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“I have been working for Challenger for almost two years. I chose Challenger right out of school because I heard they had a great training program. With their help, I’ve become an efficient, safe driver and I love my dedicated run.” – Valeska

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November / december 2016

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Survey Says Expect Freight Volumes to Increase North American Commercial Vehicle Show Announces 2017 as its Inauguration Meritor Introduces 14X HE High-Efficiency Linehaul Tandem Drive Axle Ridewell Suspensions Introduces Air-Ride Single Point Suspension TransVix and DAT Solutions Form Exclusive Strategic Alliance Navistar Recalling Some 2017 International Trucks Over Battery Issue

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Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI

A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline

Jag Dhatt

Everyone has dreams for his or her future. For some, their dreams come true; but for the majority, they remain just that – dreams. Those who do not have dreams cannot get as far as they want in their lives as they would like. In the same breath, those who have dreams but do not pursue them also can’t get far as well. We have been working in the trucking industry for a long time now so I can relate and make connections to the above words. If you see a successful trucking company and you dream of trucking as a profession, there is nothing wrong with it. First of all, get proper knowledge about this profession through formal education from industry experts and from those already working successfully in the profession. By doing this, you can pre-calculate the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. By attaining the preliminary knowledge of the profession, you can better decide if it is the right profession for you. The second step is to make a checklist of the required training you will need and pursue it step by step. The most important thing is to take the proper training and go through all necessary steps rather than taking any shortcuts. The time you spend in the beginning will pay off in the long run and make you a more successful professional. Now that you are in the profession, ensure that you know the rules, laws, and regulations, and never try to bypass them. It takes less time and effort to follow rules rather than face the consequences. By taking a shortcut, or breaking laws or regulations, you can easily lose your dreams and any acquired wealth. Learning is a never ending process. Keep learning, become better day-by-day and see your dreams being fulfilled.

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Volvo Trucks’ new SuperTruck concept vehicle offers a glimpse into the future of fuel savings, achieving a remarkable 88 percent freight efficiency improvement with fuel economy topping 12 mpg. Many of the innovative aerodynamic solutions featured in this project can already be found in the Volvo VNL. And our new powertrain will offer additional fuel savings by featuring the SuperTruck’s wave piston design, common-rail fuel injection system and turbo compounding. Learn more:

Fuel Efficiency

Volvo Trucks. Driving Progress MARCH - APRIL 2017



ompliance IS an issue. Compliance and its officer; a subsequent inspection removed the truck from the road brother, Safety, should be a budget item equally -- until repairs were done. Is our training sufficient to allow drivers to recognize such as important as fuel. This goes whether you are problems? a one truck, one man operation or the largest In Ottawa, on February 10th, 2017, yet another wheel off carrier in the world. It’s all well and good that situation happened. The wheel assembly of a west bound tractor drivers are doing their pre-trip inspections and trailer separated from the trailer, bounced over the median barrier, recording their findings, but are they actually reporting that which and smashed into the cab of an east-bound van. It actually went they find? Or do they even know what is a problem and what isn’t? through the cab and tore through the box and out the top of the van When a driver is stopped at the scale for an inspection, it’s not – the driver of the van died at the scene. As this is being as random as one may believe. Some of the problems are written, there is no further information but there are no even visible as the truck is approaching the scale. The question becomes why didn’t the driver see it? If he/she reasons for a wheel off other than poor maintenance or didn’t see it, how blind are they? Did they even know improper inspection on the part of the driver. what is a problem? Did they just learn the sequence of Sure, in cold bitter weather, it’s easy to pass over off some of the detail during inspections, but we must never inspection but failed to recognize a problem that is clearly ever slack off just because it’s uncomfortable. visible? There is no excuse for the readily visible problems Recently, during a conversation with a local moving not being noted and/or being fixed. company, the owner was lamenting the fact that his In this picture, the cracks in this aluminum bud wheel trucks had to have an annual inspection even though didn’t just happen as the truck was approaching the scale. G. Ray Gompf his actual amount of driving was a consistent 10,000 Yes, it was stopped at a scale and was noticed easily by the 8


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Compliance - Why is it an issue? kilometers a year. In other words, his trucks spent more time in loading and unloading mode and most of his business was moving goods three or four blocks in town. How many of you have picked up a trailer that’s been sitting for a couple of weeks and find the brakes are locked, the boogies won’t slide because of the rust, and there are lighting issues because wiring joints have oxidized to the point of rusting through? Just because the truck or trailer isn’t used all that much doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be issues even more than if those pieces of equipment were used more regularly. After discussing the issue for a short time, that moving company owner was less concerned about the annual inspections. As equipment owners, we shouldn’t need the government to be inspecting our equipment and finding faults; we should be proactive enough, with the proper maintenance program in place so that problems don’t occur. There should rarely be a need for on-theroad repairs and if the maintenance program is doing what it should do, problems should be caught and fixed with only minor downtime. On-the-road repairs tend to be much more expensive and usually should be something that should have been caught in the yard, not on the road. Proper pre-trip inspections are the key to a good maintenance program. The key word in there was “PROPER”. Again, there is no excuse for this damage. Those lug nuts didn’t come loose as the truck was entering the inspection station. This is a clearly a lack of any kind of inspection. How could a competent driver miss loose lug nuts? This is now a very expensive fix. If the driver had noticed the loose lug nuts, had them re-torqued, this damage would not have occurred. There wouldn’t have been a government fine or an entry against the CVOR. Why do large companies have compliance, safety manager, and maintenance managers? Because finding a problem before it becomes an issue is critical, not just from a compliance point of view but from a bottom line point of view. Compliance is adhering to all the government rules and regulations. Making sure problems have been proactively addressed is an accounting issue that can make or break a trucking operation. If your company is too small to have specific safety and compliance managers, there are an abundance of third party safety and compliance companies that will assist these smaller operators to accomplish all that is required at reasonable prices. Most of these safety and compliance consultants have worked in enforcement with the various ministries involved with transportation. In Ontario, the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) can and will direct you to the proper resource. Also, the IHSA offers a great deal of free advice to its membership and you need not be a major carrier to belong although it is larger companies that send representatives to the meetings and seminars. Where are you smaller operators? Now 10


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Compliance - Why is it an issue?

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you can’t say you didn’t know. Compliance means never having to doubt when those scale lights call you to stop. Compliance means rarely being asked to “pull around”. Compliance means when you are inspected having the confidence, no issues will be discovered. There are a myriad of rules and regulations and this will always be the case. Drivers in Canada and the U.S.A. are faced with 64 State and Provincial Regulations,


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vDyry jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro jI: Andy Dhaliwal (403) 542-0821



plus two Federal sets of rules that, while there is an effort to have the rules and regulations harmonized, aren’t harmonized and sometimes counter one another. There are literally thousands of local, municipal rules and regulations; again, the attempt is to be in harmony with other jurisdictions’ rules. Then there are company rules and regulations that vary from company to company. For a driver trying to be absolutely compliant can be even more of a challenge. The Hours of Service (HOS) is one area that can boggle one’s mind. The daily pretrip and post-trip inspections are too often treated with contempt and an “I know my truck” attitude. Both of these issues are where drivers often find themselves in difficulty with authority. If a driver spends the time to be vigilant in complying with these two issues, most of his/her problems disappear. Those companies with the wherewithal to either have a dedicated employee as safety and compliance officer or to hire an outside specialist consultant are better off. There is so much to learn and enact as a part of doing business that is necessary, that it actually pays to have such a safety and compliance specialist. There is no one person anywhere that can know it all although we are all held responsible for whatever happens and when it happens under our watch. Be safe, be responsible and be compliant – it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Aqy kMplwieMs kMpnIAW vI huMdIAW hn, ijhVIAW TIk Krcy ‘qy mdd kr skdIAW hn[ienHW ‘c kMm krn vwLy bhuqy pihlW ies nwL sbMDq mihkimAW ‘c kr cu`ky huMdy hn ijs kwrn aunHW nUM ies dw qzrbw vI huMdw hY[auntwrIE ‘c Infrastructure Health and Safety Association quhwnUM shI inXmW sbMDI slwh dy skdI hY [ ies qrHW hI IHSA vI Awpxy mYNbrW nUM shI slwh dy rhI hY[pr jdoN ies qrHW dIAW syvwvW imldIAW hn qW qusIN Coty mwlk hox kwrn ieh nhIN kih skdy ik swnUM pqw nhIN sI[ kMplwieMs Bwv inXmW dI pwlxw krnI Bwv ieh nhIN pqw ik quhwnUM skyl dIAW lweItW cY`ikMg leI rukx leI AwK skdIAW hn[ies leI jdoN ieh cY`ikMg ho rhI hovy qW quhwnUM fr nhIN hoxw cwhIdw ik koeI glqI inkl skdI hY[ bhuq swry inXm Aqy kwnUMn hn[knyfw Aqy AmrIkw dy fRweIvrW nUM ij`Qy 64 stytW Aqy sUbweI inXmW dI pwlxw krnI pYNdI hY au`Qy ienHW nUM dovW dySW dy PYfrl kwnUMnW dw vI swhmxw krnw pYNdw hY[ BwvyN ieh koiSSW kIqIAW geIAW hn ik ieh kwnUMn iekswr hox pr ies qrHW ho nhIN sikAw[keI vwr qW ieh ie`k dUjy dy iKlwP vI huMdy hn[ies qrHW hI keI imauNsIpYltIAW Aqy lokl sMsQwvW dy inXm hn jo iekswr hoxy cwhIdy hn pr ies qrHW hY nhIN[iesy qrHW hI kMpnIAW dy inXm hn jo aunHW dy Awpo Awpxy Aqy v`Kry hn[ies leI fRweIvr qoN ieh Aws r`Kxw ik auh hr ie`k inXm dI ieMn ibMn pwlxw krygw, AsMBv nhIN qW ie`k cuxOqI zrUr hY[ ies qrHW dy vKryivAW ‘c kMm dy GMty vI AwauNdy hn[ rozwnw dIAW pRI itR`p Aqy post it`Rp ienspYkSn qoN sqy fRweIvr dw keI vwr vqIrw ieh kihx vwLw bx jWdw hY , “mYnUM Awpxy tr`k bwry izAwdw pqw hY”[ dovyN ies qrHW dy mOky hn ij`Qy swhmxw AiDkwrIAW nwL huMdw hY[pr jy fRweIvr Awpxw QoVHw ijhw smW vI ienHW inXmW v`l iDAwn dyvy qW aus dIAW bhuq swrIAW muSklW jWdIAW rihxgIAW[ kMpnIAW kol jW qW bhuq hI cOkMny fRweIvr hoxy cwhIdy hn ijhVy inXmW dI pwlxw krn jW aunHw nUM bwhroN ies qrHW dy kMsltYNt r`Kxy cwhIdy hn[ koeI vI ies qrHW dw ivAkqI nhIN jo sB ku`J jwxdw hovy pr jo swfy swhmxy swfI ingrwnI ‘c vwprdw hY aus leI AsIN swry zuMmyvwr huMdy hW[



