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Editor’s Note - sMpwdkI Driving is not just holding steering….

Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal

Driving is not just holding steering, you must have overall knowledge and many other professional skills. Trucking is considered as a general labor these days but it’s not. It is a respected profession like Doctors, lawyers etc. Trucking is not only a profession but it is a community as well. Any individual action can make a huge impact on this community, good or bad. We are human beings and we always think our own benefits first, it is natural. We have right to think about ourselves first but let’s not make such individual decisions that might be beneficial to you but harm this trucking community as a whole. One of the major complaints is creating unhealthy competition and followed by many other unhealthy practices. Now a days, industry is facing shortage of truck drivers, a pool of aged truckers are getting retired and new people are not showing much interest in this industry. The reason is, people see not enough money and respect in this profession anymore as compared to hard work and time required. Let’s us follow the rules, regulations and ethics of the profession and make it as it was.

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Owner/Operator or Company Driver? Is One Better?


nless and until truck driving is considered in official circles as a skilled trade, then there is no question about whether there should be owner operators at all. Under the current thinking that truck drivers are nothing but general workers with no specific skill, the only solution would be to operate truck drivers as company employees. Owner operators should be those skilled people who, whether they own one, 200, or 2000 trucks, are those 8


G. Ray Gompf

who have their own customers, move those customers’ freight to their customers and bill their own customers for the services rendered, receive payment for said services, pay their own expenses from said payments, and have enough left over for a decent salary and a decent return on their investment. What other business in the world has small business owner operators devoid of a return on their huge investment? Rest assured that in any other industry, he who puts up large quantities of cash receives a premium

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on that cash over and above any monetary value his labour efforts earn him or her. In trucking, that small business owner operator with his or her one or two trucks is simply considered an employee with a six-figure lunch box. It’s a large lunch box to be sure. It has a large six-cylinder diesel engine and a large transmission, ten expensive tires to roll it on, may or may not have a bedroom attached. But, it’s still just a lunch box to carry a sandwich, a thermos of coffee and a piece of fruit. Normally, this same small business owner operator has to have a myriad of communication tools to keep the employer well informed every step of the way. Oh yes, and pay for it all to the employer’s specifications. But then these “employees” with the large lunch box are considered “at arms length” and none of the labour laws apply to them except for hours of service, ensuring compliance with all the thousands of laws, rules and regulations imposed on all truckers by governments receiving prompts from those with no knowledge of what it takes to move the nation’s freight. When faced with the choice to be a company drivers or owner operator, there is no choice in my mind – pack your lunch in a paper sack and ask the company where the keys are. And believe me, I’ve been both for many many years, with more miles than I care to remember. If ever we can get the government to recognize truck driving as a skilled trade, with skill development that’s trackable, testable, over and above that which is the basic requirement for the classified license tested and issued by the government…, if ever we can get the government to recognize truck driving as a skilled trade, then there can be definite career paths.

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Right now, once you get that government issued commercial driver’s license, you are at the top of your game. There is no more pay increases for additional skill development and no incentive for any learning beyond that which is required for the license. But, there definitely is much more skill development that is learned, earned and expected, all without benefit of skill development training, testing or increased pay for skill. Also, without benefit of company input. If you want to advance your own skill development, then you have to pay for your own skill development. You want to know something else – you have to find that old hand that’s been around since the wheel was invented and beg him to teach you. I won’t say “her” in this instance because this old hand has been around since before women were invented. I will say there are some very fine, skilled female drivers out there who have developed skills that we should learn. Women try to find a better way to match their usual lesser physical strength. She will use reason rather than bull strength but accomplish the task. To be a small business owner operator trucker, you will first need a truck and let’s say that truck is $170,000. Then you need to license that truck, which costs on average about $3,000. Then, you need a trailer, costing anywhere from $40,000 to $150,000 depending on what you want to haul and how you want to haul it. Then you have to insure said vehicle at $25,000, give or take, more give though. You don’t have a customer yet, so maybe you should get a customer and then decide the type of equipment you may need to haul your customers’ freight. Then you have to become a compliance expert. There are so many rules and regulations, and then 63 jurisdictions all with differences in similar rules and regulations, so it’s not like you learn one and you’re good to go. Then there are federal rules and provincial rules, and different federal rules and state rules and then…well, you can tell it’s a jungle out there. That’s why many small business owner operators opt to placing some other company’s name on their door and allow that other company to assume some of the costs. Most “other” companies negotiate insurance for their entire fleet and will extend that insurance to the small business owner operator, even though most of them will charge back a fee to the small business owner operator for such insurance. Many large carriers employing small business owner operators will extend fuel cards and charge the small business owner operator back, but at least the small business owner operator isn’t forced to pony up his own money for fuel before he or she gets that first pay. But for every service that “other” company whose name you put on the door, there is a cost and although it comes off the pay statement of the small business owner operator, it’s still a cost that must be considered. Oh, that’s another thing. Every small business owner operator MUST know to four decimal points what the cost of running his or her truck truly is. It’s all well and good to know how much the truck earns for each mile, but it’s essential they know the costs for each and every mile well before they know the earnings. And, included in that cost of running there better be a line item for ROI — return on investment. This is going to sound harsh, but no one ever should become a small business owner operator until he or she has operated as a company driver for fifteen years. In those fifteen years, if 12


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the goal has been to become a small business owner operator, you must have learned how to track your expenses, all of them. You must also learn about the customers you’re serving. Keep track of each and every load, where it was picked up, where it was delivered, how much it weighed, how it was scaled out, the axle weights, how much you were paid, and if there were any additional costs involved. Even keep track of phone numbers at both ends of the load, and keep track of Customs Brokers and their phone numbers for those loads crossing an international border. This information may seem arduous, but it’s better to keep track of it. I assure you it will become important when you become a small business owner operator and want to know what to haul, where to haul it, and what equipment you need. The customer question, with new technologies coming down the pike, is going to be moot in due course because software (free software) is already available that will deliver to you, just because you’ve signed up, where freight is, so you can negotiate for freight just like the big guys. This software will not only find you the freight in the lane you want to travel, but will provide all the necessary documentation along the way. It will even invoice your customer for the service you’ve just completed without any further prompting from you. You can drive and use software like a dispatcher that makes you aware of every possible load available to you and make it your choice of what load you want to haul. is now available and waiting to work for you. Free to download and one percent of the value of the shipping cost you negotiate with the shipper.



kyvl BwVw hI nhIN l`Bdw sgoN rwh iv`cly swry loVINdy dsqwvyz vI pRdwn krygw[ ieh quhwfy gwhkW nMU aus syvw leI invoice vI dyvygw ijs nMU qusIN huxy hI pUrw kIqw hY[qusIN iek ifspYcr dI qrHW ies sOPtvyAr nUM vrq skdy ho [ieh quhwnUM hr sMBv lof bwry jwxU krvwauNdw hY Aqy ies nMU AwpxI psMd dy lof dI cox krn leI iqAwr krdw hY[ hux quhwfy leI kMm krn leI auplbD hY [ieh mu&q fwaUnlof hMudw hY iSipMg dI kImq dy ie`k pRqISq mu`l nwL iS`pr nwl g`lbwq kro[

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byAirMg rysz nUM imMtW ‘c hI lwho Aqy ienstwl kro!

