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CB Radios Still a Great Safety Tool for Truckers A First-Timer’s Guide to Buying a CB Radio The New Mack Anthem - Made in the USA AmrIkw ‘c bxI nvIN mYk AYNQm

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Editor’s Note - sMpwdkI

Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal

Another year is almost at its end and for most of us, 2017 has just flown by. Time is one of those things that we all realize we have, but many of us don’t take the time to enjoy it. As we approach the upcoming winter holiday season, make sure to spend some precious moments with loved ones. Christmas is just around the corner and along with Santa Claus, transport drivers are busy on the road, making sure that shelves stay fully stocked with all things necessary. We all take for granted that when we go to a store, the items we need will be there for sure and this is all thanks to drivers. So, when you have a chance, thank or wave to a transport driver, just to say thanks. With 2017 ending, the hottest topic for most in the transport industry is ELD’s, which are slated to make their appearance in 2018. Will ELD’s be for the better or cause more issues? We’ve looked at various viewpoints in previous issues, but ultimately, it’s for the carriers and drivers to decide. The aim of course, is safety on the road. Projections for 2018 indicate that the industry will continue to grow, especially in those provinces that saw a slump for the past couple of years. We’re all hopeful that this projection will be accurate, ensuring prosperity for all. In this last issue for 2017 of Desi Trucking Magazine, the entire JGK Media staff wishes you a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable upcoming Holiday Season. We wish you all the best for 2018! 2017 dw c`l irhw ieh swl mu`kx vwLw hY[ smW ie`k ies qrHW dI cIz hY ijs nUM AsIN AnuBv qW swry krdy hW, pr swfy iv`coN bhuq swry ies qrHW dy vI hn jo ies dw AnMd nhIN mwx skdy[ hux jdoN srdIAW dIAW Cu`tIAW dw smW swfy isr ‘qy hY, ieh zrUr insicq bxwauxw ik qusIN Awpxy im`qr ipAwirAW nwL rL ky ies dw BrpUr mzw auTwauxw hY[ ikRsms vI jld Aw rhI hY qy nwL phuMc rhy hn sYNtw klOz[ tRWsport fRweIvr Awpxy kMm krky sVkW ‘qy fRweIivMg krn ‘c msq hn[ ies qrHW lgdw hY ik aunHW nUM iPkr hY, ik lokW dIAW zrUrI vrqoN dIAW storW ‘coN imlx vwLIAW vsqW dy SYlP, ikqy KwlI nw ho jwx Aqy lokW nUM inrws nw hoxw pvy[ AsIN jdoN swry storW nUM jWdy hW, qW ieh hI Aws lY ky jWdy hn ik ijnHW vsqW dI swnUM loV hY auh SYlPW ‘qy peIAW hox, ikDry SYlP KwlI hox ‘qy swnUM KwLI h`Q nw muVnw pvy[ pr kdy soicAw hY ik ieh sB fRweIvrW krky hI hY, ik AsIN Awm qOr ‘qy inrws nhIN huMdy sgoN loVIdIAW vsqW KRId ky KuS hI huMdy hW[ies leI jdoN vI quhwnUM smW imly, sVk ‘qy jw rhy tr`k fRweIvrW nUM h`Q ihlw ky aunHW dw DMnvwd zrUr kro[ hux jdoN ieh 2017 dw swL Awpxy AwKrI plW ‘qy hY , qW ieh vI zrUrI hY ik ies swl ikhVw B^vW mslw sI, ijs dw sbMD tr`k ieMfstrI nwL sI[ ieh mslw sI ELD dw , ijs sbMDI Aws hY ik ieh 2018 ‘c AweI ik AweI[ pr svwlW dw svwl ieh hY, ik ies nwL Pwiedw hovygw jW ik hor pMgy pY jwxgy? pihly AMkW ‘c AsIN ies dy v`K v`K pihlUAW sbMDI ivcwr kIqI hY[ pr swfy ivcwrW dw koeI Pwiedw nhIN, AwKrkwr ieh qW tr`k kMpnIAW Aqy fRweIvrW v`loN ies sbMDI d`sxw hY, ik ieh TIk rhygI ik hor musIbqW KVHIAW krygI[ pr mu~K mMqv qW sVkW nUM sur`iKAq r`Kx dw hY[ jdoN 2018 dy AnumwnW sbMDI Jwq mwrIey qW lgdw ieh hY, ik 2018 dw swl ies ieMfstrI leI vDIAw hovygw qy ies ‘c inrMqr vwDw hovygw[Kws krky aunHW sUibAW ‘c ijnHW ny ipCly ie`k do swlW ‘c mMdy dw swhmxw kIqw hY[ AsIN swry ieh Aws qy duAw krdy hW ik qr`kI dy ieh Anumwn shI hox, qW ik sB KuShwlI dw mUMh q`k skx[ dysI tr`ikMg mYgzIn dy 2017 vrHy dy ies Aw^rI AMk ‘c JGK Media dy smUh stwP v`loN kwmnw kIqI jWdI hY ik qusIN sur`iKAq rho, Aqy Cu`tIAW dy idnW ‘c BrpUr Arwm PurmwE qy AnMd mwxo! swfy v`loN Awaux vwLy 2018 swl dIAW bhuq bhuq vDweIAW!



