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On the Cover: Thor's Well is one of the interesting geologic formations near Yachats in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. When the tides are right, ocean waves surge out of the opening in the rock, then drain back into the ocean. Nearby is Spouting Horn and Cook's Chasm. Photo by Gary Hayes

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Gary Hayes

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On the Rocks


regon's beaches, decorated by rock formations protruding from the edge of the shore, are truly magical areas. Picturesque sea stacks and small islands are a visual delight for sightseers and photographers, but they are also fascinating natural environments. They teem with life in the tidepools, provide critical habitat for many species of birds and challenge visitors to ponder their geologic origins. Nearly 2000 of these small islands and rocks along the coastline are part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and some of the most remarkable displays of nature occur here, often unnoticed by the casual beach goer. These seastacks and small islands provide nesting grounds for seabirds that spend most of their year on the open waters of the ocean, swimming and diving for food. Tufted Puffins burrow into the grassy coverings to nest and Common Murres congregate in huge colonies, sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands, often covering the entire surface of bare rock where they balance their lone egg. Rocky ledges become nesting spots for cormorants, Pigeon Guillemots and gulls. Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons also frequent these nesting areas in search of an easy meal. At water level, these rock formations in the intertidal zone are covered with unique creatures that have adapted to survive in this turbulent environment, most of the time under the water, but often left high and dry for hours. Barnacles, snails, limpets and mussels can completely blanket the rocks and colorful sea stars creep in to pry open a fresh mussel dinner. Green anemones lay open in pools left by the receding tide, often contrasting with pink encrusting coral or boldly colored sponge, like a science fiction garden in bloom. Small crabs hide in the shadows, sculpin fish dart for cover and if you look close, you may spot sea slugs, known as nudibranchs, that come in a variety of shocking colors and shapes. Tread lightly and avoid disturbing the amazing creatures as you observe these remarkable natural areas. Gary Hayes Publisher

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Paddling the Tillamook County Water Trail A walk on the beach, a drive along a coast highway, a hike over a headland - these are all great ways to explore the Oregon Coast - but to get a duck's eye view of the wildlife-rich wetlands, estuaries and bays, there's no other way than paddling on a guided eco tour.



he Tillamook region, from Manzanita in the north to Salmon River in the south, is home to more than a dozen locations that are naturals for flat-water kayaking, safe even for novices. Going out with an experienced, licensed guide who provides an orientation and all the gear you need is the key to the optimal experience. Marcus Hinz, owner of Kayak Tillamook, is dedicated to providing his guests with safe and amazing experiences on the water, showcasing the extraordinary natural areas along the coast and teaching paddlers about the importance of conservation. Hinz operates Kayak Tillamook in a region that's tantamount to kayaking heaven. The newly dedicated Tillamook County Water Trail, an official National Recreation Trail, consists of 250 miles of navigable waters

for non-motorized watercraft on estuaries within the county, including Nehalem, Tillamook and Nestucca Estuaries and Netarts Bay. One of the most popular routes offers diverse scenery and wildlife viewing. With the highest tides at certain times of the year, kayakers can circle Whalen Island in the stunning coastal estuary of Sand Lake. This estuary is a shallow waterway, dominated by clear water from the Pacific, allowing visitors to peer clear to the bottom and view sea creatures such as Dungeness crab, harbor seals and flounder moving in with coastal tides. Raptors and sea birds are commonly spotted and, occasionally, curious river otters make a surprise entrance. “The tidal water disappears rather quickly once the tide turns, so knowing where the

Cape Blanco Lighthouse Oregon’s oldest lighthouse still shines atop Oregon’s westernmost headland in Southern Oregon.


he Cape Blanco Lighthouse sits on ocean’s edge near Port Orford on Cape Blanco, a prominent headland and the westernmost point on Oregon’s southern coast. The lighthouse’s

first order Fresnel lens was first lit in 1870 to assist mariners navigating past the dangerous offshore reef and islands. Situated on over 47 acres of Oregon State Park land, visitors can tour the historic lighthouse and enjoy year-round hiking, camping, and beachcombing. Over eight miles of hiking trails offer up ocean vistas in a variety of settings from woodland to wetland. The park also features a horse camp facilities and seven miles of horse trails. The high bluffs at Cape Blanco provide opportunities to watch migrating Gray Whales and other marine mammals. Lighthouse tours are offered for a small fee April through October from 10am to 3:30pm.

deeper channels are and plan your return accordingly is crucial,” says Hinz about Sand Lake. “Even at the highest tides of the season you only have a couple hours to paddle around and enjoy this unique coastal waterway.”

– Allen Cox is a travel and lifestyle journalist living in Tacoma, Washington.

Gary Hayes

In cold weather seasons, Kayak Tillamook warms up the experience with individual thermoses of hot apple cider, with a fresh cinnamon stick. And paddling groups gather several times during a tour to learn about local history and wildlife. To book a tour with Kayak Tillamook, go to www. or call (503) 866-4808.

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Cindy Hanson, Oregon Coast Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport

Discover the Oregon Coast’s Top Attractions The Oregon Coast is dotted with must-see spots and interesting stops to satisfy all types of coastal travelers. Here is the explorer’s guide to the Coast’s top attractions.


regon’s beaches, with their wide variety of expressions, are the best known of all the attractions along the 363 miles of Oregon coastline. However, look inland a little and you’ll spot dozens of other attractions that appeal to all sorts of travelers. Get hands-on with history or the arts, explore a museum or an historical park with the family, introduce yourself to marine life up close and personal, or try your luck at a coastal casino amid all the glitz and glamour you’d expect from an action-packed casino.

Historical Attractions If you’ve got a hankering for history, there are lots of ways to satisfy your curiosity about the origins of Oregon. The Columbia


Prehistoric Gardens, Port Orford

Whale Watching Center, Depoe Bay

Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio, Lincoln City

River was one of the region's first mapped waterways and was critical to the early exploration and growth of the Northwest. The Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria sits on the bank of the mighty river and offers a hands-on look at our sea-faring past. This is a world-class museum where you can roam their galleries full of maritime artifacts and exhibits and even test your skill as a pilot in their tugboat simulator. To step back into the time of the region's earliest explorers, plan a visit to For t Clatsop, the winter encampment of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery in 1805-06. At Fort Clatsop National Memorial, explore a life sized replica of the camp and interpretive center or learn about history with costumed ranger-led programs including tours of the fort and trailheads in the area. For more history on the expedition, there is a Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Cape

Disappointment State Park across the Columbia River in Washington. Tillamook Air Museum is housed in a huge WWII Blimp hangar, the largest wooden structure in the world. In addition to a collection of war time and aviation artifacts, you’ll find rare warbirds including the P-38 Lightning, F4U-Corsair, P51Mustang and an SBD Dauntless dive bomber. Lighthouses along the Northwest coast have played an important role in history since the mid-1850s and they remain among the most popular attractions with some open to public tours. On the North Oregon Coast, the Cape Meares Lighthouse can be toured and is set in a commanding setting southwest of Tillamook. The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is over a mile offshore and can only be viewed from shore, with the best

views from Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach. North Coast lighthouse explorers may also want to cross the AstoriaMegler bridge into Washington to visit two lighthouses at Cape Disappointment: North Head Lighthouse and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, the oldest operating lighthouse on the West Coast. Lighthouse lovers can also tour the decommissioned Lightship Columbia at Astoria's Columbia River Maritime Museum. On the Central Oregon Coast you'll find two of Oregon's most beautiful lighthouses, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport and the recently restored Heceta Head Lighthouse near Florence. Oregon's only surviving wooden lighthouse is also in Newport, the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse which is nicely restored and furnished to period for visitors to tour. On the South Oregon Coast, visitors can still tour the Cape Blanco Lighthouse near

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 9

Port Orford and the Coquille River Lighthouse near Bandon. The Umpqua River Lighthouse near Winchester Bay and the Cape Arago lighthouse near Charleston are not open to the public, but can be viewed from various vantage points. The historic Coast Guard buildings at the Umpqua River Lighthouse is filled with historical exhibits related to the lighthouse.

Showcasing Sea Life

Tiffany Boothe

Fort Clatsop National Memorial, Astoria

Seaside Aquarium

Tillamook County Creamery

There are some great opportunities to enjoy our land and sea wildlife at the Oregon Coast. You can check out creatures that live in tidepools or spot whales as they migrate. Birding opportunities are plentiful for shorebirds, water fowl and raptors, as well as several migrating species. But, you won’t want to miss the best places to see and learn about creatures from the sea. Coastal aquariums and interpretive centers feature exhibits on the beautiful sea life native to this part of the world. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of Oregon’s top attractions for visitors. It is located on Yaquina Bay in Newport. Exhibits are arranged in ecosystems that depict life from the top of the Coast Range to the bottom of the sea below. The Rocky Shores exhibit explains how ancient lava flows formed the Oregon coastline and the rock formations along the coast and gives a look at the sea life that inhabits these zones. In the popular Sea Otter exhibit, you can watch the antics of their raft of sea otters as they frolic together or enjoy public feedings. Walk through a glass tunnel surrounded by marine creatures in the Passages of the Deep exhibit or explore the Aquarium Gardens or the Sea Bird Aviary. Nearby, you may want to stop in at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, an aquarium and university research center with hands-on exhibits designed to demonstrate and share marine science with the public. Also nearby in Newport is the Oregon Undersea Gardens, home to the largest collection of local marine life. Frequent continuous dive shows are offered, narrated by expert tour guides and scuba divers.

Sea Lion Caves Viewpoint, Florence 10

The Seaside Aquarium is one of the oldest on the West Coast. Visitors have come to feed the seals for over 75 years and each of the seals has developed routines, calls and sometime a splash to get your attention and to try and coax you out of a bit of chopped fish.

Live tanks feature sea life ranging from giant sea stars to lurking Wolf Eels. A discovery center offers touch tanks and activities for kids. Sea Lion Caves is a vast cavern along the sea wall near Florence, towering nearly 12 stories high and about 100 yards wide. America’s largest sea cave offers a rare opportunity to watch wild sea lions and a variety of sea birds in their natural environment. Stellar sea lions gather in this natural amphitheater and have their young outside the cave on ledges during spring and summer months. Much care is taken to not disturb the animals in their natural habitat. Visitors ride down into the cave in an elevator and observe the wild animals that frequent the cave from a distance. Gray Whales can be seen at times passing by the caves on their migration north, some even end their migration in the area of the Sea Lion Caves and spend their summer in the vicinity of the caves. Another great place to learn about whales is the Depoe Bay Whale Watch Center, located in the small coastal town of Depoe Bay on the Central coast. The center is home to the Whale Watch Spoken Here program, which organizes whale watch sites along the Oregon coast during the migration seasons for Gray Whales. Inside the center you can talk with Oregon State Park rangers and explore exhibits on the history and behavior of whales. Depoe Bay, often called the “whale watching capital of the Oregon coast,” is home to a resident pod of Gray Whales who spend March through December feeding near the coast. They can be spotted from the Whale Watch Center or several other shore observation spots.

For Young & Young of Heart Sandcastles at the beach are a staple on the list of family fun activities on your vacation at the Coast. But, there is lots of other can’t-miss attractions for families on the Oregon Coast. Kids will love the strange world of oddities at Ripley's Believe It or Not! in Newport. Collected by Robert Ripley in his travels around the world, this popular attraction is a collection of the classically creepy where you’ll discover real shrunken heads and a magic harp you can play without strings. The deep space hall of mirrors may make you dizzy, so

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 11

Coastlines don't step off into the universe. Prepare to be amused and amazed as you explore Ripley’s. Nearby at Wax Works in Newport’s Mariner Square, you’ll be amazed by the life-sized, realistic wax figures of famous celebrities and your favorite sci-fi creatures. Meet Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson, Frankenstein or the hobbits. Artists bring to life these wax and fiberglass works of art, creating elaborate sets that take several months and tens of thousands of dollars to complete. Can you tell which ones are real?

Michael Mathers / Columbia River Maritime Museum

Since 1968, the West Coast Game Park Safari in Bandon has been a family favorite. On this walk-through safari park, you will meet a variety of creatures, from beautiful wild cats like the Snow Leopard, tigers, and Lynx, to emus, baboons and bears, oh my! Trained experts help you meet a varied species of animals for some unforgettable, up-close interaction. Pet a cub, a pup or kit as you learn about each creature. Kids love to cuddle the baby cats, ferrets, opossums and even, an occasional skunk!

Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria

West Coast Game Park Safari, Bandon 12

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Situated in the midst of a lush southern Oregon rainforest near Port Orford is one of the Coast’s most unique attractions, Prehistoric Gardens. What began in the 1950s as four life-sized replicas of dinosaurs, has grown to a collection of nearly two dozen giants of yesteryear. Stroll along a winding path through an untouched forest of vegetation and moss-covered trees and be transported back in time. Wander among the likes of Tyrannosaurus, 20 feet tall and 50 feet long, or Brachiosaurus, his head nearly 46 feet above ground. Kids love to explore and examine the creatures like the armored Stegosaurus and the baby Triceratops, newly emerged from their shells, creatures who, until now, only existed in their imaginations. An interactive exploration of the history of Oregon’s coastal communities and diverse cultures await you at the Umpqua Discovery Center in Reedsport. Kids of all ages can learn from the exhibits and programs that illustrate the ways this region was shaped over time. Inside the Discovery Center you pass through a series of illustrated simulations of the Oregon landscape, such as the “Pathways to Discover – Exploring Tidewater Country” exhibit. Follow a trail as a hiker would through this exhibit, stopping at landings to view 16 interpretive environments. You’ll take a morning walk through an estuary, visit the Coast Range mountains mid-day, then travel back down to the ocean side for a sunset viewing the

ecology of the various environments. The “Paradise of the Past” exhibit depicts life and culture of the Coastal Indian tribes and “Early Explorers” features early frontiersmen who first journalized the many natural resources treasured here in Oregon. Many other lands and time periods are waiting to be explored at the Umpqua Discovery Center.

Fun You Can Bet On Oregon Coast casinos offer more than big jackpots for the lucky traveler. Three big coastal casinos may be considered gaming destinations, but their payoffs go above and beyond that definition. Fine dining, big ticket entertainment acts, and often family-friendly amenities redefine the traditional gaming getaway as a full-on resort experience. At Lincoln City’s Chinook Winds Casino Resor t, you’ll find more than 1000 slot machines and 23 tables, offering non-smoking tables and full beverage service. The resort features 227 rooms, many of them pet-friendly, oceanview junior suites, plus a heated indoor pool, sauna and spa and free shuttle service to and from the casino and restaurants. Big name entertainment acts are highlighted at Chinook Winds’ sound stage where there is no bad seat in the house. The resort’s golf course offers both 18-hole and 9-hole challenges. But, grown-ups aren’t the only ones who get lucky at Chinook Winds. Kids ages 3 to 11 love the Play Palace and Games Galore Arcade, a child entertainment facility complete with indoor playground fun, games and meals and snacks. Young golfers can take advantage of the junior rates at the golf course. Three fullservice restaurants, a deli and coffee shop, two full lounges and world-class buffet ensure that there’s something to suit your tastes.

Feed The Seals! Located on the Beach since 1937 75th Anniversary See live exhibits featuring regional marine life including the Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eel and giant Sunflower Starfish! See the 35-foot Gray Whale skeleton and learn more about Northwest sea life in the hands-on discovery center. Our gift shop is the perfect place to find that extra special souvenir!

SeaSide aquarium Open DAILY At 9Am

Chat with our friendly staff as you take a journey into the sea.

200 N. Prom • Seaside • (503) 738-6211

Three Rivers Casino & Hotel in Florence presents over 700 of the newest slots and video games, with table games like roulette, craps, blackjack and Texas Hold ‘em. Their Thunder Zone is an interactive slot room with 30 new-tech games with 3D graphics, all connected with four levels of jackpots. The Mill also features a 700-seat concert venue where headliner live acts are staged throughout the year. You’ll find several options for dining including a steakhouse, a deli-espresso bar, a cafe and the World Market Buffet. Spacious rooms offer free laptop internet access and free RV parking is available 24 hours a day with free coffee and soda in the casino, no Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 13

Coastlines reservations required. There is even a Stables Stay & Play package for you and your horse! More than 700 slots and Vegas-style table games with regular blackjack tournaments, await visitors to the The Mill Casino in North Bend. For the tech-savvy, the casino offers the iGaming room, where iPads are loaded with your favorite smart games, a la casino versions. Satisfy your appetite at one of the casino’s five dining options, from the romantic sunset dinner and wine on the bay, to pub fare at the Warehouse 101 grill, to the bountiful seafood buffet nights on Friday and Saturdays at the Saw Blade Buffet. The fun never stops when it comes to entertainment at The Mill, live music and special events take place year round. A pool and arcade is fun for the kids and there is a full-service, pet-friendly RV park at The Mill, too, with over a hundred level sites, full hookups

World Kite Museum Long Beach


history of kites or sample one of Oregon's most famous brands. There are a few Oregon attractions that are so unique, they only fit in a category by themselves.

