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January 2013 Monthly

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Robin Collins


I Lost 24 Pounds of Painful Fat and 4 Jeans Sizes! My Struggle

I felt sluggish, out of energy and tired. I couldn’t do everything in the day I wanted to. I wasn’t active and ate way too much, which made me feel bad about myself. I didn’t like the way I looked with the extra weight. I always saw myself as a thin person, but just couldn’t get there.

I Was So Bored!

Six months ago, I came to see Julie for weight loss. When I started the hypnosis, I was walking in the neighborhood for exercise to help me routine of where I went. Honestly, I got bored. I needed more—more of a challenge.

I Got 100% Committed. joined a gym, and that was an important factor for me. I knew I could not do this by myself. Creating a structured eating habits and that I needed to eat healthy and work out.

It’s A Lot To Me! like a lot to some people, but it was for me because I’m a short person! At that point, I dropped four jeans sizes. I went from an 8-10 to a 2-4.

I Could Forgive And Move On.

What surprised me about the hypnosis was how it got me to thinking. Listening to the CDs in the car in particular was an inspiration for me, listening to how thin people eat, and that you can do all this a little step at a time. Even if you make a mistake, that’s okay, forgive yourself, move on and start over.




Fashion PUH-LEEZE!! By Melinda Emmons


Happy New Year! Ring out the old, Ring in the New – but WAIT! Trends have already been set for 2013, but one thing for sure is that fashion is a continuous circle. It is like a reflection and combination of the past where designers travel back in time and combine the old fashions with new creative ideas, giving a new twist to each new year.

Nothing Says it Like Pearls! The jewel of the sea: the pearl. Dating back to Kings and Queens of earlier centuries, this famous jewel adorned royalty and was a symbol of nobility. In 1916, Jacques Cartier bought his landmark store on New York’s famous Fifth Avenue by trading a double strand of natural pearls for the valuable property. Looking back in recent history, Jackie O, Elizabeth Taylor, and other big name stars were accented in pearls. The point is that pearls never go out of fashion, but the current trends launch them from historic styles to polishing off today’s fads. Nevertheless, pearls are a main stay in jewelry fashion. A single strand of cultured pearls complements any outfit, always finishing it by adding a touch of class, sophistication, and femininity. Pearls are extremely versatile and look classy with a simple sheath dress or colorful neon dress, a leopard print top, professional suit, and of course, a solid black top or dress. Contemporary pearl jewelry has been made fun and affordable by costume jewelry designers, making it exciting to accessorize today’s crazy chic fashions. One of the hottest styles is to wear multiple strands of pearls, layer upon layer, catapulting your look from demure to sassy. Pearls of current day are also mixed with crystals and gold or silver chain necklaces for an even bolder statement. Another popular trend is clusters of large colored pearls in gray, black or bronze. Despite their modernization, pearl necklaces still manage to cast an impeccable finish, making their presence everlasting. When in doubt of what jewelry to wear, you can’t go wrong with pearls!

Little Black Dress The little black dress has a magical and mysterious spell cast over it, for it seems to never go out of style and its diversity is endless. Whether it’s a mini, maxi, tea-length, A-line or slim fitting style, the LBD will be your goto dress for any occasion. The great Coco Chanel introduced the “little black dress” in 1926, and she meant it to be a perfectly simple, yet sexy object. There is no doubt she hit the nail on the head. Since her brilliant revelation, every designer has an LBD in their collection of some variation. Givenchy made the LBD wildly famous by designing Audrey Hepburn’s black column dress for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Talk about wild; this dress sold at auction for over $800,000. One of the reasons it never seems to be dated is because the little black dress can be refreshed year after year by accessorizing it in accordance with the current trends. For instance, adding a colorful skinny belt, large ring and necklace can transform last year’s LBD into the this year’s style. Top it with a denim jacket, cowboy boots, and a large turquoise necklace and you’re set for the rodeo. Make it elegant by adding a faux fur capelet, black stiletto pumps, and a small evening bag. Currently, as in the past and sure to be the case in the future, when a lady is unsure what outfit to wear, she will never fail when reaching for the LBD. A fashion-conscious woman is sure to have a few different styles in her closet. If for some reason you do not own a little black, dress, purchase one -- or two -- today! The little black dress and the pearl necklace: Always the same; always changing. Stay tuned for trends of spring and summer! Here’s a tease: Take a Walk on the Bright Side of Electric Avenue. About the Author: Melinda Emmons owns and operates Le Petit Boutique, a ladies boutique, specializing in the current trends in fashions and accessories. Located at 1305 2nd Street, Seabrook, 77586,832-656-5828. Melinda is a native Houstonian with an extensive fashion background that includes professional modeling and working in Houston’s upscale retailers selling clothing, cosmetics, and fragrances.


