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Rose Alley’s 12th Annual Beer Summit - pandemic style! February 1 - March 31

The summit will run from February 1st through March 31st this year to accommodate for reduced capacity due to the pandemic. Each person who completes the summit this year will earn their personal glass mug as well as a long sleeve summit shirt.


94 Front Street, New Bedford, MA (508) 858-5123 | DrinkRoseAlley.com

February 2021 | Vol. 25 | No. 2 Published by Coastal Communications Corp. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Ljiljana Vasiljevic Editor Sebastian Clarkin Online Editor Paul Letendre Contributors Michael J. DeCicco, Deborah Allard Dion, Steven Froias, Stacie Charbonneau Hess, Paul Kandarian, Tom Lopes, Brian J. Lowney, Sean McCarthy, and Elizabeth Morse Read

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February 2021 | The South Coast Insider


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November 2020 | Vol. 24 | No. 11 Published by Coastal Communications Corp.

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Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Ljiljana Vasiljevic Editor Sebastian Clarkin Online Editor Paul Letendre

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Contributors Sebastian Clarkin, Deborah Allard Dion, Steven Froias, Paul Kandarian, Brian J. Lowney, Elizabeth Morse Read

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The South Coast Insider is published monthly for visitors and residents of the South Coast area and is distributed free of charge from Mount Hope Bay to Buzzards Bay. All contents copyright ©2020 Coastal Communications Corp.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may 5 Miller Street, Warren | 401-245-4200 | giftimagine.com

be reproduced, by any means, without written permission from the Publisher. All information contained herein is believed to be reliable. Coastal Communications Corp. does not assume any financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements, but will reprint that portion of an advertisement in which the typographical error occurs.

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e South Coast Insider | November 2020

Bob Luongo’s Auto Sales

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massaudubon.org, asri.org, riparks.com, or stateparks.com/rhode_island. Take a scenic drive along the South Coast’s Farm Coast (facebook. com/farmcoast-new-england) or along the region’s Coastal Wine Trail (coastalwinetrail.com). Go on a guided Messages inathe trees Seal Watch boat tour or Seal Watch/ Rose Island tour with Save the Bay, By Stacie Charbonneau Hess departing from Bowen’s Ferry Landing in Newport (savebay.org/seals). up A culinary jewel Bundle and bravecrown the outdoors ice bumper cars!) at The skating By(and Michael J. DeCicco Providence Rink at the Bank Newport City Center – twice the size of the Songs of the heart Rockefeller Center rink in New York By Sean McCarthy (theprovidencerink.com). Or check out the schedule for indoor skating at Fall River’s Driscoll Arena, New Bedford’s Hetland Arena, Taunton’s Aleixo Arena or Plymouth’s Armstrong Arena Stone’s secrets (fmcicesports.com). How about By Deborah Allard Dionrace? running in a virtual Register for the three Virtual Trail Races sponsored by the Dartmouth Natural Norwegian delights Resources Trust November 1-30, or for By Brian J. Lowney the Post-Thanksgiving Walk November 29 (dnrt.org). And if you’re in the Wareham area, you can stay fit with Yoga with Laura at Shell Point Beach in Onset (onsetbay.org) or play mini-golf Getting thesome perfect gift at Kool Kone (koolkone.com). By Michael J. DeCicco






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Listen to live and virtual Vax FAQs concerts

Most theatres, By Elizabeth Read halls clubs,Morse and concert are either closed temporarily or allowing only limited seating, but the shows still Looking forward go on! Find out who’s on the virtual or By Steven Froias in-person stages at the Spire Center for the Performing Arts of Greater Plymouth (spirecenter.org), Common Fence Music in Warren (commonfencemusic.com), the Zeiterion in New Bedford (zeiterion. A date with history org), The Narrows Center for the Arts By Paul Kandarian in Fall River (narrowscenter.com), or the District Center for the Arts in Taunton (thedistrictcenterforarts.com). You can It’s never easy tothe open a new restaurant, and also livestream concerts, classes, and COVID-19 hasn’t made doing so any easier. special events sponsored by First-Works But that hasn’t slowed down Howie Mallows, in Providence (first-works.org). who is opening yet another New Bedford For classical music lovers, go toTo see eatery: Carmine’s at Candleworks. what they’re serving up, turn to page 12. StreamRIPhil.org for livestreamed





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in the trees By Stacie Charbonneau Hess

The trees don’t care who the president is. I had this thought this morning as I was walking along the wooded path in the forest across from my house. I was bothered by a video I watched last night of people climbing up the Capitol building, intimidating the police, posing in disrespect at a public servant’s desk. We have since learned it was a siege: insurrection. I walk to process it all. All cannot be right with the world. What kind of place is this going to be for my children? Thoughts like these pierce the edges. The wooded path is Trustees property, and little did I know when I moved back to my hometown two years ago that this path would become like a sibling to me—available to hear me out, to steer me back on course, to offer me some solid ground. I have spent countless hours along this path. Most of the time, I am alone with my dog, Sailor. My family is busy in Zoom meetings and I take this time nearly every day. Having a dog is really a gift to yourself in this way—you are encouraged to walk every day, no matter the weather. At the end of 2020, I came upon a reminder that the path


does not just belong to me. One day, I was approaching the path when I saw something hanging on the trees at the entrance. It was a note, secured in a Ziploc bag and nailed to the trunk, written by a nine-year old named Lily. She wrote, “This is a Covid-19 trail. You will see that there are painted shells and rocks along the path. Feel free to take them or just read them. Someone cares about you.” I smiled. Oh Lily, why didn’t I think of that? Here I am always coming to the woods for the solace it brings me, and Lily is here, wondering what she can do for others. Within a few weeks, all the rocks and shells were gone. They were delightful to read, little pops of color in the drabby forest landscape. But this morning, about a month later, a whole new crop appeared. A large stone

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

The author with her chocolate lab, Sailor. perched on a stump said: “Be safe” with a smiley face painted on it. Another said: “Stay hopeful.” And I am. The legacy for me of 2020 will be this reconnection with nature. It’s what I want to take into 2021—this meandering in the woods, far away from the internet, the news from Washington, the demands of housekeeping and bill paying and teaching. As much as I appreciate all that I have, I have never wanted to be trapped by my choices, and the woods make me feel free. As I walk, I recognize I am privileged to have the freedom to have both the space to walk and the time to do it in. Friends of mine who are physicians have had anything but a reprieve since March 2020. Some students of mine have never stopped working at nursing homes.

They are my heroes and I am in awe of them. When I am not working or taking care of my family, all signs are pointing toward nature. My family and I spent the holidays in Stowe, Vermont, where again I found myself walking alone, though this time up a mountain and in snow shoes. I keep seeking out the placid, looking for ways to connect, or disconnect. Each vista I discover reminds me of the smallness of my life, the transitory nature of politics, and the lasting, rooted aspect of trees. While in Stowe, my family and I took a sugar maple tour. We learned to identify the Burdock plant and were told its roots make a lovely tea. We were given rudimentary instructions on tapping our own trees, if we were lucky enough to find maples on our property. We are ordering

a field guide and consulting some friends to help. We may as well, I figure. 2020 made us focus in and Mark, my husband, spent a lot of time building refuges for our cast of outdoor creatures: five chickens, a smattering of regular birds at the feeder, and a beehive. Why not maple syrup too? The fruits of nature, a gift to us just for being here and taking a little bit of care. As I write this, I realize I am lucky. Having lived ten years in New Bedford, riding out Covid would have looked very different from my secondfloor apartment. I can imagine leaning out windows to say hello to neighbors, and making do with the raised beds that we created alongside the house, and the clawfoot tubs we repurposed into homes for the blueberry bushes. But we would have missed the joy of chickens, bees, and syrup. All this is to say that I am happier when I spend more time in nature than on Twitter. The birds don’t care who the president is, either. They, like us, seek nourishment. I am curious and concerned about what is going on with the world, in politics, in the spreading of conspiracy theories—but I have to believe that a lot of ills of the world would be remedied if people spent more time looking up at the sky and feeling connected to the universe, by breath and by virtue of their being alive at this moment on earth. Last night, after reading the news too late in the day, I had to temper the feelings

that were stirred in my heart (anxiety, worry, fear, dread) with some poetry. I opened to a poem by Luci Tapahonso, a Diné (Navajo) woman with whom I once took a poetry workshop. It contains the refrain, repeated four times: “Beauty extends from the woman.” One of the things Luci taught me was to consider the “four directions” in my writing, the way native peoples give thanks in the morning by praying to the east, the south, the west, and the north. I can’t help thinking that here she means that beauty extends from the woman in all four directions… and that the woman is also mother earth. My reawakened walking habit, then, has served me well. Looking at the trees more than Twitter has helped me to feel rooted in place, given me a sense of belonging and connection, and also of being cared for. The woods are my guardian, the place where I feel connected to my spirit, the place where I feel that God is listening. The trees will be around a lot longer than our presidents, both past and present, and were around before our country had lines drawn around states and towns, separating us from one another—man’s work and not nature’s intention. I have collected some drab, grey rocks and they are sitting on my table waiting to be painted. Lily, the nine-year-old optimist, has taught me something too.

