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21st Annual Tribute to the United States Coast Guard Eighth District

friday, march 14, 2014 H new orleans

Thank You!

your generosity will turn dreams into realities

Coast Guard Foundation Trustees Emeritus, Otto Candies, Jr. and Boysie Bollinger, with Foundation Trustee Admiral Thad Allen, USCG (Ret.), at the 2013 Tribute to the Coast Guard Eighth District.

during last year’s dinner, the coast guard foundation raised $125,000 for scholarships that we otherwise would not have had the chance to give out. this year we have $300,000 in education needs for the men and women of the coast guard and their families.

Please make a difference in their lives tonight!

welcome to The Coast Guard Foundation

21st Annual Tribute to the United States Coast Guard Eighth District H HH friday, march 14, 2014 new orleans

Thank you for joining us in supporting the men and women of the United States Coast Guard. Your support of their efforts is critical to our success, and we thank you for your generosity.

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tribute to the eighth district

21st annual tribute to the united states coast guard eighth district Welcome

Boysie Bollinger, Master of Ceremonies presentation of colors

Eighth District Color Guard national anthem

Performed by Victory 6 invocation

CDR Michael E. Hall, USN, Eighth District Chaplain Welcoming remarks

RADM Kevin Cook, USCG, Eighth District Commander honoree

Mr. Sean O’Keefe, Chairman & CEO, Airbus Group, Inc. dinner

Music Provided by Victory 6 tribute to the coast guard spouse

Eighth Coast Guard District Honorees remarks

Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr., USCG Commandant of the United States Coast Guard keynote speaker

Mrs. Linda Papp service medley

Performed by Victory 6 closing remarks

Otto Candies, Jr. dessert & dancing

Musical Performance by At Fault

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tribute to the eighth district

admiral robert j. papp, jr. Commandant United States Coast Guard



dmiral robert j. papp, jr. assumed the duties of the 24th Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard on May 25, 2010. He leads the largest component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), comprised of 42,000 active duty, 8,200 Reserve, 8,000 civilian and 31,000 volunteer Auxiliarists.

The Coast Guard is “Semper Paratus” — Always Ready — to use its distinctive blend of military, humanitarian and law enforcement capabilities to save lives and property at sea, protect and maintain our ports and maritime transportation system, secure our borders, respond to natural disasters, protect our marine environment and defend our Nation. The Coast Guard is also America’s oldest continuous seagoing service and one of the Nation’s five armed services. We trace our history back to August 4, 1790, when the first Congress authorized the construction of ten vessels to enforce tariff and trade laws and to prevent smuggling. Our people are committed to the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty. As a flag officer, Admiral Papp served as Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area, where he was operational commander for all U.S. Coast Guard missions within the eastern half of the world and provided support to the Department of Defense; as the Chief of Staff of the Coast Guard and Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Headquarters; as Commander, Ninth Coast Guard District, with responsibilities for Coast Guard missions on the Great Lakes and Northern Border; and as Director of Reserve and Training where he was responsible for

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managing and supporting 13,000 Coast Guard Ready Reservists and all Coast Guard Training Centers. Admiral Papp has served in six Coast Guard Cutters, commanding four of them: Red Beech, Papaw, Forward, and the training barque Eagle. He also served as commander of a task unit during Operation Able Manner off the coast of Haiti in 1994, enforcing United Nations Sanctions. Additionally, his task unit augmented U.S. Naval Forces during Operation Uphold Democracy. He is a 1975 graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy. Additionally, he holds a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College and a Master of Science in Management from Salve Regina College. Admiral Papp is the 13th Gold Ancient Mariner of the Coast Guard. The Gold Ancient Mariner is an honorary position held by an officer with over ten years of cumulative sea duty who has held the qualification as a Cutterman longer than any other officer. Admiral Papp is a native of Norwich, Connecticut. He is married to the former Linda Kapral of East Lyme, Connecticut. Admiral and Mrs. Papp have three daughters and two granddaughters.


tribute to the eighth district

rear admiral kevin cook Commander, Eighth Coast Guard District United States Coast Guard



ear admiral kevin cook serves as the Commander of the Eighth Coast Guard District headquartered in New Orleans, and is responsible for U.S. Coast Guard operations spanning 26 states, including the Gulf coastline from Florida to Mexico and the adjacent offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the inland waterways of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee River systems.

