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What AC Accomplished this Year

Powderpuff Football Why GSA Makes a Difference

15 Summer Activities

Crossword Puzzle

Royalty in the House 2

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The Beginning of the Paper

Valedictorian: Jordan Dawley Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Gallimaufry: Showcase of student artwork

Scholarship Opportunities Review: Just Another High School Play

New Electives Coming Soon Testing Tips

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Coastal Current Begins By: Christian Hurley

In the educational system, current events are considered especially important. At Atlantic Coast High School, the dedicated students who report on these events are staff members of an elite paper known as The Coastal Current. This is their story. In Atlantic Coast’s third year, the premiere edition of the newspaper, The Coastal Current, has finally been published, providing a news outlet for the students and faculty. The paper’s name, The Coastal Current, was chosen by a school-wide vote, and carries a special significance. The term ‘Coastal’ was derived from the school’s name, Atlantic

Coast. ‘Current,’ on the other hand, has more meaning behind it. In this case, the Current carries news. Therefore, The Coastal Current carries the current events to Atlantic Coast. The paper was created by Mrs. Alexander’s Journalism I class, which was offered for the first time this year. Students took the lead in the production of the paper, “I am the advisor” said Alexander, “I just facilitate ... the students are writing and gathering the news and designing the paper.” The actual production of the newspaper, however, did not begin until the fourth quarter. The students spent the majority of the first three quarters learning about the history of journalism, how to write articles effectively and correctly, and the elements required for a newspaper to be published.

Once these principles were learned, work began on the final product. Not only is the newspaper produced by a Journalism I class, it is also free of advertisements. This brings up an interesting point: the funding of the paper. When asked about the paper’s funding given the lack of advertisements, Alexander clarified that “Mrs. Lynch was kind enough to print in-house for this first edition.” She went on to say that next year’s paper will have advertisements, assuming that sponsors for the paper will be acquired before next school year. The intent of publishing the paper this year is to establish a basis for next year, when Journalism II will produce the paper, advertisements and all.


hievements By: Hannah Miller and Madison Walter

Josh Jenkins, Peyton Middleton, Shawna Melby, Christian Austin-Datta, and Seema Sanka placed 2nd overall at the Fred G Miller Regional Envirothon of 2013

Kate Gaines, Cole Robinson, Emily Livingston, Janis Prouty, and Rama Hussein took 1st place in the Soils category and 3rd in the region for 2013 Fred G Miller Regional Envirothon

John Foster’s poem was sponsored by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey; it will be published as a Topical Winner in American High School Poets

Emma Carabenciov took 1st place in the Bioinformatics Section for Northeast Florida Regional Science Fair Nine special needs athletes and four partners (standard athletes) qualified for the State Special Olympics in Orlando; they placed 1st in two of their events 4

Garbage on the Bay: Students from the Science National Honor Society sorted through trash from several pods in the school. They collected 538 lbs. of recyclables; 76% paper, 20% plastic, and 2% aluminum




- 2 013

Connor Bradley won 2nd place and Jacob Warren won 3rd place in the 2013 District History Fair

Jacqueline Zickella won a $1000 cash prize for her artwork that will be featured on the front cover of the 2012-13 Northeast Florida Education Guide Chelsea Francis ranked number one in Florida and fifth in the nation for track and field; she ran a 100 meters in 11.5 seconds and 200 meters in 24.1 seconds

Paige Curtis signed with Daytona State for softball; Travis Bennett signed with Webber International for football; Richard Montgomery signed with University of Idaho for football; Jamel Davis signed with Bethune Cookman for track and field; and Brittany Garesio signed with Florida Atlantic University for track and field 5

Hard Work Paid Off for Jordan Dawley By: Makayla Sparks

all six of his previous exams earning him a total of 24 credits, “This year I plan to earn 21 more because UF limits you to 45 credits.” Dawley will be graduating with a GPA of 4.74.