In a Class By Themselves

Over a hundred years ago in the lush Tillamook Valley, several small creameries teamed up to form the Tillamook County Creamery Association in order to ensure the quality and reputation of cheese produced in this region. Today, the Tillamook Cheese Factor y churns out 167,000 pounds of Tillamook Cheese every single day. You can tour the factory, taste a variety of their cheeses, and watch the workers process and package Tillamook’s famous products. A self-guided factory tour, with interactive kiosks, viewing windows, and videos will answer all the cheesy questions you ever thought of. Be sure to try the squeaky cheese (fresh cheese curds) while you’re there. And, did we mention they have fresh Tillamook ice cream on site, too? There’s nothing more tasty than a scoop of Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter on a fresh waffle cone. Unless it’s a scoop of Marionberry Pie.

Blow your own piece of art glass, star in your own movie, explore the colorful

The Oregon Film Museum in Astoria opened its doors in June of 2010. Dedicated

to celebrating films made in Oregon, the museum highlights movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Paint Your Wagon, Animal House, Kindergarten Cop and, of course, The Goonies. Located in the old Clatsop County Jail, this film museum invites visitors to explore the Oregon movies we love and the production processes involved in making them. Wander through the historic building, an actual working jail from 1914 to 1976 that was featured in the famous opening jail break scene from The Goonies. Not only will you find all the Goonies information you could ever want, you’ll even get hands-on experience making and starring in your own Oregon film!

it can be arranged with one of the artists. The artists also help those with disabilities to make their own art projects. Walk-ins are welcome, but to assure there is time and space for you, it's a good idea to call ahead for an appointment. Long expanses of soft sand and coastal breezes off the Pacific Ocean make the Pacific Nor thwest beaches a per fect location for flying kites. Several big kite festivals take place along the Oregon and Washington coastlines and on the Long

Beach, Washington Peninsula, there’s a museum devoted to the art and science of the kite. The World Kite Museum in Long Beach houses more than 1500 kites from around the world. Displays examine the 2500-year-old history of kites and their makers. Learn many fascinating facts about kites and their unusual uses at this unique, not-to-miss museum. – Veronica Russell For more on coastal attractions, visit:

No matter what the weather, there's one place on the Coast that's always guaranteed to be hot. The Jennifer L. Sears Glass Ar t Studio in Lincoln City offers free glassblowing demonstrations Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm. After you've watched the creative process and you itch to get your hands in there and make a treasure for yourself, one of several glass artists will help you learn to make a glass float, fluted bowl or a paperweight to take home. If this experience whets your appetite for further instruction in glass arts,

A Complete Spa Experience

Massage • Facials • Body Wraps • Japanese Foot Spa • Hydrotherapies

Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe Featuring gourmet Moonstruck Chocolates, a wide variety of international chocolates, hot chocolate and real chocolate milk shakes. Home of the legendary Mayan Milk Shake. Located next door to the Cannon Beach Spa.

232 N. Spruce • Cannon Beach, Oregon • 503.436.8772

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Gary Hayes



Carnivorous, Rare & Wild Visit the Darlingtonia Wayside near Florence and discover the strange and mysterious, carnivorous Cobra Lily.


here’s the kind of wayside attraction that a driver passes by while completely deaf to the family’s pitiful pleas to stop. And there’s the kind of attraction that kids think is just for adults, that adults think is just for kids, or that everyone thinks, usually correctly, isn’t really for anybody. Then there’s the Darlingtonia Wayside on Highway 101 five miles north of Florence, a pre se r ve for the ra re, c a r ni vorous Darlingtonia Californica, or Cobra Lily. So beautiful and weird is this insect-eating native of southwest Oregon and northern California that even the hardened skeptic will walk the park’s boardwalk trail twice to absorb the feel of the place. The Cobra Lily’s alien appearance and intricate process for breaking down prey are remarkable. But the Charles Darwin award goes to the plant’s chillingly effective use of mimicry, which includes translucent patches that a captured insect mistakes for exits. The prey struggles toward these fake “doors,” becomes exhausted, and finally ends up at the bottom of the funnel-like interior. An odd mystery about the Cobra Lily is that all of the specimens in a given location face the same direction, and that direction is usually, but not always southeast. Carnivorous Plant Society members say they don’t know for sure why this is. (For a clever way to check what direction the preserve’s cobra lilies face, and impress

your companions at the same time, go to the end of this article.) As you explore the 18-acre preserve or have lunch at the park’s picnic tables, try stumping your friends or family by asking why the plants in this specific spot are carnivores while the various species in the surrounding area are not. The reason, botanists say, is that ‘carnivory’ provides nitrogen, phosphorus, and other trace elements to the Cobra Lily when these are lacking in the environment. Although Darlingtonia’s boggy environment looks like it is nutrient-rich, the appearance is deceiving. The question that naturally arises is why a particular plant species evolved to dwell in an inhospitable environment rather than in a less difficult location. The answer lies at least partly in the high number of competing plants and animals in rich habitat compared to the low number in poor habitat. Strange as it sounds, a challenging living space can conceivably be better than a comfortable one if you think about the issue in this way. Before leaving the mysterious Darlingtonia, you’ll find yourself gazing one more time at the gracefully curving hoods and swampy footing of the plants, perhaps with a little plant-directed admiration. It’s a funny thing to say, but doesn’t it seem that a tenacious scrapper like the Cobra Lily sometimes has the most compelling life story? – Barbara Lee

Visiting the Darlingtonia Wayside The preserve is located on the east side of Highway 101 five miles north of Oregon’s central coast town of Florence. It covers eighteen acres and includes trails, boardwalk, picnic area, parking, and rest rooms. There is no fee. The park is open yearround.

Finding What Direction the Darlingtonia Face To tell what direction the preserve’s Darlingtonia face without using a compass, hold an analog watch (with hands) horizontally in front of you with 12:00 lined up with the sun. The north-south line will run halfway between 12:00 and the current time on the watch. If you’re unsure which end of the north-south line points north and which end points south, remember that the sun is in the east before noon and in the west after noon. You now know all four directions and can announce which way the cobra lilies face.

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 17


Can You Dig It? They're a delicious and sought-after prize of seafood lovers and digging for razor clams is a popular activity on Northwest beaches


he Pacific razor clam is one of the most sought after shellfish in the Northwest. Razors are exceptionally meaty, growing in length to about six inches. They are frequently found on coastal restaurant menus, usually served quickly pan-fried, but digging for razor clams is also a favorite activity of coastal residents and visitors. U n l i ke m o s t c l a m s, w h o s e o n l y defense is retreating into their shells if threatened, razor clams are diggers and clammers must move quickly to


capture this prized shellfish. At minus tides during clam season, you'll see clam diggers at water's edge with a simple shovel or a clam "gun," designed to extract the

clam as it retreats into the sand. Tapping the sand and watching for the dimple created by the retreating clam, diggers move fast to claim the delicacy before it digs itself out of reach. Razors can dig themselves down as fast as two feet per minute. Most of the ra zor clamming on the O re g o n C o a s t i s i n C l ats o p C o u nt y between Warrenton and Cannon Beach. These beaches have the most stable populations of razor clams. There are other beaches that support razor clams including (north to south): Short Sands (Oswald West State Park); Cape Meares beach; Agate Beach; North Beach and South Beach (Newport); Waldport

Q& A Coast Explorer publisher Gary Hayes answers questions from travelers as Travel Oregon's Oregon Coast Ambassador through the Ask Oregon program.

Q: What's the best spot for seashell collecting? A:

beach; North Umpqua Spit; Bastendorff beach and North Spit (Coos Bay); Whiskey Run (Bandon); and Meyers Creek beach (Gold Beach), but about 95 percent of the razor clamming is on Clatsop County beaches. Ra zor clamming is open on Clatsop beaches from October 1 to July 14. The most popular times for clamming are during the spring and summer, when tides are lowest. Tidal predictions for the north jetty of the Columbia River would be the most accurate for Clatsop beaches. A license for recreational clamming is required through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and clammers are limited to the first 15 clams taken. The ODFW website can offer more information on licenses and regulations.

I would suggest the Oregon Coast's beaches would be the best spot for collecting seashells. :D Okay, please excuse my smart aleck response. I can't necessarily recommend one beach over another along the 363 miles of Oregon Coast, but I can offer some tips and suggestions for beachcombing for shells. You will find seashells along most sandy stretches of the Oregon Coast. The variety of shells may vary with the surrounding environments. You are more likely to find snail shells and cone shaped limpets near rocky shores or off shore reefs, clam shells near bay openings and sand dollars and scallop shells along beaches that border shorelines with sandy offshore bottoms. For best success, I would suggest choosing less busy beaches, beachcombing during the offseason, being there at the right time (as the tide recedes) and concentrate your searches on areas where deposits are left as the waves recede. I like to beachcomb right at the edge of receding tide, weaving in and out with the waves, always keeping my eyes on the tide and being prepared to move quickly in the event of a sneaker or rogue wave that may come in faster and higher than the average waves. For shells, I would begin searching an hour or two after high tide since most heavier shells aren't deposited on the beach until closer to low tides (but you want to be the first to discover the freshly revealed prize). As you scour the beach, look for deposits made up of ground bits of seashells. Look

close because common finds include sand dollars and scallops that can be smaller than a dime. You can also look in areas of small rocky deposits where snail shells can be mixed in. Be careful when beachcombing in tidepool areas. Footing can be slippery and you should only walk on sand and bare rocks to avoid destroying the life in these amazing ecosystems. Never remove a living creature from its home. Often that snail shell you discover in a tidepool is actually a hermit crab that has taken up residence in a stray shell. Never remove sea stars, snails or other creatures from their rocky holds. Those that do remove sea stars end up with a rotting, stinking mess that quickly gets thrown in the trash, so let these creatures live for all to admire in their natural habitat. I would additionally add that many of the best tidepool areas are protected areas known as Oregon Marine Gardens and the removal of ANY materials in these areas is punishable by significant fines. Those are my best tips for beachcombing for seashells. Enjoy your search. I find beachcombing and being in tune with the rhythm of the waves to be a very relaxing activity. Happy exploring and let me know if you find a great spot I should know about!

You can submit your questions for the Ask Oregon program at:

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Calendar Astoria


February 22-24 FisherPoets Gathering

March 9 Second Saturday Art Walk


Downtown Brookings

February 24 The Music of Film

March 30-31 Brookings-Harbor Home & Garden Show Kalmiopsis Elementary School, 50

Liberty Theater, 1203 Commercial St (503) 3258108

March 7 Au Naturel: The Nude in the 21st Century The Art Center Gallery, Clatsop

Get Your Crab on in Astoria The Astoria-Warrenton Crab Seafood & Wine Festival April 26-28 features approximately 50 wineries and other vendors featuring beer and sake, arts, crafts and food, along with an ongoing schedule of entertainment. The festival runs Friday from 4-9pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 11am-4pm. Admission is $10 for adults, and $5 for children. Families with young children are encouraged to attend Sunday when there are smaller crowds. Admission is halfoff on Sunday and children are free, as are those with active military ID.

Community College, 1653 Jerome Avenue

March 9 Second Saturday Art Walk Downtown Astoria

March 16 BodyVox 2 Liberty Theater, 1203 Commercial St (503) 3258108

April 13 Second Saturday Art Walk

April 13 Second Saturday Art Walk Downtown Brookings

May 24-26 Azalea Festival Brookings (541) 469-3181

May 24-26 Party at the Port Port of Brookings Harbor, 16340 Lower Harbor Road (541) 469-2218

July 20-21 Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Downtown Astoria

Port of Brookings Harbor, 16340 Lower Harbor Road (541) 469-2218

April 26-28 Astoria-Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival Clatsop County

August 29-September 1 Slam'n Salmon Ocean Derby Port of Brookings Harbor, 16340

Fairgrounds, 92937 Walluski Loop, Astoria (503) 325-6311

May 11 Second Saturday Art Walk Downtown Astoria

June 8 Second Saturday Art Walk Downtown Astoria

June 14-30 Astoria Music Festival Liberty Theater (503) 325-9896

Bandon April 6 The Alley Cats

Lower Harbor Road (541) 469-2218

Cannon Beach March 1-3 Cannon Beach Yoga Festival Cannon Beach Yoga Arts, 251 N Hemlock (503) 440-1649

March 7 Living on the Edge: Adapting to Coastal Erosion and Shoreline Change Cannon Beach Library, 131 N Hemlock St

March 7-10 Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival various locations

The Sprague Community Theater (541) 347-7426

(503) 717-1122

May 18 Presidio Brass

April 12-14 Get Lit at the Beach: A Gathering for Readers

The Sprague Community Theater (541) 347-7426

May 23 Sweet Speeches The Sprague Community Theater (541) 347-7426 20

Easy St., Brookings (541) 469-3181

Cannon Beach (503) 368-7222

For a complete schedule of activities and events, visit:

May 3-5 Spring Unveiling Cannon Beach (503) 436-2623

June 14-16 Cannon Beach Sandcastle Festival (503) 436-2623 June 28-30 Plein Air & More Various locations (503) 436-2623

Coos Bay

including North Bend and Charleston March 1 First Friday Wine Walk Coos Bay (541) 269-0215

March 2 Birds on the Estuary Charleston Visitor Center (541) 888-5558

March 7-10 SouthCoast Clambake Jazz Festival North Bend (541) 756-8800 March 15 Sip ‘n Stroll! North Bend (541) 756-4613

April 6 South Slough Birding Charleston (541) 888-5558

April 6 Celtic Cultural Festival Coos Bay (541) 756-4701

April 19-21 22nd Annual Home Show Coos Bay (541) 297-3319

May 1-15 Tall Ship Days – Lady Washington & Hawaiian Chieftain Coos Bay Boardwalk (800) 200-5239

May 3 First Friday Wine Walk Coos Bay (541) 269-0215

Spot a Spout Spring is whale watching season on the Oregon Coast as an estimated 18,000 Gray Whales migrate north along the coast during March, April, May and June on their way to Alaska's Bering Sea. Juveniles pass first followed by adults and at the end of the migration season mothers and babies bring up the rear. During the spring migration, many Gray Whales come close to shore, feeding as they make the northward journey. In April and May you may be able to see mothers and calves resting in protected coves close to shore. Each March, Oregon State Parks presents a Spring Whale Watching Week when trained volunteers will be present at 24 whale watching locations all along the Oregon Coast to help visitors spot the Gray Whales. The 2013 Spring Whale Watch Week is March 23-30. Look for volunteers from 10am-1pm. For more information on whale watching and a map of locations:

May 24-26 BBQ, Blues & Brews by the Bay North Bend (541) 756-8800

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 21


Florence March 1-3 Home and Garden Show Florence Events Center (541)997-9136

March 22-23 Curtis Salgado Three Rivers Casino & Hotel (800) 585-3737

April 27 Florence Goes Green Fair Florence Events Center

Astoria-Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival Celebrate the delicious bounty of the Oregon coast!

