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Fall 2011


Floatilla the beginning of a tradition

top 10 kid’s birthday venues dining out on a budget a vintage wedding, savannah style WIN A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR 10 KIDS AT JUMP N’ JACKS!


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"I worked hard and became a student of my game, short cuts, like sports enhancing drugs, never get you where and what you want, they simply give you a quick sense of satisfaction that in the end can have serious consequences." - Ray Lewis, 2 time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, All-Pro Linebacker



Working for a drug-free America

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From the Laptop of the Editor_______

Welcome to Coastal Events Magazine. After a year of talking about my dreams it is so surreal to see my vision come together on the pages of a magazine. Shortly after graduating from MCG Nursing School in 1999 I got offered a sales position in a large company in Augusta, Ga. It was here that I learned the power of marketing and how much I loved it. I quickly rose to the top and qualified to have my own branch of the corporation. In the spring of 2004 my husband and I moved to the Savannah area to build our sales business . Four years later I decided to hand over the business to him and pursue my love of photography as a career. I partnered with Chantel Angelino in late 2008 and began offering wedding photography on my menu of services. La Bella Vita Photography was born and we saw a 50% increase in business within the first year. This past January we produced Southern Girls Bridal Expo. Again realizing a successful venture, we immediately began preparation for our second. The idea of this publication came about as we be- Paige Williams gan to advertise for the bridal show.

4 Coastal Events



Where would we advertise? How do we know how to hit our market? What was the most affordable type of media? Who is looking for our event? All of the questions had us researching the wonderful world of media and falling in love with the idea of publishing our own guide to this incredibly social area. We wanted to develop a place to showcase all the exciting things that the Coastal Empire has to offer. Imagine a one stop resource for what’s happening in seven towns (Savannah, Tybee Island, Wilmington Island, Rincon, Pooler, Richmond Hill and Hinesville.) A free publication for residents, brides, moms, business net workers, tourists, and anyone who wants to be in the know! Coastal Events Magazine is now a reality! We will strive to cover the social and business event scene from elegant galas, weddings, and charity events to business affairs, tourism, dining and entertainment. We aspire to have the best and most comprehensive calendar on upcoming events for our area. As well as a top ten, featured wedding, A hot list of business professionals who are making news, reader reviews, and a special say cheese section in every issue. Although you may see many familiar faces, we know you will enjoy learning more about the people, places and events in this exceptionally social community. I would like to say a special thank you to my husband, family and friends, my staff, the communities and our founding advertisers for supporting my vision and collectively helping to bring this first edition to life! I hope you enjoy the stories on the pages of this magazine as much as I did meeting the people and learning about them.

Staff Paige Williams Publisher/Editorial Director Christine Barratta Advertising Director Gini Hill Christina Marsh Advertising Specialists La Bella Vita Photography Courtney Pegus Photographers Contributing Graphic Design: Parla Brigman Contributing Writers: Paige Williams Gini Hill Courtney Pegus Brian Stafford Sally Mitchell

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15Are you a georgia gem?

in every issue On the Cover...Tybee Floatilla:

Join hundreds of fellow floaters as they inflate the pockets of local charities while relaxing on the river Design by Parla Brigman Photo by Courtney Pegus


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Back To

School T

he end of summer vacation means goodbye to the laid back fun-in-the sun days and hello to homework, rules and routines. This can be a very stressful time for both parents and children alike. A parent’s attitude towards the approaching school year can have a big impact on the way a child reacts to the transition. We should always remain positive and try to be as organized as possible to ease the tension for our children. We have compiled a list of tips to help with going back to school. By following these few simple suggestions, we can greatly impact our child’s experience of school and hopefully turn nervousness and fear into excitement and wonder!

8 Coastal Events

Countdown To Class....... 2 weeks out:

*Have a back to school celebration. Plan a fun family outing to show your excitement about the new year and talk about what they would like to accomplish this year in school.

1 week out:

*Go to orientation. This is very important for your child to know how to get to his/her class and to feel comfortable meeting the new teacher and reconnecting with familiar classmates. *Get on schedule. Gradually change your child’s bed and wake-up times to be closer to the school schedule. Do a few trial runs on getting ready for school to determine how long it will take in the mornings, then add 15 minutes for delays and this will give you your wake up call time! *Get organized. Buy school supplies. Create a school station at home that will house all the supplies, calendar, and also be a place for homework to be done. *Arrange transportation. Will your child be a walker, bus rider, or car rider? Figure out the details now, and work out a schedule with your spouse.

*Have a safety talk. Pick a “safe” word that your child knows so that anyone picking them up must have the code. If your child is riding a bike, go over bike safety or if they are walking then discuss the path they need to take and safety measures.

First Day EVE:

*Get everything ready to go. Make sure outfits are ironed and laid out, backpacks and lunches are packed, and the camera has batteries! *Hide a note. To help ease the first-day butterflies, write your child a little note and hide it in his lunch box. This will make them feel special when they find the hidden surprise and give them a midday positive boost when you can’t be there in person!

The First Day:

*Stay positive. Make sure you get up a few minutes early and try to be upbeat. *Give yourself kuddos. Back to school can be hard but with a little preparation and the right attitude it can be great!

Coastal Events 9

Dining-Out On a Budget By: Paige Williams

When I began to track my budget and look at my everyday spending, one of the biggest “leaks” in our finances was dining out. With our fast paced lifestyle and unconventional work hours it is just so much easier to grab dinner somewhere than to prepare it at home. Not to mention there is no mess to clean up afterwards. But in today’s economy, eating out has become a luxury and can get pretty costly for a family. Most people would be quick to think a healthy budgeting remedy is to cease dining out completely. This doesn’t have to be the case. It is still possible to enjoy eating out when you are on a budget just by making a few minor adjustments and using some creative planning. 10 Coastal Events

Refer to the old saying: “Timing is Everything”......... The time of day that you choose to dine can greatly effect the cost of your meal. Most restaurants offer a “lunch menu” which offers the same meals as on the dinner menu but at a lower price. You can typically order from this menu until 4p.m. or so. Also watch for “happy hour” or “Early Bird” specials (typically served between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.). They often include half price menu items. By dining a little earlier you can beat the crowds and take advantage of the less expensive options. The day of the week you dine out is also important. Weekend rates may be higher then weekday prices. If you plan to dine out as a family, many restaurants offer “kids “ nights. Be sure and check out our “Kids Meals Deals” section to find specials offered by local restaurants in the Coastal Empire.