76” Mid-roof sleeper

76” High-roof sleeper

ISX 550 HP

ISX or MX 455 to 500 HP

1850 torque

1650 or 1850 torque

18-speed manual transmission

Standard or auto transmission

13,000 front axle

13,000 front axle

46,000 rear axle

40,000 rear axle

Bunk heater

Bunk heater

Nav-Plus HD

Nav-Plus HD

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Stop Pushing the Envelope cwdr qoN v`D pYr pswrn qoN bcoo


AsIN srdIAW dy lMby AOKy mOsm ‘coN guzry hW qy ies dI s we dust ourselves off after a long hard Qkwvt dI DUV JwV rhy hW Aqy nwL hI grmIAW leI XojnwvW winter and start planning for Spring, we must vI bxw rhy hW[ swnUM Awpxy mOjUdw iv`qI p`Dr dw mulWkx zrUr evaluate the current status of our finances, krnw cwhIdw hY Aqy swnUM Awaux vwLw smW jo ik Awm qOr ‘qy and plan for wise decisions as we head into tr`kW leI bhuq ruJyivAW BirAw huMdw hY, leI bhuq smJ nwL the start of traditionally busier trucking Xojnw bxwauxI cwhIdI hY[ mYN ies qrHW dI XojnwbMdI dy iKlwP hW months. I am encountering decision making ijhVI ik bhuq swry pirvwrW Aqy ibznsW dy bhuq vDIAw lwBW which may not be in the best interests of some businesses and vwLI nhIN[ ikauN ik auh pihlW hI auh pRwpq krn dw Xqn kr their families, as they continue to strive for the unattainable and rhy hn jo pRwpq nhIN ho skdw Aqy nwL hI auh aus slwh nUM vI choose to ignore courteous advice given in their best interests. driknwr kr rhy hn ijhVI aunHW dy sB qoN Bly vwLI hY[ In leasing I am well known for being to get a tough deal done. lIizMg ‘c mYN ies leI jwxI jWdI hW ik mYN bhuq imhnq There is a LOT of extra work that has to be done to get a tough krky lIizMg krwauNdI hW[ ies qrHW dI vDIAw fIl lYx leI deal approved and clients appreciate that hard work. But they bhuq imhnq krnI pYNdI hY ijs dI myry kstmr vI dwd idMdy often don’t realize just how difficult it was to get an approval, and hn[pr keI vwr auh ieh nhIN socdy ik auh fIl lYx leI mYnUM instead try to push for more new deals when they can barely afford ikMnI imhnq krnI peI[ ies dy ault auh hor fIlz lYx leI the one just done. I find this unbelievable. I have told you your dbwA pwx l`g pYNdy hn jdoN ik aunHW ieh BLI BWq pqw huMdw hY deal was complicated and told you why, and yet you want another auh ieh ikMnI nwL muSkl ies fIl nUM c`ldw r`K rhy hn Aqy deal right away. It can be for a number of reasons like bad credit, aus qoN izAwdw fIl dw iks qrHW Bugqwn krngy[ mYnUM ies ‘qy maxed out credit, losses, not earning revenue, spending more than XkIn nhIN AwauNdw[mYN aunHW nUM d`sdI rihMdI hW ik quhwfI ieh they earn, and yet they want MORE when they can barely afford fIl ikMnI guMJldwr sI Aqy msW hI mnzUr hoeI hY[Aqy qusIN dUjI what they have. vI huxy cwhuMdy ho[ ies qrHW dy mOky keI kwrn bx skdy hn ; First thing, don’t make promises you cannot keep. Hiring a ijvyN bYf kRYift, Gwty, mYksf AwaUt kRYift ( Bwv ijMnw lY skdy driver and promising a new truck and trailer for them to drive sI ilAw hoieAw), bhuqI kmweI nw hoxI, kmweI nwLoN v`D Krcy[ when your deal has not yet been approved can lead to stress. If pr iPr vI auh jdoN ie`k hI nhIN sMBwl skdy dUjI dI mMg krdy you are a driver being hired, make sure that financing is in place hI rihMdy hn[ BEFORE you accept a job. If you are a company doing the hiring, pihlI g`l ieh ik auh vwAdy nw kro ijhVy qusIN pugw make sure that financing has been approved BEFORE nhIN skdy[ ie`k fRweIvr r`K lYxw Aqy nvyN tr`k Aqy you make a formal job offering. Always write subject tR y l r dw vwAdw kr dyxw jdoN ik fIl Ajy mnzUr vI nhIN to financing on your bill of sale as well just in case you hu M d IienHW g`lW nwL quhwnUM qxwE ho skdw hY[jy qusIN experience a problem getting approved. ie` k fR weIvr r`K rhy hoo qW ieh jOb dI sihmqI lYx qoN When your financial institution tells you it’s not a good pihlW ieh zrUr XkInI bxw lE ik ies sB leI pYsy idea to apply for more credit, I would suggest you listen dw pRbMD ho igAw hY[ib`l AwP syl ‘qy sdw ieh ilKo: to that advice. I’ve told people this, and yet they push the sbjYkt tU PweInYNisMg[ ikauN ik ho skdw hY ik ies dI envelope and present another deal. I don’t like declining mnzUrI leI quhwnUM koeI muSklW Awaux[ people, but I hate it more when they were already told myrI quhwnUM iehI slwh hY ik jdoN quhwnUM pYsw dyx vwLI Pash Brar NOT to apply for more credit. Another truck or trailer sMsQw ieh khy ik hor kRYRyift leI bynqI krnI TIk nhIN qW ieh g`l iDAwn nwl suxo[mYN bhuq vwr ieh g`l d`sdI rihMdI hW pr iPr vI auh hor fIl leI dbwA pwauNdy rihMdy hn[ - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She mYN ies qrHW dy lokW nUM korI nWh kih dyxw cMgw nhIN smJdI[ pr has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing mYnUM ieh bhuq burw lgdw hY jdoN ik aunHW nUM pihlW hI ikhw jw vehicles and trailers from the USA. cu`kw huMdw hY ik hor kRYift leI AplweI nw kro[ ie`k hor tr`k jW 14




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50 swl qoN vI v`D dI muhwrq[

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Stop Pushing The Envelope

will not magically make all the other underlying problems you already have go away. It’s not the solution to all your problems. A company I know is making all their current payments and paying their employees on time. However, each partner in the operation is behind in receiving their own personal pay cheques. At one point the partners were three months behind in pay because the partners take such huge salaries that they drain the company of every dime it makes. They are having record sales since the company started over twenty years ago, but sitting on over a million dollars of unsellable inventory for years, opened a new location which is taking a loss now every month for over a year, and now they decided to lease over $300,000 worth of brand new pick-up trucks that are not needed for the company. They are for personal use for the unpaid partners only. That is pushing the envelope to the extreme. Instead of addressing the problems, they are creating more expenses and more problems. If you can’t even pay yourself but decide to borrow more, there is a problem. I have one client who had a bad motor vehicle accident. He was the dispatcher and running a trucking company. They have not been able to keep up with payments on their leased trucks as he was in and out of the hospital. His decision to fix his problems was hire a dispatcher and pay the dispatcher a 6 figure income. A dispatcher cannot run trucks that are being repossessed for non payment. I understand the company needs to run, but when you cannot meet your current obligations, you cannot take on new obligations you cannot afford, such as hire a person you cannot afford to pay. Who do you pay first, the dispatcher or the leasing company? The leasing company of course because there’s no trucking company with zero trucks to run. I think the most difficult part of having a financial issue is first admitting it. If you can admit it then you can work to fix it. With any of my difficult deals, I always sit down and address the issues with the clients. I don’t have to, but I do it because to solve a problem you need to know what the problem is first. If you can admit and understand the struggles you are encountering and take honest advice, then the next time you apply for credit, it should 16


trylr ny auh swrIAW musIbqW dUr nhIN kr dyxIAW ijhVIAW dw quhwnUM pihlW hI swhmxw krnw pY irhw hY[nw hI ieh nvW Xqn quhwfIAW pihlIAW musIbqW dw h`l hY[ mYnUM ie`k kMpnI dw pqw hY ijhVI ik AwpxIAW swrIAW pymYNtW Aqy Awpxy krmcwrIAW nUM smyN isr Bugqwn krdI hY[pr ies dw hr ie`k ih`sydwr Awpxy py cY`k vI lYNdw hY[ie`k smW AwieAw jdoN ik pwrtnrW nUM Awpxy cY`k lYx leI iqMn mhIinAW dI aufIk krnI peI[kwrn ieh sI ik ih`sydwrW ny AwpxIAW qnKwhW ieMnIAW vDw leIAW ik ijhVI vI kMpnI dI kmweI sI auh swrI pRwpq krn leI auqwvly sn[ jdoN 20 swl pihlW kMpnI SurU hoeI sI aunHW dI syl bhuq izAwdw sI pr ie`k nw ivkx vwLI imlIAn fwlr dI ienvYnotrI KRId leI Aqy ie`k nvIN lokySn vI bxw leI ijs nwL nukswn hox l`g ipAw[ hux aunHW ny PYslw kIqw bRWf inaU ip`k A`p tr`k ijnHW dI kMpnI nUM loV nhIN 300,000 lIz ‘qy dyx dw[ ieh isrP ih`sydwrW nUM nw imlI rkm dyx leI hY[ies nwl swrI g`l dUjy pwsy cly jWdI hY[ musIbqW nUM h`l krn dI QW ies qrHW nvyN Krcy Aqy nvIAW musIbqW KVHIAW kIqIAW jw rhIAW hn[ jy qusIN Awpxy Awp nUM pYsy dyx leI vI auDwr cu`kdy ho qW musIbq ies ‘c hI hY[ myry ie`k klwieMt dw bhuq gMBIr motr vhIkl AYksIfYNt ho igAw[ auh ie`k ifspYcr sI Aqy ie`k tr`ikMg kMpnI clw irhw sI[ ikauN ik aus nUM vwr vwr hspqwl jwxw pYNdw sI ies leI aunHW qoN Awpxy lIz vwLy tr`kW dIAW pymYNtW smyN isr nw dy hoeIAW [ aus ny ienHW muSklW dy h`l leI ie`k ifspYcr r`K ilAw ijs nUM l`K dy ihswb ‘c qnKwh dyxI sI[ ifspYcr aunHW tr`kW nUM ikvyN clw skdw sI ijhVy nwn pymYNt kwrn rIpojYs kIqy gey sn[ mYN ieh g`l smJdI hW ik kMpnI nUM c`ldy rihx dI loV hY pr jdoN qusIN AwpxIAW mOjUdw loVW pUrIAW nhIN kr skdy qW qusIN ie`k hor krmcwrI nUM r`Kky aus dI qnKwh ikvyN dy skogy[ AwpxI Awmdn ‘coN qusIN pihlW iks nUM dyvogy ie`k ifspYcr jW lIizMg kMpnI nUM? p`kI g`l hY ik lIizMg kMpnI nUM ikauN ik koeI vI kMpnI audoN q`k ikvyN c`l skygI jdoN aus kol kMm krn leI ie`k vI tr`k nhIN[ myry i^Awl ‘c sB qoN pihlI g`l jo iksy iv`qI sm`isAw dI hY auh ieh hY ik ies nUM svIkwr krnw[jy qusIN iksy sm`isAw nUM mMndy hI nhIN qW ies nUM TIk ikvyN kr skogy[ jy mMn skdy ho qW hI TIk krn dy auprly kIqy jwxgy[myrIAW muSikl fIlW smyN mYN hr vwr klwieMt nwL bYT ky aus sbMDI ivcwr krdI hW[ mYnUM ies qrHW krnw zrUrI nhIN pr mYN ies qrHW krdI hW ikauN ik iksy sm`isAw dw h`l krn leI pihlW ieh smJxw pYxw hY ik sm`isAw hY kI[ jy qusIN mMndy ho ik sm`isAw hY Aqy ies nUM smJdy ho Aqy TIk slwh lYNdy ho qW AglI vwr jdoN kRYift dI mMg krogy qW ieMnI muSikl nhIN AwvygI[ smW qW lgdw hY pr sKq imhnq Aqy inmrqw nwL kwmXwbI iml jWdI hY[