April 26, 27 & 28 HOURS + ADMISSION Friday: 4-9pm - $10 Saturday: 10-8pm - $10 Sunday: 11-4pm - $5

LOCATION Clatsop County Fairgrounds in Astoria, OR

PARKING + SHUTTLES LIVE MUSIC $10/car - Parking is Limited. ALL WEEKEND $2/person - Roundtrip Shuttle Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce (800) 875-6807 路

May 17-19 106th Rhododendron Festival (541) 997-3128

Gold Beach March 17 Rogue River Rampage Huntley Park in Gold Beach (541) 247-0923

May 18-19 26th Annual America's Wild Rivers Coast Wine, Art & Music Festival Events Center, Gold Beach (541) 247-0923

Lincoln City Through February 18 Antique Week Lincoln City Visitor's Center, 540 NE Hwy 101 (541) 996-1274

March 1-2 The Beach Boys Chinook Winds Casino Resort (888) 624-6228

March 25-30 Festival of Illusions Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Highway 101 (541) 996-1274

April 13-29 Lincoln City Spring Learning Feast Various locations in Lincoln City (800) 452-2151

April 20- 21 Florida Georgia Line Chinook Winds Casino Resort (888) 624-6228

May 4 Fish Taco Cook-Off The Culinary Center in Lincoln City, 801 SW Highway 101 (800) 452-2151

May 10 & 11 Tesla Chinook Winds Casino Resort (888) 624-6228

June 22-23 Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival D River Wayside (800) 452-2151

Long Beach Peninsula March 24 Kick-off to Spring Break Family Kite Fun World Kite Museum, 303 Sid Snyder Drive, Long Beach (360) 642-4020 22

April 26-28 Peninsula Arts Association Spring Art Show World Kite Museum, 303 Sid Snyder Drive, Long Beach (360) 665-6041

April 27 Black Lake Fishing Derby Black Lake Park, Ilwaco, WA (360) 642-2400

May 4 Blessing of the Fleet Port of Ilwaco, Ilwaco (360) 642-2400

May 4 Children's Loyalty Day Parade Corner of First and Spruce, Ilwaco (360) 6422400

May 24-27 World's Longest Garage Sale Long Beach Peninsula (360) 642-2400

June 8 Waikiki Beach Concert Series Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco (360) 642-2400

July 5 Beach Clean Up Day with GrassRoots Garbage Gang Long Beach Peninsula, meet organizers at major beach approaches (360) 642-0033

Manzanita and Nehalem

April 6- 7 Beach and Bay Poetry Weekend Manzanita (503) 368-3846 June 15 Juneteenth Celebration at Nehalem Bay Winery Nehalem Bay Winery (503) 368-9463


February 21-24 Newport Seafood & Wine Festival Newport (541) 265-8801 March 15 Jazz Stars Reunion Newport Performing Arts Center, 777 W. Olive Street (541) 265- 2787

March 16 Met Opera: Francesca di Rimini Newport Performing Arts Center, 777 W. Olive Street (541) 265- 2787

March 17 Pacific Coast Wind Ensemble Concert Newport Performing Arts Center, 777 W. Olive Street (541) 265- 2787

March 17 Blessing of the Fleet Newport (541) 574-5555

May 2-5 Loyalty Days Celebration Newport (541) 961-1466 Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 23

Calendar May 17-18 Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest Newport (541) 867-3660

June 1 Newport Marathon Newport (541) 265-8801

Pacific City April 12-14 10th Annual Birding & Blues Festival Pacific City (503) 965-6247

Port Orford April 12-13 Water Festival Port Orford (541) 332-0627

Reedsport and Winchester Bay

June 13-16 Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championships Reedsport (541) 271-3495

July 19-21 OceanFest Beach Boulevard, Winchester Bay (541) 271-4471

July 31-August 4 DuneFest Reedsport (541) 271-3495

August 15-18 Old Time Fiddlers Jamboree Winchester Bay Community Center, (541) 902-2336

August 23-24 Kool Coastal Nights Beach Boulevard, Winchester Bay (541) 2714471

Rockaway Beach May 17-19 Kite Festival Rockaway Beach (503) 355-8108

June 28-30 Pirate Festival Rockaway Beach (503) 355-8108


Seaside February 20 Listening to the Land: Backyard Habitat Seaside Public Library, 1131 Broadway, Seaside (503) 738-9126

February 22-24 Seaside Jazz Festival Seaside Civic & Convention Center (866) 3456257

May 18 Seaside Downtown Wine Walk Seaside (503) 717-1914

June 14-15 Seaside Muscle 'N' Chrome Car Show Seaside (503) 717-1914

July 28 Seaside Downtown Garden Tour Seaside (503) 717-1914

September 5-8 Seaside Wheels 'N' Waves Car Show Seaside (503) 717-1914

Yachats March 7 Yachats Big Band Concert/ Dance Yachats Commons, 441 Highway 101 N.

March 30 SOLVE Spring Beach Cleanup Oregon Beaches (503) 844-9571

Good Clean Fun Join Oregonians from across the state to celebrate nearly three decades of twice-yearly beach cleanups along the entire Oregon coastline on Saturday, March 30 from 10am to 1pm. This effort benefits people and wildlife alike, supporting clean seas and healthy communities for present and future generations. Find out more at and get involved!

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 25


Live Theater Astoria March 8-23 5th Season Winter Children’s Theatre Astor Street Opry Company, ASOC Playhouse, 129 Bond Street (503) 325-6104

Act Up at the Beach The Coast has a lively theater scene showcasing everything from original comedic melodramas like Astor Street Opry Company's Real Lewis and Clark Story to historical classics such as Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest at Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach and Neil Simon comedies like Rose's Dilemma at Theatre West in Lincoln City (pictured).


April 11-May 4 Real Lewis and Clark Story (or How the Finns Discovered Astoria) Astor Street Opry Company, ASOC Playhouse, 129 Bond Street (503) 325-6104

Bandon March 15-24 A Family Reunion to Die For The Sprague Community Theater (541) 347-7426

Cannon Beach March 15 – April 21 Around the World In 80 Days Coaster Theatre Playhouse 108 North Hemlock Street (503) 436-1242

May 3–25 84 Charing Cross Rd Coaster Theatre Playhouse 108 North Hemlock Street (503) 436-1242

June 21-Aug 31 Summer Rep A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum & The Importance of Being Earnest Coaster Theatre Playhouse 108 North Hemlock Street (503) 436-1242

Lincoln City February 28-March 23 Rose's Dilemma Theatre West,3536 SE Hwy. 101 in Lincoln City (541) 994-5663

Newport February 22- March 9 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Newport Performing Arts Center 777 W Olive Street Newport (541) 265-2787

March 29 National Theatre: People Newport Performing Arts Center 777 W Olive Street Newport (541) 265-2787

Liberty Theater Take in a Performance Elegant site for your conference, reception or wedding

Liberty Box Office 325.5922 Ext. 55

1203 Co mm ercial Asto ria

Arch Cape

Property Services

Vacation Home Rentals Providing quality vacation rental homes since 1991.

Just south of Cannon Beach (866) 436-1607 • (503) 436-1607 Visa • MasterCard • Amex Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 27


Iron seared scallops with Chanterelle mushroom, white cheddar and bacon risotto and a Pommery grain mustard buerre blanc at Blackfish Cafe in Lincoln City.


Can't-miss spots for a day of dining out in Lincoln City BREAKFAST: Wildflower Cafe This cottage in the north end of Lincoln City has been a go to spot for breakfast in this community for several years. In a setting that overlooks woodlands and wetlands, Wildflower Cafe serves up a selection of omelets, benedicts and French toast with a twist, made from their own bread that is dipped in a mixture of eggs, cinnamon and orange juice then grilled golden brown. Eggs Benedict is served with your choice of Cajun, salsa or traditional Hollandaise and other Benedicts include crab, crab cake or Florentine spinach variations. In addition to standard omelet ingredients, Wildflower offers a seafood omelet with crab, shrimp and Hollandaise or a Northwest Omelet with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Wildflower Cafe 4250 NE Highway 101 (541) 994-9663

Chinook's Seafood Grill 1501 NW 40th Place (541) 996-5825

Blackfish Cafe LUNCH: Chinook's Seafood Grill The oceanfront Chinook's Seafood Grill, located in the Chinook Winds Casino Resort Hotel complex has seen a menu make-over by Executive Chef Jack Strong. The Siletz Tribal member returned to the Oregon Coast after culinary experience from several five-diamond restaurants in Washington and Arizona. The lunch menu at Chinook's not only offers casual oceanfront dining, but a nice range of sandwiches and light entree options that are well thought out with some nice choices from the James Beard-nominated chef. Basics are well executed including the chowder, fish and chips and Seafood Louie salad, but I lean toward options like the Salmon BLT, herb seared salmon on Challah bread with garlic aioli and apple wood smoked bacon; or the half-pound buffalo burger with Swiss cheese. Other entrees include Northwest mushroom and pappardelle pasta with roasted garlic, fresh herbs and goat cheese. The lunch portion of Chinook's crab cakes are house made and are served with a creamy lemon aioli and a shaved radish salad.

2733 NW Hwy 101 (541) 996-1007

DINNER: Blackfish Cafe Chef-owner Rob Pounding of Blackfish Cafe prides himself on sourcing and serving top quality, fresh local products including seafood, produce and meats. The menu changes seasonally to take advantage of the region's freshest ingredients. Preparations may take inspiration from cuisine from around the world or could be considered Northwest nouveau. Salads can range from a traditional Caesar to a Greek salad or a Saigon jumbo prawn and noodle salad. Troll-caught salmon is skillet roasted and basted with a fennel-lime butter and is served with an Oregon blue cheese potato gratin. Locally caught Rockfish is crusted with Parmesan, seared to a crisp crust and served in a buttery sorrel, caper, and shallot sauce. A grilled breast of duck is served with an Oregon wild blackberry and Tawny Port Conserve, a Tillamook vintage white cheddar, sage, and walnut risotto and Granny Smith apples with white cabbage. I can't argue with the Blackfish claim of serving the best clam chowder on the Oregon Coast. A well chosen wine list and specialty cocktails assure you'll find the perfect pairing. - Gary Hayes

Chinook's Seafood Grill at Chinook Winds Casino Resort.

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 29

Dining News

All You Can Eat Baby Back Ribs on Thursdays at Twisted Fish Steakhouse Twisted Fish Steakhouse in Seaside is offering all you can eat baby back ribs on Thursdays from 4-10pm. The all you can eat dinner begins with three-quarter-pound, slow-cooked baby back ribs, smothered in homemade barbecue sauce, regular or sweet potato fries and fennel slaw for $15. 311 Broadway, Seaside, OR 97138, 503-738-3467.

Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro Special Items Are Now Part of the Everyday Menu

A Foodie Find in Gold Beach


et tling in for dinne r in the little town of Gold Beach on Oregon's South Coast, there were moments where I felt that I had somehow been transported to the French countryside and happened upon a classic small town bistro. The setting was casual, there were only a handful of tables and a few spaces at the bar overlooking the kitchen. I was the only one in the place, not totally surprising for catching an early dinner at a restaurant off the main path, on a damp midweek day in October on the South Oregon Coast. Anna's By the Sea stands in contrast to the typical coastal restaurant. There's no chowder, no fish and chips and no nautical decor. Anna's is the creation of chef-owner, and self proclaimed curmudgeon Peter Dower, but it's okay to just refer to him as "Cookie." I have to say I was surprised when the place with Wine Bar emblazoned on the side of the building didn't have a single Northwest wine on the list. Dower is an old-world wine kind of guy, friendly, chiding, with just enough good natured attitude that 30

I was reminded that I was in Oregon, not France. Dower has high standards for his ingredients and opinions on food he's more than willing to share. I had the cheese plate with a glass of white wine from France to start. Dower had made all the cheeses except one on the plate and the pairing set the night off right. Dinner was duck breast, done perfectly medium rare with a nicely seasoned crunchy skin as I transitioned to a red wine from Italy. Over the course of dinner, other guests did come in, some regulars and others who stumbled upon this out of the way spot like I did. We all chatted openly as the evening went along. A little brandy suggested by Dower was dessert, including one extra "you should try this, too" pour, finishing a flavorful and memorable evening. I considered other places for dinner my second night, but found myself back at Anna's, saying hello to friends I made the night before and some new ones. Oh, and I had another cheese plate too. - Gary Hayes Anna's by the Sea, 29672 Stewart Street, Gold Beach, OR (541) 247-2100.

Several items that have appeared as specials on Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro's menu have now been added to the everyday menu at the Seaside restaurant. The new items you can now count on seeing on the menu include Manila steamer clams in a white wine, garlic, butter, green curry and thyme broth; pistachio gnocchi topped with roasted marinated potatoes, sweet peas, Asiago cheese and fresh parsley; and a butterscotch-goat cheese panna cotta with house-made caramel sauce and vanilla bean-sea salt. Look for some new big red wines on the wine list at Yummy. Recent additions include a Milbrandt Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, an Italian Montepulciano d'abruzzo, a French Chateauneuf de Pape and a California old vine Zinfandel from Klinker Brick. Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro is located at 831 Broadway St, Seaside, (503) 738-3100.

The Coffee Addiction Opens New Cafe in Warrenton In November, The Coffee Addiction moved from their drive-through trailer on Highway 101 to their new cafe in Warrenton. The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and coffee drinks Monday through Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday from 9am-2pm. The breakfast menu includes a Br'egg'fast Biscuit using a homemade cheese biscuit baked around a sausage-egg souffle and a breakfast burrito with fluffy eggs, bacon, crispy seasoned tater tots and cheese. Lunch Items include an Asian chicken wrap with breaded chicken and Asian vegetables wrapped up with teriyaki or spicy Thai sauce and a pecanchicken salad sandwich. The Coffee Addiction is located at 1140 SE Marlin Ave in Warrenton.

ann & tony kischner’s

B i s t r o open every day • lunch.dinner.sunday brunch 503.325.6777 • 20 basin street, astoria or • on the river

Dine With $5 Happy Hour Menu Items at the Driftwood The Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge in Cannon Beach is featuring a Happy Hour menu with six options, each priced at $5, available Monday through Friday from 4-6pm in the bar or on the deck. Happy hour menu items include Hog Wings (pictured), mustard-glazed pork shanks served with a barbecue dipping sauce and a hot mustard. Other items include mac and cheese, a burger, clam chowder in a bread bowl, nachos and a wedge salad of iceberg with tomato, bacon, blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese dressing. Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge, 179 N Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR (503) 436-2439.

desserts • bread • pastries Now serving Stumptown Coffee Roasters

OPEN THURSDAY THRU TUESDAY, 7AM–3PM CLOSED WEDNESDAYS 2 blocks North of Tolovana Wayside 3116 S Hemlock St., Cannon Beach — 503.436.9600 — Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 31

Dining News

1 Depot Presents Winemaker Dinner Series, Burger Nights and Small Bites Happy Hour In March, The Depot Restaurant in Seaview, Washington begins the 10th year of its Winemaker Dinner series. On Friday, March 1, the restaurant will host Amity Vineyards winemaker Darcy Pendergrass and serve a four-course dinner paired with Amity wines. Dinner is $75.50 per person plus tax and gratuity. On Friday, March 8, Oregon's award winning Owen Roe will offer five wine tastes paired with four courses and on Friday, April 12, The Depot Chef Lalewicz with offer an Italian Gourmet Feast that will be paired with Small Vineyards Distributors wines sourced from throughout Italy. The Depot was featured in Oregonian Food Writer "Gerry Frank's Oregon." guidebook in a short segment titled "North of the Border," stating: "The Depot, set in a century-plus-old train station, where the food is exceptionally well-prepared and the greetings are wonderful." The Depot’s popular Small Bites Happy Hour and Wednesday Burger nights continue through May. The Small Bites Happy Hour includes menu items from $2-$5 from 5-6pm Thursdays through Tuesday nights. The Depot Restaurant, Seaview, WA (360) 642-7880.

For Petit Dejeuner, It's (Ooh La) La Maison


t took me too long to discover La Maison. They've been known in Newpor t for several years, serving French inspired breakfasts a n d pa str i e s a lo n g w i th g re at sandwiches, soups and salads for the lunch crowd. You don't find La Maison without looking. They're located away from the busiest parts of this Oregon Coast community, a block off the busy Coast Highway 101. The cozy cafe and bakery is housed in a small cottage, a casually elegant setting with menus that make it tough for to choose and definitely leave you wanting to come back to try more. On this visit, breakfast was the mission and I went for Eggs Sardou, one of three eggs Benedict preparations. The meal starts with their own fresh baked English muffin and combines crispy bacon with artichoke bottoms, a poached egg and Hollandaise. The steak knife that comes with this breakfast is definitely needed to cut through the firm artichoke and portion bites combining the different flavors. The other Benedict choices include a traditional version and a Swedish cured salmon


Benedict. There are also choices of crepes and omelets. I'm not much of a French toast guy, but La Maison uses their own thick cut French bread and tops it with a caramelized banana cream sauce. Please order this and share it with me. Most breakfasts come with their signature bananas and cream with brown sugar and chopped hazelnuts. For lunch, how about a turkey salad croissant sandwich with cranberries and toasted hazelnuts with a Dijon-based mayo? You don't have to be a vegetarians to be enticed by the marinated and grilled zucchini sandwich with feta cheese, fire roasted peppers, red onion, capers and olive tapanade. I was mesmerized by the beautiful breads and pastries in the display case and couldn't resist without leaving with something. I chose a beautiful flaky croissant dough pastry filled with cream and topped with fresh raspberries and a light drizzle of glaze. - Gary Hayes La Maison, 315 SW 9th Street, Newport, OR (541) 265-8812.

2 Blackfish Cafe Adds Menu of House Specialty Cocktails Blackfish Cafe in Lincoln City, has added a tempting new line-up of specialty cocktails with top shelf liquors and tastebud awakening combinations. Drinks include the Manhattan Mission (pictured) with mission fig infused bourbon, vermouth, vanilla and spices. The Russell Collins combines Russell's Reserve whiskey with lemon juice, Peychaud's Bitters and simple syrup. The Brandy Daisy includes Portland's Clear Creek Apple Brandy, lemon, orange and brown sugar, served on the rocks. Blackfish Cafe, Lincoln City, OR (541) 996-1007.

