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Fashion PUH-LEEZE!!

here are many trends and styles for fall 2012, but don’t feel pressured to wear all of them. Realistically, not all of these trends will suit everyone. Decide what works for your lifestyle and budget while being creative in mixing and matching your outfits.

Are you a Trendsetter?

As fashion makes its full circle, trends come back around, but they are always being reinvented in a fresh and modern way. This season is no different except that there is a wide variety of styles, so why choose just one look? Be bold and move fashion forward by wearing some of the latest styles, but don’t forget that fashion should be inspiring, modern, ladylike with a little edge, and celebrate individuality.

Be a Gold Digger

Rev up your wardrobe by piling on the riches! Fall will be oozing gold and other metallic colors in every way imaginable: Embossed leather jackets, jeans with a golden hue, black pumps with a gilded toe and/or heel, handbags, belts, earrings, necklaces and bracelets as well as nail polish and eye shadow. Blouses, belts and boots will be adorned with gold chains and studs. Statement necklaces will be dripping gold and dangling large charms. Is this golden age too bright for your taste? Then just add a gold envelope clutch, earrings and gem-encrusted gold cuff to a solid black dress and you’re set. This season, being a gold digger is completely acceptable!

Rules Are Made to be Broken An old rule says minerals should never be mixed, but this year begs to differ. Relax and feel free to mix the hardware. Gold, copper, pewter, bronze, silver, and rose gold complement each other and can bring an outfit together beautifully. Wearing these mineral colors together is one of the biggest trends right now and will give a solid-color dress a little boost.

Regal Sophistication

Brocade and embroidered clothing are an unexpected daytime trend this fall and winter. It is logical to look at the beauty of brocade and think Fabergé which instantly makes the garment regal. This season, rich brocade designs will adorn


clothing as well as shoes and accessories. While a head-to-toe ensemble can resemble a costume, consider a tapestry-look jacket over a pair of skinny black pants and booties adorned with a gold brocade design. Embroidery is another type of embellishment on clothing this fall. Full-length boots with a stiletto heel and a colorful embroidered border running up the length of the boot have earned a spot amongst the many trends. Modern and chic. And we’re not done yet! Velvet during the day? YES! A textured velvet-draped top over a pair of slim-fitting pants is spot-on this autumn. Try adding one piece of velvet to your outfit for a subtle twist not forgetting that velvet from head to toe makes an elegant finish.

Sheath Dresses

A classic dress is the ever-popular sheath, a dress that is designed to fit close to the body and relatively unadorned. This dress is like a blank canvas and you can paint whatever look you prefer by accessorizing with a colorful pump and large cuff bracelet. Solid colored sheaths reflect sweetness and naïveté while today’s colorful digital prints or black and white patterns represent modern, cutting-edge finesse.

Knee Deep in Boots

The many trends this season continue in boots. Designers have given a flair to the classic knee-high boot giving it a sexier twist. Instead of platforms, opt for a sturdy heel, from mid to high. Black over-the-knee boots with an equestrian feel take the reins, but don’t count out caramel styles that give an outfit richness. Riding boots have curves, zippers and buckles, and a higher heel than equestrian boots of the past. Knee-high boots are in; thigh-high boots are out. The humble knee-high boot will make a statement this year with cuts higher in the front than in the back, gentle curves from front to back, embellishments such as buckles and studs, and sport block heels. They are an instant look-changer to any outfit. When it comes to discovering the latest trends, remember to have an openmind. Fashion isn’t just about something to wear; it’s an idea of expression! And since there are a variety of trends this season, a little bit of everything will be in style. To those who may say, “I would never wear that,” NEVER SAY NEVER! About the Author: Melinda Emmons owns and operates Le Petit Boutique, a ladies boutique, specializing in the current trends in fashions and accessories. Melinda is a native Houstonian with an extensive fashion background that includes professional modeling and working in Houston’s upscale retailers selling clothing, cosmetics, and fragrances.


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Who's Captain Bob and what does He have to say that will help me gain knowledge or feel that sense of adventure we all seek? Hopefully, the answer to create these questions will create a desire to live a more adventuresome life and learn from life experiences that only come from doing.

The best job is one that makes you feel as if you are not working. I had worked for BellSouth as a Strategic Planner and spend many years as General Affairs Manager for Hitachi High Technologies Inc. During my corporate time I spent all my free days traveling to the Caribbean diving and sailing until it happened—I finally realized I would rather be boating than in corporate Amerca. When the boating bug bit in 1984, I decided to start a dive boat chartering business. The first hurdle was spending six grueling months under the control of PADI Course Director, Gregg Johnson, to become a PADI certified dive master. During my training, I designed and had a 40’ custom dive boat built in Maine, which I named “Brain Storm I”. The boat was trucked to Fort Lauderdale in December 1984. Before the departure I needed to hire an experienced Captain to navigate the maiden voyage and teach me the art of ocean travel, I hired “Captain Fu”. The misadventures of Captain Fu will be just one of my stories that I will share. As a result of that experience, I earned a 100 ton U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s License in 1985.


