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Gela earns Pier Fish Scholarship The first recipient of the Pier Fish Scholarship Award was Geneva Gela, a Dartmouth High School grad with a strong academic record. She now attends UMass Amherst. Her $1,000 dollar scholarship was presented in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Pier Fish Company, in conjunction with Downtown New Bedford, Inc. The annual scholarship program is open to any high school student with a parent in the fishing industry. The student must be attending college in the fall of 2010. In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Pier Fish Company Inc., the Taste of South Coast Festival on May 16, 2010 will have a seafood theme. For more information contact Downtown New Bedford Inc. 105 William Street, New Bedford, 508-997-7969. 9

1. Richard Barry, Geneva Gela and Jessica Barry 2. Richard Bucolo, Diane Nichols 3. Chris Saunders 4. Lisa Bode, Mike Sardinha and Ed Peretzman 5. Michael Barry

6. Kevin Pelland, Scott Bode 7. Jeff Pontiff and Arthur Bennett 8. Randy Weeks, Liz Isherwood, John Saunders, Bruce Duarte 9. Linda and Jim Barry

The South Coast Insider / February 2010


The South Coast Insider - February 2010  

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