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Flipflopi Dhow








4. Diani Goat Derby

8. Malindi - History, culture, fun and food

14. Flipflopi - Kenya’s own blue planet

21. Toursim & conservation

24. Swahili on the go

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Cover Photo Credit: Barry Koenecke Photo of the Month: Andras Porffy , Rebecca Waller, Kelly-Marie Martin

Coastal Footprints | 01



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Here are just a few reasons to get down to the Kenyan Coast



14 | 2018

3 - 7 | 2018

22 Oct - 12 Nov 2018








5- 17 | 2018









18 - 20 | 2019




Coastal Coastal Footprints Footprints | 13 3

Diani Goat

Derby By: Kelly-Marie Martin Photo Credits: Petka Coner


he Goat Derby is an occasion for all, attracting a diverse crowd of people across East Africa for a day of goat racing, delicious food, champagne

and much more. This year will be its 18th Anniversary and has grown to be a well known tradition within Diani. Although the main event is goat racing, where people can place bets for their favourite goat to win, there is much more to be seen and to be done. With fashion shows, raes, face painting, bouncy castles, children fancy dress competitions and the chance for men and women to win best dressed and best hat. This event is for all and attracts families, friends and tourists, providing an unique day of entertainment and socializing.

However, the Goat Derby is more than just a fun day out. Being

The atmosphere is both joyous and friendly, attracting a variety

the brainchild of Diani Resident, Pauline McKenzie, of the East

of people from all walks of life. The Goat Derby never fails to

Africa Women's League, South Coast branch. The Goat Derby has

impress, with many residents dressing up for the occasion,

an incredibly important objective, which is to raise vital funding

wearing their Sunday best and showing off their hats of all

for charities and worthy projects in the nearby area. To date the

colours and sizes, all hoping to win the best dressed or best hat.

Goat Derby has raised over Ksh 18.7 million. This money has

It is not often that people along the coast get the opportunity to

made an incredible impact for many, helping several charities,

find an excuse to dress up, and this event gives many the

these include; the Diani/Ukunda Epilepsy Clinic, Kwale District

opportunity to do so. Children also get the opportunity to

Eye Centre, the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care for

participate and can come in fancy dress to compete for the best

Animals (KSPCA), Cancer Hospices, Women's Self Help Groups,

outfit. One cannot help leaving with a warm feeling and fond

Mswambweni Palliative Care Centre and Numuyumba Primary

memories. The most enjoyable part is certainly the welcoming

School – Special Needs Unit. All of which have had a positive

atmosphere and after the goats have raced and the event comes

impact on the local community. This year the East Africa

to an end, it leaves many wanting more.

Women's League aim to raise over KSH 1 million. So come, join and help support a worthy cause! There are many This year, the event will be held on Sunday 14th October 2018 at

ways you can contribute. You can help by sponsoring a goat,

Leisure Lodge Golf Club in Diani, there is a small entrance charge

which will cost KSH 14,000, you can choose to sponsor a race,

but rest assured that the money will be going towards a noble

which will cost KSH 30,000 or simply just come along and enjoy

cause. In total, there are ten goat races organised for the

the event, which from personal experience will be an

afternoon, goats are dressed in bright colours, so spectators can

unforgettable, unique and fun filled day.

easily identify their goat of choice. They will race round a small track, closely followed by their handlers. Many onlookers gather

For further information about Sponsorship opportunities, and the

around to cheer their goat along while enjoying refreshments

event itself, please contact: Tel: 040 3202130,

and a selection of scrumptious food. Between races people can

Mobile: 0722 346 142, Email:

enjoy the variety of stalls which have, to name a few, selection of crafts, clothing and jewellery, all of which are locally produced, furthermore supporting the local economy. In addition, other events are organised, including fashion shows and raffles.

30 minutes Fun ride Kshs 5,500 60 minutes Excursions Dolphin Spotting/Chale Island Kshs.10,000


30 minutes Ksh. 10,000

90 Minutes MangroveKshs. 15,000

20 minutes Ksh. 2000 per person (min 3 pax : max 5 pax) 0714 775 222


Fly along Diani Beach, past Chale Island, Msambweni, and Funzi Island. See the amazing turquoise waters and beautiful beaches from the air while experiencing the excitement of ying in a small airplane in Africa!