Jordan Dawley was named the valedictorian for the senior class of 2013. Becoming the valedictorian was never his goal: “One day I went into Ms. Ruben’s office, and I was talking to her about schedule changes then I asked who the valedictorian was and she told me she couldn’t tell me that... she told me she could tell me my class rank and I found out I was number one.” When asked if he has changed any of his habits after finding out his class rank, he replied “I signed up for six AP classes before I found out I was valedictorian.” Dawley has a total of seven AP exams, he passed

Dual Enroll to Prepare for College By: Savannah Larimore

Every year students meet with their guidance counselors about scheduling classes for the upcoming year. Juniors who meet the requirements have the option to dual enroll in their senior year. Students may not realize the many benefits that come with dual enrollment. Ashlyn Becton, senior, armed with advice from her guidance counselor and ambition decided to dual enroll this year. Dual Enrollment is a program in which high school students are simultaneously enrolled at Florida State College at Jacksonville and 6

Staying focused has never been a problem for Dawley, he has always been consistent in striving for success. When he was asked who inspires him he simply responded, “for me it’s kind of myself and my own religious beliefs, you see I’ve always believed that I was given gifts by God and talents ... if I didn’t use those talents to the best of my ability that would be a sin.” Dawley has has attended Atlantic Coast the three years it has been open but attended Mandarin High School his freshman year. There, he was in the AICE program, which he then explained “It’s sort of like AP but it’s run by Cambridge University.” Dawley has recently been accepted to the University of Florida where he plans to major in engineering.

Atlantic Coast. They are able to get a head start on their Associates Degree before freshman year of college. Becton attends two classes at ACHS and is taking freshman english and math at FSCJ. When asked why she decided to dual enroll she said, “I chose to dual enroll to get a head start on college and it’s almost like a scholarship in the sense that Duval county pays for your classes as long as you pass them.” This is one of the benefits of dual enrollment, in addition to getting a little taste of the college experience. Becton agrees that “it has been very helpful. I feel at ease going into college because I know somewhat of what it’s going to be like.” There are similarities between dual enrollment and AP classes,

it’s just a matter of what suits each student’s learning style. Dual enrollment and AP classes offer students the opportunity to advance their education and earn college credits. When a student is dual enrolled to earn the college credit all they are required to do is pass the class. To earn the the equivalent credit in AP classes, students not only have to pass the class, but also achieve a 3 on the AP exam. From Becton’s stand point, dual enrollment is something that she would highly recommend. She advises, “I would recommend dual enrolling your senior year because it was a great experience and made me gain more responsibility. It prepares you for college!”

Seniors Dominate Powderpuff Football By: Jamesia Downer

Friday, April 26 at seven p.m. ACHS hosted its second annual senior versus junior PowderPuff game which resulted in a 7-0 win by the seniors. With only nine seniors, one would think their team would be at a disadvantage, but thanks to an interception and touchdown by Jackie Rodriguez and the extra point scored by Amanda Wilson. PowderPuff is a flag football game played by senior and junior ladies while the coaches and cheerleaders are senior and junior men. PowderPuff brings in people with all types of experience like junior, Shreya Mohan, who has never played flag football but always wanted to and senior, Jackie Rodriguez who said, “I have played for ACHS for the

Why GSA Makes a Difference By: Anna Murtha

GSA, Gay Straight Alliance, is a club at Atlantic Coast that serves to give all students a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment. GSA is a student-led and student-organized club that provides support for all students, as well as education about the rights, laws, and history of gay citizens, and a meeting space for those who want to work to make schools safer for all students. When asked why having a GSA Club at Atlantic Coast is important, the sponsor Dr. Talbot said, “It is important to have a safe space where there are no labels and is no judgement for all students.” GSA meetings are held every Thursday and during the meetings

last three years, Mandarin High my freshman year and I’ve played for league teams.” Not only is this some of the players’ first time, but also the coaches’ like junior Justin Croy who said, “this is my first time ever coaching which makes it so exciting.” The players and coaches practiced for two weeks before the big game -- deciding positions and working on plays. With the 21 junior play-

ers Coach Croy had concerns, “due to the amount of juniors present my only concern is that the girls may not feel like they get to play enough.” Both teams played hard the whole game and did their best. The rising junior and senior ladies should consider participating in PowderPuff because, according to Shreya Mohan, “it’s one of those things that you have to do to complete the high school experience.”