“One of my favorite super-saver discount clubs is”


ecome a Discount Detective........ Always be on the look out for coupons and discounts. They can be found daily. Check your mail. Some coupons come in an envelope from companies such as ValPak and others come in magazine or post card format. These often contain “Buy one, get one free” or “Free appetizer” meal offers that are specific to local merchants. In addition, there are sometimes coupons for restaurants in Sunday’s paper. Look into online resources, as well. One of my favorite super saver discount clubs is They offer a VIP dining card for a very Coastal Events 11

minimal yearly fee, which gives you access to discounts from over 150 restaurants as well as discounted gift certificates to local merchants. offers discounted dining certificates and you can search by zip code or location. If you do take advantage of these offers, be sure that you read the fine print as there may be some exclusions. Singing up for a restaurants e-mail or mailing list could also result in special discounts that are not available to the general public.

Pass On The Extras…

Appetizers, soft drinks and desserts can add a good deal to the bill. Appetizers can fill you up and are not necessary. Many restaurants offer free appetizers in the form of bread, hushpuppies, or salsa and chips. Some restaurants charge upwards of $2 to $3 for soda or tea so opt for water instead and save $8-$10 bucks for a family of 4. At the end of a meal, dessert can be shared if cost is an issue or stop for ice cream on the way home.

Order Big!.....

Consider ordering a larger meal portion and then splitting it with someone else. You can ask for an extra plate and just add extra side items a la carte to complete a second meal. This is typically cheaper than ordering 2 small meals.

12 Coastal Events

Save It For Something Special…

Save the dining out experience for special occasions or once a month. This makes you look forward to that night and it feels more rewarding. Brown-bag lunch for work and resist the urge for afternoon coffee or sweet tooth runs. This will pay off when you can sit down to a well-deserved and enjoyable meal. We eat out way more than I’d like to admit, but playing it smart and exploring different options has allowed us to enjoy dinner away from home while still keeping our expenses under control. Hopefully these tips will help you and your family enjoy the world of dining out!

Kid’s Meals Deals Dennys

Kids free meal deal Thur & Sat 4-10pm

Piccadilly Cafeteria

$0.99 meals Thurs & Sat

Moes Southwest Grill

Kids free meal all day Monday

Pirates House

Family discount on Sundays. Age 12 and under discounted.

Golden Coral

Kids 3 and under always free. Ages 4-8 $3.99, 9-12 $4.99 With dinner.

Chick fil A

Kids eat free all day Tuesday


$0.69 cheeseburger, shakes, hotdogs Sunday 12 and under

Texas Roadhouse

Kids free meal with purchase of adult meal all day Tuesday


12 and under kids menu from 4-9pm $2.50 with adult meal


Kids free meal after 4pm everyday with adult meal purchase

Atlanta Bread Co

Free meal deal 4-8pm Thursday with adult meal purchase

What’s the Scoop

Kids meal with drink 12 and under $3.50- $4.50

Captain D’s

Thursday 2 free kids meal with any adult meal purchase

Bella’s Italian Café

Mon-Wed two free kids meal with adult meal purchase

Dairy Queen

Wed 5-8pm one free kids meal per adult combo purchase

Rocks on the River

Kids free meal on Tuesday with adult meal purchase.

Coastal Events 13


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Re/Max Accent

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Do You Sparkle? Do You Shine? Will You Be Easy For Us To Find? Are You A GEM….A Georgia GEM? …..Do You Know A Georgia GEM? Coastal Events Magazine is looking for local citizens that possess the special or unique characteristics of a precious gemstone. Our Georgia Gems radiate with brilliance. They are highly desirable & extremely valuable individuals in our local community. Solid like a rock, they are precious like gold and often a hidden jewel waiting to be exposed. Whatever your individual facets may be we are looking to reveal those rare & admired treasures for all to see. Whoever you are, whatever you do, we are on a mission seeking for you! Beginning with our next issue CEM will spotlight residents of our community who have attracted our attention…individuals that possess special qualities or have accomplishments to be admired. If your or someone you know radiates that brilliant sparkle much like a diamond please notify us via email at coastaleventsmagazine@gmail. com , title your email “GA Gem Quality!”


? ? ? Coastal Events 15


National Cherry Popcicle day August 26, 2011

16 Coastal Events

nd the REST IS HISTORY..... When you hear the word Popsicle, fond childhood memories begin to flood your mind. A cherry stained mouth, running thru a sprinkler and that refreshing taste on a hot summer day. What started as an accident has become a childhood classic. In 1905 , an 11 year old named Frank Epperson, left his fruit flavored soda and a stirring stick on his porch. After a record low cold night young Frank woke up to find a tasty treat. His soda had frozen to his stick and when he pulled it from the cup the first ever “popsicle” was born. He named it the “Epsicle.” It was an immediate hit with his friends at school and had the same popularity with his own kids. They constantly asked for “Pop’s ‘sicle.” So in 1923, 18 years later, Frank Epperson changed the name and applied for a patent. A couple of years later in 1925, Epperson sold the rights to his famous Popsicle to the Joe Lowe Company in New York. Good Humor now owns the rights to the Popsicle.

Interesting Facts about the Popsicle: *Cherry is the #1 Popsicle flavor. *There are riddles on the Popsicle stick and the only way to find the answer is to eat it.

ÔÔ Cherry ÔÔ Applesauce Popsicles

ÔÔ ÔÔ -1 cup cherry flavored ÔÔ applesauce ÔÔ -Add a little water if you would like it thinner. ÔÔ -Pour into molds and freeze.

*During World War II, the Eight AirForce Unit chose Popsicle ice pops as a symbol of American life. *Over Two billion Popsicle ice pops are sold each year *Twin Popsicles were invented during the Great Depression so two people could share a pop for a nickel. *Popsicle sticks were first made from Birch wood.