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Automatic Transmissions (vs. Manuals)


Is This The Future

s the automatic transmission more preferred than the broken. manual transmission? As long as there are more than Maybe it’s because I had a serious knee injury in my early two people in the world, that is a question that will never twenties that haunted me up until I had a knee replacement some have an answer. Just because we can do something, does fifty odd years later, but clutching was just one of those painful it mean we need to do it? There are those that say the things that driving a truck forced me to endure, so maybe that’s why I would favour an automatic transmission in a big truck. automatic uses more fuel, is harder on brakes than those using I say this to tell you that an automatic transmission manual transmission, properly. I’m an old school truck driver, retired. I shifted a lot of would always be my preference, injury or not. I don’t gears over the years, the miles, all those hills. That being feel the need for the machoism the standard transmission offers to some. Sure being able to shift any kind of said, I would have longed for the automatic transmission transmission that might be in a truck is a wonderful skill and I’m so surprised that many old school truck drivers, even new school truck drivers actually want to use a to have in my back pocket, it’s something I’ve done and transmission where you have to shift each gear up and don’t need to do again, particularly if there’s an option. down. There isn’t a truck driver that hasn’t missed a shift Believe me, some of the early automatic transmissions on a hill. Mine was Bissett Creek Hill on Highway 17 weren’t worth the effort to get into the truck to drive, between Ottawa and North Bay. but today’s automatics, while they have removed a G. Ray Gompf The automatic simply doesn’t miss the shift unless it’s skill set from modern drivers, they have increased fuel 8


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hovy ijhVw ik kdy phwVI ‘qy gyAr smyN isr bdlxw nw Bu`ilAw hovy[ myry nwL ies qrHW hweIvyA 17 ‘qy Etvw Aqy nwrQ byA ivckwr ibst krIk ih`l ‘qy hoieAw sI[ pr jy AwtomYitk hovy qW ies qrHW audoN q`k nhIN huMdw jdoN q`k ik ies koeI KrwbI nw AweI hovy[ ies dw kwrn ieh vI ieh ho skdw hY ikauN ik jdoN mYN 20-25 swl dw sI qW audoN myry gofy ‘c s`t l`gI sI ijhVI pUrI qrHW audoN hI TIk hoeI jdoN 50 swl bwAd ies dI irplysmYNt krvweI geI[ ies leI kl`icMg myry leI bhuq hI muSikl hMdI sI[ies leI mYN qW v`fy tr`kW ‘c AwtomYitk nUM hI qrjIh dyvWgw[ ieh mYN, qW kih irhw hW ik myrI sdw hI ieh qrjIh irhw hY, BwvyN myrI s`t sI jW nhIN vI[ ieh vI ho skdw hY ik keI ies nUM mrdwngI SkqI nwl joV irhw hovy[ ieh vI TIk hY ik gyAr bdlI iksy Kws hunr dw vI ivKwvw hY[ pr mYN qW AwtomYitk tRWsimSn nUM hI TIk khWgw[