3 Sweet Basil’s to Add Barbecue Items in June and announces Courtyard Concerts Sweet Basil's Café in Cannon Beach is adding barbecue items to its weekend menu starting in June. Smoked regional seafood choices will also be offered. The barbecue menu will include burgers, including bacon-bison, herbed lamb and vegetarian. A variety of kabobs will include Cajun shrimp, chicken on a stick, andouille sausage and curry kabobs. The smoker is fired up in the morning with regional seafood selections such as salmon, halibut, sturgeon and shellfish. Sweet Basil's Café and The Wine Bar will present Courtyard Concerts starting on Saturday June 15. The weekly event features local, regional and touring musicians performing in the courtyard outside of the café every Saturday evening starting at 6:30pm. Collections at the event are donated to local charities. Sweet Basil's Cafe, Cannon Beach, OR (503) 436-1539.


Cannon Beach

Home of World Famous Haystack Bread

NEW! Vegetarian Sicilian Tarts Puff pastry filled with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, red onions, Tillamook cheddar cheese. Savory and delicious! Deli Sandwiches on our own fresh baked breads Homemade Soups Authentic Danish Pastries Wedding & Special Occasion Cakes Full-Service Bakery, Espresso & More

1 240 N Hemlock • Coaster Village

(503) 436-0399


Lunch, Dinner & Spirits 503- 436-2439

3 Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 33

Chris Bidleman

Dining News

Sip, Sample and Savor Cannon Beach Four days of wine tastings, wine dinners and a wine walk featuring dozens of Northwest wineries are planned for the Savor Cannon Beach Wine and Culinary Festival, March 7-10.


avor Cannon Beach isn't the typical wine and food trade show. It's a community-wide festival featuring food, wine and arts events all around town including six wine tasting events showcasing Northwest wines and focusing on specific themes over the four days of the festival. The event kicks off with the Thursday Night Throwdown, where festival


participants taste 12 select wines (two of each varietal) and vote on their favorites to crown the winner of the one-on-one matchups and select a top red and a top white wine. Participants also vote to select the winner at the Battle of the Blends, a wine tasting featuring four red and four white wine blends from the Northwest. Saturday of the festival is the Savor

Cannon Beach Wine Walk featuring over 30 Northwest wineries pouring tastings at Cannon Beach art galleries, restaurants and retail shops, all within easy walking distance in this compact beach community. A program titled “What’s That Varietal?”is a blind tasting of Northwest wines led by Wine Press Northwest magazine founder Andy Perdue who will challenge and teach participants to identify the characteristics of wine varietals. Other tasting events include a seminar on pairing food and wine and a sparkling wine and brunch bite tasting. Cannon Beach restaurants host special wine dinners and pairing menus throughout the festival and many restaurants and businesses participate in a Tasting Tour featuring free or low cost tastings ranging from chocolates to olive oils and specialty salts. Local shops and galleries also host their own events over the course of the weekend. At the start of the festival, the winners of the SavorNW Wine Awards will be announced. This professional judging of Northwest wines is one of the largest wine award programs showcasing Northwest wines and is conducted in Cannon Beach just prior to the festival.

Savor Cannon Beach 2013 Festival Wine Tasting Events THURSDAY, MARCH 7 5-7pm - Thursday Night Throwdown Three selected white varietals and three red varietals representing the wine regions of the Nor thwest go head to head in a tasting throwdown with participants choosing the winners. FRIDAY, MARCH 8 1pm-2:30pm - Pairing Food And Wine Learn the nuances of pairing food and

wine as you taste six different Northwest wines with Hank and Nancy Sauer. You'll also learn about cool tips and wine gadgets to help put together an informal wine gathering or a more formal dinner. Some 'ah-hah' moments are guaranteed from this pair who have facilitated s o m e of th e N o r thwe s t's l a rg e st p rofe s s io n a l w in e competitions. 4:30-6:30pm Battle Of The Blends Taste four selected red wine blends and four white wine blends representing the wine regions of the Northwest with participants choosing the winners of the Battle of the Blends. SATURDAY, MARCH 9 11:30am-1pm - What Varietal Is It? Learn about the unique characteristics of different wine varietals in this blind tasting of four red and four white wine varietals from the Northwest, with discussion led by Northwest wine writer Andy Perdue. Can you tell a Cabernet from a Syrah or a Pinot Gris from Chardonnay? 2-5pm - Wine Walk Taste wines from at least 30 Northwest wineries pouring tastings as you make the rounds of Cannon Beach art galleries, shops, restaurants and hotels. Proceeds from this event benefit the Cannon Beach Preschool & Children's Center. SUNDAY, MARCH 10 10 a m- N o o n - S p a r k l i n g W i n e s & Brunch Bites Sample Nor thwest sparkling wines and enjoy brunch bites from Cannon Beach restaurants and bakeries, the perfect way to wrap up the festival weekend and toast new friends.

Purchasing Savor Cannon Beach Tickets

Savor Cannon Beach Lodging Packages

Full Festival Passes and Wine Walk tickets are available in advance online at:

Stephanie Inn (800) 633-3466

Festival Passes good for all six wine tasting events including the Wine Walk are $119. Individual tickets for the Saturday, March 9 Wine Walk are $30 and may be purchased in advance online or the day of the event, beginning at 1pm at the checkin station at Coaster Theatre in downtown Cannon Beach (limited to 500 tickets). A limited number of individual tickets for the Festival Wine Tasting Events will be available at the door for $30 per event.

Surfsand Resort (800) 547-6100 Hallmark Resort (888) 448-4449 The Ocean Lodge (888) 777-4047 Inn at Cannon Beach (800) 321-6304 Cannon Beach Property Management (877) 386-3402 Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals (866) 436-0940

Grateful Bread

Bakery & restaurant

Open Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm Fri-Sat 11am-11pm • Sun 12pm-9pm

229 W Marine Dr, Suite A • AStoriA (503) 325-1248 Happy Hour Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm

Breakfast • Lunch • Espresso • Catering 34805 Brooten Road Open 8am Pacific City, Oregon (503) 965-7337 Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 35

Wine News

Northwest Wine List Tasting notes for current release Northwest wines found recently at wine shops on the coast by Coast Explorer publisher Gary Hayes who serves as executive director of the SavorNW Wine Awards. 2009 Novelty Hill Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon This is a bold, interesting and complex Cabernet, even on first opening. Nose of blackberry jam. Forward flavors of juicy blueberry and Italian plum leap out of the front palate, then the wine reveals cedar and clove-cola spice notes and finally a hint of green pepper and gravel on the finish. Big dark fruit, nicely balanced. ($26)

2009 Ardiri Estate Grown Willamette Valley Pinot Noir A nose of tobacco, wet hay with a little mustiness and blackberry jam. Flavors of black cherry and tea with earthy elements of wet stone and walnut husk, finishing with a spiced orange zest ($36).

2010 J. Scott Cellars OregonWashington Roussanne Nose of peach, pineapple and ripe red delicious apple with floral notes. Bright flavors of lime linger on the palate and a mild

brown spiciness emerges when paired with food. Try this with fish, shellfish or poultry in a butter sauce or broth, cream sauces or cheese sauces ($19).

2011 Willamette Valley Vineyards Oregon Riesling This medium-sweet Riesling opens up with a nose of juicy pear, canned peaches and green apple. The palate bursts with flavors of apricot that linger, leaning sweet, but showing nice balance on the finish with a

The Cellar on 10th — wines, gifts and accessories The Cellar on 10th, with its European atmosphere proudly specializes in fine Northwest, California and Worldwide wines and Champagnes. Whether you are just visiting the Northwest or a longtime resident, we guarantee you will find that special bottle of wine Featured Wine Tastings to remember Saturdays from 1–4pm your visit to Astoria and the Cellar on 10th. We also have a beautiful private “Cellar room” available if you are planning a special event. Come enjoy a glass of wine and shop the large selection of gourmet foods, gifts and accessories. The Cellar on 10th, “Creating Memorable Wine Experiences”

• Fine Wines & Champagnes • Large Northwest Selection • Over 4,000 bottles • Wine Tasting Bar


• Gourmet foods, Gifts & Accessories • Wine Appreciation Classes • Winemaker Dinners • Private Parties • Temperature Controlled Wine Storage

1004 Marine Drive / P.O. Box 386 Astoria, OR 97103 p: 503.325.6600 f: 503.325.6601 e: |


hint of Mandarin orange-lime. Pair this with spicy Asian foods or salmon ($17).

2011 Cowhorn Spiral 36 White Table Wine A blend of V iognier, Roussanne and M a r s a n n e f r o m S o u t h e r n O r e g o n's Applegate Valley. Tropical fruit on the nose with some floral notes. Honeysuckle on the palate with clove spice, a background of minerality and a solid lime-acid finish. Try this with any mild seafood ($30).

Ash Hollow Headless Red Walla Walla Valley Red Blend Don't be fooled by the label. This isn't just some novelty wine for Halloween. It's a dark, delicious and complex bargain. The nonvintage bottling offers aromas of tobacco and blackberry jam with some brown baking spice notes. Flavors of chocolate cherries, black licorice and cola with a hint of pencil lead. Give this some time to breathe for maximum complexity ($20).

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 37


Sweet Spot


Sample your way through one of the South Coast's classic sweet stops, Cranberry Sweets, a coastal destination for candy lovers for four decades.


e prepared to be tempted when you visit Cranberry Sweets in Coos Bay or Bandon, Oregon. Most of their storemade candies are out for sampling, inviting you to taste a 50-year tradition on the Oregon Coast. Bandon is Oregon's cranberry country, but other than at Thanksgiving or when squeeezed

into juice drinks, the tart berry didn't always get a lot of respect. In 1962, Bandon resident Dorothy Johnson invented a way to capture the cranberry's unique tang in a candy. Her cranberry jelly candies were a hit and in 1974, Clifford Shaw purchased the recipe and Cranberry Sweets & More was born. In the decades since, they’ve developed hundreds of fruit-based candies and chocolates, relying on that original recipe and traditional candy-making methods. All of their candies are still made by hand, in small batches, using only the finest natural ingredients. Cranberry Sweets expanded their jelly candies to a wide variety of Pates de Fruits, all made without corn starch, resulting in a pure fruit pate, unclouded by gummy starches and sparkling with intense fruit flavor. Tickle your tastebuds with blackberry, raspberry, key lime and red grapefruit jelly candies. Another unique line features flavors of lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie. In 2004, Cranberry Sweets was visited by Rachel Ray who included the store in her Food Network program "$40 a Day." You're sure to be awed by their variety of chocolates, fudge, jams, caramels, condiments and more.

Art for Your Feet


ew functional art is afoot at DragonFire Gallery in Cannon Beach. New designs in handmade shoes have arrived from The Shoemakers, Mark & Cody Carter, of Prescott, Arizona. Hand cobbled from fine leather and hand painted, each pair is unique, a one-of-a-kind statement

in color and whimsy. For $128 a pair, the slides, Mary Janes and lace-ups are guaranteed to have you kicking up your heels. Also new at DragonFire, made to dress home or office, is a new line of fused glass magnets and drawer pulls from Portland artist Vicki Joslyn. The magnets feature subtle ocean and botanical motifs in black, gold & silver patinas. The drawer pulls are crafted in a wide array of deeply saturated colors. Both magnets and drawer pulls are priced at $36 for sets of four. DragonFire Gallery, Cannon Beach (503) 436-1533.

Cranberry Sweets is located in Bandon's historic Old Town and in Coos Bay's Empire District.

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 39

Shopping News


Cannon Beach Wine Shack Releases 2009 Puffin Brand Oregon Red Wine The newest release from the Cannon Beach Wine Shack under its Puffin Brand label is an Oregon red wine blend, created in conjunction with Grochau Cellars. It’s a medium to full bodied wine with a nose of dark jammy fruit and fragrant tobacco. An old world flavor profile starts with black cherry-tea, but quickly gives way to savory notes of dried herbs and earth with a dry finish. The Puffin Brand Oregon Red Wine is priced at $24 and a portion of the proceeds from sales go to Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock Awareness Program. Look for a Pinot Gris coming under the Puffin Brand in the near future. Cannon Beach Wine Shack, 124 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR (503) 436-1100.

1 Hand-Painted Blown Glassware Now at Fairweather House and Garden At Fairweather House and Garden this spring you'll find a new collection of hand-painted, blown glassware. Three different, delicate flora


and fauna patterns are hand carved into mouth blown glassware then hand painted using colorful translucent paints. Each piece is then reheated to set the color.  Pieces will vary slightly, due to the nature of the artist's hand.  Hand washing is recommended. Use them as a single stem bud vase, as a champagne flute, or a beverage tumbler. Priced from $30 and available exclusively at Fairweather House and Garden, located in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside, (503) 738-4003.

2 Dena’s Shop on the Corner Features Not Your Daughter’s Jeans in Colored Denim New styles of your old favorite, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans are available at Dena’s Shop on the Corner in the latest styles and colors for the spring season. The right pair of jeans can transform not only how you look, but how you feel. These jeans are made for every woman who has ever sacrificed comfort for style, or style for comfort. See all the new Dena’s for NYDJ’s newest, hottest spring styles. Priced from $110 at Dena’s Shop On The Corner in Cannon Beach, (503)436-1275.

A Quilter’s Paradise A great selection of 100 percent cotton fabrics


Sewing and quilting notions, patterns, books and gifts

FABRICS 1065 S Hemlock Midtown Cannon Beach (503) 436-0833

25 Outlet Stores factory-direct Prices

Special Events Free Coupon Book On-Line Coupons


REGULAR HOURS April-december

Monday-Saturday: 10:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Sunday: 10:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.

3 Plymouth Yarns Now Available at Latimer Quilt & Textile in Tillamook Latimer Quilt & Textile in Tillamook has a treat for those who knit, crochet or weave. Latimer now offers Plymouth Yarns in a wide range of colors and weights. They have luscious Baby Alpaca Grande, fun Coffee Beenz and Jelli Beenz, beautiful but practical Worsted Merino Superwash for items you will use often.  For felting, try Galway 100 percent wool. Make an heirloom blanket or sweater set for that new baby with Dreambaby DK. They also have needles and other accessories to complete your project. If you need advice or would like to join others who enjoy working with yarn, stop by any time on Tuesday or on Thursday from 1 to 3 pm. Latimer Quilt and Textile in Tillamook (503) 842-8622

WINTER HOURS January-March

Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. Friday-Saturday: 10:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M.

SEASIDE FACTORY OUTLET CENTER 1111 Roosevelt at 12th Ave. & Hwy. 101 Seaside, OR Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 41

Shopping News



4 42


1 Center Diamond Fabrics in Cannon Beach Carries Monet Panels A Tribute to Monet, a fabric panel from Exclusively Quilters, has arrived at Center Diamond in Cannon Beach. The panel features eight Monet paintings measuring approximately 8.75 inches by 10 inches on a black background. A full panel measures 24 inches by 44 inches and is priced at $8.50. Coordinating fabrics are also available at $11.85 per yard. For more information about this line, call Center Diamond in Cannon Beach at (503) 436-0833.

2 Astoria’s Finnware Features New Dishes from Iittala Meaning ‘no series’ in Finnish, Sarjaton is a range that redefines the freedom of flexibility. The essential parts that can be used whenever, for whatever, and play just as well together as by themselves. Touch the embossed plates, enjoy the soft, muted tones of the color palette or make your own personal compositions. Shaped by tradition, tailored for today, Sarjaton gives you the natural tools to create, as you like. Pieces in this collection are priced ranging from $20-$80. Finnware in Astoria, (503) 325-5720.

3 Tilted Art & Gifts in Seaside Hosts Monthly Artist Receptions Art and eclectic décor is featured at Seaside newest boutique gallery, Tilted Art & Gifts. The shop has planned monthly artist receptions that coincide with Seaside Chamber of Commerce First Saturday Art Walks. Upcoming events will feature local and regional painters, sculptors, and jewelry designers. Recent shows include Recent shows include Jan Lowery’s stained glass mosaics, Josh Blewett’s driftwood carvings and Gregory David Duerfeldt’s mixed media works. Receptions will include live music, wine and hors d’oeuvres from 5-7pm. Tilted Art & Gifts in Seaside, (503) 739-7070. 5 0 3.3 6 8. 4777

14 4 L a n e d a Av e . Manzanita, Oregon


Cannon Beach Sea Salt Company Produces a Variety of Flavors The Cannon Beach Sea Salt Company offers a line of hand-harvested, artisan sea salts made from the Pacific Ocean at Cannon Beach, Oregon. These salts are 100 percent pure sea salt, infused with natural ingredients. In addition to the Original Sea Salt, flavors available are Habanero Sea Salt and Garlic Sea Salt. Custom infused flavors are also available. Sold in 2-ounce jars, they are priced at $13 and you can find them at J Rae's Wines in Seaside or at Cannon Beach Distillery or order by phone at (503) 453-4116. Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 43

Shopping News



3 44

1 Seaside Aquarium Gift Shop Features New Fish Sculptures by Vern Wilson Seaside Aquarium’s Gift Shop welcomes a new local artist, Vern Wilson, who creates one-of-kind sculptures in metal featuring fish native to this area. Each sculpted work is done by hand, signed, dated and numbered by the artist. Locally made in Hammond, Oregon, these art pieces are priced at approximately $600 each. Seaside Aquarium Gift Shop, (503) 738-6211.