All this is to say that I am happier when I spend more time in nature than on Twitter.

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Getting the perfect gift By Michael J. DeCicco

Unlike Cupid, most of us don’t carry Valentine gifts wherever we go, in a backpack quiver full of love-tipped arrows. The search for the best way to touch our loved one’s heartstrings is a little harder for the rest of us. Luckily, we have places like downtown and the west end of New Bedford for finding truly unique Valentine jewelry and other gifts.

“Nothing is weird in the jewelry business” For that most serious of Valentine Day gifts, an engagement ring, go to Art in Gold, at 411 Bolton Street. This West End jewelry shop offers on-premises custom jewelry design services as well as sales, repairs, and appraisals. Susan Antunes, co-owner with husband Antonio Antunes said customers interested in a custom-designed ring, even an engagement or wedding band, can simply come in with a picture or a rough sketch of what they have in mind,


and the finished piece can be ready in, at the most, a few weeks. Orders for these unique pieces increase around both Valentines Day and Christmas time, she said, but also around Mothers Day and the wedding and graduation seasons. She said she and her husband, who does the actual jewelry work, will suggest necessary changes to improve upon the customer’s initial idea and will take into account whether the customer will wear the jewelry daily or only occasionally.

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

“We build upon the design ideas they bring in,” she said, “and sometimes they’ll say we made the piece look even better.” The shop also repairs and refurbishes jewelry and sells both Portuguese and American gold. Asked if any design she’s been asked to create stands out in her mind as the most difficult or the most peculiar, she said, “Nothing is weird in the jewelry business. We can do anything. Anything they ask we will do. It’s fun work. It doesn’t get boring. If the customer leaves happy, then we’re happy”

the region’s coastal charms. Their new stuffing property was a former tomato farm, per“We promote the love ofIrish art and artists here” Submitted by Mary Delaney Murphy from

Terry Galib submitted her recipe for Portuguese stuffing, which is surely a meat lovers’ crowd-pleaser as it incorporates both chouriço and sausage. “It is my own,” Galib said. “I have been making this for a few years.”

French stuffing

Submitted by Louise Menard from her mémère Diana Bouchard 2 pounds ground pork 1 onion, chopped n 2 cups water n 1 tsp. Bell’s seasoning n ½ cup bread crumbs n 2 chicken bouillon cubes n n


Salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 350°F degrees. In a saucepan, place the water, pork, onion, and salt and pepper. Break up the pork and brown. Turn down heat and simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally. Add the two bouillon cubes and stir until dissolved. You may add more water if needed. Add the Bell’s seasoning and bread crumbs. You may need to add additional bread crumbs depending on how much liquid is left. Place stuffing in a baking pan and The Drawing Room is located at 36 bake for a half-hour or until the top is N. Water St. and offers something for browned. If cooking a chicken or turkey, everyone. Owner Anthi Frangiadis has put a little of the drippings onto the stuffcarefully chosen everything in her shop ing for flavor. featuring handcrafted pieces by local artisans. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day, she has the usual (jewelry, cards, and Submitted by Terry Galib chocolates) and the unusual (artwork, n 4 loaves stuffing bread (available ceramics, cast bronze bottle openers in around the holidays) nautical designs, paintings and textiles). n 2 pounds chouriço “We promote the love of art and artists n 1 pound breakfast sausage here,” Frangiadis says. She’s the artists’ n 1 large can chicken broth (or enough biggest fan. She can tell you the stories to soak bread) n 1 large onion, chopped n Several stalks of celery (as much as you like) chopped

Portuguese stuffing

fect for supporting the couple’s new hobher late grandmother Mary (Sheehan by: raising chickens. Delaney Fortunately for them, they had a knack n for it. Before too long, the amount Bishopsbased had Potatoes (decide on the on the number of people size more eggs than they knewand what to of do turkey) with. They began selling the surplus, and n Butter about how to expand the farm in learning n a Cream healthyor and sustainable way. milk To givechopped a sense of how successful this n Onion, expansion has been, the farm’s chicken n Celery, chopped population has ballooned from the origin Poultry seasoning, to taste nal 20 to over 3000. n Salt and pepper to taste While her husband has kept his IT job, Ester has mash been able to commit herselfmilk to Boil and potatoes with butter, thecream. farm full-time. She prides herself on or Add celery, onion, salt, pepper providing her animals with joyful, stressand poultry seasoning to taste. Mix all and free lives. “People should know where place in turkey. As the turkey bakes, the their foodwill comes from you canand really dressing pick-up the– baking juices taste difference,” said Bishop. of thethe turkey.

Green acres

Portuguese stuffing Bishop’s commitment to “beyond organic” farming extends beyond cuddles Submitted by Patti Linhares from her late and words of affirmation to her livestock. mother Mary S. Correira She ensures all the animals are provided n 12 torpedo rolls with healthy, organic meals, and that their n 1½ to 2 pounds ground chouriço waste is repurposed as manure. behind unique door knockers cast n 2 Tbs.those crushed red wet pepper “You canartist, see how greenwho the grass is by a local the artist painted n 2 Tbs. minced garlic where the turkeys have been,” Bishop that oil painting, the textile artist who n 2 Tbs. olive oil says. “That’s because they fertilize the created the scarf you’re admiring. n 2 Tbs. marinade (Michael’s Portuguese soil with their manure. Manure is the “And if all else fails,” she adds with a chouriço marinade) basis of organic fertilizers. There are no laugh, “buy the wine and beer.” She has n 2 packs of Sazon seasoning chemicals added, or needed, when the Westport Rivers wines and champagnes, n 1 egg, beaten animals do theirwell job.” local beer from Jamaica Plain’s Turtles n 1 Speaking ofcontainer animals doing their jobs, 32-ounce chicken broth Swamp and fun “Sassy Lady” bottles Bishop has conscripted her goats and n large chicken bouillon of1 sangria from the Sangria Lady. Can’t pigs into clearing away swaths of undern 1 onion, get to thechopped shop? Check out her website brush on the property – the “gnarly vines” n 1 cup bread crumbs (if needed) (anthifrangiadis.com) and do your that give the farm its name. n 3 Tbs. parsley flakes shopping from home. Gnarly Vines coordinates with neighn Black pepper, to taste boring farms to provide its customers with a variety of sustainable andgarlic, organic Sauté chouriço, pepper sauce, products. Angus sazon, beef, for instance, will onion, marinade, black pepper, and selluntil out cooked almost as soon as it comes into oil well. A day before maksea glass designs from both local and stock. ing dressing, chop rolls into small pieces. international designers, from rings and But the farm is not terrestrial Place bread back intobound its bagbyand cut necklaces to earrings and bracelets. limitations: the Bishops have partnered holes in bag to let air in and dry bread. In SheCaptain’s noted thatFinest she sells such a variety with Sakonnet a large saucepan heatand broth (not too hot). of jewelry pieces from around the world Lobster to bring seafood to market. Add bouillon andfresh let dissolve completeeach year that there’s no one best seller is particularly proud ofbeaten a new inily.Bishop Add bread and mix well. Add during at Valentine season. tiative the farm: food security commuegg, mix well. Add chouriço mixture, and Referring to the effects of(CSA) the nity supported agriculture plans. mix well. Pour into 9x12 pan andCOVID-19 bake at pandemic on her bottom line, she said, CSAs, popular among farms nation350°F degrees for 30 minutes until the “Sales go upcustomers at this time year. made This year wide, toofpre-purchase top is allow crusty. (Tastes best when it will bebefore unpredictable, but I amThis happy are “shares” of theitfarm’s produce, which the day is to be eaten). that wecan keep busy. We are fortunate to recipe also be used to make stuffed have the support of our local customers.” quahogs. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