EVENTS Jan. 4th-13th

Jan. 12th

Houston Boat Show at Reliant Stadium www. houstonboatshows. com Family day “Islands of Life” 10am-3pm Ocean Star, 1900 Harborside, Galveston

Jan. 13th-26th

Galveston Restaurant Week

Jan. 26th

Bayside Canines and Coffee • Lil dogs @ 9 • Big dogs @ 10:15

Jan. 26th

Galveston Mardi Gras Marathon 7:30 am Saengerfest Park, The Strand

Jan. 26th

CrewDuRouge Mardi Gras Ball 7pm-12am Elks Lodge #2322, Kemah $20/person

Feb 1st-3rd

Mardi Gras! Galveston! Downtown Galveston

Feb 2nd

CrewDuRouge Mardi Gras Parade, Kemah $100/person

Feb 7th

Epicurean Evening “A Taste of Space” at Space Center Houston

Every Saturday & Sunday in January Bay Area Pet Adoptions at PetSmart 11:30am to 3:30pm 1921 Gulf Freeway South Dickinson, TX 77539 281-534-4590 10

BRUNCH Hotel Galvez

Frenchie’s Villa Capri

2024 Seawall Blvd. Galveston, TX 77550 409-765-7721

3713 NASA Parkway Seabrook, Tx 77586 281-326-2373

Bernardo’s is located on the first floor of the hotel and is widely known for its longstanding elegant Sunday Champagne Brunch. Featuring made-to-order omelets

and pasta dishes, a carving station serving prime rib, salad bar and a mountain of crab claws and boiled shrimp. The wait staff is very attentive, pleasant and helpful. If you want to sit, relax, and enjoy

the ambience, the staff will keep pouring champagne. The only complaint about this brunch is way too many spectacular desserts! Brunch is served 11am to 2pm Sundays. $38.95 ($22.95 for children). Reservations are not required but strongly advised.

An Italian garden restaurant on Clear Lake, Villa Capri serves Sunday Brunch from 11am to 3pm. The menu is the best of two worlds: Texas Gulf Seafood and Italian cooking from the Isle of Capri. Along with a carving station, madeto-order omelet station, dessert table, and fresh salad bar, dine while enjoying the beautifully landscaped

courtyard and relaxing view of the lake. One free mimosa per person. Additional mimosas are $4.00/each or $15.95/carafe. $19.95 per person Reservations are not required for small parties..



Captain Bob’s Caribbean Misadventures with Captain Fu By Captain Bob Edwards In this issue we will highlight areas that Dockside Boat Repair can help even the most knowledgeable boater improve their boating skills. We will outline these programs below and take an inside look at the movie “Captain Ron” and the vessel made famous, THE WANDERER, which Dockside has won the re-fit over the next several years. Whether you are an experienced boater seeking to update or advance your knowledge, or whether you are new to boating and want to start with the very basics, Captain Bob will work with you to design a training program that is guaranteed to be both effective and enjoyable. With this flexibility in mind, here are some of the topic areas that we can provide.

Emergency Preparedness

Radar and Night Training

Understanding your radar system, calibrating your system, reading distances, closure rates, recognizing collision courses, understanding and recognizing ship light configurations, recognizing tow-and-tug danger potential, dealing with fog, use of bells.

Heavy Seas and Coastal Training

Forecasting offshore weather, using weather information services, boat handling in heavy seas.

Overview of safety equipment aboard your vessel, recommended changes or updates to equipment, flare practice, man-overboard training, fire prevention and suppression, dealing with engine, steering, and other system failures while underway, detecting and fixing leaks, effective problem diagnosis, reporting an emergency, lifeboat/dinghy launching, evacuating your vessel. Most importantly Hurricane Preparedness.

Going Through the Locks

Charts and Navigation

Dockside Boat Repair Training has teamed up with several providers to provide a highly effective and unique approach to training on the line of electronic charting and navigation software products. Captain Bob works one-on-one with clients, aboard their boats, to train them in the use of their software. Captain Bob customizes this training to the needs of the individual boat owner and works from the conceptual level down to the details of operation, ensuring thorough understanding and confident use.

Chart structure and nomenclature, depth conventions, tides and currents, compass directions, corrections, and use, dead reckoning, buoy conventions, local knowledge, plotting a course, following a course, use of GPS and other navigation systems.

Radio Communication

Use of your VHF radio system, hailing other boats, emergency procedures, local traffic control system, radio etiquette and language protocol, standard channel usage, communication with marinas and other facilities.


Your anchoring system, windlass systems, calculating necessary rode length, setting your anchor, releasing a fouled anchor, raising and stowing your anchor, safely leaving your anchored position. This will also include picking up moorings.

Your Boat’s Systems

Understanding your boat’s specific systems, effective use of each system element, diagnosing system failures, making simple repairs that can save your cruise, designing a maintenance schedule -- areas YOU can maintain to save you money and timely down time.