Coastal Events 17

Tybee Floatilla The beginning of a tradition By Brian Stafford Photography by Courtney House and Paige Williams

18 Coastal Events

One of the original groups who started this Sunday afternoon float that is creating such a buzz around the savannah area!

The Tybee Floatilla isn’t a new concept.... Tybee locals have been floating for years to celebrate May birthdays. I attended one of these birthday parties in May of 2009 and it was a fun but small and private event. But in May of 2010 the event began to grow!

Coastal Events 19

A few of my coworkers and myself (we are firefighters for the City of Savannah) decided to get together and enjoy a day out on the water. We posted pictures from the float on Facebook and I started to get asked a lot of questions as to what the float was all about. Then it became my quest to see how many people I could get to float. I sent out a Facebook event invite for a Monday afternoon in June. We had 60 floaters participate. Everyone started asking for a weekend Floatilla. The next float was on a Sunday in July and we managed to get 125 floaters. This is when I thought up the idea to "Float for a Cause" and the Tybee Floatilla was born. In August of 2010 we did a Floatilla called “Will Float for Food� to benefit the Second

20 Coastal Events

Harvest Food Bank. I got a t shirt designed and sold advertisements to raise money. We also had food bins set up at The Crab Shack. In all 275 floaters came to support the cause and we raised over $1600 and 1600 lbs of food was donated! The next Floatilla was called “Will Float for a Cure” and was benefiting Cancer research. This float hit home for a lot of people. I lost my dad and uncle in 2010 to cancer. We had 325 show up to this float and raised $6000. Everyone began to talk and word spread like wildfire! But they all had to wait all winter long for the next float. The last Floatilla, “Will Float for Kids”, was held on June 12th 2011. There were 1200 participants who helped raise $6500. The event made the television news and we declared it a huge success. The next floatilla will be on September 25th, 2011 and will benefit The Coastal Pet Rescue. Come out and help continue our tradition. Support your local charities while enjoying a day on the river with hundreds of your fellow floaters.

For More Information Visit the Tybee Floatilla Facebook Page Coastal Events 21

Dogs, commonly referred to as “Man’s Best Friend”, can become essential members of our families. They watch as babies grow into toddlers, wait by the door for kids to return home from the first day of school, lay beside us when we are sick and share a bond with us that is unmatched by anyone. While the emotional ties are strong, it is important to plan whenever kids and dogs are going to be joined together in a family. Dogs are first and foremost animals and need to be understood as such. So Here are a few things to consider when choosing the family’s furry friend. 22 Coastal Events

1. Personality: All dogs, regardless of breed type are individuals. The breed type is an important factor but it is only one of the ingredients that combine to shape the temperament and behavior of your dog. Some breeds are obviously more suited because of personality. A family with kids ideally needs an intelligent dog with a good temperament and moderate energy level. A few breads to consider : Beagle- This breed can live inside or out, and loves to play and rough house with kids. They are very clever, train easily and are not too big. They also have a coat which is easy to maintain. Poodle- These dogs are extremely intelligent, easily trained, and love their family. They also have coats which are easy to care for and are great for people with allergies but regular grooming is necessary. Pug- A small dog with a great heart and a strong sense of family. This breed loves kids and does well with inexperienced owners. German Shepherd Dog: This breed is extremely loyal and protective, but MUST be well-trained. They do have a playful side, especially at younger ages. Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever: These breads are one of America’s traditional dogs and do great with multiple kids in the home. They are pretty smart, but they can

be very hyperactive if they do not get enough exercise. They also love doing tricks. Bichon Frise: This bread is soft and cuddly and loves to play, but is not usually too hyper. It is also a small dog, which is perfect for your little humans. Regular grooming is necessary. Great Dane- Although this dog is very tall, it is so gentle and kind. This breed is very patient and loves kids. He will need a lot of room and large space to run. Collie and Shetland Sheepdog: These are both very calm, gentle and tolerant breeds that often do well with children of all ages and sizes - kind of like Lassie. Regular grooming is necessary. Newfoundland- This breed has a high maintenance coat but it great with families as it has a naturally sweet disposition. This breed loves to be with kids and is gentle, kind, and patient. Mixed-breed dogs: Always a great option! Mutts are typically intelligent and well-balanced. Overall, they are truly amazing dogs! Plus, you are saving an innocent animal from a terrible life and possibly death. They also are at least risk for disease as they age, and are very inexpensive.

Coastal Events 23

2. Age and Size of the dog: Think about the ages and activity levels of your children and pick a dog that best suits your families needs.. Toddlers can be knocked over by an awkward, gangly puppy who does not know his own size. Bigger kids could crush a small dog if they are not always careful. You may wish to consider getting an adult dog that has been around children - a puppy needs a lot of extra attention. Larger dogs will need more exercise space and some small breeds require more grooming attention. All these things should be factored into your selection of the perfect addition to your family. 3. The training you provide. For Both the dog and the child: Training is absolutely essential! Make sure someone in the home can spend a lot of time training the new dog, especially if it is a puppy. Or consider the help of a professional and look into dog training facilities in your area. If a child wishes to participate in training, it should be done under the supervision of an adult. In addition, the children in the household will need to be taught how to conduct themselves around dogs. Respecting a dog and learning its behaviors is key to the success of it being a welcomed member of the family rather than a nuisance. Remember, though - your work is never done. Training your dog and your children together is a life-long project.

24 Coastal Events

Bringing Them Home Congratulations, having a dog is a wonderful way to enrich your child’s development and create beautiful memories for years to come. The bond between dogs and kids can be magical but it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to facilitate this relationship. Even though puppy dog eyes can be very tempting, resist the urge to bring home a new addition to the family without proper planning. Good research and preparation can help you find the perfect best friend for you.

Doggie Daycare Pet Sitting Pet Taxi Paw Parties

Bed -N-Biscuits Boutique Day Spa Obedience Training

Critter Sit

Doggie Day Care A safe loving place where your pouch can: be pampered, romp and play... ..while you are at work or away Jackie Tatum Veterinary Technician•Owner / Operator TEL: 912.238.0067• CELL: 912.631.6068 Off Dean Forrest @ I-16, 2 blocks from Southbridge 101 Sunshine Avenue • Follow us on Facebook!

