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September 2012

Coastal Bend College

Volume 6, Number 14

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CDL Truck Driving School Coastal Bend College now offers CDL Truck Driving School in partnership with Excel Driver Services. This was started to meet the demands of the current oil boom of the area. For more info, got to CBC Alice Open House The CBC Alice faculty and staff want to showcase the Student Success Center inside the LAC. The Student Success Center offers resources such as tutoring, a study area, help with using software, and testing. The center is also equipped with computers, printers, scanners, and other supplies that students can use for their coursework. Instructors, staff, and students are welcome to experience the Student Success Center from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on September 12. For more information contact Carolyn Rains at 361.664.2981 ext. 3045. Photoshop CS6 Courses Participants in this course will master techniques to make the most of digital images and add a professional polish to their work. This course offers simple, step-by-step instructions for correcting flaws, enhancing the final product, adding text, and preparing images for email and the Web. 2nd Annual Fiesta 5K Fun Run The 2nd Annual Fiesta 5K presented by HEB & Bee County Fiesta Diez y Seis will take place on September 15, 2012 at 8 a.m. There will be awards for first overall male and female as well as winners in each age group (19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+) for both runners and walkers.


The first 250 registrants are guaranteed to receive a T-shirt! Register from September 1, 2012 and onward for $23. All proceeds from this event will go to the Coastal Bend College Athletics Program. Registration is online ONLY at: Free SBA Seminar Come to Lott Canada on the last Friday of this month, September 28, at 12:30 p.m. and participate in our next presentation titled, “Access to Capital”. Resource experts will inform you on how to finance your small business. Bring someone with you and get answers from a very credible resource.

We encourage and would like to invite incoming A.C. Jones High School Juniors to attend these two events. For more information, contact Sam Ramos at (361) 354-2262. Accuplacer Testing- Beeville These are the remaining Accuplacer exam sessions at the Beeville Testing Department: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Reservations are on a first-come, firstserved, paid reservation basis. For more information, contact Roberta Kreis – Testing Coordinator at (361) 354-2244 or or visit BAccuplacer/

Basic Motorcycle Safety Class A basic motorcycle safety class will be held the following weekends: Continuing Education Instructors Coastal Bend College is expanding September 14-16, 2012 the course offerings in continuing October 12-14, 2012 education to include a wide variety of classes to meet the needs of the The course is on Friday from 6-9 community. There is a need for p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from more qualified instructors. If you can 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The course is $195 and teach courses such a cake decorating, motorcycles and helmets are provided. cooking, dancing, music, art, healthFor more information, contact Nora related topics, contact the Customized Cartwright at (361) 362-2633. and Continuing Education office at (361) 362-2633. Leadership Symposium The Coastal Bend College Title V Want your news featured here? “Celebrando Educación” Grant is Contact Monica Cruz, Public Relations hosting its 1st Annual Summer Bridge Officer, at 361.354.2258 or via email Event and Leadership Symposium at on the CBC Beeville campus. The Bridge Event will be held September 7th, 1:20pm – 6:00pm and the Leadership Symposium will be on September 15th, 8:00am - 12:00pm.

CBC Forum is a publication of Coastal Bend College, Office of Institutional Advancement, 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, Texas. View this and previous issues online at Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age or disability. For more information about Coastal Coastal Bend Bend College, visit the website at or call toll free (866) 722-2838.


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CBC Forum

Music, snacks and smiles filled the Student Union Building on August 29 as students returned to classes for the fall semester. Student Services staff and CBC organizations at the Beeville campus held a welcome back celebration for all students to enjoy.