From left: Kaja Hall, Ena Frljak, Amanda Wilson, Guerry Metayer, Tiffany Acosta, Donnie Burton, Brittney Downs, Jackie Rodriguez, Ayisha Bryant

students watch documentaries, movies, have discussions and guest speakers. Jason Moore, member of GSA, agrees with Dr. Talbot in the sense that “having a GSA club gives kids a place in the school where they won’t be judged, which is important.” The students in GSA at Atlantic Coast are usually members for as long as they attend the school. “This is not my first year in GSA and I will definitely be joining again next year,” Moore stated. GSA isn’t like many other clubs you will find in schools. GSA’s main purpose is to make students, all students, feel welcomed and bring people together. In high school students often feel singled out, for many reasons, and GSA strives to provide a place that they feel they belong. When asked how GSA makes a difference in the bullying of openly gay students, Mr. Zakaria said,

“students having an outlet, a safe space to go, is a good experience,” even though bullying towards gay students is not common here. One thing Atlantic Coast has to be proud of is the diversity in the school. “Atlantic Coast does not only support GSA and its members, but everybody and everything” said Zakaria. Having as much diversity as Atlantic Coast has makes for a well-rounded student body. Because students will not only be around one specific group of people, they learn to accept the differences people have and embrace them. Not only is bullying on the basis of sexual orientation not prevelant, but bullying in general is not common. The GSA meets in room 123 every Thursday immediately after school.


Gallimaufry Gaulimaufry A hodgepodge; a jumble; a medley of written and visual art created by students.

Jordan Hartsfield The disease of the darker sun Crawls silently in her eyelids; She whispers to the chamber of her gun, “I’ll never.” The bright sun boils upon the bloody visage Of the intrinsic feeling she’ll soon forget Because she felt Useless. She tightens her jaws, cutting into her tongue’s veins Until the warm liquid seethes onto her lips Its taste soothing And chilling. Sibilant and frivolous, She flies with the winter wind But visceral discord has nailed her to the ground Splitting twigs under the Coarse, Old Feet Of her youngest days, She somberly sings to the sky, “Send me your clouds, Mine have left my grasp.” 8

Scared Donnie Burton Scared is a state of mind But It’s a feeling I learned to leave behind It will be a matter of time Before being scared comes from behind Being scared is something I don’t want to feel Because being scared might determine my faith Must find courage, and coward I must not be Because being scared shall no longer shower me So being scared I will overcome And the fight for happiness is yet not done.

The Mind Hunter Blake What may lay behind the mind of mine? I don’t remember, as do others, having been before my time. I think about what I think, and yet I do not. I dream and find myself away from here, neither here nor there. The working of my sanity is but the reluctance, To journey where others shouldn’t, Beyond Space and Time, Away from this remote realm of mine, Towards the endless edge, Inside my mind.

“Day Dreaming” Aspen Pinkney Oh, let me sleep and dream of sunny days. Where death and hurt and war do not exist. And lovely sights my eyes can gaily gaze. A world so pure and full of tranquil bliss With sweet rivers made of milk and honey And not the salty tang of mournful tears. Where Earth will turn for love and not money And children scream from joy and not from fear. But the sandman is not so forgiving And will not let my peace of mind last long. So I awake and walk ’mongst the living And watch them commit deeds they know are wrong. So sandman, won’t you be my closest friend And never wake me from my peace again.

