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Mar 11 - Mar 24, 2011

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Are you a “Marco Old Timer”? COASTAL HISTORY Craig Woodward


his is your last chance to take this professionally and scientifically developed test to see if you are an “Authentic Marco Old Timer” or a simple “Wannabe.” You need to combine your scores on Parts 1 & 2 & Part 3 (below) so you have a total of 75 questions answered, complete the form at the end of this quiz and submit everything by March 25, 2011 to Coastal Breeze by either mail to 310 Royal Palm Drive, Marco Island 34145 or by hand delivery to their offices Mon-Wed-Fri 9-12 or call 393-4991 for the hours they are open. Take the test at your own risk. WARNING: it may bring back old memories and a flood of nostalgia! Please participate and submit your answers no matter how large or small your total score may be! Additional gifts will be chosen at random for those who enter. (See Parts 1 and 2 at Coastalbreeze at Coastal History)

because they had not yet built your church building; a really Old Timer if you attended the Church of God when the building was located in Old Marco. (Two points possible) _____ 53. Lived on Marco when our County Commissioner was Dick Shanahan; and really Old Timer if you were here when either John Pistor or Stephen Mitchell was our County Commissioner. (Two points possible) _____ 54. Remember the Marco Sari – and the excitement of Marco having its own designer dress. (One point possible) _____ 55. Remember when the official name was changed by the post office from simply “Marco” to “Marco Island.” (One point possible) _____ 56. Saw the mullet skiffs netting fish in the canals and bays of the Island (before the net ban); you are a really Old Timer if you have used a gill net to catch your fish. (Two points possible) _____


Grade yourself 1 point for YES on an “Old Timer” question and an additional 1 point for a second YES if there is an added question for “a Really Old Timer.” You can either get a 1 point for half of a question or a maximum of 2 points for each question – if you answer the “really Old Timer” part of the question you always receive 2 points. Obviously a NO to both parts is 0 points. If a question has an “OR” then you get 1 total point if you can answer either part, if it says “AND” you need to answer both parts to get the 1 point. You must either say YES or NO based upon your own experiences. Spouses and friends must take the test separately – no joint help allowed. Self grading is allowed. Honesty is required. Terrific Prizes will be given out to the top winners, with Authentic Old Timer Certificates to all of those who, in the opinion of the Judges, qualify.


51. Remember when unfinished concrete walls stood for over a year at the site of the Esplanade and were nicknamed “Stonehenge” before being torn down. (One point possible) _____ 52. Attended church at the Yacht Club or Marco Beach Hotel or elsewhere

Church of God in Old Marco 1953.

Nets Drying Marco River 1959.

57. Remember when the Sheriff substation was in the back of the Post Office; and a really Old Timer if you recall that before the Sheriff substation was on N. Elkcam Circle their current location was once Deltona’s Marine Research Lab. (Two points possible) _____ 58. Smelled, heard and saw the morning mosquito plane with white “smoke” pouring out bug spray mixed with diesel fuel. (One point possible) _____ 59. Saw Dr. Arthur Cox or Dr. Bryan Nelson for a cold or a medical problem or visited Dr. Tom Devine for a filling or tooth problem. (One point possible) _____ 60. Had your boat fixed by Lowe’s Marina in the Captain’s Landing Building where Pier 81 is now or ate next door at Captain’s Table/ Driftwood Restaurant and walked downstairs to check out the sea turtles in the pen under the restaurant. (One point possible) _____ 61. Remember the Miami construction workers who would stop at the Ideal Fish Camp’s “Bucket of Blood,” the “Barge” at the Ship Ahoy, or Stan’s for a drink before heading home; and a real Old Timer if you ever heard the Deltona whistle that went off to tell them it was time to quit working. (Two points possible) _____ 62. Ate at the old Island County Club or the old Marco Yacht Club. (One point possible) _____

Marco Yacht Club.

63. Remember when the Civil Air Patrol plane went down in the Everglades and it took several months for the mangroves at the crash site to die off and the plane to be discovered. (One point possible) _____ 64. Received telephone calls on Marco when your area code was 941; and a really Old Timer if your area code on the Island was 813. (Two points possible) _____ 65. Walked Sand dollar Island before it attached itself to Tigertail beach; a really Old Timer if you remember before Sand dollar Island was even an island and was a mere sandbar. (Two points possible) _____ 66. Purchased “Factory Trained Shrimp” at Marco River Marina; and a really Old Timer if you never purchase bait but always caught it in a cast net. (Two points possible) _____ 67. Remember when the Collier County Government buildings (Airport Road and U.S. 41) had strange exterior walls of poured white concrete with even weirder human figures that seemed to be floating in the air; and a really Old Timer if you traveled to Everglades City to visit the County Government offices. (Two points possible) _____

68. Shopped at Central Mall at the corner of U.S. 41 and Goodlette Rd. (One point possible) _____ 69. Remember when the developers of Hideaway Beach did the improvements for the County’s Caxambas boat ramp instead of providing beach access thru their project; and a really Old Timer if you remember when Deltona opened up beach ac-

cess with either Tigertail Beach or the Residents’ Beach properties. (Two points possible) _____ 70. Remember when everyone would drive out to Royal Palm Hammock to eat at the great Mexican restaurant; a really Old Timer if you remember that same building as a store selling sea shells. (Two points possible) _____ 71. Recall when Collier Blvd south of the Marco Beach Hotel was a dirt road and driving it risked loss of your hubcaps; and a really Old Timer if you drove to the Tracking Station when it was in operation or if you water skied behind a vehicle as it drove down the beach on Marco. (Two points possible) _____

MissileTracking Station.

72. Had as your Marco zip code 33937; a really Old Timer if you participated in “turtle tipping” (Two points possible) _____ 73. Visited the Marriott Hotel when it only had one tower; and a really Old Timer if you remember when there were no towers only the Voyager on the beach. (Two points possible) _____ 74. Remember when the only fire station was on South Barfield Drive (across from the Methodist Church); and a really Old Timer if you remember when the only fire station was on Elkcam Circle (next to the water and sewer plants). (Two points possible) _____ 75. Turned at the large Toucan sign south of the future Coastland mall to visit Caribbean Gardens; a really Old Timer if you visited the building just south of that with the strange blue pointed glass top when it was the Naples Chamber of Commerce. (Two points possible) _____

Total Score Part 3: ________ Craig Woodward moved to Marco Island in 1968 and has practiced law in Collier County since 1980. Craig is the Chairman of the Collier County Historical and Archeological Preservation Board.

Get the QUIZ FORM, B/8

CBN_B1 3-11-11 Old Timer 3  

SIMPLE RULES: Get the QUIZ FORM, B/8 Craig Woodward moved to Marco Island in 1968 and has practiced law in Collier County since 1980. Craig...

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