At the time of his flag officer selection, Rear Admiral Cook was serving as Chief of Staff for the Thirteenth Coast Guard District, Seattle, Washington. Subsequent flag assignments include Director of the Operations Command Implementation Team in Portsmouth, Virginia; Director of Prevention Policy in Washington, D.C.; and, Deputy Commander of the Atlantic Area in Portsmouth, Virginia. Previous duty assignments include three tours afloat, on Coast Guard Cutter Madrona as a deck watch officer; CGC Bittersweet as the Executive Officer; and CGC Cowslip as the Commanding Officer. His tours ashore include assignments as a staff engineer in Hazardous Materials Division where he later returned as Division Chief. As Director of Prevention Policy, he was responsible for many of the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety, Security and Stewardship missions affecting waterways management, domestic and international shipping, recreational and fishing boats, and port facilities throughout the nation. Rear Admiral Cook has held a variety of field positions supporting the Marine Safety, Security, and

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4

Environmental Protection mission areas; at Marine Safety Office Hampton Roads, Virginia, Marine Safety Office Houston-Galveston, Texas, as Executive Officer, and subsequently Commanding Officer. For two years following 9/11, he also directed maritime homeland security operations through command of the regional Task Unit covering waters from Freeport, Texas, eastward to Lake Charles, Louisiana. In 2010, he served as the National Incident Commander’s representative to BP headquarters for oversight of well containment activities in the Deepwater Horizon response. Rear Admiral Cook is a native of Freehold, New Jersey. He graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 1979 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Ocean Engineering, and also earned a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University. He is a 1999 graduate of the U.S. Army War College. In 2003, he was appointed as the Coast Guard Fellow to Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group. His military decorations include the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Coast Guard Commendation Medal, and Coast Guard Achievement Medal.


tribute to the eighth district

remarks from mrs. linda papp on the coast guard spouse



s bob and i travel throughout the country and look at the faces of the crews and their families during our all-hands meetings, I can’t help but think back to when ENS Papp and I reported to our first ship as a new family. I’ll confess, even as the daughter of a Coast Guard officer, I was not quite prepared for what life would be like with a Coast Guardsmen for a spouse.

Well, being here in New Orleans 39 years later, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the journey has been, how thankful I am for all for the experiences we’ve had and, most importantly, how much I cherish our Coast Guard family. I spent 14 of the last 39 years watching six different cutters pull away from the pier — ten of those years as the Commanding Officer’s wife. The crew of every cutter, and later staffs at the District, Area, and Commandant level became extensions of my own growing family. It’s a family that has grown with every new tour, and every city. We have laughed together, cried together, and worked hard together to make those families strong, healthy and happy.

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4

As the Coast Guard’s Ombudsman-at-Large, I know that the strength and resilience of our family members on the home front provides critical support to all of our Coast Guard men and women. I am so pleased that the Coast Guard Foundation — an organization that does so much to support our men and women in uniform — has chosen to recognize tonight those who keep the home fires burning and who every day face the unique challenges of a military lifestyle. To those spouses who are here tonight, and to those who follow, you will always have a special place in my life, and in my heart. Sometimes in person — but always in spirit — I will be there with you, and for you.


tribute to the eighth district

mr. sean o’keefe Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Airbus Group, Inc.



ean o’keefe was appointed CEO of Airbus Group, Inc. (formerly EADS North America) in November 2009 and Chairman of the Board in January 2012. His responsibilities include directing Airbus Group activities in the United States, developing strategic partnerships with U.S. companies, and enhancing the participation of Airbus Group in the U.S. marketplace — including the development, growth, and management of large-scale defense acquisition programs. Globally, Airbus Group is the parent company of some of the most recognized division brand names in the international aerospace and defense sector, including Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space. The company had annual revenues in 2012 of more than $73 billion and employs some 140,000 people worldwide. Prior to joining Airbus Group, Inc., Mr. O’Keefe served as a company officer and Vice President of the General Electric Company in the Technology Infrastructure sector, leading the Washington operations of the GE Aviation business. From 2005 to 2008, he served as Chancellor of the Louisiana State University, the chief executive officer, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4

On four separate occasions Mr. O’Keefe served as a presidential appointee. Prior to leading LSU, he served as the tenth Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Mr. O’Keefe joined President George W. Bush’s administration on inauguration day as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget until December 2001, when he was appointed NASA Administrator. O’Keefe serves on the Board of several private and non-profit organizations, among them, the Board of Trustees of Loyola University, New Orleans. He and his wife Laura have three children and reside in Ashburn, Virginia.


tribute to the eighth district

H national anthem and service medleys H star spangled banner

united states merchant marine

O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there; O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Heave ho, my lads, heave ho It’s a long, long pull with our hatches full. Braving the wind, braving the sea, Fighting the treacherous foe. Heave ho, my lads, heave ho, Let the sea roll, high or low, We can cross any ocean, sail any river, Give us the goods, and we’ll deliver, [Darn] the submarines, We are the men of the Merchant Marines. united states air force Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun; Here they come zooming to meet our thunder, At ’em boys, Give ’er the gun! (Give ’er the gun now!) Down we dive, spouting our flame from under, Off with one helluva roar! We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey! Nothing’ll stop the U.S. Air Force.

united states army First to fight for the right, And to build the Nation’s might, And The Army Goes Rolling Along Proud of all we have done, Fighting till the battle’s won, And the Army Goes Rolling Along Then it’s Hi! Hi! Hey! The Army’s on its way. Count off the cadence loud and strong For where e’er we go, You will always know That The Army Goes Rolling Along.

united states coast guard From Aztec shore to Arctic zone, To Europe and Far East. The Flag is carried by our ships, In times of war and peace. And never have we struck it yet, In spite of foe-men’s might, Who cheered our crews and cheered again, For showing how to fight. We’re always ready for the call, We place our trust in Thee. Through surf and storm and howling gale, High shall our purpose be. “Semper Paratus” is our guide, Our fame, our glory too. To fight to save or fight to die, Aye! Coast Guard, we are for you!

united states marines From the Halls of Montezuma To the shores of Tripoli, We will fight our country’s battles On the land as on the sea! First to fight for right and freedom, And to keep our honor clean, We are proud to claim the title Of United States Marine. united states navy Anchor’s aweigh, my boys, anchor’s aweigh, Farewell to college joys, we sail at break of day Through our last night on shore, Drink to the foam until we meet once more, here’s wishing you a happy voyage home!