bVy mwx nwl swaUQ eySIAn BweIcwry dI syvw iv`c Proudly Serving the South Asian Community

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w w w. p e t e r b i l t 17

Stop Pushing The Envelope be less stressful. But it does take time, hard work and humility to get through. Obtaining more credit or taking on more monetary obligations are not a quick fix to financial problems. We think a new truck will earn us this much more money, and a new trailer will get us even more money. But it won’t earn you money when you haven’t collected the receivables, or getting sued for damaging a load without proper insurance in place, not getting a pay cheque, can barely pay your rent or mortgage and owe huge amounts of debt. Stop pushing your lender to give you money you cannot afford to pay back. It takes great modesty and breaks your pride to admit there’s a financial issue, but if you can admit it, I strongly encourage you to sit down with your financial advisor and work on a plan for long term recovery. Stop pushing the envelope, get some good sound advice from a trusted advisor, cut your expenses, and address each problem one at a time.

U.S. And Canada Heavy Duty Truck Sales Down


ccording to WardsAuto data, U.S. big-truck sales totalled 25,726 units in January, 17.9% below like-2016’s 31,351. Medium- and heavy-duty truck sales in Canada also fell last month – down 3.6% compared to the previous year. Class 8 posted the largest loss with 10,944 deliveries for January, a 31.4% decrease from last year’s 15,952. Volvo Truck increased 8.6% to 1,178 units, the only truck maker in the weight class to post a gain. International plummeted 50.4% down to 1,293 units. PACCAR’s Kenworth dropped 29.5% while sister brand Peterbilt dropped 12.3%. Freightliner and Western Star also posted doubledigit losses in Class 8 of 41.0% and 22.9%, respectively.

izAwdw kRyift lYxw jW v`D iv`qI Prz shyV lYxy,y iksI ivqI sm`isAw dw shI h`l nhIN hY[ AsIN soc lYNdy hW ik nvW tr`k swnUM ieMnI kmweI kr ky dyvygw Aqy nvyN tRylr nwL ieMnI hor kmweI hovygI[ pr ijMnw icr qusIN pRwpq krn vwLIAW vsqW iek`TIAW nhIN kIqIAW Aqy shI ieMSUrYNs nw hox kwrn l`dy hoey lof dy nukswn dw hrjwnw Brn qoN nhIN bcy, smyN isr py cY`k nhIN imilAw[ ies qrHW nwL kyvl qy kyvl qusIN quhwfy isr KVHI mwrgyj jW rYNt hI dy skogy hor ku`J nhIN[ ieh qW bhuq inmrqw Aqy hMkwr nUM mwrn vwLI g`l hY ik qusIN ieh mMno ik ieh ie`k iv`qI mslw hY[ jy qusIN ieh mMndy ho qW mYN quhwnUM slwh dyvWgI ik qusI Awpxy iv`qI slwhkwr nwL bYT ky ies qoN bc inklx dI lMby smyN dI Xojnw bxwE[ AwpxI D`kVSwhI nw krI jwE[ iksy Brosy vwLy iv`qI slwhkwr qoN koeI vDIAw Aqy lMby smyN vwLI slwh lE[ Awpxy Krcy GtwE[ Aqy ie`k smyN ie`k hI sm`isAw dw h`l kro[

Survey Says Expect Freight Volumes to Increase


ore than half of respondents to a Journal of Commerce survey said they expect overall freight volumes to increase through the end of the second quarter of 2017. About a quarter of respondents said they expect shipments to decline. “We see some possibility we could see a bigger lift in the second quarter rather than waiting until the end of the year,” said Gregory W. Ritter, chief customer officer for XPO Logistics. “We hit bottom and now we’re bouncing back up.” Excess truckload capacity, plenty of inventory and lower fuel costs led to a shippers market last year, and they used it to drive down truckload pricing. By mid-2016, third-party logistics operators felt the heat from lower per-mile rates. By third-quarter 2016, carriers felt pressured by the demand for rate cuts. Large truckload carriers began

eliminating excess capacity by cutting trucks from their fleet. However, after hitting bottom in April, the spot market began to rise. By the end of November, spot market freight volume was up 66% on average. Spot market truck pricing gains eventually show up in contract

rates. Unless the economic upswing proves short-lived, carriers will probably have more say in pricing talks than they’ve had in the past two years.

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loAr mynlYNf Aqy vYnkUvr AweIlYNf qy 10 srivs Aqy pwrts lokySnW krqwr lKysr Aqy hwrbr ieMtrnYSnl hmySw swaUQ eySIAn kimaUintI dI syvw iv`c bVy mwx nwl hwzr

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Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) hYvI hweIvyA vhIkl XUz tYks (hYc vI XU tI) NSC Compliance Services

What is the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)? The Heavy highway Vehicle Use Tax is a fee assessed annually on heavy vehicles operating on public highways in the United States at registered gross weights equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds. How do you file to pay for the HVUT? You must complete the Form 2290 with all the required information and submit it along with the payment to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before the deadline. Do you have to file the Form 2290? You must file Form 2290 and Schedule 1 if you have a registered taxable highway motor vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. The tax has to be paid by the person in whose name the highway motor vehicle is registered under the law of the state or province. Do I need to register to complete the Form 2290? You must be registered with the IRS and have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to complete the Form 2290. When do you have to file the Form 2290? The Form 2290 must be filed for the month the taxable vehicle is first used on public highways during the current period. Are there any vehicles that are exempt from the HVUT? Below is a list of the vehicles that are exempt from the HVUT: • Commercial vehicles that are travelling less than 5,000 miles in a year • Vehicles that are not considered highway motor vehicles such as mobile machinery for non-transportation functions, vehicles specifically designed for off highway transportation • Agriculture vehicles that are travelling less than 7,500 miles in a year What is the tax amount for each truck? The tax is based on the taxable gross weight in pounds. The tax ranges from $100 per year for a vehicle that has a weight 20


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Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) of 55,000 pounds plus $22 for each 1,000 pounds in excess of 55,000 pounds up to a maximum of $550 for a vehicle that weighs over 75,000 pounds. Can you request an extension of time to file and pay? An extension of time to file can be requested before the due date of the return. A written request has to be sent to the IRS explaining in detail the cause of the delay. An extension of time to pay the tax would have to be requested separately if the payment is not made before the deadline.

Are there any penalties for being non-compliant? Yes, there are penalties for not complying with the HVUT requirements. The penalty for not filing the Form 2290 by the deadline is equal to 4.5 percent of the total tax due assessed on a monthly basis up to five months. If you do not make the HVUT payment on time, there is an additional penalty of 0.5 percent of total tax due. Additional interest charges of 0.54 percent per month are also accrued. In addition to these federal monetary penalties, your local state will suspend the registration of your vehicles if you do not provide proof of HVUT payment. Is there a situation when you can you claim a credit? Yes, you can claim a credit for tax paid on a vehicle if it was sold, destroyed, transferred or stolen and you have no intent to use the vehicle during the left over tax period. Supporting documents will be required when you file a claim with the name to whom and when you sold the vehicle. You can also claim a credit if the vehicle was used 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles). Where can I get more information and assistance with filing the Form 2290? You can call us at our toll free number at 1-800-965-9839 if you haven’t filed the Form 2290 and want more information or if you need assistance in filing the form. 22


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major trade show aimed at the commercial vehicle industry begins later this year and will thereafter occur every two years.The North American Commercial Vehicle Show is a brand new concept in the commercial vehicle industry trade show category focused on fleet decision makers and influencers. Leading truck & trailer manufacturers and commercial vehicle parts & components suppliers will demonstrate their latest product offerings on the show floor. NACV Show 2017 takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. The show opens on September 25 to attendees who have received an invitation from one of the show’s exhibitors and is open to all attendees from September 26 to September 28. The Show is produced jointly by Hannover Fairs USA and Newcom Media USA. Leading truck manufacturers, such as Daimler Trucks North America, Navistar, Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks, trailer manufacturers Great Dane, Utility, Hyundai and Manac, have booked exhibition space. Within the supplier category, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Continental, Meritor, Eaton, Tenneco, Hendrickson, SAF

Holland and DANA will be showcasing their latest products. American Trucking Associations is onboard as one of the sponsors. “As the nation’s foremost trucking industry association, it only made sense for

ATA to support our supplier community, many of whom have committed to this endeavor,” ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said. “The North American Commercial Vehicle Show promises to be an excellent event and we are pleased to be a part of it.” “The inaugural show is off to a very promising start,” said president and CEO of Hannover Fairs USA Larry Turner. “We expect to fully book all of the exhibition space by early 2017 as the North American commercial vehicle industry has responded favourably to this dynamic new event and how we have positioned it to meet the industry’s evolving needs.”