CBC Forum 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, TX 78102 361.354.2399

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Lush vegetation, sparkling waters and a rich history attract millions of tourists to Puerto Rico every year. However, Puerto Rico also offers CBC students the opportunity to earn college credit and fully immerse themselves in the Puerto Rican culture. Photo Credit: Nasim Mansurov

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CBC Students Study in Puerto Rico By Emmanuel Alvarado

CBC Spanish Instructor Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado and Sociology Instructor Kelly Rea led 19 students this summer from all four CBC campuses and from AC Jones and Orange Grove high schools in an immersion program to Puerto Rico. The group left on June 10 and stayed in Puerto Rico for two weeks, returning on June 23. The CBC group went as part of a summer program that lasted five weeks, three of instruction at CBC and two of immersion in Puerto Rico. This is the second year in a row that CBC has taken students to Puerto Rico through a partnership with ISLA (Institute for Second Language Acquisition), an institution affiliated with the University of Puerto Rico. The Barnhart Foundation granted around $13,000 to assist eligible students with program tuition expenses. Students took intensive Spanish courses at ISLA for four hours in the morning. In the evenings, students broke out into groups of two or three and were arranged to stay with local families during their study abroad. The students enjoyed home cooked meals, learned about Puerto Rican society and culture, and practiced Spanish with their host families. The group spent afternoons and evenings visiting places of interest on the “Island of Enchantment”, as Puerto Rico is normally referred to in Spanish. They toured the Puerto Rican Museum of History, Anthropology and Art, as well as the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture where they encountered preHispanic artifacts used by indigenous tribes prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus, and modern art depicting various facets of Puerto Rican history. CBC students interviewed local students at the University of Puerto Rico to compare student life there with their own experience in higher education in South Texas. As part of a course assignment, the CBC group also conducted ethnographic interviews at the Plaza de las Americas—the largest commercial

CBC Forum

center in the Caribbean— and at the farmer’s market asking local shoppers about their working, civic and family lives in Puerto Rico. Ecotourism was one of the highlights of the summer trip. Students hiked through El Yunque National Rainforest, where they learned about local vegetation, flora and the coqui, a frog unique to Puerto Rico, whose sounds can be heard all over the island at night. The students ended their hike from the Yunque hills at La Mina Falls where they bathed in the still pools filled with chilled mountain water stemming from the 35-foot waterfall. The CBC group kayaked on the Biobay in the Fajardo province, where a microorganism that inhabits the bay water emits a blue florescent light as it is activated with movement. This year, Dr. Alvarado and Mrs. Rea asked students to write essays describing their learning experience in Puerto Rico. Here are some of their comments: “I learned more than I would have during a regular college semester. We were completely immersed in Spanish language and culture throughout the entire trip.” “I thought things were going to be easy since I already knew the Spanish language pretty well, turns out it wasn’t that easy. Some Spanish was the same, but some words we use here in Texas have total different meaning in Puerto Rico, or don’t even exist at all. It was like starting over as a child learning a new language and I enjoyed the challenge of it.” “I enjoyed going to class everyday because of the way class was structured. It wasn’t just us sitting there listening. We had discussions and conversations all in Spanish expressing our views on different topics.” “Spanish was not the only thing I learned. I learned a whole different culture.” Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado and Kelly Rea are already making preparations for the immersion summer program in 2013 and hope to renew the Barnhart Foundation support for our students. Should you have any questions about the program, please contact Dr. Alvarado ( or Kelly Rea ( View photos from their trip on page 6.

Spanish was not the only thing I learned. I learned a whole different culture.

CBC Forum 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, TX 78102 361.354.2399

Puerto Rico

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Register Before August 31: $18 Register After August 31: $23 Registration is online ONLY at: Proceeds Benefit CBC Athletics!

First 250 registrants are guaranteed to receive a T-shirt!

First overall male and female as well as winners in each age group (19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+) for both runners and walkers will receive an award. Register online at the link above. If you have further questions, contact Mary Perez at 361.358.4553.

