Ian Brady. 12.05 FILM: Another 48 Hours (1990). 2.00 Camelot. 2.50 The Moonbird. 3.05 Hollyoaks.

Sign Zone: DIY SOS: The Big Build. 4.20 Sign Zone: Food Factory. 4.50 Sign Zone: Fake

Ironman 2012. 7.40 Canary Wharf Triathlon.

9.00 Come Dine with Me.

Jumbo Jet Strip-Down.

11.55 John Bishop’s Britain.

7.00 The Treacle People. 7.10 Sali Mali. 7.15

12.30 Twenty Twelve. 1.00 FILM: Irina Palm (2007). 2.40 BBC News. 5.35 Close.

ITV 1.30pm The Nation’s Favourite Number 1 Single

5.20 Deal or No Deal. 6.15 Grudge Match. 6.25 Countdown.

7.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 7.05 Roary the Racing Car. 7.15 Fifi and the Flowertots. 7.25 City of Friends. 7.40 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. 7.50 Castle Farm. 7.55 AbbyÕs Flying Fairy School. 8.05 Roobarb and Custard Too. 8.15 Bananas in Pyjamas. 8.25 Family! 8.35 Noddy in Toyland. 8.45 Milkshake! Monkey. 8.50 Bert and ErnieÕs Great Adventures. 9.00 Little Princess. 9.10 Chiro. 9.15 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky. 9.30 Angelina Ballerina. 9.45 Rupert Bear. 9.55 Mio Mao. 10.00 Ben and HollyÕs Little Kingdom. 10.10 The Mr Men Show. 10.25 Roary the Racing Car. 10.40 Jelly Jamm. 11.00 Monkey Life. 11.25 The Hotel Inspector. 12.25 Big Brother. 1.25 Half Built House. 2.25 Police Interceptors. 3.30 FILM: Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987). 5.10 5.15 6.55 9.00 10.00 11.00

5 News Weekend. FILM: Surf’s Up (2007). FILM: Maid in Manhattan (2002). Once Upon a Time. Big Brother. FILM: Cobra (1986).

12.40 FILM: Knock Off (1998). 2.30 SuperCasino. 5.05 Sons of Anarchy. 5.50 County Secrets. 6.00 HanaÕs Helpline. 6.10 The Milkshake! Show. 6.35 Thomas & Friends. 6.45 Roary the Racing Car.

Monday 16th July 7.00 Breakfast. 10.15 Heir Hunters. 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer. 11.58 BBC News; Weather. 12.00 Cowboy Trap. 12.45 You’ve Been Scammed. 1.13 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Bargain Hunt. 2.00 BBC News; Weather. 2.30 Regional News; Weather. 2.45 Doctors. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 4.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 4.05 CBBC: 4.05 Deadly 60; Diddy Dick & Dom. 4.35 Prank Patrol Down Under. 5.00 Copycats. 5.30 Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic. 6.00 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.25 11.35

Newsround. Pointless. BBC News; Weather. Regional News Programmes; Weather. The One Show. Food Factory; BBC News; Regional News. EastEnders. Britain’s Biggest Waste Dumpers Panorama. Blackout. BBC News. Regional News; Weather. Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Alive.

12.35 FILM: Life (1999). 2.20 Weatherview. 2.25 Sign Zone: Coast. 3.25 Sign Zone: Hairy Bikers’ Best of British. 4.10 Sign Zone: Great British Railway Journeys Goes to Ireland. 4.40 Sign Zone: Great British Menu. 5.40 BBC News.

7.00 CBeebies: The Pingu Show. 7.10 Zigby. 7.25 Timmy Time. 7.35 Dirtgirlworld. 7.50 Rastamouse. 8.00 CBBC: Roar. 8.30 Stuck on Sheep Mountain. 8.55 League of Super Evil. 9.10 Frankenstein’s Cat. 9.20 Pet Squad. 9.30 CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons. 9.45 Big & Small. 10.00 Tinga Tinga Tales. 10.10 Little Charley Bear. 10.20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. 10.30 Bob the Builder: Project Build It. 10.40 The Koala Brothers. 10.50 Lunar Jim. 11.00 Dipdap. 11.05 Kerwhizz. 11.30 Driver Dan’s Story Train. 11.40 Waybuloo. 12.00 In the Night Garden. 12.30 BBC World News. 1.00 Daily Politics. 2.00 Climbing Great Buildings. 2.30 To Buy or Not to Buy. 3.15 Weakest Link. 4.00 Show Me the Monet. 4.45 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain. 5.30 6.15 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.30

Flog It! Antiques Road Trip. Eggheads. Great British Railway Journeys. Babies in the Office. University Challenge. The Hairy Bakers. The Riots: In Their Own Words. QI. Newsnight; Weather.

12.20 World’s Most Dangerous Roads. 1.20 BBC News. 5.00 BBC Learning Zone.

6.30 ITV Morning News. 7.00 Daybreak. 9.30 Lorraine. 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 11.30 This Morning. 1.30 Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel. 2.30 ITV News and Weather. 2.55 London News and Weather. 3.00 Drive to Buy. 4.00 Secret Dealers. 4.59 London Weather. 5.00 A Touch of Frost. 6.00 Tipping Point. 7.00 London Tonight; Weather. 7.30 ITV News and Weather. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Britain’s Secret Treasures. 9.30 Coronation Street. 10.00 Superstar. 11.30 ITV News and Weather. 12.05 London News and Weather. 12.10 Real Crime with Mark Austin: The Jigsaw Murder. 1.05 In Plain Sight. 1.50 Jackpot247; ITV News Headlines. 4.00 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 4.55 ITV Nightscreen. 5.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show.

7.10 Sali Mali. 7.15 The Hoobs. 7.40 The Hoobs. 8.05 Freshly Squeezed. 8.35 According to Jim. 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 9.30 Frasier. 10.00 Undercover Boss USA. 11.00 Four Rooms. 12.00 You Deserve This House. 1.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 1.05 Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. 1.35 Gok Cooks Chinese. 2.05 River Cottage Bites. 2.20 FILM: Forty Guns to Apache Pass (1967). 4.10 Countdown. 5.00 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.55 9.00

Deal or No Deal. Four in a Bed. Come Dine with Me. The Simpsons. Hollyoaks. Channel 4 News. Myths About Your 5-a-Day: Channel 4 Dispatches. 9.30 Jamie’s Summer Food Rave Up. 10.00 Undercover Boss. 11.00 Thelma’s Gypsy Girls. 12.05 Coming Up. 12.40 The Odyssey. 1.15 Random Acts. 1.20 Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic. 2.20 The Good Wife. 3.00 The Good Wife. 3.45 The Big C. 4.15 The Big C. 4.45 Southland. 5.25 St Elsewhere. 6.15 Deal or No Deal.

7.00 Milkshake!: Thomas & Friends. 7.10 The WotWots. 7.20 City of Friends. 7.35 Jelly Jamm. 7.45 Peppa Pig. 7.50 Castle Farm. 7.55 Little Princess. 8.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. 8.20 The Mr Men Show. 8.35 Thomas & Friends. 8.45 Make Way for Noddy. 8.55 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots. 9.15 Peppa Pig. 9.25 Peppa Pig. 9.30 Roary the Racing Car. 9.40 Milkshake! Show Songs. 9.45 Bananas in Pyjamas. 10.00 Igam Ogam. 10.15 The Wright Stuff. 12.10 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers. 1.10 5 News Lunchtime. 1.15 Big Brother. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.45 Neighbours. 3.15 The Mentalist. 4.15 Rosamunde Pilcher’s Autumn. 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00

5 News at 5. Neighbours. Home and Away. 5 News at 6.30. Cowboy Builders; 5 News Update. Police Interceptors; 5 News at 9. Big Brother. The Walking Dead.

12.00 FILM: Candyman 3: Day of the Dead (1999). 1.45 Forensic Files. 2.15 SuperCasino. 5.00 Nick’s Quest. 5.25 Wildlife SOS. 5.45 Wildlife SOS. 6.10 House Doctor. 6.35 House Doctor.

66 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

CAN LIGHTNING STRIKE TWICE? FIVE STEPS TO BEING LUCKY “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.“ Henry Ford “ I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?“ Jean Cocteau So why is it that some people have all the luck? Could it be that there really is a magic formula which enables us to make the most of serendipity striking? It would definitely appear from recent research that emanating key personality traits will increase your chances of having that lucky break considerably. Here’s how. 1. BE A PEOPLE PERSON. Studies show that lucky individuals are much more likely to be interested in people. They will strike up a conversation in the bus queue or the local supermarket and genuinely listen to what others have to say. In doing so they come across a key nugget of information ¨just by chance¨ which leads to them taking action or following a different path. To the outside world, and to them, this looks like coincidence but it’s simply that they took advice and acted on it. Trusting people is also a key trait. Being lucky is not achieved all on your own. Surround yourself with positive friends and helpful people and believe the best in everyone. This creates amazing results.

2. PASS IT ON. Keeping your fortune to yourself isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be generous with your good luck and pass it on to others. Some people call this Karma or say ‘what goes around comes around’. Well it might not be very scientific but it still seems to work for many people. So don’t over think it, just give to receive and when running a business, always give more in use value than you accept in cash value. Common sense really but sharing really does seem to make a difference in the luck stakes. 3. FLEX YOUR GOALS. It’s great to set goals and have something to aim for but there are many different ways to achieve the same outcome so don’t get too hooked up on how you’re going to get there. When in doubt, go with your gut. Whilst it can be difficult to explain why intuition works, your brain is pre-programmed to recognize certain pitfalls and also certain opportunities so if in doubt, do what feels right. You can’t always connect the dots when you’re looking forward but retrospectively you will be able to see how all the jigsaw pieces fitted together perfectly. 4. ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES. Sorry but waiting for luck just to fall in your lap in

a gift box is just not realistic. You have to put your back into it and take action. Be prepared to work for what you want in life. If you want it enough, you’ll be more than willing to put in the effort. We are all of us presented with opportunities in our lives. What separates us is those that act on them and those that don’t. Some of us completely fail to even notice them and many more of us are totally paralysed by fear or simply aren’t motivated enough to go for it. So in the words of Nike, just do it! Be ready, willing and able. 5. BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. The biggest single factor separating lucky people from their unlucky counterparts is self belief. If you believe that you are lucky you will be and equally if you feel that you are going to attract bad fortune, that’s exactly what you will get - in spades. It’s a self fulfilling prophesy. Many people who feel that they do not have any luck miss opportunities that are right in front of their nose. Decide that today is going to be your lucky day. So with an open mind, a streak of kindness and an interest in the people around you, you can tip the scales in your favour. Time to buy that lottery ticket. Fingers crossed.

67 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

69 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Charity Dance for Debra Spain On Saturday 23rd June the La Marina and San Fulgencio Residents Association held a Charity Dance for Debra Spain commonly known as The Butterfly Children’s Charity. Plan B provided the entertainment with the original line-up which has not been seen in Spain for a couple of years. They were excellent and nobody wanted them to stop with everyone calling for more. This was the seventh charity dance held over the last 18 months

organised by Ken and Maggie Somerville for the Charity. To date the dances have raised €3,188.60 and a special thank you goes to Ken and Maggie for their hard work and continued support of our charity. We would also like to thank everyone who attended the evening and everyone who has attended the previous dances for their generosity and their continued support of our charity.

Plan B, Ken and Maggie Somerville, Pat Feist and Mary Chambers



hree equine students from the UK have taken their support for the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre a step further this week and have travelled to Spain to volunteer at the charity centre in Rojales. Claire Locksmith, Nikita Mason and Emily Purnell, all 18, have just graduated from Easton College in Norwich with a Diploma of Horse Management and have gained vital experience in a real working environment, “It has been better than we thought,” says Emily whose jobs have included general stable work from mucking out to grooming. The trio, who arrived here on Monday 2nd July, were originally intending on staying for two weeks, but due to a family illness have had to cut their stay short and left just days later. “We are gutted that we are going so soon but it has been a great experience, the horses are all so lovely and it is our first time in this sort of environment and we've loved it.” adds Claire. The girls also had another very important task to complete whilst here the donation of a cheque for £600. The money was raised when they first heard about the Rescue Centre via their tutor at college and after looking at the website and seeing photos of the distressed horses, decided they wanted to help raise money. Along with their fellow students, friends and partners, the teenagers took part in a 13 hour dawn until dusk across the Angles Way

which stretches for about 50 miles between Thetford and Great Yarmouth. Co-founder of Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre said, “It is lovely when you get three young women who work hard raising money for us and come here and volunteer and it is very inspiring.” Sue adds, “We are getting contacts from a lot of universities across Europe wanting work experience for students and that is something we can accommodate now.” The money is going directly on turfing the memorial garden area at the Rescue Centre. “Since our beloved Faith has been in Barcelona receiving treatment and getting used to her artificial leg that now bends at the knee, she has been going out to pasture every day and is enjoying grassy areas.” Sue continues, “Faith is due to return to us here at the end of the summer along with Cookie who is also there currently and we think having got used to grass in Barcelona it would be a bit sad for her to be able to continue that so we are going to turf the memorial garden area ready for their return.” For more information on the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre call Sue on 652 021 980 or email and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook. The Rescue Centre is continuing with its open days every Sunday and Wednesday from 1 - 4pm where you can see the horses for yourself and find out more about the work they do.

UK Students Volunteer at Rescue Centre: Sue (left) receiving cheque from Claire Nikita and Emily

Spanish Formula One test driver loses eye in UK accident It’s now known that the 32 year old Spanish Formula One test driver, María de Villota, has lost the use of her right eye following her serious accident at the Duxford airfield in the UK recently. She suffered severe head injuries and injuries to the face. Her racing team Marussia say she is stable. She has been acting as a test driver for the team throughout this season. The surgical team at Addenbrook’s Hospital in Cambridge carried out a long procedure to treat the serious head injuries. How the accident happened is being investigated, but it María de Villota happened last Tuesday after the first lap when she lorry. hit a support lorry ramp. Witnesses say María de Villota was the first Spanish the front part of her car was woman to get into Formula One. She is completely destroyed after the daughter of Emilio de Villota who accelerating against the back of the was a Formula One test pilot in the 80s.

70 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

to choose between Texas and his family. Esther and George’s internship at Company comes to an end, and a new arrival gives Mercedes cause for concern. The students try to improve Will’s mood as the rift among the Savages widens. Meanwhile, a weary Brendan returns to take back control of his empire. Dodger’s feelings toward his brother improve when Will admits he wanted to write Silas’s memoirs, and Brendan misguidedly asks Walker to protect Cheryl.