2 Yuletides and Dreams & Discoveries Move to The Landing in Cannon Beach Yuletides Christmas Shop opened up in Cannon Beach in 2011, but recently moved to a new, much larger location at The Landing, near Bronze Coast Gallery. Spreading Christmas cheer throughout the year, Yuletides boasts an extensive collection of everything you might expect to find in a Christmas shop. Heirloom-quality lines such as JingleNog European glass ornaments and Jim Shore detailed figurines. Also occupying a new location at The Landing is a new shop called Dreams & Discoveries. This store began with the inventory of the now closed Rare Discovery in Cannon Beach, but the owner intends to continue to grow their lines, including hand-selected art and decor, jewelry, and Disney collectibles. Dreams and Discoveries and Yuletides are located at The Landing, 244 N Hemlock in Cannon Beach, (503) 436-4090.

3 Bali Wine Racks, Accessories and Wine to Go With Them at Village Merchants Village Merchants in Pacific City offers the wave like curves of the Bali inspired wood and metal wine racks that make a simple and elegant countertop wine display for use vertically or horizontally, accommodating nine to 12 bottles. Racks come in ebony or crimson finishes for $79.95. Village Merchants also carries a nice assor tment of wine and bar accessories including corkscrews, foil cutters and stoppers, some with nautical themes. Be sure to check out their nice selection of Northwest and imported wines. Village Merchants in Pacific City, Oregon (503) 965-6911.

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 45

Shopping News

1 Caffe Latte in Seaside Features Line of Cypress Ceramic Travel Mugs Now featured at Caffe Latte, inside the Seaside Carousel Mall, is a line of high-end ceramic insulated mugs for coffee or tea. Sturdy plastic lid keeps your beverages hot and makes them ready for travel. Measuring approximately six inches tall, these large mugs hold 17 ounces and come in a variety of styles, including a sturdy decorative gift box. You'll find a variety of styles and graphics, including lighthouses, camping motifs, country and floral patterns, as well as serene beachthemed designs. Pictured here is the watercolor sea star design by Cypress with wrap-around text in script reading "walks along the beach." Mug and decorative companion box priced at $16.95 at Caffe Latte in the Seaside Carousel Mall, (503) 738-8631.


2 46


2 Award-Winning Epionce Skin Care Line Available at Cannon Beach Spa Epionce, a popular anti-aging skin care line, is available at Cannon Beach Spa. Epionce products are sold exclusively to physicians and other licensed skin care professionals to ensure you receive a comprehensive and effective skin care program suited to your specific needs. Available are Epionce cleansers price at $32, moisturizes priced at $94 and their Lytic treatment lotion priced at $54. Cannon Beach Spa (503) 436-8772.

3 Cellar on 10th in Astoria Expands Line of Wine Stoppers, Adds Corkcicle The Cellar on 10th in Astoria has expanded its line of wine stoppers to dress up and chill your favorite wine bottles. Dressy, hand-blown glass bottle stoppers are constructed of metal and glass and come in several styles, including some coastal patterns. Some incorporate dichroic glass and others combine multiple colors. Also featured at Cellar on 10th is one of Oprah’s favorite things, the Corkcicle. No need for an ice bucket, just pull Corkcicle out of the freezer and your wine stays cool. Stoppers are priced ranging from $15 $25. Cellar on 10th, Astoria (503) 325-6600.

like nowhere else spring arrives

TREASURE! 3,000 Years of It!

NEW, EXPANDED LOCATION! Shipwreck Coins Treasure Jewelry Maritime Artifacts Antiquities

• Silver Shipwreck Pieces of Eight & Gold Doubloons • 3,000-year-old Bronze Celtic Ring Money • Genuine Roman Legionnaire’s and Archer’s Rings • Biblical Bronze Widow’s Mites and Crusader Coins • US Civil War Battlefield Coins and Artifacts • Greek and Roman Silver and Bronze Hoard Coins • Pirate Caches and Sunken and Buried Treasure • Shipwreck and Classical Antiquities and Artifacts • Treasure Jewelry Hand-Crafted in Cannon Beach

Rare Sea Glass and Sea Glass Jewelry

Cannon Beach Treasure Company


C a n n o n B e a c h Tre a s u r e . c o m Across from Mariner Market 148 N Hemlock Street, Suite A

Owned and operated by Historians & Treasure Hunters April & Robert Lewis Knecht Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 47

Shopping News

Tuffy Toys for Your Furry Pals at Puppy Love by the Sea in Cannon Beach Puppy Love by the Sea in Cannon Beach now carries a fun line of Tuffy Sea Creatures for your four-legged friends. These squeaky toys are vet recommended and approved, they’re washable and, as the name implies, they are durable. The Tuffy label boasts that they are the world’s toughest soft toy, and they even float! The Sea Creature line is available in Larry the Lobster, King Crab, The General Sea Star, Oscar the Octopus and more. These sea creatures are priced around $10-$20. Puppy Love by the Sea, Cannon Beach (503) 436-9800.

Unique Sweaters Contemporary Jewelry Eclectic Jackets Hats & Accessories Shops at Salishan Gleneden Beach (541) 764-3777 Historic Willamette 1705 Willamette Falls Dr. West Linn (503) 723-5450 48

1 Foxgloves in Astoria Carries Handmade Purses by Oregon Artist Sue Remy Foxgloves in Astoria carries a line of handmade purses by Oregon artist Sue Remy. Remy’s bags are made of thick, embroidered textiles and are adorned with buttons and trinkets created from polymer clay by the artist. These colorful bags come in two sizes: small purse priced at $34 and the large purse priced at $38. Foxgloves in Astoria (503) 468-0700.

1 2 Beach Books Moves to New Larger Space in Seaside After more than seven years in their previous location, Beach Books in Seaside has moved to the easy-to-find corner of Broadway and Holladay, more than doubling their square footage. “We needed more room for our popular author lunches,” explains owner Karen Emmerling. Host to frequent book readings, the larger shop also provides more retail space. The book collection offers expanded sections for mysteries, westerns, sci-fi and fantasies, and a larger section devoted to local and regional authors. In addition, there will be more greeting cards, puzzles and games, and art supplies, and magazines join the inventory. Beach Books’ new location is 616 Broadway, Seaside, (503) 738-3500.


Shop Coastal Outlet Centers for Memorial Day Sales


he sidewalks at Seaside Factory Outlet Center will be packed with savings all weekend long during the Memorial Day Sidewalk Sale. You'll find great spring merchandise from all your favorite outlet stores, including Nike, Eddie Bauer, Jones New York and Zumiez. Regular hours: 10am-7pm, 10am-6pm on Sundays, Seaside Factory Outlet Center is located at Hwy 101 & 12th Street in Seaside. Lincoln City's Tanger Outlets is also hosting a big four-day Memorial Day Sale May 24-27. Find extra savings in your favorite name brand outlet stores. Visit for the latest sales and coupon information. Regular hours: 10am-8pm, 10am-6pm on Sundays, Tanger Outlet is located at 1500 SE East Devils Lake Road in Lincoln City. Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 49

Shopping News

Cannon Beach Treasure Company Expands to New Downtown Location


a n n o n B e a c h Tr e a s u r e C o m p a ny h as m ove d to a new, expanded location across from Mariner Market in Downtown Cannon Beach. “ We have been in our present location for two years,” says Robert Lewis Knecht, who owns the shop with his wife and partner April. In addition to exciting new exhibits, and an expanded selection of treasure coins and ar tifacts from Egypt’s middle kingdom to the Age of Discovery, Robert reports that the new location features an interactive digital display that takes guests on a virtual tour of sunken and buried treasures

Visit Cannon Beach

Named #1 Dog Friendly Community by Sunset Magazine • 2009 • 2010 • 2011

271 N Hemlock • Cannon Beach 503•436•9800




that rival cutting-edge museum exhibits. Now you can experience a world of history: how ancient Greece shaped our modern world, what it was like to be a member of the Hudson’s Bay Company, or the sights and sounds on a Spanish treasure galleon setting sail. These and many more adventures await you. In addition to the new “touchable” treasure displays, the store will be hosting evening get-togethers with expanded multimedia presentations. Also expanding at Cannon Beach Treasure Company will be their lines of hand-crafted jewelry for men and women by April Knecht, some featuring treasures as much as 4,000 years old. For more information visit Cannon Beach Treasure Company at their new location 148 N Hemlock, Suite A in Cannon Beach, or call (503) 436-1626.





Featuring Agave Denim • Blue Willis • Cookie Johnson Jeans • Curio Sweaters • David Kline •

Joseph Ribkoff

107 N Hemlock St • Cannon Beach 503.436.0774 •

Joseph Ribkoff

Name• Jude • Kut from the Kloth • Luxe Elana Kattan • Ilse Jacobsen • Johnny WasBusiness • Joseph Ribkoff Information Junkie • Miss Me • Neccessitees • Not YourDirectory Daughters Jeans • Potluck Paris • Pure Amici • body & more Sympli • Testimony • Three Dot • WestonDirectory Wear • Woman 123 S Hemlock Suite 101 Cannon Beach, OR


Dena’sShop on the (503) 436-1275 • Bring in this ad to receive 10% off a one-time purchase


Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 51


Cannon Beach Unveils Spring For 13 years and running, the coastal town of Cannon Beach celebrates the spring season with an unveiling of what’s fresh and new in the arts.

Clay Sculpture by Jacquline Hurlbert at White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach. Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 53

Cannon Beach Unveils Spring T

he Cannon Beach Gallery Group’s annual Spring Unveiling event takes place May 3 through 5 at galleries and shops throughout town. New art exhibits will be unveiled and artist talks and demonstrations will be happening all weekend long, accompanied by wine, small bites and even some music to set the mood. Inside the galleries, you’ll meet a variety of artists specializing in nearly every medium imaginable. At Bronze Coast Gallery, see new work by sculptor Matthew Gray Palmer who uses combinations of traditional media, including stone, marble, clay, wood, and bronze to create his unique sculptures. Cannon Beach Gallery will feature the work 54

of local potter Richard Rowland who fires his work in his famous “Dragon Kiln,” an outdoor, wood-fired community Anagama

kiln in Astoria. Icefire Glassworks will offer demonstrations in molten glass by ownerartists Jim Kingwell and Suzanne Kindland, as well as visiting artists like Mark Gordon. Cannon Beach resident painter Jeffrey Hull will present new works in watercolor and White Bird Gallery will feature the expressive and communicative clay sculptural pieces by Jacqueline Hurlbert. Mark your calendar to celebrate at Spring Unveiling in Cannon Beach, May 3-5, 2013. For a complete schedule of events: features/SpringUnveiling2013

Above (clockwise from left): Watercolor by Jeffrey Hull at Jeffrey Hull Gallery, fused glass by Ann Cavanaugh at DragonFire Gallery, painting by Steve Hanks at Haystack Gallery, painting by David Marshall at Modern Villa Gallery, blown glass by Jim Kingwell at Icefire Glassworks. Left: Painting by Eric Jacobsen at Northwest By Northwest Gallery. Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 55

Art News

Polish Artist Featured at Freed Gallery in Lincoln City Painting by Polish artist, Jozef Halas, can now be seen at Freed Gallery in Lincoln City including a series of paintings called “Pocket Gouaches” in brilliant, vibrant colors. The control of his many “dots” repeated on paper combine with geometric strokes to create a specific order to the work. Another series titled “Statues,” is graphic figurative work. Freed Gallery, Lincoln City (541) 9945600.

Yummy Features a Group Show and Oskkar Walker

Unexpected Art Experience The tiny coastal town of Gardiner, Oregon, with a population of under 300, is not known for its tourist attractions, but art lovers will want to keep their eyes peeled for a big yellow building on the Coast Highway, home of Tsunami Gallery.


f your travels take you down Oregon Coast Highway 101 along the south coast, keep your eyes open for the occasional unexpected art experience. In the tiny coastal town of Gardiner, across the Umpqua River from Reedsport, art lovers will be happy to discover Tsunami Gallery. At first glance, the large yellow structure looks more like an aging warehouse than an art gallery, but real treasures await inside for the adventurous art-seeker who stops. Gallery owner and master sculptor, Mack Holman works on site creating his sculptures and casting them in bronze in 56

his on site foundry. In addition to Holman’s bronze work, the gallery features a large collection of Ursula Diddl's organic art made of gifts from the sea: kelp, shells and bits of drif twood. You’ll also find watercolor paintings from over a dozen artists and the work of master photographer Charles Draper. Draper’s Oregon coast landscapes draw on his decades-long experience as a visual artist in many roles: film producer, cinematographer, director and photographer. Don’t miss Tsunami Galler y at 77207 US Highway 101 in Gardiner, (541) 271-1597. – Veronica Russell

Two upcoming shows will be featured at Yummy in Seaside. Oskkar Walker’s wor k, featu re d at Yu m my th roug h April 17, is entitled “Draga mea surs? de inspira ie,” which, translated from Romanian, means “My darling/dear inspiration.” Thick, layered acrylic has been manipulated with bold strokes and heavy textures creating intense depth and motion. Light and dark play against vibrant and muted hues, creating a visual contrast of depth. Inspirations for the artist are nature, especially water. “True Colors” is a group show opening April 18 featuring pet friendly artists, with sales to benefiting Clatsop County animal assistance. Artists signed up so far are: Jimmy Pickering, Carol Riley, David Marshall, Jim Kingwell & Suzanne Kindland, Jorjett Strumme and Dolores Matthys. Yummy Wine Bar and Bistro (503) 738-3100.




1 Stone Sculptor David Petlowany

3 Haystack Gallery Celebrates 36 years

Now Featured at Bronze Coast Gallery

with a Show of “Whimsical Artists” and a Special Exhibit of Rie Muñoz’s Work

He playful refers to himself as the “Limestone Cowboy.” The work of self-taught stone sculptor David Petlowany is now featured at Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach. Petlowany takes his inspiration from his four years of navigating the Western Pacific. During that time he saw stone sculptures in six different countries. His work ranges in size from six inches to eighty feet and enjoys public placements, office settings and home venues. His sculptures are smooth and cool to the touch, inviting tactile appreciation. Bronze Coast Gallery, Cannon Beach (503) 436-1055.

To celebrate their 36th year, Haystack Gallery has set aside the month of April for their Whimsical Artists show. Artists of whimsy: Bishop/Cowdery, Sue Howells, Jeff Zigulis, Mike Smith and Bart DeGraaf. Each of these artists has created colorful, fey, magical, otherworldly renditions of what goes

on in their imaginations. In March, Rie Munoz, a perennial favorite painter of all things Alaskan, creates painting reflective of her interest in the day-to-day activities of village life: fishing, berry picking, children at play, folklore and legend. The pieces in this exhibition are rare and old pieces from her personal collection, available for a limited time. Haystack Gallery, Cannon Beach (503) 436-2547.

2 Kites on the Beach and More from Painter Carol Thompson at Primary Elements Gallery in Cannon Beach Spring is here – more or less – and with this season comes the urge to fly a kite. Carol Thompson does just that and also paints oils and pastels showing the fun of kite flying, including scenes from the Washington and Oregon coastal kite festivals and from her personal collection. You can see some of her latest works at Primary Elements Gallery in Cannon Beach, upstairs in Sandpiper Square (503) 436-0220. Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 57

Art News

1 New Works in Watercolor from Cannon Beach Artist Jeffrey Hull In his new watercolor Sky Show – Lincoln Rock, artist Jeffrey Hull glazed on several layers of transparent watercolor to achieve the glow in the sky and reflections he was after. That technique is difficult and risky on a painting of this size (33”x 63”), says Hull, because controlling the edges of paint is challenging. "When glazes work," he says, "there is nothing that makes a sunset painting come alive like these thin layers of transparent watercolor.” See this and other new work at Jeffrey Hull Gallery in Cannon Beach (503) 436-2600.

1 2 A Portrait of Your Best Friend Diane Speakman, owner of Sesame and Lilies in Cannon Beach and curator of all that it holds, is now doing dog portraits in the upstairs art gallery. They are 9" x 12" framed acrylic on hard board and will showcase your best pal’s best side. Sesame and Lilies, Cannon Beach (503) 436-2027.

3 New Blown Glass Designs by Suzanne Kindland and Mark Gordon at Icefire Glassworks in Cannon Beach



During the month of March, Icefire Glassworks will feature a new series by Suzanne Kindland inspired by places she has lived. Brilliant and lively Tropicals are reflective and reminiscent of the artist’s time in Florida. On Sunday, April 22, Kindland will conduct a drawing for a vase in her Water Garden Series to benefit the Friends of Haystack Rock. Tickets are $2 each. During May, Icefire Glassworks will feature new pieces in Mark Gordon’s Torch Series. Fresh from a session a Pilchuck Glass School, Gordon will demonstrate his technique in creating these vibrant works during Cannon Beach’s annual Spring Unveiling, May 3-5. He will also show some surprise pieces as well. Icefire Glassworks in Cannon Beach (503) 436-2359.