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tribute to the eighth district

coast guard foundation 2014 tribute to the eighth district coast guard honorees

Honoring the Coast Guard Spouse


onight the coast guard foundation tribute to the eighth district honors the commitment of seven Coast Guard spouses and the roles they play in keeping their Coast Guard families and communities strong. We are thankful for the service of our Coast Guard members — everyday, they answer the call to help others and fulfill the mission of the United States Coast Guard. What sometimes flies under the radar is the support system in place for our service men and women, those people holding down the fort, taking care of family, and providing support in their communities while their significant others serve our country. The Coast Guard Foundation is honored to shine a light on seven “super spouses” who day in and day out support their families and other Coast Guard families around them in important ways. y Alma Buckley, Coast Guard Sector New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana The Ombudsman of Sector New Orleans since 2012, Alma has implemented a great deal of organization and informative practices that have helped streamline things for spouses and families stationed there. Upon her arrival, she created the first-ever Ombudsman Newsletter for the sector, as well as volunteering to be the ombudsman for subunits at the sector that did not have representation prior to Alma’s tenure. She was a vital link between the command structure and dependents during Hurricane Isaac and Tropical Storm Karen, serving as a point of contact during evacuations, as well as helping those displaced by the storms safely return home. Alma was the Coast Guard Ombudsman of the Year in 2010. Alma’s husband is MKCS Daniel Buckley.

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


tribute to the eighth district

y Sedonia Cheatham, Air Station New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana Sedonia is Ombudsman to 127 Coast Guard members and their families. Being stationed on the Gulf of Mexico, much like other spouses in the Coast Guard’s 8th district, Sedonia was faced with the challenge of preparing families in how best to deal with hurricanes. Thanks to Sedonia, during Tropical Storm Karen, families were prepared and had the peace of mind knowing there was a plan in place. In addition to these efforts, Sedonia organized a quarterly “Spouses Night Out” and the “Stroller Warrior Club” to build morale among those stationed in New Orleans. She is currently petitioning lawmakers to enact rules that would see colleges recognize more credit hours from other schools for military spouses, since Coast Guard families move around the country so often. Sedonia’s husband is AMT2 Kevin Cheatham. y Hallie Conger, Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur, Port Arthur, Texas Despite the demands of motherhood and a full-time job, Hallie has devoted more than 200 hours of her own time to help the families of MSU Port Arthur. To facilitate communication among families there, she initiated an Ombudsman Newsletter; helping people stay informed and in touch with what was going on at the station. In August 2013, despite having given birth to her first child the same week, Hallie led the “Back to School Brigade,” which she used to collect school supplies for Coast Guard families. She outfitted over 70 of the unit’s children with back to school essentials, as well as kids at other nearby units. Hallie’s charitable efforts extended to the holiday season, thanks to a children’s holiday party, she provided 50 kids with personalized gifts, crafts and music. Hallie’s husband is MST3 Benjamin Conger. y Cara Doerr, Coast Guard Cutter Cypress, Pensacola, Florida Cara played a key role in making sure Cypress crew members and families were ready for unexpected deployments last year (Tropical Storm Karen and a natural gas rig explosion among them), when circumstances required the crew to get underway in a very short time and be gone for undetermined periods of time. Cara’s organization and quick response was especially important for the cutter’s hurricane preparations, assisting with annual readiness training, and serving as the point of contact for evacuations, and personally advising families at the unit. Cara actively engages both crew and spouses, creating an inclusive and familial environment. She organized a successful Haunted Ship and Kid’s Carnival in 2013, events that raised over 4,600 pounds of food for the local food bank. Cara’s husband is DC2 Robert James Doerr, Jr. y Katie Quillen, Aviation Training Center Mobile, Mobile, Alabama Katie, one of the Ombudsmen at ATC Mobile, focuses her efforts on making sure new families feel welcome to the community, and are aware of the resources available to them. In addition to organizing events and continued on next page

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tribute to the eighth district

coast guard foundation 2014 tribute to the eighth district coast guard honorees: the coast guard spouse continued from previous page