Hollyoaks Silas reveals a secret during a confrontation with Texas, George catches the eye of a fellow intern, and Esther borrows an outfit from Company’s wardrobes. The village reels following the shocking events of the previous day. Dodger struggles with his divided loyalties, and Joel seizes the reins of Brendan’s crime empire. Dodger is forced

Zak is released from hospital and has a run-in with the loan sharks, who give him 48 hours to come up with the rest of the money. Ali’s jealousy becomes too much for Ruby. Zak swallows his pride and asks Cain for help after failing to find the money he buried on the moors. Ali tells a stunned Ruby she is not welcome at the house until she apologises. Zak drives off to confront the loan sharks, unaware

Belle is hiding in his van. Robbie offers his services to Carl after hearing the Kings are struggling without a driver. Cain refuses to help Zak and Belle, forcing Charity to take matters into her own hands. Paddy and Rhona discuss moving to New Zealand, and Ali apologises to Ruby for her behaviour. Lisa confides in Lizzie about Zak, admitting she is unsure whether she still loves him. Paddy sets off for the job interview and Rhona lies to Marlon about where he has gone. Paddy invites Marlon to live in New Zealand and the offer seems to go down well. Val plots to get Eric back to work by giving Rishi a job in the B&B’s kitchen.

EastEnders Jay lifts Ben’s spirits by racing the stock car with him only to discover he has been hiding a secret that could have terrible consequences for both of them. Ben is horrified when Jay confronts him with the evidence, and urges him not to talk to the police. Zainab tries to prevent AJ

finding out that she and Masood are not married. Kat gatecrashes the football team’s night in and insists on having a party only to make Kim jealous by dancing with Ray. Masood and Zainab decide to tell AJ the truth. Michael struggles to make Scarlett’s hospital appointment, leaving Janine feeling abandoned. Lola leads Jay into mischief and Shirley discovers she is a grandmother.

Coronation Street Peter turns to drink after Leanne and Nick refuse his request to spend time with Simon. Carla regrets offering Rob a job at the factory and Anna discovers Faye’s secret. Peter tells Carla to pack her bags and leave, hoping to rekindle his relationship with Leanne. Anna takes action when Faye is suspended from school for fighting with Lindsay. Leanne and Ken report Peter missing, and are informed that a body has been pulled from the canal. Kirsty falls ill at the cafe

while Tyrone is busy doing a favour for Fiz. The body in the police morgue is identified, and Leanne’s ordeal continues when she arrives at school to discover Simon was taken away by Peter. Kirsty loses her temper with Tyrone. Carla agrees to run away with Peter, but his plot to abduct Simon begins to unravel when the youngster phones Leanne to tell her he is scared about being taken away on a boat. Leanne begs Carla not to let Peter take Simon away, but after finally locating her missing stepson, she gives him the chance to decide who he wants to stay with.

RED DOG (PG) Red Dog is a real charmer of an Aussie movie. Directed by Kriv Stenders, the film is based on the true story of a Kelpie who won the hearts of Western Australia during the ’70s. With its myriad of heart and soul, the movie is a heartwarming, endearing, humorous and affecting portrayal of a mining town’s love for the titular canine. The film’s astute depiction of the relationship between man and dog, on top of the strong filmmaking and charming screenplay ensure that Red Dog can immediately join the canon of great dog flicks. An adaptation of Louis de Bernières’ book of the same name, Red Dog tells the true story of a dog that befriended the mining community of Dampier. The film is predominantly spent in Brought to you by Moving Movies. Tel: 650 944 934/652 751 072m movingmoviesdvds@gmai z

himself is being educated about Red Dog, he should be a strong entry point into the narrative for viewers, but instead the role is underdeveloped, devoid of personality and pretty much thankless; nothing but a device to allow the locals to tell their stories. The viewers are probably meant to project themselves onto the bland cipher that is Tom’s character, but that just seems like an excuse for laziness. In spite of its shortcomings, Red Dog works extremely well and is filled with several terrific scenes. It will move you, entertain you and make you laugh, and you cannot deny the endearing nature of the titular dog. This is a delightful winner of an Aussie movie, and only a true cynic would find it unenjoyable.

THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL (PG) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is an utter delight. Here is a satisfying comedy unafraid to have a heart and a brain, and it has no interest in toilet humor or cheap gags. It’s one for the mature crowd, as it earns lots of belly-laughs through genuine wit and doesn’t shy away from the inherent dramatic elements of its story. Based on Deborah Moggach’s novel “These Foolish Things,” director John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love“) has given this picture a warm tea-and-biscuits type of charm, rendering it suitable for older, more cynical moviegoers probably disenchanted with today’s filmic landscape. Add to this an all-star British cast including the likes of Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Celia Imrie, Ronald Pickup and Maggie Smith, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a film you cannot

Concerts Quesada Hat Trick Promotions - Presents The Caballeros on Monday 23rd July, at The Club, Quesada. Doors open at 7.30pm, tickets €5.00 (ticket only show). For more information email

miss. Anyone of any age will have fun with it. The story starts in England, where a varied bunch of retirees begin looking to make their autumnal years easier on the wallet. There’s the recently-widowed Evelyn (Dench) who’s awash with debts; Muriel (Smith), who requires a hip replacement; Graham (Wilkinson) who’s looking to revisit his past and confront old demons; couple Douglas (Nighy) and Jean (Wilton) whose marriage is under strain; and singletons Norman (Pickup) and Madge (Imrie) in search of adventure and love. They all come together in India, where they stay at the seemingly enticing Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel has fallen into disrepair. The hotel’s wellintentioned owner Sonny dreams of providing a wonderful resort for retired folks, but is facing

Marian Keyes, the No. 1 bestselling author of Rachel's Holiday, is back with her stunning new novel The Mystery of Mercy Close and the return of the legendary and beloved Walsh sisters. Helen Walsh doesn't believe in fear - it's just a thing invented by men to get all the money and good jobs - and yet she's sinking. Her work as a Private Investigator has dried up, her flat has been repossessed and now some old demons have resurfaced. Not least in the form of her charming but dodgy exboyfriend Jay Parker, who

Title: The Mystery of Mercy Close Author: Marian Keyes (Due for release September 2012)

What’s On

flashback, as it begins in 1979. A trucker named Tom (Ford) arrives in Dampier on a fateful night, and stops at the local pub where Red Dog lays dying from strychnine poisoning. Keeping vigil a room away, barman Jack (Taylor) and the other distraught locals begin to regale Tom with stories of their fondest memories of the dog. According to legend, Red Dog hitched a ride into Dampier one day and fast became a mascot for the melting pot of a population. The dog was everyone’s and no-one’s; he jumped into anyone’s lap or car. Until, that is, he finally chose his master: An American bus driver named John (Lucas), who drifted into the town to make a living. Since Tom is the newcomer in town and he

financial difficulties. Added to this, Sonny’s disapproving mother lingers around, doubting Sonny’s capacity to run the hotel and wanting him to enter an arranged marriage. Similar to the rundown hotel of its title, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a feature which slowly but surely grows on you. It’s definitely worth checking into The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This is a lovely movie, and it’s a sublime showcase for its terrific cast which effectively mixes light-hearted laughs with scenes of pathos. If you have a good sense of humor and an open mind, you’ll no doubt have an enjoyable time with this flick. It will leave you with a big smile on your face and a warm heart . . . Who can complain about that?

shows up with a missing persons case. Money is tight and Jay is awash with cash, so Helen is forced to take on the task of finding Wayne Diffney, the 'Wacky One' from boyband Laddz. Things ended messily with Jay. And she's never going back there. Besides she has a new boyfriend now, the very sexy detective Artie Devlin and it's all going well. But the reappearance of Jay is stirring up all kinds of stuff she thought she'd left behind. Playing by her own rules, Helen is drawn into a dark and glamorous world, where her worst enemy is her own head and where increasingly the only person she feels connected to is

proceeds to go to EMAUS & The Davila / Grewar Mar Menor family fund charity. Help At Home – Presents an evenings entertainment with Smithy on July 27th at La Vereda Restaurant, Sucina. Food available. For more information please contact Heather on 968 371 080. Campoamor


Mabs Cancer Support Group - July 21st. The Breakaway bar at La Fuente, near the rondevous Torrevieja in Campoamor. Comedy Night. Lynden B is Help At Home – Presents Canterbury Christchurch Torrevieja performing. Entry 6 euro. Includes a buffet. 2euro University Big Band on Wednesday 17th July at Elite Entertainment - Presents The CoastRider goes to Mabs. Chatters Social Group at El Jardin. For more Spectacular Music Gala on Saturday 21st July at the information, or to become a valued HAH Benijófar Kiosko Cabo Cervera restaurant, Torrevieja. The visit our website on fun starts at 1pm. Tickets are €5 to include paella July 28th - Bar Catorce, Benijófar. Sammy volunteer, or email and a free drink and can be purchased from the Fitzwilliams will be doing a mediumship evening, coastrider office or by calling 966 701 060. All from 8pm to 10pm. Proceeds to Mabs.

Wayne, a man she's never even met. Utterly compelling, moving and very very funny, The Mystery of Mercy Close is unlike any novel you've ever read and Helen Walsh - courageous, vulnerable and wasp-tongued - is the perfect heroine for our times. Praise for Marian Keyes: 'When it comes to writing page-turners that put a smile on your face and make you think, Keyes is in a class of her own' Daily Express 'Zips along with engaging characters, fabulous plotting and spot-on dialogue. Marian Keyes: what a genius' Daily Mail

71 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


A new technique could delay the menopause and even allow women to have babies into old age, it was revealed this week. The new technique involves removing a piece of the ovary, storing it and then replacing it in the body using delicate surgery. The treatment could put a woman’s menopause ‘on ice’ claim doctors. The only thing preventing women from having babies into old age would then be their physical ability to carry a pregnancy, they said. The controversial technique could also allow career women peace of mind by allowing them to find a career and financial independence before having to search for a suitable partner. By delaying the menopause doctors behind the new research claim they could also avoid the increased risk of osteoporosis and heart disease that come hand in hand with the end of a woman’s fertile life. However, the risk of breast and womb cancer may increase. The news was announced this week at a conference when medical professionals from the world over heard how more than 20 babies have been born worldwide to patients who either had their own ovarian tissue removed before treatment that would have left them infertile, and replaced afterwards, or twins where one donated tissue to the other. In most of the cases presented at the conference, the children had been conceived naturally without the need for IVF for drugs. Dr Sherman Silber, an American surgeon, was involved in such tissue transplants for 11 women in the US. He said: "A woman born today has a 50 per cent chance of living to 100. That means they are

going to be spending half of their lives postmenopause. But you could have grafts removed as a young woman and then have the first replaced as you approach menopausal age. You could then put a slice back every decade. Some women might want to go through the menopause, but others might not.” Transplants carried out eight years ago are still working showing the technique is 'robust' and it should no longer be considered experiemental, Dr Silber said. One transplant from one 39-year-old to her identical twin, has lasted seven years so far without failing. In that time the recipient has had two healthy baby boys and a baby girl, all without IVF. She conceiving the last child while aged 45. Originally it was hoped the transplants would only last months, or a few years at most, offering a brief window of opportunity for conception. However, Dr Silber revealed that hopes have been surpassed. He said: “It's really fantastic, we didn't expect a little piece of ovarian tissue to last this long.” He added that ovarian slices could now be frozen for decades, thawed out for replantation when needed, and be just as effective as 'fresh' grafts between twins. In Belgium, a woman has given birth after her ovarian tissue was frozen for decade, and in Italy a woman has just had a healthy baby girl after her tissue was frozen for seven years. Dr Silber and European colleagues presented their findings this week at the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Istanbul.


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

73 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

HAH SUMMER EVENTS LIST 2012 July 18th. Chatters Social Group at BACCHUS RESTAURANT, OASIS, LOS NAREJOS AT 11.30am (new venue). Quiz, Medical advice, new friends July 27th. Evening entertainment with Smithy at La Vereda Restaurant, Sucina. Food available. Details from Heather on 968 371 080. NO EVENTS PLANNED FOR AUGUST Sept 4th. Volunteers meeting at Bacchus Restaurant, Oasis, Los Narejos. 11.30am. Private room with disabled access. Optional lunch at 1pm. Sept 16th. It’s a knockout Fun day on the beach at Los Urrutias The Elva Fincham Memorial Trophy. We now have the necessary licence, and are looking for teams to enter this fun competition. For details contact Angela on 868 186 725 or Celia 968 574 576. Come on you pubs, and clubs, lots of prizes. Sept 19th. Chatters Social Group at 11.30, BACCHUS RESTAURANT Oasis, Los Narejos. October 2nd at 11.30 am Volunteers Meeting at Bacchus Restaurant, Osis, Los Narejos 2nd hand book sale, most Wednesdays at La Zona Bar, Los Narejos (check with bar) 2nd Tuesday every month Charity Table Top sale at La Zona (Los Alcazares. Second-hand goods to buy or sell. Clothes, bric a brac, books, 10-2pm. Check with bar) Brenda’s Boutique, Estrella De Mar, Los Urrutias 2nd hands goods, furniture, clothes etc. Can collect/ deliver. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 10.301pm 648 735 540. For more information, or to become a valued HAH volunteer, visit our website on, or email: HAH is sponsored for 2012 by Coachtrips SL (David’s) and DFS Furniture.


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Fiona Harlowe is fully qualified and gifted Facialist, specialising in the treatment of aging and sun damaged skin. Fiona believes in a fully integrated holistic treatment, combining the latest, advanced equipment and product technologies with a hands-on approach rooted in massage and touch therapies. Fiona is renowned for her forthright, dedicated, honest and open approach…she genuinely cares about each client and improving the health of their skin. Based at Vanilla Hair & Beauty, Villamartin Plaza Fiona always offers free consultations. To book your free skin consultation, please call 96 676 56 16. You can also email Fiona via

The Truth about Skin: Balancing the Jigsaw: Skin, Body, Mind & Soul As a Facialist and Skin Expert I firmly believe that beauty on the outside begins with beauty on the inside. Essential to our beauty is a healthy lifestyle, an inner peace, positivity, confidence and overall balance. Our skin is a true reflection to our body and soul and only a truly holistic approach to managing skin conditions will get results.