+254 (0) 727 462 244

Malindi by Tamara Britten


his atmospheric port blossomed when the trade routes were slicing across

the seas. Dhows laden with frankincense and myrrh, satins and silks, amber

and quartz cruised with the winds and the tides down the east coast of Africa, trading with the peoples of the continent along the way. With them came not only goods, but people, languages, cultures and ideas. These fused with the folk of the coast, making the ports at which they stopped multicultural, multi-lingual and multi-faith. Malindi, one of these ports, was first mentioned in writing by Abu al-Fida, a Kurdish geographer and historian, in the early 14th century. He also wrote of a river, thought to be the Galana River, that meets the ocean at Malindi, and stated that this river flowed from the Mountain of Comr – presumably Mt Kenya. In 1414, Chinese explorer Zheng He and his fleet docked at Malindi port – Malindi's ruler bestowed upon them the slightly unusual gift of a giraffe which they then had to take to China and deliver to Emperor Yong Le. Just before the end of that century, famed Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrived; he built a Portuguese church and erected a coral pillar that can be seen to this day, as well as establishing a trading post where his ships could dock on their journeys between Portugal and India. For the next century, Malindi was the heart of Portuguese doings in East Africa.

When, in the late 16th century, the Portuguese moved their centre of business to Mombasa, Malindi lost its raison d'être and gradually faded until Sultan Majid of Zanzibar conquered the port in the mid-19th century and established it as a centre of the slave trade. This nefarious trade was abolished by the Brits on their arrival at the end of the 19th century and once again the port fell into disrepair. Surprisingly, despite all these comings and goings, and the booms and slumps of the port, Malindi was only officially

Where to eat? The Old Man and the Sea For its location in a historic house and its scrumptious seafood. Baby Marrow For its tree-shaded terrace, attractive artwork and Italian pizza.

declared a town in 1903.

Osteria For its vintage photos of celebrities and homemade pasta and ice cream

One more event that pitched Malindi into the history books was

La Rosada For its beach views, cocktails and seafood.

its bombing by the Italians in World War II – making it one of only two towns in the whole of East Africa to achieve this dubious honour.

Where to stay? In the last half century Malindi has made its name as a tourist resort, and is particularly popular with Italians. Malindi Marine National Park – thought to be the first marine national park to be gazetted in Kenya – well deserves its nickname: the coral gardens. Come here to swim, windsurf, snorkel and cruise the seas in a glass-bottomed boat; with species of coral too numerous to name, exotic sea creatures and a multitude of migrant and resident birds, there's much to feast the eyes on here. Around the marine park – and the bays and beaches of this lovely stretch of coast – hotels, resorts, restaurants and night spots have sprung up, revitalising Malindi and making this historic port once again a destination of note.

Driftwood – popular with locals and residents alike, this beachfront resort has long been a staple of Malindi life. Come for rooms with sea views, restaurant with a menu encompasing seafood, steaks, burgers and curries, or just hang out at the buzzing bar. Barefoot Beach Camp – 25km north of Malindi, this eco-friendly safari camp overlooks a sweeping white beach. Kick off your shoes, and enjoy the exotic tented rooms, gourmet seafood and complete privacy. Che Shale – 25km north of Malindi, this beach retreat offers simple yet elegant cottages, organically reared crabs and a wealth of ocean activities. Come for kitesurfing, big-game fishing, kayaking and more. Neem House – this private house has Arabic arches, traditional thatched roof and hand carved furniture. Book your stay here for a holiday surrounded by Neem, fig and palm trees and enjoy the swimming pool and roof top views. Lion in the Sun – most famous for its awardwinning spa, this resort promotes relaxation and self-discovery. Come for Arabic architecture, Italian restaurant and fully equipped gym. Kilili Baharini Resort and Spa – fusing pampering with Swahili chic, this resort offers luxurious relaxation. Come for rooms overlooking one of the five swimming pools and seafront restaurant.

from DD’s Kitchen

Ingredients 140g caster sugar

125g blueberries (fresh or frozen)

180C / 160C fan / gas 4 and into the center comes out clean.


F ine Dining in a Magical Setting.

ALI BARBOUR’S Cave Restaurant +254 (0) 714 456 131 +254 (0) 735 331 002

Kenya' s own Blue Planet Project Tamara Britten


avid Attenborough's Blue Planet II is probably the most

talked about environmental programme of the last year. Why? its message is monumental. Plastic is taking over our seas.