Coastal Events 25

Safety With Inflatables By: Sally Mitchell

“Inflatable Fun” is a great entertainment and exercise for children of all ages but the recent news of bounce accidents may unnecessarily scare some parents away from this form of fun. Customers need to be in the know and correctly informed of what to look for and what to ask when choosing items to rent and which company to rent from. Here are a few suggestions as what to ask before renting an inflatable: Q: Does your company have insurance?

The priority should be on safety not saving a few dollars Q: Does the company do the set-up of the inflatable and what requirements do they have for set-up? The customer does not know how to set up the equipment properly and should be installed by the company. Q: How the unit Different types of

does the company secure to the ground? areas can require different stakes.

Warning: contains occasional coarse language.

26 Coastal Events

Safety Tips


1. An inflatable needs to be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES! 2. No headfirst sliding on slides 3. No flips in or on an inflatable 4. No pushing or horseplay 5. Don’t exceed the maximum capacity in the unit 6. Don’t climb over a wall to get to another part of the unit 7. Don’t put children of different ages in a unit together. Try to group together children around the same size and age 8. No shoes 9. No sharp objects 10. Do not bounce near doorways or sides 11. No eyeglasses Kids will be kids and they get carried away by the fun they are having and sometimes forget to follow the rules. An adult needs to keep reminding them of these rules as they do at a swimming pool. ( No running by the Pool) Are all inflatables safe? NO. If a company says they don’t offer a particular unit because it is not safe, Listen. Many times the customer doesn’t realize why an item is dangerous. A knowledgeable company is aware of these dangers and their insurance companies often won’t allow them to own units that they have seen too many accidents on. The safest bet is to use a company that has experience and knowledge. One that has learned over the years what the best procedures are to ensure a SAFE and ultimately fun time by all. Since operating an amusement rental company for the past 20 years and seeing first hand what causes injuries along with studying numerous articles on accidents, I hope this will be a helpful guide to making the public more knowledgeable in the use of inflatable entertainment. Such items are amazing fun along with a great source of exercise for today’s children, teens, and adults!

“The leading cause of accidents is riders not following instructions!”

If you need FUN, We’ve got it! Sun Country Amusements offers the Easiest, Most Affordable Entertainment for: Birthday Parties*School Carnivals Church Socials* Festivals & Events Company Picnics*Family Reunions Corporate Events*Grand Openings And Fund Raisers

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At Sun Country Amusements we are committed to giving our customers the best in safe, quality entertainment at excellent prices. We are more than happy to assist in your party planning and selections of our amusements.





Jump in Climb ’ Slidin in’ ’ FUN!

826-FUNN(3866) Check out our website for Open Play Hours 201 Commercial Ct. Rincon, Ga

SECOND SATURDAYS AT PUPPET PEOPLE! See fun and upbeat children’s shows, take a puppet factory tour and create your own puppet ! Open to the public ...... $10

Every 2nd Saturday-through September


3119 Furber Avenue, Thunderbolt, GA Reservations Preferred

Don’t Forget We Offer Fabulous Birthday Party Packages! Book Your Next Party With Us

Coastal Events Top 10 Kid’s Birthday Venues

The birthday party is an event that kids countdown to each year and that we as parents dread. There are invitations to mail out, cakes and cupcakes to bake, presents to buy, decorations to pick out, dishes to clean up, people to entertain and a budget to stick with. Well this year leave the planning to us. We have been to all the hip and happening birthday party places and done the research for you. We have compiled a list, in random order, of 10 great birthday spots. We tried to be as specific as we could to provide you with the most comprehensive information. We have included the largest package that each business offers so please check with them for smaller packages. We hope you will use this guide when you are planning your child’s next party and that it helps to alleviate some of the stress from planning the perfect party! 28 Coastal Events

Party Package up to 10 kids-$289 -90 min in party room with your own party host. -choice of laser tag or jumpzone bracelet for each child -2 slices of pizza per child -unlimited drinks -paper plates, cups, utensils and tablecloth provided -invitations for all your guests -Balloon for the birthday child -$5 game card plus 300 tickets for each child -no outside food or beverage permitted except birthday cake -Additional Pizza- large 1 topping pie=$14 -Limo ride for 8 to any JumpNJacks Party=$75 -$150 smaller package available

Princess or Knight Partyup to 18 kids $350 -Royal throne , shields and capes-or- tutus and boas provided for guest who need costumes -musical fanfare procession -party guest photo opportunity -inflatable sword or princess hat given to each child to take home -prince or princess puppet craft to make -all tableware products provided -party room with music -interactive studio tour -Enjoy a live puppet show

Mega Party Pack-up to 16 children $249 -postcard invitations -personal party hero -90 min in inflatable area(stay as long as you like after the party) -30 min in the party room -1 slice of pizza per child -unlimited soda per child while in party room -your choice theme partyware(plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloth) -Birthday gift t-shirt and open play pass for birthday child extras**** - animal land pet creations -color your own t-shirt $6.50 each child -panning for gems $4-$8 each -karaoke $30

BOWLING Party -up to 10 kids-$169

-2 hrs of party(90 min bowling) -10 pairs of shoes -invitations and thank you cards -Kids meal choice and soda per child -party supplies and decorations -Birthday shirt for the Birthday child -$5 game card per child -party host ADD laser tag- $45 for 10 ADD Balladium- $25 for 10 ADD child- $16.99

GAME DAY Party- up to 10 kids-$149 -party room -Invitation and thank you cards -kids meal choice and soda per child -party supplies and decor -1 birthday t-shirt for the Birthday child -$10 game card per child -party host ADD -child $14.99

*You may bring your own cake, ice cream, and goody bags Coastal Events 29

BeautyAND THE FEAST- $15 per child -movie ticket, kids chicken strip meal and ice cream ROYAL CINEMA PARTY- $14 per child -movie ticket, idividual pizza and soft drink THE ICE CREAM SOCIAL-$12 per child -movie ticket, ice cream and soft drink THE TICKET-$11 per child -movie ticket, small popcorn and soft drink

