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SEPT. 21, 2012


Davidson Communities now selling 4 luxury homes at Vista Bella On the heels of robust sales of new homes in Rancho Santa Fe and Torrey Highlands, Davidson Communities has released four new luxury residences at Vista Bella on Old El Camino Real near Del Mar. Four multi-level floor plans at Vista Bella range from 4,165 to 5,200 square feet with four to five bedrooms, 3.5 to 4.5 baths, and hydraulic vehicle lifts to accommodate three cars. Built on home sites from 7,875 to 13,000 square feet, Vista Bella features highly upgraded amenities including custom stone & tile throughout, interior passen- Four luxury homes are on sale at Terra Bella.

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ger elevators, luxury kitchen appliance packages, customized built-ins, outdoor barbecue cooking stations and professionally designed landscaping. Three homes include a custom designed vanishingedge pool with integrated spa. Prices range from $1.4 million to $1.9 million. “The Vista Bella homes were originally started by another homebuilder,” said Petra Eigl, Vista Bella sales manager. “Davidson Communities was invited by the lender to step in and has been working for months to bring these homes to the

market through Davidson Realty.” Vista Bella overlooks the San Dieguito River Valley and is located at 13684 Old El Camino Real near Del Mar. Children residing here will attend schools within the San Dieguito Union School District. For further details or to schedule a viewing, please call (858) 735- 6426 or e m a i l VistaBella@DavidsonRealty. net. In addition to marketing this new home neighborhood near Del Mar, Davidson is building an enclave of 43 luxury residences at Arista at The Crosby in Rancho Santa

Fe and 41 large family residences at Maricel at Torrey Highlands. Strong sales at both communities have initiated accelerated construction schedules to meet demand. Headquartered in Del Mar, California, Davidson has been building high-quality homes of architectural distinction for California consumers since 1978. In October 2011, Bill Davidson was inducted into national Builder Magazine’s Hall of Fame for Design Excellence. Information on Davidson Communities is available online at

What to do about pesky squeaks and creaks in your floor (ARA) — Do you ever feel like you’re trying to avoid tripping off an alarm as you’re carefully tiptoe through your living room? Except instead of an alarm, you’re hoping not to trigger that familiar creak or groan of the floorboards. It’s happened to everybody, and at times it wakes up the newborn (or anyone else who is asleep), interrupts homeoffice calls, and lets everyone in the house know about your midnight snack run to the fridge. Sound familiar? If so, you probably assumed a squeaky floor was something you’d have to live with. Contrary to popular belief, however, a squeak in the floor is relatively easy to repair. One product that makes this home improvement so simple is Squeeeeek No More, a squeaky floor elimination kit that works on carpeted, vinyl and hardwood floors,

and is available at Home Depot. It used to be that home improvement experts advised only going underneath a floor to fix a creaky floorboard. However, second floors cannot be repaired this way, due to the first floor ceiling. Your grandparents probably advised using talcum powder, liquid wax or powdered soap between the floorboards of that hardwood floor to stop it from squeaking. With new products, all of these old-fashioned remedies can be forgotten. There is no need to lift up any carpet or floorboards and the task can be performed on top of the flooring. All it takes is a power drill and the provided hardware from the kit. Squeaks occur when shrinks and gaps develop Homeowners plagued by constant creaks can crack down and often around different flooring fix their squeaks without having to tear up their floor or their hair. elements. For example, in Courtesy photo

most creaky floors, a nail that was used to fasten the floor has become loose and a squeak happens as a result of the nail rubbing on the sub floor. It’s also possible that wooden planks have loosened from the joist below them and are rubbing against one another. For homeowners with carpeted floors, Squeeeeek No More uses a tool that will find the location of the floor joists from above the floor. After locating the joists, an alignment and depth-control fixture allows you to drill through the carpet with one of the provided screws into the joist where the squeak exists. The screw will tighten the floor planks back onto the joist without ruining the floor or having to go underneath it. The alignment fixture has a screw gripper on one side that will snap off the screw head so there are

no dangerous nails or screws sticking out of the carpet. Doing away with creaky floors can be a big aid when it comes time to sell a home. There is nothing more unattractive to prospective homebuyers than noisy squeaks and creaks coming from the floor. By eliminating squeaks, you’ll be able to keep potential buyers’ attention focused on the beauty of your home. Parents with babies or small children will also appreciate giving their little ones a good night’s rest, free from loud creaks. More importantly, hungry members of the household will finally be able to reach the refrigerator at midnight without waking up the entire household. For more information about Squeeeeek No More, call (800) 459-8428 or visit

‘Wall beds’ create home space out of nothing Are you in search of the space to add a guest room or office in your home? If you’re like Liz Roller and wish your house had the space for either, you are the perfect candidate for a wall bed. Roller started Wallbeds ’n’ More eight years ago when she realized that this simple piece of furniture she first came to know at her father’s furniture store provided the perfect solution to the problem of limited space. When her father decided to retire, she opened Wallbeds ’n’ More, and has turned it into a successful franchise with showrooms in Arizona, Texas and 15 different locations throughout California.

One of their newest showrooms has opened in San Marcos, and is operated by Mark Andreasen. Their showrooms display the latest designs, including units that are beautiful desks by day and beds by night. The wall bed’s stow-away simplicity allows you to have both the office you need and the guest room you want. Best of all, your workstation and everything on it tucks perfectly away when the bed is in use, with no straightening up required! Wall beds come in a variety of styles and finishes, with designs that can feature a table, entertainment center, bookcases, shelving and

other storage spaces. Most of the units sold at Wallbeds ’n’ More are manufactured in California and can be ordered with beds that fold out in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Wall beds can accommodate any standard mattress up to 11inches deep. You don’t have to be a weight lifter to work a wall bed, either.They are attached to the wall in three different places, taking up less than two feet in depth, and their mechanism, which comes with a lifetime warranty, is finger light, making them easy to open and close. Wall beds are not a permanent fixture and can be

dismantled to move with you. If you prefer a mobile unit, Wallbeds ’n’ More carries a moveable guest bed that can be wheeled from room to room. By day, it doubles as a lovely cabinet with storage drawers. If you have out of town guests visiting for the holidays, now is the perfect time to shop for a wall bed. Delivery of your new wall bed may take six to eight weeks once ordered. Shop Wallbeds ’n’ More at 711 Center Drive, Suite 105, San Marcos, Calif. Call Mark for an appointment at (760) 6888580. For more information, visit

The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  
The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  

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