THE JIGSAW Only a fully integrated and holistic approach to managing skin conditions will get results. Treating the skin, body, mind and soul as whole is like putting together a jigsaw. The jigsaw often requires each piece to be in place to see any real and long lasting results. The jigsaw consists of balancing, for example, your diet and nutrition, medical care, exercise, stress management, skincare routine and professional treatments with a positive approach to life. The longer I work with the skin the more I realise how important each piece of the jigsaw is…even the thoughts that we think, the words we use to express ourselves affect our well-being, and therefore, our skin. Our emotions are etched on our face. We often use the expression that we’ve ‘earned’ each of our wrinkles, well in a way we have. Our faces are a true mirror to our soul. As a result of my beliefs in treating the skin with the jigsaw in mind, I have developed five basic principle around which I believe all Skin Therapy should be centred: Clients’ Needs; Initiative Touch; Education; Products and Layering.

The Jigsaw: Fiona’s Five Basic Principles of Skin Therapy

YOUR NEEDS AS A CLIENT The first and the most important principle is to listen to how it feels for the person to live with their skin condition. Whether it’s premature aging which you feel has ‘suddenly’ appear or severe acne, our skin and our face has a direct effect on our selfesteem. I know listening is always central to my work.

INTUITIVE TOUCH My approach to skin care has developed intuitively, not only does this mean that each treatment is individually tailored and entirely bespoke; it also places a large emphasis on the power of touch. Try to choose a therapist who has a large amount of training, expertise and experience behind them, as they will be able to draw on all their knowledge to treat your skin. Massage should play such a key role in all skincare treatments, given that most people don’t touch their own skin much, I see it as my job to improve your skin through touch therapy. Not only do our muscles need to be worked, but emotions are also held in the body, deeply embedded in our cells. Massage is able to release even deep seated emotions through the power of touch. Our faces carry our emotions, so to release them enables the face to relax and decrease. Every time we are emotional it is stored in our faces. We often don’t realise

how important it is to touch our face, by being taught a few massage techniques to use at home, or through regular massage with a touch therapist, the difference to your skin is noticeable. It will be soothed, firmed, drained and toned, and lifted.

EDUCATION It is crucial you are given the correct information to understand your skin. You need to know what your skin needs and how to look after it correctly to obtain optimum skin health. With so much confusing and unreliable information in the media, it is important to get forthright advice that you can trust, along with detailed treatment and product prescriptions designed for your individual skin. Products, treatments or lifestyle adjustments should only be recommended if they are genuinely believed to be beneficial. Never buy products if what they are meant to achieve sounds too good to be true…i.e. if you are sold a product with a promise that it will improve your wrinkles by 80%, or 70%, or by half, be very skeptical. If these, off the shelf, creams worked, why are we walking around with no real difference to our faces? Approach with caution! These are our dreams and desire for better skin that the skincare industry is tapping into and we are vulnerable to their claims. Try to find out what your skin really needs. Everyone’s skin is different, there is certainly not one cream to treat all skins.

PRODUCTS So, good products are the key. Using the right products for your skin will really will make a big difference to its appearance. Whilst touch is the basis of all routines, it is targeted and naturally active products which will be the key to leaping your skin forward. Seeing a Facialist, like myself, or Skin Therapist, who is trained to advise you on the best ingredients and products for your skin, will enable you to spend your money on products that will actually help your own skin. Harnessing the latest product technologies for your skins advantage ensures it is as radiant, refreshed, plump and smooth as possible. On a personal note, I employ strict ethics on products. No products are ever tested on animals, all are naturally active formulations and none contain cheap, nasty ingredients. I truly believe that in the 21st Century we have no need to test products on animals. It is cruel and unnecessary.

LAYERING Layering is the key to a targeted daily skincare routine. 1. Forgotten Art of Cleansing Cleanse and cleanse again should be your daily mantra, morning and evening. 2. Exfoliate. Daily and weekly exfoliation

encourages the new, fresh cells to the surface and stimulates the cellular renewal process which slows down more and more the older we get. Regular exfoliation is essential to giving the skin radiance, freshness and allowing all other products applied to the skin maximum benefit. 3. Masque Masque, masque and masque. Take your skin to the next level with at least two applications of targeted masques. 4. Serums Specialised serums work hard to improve your skin further. It is only with additional use of such specific products that your skin can continue to improve. 5. Moisturisers Some skins need rich moisturisers, others liquid hydrants. Make sure you have the right moisturiser for your skin. 6. Daylight Defense Sunscreens are the one product we absolutely cannot live without, and should be applied daily, and re-applied every 90 minutes There are three different types of sunscreen physical, chemical and full spectrum, some are not suitable for sensitive skins or those with specific skin conditions. The more sophisticated sunscreens will also tackle previous free radical damage (photo-aging), as well as address your specific skin condition i.e. oily skin, dry skin, sensitised skin.

75 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Laura Boyle will be in Spain the 13th - 17th July 2012 and is available for private readings in Spain at the reduced price of €25 for half an hour. To book please contact her via or on 0044 7717 858484 or 634 020 133 when she is in Spain.

21 March - 20 April

21 April - 21 May

22 May - 21 June

'Anything you can do, I can do better'. So sang countless legendary performers. You're aware of a need to exercise authority and caution where a plan is concerned. You're equally aware of advice and offers of help coming from individuals who seem to believe you need both. You don't require help on levels it's being offered - and are quite capable of doing a better job yourself! People speak sometimes about 'reinventing the wheel' when they feel they must start a process all over again. When we do feel a need to recommence something, we often believe we've exhausted all possibilities and options. Focus now on what you have already started in some way and use momentum gained already to work to your advantage. Isn't it wonderful that nobody is perfect? If we had to deal with 'perfect' people, how would we view ourselves compared to them? We need to be aware of others' quirks and flaws in order to understand ourselves better. Don't nurture a grudge against someone who seems overly keen to highlight your imperfections now. You are who you are and they need to understand that.

22 June - 23 July

Are you unhappy with an imbalance in a relationship and, if so, what can be done about it? Your patience with a certain person's behavior appears to be wearing thin. Equally, you're wondering why they believe they should have such control of your relationship. Resist the urge to confront them. Bide your time, if you can, for just a little while longer.

24 July - 23 August

There will, unfortunately, only be twentyfour hours available to you today. The same will apply tomorrow. I make the point because you are very likely wondering how you will possibly complete every task or honor every commitment at the moment. More than one area of your world is demanding your valuable time and commitment. It really is time to prioritize what truly needs both. We're told tomorrow is always coming yet never arrives, yet 'today' is yesterday's 'tomorrow'. Yesterday, we were aware that the day following it would require us to perform certain tasks and honor certain commitments to ourselves or others. You're aware of how a process seems to keep returning to its starting point. Trust that it's special and trying to work with you, not against you.

24 September 23 October

You are able to see ways in which a certain person is likely to end up regretting having pursued a certain course of action but are unsure about whether or not you should help them to recognize this. You would like to know that, through pursuing whatever-it-is against your wishes, they will have learned something valuable. You-know-who is about to experience a moment of clarity.

24 October 22 November

We tend to overlook what a precious gift life on this planet is and how finite our time on this planet really is. We also overlook or postpone certain conversations we ought to be having with certain people, too. There is someone in your world with whom you are overdue a heart-to-heart discussion. They're willing to make the time for it. So too, should you.

23 November 22 December

When we are put on the spot to say something or respond, we invariably end up wishing we had said 'this' or 'that' instead of what we did say. Hindsight is a great thing, especially when we know that, with a bit more warning or practice, we could have made a point much clearer. You have something to say to someone now. Take your time, speak from the heart and all will be fine.

23 December 20 January

'Honesty is such a lonely world, everyone is so untrue'. So sang Billy Joel. You might have reason to believe you're not being told the whole story by someone but that doesn't necessarily make them 'untrue'. Soon, an ongoing saga that has seen certain information not being disclosed to you will end. You'll know all you need to know, very soon.

21 January 19 February

'If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they're yours. If they don't, they never were'. You have, during recent weeks, been involved in a process that has 'freed' you from certain commitments, obligations or habits. What's meant to be part of your world will return soon enough. What isn't has been removed and is something you're better off without.

'Many hands', we are told, 'make light work'. Amazing things can be built in incredibly short spaces of time, particularly when people work together in an incredibly focused way. I mention this because they cosmos is working collectively for you now in an almost unprecedented way. Trust that something special and worthwhile is being created on your behalf.

Dear Laura, I have been seeing my best friend's husband for quite some time now. It initially started as a bit of fun on both sides but I have found myself falling in love with him. This was not my intention and now I want to know whether he feels the same for me. He says he loves me but he also says he loves his wife. His wife has no idea about us as we often all go out together in the evenings and he drops her off home first before taking me home. I love my friend but I have stronger feelings for her husband and want to know Laura if he will eventually leave her to be with me. I feel so guilty deceiving her like this as she does not deserve this but I cannot help my feelings towards him. I know I should stop seeing him but I can't help myself! J Dear J, I have asked what will be between you and your best friend’s husband in the foreseeable future. This relationship does not look as if it has a happy conclusion for anybody. I have drawn several cards, cards of separation between the pair of you, I have drawn tears, frustration, the 5 of Swords, a card of deception and cards of burden. I have also drawn cards of restriction, of indecision and cards of things appearing to take shape and come together. The spread is a roller coaster of emotions. Now that you have got the gist of how things are likely to be i.e., little change where the pair of you are concerned you can make your decision as to whether to continue this affair or whether to start afresh and find someone new. When I say someone new, I would suggest that you learn by your current situation and find somebody who is unattached and free to get into a committed relationship... Your friend need not know what has been going on but the longer the situation continues the higher the probability that she will find out. I think it is highly unlikely that he will leave his wife, you will lose both as friends and above all, in the small ex-pat pond in Spain your name will be mud. You have the ability to change the course of your life and there is, of course the little matter of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect - what goes around comes around... I have drawn you an Angel Whisper Card which says "You are part of the Universe and so you must know that you are never alone." Dear Laura, It is usual question. We have had our house on the market for an age, have

reduced the price and are beginning to lose hope of ever selling. Will we? Best regards, R Dear R, I have asked the cards whether you will sell your property in the foreseeable future? Well R, the cards show that things have been pretty quiet with regard to the sale of your property and I feel that unless you make a real effort now things will come to a head. I have a card of happiness overturned and the Tower Card indicates things breaking down around you. I might be wrong here but I believe you will turn your back on this property, depending on your financial situation - either give it back to the bank or just cut your losses and leave it empty. The 6 of Swords indicates you going overseas, and turning your back on the situation in Spain, moving into happier times, the Ace of Cups. One thing I don't see here is the signing of contracts or indeed any cards of financial dealings coming up for you in the next few months. I have drawn you an Ask the Angels Card which says “The stars sparkle with love from the Angels.” Hi Laura Is there any good news for me coming up? T Dear T, Yes, there is but it depends on how you view the situation. In the past you appear to have been facing struggles and the suit of Pentacles indicates it is a financial issue. You are about to enter a phase of much discussion and I feel it is a job offer that is going to come your way. The Page of Swords indicates unpleasant communications maybe the wages are not too good and the 4 of Cups indicates your unhappiness with the offer. You will have to look at your options very carefully, don't make a rash decision based on a matter of pride - think about what is best for you in the long term. I believe you will take up this offer as I do have financial improvement coming your way. I have drawn you an Ask the Angels Card which says “Archangel Raphael brings you abundance, healing and joy.”

CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012


EXPIRES 16/07/12 EXPIRES 16/07/12

EXPIRES 16/07/12

EXPIRES 16/07/12 EXPIRES 16/07/12 EXPIRES 16/07/12

EXPIRES 16/07/12

EXPIRES 16/07/12 EXPIRES 16/07/12

EXPIRES 16/07/12


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HELP Murcia Mar Menor Forthcoming Events July

Playa Bar, Los Urrutias starting at 9 a.m.

summer fayre. Ziggy’s fashion show,

Tuesday 17th July General meeting at Las

Friday 17th August Carnival at the New York

entertainment and stalls. Starts at 2 p.m.

Claras, Los Alcazares 11.30 for 12 noon

bar, Valle del Sol, bouncy castle, music, face

Tuesday 18th September – general meeting at

Friday 20th July Friendship Group at the Golf

painting, games. 5 – 8 p.m.

Las Claras 11.30 for 12 noon

Delux on the Torre Pacheco road at 6 p.m. Mini

Monday 20th August Mar Menor golf resort,

Friday 28th September Friendship Group –

golf and other activities

round the pool at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Chicken Scratch at Café Golf, San Javier at 12

Claras 11.30 for 12 noon

Friday 27th July Carnival at La Zona Bar, Los

Tombola and games 12 am. to 5 pm.

for 12.30

Friday 26th October Friendship Group – Crown

Alcazares starting at 6 pm, lots of games for

Friday 31st August – Friendship Group - Asia


Jewels at The Arches, Los Alcazares at 12 for

the children

Chinese restaurant, San Javier 12 for 12.30

Saturday 13th October Last Night of the Proms




at Lo Monte hotel, Pilar de la Horadada

Tickets available from Joan Mitchell 868

Sunday 5th August Radio Road Show at the

Thursday 6th September at The Arches – late

starting at 7.30 p.m.

185685 or 678135467, Janice Clark on 968

Tuesday 16th October General meeting at Las

134355 or the office 968570059

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CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

COME AND VISIT US AT: LA ZENIA, ORIHUELA COSTA TEL : 966 730 116 MOBILE: 672 072 720 EMAIL: VIEW ALL OUR STOCK ON: 50+ Cars in stock - Mon-Fri 9.30 - 19.00h & Sat 9.30 - 14.00h

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FORD FOCUS SEDAN 1.6TDCi TREND “2009” 9,995€

1 OWNER PEUGEOT 206+ 1.1i 5 DOOR “2010” 7,500€




79 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Drink driving checks The DGT traffic authority is imposing a number of extra drug and alcohol roadside checks as part of a special campaign. The campaign runs from yesterday July 9th until July 15th and will see a zero tolerance policy by officers encountering drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Ministry of the Interior revealed that the intensified level of roadside checks is aimed at increasing road safety and reducing the number of drivers tempted to get behind the wheel while under the influence of either drugs or alchohol. Up until now, the DGT has been carrying out a number of roadside drugs tests as part of a wider European study which is set to determine the scale of the problem. Authorities hope to have an EU-wide picture of the so called drug-driving situation. However, these types of tests have not been widely used before now – partly due to the cost of the test itself (the cheapest model costing 60c per unit). Now though, traffic authorities are set to carry out drugs tests much more frequently with figures revealing that the chances of a driver under the influence of drugs being involved in an accident as increasing between two and seven times. Drug-driving is thought to be a huge problem here in Spain with Spaniards one of the highest

consumers of cocaine and cannabis in the world – 4% and 10% of the general population, respectively. It is currently believed that almost 20% of drivers are under the influence of drugs. In addition, in recent years

the number of fatal accident victims testing positive for illegal substances during post mortem examinations has increased significantly.