“This year will be unpredictable but we keep busy”

Bell’s to taste To findSeasoning, Valentine gift jewelry with more Sauté onion and celery set aside. of an international flair, goand to BeJeweled, Brown chouriço and sausage and set at 26 Centre Street. aside. Cut bread into small pieces and The deceptively small shop near the soak in chicken broth. Squeeze the corner of North Water Street offersbread an so it’s not too wet, just moist. Add the eclectic mix of limited-edition designer cooked sausage and chouriço, onion and jewelry from around the world. Shop celery, and mix. Add the Bell’s Seasoning. owner Pamela Arruda noted that what she Place mixture, roughly 1½ to 2 inches offers is available both in her shop and on high, in a 10x12 baking pan. (There may her website, shopbejeweledonline.com. be more stuffing than can fit in one pan. It Forbe Valentines gift giving year can frozen forDay another day ifthis desired.) she is featuring sterling silver and 14-carat Put some pats of butter on top. Bake at gold jewelry withuntil a variety of nautical 350°F degrees browned. n

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21 TheFebruary South Coast | November 2020 The South 2021Insider | The South Coast Insider 9 Coast In


Stone’s secrets By Deborah Allard Dion

They start out naked and dirty, but are soon transformed by imagination and paint into mini works of art meant to inspire a simple smile.


nyone can become a member of Kindred Rocks (or KROCKS), a local group that embellishes rocks with kind words, inspirational messages, and images – all hand-painted with love and left for others to find as they go about their day. This global rock painting movement with home-grown chapters like KROCKS has become a mission of spreading kindness. A passion for its artists. And a respite from trying times. “I feel like a kindness warrior when I leave a rock behind for someone to find,” said KROCKS member Beth Donovan. “I hope to inspire anyone who is struggling. We have all been through so much this past year.” The premise of KROCKS is simple: rocks are painted and then “hidden,” often in plain sight. Kindness rocks turn up in parks, walking trails, nursing homes, hospitals, beaches, outside convenience stores and restaurants, and basically anywhere in the community. On the back of each rock,


members sign or label their work so finders can locate the artist and movement on Facebook. Donovan said members “get excited” when the finder posts their rock on Facebook. The finder can keep the rock or hide it for someone else to find.

after painting in another group. She said she loves “everything about it.” “The group started with sharing our creations with one another and quickly became us sharing our lives with one another,” Robitaille said. “We all encourage and support one another. It’s more than a

“ It’s more than a Facebook group, it’s a family where we are all trying to spread kindness one rock at a time” “My favorite part of hiding them is just waiting for the right moment or place that feels right with the affirmation on the rock,” said member Elizabeth Goulart Pacheco. While rocks are placed in the community, members mainly paint solely and then meet on the KROCKS Facebook page to share their creations, where they have found friendship and support. KROCKS founder Hope Robitaille started the Fall River-based group in August

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

Facebook group, it’s a family where we are all trying to spread kindness one rock at a time.”

Natural canvas

Many of the members have no artsy background, and often start by trying their hand with simple drawings and designs. “We are our own worst critics,” Robitaille said. “I often hear people say that they are not an artist or they feel intimidated by some

of the rocks they’ve seen online. I always encourage those individuals to let their creativity run wild and to post a pic and see for themselves the positive feedback they’ll receive.” Robitaille enjoys painting movie and cartoon characters on her rocks. Pacheco gravitates toward nature and beach themed images. “My happy places,” she said. Donovan’s favorite theme is mandalas, and she’s painted hundreds of intricate designs since the pandemic began nearly a year ago. Each design can take 30 to 90 minutes to complete. More intricate patterns may take her a day or two. “I paint every night after my three-year-old goes to bed,” Donovan said. She said she is “not an artist,” but simply practiced in her chosen theme. “If I can do it anyone can.” She said her New Year’s resolution is to improve her drawing skills by watching online tutorials. “I love the symbolism: everything is connected,”

Donovan said. “It’s a spiritual journey for me. I spend my time and energy creating mandalas and then they disappear into the world to connect with others. I need to use breathing exercises while I’m making them to steady my hand, so it’s therapeutic on many levels.” Pacheco creates five to ten rocks per day and enjoys painting “every moment I have some free time.” She travels through her day with a “rocks survival kit” that includes a few naked rocks and some paint pens so she can create and inspire kindness anytime the mood strikes. “I hope to inspire more random acts of kindness to unsuspecting residents and promote respect and consideration for others while being the light in what can sometimes be a dim world,” Pacheco said. It’s not surprising that one of the themes most members enjoy creating are memorial rocks for loved ones who have passed on, and special rocks for grieving friends and family. Many of the members enjoy creating rock art with their children as a family kindness project. “While we all have our own styles, each and every creation is a magnificent work of art,” Robitaille said. “The kindness rocks movement is for all ages and is a great, safe family activity.” A major benefit to rock painting is the high personal reward and the low monetary cost. Donovan said supplies are “super inexpensive.” She said most of her paints cost roughly 99 cents each. “You can start making mandalas with Q-tips and pencil erasers. I did splurge on pens. They were about $40.” Donovan said KROCKS has become a community where

Thinking about becoming a kindness warrior? Here’s how to get started:


Join the “Kindred Rocks (KROCKS)” Facebook page (Other local groups can also be found on Facebook including Dream Rocks, SouthCoast Rocks, Bristol County Rocks, and Riva Rocks.)


Find some “naked” rocks of your chosen size and shape and give them a wash. Dry completely.


Purchase acrylic paints, paint brushes, pens, and markers. Nail polish (which has a built-in brush) can also be used. Stickers can be used in lieu of painting or drawing, or incorporated into the design.

4 5

Go wild and create!

On the back of your rock, write in the group name and Facebook page so finders can follow the group and post photos.

508-674-0709 or 888-333-8OIL (645)


Seal rocks with Mod Podge or a like-sealant to preserve the design.


Spread kindness by finding places to “hide” your rocks where they can easily be found. inspiration and support is abundant, which is especially needed during a time when so many are struggling. “If you want to get started, just start painting,” Donovan said. “Don’t think about it too much. Get some paint and a brush and let the rock speak to you.”



Best Oil Prices - Delivered Promptly MA & RI Automated Delivery & Bulk Pricing Available Most Major Credit Cards Accepted 46 Oak Grove Avenue, Fall River

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A culinary crown jewel by Michael J. DeCicco

The co-owner of downtown New Bedford’s The Greasy Luck and Rose Alley Ale House didn’t buy a third restaurant just to add another eatery onto a list.


nstead, Carmine’s at Candleworks, at 72 North Water Street, represents a personal goal for Howie Mallowes. “I had always wanted an Italian Restaurant, and this was my opportunity,” he explained. His roots in Italian cuisine are deep. He said his great grandmother opened one of the first Italian restaurants in Boston’s north end, Mother Anna’s Restaurant on Hanover Street, in 1933. He grew up at the Italian restaurant Harry’s LaCasa Mia that his family ran in Raynham. “I grew up in this business,” he said. “My grandfather started it, then my uncle ran it. My mother trained me on the family recipes. I know the business.”

Mallowes has owned Greasy Luck since 2017 and Rose Alley since 2009. “I knew I could run this one too,” he said. Last year he noticed that Carmine’s was still closed late into the COVID-19 shutdown, and Mallowes approached the owner about selling the business to him so he could revitalize it. Instead, the owner offered to sell him the entire building. He and his business partner Alfred Peters agreed, and they decided to reopen Carmine’s as soon as the transfer of ownership was complete. Mallowes said he’s been able to bring back about 90 percent of the restaurant staff and keep mostly the same menu. The latter accomplishment is made pos-

sible through the retention of Carmine’s chef, Joe Melo. “That’s been all up to him,” Mallowes said. What’s different on the menu now, he said, are family recipe dishes with the family’s original marinara sauce, like with the “Chicken Exquisito” sauteed in Marsala wine with butter, thick slices of salami, fresh mozzarella cheese, and linguine pasta. Under appetizers, there are the baked cherrystones, cooked on the half shell with stuffing, seasoned butter, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese, as well as the sauteed stuffed mushrooms, with seasoned butter, chopped garlic and Ritz cracker crumb stuffing.