HHH activities for families throughout the year, Katie maintains a Facebook page called “ATC Mobile Families” as a resource for Coast Guard and families stationed in Mobile. Katie volunteers for Operation Homefront, and this past year collected thousands of dollars’ worth of school supplies for military families; during the holiday season, she made sure that all the locally-donated toys were distributed to deserving Coast Guard children at the base Christmas party. She has also lent her expertise to the ATC Mobile Command in their efforts to establish a child development center for Coast Guard families in the community. Katie’s husband is LT Gregory Quillen. y Sofia Stitz, Marine Safety Detachment Quad Cities, Rock Island, Illinois In late November 2013, a towboat carrying more than 90,000 gallons of oil product sunk while traveling in the upper Mississippi River, prompting a massive Coast Guard response, including personnel from Marine Safety Detachment Quad Cities, Sector Upper Mississippi River, the Gulf and Atlantic Strike Teams and more. As the Thanksgiving holiday approached, Sofia realized that the Coast Guard personnel deployed to the environmental response would be away from their families for the holiday. Quickly jumping into action, Sofia, along with several other MSD Quad Cities spouses, planned a special Thanksgiving feast, six turkeys and all the fixings, for the more than 20 people deployed there. Sofia’s actions reflect the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, and her efforts were truly appreciated by the crew. Sofia’s husband is LT Kody J. Stitz, supervisor of MSD Quad Cities. y Sarah Terveen, Marine Safety Unit Huntington, Barboursville, West Virginia Sarah, the Ombudsman for MSU Huntington, has dedicated much of her time to helping incoming families feel welcome and transition to their new community. Her help comes in the form of assistance in finding the right housing and schools, and making connections among Coast Guard families with similar needs and resources to share. Sarah coordinates morale events, including Halloween parties, Christmas parties and activities on Coast Guard Day and opens her home to members of the unit stationed away from their families during the holidays. Sarah’s husband is MST2 Jay C. Terveen.

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tribute to the eighth district

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


tribute to the eighth district

Coast Guard Foundation Shipmate Fund support for the Eighth District HHH

The Coast Guard Foundation Shipmate Fund provided Gulf Strike Team in Mobile, Alabama (left) with fitness equipment, crew aboard CGC Manatee (center) with fishing gear, and Station Grand Isle (right) with recreational equipment.


he coast guard foundation provides support to Coast Guard units, bases and cutters throughout the country through the Shipmate Fund. Members living and working throughout the Coast Guard’s Eighth District benefited from this program in many important ways. In recent years the Foundation has fulfilled many Shipmate Fund projects at units and cutters throughout the Eighth District. ment, like bikes, golf clubs, tennis racquets, and more. The Aviation Training Center at Mobile also built a disc golf course with Shipmate funds provided by the Coast Guard Foundation. Two of the stalwart families with deep-rooted ties to the Coast Guard Foundation, the Bollingers and the Candies, split the cost of renovating and refurbishing the outdoor recreational area at Station Grand Isle, Louisiana including new pool and BBQ equipment and updates to their pavilion. Shipmate Fund projects give dedicated Coast Guard members the opportunity for education, recreation and wellness activities in their off duty time, so they can excel while on duty, in service to our country.

The cutter Manatee got five new heavy-duty fishing rods and reels to use in their off time. Marine Safety Detachment Nashville was able to purchase a trail bike and a new elliptical machine, allowing the crew greater fitness opportunities. Coast Guard members stationed at South Padre Island, Texas received a completely renovated gym with brand new, state of the art fitness equipment. The Marine Safety Unit in Texas City, Texas used its Shipmate funds to build a sand volleyball court to the benefit of Sector Houston-Galveston, the cutter Dauntless, and Air Station Houston. The Foundation outfitted the Gulf Strike Team in Mobile, Alabama with new outdoor recreation equip-

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tribute to the eighth district

H dinner sponsor H

Congratulations to the 2014 honoree, Sean O’Keefe, for his dedicated service to the Coast Guard Foundation.

Tidewater is a proud supporter of the Coast Guard Foundation.

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tribute to the eighth district

h cocktail reception sponsor h

The Legend Continues

Building The Coast Guard’s Future. . . Today

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tribute to the eighth district

H dessert & dancing reception sponsor H

American Commercial Lines Proudly Supports the Coast Guard Foundation

We thank the men and women of the Coast Guard for their commitment to enforcing maritime law, protecting our homeland, and preserving the environment. 1701 E. Market St., Jeffersonville, IN 47130 800.457.6377

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tribute to the eighth district

h hero sponsor h

Salutes the Coasties and their spouses that support them.


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tribute to the eighth district

h defender h

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tribute to the eighth district

h defender h

Honoring Those Who Serve and Protect Our Waters Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. is proud to support the 2014 USCG Foundation’s 21st Annual Tribute to the 8th Coast Guard District in New Orleans

2200 Nelson Street, Panama City, FL 32401 13300 Allanton Road, Panama City, FL 32404 Tel: 850-763-1900 ext 3216 Fax: 850-763-7904


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tribute to the eighth district

H defender H



Sean O’Keefe FOR HIS D E D I C AT E D S E R V I C E T O T H E C O A S T G U A R D F O U N D AT I O N

M A R I N E T R A N S P O R TAT I O N S P E C I A L I Z I N G I N T O W I N G D R I L L I N G R I G S A N D P R O V I D I N G O F F S H O R E S U P P LY A N D M U LT I - P U R P O S E S U P P O R T V E S S E L S F O R D E E P W AT E R W AT E R O P E R AT I O N S I N T H E U . S . G U L F O F M E X I C O .

