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FEB. 8, 2013



that’s individualized with prompt responses,” Robin Crabtree said. “It would be ideal if we could have officers that knew us personally and knew the layout of the city.” “The reason why we live in a small town … is government is not remote,” Emerson said. “We want to be close to our government and we are. There’s only one element where we aren’t. The Sheriff’s Department is well-run but they’re not part of us. “It ain’t nothing like having our own chief and our own officers who we get to know, they get to know us,” he said. “They have a feel for what kind of community we are and what our priorities are and what our problems are. “ “If our citizens believe they’re not getting adequate public service from the sheriff’s contract, they have to also realize that getting better service from any other alternative is going to cost more money and we need to figure out how to pay that bill,” Mosier said, reminding everyone that a tax on short-term vacation rentals to fund such services was defeated by voters a

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few years ago. “This is a mixed public safety/financial plan where the better service you want, the more you’re going to have to pay for it and none of it’s cheap,” Mosier said. Benedict said hiring a consultant would be the best way to confirm or refute his budget. “We do need professional help,” he said. Mayor Terry Sinnott agreed, saying the city has “exhausted the talent” of its volunteers. “What’s frustrated the city for a while is we’re too small to consider other alternatives,” he said. “This would open door to what our reasonable alternatives are.” Councilman Al Corti also said he believes the city is at a point where a consultant would be beneficial. “It’s time for an expert,” he said. But other council members initially opposed the recommendation. “Del Mar’s known for doing studies,” Councilwoman Lee Haydu said. “We’ve studied everything. I think we’re still early in this.” Sherryl Parks agreed. “This is a worthy investigation but we’re not quite ready to hire a consultant,”

she said. “This problem is not simply going to be solved by a consultant,” Mosier said. He said the biggest issue is having 4,000 people pay for public safety for more than 3 million visitors. “I’m a little bit dubious that a consultant can solve that problem but I’m willing to see if somebody’s a lot smarter than I am and can come up with a solution,” he said. He added that before hiring a consultant Del Mar officials should talk to the neighboring cities to see if there is interest in a JPA because if there isn’t, one option would be off the table and a consultant would have a more focused job. Council members finally agreed unanimously to issue a request for proposals from consultants to see how much it would cost. The move doesn’t obligate the city to hire one and council members will review all proposals in a public meeting if they choose to move forward after that.

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The Rancho Santa Fe News, Feb. 8, 2013  

The edition of The Rancho Santa Fe News for the week of Feb. 8, 2013.

The Rancho Santa Fe News, Feb. 8, 2013  

The edition of The Rancho Santa Fe News for the week of Feb. 8, 2013.