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SEPT. 21, 2012

Refrigerator makeover: Keeping your most-used appliance tidy It’s often easy to neglect your fridge, letting it get overloaded with expired products or splattered with food stains, but with a few simple steps refrigerator makeovers are

within reach. Cleaning, organization and maintenance are equally important to keeping your kitchen in order, says Mike Wisner, head home economist

and executive chef for LG Electronics USA, who has a few tips on making over your refrigerator routine:

(ARA) — The new school year is upon us and with it comes hectic schedules and harried mornings that make weekdays a mad dash. With school lunches to make,

snacks to prepare and evening meals to plan, getting out the door on time can be a challenge. Having the house in order and a few things made ahead of time can be a

huge convenience that means a world of difference in those time-crunched minutes. A simple way to prepare for the morning craze is a neat and orderly refrigerator.


don’t realize we can give our homes a refreshing seasonal style with what we already own. This starts with rethinking how you use your tableware. Fall is a great time to forgo form for function and use your dinnerware in creative ways that aren’t only pretty, but a great conversation starter for fall entertaining.” While most people think about using their dinnerware for its intended purpose, finding new uses for those pieces opens up fun ideas to style your table. For example, Griffith suggests turning a balloon wine glass upside down over your favorite fall foliage, small gourds, or seasonal ornaments, and then placing a votive on the inverted base. This creates a pretty

accent on the dinner table or anywhere in the home. Look out in your yard for pine cones, nuts, seasonal berries or magnolia pods to arrange on silver serving trays, compotes or various sized serving bowls. You can even create unique centerpieces by mixing various natural elements and candles on single cake stands. Griffith suggests filling wine glasses with small seasonal-colored ornaments to use at each place setting, or in various rooms around your home to capture a burst of color. If you are looking to expand your dinnerware collection for fall entertaining, experts say there is no shortage of options. “You’ll find fall and Thanksgiving dinnerware in traditional browns and yellows, as well as this season’s

trend color, pumpkin shine. She says you can find site, along with information ideas on Replacements’ channel and orange,” says Replacements’ replacement pieces and care on restoration services. You YouTube Product Marketing Vice tips on the company’s web- can also find more decorating Facebook page. President Robin Long. “You can easily capture the spirit of the season simply by adding accent plates to the patterns you already own. Another great option is to add a decorated turkey platter or other serving pieces featuring colors and designs of the season to your table.” You can set off each course, such as hors d’oeuvres or dessert, with seasonal accent plates. Favorite Thanksgiving patterns include His Majesty, Autumn Monarch and Wild Turkeys. As an additional note, Long suggests pulling out your dinnerware and flatware in preparation for fall entertaining. You may notice chips or cracks, or recall a broken piece needs replacing. Silver may have lost its


than two weeks, you may want or a mowing service to cut to hire the neighborhood kid your grass while you’re away.



tape or “leaky pipe” through the plants and cover the beds — irrigation and all — with a thick layer of mulch. Another option is to make your own simple drip irrigation system by using 2 liter soda bottles from the recycling bin. Just rinse out bottles and poke a few small holes in the bottom. Then fill 1/3 full with sand. Next, bury the bottle next to the plant and fill with water. Water will slowly filter through the sand and holes and gradually provide moisture to the plants’ root zone.With a bit of ingenuity you can enjoy your vacation knowing that the plants are happily taking care of themselves.

We cook. We clean. We care. You chill. You’ve earned it. And we’re here to make sure you get it. The chance to truly relax and be doted on. The time to do whatever you want to do. The opportunity to just be.

Container care Container gardens require a bit more attention and planning to ensure you come home to the same beautiful plants. If you’re going away for a just a few days, all you really need is to give the plants a thorough soaking before you leave. For longer trips, first add a layer of mulch, then group pots together to retain humidity and position them in a shady location or in a baby pool filled a few inches deep with water.

Ask about our

Grassy goodness The good news is that when you’re going away for a week during the warm season, your lawn won’t miss you. Grass grows more slowly in the heat of summer or California fall, so simple preparations will do just fine. Just mow your grass at the regular height the day before you go. If you water your lawn, be sure to water it deeply the day before you leave. If you plan to be away longer, grass may go dormant but, no need to worry. Going dormant is a healthy coping mechanism for grass in periods of dry summer heat. You can water it deeply when you get back. If you’ll be gone for more


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The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  

The edition of The Coast News for the week of Sept. 21, 2012.

The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  

The edition of The Coast News for the week of Sept. 21, 2012.