H A R V E Y G U L F. C O M

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tribute to the eighth district

H defender H

hornbeck offshore services salutes the extraordinary men and women of the united states coast guard we are grateful for their commitments and contributions toward maritime security and safety


hornbeck offshore services, llc

Service with Energy

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tribute to the eighth district

h defender h

SaluteS the united StateS CoaSt Guard WWW.OMIES.COM

24/7 EMERGENCY RESPONSE 1-800-645-6671

24/7 Oil Spill Response . 24/7 Haz-Mat Response . Industrial Services . Standby Rescue . Waste Management & Disposal Transportation Services . Safety / Compliance / Training . Environmental & Safety Products

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tribute to the eighth district

h defender h


L-3’s C 4ISR and Ship Control Systems Are Flexible, Scalable and Built to Meet All Present and Future U.S. Coast Guard Missions. Use of this image does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

L-3 is proud to provide the Coast Guard with integrated C4ISR and ship control systems that deliver formidable operational advantages and are scalable to meet any size platform within its new cutter fleet. Designed for a broad range of missions, these cutters will feature the L-3 SymphonyTM and MarCom® integrated and automated interior/exterior communications systems, as well as the Coast Guard’s SEAWATCH C2 system on the Fast Response Cutter, allowing full integration with DoD and DHS tactical voice, data and networking systems. L-3 also provides fully integrated bridge and machinery control solutions that enhance situational awareness and crew efficiency. To learn more, please visit our website at and Communications Systems-East

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tribute to the eighth district

H defender H

SEACOR is Proud to Support the Men and Women of the United States Coast Guard

www.seacormarine .com

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tribute to the eighth district

h defender h


sean o’keefe

for this well-deserved honor from the Coast Guard Foundation

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tribute to the eighth district

h defender h

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tribute to the eighth district

h guardian h

MTU Salutes the US Coast Guard We’re Proud to Be Onboard

Power. Passion. Partnership.

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tribute to the eighth district

H guardian H

Semper Paratus –

Always Ready At Aramco Services Company and Vela International Marine, we are committed to helping Saudi Aramco provide reliable energy supplies to North America. And we are honored to partner with the U.S. Coast Guard in maintaining high standards of safety excellence and environmental stewardship.


eighth district e h t of k you t o the brave men and women

Canal Barge Company is a privately owned marine transportation company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have become one of the most diverse marine transportation companies in the country while preserving our long-term, people-focused core values. Contact us to discover how “People Make the Difference” at Canal Barge. liquid cargo

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world-class services: deck cargo • bulk liquid storage

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coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


marine management

fax 504-584-1505

tribute to the eighth district

h guardian h

ConocoPhillips salutes the

U.S. Coast Guard

ConocoPhillips and our subsidiary, Polar Tankers, Inc., proudly support the men and women of the United States Coast Guard. As we go about our daily mission of responsibly delivering energy to the world, we are secure in knowing the U.S. Coast Guard is always ready and there to protect our coastlines and coastal waterways. We are bonded by our shared commitment to safety and protecting the environment.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard Š ConocoPhillips Company. 2014. All rights reserved.

Kirby Corporation thanks the United States Coast Guard for their service and dedication to making our waterways safe

Houston, Texas | Channelview, Texas | Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Greenville, Mississippi Staten Island, New York | Honolulu, Hawaii | Seattle, Washington | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Corporate Headquarters 713-435-1000

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tribute to the eighth district

h guardian h

a company of a company of firsts. firsts. We are proud of the role we play in our industry, and most of all, for our customers. PHI has flown more types of helicopters, under a greater variety of conditions, over a longer period of than any other helicopter operator in most the world. fact, name PHI has Wetime, are proud of the rolecivilian we play in our industry, and of all,In for ourthe customers. PHI has become synonymous with industry innovation. From being first to conduct flightsperiod over flown more types of helicopters, under a greater variety of the conditions, over a longer the Gulf of Mexico using ADS-B technology, to ensuring that 100% of our helicopters are of time, than any other civilian helicopter operator in the world. In fact, the name PHI has equipped with night vision goggle innovation. technology, From we hold ourselves toto a higher become synonymous with industry being the first conductstandard. flights over the Gulf of Mexico using ADS-B technology, to ensuring that 100% of our helicopters are equipped with night vision goggle technology, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


tribute to the eighth district


h guardian h








Raytheon brings superior technological advantages to any platform, helping U.S. and coalition navies integrate a full spectrum of ship systems – and confidently achieve mission success.



SHIP SYSTEMS INTEGRATION EXPERIENCE Connect with us: © 2013 Raytheon Company. All rights reserved. “Customer Success Is Our Mission” is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company.