Joshua Derbabian “Globe Barb Wire”

Ana Mcintosh “Blue” Painting

Masquerade Talise Burton What colorful masks we wear What saddening stories we share What masquerade we play What complex attire we design ourselves to wear everyday What intricate housing we have built around us And only inside can you find What we all have stored to confess What thick weeds grow in the garden That we have left with woe to pardon Yet seemingly they never shrivel and die Oh no! They are hauntingly alive

Ana Mcintosh “Blue” Painting

Causing cracks in the foundation before ripping it open in frustration As the music and dancing all seem to cease As everyone succumbs to their inner beasts


Fun Fifteen for the Summer Scene Reasons to Get Out of Bed During Your Vacation By: Jewel Allen-Phillips

As teenagers we countdown until summer vacation, but when we’re finally released from school we’re home playing video games, sleeping, or cleaning out the fridge --basically wasting our day! If you are looking for suggestions check out this list below! Watch a movie on the beach Visit a museum Enjoy a jazz festival Go to a live concert See the Jacksonville Sharks Attend a play Go to a car show Volunteer at a local hospital Volunteer at a pet shelter Visit an amusement park Go shopping Ice skate Watch the sunrise or sunset Take candy making classes Find a job

The next Sharks home game will be held June 1 at the Jacksonville Veterans Arena at 7 p.m. with tickets starting as low as $12. The Jacksonville Sharks are an arena football team based here in Jacksonville. Last year the Sharks had an undefeated season, so join the movement by going out and supporting our team.

Moonlight Movies at Seawalk Pavilion Jacksonville Beach holds midnight movies every Friday starting May 24th until June 7th at 9 p.m. The movies are shown at the Sea Walk Pavilion on 1st St. N. Movies such as Iron Man & Ice Age will be shown free of charge. To make the most of your evening grab your friends, bring some snacks like chips, s’mores, and candy. Also, make sure to bring blankets and chairs to keep comfortable.

At the Theater Relive a part of your childhood by going to see Scooby Doo Live! Musical Mysteries. Sunday, June 9 at 2 p.m. Tickets start as low as $22 and it will be showing at the Times-Union Center. Feel free to bring your little brother or sister (children under one will receive free admission) so you can make memories with them by remembering your own. Also showing at the Times-Union Center is Dreamgirls, the story of a rising 60’s girl group on Tuesday, May 21 at 7:30 p.m. 10

Sweet Pete’s is holding fun candy-making classes for all ages from May 14 until October 31. Classes start at 10:30 a.m. and prices begin at $15. You will learn to make such candies as gum, hand pulled lollipops, chocolate dips, chocolate truffles, and cordial cherries. Classes are available seven days a week and reservations are required. Most classes take at least two people to reserve a spot. Try gathering your friends with the biggest sweet tooth to make some delicious candies and to have the experience of a lifetime! Sweet Pete’s is located at 1922 N. Pearl St. 32206. For more information visit

Lesser Known Scholarships Available to Students By: Amanda Dang

College prices are on the rise and many students struggle to pay tuition. Rather than acquire debt through student loans, consider scholarships can help you pay for college. Here are some scholarships you may be eligible for.

The Negro Spiritual Scholarship is a vocal competition for sacred music performed in the voice of negro spiritual style and requires that applicants are high school students in 11th or 12th grade and are Afro-ethnic. Recipients will receive a college tuition assistance grant for $3,000. Achieving the Dream Scholarship is open to all students of Hispanic descent from Florida’s First Coast. It requires a minimum GPA of 3.0. Recipients must have been both accepted to and plan to attend an accredited two or four year college or university, or currently enrolled as a full time undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited institution. The deadline to apply is May 31. The award is $2,000. EMU National Scholars Program is a four-year award that pays the difference between in-state tuition and out-of-state for up to 30 credit hours per year. The program requires new freshmen or new transfer students to have a minimum 3.50 GPA and to be a resident of a state other than Michigan or Ohio to be considered. Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc. requires high school seniors to have a 2.7 GPA, maintain cumulative 3.0 GPA, and have at least 12 credit hours per semester. Applications are accepted on February 28th, annually. Recipients will receive up to $6,000 per year.