30 Coastal Events

Party Pack- up to 8 kids$250 -1 hr table reservation -Unlimited Mega Maze playtime -1 soft drink and ice cream per child -2 slices of pizza per child -Exclusive party train ride -Balloons -themed party paper goods -Bday t-shirt for the birthday child -Mega maze playtime passes for 1 future free visit per child -themed cake and grab bags -8 tokens per child -bday child gets an additional 20 tokens -party host

Barrell of Monkeys- up to 16 kids mon-fri- $209, sat-sun/ holidays-$249 - 2 hrs party time( private party suite) -Invitations -We do all set up and clean up -Gift for the birthday child -Drink for each child -dedicated party pro -paperplates, cups, tablecloth, utensils -1 birhtday balloon Food- you are allowed to bring bday cake with a reserved party. no other outside food and drink. *ADDITIONAL add ons -cheese pizza= $13.99 12 slices -balloons, and goodie bags -make it a theme party for $35 ADD child- $10

Choose from a variety of packages(painting, tye dye shirts, glass fusion) Prices range from $10 to $16 per child depending on the item you select for your party - 2hrs party time -Party room is perfect for small parties during business hours. - For parties of 8 or more we can schedule after hours or Sundays or we can even bring the party to you - You may bring refreshments, dccorations and music

Inflatables can be a great addition to a home birthday party. Prices start around $125 We recommend : The GREAT INFLATEstarting at $140 plus tax for a day- basic inflatable $165 plus tax -the basic inflatable plus one slide, basket hoop and punching bags

Pirate or Princess Party up to 8 kids- $225 -totally customisable -decorations -invitations -craft per child -2 sand wich choices and 2 desserts -party hostess for set up and clean up -goody bags -gift for the birthday child

-ORSuncountry AmusementsInflatable rides, rock climbing walls, pinatas, and tents Starting at $125 for all day rental Coastal Events 31

Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens

Visit Us

* 50 acres of Gardens and Demonstration center *Self Guided Tours * Picnic Facilities *Dogs on a leash welcome *Free to the public

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 12pm-5pm 912.921.5460 Get Ready For Our Annual Family Fall Festival October 22,2011 9am-4pm

I’m Bethany, owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes of Savannah, Georgia, home to the most delicious cupcakes you will ever put in your mouth. I’m thrilled to be able to share these delectable treats with everyone in Savannah, Georgia! Though a fairly new resident of Savannah, my husband and I have a rich family history in Savannah, spending many wonderful summers in our family home on Wilmington Island enjoying the beautiful scenery and all that Savannah has to offer, dreaming that one day I would live here .... and finally our dream has come true! My second dream has been to bring Gigi’s Cupcakes with me from Nashville, Tennessee, and to share these delicious cupcakes with everyone in Savannah! My husband and I lived in Nashville for 9 years, both attending Vanderbilt University. Following college I started a career as a Pharmaceutical Rep., and it was then that I began bringing the offices which I called on, loads of Gigi’s Cupcakes. Of course, I would often make sure to enjoy a few myself. Frequenting the original Gigi’s more and more, I started to dream about how fun it would be to be on the other side of the counter. What a fun, happy, and most delicious job! When we found out my husband’s job would take us to Savannah, what better place to make my dream a reality. And here we are! I feel so very blessed to be able to bring these incredible cupcakes to Savannah. Thank you for welcoming us into this beautiful city with open arms! ....Bethany

5521 ABERCORN ST, SUITE 100 SAVANNAH, GA 31405 912.349.2778





When hosting a big event, whether a party, shower or wedding, one of the keys to the event’s success is the main dessert. It’s a growing trend these days to pass up the detailed, expensive party cakes and opt for stylish, designer cupcakes for guests. But how do you choose what is a better option for your event: Cupcakes or Cake? Here are a few things to consider when planning the perfect dessert for your next event. And those in Favor of All in Favor of the the Cupcake........ Cake say I......... -Traditional -Elegant and Formal -More variety with shapes and themes -Larger “canvas” to decorate - Can be simple or can be decorated to impress - More leftovers for guests and guest of honor to take home -You have the traditional top layer to save for the first year anniversary.

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-Can be cost effective - Easy to bake at home - Display can be very creative - stand, shelves, shapes -Personalized -Fun and Memorable - Sometimes more flavorful than a fondant cake -Whimsical and childlike -Easy to serve -You can serve a variety of flavors(chocolate, vanilla, lemon, etc.)

Honestly, with today’s resources and experts in the field of baking, there are no wrong ways to treat your guest to a sweet treat! Depending on the theme, style, and budget of your event, the choice of whether to use cake or cupcakes really boils down to personal preference. More importantly is the time you put into how you present your treat. If your event is more formal in nature you may want to stick with the traditional cake but if you are planning a casual gathering that needs a fun flair then cupcakes is the way to go. In the battle of cakes versus cupcakes, we all win! 34 Coastal Events

Georgia’s Largest Indoor Playcenter

Featuring Laser Tag Arcade Games Inflatables Mini Bowling 32 Foot Rock Climbing Wall and Parties Book Your Party Today!

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The Best Of the Best DJ and Karaoke Service We are the Life of the Party! Available for Business or Social Events, Weddings, and any other Special Occassions! Locally Owned and Operated Owner – Brenda Rushing (912) 656-6553

A Vintage Wedding..... Savannah Style

Cameron and Brittany McClure Photos by La Bella Vita Photography

Add Accessories Dress up yourself and your bridal party in accessories like lacey gemstone headbands, birdcage veils, and Art Deco jewelry for instant vintage glamour. Pretty parasols make adorable spring and summer accessories. Use a birdsnest for the ringbearer and a moss covered basket for the flowergirl. When sending out invitations make sure they carry your same vintage flair. When the McClures starting planning their wedding, they knew exactly what they wanted. Something that reflected their style and sensibilities and most of all, their appreciation for vintage design. There are literally hundreds of vintage-inspired wedding ideas and themes out there. Here are a few simple ideas to give your big day some old-fashioned flair.

