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SEPT. 21, 2012


Make time for family dinner: good for your body, soul (ARA) — We all yearn for moments like the Norman Rockwell illustration of a family sitting around the dining table, enjoying their meals, laughing and spending time together. Sometimes those moments seem like fairy tales in hectic lives filled with endless activities and deadlines. Yet researchers are learning more and more about the importance of family meals relating to good nutrition and better health. Family meals aren’t just good for your body; they’re good for the soul. Researchers at Rutgers recently evaluated results from 68 previously published scientific reports that ana-

lyzed the association between children’s health and family mealtime. They looked at how the atmosphere or frequency of family meals correlated with the consumption of healthy foods versus unhealthy foods. Their review showed numerous benefits to children associated with having frequent family meals, including increased intake of fruits, vegetables, fiber, calciumrich foods and vitamins. In addition, the more a family ate together, the less children consumed dietary components thought to be harmful to health. Additional studies showed that: • Supper can be a stress

Eating dinner together can help families stay healthy, save money and feel less stressed out. Courtesy photo

reliever for working moms. A 2008 Brigham Young University study of IBM workers found that sitting down to a family meal helped working moms reduce the tension and strain from long

hours at the office. • The family dinner table is a great setting for getting kids to try new foods. A 2003 study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that more

exposure to new foods will teach kids to like different foods. Frequent family dinners provide the perfect opportunity to introduce a variety of healthy foods. • It’s more budget-

friendly to gather around the dinner table for a meal. The average cost for a meal in your kitchen is approximately $4.50 per person versus $8 per person outside the home. Do the math — eating in is better for your budget. Making family meals happen in real time Today’s over-scheduled lives may make it more difficult to get a meal on the table for family dinners, but there are many shortcuts you can take to reduce the stress and enjoy your time together. Many people are turning to companies like Kansas City Steak Company that provide ready-to-cook meals right to your door. From scrumptious ribs to succulent roasts, steaks, ground beef, poultry and seafood, family meal time is as easy as bake and serve. “We find that more customers are seeking Bake and Serve Gourmet products so they can enjoy more time with family and friends and less time in the kitchen,” says Ed Scavuzzo, president of Kansas City Steak Company. “It’s never been easier to get a meal on the table without the fuss.” But family meals can be as simple as ground beef patties, a salad and some fresh TURN TO DINNER ON B25

Unique approach runs deep in longtime painting co Since 1959, Advanced Exteriors has painted more than 15,000 homes and businesses in San Diego. President Martin Montoya said there’s a reason his company has remained relevant to customers for so long: the plain, uncoated truth. “We’ve seen a lot of businesses in our field come and go in San Diego, especially in the last four years,” Montoya

said. “Unlike our competitors, we can back up our claims with facts, not opinion.” For instance, in Advanced Exterior’s more than 50 years of service, it has earned a perfect record with the Contractors State License Board, a rarity in the painting business. “Advanced Exteriors was one of the first painting companies to become licensed in

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the state,” Montoya said. “We’re a member of the Better Business Bureau and have always earned an A+ rating. Our customer service surveys have been unanimously positive. So it’s a great source of pride that our record is spotless.” A sample testimonial, for example, said: “There are bad companies, there are good companies, and there are great companies. You are one of the great companies! You did more than promised or we ever expected.” The Advanced Exteriors’ approach to coating is decidedly old school. For one, they have a trained staff of painters, and with that comes an emphasis on prep work and quality, not speed, Montoya said. It’s what he calls “a throwback to craftsmanship and how it was done in the past.” Along similar lines, many painting companies advertise that they don’t use subcontractors, often a dubious claim. But Advanced Exteriors guarantees it in writing. “Subcontractors cut corners, whereas our employees are detailed and meticulous,” Montoya said. While Advanced Exterior

has deep roots in the past, Montoya believes his company offers materials of the future. Most notably, Advance Exteriors is the exclusive dealer in San Diego County of the Rhino Shield coating system with 3M Ceramics that comes with a 25-year warranty, so customers don’t have to ever paint again, he said. Essentially, the coating system combines the appearance of fresh paint with the longevity of vinyl or fiber cement siding. In addition to lasting longer and beautifying stucco and wood homes, the coating system is insulating, waterproof, helps soundproof walls and gives an elegant look. As Montoya points out, the benefits touted by the Rhino Shield coating system with 3M ceramics are supported by independent studies done by BASF, the world’s leading chemical company. “Now that’s proof,” Montoya said. “We’re all about the facts here, and that’s just more reason that we think we’ll continue to be successful and the leader in the industry.” Find out more at or call 619-741-6615.

The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  

The edition of The Coast News for the week of Sept. 21, 2012.

The Coast News, Sept. 21, 2012  

The edition of The Coast News for the week of Sept. 21, 2012.