Thirty years later, my blue water experience includes crossing the Atlantic from South Africa, West Coast of Africa, St Helena to South America, New England, most of the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas. I have logged over 50,000 blue water miles and my dive log covers more than 2,500 dives reaching depths of 150 feet. I won second place in Antigua Race Week in 1994 and owned or managed chartering businesses throughout the Caribbean for more than 10 years. Life’s experiences are best when shared with the one you love. Katherine is not only the love of my life, but she shares my passion. We discovered Windsong in Miami in 2006. Windsong has undergone a complete re-fit by Dockside Boat Repair. BobKat Adventures llc. keeps Windsong Charters booked eight months of the year. Tips from Captain Bob Each month I will cover different topics covering boating safety, navigation, to repairs for both sail and power, and my Caribbean Island adventures. I would like each of my readers to send in their boat problems or questions that you would like for me to address. Also, if you have solutions or experiences that you would like to share with my reader please send them in. To contact Captain Bob visit either of his websites at Windsong-Charters.Com or DocksideBoatRepair.Com.


Bull Blaster Texans Tailgaters BULL BLASTERS GO TEXANS

There is nothing quite like football in Texas at Reliant Stadium. From Monday Night Football to Friday Night Lights to Sunday Tailgating, it is a ritual for Texans. So every year as football season approaches, football fanatics wait anxiously to attend their first home game of the season. Their excitement is not only for the game, but the festivities beforehand, commonly referred to as “TAILGATING”. Tailgating is not just standing around before the game. It’s way more serious than that, especially in the south. Compare it to a religious fervor, because the stadium is often “church” for many on Sunday. Like any other big city with a hometown football team, Houston and the metro area have very proud TEXANS fans.

So, what does tailgating entail? The perfect recipe for an awesome day of tailgating usually includes coolers full of cold beverages, a full bar, grills hot and ready for burgers, face paint, Texans jerseys, crazy hats, music and lots of friends. Don’t forget your perfect recipes in that perfect recipe. The right menu can make or break a tailgating party. Plan an ideal cook-out and then move from the backyard to a lot outside of Reliant Stadium with thousands of your closest friends. Don’t forget the bragging and a little good-natured trash talk about the opposing team.


So the big question is “Why do people tailgate?”Bull Blasters Tailgaters is proud to “start off the day with our Texan pride”. Frank Lomelo added that it’s about “the accumulation of friends, business associates, new acquaintances and guests to all come together in our goal of team spirit. And of course a great preand postgame experience!”

If you have ever been on Fannin or Kirby on a Sunday morning, you know to get there early for a prime spot to setup your Texans tailgating site. The earlier you plan, the less likely you will in line with the other guys at the corner gas station for extra beverages or chips. You will spend more time getting pumped up for the game than in traffic. Devoted tailgaters have their supplies packed and ready the night before. Bull Blasters Tailgaters started as a vision in 2010 when a group of friends met each and every week before the game to cheer for the Texans. Frank Lomelo and Richard Price turned that vision into reality. They recruited friends Forrest Ivy, Shannon Ivy, Shannon McLemore, and Melanie Jared to help with set-up, entertaining, and bartending.

Every year, like the Texans’ record, it just keeps getting better. “The Bull Blasters Tailgate team has strived to continue to add-on and improve the experience each year with this season defiantly being the best with new tents, banners and a bus that make it easy to spot us

from anywhere in the blue lot.” It’s not hard to find those true Texans fans. Just look for the big bus in the blue lot. But it’s also not hard to become a true Texans fan either. Until next time…Happy Tailgating and GO TEXANS! The Texans Tailgating article will be monthly throughout football season so if you have any recipes, pictures, or events to share, please contact us at! season so if you have any recipes, pictures, or events to share, please contact us at!