CBC Forum 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, TX 78102 361.354.2399


oastal Bend College student Sylvia GarciaSmith retired in April 2011, however, life hasn’t slowed down for her one bit. She decided to finish what she started here at CBC in 1977 and enrolled in courses to complete a Computer Information Technology (CIT) degree. Her love of computers and love of CBC led her to be interested in the CIT program. “It is a blessing to be able to attend Coastal Bend College. The classes don’t have 200 students, so the staff is able to give one-on-one attention. It is a comfortable environment. I love the school,” Garcia-Smith explained. While she does love CBC, it is apparent her true love is photography. The art of photography is something she’s been interested in since her senior year of high school when she saw her fellow classmates being shutterbugs on the yearbook staff. “They looked so happy behind the camera, and they always looked like they were having fun. They inspired me to get behind the camera, too.” And so she did. Garcia-Smith began taking photographs and eventually started doing paid photography work such as shooting weddings and portraits. Weddings are very

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dear to heart because she considers it an honor to present during such a special occasion. She will also admit that she cries at every single wedding. As a photographer, she says weddings are one of her favorite events to photograph, but also a bit stressful because one has to make sure that all the special moments are captured for the bride and groom and their families. So although she loves photographing weddings and other special events, she claims nothing beats the thrill of taking the perfect shot of an animal or a sunset. “I love wildlife photography. You never know what animals are going to be doing that day, and I don’t ever have to hear any of them complain!” she said. While she may not have to hear any complaints from the various birds, deer and other wildlife she photographs, she has had some close encounters with them. One day GarciaSmith was at a local ranch, sitting alone in her blind near a pond. Patiently she sat and waited for an animal to go drink

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CBC Forum

Sylvia Garcia-Smith Being featured in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine has been a dream for CBC student Sylvia Garcia-Smith. At last her dream has come true. Learn what’s next for this motivated CBC student.

some water so she could snap that perfect photo. Suddenly, she heard some rustling in the brush nearby. Turning her attention towards the movement and sound, she said she could feel her heart beating faster and faster. It felt like thousands of beats per minute. Was it a javelina? A coyote, perhaps? Finally, she saw a beautiful bobcat staring straight at her. Garcia-Smith insists she didn’t think the bobcat wanted to hurt her or would harm her, but she knew the bobcat was staring straight at her. And then, something happened. “I felt a strong vibration on my belly, and I was afraid. I panicked. Turns out it was my cell phone!” That’s not the only close call with wildlife that GarciaSmith has suffered through. After a particularly rainy season, she wanted to move her blind from her usual spot

at the pond to somewhere closer to a nest of baby birds. Wading through waist high water, she slowly approached her blind. She feared there would be snakes in it, so she slowly opened the door to her to check if it was clear. And again, her phone started vibrating, which startled her, but luckily it was not a snake or other creature. These close calls with wildlife haven’t effected her ability to take magazine worthy photos that are displayed in various art galleries in the area and in various Coastal Bend College wildlife calendars. This past summer one of her major dreams came true—her photography was chosen for publication inside an issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. According to their website, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine considers themselves an authority on all things

CBC Forum 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, TX 78102 361.354.2399

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Above: A scan from the issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine featuring Garcia-Smith’s Barn Owl photo. outdoor and nature related in Texas. Furthermore, the magazine prides itself on only featuring amazing, full color photographs and outstanding articles. Garcia-Smith has been submitting photos for publication in the magazine month after month for a few years. Every time she dropped off her photos at the post office, she would pray about having them being chosen for publication. “I left it all in God’s hands. I knew it would happen in his time, not mine. I met so many people that helped me get my toes in the door, and I just kept trying and trying.” All that perseverance paid off in late July when she saw her work featured in the August/September 2012 Birding Calendar/Section of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. And the magazine chose not one, not two, but three of her outstanding photos for their magazine. The magazine selected photos of a snowy egret (top of page 9), a green kingfisher (bottom of page 9) and a barn owl (top of this page) that Garcia-Smith took. How does she feel about this huge accomplishment? “I wanted to buy every issue that was on sale at HEB. If I never, ever get published again, I’d be completely fine. I honestly would,” she said emphatically. After some nudging, Garcia-Smith did add that being

published in National Geographic would also be very exciting, but overall, this CBC student and photographer really just wants to travel the world and showcase all its beautiful creatures. “Australia would be nice. I’d also love to go to Alaska someday. Or even the Grand Canyon would be great in a helicopter. I keep telling my husband we need to travel more!” It is clear that GarciaSmith is definitely going places in her photography career thanks in part to support and encouragement from faculty and staff at CBC. If you’d like to see more of Garcia-Smith’s work, you can visit the Beeville Art Museum or visit her website at http:// www.sylviagarcia-smith. com/

