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January 2011

Now introducing Coaster Company’s monthly magazine, Coaster Living. In every issue we will be featuring one of Coaster’s furniture collections, as well as helpful tips, a trend report and a do it yourself project. Please enjoy this issue of Coaster Living.


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Harboring Relaxation

Also in this issue Furnishing small spaces Feeling nostalgic Las Vegas Furniture Market creating a cozy, casual living room Matting & framing like a pro

January 2011


Coaster Living :: January 2011

In this issue

2 Helpful Tips

Have a tiny apartment? Here’s a few tips for furnishing small spaces.


Trend Report

Check out the latest trends from High Point’s Fall Market

Helpful Tips

Furnishing Small Spaces

Tired of your small space feeling cramped? Well, here are a few easy and affordable furnishing tips to open up your space:

Tip #1: Optical Illusion Make your room seem larger without knocking down any walls by utilizing mirrors and transparent furniture. Mirrors help reflect light into your space and can create the illusion of a room twice its actual size. Another way to trick your mind into thinking your place is more spacious is to buy furniture with glass tabletops. Transparent elements appear to “disappear” in your room, making it look like you have open space.


At Home with Coaster

Take a closer look at our wintery blue Harbor Bedroom Collection


Mix & Match

Create a cozy, casual living room with these items


Do It Yourself

Learn how to mat and frame your own artwork Coaster Company of America 12928 Sandoval Street Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (800) 221-9699 Copyright © 2011 Coaster Company of America. All rights reserved.

Tip #2: Multi-Purpose Units Investing in multi-purpose furniture such as a chest that serves as storage and a bench will help minimize large items in your room. Also, get rid of the clutter. Stylish storage units are excellent for organizing and efficiency.

Tip #3: Vertical Accessorizing When you’re working with a small space, remember to build up. Vertical accessories such as tall plants, floor lamps and vertical mirrors will help enlarge your room. Don’t go too high, though! Avoid excessive accessorizing and dark-colored objects around your ceiling.

Catalog Finder

Top: Chrome/Glass 3pc Occasional Set # 7635, pg 124

Side: Contemporary 3pc Lamp Set # 901168, pg 172

Trend Report

Trend Report

Feeling nostalgic The latest looks and the newest trends for home fashions were at the October High Point Market. This fall, exhibitors presented a Comfort Mood that left their audience with warm, cozy, nostalgic feelings. The Comfort Mood ranged in styles from Heritage Americana to Preppy and Vintage. Pictured to the left is our Richardson bedroom collection, which has a classic elegance featuring the carved crest on the headboard, turned finials on the bed posts, and inlaid look of the center rosette oval. Color also made a loud statement at this year’s show. One of the latest color trends is the pairing of brights, like yellows and oranges, with neutrals and grays. Some of the top color choices this fall included turquoise, lime green, chartreuse, and shades of midrange pinks. To the left is one of Coaster’s traditional style chairs and ottomans in a beautiful blush upholstery.

comfort mood

Style summary

Heritage Americana Preppy Vintage Color summary

Turquoise Lime Green Chartreuse

Mid-range Pinks

The next High Point Market is April 2-7, 2011.

Current Events

Las Vegas Furniture Market January 24-28, 2011

January 2011

The Las Vegas Market is bringing you more than 1,500 world-class manufacturers, the industry’s latest trends and fresh resources. From furniture to accessories, and home textiles to lighting, this is one stateof-the-art event you do not want to miss.

Catalog Finder

Top: Richardson Queen Carved Bed # 200481Q, pg 22



26 27 28

Left Center: Traditional Tufted Wing Back Chair and Ottoman # 900261, pg 150



Coaster Living :: January 2011

At Home with Coaster

Featured collection: harbor

y Sa n d e s t on e ar th

PANTONE 7533 C Cappuc cino 286-9 U PANTONE e hit Warm W

Liven up your place with plants

PANTONE 7535 C Sand

Tr y a semi-gloss paint Media Chest and Component Storage

t to Don’t forge ce spa leave open

ls Warm neutra iting create an inv environment

Shades of blue are calming

At Home with Coaster

Bedroom checklist Harboring Relaxation Winter is here. One way to keep warm this season is by creating a cozy and inviting bedroom to relax in. Our Harbor collection can do just the thing. With its classic transitional style, soft neutrals and soothing blues, this bedroom collection is a place of serenity and warmth.