13IDS195_ISS_CgFoundation_Feb2013_BW.indd 1

2/11/13 5:55 PM

Shell is proud to sponsor the United States Coast Guard. Shell’s commitment to community and social responsibility has been in place for more than 50 years. During this time, we have contributed more than a billion dollars to support community, health and welfare, environmental, arts and cultural activities, various educational initiatives, including minority education, and diversity and inclusiveness programs in the U.S.

xxxxxxx_A01_program ads KENT SATT_7x4_5.indd 1 coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


tribute to the eighth district

5/23/13 1:30 PM

Eighth District Coast Guard Units ❚ sector offices

❚ aids to navigation teams

❚ marine safety units

Corpus Christi, Texas Homeport

Corpus Christi, Texas

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Colfax, Louisiana

Houma, Louisiana

Houston/Galveston, Texas

Dulac, Louisiana

VTS Houston/Galveston Homeport

Eufaula, Alabama

Huntington, West Virginia Barboursville, West Virginia

Galveston, Texas

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lower Mississippi Rive Memphis, Tennessee

Gulfport, Mississippi

Morgan City, Louisiana

Mobile, Alabama

VTS Berwick Bay

Morgan City, Louisiana

Paducah, Kentucky

New Orleans, Louisiana

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Panama City, Florida

Port Arthur, Texas

Pensacola, Florida

VTS Port Arthur Homeport

Mobile, Alabama New Orleans, Louisiana Ohio Valley Louisville, Kentucky Upper Mississippi River St. Louis, Missouri

❚ air stations Corpus Christi, Texas Houston, Texas New Orleans, Louisiana

Port O’Connor, Texas

Texas City, Texas

Sabine, Texas South Padre Island, Texas Venice, Louisiana

❚ cutters Amberjack, South Padre Island, Texas

Kickapoo, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Axe, Morgan City, Louisiana

Mallet, Corpus Christi, Texas

Barbara Mabrity, Mobile, Alabama

Manowar, Galveston, Texas

Dauphin Island Mobile, Alabama

Bonito, Pensacola, Florida

Manta, Freeport, Texas

Brant, Corpus Christi, Texas

Muskingum, Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Destin, Florida

Chena, Hickman, Kentucky

Obion, Owensboro, Kentucky

Freeport Surfside, Texas

Cheyenne, St. Louis, Missouri

Osage, Sewickley, Pennsylvanie

Chippewa, Buchanan, Tennessee

Ouachita, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Galveston, Texas

Cimarron, Buchanan, Tennessee

Pamlico, New Orleans, Louisiana

Grand Isle, Louisiana

Clamp, Galveston, Texas

Patoka, Greenville, Mississippi

Gulfport, Mississippi

Cobia, Mobile, Alabama

Pelican, Abbeville, Louisiana

Houston, Texas

Coho, Panama City, Florida

Pompano, Gulfport, Mississippi

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Cypress, Pensacola, Florida

Razorbill, Gulfport, Mississippi

New Orleans, Louisiana

Dauntless, Galveston, Texas

Saginaw, Mobile, Alabama

Panama City, Florida

Decisive, Pascagoula, Mississippi

Sangamon, Peoria, Illinois

Pascagoula, Mississippi

Gasconade, Omaha, Nebraska

Scioto, Keokuk, Iowa

Pensacola, Florida

Greenbrier, Natchez, Mississippi

Seahawk, Carrabelle, Florida

Port Aransas, Texas

Harry Claiborne, Galveston, Texas

Steelhead, Port Aransas, Texas

Port O’Connor, Texas

Hatchet, Galveston, Texas

Stingray, Mobile, Alabama

Sabine, Texas

Heron, Sabine, Texas

Sturgeon, Grand Isle, Louisiana

South Padre Island, Texas

Kanawha, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Wedge, Demopolis, Alabama

Venice, Louisiana

Kankakee, Memphis, Tennessee

Wyaconda, Dubuque, Iowa

❚ search & rescue stations

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tribute to the eighth district

coast guard foundation 2014 tribute to the eighth district coast guard

Sponsors HHH dinner sponsor

Tidewater Marine, Inc. cocktail reception sponsor

Huntington Ingalls Industries dessert & dancing sponsor

American Commercial Lines hero sponsor

EMR / Southern Recycling defender sponsors

Bollinger Shipyards, Inc. Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC International Matex Tank Terminals/ OMI Environmental Solutions L-3 Communications SEACOR Marine Taylor Energy Company VT Halter Marine

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tribute to the eighth district

coast guard foundation 2014 tribute to the eighth district coast guard

Sponsors HHH guardian sponsors

Aramco Service Company

MTU America, Inc.

Canal Barge Company

Otto Candies, LLC


PHI, Inc.

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ABS Americas

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L & M BoTruc Rentals, Inc.

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LA Machinery

Baldwin, Haspel Burke & Mayer Chevron

LeBeouf Bros. Towing, LLC

Crescent River Port Pilots Association

Marine Spill Response Corp.

Crescent Towing and Salvage Inc.

Montco Offshore, Inc.

Edison Chouest Offshore

Omega Protein, Inc.