The statistics are shocking. Over a million seabirds die every year from plastic. Global plastic pollution in 2014 was 311 million tonnes – the same as more than 900 Empire State Buildings. Over 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year. Plastic has been found in the stomachs of 75% of deep-sea fish. Only 14% of all plastic produced is recycled. By 2050 the ratio of plastics to fish in the ocean will be 1:1. Most importantly: plastic doesn't biodegrade – so this problem isn't going anywhere fast. It's simple: what goes in the ocean goes in you. Kenya banned plastic bags in August 2017, making it one of the first countries in the world to do so. But well before that, the innovative team of Flipflopi initiated their plastic dhow project. The idea was to create a dhow made entirely of recycled plastic and to sail it from Kenya to South Africa: 5250km! It's hoped that the colourful dhow, covered in bright flip-flops, will draw attention to the massive amount of plastic in our oceans. The team is attempting two world firsts: this will be the first time anyone has built a dhow from plastic waste, and the first

time anyone has sailed a dhow down the Indian Ocean coast and around the Cape of Good Hope.

Ben Morison, having spent ten years working on the Indian Ocean coastline, was appalled by the degradation he saw. When he came up with the idea he contacted master boat builder Ali Skanda of Lamu – whose first thought was that the project was madness. But when he woke the next morning he said to himself: anything is possible. The name comes from the flip-flops found on beaches around the world – and in fish stomachs. But the idea is more profound: when a lot of people care about something they find a way to unite. A team of 50 on a beach collected five tonnes of plastic in three hours. This was huge, but nothing compared to what the project needs: over 45 tonnes of plastic are required to make the dhow. The team estimates they'll remove about five million plastic bags and over 200,000 discarded flipflops from the environment. A recycling factory in Malindi called Regeneration Africa, using a melting machine and small crushing machine, are making the keel, ribs and planks: the most dense parts of the dhow. The outside of the dhow will be covered in colourful flip-flops. This month, the world's first dhow made entirely of rubbish is getting ready to set sail for the first time. The first sea trials will take place in two or three weeks. Watch this space! This crazy idea might be just about to become real.

To volunteer, sponsor or donate, see:


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Two beautiful 2 Bedroomed cottages set in secure garden oasis with a lovely pool and bbq area. Tiwi Beach is a 5 minute stroll. From: KES 12,000/ - per night (each sleeps 4)

+254 (0)73 3847 896

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Do you have a great photo of your holiday at the coast? It could feature in our next magazine. To send your photo and a short description to

Chale Island - Suite on the rocks

Credit: Andras Pory

Maisha Marefu 4 bedroom villa with private pool in Diani

For more info; or Kate 0729362437

In this article, we’ve included just a few ideas for getting involved.








Diani Backpackers +254 700 713 666

DD's Café-Bar-Deli - Diani +254 702 303 024

Aqua Ventures Limited +254 725 672 959

Diani Blue +254 705 479 146 Flamboyant Boutique Hotel +254 706 889 539 Sands at Nomad +254 725 373 888 Swahili Beach Resort +254 707 730 753

Jazzy Bakery - Diani +254 753 773 100 opp Kivulini Jolly Bar Pizzeria - Diani +254 782 736 663 Kokkos Café Bistro - Diani +254 721 565 567 Leonardo's Restaurant - Diani +254 720 501 707

Tequila Sunrise +254 714 775 222

Mi Lola Tapas & Wine Bar -Diani Diani beach Bahraini complex (next to Chandarana). +254 746 626 161

Kenyaways Kite Village +254 728 886 821

Nomad Beach Bar and Restaurant +254 709 538 888 Pirie Pirie's Restaurant - Diani +254 706 169 111

ACCOMMODATION MALINDI Driftwood +254 721 724 489

ACCOMMODATION WATAMU Mvuvi Lodge - Kite House +254 704 569 258 Ocean Sports hotel / restaurant / sports bar +254 724 389 732

The Cave - Diani +254 714 456 131 The Sands Mandharini Beach Bar & Restaurant - Kilifi +254 717 444 128

Distant Relatives +254 702 232 323 Mandharini +254 719 164 664

Bush Telegraph Properties South Coast to Kilifi Julie Trayner +254 734 331 023 +254 725 341 917