Ford Kuga 4x4 (2009) 2.0 TDCi Diesel €16,995

Seat Altea XL (2010) 1.6 Eco Diesel €13,995

Skoda Fabia (2007) 1.9 Combi Diesel €8,495

Hyundai Matrix (2007) 1.5 CRDi Diesel €7,995

Fiat Doblo (2006) 1.3 JTD Diesel €6,995

Ford Fusion (2007) 1.4 TDCi Diesel €6,995

Last year, almost half of drivers who died on Spanish roads (45%) tested positive for illegal drugs, alcohol or psychotropic medication. The most common substance found was cocaine, followed by cannabis and amphetamines. From this week, officers will be increasing roadside checks to test for drugs and alcohol. It is believed that drivers suspected of being under the influence will first be subjected to a breathalyser test and if it comes out negative, will have their saliva tested for evidence of drug use. If the drug test is negative, the driver will be free to go, but if it is positive, he or she will be subjected to a further test which is sent off for laboratory analysis. Drug driving is subject to a fine of at least €500 and the loss of 6 points from your driving licence.

Seat Altea Diesel Auto (2008) 1.9 €13,995

Opel Astra (2010) 1.7 CDTi Diesel €12,995


Peugeot 308 Premium (2008) 1.6 HDi €11,995

Skoda Octavia (2008) 1.9 TDi Trend Diesel €10,995

Toyota Rav 4 (2002) 1.8 i Petrol €7,995

Hyundai i10 (2008) 1.1 Petrol €6,995

Kia Rio (2007) 1.4 LS Petrol €6,995

Citroen Xsara Picasso (2003) 2.0 HDi Diesel €5,495

Honda Civic (2003) 1.7 Diesel €4,995

Renault Scenic (2003) 1.6 Petrol €3,995

VW Passat (2000) 2.0 TDi Diesel €3,995

VW New Beetle (1999) 2.0 Petrol €3,995

Ford Focus Estate (2002) 1.6 Petrol €3,995

Fiat Panda RHD (UK Spec) (2005) 1.1 Active €2,995

Jonway 125cc Bike (2011) 125cc Petrol €1,200

Chrysler Sebring (2003) 2.0 Petrol €5,995

Volvo XC70 Estate (2005) 2.5 T Cross Country Petrol - €4,995

Tel: 966 723 718




CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Wanted man escapes custody A man wanted in connection with the murder of his mother in south-west London has vanished from custody in Spain, it was revealed this week. The victim, Margaret Sheehy was found dead in her flat in Springfield Road in Kingston on June 12 this year.

Quality cars bought, sold & part exchanged


WE COME TO YOU ANYWHERE IN SPAIN OR UK 96 679 91 94 • 658 961 658

PARKING IN SPAIN Parking in Spain is always a contentious issue with space at a premium and regulations often seeming unclear to foreigners. This week, our friends at AngloInfo clarify some of the parking regulations for us... Parking regulations vary depending on the time of day, day of the week or even the week of the month. For example, some towns may state that parking on an even day of the month means that parking is available next to the even numbered houses and some streets change which side parking is on mid-month. Signs are in blue and red and numbered 1-15 for the first half of the month and 16-31 for the second half when parking is restricted to the other side of the street. Some places require a permit to park during work hours (horas laborables). Car Parks and Parking (Estacionamiento/Aparcamiento) Parking is restricted and most of the time roadside parking must be paid for at a parking metre. Individual metres (parquímetros) are being phased out and replaced with ticket machines (expendedor de tickets de estacionamiento). Blue zones (zonas azuls) indicate that parking must be paid at a ticket machine. • Usually, parking must be paid for Monday to Friday 09:00-14:00 and 16:00-21:00 and Saturdays 09:00-14:00 Many city centre car-parks are underground, (aparcamiento subterráneo), with signs outside indicating if there are spaces (libre) or if it is full (completo). It is the norm to pay at the cash desk or pay station (cajero) before returning to the car and leaving. Prices vary depending on the town. Official parking attendants (guardacoches) are normally in uniform. Some towns operate an Ora Zona system. Tickets allowing parking are sold by tobacconists and other retail outlets and are valid for 30, 60 or 90 minute stays. "No Parking" signs (estacionamiento prohibido), are often blue with a red line across. Yellow or red painted signs on the curb also

indicate No Parking. Where the words "prohibido estacionar" or "vado permanente" appear beside a police code number on a garage door, police have authorisation to tow the illegally parked vehicle. Certain zones display a sign of a tow truck, indicating that an illegally parked car may be towed (retiada grúa). In place of the towed vehicle, there should be a sticker or note stating where the vehicle has been impounded, or a giving number to call. If there is no note, contact the local policia municipal. If a vehicle is towed, a towing fee will be due (probably under €100). Paying a Parking Fine Parking offenders risk having points deducted from their license for breaking the law. All parking fines must be paid at the town hall (ayuntamiento) of the town in which the ticket was issued. In some areas payment can be made at the police station. Information courtesy of

Ms Sheehy, 58, was known as Margot and worked as a telemarketer for the software solutions provider Intelliflo. A postmortem examination gave her cause of death as asphyxiation. Sheehy’s son, Sean Heiss (28) was arrested by police in San Sebastian at the end of June and it

was believed he was being held while officials organised his extradition for the alleged murder. However, late last week it emerged that Heiss was initially arrested for "threatening conduct" and has since been released. Detectives and officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency are now liaising with their counterparts here in Spain to establish exactly what happened and find out who was responsible for the blunder. A Scotland Yard spokesperson commented: "We understand that a 28-year-old man was arrested by police in San Sebastian, Spain, on suspicion of threatening conduct week commencing June 18. "On June 22, a European Arrest Warrant was issued for the same man in connection with the murder of Margaret Sheehy in Kingston on June 12 and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (Soca) informed the Spanish Authorities. "At some point the man was released by police in San Sebastian. "We previously said a 28-yearold man was arrested on a European Arrest Warrant in San Sebastian, Spain, in connection with the murder of Margaret Sheehy. "However, we have now been informed that this was not the case and he was detained for a separate matter."

81 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012






1 Owner LAIKA ECOVIP H680 2006


28,000KLM 1 Owner


HYMER 309 1984

64,995 €







1 Owner



6,995 €










Part Ex to Clear FORD FIESTA 2005 1.4 LTR DIESEL


9,000 KLM


Extended Warranty FORD FOCUS CMAX 2010 1.6 TDCi DIESEL ONE OWNER



1 Owner










82 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

The CoastRider PRIZE CROSSWORD sponsored by

Benimar and Punta Prima (please collect from Punta Prima)

Be in with a chance to win a 10€ voucher from those lovely people at The Card Place every week. Simply send your completed crossword for the cryptic clues to our office by 12 noon on Thursday. The overall winner will be drawn from a hat of correct entries. Don’t forget to include your contact details and remember, you can enter every week! Send your completed entry to, fax 966 701 037 or bring it to our Torrevieja office (address on page 2). Draw will take place at 4pm every Thursday. The CoastRider’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Alan Winters Please contact The Card Place to claim your prize. Identification will be required.

sudoku Scribbles...

quick ACROSS 1. Whip (4) 3. Stimulate (8) 9. Corroborate (4,3) 10. Savour (5) 11. Not propitious (12) 13. Without difficulty (6) 15. Advancement (6) 17. Homicide (12) 20. Sufficient (5) 21. Widespread (7) 22. Scolding (8) 23. Due (4)

DOWN 1. Heavy (8) 2. Personnel (5) 4. Debar (3,3) 5. Irreconcilable (12) 6. Acquit (7) 7. Smooth (4) 8. Recuperating (12) 12. Alarmed (8) 14. Run briskly (7) 16. Border (6) 18. Fling (5) 19. A sting (4)

This week’s Caption Competition Call now on 966 714 298


Winner: In edition 436 Clifford Marsh, La Siesta; “Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”

ACROSS 1. Letters of appointment (4) 3. Makes notes, for the record perhaps (8) 9. Produce an eviction order? (4,3) 10. Five get a cover that’s sound (5) 11. Doing someone a good turn perhaps (12) 13. Nothing in code (6) 15. As transmitted it signifies agreement (6) 17. Having no like (12) 20. Or am I perhaps a New Zealander? (5) 21. Work in the theatre? (7) 22. Is untied maybe and split (8) 23. A muddle lands me on ship (4) DOWN 1. Waiting without complaint for a game (8) 2. Little fish of various parts (5) 4. Spread one’s expenditure (6) 5. Flags on the street (6-6) 6. The peace subsequently includes the French (7) 7. Team with an air of superiority (4) 8. Scanty account of the family’s failure (4,8) 12. Walks unsteadily and causes amazement (8) 14. Where people are following their convictions (7) 16. Shoot in wild stupor (6) 18. I scold, being very cross (5) 19. Between-maid perhaps (4)

Please contact The CoastRider to claim your prize. Identification will be required.

Runners up.......

The best caption each week wins a mug featuring their winning caption and photo! Send your caption with your contact details so we can call you when your mug is ready to collect to: Email: Fax: 966 701 037 Phone: 966 701 060 Note: Deadline is Thursday 12 noon Sudoku Solution

Crossword solution 436

QUICK: Across: 6 Portent; 7 Sever; 9 Aloof; 10 Crooked; 12 Resignation; 14 Defenceless; 18 Proceed; 19 Chief; 21 Booty; 22 Deprive. Down: 1 Jolly; 2 Stroke; 3 Ink; 4 Resort; 5 Develop; 8 Wrangle; 11 Pitcher; 13 Reproof; 15 Excite; 16 Sphere; 17 Leave; 20 Sea. CRYPTIC: Across: 6 Inwards; 7 Short; 9 Spots; 10 Striker; 12 Indignation; 14 Stage-fright; 18 Carouse; 19 Envoy; 21 Stand; 22 Diverse. Down: 1 Snaps; 2 Carton; 3 Ode; 4 Thrift; 5 Freedom; 8 Stencil; 11 Diffuse; 13 Stealth; 15 Ground; 16 Hinder; 17 Gorse; 20 Tip.

If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will keep floating to the top and sinking to the bottom. A shark can detect one part of blood in 100 million parts of water.

Roy Cuff Laguna Green, Jacarilla; " OK baby, you've been Cat-napped!" Mervyn Evans, Altos de la Bahia; “Lets dream of being identical twins” Mervyn Evans Altos de la Bahia; “Having a cat nap !!!!” Dawn, Lo Crispin; 'We just love our 'Catnaps” Heather Meston, El realengo; “Double cat naps!” Stuart Harrison, San Bartolome; "They're just good friends really but they like to take a catnap together" Roy Cuff Laguna Green, Jacarilla; " Peace Purr-fect Peace!" Marion Cuff- Laguna Green, Jacarilla; " Sleeping Partners" Julie Friend, Jardin Del Mar, Torrevieja; " What Eurozone crisis ?! " Migel Jayasinghe, Lo Crispin; " High-fives to a catnap !!! " Bob Mercer, Quesada; "It takes two babe to take a cat nap" Brenda Wilson - La Siesta; 'there's nothing like a cat nap'

83 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

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Man looking for work, 32 yrs in construction, door work/security, driver/chauffer, translator/interpreter, fluent English & Spanish. Mark 683 318 608 (439)

CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Auction house and indoor market, with parking for 150 cars in Almoradi, good opportunity for the right person. The premises has licences for trading Contact or 634 335 839 (439) Fully equipped late night pizza cafeteria takeaway to rent in Almoradi, near three late night clubs, plenty of parking. Good opportunity for right person. Contact or 634 335 839 (439)

For sale Fiat Doble 1.9 JTD Dynamic March 2008 40,500 miles, right hand drive, Spanish reg, towbar, tinted windows 6,000€ ONO. Tel. 635 061 239 (437)

Bar/restaurant for sale, fantastic location, Urb La Marina, large, well equipped bar, fully equipped kitchen, large outside front & rear terraces, seating 40 inside, 30 outside, €20,000 ONO TRASPASO, €679 rent per month Tel: 966 795 543/618 342 556 (440) For sale due to retirement, bar and casa 240m2, 3 bed, 3 bath, kitchen – dining, living room, 2 terraces Tel: 679 555 616, All Paperwork in order, Los Montesinos () Business Opportunity, currently trading as Scooter and Motorbike Hire Company. Included in the sale: premises, website with online booking. Number of bikes, all Licences and Insurances in place. Roberto 619 306 496. (440)

Wanted singer to join covers band, playing 60s to present day music, only good, enthusiastic singers need apply, must be in for the long haul. Call 627 754 142 (439) Junior required for friendly, busy salon in San Miguel de Salinas. Interested? Call 966 723 837 (437)

Fishing & Boat Trips, Fishing-Wreck, Reef, & Trolling. Fun Days Swim Snorkel Do-Nut. Sightseeing: Local Beaches, Tabarca Island etc. Individuals or private parties, free hot and cold drinks. Operating from Torrevieja, fully insured and licensed. Contact Kevin on 965 106 654 Mobile 636 159 885 or (448)

BOATING LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Own-boat tuition on sail and power. If you have a yacht or powerboat get qualified and certified. Contact Richard 00 34 638 056 224/enquiries@ (437)

Apprenticeship served carpenter/cabinet maker with over 30 years experience, can supply and fit made to measure wardrobes/cabinets/kitchens etc. also DIY/gardening/decorating/van removals. Payment on completion of work. For free estimate call Peter on 603 600 598/966 844 402 (439)

85 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Repairs to mixers, PA, karaoke players, microphones, leads, connectors, LCD TV, audio, video, DVD repairs, all electronic supplies, TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS S.L. fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T) LCD TVs audio, video, DVD repairs, electronic component supplies, TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T) CAR STEREO DECODING TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

Gardener, more than 25 years experience on the Costa , English & Spanish spoken, private & community gardens, free quote on 699 682 630 or (438)

RESPONSE, YALE and AEI ALARMS, from â‚Ź125 DIY, fitted from â‚Ź225, alarm repairs, servicing and upgrades. TRANS EUROPA ELECTRONICS S.L fully legal company est. 1994. 966 784 512/629 640 893 (T)

Romana Reformas En General. All reforms from small to large jobs. Established company. Includes Building & painting. No obligation quotations available. English speaking. Tel 627 191 431. (440)

English plasterer, internal finishing, external rendering 15 yrs experience, good rates, call Chris 671 444 246 email: c_pettit@hot (442)