Greater New Orleans Barge Fleeting Association


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SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.


tribute to the eighth district

Coast Guard Foundation Board of Trustees

officers Robert J. Flynn Chairman

William E. Jenkins Vice Chairman

Cheryl D. Felder Treasurer

R. Christian Johnsen Secretary

trustees Thomas A. Allegretti Arlington, Virginia

ADM Thad W. Allen, USCG (Ret.) Vienna, Virginia

Edward Ameen* Clearwater, Florida

James S. Andrasick Carmel, California

William F. Anonsen Honolulu, Hawaii

William A. Bisso III Houston, Texas

Gerald W. Blakeley, Jr.** Boston, Massachusetts

Chris Bollinger* Lockport, Louisiana

Donald T. Bollinger** Lockport, Louisiana

VADM Sally Brice-O’Hara, USCG (Ret.)* Annapolis, Maryland

Nicki Candies*

Brosius D’Arcy

Richard J. Grahn

New Orleans, Louisiana

Fort Myers, Florida

Boston, Massachusetts

Otto Candies, Jr.**

Eric R. Dawicki***

Robert J. Halcro**

Des Allemands, Louisiana

Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Anchorage, Alaska

Eric W. Caplan***

David F. Dyer

Port Orange, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida

VADM Richard D. Herr, USCG (Ret.)**

James T. Caraway**

Douglas Bart Eaton***

Bayside, Wisconsin

Seattle, Washington

Michael L. Carthew*

Paul M. Erickson***

San Ramon, California

Tiburon, California

CPO R. Angelo Cleffi, USCG (Ret.)*

Cheryl D. Felder* Metairie, Louisiana

Westminster, California

James G. Ferguson***

James J. Coleman, Jr.*

Seattle, Washington

New Orleans, Louisiana

Robert J. Flynn*

Linda Coll***

Stamford, Connecticut

Miami, Florida

Diane Fraser***

William H. Collier, Jr.

San Diego, California

Long Beach, California

Jeffrey Freeman

Blaine E. Collins

Washington, D.C.

Mahwah, New Jersey

Monte Friedkin*

Linda Cooke

Hialeah, Florida

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Verna Kaye Gibson*

Lamarr Cooler***

Sarasota, Florida

Beaufort, South Carolina

Parrish, Florida

Walter J. Hickel, Jr.* Anchorage, Alaska

CAPT F. David Hoffman, Jr., USCGR (Ret.) Honolulu, Hawaii

Douglas E. Holm*** San Francisco, California

Demosthenis M. Hountalas** San Francisco, California

William E. Jenkins* Houston, Texas

Gary Jobson Annapolis, Maryland

R. Christian Johnsen* Washington, D.C.

John S. Johnson* New London, Connecticut

Lisa Kazor Christovich

Angus R. Cooper II

RADM Marshall E. Gilbert, USCG (Ret.)**

Mobile, Alabama

Arlington, Virginia

VADM John D. Costello, USCG (Ret.)**

RADM Thomas H. Gilmour, USCG (Ret.)***

Bethesda, Maryland

Eugene, Oregon

Jeffersonville, Indiana

Larry Cotter

Lawrence R. Glenn**

Mark Knudsen

Juneau, Alaska

Locust Valley, New York

Seattle, Washington

Hon. Charles Richard D’Amato

Al A. Gonsoulin

Corrine X. Kosar*

Sugar Land, Texas

Arlington, Virginia

Annapolis, Maryland

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


tribute to the eighth district

Potomac, Maryland

George Kampstra Arlington, Virginia

Mark K. Knoy

Leo Paul Koulos* San Francisco, California

Stein Kruse* Seattle, Washington

Gerhard Kurz*** Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Roch Lambert*** Grayslake, Illinois

H. Merritt Lane III New Orleans, Louisiana

Carleen Lyden-Kluss Southport, Connecticut

Amelia Rea Maguire*** Coral Gables, Florida

Clay Maitland* New York, New York

Jean-Jacques Marie** Tucson, Arizona

James M. Mathieu Manassas, Virginia

Brian B.A. McAllister New York, New York

Timothy R. McHugh, Esq.** Attleboro, Massachusetts

Kevin J. McSweeney* Farmingdale, New York

CAPT John P. Mihlbauer, USCG (Ret.)*** Kailua, Hawaii

Sidney Mizell Pascagoula, Mississippi

Michael T. Moore*** Coral Gables, Florida

Stephen Muecke New York, New York

James P. Muldoon* Washington, D.C.

Kevin O’Connell** Burlingame, California

James O’Hare* Merrifield, Virginia

RADM James C. Olson, USCG (Ret.) Arlington, Virginia

MCPOCG Vincent W. Patton, USCG (Ret.) Alexandria, Virginia

Frederick Perry

Savannah, Georgia

honorary trustees

Bo A.F. Peterson***

VADM William D. Sullivan, USN (Ret.)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Arlington, Virginia

ADM Thomas H. Collins, USCG (Ret.)

Richard L. Petri**

Cary K. Swasand

Lakeview, New York

Bellevue, Washington

Joseph Phair

Eugene F. Sweeney***

Past Commandant

San Francisco, California

Boca Raton, Florida

Craig E. Philip

Tara M. Sweeney

ADM Robert E. Kramek, USCG (Ret.)