T he Venue When it comes to where your wedding will be held, search for a venue that will reflect your era of choice. A historic building, a small country chapel, or any setting with a rustic feel. Stained-glass windows, antique furniture, chandeliers and candelabras are all accents to look for when choosing a vintage venue. Brittany and Cameron fell in love with Whitfield Chapel, located at Bethesda School for Boys.

Keep it Simple When it comes to your decor, less is more. Muted colors, scores of candles and greenery, and touches of lace is all you need to create an atmosphere reminiscent of yesteryear. Arrange antique knickknacks, like hat boxes or perfume bottles, on tables for a charming touch. At each table, create centerpieces of your favorite flower; flowers were very prevalent during the Victorian Age. Mismatched glassware such as milk glass or antique liquor decanters make for great centerpieces with wildflowers thrown in for variety. Pin vintage brooches to your name place cards to add a little glitz. You can even place a few antique trunks around your reception space and throw some cushions on top to create seating for guests who take a break from the dance floor.

Savannah has it All If you are dreaming of a vintage wedding, Savannah provides the perfect backdrop. There are so many options to choose from that will transform your wedding from boring to vintage heaven - all it takes is a little research.

MPG Weddings & Special Events presents

A Bridal Show

“Under the Oaks” September 18th, 2011 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Richmond Hill’s dramatically beautiful and serene landscape is the backdrop for Under the Oaks. This waterfront venue is a refreshingly classic example of Georgia’s Colonial Coast with its deep water and preserved marshland that provide a tranquil stage for your special event.

The 1st 25 brides receive a complimentary engagement photography session Join us for a bridal show at Richmond Hill’s newest waterfront venue, “Under the Oaks”. Local experts will present and be on hand to provide assistance in making decisions about your special day.

MPG Weddings & Special Events 2591 U.S. Highway 17 Suite 202 Richmond Hill, GA 31324

RSVP Teresa Dilmore

Phone: 912.459.1500 Email:

R CK Her World! A Proposal Story that we couldn’t wait to share... My fiance’ is a teacher and I wanted to propose to her in front of her children so I waited for the school carnival to take place and I volunteered to be “The man behind the fishing pole wall”. It’s one of the classic carnival games that all the kids love. You drop your fishing pole line with a clothespin hook over the wall and you always reel in a great prize. I planned it out with a couple of her kids to have them bring her over to the fishing game and drop in her hook. When she pulled up the ring everyone began to clap and I appeared from behind the wall. I dropped down on one knee and told her she had me “Hooked” from the first day I met her and I would be the happiest man alive if she would be my wife. She said YES! ........Charles, Savannah Ga.

La Bella Vita Photography “Creating Fairytales .......One couple at a Time” 912-508-2912 or 912-507-3930

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From “Down Home” Barbecues to White Glove Service, We offer both corporate and social catering with an exceptional flair.

Fabulous Food at Affordable Prices



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Need Security

at Your Next Event?

SSI provides 24 hour protection services with fully qualified Georgia State Certified Security Officers, tailored to fit your needs. • Consulting • Executive Protection • High Value Escorts • Investigations • Emergency Preparedness • Site Security Assessment • Employee Screening • Armed and Unarmed Security Officers • Mobile and Foot Patrol 340 Eisenhower Drive Ste 1104 912. 352.4772



with Courtney P.......

Exploring an estuary on Georgia’s coastline.

One of the most interesting and perhaps enchanting places to visit in Savannah is an estuary. The Georgia coastline is littered with an extensive network of rivers and streams. An estuary is the region where freshwater from rivers and streams flows into the ocean, mixing with the seawater. Only plants that are resistant to saltwater can grow in these areas. Spartina alterniflora also known as smooth cord grass is a

salt resistant perennial deciduous grass that is adapted to thrive in very salty soil conditions and grows extensively throughout the Georgia coast. This hardy type of grass provides a complex habitat and nursery ground for many species of birds, fish and crabs.

Coastal Events 43

Smooth cord grass can provide hiding areas for many marine organisms such as crabs but it also provides food for numerous species of shrimp and snails. Sting rays are frequently seen swimming along the shore foraging for small crabs and shrimp. It is not surprising that many of the large predators cruise he coastline looking for food items such as crabs. Along the muddy areas along the coast several armies of tiny Fiddler crabs can be seen “marching” along the water line also seeking food such as decomposing leaves from the smooth cord grass. Offspring or babies of many other well-known predators such as Black Tip sharks also forage along the coastline looking for small crabs, fish, and shrimp.

There are even bigger predators that depend on Georgia’s estuary for food! Many peo-

ple fish for shrimp and crabs in the estuary.

This shrimp trawler seen here will catch many species of crabs and shrimp that use the estuary as a nursery ground. Georgia’s estuaries can be considered as an essential habitat for both large predators such as sharks as well as small marine organisms such as shrimp as they develop and mature in to adults. Estuaries are therefore very important for both humans and all other types of marine and terrestrial organisms. I tried fishing but did not have much luck!

44 Coastal Events

Why are estuaries so important? What’s the secret? The root system of smooth cord grass binds soil together and can therefore stabilize the coastline and protect it from being washed away by the waves and strong coastal currents. Tiny creatures such as crabs and marine worms live in the soil that gets trapped between the roots of this smooth cord grass and in turn can be used as a food source by larger creatures such as sharks, sting rays and several species of shrimp.

As the coastline is stabilized, the smooth cord grass can reduce the force of waves hitting the shore causing shells that are transported by sea currents to be deposited along the shoreline in large piles forming shell beaches. Some of the The accumulation of shells along the coastline also can enempty shells can provide shelter for different types of Her- courage the growth of various types of shellfish which remit crabs but are used by many tiny microscopic organisms. quire hard surfaces to attach to in order to survive. Oyster reefs can also develop along the coast and in turn can provide shelters for many other marine organisms. In the far right picture we see a tiny crab living in a clump of oyster shells.

As we venture up further into the estuary we see various types of larger birds that depend on the estuary for survival.

