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MARCH 11, 2011

Your home office can be comfortable and functional (ARA) — When you start a home business, you will probably set aside one room or area of your house to be your office. This is the place where you’ll handle general business, customer relations, shipping and delivery of products and services, payroll and many other details that pertain to your company. Of course, this room is also in your house, so you want to make sure it looks good in case you have customers stop by, or if friends or relatives stay over. Setting up your office so that it is functional and looks nice is important, but because you’ll be spending a lot of time in there, you should make it comfortable as well.

Here are some tips on how to make your home office functional, yet fun and stylish. • If you have young children at home, designating your office separate from the rest of your house with a closed door, or a standing partition, can help your children learn that you are “at work” and not to be disturbed unless they have an emergency. If you plan to use your office space for family business as well after work hours are over, consider making a sign indicating you are busy working to hang on the door or partition. • Your desk probably will be where you spend the majority of time in your home office, which means you need it to match your style perfect-

ly. Your office chair needs to be comfortable, but you also want it to match the decor as well. You can choose a HON Volt or HON Ignition chair, picking from over 30 different fabrics and colors, allowing you to match your decorating scheme and comfort levels. Visit design to see how a HON chair can enhance your home office space. • Decorate your office in colors and materials that will help keep you operating efficiently, but also allow you to enjoy the time you spend working. For example, yellow is considered to be a stimulating color, orange encourages creativity and green provides TURN TO OFFICE ON B24

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COAST CITIES — When you see the trail of ants or find spider webs glistening everywhere on your way to the morning paper, it’s time to call Corky’s Pest Control. There is no reason to let ants, spiders, rodents, termites or any of the hundreds of potentially damaging pests wreak havoc on your beautiful home. Corky’s can solve your problem, and save you money and aggravation. Success in the pest control business, like most businesses, is a combination of experience, knowledge and dedication. Four decades of expertise and knowledge of our climate, our particular pest problems, and an expert’s knowledge of the products will best provide solutions for every customer. Owner Corky Mizer has over time added more services, products and diversity to his company in order to provide his customers with the greatest value. Besides the

basic high-quality pest control service that forms the core of his company, he has added the best people in each discipline to make new business divisions within Corky’s Pest Control. Included is his termite inspection and fumigation division. Corky’s is the first company to include a picture termite inspection process that allows the inspector to send pictures of the home while he is there and receive back a state-recognized termite inspection e-mailed to the customer in an absolutely minimum amount of time. Corky can also eradicate the termites in several ways, repair any structural damage that is found, and offer ongoing termite inspection, prevention and removal. Included in the termite eradication process is a four-year guarantee, knowing that if the job is done right it will TURN TO PEST ON B20




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The Coast News, March 11, 2011  

The March 11, 2011 edition of The Coast News, including the Home & Garden Guide

The Coast News, March 11, 2011  

The March 11, 2011 edition of The Coast News, including the Home & Garden Guide