Nashville, Tennessee

Anchorage, Alaska

Jeffrey M. Platt

John H. Thommen***

New Orleans, Louisiana

Guilford, Connecticut

Joseph H. Pyne

LeRoy Vander Putten*

Houston, Texas

Jupiter, Florida

John F. Reinhart

RADM James C. Van Sice, USCG (Ret.)

VADM D. Brian Peterman, USCG (Ret.)

John F. Statts

Land O Lakes, Florida

Norfolk, Virginia

Herndon, Virginia

Paul F. Richardson**

Hugh A. Westbrook***

Holmdel, New Jersey

Thomas K. Richey Chevy Chase, Maryland

Loretta Rietsema*

Past Area Commander

CAPT John Maxham, USCG (Ret.) Chairman, Board of Directors, USCGA Alumni Association

ADM James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.) COMO Thomas C. Mallison, USCG Aux.

James H. Woodward, Jr. Brutus, Michigan

Ross E. Roeder*

VADM Charles E. Larkin, USCG (Ret.)

CAPT Thomas Wetherald, USN (Ret.)

Annapolis, Maryland

Crofton, Maryland

Past Commandant

Past Commandant

Margaret Winters

CAPT Paul Roden, USCG (Ret.)

ADM James S. Gracey, USCG (Ret.)

Miami, Florida

San Diego, California

Plattsburgh, New York

Past Commandant

National Commodore, USCG Auxiliary

ADM Paul A. Yost, Jr., USCG (Ret.) Past Commandant

* director ** trustee emeritus *** life trustee

St. Petersburg, Florida

Judith A. Roos* Herndon, Virginia

coast guard foundation staff

Steven T. Scalzo* Seattle, Washington

Anne Brengle

Bob Gavitt

Dan Schultz


Director of Facilities

Washington, D.C.

Brad Sisley

Lisa Henderson

Richard T. Shannon***

Office Manager

Lowell, Massachusetts

Chief Operating Officer/ Senior Vice President of Development

Phillip J. Shapiro

Suzan Springer

New Hyde Park, New York

Chief Financial Officer/ Vice President of Finance and Administration

Gov. William Sheffield, Jr. Anchorage, Alaska

Dawn Bock

Howard Slotnick


Bay Harbour Islands, Florida

Jean Brown

RADM Duncan C. Smith III, USCGR (Ret.)*

Becky Ketterhagen Event and Development Coordinator

Susan Ludwig Regional Director of Philanthropy

Shawn Marshall Development Associate

Director of Special Events

Brian Overcast

Washington, D.C.

Matt Clark

Regional Director of Philanthropy

CAPT Patrick H. Stadt, USCG (Ret.)

Jennifer Fyke

Communications Specialist Senior Director of Communications

Washington, D.C.

Fort Lauderdale, Forida

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


tribute to the eighth district

the coast guard foundation Inspiring leadership, learning and a proud legacy of service to our nation by supporting the men and women of the United States Coast Guard and their families.

What is the coast guard foundation? The Coast Guard Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1969. It was initially created to provide funds for academic, athletic, and morale needs of the Coast Guard Academy and its cadets which were not covered by federal operational funding. In 1986, the Foundation expanded its charter to support projects that enhance the education, welfare and morale of all Coast Guard members and their families. The Foundation is governed by a Board of 100 Trustees from all parts of the country. The Trustees elect from their members a 30-person Board of Directors to oversee the management of the Foundation. Located in Stonington, Connecticut, the Foundation employs a staff of 12 civilians responsible for meeting the Foundation’s objectives and working closely with the Coast Guard on all issues. What does the coast guard foundation do? The Coast Guard Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of the men and women of the Coast Guard and their families. The Coast Guard Foundation provides education, support and relief for the brave men and women, who enforce maritime law, protect our homeland and preserve the environment. The Coast Guard Foundation aims to strengthen their service to our nation by encouraging them to excel on- and off-duty. The Foundation supports numerous programs and projects through donations from individuals, corporations and through grants and special fundraising events. The Foundation also supports academic, athletic, and leadership excellence for cadets at the Academy; provides college scholarships to dependents of enlisted personnel; funds recreational and family-oriented facilities; and supports educational and morale programs at bases, on cutters around the nation; as well as hundreds of smaller projects.

coast guard founda t i o n 2 0 1 4


tribute to the eighth district

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Coast Guard Cutter Margaret Norvell is docked for a commissioning ceremony at the Port of New Orleans last June. The cutter is named after Lighthouse Keeper Margaret Norvell, who served with the U.S. Lighthouse Service for more than 41 years. uscg photo by petty officer 3rd class carlos vega

coast guard foundation, inc. 394 taugwonk road, stonington, connecticut 06378 tel (860) 535-0786 z fax (860) 535-0944

HHH front: the coast guard barque eagle arrives in new orleans as part of the war of 1812 bicentennial commemoration

21st Annual Tribute to the United States Coast Guard's 8th District  

March 14, 2014 tribute to the men and women of the Coast Guard's 8th district. Special tribute to Coast Guard spouses.

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