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OVERVIEW Florida Coastal School of Law and Jacksonville University’s Public Policy Institute have created a joint degree program through which qualified students may pursue a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Master in Public Policy degree from both schools simultaneously. Graduates with a joint JD/MPP degree can develop a diverse group of skills to meet the needs of careers in government, politics, nonprofit management and many others.

Why pursue this joint degree?

As the first JD/MPP in the state, this program offers an unparalleled combination of legal and public policy education. The JD/MPP program gives students a more tailored education that will provide a competitive advantage when entering their field. Taking only four years to complete, the program shortens the amount of time it would take to pursue each degree individually and is accomplished through the collaborative work of each school’s advisors. Each student will meet jointly with JU and Coastal Law to develop his or her individual academic plan.

on the JD/MPP program, visit:

Danielle Noe Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs (904) 680-7659

How do I enroll?

Students with baccalaureate degrees in any field are welcome to apply. Coastal Law reviews applications on a rolling basis, and later submissions will still be considered. Applicants must meet the entrance requirements for both Coastal Law and Jacksonville University Public Policy Institute and be accepted into each institution. Additionally, a dual degree enrollment form must be approved by each school. Admission to one program does not guarantee that an applicant will be admitted to the other.


Juris Doctor and Master in Public Policy


JU Public Policy Institute will recognize 12 credits of JD coursework toward the MPP degree, and Coastal Law will recognize 12 credits of MPP coursework toward the JD degree. The total coursework will consist of 114 credit hours, with 36 credit hours of public policy coursework, including an internship (two-credit MPP internship requirement can be met through an MPP internship, qualifying clerkship, or qualifying work or professional experience) and 78 credit hours of JD coursework. The law school courses include two courses that provide a framework for policymaking: Administrative Law and Statutory Interpretation and Legislative Process.

Can students pursue only one degree after enrolling in the dual program?

Yes. Students may withdraw from the concurrent-degree program at any time and continue toward earning the degree of their choice.

Are students currently attending either school able to apply?

JD Degree MPP Degree 78 Credits of Law coursework

36 Credits of MPP core coursework

12 Credits of MPP coursework

12 Credits of Law coursework

90 Credits total for JD Degree

48 Credits total for MPP Degree

Yes. A student may apply for admission to the joint degree at any point while attending Coastal Law or JU Public Policy Institute. However, the length of time necessary to complete the two degrees may differ depending on when the student enrolls.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Juris Doctor and Master in Public Policy

Yes, financial aid is available for qualified students. Contact the Financial Aid office at either school for more information.

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about our school’s on-time graduation rates, job placement rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, student tuition and other costs, please visit

Juris Doctor and Master in Public Policy  
Juris Doctor and Master in Public Policy  

A joint program degree with Florida Coastal School of Law and Jacksonville University.