Experienced mobile hairdresser, good price, good service, city in guilds qualified call 663 173 385 ()

Counselling Psychologist available for Consultations. 20 years experience in adult and child Psychology. Registered and Indemnified. Ring: 653 539 699 (439)


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012 SKY TV fitted €399, Dish tuning €45, New LNB from €45, SKY+HD Box & sky card €399 call 965 070 458 or 618 585 051 (441)

Residencias & NIEs same day service Orihuela Costa, Quesada, La Marina & surrounding areas, RES & NIE €60 call Wendy 966 782 589/636 595 291 (440)

87 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012 CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS at the award winning Restaurant Catorce in Benijófar. Private air-conditioned classroom, lessons last 1½ hours, maximum class size of 12, no up front fees, no books to buy, just 5 euros per lesson. Feel confident quickly in a wide range of everyday situations such as eating out, doctors, shopping and general conversation. Lesson 1 starts Wednesday 18th July at 12:30. Telephone Alan on 617 530 247 for more details and to reserve your place. (437)

Turn your unwanted furniture, electrical, household goods and bric-a-brac into cash. Anything! Anywhere! 618 165 877, 965 319 220 (436) I buy fridges, washing machines, furniture, electrical, tools, bikes, anything! Get cash call Chris 671 251 332 (438)

Experienced interpreter. Speaking English, French, Spanish. Providing services for police, hospital, school and any other Spanish administration (NIE+Rez). Torrevieja, Quesada, Orihuela Costa and surroundings. 20€/hour. Call Michaela: 610 604 351. (441)

I have all my properties full with exceptional tenants long term & need 2/3 bed bungalows, villas etc. Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Los Altos, La Florida & Los Balcones. ALSO CASH CLIENTS WAITING FOR REASONABLY PRICED HOUSES IN ABOVE LOCATIONS. Ring Astrid 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (438)

Apartment in Torrevieja, close to Habaneres and Carrefour. Two bedrooms, Large solarium, fully equipped with UK TV. £400 Monthly inclusive of Bills. Phone 966 199 734 (448)

ALBA JWA – 199000€ - Albatera – Great Buy! Character 4 bed finca on 2008m2 plot. New kitchen, mountain views. Pool with Jacuzzi. Outside BBQ and fishpond. 618 364 956 (437)

Torreblanca – Excellent modern 1 bedroom (double) furnished apartment with sea view overlooking lovely gardens & Pool. Lounge, American kitchen. Separate dining/study. Balcony. Long Term 350€ pcm + bills. Tel: 966 707 074 (437)

ALBA S48 – 299000€ – Albatera – Superb 3 bed, 2 bath country property with guest apartment on 6000m2 plot. Quality property & location – open to reasonable offers! 618 364 956 (437)

Quesada – Attractive 2 bedroom nicely furnished detached villa well kept, maintained. 2 reception, outside kitchen, BBQ. Laundry room. Long term, 575€ pcm + bills. Tel: 966 707 074 (437)

English factory recycled and reconditioned, top brand computers inc flat screen, keyboard, tower or desk top from €180, tower or desk top only from €100 Lenova think pads €320 Tel: 677 173 509 (438)

CABO ROIG. Upstairs apartment with lovely views, sunny location, 2 bed, bath, large rooms, heating, garden, balcony, sea views and overlooking green area, off-road parking, approx. 800m to the beach. 67.400 Euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (437)

ALBA CJ1 – Albatera - 226500€ - 2 bed, 2 bath country property with lovely 1 bed, 1 bath wooden chalet, pool, 1300m2 plot. Walk into town. 618 364 956 (437)

3bedroom house in Dream Hills, Los Altos, f/f, air con, south facing, wide road, €450 per month + bills 0044 7412683420 (437)

Bicycles bought, sold & repaired. Part exchange welcome, parts & accessories available. Ring Mike 966 718 930/638 062 866 (439)

races, underground garage approx. 40m2, communal pool, quiet and central location. 107.500 Euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (437)

ALBA 028 – 224000€ - Albatera - 4 bed spacious country property with 2 bed apartment, outside kitchen and large veranda. Pool on 2100m2 plot with palms and fruit trees 618 364 956 (437)

Room to let, share villa 65€ weekly/€220 monthly including bills, com pool, close to all amenities, short drive to beach 966 786 511 (437)

Music tuition, piano, keyboard, electric organ, all ages welcome, experienced teacher, call Keith 965 325 214 (444)

SPECIALISTS IN MANUFACTURING STAINLESS STEEL EQUIPMENT We manufacture any stainless steel products to any size, shelves, tables industrial or domestic hoods for extractions, sinks, back bars etc etc. It is now law THAT all food preparation areas in Bars and Restaurants have to be stainless steel. Just email or phone us with your requirements and we will come back with the best competitive price on the Costa. We are are also suppliers of new and second hand catering equipment, please call with any requirements or email at email Tel 966 189 851 or mobile 634 335 839 (438)

Lovely 2 bed, 1 bath attic apartment in Blue Lagoon, fully furnished with UKTV, all local facilities including a direct bus route, large solarium with great views and communal pool €300 per month inclusive. For more info call Alan 630 235 635 (439)

ALBA SER – 225000€ – Albatera – Bargain (offers considered), 3 bed, 2 bath villa on gated urbanization. Communal pools, tennis court and bar. Rare opportunity 618 364 956 (437)

Torrevieja, Acequion – Well positioned modern furnished 3 bedroom actico. Very convenient. Within mins to beach, shops, bars, etc. 495€ pcm + bills. Tel: 966 707 074 (437)

El Re 2 – 195000€ – El Realengo – Amazing business opportunity for stables, kennels etc. with 4 bed, 2 bath property and mobile home on 30000m2 plot. Must be seen! 618 364 956 (437)

Torreblanca, Torrevieja – Compact furnished 1 bedroom studio in a very popular location. For long term, 250€ pcm + bills. Contract provided. Holiday rates from 200€ p.w. Tel: 966 707 074 (437)

HON F S13 – 259999€ - Hondon de los Frailes – Large 3 bed, 2 bath country property with 2 bed apartment on 3800m2 plot. Amazing views. 618 364 956 (437)

Torrevieja/La Mata – 1 bedroom furnished 2nd flr. Apartment conveniently located. Views to sea. Lounge/diner with patio door to balcony, fully fitted American kitchen. Bedroom has double with built in wardrobe. Fully tiled bathroom. Sat. TV, Community Pool. Contract provided 345€ p.m. + bills. Tel: 966 707 074 (437)

Hon N MK – 140000€ - Hondon de las Nieves - 3 bed, 2 bath partly reformed, newly decorated finca on 3300m2 plot. Large solarium with fantastic views 618 364 956 (437) Hon N S1 – 199999€ - Hondon de las Nieves – Reduced! Fully furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath villa with pool and landscaped garden on 10000m2. 618 364 956 (437) IW F 3&4 – 155000€ - Orihuela - Near Orihuela in a quiet hamlet – 2 properties for the price of 1. No offers! Live in 1 and rent 1 out? New pool and terracing. 618 364 956 (437)

Choose from over 40 styles of UK manufactured made to measure doors from €595 fully fitted at Simply Doors Quesada 966 718 738. ()

LM S1 – 250000€ - La Marina - Lovely 3/4 bed, 2 bath detached villa, roof-top conservatory. Off-road parking, private pool. Worth viewing. 618 364 956 (437)

Satellite dish, 1.9m, brand new including floor stand, quad LNB, can deliver Tel: 693 212 829 (439)

PLAYA FLAMENCA, 2 Bed 1 Bath Lovely Quad Bungalow. Large private solarium with storage room. Air Con. Private Driveway. Lovely Community with 2 large community pools. Perfect location & close to all amenities. 88,000 Euros. Private Sale No Agents. Tel: 693 986 335 (438) A lovely town-house located in the centre of San Miguel village. 3 Beds, 2 Baths, Separate Kitchen, Spacious Lounge, Dining room, 2 Terraces and Solarium. Garage with storage, Air conditioning, SAT TV, Broadband. Part Furnished and an Ideal Family Home An absolute Bargain at 88,000€ email or 634 335 839 (439)

1+2+3 bed apartments, 2+3+4 bed townhouses and villas, some with private pools, for long term lets in El Galan, Jacarilla, La Herrada, Los Montesinos, Playa Flamenca, San Miguel, Villamartin. 2 bedroom apartment in San Miguel with underground parking for long term let 325€ pm Unfurnished spacious 3 bed, 2 bath quad in Montebello, Algorfa for long term let 550€ pm 965 720 766/ 661 748 386 Los Altos opposite Consum, Calle Acuario, superb semi detached bungalow, 2bed, 1bath, large tiled garden, car port, BBQ, roof solarium, beautifully furnished, €375PM long let Ring Astrid 965 319 731 or 649 235 327 (438) Terraced house duplex in Blue Hill, € 75.000, 2 garages in Torrevieja, c/la loma, 29m2 & 32 m2, each € 12.000 Tel. 686 339 686 (439) Country property with stables, 3 bed on one storey, 6000m land, rent, sale or part exchange 965 368 274/666 298 689 (347)

We are looking for good and sensibly priced properties for our German clients (many cash buyers). Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (437)

Oasis ALG – 139000€ - Hondon de las Nieves - 3 bed 2 bath on corner plot of 480m2 with separate kitchen. Mountain views, solarium and off-road parking. 618 364 956 (437) Pin CJ1 – 235000€ - Pinoso – Detached 3-5 bed villa, garage, pool, plus cave house for renovation, 12240 plot with trees and views. Bargain 618 364 956 (437) Pink Horse – 199000€ - Albatera – Lovely 3 bed, 1 bath villa with pool, BBQ area & large terrace on 2000m2 plot. 618 364 956 (437) Vilmar M2 – 119000€ - Villamartin - Lovely 3 bed, 2 bath quad, 2 terraces, walk to shops and restaurants, short drive to beach and golf. 618 364 956 (437) REF 499: CIUDAD QUESADA Price €110,000 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Semi-Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, 200m2 Plot, Immaculate Property, Fantastic Bargain! Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 498: CIUDAD QUESADA Price €240,000 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, 500m2 Plot, Fully Furnished, Sun Room, Private 9m x 5m “D” Shaped Swimming Pool, Storage Cellar, Utility Room. Fantastic Location. Tel: 966 718 392 (437)

CABO ROIG, Cala Capitán. Detached villa at the beach, 3 bed, 2 baths, guest WC, balcony, solarium, garage, quiet location. 299,990 Euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, (437)

REF 495: CIUDAD QUESADA Price €89,000 2 Bedroom Ground Floor Apartment, Fully Furnished & Immaculate, Communal Swimming Pool, Front Line Golf Overlooking Driving Range, Walking Distance To Local Amenities. Fantastic Property! Tel: 966 718 392 (437)

PLAYA FLAMENCA. Large terraced house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, furnished, 3 ter-

REF 492: LA FIESTA Price €285,000 3 Bed-


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

room, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, 700m2 Plot, Summer Kitchen Private Swimming Pool, Cellar, Glorious Views. Splendid Location! Tel: 966 718 392 (437)

Don’t be a flop, try some get you up pills. Phone Steve or Tony 638 352 129 (452) ORIHUELA COSTA NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH (VECINOS COLABORANDO) Contacts Chris Poole, Tel/Fax 966 761 379, Graham Jones Tel 965 327 838. om

REF 491: PUEBLO BRAVO Price €65,000 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Ground Floor Apartment, Part Furnished, Private Front Garden, Overlooking Beautiful Communal Swimming Pool & Gardens, Close To Local Amenities, Sought After Area, Fantastic Bargain! Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 490: CIUDAD QUESADA €340,000 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, Immaculate Condition, Heated Private 7m x 3m Swimming Pool, 500m2 Plot, Gas Central Heating, Sought After Location Close To Amenities. Fantastic Opportunity! Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 489: CIUDAD QUESADA Price €55,000 2 Bedroom Top Floor Apartment, Fully Furnished, Overlooking Municipal Pool, Fantastic Views, Recently Refurbished. Great Bargain! Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 481: PUEBLO BRAVO Price €92,000 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Semi-Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, Covered Terrace, Close To Amenities, 180m2 Plot With Room For Private Pool. Amazing Potential. Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 479: PUEBLO BRAVO Price €340,000 Now Reduced To €320,000 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, Office/Fifth Bedroom, Downstairs Cloakroom, 500m2 Plot + 140m2 Build, Private 11m x 4m Swimming Pool. Quiet Residential Location. Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 478: CIUDAD QUESADA Price €149,900 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Semi-Detached Villa, Part Furnished, 250m2 Plot, Sun Room, Roof Solarium, Garage, Heated Private 6m x 2½m Swimming Pool. Fantastic Views. Quiet Residential Location. Tel: 966 718 392

Ann Summers Parties! Book your fun and free party today. Call Christine 634 346 978, .html (437)

SALON MARGARETHAS, 23 years in Torrevieja. Hair/Wig specialist for Medical Illness and Hair Loss problems. We offer different Hair Replacements, top fillers, Hair prostheses, Toupees and Wigs. Natural and Artificial hair and much more. Also, fashion/festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Please call our salon reception for an appointment with Margaretha on tel no. 966 921 846 Torrevieja. (437)

REF 403: DOÑA PEPA Price €105,000 Now €85,000 2 Bedroom “Fortuna” Duplex, Beautifully Presented, Fully Furnished, Downstairs Cloakroom, Heated Communal Swimming Pool, Sought After Community. Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 398 CIUDAD QUESADA Price Was €130,000 Now €99,950 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Duplex, Downstairs Cloakroom, Sun Terrace, Balcony, Utility Room, Large Cellar, Lovely Views. Quiet Residential Area Close To Local Amenities. Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 379: CIUDAD QUESADA Price €78,000 2 Bedroom Top Floor Apartment, Fully Furnished, Roof Solarium, Wonderful Views of Sea & Lakes, Delightful Communal Swimming Pool & Landscaped Gardens, Sought After Gated Community, Amazing Opportunity. Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 296: CIUDAD QUESADA Price Was €106,000 Now €87,000 2 Bedroom First Floor Apartment, Part Furnished, Roof Solarium, Garden, Fabulous Views, Fabulous Location! Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 239: PUEBLO BRAVO Was €89,950 NOW €69,000 2 Bedroom Linked Bungalow, Fully Furnished, Front And Rear Gardens, Immaculate Condition, No Communal Swimming Pool, Close To Local Amenities, Quiet Residential Area. Tel: 966 718 392 (437) REF 126: CIUDAD QUESADA Was €110,000 Now €68,000 2 Bedroom Ground Floor Apartment, Fully Furnished, Roof Solarium, Immaculate Condition, Communal Swimming Pool, Golf Views. Tel: 966 718 392 (437)

PILAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH Calle Canalejas 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service at 11am, and Thursday at 5pm for Bible study and Prayer. Home groups meet during the week. For further information contact or contact Reverend Eddie on 966 769 300 or 650 509 606. (438)

AGE CONCERN CBS ‘drop-in’ centre in C/Paganini, La Siesta. Charity shops, in Los Montesinos and in Torrevieja. Tel: 966 786 887

REF 442: CIUDAD QUESADA Price €75,000 2 Bedroom Top Floor Apartment, Roof solarium With Great Views, Overlooking Communal Swimming Pool, Entrance From Street Level, Fantastic Value! Tel: 966 718 392

REF 408: DOÑA PEPA Price €98,000 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Large Top Floor Apartment, Fully Furnished, Roof Solarium, Views To Salt Lakes, Communal Swimming Pool, Sought After Location. Tel: 966 718 392

SPIRITUAL AWARENESS SOCIETY OF QUESADA Meet at Sociedad Compas, 14 Calle de Toledo, Quesada. Sunday, 11.30 a.m. and Tuesday 7.30 p.m. For more information contact Wendy on 965 323 028. Website: (436)

COSTA BLANCA SAMARITANS Free confidential emotional support for English speakers of any age experiencing distress, despair or suicidal feelings. Helpline open daily 8pm until midnight. 902 883 535 “you talk, we listen”

REF 448: PUEBLO BRAVO Price €285,000 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Detached Villa, Fully Furnished, 600m2 Plot, Private Swimming Pool, Roof Solarium, Views to Salt Lakes. Residential Location! Tel: 966 718 392 (437)

REF 429: DOÑA PEPA Price €95,000 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Top Floor Apartment, Roof Solarium, Lovely Views, Overlooking Communal Swimming Pool, Sought After Location Close To All Local Amenities. Tel: 966 718 392 (437)

ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY OF ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL, TORREVIEJA Serving the area from La Marina , south of Alicante, to La Manga, near Cartagena Chaplain: Revd Christopher Scargill, 966 925 205 Secretary: Mrs Joan Berry 968 193 117 Honorary assistant clergy: Canon T Sampson 677 237 496 Revd. T Baxter 966 181 731 Chaplaincy Wardens: Mrs C Hopkins 965 720 673 Mr Derek King 968 546 866 Church website:-

FOR FULL LISTINGS PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE THE TORREVIEJA COSTA LIONS CLUB. meet on the second Thursday of every month at the Cabo Severa Hotel in La Mata, Torrevieja at 7.30 pm. everyone welcome. Ask at reception for directions to our meeting room on the ground floor. Or contact me direct on 617 069 064 or mail me at (436) STRICTLY SOCIAL CLUB will be closed from Wednesday June 13th until September 12th 2012. (446) ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Confidential helpline 625 912 078. More information Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. Monday Mornings in Los Alcazares at 11am. Phone English 679 385 105. Spanish Speaking 658 242 930 German 966 789 686 Scandinavian 659 779 222 Flemish 635 047 053AL-ANON FAMILY GROUP TORREVIEJA. For details phone 692 799 318. 50+ SOLOs On your own and would like to join others for a lunch and chat then join us at the following places - no fees and no subs, but we have supported H4Hs for 6 years and the exmilitary in UK. 14 July PORTACAMER RESTAURANT off the Lemon Tree Road, 28 July NANDOS RESTAURANT near Lomos Medical Centre contact Ruth 966 789 063(439) GAY TORREVIEJA COMMUNITY recently formed group for meeting new friends for days & evenings out, coffee mornings, luncheons, activities interested send an email for more info (438) THE ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION, Torrevieja Branch, meet at 1700 on the first Wednesday of each month at the Restaurante Casa Ventura, Calle Arbizu, San Luis, Torrevieja. Contact Mike Wright, Chairman 966 188 701 or Margaret Forshaw, Secretary 966 921 996 (439)

ASSOCIACIÓN ALZHEIMER DE FAMILIARES Y AMIGOS TORREVIEJA (AFA) Day centre Prolongación Avda de la Estación 1 Torrevieja or La Siesta behind Age Concern office. Tel 966 702 500 or 647 119 991. Charity Shop at Calle Maestro Francisco Valejos, Torrevieja. THE ASSOCIACION ESPAÑOLA CONTRA EL CANCER (AECC) Screening programme for cervical, breast and prostate cancer available for an appointment call 965 924 777 Tues, Wed, 09:30 to 13:00, Thurs 16:30 to 19:00. For more info call Maria on 603 292 963 between 10:00 and 16:00.

CRIME WATCH ESPANA(Asociacion Vecinos Colaborando de la Costa Blanca) Association's main contacts: Torrevieja Tel. 966 786 266 and Catral 965 992 838. Our Email: Our Web: ROJALES NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH next quarterly meeting on Monday 4th June 2012 at 11.00 in the Municipal Centre, Ciudad Quesada. This is open to all people living in the 03170 Rojales area and you will be very welcome, more info contact David East, Lead Coordinator at david.east82; mobile 693 509 641 or Helen Tudor, Secretary at helentudor22@gmail .com (431)

L.A.CONCERT BAND rehearse on a Mon. morn from 10.30 – 12.30 at the Centro Cultural Rojales 2nd floor (Opp. The Church) we play Glenn Miller, Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Queen, Cole Porter, Abba and many more.If you are interested call us. 687 429 144/670 719 911 or visit our web site We break between July and August (439)

AMIGOS DEL CICLISMO. An international cycling group, gathers at Bar Studz on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 09:30 for a leisurely ride of about 80kms. If you’re interested in joining us call Roger on 966 716 442/653 433 933.() TABLE TENNIS CLUB meets at the Duque de Palma Sports Centre, Pilar de la Horadada every Monday morning from 10.00 till 13.00. 4 Tables. All standards welcome. Contact Peter Barlow 966 762 693 (438)

P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING HANDS CHARITY FOR ANIMALS) Needs foster homes for abandoned dogs and volunteers for our telephone helpline. 650 304 746 or 962 833 325. For more information and to view our animals:

Torrevieja Centro, young oriental girl gives complete massage, 24 hrs in your house or mine. C/Patricio Zammit 36 No 1A. Tel: 698 280 842 (441) The Swingers Club Costa Blanca, near Guardamar del Segura. or 966 725 373/650 706 725 (433) Torrevieja Casa Angela discreet and private deluxe chalet offers you exotic girls from South America, call us, come and enjoy 24hrs, easy to find, easy parking, free drink, also escort service 609 573 468/639 832 118. Address: Avd. Asociacion Victimas Del Terrorismo (441) Playa Flamenca (near new Carrefour before La Florida) original Spanish lady 35 very attractive offers complete service & erotic massages, private house, very discreet with parking has medical cert. 680 735 412 (437) Torrevieja Playa Los Locos beautiful girls are waiting to perform your fantasies from €40 discreet private apartment 682 776 068 (441) New in Cabo Roig, Latin Salma, 28, nice, caring, sweet, lovely, attention, alone or with wonderful experience with pretty blonde friend, opposite health centre/Bar med 677 872 050 (438) GUARDAMAR Janine, 44, breasted, sexy curved body! Easy to find and easy parking. DAYTIME ONLY! 619 466 300/ (436)

Sexy BI male offers erotic, sensual massage to males, females & couples, very clean & discreet, NEW in Cabo Roig (Close to CAMPOAMOR’s Pharmacy) 616 876 118/603 335 214 (438) Natasha, diverse, complete massage, super sexy. Tel: 677 676 554 & 678 252 536 San Policarpo 87, Apt 1 No. 17 ring bell 2008B. Near Calle Orihuela. (437)

MABS CANCER SUPPORT GROUP - MURCIA, MAR MENOR BRANCH phone 693 275 779. Visit our website or Email

ANIMAL AID Rescue and rehome animals on the Costa Blanca. Info: Linda tel: 965 725 794

Experience a Unique massage VERONICA. Fully qualified (ITEC & others) FULL 1HR SERVICE, specialising in Thai and Swedish Techniques. By Appointment Only Call Today! 679 292 678 (445)

La Zenia, Cindy and two new pretty friends, nice bodies, open minded, warm, sweet, big natural breast, all your fantasies climatised (close to Consum supermarket) 600 784 461 www.sensualspain.nety 627 203 147 (442)

THE HELP ASSOCIATION VEGA BAJA 24 hr emergency help line telephone 965704282 Contact for more details on community services the offices in Torrevieja at Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia 4, Tel: 965 704 282 and in San Miguel de Salinas at Calle Lope de Vega, Tel: 966 723 733. or visit our website

TORREVIEJA STROKE SUPPORT GROUP The Annex, Calle Paganini s/n, Urb. La Siesta, Torrevieja. Meet on Fridays 2.45pm to 5pm with a mixed programme of therapeutic activities, help and assistance for both stroke survivors and carers. Call in to meet us, or for further information, e-mail:, or visit our website: or telephone 966 718 964

Mario, Qualified Masseur in Alicante, Relaxing Massage for Men, based at 10 minutes from Airport, low rates, all days available, 10am till 10 pm, appointments 649 761 607 (451)

Attractive couple, male mature and bi, female young and stunning, offers unforgettable experience. Bi male also available alone for singles and couples. Very clean and discreet. Tel. Chris 616 876 118 (439)

Black lady, young, charming, sexy body, breasted, slim. Massage, escort, all services. Tel: 654 306 230 (440) Tina, German, same place, enjoy yourself, lovely hands, playful & more. Call Los Altos 663 708 438 (438) Torrevieja, Venezuelan Carla, super sexy curvy, long black hair, big breast, black eyes, South American temperaments. for all your fantasies. Oral give/receive. HAPPY HOUR 13.00-14.00 discount 20€ 655 364 723. (442)

89 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

SIMPLY REMOVALS EXPERIENCED VAN DRIVER LOCAL/SPAIN UK. CALL MEL TORREVIEJA 603 192 957/966 848 607. (441) VAN & MAN FOR HIRE - all areas covered no job too small, efficient & reliable, Inc collections from IKEA, Murcia. Contact Jason 679 551 286 (J) LWB Sprinter van going to UK & back every two weeks, based near Murcia Airport Tel: 610 846 260/+ 44 751 918 6355 or email: (444)


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

NATASHA, a 10 week old husky crossbreed, abandoned with 3 siblings, her two brothers are reserved but Natasha and her sister are still looking for that special person to love. Please call the kennels for more details. Ann’s Vans weekly service to the UK €65 per cubic, no min charge! 634 376 410 (437)

P & R Tiling - The best quality and value in Torrevieja. 25 euros per sq m. INCLUDING tiles, adhesive and labour. See our work on Or call 622 154 380 for a free, no obligation quote. (AL)

Leo, a year and a half old, was found under a tree when he was 8 weeks old. Leo would love to go to a home that already has another dog as he doesn’t like to be on his own. He has been chipped, castrated and vaccinated.

Moo-Moo and her sister Lottie were born in April and hand reared after their mother died. They are both lively, playful little girls just ready and waiting for their new homes. To meet Moo-Moo phone Joe on 966 719 272.

Tommy Tucker, a little 10 month old puppy, was abandoned and left to fend for himself. He is lovely, well behaved, loving and intelligent. He gets on well with other dogs, cats and walks well on his lead.

Jake, a 16 month old Braco Aleman, is a very lively dog and would suit someone who has time to train him. He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Call: 634 002 100.

ANIMAL ANGELS Veterinary Approved, Pet Sitters & Purr-fect Cattery Los Montesinos Area Tel: 966 721 622/676 717 162 (441) THE MEWS CATTERY all feline guests will receive the highest standard of care during their stay GUARDAMAR area TEL 965 971 340 ()

BeSmart Tiling All tiling projects undertaken. Pools regrouted 500€. Quality Finish, unbeatable price. 30 years experience, Family business. Fully legal. All works guaranteed. Call Andy 966 782 589/679 757 719 (440)

Free to a really good home baby male goat “Solo” . 8 week old goat I will give free to a really good home, he is adorable, but I am thinning out my flock. He is NOT for the dining table, but will be an excellent organic lawnmower and keep weeds and grass down. Goats are so easy to keep so if you have a lot of land, this is the answer. Telephone Dawne on 676 831 0836. (437) Dog training and behavioural problems at home or classes any age or breed 669 040 487 (439)

Apollo, a year and a half old, found near Los Montesinos, in good condition. When he saw our vet they found that his previous owners had cut his vocal chords, so Apollo does not bark like a normal dog. He gets on well with other dogs and loves to play and walk.

91 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Trouble Shots more bent and that my body is tilted forward towards the ball to try and mirror the slope. FIG 3 shows the impact position and how I have maintained my spine angle through the shot.

Last week I mentioned how to play in the wind, and how maintaining your rhythm and your balance is vital to success. This is the same for all your shots, including those trouble shots that you may face on the golf course. In my experience there are 2 trouble shots that the average golfer struggles with. These are; Ball below your feet and the ball on a downhill lie. The secret to playing these shots is to set your body in such a way that you can maintain your golf swing and keep the body moving in a manner that is as close to your normal swing. This is not as difficult as it may sound, it is simple a matter of matching your body to the slope. I will start with how to play the ball from a downhill lie. The first thing you need to work out is the distance you have and what club you will need to hit to reach your target. Remember that you need to take into account the severity of the slope when choosing your club, as the slope will de-loft your club. This means that if from 100metres you would normally hit an 8 iron then you would probably only need to hit a PW (dependant on the severity of the

slope.) Setting up for the shot is the key, you have to get yourself balanced and positioned to suit the slope. The key to getting your body balanced is to set your spine perpendicular to the slope. This will place your upper body in the exact same position as it would be if you were playing from a flat/normal lie. From this position your simply need to make your normal body turn to deliver the club back to the ball. Some of you may find it easier to move the ball towards your non target foot to help ensure you hit the ball before the ground. Be aware as with all shots from difficult lies that the key ingredients to hitting the ball cleanly and consistently are balance and rhythm.