Northwest By Northwest Hosts Guest Artists for Spring Unveiling as the Gallery Celebrates its 25th Anniversary Northwest By Northwest Gallery in Cannon Beach will feature several of their artists for the Spring Unveiling Arts Festival May 3-5. Bronze sculptor Georgia Gerber defines many Northwest public

4 58

spaces with her expressive and distinctive artistic vision. She is the creator of “Rachel the Pig” in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and of 26 sculptures surrounding Pioneer C our thouse S quare in downtown Portland. She is currently creating a site-specific sculpture for Northwest By Northwest Gallery garden in celebration of the gallery's 25th anniversary. Also featured will be Eric Jacobsen a plein air painter called one of the most exciting emerging artists in Arts & Antiques Magazine. Another artist showcased during Spring Unveiling will be Christopher Burkett, fine art color landscape photographer. His work is found in many Museum Collections and he has been featured on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat. Each of his photographs is a hand-crafted fine art original. Burkett studied with Ansel Adams and noted historian James Enyeart compares his contribution to Adams, Edward Weston and Eliot Porter. Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach (503) 436-0741.


5 White Bird Gallery Showcases Ceramics, Printmaking and Photography New ceramic pieces by Eric Boos and Cindy Searles, plus other gallery favorites are now on display. Deb DeWit will present new etchings made during her recent printmaking residency; Paul Gentry has new wood engravings and Marcy Baker will show new mixed media acrylic pieces incorporating printmaking. Don Frank has new photographs mounted on Plywerk panels and Bill Voxman shows black and white images done in the classical style. White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach (503)436-2681.


Paul Brent Will Be Featured Artist this Spring at Fairweather House and Garden in Seaside Painter Paul Brent will be a featured artist this spring at Fairweather House and Garden in Seaside. Representative of the coastal lifestyle, Paul Brent’s work in watercolor and in oil captures nature in its best and most idyllic form. He started with watercolors but soon moved on to richer layered paintings that explore the depth of color possible in the medium. Carol Thompson’s paintings of kites and all the fun that they inspire may also be seen at the gallery. Fairweather House and Garden, Seaside (503) 738-4003.

6 Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 59

Art News Meet Artist

Steve Hanks Saturday May 5

Bronze Coast Gallery Features Mulder's Time Machines Calling himself an artistic “dabbler,” Randy Mulder’s recent creations are “Time Machines.” They are wor k ing clocks that resemble inventions from the early 20th Century, an assemblage of new, recycled and found items featuring exposed mechanical components, improvised parts, interactive and decorative elements inviting the viewer to explore these objects that merge past and present. Awardwinning bronze sculptor John Coleman specializes in powerful compositions that strive to capture the human essence, depicting

183 N. Hemlock Since 1977 503-436-2547

Blowin in the Wind by Steve Hanks © 2013, courtesy of the Greenwich Workshop®, Inc.


indigenous people and historic events and showing the impulse of the human spirit. Bronze Coast Gallery, (503) 436-1055.

DragonFire Gallery Features New Acrylic Artist, Stoneware Masks and Ceramics by Matthew Patton Showing through May's Spring Unveiling at DragonFire Gallery in Cannon Beach are the work's of one of the gallery's newest artist, acr ylics by Virginia Leonnig. Her work is characterized by rhythm, energy and the flora and fauna of life near the ocean. Rendered in a palette of rich colors, Leonnig contrasts the movement in each piece with the meditative spirit of nature. Also present in the gallery is a new series of stoneware masks by Liisa Rahkonen whose works depict and celebrate spirit within all things. Described as “World Masks,” this new series invites meditation on what unites all peoples with nature. New designs by ceramic artist Matthew Patton are also in the gallery now. Using high fire stoneware platters and tiles as his canvas, Patton creates exquisite abstract imagery with glazes. Bold color, form and texture make up Patton’s signature designs, icons of Northwest craft. DragonFire Gallery (503)436-1533.

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 61

licensed & Bonded #150126

“Helping sHape tHe cHaracter of cannon BeacH since 1973.” John Nelson

We specialize in » New Construction | Remodels | Custom Cabinets

Supported by a fully equipped cabinet Shop featuring canyon creek.

pH 503-436-2235 fx 503-436-2048 project progress and updates »


A Wise Choice When Oregon Coast homeowners Ken and Mamie Jones were looking for a unique focal point for the fireplace in their Manzanita home, they found a head turning solution, a one-of-a-kind owl sculpture by Bronze Coast Gallery artist Matthew Gray Palmer.


oastal galleries are the per fect resources for people looking to create a focal point in their home that reflects the region. In their house in Manzanita, Ken and Mamie Jones were looking for a unique birdthemed piece to go above their fireplace, so they enlisted the assistance of Bronze Coast Galley, in Cannon Beach. Matthew Gray Palmer (pictured), an artist represented by the gallery, agreed to help the Joneses create a custom art piece made from local materials. The artist visited the house to get an idea of the space. He was able to incorporate a chunk of reclaimed wood, matching other sur faces in the home, into the finished piece. The reclaimed wood became the trunk of the tree, the horizontal branches are fabricated in metal and the owls are sculpted completely out of driftwood by the artist. “Whatever our expectation was,” said Ken Jones, “[Palmer]

far exceeded it.” Next time you’re looking for just the right accent piece for your home, don’t forget to check with local galleries. While you may not be looking to commission

an artist to custom design something for your home, there are still lots of unique pieces ready to go home with you today, to fill that niche. – Veronica Russell

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 63

Living News


2 64

3 Outdoor Art DragonFire Gallery in Cannon Beach DragonFire Gallery artist Kimberli Matin is all about recycling metal into quixotic and charming garden art. Matin is now expanding on her successful line of small pieces with large dog sculptures that portray the more endearing aspects of man’s best friend. These affordable pieces, roughly in the $175 price range, stand approximately two feet tall, making them the perfect size to ornament a front door or complement an indoor collection. Matin’s existing line of small creatures is now available with solar lighting. DragonFire Gallery in Cannon Beach (503) 436-1533.

1 Blown Glassware Available at Fairweather House & Garden in Seaside Schools of tiny fish, etched and hand-painted in aquamarine and silvery translucent paints circle the blown glassware new at Fairweather House & Garden in Seaside. Glasses are available in two sizes: approximately 4 inches tall priced at

$25, approximately 6 inches tall priced at $30. Matching bowls and pitcher, ranging in price from $30 to $60, are also available. Available exclusively at Fairweather House & Garden in Seaside (503) 738-4003.

2 French Furniture, Zip Code Pillows at Sesame & Lilies in Cannon Beach Sesame & Lilies in Cannon Beach has a fresh new collection of French furniture in the showroom from which to choose. Also new in the home decor arena at the shop are the popular custom zip code pillows. These large pillows are 12 inches by 16 inches and are made of natural linen fabric with cream or charcoal embroidery and contrasting piping in charcoal over a down-filled insert. Take home a 97110 pillow as a memento of your trip to Cannon Beach, or, they can custom order your own zip code. Sesame & Lilies in Cannon Beach, (503) 436-2027.


Handcrafted Myrtlewood Baskets by Don Barber at Second Street Gallery in Bandon For more than 40 years, Don Barber built ocean going wood boats in the Pacific N or thwest community of Coos Bay, Oregon. In 1979 Don retired from shipbuilding and started a family business handcrafting baskets out of rare myrtlewood. Today, the tradition continues with Barber's Baskets creating and marketing these beautiful traditional designs that use carefully chosen myrtlewood slats, solid copper tacks, and bale style handles. Function and beauty are the standards maintained throughout the process, producing durable baskets of heirloom quality. Second Street Gallery in Old Town Bandon, (541) 347-4133.

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Living News

Your Garden Variety Hebe In Greek mythology, Hebe is the goddess of youth; in coastal gardens, the Hebe is the perfect plant to add color and texture.


he Hebe is a sometimes overlooked showy plant with attractive foliage and a long flowering season. Some varieties flower from early summer until the first frost, if you pinch off the spent flowers periodically. Growing habit, leaf sizes and foliage color all vary by variety. Most of the evergreen varieties that do well here (Evergreen Veronicas) are low, bushy shrubs growing one to three feet in height. Native to New Zealand, Hebes have almost 66

unlimited uses in a sunny garden. They are easy to grow, making good edging, low borders, rockery fill-ins, in containers or in clusters or individually for spot color anywhere it’s needed. T hey are the perfect plant, with a little bit of everything. The wide range of Hebes mean there is certainly one to fit your container

and style. A golden green conifer-looking Hebe would complement a rock garden container, while a bigger-leafed purple foliage Hebe would add fabulous texture in a modern clean-lined container planting. They thrive in the climate and soil conditions found in the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to plant them in well-drained soil; they will not do well in heavy, wet soil. Planting them in the spring, rather than the fall, gives them time to root in and get established before the winter cold season. Protection from wind also helps them thrive. Prune after bloom by cutting back branches that bloomed by one-half their length to maintain a compact form. Also, a good thinning every couple years keeps Hebe in good shape. They are not temperamental; th e s l i g hte s t c a re a n d m a i nte n a n c e w i l l y i e l d beautiful rewards for your coastal garden. – Valerie Ryan

Spa Manzanita Announces New Med Spa Treatments A variety of new spa medical services are now offered at Spa Manzanita. Now available as a full-time service is Cool Sculpting, a non-surgical contouring treatment said to freeze stubborn fat, which is then eliminated from your body. Cool Sculpting boasts “no needles, no special diet, no supplements, no surger y, and no downtime.” T he spa has teamed up with Dr. Anil Rajani to offer other services, including Botox, the Vampire Facelif t and Micro-Needle Facial with Antioxidant Infusion. For more information, contact Spa Manzanita at (503) 368-4777.

Have a special fabric project you’ve been putting off? A favorite chair that needs jazzed up, beautiful new drapes, or colorful new accent pillows to change up a room? September we are having a sale! Come in and see what we have to offer!

Randall Lee’s

With you every step of the way.

2311 N. Roosevelt, Seaside, Oregon • (503) 738-5729 •


Natural Nook Floral Designs from Casual Beach to Sophisticated Elegance

speciality nursery 738 Pacific Way • Gearhart (503) 738-5332

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ways to find a great lodging deal on the coast


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travel resources

North Oregon Coast

Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce The area of Astoria and Warrenton is a nationally significant historic region at the western end of the Lewis & Clark Trail. Visitors have an opportunity to escape into an appealing, intriguing past through several first-class interpretive attractions. 111 West Marine Drive, (503) 325-6311,

Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce To enhance your Cannon Beach experience, contact the Cannon Beach Chamber at 2nd & Spruce, Cannon Beach, (503) 436-2623,

Nehalem Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center 425 Nehalem Blvd, Wheeler (503) 368-5100, (877)368-5100

Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce Red Caboose at the Wayside, Hwy 101 Rockaway Beach, Oregon (503) 355-8108,

Tillamook Chamber of Commerce

Brookings Chamber of Commerce

3705 Hwy 101 N, Tillamook (503) 842-7525

16330 Lower Harbor Rd, Brookings (541) 469-3181

Central Oregon Coast

Coos Bay Chamber of Commerce

Florence Chamber of Commerce

290 Highway 101, Florence (541) 997-3128

Lincoln City Visitor Center Visitor guides of all types are available for free at the Lincoln City Visitor Center. Maps, recreation guides, event brochures, lodging information, and more! The Center located inside the Cultural Center. 540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City Oregon 97367 (541) 994-3302,

Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce

Seaside, Oregon’s first seashore resort is one of the coast’s most popular year-round family destinations with its famous promenade, turnaround, aquarium, arcades, shopping and history. Seaside, Oregon. More than just a day at the beach! 7 North Roosevelt (Hwy 101), (888) 306-2326,

Gold Beach Chamber of Commerce 29692 Ellensburg Ave, #7, Gold Beach (541) 247-0923

Reedsport-Winchester Bay Chamber of Commerce 855 Highway 101, Reedsport (541) 271-3495 or (800) 247-2155

Washington Coast Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce

555 SW Coast Hwy, Newport, (541) 265-8801, (800) 262-7844

506 Duffy Street, Aberdeen 360) 532-1924 or (800) 321-1924

Pacific City-Nestucca Valley Chamber of ­C ommerce

Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau

PO Box 331, Pacific City (503) 392-4340, (888) 549-2632

Yachats Visitors Center Seaside Visitors Bureau

145 Central Avenue, Coos Bay (541) 266-0868

241 Highway 101, Yachats (800) 929-0477

South Oregon Coast Bandon Chamber of Commerce

With its sensational restaurants, local seafood, ocean-view lodging, festivals, museums and attractions, lighthouses, art galleries, accessible trails, birding spots, state and national parks, and its 28 mile long white sand beach, the Long Beach Peninsula has it all—Discovery Awaits! 3914 Pacific Way, Seaview (360) 642-2400, (800) 451-2542

Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce 1715 Bay Ave, PO Box 403, Ocean Park (360) 665-4448, (888) 751-9354

300 2nd Street SE, Bandon (541) 347-9616

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Travel Resources

Lewis & Clark National Historical Park Fort Clatsop Visitor Center features a replica of Fort Clatsop, exhibits, theater and bookstore. Hiking trails are open year-round. More activities and information about this location and other parks in the area are listed online. The park & bookstore are open daily 9am – 5pm 92343 Fort Clatsop Road, Astoria, OR 97103 (503) 861-2471,

Bloomin' Crazy Floral

Liberty Theater

The Cellar on 10th

Originally opened in 1925, the theater now operates as a performing arts center, concert hall, meeting venue, conference center, and elegant site for w ­ eddings. For information about upcoming performances check our website or call the Liberty Box Office. 1203 Commercial St. (503) 325-5922, ext 55 for Box Office, ext 33 for Business Office

Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria

DIRECTORY LISTINGS Astor Street Opry Company For over 25 years ASOC has aspired to create shows that are exceptional and reputable, for all ages and backgrounds, that create a connection bet ween ar tist and audience through live theater, while at the same time, bringing cultural enrichment through sharing local valued traditions. 129 West Bond St., (503) 325-6104

Astoria Column

Lodging Key

2199 Coxcomb Dr, Astoria, (503) 325-2963

Oceanfront/Oceanview Rooms Pets Accepted Pool Kitchen/Kitchenette Meeting Room ADA Lodging rates range from lowest off-season to highest summer prices.


Clatsop County Historical Society An adventure in history can be found at the Flavel House Museum, Heritage Museum, Oregon Film Museum and Uppertown Firefighters Museum. Bring the kids and see all four. 714 Exchange St, (503) 325-2203

Columbia River Maritime Museum Where history meets the future. World-class collection of artifacts, exhibits & special ­programs. Admission includes a tour of the lightship Columbia, the last seagoing lighthouse serving the west coast. Open daily from 9:30am-5pm. 1792 Marine Dr, Astoria (503) 325-2323,

Fort Stevens Military Museum 100 Peter Iredale Rd, Hammond, (503) 861-1671


Astoria Hammond & Warrenton Attractions

Child Menu Lounge Reservations Meeting Room ADA Average entree Price: $ < $10 $$$ $21-30 $$ $11-20 $$$$ $30+

Shopping More than fresh flowers, discover why Sunset Magazine recently featured this awesome shop! Fun & colorful clothing & scarves, Margaret Furlong Angels, cards & jewelry by NW Artists, decor for your home and always many unique gift items. 971 Commercial Street, (503) 325-3571

Large selection of wine, accessories, and gourmet foods. Wine education classes, wine makers dinners, weekly wine tasting, on-line store, wine club. Coast Weekend 2011 Readers Choice Award, Voted Best Wine Shop. Located in Astoria Historic Underground. 1004 Marine Drive, (503) 325-6600


Lewis & Clark National Historical Park

Bridgewater Bistro

The Fort Clatsop Bookstore is non-profit, and is run by the Lewis & Clark National Park Association. Its mission is to promote Lewis and Clark National Historical Park and enhance the public’s understanding of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Open daily 9am – 5pm 92343 Fort Clatsop Road, Astoria, OR 97103 (503) 861-2471,

$$$ Innovative regional casual and fine dining served in a historic boatyard on the Columbia riverfront. Full menu includes small plates, meats, seafood and vegetarian/vegan options. Extensive glutenfree selection, including house-made breads and desserts; kids’ menu. Cocktails, local beers, 300+ wines. Open daily for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. 20 Basin St, Astoria, (503) 325-6777

The Coffee Addiction We love our customers and they love our unique flavor infused espresso drinks, smoothies & hot food! Come in and “Feed Your Habit”. Drive Thru or sit down for a relaxed experience! 1140 SE Marlin Ave, (503) 791-4798

El Tapatio $ Authentic M exican Rest aurant & C antina under the bridge. Enjoy the view, full lounge, banquet rooms, outdoor dining, seafood, American dishes, children portions, handicap accessible, to go orders and happy hour Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm. 229 W Marine Dr, Suite A, (503) 325-1248

Lodging Astoria Riverwalk Inn $65-$150 The Astoria Riverwalk Inn is a rebirth of Astoria’s iconic Thunderbird/Red Lion motel. The Riverwalk Inn has something for everyone! 400 Industry St., (503) 325.2013

Cannon Beach Attractions Coaster Theatre Playhouse Celebrating 41 years of live theatre, Coaster Theatre Playhouse presents a year-round season of plays, musicals, readers theatre, concerts and educational programming. For more information, call the Box Office or visit us online. 10 8 N H emlo ck , ( 5 0 3) 4 3 6 -124 2 , w w w.

