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SEPT. 21, 2012

Creating a safe bathroom without sacrificing choice, even style (ARA) — For today’s generation of aging adults, individuality and independence are values they’ve lived out for decades. As the years go by,lifestyle changes become a necessity, due to limited mobility and health concerns, but it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up personality. Aging in place, in the comfort of your home, is a priority for countless people. That often means making adjustments to your home, but some alterations can contribute to making your space feel more institutional and less “you.”

A balance between style and safety is the key — and finding it is easier than you might think. One of the most hazardous rooms in the home is the bathroom. Its slippery surfaces and tendency to be crowded with products and objects makes it a hazard for slipping, tripping and other mishaps. As you consider making alterations to your home that enhance security and safety,it’s the logical place to start. * Clear away clutter. Bottles and jars and grooming tools frequently crowd counters, closets and the corners of

tubs and showers. Make use of hangers, shelves and wallmounted baskets to keep things neatly tucked away, providing a cleaner environment that’s also better looking and less likely to cause trips or spills. * Bathe in safety.With limited mobility,moving in and out of the tub can be difficult,if not downright dangerous. One renovation solution to that problem is installing a walk-in tub. Premier Care in Bathing, the leader in walk-in bathtubs, offers a variety of tubs that homeowners can simply walk into, close the water-tight door,

and fill for a comfortable, relaxing bathing experience. The company’s Walk-in baths and EasyAccess showers configure to your existing space and allow you to maintain the look of your bathroom while enjoying greater ease. * Choose rugs carefully. Bath mats and rugs are both functional and decorative. They can add a splash of color while also effectively collecting water that might otherwise pool on the floor and lead to slipping. However, rugs that don’t stay in place can present a problem of their own and lead you to trip. Opt for mats and

rugs that have non-skid backing, but which still look harmonious with the rest of your bathroom decor. * Bring things up to the right height. Your bathroom routine can be an active one, which can present problems if your health limits your ability to move or bend easily.Having a commode and a sink at a higher level that prevents you from overexertion during your daily routine will add to the comfort and safety of your bathroom. And with options like Premier Care in Bathing’s easyaccess sink, you can integrate these new fixtures into your

room while maintaining your existing decorative theme. One of the most important parts of maintaining independence throughout aging is being able to uphold your sense of self. Taking a holistic approach to creating a home environment that meets your needs but still expresses who you are enables you to live life as you choose for a long time to come. For a free brochure including more information about Walk-in bathtubs and other solutions for making living at home more convenient, visit or call (888) 378-7953.

Luxury windows and doors sprout up thanks to local company It’s safe to say Window Visions, a local company, has left its mark on San Diego. For nearly a decade, the business has provided high-end windows and doors throughout the region, even in one pad that received “home of the year,” from Ranch & Coast Magazine. With a rising profile and experience on its side, Window Visions shows no signs of slowing down, especially given the increasing popularity of luxury windows and doors. “More than ever, people understand the value of upper-scale windows and doors, the way they bring out the personality and add beauty to a home,” said Wayne Tennant, a Carlsbad resident who has been in the business for more than 30 years. “Luxury is in high demand,

and our products are like the Porsche or BMW of windows and doors.” Customers can check out the benefits of luxury windows and doors firsthand in Window Visions’ showroom in Solana Beach. At the showroom, there are a variety of lines, including Loewen windows offered in various styles, ranging from a wood exterior or clad in multiple colors with a Kynar finish. “Loewen is our best-selling, flagship line,” Tennant said. “For good reason, they’re sturdy, energy efficient and gorgeous.” Loewen also offers windows and doors that lift, slide and fold, giving homeowners more living space and maximizing views. Carlsbad resident and CEO of Window Visions Wayne Tennant, has “The trend right now is been in the full service window and door business for more than 30 foldable frames that allow years. Courtesy photo

large openings to be created, bringing the outside in,” Tennant said. As well as Loewen, Tennant said other lines are gaining traction. “High-end steel doors and windows are a great alternative because they have a thinner profile that appeals to both architects and homeowners,” Tennant said. “European windows and doors also offer a unique tilt and turn option.” For those who are unsure about what kind of windows or doors they might want, Tennant encouraged them to pay Window Visions’ showroom a visit. “There are a variety of choices,”Tennant. “We’ll help customers find what suits their preferences.” In contrast to other win-

dow and door businesses, Tennant said Window Visions is a full-service company. Window Visions buys straight from the manufacturer and its trained service technicians service all of its products. If customers have a problem, Window Visions will send a technician, often on the same day, to help them. “We can modify our plans at the drop of a hat to help our customers,” Tennant said. “That’s something homeowners and contractors working on the home appreciate.” Tennant’s partners, Jeff Corcoran and Mike Biele, also bring many years of experience to the business. Window Visions has locations in Solana Beach, Laguna Niguel and Palm Desert.

26-year stair maker is a step above in San Diego “Great.” “Professional.” “Outstanding.” These are only a few words that residents from around North County have used to describe the work done by Kleinsmith Stair & Trim, Inc. Founder and President Dave Kleinsmith has 26 years’ experience in the business. Having a staircase updated or newly installed provides some of the biggest impact for a return on investment, if the homeowner is looking to sell. A staircase is the first thing people see when entering a house — it’s the “curbappeal” for the inside of a home, not to mention that an average staircase remodel will cost about 80 percent less than remodeling your kitchen, making it an affordable choice with a big impact on the look of your home. A bit of art goes into the design and creation of a staircase. Whether it’s a grand spiral staircase, or steps of a modern contemporary glass rising to another level, to steel and cable rail systems Kleinsmith Stair & Trim, Inc. has the experience and ability to see the project through to completion. What’s more, you can be the artist when it comes to designing a staircase. Not only does Kleinsmith Stair & Trim, Inc. have the personnel to guide you, but also offers the

opportunity to design your own staircase using their custom stair software. Clients can print out their finished designs for a free estimate. If you’ve been thinking of having new stairs designed or installed, Kleinsmith Stair & Trim, Inc. can offer you excellent results with competitive pricing. Whether you own a custom, remodeled or tract home, our BBB-accredited business can provide you with superior craftsmanship and service. Safety is their first con-

cern when starting a new project. Kleinsmith Stair & Trim, Inc. doesn’t cut corners and will never send subcontractors out to your project. Their fully insured status should provide you with peace of mind. When you hire Kleinsmith, we make the entire process as stress free as possible. Their work knows no bounds. Being based out of Santee, Calif. Kleinsmith Stair & Trim, Inc. has the manpower necessary to take on projects throughout north San Diego County and to ensure the work is completed

on budget and to the homeowners’ specifications. “You cannot go wrong with Dave Kleinsmith Stair and Trim,” said Ramin, a client who lives in Del Mar, Calif. “They made a spiral hardwood stairs for us that is truly unique and beautiful. Their price was absolutely reasonable and unbeatable…we couldn’t be happier with the work that they have done.” To receive your free estimate, call toll-free at (877) 8319777 or (619) 562-3839. When contacting by email, or using the contact form online at

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760.445.2023, mate possible. Kleinsmith Stair & Trim, keep in mind that staff will need to visit your location to Inc. is at 9435 Wheatlands provide you with the best esti- Court #H.

The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  
The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  

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