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Email a request for more information to:


North American Commercial Vehicle Show Announces 2017 as its Inauguration


Kenworth and Peterbilt Recall


accar is recalling more than 400 Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents that cite an issue with the fuel system. According to NHTSA, the problem affects model years ranging from 2015 to 2018. More specifically, the plastic fuel tee fittings may leak fuel in the engine compartment. A potential fire can occur if this fuel leak reaches an ignition source. The following trucks are affected by the recall:

2015-2018 Kenworth K370 2015-2018 Kenworth T680 2015-2018 Kenworth T880 2017-2018 Peterbilt 567 2017-2018 Peterbilt 579 Owners will be notified and dealers will replace the fuel tees for free. A notification schedule has not been released. Questions can directed to Kenworth customer service at 425-828-5000 and Peterbilt customer service at 940-591-4000. Paccar’s numbers for this recall are 17KWA and 217-A.


ਉੱਤਰੀ ਅਮਰੀਕਾ ਦੇ ਵਪਾਰ ਨੂ ੰ ਚਲਦਾ ਰੱਖਣ ਲਈ ਤੁ ਹਾਡਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ।

FREIGHTLINER TRUCKS AND ITS DEALER NETWORK WANT TO THANK THE SOUTH ASIAN CANADIAN COMMUNITY for your dedication to the trucking industry. We invite you to visit one of our more than 300 full-service dealership and see our wide selection of trucks featuring exceptional fuel efficiency, connectivity, safety, quality, uptime, and driver experience. Come see how we can help you maximize your profitability.

PRytlweInr tr¤ks Aqy ausdw fIlr nytvrk swaUQ eySIAn kYnyifAn smudwie dw tr¤ikµg audXog pRqI aunHW dy smrQn leI Dµnvwd krdw hY[ AsIN quhwnUM 300 qoN v`D pUrn syvwvW vwlIAW fILriSpW ‘coN iksy ie`k iv`c Awaux leI s`dw idMdy hW Aqy byimswl eINDn kuSlqw, izAwdw kwrj kuSlqw, sMXojkqw, sur`iKAw, kuAwiltI, vDyry kMm krn dw smW, Aqy frwievr qzrby vwly tr`kW dI swfI ivAwpk cox nUM vyKo[ AwE vyKo ik AsIN iks qrHwN qUhwnUM AwpxI n&w kmwaux dI smr`Qw nUM AiDkqm bxwaux iv`c m`dd kr skdy hW[

TO FIND A FREIGHTLINER DEALER NEAR YOU, VISIT FREIGHTLINER.COM/DEALERS. ਆਪਣਰੇ ਨਰੇ ੜਰੇ ਦਾ ਇੱਕ ਫ੍ ਰੇਟਲਾਈਨਰ ਡੀਲਰ ਲੱਭਣ ਲਈ, ਤਰੇ ਜਾਓ

Competitive financing available through Daimler Truck Financial. For the Freightliner Trucks dealer nearest you, call 1-800-FTL-HELP. FTL/MC-A-1448. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright © 2017 Daimler Trucks North America LLC. All rights reserved. Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company.



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New Study Indicates Co-relation Between Health Problems and Safety


here are many variables making one truck driver “safer” than another, such as skill and experience, but a new study suggests that even relatively minor health conditions can make a driver far more likely to have an accident if they have three or more medical issues.

Commercial truck drivers with three or more medical conditions double to quadruple their chance for being in a crash over healthier drivers, reports a new study conducted by the University of Utah School of Medicine. Maintaining good health can be challenging for a truck driver. Too many hours sitting in the cab, too many fast-food drive meals and stress combine to make staying healthy feel like a second job! While there is no miracle solution, you should know to take action to support your health. Reviewing the medical records of nearly 50,000 commercial truck drivers finds This is your invitation to be part of the Quik X team. evidence that their relatively poor health may put them at Quik X operates one of Canada’s most efficient trucking fleet in today’s economy. risk in more ways than one. Servicing its customers’ needs with safety minded and devoted individuals whom 34 percent have signs of at make up today’s Quik X teams. least one of several medical With 9 terminals in Canada and points of delivery in the USA, Quik X provides LtL services. conditions that had previously Starting in Canada west BC through the western provinces into Ontario and then east into been linked to poor driving Quebec also including points in Midwest USA, Quik X teams are provided with monthly performance, such as heart miles generating above industry revenue and enjoying home time. disease, low back pain and diabetes. Researchers then Did you know that the following are paid by Quik X Transportation for you at No Cost. compared their medical Vehicle Plates Permits and tolls paid by Quik X, Vehicle Insurance paid by Quik X (no buy down required). records to their crash histories Start generating your revenue earnings with: and found that drivers with at least three of the flagged All dispatch miles, loaded, empty and bob-tail paid. conditions were more likely to Fuel sur Charge paid on all dispatched miles. have been involved in a crash. Paid Border Crossing and waiting time paid. The new findings could Paid USA Meat Load Bonus. mean that one health condition, Paid BC Mountain Premium. say diabetes, is manageable Paid Tridem Bonus. but diabetes in combination Work with the knowledge that you are part of a hard working team. with high blood pressure and Success and Profit has been the Quik X fuel for more than 27 plus years. Why not let this anxiety could substantially experience be part of your success. increase a driver’s risk. “Right Ask yourself, why risk your truck investment and time with a new unproven start-up now, conditions are thought of company when Quik X can provide to you: in isolation,” says the study’s Financial Security. lead author Matthew Thiese, Steady Work Load. Ph.D. “There’s no guidance On Road Support. for looking at multiple Respect. conditions in concert.” Current Professional Atmosphere. commercial motor vehicle Safe and Maintained Equipment. guidelines pull truckers with Make an appointment with Quik X recruiter and discover the financial opportunity you can be part of. major health concerns from the pool but do not factor in an accumulation of multiple minor symptoms.

Recruiting 1 866 234 6167



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Meritor® Introduces 14X HE High-Efficiency Linehaul Tandem Drive Axle


eritor® (NYSE: MTOR) announced its new 14X HE high-efficiency linehaul tandem drive axle at the 2017 Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee. “Built upon our trusted and valued 14X platform that is specified by a large majority of fleets, the new 14X HE is an evolutionary axle that takes efficiency to a whole new level,” said Ken Hogan, vice president, Rear Drivetrain for Meritor. “Based on today’s diesel prices, a fleet with 1,000 trucks equipped with the 14X HE could realize $1 million per year in fuel savings.” Meritor’s engineering teams used cutting-edge technologies to improve axle efficiency up to 1.5 percent while also reducing weight by 30 pounds over the current industry-leading 14X design. The 14X HE comes standard with high-efficiency bearings, the Meritor Lube Management system and precision-finished gearing.

Meritor uses laser welding to manufacture components to reduce weight and drive efficiencies, Hogan said. The 14X HE’s ring gear is laser-welded to the differential housing, offering a very robust joint that eliminates fasteners and reduces oil churning losses. The axle, which targets linehaul customers seeking fuel efficiency, has superfast ratios down to 2.15 for aggressive downspeeding. “With fuel being the largest operating cost to fleets, the 14X HE rounds out more of our portfolio with a product focused on improved fuel economy to save fleets money and reinforce Meritor’s leadership in axle efficiency,” Hogan said. “Meritor recognizes that fuel prices won’t stay low forever and that customers are always looking for solutions to reduce their operating costs.” The 14X HE is one of 20 new global products that Meritor will introduce as part of its M2019 strategic plan. Meritor is showcasing the 14X HE and other products in booth No. 1522. To learn more about the new axle, visit



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World’s Number 1 Air Spring.


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loz-ikMg tRylr - hlkf, mjLbUq aqy ijafdf hMzxsfr. ijLafdf jfxkfrI leI afpxy nyVy dy zIlr nUM imlo



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Trump Continues On Path To Eliminate Regulations


n Friday President Trump signed another executive order, this one aimed at eliminating unnecessary regulations. Trump says the order would create jobs by repealing and simplifying existing regulations. “Excessive regulation is killing jobs driving companies out of the country like never before,” Trump said. “This executive order is one of many ways we’re going to get real results when it comes to eliminating job-killing regulations.” The executive order requires federal agencies to appoint a regulatory reform

officer within 60 days. One of their job responsibilities would be to enforce existing executive orders that aim to exert White House control over increasingly complicated agency regulations. These existing executive orders do not all come from the Trump White House. At least one comes from President Obama and one from President Clinton, both aimed at reducing unnecessary regulations. Trump said every new and existing regulation should be able to pass a simple test: “Does it make life better or safer for American workers and consumers? If the answer is no, we will be getting rid of it and getting rid of it quickly.”


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Penray Introduces 2-Step Oil and Fuel Treatment


enray, Inc. introduced two new chemical service kits to extend engine life and restore engine performance to original levels. Penray’s new 2-Step Oil and Fuel Treatment Kit #7702 offers a chemical service kit that removes debris and deposits from fuel systems, while fortifying engine oil with a specially-formulated compound that strengthens and extends the life of engine oil. This new 2-Step product includes Penray’s Total Fuel System Cleaner, which is effective in dissolving and removing harmful deposits throughout the fuel system, the company noted. It removes debris, varnish, and other contaminants from fuel tanks, fuel lines, and highlysensitive fuel injectors, resulting in more complete and consistent combustion. This 2-Step kit also includes Penray’s oil treatment, which includes detergents and other additives, increasing the lubricity and life of both conventional and synthetic engine oils. Penray is also introducing an upgraded 3-Step Premium Oil System Cleaner kit, #7603. This new kit includes the same oil and fuel supplements as the 2-Step kit, and adds Penray’s Crankcase and Differential Cleaner. This cleaning agent is useful on higher-mileage engines, those which have seen severe service, or those that have not had regular oil and

filter changes. This cleaner is designed to be added to engine oil five minutes before draining, and works to dissolve gum, sludge, and varnish throughout the crankcase, including critical areas like pistons, rings, cylinder walls, and the highly-sensitive cam/ lifter interface. “These two new chemical service kits, created and manufactured in the United States, represent an important opportunity to upgrade a routine oil change into a premium engine service,” explains Mark Kardon, director of marketing for Penray. ”The precision of fuel injectors used in virtually all late-model cars requires that they be kept meticulously clean and free of debris and deposits that can interfere with proper fuel delivery and injector spray patterns. These two new service kits provide the opportunity to upgrade to a powerful premium service that enhances both performance and longevity.”