Rules and Regulations

Understanding and applying the marine “rules of the road:” speed and wake limits, overtaking another boat, being overtaken, right-of-way, use of lights, recognition of lights, dealing with commercial vessel traffic, buoys and beacons, horn signals, radio licensing and legal use, equipment requirements.

Understanding rules, equipment requirements and conventions necessary for navigating the Locks, how to prepare your crew, what to expect from the lock operators, rules for line handling, general lock etiquette, and actually locking through in your own boat without fear!

Navigation Software

The year is 1992 and the hottest comedy to see is “Captain Ron” starring Kirk Russell and Martin Short and, of course, the famous sailing vessel THE WANDERER. Did you know that both of the cars that Captain Ron drives in the movie are missing a headlight on the same side as his missing eye? Well... How about an update on the famous sailboat used in the Captain Ron movie, THE WANDERER? The newest owner (owner number 10) wanted a project that he could renovate for retirement and cruising. The mystic of THE WANDERER movie life and saving the vessel from Davy Jones Locker played a key role in her purchase. Not to mention, an excellent price. After taking on what looks to be a 4 year project, I moved her over to the yard to let the work begin. Once in the yard, I took a long hard look at what once was a magnificent vessel; that, sadly to say, individuals just could not take care of her over time. I stepped back and asked, “What did I get myself involved in, and where do I start?” That ended up being an easy decision...stop her from sinking! Next we evicted the one legged, live-aboard pirate “taking care of her.” To Be Continued.............



he studio overlooking Galveston Bay on the second floor of Robin Stone Collins’ Kemah home serves as the oasis she needs to create her paintings of shrimp boats, sailboats, shorelines and anything else coastal.“I love the water and the coastal views - they provide the inspiration for most of my themes. I take my camera and hit the streets at all hours to capture reference material. Encountering strong sunlight and cast shadows are often the inspiration for my paintings. I am captivated by the shapes, patterns and textures that are illuminated in bright sunlight or sunset. By zooming in for a close-up view, I leave out as much, if not more, of the subject as I paint. I invite the viewer to fill-in the blanks and...Enjoy.” Collins said. As an award winning artist, Collins has shown her work at several Galleries in southern and Central Texas.


But, she’s she has had her best luck with sales by wordof-mouth, commissions and hanging her art in local restaurants. In the last few months, Collins has sold several paintings on display at Amadeus Restaurant in Kemah and has been commissioned to paint several murals in the new Cajun restaurant, Pod-Zu’s, in Bacliff. Collins is currently working on several commission pieces, some pets for friends and some stylized fish. When not painting Collins stays busy running her company, Stone Studio Graphics. She has been a graphic designer for 20+ years -- another creative platform that she still enjoys every day. “Art is good therapy for me,” said Collins, who gets excited when her paintings find good homes. For information visit Copyright © 2013 by Robin Stone Collins (All Rights Reserved)

My Lightbulb Moment:

Less for energy.

More for me.



At Play in Paradise by Gordon Schnurr

It was something to see, Rodney in the lead by a good 30 yards and growing, and headed for a destination that was anybody’s guess! Ann Marie thought it prudent to shout “ Over here Rodney, Over here!!” This almost worked for a moment until nearby boats realized the problem and began shouting “ Over here Rodney” themselves. Within a few moments, these shouts could be heard all over the harbor, and the straight course to nowhere Rodney had maintained , now became a series of zigs and zags as he desparately tried to home in on our location. The Amazing Rodney finally reached the first boat, though not ours, while the rest of the pack had just passed the half way mark. The crew immediately informed him of his mistake and off he went on his next adventure. The chants of “Over here Rodney” had not died down adding to his confusion. Sweet Little Lora Lee Bailey volunteered “ at least he’s getting closer” in an attempt to lift our spirits. It was like saying that San Antonio was just around the corner, when you were standing in downtown Dallas. Back in the cockpit, Big Beard and Tito had made themselves cocktails and watched the festivities in relative nonchalance. Shaking their heads in disbelief, their rubberfoam longhorns wagging back and forth, I longed for a camera to capture these golden little moments in the most bizzare race I’d ever seen. Without warning, the harbor echoed with a blood curdling scream, causing Tito to send his drink flying, and the Beard looking around as if for an apparent murder victim. Anne Marie had gone to the stern of the boat and yelled at the top of her lungs “ Rodney, you WONK, over here!!!” For some reason this registered, and the Amazing Rodney made a beeline for that sound. Within half a minute, guided by Anne Marie’s continuous tirade, he touched the boat, hauled himself aboard, and we were off! The start was a thing of beauty, as we pulled ourselves forward, and away from the cluster of boats behind us. They looked like bumper cars and the screaming and yelling going back and forth made a perfect soundtrack to the start. As we gained forward momentum, the mainsail came up fast, and the jib soon followed and was sheeted in tight. We were a little more than half a mile ahead of the fleet and destined for glory. I think we all breathed a collective sigh after having come out OK after Rodney’s little adventure. Our rubberfoam longhorns flapping in the breeze, the tails on our “racing shorts” wagging, yup, life was good. Why oh why couldn’t it have stayed that way? As we cleared Gallows Bay and headed out to sea, the wind picked up considerably, and we’d have to change headsails to keep from overpowering the boat and risking capsize. No problem, we’ve