Coaster furniture Queen Panel Post Bed Mirror Dresser 7 Drawer Chest Nightstand Media Chest

# 201381Q # 201384 # 201383 # 201385 # 201382 # 201386

Accessories What’s so special about our Harbor Collection you ask? Well, this bedroom furniture set features clean straight lines, elegantly curved aprons, and distinguished beveled drawer fronts for a simple but unique look. The pieces are finished in a rich dark Cappuccino finish, and accented with brushed chrome knobs for a bold contrast that you will love. Now that you have all the big pieces, how can you accessorize this master bedroom to make it complete? Since many shades of warm earth tones are used on the walls, bedding and furniture, you need to choose an accent color. I’ve selected a blue. Shades of blue create a calming environment that will leave you feeling refreshed and well rested in the morning. Accent your room with a throw blanket, vases, candles and artwork. Remember, this is an accent color, don’t go overboard. Another way to enhance your room is to add different shapes and textures. Since the structure of the furniture pieces are very straight-edged and geometric, add contrast with curvaceous vases and lamps. Also, since we have used a many flat solid colors, pair the solids with metallic accessories to add another texture. Complete your room with a few frames. I’ve selected dried foliage to adorn the room with, which brings a lively touch to the room. Learn hour to mat and frame your own artwork with our Do It Yourself Guide on page 6!

Blue Olpe-shaped Vase

Light Blue Throw

Metallic Table Lamp

Framed Foliage

Beige Floor Rug

Dark Brown Clock

Bedding & fabrics





Walls & flooring Wall Paint Wall Molding Flooring

Sand - PANTONE 7535 C Warm White - PANTONE 286-9 U White Oak Wood



Coaster Living :: January 2011

Cozy, casual living room

Mix & Match Creating a

Cozy, casual living room Main Pieces The main pieces in your room are usually the largest and should be placed first when rearranging your furniture. Pick the focal point of the room and face these pieces towards the focus.


Item #: 501861N L86” x W35” x H36” Seat Depth: 21” Catalog Pg #: 332


TV Console

Coffee Table

End Table

Item #: 501862N L65” x W35” x H36” Seat Depth: 21” Catalog Pg #: 332

Item #: 700610 L44” x W18” x H19 ¼” Finish: Cappuccino Catalog Pg #: 471

Minor Pieces Minor pieces are usually the medium-sized items that should be placed second. They often compliment the main pieces. Other minor pieces could include chests, futons, ottomans, other chairs and occasionals.


Item #: 501863N L43” x W35” x H36” Seat Depth: 21” Catalog Pg #: 332

Item #: 700008 L50” x W30” x H19” Finish: Cherry Catalog Pg #: 434

Item #: 700007 L26” x W24” x H23” Finish: Cherry Catalog Pg #: 434

Accents & Lighting Add the final touches to your room with accents and lighting. These are typically smaller items that bring light, color and your own style to the room. They often correspond with the main and minor pieces.


Item #: 800268 L15 ½” x W15 ½” x H74 7/8” Catalog Pg #: 521

Floor Rug

Item #: 970021 Dimensions: 5’ x 8’ Style: Woven Olefin

Floor Lamp

Item #: 901191 Height: 71” Finish: Dark Bronze Catalog Pg #: 646

Wall Mirror

Item #: 900198 Diameter: 30” Finish: Antique Gold Catalog Pg #: 625

At Home with Coaster

Made with micro-fiber fabric

Rug 970021

Sofa 501861N Golds and bronzes to compliment chocolate furniture

TV Console 700610

Rich chocolate color

Loveseat 501862N Bring out the warm colors in the floor rug



Double-tiered seat back to provide comfort and support




Stores DVD players and other electronic devices


A good place for books, knick knacks and photos

Pillow-padded arms

End Table Coffee Table 700008

Add a gold accent and lighting


This occasionals set also comes with a sofa table

Floor Lamp 901191



Coaster Living :: January 2011

Do It Yourself

Matting & Framing like a pro

Step #1: Gather Materials Choose your frame and mat. A mat should be no larger than one size higher than the artwork, making a maximum 1.5� space around the artwork. The typical rule for frames is no more than 2� on each side of the mat. The mat and frame are meant to enhance the piece not distract.

Step #2: Tape Lay the artwork upside down on a clean table. Place one piece of acidfree tape along the top of the piece, allowing about half to hang over the edge. Turn the artwork right side up (your tape should be sticky side up as well).

Step #3: Mat Center and place the mat around the artwork. Press the top where the tape is. Carefully turn over and tape the corners of the piece to the mat.


Step #4: Frame Turn your frame over and clean the glass with a dust-free cloth. Place the matted piece, then the backing in the frame. Secure the clips.

Catalog Finder


Step #5: Wire Attach the framing hangers and wires about onethird of the way down the sides.

Top Corner: Oil on Canvas # 960398, pg 165

Artwork Mat Frame Center: Venezia Painting # 960399, pg 167

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Trend Report

Feeling nostalgic

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Current Events

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At Home with Coaster

Featured collection: harbor

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Do It Yourself

Matting & Framing like a pro

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Coaster Living Magazine :: January 2011  

Coaster Living Magazine :: January 2011

Coaster Living Magazine :: January 2011  

Coaster Living Magazine :: January 2011