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Note: ies leI 17202 hweIfRiO lk slMfr, 10,000 pI AYs AweI pMp Aqy G`to G`t ie`k AYf Awn ik`t dI loV hY[

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tweIgr vwiLAW nUM tr`ikMg ieMfstrI dw 30 swl dw qzrbw hox kwrn vDIAw iksm, vDIAw krguzwrI Aqy suri` KAw dI mh`qqw sbMDI pUrI jwxkwrI hY[eyArvrks bRWfW dw ieh hI mUL isDWq hY[ieh injI Aqy smuc ` y PlIt dIAW ir`gz leI sB qoN nvIn, vDIAw iksm dy AweIfl PRI kYb kMPrt solS U n hn [

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Warranty vwrMtI


arranty is an issue that comes up in multiple facets of trucking. Whether buying or selling equipment, or making a claim on a truck or trailer that carries a warranty, equipment that carries warranty is sought after by finance companies and drivers alike. In many companies the warranty department is actually called the “customer service department.” Manufacturers do not have to provide warranty on their products, but they do so as a service to the clients and for the reputation of the product. Many manufacturers follow a very similar process when handling warranty claims. If you follow the steps in the process, vwrMtI then it will be a much more efficient claim from start to finish. ie`k ieho mslw hy ijhVw When a piece of equipment is in need of warranty attention, the tr`ikMg dy bhuq swry p`KW quicker it is handled, the faster you can get back on the road and ‘c AwauNdw hY[ieh smwn earning money. vycxw, jW KRIdxw hovy,vwrMtI vwLy The first step in the warranty process is to read your tr`k jW trylr dw klym krnw hovy manufacturer warranty. Understand what it does and jW iljwey jw rhy vwrMtI vwLy smwn does not cover. Read the manuals and pamphlets sbMDI klym hovy, sB v`loN PweInYNs provided. If buying brand new your sales person or kMpnIAW Aqy BwvyN fRweIvr hox ies dI dealership will be able to provide a copy. Also review mMg kIqI jWdI hY[ the component and vendor warranties. Things such as tires, bhuq swrIAW kMpnIAW ‘c vwrMtI ifpwrtmYNt nUM ‘kstmr suspension and air systems are often not covered under the base srivs ifpwrtmYNt’ vI ikhw jWdw hY[vsqW bxwaux vwiLAW nUM manufacturer warranty and may have different time periods and AwpxIAW vsqW ‘qy vwrMtI dyxI zrUrI nhIN pr auh ies nUM different coverage. Also find out if the warranty will transfer. If kyvl gwhkW dI srivs leI Aqy AwpxI vsq dI mShUrI leI you sell your piece of equipment while under warranty coverage, idMdy hn[ can it transfer to the new owner? That can make or break a future bhuq swry auqpwdk Bwv smwn bxwaux vwiLAW dw qW vwrMtI sale and an important item to know. klymW leI sOKI ivDI hY[ jy qusIN aunHW dy d`sy hoey muqwbk krdy If you have read and understood your warranty and believe you ho qW ies dy klym krn Aqy inptwrw krn ‘c bhuqI muSkl have a claim, the first step is to take photos. It’s recommended to nhIN AwauNdI[jy vwrMtI sbMDI iksy g`l dI loV pYNdI hY take a few photos. Take the photos from close up and also Aqy ijMnI CyqI auh dy id`qI jWdI hY au`nI CyqI hI auh kys from further away so it can be understood as to where the inpt jWdw hY[ies nwL ieh huMdw hY ik tr`k vwLw CyqI flaw exists on your equipment. There are sample photos hI Awpxy kMm leI sVk ‘qy Aw jWdw hY Aqy kmweI krnI attached to guide you. Once photos are ready call the SurU kr idMdw hY[ manufacturer warranty or customer service department quhwfy vwrMtI dI prikirAw ‘c pihlI g`l hY ik qusIN to obtain a pre-repair authorization and to return the auqpwdk v`loN id`qI vwrMtI nUM cMgI qrHW pVHo[ieh vI vyKo damaged parts to the manufacturer. The client will either ik ies ‘c kI kvr hY Aqy kI nhIN[ies dy nwl hI auh be reimbursed by the manufacturer for approved parts mYnUAl Aqy pYNPilt vI pVHo ijhVy ies dy nwL imly hn[ and labour upon providing a receipt copy, or pay the shop jy qusIN ieh nvIN cIz KRIdI hY qW sylzmYn aus dI kwpI vI doing the work directly. Pash Brar quhwnUM dy skdw hY[kMponYNt Aqy vYNfr vwrMtI vI vyKo[keI Keep in mind that warranty or customer service vwr mu`FlI vwrMtI ‘c twier, sspYNSn Aqy eyAr isstm ies ‘c nhIN kvr kIqy huMdy[ieh vI ho skdw hY ik smW - Pash Brar B.A. Aqy kvryj vI v`KrI hovy[ieh vI vyKo ik kI vwrMtI bdlI jW Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing tRWsPr ho skdI hY[mqlb ik jy qusIN ies smwn nUM ijs dI vwrMtI vehicles and trailers from the USA. hovy iksy nUM vyc idMdy ho qW kI aus mwlk nUM nwL vwrMtI vI iml 16




Close up of crack showing the damage departments can often be busy. If you call and get the voicemail, leave your contact information, a description of the problem and the serial or VIN number and do so loudly and clearly. This will help expedite your claim when the department returns your call. Another option is to email the department. Most manufacturers provide an email address contact. Here you can send your photos, VIN and brief description of the issue requesting a pre-repair authorization, and later receipts for payment reimbursement. When purchasing warranty or extra warranty, often it can be financed in to the deal. It may seem expensive at first, but affordable once financed in to monthly installments included in your payment. Some lenders may even require warranty to authorize the deal. Selling your equipment with transferable warranty is a major incentive to prospective buyers. There are also after market warranties available for purchase by outside company’s who are not the manufacturer, but make sure you read the fine print and understand what components will be covered and who is authorized to do the repair before making the purchase. If the manufacturer itself is offering extra warranty I encourage clients to purchase it and show a comparison of their lease payment with or without warranty to show the affordability. Keeping records of all warranty issues are very important for manufacturers. If an issue keeps recurring, the photos and damaged components will be reviewed by the engineering department and possible adjustments can be made to prevent future issues. If a problem exists, please point it out to the manufacturer, to prevent downtime and loss of income and possibly injuries to others in the future.



Same cracked component from farther away jwvygI[ies g`l nwL hI keI vwr quhwfw sOdw ho skdw hY Aqy huMdw huMdw tu`t vI skdw hY[ jy qusIN AwpxI vwrMtI nUM pVH ky smJ ilAw hY Aqy quhwnUM zkIn hY ik quhwfw klym bxdw hY, pihlI g`l ieh hY ik ies cIz dIAW PotoAW lE[ ku`J PotoAW lYxIAW zrurI hn[ieh PotoAW nyVy qoN Aqy dUroN leIAW hoxIAW cwhIdIAW hn[ ies nwL pqw l`g skygw quhwfy smwn ‘c ik ik`Qy nuks hY[ies nUM smJwaux leI hyTW ku`J nmUny vjoN PotoAW vI id`qIAW hoeIAW hn[jdoN hI PotoAW iqAwr ho geIAW ausy smyN mYnUPYkcr vwrMtI jW kstmr srivs vwiLAW nUM &on kro Aqy smwn nUM vwps krn dI pRI irpyAr AQwrtI pRwpq kro[klwieMt nUM jW qW rsId dyx ‘qy aus dy pwrts Aqy murMmq dy pYsy aus nUM jW is`Dy TIk krn vwLI SOp nUM id`qy jwxgy[ ieh iDAwn r`Kxw ik keI vwr vwrMtI jW kstmr srivs vwLy Awpxy kMm ‘c ru`Jy hoey huMdy hn[ jy voAwies myl hovy qW Awpxy sMprk sbMDI sUcnw, sm`isAw dI jwxkwrI Aqy smwn dw ivn nMbr jW sIrIAl nMbr spSt Avwz ‘c C`fo[ ies qrHW jdoN vI auh quhwfI kwl dw jvwb dyxgy qW auh quhwfy klym nUM CyqI inptw skxgy[ ies qrHW vI ho skdw hY ik qusIN ifpwrtmYNt nUM eI myl rwhIN swrI sUcnw Byj idE[ ies qrHW qusIN iK`cIAW PotoAW, ivn Aqy sm`isAw sbMDI sMKyp jwxkwrI, pRI irpyAr AwQorweIzySn leI bynqI vI Byj skdy ho[Aqy Bugqwn leI bwAd ‘c rsIdW vI Byj skdy ho[ vwrMtI jW vwDU vwrMtI Awm qOr ‘qy aus fIl ‘c hI joVI jw skdI hY[ pihlW qW ieh mihMgI l`gygI pr jdoN ieh quhwfI pymYNt nwl mwisk ikSqW ‘c Swml ho jwvygI qW bhuqw Prk nhIN lgdw[keI lYNfr qW fIl dI mnzUrI dyx leI vwrMtI dI mMg vI krdy hn[KRIdx vwilAW nUM quhwfy vycy jwx vwLy smwn nwL jy tRWsPrybl vwrMtI hovy auh TIk lgdI hY[ ies qoN ibnw AwPtr mwrikt vwrMtIAW vI hn, ijhVIAW bwhr dIAW kMpnIAW leI hn, jo mYnUPYkcrr nhIN[ pr iDAwn r`Kxw Aqy KRId krn qoN pihlW ilKq nUM cMgI qrHW pVH qy smJ lYxw ik ikhVIAW ikhVIAW g`lW vwrMtI ‘c Swml hn[ jy auqpwdk Awpxy Awp hI idMdw hY qW myrI KRIdx vwiLAW nUM iehI slwh hY auh ies nUM ies qoN ibnw Aqy ies smyq mukwblw krky Awpxy ivq Anuswr KRId lYx[ auqpwdkW leI ieh vI bhuq zrUrI hY ik auh swrIAW vwrMtIAW dw irkwrf r`Kx[ koeI mslw h`l krn leI nukswny smwn dIAW PotoAW nUM ieMjnIAirMg ivBwg v`loN vyiKAw jw skdw hY[ ies qrHW Biv`K hox vwLy nukswn qoN bcx leI loV Anuswr smwn ‘c qbdIlIAW kIqIAW jw skdIAW hn[ jy koeI nuks hY qW ies dI is`DI jwxkwrI mYnUPYkcrr nUM idE[ ies qrHW Awx vwLy smyN ‘c pYsy dy nukswn qoN ibnw horW dw s`t cot qoN vI bcwA ho skdw hY[