Greenlands Bowls

Las Ramblas Golf Society El Raso at Villamartin

This week opened with the Kings Cup and the Monarchs paid a visit to Monte Mar Lords. In a very close hard fought game the result was a draw, 6 points each, with the shots going to Monte Mar 85-86 well done all. The Royals played host to Emerald Isle Knights and ran out winners in the joust, 8 points to 4 and 92 shots to 66 a royal victory. In the final games of the S.A.B.A The Gladiators were away to Emerald Isle Victors, and a good close game this was with the result being 7 points all. The Gladiators just shaded the shots 98-95. This result means the Gladiators are League Champions by 2 points , well done all who played.Best rink C.Jackson,T.Lawton and D.Toozer 25-9. In the Hurricane League the Glosters entertained the La Marina Pilots and in a very friendly but very competitive encounter the Glosters had a fantastic 10 points to 4 and 110 shots to 92 win. Best rink being, M.Dewar,J.Pocock and B.Pocock 18-9 well done. This result ensured that we extended our gap on the third placed club and finished a very good second in the league. I would like to thank everybody who played for their support during the season. Well done everybody. The Quesada friendlies commenced this week with the first game being at Greenlands on Thursday evening. Eight rinks of players enjoyed a great evening of bowls and the result, which is unimportant was an honorable draw. The winners are the players from both sides who enjoy an evening of competitive bowls in a friendly environment, see you next week at Quesada. This weekend sees a series of events and bowls matches to raise money for our two Spanish representatives in Australia later in the year. I am sure there will be some great bowling and other activities and all are welcome.

I will start this week's report with congratulations to our Competition Secretary Dave Pulling who on Saturday won his Category in the final of the Quara Cup at La Finca. This competition for the members at Las Ramblas & La Finca is very difficult to win and has some tremendous prizes. Dave's round has earned him a year's free golf at Las Ramblas, so you can see it is worth winning. Also well done to John Wheeler who won the longest drive. There was a presentation night with dinner & dancing in the La Finca Hotel in the evening and all our members, especially those who stayed the night, really had a superb time. Thanks to Quara for their excellent organisation. On Monday we played a Two Ball Better Ball which was won by Tony Brooks & I with a score of 42 pts. We just edged out Nick Campbell & Olga Haubner who also had 42 pts but had an inferior back 6 holes. Wednesday was John Wheeler's President's Day which this year was held as an away day at Peraleja Golf

Ball below your feet. Playing a shot with the ball below your feet is a shot that many amateurs fear, because the sensation is that the ball is further away from you than normal and you have the sensation that you cannot maintain your balance throughout the shot. Again the key to playing this shot

is balance. You need to set your body up to match the slope. Meaning that you try to maintain the angle between the ground and your spine. If you imagine that your spine is at right angles to the ground you may understand this more easily. I suggest that you play the shot with one club more than normal, this is simply to encourage you to swing smoothly and will help you maintain your posture throughout the shot.

Setting up for the shot: Set yourself up as normal and then bend forward until you feel balanced and your weight is in your toes. You will need to bend your knees slightly more than usual so that you can get down to the ball. Whilst maintaining your spine angle. Be aware that you may find the ball flight to be slightly more of a fade when playing from this position. I have attached some photos of the posture for each of the shots, including the normal posture

followed by a meal. Everyone enjoyed the day and the winner of the President's prize was Joyce McClusky who is seen in the photograph receiving her trophy from John Wheeler. The results were: 1. Joyce McClusky 36 pts, 2. Friedel Kneibel 35 pts, 3. Donna Campbell 34 pts, 4. Carole Wheeler 34 pts, 5. Paul Webster 33 pts. Nearest the Pin. 2nd. Carole Wheeler, 7th. Phil Herrington, 9th. Peter Yarwood, 12th. Tom Hardie, 16th Paul Webster. Several members could not commit to a full day away so 12 of us played as usual at Las Ramblas. The first three home in a Singles Stableford were Brian Dent 37 pts, Olga Haubner 35 pts & Jose Buendia 34 pts In the 2s Club Jose, Olga haubner & George Page shared the money. On Friday we played a 'Dusty Bin' which was won with a score of 87 pts by the team of Ken Robertson, Heinz lei, Brian Dent & 'Albert'.

position. FIG 1 shows the normal posture position for a normal lie. You can see the spine angle is nice and straight with a little knee flex. FIG 2 shows the posture position for playing a shot with the ball below your feet, you can see that my knees are

On Friday 6th July 25 members and 7 guests set off for the monthly game at Villamartin Golf Club. Not all arrived however as Dave (Chippy) Johnston first tried map reading, then reverted to Satnav and was not seen again, despite his Satnav reassuring him he was only three miles away from the course! After some shuffling of buggies and the start order, (yes you’ve guessed it, Chippy was in the first group!), the members settled down to a great day out. Some good scores were returned on this good quality course notwithstanding the number of trees on the course. The best Guest Prize was won by Willy Buchanan who scored 42 points. He was not the only one; Mickey H also scored 42 points and only lost on countback. Two guests scoring 42 points on this course is astonishing. Nearest the pins Holes 6 and 17; Roy Stanley, hole 9; Nigel Wright and hole 13; John Holland. The best front score was 18 points (countback) by John Fairhurst and the best back, also with 18 points was Mike Box. 3rd overall with 34 points (on countback with 3 other players), was Jan Shorley and second place went to Will York with 35 points. The Winner was Peggy Hamilton with 36

Again in FIG 4 you can see how I have matched my spine angle to the slope, with most of my weight on the target leg, (left leg for right handers). FIG 5 At the top of my backswing I have maintained my spine angle, simply turning to the top. FIG 6 shows the balanced follow which is the final sign of a balanced movement.

points. Three players scored 21 points competing for the much desired Gnome award. It finally went, would you believe on countback again, to Joy Gray. After the match we travelled back for the prize giving at Clapton’s Bar on Quesada where Chris provided us with much welcome refreshments. And finally if there is a golf-side villa owner who is suddenly unable to watch Wimbledon – we apologise. Terry Sharley drove his ball straight into his Sat Dish!


CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Bera Bera Proclaimed Champions of National Rugby 7’s Series



Last Thursday saw thousands of students from all over the world converge on the Sierra of Gran Alacant for the 18th World Student Orienteering Championships. The event, which included a route through the streets of Gran Alacant too, was organised and hosted by the University of Alicante with the help of the Ayuntamiento de Santa Pola. Orienteering (which as far as I can work out is about going for a walk/run/jog, and not getting lost…) is apparently a big sport in the universities of the world and Thursday bared testament to that fact with students competing from as such exotic locations as, New Zealand, Russia and Staines. The Swedes were as strong as ever but Spain did well, (the ladies anyway) with a pair of bronze medals to show for their troubles. The highly successful event attracted a reasonable audience of the curious and experienced who gathered at the finish line which ran alongside the road leading up to Gran Alacant light house. Report and photos with thanks to Dave Bull

Bera Bera are the latest champions of the National 7’s Series following in the footsteps of Cajasol Seville in 2011 and CRC Madrid In 2010. In an exciting and colourful match, the final of the Madrid Gold against CR Cisneros was finally won with a score of 26-7. Interestingly the silver final was between the two previous winners of the series, Cajasol Sciences and CRC Madrid Local team, CR La Vila finished in 8th position, having found themselves competing in a very difficult group D against Bera Bera, Industrales Engineers and Las Rozas. They subdued Las Rozas in the qualifying rounds, but were unable to overcome a flawless Bera Bera. Having been discounted from the Gold cup they then faced CRC Madrid for a place in the Silver final, but lost with a score 12 - 7. Villajoyosa Rugby Stadium hosted the National 7’s Series on a perfect Spanish late spring day and saw some great rugby with local National 7’s players Marcus Poggi and Javier Carrion in attendance.

93 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Fairwayz GS On yet another very hot day, we returned to Altorreal, where we were faced with very fast greens but extremely long, punishing grass just off the fairways. Those who had problems finding the fairways would also have probably lost one or two balls. Whilst such conditions can possibly be justified during such hot weather, they do little to speed up the play itself, when individuals have to spend a great deal of time searching for balls that may only be a few inches off the fairway.

It was decided to play both the usual individual stableford competition, together with a 1,2,3 team event. The team event was won by Fran Cummins, Phil Bowditch, Peter Jones and Barry Wright with 80 points. First in the Gold category was Ali Rich, resplendent in his all red outfit with 32 points, with Peter Jones runner up with 29 points on c/b. Front & back nines were won by Steve Hamilton and John Saunders with 17 & 14 points respectively Nearest the pin and longest drive

winners were Peter Jones & Geoff Branton In the Silver category, Phil Bowditch won with 36 points and Stuart Taylor came second with 34 points . Front nine was won by Bill Elrick with 18 points and back nine by Malcom Lawrence with 15 points, Dave Bishop won the nearest the pin and Harry Hunter the longest drive. The 2's kitty remained intact, and will rollover to our next event at Vistabella on Thursday 19thJuly.First tee off at 0930 hrs.

The Wolfpack Golf Society In June our Wolfpack Golf Society day was held at Hacienda Riquelme and 17 golfers made the journey for our monthly stableford competition, but this time there was more at stake as we were also playing for the annual Jersey Cup. The course was generally in great condition and the greens had recently been hollow tined and were almost back to their best, there was also a telling wind which made the course a bit more tricky than normal and certainly affected the scoring with nobody managing to break par. The results were as follows: First: with 32 pts – Alan Hill Second: with 30 pts – Bill Humes Third: with 29 pts – Geoff Hollingsworth The best Guest prize was won by Raymond Clayton with a good score of 32 pts. The effect the wind had on all the players throughout the day was highlighted by our nearest the pin competition, although we had two nearest the pin holes only one player managed to get on the green, and this was guest Raymond Clayton

Lo Crispin Golf Society Lorca Trip 4th & 5th July 2012 You should have been there, you missed a real treat, a two day visit to Lorca Golf Course and Aguilas. This was the Society's first trip away staying the night at the Puerto Juan Montiel Hotel and Spa in Aguilas, where the Castle of St John of the Eagles overlooks the town and beaches. The Lorca course is difficult, demanding accuracy with many long carries over ravines, but the format was a 4-man Texas Scramble Medal which made the day less stressfull. A shotgun start was organised so everyone could finish at the same time and get back to the hotel to enjoy the facilities and town. Ian Carmichael was so eager to get started that he left his phone on the driving range and also proceeded to drive his buggy into a waste bin but he was with Brian Coultate who is used to this sort of thing! On the 18th hole, Meirion Roberts drove down the 9th and choose to play that ball, instead of the one in the middle of the 18th fairway, it must have been the heat that got to him. To spice up the day a raffle was run to guess the number balls lost, the number was 100 guessed by John B. Henderson and Tony Rowley. The presentation was made at the course and the winning teams were:

1st: Colin Ranson, Steve Cosgrove, John Henderson and David Dodd with 58.3 2nd: Brian Coultate, Paul Flanaghan, Ian Carmichael and Mark Good with 58.6 3rd: Bill Mackay, Martin Collins, Don Oliver and Geoff Dowsett with 61.3 NTPs: 4th Brian Coultate, 8th Harry Wilcock, 10th Danny McErlean and 12th Bob Berry. So whilst the golfers were away the ladies were enjoying the Spa treatments at the hotel and after much hilarity we emerged relaxed and hungry so a nice lunch and bottle of wine completed the treatment. Many thanks to David Dodd who did the hard work in organising this event and a special thank you from the Ladies who lunch and spa, you can be our front man anytime. The day finished in good style with a buffet dinner and plenty of wine and then there was this nice little bar over the road for a nightcap, great day. If this account has sparked interest in our Society then you can found out about us at ngolf/ or email us on Go on, I am sure you will like us.

Vice Captain Alan Taylor presenting the Jersey Cup to winner Alan Hill

with a great tee shot on the long 17th, proving to everyone that his new 3-wood was money well spent. Our thanks must go to The Pitch and Pint pub who as usual welcomed us back for our presentation and also served up a delicious 3 course roast dinner which kept everyone quiet

for a few minutes! Our next society day is at Las Colinas TODAY Tuesday 10th July first tee 12.00pm. Anyone who would like to join the Wolfpack Golf Society or just fancy a game of golf when you are on holiday do not hesitate to give Dave a ring on 677 147 848.



he golf day organised at the El Plantio golf course near Alicante as part of the fundraising being done by Paul Docherty and Sarah Bavington for the AECC was a great success and everyone enjoyed it. Sarah said, “A total of 51 people took part and we raised 750 euros on the day. We have a donation coming of 400 euros as well so it will take it to 1150 euros for the AECC. “Ian Bugden was the winner for the 18 hole course and Paul Docherty was the winner of the Par 3 course. “Roger Nicholls was the winner of 30 euros worth of drinks at the fiesta bar donated by Jeff Wiszniewski at the Town Hall; his winning prize was due to the fact he was the lowest scorer of the day! “It was a great turn out and we really appreciated everyone's donations and time given to support the AECC.”

Paul Docherty tees off

A great day at El Plantio

Winners Ian Bugden on the left with Paul Docherty



Angling Weekly MAGGOTS END RODS and REELS The competition this week was the annual memorial match, held in memory of one of the clubs former anglers and committee member. The venue was the Rio Segura at Murcia. For those who know the venue, the water was right under the road bridge, i.e. some 18 ins or so higher than normal. Where this water has come from is a mystery to all of us as we have had no rain! Several brave souls managed to drive under the bridge with a few of us deciding to walk to the higher numbered pegs. The river fished reasonably well considering that it was in flood, with all anglers catching fish. Top rods on the day 1st Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the pole using bread with 20.98 kilos.

2nd Alan (The Quiet Man) Read fishing the feeder using bread with 20.48 kilos. 3rd Terry (Swing ‘Em) Screen fishing the pole using paste and pellet with 19.85 kilos. This week was also the final of the Knockout series. The winners on the day are: Lenny Bolton with 14.48 kilos Alan Roscoe with 13.50 kilos Terry Screen with 9.48 kilos PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 96 672 92 93 or 603 535 771.

ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen The 5th round of the Summer Series was fished on the 3rd July at the Sweetwater. There was plenty of colour in the water, with a lot of flow. However as soon as the flow stopped so did the fishing. 1st Bill (The Master) Reade with 15.06kg on the pole and using corn. 2nd Lenny (Ex Cultural Attachee)

CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

Bolton fishing the pole using maggot with 14.06 kg. 3rd Bob (The Major) Rafferty fishing the pole using corn with 12.04kg. All details are available from our website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 96 532 83 68.

ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together has been reached ( which was to introduce anglers to each other ). Now that newcomers to Spain are few and far between, we have decided that monthly meetings are serving no useful purpose and the friendships that have been made over the past 4 years are now firmly established. We will continue to provide information through our email address if contacted but there will be no membership renewals in May. Thanks to all past members for their support. Email :

The Torrevieja Swimming Club has had a very busy weekend competing in 3 different competitions in Valencia and Villena. Zoe Connolly had qualified throughout the year for the 2 day event, the 34th Jose Sagreras Trophy, the national competition for 10 and 11 year olds in Xirivella, Valencia. Emma Cagigao qualified to swim in the two day Regional Junior and Absolute Championships that took place in the Park West Complex, Valencia and the rest of the swimming club travelled to Villena, Alicante, for the 22nd City of Villena Trophy competition. Throughout the weekend Zoe and Emma worked hard in all their races, Emma, competing against 32 other regional clubs, swam 100m and 200m backstroke followed by outstanding swims in the 200m medley 2:41:13 and 100 freestyle 1:05:02 placing her 3rd for her age in the freestyle. At the same time in Xirivella , Zoe competed in the national competition against swimmers from 65 clubs across the whole of Spain. After swimming in the heats Zoe managed to qualify in each of her events for the finals. Zoe worked hard and gained 7th in the 100m backstroke final 1:24:19, 12th in the 200m medley final 3:03:18 and 13th in her 100m butterfly final

1:31:25. In the Villena Trophy the rest of the Torrevieja Swimming Club were fighting hard against 13 other clubs in the area and won 2 gold medals, a silver and bronze medal. Gold medals were won by Yuriy Lymar in the boys Absolute 100m freestyle 1:02:48 and Piroska Rideg in the girls Alevin 100m freestyle 1:10:09. Silver medal was won by Yovanna Arguelles in the girls Absolute 100m freestyle 1:08:41 and the final medal of the day was an outstanding team effort by the boys Benjamin 4 x 50 medley relay winning bronze medals with Timofey Pykin swimming backstroke, Kasper Goliszek breaststroke, Bastian Martinez butterfly and Jonathan Izquierdo freestyle. The Torrevieja swimming club is always looking to invite new members. The club meets each evening, in three sessions, Monday to Friday between 5.30pm and 9pm. The club trains in the 50m pool at the Palacio de Deportes Infanta Cristina, Torrevieja. For more information regarding Torrevieja Swimming Club please contact Eddie Cagigao on 637869602, Rosa - 665454126 or President Felipe on 609418776 or by e-mail on or at


Medal winners Villena


Elite Golf Society at Villa Martin Saturday 30th June 2012 Today we visited Villamartin a nice old championship course that requires accurate driving from the tees. Our format for the day was an individual stableford competition from the white tee plates, so it was a chance for our members to compare themselves to the professionals. For most of us it proved a difficult task, but as usual one player rose above the rest and our winner, Nick Shaw, showed us the way with a great score of 41 points! In second place two players, Jack Simpson and Brian Bevan, returned the same score of 37 points, however after a countback second place was

awarded to Jack and third to Brian. Our nearest the pin winners were Brian Bevan on the 6th hole, Jack Simpson on the 9th and Del Richardson on the 13th and 17th holes. In our two's competition only one was scored today and that was on the 13th hole by big Del Richardson and it proved unlucky for big Del as hole number 6 was pulled from the hat. This means our two's competition rolls over once again to next Saturday at La Finca. Our best dressed golfer today and my partner, was Ernie Lucas, hard luck Ernie and no more lessons from big Del!!

Zoe and Juanma

SPORTING ALFAS CRICKET CLUB SPORTING ALFAS 1ST X1 95 FOR 1 BEAT LA MANGA CC 94 FOR 10 aturday the 30th June, and table toppers La Manga visited The Woodbridge Oval in what promised to be a great day for Cricket lovers, unfortunately La Manga had not read the script and SACC proved that possibly they deserve to be the number one side on the Costa Blanca. SACC captain Laundon won the Toss and asked La Manga to set a score, SACC bowlers yet again took control early. Pennick bowling exceptionally well but again without much luck, his 9 overs


for 17 runs and 1 wicket not telling the true story as he beat the bat often. Crompton, on early this week, showed his class and again mesmerized the batsmen, 9 over's 3 wickets for 17, Fell bowled his best spell yet for the team as he returned a fantastic 9 over 9 run 3 wicket spell. Taylor bowled his spell and proved a handful, 8 over's 10 runs for 1. Only Brook jnr hung around but only reached 20 runs from 60 balls faced. 14 wides helped La Manga reach 94. SACC openers Spencer and Muñoz

reached 60 from 10 overs before Spencer(33) walked by the ball and was stumped. Muñoz reached 46 and Nadeem 8 as 95 runs came up in the 19th over for the loss of only 1 wkt. The SACC team received 20 points and closed the gap at the top to 6 points with a game in hand, the return match is this Saturday at La Manga and SACC are sure to meet a hostile reception as the teams fight it out for top spot.

95 CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

San Javier NEARLY FOUR THOUSAND EURO RAISED AND ANOTHER DOUBLE DELIGHT FOR SAMARITANS IN SPAIN Golf Society The 2nd Annual Charity Golf event held at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club on Saturday 16th June for the Samaritans in Spain was once again a complete sell out and a resounding success. Main Sponsor John Williams of the Rental and Sales Centre Los Dolces was part of a team of 84 Golfers who teed off early morning in a shotgun start and although there were some serious competitors, fun and laughter seemed to be the order of the day as they made their way around the course. Las Colinas Director of Golf Martin Eastgate, pulled out all the stops for the Charity day providing each golfer with special bag badges, pitch markers, vouchers for two free drinks and a picnic bag as they made their way around the course. Canal Print Rioja provided all the signs around the course and associated preday publicity making every sponsor known to the players and visitors alike. Added delight for the players were the stunning girls, The Dolly Dealers from the Hub Villamartin Plaza who gave out drinks and prizes in return for a donation to the Charity. Liz Bell the British Vice Consul and volunteers from the Samaritans in Spain (S.I.S.) were amongst the crowd welcoming the golfers back and following speeches from Steve Ashley from S.I.S, Liz Bell and John Williams the prize giving began. First prize of four flat screen t.v.'s donated by the

Rental and Sales Centre Los Dolces went to the winning team headed by Ex Manchester City player Andy Dibble, followed by four sets of luggage donated by the Rental and Centre Villamartin for runners up, the team from the Sporting Life Los Dolces. To the surprise of all involved every player walked away with a prize and many thanks must go also to Sunshine Trophies who supplied all the engraved trophies free of charge to the charity. The fact that the whole event ran so smoothly was in no small part due to the expertise of Gavin Riddle of Albatross Golf Tours who also donated prizes of golf fees and clothing from his new shop at Los Dolces CC. The fun continued with an auction held by Andy Dibble for the Manchester City Veterans football signed by many of the team which raised and amazing 120 Euro and was bought by another big sponsor of the day Ted Summerville of Chemies Lounge Bar Villamartin Plaza. The second auction prize was a golf weekend for four, at and donated by Las Colinas and the winning bid of 240 Euro by Micky Ould was greeted with loud applause. A swift change by the players who returned with their guests two hours later to the beautiful setting for the Dinner Dance held overlooking the 18th green. Guests were greeted with a cava reception provided by Darren

and Shirley Sheridan of Grange Asphalt Leeds before being led through to tables sets with gifts for the men donated by John and Joyce Proctor and for the ladies donated by Steve Waller and Pam Twissel/Cross. Before the first of the four courses could be served guests were up dancing to the fabulous Paul Allen a theme that continued throughout the night with dancing and singing between each course. The food was fabulous, and hats off to Chemma Food and Beverages Manager Las Colinas and his staff who made the night complete with their service and friendly chat. Organisers of the event Samaritan volunteer Denise Brown and her partner John Stephenson would like to say a big thanks to all the

main sponsors and also to all at Che, Birdies, Bogies, The New Shalimar, Fairways, Munchies, Gaiety Restaurant, Shandon Bells, Quesada Fish & Chips 11, The Square, Rumours, The Hub, Chemies Bar, Chemies Golf Society, Jameson’s – all from Villamartin Plaza. Viva la Vida, Cheers Bar, Tony from AC Installations, Julie from Sunshine Trophies, La Finca Country Club, Kevin & Sue from HTS Transport and Graeme Jackson. And not forgetting the tireless endeavours of the Samaritans in Spain team of volunteers, who all helped to raise an amazing €3833! Samaritans in Spain is a not for profit registered Charity in Spain. Call centres are open 7 nights a week 8 to 12 p.m. 902 88 35 35

This week we travelled up to play at the San Juan course in Alicante. The event was a Texas Scramble pairs and everyone that went had a great time. The course was in great shape. We could have done with some more people playing but it's that time of year with a lot of people away and of course it is too hot for some. After a long day on the course the winners where Lyn Gallard and Pete Ramsden, a guest, well done to both of you - they finished on a score of 62.5. With Paul Matthews and Ian Smith on 66.0 they just held off Dave Archer and Bob Gallard on 66.7. The next society game is on Wednesday 18th July 2012 at Saurines DE La Torre the format is Individual stableford. First Tee 10.00am.

CoastRider - Edition 437 - July 10th 2012

The first place to look for local sport news, results and reports in the Torrevieja area


n Sunday 1st of July whilst many were preparing for the European cup final, a sizeable crowd turned out to watch the evening’s high speed entertainment at the Cartagena Oval provided by Velocity Racing. With all the night’s racing being sponsored by Style Electrical, and trophies awarded to all race winners, fast and furious action was on the cards and all the drivers pushed to the limits to deliver nonstop action all evening. With the ensuing battles the

safety barrier came into play on several occasions on the high speed bends, but as is the way in this sport the drivers brushed themselves down and continued on until the chequered flag came down. With a range of winners across the meeting special mention has to go to Dave Belcher and Craig Thompson in the Style Electrical sponsored car. The pair battled from the back of the grid in order to get their wins. In addition, this was the first meeting to see a female driver

and full credit goes to Jaz Lawrence who not only competed on equal terms but left the guys behind and went on to win a race. With this event growing more popular with each meeting, Sunday 15th should prove to be another enjoyable evening of high speed entertainment. Doors open at 6pm with the first race at7.00pm. So bring a chair or cushion and enjoy all that short circuit racing has to offer. For more information visit or contact us on 674 256 147. Paul Drewett

What a match! I am, of course, referring to the Leinster Hurling final played in Croke Park before quite a small crowd, an indication, perhaps, that the outcome was not expected! Kilkenny travelled up the road, confident that, once again, they would be lifting the Bob O’Keeffe cup and the Leinster title. Galway, under the new management of Anthony Cunningham, had other ideas. And were they right! Right from the opening whistle, Galway attacked with passion and unrelenting energy. Within minutes they were ahead, helped by a fine goal from the full forward, Joe Canning. In fact, it was to be twenty minutes into the game before Kilkenny raised a flag from a free from Henry Sheffflin. Shefflin was to be Kilkenny’s foremost scorer with a total of 1-8. Daniel Burke’s superb second goal left the Tribesmen leading by 2-12 to 0-4 points at the break. Galway played with huge energy and succeeded in unsettling the Kilkenny backs and forwards. Their strategy was impeccable and their total commitment was unnerving for the Kilkenny lads whose composure was shattered within minutes of the start. Kilkenny did rally in the second half and their cause was helped by two fine goals, one from Shefflin and the other from Ritchie Hogan, but Galway showed their mettle by rallying after both these goals and scoring points in

Galway claimed a historic first-ever Leinster GAA Hurling Championship title

reply. Galway played as a very cohesive unit and their victory was thoroughly deserved. They became Leinster champions for the very first time and the emotion in their captain, Fergal Moore, as he lifted the trophy was proof of his team’s intentions on the day. Kilkenny were comprehensively beaten on the day but, if one is to judge from the facial expressions of the team as they watched the Galway celebrations, it would be a foolish man who would suggest that this team is about to give up the ghost! The hurling qualifier between Clare and Dublin produced another exciting clash. Dublin travelled to Ennis, smarting from the humiliation at the hands of Kilkenny and hoping to show their true standard against

Davy Fitzgerald’s young Clare team. But Anthony Daly had to concede defeat to his former team mate and acknowledge that Clare were worthy winners on the day. Dublin scored fine points in the first half and seemed to be in control, leading by six points at half time. When Clare’s Nickey O’Connell was sent off at the start of the second half, it looked as if Clare were about to exit the championship. The 54th. minute goal from youngster, Tony Kelly, gave the Banner men renewed belief and gave them a two point lead going into the closing stages. Clare fought with huge belief in themselves and the energy of their manager was matched on the field of play. They were worthy winners on a score of 1-16 to 0-16. The question has to be asked – where now for this

Dublin team which had promised so much and their dedicated manager, Anthony Daly? The footballers from Clare were not as fortunate in their Munster Final clash with the rebels from Cork. Clare fought hard and showed a skill level different from that displayed in the League, but their lack of experience and poor finishing left Cork looking dominant for all of the game. Cork’s first goal from Fintan Gould was a body blow to Clare and the shock and horror was compounded when Adian Walsh scored a brilliant second goal. When Nicholas Murphy scored Cork’s third goal – a goal which, probably, should not have been allowed – the writing was clearly on the wall for the Clare men. Cork were deserving winners but questions will be asked of them, particularly the backs. The final score was Cork 3-16; Clare 0-13. Cork hurlers were also victorious when they met a valiant Offaly team on Saturday evening in Pairc Ui Chaoimh with a score line of 1-25 to 216. Offaly played with skill and energy in the first half and were leading after 17 minutes. However, Cork were two points ahead at half time and their maturity showed in the final stages to see off a determined Offaly team. Cork’s scoring spree of eight points was only interrupted by Shane Dooley’s goal in the final minutes of the game. Cork progress to the next stage while Ollie Baker’s men have to

analyse their season and see where they can improve and bring Offaly back to their earlier days of glory. The Ulster Hurling final between Antrim and Derry was a lack lustre affair and the final score of 3-18 to Derry’s 0-9 is an indication that Ulster hurling continues to be at a very low ebb. This is Antrim’s 11th. title in a row and continues the all too familiar rout of hapless opponents. Next weekend sees the clash between Tipperary and Waterford in the Munster Hurling final, another game which should be both mouth watering and skilful. The Connacht football final between Sligo and Mayo could go either way but Mayo will have to be favourites. Wexford and Limerick will face either Clare or Cork to be decided on Monday - while there are a whole raft of football qualifiers up for decision. Roscommon take on Tyrone, Galway travel to Antrim, resurgent Tipperary will challenge Wexford while Wicklow should be too strong for Leitrim. The game between Longford and Limerick should be interesting while Kerry should not have any difficulty over Westmeath. Laois and Monaghan is difficult to call while the question will be asked - will Seanie Johnston play for Kildare when they meet Cavan in Breffni Park? Who needs sun while we have a summer of madness to enjoy!

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