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efficiency. These new automatics are so good they’re better than even the most skilled driver shifting a standard transmission for efficiency. The skilled truck driver who shifted his own gears, would do so using a combination of instantly calculating complicated mathematical equations. Oh, the skilled driver didn’t have to consciously do the calculations, he or she would have done these calculations so many times that it would become habit, but that same skilled driver getting into a new or different truck would have to spend the first half hour learning the truck. What he or she would really be doing would be adjusting the brain to be able to relearn the calculations for this particular truck. Sure, the sound of the engine helped, the feel of the gear shift as the driver would feather the gears is important, but factually, but without thinking about it, was relearning the calculations. With the automatic, all those calculations are handled by a computer that is flawless. Those shifts are done with precision, with an exactness that no human driver can match. Yes, I have a prejudice, just as much as those who prefer an 18 speed over a 9 speed, a 15 speed over an 8 speed, over a twin stick 5 over 4. I have said many times that every time a machine takes Manual Transmission over a human skill, that skill will be lost forever but seriously, this is one skill this old man would happily give up. Those learning only on an automatic are limiting their employment opportunities as the industry adopts automatic transmission in their new equipment. The automatic has nothing to do with making truck drivers, male or female, less skilled. It makes them good drivers. The automatic is a God send for those of us who have suffered major injuries making our lives so much less pain free. And for short people who have to make physical adjustment to their position just to use the clutch, the automatic can save them countless hours of frustration. OK, so I’ll acknowledge that being old school, back in the day, we used the clutch to start and stop and shifted gears by ear, by feel, by experience and many drivers even today use those old school methods. I used to cheat too. Believe me, pain is a good teacher at finding ways that make you’re life easier. I know how to shift gears without using the clutch and thankfully had the skill because a couple of situations put me in a position where it was either go to the breakdown lane and stop or continue to where I could get the problem solved. I chose to continue to where I needed to go because I could, then I got it fixed. DOT takes a dim view of trucks not operating precisely how they were intended, so it may not have been the right thing to do, but I delivered on time. I’m not so sure an automatic would have been able to be manipulated well enough to solve such a problem nonetheless I would prefer an automatic today. I may have a different opinion if I had to think about snow and ice covered roads that drivers have to endure. I may have a different opinion if I had to run mountains consistently. I may have a different opinion if I consistently ran heavy loads. But 10


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frankly, as an old man who had already completed almost five million miles shifting gears, I would like to think that after all that I could leave the shifting to a machine. Besides at this point in my life, being out on the road being productive isn’t something about which I have to even consider. Eventually, I’m certain the standard transmission in the big truck is going to become the option while the automatic is going to be the transmission normally installed. I’m excited that Eaton and Paccar now have a twelve speed automatic that is specifically paired with the Paccar Engine. Trying to stay on top of all the changes in equipment has become my lifestyle. Dreaming of the old days while imagining the future a habit. The future of the truck manufacture is something to behold. The changes I’ve seen since that first experience with that old twin stick Reo with the coke box seat all those years ago when considered in the space of the past twenty minutes is simply mind blowing. The old guys in the industry will know of what I speak. The new guys are probably shaking their heads and thinking “what is he talking about”. But seriously, although the changes that have happened, while subtle, have been colossal at the same time. And most have been for safety and efficiency. Does anyone remember having a windshield that swung out from the top, and that was considered air conditioning? Oh, and the taste of bugs while the sweat blew off your face into your ears. Or what about not being able to talk to a passenger inside the truck because you couldn’t hear them anyway? Oh yeah, what about those old vacuum windshield wipers, then the air powered ones. And the switch from generators to alternators? Now, that was monumental. I could go on with probably close to one thousand other subtle changes and none to do with either the engine performance or the driveline. The changes in the driveline have been both subtle and dramatic. The automatic transmission in and of itself has been dramatic and worthy of much more than a second look.

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kMm, sVk ‘qy hox l`g ipAw hY mYN ieh kdy soicAw vI nhIN sI[ mYnUM smJdw hW ik AwKrkwr v`fy tr`kW ‘c stYNfrf tRWsimSn ie`k bdl hI rih jwvygw jdoN ik Awm qOr ‘qy ienHW ‘c AwtomYitk tRWsimSn hI l`gx l`g pYxw hY[ mYnUM ies g`l dI KuSI hY ik eItn Aqy pYkr tr`kW ‘c hux 12 spIf AwtomYitk tRWsimSn l`gx l`g pey hn ijhVy ik pYkr ieMjxW nwL shI FMg nwL iP`t kIqy gey hn[ hux ieh myrI Awdq hI bx geI hY ik swzo smwn ‘c nvIn XMqrW nUM vyKW[ ipCly smyN dy supny Aqy Awaux vwLy smyN dI soc hI Awdq bx geI hY[ vyKx vwLI g`l hY tr`k hux iks qrHW dy bxngy[ ijhVIAW mYN qbdIlIAW vyKIAW hn aunHW ‘c myrw pihlw qzrbw sI, jdoN purwxy tivn sitk rIE kok bwks sIt nwL Awey sn, ieh Automatic Transmission