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CMV Driving Tips

Too Fast for Conditions kmRiSAl motr vhIkl clwaux sbMDI ku`J nukqy

sVkI hwlwq qoN v`D rPqwr Compiled By: JAG DHATT


riving too fast for conditions is defined as traveling at a speed that is greater than a reasonable standard for safe driving. Examples of conditions where drivers may find themselves driving too fast include: wet roadways (rain, snow, or ice), reduced visibility (fog), uneven roads, construction zones, curves, intersections, gravel roads, and heavy traffic. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) reported that 23 percent of large-truck crashes occurred when commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers were traveling too fast for conditions. Below are some tips that will help you maintain a safe speed for various driving conditions. TIP #1: Reduce Your Driving Speed in Adverse Road and/or Weather Conditions Adjust your speed to safely match weather conditions, road conditions, visibility, and traffic. Excessive driving speed is a major cause of fatal crashes, and higher speeds may cause more severe crashes. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) recently reported that 25 percent of speeding-related large-truck fatalities occurred during adverse weather conditions. Did You Know? You should reduce your speed by 1/3 on wet roads and by 1/2 or more on snow packed roads (i.e., if you would normally be traveling at a speed of 60 mph on dry pavement, then on a wet road you should reduce your speed to 40 mph, and on a snow-packed road you should reduce your speed to 30 mph). When you come upon slick, icy roads you should drive slowly and cautiously and pull off the road if you can no longer safely control the vehicle. Did You Know? When it first starts to rain, water mixes with oil on the road making it particularly slippery. Did You Know? Manufacturers generally advise drivers not to use a retarder [also called a “Jake” brake] on wet or slippery roadway conditions. In fact, a Safety Board Investigation of a motor coach crash that occurred in Canon City, Colorado, in December 1999, revealed that an enabled retarder most likely triggered the loss of control and eventual crash of the motor coach on a snow-covered and mountainous roadway. 20


hwlwq qoN v`D rPqwr dw ArQ hY ik jo hwlwq hn aunHW Anuswr G`t spIf cwhIdI sI pr sur`iKAq fRweIivMg nUM iDAwn ‘c r`KidAW ieh v`D hY[ ienHW hwlqW dI audwhrx hY: slHwbIAW sVkW (mINh, snoA jW AweIs), G`t idKweI dyxw (DuMd Awid pey hoxw) au`cIAW nIvIAW sVkW, kMstRksn zon, moV GyV,ieMtrsYkSn, bjrI dIAW sVkW Aqy izAwdw tRYiPk[ AYl tI sI sI AY`s Bwv dw lwrj tr`k krYS kOjySn st`fI Anuswr v`fy tr`kW dy hox vwLy hwdisAW ‘coN 23% audoN huMdy hn jdoN sI AYm vI (kmRSl motr vhIkl) fRweIvr sVkI hwlwq qoN v`D spIf ‘c jWdy hn[ hyTW ku`J nukqy id`qy gey hn ijnHW ‘qy c`l ky v`K v`K sVkI hwlwq ‘c sur`iKAq irhw jw skdw hY: #1 jdoN sVkI hwlwq cMgy nw hox jW mOsm TIk nw hovy qW spIf Gtw lE Awpxy vhIkl dI spIf mOsm, sVkI hwlwq, ivzIivltI Bwv idKweI Aqy tRYiPk Anuswr hI r`Ko[ h`doN v`D qyzI iBAwnk hwdisAW dw mu`K kwrn hY[ PYitltI AnYlyisz irporitMg isstm Anuswr v`fy tr`kW dy gMBIr hwdisAW ‘coN 25% Aijhy hn ijhVy ik BYVy mOsm kwrn vwprdy hn[ kI qusIN jwxdy ho? ik jdoN sVk slHwbI Bwv ig`lI hovy audoN rPqwr ‘c 1/3 ktOqI kro Aqy jdoN snoA peI hovy audoN spIf Gtw ky A`DI kr lE (ies dw ieh mqlb ik jy qusIN Awm hwlqW ‘c 60 mIl pRqI GMtw ‘c jw skdy ho qW ig`lI sVk ‘qy ieh spIf 40 Aqy snoA peI hox smyN 30 dI spIf kr lE)[ jy AweIs bxI hoeI hovy qW bhuq hOlI Aqy bhuq iDAwn nwL clwauxw cwhIdw hY[ jy quhwnUM lgdw hY ik fRweIv krnw ^qry qoN ^wlI nhIN qW quhwnUM sVk qoN pwsy jw ky KVH jwxw cwhIdw hY[ kI quhwnUM pqw hY? ik jdoN mINh pYx lgdw hY qW ies ‘c sVk ‘qy fu`ilHAw qyl Awid imilAw hox kwrn sVk sil`prI Bwv ies ‘qy iqlkx ho jWdI hY[ kI quhwnUM pqw hY? ik vhIkl bxwaux vwLy, fRweIvrW nUM ieh slwh idMdy hn ik irtwrfr dI vrqoN nw kro (ijs nUM ‘jyk’ bRyk ) jW silprI sVk hwlwq vI AwiKAw jWdw hY[ Asl ‘c ie`k sVkI hwdsw jo klorwfo dy Sihr kYnn ‘c dsMbr 1999 ‘c hoieAw sI dI jWc qoN ieh g`l swhmxy AweI sI ik cwlU irtwrfr kwrn, snoA peI hoeI phwVI sVk ‘qy tr`k bykwbU ho igAw sI[



TIP #2: Enter a Curve Slowly Speed limits posted on curve warning signs are intended for passenger vehicles, not large trucks. Large trucks should reduce their speed even further. Studies have shown that large trucks entering a curve, even at the posted speed limit, have lost control and rolled over due to their high center of gravity. Did You Know? 40 percent of speeding-related fatalities occur on curves. Did You Know? Braking in a curve can cause the wheels to lock up and the vehicle to skid. TIP #3: Reduce Your Speed Before Entering an Exit/ Entrance Ramp Approach an exit/entrance ramp at a safe speed. Truck rollovers are more likely to occur on exit/entrance ramps when the driver misjudges the sharpness of the ramp curve and enters the curve at an excessive speed. Did You Know? The posted speed limit on an exit/entrance ramp generally shows the safe speed for a passenger vehicle; the safe speed for a large truck is usually significantly lower than the posted speed. Did You Know? Even though ramps and interchanges make up less than 5 percent of all highway miles, 20 to 30 percent of all large-truck crashes occur on or near ramps. TIP #4: Drive Slowly with a Loaded Trailer Be more cautious with a loaded trailer. Loaded trailers have a higher center of gravity and sudden speed adjustment may cause the load to shift, leading to skidding or a rollover.16 Did You Know? Large trucks with fully loaded trailers are 10 times more likely to roll over than those with empty trailers. Did You Know? Loaded trailers require 20 to 40 percent more braking distance than passenger vehicles to come to a complete stop. TIP #5: Slow Down in Work Zones Before entering a work zone, decrease your speed, merge into the correct lane well ahead of any lane closures, and be prepared to slow down or stop suddenly. Speed increases perception-reaction distance, braking distance, and stopping distance. Did You Know? Nearly a quarter of all work-zone deaths in 2006 involved a large truck. Did You Know? In October 2003, a CMV driver was traveling at 60 mph in a 45 mph work zone on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway in Illinois. The truck driver rear-ended a 25-passenger bus. The crash caused a five-vehicle pileup, killing 8 women and injuring about a dozen others. As a result of the crash, the truck driver was charged and convicted of reckless homicide and sentenced to 4 years in prison.



