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Libra – Right now is not a time to make hasty decisions. It is time to work on the inner conflicts that are going on. Stop tearing yourself in too many directions and focus. Once you do this you will start to find peace. Scorpio – This is a good month to bring new relationships into focus. It is time to tell people how you feel about them and time to move forward. If you open your heart to others, what is ahead of you is more then you can imagine. Sagittarius – Believe it or not you have all the tools you need to make things right. Take time to think of yourself and what will make you happy, because if you don’t do it soon it may be too late to do it at all. Capricorn – Don’t slow down now. Up and onward is your motto this month. You’re in charge of everything you do. Keep that attitude and a little bit of generosity may just make that dream come true. Aquarius – Stop putting everything on hold. Your fear and worry are blocking you. This month it is all about stepping up and beyond. Focus, focus, focus, and then you can relax. Pisces – Give yourself a pat on your back. Even if it appears small you are making a dent in your debt and should be happy for accomplishing so much. Be passionate, for love is calling.

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The South Coast Insider / February 2010


The South Coast Insider - February 2010  
The South Coast Insider - February 2010  

The South Coast Insider magazine - February 2010