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JULY 8, 2011

La Femme Chic, more than just a boutique By Tony Cagala

SOLANA BEACH — Janet Sinclair, owner of the La Femme Chic Consignment Boutique, envisions her new shop to be more than a place to find designer labels at a fraction of the cost, but a place where she can have a positive impact in her community. “Our hope is to have an event once a month and to have it benefit a charity each time we do something,” Sinclair said. Sinclair recently hosted a special fundraising event along with Wines for Humanity, a nonprofit group that brings tastings and wine sales to events. The boutique also held a special sale with a portion of the proceeds going to North County Lifeline, which provides social services throughout North County coastal cities. The boutique opened in April CHEERS 1('#8(& 5#-'D*+& =#,-& ()D#8*'& ?*' and celebrated their grand opening in E#,-8&;*'&462(,#/3+&%*6'8&(&.$(88&*?&=#,- May. The grand opening festivities (/&/"-&:(&;-22-&<"#0&?6,)'(#8#,.&-D-,/9&;*' also served as an opportunity to raise 2*'-&%"*/*8+&D#8#/&/"-0*(8/,-=890*29 funds for Operation Greyhound, a group dedicated to finding greyhounds new homes. That evening earned $1,500 for the charity that is especially close to Sinclair whose rescued greyhound Sedona is a boutique fixture and is featured on the store’s


Before opening, Sinclair did some research and found that resale is one of the only areas of retail that is thriving in this economy. “It’s a perfect way to recycle and make some money off of stuff in your closet,” she said. The 11,081-square-foot boutique often features clothing to accommodate everyone from teens to older women. There may not be a whole lot of merchandise for everybody, but there’s something for every price point, for every size, Sinclair added. “We have stuff in there from $2 to over $2,000. And I guess what I see us in the community (doing) is I want everybody to feel like, ‘You know what? When I walk in the store, I feel special; I feel beautiful; I feel respected and it’s a prime place to be.’ And many, many people come in and have said, ‘Oh my goodness, we’re so glad you’re here.’ It gives people an opportunity to indulge in some of the most amazing designer brands that there are — Chanel, Gucci, Prada — at a fraction of the retail cost.” Sinclair can afford to do that because she doesn’t have to pay for GOOD CAUSE :(& ;-22-& <"#0 her inventory. Her inventory comes *=,-'&>(,-/&5#,0$(#'&(,)&5-)*,(&#,&?'*,/&*? TURN TO BOUTIQUE ON


/"-#'& ;'-,0"@#,8%#'-)& A*6/#B6-& *,& <-)'*8 CD-,6-9 Photos by Tony Cagala

Workshop teaches elements of math and science through the guitar making process

European Facial



1-hr European Facial with GM Collin (Paris) products

With Coupon

996-A N. Coast Hwy. 101 Encinitas, CA 92024


effort to integrate math and sciENCINITAS — In an ence concepts and applications into the classroom, the National Science Foundation STEM Guitar Project facilitated a weeklong workshop beginning June 21 at San Dieguito Academy (SDA) High School. Teachers from schools "How to Eat Like A Child" around the county descended Rehearsals July 18-28th 4:30-6pm $200 upon SDA’s woodshop for a Performance July 29th 6pm crash-course in how to make a guitar. The high school, middle school and community college teachers learned how to engage in student centered 2146 Encinitas Blvd., Suite 105, Encinitas learning activities that relate 760-753-7002 the guitar design to specific math, science and engineering topics. Not only did the teachers leave the course with a fully functional custom-made electric guitar, but they also received curriculum advice tailored to integrating the guitar making process in a way that engages students. One practical sciencebased application is to have students practice calculating deci-

By Wehtahnah Tucker


HUGE Store Closing SALE

On Now Thru July 24

80 Up to


CUSTOM MADE !"#$#%%& !'()*+& (,& -,.#,--'#,.& /-(0"-'& (/ 1*,/.*2-'3& 4#."& 50"**$& #,& 5*6/"& 7(3+& %'*6)$3& )#8%$(38& "#8& 068/*2 2()-&.6#/('9 Photo by Wehtahnah Tucker

bels based on the intensity of sounds.Students learn to calculate the sound level in decibels using logarithms, calculate the pressure of sound waves based on their intensity with respect to the threshold of hearing and



Local students shine at seminar COAST CITIES — Area youth were among the select group of high-achieving high school juniors who participated in Pepperdine University’s 34th annual Youth Citizenship Seminar. The event took place on Pepperdine’s Malibu campus June 20 to June 24, with more

than 270 exemplary high school juniors from throughout Southern California participating. Those chosen included Materno Hassan of Carlsbad, Fahriya Mohamad of Carlsbad, Angus Walker of Leucadia, Daniella Cho of Oceanside, George Matta of


2027 San Elijo Ave. Cardiff

finally extrapolate data from a chart to use in a mathematical analysis. The unique program was a welcome innovation for the

Studio • Gallery Plein Air Instruction Call for Studio Hours & Appointments 7720 El Camino Real, Suite 2E Carlsbad CA 92009 at the LaCosta Towne Center


Oceanside, Ann Marie Heymann of Rancho Santa Fe and Jamie Roberts of San Marcos. At the annual event, students interacted with today’s leaders, exploring current national and world topics, and sharing memorable interaction with their peers. Founded in 1977 by Pepperdine’s Chancellor Emeritus Charles B. Runnels, the seminar inspires high school students to make a personal contribution to America’s future. Each of the participants is awarded a scholarship to attend. The Pilgrim Foundation, the YCS Committee of Endorsement, business leaders and foundations throughout the country fund their tuition and on-campus expenses.


To all aspiring community artists: Use common sense The “Surfing Madonna” — I guess the fact that I even chose to capitalize the title of the Vandal Art means that it holds some type of artistic merit with me. The topic is all the rage in North County and even managed to get a wee bit of national coverage with its “Is it Art or Vandalism?” viewpoint. The story’s been regurgitated over the past few months, but long story short (too late), former Microsoft employee Mark Patterson felt compelled to move to Italy to study mosaic-making, where the face of the Virgin of Guadalupe was created. Upon moving back to Encinitas, he completed the rest of the mosaic and placed it at the base of the train bridge on Encinitas Boulevard. Unfortunately, Mr. Patterson neglected to get the permission of ...well...anyone. Since the guerrilla piece was erected without the knowledge of City Council, it’s considered graffiti. The other angle that sticks in the collective craw of Encinitans is that it’s considered religious imagery because the Virgin of Guadalupe is a Catholic icon to millions across the planet. Seriously? Are people really that bored? I’m an atheist and possibly an agnostic on a good day, but I could not possibly care less that a surfing virgin is plastered underneath an ugly underpass. Who has enough time in their day to be offended by something so inane and pointless? Granted, if there was a big sign saying, “If you don’t like church and believe the Bible is papered perfection, you’re going to hell when us good folks are raptured,” yes, then I may have a bit of an issue with that. Though Mr. Peterson mini-tiled something he and many others believe is a beautiful tribute to Encinitas and the nearby Pacific Ocean, it is nonetheless considered graffiti, if it’s neither condoned nor endorsed by the city. If Encinitas City Council had allowed Mr. Peterson’s art to stay up, that would give credence and precedent for every single nut job “artist” in San Diego to blatantly throw up anything they see as “art,” thereby enabling the childish defense, “Well, he did it...why can’t I?” (And not that I’m a huge art aficionado, but I’ve seen TURN TO DOORMAN ON A15

The Coast News  

The July 8, 2011 issue of The Coast News.

The Coast News  

The July 8, 2011 issue of The Coast News.