As beaches develop, they provide additional habitat for terrestrial creatures such as shore birds.

So there we have it!!! Our first Courtney P adventure along the Georgia coast!! Estuaries are vitally important for numerous marine and terrestrial creatures including humans. We should preserve our estuaries so that future generations could fully enjoy and experience the vast beauty that Georgia’s coast has to offer! Coastal Events 45

JukeBox Bar & Grill

Mon, Tues & Thurs - Texas Hold ‘em @ 7pm Free to Play - $100 Cash 1st prize, and $50 Cash 2nd prize Wed - Military & Service Industry Appreciation Night Happy hour prices 4 - 7pm and 10pm - 2am $8 Beer Pong Fri - Karaoke @ 9 pm Sat - Texas Hold ‘em @ 6pm Free to Play - $100 Cash 1st prize, and $50 Cash 2nd prize Followed by Karoake @ 9pm


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Come for Dinner......Stay for a Movie Visit our website for showtimes! 5 Towne Center Court, Pooler, GA 31322


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See Our Coupons in the What’s Happening Section! FREE Small Popcorn Free Game Of Bowling With the purchase of a movie ticket (Shoe Rental not included)

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Suprise, We’re expecting! There couldnt have been a greater joy. Except to discover that this baby, was a healthy little boy. Ten little fingers and ten litle toes, as perfect as can be.“Someday he’ll play for Georgia,” Dad said, “Just you wait and see!” That baby became a toddler and he cheered for the red and black. “Someday I’ll play for Georgia,” He said, “maybe even quarterback!” That toddler became a little boy who went to all the games. He knew their jersey numbers, and even all their names. “Someday I”ll play for Georgia, and I’ll wear that jersey proud. I’ll score the winning touchdown, and mesmerize the crowd.” “Someday the band will play for me, but not just any song will do. It will have to be ‘Old Glory’, the one I’ve sung since I was two.” “Someday I’ll run through that tunnel and hold my head up high, cause I know I’ll be a Bulldog until the day I die.” “Someday will be here a whole lot sooner than any other of us ever planned, so for today I’m just content being my daddy’s little man.”

Dedicated to My Little Football Star, Mason and His Die Hard Georgia Fan Dad, Tommy. I Love You Both, Mom

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Hearse Ghost Tours


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Randy Bocook Inc. Property Management Services A Better Way to Rent Your Home! *Tenants Pay Rent Online! *Homeowners are transferred their rent money within 24 hrs *Online 24 Hour Access to: Monthly Statements, 1099 Statements, and Repair Invoices


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Look What’s Happening! August 13th - 4th Annual Hugh H. Armstrong, Sr Memorial Kayak for a Kure, an annual event established by friends of former Savannah businessman Hugh Armstrong Sr. who passed away due to complications of diabetes.. Proceeds benefit the American Diabetic Association, $50 entry fee includes a BBQ lunch w/ drinks, live music & a goody bag. Suitable for beginners & experts....even 1st time paddlers are encouraged to participate. For more info contact Suzanne Willis @ -or- (912) 353-8110, ext 3093. August 13, 6:05 p.m.: Savannah Sand Gnats Community Night: Bring school supplies and receive a free ticket August 20th – 22nd Annual Peanut Festival in Brooklet. This festival offers a day of family fun & activities beginning at 7am with the 5K Peanut Run. Other activities include a parade at 10am, followed with day long Arts & Crafts, Food Vendors & live entertainment. The festival is brought to a close with a Street Dance 7 – 10:30 pm. For more information visit August 27th – Savannah’s Derby Devils –vs- Richland County. The evening includes 2 one-hour games, live music, raffles, giveaways and concessions. In addition there will be facepainting and a coloring activity for kids, The Derby Girls will greet fans after the final games for photos & autographs. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door, military, student & senior discounts of $2 at the door. Kids 3-12 are only $2, under 2 are free. For more information visit 52 Coastal Events

August 27th – Old Ft Jackson Auction & Low Country Boil, hosted by the Coastal Heritage Society 6-8pm, Free admission, food & concessions available to purchase, This annual event is the only fundraiser for Ft Jackson, a national historic landmark & GA’s oldest brick fortification. It includes a silent auction, live music, a low country boil, and activities all ages. For more information (912) 2323945 August 28th – Elegance in the Park Bridal Show, presented to provide a complete gathering guide of service providers for every aspect of a wedding. Along with exhibits from various service providers, the latest wedding fashions will be presented in a fashion show. $5 per person at the door w/ registration beginning at 12 noon . For more information contact The Richmond Hill City Center at (912) 445-0043 August 29th –Red Cross Blood Drive, Habersham YMCA 2 – 7 pm For more information or to schedule an appointment contact DeDe Roberts at (912) 354-6223. September 2 – 4th – River Street Labor Day Celebration, various activities & crafts all weekend long, Savannah Riverfront. For more information visit September 2 - 4th Savannah CraftBrew Fest, activities throughout the weekend will be featuring various events such as: Fri September 2 Savannah Craft Brew Fest Golf Tournament - $70 per person w/ Tee times starting at 10am, The Club at Savannah harbor

Savannah Craft Brew Fest Dinner $50 per person in advance, $75 at the door, 6 - 9 pm, Savannah International Trade Center. Sample coastal cuisine & favorite craft brews from Stoudt’s Brewing Company. Brews & Booms - Enjoy fabulous desserts while viewing Fireworks over the majestic Savannah River, $25 per person inclusive. Fireworks 8:30 - 10 pm Riverside @ The Westin Savannah Harbor. Oyster Roast & Fireworks - No cover, Food & Drinks a la carte, 7 – 9:45 pm Riverside @ The Westin Savannah Harbor Sat September 3 The Brews 101 - Educational Seminar, Free Admission, 11 am - 12 pm, Harbor Ballroom, Westin Savannah Harbor. Savannah Craft Brewfest Grand Tasting Event - $35 per person in advance, $40 at the door, 12 noon - 5pm, Savannah International Trade & Convention Center - Outdoor Esplanade. This event will be featuring well over 100 different craft brews to sample while enjoying live entertainment and the picturesque setting of Savannah’s Historic Riverfront from the Trade Center’s Outdoor Esplanade. Sun September 4 Craft Brewfest International Craft Brew Tasting, $50 per person in advance, $60 at the door, 1 - 4pm, The Westin Savannah Harbor Resort & Spa. Featuring breweries from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Holland, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Scotland. Beer vs Wine Dinner Challenge, $75 per person ++, 6:30 pm, Ruth Chris