done this a million times, or at least my regular crew has. My boat had a full inventory of both racing and cruising sails. Racing sails were neatly rolled into red nylon sailbags, cruising sails in yellow bags. Each bag had a large number tagged at the top to designate what size sail it held. All sails were stacked neatly in the V-berth at the boat’s bow, and the hatch was left unsecured so we could get to ‘em fast. I called for a number 2 as the genoa we were flying was too much for the wind. Without a moment’s hesitation, Amazing Rodney reached into the hatch and yanked the bag on deck, and turned it over to empty the sail. I’ll admit I wasn’t paying too much attention at that instant, and only looked up to see stuff blowing all over the deck and over the side into the water. Poor Rodney, the look on his face kind of matched mine when he realized he’d grabbed my laundry bag, and a couple of weeks worth of clothes, including prized t-shirts from various Ports of Call, was now merrily floating off to Puerto Rico! No time for apologies, he reached in again, and under the supervision of Ann Marie, grabbed the no. 2. I brought the bow into the wind and the genoa came down, was unhanked, and shoved into the sail locker. Tito hanked on the new sail, attached the halyard, and we were ready to hoist her up. It’s at this moment when you want to be standing on the windward side of the sail, back to the wind, so when it fills with air, it shoots out away from you. Sweet little Lora Lee had gone up to help in any way she could, and somehow ended up on the wrong side. As the sail came up and filled with air, it caught her and tossed her up and over the side, orange antlers catching wind , giving her the appearance of “The Flying Nun” as she headed for the water with an “oh my” carried on the breeze. “ MAN OVERBOARD !!” from Tito, and I immediately put the bow straight into the wind, bringing the boat to a dead stop. Tito was the first over the side, as Big Beard grabbed the life ring and threw it out in Lora Lee’s direction. For some unknown reason, Amazing Rodney decided that saving a damsel in distress was his mission statement, and over the side he went too. Within 3 or 4 seconds, my trusty crew had been reduced by half. The fleet was in sight and gaining behind us, while three sets of bright orange rubberfoam antlers bobbed in the sea in a rescue straight out of a Marx Brothers movie. It took a full 5 or so minutes to get them all back on board, at which point we hoisted the sail and took off again. The nearest boat had closed to within 50 yds. It was my friend and racing nemesis Laughin’ Larry on his 38ft Jeanneau, a flat out racing machine. To Be Continued.............      




Your Next Pet In our communities, there is an overpopulation of homeless pets. There are too many companion animals and simply not enough homes. But you can help. One way to start putting an end to pet overpopulation is to adopt your next pet from your local shelter or breed rescue group. By doing so, you immediately give a home to an animal that did not have one and you reduce the overall number of homeless pets by at least one. When you adopt from a shelter or rescue group, you will give a dog or cat a second chance at finding a home. The sad reality is that millions of innocent, undeserving, and unwanted pets will be euthanized at animal shelters every year just because they could not find families to give them a forever home. As soon as you enter an animal shelter, the temptation to adopt will be very great. That’s why it is so important to consider whether bringing an animal into your life is right for you before any adorable faces find their way into your heart. Far too many animals in this country are initially loved and then neglected or abandoned over time because owners decide – too late – that caring for pets is more responsibility than they actually want. Shelters and rescue groups in our Bay Area are: La Porte Animal Shelter, Triumphant Tails, Inc., League City Animal Shelter, Seabrook Animal Shelter, Bay Area Animal Shelter, Saving Pets Lives, to name only a few.


Patio Dining

50 minute Spa Massage with a Soothing foot treatment


Reg. $105.00.

Expires January 31,2013

$20 Gift Card

Expires January 31,2013

with purchase of $100 or more


281 21 U-ROCK

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2.50 Off one dinner

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We do nails & pedicures

For First Time Clients

Expires January 31,2013

Spend $30 get $5 off Expires January 31,2013

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Space City Nutrition Expires January 31,2013

any order over $100.00

Contact Coastal Breeze to ask about our $100 Valentine Special ! 21

Holiday Special

$500.00 Off New Unit SAVE $500.00 OFF a New Unit and Installation, Save $35.00 off any repairs over $175.00 and Save $35.00 off service calls, regularly $79.50 • $25.00 off heat maintenance w/FREE carbon monoxide testing.





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