#2 krv jW moV ‘qy jwx qoN pihlW spIf Gtw lE moVW jW krvW ‘qy l`gy hoey spIf dy icqwvnI inrdyS v`fy tr`kW leI nhIN sgoN muswPr vhIklW leI hn[ies leI tr`k fRweIvrW nUM ies qoN pihlW hI spIf Gtw lYxI cwhIdI hY[kIqy gey AiDAnW qoN ieh vI pqw lgdw hY ik auh tr`k ijhVy ik au`Qy ilKI geI spIf ‘qy vI dwKl hoey hn auh vI hwdsy dw iSkwr ho gey hn[ kwrn ieh ik aunHW dI iK`c dw kyNdr bhuq v`fw sI[ kI qusIN jwxdy ho? ik rPqwr nwL sbMDq 40% hwdsy krv Bwv moVW ‘qy huMdy hn? kI quhwnUM pqw hY? ik krv Bwv moV ‘qy bRykW lwx nwL vIlH lOk ho jWdy hn Aqy vhIkl iqlk jWdI hY? # 3: iksy rYNp ‘c dwKl hox smyN jW inklx smyN spIf Gtw lE iksy rYNp ‘qy jwx jW inklx smyN shI spIf hI r`Ko[ tr`k aultx dw bhuqw kwrn ieh hMdw hYy ik jdoN fRweIvr v`loN rYNp dI iq`Ky moV dww shI AMdwzw nhIN lgdw Aqy auh rYNp ‘c dwKl hox smyN spIf nhIN GtwauNdw[ kI qusIN jwxdy ho? ik iksy rYNp qoN inklx jW dwKl hox leI ilKI geI spIf kyvl muswPr vhIkl leI hI huMdI hY; Aqy iksy tr`k dI sur`iKAq spIf ilKI geI qoN kwPI G`t hI huMdI hY[ kI qusIN jwxdy ho? ik BwvyN rYNp Aqy ieMtrcyNj hweIvyA dy ku`l sPr dw kyvl 5% hI huMdy hn pr ie`Qy ku`l hox vwly hwdisAW dw ih`sw 20 qoN 30% hn[ #4: jdoN tRylr lof kIqw hovy qW hOlI clwE aus smyN bhuq iDAwn dI loV hY jdoN ik tRylr l`idAw hovy[ kwrn ieh ik l`dy hoey tRylr dI iK`c dw kyNdr Bwv sYNtr AwP gRYivtI bhuq izAwdw huMdI hY Aqy iek dm bRyk l`gx nwl lof ih`l jWdw hY Aqy ieh1qlk jW plt skdw hY[ kI qusIN jwxdy ho? ik v`fy tr`k ijnHW dy tRylr pUry l`dy hoey hMudy hn aunHW tr`kW dI KwLI tRylrW vwLy tr`kW nwLoN pltx dI sMBwvnw 10 guxw izAwdw huMdI hY? kI qusIN jwxdy ho? ik l`dy hoey tRylrW dy tr`kW nUM muswPr g`fIAW nwLoN bRyk lw ky pUrI qrHW rukx dw 20 qoN 40% vDyry Pwslw cwhIdw hY? #5: vrk zon Bwv ij`Qy kMm c`l irhw hY au`Qy sdw hOlI c`lo: ij`Qy kMm c`l irhw hovy, au`Qy lyn bMd hox qoN pihlW hI smyN isr TIk lyn ‘c dw^l ho jwE[ Aqy ies g`l leI vI iqAwr rho ik quhwnUM Acwnk rukxw jW hOlI vI hoxw ho skdw hYy[prsYpSn- rIAYkSn Bwv AMdwzw lw ky Aml krn dy inXm, bRyikMg ifstYNs Aqy stOipMg smyN dy Anuswr hI spIf r`Ko[ kI qusIN jwxdy ho? ik 2006 ‘c vrk zon Bwv kMm zonW ‘c hoeIAW mOqW dw cOQw ih`sw v`fy tr`kW krky hoieAw[ kI qusIN jwxdy ho? AkqUbr 2003 ‘c jyn AYfmz mYmorIAl tolvyA ielInoies ‘c ie`k sI AYm vI fRweIvr( kmRSl motr vhIkl fRweIvr) vrk zon ij`Qy ik spIf 45 dI r`KxI cwhIdI sI a`uQy 60 ‘qy jw irhw sI Aqy aus tr`k ny ie`k muswPr b`s ijs ‘c 25 svwrIAW sn dy ip`Cy t`kr mwrI, ijs nwL 5 vhIkl iBV gey Aqy 8 AOrqW dI mOq ho geI Aqy drjn dy krIb muswPr zKmI ho gey[ ies Gtnw leI tr`k fRweIvr nUM lwprvwhI nwL fRweIivMg krn ‘qy ienHW mOqW leI zuMmyvwr TihrwauNdy hoey, aus nUM 4 swl dI szw suxweI geI[



For-Hire Tonnage Index Up

merican Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index increased 0.1% in July, following a 4.4% drop during June. In July, the index equaled 138.5, up from 138.4 in June. Compared with July 2016, the SA index increased 2.3%. In June, the index rose 1.2% on a year-over-year basis. Year-todate, compared with the same seven months in 2016, the index is up 1.2%. As part of this report, ATA also revised its June drop in the index downward to a 4.4% decrease from the previously reported 4.3% decline. The not seasonally adjusted index, which represents the change in tonnage actually hauled by the fleets before any seasonal adjustment, equaled 141 in July, which was 2.2% forbelow ourthededicated Company previous month. “July’s small increase in truck tonnage fits with other mixed economic indicators,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello. “Retail sales surprised to the upside, but manufacturing production and housing starts were down, so combined those likely caused a rather flat month in July for truck tonnage. “With better economic growth in the second half of 2017, expect truck tonnage to continue increasing at a moderate pace on a year-over-year basis,” he said. Trucking serves as a barometer of the U.S. economy, representing 70.6% of tonnage carried by all modes of domestic freight transportation, including manufactured and retail goods. Trucks hauled nearly 10.5 billion tons of freight in 2016. Motor carriers collected $676.2 billion, or 79.8% of total revenue earned by all transport modes. ATA calculates the tonnage index based on surveys from its membership and has been doing so since the 1970s. This is a preliminary figure and subject to change in the final report issued around the 10th day of the month. Email: or call us at: (360)332-1444 - x 939 The report includes monthto-month and year-over-year results, relevant economic comparisons and key financial indicators.