NEW | nvwN

Have What It Takes

Remove and Install Bearing Races In Minutes!

byAirMg rysz nUM imMtW ‘c hI lwho Aqy ienstwl kro!

Bearing Race Service Kit | 10907 Bearing races can now be removed and installed preciselyin mere minutes on aluminum and steel hubs utilizing bearing specific adapters. hux byAirMg spYsIiPk AfYptrz dI vrqoN krky AlmInIAm Aqy stIl h`bW ‘qy imMtW ‘c hI bhuq vDIAw FMg nwL byAirMg rysz auqwry Aqy lwey jw skdy hn[ Note: Requires 17202 hydraulic cylinder, 10,000 psi pump and at least one add-on kit to operate

Note: ies leI 17202 hweIfRiO lk slMfr, 10,000 pI AYs AweI pMp Aqy G`to G`t ie`k AYf Awn ik`t dI loV hY[

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Airworks’ Genesis 100 is a revolutionary 12-volt no-idle air conditioning system designed and engineered by Tiger Tool. Airworks’ Genesis 100 ie`k kRWqIkwrI 12-volt no- AweIfl eyArkMfISinMg isstm hY jo tweIgr tUl v`loN ifzwien Aqy iqAwr kIqw igAw hY[ With more than 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, Tiger knows the importance of performance, quality and safety. These are also the core principles driving the inception of the Airworks’ brand - the most advanced, state-of-the-art, idle-free cab comfort solution that’s perfect for individual rigs or entire fleets.

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Desi News

Ridewell Suspensions Introduces

Air-Ride Single Point Suspension


idewell Suspensions released the first model of its airride single point suspensions in the new RAR-254. “The Ridewell Air-Ride Single Point Suspension leverages proven components of the model RAR-266 suspension to provide the smoothness of an air-ride suspension with the advantages of a single point, pedestal mount suspension,” according to the company. The RAR-254 trunnion mount suspension is available in ride heights as low as 10”. The suspension is designed for integration with Ridewell drum and disc brake axles. As an option, the suspension can be shipped fully assembled with pre-aligned axles and pivot hardware torqued to specification. To reduce maintenance, the RAR-254 uses a high-density urethane bushing for the trunnion assembly center bushing instead of trunnion U-bolts. The suspension utilizes weldon pedestal mounts for easy ride height customization. The replaceable boss for the pivot bushing provides for a complete replacement of the bushing assembly. Narrow and wide bushing versions of the RAR-254 are available. Custom ride height, pedestal height and pedestal mount bolt pattern versions can be designed upon request.

FTR January Net Trailer Orders Strong


TR indicates the final January net trailer orders were strong at 32,800 units, up 86% year-over-year, but down 4% month-over-month. January was the third consecutive month of positive orders, and exceeded expectations, with dry van orders jumping 146% yearover-year and reefers down 52% from December. “It appears the trailer order cycle has shifted back a few months this year,” said FTR vice-president of commercial vehicles Don Ake. “Instead of starting in September or October, the order season began in November. This resulted in an unusually high number of orders in January. Uncertainty over the presidential election is probably the reason for this. Business confidence is running high, so we still got our traditional run of three months of strong orders, it just came later than typical.” Over the past year, trailer orders have totalled 234,000 units. “This is another good sign for trucking, freight and the economy for 2017,” said Ake. “Fleets are showing confidence in the market by placing a strong number of requirement orders for the year. These are not all replacement orders, so some fleets are expecting to expand sometime this year. The strength is centred on dry vans, however. The vocational segments have bottomed out and have not really begun a recovery, very similar to Class 8 trucks.”

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The Calm Before The Storm Awaux vwLy qUPwn qoN pihlW dI SWqI


purwxy klwk dI itk itk dI Avwz dI bycYnI Aqy cu`p nMU qoVidAW dOrwn OU’RE not a Capitalist”, the Kwxy vwLy myz ‘qy bYiTAW ieh Sbd Aksr hI kMnW ‘c pYNdy hn: “ qusIN words rang out across the kitchen srmweydwr nhIN” [“ qusIN qW svY ivroDI ho[jy qusIN ie`k pwsy qW ivSvIkrn table, breaking the silence and dI vkwlq krdy ho, mlkIAq dy mu`Fly AiDkwrW dI hmwieq krdy ho pr nervous ticking of an old clock. dUjy pwsy rIAl AYstyt dI kImq ‘c srkwr dI d^lAMdwzI dy h`k ‘c hwmI “You’re a walking contradiction. How can you support globalism, Br rhy ho” [ myry slwhkwr dy khy hoey ieh Sbd Ajy vI myry kMnW ‘c gUMj the fundamentals of entrepreneurialism, and still rhy hn[ do swl pihlW ie`k grmIAW dI dyr Swm nUM myry slwhkwr Aqy myry be in favour of government ivckwr GrW dI KRIdx smr`Qw Aqy rIAl intervention on real estate AYstyt nUM lY ky BKvW ivcwr vtWdrw c`l pricing?”. To this day these irhw sI[hux mYnUM pqw l`gw hY ik audoN auh words from my mentor still TIk sn, jdoN auh kih irhw sI ik mYN qMg echo in my head. idlI nwl hI soc irhw hW smu`cI qsvIr Over two years ago on a late bwry nhIN soc irhw[aus qoN bwAd A`j q`k summer evening, a conversation XkInn srkwr dI d^lAMdwzI kwrn bhuq about the affordability of swry pwgl rIAl AYstyt vwiLAW dw ichrw housing and real estate between nMgw hoieAw hY[ ies qrHW bI sI ‘c pihlW myself and my mentor had kdy nhIN hoieAw [ pr ieh qW vkqI hY Ajy become the subject of a heated qW bhuq ku`J hoxw hY[ debate. Now looking back, 2016 ‘c dKlAMdwzI kwrn vYnkuvr he was right to claim that at Aqy Aws pws dy ^yqrW ‘c ies mwrikt the time I was being narrow ‘c AwieAw aubwLw ku`J TMFw hoieAw hY[ minded and not seeing the ipCly ku`J swlW ‘c kMstRkSn ‘c bhuq qyzI bigger picture. Fast forward AweI hY, v`fy v`fy Grwxy bxwey gey hn Aqy to today and sure government vpwrk Aml ibnw iksy pwbMdI qoN AsmwnI intervention has helped stem jw ciVHAw hY[ ienHW grmIAW ‘c lMbI susqI some of the craziest real estate qoN bwAd ieh Kyqr jwigAw hY[ srkwr A`gy runs that B.C. has ever seen - but it’s temporary, the AweI hY Aqy aus ny ivdySI KRIdwrW ‘qy 15% tYks ToikAw hY, rIAl AYstyt floodgates will burst. sOidAW dI muV bxqr kIqI geI hY[ies dy nwL hI vYnkuvr istI 2016 was the year of intervention and the ‘c 2017 qoN vykYNsI tYks vI lwieAw igAw hY[ieh hI nhIN knyfIAn realization of sobering results in Vancouver rYivinaU eyjMsI v`loN loAr mynlYNf ‘c rIAl AYstyt nwL sbMDq hr and surrounding municipalities. A ‘wild west’ mwmly ‘qy sKq ingwh r`KI jw rhI hY[ of sorts for the last few years, construction mYN ieh g`l qW mMndw hW ik ies qrHW dIAW pwbMdIAW Aqy has boomed, empires were created and srkwrI kwrvweIAW nwL vkqI qOr ‘qy qW auqpwdn ‘c KVoq AwvygI business practices ran unchecked in a loosely pr ies kMm ‘c qyzI AwauxI hI hY ikauN ik mMg rokI nhIN jw unregulated environment. skdI[imswl vjoN 15% ivdySI KRIdwr tYks kyvl rIAl AYstyt ‘qy This summer the sector woke up to a hI hY ies dw Asr vpwrk jW gYr irhwieSI rLvIAW imlvIAW QwvW bad hangover. The provincial government ‘qy lwgU nhIN[jy kONfo pRIsyl dI g`l krIey qW pUrqI igxvIN cuxvIN stepped in imposing the 15% foreign buyers hox kwrn ieh qW pihlW hI DVw DV ivk rhy hn[BwvyN cIn ‘c tax, a re-haul of real estate practices, a bwhr Dn jwx ‘qy pwbMdIAW hn pr iPr vI vYnkuvr ‘c au`QoN iksy Ryan Sahota vacancy tax starting in 2017 within the city of nw iksy qrHW pYsw phuMc hI irhw hY[Aqy vYnkuvr dy lwgly Sihr ies BBA, CPA, CA Vancouver, and not to mention that CRA has nUM ienvYst krn leI vI vDIAw QW hn[ies qrHW auqpwdn ‘c qyzI spread a blanket across the Lower Mainland rhygI[ ieh vI Aws hY ik AmrIkw ‘c trMp dy rwStrpqI cuxy jwx and is targeting any business practices remotely tied to kwrn Awaux vwLy mhIinAW ‘c knyfw ‘c AmrIkw qoN ibzns Aqy iemIgRySn 40



