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MARCH 11, 2011



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Computing were awarded Small Business of the Year, while Arbor Scientia and Marrs Maddocks & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. won the Medium Business of the Year title. Buffini & Company was awarded Large Business of the Year. “We’re really excited and weren’t expecting anything like this,” Mike Downs, owner of the Grand Deli, said. “We’re thrilled.” Additionally, Brookfield Homes won the Environmental Spirit Award; Partnerships with Industry won Non-Profit of the Year; John Simons was recognized with the Village Visionary Award; and the Community Leadership Award was given



of an 11th-grade student at Pacific Ridge School. “They influenced their families and friends to give to a cause with which they identified. Pacific Ridge students understand that music is an integral component of their



installed south of the crossing because of the blind curve on the northbound tracks. The horns must sound when the train is 1,300 feet from the crossing. Engineers will still have the discretion to use their train horns, especially if they see pedestrians in the crossing. The system is expected to reduce the amount of noise, its level and how far and long it resonates, especially at night. Brett Rekola, NCTD’s chief of rail operations, said the estimate will likely be further refined, noting that

to Steven Tague of Tague Insurance Agency. “These businesses have been struggling recently just like everyone else so it’s great to recognize them for staying afloat in such a tough economy,” Gibbs said. Five United States Marines recently awarded Purple Hearts were also honored at the event with a special award recognizing their sacrifice. Marines have been included in the Chamber’s annual awards event since 2004, Gibbs said. “These men deserve to be recognized for what they have sacrificed and we think this dinner is a great opportunity to do so,” Chamber of Commerce President Ted Owens said. The event was sponsored by Grand Pacific Resorts, Inc., Legoland California, academic experience, advocating that music be available to others engages them in the world as well as the classroom.” Banding Together believes a community of people sharing a passion for music can, in fact, “band together” to assist in making music therapy possible for



SMALL BUSINESS WINNER E".'%6/7%C7'*'%O-?/)1%-?/'()%-9 I$'% R(6/7% O'*"% "/% #$'% L6(*)367% H"**60'1% ?'('% (',-0/"Q'7% 6)% 526** FA)"/'))%-9%#$'%\'6(%6#%#$'%F("**"6/,'%"/%FA)"/'))%6?6(7%7"//'(= Photo by Alyx Sariol

Life Corporation

Technologies Medical Center, among othand Tri-City ers.

struggling families and help young children reach their potential. The Youth Helping Youth Concert Series is an inclusive, intergenerational, sometimes international, event for the public. Local youth have the opportunity to raise money and awareness for children with special developmental

and financial needs to pursue their musical interests that would otherwise not be possible. For a full schedule of Youth Helping Youth concert events, and to make a donation, visit Banding Together also accepts gently used instruments.

some costs are flexible. He said the administrative costs were eliminated after reminders from Hilliard and Filanc that the system would be a first for the county. Other costs, such as materials and labor are fixed. For example, he said it will cost about $75,000 to tear up and repair streets and sidewalks to install underground equipment. Rekola said the price could be reduced if the city is willing to absorb the costs for services such as permits and traffic control. Hilliard said he is confident the city will work with IN THE QUIET ZONE !"#$% &'()$'**% +(",'% *--."/0% -/1% ,-22"##'' 2'23'(%4''%5#'"/1%("0$#1%)6"7%$'%$6)%8)-9#%,-22"#2'/#):%9(-2%9";'%-(%)"< NCTD to “negotiate out 7-/-()=%8>9%?'%7-/@#%(6")'%'/-A0$1%6**%2-/'B%?"**%3'%('#A(/'71:%5#'"/%)6"7= some of those extraneous Photo by Bianca Kaplanek costs.”

do think you can do most anything, because, well … you already have. And this, my younger friends, makes me realize that there is extreme pleasure in knowing that I and my generation no longer have to come up with all the answers and solutions. I have tossed that ball right over to those impressive young bucks coming up and, by jiminy, my expectations are high. Remember, short stuff. My generation went to the moon.Oh,yeah.And we did it with nothing more than a calculator.That’s right. Let this all be a lesson to you. If you overachieve and peak early, no one will say, “Oh, that’s lovely. You can quit now.”Oh,no,no,no … we are standing here tapping our foot impatiently, waiting for you to find a way to make even more happen, and without a hitch. I’m talking 4G, a working GPS and Mars, OK? Don’t let me down now, y’hear? Jean Gillette is a freelance writer and editor. Contact her at

For now, the citizens committee is trying to raise the $363,317. If their efforts fall short, all money will be returned, Hershell Price, the committee chairman, said. “No money will be at risk,” he said. Rekola said NCTD typically requires a 100 percent deposit but he expects the organization will “talk with the city to move the process along.” Visit the city website at to view the slide show and cost estimate presented at the open house. E-mail delmarquietzone@ or call Lee Stein at (858) 442-2300 for project information or to donate.

above, I’m interested,” he said. He said he was a beach volleyball photographer, worked as a courier and also helped with Francine Busby’s 2006 political campaign for congress in the 50th District. But forensic computer analyst Mark Luque testified that time-zone stamped chats were physically found on Douglas’ computer, that matched up with chats from an undercover agent who was performing a child porn investigation and pretending to be a 13-year-old girl. Luque said that a 64page Internet history report showed many searches relating to pedophilia in the file path of Douglas’ computer, and that it showed that he also belonged to between 35 and 50 interest groups on the topic. There were also images contained in a “my documents” folder on his computer, Luque said. He said that certain software had been installed on the computer for file sharing and the downloaded files were explicitly set to be sent to “my downloads.” “The focus on the application was for file sharing — how can I get that data to me?” Luque said. The nearly two-week trial closed on March 8, and the jury is in the deliberating stages. If convicted, Douglas faces up to four years in prison, according to Watanabe.



appointments. The institute’s combination of a multi-disciplinary team of orthopaedic, spine and podiatric doctors and coordinated care will benefit patients in a variety of ways. “When you come to the Orthopaedic and Spine Institute you will be treated by doctors who are true leaders in their specialties, using the newest technology available,” said Jeremy Raimo, institute administrator.“And with our nurse navigator, you will experience less pain, stay in the hospital a shorter amount of time and recover quickly with our advanced and comprehensive rehabilitation services and state-of-the-art Wellness Center. Our continuum of care is truly seamless which translates to these key benefits to our patients.” Members of the Institute and the governing board include orthopaedic physicians President Neville Alleyne, David Amory, Andrew Cooperman, Janet Dunlap, At large Physician Manager James Esch, Andrew Hartman, Joel Heiser, Vice President James Helgager and Richard Muir. It also includes neurosurgeons Kenneth Ott and Lokesh Tantuwaya and podiatrist Eric Thuen along with Treasurer Casey Fatch and Secretary Donald Dawkins.

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The Coast News, March 11, 2011  

The March 11, 2011 edition of The Coast News, including the Home & Garden Guide

The Coast News, March 11, 2011  

The March 11, 2011 edition of The Coast News, including the Home & Garden Guide