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Advantages of in-vehicle ELDs vhIklW ‘c l`gI eI AYl fI dw Pwiedw


any ELD providers offer a BYOD or bring your own device that is a smartphone or tablet provided by the user. While they may seem like a good idea, there are some things to keep in mind before choosing such an option. Because they rely on cellular and or Bluetooth connections, BYOD systems can be prone to connectivity problems. You’ll also need to consider how often you’ll have to buy new batteries and chargers. Imagine what happens to your ELD compliance if the battery dies, or the driver leaves their mobile device on the table at a truck stop? And, do you have measures in place to prevent the use of that device while the truck is moving? With an in-vehicle, tethered ELD you’ll avoid these worries and have confidence knowing you’re compliant. Some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy include: • Purpose-built, designed for drivers and easy-to-use • Connected to the vehicle means no lost or broken smartphones or tablets • More cost effective - no additional third party or device



costs • Captures data even when the vehicle is out of cell range • Automatically charges so no need to worry about lost data • Secure and private means personal driver information is not shared with inspectors • All-in-one solution makes training the driver and office team easy

bhuq swry eI AYl fI Bwv ielYktRoink lOigMg fIvweIsz dyx vwLy kihMdy hn ik qusIN AwpxI ifvweIs lY ky Awvo ijs nUM sMKyp ‘c bI vweI E fI, vI ikhw jWdw hY[ ienHW ‘c smwrtPoon jW tyblYt vI ho skdI hY[ ieh iKAwl BwvyN cMgw lgdw hY, pr ies qrHW krn smyN ku`J g`lW dw iDAwn r`Kxw cwhIdw hYy[ ikauN ik auh Awm qOr ‘qy sYlUlr Pon jW blUAtu`Q ‘qy hI inrBr krdy hn, ies leI bI vweI E fI isstm dy kunYkSn kwrn sm`isAw ho skdI hY[ quhwnUM ieh vI iDAwn ‘c r`Kxw pvygw ik nvIAW bYtrIAW Aqy cwrjr ikMny smyN bwAd KRIdxy pYxgy[ ies dy nwl ieh vI ik jy bYtrI Kqm ho jWdI hY jW fRweIvr Awpxy mobweIl Pon nUM myz jW tr`k SOop ‘qy hI Bu`l jWdw hY qW ies nwl koeI Prk qW nhIN pYNdw? Aqy tr`k c`ldy smyN quhwfy kol ies qrHW dw pRbMD hY ik ies nuM suxnw nw pvy? ien-vhIkl vwLI eI AYl fI hox ‘qy quhwnUM ies qrHW dIAw icMqwvW dw iPkr nhIN hovygw[ nwl hI quhwnUM ies dI vrqoN ‘qy Brosw vI hovygw[ bhuq swry lwBW ‘coN ku`J ku hyTW id`qy jw rhy hn: • ieh Kws krky fRweIvrW leI hI bxweI geI hY Aqy ies nUM vrqxw sOKw hY • vhIkl nwl hI l`gI hoeI hY[ ies nwL ieh nhIN ik smwrtPon jW tyblYt vWg guAwcx jW jW tu`t B`j Kqrw bixAw rhy[ • bhuq hI TIk kImq vwLI hY- koeI Qrf pwrtI jW ifvweIs Krcy nhIN[ • ieh aus smyN vI fYtw pRwpq kr lYNdI hY jdoN ik vhIkl ‘c sYlLur Pon nhIN cldw huMdw[ • Awp cwrj krn dI icMqw nhIN ikauN ik ieh cwrj vI Awpxy Awp huMdI hY, nw hI fYtw jWdw l`gx dI icMqw hY[ • swrIAW cIzW ie`k QW hI hox kwrn fRweIvr nUM tRyNf krnw Aqy dPqr vwiLAW leI kMm krnw sOKw hY[




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CVSA releases Roadcheck 2017 results TRUCK AUTO HOME LIFE HEALTH BUSINESS

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7:30AM to 5:30 PM.



Commercial motor vehicle enforcement personnel in Canada and the United States conducted more than 62,000 driver and vehicle safety inspections on large trucks and buses during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 30th annual Roadcheck, June 6-8. According to CVSA, 23 percent of vehicles and 4.2 percent of drivers that received Level I Inspections were placed out of service. International Roadcheck is a three-day enforcement event when CVSA-certified inspectors conduct high-volume, large-scale, high-visibility roadside inspections of large trucks and buses. Commercial motor vehicles and their drivers were checked at inspection sites, weigh stations and roving patrol locations along roadways in North America throughout the 72-hour enforcement initiative. The top three out-of-service vehicle violations were for brake systems (26.9 percent of vehicle out-of-service violations), cargo securement (15.7 percent) and tires/wheels (15.1 percent). According to CVSA, a total of 62,013 Level I, II and III inspections were conducted during 2017 International Roadcheck in the U.S. and Canada. Of those inspections, 19.4 percent of commercial motor vehicles were placed out of service, and 4.7 percent of all drivers inspected were placed out of service. There were 40,944 Level I inspections; 12,787 Level II walkaround inspections, and 8,282 Level III driver-only inspections conducted during the campaign. Of the 62,013 total Level I, II, and III inspections conducted, 2,940 drivers (4.7 percent) were placed out of service for driver-related violations. During Roadcheck 2017, there were 7,713 inspections conducted in Canada and 54,300 conducted in the United States. Vehicle-related results are as follows: • Of the 40,944 Level I Inspections conducted, 9,398 vehicles (23 percent) were placed out of service for vehicle-related violations. • Of the 2,267 vehicles carrying hazardous materials/dangerous goods that received a Level I inspection, 12.8 percent were placed out of service for vehicle-related violations. • The top three vehicle violations related to the transportation of hazardous materials/dangerous goods were for loading and securement (40.4 percent of all out-of-service hazardous materials/ dangerous goods violations), shipping papers (22.7 percent) and placarding (20.8 percent). • 398 motor coaches received Level I inspections; 40 (10.1 percent) were placed out of service for vehicle-related violations. • Of the vehicles placed out of service, brake adjustment and brake system violations combined to represent 7,743 (41.4 percent) of all out-of-service vehicle violations. Driver results are as follows: • Of Level I, II and III inspections of vehicles carrying hazardous materials/dangerous goods, 1.9 percent were placed out of service for driver-related violations. • Out of the 598 motor coaches that received Level I, II or III inspections, 23 drivers (3.8 percent) were placed out of service for driver-related violations. • The top three driver-related violations were for hours of service (32.3 percent of driver out-of-service violations), wrong class license (14.9 percent) and false log book (11.3 percent). • There were 710 safety belt violations.





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California’s largest trucking association is dedicated to promoting ADVOCACY, SAFETY, COMPLIANCE, LEADERSHIP development and EDUCATION. CTA provides LEGISLATIVE and REGULATORY REPRESENTATION, to the trucking industry as well as access, influence and protection to companies through resources that advance the long-term sustainable profitability of motor carriers and suppliers.

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Michelin’s New Vision Concept Tire

Time to be Movin’ON imSiln dw nvW ivzn kwnsYpt twier smW hY A`gy c`ldy rihx dw (Movin’ON)