CBC Visual Arts Faculty Gallery Showcase Simon Michael Art Gallery Frank Jostes Visual Arts Bldg. Closes: September 27, 2012

Left: Senator Cornyn enters the CBC Board Room to meet with college and community representatives. Above: Senator Cornyn takes a drive on the CDL simulator with assistance from Darrell Shedd, Excel Driver Services Instructor.

It’s not everyday a United States Senator steps foot onto the Coastal Bend College campus. In fact, prior to August 21, 2012, it had never happened before.

According to Dr. Beatriz Espinoza, Coastal Bend College president, the visit from U.S. Senator John Cornyn, a Republican up for re-election in 2014, is the first time a United States Senator has visited Coastal Bend College. That makes August 21, 2012 a special day in the history of the college. Senator Cornyn has served as a United States Senator for the over 25-million residents of Texas since 2002. Recently, he was unanimously re-elected to serve this year as Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), an organization that recruits and supports Republican candidates for Senate seats nationwide. Currently, he is a member of the following committees: Senate Finance, Judiciary, Armed Services, and Budget Committees. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in San Antonio, Senator Cornyn has been an advocate for all the Texans he serves since he began his career in 1985. Accompanied by his wife Sandy Cornyn and various staff members, Senator Cornyn began his visit to Coastal Bend College by meeting with the Bee Development Authority (BDA) to discuss the future of Chase Field and its role in the community. Joe Montez, BDA Executive Director, showcased the amenities that Chase Field has to offer such as large paint booths, an oversized hangar and a fire station equipped with two fire trucks. Following that meeting, Senator Cornyn met with the Coastal Bend College administration, Eagle Ford Shale consortium members, and local community representatives to discuss the college’s programs and initiatives. Dr. Espinoza began the meeting by mentioning that over 15,000 students have graduated from Coastal Bend College with degrees or certificates. “There’s a lot of commitment and love for the college and the community we serve. We continue to be a beacon of hope in providing opportunities for economic mobility to students who want to stay and

CBC Forum 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, TX 78102 361.354.2399 work in the area. Our poverty level is higher than the national average and our high school diploma completion rates are lower than the national average. This is why education is so critical and vital to this area,” Espinoza explained to Senator Cornyn. Senator Cornyn seemed pleased to hear about all the great programs the college offers such as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified airframe program, a booming oil and gas technology program and a transfer/core curriculum that attracts many students. But, while Dr. Espinoza greets Senator all that may be impressive, Cornyn and his wife Sandy as they Senator Cornyn wanted to arrive for their visit to the campus. learn more about how we offer a point-of-entry into education for anyone that wants to attend college. “So, let’s say I dropped out of high school. Now it’s later in life, and I realize I need an education. Can I come to Coastal Bend College and get a GED? Would you all help me and tell me where I need to go from there?” he asked Dr. Espinoza. “Absolutely! We’d love to have you,” Espinoza responded. That same response is what the college would give to anyone in the community. Our poverty level and high school diploma completion rates are opposite of what the college and community would ideally like to see, so the college takes a proactive approach by offering points of entry into education no matter the individual’s background or current education level. From adult basic education to English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to Customized and Continuing Education courses, Coastal Bend College is ready and able to help anyone interested in obtaining more education. And in this economy, more education leads to more jobs and prosperity in the community. By offering a variety of college courses, workforce programs and continuing education courses, Coastal Bend College helps address a critical need for creating skilled employees to enter the workforce, especially in the Eagle Ford Shale region. Senator Cornyn stated that when unemployment is high, one of the main concerns he hears from employers is that