FLORISTS Pelican Florist Mombasa +254 721899 405 +254 733 742 631

SERVICES Sign Writing - Diani Japhet +254 726 007 525

Wild Living - Kilifi +254 791 183 312

LEGAL WATERSPORTS DIANI Raydon Watersports +254 725 672 959 Diani Watersports +254 708 358 095



H2O Extreme +254 712 121 974 Nomad Watersports Center +254 746 589 821 Quest Kiteboarding +254 706 373 201

Atsieno, Ngunya & Associates Diani Bazaar, Office #15 +254 777 361 355

ENTERTAINMENT Homemade Ice cream & Movie World +254 721 759 953

SUPPLIES DEVICENTRE - DIANI Diani Shopping Centre +254 723 990 088 +254 720 274 282


BAHARI MEDICAL CLINIC DIANI Dr. Onkoba +254 712 290 399 +254 727 856 493 +254 723 206 130 CARE & CURE PHARMACY BAHARINI PLAZA DIANI +254 728 702 388 +254 737 349 347

SECURITY Kenya Police: 999 (Police emergency hotline) +254 20 272 4154 +254 20 355 6771 Kenya Tourist Safety and Communication Center +254 20 600 4767 +254 20 800 1000


AIRLINES Air Kenya +254 20 391 6000 Kenya Airways +254 711 024 747 Safarilink +254 206 690 000 SAX +254 725 305 305

MEDICROSS COAST CLINICS Jubilee Arcade Mombasa & FN Centre Malindi +254 730 730 000 MOMBASA HOSPITAL +254 41 2312191 +254 41 2312099 WELLCARE MEDICAL CENTRE 1st Avenue, New Nyali +254 770 129 289 +254 20 256 9290

Skyward Express +254 709 584 500 Silverstone Air +254 740 300 300

CONFERENCE FACILITIES Kilifi Maghreb Hotel and Conference Centre +254 738 824 824 +254 774 266 444 +254 722 824 824

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Omari Remy


| +254 722 264 237

| +254 721 967 777

Patrick | +254 723 734 479 Samuel | +254 703 263 992

Here are a few basic greetings and phrases you can use to interact with the coastal Swahili people. Kenyan people appreciate it when you try to speak Swahili so please do not be shy, try out some Swahili and have some fun!

Basic greetings… • Hello - Jambo • How are you? - Habari Yako? • I am fine - Niko salama • My name is… - Jina langu ni… • What is your name? - Jina lako nani? • Pleased to meet you - Vyema kukutana • Do you speak English? - Unazungumza Kingereza? • Goodbye - Kwaheri • See you later - Tuonane Baadaye • Have a good journey - Safari njema!

Useful words and phrases… • Excuse me - Samahani (to get attention or say something) • Please – Tafadhali • No – Hapana • Yes - Ndio • No thanks - Hapana asante • Thank you! - Asante! Cat - Paka Cow - Ng’ombe • Where? – Wapi? Dog - Mbwa Buffalo - Nyati • Here - Hapa Goat - Mbuzi Zebra - Punda Milia • When? – Lini? Elephant - Ndovu Hippo - Kiboko • Now - Sasa Giraffe - Twiga Rhino - Kifaru • I don’t understand – Sielewi Lion - Simba Wildebeest - Nyumbu • Speak slowly – Ongea pole pole • Friend - Rafiki • My friend – Rafiki yangu • I’m hungry – Nahisi njaa • I’m thirsty – Nahisi Kiu • Where are you going? – Unaenda wapi? • I am going to the hotel - Naenda hotelini • How do you say in Swahili – Unasemaje kwa Kiswahili • Cheers! (While sharing a drink) - Maisha marefu (Meaning long life) • I love you! - Nakupenda! • Help! - Msaada! Want to Learn more Swahili? Call Douglas on 0722 954 350 |

The Gift Shop @ Diani Shopping Centre Johari Glass repurposes used glass bottles to create unique glassware. We can also custom etch logo’s or images onto the glasses. Not only will you ďŹ nd your unique glass, we stock other interesting gift items, cards and wrapping paper. Tel No: +254 720 711 162

PADI 5 Star IDC Centre Learn to Dive- PADI Course from Beginner to Instructor Watersports Shop Dive & Snorkel Trips CPR & First Aid Courses Tel: 0700 934 854 / 0773 403 706 Email: Web:

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