eing in Montreal in June 2017 was quite the ies swl jUn mhIny mWtRIAl jwx dw ie`k v`Krw hI qzrbw experience, especially if one was attending sI, Kws krky aus leI jo imSiln vloN krvweI geI mUivn Awn Michelin’s Movin’On Conference, which (Movin’ON) kwnPRMs ‘c Swml hox igAw hovy[ ieh kwnPRMs siQrqw focused on sustainability and mobility. This Aqy clweI ‘qy AwDwirq sI[ ies globl kwnPRMs ny ie`Qy Swml global conference gave attendees the chance to hox vwiLAW nMU nw kyvl v`K v`K pYnlW ‘c jwx, ivcwr ivtWdrw not only partake in a number of panels, discussions, and handskrn Aqy vrkSwpW ‘c ih`sw lYx dw hI nhIN, sgoN ies dy nwL hI on workshops, but introduced some amazing new technologies bhuq hI AdBu`q nvIN qknwlojI Aqy ivizn ‘qy Jwq mwrn dw mOkw and visions. One which created quite the buzz was the Vision vI id`qw[ imSiln dy Awr AYNf fI dy kwrjkwrI vweIs pRYzIfYNt Concept tire, which was presented by Michelin’s executive tYrI gYtIs vloN pyS kIqy ivizn kwnsYpt twier ny Swml lokW ‘qy vice-president of R&D, Terry Gettys. sB qoN v`D pRBwv pwieAw[ Vision is a concentration and collaboration of many ivizn keI qknwlojIAW dy imSrx dI aupj hY, jo technologies, resulting in a tire that is airless, connected, ik ibnw hvw, knYktf, rIcwrjybl, kstmweIjybl Aqy rechargeable, customizable and organic. What’s more is AwrgYink hY[ jo sB qoN v`fI g`l hY auh ieh hY, ik ivizn that Vision is both a wheel and tire. “The tire is inspired twier vI hY Aqy irm vI[ gytIs ny ikhw ik ieh twier by nature with a very light, efficient structure,” said kudrq qoN pRBwivq hY jo ik ie`k bhuq hI hlky FwNcy vwLw Gettys. “It’s not in production. It is a long-term concept hY[ ieh Ajy bxwieAw jwxw SurU nhI kIqw igAw[ ieh which brings together our vision of all the elements of ie`k lMby smyN dw pRwjYkt hY jo ik swfy ‘siQr clweI’ dy sustainable mobility,” continued Gettys. kWsYpt Bwv sMklp nMU pRwpq krn dy nyVy ilAwauNdw hY[ The Vision tire is amazing to say the least. According ivizn twier bhuq hI AdBu`q hn[ imSiln stwP to Michelin staff, one of the most unique aspects of Anuswr ivizn dw jo ie`k ivl`Kx pihlU hY auh hY ies Jag Dhatt Vision is that it’s rechargeable, meaning that it has the dw rIcwrj ho skxw, ijs dw is`Dw is`Dw Pwiedw ieh hY ability to change tread patterns to adapt to various road ik qusIN ies dy tRY`f nMU sVk Anuswr, clweI Anuswr Aqy conditions, climates, and driving styles. This could be done via mOsm Anuswr bdl skdy ho[ ies qrHW qusIN sVk ‘qy hI AwpxI 3D printers, even along the route to your destination. Visit this mMizl v`l nMU vDdy hoey 3-fI pirMtrW dI m`dd nwL vI kr skdy link to view pictures and a remarkable video that showcases how ho[ ieh vyKx leI ik ivizn iks qrHW mOsm Anuswr Aqy sVk Vision can easily adapt to various road and climate conditions: dI hwlq Anuswr bdilAw jw skdw hY hyTW ilKy ilMk ‘qy kil`k kro: A major, and dangerous, problem for professional drivers,





especially on-highway truck drivers, is blowouts. Since Vision is an airless tire, there is no chance of this happening, thanks to an innovative interior architecture that supports the vehicle while providing safety and comfort. Since one of the focus points of Movin’On is sustainability, Vision is made of both bio-sourced and biodegradable materials – organic, including natural rubber, paper, bamboo, tin, wood, waste, tire chips, cloth, cardboard, and even molasses! That’s quite the list. Finally, in order to make sure Vision is optimal at all times, it’s equipped with sensors that provide real time information about its condition. And thanks to a new mobile application, drivers can even make an appointment to change the tire’s destination, depending on user needs. One of Michelin North America’s aims is to the improvement of sustainability and the new Vision concept tire is thus, headed in the right direction. Don’t start getting rid of your tires already because according to Gettys, Vision is still about 10 years away, which in reality, isn’t too far away.

tr`ikMg ieMSorYNs

swfw kstmr swfw r`b Harman Tiwana

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pySyvr fRweIvrW nMU Kws krky hweIvyA ‘qy c`lx vwiLAW nMU jo ie`k sB qoN v`fI Aqy Kqrnwk sm`isAw dw swhmxw krnw pYNdw hY auh hY twier dw Pt jwxw[ ivizn dy Ptx dw koeI Kqrw nhIN hY ikauN ik ieh ibnw hvw BrI c`lx vwLw twier hY[ AMdrUnI ih`sy “c vrqI geI ie`k bhuq hI nvIn Aqy AdBu`q qknwlojI dy sdkw ieh vhIkl nMU sMBwl ky r`KdI hY jo ik sur`iKAw Aqy Awrwm pRdwn krdI hY[ ikauN ik ivizn dy ‘mUivn Awn’ pihlUAW ‘coN Kws pihlUAW coN ie`k pihlU hY siQrqw, ivizn bwieE-sorsf Aqy bwieE-fIgRyfybl pdwrQW dw bixAw hoieAw hY – AwrgYink, ijs ‘c ik kudrqI rbV, pypr, bWs, l`kVI, tIn, vyst, twierW dy tukVy, k`pVw, g`qw Aqy ie`QoN q`k ik SIrw vI Swml hY[ ieh ie`k bhuq hI ivl`Kx ilst hY[ AKIr ‘c ieh XkInI bxwaux leI ik ivizn hr pl bhuq hI vDIAw kwrguzwrI vwLw hovy, ies ‘c sYNsr lgwey gey hn jo ik ies dI hr pl dI hwlq dI jwxkwrI lgwqwr pRdwn krdy rihMdy hn[ Aqy ie`k nvI mobweIl AYp dy sdky fRweIvr twier dI mMizl Anuswr ApwieMtmYNt bxw jW bdl skdy hn[ imSiln dw nwrQ AmrIkw dy audySW ‘coN ie`k audyS hY, siQrqw ‘c suDwr krnw Aqy nvW ivizn kWsYpt aus v`L ie`k v`fw kdm hY[ Awpxy purwxy twier Ajy sMBwl ky hI r`Ko ikauNik gytIs Anuswr ivizn Ajy qkrIbn ds swl q`k auplbD nhIN hovygw, Aqy jy shI mwAinAW ‘c vyiKAw jwvy qW ds swl dw smW koeI bhquw izAwdw nhIN huMdw[

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ATA Informs FMCSA No Delay for ELDs


merican Trucking Associations has sent a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration expressing their staunch opposition to any effort that would delay the December implementation deadline for electronic logging devices. “Over the past week we have heard from our members, loudly and clearly, that they are vehemently opposed to these attempts to delay this important regulation,” said Bill Sullivan, ATA’s executive vice president of advocacy. “The industry stands ready and is prepared to implement ELDs. As our letter explains, it is incumbent on regulators and on Congress to dismiss this last-ditch try by some to evade critically important safety laws.” Sullivan argues, “With the December deadline approaching, opponents of electronic logging are making one last attempt to influence policymakers to reconsider the impending implementation deadline. These efforts are misguided, are supported by misinformation, and are simply an attempt to evade compliance with the existing laws and regulations governing duty hours and driver fatigue.” In the ATA’s letter to Deputy Administrator Daphne Jefferson, Sullivan states “This technology has proven effective in improving safety and increasing compliance many times. FMCSA’s 2014 report titled “Evaluating the Potential Safety Benefits of Electronic Hours-ofService Recorders,” found that carriers using an ELD saw an 11.7 percent reduction in crash rate and a 50 percent drop in hours-ofservice violations over carriers using traditional paper logs. This and other evidence has convinced ATA and many other industry supporters, along with law enforcement, Congress, FMCSA and numerous federal courts, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, which became the most recent court to reject arguments opposing the ELD mandate, to support the ELD final rule. Supporters of a delay are attempting to accomplish, almost at the 11th hour, what they’ve been unable to do in the courts, Congress or with the agency: roll back this common sense, datasupported regulation based on at best specious and at worst outright dishonest arguments.” Sullivan rebutted the reasoning of those attempting to delay implementation with the following arguments: • ELDs infringe on drivers’ right to privacy: The ELD 38


regulation simply requires drivers to record their hours-of-service by a different means – an electronic device versus pencil and paper. Drivers must already show their paper logs at the request of law enforcement, and ELDs simply transmit that same information electronically, so claims of privacy infringement are unfounded – the only difference is in how drivers are recording and reporting their hours-of-service. To address the alleged privacy issues, FMCSA has built in privacy and harassment protections into its rules, protections that have satisfied Congress and the federal courts.