Serving safety

Mallowes said he’s been able to keep mostly the same menu with added family recipe dishes including their marinara sauce 12

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

Mallowes has also had to make updates to abide my COVID-19 restrictions. He had taken a good look at rearranging the dining room floor and spaced tables at least six feet apart from each other. There are a plethora of hand sanitizer stations for the staff. Staff needed to be trained on COVID-19 safety protocols.


Monday is $5.99 pizza night; he’s kept the facility’s dedicated pizza oven in place. High-top tables were placed against the bar because no sitting at the bar would be allowed. He has had to accommodate more to-go orders and more reservations. Despite the current harsh realities in being a restaurant in COVD times, he said, “business has been pretty good. Weekends, we can’t find a table for someone sometimes. We’re doing a good job keeping people safe, both our customers and our staff. We do deep cleaning once a week. Most other restaurants don’t do that that often.” Carmine’s weekly specials are particularly popular, Mallowes said. Monday is $5.99 pizza night; he’s kept the facility’s dedicated pizza oven in place. Tuesdays offer a dinner-for-two special: two entrees and a bottle of wine or two entrees, an appetizer, and desserts for $49. On sundays there is an 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. brunch that mixes breakfast items with an item or two from the Italian dinner menu. Mallowes said he hopes that live entertainment will be part of Carmine’s post-COVID-restriction future. “I’d like to have pianos in here, maybe violins. Live instrumental music to dine by. Dueling piano night. Expand the outdoor area with a half-cover overhang for more use in more seasons. And Mallowes knows how to keep his customers happy. “We’ll be serving more varieties of pizza as well as other family recipes in the future too,” he added. To learn more about Carmine’s, see the menu, order out, and make reservations, visit carminesatcandleworks.com.

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Love the way you look with custom jewelry design by our skilled jewelers. Jewelry repairs available right on the premises.

We speak Spanish, English and Portuguese

508-636-2065 • AMBERROSES.COM

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By Brian J. Lowney

Among members of the hardworking seafaring Fairhaven community are well-known, deeply-rooted Norwegian traditions, including good food and a great passion for outdoor activities. Anne Helena Jorgensen, who proudly shares that she is “100 percent Norwegian,” is a Dartmouth Middle School teacher and Fairhaven resident. “Norwegians love the outdoors,” she begins. “We go outdoors regardless of the weather. There is no bad weather, just bad clothing decisions.” Jorgensen emphasizes that after the holidays have subsided, many NorwegianAmerican families continue baking and creating hearty, wholesome recipes that they enjoy throughout the long winter months. “When you come indoors, it’s all about ‘cozy,’” she tells. “In Norwegian, we have a term, hygge, meaning to create a feeling of coziness. It’s about creating a home, not just a house.” According to Jorgensen, Norwegians like to serve their guests hot coffee and something baked to enjoy. “I tend to be the go-to person for cakes,” she quips, adding that her aunt in Norway worked in a bakery for many years and taught her every time she visited Norway how to prepare various scrumptious traditional cakes. In Fairhaven, Jorgensen says she receives calls from people who want to purchase traditional Norwegian


cakes and desserts, sometimes filled with marzipan, for special events. “Over the years, I’ve also learned how to make many kinds of traditional Norwegian breads,” Jorgensen adds. In addition to baking, the busy wife enjoys cooking for husband John and their son Karl, and also serves a repertoire of traditional Norwegian entrees, including traditional fish cakes and another ethnic speciality, called lapskaus, a hearty beef stew made with beef, potatoes, and root vegetables. “This flavorful stew incorporates staple ingredients including carrots, turnips, and potatoes,” Jorgensen says. “These were the ingredients that I always remembered. You must have the turnips and you always had to have carrots, no matter what type of meal was served.” Following are a few Norwegian recipes to enjoy throughout the long winter and months ahead, courtesy of Mrs. Jorgensen:

in amount according to taste in true stew tradition. My son despises onion chunks but likes the flavor so I usually add grated onion into the cooking gravy. If you need it quickly a pressure cooker is a great shortcut. Otherwise I let it cook on low heat for a few hours in a good pot. The smell alone is worth the time. Serve with a really good bread and butter to sop up the gravy.

Lapskaus (Norwegian Beef Stew)

Add about a tablespoon of oil and the same amount in butter to a frying pan. Brown the beef cubes and transfer to a large pot. Add the vegetables. In the pan used for browning add the flour and create a rue. Add more oil or butter if

Lapskaus is the Norwegian version of beef stew. Turnip is the highlight in this for my family. It is one of those cold weather meals that just warms the heart and the soul. The root vegetables can be altered

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

2 lb. beef cut into 1-inch cubes or precut stew meat (it does not have to be an expensive cut since it will cook to tenderness) 1 ½ cup chopped carrot ½ turnip cut into 1-inch size pieces 2 cups potato cut into 1-inch cubes ½ onion chopped 4 cups beef broth or 1 Tbsp of beef base 2 heaping Tbsp flour

necessary. Add the beef broth or beef McGovern’s Family Restaurant baseShove with the sameFall amount 310 Street, River of water as broth. Whisk and let simmer to thicken. 508-679-5010 Add salt and pepper to taste. I sometimes mcgovernsonthewater.com cheat to make a darker gravy and This well-known restaurant and use ban-a capful of Kitchen Bouquet to darken quet facility overlooking Laurel Lakethe gravy. Let simmer few hoursbuffet until the usually packs themfor in afor a large beef is tender and theThe vegetables are soft on Thanksgiving Day. menu typicaland cookedtraditional through. turkey dinner with ly includes Paul’s stuffing, butternut squash, prime Norwegian dessert waffles rib, ham, and much more. The restaurant These waffles are buttery, sweet, and has beenNorwegians offering dine-in and takeout, yummy! make them in a including its locally famous corned beef heart-shaped waffle iron. My godmother, and cabbage, for 50 years. Here’s a proJohanna Risdal, and my mom’s best friend, tip: if you can’t wait until Thanksgiving for Helen Wilhelmsen, used to make the best a roast turkey dinner, you don’t have to – waffles. I couldn’t decide on which was it’s on the regular menu. better so I combined them both and have been making them for many years. There Merrills on in the is a little café myWaterfront parent’s home town 36 Homerswhere Wharf, New Bedford in Norway Johannes is famous 508-997-7010 for his waffles, conversation, and cozy merrillswaterfront.com atmosphere. I never do a trip back without This favorite function stopping in forrestaurant waffles andand a strong cup facility sits on the waterfront overlooking of black coffee. Norwegians love their the busy fishing port. But if fish isn’t your coffee. These are best served with butter thing on traditional turkey day, beSour sure (of course) and a really good jam. to keep watch for their holiday offerings. cream is a really delicious substitute for Last year, Merrill’s served up turkey and the butter. prime rib, all the sides like apple sage 6 eggs stuffing, and sweet corn and polenta ravioli, plus pies galore. 1 pint sour cream 6 heaping Tbsp flour

The Pasta House

tsp baking 1003Alden Road,powder Fairhaven 508-993-9913 1 stick melted butter (salted) thepastahouse.net In a stand mixer, beat the eggs and sugar If their Pumpkin Patch Old-Fashioned together on high for a half hour. Add the (now on the bar menu) doesn’t get you butter and sour cream and continue to inside, nothing will. Luckily, you can find beat on medium speed. Sift together a recipe in the sidebar for this drink and the flour and baking powder into the wet serve it with your Thanksgiving dinner mixture and fold in until mixed. Let sit for takeout atThe least an hour before using. Pasta House served up a spread Preheat an electric waffle iron sprayham with last year that included turkey dinner, a cooking spray and grease with a bit of dinner, fillet mignon, braised short rib, butter. Using a ladle, pour the mixture on and more. Currently, pickup and delivery the iron to cover the regular bottommenu, but leave is available from the includspace onapple the sides spreading ing their ciderfor sangria to go.during We’ll cooking close. Continue tothey cookdream just haveand to wait and see what in batches. I usually keep my finished up for Thanksgiving. waffles covered with a clean dish cloth while I continue to make the rest. The The Wharf Tavern in the refrigerator dough can Street, stay covered 215 Water Warren for a day before using. 401-289-2524 thewharftavernri.com Fiskegrateng (Fish Gratin) My dadstuffed used toquahogs make this a lot when he While nibbled by the came may in from fishing trip and hadtradisome water notabe a Thanksgiving tion, established in freshthe codWharf homeTavern, with him. It is still weird

1955 on the historic wharf that dates to the 1700s, isn’t all about summer. Last year they served up a feast of turkey, roast prime rib, sausage stuffing, and more. The restaurant currently offers dine-in and takeout, including some oven-ready dishes like seafood casserole and stuffed lobster.