Look What’s Happening! Steak House, Reservations (912) 7214800. For Information regarding these & other events of the Brew Fest visit -or- call (912) 201-2000. September 3rd - Labor Day Festival @ Fort McCallister, Richmond Hill, GA 10 – 4 pm Live music, games, food & fireworks 4 – 9 pm. An admission fee is charged. For more information contact Danny Brown at (912) 445-0043. September 3rd - Tybee Throws A Fit, Tybee Island Pier, 8 - 10am Lisa Wu-Hartwell, from the hit show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, will be show her favorite cardio workout.. Participate in activities of cardio & other methods of exercise such as kickboxing or learning how to belly dance A get together to celebrate fun & health. For more information visit. tybee-throws-fit-and-dance-party September 4th – 4th Annual Labor Day Beach Bash, Tybee Island Pier & Pavilion, Live Entertainment & Fireworks. For more information visit September 9th – Taste of Savannah, Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, 7 – 10 pm Tickets purchased prior to Fri Aug 26th - $50 per person general admission, $75 per person VIP, Tickets at the door $60 general admission, $85 VIP. For more information visit -or- call (912) 232-1223

September 10th – 2nd Annual Pooler 5K Race / Family Fun Mile Run & Kids Sprint, West Chatham Middle School, Pooler GA Sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Pooler and the Pooler Police Department Proceeds go to benefit the Warriors in Transition Unit at Ft. Stewart. Activities will also include a huge post party race including a helicopter and military demonstrations. Prizes will be awarded. For more information visit

September 23rd & 24th - Effingham Oktober Fest, Rincon’s McCall Plaza, located at the corner of McCall Road & Highway 21. Fri noon - 11pm, Sat 9am – 11pm. Arts & Crafts, food, beverage, children’s activities, nonstop entertainment. Also featuring the best Strudel baking contest & the best facial whiskers contest. Bring your chairs or blankets & stay to enjoy the evening concerts. For more information visit Effingham-Oktoberfest.229.0.htmll

September 24th - YMCA’s 22nd Annual Heart of Savannah 5K Run / 1 Mile Walk / 1/4 Mile Kiddie Run Benefiting the YMCA’s Priceless Gifts Campaign, providing financial assistance to area residents so that no one is ever turned away from the Y. Race & Walk - Northeast corner of Savannah’s Forsyth Park, 8am Family Style Party September 17th - 13th Annual River- in the Park featuring Zumba, Health street Invitational Gymnastics Meet, Screenings, Inflatables & More.... Forsyth Park immediately following Islands YMCA the feature events. For more info contact Amanda Turner @ -or- GA FANS....Come Dressed in your Carol Tanrath @ carolt@ymcaofcoast- best GA Fan Costume. Prizes will be given for the Craziest Die Hard GA Fan & The Best GA Dawg! For more information or to register for September 18- 1pm-5pm Under the events, register on line @ www. the Oaks Bridal Show- Richmond -or- visit any Hill, Ga. Enjoy an afternoon browsarea YMCA Branch. Register on Line ing booths of your favorite wedding @ -or- at vendors at Richmond Hill’s Newest any local YMCA branch wedding venue. “Under the oaks” for information contact teresa at 912-459September 25th-11am1500 or Tybee FloatillaCharity float from Ally III to the crabSeptember 18-25 Savannah Jazz shack. You must have an armband, Festival Put a litte jazz in your step and visit sa- purchased at select local businesses, in to see the great order to float. line-up for this year. September 16th - Darius Rucker in Concert, Johnny Mercer Theater, Savannah Civic Center. Tickets on sale now $39.50 + S Chr. For more information on this & other upcoming events at the visit www. nsf

Coastal Events 53

Look What’s Happening! September 30th – October 2nd – The 27th Annual Oktoberfest on the River, hosted by the Savannah Riverfront Association, family fun for all featuring food & beverage vendors as well as handmade arts & crafts. For more information visit oktoberfest/ Forsyth Farmers Market held Saturdays in Savannah from 9am-1pm Now thru Nov 19 Skidaway State Park. Childrens activites every wed-sunday call 912-5982300 for schedule. $5 for parking. $1 kids’ Movies at Wynnsong 11 Savannah 10 AM Thursdays till Aug. 25 2011. 912-920-3994

October 3rd - YMCA Pumpkin Patch Opens, Islands YMCA Oct 3-14, 10:15am - 12:15pm This program is for daycare, school, church or community groups of children K-2nd grade; however previous registration is required. The YMCA will be accepting reservations beginning in September. For more information contact Erica Lee @ -or- Melissa Wood @ Octobe7th – October 9th The 7th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Festival featuring a Pirate Victory Parade, Live Entertainment, Costume Contests, Children’s Activities and the Thieves For more information visit. www.

Story Time with Sara Jane August Dates:11 AM Wed. Aug. 10, Wed. Aug. 24 Tybee Family Friendly Skate Night -3rd Friday of each month. The gymnasium is transformed into a roller rink of fun. Cost is $3.00 per skater including rentals for all sizes youth and adults. (912) 786-9622

“I believe in continuously learning new

Relax Refresh

methods of massage and incorporating them

into my work in order to provide the highest level of treatment for my clients.” - CHARLES DANE

Mon - Fri 10 - 7 • SAt 11 - 3 6203 Abercorn St • Ste 103e

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Tybee Beach Bum Parade Look what happens when you give a bunch of adults an excuse to use a watergun! SAY CHEESE TYBEE!

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Jumping Jacks Grand Opening Richmond Hill

58 Coastal Events

GiGi’ s Cup cakes Grand Openi ng Savan nah

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The Perfect Day, The Perfect Guy, The Perfect Dress....

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