The Calm Before The Storm real estate. I am a firm believer that while dw vI vwDw hovygw[Ais`Dy qOr ‘qy ivSv ‘coN vI ies qrHW v`D igxqI ‘c lok Awauxgy ikauN ik government initiatives and regulatory vweIt hwaUs v`loN d`Kx v`loN Awx vwiLAW ivru`D vI iSkMjw k`isAw jwvygw[trUfo srkwr dI control will slow growth for a brief moment, nIqI kwrn riPaUzIAW Aqy nvyN iemIgRWtW leI nrmI kwrn bI sI dy Sihr srHI ‘c irhwieSI it shall be fleeting as regulation cannot stop itkwixAW dI mMg vI vDygI[bI sI AMkVw ivBwg Anuswr 2017 ‘c 52,000 hor lokW dy Awx demand. dI Aws hY[lok rwey dy ault BwvyN sI Awr ey v`loN kMstRkSn Aqy rIAl AYstyt nUM Kws inSwnw Take for example that the 15% foreign bxwieAw igAw hY pr ies dI mMg vDyry hox kwrn ieh m`TI nhIN pvygI[zrw vyKo vYnkuvr dy buyers tax is on residential real estate only, ibzns v`loN ieh d`isAw hY ik auqpwdn dy vwDy kwrn aunHW nUM 2017 ‘c kMstRkSn ‘c 15,000 it does not apply to commercial nor to the AswmIAW dI loV hY[ bI sI leI iK`c Albrtw nwloN izAwdw hY[hux knyfw ‘c qyl BMfwrW dy non-residential component of mixed use. iK`qy kMm krn gey hunrmMd kwmy muV vwps Aw rhy hn[ Talking to individuals on the front lines in pr is`ky dy do pwsy huMdy hn[pr ijs qrHW do swl pihlW mYnUM d`isAw igAw sI AsIN vwikAw condo-presales, supply is limited as condo’s hI dunIAw dy bhuq vDIAw QW ‘c rih rhy hW[2010 dIAW ElMipk KyfW ny swnUM ivSv p`Dr are flying off the shelves like hot-cakes. ‘qy kwPI mwnqw duAweI[ijMnw smW swfI AbwdI h`doN bhuq izAwdw vD nhIN jWdI ieh au`nw Despite, recent restrictions in China on smW ies qrHW hI rhygw[ AsIN hr qrHW dy lwl PIqwSwhI Aqy hor hr qrHW dy kwnUMn lwgU outflowing capital, foreign monies will still kr skdy hW[ pr swnUM AslIAq qoN mUMh nhIN moVnw cwhIdw [ikauN ik ieh hnyyrI Awaux qoN come into Vancouver and the surrounding pihlW dI SWqI hY[ cities as a safe haven to invest and foster growth. With the ascendancy of president-elect Donald Trump, for dedicated theour coming months willCompany show us a possible influx of U.S. immigration and businesses, indirectly immigration from global sources may increase as the White House adopts a tougher stance south of the border. A greater influx of both refugees and new immigrants under the Trudeau administration is also fueling demand in Surrey. B.C. Stats has our net inflow population projection at a conservative 52,000 new individuals for 2017. Contrary to public opinion, even though CRA is specifically targeting construction and real estate, this will not slow down the need for supply. Take into consideration that earlier this week Business in Vancouver published 15,000 construction jobs will be needed to be filled in 2017 due to the sector’s growth. With B.C. currently looking more attractive than Alberta, we are also seeing an internal migration of workers and skilled labour from the oil-fields coming back home. Of course, as always there are two sides to the coin, but as was candidly pointed out to me, two years ago, we live in one of the most desirable places in the world. The 2010 Olympics put us on the map, it’s just a matter of time before our population Email: or call us at: (360)332-1444 - x 939 exponentially multiplies. We can implement all the regulations and red-tape we want, but we have to face reality, this is just the calm before the storm.

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MercedesBenz GLS450


inters on BC’s Western Coast are usually the same year-after-year; dreary, rainy, and depressing, with remote chances of snow that actually sticks and stays. Well, such was not the case this winter, with the weather gods pummeling the area with one snow storm after another. Vancouver hasn’t seen this much snow in at least fifteen years, and it’s not over yet. When it snows on the West Coast, traffic problems compound, with many people fearful of taking their vehicles on the road. But, if you’re driving the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS450, you will want to venture on the snowy roads as you’re in good hands. For those who may be slightly confused on the nomenclature, the Mercedes GLS is the new version of the GL. This is MB’s largest SUV and although it’s not as big as the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, or the Infiniti QX80, it continues to occupy a soft spot in people’s hearts. How popular is this vehicle? Well, if you want one in Canada, you’re going to have wait a few months. The 2017 GLS gets a refresh with things that really up the look, feel, and drive of the vehicle. It’s still recognizable as MB’s flagship SUV; however, tweaks to the grille, emblem, fascia, lights and tailgate definitely make the vehicle prominent on the road. I’ve always been a fan of the GL, now GLS’, look because it exemplifies the brand’s luxury bloodline very well. The GLS is a tall vehicle and there’s definitely a step up to get into the vehicle. Luckily, our press vehicle was equipped with running boards to make that climb more manageable. Once inside, occupants are caressed by MB’s luxury cabin, complete with supple leather, fine carpet, wood inserts, and some great technology and gadgets. The attractive new steering wheel is much better than the outgoing one with the control buttons feeling more ergonomic. The new dashboard also looks and feels great. Overall, the colour combination that came in this press vehicle was perfect. The wood trim inserts perfectly matched the brown dash and seats. Speaking of seats, all occupants of the GLS rest their behinds on large supportive seats, most of which 42


are heated. Up front, driver and passenger also get variable massage options and trust me, you will get spoiled. The 3rd row seats are always hit and miss – either legroom is next to nothing or the seats are flat and uncomfortable. I can say that with the GLS, even adults can sit in the 3rd row without complaining. Another great feature is the available electronic “easy-entry” feature of the 2nd row. Press a button and the 2nd row seats fold and tumble. Necessity? No, but cool factor for sure. The only gripe here is the you have to put them back manually. One option that every vehicle should have is a panoramic roof and if you add the Premium Package to your GLS, the heavens open up. During the winter months, the extra light really helps, especially for those who tend to get disgruntled easily. A recent study showed that people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) show improvement if their vehicles have a panoramic roof. All manufacturers, take note please. New for 2017 is a 9G-Tronic transmission, adding two more gears to the outgoing 7-speed. Some might think that 9 speeds are overkill – well, the new Ford F150 and Mustang will have 10 speeds – but it works great for the GLS. The first seven gears have shorter ratios, making Sport Mode or Manual Mode driving quite fun. The last two are for highway driving and better fuel efficiency. The 9G-Tronic is matched with a 3.0L bi-turbo gasoline engine. A diesel variant will be offered as well and in my opinion, that’s the brute to get. Not only will you get much better fuel economy, but way more torque. For now, the GLS 450’s V6 does a Jag Dhatt great job for every day driving, even Accredited AJAC Journalist when carrying the whole team or pulling a boat.

As one would expect, the GLS delivers a great plush ride for those who expect luxury. During my time with this SUV, Vancouver streets were getting riddled with potholes; but not to fret as the GLS tracked over them without spilling any of my home-made chai tea. Normally, Vancouver drivers rarely get to test the all-wheel drive functionality of most vehicles, but this time I was in for a treat. MB’s 4Matic permanent all-wheel drive worked amazingly well. Whilst others were staying off the roads, I got to my office and all

meetings without missing a beat. Also, the street from my home has quite a steep slope. With the snow and ice compounding the slope, I switched on the GLS 450’s Hill Descent mode and the MB creeped down with confidence. It was quite neat in fact – I had to do nothing except navigate the vehicle. On roads that were somewhat bare, I tested the GLS 450’s Dynamic Select modes, which include Sport, Comfort, Snow and Off-Road. As mentioned earlier, Snow Mode was useful at times, for obvious reasons. Sport Mode was fun and made the drive much more dynamic than I expected. Honestly, I didn’t think the 3.0L biturbo gasoline motor would provide as much get-up-and-go as it did for a vehicle this size. The V6 gasoline puts out 362 HP and 369 lbft of torque as low as 1,800 rpm. If you need more insanity, then go with the AMG GLS63, which gets the SUV from 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. As mentioned before, my choice would be the diesel variant as it’s the perfect engine for this vehicle. Driving in Sport Mode really shows the “S” in the GLS. Shifts are quick, especially if using the paddle shifters, and the aggressive throttle mapping is more than expected. More so, ride height drops just slightly to improve aerodynamics. Match this with a stiffer steering and you’ve got a big SUV worthy of the “S” badging. In Comfort Mode, everything becomes plush, period. The steering is so light that I doubt anyone would get tired after driving for hours.

While driving the GLS for the week, there were a couple of quirks that really stood out. The first being the storage areas in the front doors. Granted the large, wide seats are great, but if you had to reach for something in the door storage areas, good luck. My hand got stuck so many times that it became annoying. The other quirk, although it’s becoming a norm in the industry, is the infotainment system screen. It’s a beautiful, large 8” screen, but seems like an aftermarket bolt-on. BMW has also gone the similar route in some of their cars. Yes, it allows for more real estate on the dash, but takes away from the classy look of this luxury vehicle. On the same topic, the infotainment system seems dated and definitely needs a refresh. Those buying an SUV in this category always expect loads of safety features, because come on, it’s for the family. In


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addition to the basic safety features, there’s some unique systems in the GLS. If you’ve ever driven across the Fraser Vally of BC, or highways of Saskatchewan and Manitoba in incremental weather, you’ll want the CrossWind Assist. Rather being tossed around by cross-winds, this system ensures a straight stable ride. The Brake Assist Plus, Cross Traffic Assist and Collision Prevention Assist all work well together to bring the GLS to a stop in case the driver doesn’t take action during a potential impact situation. Finally, the Distronic Plus with Steer Assist are active cruise control systems that not only keep the vehicle in its lane, but can follow traffic from a stop up to 200 km/h. True to Mercedes-Benz roots, the 2017 GLS450 is a fantastic SUV that will look great in any driveway. It’s got a lot going for it, from exceptional safety and comfort features to various driving modes that will appease most drivers. Currently, the gaspowered engines are the only option, with the diesel variant hoping to makes its presence in mid to latter 2017. Pricing for the 2017 MB GLS450 starts at $82, 900.

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Desi News

TransVix and DAT Solutions Form Exclusive Strategic Alliance


ransVix and DAT Solutions announced the formation of their exclusive strategic alliance to create the “first and only” Trucking Futures Exchange which will list and trade contracts based on trucking line haul rates. The TransVix Exchange will list contracts that are financially settled using DAT’s data for major freight lanes in the U.S.

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TransVix is focused on addressing volatility in line haul freight rates, where spot prices can swing as high as 40% in a single week on some major lanes. Volatility of truck capacity can be driven by a host of market conditions such as weather, seasonality, regulations and macroeconomics. Brokers, carriers, and shippers all face the same challenges when it comes to volatile spot rates and are exposed to market conditions without viable hedging options to manage price risk. TransVix said it is partnering with DAT to provide participants much needed riskmanagement tools to hedge their freight lane exposure. TransVix noted it has identified the most travelled lanes in the market and found major intra-week and intra-month volatility. DAT data will be used to help develop TransVix trucking futures, which will allow market participants to normalize these price fluctuations. “DAT is the truckload pricing index standard for the North American trucking market, and it makes perfect sense for us to partner with them” said Craig Fuller, TransVix CEO. “We did an exhaustive search into the various Index providers by speaking with over 200 C-Level executives across the trucking marketplace and found DAT to be the most trusted and reliable provider of spot market data. In addition, we have extensively analyzed selected aggregated data sets and validated that the assessments closely mirror the overall direction and volatility of the underlying market.” “We have observed supply and demand fluctuations and periods of significant truckload capacity constraint over a period of years, and recognize the financial risk that our customers face,” said Don Thornton, senior vice president of sales & marketing at DAT. “We are impressed with the TransVix team, their depth of experience and knowledge of the trucking marketplace and capital markets. Together we are looking forward to building a supplemental capability for transportation professionals to manage rate volatility risk with no interruption to the way they do business today.”