White’s of Westport

66 State Road, Westport 508-675-7185 shop.lafrancehospitality.com White’s has been offering family-style for me toand go curbside to a storemeals to buypickup fish after takeout for growing so up when with fish freshDay offcomes the boat. months, Turkey Make sure buybet your fish at a good around, it’syou a good they’ll have a handle ratherSome a drumstick) thatseen too. fish(or market. recipeson I have Currently, the restaurant offering meal have macaroni instead ofis potato. I tend packages and platters like its “Taste to be a traditionalist to my dad’s greatof New England” that comes chowcooking. My husband’s dadwith always made der, quahogs cakes orhousehold its Italian it with potatoand too.clam So that is our package of salad, lasagna, meatballs and rule. We serve it with melted butter (yes, breadsticks. Both meals serve six. Also more butter) and fried onion. My husband available meal packs insists onare thedinner-for-two onion. like fish and chips, lobster rolls, bourbon ½ lbs. cod fillet boiled topasta just cooked beef1 tips, and even kid-sized and through broken up into flaked meatballs forand two. With more than 60 pieces years in the hospitality industry, White’s is accustomed to cooking for a crowd. 1 ½ large potato peeled and boiled and broken to tiny pieces (not quite mashed but small)

Pumpkin Old-Fashioned

E S T. 1 9 0 0


Pork • Meat • Chourico • Chicken Buffalo Chicken • Chili • Salmon Also try Stuffed Quahogs and Desserts HOURS: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat 7am-3pm

1729 South Main St. Fall River, MA

CALL 508-676-8605 Facebook.com/ HartleysOriginalPorkpiesFallRiver

Delicious Custom Cakes, Cupcakes and Desserts

3 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp flour

1 ¼ cup whole First you’ll needmilk to concoct cinnamon syrup. Mix ½ cup sugar, ½ cup water, 2 egg beaten and a three-inch cinnamon stick in a 1 tsp saltBring it just to a boil, turn off small pan. the heat let itcrumbs cool. Remove the 1/2 cupand bread cinnamon stick and discard or use it to 2 Tbsp melted butter to pour over the garnish the cocktail if you like. The syrbread crumb topping. up will last for three weeks in the fridge. To make the cocktail, fill a shakMix the fish and potato together and set aside in a baking dish.Combine Melt the¼ 3 Tbsp er halfway with ice. cup ofpumpkin butter and flour in the bottom of a puree with three ounces saucepan make the rue. Slowly add bourbon,to two ounces maple syrup, ¼ the milkcinnamon and heat. Remove from the orheat ounce syrup, one ounce ange liqueur, and two eggs. Add the and whisk in the beaten dashes orange bitsalt. Return to the pan and cook for about Shake well. 5ters. minutes and continually stir until the Fill two old fashsauce smooths and there are no lumps. ioned glasses with Pour the milk and egg mixture over the ice,and pour in the Top with the bread fish potatoes. strainedPour cocktail crumbs. the melted butter over the and garnish with a bread crumbs. twist at of 350° orange Bake forpeel about 45 minutes until and a cherry. the top is a golden brown.

265 Walnut Plain Road Rochester, MA



OPEN OPEN FOR FOR TAKEOUT TAKEOUT Monday - closed • Tue-Thu 11:30am-9pm Fri-Sat 11:30am-9:45pm • Sun 12-9pm

177 Columbia St. • Fall River, MA (508) 675-7018

2021Insider | The South Coast Insider TheFebruary South Coast | November 2020

15 19


Vax FAQs By Elizabeth Morse Read

D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy that changed the course of WWII, was a massive mobilization. The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is worthy of comparison – “V-Day” – a global race to fight an existential enemy that threatens everyone everywhere. But as with any bold new endeavor, people have a lot of questions and concerns. How frequent are side effects after getting a shot? The vast majority of

post-vaccination side effects happen in people 18-55 years old and last only a day or so – soreness at the injection site, slight fever, headache, fatigue. They are more common after the second shot, so you may want to take it easy the next day. While potential side effects aren’t enjoyable, they signal that your immune system is in overdrive generating antibodies – and the side effects are trivial when compared to the complications of contracting COVID-19.

I’m nervous about these allergic reactions I’ve heard about. Should I be? The fact is that of the one million

doses that had been administered by Christmas Day, fewer than ten people had experienced a true allergic reaction after getting a shot. Anyone who carries an epi-pen because they’re allergic to certain foods, medications, or insect bites is at a higher risk of experiencing an allergic reaction to any vaccination, so they should hold off on getting a shot until they’ve discussed it with their doctor. But that’s why, when you go for your shot, you’ll be asked to sit and wait for 15-30 minutes before you leave – such allergic reactions happen almost immediately. The person


vaccinating you will be equipped with epi-pens and trained to recognize signs of an allergic reaction. I’ve read a lot of scary stories on the internet about the vaccines – do they cause sterility? Don’t use social media as your source of information about the COVID-19 virus or vaccines. Listen to public health officials in your state and community and contact your health care provider if you have questions or concerns. Vaccines do not cause sterility or change your DNA, nor do they contain microchips so that the government can track you. If it sounds crazy, it probably is.

How dangerous are virus mutations? Viruses (like bacteria) mutate

constantly – it’s how they survive. That’s why each year’s flu shot is slightly different from the previous year’s shot – they’re formulated to attack whatever variant strains and mutations that occurred in the previous year. The COVID-19 vaccines – especially the two mRNA vaccines – were designed to be “tweaked” whenever necessary to address viral variations that could lessen the effectiveness of the vaccine.

How long does immunity last after getting vaccinated? We will learn

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

soon enough whether it will need to be an annual event, like the flu shot, or whether a person’s immunity lasts longer than that, needing only an occasional booster, like tetanus shots. The immunity you develop after getting vaccinated is more powerful and long-lasting, though, than the brief immunity after recovering from the virus.

If someone misses the second dose of a two-dose vaccine, do they get any protection at all? A week or

so after the first does, your body does produce antibodies, but only about half of what you’d achieve by getting the second booster dose. Consult your doctor or pharmacist to schedule the second dose as soon as possible if you miss it.

Will we have to continue wearing masks and socially distancing after getting the vaccine? Yes. It’s not

entirely understood whether vaccination (a) prevents you from developing serious illness or (b) prevents you from becoming infected entirely. If there’s a possibility that you could become infected after being vaccinated (but be asymptomatic), you’d still be able to spread the virus. Until more research is done, assume that you are still a potential “silent spreader” after being vaccinated.

When will we reach herd immunity? Public health experts estimate that at least 75-80% of the world’s population will need to be vaccinated in order for us to achieve herd immunity. While some people may be hesitant at first, they will be more willing to get vaccinated once they become convinced of their safety and effectiveness, especially when they see the daily infection numbers trending down and restrictions gradually being lifted. But a quarter of the world’s population may not be inoculated until 2022, unless rich countries and global health organizations share the vaccines with poor countries. Otherwise, the virus will just bounce around the globe for years.