Review: Just Another High School Play By: Cody Andrew

Atlantic Coast’s first-ever drama production began with an apology. Chaos, confusion, and tragedy all ensued. It was bad ... but that was the beauty of it. It was supposed to be bad. The play is about a group of students who frantically perform a play on opening night, unprepared, and deserted by their drama teacher, all the craziness that occurred throughout was planned. Even if it wasn’t, the plot of the show is able to hide any mistakes (that weren’t on purpose). Universal appeal was created by the inclusion of references to just about every high school play. This made it easier for the audience to understand many of the cast’s jokes which, more often than not, ended in delightful applause. However, at times, the reliance on allusions also resulted in ‘lostin-translation’ moments. A positive crowd reaction also came from the use of fake blood, men in dresses, finger puppets, and a grand piano. On a Thursday night with the noise of rain barraging the roof of the auditorium, the cast’s voices sounded either muffled or entirely too loud. Though a contributing factor to early confusion, this did not overshadow the exemplary performance. As described in the play, “a tragedy is when everything goes wrong.” Well, everything did go wrong, but the drama students managed to highlight that fact (rightfully so) and make the most of it.


Crossword Puzzle:

What’s what at ACHS?












8 9




























3. Who  is  the  Activities  Director? 6.  What's  our  school  mascot? 7.  What  is  the  name  of  the  church  by  us? 9.  What  program  can  you  look  your  grades  up on? 11.  What  is  everyone  looking  forward  to? (Season) 14.  Who  is  our  football  coach? 16.  Who's  our  school's  rival? 17.  Who's  the  secretary  for  the  River  House?












1. Who's  the  administrator  for  Manta  House? 2.  Who  is  the  Media  Clerk? 4.  What's  our  school  color? 5.  Who  is  our  principal? 8.  Who's  the  Ocean  House  Assistant  principal? 10.  What  street  is  AC  on? 12.  Which  is  the  northernmost  house  office? 13.  What  program  do  you  use  to  look  up books  in  the  library? 15.  How  many  years  has  AC  been  open?

New Electives, New Choices By: Talise Burton

This year ACHS has added 11 new electives to the course selection for the 2013-2014 school year. In an interview with Ms. Ramsey, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, she said, “many different classes and divisions of classes are in the works.” Some of these electives may have different requirements such as 3D Graphics, Data Modeling, Journalism 2, and Literature in the Arts. Data Modeling and 3D Graphics are both upper level gaming and scientific visualization classes. 3D

Exams Mark the End of the School Year By: Elizabeth McNair

The joy that comes with the end of a school year is often overshadowed by the anxiety that accompanies final tests. As final exams, EOCs, and AP exams begin, students are preparing themselves with tools and strategies to ensure successful results. The AP Exams, which offer students the opportunity to receive college credit, were administered during two weeks in May. In order to gain college credit students must make a grade of 3 or above. “One of our mantras is 30 minutes a day keeps the 1’s and 2’s away,” explained AP Calculus teacher Mr. Frencl when asked how he would recommend students prepare for their tests. “They need to believe that they can do well and that they can pass the test.” He believes it is not only preparation, but also belief,

Graphics allows students to learn how to create, change, and organize 3-dimensional graphics and helps students learn about the 3D software that goes behind animation. Data Modeling involves learning different data tools and techniques, how to change animation, and create a portfolio related to the student’s interests. Since both the 3D Graphics and Data Modeling are upper level classes, students would need to take Introduction to Information Technology first, then Principles of Scientific Visualization. Journalism 2 is a class that focuses on writing, photography, and the software used to design the

school paper. Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students may take Journalism 2 as long as they have already taken Journalism 1. Literature in the Arts is a class that helps students analyze different types of media. For students to enter the Literature in the Arts class they must have already taken Literature in the Media. Literature in the Media is usually taken eleventh grade and is a dual enrollment class. The other electives added to the course selection sheet include Dance Techniques, World Religions, Philosophy, Musical Theatre, Show Choir, Speech, and Debate and may be taken by all students.

that is the key to success. Though most students have a mutual goal of obtaining a 3 on the AP tests, their opinions differ when it comes to the course itself. “My mom put me in the class,” said freshman Andrey Nikitin, who is taking AP Human Geography. “I tell her every year I want to be in standard.” He said that he studies little for the exam, only doing some homework and a few pages of a review book. On the other hand, John Foster, a senior, said he decided to take an AP class because he wanted to be accepted into good colleges. He is enrolled in US Government, Macro/ Micro Economics, and Biology. “I don’t enjoy it, but I wouldn’t prefer standard classes because I know what the sacrifice of harder work is for,” he said. The College Board website, which offers study resources for candidates, recommends before and after school tutoring sessions and has published several years of previous AP tests for students to review.