At Play in Paradise

by Gordon Schnurr

St. Croix, once called “The Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean” was my home for 15 yrs. The L.A. Times Herald had the best description of it that I’d ever heard. The headline of their travel section read “ St. Croix, Where the art of doing absolutely nothing is mastered by connoisseurs”. We liked that, and tried to sqeeze in as much “nothing” as possible. With very little effort one could achieve “master” status in no time at all. Fun and rum were the only exports we had, and though we retained a generous portion for ourselves, we encouraged the tourist to take as much home with them as possible. One thing we prided ourselves on, were the island “extravaganzas” that didn’t just border on the bizzare, they defined it. Case in point, The Conch Shell Regatta. I was informed that unlike a normal race, where boats jockey for position in relatively close quarters, the Conch Shell had a “Le Mans” start. One member of each team would be the designated “swimmer”. The swimmers from each boat would be lined up on the dock, and at the sound of the conch shell ( blown by the honoree of that year), would dive into the bay, and swim to their respective vessel. Then, and only then ( as Anne Marie’s face seemed to scrunch up indicating the seriousness of the affair) could the boat’s anchor be pulled up, the sails hoisted, and off you go. “ But the swimmer must touch the boat first”, this with all the severity of a presidential address. I assured her I’d gotten it, asked if there was anything else I should know, and got up to go inform my raceteam. “ Ooooh, I’ve already got us a raceteam!!” I sat down again, wishing I’d had another industrial strength daquiri in front of me. I was going to need it. Anne Marie had decided we would race as a company, and that Big Beard Adventure Tours would take to the sea as one. There were 8 of us sailing and booking trips for the mighty Beard, but only a few of us that actually sailed. The rest booked charters from our boat shaped booth on the boardwalk in the harbor. I informed her, in the most delicate manner possible, that only half of us were actual sailors. Her face just lit up in a smile that stretched from St. Croix to Rio, “ I knoooow, won’t it be great!!! “ Oh God, where was that damned daquiri? I’d just returned from a week long charter in the B.V. I.s and hadn’t been back on land for more than a few hours. The next round of drinks finally got to the table, but before I reindulged, I asked her when the race was scheduled for. “ Oh, it’s this Sunday”, elation exploding from her eyes. It was Thursday. Yup, this just kept getting better and better. She’d barely taken a sip, when she looked up, waving her straw like a conductor at the Philharmonic, and announced, “ I’ve got a surpriyeeize”. Oh peachy, thought I, as if the hammer hadn’t already fallen. She jumped up, startling me as if she might attack, and ran towards the bar. As if on cue, Mambo, our beloved bartender, handed her a cardboard box that was almost as big as she was. She lugged it back to the table with all the grace of having a piano strapped to her back, beaming the whole way. “ COSTUMES !!!” It’s at this point where there was no doubt that I’d been had. She’d planned this in advance, banking everything on my good nature, either that or everyone else had long since run away when they’d seen her coming. Oh yes, this was one of those “why me” moments that jerks the line, sets the hook, and lands you like a fish. She ripped open the box with all the zeal of a kid on Christmas morning. The first thing she extracted left me with only two options. Either the biggest daquiri south of the north pole, or surrender to the bliss of suicide. It was a toss up. Yacht racing is serious business, well it’s supposed to be anyway. When, in my first year there, I was asked to enter my boat in the festivities, I happily agreed. It was the next little tidbit of information that threw me. “ Oh wonderful, but we’ll be needing costumes!” This coming from Anne Marie, the young lady booking our Buck Island charters. Costumes? She went on to describe that this was all for fun and island pride, along with bragging rights, as the only prize. Curiosity getting the better of me, I asked that she tell me more about this race. This seemed to have pleased her to no end, so under the shade of a palm tree, with both of us sufficiently lubricated by rum daquiris, she enlightened me with animated enthusiasm. To be cont’d....


Why pub crawl when you can pub pedal?

One of the newest social trends on the island is Galveston Barcycled! The Galveston weather and scene are the perfect combination to get out of the house with old friends… and new. Your first new friend will be Galveston local “Catfish”, who organizes the monthly Barcycle events. The Barcycle in August was on the Seawall and started at the Float bar. About 50 people rode their decorated bikes to about seven different locations, enjoying the Seawall sights along the way. The next event is scheduled for Sunday, October 7th and is open to cyclists 21 years of age and older. Barcycles begin around 11am and continue throughout the afternoon. Cyclists are welcome to join the group as their schedules permit. Each month has a theme and will visit new and fun places while touring the island.


To get social and join in on the fun, you only need to do a few things - First add “ Galveston Barcycled” as a friend at,barcycled. All of the details for each monthly even are posted here, as well as pictures from previous events. You will find the monthly theme and starting location. - Then invite your friends! The more is always the merrier and Galveston Barcycled loves a crowd of friendly faces. - Next, you need a bicycle. If you don’t happen to have one, contact ISland Bicycle Shop for an affordable rental. Be sure to grab a helmet and pads for safety measure, especially if you haven’t had recent experience cycling in Galveston. - Finally , show up on the day of the even. Introduce yourself to “ Catfish”, and enjoy a day of “ barcycling” with friends! by Kevin Ward aka “ Catfish” 17






October 1-31st - Boo on the Boardwalk October 6th - Fall Beer Festival on the Boardwalk October 12-14th - Texas Coast Boat and Outdoor show Galveston Yacht Basin Marina October 13th - Boy Scout Day on the Boardwalk October 15th - Conongate at South Shore Harbour Sentinels Freedom Golf Tournament October 20 & 27 - Halloween costume contest for kids On the Boardwalk October 27th. Bay Area Heart Walk Fight heart disease one step at a time: Join the America heart association for the 2012 Bay area heart walk. A 5k walk to promote walking as a part of healthy lifestyle and raise funds to support cardiovascular research and educational programs for the American Heart Association. Saturday, October 27, 2012 7:30 opening ceremonies 8:30 Walk Begins Kemah Boardwalk 502 Texas Avenue Kemah, Texas 77565


FINE FOOD CATERING EVENTS Patio Dining 1002 Aspen Road • Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565 281.334.5225 23



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OFFER EXPIRES 11/30/12 Delivery Only




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