Cannon Beach Spa Massage therapies including Shiatsu, hot stone, aromatherapy and deep tissue; facials; scrubs and wraps; Japanese Foot Spa treatments. Injury rehabilitation and allergy testing are also available. Located in downtown Cannon Beach next door to the Cannon Beach Chocolate Café. 232 N Spruce (503) 436-8772, (888) 577-8772

Dining Cannon Beach Bakery Home of the world famous Haystack Bread. Authentic Danish pastries by third generation Danish bakers. Natural ingredients, no trans fats or preservatives. Custom wedding and special occasion cakes, deli sandwiches, ham & cheese croissants, Tillamook cheddar & bacon biscuits, and homemade soups. Always open first! 240 N Hemlock, Coaster Village (503) 436-0399

Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge $$ Serving Cannon Beach since 1944. Come and enjoy the village atmosphere along with some of the finest seafood and steak that Cannon Beach has to offer. 179 N Hemlock, (503) 436-2439

Waves of Grain Bakery We offer hand made pastries, cookies, artisan breads, and desserts, along with Stumptown Coffee, and an extensive tea selection. We have a cozy atmosphere with free wi-fi, and are located near the Tolovana Wayside. 3116 S Hemlock St., (503) 436-9600

Galleries Bronze Coast Gallery Specializing in bronze sculpture, the gallery represents regional and nationally recognized artists. As one of the premier fine art galleries in Oregon for over twenty years, we focus on unique and innovative contemporary artwork as well as classic bronze sculpture. 224 N Hemlock, Ste 2, The Landing (503) 436-1055, (800) 430-1055

Jewelry by Sharon Amber

Limited edition canvas giclee prints of Northwest Coastal scenes by Carol Thompson are available at the “Primary Elements Gallery”. 172 N. Hemlock, (503) 436- 0020, (866) 871-0220

Master jeweler Sharon Amber celebrates 35 years of dedication to artistic excellence this year. Elegant and original designs in gold, local stones, and exotic gems. Top-notch custom work, green business practices. Accepts scrap gold. 172 N Hemlock St. #7, Sandpiper Square (503) 436-1494,

Cannon Beach Gallery Group


For more information about Spring Unveiling Art Festival, Plein Air and More and the Stormy Weather Arts Festival events, please check our website. (503) 436-2359,

DragonFire Studio & Gallery “A feast for the senses,” say contemporary art lovers and critics. DragonFire offers an experience that engages the mind, heart and soul, focusing on surprisingly affordable original art by regional artists in a variety of mediums. First & Hemlock St, (503) 436-1533

Haystack Gallery Original oil and watercolors, giclees, limited editions, bronze and metal sculpture, ceramic masks, handmade jewelry and etchings by Northwest and national artists including Steve Hanks, Rie Munoz, Frogman, John Ebner, Pino, Sean Conrad, and Mike Smith. Open daily, established 1977. 183 N Hemlock, PO Box 12, (503) 436-2547 www.­h

Icefire Glassworks Fine blown glass since 1971. A hot shop and glass gallery featuring original vases, bowls and sculptural forms by Jim Kingwell, Suzanne Kindland, Michelle Kaptur and Mark Gordon. Glass jewelry by Pamela Juett. 10am to 5pm, Thursday through Monday. Corner of Hemlock and Gower, PO Box 382 (888) 423-3545,

Coaster Construction, LLC Coaster Construction has been helping to shape the character of the north Oregon coast since 1973. We specialize in remodels, home improvements and custom homes and are supported by a fullyequipped cabinet shop featuring Canyon Creek. Cannon Beach (503) 436-2235, Fax (503) 436-2048

Lodges at Cannon Beach Come, live the life! The Lodges at Cannon Beach are beautiful fully furnished townhomes available in increments that begin with 1/12th ownerships for $89,000. Own a beach home for a fraction of the price. 132 E Surfcrest Ave. (503) 440-6310

M. Smith Interiors M. Smith is an international award-winning designer offering full design services with a refined, classical nature. Let Mary take you from concept to reality for your residential, commercial and vacation retreats. Call for an appointment. Portland, Cannon Beach (971) 275-5539

Lodging Arch Cape Property Services $90-$475 Offering oceanfront and oceanview vacation rentals, from charming cottages and spacious homes for groups up to 14. Smoke-free, fully-furnished and immaculate. Just south of Cannon Beach from Arcadia Beach to Falcon Cove. 32009 E Shinglemill Ln, Arch Cape (503) 436-1607, (866) 436-1607

Hallmark Resort $99-$399 Our oceanfront resort overlooking famous Haystack Rock offers a variety of room styles to meet your needs with fireplaces, in-room spas, kitchenettes, indoor recreation center, and Elements, our full-service spa. Business center, meeting and convention facilities, and complimentary high-speed internet access. 1400 S. Hemlock, (503) 436-1566 (888) 448-4449,

The Lodges at Cannon Beach $269-$520 Complete townhomes w/ bedroom and bath w/seethru fireplace, 2 or 3 bedroom units, open floor plan, island dining, state-of-the-art kitchen plus requisite amenities incl. flat screen TV, Blu Ray, washer/dryer, balcony & garage. 132 E Surfcrest Avenue, (877) 261-9184

Jeffrey Hull Gallery Painting our coast for 35 years, Jeffrey exhibits year-round in this spacious second floor gallery. Open 7 days a week with original paintings, giclée and lithograph prints. 172 N Hemlock, Ste 24, Sandpiper Square (503) 436-2600, (888) 436-2606

Cannon Beach Spa

Oceanfront/Oceanview Rooms Pets Accepted Pool Kitchen/Kitchenette Meeting Room ADA Lodging rates range from lowest off-season to highest summer prices.


Indulge in the peaceful fundamentals of feng shui, aromatherapy and the essential elements. Let us take you on an extraordinary sensory journey with treatments designed to restore your signature balance, using creative and advanced techniques that will nurture your entire being. Please call for appointments, open daily. Hallmark Resort, 1400 S. Hemlock (503) 436-0366, (888) 448-4449

Carol Thompson - Artist

Lodging Key

Elements By the Sea-Spa Hallmark Resort

Child Menu Lounge Reservations Meeting Room ADA Average entree Price: $ < $10 $$$ $21-30 $$ $11-20 $$$$ $30+

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Travel Resources

The Oil & Vinegar Bar  Within our walls you will find a delightful selection of infused olive oils and delicious 18 year aged balsamic vinegars. Stop in and enjoy free samples in our Lovely new tasting room. 139 W 2nd, Ste 2, (503) 436-4148

Puppy Love by the Sea Puppy Love by the Sea is a unique shopping experience for dogs and their owners. A wonderful variety of collars, harnesses, toys and clothing for every size dog. 271 N Hemlock, (503) 436-9800

Sesame and Lilies A unique interior decor shop featuring antiques, furniture, lamps, bedding & linens, bath accessories and more. Also, featured are ocean/seagrass paintings by Diane Speakman. Now expanded into eight suites upstairs in Cannon Beach Mall. Inquire about our interior design services. 183 N. Hemlock Street #5, (503) 436-2027

Oil & Vinegar Bar in Cannon Beach

The Wine Shack Tolovana Inn

Cannon Beach Spa

Dena’s Shop on the Corner

$69-$479 Oceanfront resort offers stunning views of Haystack Rock. Spacious suites with a private balcony, fireplace and full kitchen are perfect for couples and families. In-room jetted tubs, on-site masseuse and outdoor barbecues also available. Conference facility accommodates up to 160. 3400 S Hemlock, (503) 436-2211 (800) 333-8890,

Offering skin care and beauty products from: Clarisonic, Emerson, Energetix, Epionce, Jane Iredale and more! Stop in today for a consultation. 232 N Spruce (503) 436-8772, (888) 5778772

Offering casual luxury for women and babies. Featuring clothing, accessories and gifts that inspire women to enhance who they are through their sense of confidence, sense of style and sense of self. 123 S Hemlock, (503) 436-1275 Fax (503) 436-1281,

Cannon Beach Treasure Company

Express your sense of style or choose the perfect gift for someone special from our affordable Northwest artists: jewelry, eclectic clocks, blown glass garden art, raku lamps, flutes, stoneware platters, original paintings, writing sculptures, teapots, fused glass and more. First & Hemlock Street, (503) 436-1533

$89-$289 A wonderful location at the South end of Cannon Beach at Tolovana Park. Enjoy beautiful ocean views, gas fireplaces, decks, and indoor pool and spa. Just a short walk from the hotel you’ll find miles of sandy beach to roam and majestic Haystack Rock. 3339 S Hemlock, (503) 436-1577 (888) 659-6397,

Shopping Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe

Lodging Key

Featuring gourmet Moonstruck Chocolates, a wide variety of international chocolates, hot chocolate and real chocolate milk shakes. Home of the legendary Mayan Milk Shake. Located next door to the Cannon Beach Spa. 232 N Spruce (503) 436-8772, (888) 577-8772

Oceanfront/Oceanview Rooms Pets Accepted Pool Kitchen/Kitchenette Meeting Room ADA Lodging rates range from lowest off-season to highest summer prices.


Center Diamond Fabric Great selection of beautiful 100 percent c­ otton fabrics with a large supply of ­sewing and quilting notions, patterns, books and gifts. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff; located in Midtown, one block from the beach. 1065 S Hemlock, (503) 436-0833


The Wayside Inn

Genuine treasure coins, jewelry and artifacts from the Spanish Main and beyond; many salvaged personally by owners Robert and April Knecht. Find lost treasures and treasure jewelry created by April for every age, taste and budget. Come check out our new location! 148 N Hemlock, Suite A, (503) 436-1626

Child Menu Lounge Reservations Meeting Room ADA Average entree Price: $ < $10 $$$ $21-30 $$ $11-20 $$$$ $30+

DragonFire Studio & Gallery

La Luna Loca Step into the warmth of the world’s markets and explore unique handcrafted garments, jewelry and treasures for your home. Creative garb for women and men; it’s the shop you come back to on every visit! 107 N Hemlock St., (503) 436-0774

Extensive selection of wine with a focus on Oregon and Washington’s best. Regular wine tastings in our tasting room and our tasting room is available for private events. 124 N. Hemlock, (503) 436-1100

Gearhart Shopping Natural Nook Flower Shop Full service florist, wedding and event coordinator! Specializing in styles from classic to contemporary, casual beach to sophisticated elegance and everything in between. We feature an unusual and traditional mix of gifts, plants and flowers. 738 Pacific Way, (503) 738-5332

Lincoln City & Depoe Bay Attractions Chinook Winds Casino Resort Large variety of gaming opportunities including over 1250 slots, craps, roulette, blackjack, poker, keno and bingo. 1777 NW 44th St, (541) 996-5825 (888) CHINOOK,

$$$ Located high atop the Inn At Spanish Head, Fathoms is open daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a seasonal Sunday Brunch. Enjoy spectacular ocean views, our gracious service and exceptional menu choices in the restaurant and the bar. 4009 SW Highway 101, (541) 994-1601

The Culinary Center in Lincoln City Culinary classes at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City offer both demonstration and hands-on style instruction for guests of all skill levels. The recreational classes feature seasonally-inspired cooking and focus on the abundant foods of the Pacific Northwest. 801 SW HWY 101, 4th Floor, (541) 557-1125

The Lincoln City Cultural Center Lincoln City Cultural Center offers classes in a variety of art mediums, dance, music, literature, and theater. The Lincoln City Cultural Center also sponsors play writing contests, fund raisers, and activities to encourage artists of all ages. 540 NE HWY 101, (541) 994-9994

Dining Ace’s Bar and Grill Chinook Winds Golf Resort $$ Located at our golf resort, the atmosphere is for the sports enthusiast who wants to relax, have a great meal, watch the big screen TV, enjoy a game of shuffle board, darts, pool or our Golf Simulator. 3245 NE 50th St, (541) 994-8232

Blackfish Cafe $$$ The Oregon coast’s freshest restaurant. We buy locally from fishermen, organic farmers, mushroom pickers and Carlton Meat Company. Simple yet elegant preparations highlight the fresh natural flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Cocktails, wine and beer. Open Wednesday-Monday, reservations suggested. 2733 NW Hwy 101, (541) 996-1007 Chinook’s Seafood Grill Chinook Winds Casino Resort $$$ Located in the hotel complex, enjoy stunning ocean front views, savor our menu featuring a bounty of favorites from the sea. Don’t miss our scrumptious Sunday Champagne Brunch. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. 1777 NW 44th St., (541) 996-5825

Mist Restaurant & Lounge $$ Mist offers award winning regional cuisine in an oceanfront setting. Our philosophy focuses on using organically and regionally grown produce in an effort to promote self-sustainability within the coastal community. 2945 NW Jetty Ave., (800) 452-2159

Rogue River Steakhouse Chinook Winds Casino Resort $$ The Rogue River Steakhouse overlooks the Pacific Ocean with a relaxing environment and great dining. The Siletz Bay Buffet specialties include prime rib, barbeque and the freshest seafood. Also a 24-hour deli service. 1777 NW 44th St., (541) 996-5825 (888) CHINOOK,

Galleries The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio The artists of the LCGC work hands-on with the public making blown glass pieces of art. The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio is a city-owned facility contracting with the Lincoln City Glass Center as Artists in Residence. 4821 SW HWY 101, (541) 996-2569

Lodging Chinook Winds Casino Resort Our beachfront hotel is located next door to the casino. Features include a heated indoor swimming pool, spa and sauna and oceanview rooms. The suites available include a gas fireplace, oceanview balcony, wet bar, VCR, microwave and refrigerator. 1501 NW 40th Pl., (541) 994-3655 (877) 4BEACH1,

Inn At Spanish Head Resort Hotel Built right on the beach, every room is oceanfront with floor-to-ceiling windows for incredible panoramic views. Enjoy penthouse dining, direct beach access, outdoor heated pool, saunas and room service. Please call for rates. 4009 SW Highway 101, (541) 996-2161 (800) 452-8127,

Looking Glass Inn Cape Cod style inn with lovely views of Siletz Bay and the ocean. Dog friendly rooms with fireplaces, kitchens, easy beach access. Relaxing whirlpool rooms with king beds, decks and views. In Taft across from Mo’s. 861 SW 51st Ave, (541) 996-3996 (800) 843-4940,

Pelican Shores Inn A wonderful inn with spectacular ocean views. Enjoy oceanfront rooms and suites, complimentary continental breakfast, direct beach access, lighted surf and heated indoor pool. Located at the north end of Lincoln City. Discover why our guests love it here! 2645 NW Inlet Ave, (541) 994-2134 (800) 705-5505,

Long Beach Peninsula Attractions Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum 115 SE Lake St, Ilwaco (360) 642-3446

Cranberry Museum & Demonstration Farm 2907 Pioneer Rd, Long Beach (360) 642-5553

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco (360) 642-3029

World Kite Museum  The World Kite Museum strives to educate families and children through interactive exhibits by creating experiences that tell the story of kiting and its effect on world culture, art and scientific innovation. 303 Sid Snyder Drive, (360) 642-4020

Shearwater Inn Formerly The O’dysius Hotel. A wonderful ocean view hotel in the heart of Lincoln City. Enjoy beautiful views, spacious rooms, gas fireplaces, single-person jetted tubs, decks, free Wi-Fi, complimentary continental breakfast, and many dog friendly rooms. 120 NW Inlet Ct., (800)869-8069

Surftides Lincoln City $119.00-$ 179.00 Spacious oceanfront rooms and suites with private balconies and night-lit surf offer a soothing and inspirational experience for our guests. Indoor heated pool, hot tub & sauna, pet friendly, restaurant/bar, private event space and more 2945 NW Jetty Ave., (800) 452-2159

Shopping The Sweater Shoppe, Etc. An extraordinary selection of sweaters for every occasion. Explore our eclectic variety of jackets, hats, handbags and contemporary jewelry. A shopping adventure acclaimed by many as a fabulous treasure hunt. Shops at Salishan, Gleneden Beach (541) 764-3777, West Linn (503) 723-5450

Oceanfront/Oceanview Rooms Pets Accepted Pool Kitchen/Kitchenette Meeting Room ADA Lodging rates range from lowest off-season to highest summer prices.