These tests include both multiple choice and free response questions, and include 34 different course selections. “Each test they take in class is modeled after questions from past tests,” said Frencl. Finals for underclassmen will start on Monday, June 3, and end on Friday, June 7. 5th and 6th period classes will take their tests on Monday. On Tuesday, 1st and 3rd period classes will take their tests. 2nd and 7th period classes will test on Wednesday. On Thursday, 4th period will take their test. There will be an opportunity for make-up on both Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Bernstein, an AP Literature teacher, recommended attending all reviews and getting plenty of rest the day before the tests. “Always trust your gut,” she said. “It’s the confidence that they now have within themselves that will guide them into the next phase of their lives.” 13

ROYALTY Mr. Ugly: Not Your Average Beauty Pageant By: Tyjai High

The second annual Mr. Ugly pageant, hosted by seniors Megan Giles and Justin Pera, was an unforgettable event. This show was similar to most beauty pageants, the only difference being that the “ladies” were actually seven of our senior men: Tyler Anderson, Travis Bennett, Albert Kishek, Alex Lassen, Anthony Lopez, Malcolm Mercer, and Dixon Stater. The pageant was separated into three different competitive rounds: talent, glamour, and interview. All the “ladies” entertained, shined, and amazed the crowd with their performances. The contestants were judged by Ms. Bobula, Ms. Gilbert, and Mr. Ross. “The show was great, very

Savannah Larimore Crowned Miss St. Augustine By: Tyjai High

On March 30, Savannah Larimore was crowned Miss St. Augustine 2013. Now for the first time she is entering the Miss Florida pageant. Winning Miss St. Augustine gave her a desire to give back to the community. She is a role model to young girls through her participation in the Sunshine Princess Program where she mentors girls ages five to twelve. As Larimore prepares 14

well organized,” stated Ms. Gilbert. Albert Kishek was crowned Mr. Ugly, as he stood on the stage in his silver stilettos and sparkling ball gown, he was ecstatic. “It was all one big rush of adrenaline,” Kishek exclaimed. Kishek worked hard for this title. His character Khalila strutted her stuff for the crowd. During the talent portion Khalila amazed the audience with her belly dancing. “I spent five days practicing, an hour every night,” stated Khalila

when asked about her preparation for the competition. Khalila had no problems in the glamour round. Her dress was eye-catching and colorful. “Shout out to my faves Meezy P and Lily for their help with my wardrobe,” Khalila exclaimed. Malcolm Mercer was 1st runner up and Alex Lassen was 2nd runner up. Mr. Samples, who was Ilene Dover for the night awarded the winners with a bouquet. As the show ended, the majority of the audience stayed afterwards to take pictures and share a few more laughs. “It was funny, first time coming and I’m speechless. It was good!” stated William Kendrick. Kishek expressed his overall thoughts on the outcome of the pageant, “I did something no one has seen before, left a standard for the senior men next year, and was honored for it and that’s why it was so great!”

From left: Lassen, Kishek, Mercer

for Miss Florida, she is constantly devoting hours to her schoolwork, job, interview lessons, and volunteer events for the community. “It can be difficult at times, but accepting a title means you have to be prepared to take on all the various responsibilities and multitask,” stated Larimore. Upon entering the Miss Florida pageant, each contestant chooses a platform; an issue that she cares about deeply. When the contestant wins, they will use their position of Miss Florida to generate awareness about their platform. Larimore was inspired to choose

her platform, Battered and Abused Individuals, because her family has been involved with the foster care system. Her grandparents have adopted four children, all of whom had to overcome several types of abuse. When asked how she felt about her platform, Larimore stated “I love the feeling of being a part of something that’s greater than myself, to better society and the community as a whole.” Larimore is excited to participate in the Miss Florida pageant. Whether she wins or not, she is determined to remain positive and bring awareness to this very personal issue.