vI audoN jdoN spys dw 20 imMt dw smW bhuq lgdw sI[ ies ieMfstrI dy purwxy lok, jo mYN kih irhw hW, ieh sB smJ gey hoxgy[ nvyN zmwny dyy qW ieh hI kihMdy hoxgy ik ieh iks qrHW dIAw g`lW krI jw irhw hY[ pr jy gMBIrqw nwL soicAw jwvy, ijhVIAW qbdIlIAW hoeIAW hn auh BwvyN sUKm hn pr hn bhuq v`fIAW[ ienHW ‘coN bhuq swrIAW sur`iKAw Aqy kuSlqw vwLIAW hn[ kI iksy nUM Xwd hY jdoN ivMfSIlf inkl jWdI sI Aqy ies nUM eyAr kMfISn ikhw jWdw sI? jdoN quhwfy ichry dw psInw if`g ky quhwfy kMnW ‘c pYNdw sI? jW suxweI nw dyx krky tr`k ‘c bYTy dujy ivAkqI nwL g`l vI nhIN sI ho skdI? aunHW purwxy vYikaum ivMfSIlf vweIprW bwry, Aqy ies qoN bwAd Awey eyAr pwvr vwLy? auh siv`c ijhVI jnrytrW qoN AwltrnytrW nUM l`gI sI? hux ieh sB qW purwxIAW XwdW bx ky rih geIAW hn[ ies qrHW dIAW hoeIAW mYN hor Axigxq CotIAW motIAW qbdIlIAW d`s skdw h, ijnHW dw nw ieMjx dI kwrguzwrI nwL Aqy nw hI fRweIvlweIn nwL koeI sbMD hY[ pr fRweIvlweIn ‘c hoeIAW qbdIlIAW nwtkI pr sUKm hn[ AwtomYitk tRWsimSn pihlI nzry Awpxy Awp ‘c bhuq hI pRBwvSwlI Aqy nwtkI hY[



Volvo Recalls Certain VNLs and VNMs Over Steer Axle Issue


olvo Trucks North America is recalling certain VNL and VNM trucks because of a steering axle issue, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents. More specifically, several hundred 2016 Volvo VNL and VNM trucks equipped with certain Dana Spicer D-Series and E-Series steer axles are being recalled. The castellated nut on the steer axles may not be properly torqued, allowing the tie rod to loosen, NHTSA recall documents reveal. The tie rod could potentially disconnect from the steering knuckle if loosened. This could lead to a complete loss of steering. Worst case scenario, the steering axle issue can increase the risk of a crash. Owners affected by the recall will be notified by Volvo, whose dealers will inspect the torque of the castellated nut and tie rod. Dealers will replace the knuckle and



tie rod end assembly for free if it cannot be sufficiently torqued during inspection. For more information, contact Volvo’s customer service at 800-528-6586 with recall number RVXX1702. The NHTSA recall number is 17V-536. This is not the first time Greensboro, N.C.-based Volvo has recalled trucks over steering problems. Volvo had to recall nearly 16,000 trucks in the U.S. in March 2016 after it discovered VNL, VNM and VNX trucks may have been manufactured without a roll pin on the steering shafts. With this problem, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had to step in and place any affected vehicle that was not fixed out of service if driven on the roads. In July 2016, certain 2013 VNL and VNM trucks with Meritor FF967 nondrive front steer axles were recalled. Those axles may have been incorrectly heat treated.

NAFTA Third Round Complete


he third round of negotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement has come to an end. United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said he joins with Minister Freeland of Canada and Secretary Guajardo of Mexico in welcoming the progress that was made to this point. “I also join them in thanking the six or seven hundred people from our three governments who have been working on this issue. And I think it’s important for everyone to realize just how big this is. This is hundreds and hundreds of pages of very technical, technical work that covers almost the entirety of all of our economies, in one way or another. And there are six or seven hundred people working weekends and very long hours to get to where we are, and they are dedicated to continuing until we get to the end of the process,” Lighthizer stated. He says the three countries have now closed the chapter on Small- and Medium- sized Enterprises, saying these businesses are the engines that drive each of our economies. Lighthizer adds that “Additionally, significant progress continues to be made in numerous other areas, including competition policy, digital trade, State Owned Enterprises, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, customs, and telecommunications.” However, he cautions that there is an enormous amount of work to be done, including on some very difficult and contentious issues. The negotiations are continuing at an unprecedented pace,