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there are not many skilled or qualified workers. Therefore, Roy Coley, Oil and Gas Technology Instructor at Coastal Bend College, works hard to ensure his students get as much hands on experience as possible during his courses. Thanks to the generosity of several companies in the industry who have donated time, equipment, and services, the oil and gas program has a lease facility set-up right next to their classroom. Having this equipment allows students to learn what they can expect if they choose to work in the oil field industry. These students also had an opportunity to show off their skills and conduct a demonstration on proper drilling tests for Senator Cornyn. Patricia Garibay, a student from Mathis, Texas, enrolled in the program after serving in the United States Navy. Eventually she hopes to work in the oil and gas industry at a corporate level in marketing, and was excited to be one of the four students selected to meet Senator Cornyn. Garibay said, “I wasn’t really nervous. I know what I am doing thanks to Mr. Coley taking so much time to make sure I understand everything.” Other students that were selected to meet Senator Cornyn were Megan Austin, Maureen Mechling and Wallace Tegge. Coley states that these four students were chosen because of their outstanding academic performance and work ethic. “If we could ask Senator Cornyn for anything to help improve our program, we’d ask him to buy that fancy, expensive simulator Mr. Coley is always talking about!” Mechling said. Having a simulator is the big wish list item for most students in the program and would help them have a competitive edge when entering the workforce. For now, the students make the most of what they have and say they are thrilled to have an instructor with as much knowledge, dedication and passion for the industry as Coley has. Though the senator’s visit was only about an hour long, Coastal Bend College was able to showcase all that it can offer to students and the community—even with budget and facility limitations. Education, workforce, and community seemed to be the words spoken most often during the senator’s visit. They’re fundamental values that the college focuses on in order to help everyone in its service area prosper and gain knowledge. The overall message is that education is the key to improving the community we all share. As Senator Cornyn wrapped up his visit, he summed it up the best by saying, “It’s evident to me that Coastal Bend College serves an important and critical role in educating people and changing lives in the South Texas region.”

CBC students Megan Austin, Wallace Tegge, Maureen Mechling and Patricia Garibay conducted drilling test demonstrations for Senator Cornyn. Left: Dr. Beatriz Espinoza chats with Sandy Cornyn as the senator tours the lease facility set-up. Right: Senator Cornyn asks CBC students where they’re from and what they like about the college/program.

Roy Coley, Oil & Gas Technology Instructor, shows Senator Cornyn the lease facility set-up.

Senator Cornyn tries on the cap given to him on behalf of the Oil & Gas program.

Wallace Tegge explains the various drilling tests they conduct during class to the senator.

CBC Forum 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, TX 78102 361.354.2399

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In our world today, convocation is gathering of a college community to kick-off of an academic year. In our case AY 2012-13 is upon us, classes begin on August 29, and we hope to be serving over 4000 students in our 9400 square mile district and beyond. Some of these students have already taken college courses; others will have the “deer in the headlight” look for the first week or so of classes. Please be extra kind to those students. As it is, I began as your 5th, 6th, or 7th college president. I’ve been asked what “my” vision is for CBC. After a full three months on the job, and like my first 3 days on the job, I echo your established vision – Keeping Student Success in Sight! The only difference you will see over the last couple years when this vision was adopted is that WE WILL be MEASURING our SUCCESS. I ask you to have ongoing conversations about SUCCESS as we commence our year. I challenge you to keep that bar high as the students we teach today will be leading us tomorrow; and what better way to ensure that leadership than to expect great things of them now. This summer’s initiation for me was very beneficial. I learned about CBC. I have an outsider perspective, and therefore I asked questions based on that perspective. I will continue to do that…however, please note that my questions and challenges stem from wanting to create a culture of EXCELLENCE at CBC.

