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MARCH 11, 2011


Part 3: Coach Berry Says

Coach Berry’s Studio


The 8 most troubling obstacles to your health and fitness commitment: #7 Obstacle: Not understanding how your body works You have probably been conditioned to think that exercise has to be an intense, heartpounding, exhausting experience for it to count. That no-pain-nogain thinking has changed. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to fit exercise into your day, particularly when you see how you can make daily improvements. Your biggest "AHA" moment will come

when I tell you about nutrition. Making very simple adjustments to your diet will have a tremendous, metabolismaccelerating effect. Knowing how your body metabolizes fuel changes everything for you. #8 Obstacle: Not 'spicing it up' with variety When you see the range of exercises you can do, how simple, fun and engaging they can be, and how quickly they can bring about results, you will under-

stand that variety IS the spice of life. The same goes for your nutrition. We'll show you how to eat almost everything you love (overly restrictive diets do NOT work), and still get the results you want. There is a very profound 'secret' to supportive nutrition that you need to know - and I am happy to share it with you! For more information contact Coach Berry R. B. at 760-9676847 Or email at rbberry

“The Fountain of Youth”

FREE Body Diagnostic

and Nutritional Counseling

3 Training Sessions 110 Copperwood Way Suite M, Oceanside


Kaplan College introduces innovative offering: The Kaplan Commitment SM

Kaplan College knows making the decision to go back to school is a big one. That's why they developed The Kaplan Commitment. It's one of the many ways Kaplan College puts students first. The Kaplan Commitment is an opportunity for students to experience a real class, for real credits, for an introductory period before paying a penny of tuition.* It allows students to begin their program

while evaluating it. Therefore, if they see that it is the right fit, they are already on their way to completing their education. If it turns out the time or program isn't right for them, they can withdraw during the introductory course at no additional cost beyond their initial $45 enrollment fee. That's The Kaplan Commitment. Come see for yourself why Kaplan College is willing to put their money where their

mouth is. Call now for more information. 888.323.4075 Dept. 902 * Students must withdraw before the close of business on the last day of the introductory course for tuition exemption. No credits will be earned if the student withdraws from the program. Program requirements may vary. Please call 888.323.4075 for details.


arrived. They consisted of a duck filet topped with feta cheese, tomatoes, cabbage and a creamy tomato-cilantro sauce. I could have eaten 10 of them but this was a small plate extravaganza and we had a few more to go. So how about oak roasting asparagus then topping it with shaved romano, prosciutto, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar? That’s how they prepare one of my favorite vegetables and it’s as good as I’ve had it. Mini ahi burgers with miso ginger sauce and sliced cucumber was next up and

the snap of the cucumber provided a perfect contrast to the ahi. I loved this dish. The soup, duck tacos, asparagus and ahi burgers are all signature items on the menu. After a short breather, we took on the Caprese Neapolitan pizza with roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil. Next time I may order mine well done to give the crust a bit more char, but that’s just a personal preference. When the server suggested we try Sammy’s favorite dessert, which just


borrowing their lettuce and hummus combo for a future dinner party. Next up was tomato basil soup with shaved Romano and drizzled with herb oil. It was a great mix of ingredients that, for future reference, would be great to dip their flatbread in, or better yet a slice of pizza. Dipping in tomato soup has always been a good thing in my book. Just as we finished the soup, the mini duck tacos



learn more.

THAT’S A DOG? The 16th

annual Ugly Dog Show will begin with registration at 10 a.m. March 13, Del Mar Fairgrounds Paddock Area. The event will include contests for the ugliest dog, cutest dog, best trick, dog that most looks like its owner, and more. The contest is open to the public. TOP TUBA The Coastal Communities Concert Band with director Dr. Robert Fleming will feature a soloist from one of the military bands in Washington, D.C., at their 28th anniversary concert at 2 p.m. March 13, Carlsbad Community Church. This year’s guest is Tom Holtz, principal tubist with the The Presidents Own United States Marine