Can employers mandate vaccination? Yes, employers can require workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine and bar them from the workplace if they refuse, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A landmark Massachusetts case in 1905, which went all the way to the Supreme Court, determined that public health was more important than personal choice when it came to vaccinations. However, people with legitimate medical or religious objections will be accommodated. Likewise, in the future, businesses and venues – stadiums, airlines, museums, concerts – may require patrons to provide a “vaccine passport” to prove they’ve been vaccinated.

How were all these vaccines produced so quickly? Many people

have expressed hesitancy about the new COVID-19 vaccines because of how incredibly fast they were developed. In less-critical times, vaccines would undergo Phase 1 testing to evaluate the safety of a vaccine and to measure the immune response it generates. Then, Phase 2 would determine the most effective dosage and monitor side effects. Normally, each phase would take several months each, but the Operation Warp Speed COVID-19 trials combined Phases 1 and 2 to create a simultaneous testing Phase 1/2a. This reduced the time needed to achieve a year’s worth of research to just a few months. Phase 3 trials of a vaccine’s efficacy are done on a large sampling of the population – covering all adult age groups, races, health conditions – where half receive the

actual andshop half receive a placebo. Shopvaccine small, local! Phase trials can take (and years, but byat Why 3 risk your health sanity) testing extremely crowded malls on large Blackgroups Friday?(30,000Take 60,000), a vaccine’s effectiveness be advantage of incredible offerings incan your determined much faster. own neighborhood on Small Business Meanwhile, while all the trials Saturday, November 28, clinical throughout were ongoing, the COVID-19 vaccines the South Coast. Check out sbsshopri. were being manufactured and prepared com for shop-and-stroll events in Rhode for distribution. Normally, manufacturing Island. For that special gift, support local doesn’t even begin until after Phases 1,2, craftsmen and artists by heading over to and 3 finish, so this parallel manufacturing the Waterfire Arts Center in Providence scheme, while financially risky for the US to visit the safe outdoor pop-up markets government, ensured that the vaccines (waterfire.org/art-mart). And on First would be ready to ship as soon as Thursdays (November 5) you can “shop authorization was granted. In short, the and dine local” in Barrington, Bristol, and compressed COVID-19 vaccines timeline Warren (discovernewport.org). was accomplished by cutting red tape – Kick-off the holiday season at Frerichs not corners. Farm in Warren with “Girls Night Out” How can I best myself on November 6, 7 protect and 8 – buy your and my family until we’ve all been holiday trees, greenery, and giftsvacthere, cinated? The best way is to not breathe too (frerichsfarm.com). Then mark in anybody else’s air. The virus lingers in your calendar for the Newport Block the air in aerosolized droplets, so staying Party & Holiday Stroll at Bowen’s Wharf as far away from others as possible – and on November 27 – you can watch wearing a mask – is the best way to avoid the Illuminated Boat Parade while breathing in their expelled air. Stay away you shop and enjoy Caribbean music from crowded, poorly-ventilated indoor (bowenswharf.com). settings – malls, restaurants, churches, theatres, offices, airports. Stay indoors It’s your theimmediate thoughtful gifts as with family “bubble” much possible and don’t let non-bubble thatas count visitors in for more than a few minutes, And if you can’t find gifts for all the speeven if they’re wearing a mask. Wear your cial people in your life, consider buying mask when leave yourshops, housevineand gift cards toyou restaurants, limit your shopping no more than 30 yards, special eventtovenues, local farms, minutes inside a store. e-commerce websites, or grocery stores.

Use mail-order services to deliver flowWhen will life return to normal? ers, sweets, and specialty foods yearThat depends entirely on whether enough round to someone youand want to thank people get vaccinated continue toor to express your appreciation. practice good public health measures. who are in always hard to buy AsFor of those January 1, one sixteen Americans a gift for, consider signing them up in for had contracted COVID-19, and one every thousand had died it. We’re an annual subscription toof a streaming facing a viral now service, app,infection podcast, tsunami premier right sports/ because millions of Americans ignored movies/cultural channel, magazine, or the warningsOr ofmake publicahealth officials newspaper. donation in their about and congregating over name traveling to their favorite charity, educationthe holidays. Vaccines alone will not get al institution, or cultural organization. us to herdhow immunity ignore Consider muchifitpeople would be apprecibasic health guidelines social ated ifpublic you upgraded an older like relative’s distancing, mask wearing, digital capabilities with an hand-washing, easy-to-use and avoiding crowds, especially indoors. smartphone, tablet, or notebook – and Neither science nor the government can then helped to set up Zoom or Skype. rescue us from ourselves. You can keep the holiday spirit alive this We’re all inthough this together – life return year, even you may notwill all be toto “normal” when everyone commits to gether to celebrate Thanksgiving. It just doing their part. takes some imagination and good cheer!


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The South February 2021 | The South Coast Insider 17 Coast I


Winter Stock Up


Ends February 27th

Songs of the

heart Tue 10-3, Wed 12-8, Thur-Fri 12-5, Sat 10-5

By Sean McCarthy

F Featuring an extensive selection of traditional and natural fibers to meet all your knit and crochet needs • Thousands of skeins of yarn to fit every budget and project • Large selection of patterns & books • Needles, hooks, notions & accessories • Project help and advice • Finishing services • All levels of knit & crochet classes • Specialty project classes Check Facebook, our website, or call for current shop hours and class information

782 Main Road • Westport, MA 774-264-9665 www.woolsisters.com 18

or most people, Valentine’s Day is about making someone feel special. But Grace Morrison wants to do that year-round. While flowers, cards, and chocolates are traditionally valued gifts, Morrison is offering people something entirely unique. While she is busy crafting songs for her own albums, the Wareham native’s passion for musical creativity has been channeled into composing love songs on commission – a timeless gift that will last throughout the years “Everybody has a story and I enjoy telling those stories,” Morrison says. “It’s an opportunity for people who can’t articulate their experience through song. When you’re being commissioned to write a song for someone there’s more pressure than writing for yourself. The greatest

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

challenge is that you want the person to love the song you’ve written.” In addition to releasing three full-length albums of original music, Morrison has written 20 commissioned songs for others in the last five years. Her first tribute song was written for the passing of her father, and consequently friends began asking her to write songs for them. “When my father passed I wrote a tribute song, and shortly thereafter when a friend’s father passed away she asked me to write a song for the funeral,” Morrison recalls. Morrison had entered a new world of songwriting. Since writing those first tribute songs, Morrison has written as many as 20 more commissioned songs, particularly for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, as well as special occasions. One of those special situations was

Everybody has a story and I enjoy telling those stories

when she wrote a song for Kerry Keyes, the region’s coastal charms. Their new property was a former tomato farm, perMorrison’s personal trainer. During their fect for supporting the couple’s new hobworkout sessions, Morrison sympathized by: raising with Keyes’chickens. personal situation: being a Fortunatelydivorcee. for them, they had a knack middle-aged for it. Before Bishops “Grace took too howlong, I wasthe feeling and had put more than theysays. knew“It what do it into eggs words,” Keyes wasto a song with. began the surplus, and for allThey the girls outselling there who were feeling learning about how to expand the farm that there are other opportunities out in a healthy and feeling sustainable way. feelings there, people the same To give sense of how successful this I was too.aShe made me feel like there expansion has there been, are thepeople farm’s chicken was hope, that feeling population has ballooned from the origithe same feelings you are having – the nal 20 to over 3000. wonderful feelings of starting over and While her husband has keptwith his IT job, starting fresh. It will resonate others. Ester has been able to commit herself It’s a wonderful reminder of new begin-to the farm full-time. She prides herself on nings.” providing her animals with joyful, stressfree lives. “People should know where their food comes from – you can really taste the difference,” said Bishop.

