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Homeless Persons Memorial Day Tuesday Dec. 21 Veterans Park Vigil 6pm Remember our friends who have died Since 1997 there have been 187 homeless deaths in NH – 1 is too many!

Manchester’s names 1997-1999 Morris “tex” Richardson Rose Bernard Allen Pineau Mr. Farnsworth Keith Simpson William “Cookie” Cook John McDonald 2000 Anneli Dyer Steve Robert Barbara S. 2001 Jefferson Lynde William Winklesas Jane Doe Dale age 57 Pierre “Frenchy” Coty Phillip Howard “Hezzy” Heselton 2002 Bonnie Patria James B. “lil Jimmy” Beverly Phelon William “Pooch” Pedeare 2003 Michael Sharp 2004 Richard Merrill 2005 Mark McDonald Albert Beloin

2006 Robert Rice 74yrs Scott DeGrenier Jane Doe Darrel Woods Fred Hassen Billy Cripps Edward “Patches” Pacholski 2007 Marvin Wallace 2008 Roger “shorty” Rondeau Greg Jette Joseph Carrigan Ray “Razor” Lumoa Kenneth Ricker Earl Leo Bill Viens 2009 Walter Bejourne Edgar DeGrandmaison Ralph Johnson Joe Shaw 2010 James McCord George Provencher Esther D. Brian Theberge Dan Norman Paula Soucier Billy Beaulac Paul Collette Keith Cunningham

Homeless Memorial  

Homeless Persons Memorial DayTuesday Dec. 21Veterans Park Vigil 6pm

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