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FEB. 8, 2013


North County’s Best Private K-8 School Keystone Academy great alternative to home its classes Monday schooling, and also offers one ■ Students Thrive holds through Thursday from 8 a.m. on one or small group tutorBoth Inside and Outside the Classroom at Keystone Academy

Traditional schools might have procedures to identify students as “gifted,” and they may have a G.A.T.E. program to serve those students. Keystone Academy believes all students will benefit from the proven strategies of gifted education. These strategies include a rigorous academic environment with high expectations tailored to the individual needs of each learner.

– 12 p.m., with Friday as a home study day, and after school programs available for those who need them. This shorter class schedule, made possible by the advanced method of curriculum presentation, allows students more time to engage in cultivating other life skills necessary for their career and personal development. Many Keystone students are on their way to becoming professional athletes, dancers, and singers, while maintaining a fast paced and highly challenging education. Keystone Academy is a

ing in all subject areas for grades K-9. Their homework club, available Monday through Thursday from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m., gives students access to a wide range of resources and the support of a credentialed teacher. Keystone Academy will host an informative open house on February 26th from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. for prospective parents and students in their newly expanded facility at 722 Genevieve Street in Solana Beach. For more information visit or call (858) 8473366.

A P r i v a t e K - 8 H y b r i d S c h o o l A n d Tu t o r i n g C e n t e r • Condensed accelerated schedule, Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. • Academically rigorous curriculum aligned with California G.A.T.E. standards • Afternoon tutoring

• Daily Homework Club • Maximum student teacher ratio of 12 to 1 • Emphasis on differentiating curriculum for the gifted and talented student

Our unique and innovative program challenges and engages students in their learning and still allows time within the day to explore other interests and activities.


722 Genevieve Street | Solana Beach | (858) 847-3366 | Where Education Matters

Olivenhain Country Preschool and Infant Center for the Arts...

A balance of academics and arts Olivenhain Country Preschool and Infant Center for the Arts mission is to provide your child with a safe, loving, nurturing environment to acquire proper skills and values to prepare them for their future. Here at OCP our teachers provide an environment of many mediums encouraging your child to explore and learn. For example, Cooking, the arts, rhythm and movement, gardening, sign language and Spanish. Beginning a foreign language at an early age, along with our continued use of

these skills throughout our program, allows us to see the benefits of a second language in action. When learning is presented through many mediums, with a balance of academics and arts along with kinesthetic and tactile experiences, children will retain more of this knowledge. Our daily activities include a variety of learning, all wrapped in fun, play and exploration, with your child using their imagination. We look forward to sharing with you the unique advantages of our environ-

ment and programs and we invite you to tour our facility, meet our teachers, and see for yourself how kids are laughing and growing while learning at OCP.

Come and experience what makes us unique: • A safe, loving, nurturing environment • Hands on art & crafts, cooking, gardening • Our family values: politeness, good manners & respect • Art & nature exploration in a cheerful setting

Safer communities thru unique training Safe and secure communities rely on proactive and responsible individuals who have the awareness, training, and skills to responsibly act when needed. Aegis Academy is firmly committed to making a difference in Southern California by providing professional firearms training to responsible citizens who are willing to take an active role in learning, developing, and maintaining the skills required to protect themselves and their families. Raising the level of firearms safety and proficiency in the community not only reduces the potential for firearms accidents, it directly contributes to the safety and security among the general public by reducing the potential for violent crime. Furthermore, reducing the number of violent incidents eases the burden on local law enforcement. Engaged and proactive citizens can greatly contribute to a culture of safety and security for future generations. The tenets of personal responsibility and safe communities form the foundation of Aegis Academy and are deeply rooted in every member of the Aegis Team. Hand selected from across the spectrum of military special operations units, elite law enforcement veterans, and other uniquely qualified personnel, Aegis Academy’s instructors form the most professional team of mentors in the industry today.

In addition to the decades of training experience they possess, they all have personal experience surviving and winning violent encounters. More importantly, they were selected for their personal commitment to continue making a difference in the community by sharing a lifetime of applicable skills with interested members of the public.

Extensive experience incredibly friendly, and very patient." Pam G,Yelp San Diego

Aegis Academy has reset the industry standard by effectively combining programmatic physical skill development with refined awareness and conscious decision making. For novice shooters through experienced competitors, Aegis Academy offers a wide variety of programs that include firearm familiarization, instructor development, and courses in pistol, rifle, and shotgun taught at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. What makes Aegis Academy different is its

client-centered approach that is focused on long-term skill development and its adoption of periodization techniques proven effective by top athletes around the world. Through adaptation, conditioning, transition, and refinement, shooters of all levels will reach their personal goals and achieve elevated levels of proficiency. Hundreds of Aegis clients have benefitted from this unique instruction. Pamela G. from San Diego didn’t aspire to own a gun, but stated that “It is incredibly important to be able to handle one. If you are looking for a course on any kind of gun, Aegis is the place to go. Professional, experienced and thorough education is what you will get here.” Experienced shooters also gain proficiency in the courses. Darren from Encinitas states, “Despite a couple decades of experience with handguns, I found this course to be very instructional and developed a greater sense of confidence in my shooting abilities/consistency and safe handling procedures.” Whether you are new to firearms, have received some training in the past, or are a trained professional, Aegis Academy offers a variety of professionally developed curriculum to help you take an active role in your personal security and protect the ones you love. To learn more, please visit or call 1-800-852-2692.

Basic Training Pistol • Carbine • Shotgun & Familiarization

Intermediate Training Pistol & Carbine

Advanced Training Pistol • Carbine • Shotgun & Tactical Shooting

Instructor Training Pistol • Carbine & Shotgun

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The Rancho Santa Fe News, Feb. 8, 2013  

The edition of The Rancho Santa Fe News for the week of Feb. 8, 2013.

The Rancho Santa Fe News, Feb. 8, 2013  

The edition of The Rancho Santa Fe News for the week of Feb. 8, 2013.