• Based on when this rule will go into effect – mid-December – it will prevent important holiday shipments from arriving on time and adversely affect Americans’ holidays: The hours of service rules have not changed. ELDs do nothing but ensure compliance with the hours-of-service rules. The ELD final rule does not add any new limits on the number of hours a driver can drive in a day or work in a week. It is irrational to believe that the only way America’s holiday gifts can be delivered is by maintaining an antiquated paper system of recording hours-of-service. • Drivers say they will change careers if the ELD mandate comes into effect: The American economy depends on the 3.5 million professional drivers in our industry. These drivers make sure our store shelves are stocked and our factories are supplied. Many of these drivers already use ELDs, so the argument that drivers will quit en masse doesn’t hold water. In fact, ATA members repeatedly tell me that after initially resisting using ELDs, their drivers now swear by the technology and refuse to work without it. This is because ELDs save drivers’ time by lifting the burden

of 15-20 minutes spent manually calculating and recording their hours-of-service, reduce HOS violations by eliminating the numerous socalled “form and manner” violations and increase compliance with hours-of-service rules. Sullivan also pointed out that ATA feels ELD’s are more accurate, easier to access and most importantly, more difficult to falsify, 21st Century technology to demonstrate compliance with the HOS rather than an easy-to-falsify, error prone and 18th Century technology of a paper and pencil. He goes on to say he believes the reason some oppose ELD’s “are because they intend to cheat on their hours-of-service. Arguments against the ELD mandate are arguments in favor of violating the hours-of-service rules. If the hours-of-service rules are believed to be inappropriately limiting, that is a policy debate I’m sure the agency can address. Suggesting that it is overly burdensome to use an electronic device to log compliance with hours-of-service rules that don’t change whatsoever in December is a false argument.” Sullivan summarizes the ATA’s position by saying the organization strongly supports FMCSA’s electronic logging device mandate, and urges Congress to not interfere in the Agency’s efforts to improve safety by meeting this important regulatory deadline.

Trailer Orders Down But Expected


TR Transportation Intelligence reports final July net trailer orders at 13,400 units, falling from June with a drop of 29%, but still up 40% from last July. The July activity met expectations with all segments except flatbeds taking a hit. Trailers orders have now totalled 264,000 units over the past twelve months. Production fell over 3% from June on a per day basis. Backlogs fell 8% and remain 12% below a year ago. Don Ake, FTR Vice President of Commercial Vehicles, commented, “The trailer market had a typical month of July. Orders usually fall as fleet managers take a break and turn their focus to next year. The bright spots this month are the strong flatbed orders, and that production did not fall much from June’s impressive totals. This indicates production should be fairly steady the rest of the year. “Most fleets have their orders in for this year. We expect August orders to be subdued before starting to recover in September. The fall order season should be robust, as freight demand continues to grow and fleets lose productivity due to use of Electronic Logging Devices.”



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The New Volvo VNR & VNL


y trip to Roanoke, NC took over 12 hours and took 3 flights; thankfully, none of the flights were delayed or late, so the day went by quickly. Upon arrival to Roanoke, officials from Volvo Trucks USA greeted us and took us to the hotel, where it was confirmed that the tour of the brand new Customer Center would be taking place in the morning. During the evening dinner, guests were introduced to the Volvo VNL 760, which upon initial looks seems like an amazing truck. Day two of the event began with breakfast and time to interact with fellow guests. After that, it was off to the brand-new Volvo Customer Center, where an extensive tour of the facility took place. A live tour took us through the paint shop and robot assembly line, where we witnessed the assembly of whole truck from start to finish. This was real eye-opening experience since it showed how much technology is used to make these trucks. Furthermore, there’s a personal touch that goes into these beautiful products from the people working on them.



The day also consisted of four break away sessions, which gave information and details about the new VNR and VNL. The real good stuff came after lunch, where we got to see the complete lineup of the new trucks and drive them as well. The new VNL series was kept secret, even from the families of the teams developing it. For over three years, all information was carefully monitored and secured, even more than Colonel Sanders’ secret KFC recipe. Since the VNR had already been launched before, this event was mainly to introduce the VNR. This new truck has a beautiful exterior, complete with signature Volvo daytime running lights. The VNL series is equipped with automotive-quality LED headlights that produce abundant bright light to improve visibility. Automatic lighting and rain-sensing wipers are also available to improve safety. These lights make the truck look like something made from the future. The new design includes new sleek bodywork that improves aerodynamics. For functionality, the three-piece bumper makes it easier for mechanics to work on the truck. The grille is also something that caught my eye, beautifully positioned and sets the tone of the truck. Another exciting feature was to see that an over the road 70-inch sleeper gets a lift axle. Now let’s talk about the driver living environment. It’s pretty clear that Volvo really thought about drivers as now, there are 5 USB chargers and 12 AC charging points in the cab so that nothing battery powered gets drained. The new Volvo VNL is also equipped with Volvo’s smart steering wheel, putting controls for nearly all of the driver interface functions right at the driver’s fingertips. The smart steering

wheel is attached to Volvo’s Perfect Position air-assisted, infinitely adjustable steering column, which enables drivers not only to tilt and telescope the steering column, but also tilt the steering wheel relative to the steering column. This lets drivers of all statures find the perfect steering wheel position and easily view the driver information display. Unlike trucks in the past, this new VNL really showcases that the driver’s comfort is the priority. That comfort extends to the four sleeper cab configurations available in the new Volvo VNL series. Designed to provide drivers a comfortable place to rest after a long day on the road, the sleeper options are packed with a number of space-saving, comfort-boosting innovations. Additionally, an all-new, full 70-inch sleeper is available in the Volvo VNL 760 and 740 models, taking Volvo’s legendary comfort to an all-time high. For the first time in North America, Volvo’s Globetrotter trim levels will be available on the VNL 760 and VNL 860 sleeper models. Long a symbol of ultimate driver comfort, the Globetrotter trim levels include a full aerodynamic package, polished wheels, high-end seating, as well as a refrigerator, inverter and parking cooler package. Another very cool feature which I like is the Volvo Active Driver Assist by Bendix, which is now standard on all Volvo VNL models. This is a camera and radar-based system that combines forward collision mitigation warnings and active braking, even with stationary vehicles. The system features an industry-first heads up windshield display if a driver approaches too closely to an object in front of them. If no driver action is taken, the system can automatically apply the brakes to help mitigate a collision. Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology, an electronic stability control system, is also standard on all VNL models. These are features that were normally only found on luxury cars! An exciting feature usually found on luxury cars but is now standard on all VNL models is Superior Connectivity, including Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics, a factory-installed telematics hardware system that provides connectivity for proactive diagnostics and monitoring of critical engine, transmission and after-treatment trouble codes. The same hardware also allows customers to perform powertrain software and parameter updates over-the-air with Remote Programming, which helps improve uptime and vehicle efficiency, while reducing downtime costs. On the road, both the Volvo VNL and VNR are really great trucks and are very easy to drive. The cab is very quiet and if there are two people in the cab, they can carry on a conversation without raising their voices, something that was not possible with trucks in the past. The re-arrangeable cup holders are great and can accommodate a number of various cup sizes. The refrigerator is now within arm’s reach, located under the passenger seat, making it easier to grab something versus having it in rear portion of the cab. During the drive portion, I really enjoyed the fact that the interactive dashboard can now be customized to show features that the driver needs or wants. Rather than having a generic dashboard, drivers can now customize it a number of ways. Volvo’s newest I-Shift transmission is spot on. Not only does it make driving easier, but it uses intelligent electronics to continuously monitor grade, speed, weight, and engine load, shifting when necessary or holding a gear, whichever saves more fuel. So regardless of experience or training, the new I-Shift helps every driver become more fuel efficient.

