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Coastal Bend College Glassblowing

The glass blowing facility at Coastal Bend College was established in 1989 through the Visual Arts Division. CBC was the first junior college to offer this program and has become the oldest academic educational glassblowing facility in the state of Texas. The traditional offhand glassblowing course, ARTS 2371, began in 1990.

Artist-in-Residence: Jayne Duryea Guest Artist: Dale Battle of Houston

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Artist-in-Residence: Jayne Duryea Guest Artist: Ed Schmid of Bellingham, Wash.

Glass blowing at Coastal Bend College is an academic course. It is transferable to any public college or university in the state. CBC Visual Arts Division offers classes in art history, design, painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, ceramics, photography and watercolor. For more information, go to www.

ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation (5007035126) 3-0 Critical evaluation of selected works in painting, sculpture, architecture, and industrial design. Relationship of art to religious, economic, political, and social backgrounds. A survey of art for non-art majors. ARTS 1303 Art History l (5007035226) 3-0 Survey of ancient and medieval art. Critical study of major examples of architecture, sculpture, painting, and the minor arts as they refl ect social and political backgrounds. ARTS 1304 Art History II (5007035226) 3-0 Survey of Renaissance through Modern Art. Continuation of approach followed in Art History I. ARTS 1311 Design I (5004015326) 3-3 Introduction to fundamentals of two-dimensional design with emphasis on creative expression. ARTS 1312 Design II (5004015326) 3-3 Continued theory and practice of the fundamentals of art with emphasis on threedimensional design. ARTS 1313 Foundations of Art (5007015126) 3-0 Introduction to the creative media designed to enhance artistic

awareness and sensitivity through the creative and imaginative use of art materials and tools. Includes art history and culture through the exploration of a variety of art works with an emphasis on aesthetic judgment and growth. ARTS 1316 Drawing I (5007055226) 3-3 Introduction to the media, techniques, and aesthetics of drawing related to natural form; and expressive, creative handling of line, shape, and mass. ARTS 1317 Drawing II (5007055226) 3-3 Continuation of Drawing I using varied media, including color, in the study of natural and man-made forms with emphasis on line-value, textural surfaces, foreshortening, and perspective as related to contour, gestural, and modeled drawings. ARTS 1413 Foundations of Art (5007015126) 3-2 Introduction to materials and techniques. Topics include art appreciation, art elements, and philosophy of art. Creative expression in two-and threedimensional art projects with fiber, metal, and clay. ARTS 2311 Design III (5004015326) 1-5 Prerequisite: nine hours Art including ARTS 1311 and 1312, or instructor approval. Investigation of solutions to problems of total

Coastal Bend College Art Course Offerings

composition, from inception through showing, with emphasis on individual expression using two- and three-dimensional concepts. ARTS 2316 Painting I (5007085226) 3-3 Introduction to the medium of paint and its potential for suggesting form and expressing emotion and idea. ARTS 2317 Painting II (5007085226) 3-3 Prerequisite: ARTS 2316, or instructor approval. Continuation of Painting I with emphasis on individual expression.

ARTS 2346 Ceramics I (5007115126) 2-4 Introduction to basic ceramic processes including hand building, wheel throwing, and glazing techniques. Emphasis on creativity, craftsmanship, and technical development. ARTS 2347 Ceramics II (5007115126) 2-4 Prerequisite: ARTS 2346, or instructor approval Further development of technical skills with an emphasis on individual expression as applied toward ceramic ware. Exploration of glazing and fi ring techniques.

ARTS 2323 Drawing III (5007055326) 3-6 Prerequisite: ARTS 1317, or instructor approval Life Drawing. Emphasizing structure and action of the human figure.

ARTS 2356 Photography (5006055126) 3-3 An introductory course in black and white photography stressing photo composition, use of photographic equipment, and fundamentals in photographic processing including darkroom experience.

ARTS 2326 Sculpture I (5007095126) 2-4 Introduction to the media, techniques, and aesthetics of sculpture as they relate to form and expression. Projects involve clay, plaster, and mixed media.

ARTS 2366 Watercolor I (5007085326) 3-3 A studio course exploring techniques in water-based media.

ARTS 2327 Sculpture II (5007095126) 2-4 Prerequisite: ARTS 2326, or instructor approval. Continuation of Sculpture I with emphasis on design, execution, and exhibition of sculpture. Projects involve wood, welded steel, and mixed media. ARTS 2333 Printmaking I (5007105126) 2-4 A studio course introduction to various, basic printmaking processes.

ARTS 2367 Watercolor II (5007085326) 3-3 Prerequisite: ARTS 2366, or instructor approval. A further investigation of water-based media. ARTS 2371 Glass (5007035326) 3-2 Development of individual directions and exploration of various techniques in warm and hot glass processes. Basic techniques of offhand glass blowing and lampworking. Credit will not be given for more than one: ARTS 2371 and ARTS 2373. Credit will not be given for more than one: ARTS 2371 and ARTS 2373.

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Coastal Bend College Beeville, Texas

Dougherty Foundation Workshop: Hot Bit Glass 2010