Grace took how I was feeling and put Green acres Bishop’s commitment to “beyond orit into words

ganic” farming extends beyond cuddles and words of affirmation to her livestock. Andensures Morrison delivers are special She allalso the animals provided memories. Last Christmas Eve, with healthy, organic meals, andMatthew that their Monteiro of Rochester Morrison do waste is repurposed ashad manure. a “You “mash up”see version of twothe songs that can how green grass is he had the serenaded wife Portia during where turkeyshis have been,” Bishop one her med classesthey 20 years earlier says.of“That’s because fertilize the – “Heart Oftheir My Heart” and “Let Me Call You soil with manure. Manure is the Sweetheart.” basis of organic fertilizers. There are no Upon Matthew’s Morrison chemicals added,request, or needed, when the created of the two animals an dointerpretation their job.” classic songs, meldingdoing them into unique Speaking of animals theirajobs, Bishop hasversion. conscripted her goats and combined Morrison’s creative pigs intoofclearing swaths of underversion the twoaway songs was delivered brush onthis thepast property – the “gnarly vines” virtually Christmas Eve as the that give the farm itsaname. couple relaxed aside holiday fire. Portia Gnarly Vines coordinates with neighwas caught entirely by surprise. boring farms to provide its customers “These two songs are incredibly with a variety sustainable and organic meaningful toof me, and Grace’s version is products. Angus beef, Portia for instance, will also very meaningful,” says. “She sell out almost as soon as it comes into blended them together to create a unique stock.capturing the essence of both song, But the is notthe bound by terrestrial songs andfarm blending experiences. limitations: the Bishops have partnered “Twenty years ago Matthew had me with Captain’s Finest and Sakonnet serenaded with these songs while we Lobster to bring fresh seafood tospecial market. were dating and Grace created a Bishoptoisrecreate particularly of a new version thatproud experience andinitiativeitat the farm: food security commukeep special.” nity supported agriculture (CSA) plans. “I enjoy telling somebody’s story,” CSAs, popular among farms nationMorrison says. “It’s important to create wide, allow special customers to pre-purchase something for someone.” “shares” of the farm’s produce, To learn more about Morrison’swhich musicare

and to commission your own song visit ON NEXT PAGE her website atCONTINUED gracemorrison.com.

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Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policy as issued. AARP membership is required for Program eligibility. Applicants are individually underwritten and some may not qualify for auto insurance from Plymouth Rock based on driving history or other factors. Premiums will be based on verified information and the coverage choices and policy options that you select. Plymouth Rock pays royalty fees to AARP for the use of its intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. AARP does not employ or endorse agents, producers or brokers. AARP and its affiliates are not insurers.


massaudubon.org, asri.org, riparks.com, or stateparks.com/rhode_island. Quality Resale for the Whole Family Take a scenic drive along the South Coast’s Farm Coast (facebook. Schedule youror com/farmcoast-new-england) ESTATE PLANNING along the region’s Coastal Wine Trail * (coastalwinetrail.com). oninaMA guided Branch Manager/Licensed & CA check-up Go today! * Excludes gift certificates, expires 10/ 31/ 20 Seal Watch boat tour or a Seal Watch/ donna.winn@norcom-usa.com 624 Brayton Avenue • Fall River, MA 270 Huttleston Ave. (Rt. 6) Rose Island tour with Save the Bay, 508-679-0535 Fairhaven, MA • 508-991-2229 departing from Bowen’s Ferry Landing in www.janesullivanlaw.com — Call or visit Facebook for weekly hours — Newport (savebay.org/seals). Bundle up and brave the outdoors ice skating (and bumper cars!) at The Providence Rink at the Bank Newport City Center – twice the size of the Rockefeller Center rink in New York (theprovidencerink.com). Or check out the schedule for indoor skating at Fall River’s Driscoll Arena, New Bedford’s 154 Huttleston Ave., Rt. 6 Hetland Arena, Taunton’s Aleixo Fairhaven , MA Arena or Plymouth’s Armstrong Arena (fmcicesports.com). whatafindfairhaven.com How about running in a virtual race? fallriver.norcommortgage.com Hours: Wed., Thu., Sat. 10-5:30 • Fri. 11-7 Register for the three Virtual Trail Races NMLSID #43351 CO. NMLSID #71665 Sun. 1-4 • Closed Mon. & Tue. sponsored by the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust November 1-30, or for the Post-Thanksgiving Walk November 13 TheFebruary South Coast | November 2020 2021Insider | The South Coast Insider 19 29 (dnrt.org). And if you’re in the Wareham area, you can stay fit with Yoga with Laura at Shell Point Beach in Onset

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Looking forward By Steven Froias



his past month, Mayor Jon Mitchell launched the first of these initiatives, NB Resilient, stating, “In the midst of the pandemic, we in New Bedford know that the world goes on. There are other challenges we face, there are other opportunities we must seize – and top among all of them are the threats and opportunities presented by climate change.” NB Resilient is an action plan aimed at climate adaptation and mitigation. Separately, the New Bedford Economic Development Council launched New Bedford Sourcelink in December. It is a supportive platform that connects maritime, arts and culture, and main street entrepreneurs to a network of local, regional, and national resource partners to foster innovation, growth, and prosperity.


According to press information from the city, NB Resilient sets ambitious but achievable goals to help New Bedford achieve its vision of establishing itself as “a thriving, self-sustaining city that is culturally and historically secure, and ready to implement innovative approaches to prepare for tomorrow’s possibilities.” That entails being preparing to meet any challenges presented by climate change – especially crucial in a port city. Led by the Department of Resilience and Environmental Stewardship, arranged under Mayor Mitchell’s guidance, New Bedford created a climate action steering committee to support and develop the plan around six focus areas – climate and energy; economy and jobs; infrastructure, utilities and waste; natural resources; public health and safety; and transportation and land use – designed to cover all aspects of the city. “We know that our climate adaptation and mitigation efforts have to keep up with the times,” Mitchell said in a press release. “That’s why we went about the work of developing a strategic


February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

plan: to reset our efforts, employ the data we track, and stay ahead of the challenges that climate change poses.” NB Resilient is a roadmap and data dashboard (found at nbresilient.com) for everyone in the city to take action, according to the plan. It includes short- and long-term goals for a safe, thriving city – from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to ensuring the waterfront and port are protected from the climate change the world is experiencing. “New Bedford will continue to be a leader when it comes to renewable energy, we will continue to be a leader in energy conservation, and when it comes to climate adaptations and protections, we’ll continue to lead there, too,” Mayor Mitchell states. “Years from now, people will say that this was a moment when we had to step up. Let them say that we made the right choices so that they could lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.”


Meanwhile, another new tool for the city, New Bedford SourceLink, was launched by the New Bedford Economic Development Council (NBEDC), with assistance from the mayor’s office. NBEDC notes that, “Beginning in the late spring of last year, the NBEDC committed to developing a ‘game plan’ to better understand the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in the city and the assets available to help them. “Through a successful application to the National League of Cities to help fund this work through their Cities Innovation Ecosystem program, the New Bedford Port Authority, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, New Bedford Creative Consortium, Co-Creative Center, E for All, and Groundwork joined as founding partners to help fund the initiative and better support the individual communities of entrepreneurs they serve.” The founding “resource partners” of New Bedford SourceLink

have all committed to being part of the collaborative effort to help business owners build, grow, and scale their businesses as part of a larger community of organizations, groups and entrepreneurs.

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& books books & The NBEDC details this plan as follows: New Bedford SourceLink will be a one-stop, collaborative platformhooks, to helpnotions new and Needles, hooks, notions •• Needles, & accessories accessories existing New Bedford businesses accelerate their growth by & utilizing a network of existing expert servicehelp providers: the Project help and advice advice •• Project and resource partners. Resource partners, which are vetted through Finishing services services •• Finishing New Bedford SourceLink administrators, are organized in the Check Facebook, Check Allwhich levelscan of knit knit & crochet crochet •• All levels of & platform in oneFacebook, central search engine, be filtered by our website, website, or or call call our classes classes the user’s needs. for current current shop shop for Specialty project project classes •• Specialty classes For example, Sarah Athanas, the co-founder of the coworking hours & class class information hours & information facility Groundwork writes, “When my business partner and I 782 Groundwork, Main Roadwe MA of • Westport, • 774-264-9665 started invested hundreds hours making www.woolsisters.com woolsisters@gmail.com phone calls, sending emails, and• sitting down for in-person meetings. “It took a long time to uncover the information we needed to start a business, and what organizations and people were available to help. While this process was incredibly valuable and informative, it would have been great to skip the research and start building relationships sooner. What’s great about the Sourcelink platform is that the research is already done for you. All you have to do is search the database, and start making your connections.” That database can be found at newbedfordsourcelink.com. In addition to connecting local businesses, New Bedford SourceLink will provide guidance for licensing and management of a start-up enterprise, catalog business-focused events across the city, and host a running blog series featuring entrepreneurs across the city. The platform is powered by SourceLink, a national leader in entrepreneurial ecosystems. SourceLink is active in more than 100 communities nationwide, from Seattle to San Juan, an infrastructure that sparks, supports, and sustains entrepreneurship and innovation. Taken together, NB Resilient and New Bedford SourceLink seek to further burnish the city’s reputation as the South Coast’s regional hub in practical ways. Mayor Mitchell says, “It’s no secret that New Bedford is home to some of the most hard-working and innovative business owners in the nation. It’s a part of our history and ◆ identity,” ◆ These initiatives provide new tools and guidance for business owners to build, grow, and scale their businesses, and also for the city to tackle tomorrow’s challenges as a community while it emerges from the pandemic.