Beauchamp, Robinson: AC’s Royal Couple By: Hannah A Rippy

On April 13, a Saturday night filled with music, dancing and the closest of friends, six people nervously awaited the announcement of Prom King and Queen. Nerves were definitely calmed as the names Giovanni Beauchamp and Camille Robinson were called. There were three candidates for King and three for Queen, but of course there can only be one Royal Couple. Giovanni Beauchamp and Camille Robinson let the writers of The Coastal Current look into their thoughts and feelings about being bestowed with the honor of being Atlantic Coast’s Prom Royalty. Giovanni Beauchamp, this year’s Prom King, had never dreamed about having this honor, but he always thought it would be a cool one to have. When he found out that his peers were nominating him and

Lauren Fernandez is Crowned Miss AC By: Macy McBride

On the night of March 1st, Junior, Lauren Fernandez won the Second Annual Miss Atlantic Coast. When most people think pageants they probably think along the lines of Miss America or Miss Universe. Well, the girls of Atlantic Coast might not be competing for a world title, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t remarkable all the same. One stood out in particular, Lauren Fernandez. She wowed the crowd with her piano rendition of ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith, and stunned everyone with her coral evening gown. The most remarkable, however is how well spoken she was when it came to her interview ques-

that his name would be on the ballot, he thought it was a pretty cool thing to be a part of. As it got closer to the day of Prom, Giovanni became more indifferent to winning, he said, “if it happens it happens if not it was still cool to be nominated.” When they did call out his and Camille Robinson’s names, he was very excited, but he said later that, “It really does make you nervous though when a lot of people are staring at you and you’re just awkwardly standing there with a crown on your head.” Camille Robinson, this year’s Prom Queen, said this wasn’t a dream of hers either, but she became more and more excited about the potential title as the time for prom grew closer. She said, “It was really cool being prom queen with my boyfriend as king.” She also made the comment that she was surprised that their names made it onto the ballot even though many of she and Giovanni’s friends told her that they had nominated them. She says it is great to be prom queen, but “it was really kind

of awkward when the DJ accidentally played that Bruno Mars sad song during our dance.” The DJ played a breakup song at first during the couple’s slow dance, but he quickly rectified his error after much grumbling and disapproval from the students. Giovanni Beauchamp and Camille Robinson have been dating since March 12, 2011--two years so far. He asked her to be his girlfriend at her lacrosse party and the whole team was in on the surprise. They didn’t go to prom last year because he was out of state for a soccer tournament, but as soon as he got back, they got all dressed up and went out to Maggiano’s and The Cheesecake Factory. So, it was very special to them to have won Prom King and Queen at their first Prom together. Ever since they have been together, people have said that they’re a great couple, therefore it makes sense for them to have been chosen by their peers to be Prom Royalty.

tion. This in no shock to English teacher, and Miss AC sponsor, Mrs. Roman. “Basically we are looking for the best of our young females.” Roman said. “You have to be an excellent kid with a good GPA.” And Lauren Fernandez is nothing less than exceptional. “Well, I hope I can be a good

representative of the school,” Fernandez said, “I really want to show the other schools that we are here to represent.” She’s going forward to the Miss Northeast Florida Pageant. She didn’t accomplish this on her own though, she says her family and friends really helped a lot by building her up and boosting her confidence. When asked about her experience she was beaming and stated, “I enjoyed myself and my experience! I met a lot of amazing girls and the people who ran the pageant were awesome!” Fernandez even went as far as to recommend it to all the sophomore girls, “I really hope that every sophomore girl would at least consider this for next year, it’s such a great experience and you learn so much about yourself!” 15

AC Seniors’ Post-Graduation Destinations*

*Each marker indicates the location of a University where a graduate will be attending. (Note: Not all senior destinations are listed.)

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