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INTRODUCING THE NEW INTERNATIONAL® LT™ SERIES. What makes the new International LT Series so breakthrough? We gave drivers a voice in its design. Feedback from hundreds of drivers informed its new interior, featuring the latest ergonomic design and a customizable driver display, placing everything within comfortable reach. Dramatically improved aerodynamics and the 2017 Cummins® X15 engine deliver improved fuel economy and outstanding uptime, which means happier drivers who stick around for the long haul.



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jMglI jwnvrW dy Awx qoN ibnw vI fRweIvr dw iDAwn sVk qoN ht jWdw hY[kudrq dy nzwry sqrMgI pING, sUrj cVHx dw Swndwr nzwrw, jW Cupx dy nzwry vI fRweIvr nUM sVk qoN byiDAwnw kr idMdy hn[ 2013 ‘c AOtvw ‘c hoeI vIAw tRyn Aqy ie`k fbl fY`kr b`s dI durGtnw sbMDI tRWsportySn syPtI borf dI jWc vI byiDAwnI fRweIivMg ‘qy vDyry cwnxw pwauNdI hY[fRweIvr dI sIt nyVy iqMn monItr sn, ijs rwhIN pqw lgdw hY ik kI b`s dIAW svwrIAW vwLy inXmW dI pwlxw kr rhIAW hn jW nhIN[jy koeI svwrI dovW fY`kW dy ivckwr hY qW b`s fRweIvr b`s nUM qordw nhIN[ Asl ‘c ieh sB ku`J auh monItr rwhIN hI vyK lYNdw hY[ieh fRweIvr dw Prz vI hY[ b`s ies qoN 1.6 sikMt bwAd hI b`s dI tRyn nwL t`kr ho jWdI hY[ies qoN ibnw au`Qy hor vI bhuq byiDAwnI krn vwLIAW cIzW sn ijnHW nUM hux htw id`qw igAw hY[ tI AYs bI v`loN kIqIAW geIAW isPwrSW ‘c hux ie`k ieh vI hY ik fRweIvr ijnHW monItrW rwhIN vyKdw hY auh ieMny au`cy nw hox ik aunHW nUM vyKx leI fRweIvr nUM isr au`pr nUM cu`kxw pvy Aqy aus dw iDAwn sVk qoN ht jwvy[XUrp dIAW fbl fY`kr b`sW ‘c fRweIvr qoN ibnw monItr krn vwLw ie`k hor ivAkqI huMdw hY pr knyfw ‘c ies qrHW nhIN Aqy fRweIvr nUM hI monItr dw kMm vI krnw pYNdw hY[tI AYs bI dw kihxw hY ik durGtnw dw kwrn koeI hor byiDAwnI bxn dw kwrn vI ho skdw hY Aqy jy auh kwrn dUr kIqw huMdw qW Swied ieh durGtnw nw vwprdI[Xwd rhy ik ies durGtnw ‘c fRweIvr smyq 6 lokW dI jwn cly geI sI[ ies ivSy ‘qy hor vI bhuq swry AiDAn ho rhy hoxgy pr XUnIvristI AwP Albrtw ‘c hoeI st`fI ‘c ieh vI ikhw igAw hY ik sVk kMFy mShUrIAW vwLy idl luBwx vwLy ib`lborf vI byiDAwnI nUM s`dw idMdy hn[ AYksIfYNt AnYlyisz AYNf pRIvYNSn ‘c ikhw igAw hY ik ies qrHW dy ib`lborf ijnHW dw sunyhw koeI AnoKw huMdw hY fRweIvrW dI Kws BwvnwvW nUM auqyijq kr skdy hn[ pr jdoN qusIN fRweIv kr rhy hovo iksy vI qrHW dI byiDAwnI vI Kqrnwk ho skdI hY[ieh ivcwr prgt krdy hoey ies dy Kojkwr mweISl cYn ny ikhw hY ik jdoN ies qrHW dy ib`lborf qoN jzbwqI sunyhw imldw hovy qW ieh vDyrw Kqrnwk ho skdw hY[ ies AiDAn ‘c ikhw igAw hY ik ienHW ib`lborfW ‘qy ilKy hoey nWh p`KI sMdyS jzbwqI qOr ‘qy mnu`K dy mn ‘qy vDyry BYVw pRBwv pwauNdy hn[ies ‘c ijvyN kYNsr, ik`lr, SbdW dw Asr bIc, ipAwr Awid dy AsrW nwloN izAwdw pYNdw hY[ies leI ieh ipAwr vwLy Sbd pVH kyy auh sMBl ky c`lx dw Xqn krdy hn pr ies qrHW mOq Awid dy Sbd pVHn qoN bwAd nhIN huMdw[jdoN aunHW swhmxy BYVy lgdy

We have moved to our new building in Delta



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Sbd AwauNdy hn qW auh au`QoN qyzI nwL lMGx dw Xqn krdy hn[ KojkwrW dw kihxw hY ik ib`lborfW dy sbd pVH ky fRweIvrW ‘qy Awpxy Awp Asr ho jWdw hY[iehnW dw kwrn fRweIvrW dI byiDAwnI ‘c vwDw vI ho skdw hY[ byiDAwnI nwL kIqI jw rhI fRweIivMg sbMDI cyqnw jgwaux leI sB qoN pihlI g`l ieh hY ik aunHW nUM ieh ivSvws duAwieAw jwvy ik byiDAwnI ie`k sm`isAw hY Aqy ies qoN bwAd ies bwry ivsQwr nwl d`isAw jwvy[iPr ieh smJwieAw jwvy ik ies ‘qy iks qrHW kwbU pw ky byiDAwnI vwLI fRweIvrI nUM rokxw hY[ jy soicAw jwvy qW lokW dIAW ies qrHW dIAW AwdqW bdlxw sOKw nhIN[ AsIN pMjwh swlW qoN vI v`D smyN qoN jwxdyy hW ik isgrt pIxw ishq leI hwnIkwrk hY pr iPr vI byAMq lok isgrtnoSI krhy hn[ pr bhuqI iPkr vwLI g`l ieh hY ik ies dy nukswn jwxdy hoey vI bhuuq nOjvwn vI ies mrz dy iSkwr ho rhy hn[


ICBC approved heavy collision repairs. Custom body and paint work for commercial truck ,trailer ,bus, motorhomes, limo’s, industrial equipment and cars. Sandblasting and Painting. ICBC Valet Shop Authorized. ICBC Express Glass Services.



JOBS!!! Specializing in Computerized Wheel Alignment #6 - 7945 Alexander Rd Delta, BC V4G 1C6 48


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Chevron Canada R&M ULC

clean. quick. reliable. Call Us

Cardlocks offering DEF at the pump:

• 800 331 7353

• 604 668 5300

Find cardlock locations at

• Chilliwack • Deltaport • Edmonton

• Kamloops North • Langley North • Williams Lake

For more information contact

© 2017 Chevron Canada R&M ULC. All rights reserved. CHEVRON and the Chevron Hallmark are registered trademarks of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC.



Desi News


SAFER! A Free in-house visit by our health and safety advisor



A confidential assessment A report with action plan Free non-judgmental support and mentoring


Topic specific training



afetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC is thrilled to be hosting their Speaker Series on Health and Safety at the upcoming APNA Truck Show. This is our second year hosting this event and the speakers’ topics promise to be informative and educational. Our speakers will be addressing issues regarding the business of trucking and will be of particular interest to professional truck drivers and their families. The topics will focus on health and safety in the transportation industry. Held on the main floor alongside the trade show, the Series will kick off the afternoon of June 10th. The APNA truck show is a biennial event at Tradex. This year’s dates are June 10th and 11th, 2017. This well attended family friendly event will host, among other things, a job fair, Show ‘n Shine, entertainment and exhibitors galore. We invite you to visit us at for updates. SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC, is a not-forprofit organization and is also a certifying partner for the Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR). SafetyDriven works with management, employees and owner/operators in B.C. trucking and related industries to strengthen safety performance and reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

syPtI ifRvn spIkr sIrIz nUM krn jw rhy hn 2017 Awpxw tr`k SoA vwLy

Tools, tips, templates, and other safety resources

Get Started Now! Call: or visit:

2017 APNA Truck Show to Host SafetyDriven Speaker Series



syPtI ifRvn- bI sI dI tr`ikMg syPtI kONsl nUM ieh d`sidAW ^uSI mihsUs ho rhI hY ik auh Awaux vwLy APNA Truck Show ‘c AwpxI Speaker Series on Health and Safety krn jw rhy hn[ ies qrHW krn dw swfw ieh dUjw swl hY[AsIN ieh dwAvy nwL kih skdy hW ik bulwirAW v`loN pyS kIqy jw rhy ivSy jwxkwrI BrpUr Aqy is`iKAwdwiek hoxgy[ swfy bulwirAW v`loN tr`ikMg nwL sbMDq msilAW sbMDI jwxkwrI id`qI jwvygI ijhVI pRoPYSnl tr`k fRweIvrW Aqy aunHW dy pirvwrW leI lwBdwiek hovygI[ies ‘c tRWsportySn ieMfstrI dy ishq Aqy sur`iKAw sbMDI iviSAW sbMDI vI jwxkwrI id`qI jwvygI[ieh smwgm tRyf SoA dy myn Plor ‘qy 10 jUn 2017 nUM bwAd dupihr SurU hovygw[ Xwd rhy ik hr do swl bwAd hox vwLw ‘Awpxw tr`k SoA’ ies vwr 10 Aqy 11 jUn 2017 nUM ho irhw hY[ pirvwrk mwhOl vwLw ieh SoA, jOb PyAr, SoA AYn SweIn, mnorMjn Aqy pySkwrIAW BrpUr hovygw[ hor jwxkwrI leI ‘qy jwE[

Desi News

Maxion Wheels Offers Heavy Duty Forged Aluminum Wheels


forged aluminum truck wheel is being added to its extensive steel wheel offerings. Maxion Wheels announced during Heavy-duty Aftermarket Week. The first aluminum truck wheel available in North American, the new line will start with a 22.5x8.25 wheel available in the early Spring. It will weight 45 lbs., compared to approximately 68 lbs. for a comparable steel wheel. Three additional sizes – 24.5x8.25, 17.5x6.75, and 22.5x14.00 – will eventually fill out the new forged aluminum line, according to Maxion. All will be offered in bright

machined and polished finishes. “Maxion Wheels has been proudly serving the needs of the North American truck and trailer market for almost 100 years,” said Donald Polk, company president for the Americas. “By adding forged aluminum to our product mix, our steel wheel commercial vehicle customers now have a none-stop alternative for their wheel needs.”