Band. Call (760) 436-6137 for Theater will have auditions for “A Little Princess” from 5 to 8 tickets. p.m. March 14 and March 15, Village Church, 6225 Paseo Delicias, Rancho Santa Fe. BUDGET FRIENDLY San There are roles for five women Dieguito Adult School will host ages teen and adult, seven girls a budget workshop from 7 to 9 ages 8 to young teen, and three p.m. March 14, 800 Santa Fe men. E-mail Margie at vilDrive, Encinitas. This workshop lagechurchcommunitytheis for those wanting to create or ater@gmail or visit www. refine their budget. To register, v i l l a g e ch u rch c o m m u n i t y visit or call to learn more. (760) 753-7073. JEWISH STUDIES The Agency for Jewish Education will continue its monthly AND BEYOND! Bonsai and Scholar Lectures on Jewish Beyond Club will meet at 6 p.m. Studies at 7 p.m. March 14, Dove March 15, San Diego Botanical Library, Schulman Auditorium, Garden, Ecke Building. The Carlsbad. Professor Sandy club’s activities include tray Lakoff will lecture on turmoil in landscapes, Bonsai, Hon Non Bo, the Middle East. Call (858) 268- viewing stones, and other relat9200, ext.102 or visit ed Asian arts. for more details. LITTLE PRINCESS The Village Church Community




so happened to be a pizza, I was a little skeptical. That changed when I took my first bite of the Feta Manouri cheese artisan thin crust pizza drizzled with orange blossom honey. Manouri is a semi-soft fresh white cheese made from the drained whey from feta production. It is similar to feta cheese but creamier and less salty. This was one of the more interesting desserts I’ve had and worth trying. Not the best choice immediately following a pizza, but would be great after just about any other entrée. I’ve heard great MULTIFLORAL

Bayou Brothers at 7 p.m. March 18, Sunshine Brooks Theatre, 217 N. Coast Highway 101, Oceanside. Tickets are $10 at the door. Call (760) 529-9140 or visit www.sunshinebrooks to learn more. BUNCO FUN The Moonlight Angels Auxiliary will host an evening of Bunco from 5 to 8:30 p.m. March 18, Gloria McClellan Senior Center, 1400 Vale Terrace. Prizes will be given to winners as well as to the biggest loser. Call Carol at (760) 7257251 to learn more.

RADIO FRIENDLY The Carlsbad Senior Playreaders will present a ‘40s style radio show, one act play, plus a sing-along at 12:45 p.m. March 17, Carlsbad Senior Center, 799 Pine Ave. The program is free and open to the public. Call GOOD QUESTION (760) 602-4650 to learn more. Crossroads Encinitas will host a message series titled “Frequently avoided questions of the Christian faith” on BAYOU BROTHERS Tuesday nights at 7 p.m., 846 Celebrate Mardi Gras with the Munevar Road, Cardiff. This is



Mar and San Marcos. I should add that the service was top notch. Our server was educated on the large menu and had plenty of suggestions. Sammy’s also has a nice looking wine list and a good selection of local brews including Stone, Ale Smith, and Ballast Point. Check out Sammy’s full menu and all their locations at David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at

PAPHS Cajun-Zydeco music of The an informative time to hear per-

Norito Hasegawa will speak to the San Diego County Cymbidium Society on multifloral paphs and their hybrids at 7 p.m. March 16, San Diego Botanical Garden, Ecke Building. Call (760) 732-0055 or e-mail to learn more.


things about the gluten free Messy Sundae and will give that a try next time. The menu at Sammy’s is huge and has something for just about anyone including burgers, pastas, tacos and salads. Prices range from $5.95 on the low end for soups and some appetizers and I did not see anything over $15. Sammy’s uses local, regional and organically grown produce with no artificial flavors, chemicals, preservatives or hormones. We ate at the Carlsbad location and they have other locations in North County, including Del

spectives on questions related to Christianity. Call (760) 635-5714 to learn more. INVEST WISELY A women’s investment club will meet the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the North County area. Their portfolio includes stocks from many different sectors, including retail, tech, medical and the food industry. The only requirement to join is a desire to learn about investing and stocks. Call Charlene Bason at (760) 727 or e-mail dollarsandsensefor to learn more. WOMEN’S CLUB The San Dieguito Women’s Club will meet at 10:15 a.m. with lunch at noon the second Tuesday of each month, U.S. Bank, 131 N. El Camino Real, Encinitas. For details, call (760) 632-9768 or visit www.sandieguitowomans

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The Coast News, March 11, 2011  

The March 11, 2011 edition of The Coast News, including the Home & Garden Guide

The Coast News, March 11, 2011  

The March 11, 2011 edition of The Coast News, including the Home & Garden Guide