and the United States looks forward to hosting the next round in Washington, DC in about two weeks. The American Trucking Associations strongly weighed in on their position regarding the Mexican truck program. Chief Economist and Senior Vice President Robert Costello stated in a Sept. 29 letter to Lighthizer that the trucking lobby supports the Mexican truck program because it has helped reduce congestion at U.S.-Mexico ports of entry. “Congestion increases without NAFTA’s trucking provisions because trailers often return empty after delivering freight across the border,” he wrote. “Sometimes ‘Bobtails’ (tractors without trailers) deliver a trailer only one-way across the border and return solo; and, bobtails and empties are also required to be inspected at the port of entry just like loaded trailers. “The additional unnecessary equipment increases congestion, delays, ‘overhandling’ of shipments, costs, and the potential for lost and damaged freight,” he added. “As the industry looks well into the future, this provision will be more important as trade increases. It would be shortsighted to end the program now,” Costello said. Some organizations do oppose the program, such as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, who have written to Lighthizer saying “notoriously dangerous” Mexican trucks should be prevented from “driving anywhere on U.S. highways.”



Responsibility, Accountability and Loyalty

zuMmyvwrI, BrosyXogqw Aqy vPwdwrI


cannot teach responsibility. I cannot force a person mYN iksy nUM zuMmyvwrI dy sbk nhIN pVHw skdI[ nw hI mYN iksy to make their payments on their trucks, trailers, nUM ieh kih ky mzbUr kr skdI hW ik auh Awpxy tr`k, tRylr, cars, credit cards, and mortgages. Responsibility is kwr,mwrgyj Aqy krYift kwrfW dIAW ikSqW smyN isr idMdw rhy[ something each and every single one of us must learn zuMmyvwrI qW ie`k ies qrHW dI g`l hY ijhVI swfy swirAW nUM Awpxy on our own and hence become accountable for our Awp hI is`Kx dI loV hY[ ies qrHW ieh swfy kMm pRqI jvwbdyh actions. Loyalty is often rewarded when one makes responsible bx jWdI hY[ ijnHW PYsilAW pRqI AsIN zuMmyvwr huMdy hW jdoN AsIN decisions for which they are accountable. auh lY lYNdy hW qW vPwdwrI dI kdr vI pYNdI hY[ I have a client who recently got a truck lease. He did not myrw ie`k klwieMt hY ijs ny hwl ‘c hI ie`k tr`k lIz ‘qy qualify for the lease because his application was very poor, so ilAw hY[ auh lIz leI Awp SrqW purIAW krdw nw hox krky we had to add his cousin as a co-signor to qualify. The client aus dy kzn nUM vI ko- sweInr bxnw ipAw[ ies ivAkqI ny also got a small life insurance policy for $100,000 that cost ie`k jIvn bImy dI pwilsI vI leI hY ijhVI ie`k l`K dI hY Aqy $11.25 per month to cover his truck lease in case of sudden aus dI mwisk ikSq bxdI hY 11.25 fwlr[ ieh aus dI, r`b death. I hoped this would put him on a path of being responsible nw kry mOq hox ‘qy, tr`k lIz nUM kvr krygI[ mYnUM lgdw hY ik so he could get future leases on his own. A month in to his ies qrHW auh TIk rsqy ‘qy cldw irhw qW Agly smyN ‘c Awp vI lease he texted me that he could not afford the life insurance lIz ‘qy ku`J KRId skygw[ ies lIz ‘qy mhInw ku bwAd hI aus ny and he wanted to cancel it. He proved why he could not get the mYnUM tYkst mYsyj Byj ky d`isAw ik auh ies lIz dy pYsy dyx qoN truck lease on his own in the first place. He proved he was not AsmrQ hY ies leI auh ies ieMSUrYNs nUM bMd krnw cwhuMdw responsible with money. He said he had a truck repair hY[ ies qrHW aus ny swbq kr id`qw ik auh Awpxy Awp and couldn’t afford the $11.25 life insurance. I had told tr`k dI lIz ikauN nhIN lY sikAw[ ies qrHW aus ny ieh him to keep a good balance in his bank for unexpected vI swbq kr id`qw ik auh pYsy pRqI zuMmyvwr nhIN[ aus ny truck repairs especially on a used truck at the time of ies dw kwrn d`isAw ik aus nUM tr`k dI murMmq Awid vI signing his lease, so obviously he didn’t take this advice or advice now on having life insurance. I know children krvwauxI pYNdI hY ies leI 11.25 fwlr dyxy aus dy v`s in elementary school and high school that can afford dI g`l nhIN[ jdoN tr`k ilAw sI mYN aus smyN vI aus nUM $11.25 a month but a grown man in his mid 20’s that ikhw sI ik tr`k dI Acncyq murMmq krwaux leI auh lives at home with his parents and has no expenses other bYNk ‘c loVINdI rkm pihlW hI r`K C`fy[ mYnUM pqw hY ik Pash Brar than his new truck payment cannot afford it? Leaving ie`k mwpw Awpxy skUl jwdy b`icAW leI ieMnI rkm Krc - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA.