Continental Introduces Extreme Duty Poly-V belt


ontinental, an international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer and industrial partner, introduces the new Extreme Duty Poly-V belt for the North American heavyduty aftermarket. “This belt will be offered in 90 new parts numbers designed for the class 6-8 heavy-duty trucks in the aftermarket,” said Tom Lee, Continental’s marketing manager for North American aftermarket products. “Currently we are offering the belts in 8, 10 and 12-ribbed profiles, packaged in a new sleeve design.” According to the company, the Extreme Duty Poly-V straightribbed belt performs better under higher underhood temperatures, thereby resulting in lower emission standards, and comes with a 100,000-mile guarantee. “This belt has four times the flex life of previous belts. We wanted to see how it would perform with heat that was 20 percent higher than what is mandated by the SAE standards,” said Lee. The test was conducted in an extreme heat environment to simulate an engine with a number of accessories and low air circulation.



“BrosyXog srivs”

9755 197B Street, Langley, BC V1M 3G3

Parts: 604-882-0523 Service: 604-882-0526 Fax: 604-882-0529 Email: MARCH - APRIL 2017


Desi News

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Navistar Recalling Some 2017 International Trucks Over Battery Issue


avistar recently issued a recall for certain International trucks regarding an issue with batteries, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents. An electrical short caused by the defect can potentially lead to a fire. More specifically, certain 2017 International ProStar, LoneStar, 9900i and TransStar trucks are affected. A metallic battery cover latch may unlatch and contact the battery jump start stud, causing


kwrf bdl dyvygw quhwfy ibzns dy pRbMD krn dy FMg nUM!

knyfw ‘c iksy vI QW qoN iPaul lvo quhwfI psMd dI hskI kImq sImq KRId Aqy Prwf ‘qy kwbU

Xog KRId ‘qy mweIhskI irvwrf poAwieMt pRwpq kro

an electrical short to ground if the jump start stud is not covered, according to the NHTSA recall. Owners will be notified and instructed to have a dealer install a latch stop to prevent the latch from rotating to the unlatched position at no charge to the customer. Navistar expects the recall to begin on Feb. 17. For more information, call Navistar’s customer service at 800-448-7825 with recall number 16513. NHTSA’s official recall number is 16V-938.

nyvIstwr ny bYtrI dy msly nUM ly ky AMqrrwStrI tr`kW nUM bulwvw ByijAw hY nYSnl hweIvy tRYiPk sur~iKAw ivBwg Anuswr nyvIstwr ny hwl ivc hI bYtirAW nwl juVy iek mwmly v~joN kuJ AMqrrwStrI tr~kW nUM bulwvw ByijAw hY[ Kws qOr qy kuJ 2017 dy AMqrrwStrI pRostwr, lonstwr, 9901AweI Aqy trWsstwr tr`k pRBwivq hoey hn[ AY~n.AY~c. tI.A~Ys.ey dy Anuswr iek DwqU bYtrI dw F~kx Arl ho skdw hY Aqy bYtrI dy bok dy sMprk ivc AwauNdy hI Sort srikt pYdw huMdw hY, jy aus nUM F~ikAw hoieAw nw hovy[

mwlkw nUM jwxkwrI id~qI jwvygI Aqy isKlweI vI id~qI jwvygI ik auh iek fIlr nwl juVn jo ik iek lYc stop ienstwl krygw qW ik auh AwpxI jgHw qoN nw ih`ly Aqy ieh aupBogqw leI muPq hovygw[ nyvIstwr nUM aumId hY ik dubwrw bulwvw 17 PrvrI qoN SurU ho jwvygw[ ijAwdw jwxkwrI leI nyvIstwr dy aupBogqw syvw nM. 800-448-7825 Aqy rIk~wl nM. 16513 qy Pon kr skdy ho[AY~n.AY~c.tI.A~Ys.ey dy AiDkwrI dw srkwrI nM. 16 vI-938 hY[

Fuel Price Edge Up Again

vDyry jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro jI: Andy Dhaliwal (403) 542-0821



The average price of a gallon of onhighway diesel went up seven-tenths of a cent to $2.572 per gallon for the week ending Monday, Feb. 20. This marks the second consecutive increase after four straight weeks of decreases. Diesel price averages went up in nine of 10 regions in the U.S., according to the Energy Information Administration. The largest average increase was in the Rocky Mountain region, where prices at the pump went up by 2.6 cents per gallon. Prices decreased by a penny in the New England region, the only decrease in the nation.

Following are the average prices by region as reported by the EIA: • U.S. – $2.572, up seven-tenths • East Coast – $2.628, up two-tenths • New England – $2.658, down 1.0 cent • Central Atlantic – $2.770, up five-tenths • Lower Atlantic – $2.521, up two-tenths • Midwest – $2.495, up eight-tenths • Gulf Coast – $2.433, up nine-tenths • Rocky Mountain – $2.548, up 2.6 cents • West Coast – $2.876, up seven-tenths • West Coast less California – $2.767, up six-tenthst • California – $2.966, up nine-tenths

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Sprinter 4x4 Cargo Van $55,615.*

20801 Langley Bypass Langley, BC Tel: 604.533.1205 | Š 2017 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. 2016 Sprinter 4x4 2500 144� Cargo Van shown, National MSRP $51,900. *Total price for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 includes MSRP of $51,900 freight/PDI $2,995, admin fee $595, EHF tire fee $25, air conditioning tax $100. License, insurance, registration and taxes are extra. Other products or services not listed that may be available to you through your selected Mercedes-Benz dealership. Vehicle prices subject to change without notice. Vehicles shown are for display purposes only. Dealer may sell for less. Vehicle shown is equipped with the Sprinter 4x4 TrailerRunner Package from Mercedes-Benz MasterUpfitter, Action Car and Truck Accessories. Visit Mercedes-Benz Langley or 53 MARCH - APRIL 2017for details.

Trim the fat and up the ante with the Mack® Pinnacle™ DayCab for bulk hauling. Delivering the goods on time every time requires reliability, efficiency and adaptability in a lightweight package. That’s why we offer our 2017 MP®7 engine that drops 51 lbs. and burns up to 5% less fuel, a 6x2 liftable pusher axle that weighs up to 400 lbs. less than a full 6x4 package, and lightweight and durable components like aluminum wheels and crossmembers. Because saving weight means more payload per trip and a bigger number on the bottom line. 54


$15,000* ਤੱ ਕ ਦਾ ਸਮੌ ਲ ਫ਼ ਲ ੀਟ ਐਫ਼ ਿ ਸ਼ ਿ ਅਨਸੀ ਅਵਾਰਡ

ਸਾਨਦਾਰ ਇਨਾਮ ਜਿੱ ਤੋ

ਕੈਸਟਰਾਲ (CASTROL) ਦੇ ਜਕਸੇ ਪਜਹਲੀ ਸਮੌਲ ਫ਼ਲੀਟ ਐਜਫ਼ਜਿਅਨਸੀ (ਛੋਟਾ ਸਮੂਹ ਸਮਰੱ ਥਾ) ਅਵਾਰਡ ਲਈ

ਕੈਸਟਰਾਲ ਕੈਨੇਡਾ (Castrol Canada) ਨੂੰ ਪਤਾ ਹੈ ਕਕ ਅਕਹਮ ਕਾਰਜ ਲਈ ਪ੍ਰਦਰਕਿਤ ਕਾਰਵਾਈ ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਛੋਟੇ ਤੋਂ ਲੈ ਕੇ ਕਵਚਕਾਰਲੇ ਦਰਜੇ ਦੇ ਗਰੁੱ ਪ ਦੀ ਕਿਹਤਰੀ ਲਈ ਿਹੁਤ ਜ਼ਰੂਰੀ ਹੈ। ਇਸ ਲਈ ਹੀ, ਹੁਣ ਅਸੀਂ InGauge ਨਾਲ ਭਾਈਵਾਲੀ ਪਾਈ ਹੈ, ਕਕ ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਲਈ ਉਹ ਸਾਧਨ (ਟੂਲਸ) ਮੁਹੱਈਆ ਕਰ ਸਕੀਏ ਕਜਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨਾਲ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਹਰ ਮਹੀਨੇ EPI (ਲਾਜ਼ਮੀ ਕਾਰਗੁਜਾਰੀ ਸੰ ਕੇਤਕ) ਮਾਪ ਦੇ ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਗਰੁੱ ਪ ਦੀ ਕਾਰਗੁਜਾਰੀ ਲਈ ਿੈਂਚਮਾਰਕ (ਮਾਪਦੰ ਡ) ਕਨਿਕਚਤ ਕਰ ਸਕੋ। ਦਸੰ ਿਰ 2016 ਕਵੱ ਚ, ਅਸੀਂ ਕੈਰੀਅਰ (ਭਾਰਵਾਹਕ) ਦਾ ਉਸ ਅਵਾਰਡ ਕਜੱ ਤਣ ਵਾਲੇ ਦਾ ਐਲਾਨ ਕਰ ਕਦਆਂਗੇ, ਕਜਸਨੇ ਹਰ ਪਾਕਸਓਂ, ਪਕਹਲਾਂ ਤੋਂ ਕਿਹਤਰ ਕਰਨ ਕਵੱ ਚ ਵਧੀਆ ਕਾਰਗੁਜਾਰੀ ਕਵਖਾਈ ਹੋਵੇਗੀ। ਹਰ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਇਕ ਨਵੇਂ ਮਾਪ ਦੀ ਉਡੀਕ ਕਰੋ।

ਇਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨਾਲ ਭਾਈਵਾਲੀ

ਜਿੱ ਤਣ ਲਈ, ਤੁਸੀਂ ਹਰ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਵਾਸਤੇ ਆਪਣਾ EPI ’ਤੇ ਭੇਿੋ ਿਾਂ 1-888-CASTROL ’ਤੇ ਕਾਲ ਕਰੋ। * 3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਦੀ ਮੁਫ਼ਤ ਇੰ ਜਣ ਔਇਲ ਦੀ ਸਪਲਾਈ ਅਤੇ 6 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਦਾ ਇਸਤੇਮਾਲ ਕੀਤੇ ਗਏ ਔਇਲ ਦਾ ਕਵਿਲੇ ਿਣ ਜੋ ਕਕ 20 ਪਾਵਰ ਯੂਕਨਟਾਂ ਦੇ ਗਰੁੱ ਪ ਤੇ ਆਧਾਕਰਤ ਹੋਵੇਗਾ, ਲਈ ਧਨ ਕਦੱ ਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ।





Desi Trucking - Western  
Desi Trucking - Western  

March - April 2017