Raman Singh

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Mortgage insurance:

Are you really protected?

mOrgyj ieMSUrYNs:

kI qusIN s`cmu`c hI sur`iKAq ho? PASH BRAR


here’s nothing more exciting than signing the dotted line on your first mortgage. You’re a proud home owner now, with your ownership deed and a lighter wallet as proof. And if you’re like most Canadians, your home will be at the centre of your family and social life. So now that you’ve settled all the related fees, expenses, legalities and the like, have you given any thought about how your family would manage the mortgage payments if something happened to you? In that type of unexpected situation, mortgage insurance is the best solution. Given that your home is your most important investment, it makes sense to keep it secure for your family. The challenge is that many Canadians aren’t familiar with how mortgage insurance works or the full extent of its coverage. And this often leaves many vulnerable. Home-buyers first hear about mortgage insurance from their lender during the mortgage application process. It’s often presented as an easy-to-approve and affordable solution designed to pay off the debt in case of death, allowing your family to remain in your home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The problem is that lender employees are not employed as life insurance agents and may not be trained to determine if you are actually qualified for mortgage insurance at the time of your application. They tend to decide this after a claim has been made through a process called post-claim underwriting. If the lender finds any discrepancies on your initial application, which may happen because their employees are not 44


jdoN quhwnUM mwrgyj iml jWdw hY Aqy qusIN ies dIAW ibMdIAW vwLI lweIn ‘qy dsKq kr idMdy ho qW audoN bhuq ^uSI huMdI hY[kwrn ieh ik qusIN hux ku`J Krc krky kIqy sOdy Anuswr ie`k Gr dy mwlk bxn jw rhy ho[ jy qusIN bwkI hor Awm knyfw vwsIAW vWg hI ho qW quhwfw Gr hI quhwfy pirvwr Aqy smwijk jIvn dw kyNdr ibMdU hovygw[ hux qusIN swrIAW PIsW , kwnUMnI SrqW Aqy Krcy Awid dy ky swrw kMm pUrw ho igAw smJI bYTy ho[ pr kI qusIN kdy ieh vI soicAw hY ik r`b nw kry quhwfy nwl koeI Bwxw vrq jwvy qW quhwfw pirvwr ies mwrgyj nwl ikvyN nij`Tygw? ies qrHW dI AxikAwsI ibpqw leI mwrgyj ieMSUrYNs hI sB qoN vDIAw h`l hY[ jy ieh mMn ilAw jwvy ik quhwfw Gr hI sB qoN vDIAw invyS hY, iPr qW ies dw Awpxy pirvwr leI bcwA krn ‘c isAwxp hY[ pr cuxOqI ieh hY ik bhuq swry knyfIAnW nUM ieh jwxkwrI hI nhIN ik pUrI kvryj leI ieMSUrYNs ikvyN kMm krdI hY[ ies qrHW kwPI Kqry dw swhmxw krnw pY skdw hY[ Gr KRIdx vwiLAW nUM Asl ‘c mwrgyj ieMSUrYNs dI EprI ijhI jwxkwrI, aunHW nUM mwrgyj dyx vwiLAW qoN hI, AwpxI mwrgyj dI ArzI dI prikirAw smyN imldI hY[ ies ‘c EprI ijhI ieh hI jwxkwrI id`qI jWdI hY ik quhwfI mOq qoN bwAd quhwfw pirvwr vI ies Gr ‘c rih skdw hY[ pr sdw ies qrHW hI nhIN huMdw[ Asl ‘c g`l ieh hY ik quhwnUM mwrgyj dyx vwLI sMsQw dy mulwzm ieMSUrYNs eyjMt vjoN nhIN r`Ky huMdy[nw hI auh ies g`l nUM pUrI qrHW jwxdy huMdy hn ik kI qusIN ArzI krn smyN mwrgyj ieMSUrYNs leI Xog vI ho? auh ieh smJ lYNdy hn ik mwrgyj mnzur hox qoN bwAd ies sbMDI ivcwr ilAw jwvygw[ijs nUM ik post klym AMfrrweIitMg kihMdy hn[ jy krzw dyx vwLI sMsQw quhwfI ArzI ‘c ku`J qrutIAW vyKdI vI hY qW auh ies sbMDI tRyNf nw hox krky quhwfy jIvn bsr krn dy FMgW sbMDI vI

professional life insurance agents fully trained and experienced in all the medical and lifestyle questions, your claim could be denied. Your beneficiaries would then only receive a refund of your premiums, which is little comfort for a family who thought the mortgage would be paid off. The best way to avoid this type of disappointment is to purchase mortgage insurance from a licensed life insurance representative. All is not lost however if you purchased your policy from your lender. A short meeting with an insurance expert can ensure that you obtain the right coverage.

cMgI qrHW nhIN pu`Cxgy, quhwnUM krzy dI mnzUrI qoN nWh vI kr skdw hY jW TIk qrHW ieMSUrYNs nhIN kr skxgy[ pr quhwnUM mwrgyj imlx qoN bwAd r`b nw kry quhwnUM ku`J ho jWdw hY qW quhwfy lwBpwqrIAW nUM kyvl pRImIAm dw ku`J bkwieAw hI imlygw jdoN ik Gr vwLy smJdy sn ik swrw mwrgyj Kqm ho jwvygw[ ies qrHW dI hwlq qoN bcx leI zrUurI hY ik mwrgyj ieMSUrYNs iksy mwnqw pRwpq eyjMt qoN hI leI jwvy[jy ies qrHW kIqw jwvy qW iksy AOKy smyN ‘c sB ku`J Kqm nhIN huMdw[iksy ieMSUrYNs mwihr nwL QoVHw smW g`l bwq krky leI ieMSUrYNs bwAd ‘c quhwfw bhuq Pwiedw kr skdI hY[ vDyry jwxkwrI leI myry nwL sMprk kro[



PACCAR Introduces New 12 Speed Automated Transmission


ACCAR introduced the new PACCAR Automated Transmission, the lightest heavy-duty transmission for onhighway commercial vehicles. The PACCAR transmission is designed to complement the superior performance of PACCAR MX engines and PACCAR axles. Kenworth and Peterbilt will begin offering the PACCAR Automated Transmission to North American customers in October 2017. The new 12-speed transmission had been the missing piece “for our customers to complete our integrated powertrain” that includes the MX-13 and MX-11 engines, as well as PACCAR front and rear axles, said Landon Sproull, PACCAR’s vice president for powertrain. Sproull spoke during a press conference and ride-and-drive event at the PACCAR Technical Centre that included executives from Kenworth and Peterbilt, PACCAR’s two North American truck manufacturing divisions. The executives said the automated transmission is designed for line-haul applications up to 110,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight. It is available for engine ratings up to 510 HP and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. They said it the lightest heavy-duty transmission for on-highway commercial vehicles at 657 lbs., which will further spark the transition to automated transmissions, already accounting for about 70% of Peterbilt and Kenworth on-highway orders. This new integrated powertrain will be “the new for normal for


FTR’s TCI Fell in June

TR’s Trucking Conditions Index for June fell more than two points from May to a reading of 4.54. The lower June reading is, in part, a reflection of the increased costs for labor, fuel, and purchased transport for some. Market tightness is now seen as likely shorter than expected with some resistance to new regulations that could have put an increased drag on capacity. FTR has a favourable freight forecast for 2017 but does not expect as strong a result in 2018, showing perhaps half the growth and with an increasing risk of recession by the end of the year. Jonathan Starks, Chief Operating Officer at FTR, commented, “Despite the monthly drop from May to June, the TCI has stayed in a relatively stable range since this time last year. It remains positive, but does not yet 46

line-haul customers,” with orders projected to reach 90% by 2020, said Mike Dozier, general manager of Kenworth Truck Co. Kyle Quinn, general manager of Peterbilt Motors Co., said customers will benefit from the almost 400 lbs. of total powertrain weight savings, offering higher fuel economy along with greater reliability. The continued popularity of automated transmissions was recently noted by truckload carrier Schneider, which announced it had passed the halfway mark in its fleet-wide implementation of automated transmissions. The PACCAR transmission was built from the ground-up as an automated, rather than a converted manual transmission as many competitors have done, the executives said. It was designed in close conjunction with Eaton Corp. over a three-year development period. It will be manufactured at a plant in Mexico. A new column-mounted shifter provides gear selection and engine brake controls at the driver’s fingertips, which the companies said helps improve driver performance and satisfaction. Another feature is a 750,000-mile oil change interval that PACCAR said it the longest available for line-haul applications. The transmission comes with a 5-five, 750,000-mile warranty. It has already been tested for about 2 million miles. The ride-and-drive allowed journalists to test out features such as “urged to move” and “creep” modes, as well as easier driving in reverse.


indicate that a significant change in operations is occurring. The potential for such a change increases as we move through 2018, with ELD implementation and continued freight growth hindering truck capacity. We are also beginning to hear stories of increased difficulty in hiring as the economy begins approaching full employment.” “The recent strong increases in spot market rates bears a close watch, as it is an early indicator as to how rates in the much bigger contract arena are likely to move. Spot data in early August shows that the rate increases have hit the double-digit mark and are still moving up. Market participants need to continue evaluating conditions ahead of the ELD implementation in December to make sure that they are prepared for the possible disruptions that could occur,” Starks added.





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Desi Trucking_USA_SEPT - OCT 2017