Fathoms in Lincoln City


Fathoms Restaurant & Bar

Lodging Key

Chinook Winds Golf Resort Located minutes from the casino, this 18-hole golf course is yet another way for us to showcase how “It’s Better at the Beach!” 3245 NE 50th St, (541) 994-8442 (888) CHINOOK,

Child Menu Lounge Reservations Meeting Room ADA Average entree Price: $ < $10 $$$ $21-30 $$ $11-20 $$$$ $30+

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 73

Travel Resources

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! A collection of the strange and unusual discoveries made by Robert L. Ripley in his travels to 198 different countries. Special effects and animation allow guests to walk through space, experience an earthquake and confront the mummy of King Tut’s tomb. 250 SW Bay Blvd, Mariner Square (541) 265-2206,

Wax Works Witness history as it comes alive and peer into the future. The eruption of Mount St. Helens, the disappearance of D. B. Cooper, and an actual hanging bridge are just a few of the walk-through, self-guided attraction features. 250 SW Bay Blvd, Mariner Square (541) 265-2206,

Pelican Pub & Brewery in Pacific City

Galleries Carol Thompson - Artist Limited edition paper and canvas giclee prints and original oil paintings of Northwest Coastal scenes by Carol Thompson are available at the “Bay Avenue Gallery” in Ocean Park. 1406 Bay Avenue, Ocean Park, WA, (360) 665-5200

Dining The Depot Restaurant

$$ Northwest and European cuisine in Seaview’s 120-year-old train depot. “One of the Northwest’s best dinner houses.”-Gerry Frank, Oregonian. “Chef/owner Michael Lalewicz has food angels singing in the kitchen”-NW Palate. Covered heated deck. Display kitchen. 1208 38th Place (Seaview), (360) 642-7880

Manzanita Lodging Spindrift Inn

$70-$150 Located a block from the sea, Spindrift Inn offers you a retreat at a slower pace. It retains its quaint charm and cozy appeal. Affordable, clean and individually decorated rooms lead to a private flower garden. 114 Laneda Ave., (503) 368-1001 (877) 368-1001,




Georgie’s Beachside Grill

The place for board games, card games, dice, specialty chess sets, Uglydolls, puzzles and more. A discriminating selection for all ages. Great family store. Re-discover fun! 457 Laneda Ave, (503) 368-4873

Spa Manzanita At Spa Manzanita, we combine the serenity of the beach, the power of expert touch and the comfort of our surroundings to ensure a rejuvenating experience. Every professional here pledges services and products to make your visit to the coast truly exceptional. 144 Laneda Ave., (503) 368-4777

Unfurl Explore our diverse collection of planet-forward fashions for men and women. Featuring hemp, organically-grown cotton, bamboo, tencel, linen and alpaca. Amazing jewelry, quality shoes, bags, scarves, eco-art and gifts. A portion of every purchase supports local environmental organizations. Open daily. 447 Laneda Ave, (503) 368-8316

Newport Attractions Oregon Coast Aquarium 2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd., (541) 867-3474

Oregon Undersea Gardens

Oceanfront/Oceanview Rooms Pets Accepted Pool Kitchen/Kitchenette Meeting Room ADA Lodging rates range from lowest off-season to highest summer prices.



Lodging Key

America’s only floating gift shop and undersea aquarium. Sea creatures inhabit a natural, protected environment. Live dive shows introduce giant Pacific octopus, white sturgeon, wolf eels and more. 250 SW Bay Blvd, Mariner Square (541) 265-2206,

Child Menu Lounge Reservations Meeting Room ADA Average entree Price: $ < $10 $$$ $21-30 $$ $11-20 $$$$ $30+

$$ Enjoy a spectacular oceanfront view with fresh Northwest coast cuisine. Family-friendly menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and to-go orders. Featuring Northwest seafoods, steaks, pastas, salads, and much more! 744 SW Elizabeth (541) 265-9800, (888) 448-4449

Lodging Hallmark Resort $89 - $224 Oceanfront, Traditional and Limited Edition guest rooms with spectacular views, balconies, fireplaces, two-person spas and kitchenettes. Pool, Fitness Center, and room service from Georgie’s Beachside Grill. Business services, meeting and convention facilities, and complimentary high-speed internet access. 744 SW Elizabeth, (541) 265-2600 (888) 448-4449,

Pacific City Dining Grateful Bread Bakery & Restaurant $$ Hearty meals, wholesome breads and delicious bakery items. Breakfasts served all day and a tantalizing selection of lunch items. Drive-thru espresso. Catering and whole sale available. Seen in Northwest Best Places. 34805 Brooten Rd., (503) 965-7337

Pelican Pub & Brewery $$ On-site brewery and family-friendly restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Oceanfront patio dining and event space. Awardwinning beer and “Beer Cuisine”. 33180 Cape Kiwanda Dr, (503) 965-7007

Lodging Cottages at Cape Kiwanda $299-$749 Oceanfront luxury 2 & 3 bedroom suites located right on the beach. All the comforts of home combined with the pampering of a 5-star hotel, including personal Concierge service. 33000 Cape Kiwanda Dr, (866) 571-0605

Inn at Cape Kiwanda $139-$349 All our 35 deluxe guest rooms feature private balconies with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Haystack Rock, cozy gas fireplaces, plush pillow-top beds with feather pillows, CD players, flat-screen LCD TVs, DVD players, and more! 33105 Cape Kiwanda Dr, (888) 965-7001

Shorepine Vacation Rentals $179-$399 Shorepine Vacation Rentals offer fully furnished Oregon coast vacation homes throughout Pacific City. We can comfortably accommodate 1 to 13 people in a single home. Many homes are neighboring each other to accommodate larger groups. 33105 Cape Kiwanda Dr, (877) 549-2632

Shopping Village Merchants The best little shop on the coast. A unique shopping paradise. The best in contemporary clothing, jewelry, home & garden accents, books, cards, bath products, baby gifts and wine. One of the most attractive and friendly environments on the Oregon Coast. Open daily 10-5 34950 Brooten Rd, (503) 965-6911

Seaside Attractions Funland Entertainment Center 201 Broadway, (503) 738-7361

Shopping Fairweather Home & Garden

300 Broadway, (503) 738-6728

Premier source for stylish, livable furnishings, lighting and accessories. A collection of cutting edge, high-end designer pieces that are minimal and chic, inspired by the colors of the beach. Discover a unique mixture of giftware, reclaimed elegance and garden-related merchandise. 612 Broadway, (503) 738-8899



Espresso bar offers hot and blended/iced coffee drinks, Italian sodas, baked goods and coffee related gifts. Featuring coffee from Longbottom Coffee & Tea, whole beans available. Open 8am, seven days a week. Free wi-fi Service available. 300 Broadway, (503) 738-8631

Our ever-changing collection of women’s apparel, accessories and gifts is fresh and full of fun, texture and creativity. We have a tempting selection of Brighton jewelry, charms, handbags and accessories. Kay-Lynn’s, in the heart of downtown Seaside. 317 Broadway, (503) 738-6156

The Stand $

Seaside Aquarium Gift Shop

Caffe Latte Seaside Carousel Mall

Flavorful, homemade and affordable Mexican food since 1994. Family owned and ­operated, delicious handmade meals right down to the corn tortillas, salsas and beans. Vegetarian dishes available. Open for lunch and dinner 11am-5pm Monday-Friday. 109 N Holladay (503) 738-6592

Galleries Carol Thompson - Artist Limited edition canvas giclee prints and original oil paintings of Northwest Coastal scenes by Carol Thompson are available at the “Fairweather House and Garden”. 612 Broadway, (503) 738-4003

Living Coaster Construction, LLC Coaster Construction has been helping to shape the character of the north Oregon coast since 1973. We specialize in remodels, home improvements and custom homes and are supported by a fullyequipped cabinet shop featuring Canyon Creek. Cannon Beach (503) 436-2235, Fax (503) 436-2048

Randall Lee’s Flooring America Randall Lee’s Flooring America is a full service showroom that offers window treatments, fabric, interior design, countertops, carpet and all types of flooring. You will be pleased to find eco-friendly products such as Marmoleum, cork, bamboo, and wool carpet. Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-4 2311 N. Roosevelt, (503) 738-5729

Tillamook Attractions Latimer Quilt & Textile Center

Tillamook County Creamery 4175 Highway 101 N., (503) 815-1300

Living Coaster Construction, LLC Coaster Construction has been helping to shape the character of the north Oregon coast since 1973. We specialize in remodels, home improvements and custom homes and are supported by a fullyequipped cabinet shop featuring Canyon Creek. Cannon Beach (503) 436-2235, Fax (503) 436-2048

2105 Wilson River Loop, (503) 842-8622

Tillamook Air Museum 6030 Hangar Rd, (503) 842-1130

The perfect place to find that extra special souvenir of ocean theme items. 200 N Prom, (503) 738-6211

Seaside Carousel Mall A Seaside attraction for 25 years! 20 great stores and attractions all under one roof. Shop, eat and ride the carousel. Open seven days a week. Stores include: Artworks; ­A spirin Shop Souvenirs & Carousel Collectibles; Beads by the Sea; By the Sea Shells & Gifts; Caffe Latte; Country ­Bungalow; Flashback Malt Shoppe; Family Arcade Games; Flash from the Past Old Time Photos; Golden Horse Chinese Restaurant; The Jewelry Box; MaryAnna’s $6.99, $12.99 & $14.99 Stores; Seaside Downtown Development Association Office; Seaside Mostly Hats; North Coast Leather; Oregon Coast ­Portraits; Rascals; Signature Imports; and Under The Big Top Toys. 300 Broadway, (503) 738-6728

Seaside Factory Outlet Center Featuring designer labels and name brand merchandise at factory direct prices. Save 2070% off regular retail prices on fashions, gifts, cookware, athletic gear, shoes, wine and more! Stores include: Bass, Book Warehouse, Bruce’s Candy Kitchen, Carter’s, Claire’s, Dress Barn/ Dress Barn Woman, Eddie Bauer, Famous Footwear Outlet, GNC, Jones New York, Kitchen Collection, L’eggs Hanes Bali Playtex, Nike Factory Store,

The Stand in Seaside

Oceanfront/Oceanview Rooms Pets Accepted Pool Kitchen/Kitchenette Meeting Room ADA Lodging rates range from lowest off-season to highest summer prices.


Seaside Carousel Mall

Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Pendleton, Perfect Look, Tokyo Teriyaki II, Totes Isotoner Sunglass World, Tree of Life Christian Books & Gifts, Van Heusen, The Wine & Beer Haus and Zumiez. Seaside Shipping Center: authorized UPS shipping, boxes, and packaging materials available. 1111 N Roosevelt, (503) 717-1603

Lodging Key

Seaside Aquarium See live exhibits featuring regional marine life including the Pacific ­Octopus, Wolf Eel and giant Sunflower Starfish! See the 35-foot Gray Whale skeleton and learn more about Northwest sea life in the hands-on discovery center. 200 N Prom, (503) 738-6211

Child Menu Lounge Reservations Meeting Room ADA Average entree Price: $ < $10 $$$ $21-30 $$ $11-20 $$$$ $30+

Coast Explorer | Spring 2013 75

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Coastal Touring

Ocean Shores Westport

Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Mileage & Driving Times for US Highway 101

Brookings Cannon Beach

25.6 314 :34 7:48


186 156 158 49 4:59 3:36 4:15 1:10

Newport Pacific City Seaside Tillamook

Cannon Beach Arch Cape Manzanita Cape Meares Lighthouse

Gleneden Beach Depoe Bay


Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Westport Wa.



Pacific City


Long Beach Wa.

Lincoln City


GRAYS HARBOR (1898) Westport WA

YAQUINA BAY (1871) Yaquina Bay State Park

NORTH HEAD (1898) North Head, WA

HECETA HEAD (1894) N. of Siuslaw River

CAPE DISAPPOINTMENT (1856) Cape Disappointment, WA

UMPQUA RIVER (1894) Winchester Bay

TILLAMOOK ROCK (1881) Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach

CAPE ARAGO (CAPE GREGORY) (1934) Gregory Point

CAPE MEARES (1890) Three Capes Scenic Loop

COQUILLE RIVER (BANDON) (1896) Coquille River

YAQUINA HEAD (1873) 3 miles N. of Yaquina Bay entrance

CAPE BLANCO (1870) Port Orford

Toledo 20

South Beach Waldport

Yachats Heceta Head Lighthouse





Umpqua Reedsport Lighthouse

Winchester Bay

Located on the map for Oregon and South Washington coast. (in order from north to south.)


Lincoln City

148 3:09




48.6 99.7 1:02 2:06

Westport, 85.9 504 108 320 266 192 80.2 217 172 99.7 148 Wa. 1:50 9:31 2:17 7:53 6:24 4:13 1:39 4:48 3:44 2:06 3:09



Pacific City

73 24.5 172 1:41 :41 3:44

65.4 273 40 167 118 43.9 81.4 68.6 24.5 48.6 1:23 6:55 1:03 4:30 3:21 1:10 1:43 1:45 :41 1:02



46.7 117 68.6 217 1:13 2:44 1:45 4:48

17 322 8.9 215 166 92.4 33 117 73 :23 7:58 :14 5:30 4:20 2:10 :42 2:44 1:41



150 106 33 81.4 80.2 3:25 2:22 :42 1:43 1:39

89.8 251 65 145 96 22 106 46.7 2:02 6:24 1:34 3:59 2:49 :39 2:22 1:13


Wheeler Rockaway Beach Garibaldi

125 24.9 22 92.4 43.9 192 2:51 :37 :39 2:10 1:10 4:13

134 205 109 98.2 49.3 24.9 150 3:57 5:12 2:37 2:47 1:37 :37 3:25


Seaside Gearhart

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

74.1 199 49.3 96 166 118 266 2:14 5:02 1:37 2:49 4:20 3:21 6:24

19.2 355 44 248 199 125 :28 8:36 :55 6:11 5:02 2:51



49 123 248 98.2 145 215 167 320 1:10 3:23 6:11 2:47 3:59 5:30 4:30 7:53

109 229 84.4 123 74.1 2:30 5:49 2:02 3:23 2:14


Ilwaco Chinook 101

207 158 84.4 44 109 65 8.9 40 108 5:25 4:15 2:02 :55 2:37 1:34 :14 1:03 2:17

Coos Bay

Long Beach, Wa.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

314 107 156 229 355 205 251 322 273 504 7:48 2:32 3:36 5:49 8:36 5:12 6:24 7:58 6:55 9:31

235 107 207 6:09 2:32 5:25

Lincoln City


Long Beach

338 25.6 235 186 109 19.2 134 89.8 17 65.4 85.9 8:22 :34 6:09 4:59 2:30 :28 3:57 2:02 :23 1:23 1:50

338 8:22


Ocean Park Coos Bay

Cannon Beach


Astoria Astoria







North Bend

Coos Bay


Cape Arago Charleston Lighthouse


Coquille River Lighthouse


Cape Blanco Lighthouse


Port Orford 101

Gold Beach

Grants Pass 199




Looking Back


he Oregon Coast has had a long love affair with Dungeness crab. Oregonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s official State crustacean makes an appearance at small crab cracks and large seafood festivals all along the coast. In August, the Charleston Seafood Festival, complete with crab races, takes place near Coos Bay. In late April, the Astoria-Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival is a threeday event, much to the delight of thousands of seafood loving

visitors. In February, Dungeness crab is a highlight of the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival. The Newport festival began as the Newport Crab Festival in 1938 when the abundance of crab paired with the need for visitors to the small coastal town brought 25,000 visitors came for the free lunch. This photo depicts the Newport Crab Festival Court in 1949 being hoisted in a box high above a fishing boat.

Photo courtesy of the Lincoln County Historical Society




Four days of wine tasting events, culinary events and a wine walk showcasing Northwest wineries. FESTIVAL SPONSORS:

SAVOR CANNON BEACH Savor Cannon Beach is partially funded by the City of Cannon Beach Tourism and Arts Commission’s Tourism and Arts Fund and generous support from our sponsors


two spectacular oceanfront locations

cannon beach and newport

Creating a fresh, new look! Hallmark Resorts have begun full-property renovations. Come experience us for the first time – again.


ca n n o n b e a c h

elements by the sea SPA Full-Service On-Site Spa

n e w p o rt

Oceanfront Family Dining fireplaces • balconies • kitchenettes • inroom spas • meetings • pets

Coast Explorer Magazine Spring 2013  

Coast Explorer Magazine is the explorer's guide to the Oregon and Washington coast.