We have the talent; We have the expertise; We have the PASSION…

to train students to reach their excellence.

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I mentioned to several student groups this summer that I don’t just want to see them at orientation I want to see them at graduation. Help me make that happen! As students commence their educational work and the hub of the semester is off and running, I ask that you engage in dialogue with me to find solutions for those students that aren’t being as successful as they can be. The goals that I will be working on include: Board and Community Relations ●● Establish a protocol and process to keep the Board informed of college operations and activities. ●● Integrate and align the CBC Foundation with CBC’s goals ●● Support Community Partnerships and Community Relations Planning, Budgeting, Assessment & Reporting ●● Evaluate effectiveness and efficiencies of CBC’s Strategic Plan and Master Planning. ●● Maintain a balanced budget for FY13 ●● Model a Student Success Agenda with measureable outcomes assessment through establishment and evaluation of Student Success Measures. ●● Increase Revenues and cost efficiencies through grants and innovative initiatives ●● Develop and implement a new Student Success Course (QEP) to support student retention, persistence, learning and success. ●● Prepare for CBC’s reaffirmation accreditation with SACS-COC Leadership and Climate ●● Establish a college community culture that reflects the ownership, leadership, and climate of student learning and educational success

CBC Forum

●● Establish an annual planning and reporting calendar ●● Establish administrative procedures to standardize college practices, and ●● Formalize and integrate CBC’s Academy on Professional Learning (APL) program with the college Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals. These are the things you’ll see extended efforts in; I expect everyone to be informed and engaged in the dialogue, especially as it relates to their unit. I started some of this work this summer: ●● Vision 2020 – revision/update ●● Budget Exercise FY12 year-end review; FY13 recommendations ●● What do ___________ say about student success? ●● Faculty, ●● Staff, ●● Administrators, ●● Students (current/former/incoming), Communities, ●● Trustees ●● Key Performance Indicators – What are they? How are we doing? ●● Program Review – Fall 2012 There are two things that I am most fond of as a college leader, to begin fresh each year with great expectations and to see the culmination of our efforts in those successful students that walk across the stage. Everyone and every department, has a hand in that. As I welcome you to our new academic year, I ask you help me welcome our students to a successful year.

Dr. Beatriz T. Espinoza Coastal Bend College President

CBC Forum 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, TX 78102 361.354.2399


What’s Happening

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The CBC faculty and staff at the Alice campus sported their blue and white apparel on August 31 in honor of College Colors Day.

Want to be involved on campus? Are you a leader? Have ideas about improving CBC? Want to make new friends?

Join the Student Government Association! Build leadership skills, build friendships, and build a better CBC. Contact Vanessa Adkins at 361.354.2538 or stop by the counseling center to learn how you can put your ideas into action by joining SGA.

All students regardless of major are welcome to join!

Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age or disability.

Page 19

CBC Forum

Alice Beeville Kingsville Pleasanton

Happy Birthday

Dr. Beatriz Espinoza, CBC President, celebrated her birthday in August alongside her daughter, husband and CBC faculty and staff. Hope it was a very happy birthday!

Student Rights & Responsibilities At Coastal Bend College, students have rights and responsibilities with which they should familiarize themselves. For example, students have many rights including the right to file a complaint (page 55 of the 2012-13 CBC catalog) or to appeal a grade (page 44 of the CBC 2012-13 catalog). Students also bear many responsibilities including helping to keep CBC drug and alcohol free (page 62). Others may be found in the college’s policy manual and in the catalog which contains the student handbook. The housing handbook also provides housing rights and responsibilities. These rights are provided to assure students are treated fairly and responsibilities are necessary for a safe and productive learning environment. For assistance in understanding or initiating any of the processes described, please contact the Dean of Student Services at 361-354-2304.

Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age or disability.

CBC Forum September 2012  

The highlights from the CBC Forum for September 2012 focus on the visit from Senator Cornyn, the trip to Puerto Rico that included CBC stude...