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Positive Synergy Changing lives, together

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A date with history By Paul Kandarian

Ordinarily, this being February and all, the month with 28 days that feel like 2,800 because hey, it’s New England winter, we would ordinarily be floundering in the seasonal doldrums, feeling morose and dark and depressed because hey, it’s New England winter. But hey, it’s a new day, a new dawn, with a new administration not hellbent on destroying a democracy it’s taken us 244 years to build, the ugly invasion of the U.S. Capitol in January by thugs pretending to be patriots notwithstanding. So I thought it would be fun to take a look back at choice February dates in US history (thank you Historynet.com) and adding a humorous twist because what else ya gonna do in New England winter? Feb. 1, 1861: A furious Gov. Sam Houston storms out of a legislative session after hearing Texas voted 167-7 to secede from the Union. Needless to say, that didn’t work out and Texas now is the biggest producer of oil, cattle, sheep, and loud, obnoxious football fans. Feb. 1, 1907: Secretary of State John Hay protests


Russian privileges in China as a violation of the “open door policy,” predating the most current impeached president’s offering Russia an open-door policy into the U.S. government. Feb. 2, 1870: Press agencies Havas, Reuter, and Wolff sign an agreement whereby between them they can cover the whole world. More than a century later, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and multidirectional informational confusion in general does the same thing. Feb. 5, 1788: Massachusetts becomes the sixth state to ratify the Constitution. Centuries later, the state becomes New England’s most wicked cool place and home to packies, rotaries, Dunks, bubblahs, Ben and Matt, and bangin’ Ueys, you gawta a f’n prawblem widdat? Do ya?

February 2021 | The South Coast Insider

Feb. 13, 1936: The first Social Security checks are put into the mail, thus giving rise to the American tradition of shuffling old people clogging up bank lines not knowing what direct deposit is or trusting it if they do. Feb. 22, 1819: Spain signs a treaty with the United States ceding eastern Florida. The US sincerely regrets that decision and wishes to cede it back. Feb. 20, 1864: At the battle of Olustee, Florida, Confeder-

ate troops defeat a Union army sent to bring Florida into the Union. The Union continues to regret any decisions that has led to the “Florida Man” phenomena. Feb. 22, 1902: A fistfight breaks out in the U.S. Senate as Sen. Benjamin Tillman suffers a bloody nose for accusing Sen. John McLaurin of bias on the Philippine tariff issue. In 2021, thuggish insurrectionists at the Capitol

building say “Hold my beer.” Literally.

only if you take Florida in trade. Honduras laughs and refuses.

Feb. 22, 1909: The Great White Fleet returns to Norfolk, Virginia, from an around-theworld show of naval power. Today, the Great White Fleet refers to the richest 1-percent and their around-the-world show of financial power.

Feb. 29, 1952: The first pedestrian “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs are installed at 44th Street and Broadway at Times Square in New York City. Jaywalking immediately becomes an Olympic sport in that city.

Feb. 22, 1935: Plane flights over the White House are barred because they’re disturbing President Roosevelt’s sleep. Eighty-plus years later, the same rule applied

Feb. 14, 1957: The Georgia state senate outlaws interracial athletics. But in 2018, Stacey Abrams narrowly loses the governor’s race in Georgia – the first Black woman in the

Feb. 26, 1973: A publisher and ten reporters are subpoenaed to testify on Watergate, a comparatively more quaint and gentler era of presidential corruption and criminality to Mar-a-Lago and other presidential retreats where you-know-who spent most of his time. Feb. 24, 1821: Mexico gains independence from Spain. Which still refuses to take Florida back. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Feb. 26, 1973: A publisher and ten reporters are subpoenaed to testify on Watergate, a comparatively more quaint and gentler era of presidential corruption and criminality. Feb. 28, 1924: U.S. troops are sent to Honduras to protect American interests during an election conflict. In 2020, Honduras offers to send troops to the U.S. during its election conflict. The U.S. says fine, but

country to be a major party’s gubernatorial nominee – and in 2021, Rev. Raphael Warnock beats Sen. Kelly Loeffler, becoming the first African American Democrat elected to the Senate from the South. Ya see, Florida, there is hope. Feb. 29, 1940: Hattie McDaniel is the first African American to win an Academy Award, best supporting actress, for “Gone With the Wind.” There have been just 19 African Americans earning Oscars in acting categories since the awards began in 1929, out of more than 350 acting trophies handed out in that time. And there is absolutely nothing funny about that.

February is American Heart Month Hawthorn Cardiologists provide comprehensive care for all aspects of heart disease. 

Meet... Interventional Cardiologist Charles Beale, MD Board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, and Interventional Cardiology, Dr. Beale practices General Cardiology and is a Structural Interventional Cardiologist who specializes in coronary artery disease and heart valve disorders. His subspecialty of Cardiology deals with the catheter-based treatment of heart disease such as angioplasty and stenting. He also performs cutting edge procedures to address growing needs of the community such as TAVR, Mitraclip, PFO and ASD closure.

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February 2021 | The South Coast Insider


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Waterfront and Estate Homes Additions and Alterations

NOVEMBER 6–8, 2020 WaterFire Arts Center | free parking

For the Love of Art

475 Valley Street, Providence, RI Friday 5–9, Saturday 10–6, Sunday 10–4 |Admission: $10

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finefurnishingsshows.com Annual shows offering American made, handcrafted furniture & accessories.

Are you looking for more space? Have you outgrown your current home? Well, I’ve got the perfect solution to your problem, 724 High Street!! 6 bedrooms, 3 full baths, just refinished gleaming hardwoods, newer roof, boiler, appliances, Discover more! Impressivebeautiful in store water heater, and so muchsomething high ceilings, front and back staircases and detailed woodwork at make this highlands homeop beautifully unique. or online anthif.com/sh


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• Back by popular demand: The Parade of Chairs • A wide range of artists and craftsmen offering handmade home & garden décor • Thousands of items in a wide range of styles, materials & prices • Student Work from RISD and NBSS • For your health and safety we will follow Rhode Island state COVID-19 guidelines

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Because you deserve it!

Assisted Living Accommodations start at only $3,150 per month....... Imagine, living in a beautiful New England country inn that overlooks scenic Mount Hope Bay. Discover a carefree senior lifestyle that provides a wonderful new feeling of comfort and security. Contrary to living alone in a large oversized house, especially when assistance is needed, the “Inn” at Clifton can be significantly less worrisome and less expensive. At the “Inn” we have no typical apartments—each one is different and prices do vary according to apartment size, location and specific features. When compared to other assisted living communities, the “Inn” offers so much more. Clifton’s almost all-inclusive rates consist of amenities that many other facilities charge extra for, including.......  Three delicious Meals Daily  Personal Care Services  Green House  Medication Management  Scheduled Transportation  Walking Paths  Step-In Showers  24-hour CNA Staffing  Emergency Monitoring Systems  Library with Fireplace

 Daily Activities  Registered Nurses to monitor your health and well-being  Garden & Water Views  Walk-In Closets  Housekeeping and Laundry Services  Fitness Area  Non-Denominational Chapel  Whirl Pool Spa  And Much, Much More…

You have choices in retirement, make the “Inn” at Clifton one of them. We encourage you to call Diane, make an appointment and learn more about the advantages of our unique Clifton Healthcare Campus.......and compare.

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The South Coast Insider - February 2021  

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