kr skdw hY pr 20 – 25 swl dI aumr vwLw jvwn jo Awpxy mwipAW nwl rihMdw hY Aqy ijsdyy ies nvyN tr`k dI ikSq dyx qoN ibnw koeI hor Krcy vI nhIN, 11.25 fwlr dw pRbMD nhIN kr skdw[ jdoN koeI ivAkqI bwlg ho igAw hovy aus smyN AwpxI dyK



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your family to take care of you when you are a grown man is not responsible. I see fleets buying equipment for drivers quite often. I have always warned drivers about this. If your boss buys for you, he or she now owns you. You cannot leave the fleet without the boss’s permission and possibly risk losing the equipment you have been paying off on behalf of your boss. You have become accountable to your boss and have the responsibility to pay that boss back and be a loyal driver to that same boss. I have seen more than one driver try to escape and go elsewhere, and the boss will not let them go or the equipment go. Unless you want to be held accountable and loyal to only your boss for years to come, then do not pursue this route. You are responsible for yourself and your family first, not your boss. I know a fleet that repeatedly buys from one specific dealership. They think that makes them entitled to better deals. In fact it’s the drivers in the fleet making each purchase and NOT the fleet. One of the drivers came to me direct to buy a piece of equipment from the dealership, and when the boss found out, he tried to force the driver to buy one of his old trailers, and then also tried to send him to a different dealership and block out the original dealership. The responsible driver told me what his boss was doing, and myself being loyal and accountable to the dealership, I told them. The dealership advised “it’s really unfortunate, but that fleet’s price will now go up in price” because they were not loyal to them and there won’t be any equipment available to them if they call in the future. The lesson from this is, what goes around comes around, and I would suggest you remain loyal to those who help you and be responsible and accountable for these actions. A back stab to a dealership will cost you dearly. Recently I had a driver that called me for a new trailer. He had an existing trailer he leased through me and advised I would finance his new trailer as well as the old trailer to the new buyer. He called me repeatedly over the next few weeks, including inappropriate times when the office was not open, such as 9:00 PM at night. He asked about specifications, capacity and weight and also sought financial advice. He said he wanted a specific trailer available at only one dealership. The fleet he works with had previously custom ordered multiple trailers from this same dealership and then did not pick up the trailers angering the dealership. The fleet has a lifetime ban from the dealership. I had to call the dealership to even allow him to enter their premises. I financed the old trailer to the new person, and suddenly the client went quiet. I finally called and asked and he said with no hesitation or respect that he had taken over the lease of a used trailer instead of using my services. He was not responsible enough to tell me and not loyal and didn’t think anything was wrong with his behaviour. For him it was ok to waste multiple hours of my time outside of work hours and the dealerships time as well. To teach him a lesson about being responsible and loyal, I ordered a full interest penalty to be applied on his previous lease with me and a fee of $995.00 added as another penalty costing him thousands of dollars, which equalled my time wasted with him. My clients know this is very rare for me to do this, but I decided to show this now former client that your actions make you accountable. He also tried to swindle the buyer of his old trailer by telling him to pay for a month’s payment he supposedly made on his behalf. When the new buyer called me to see if he should pay, I asked my office and confirmed that the payment had bounced and the new buyer owed nothing. The now former client proved very dishonest and 18


Bwl leI auh Awpxy pirvwr ‘qy inrBr kry ieh zuMmyvwrI vwLI g`l nhIN[ keI vwr vyKdy hW ik keI PlItW vwLy Awpxy fRweIvrW leI smwn KRId rhy huMdy hn[ mYN sdw hI fRweIvrW nUM ies sbMDI sucyq kIqw hY[ jy quhwfw mwlk koeI cIz quhwfy leI KRIddw hY qW ies dw Bwv hY ik qusIN aus dI mlkIAq ho[ qusIN PlIt nUM mwlk dI mrzI qoN ibnw C`f nhIN skdy[ Aqy jo mwlk QW qusIN smwn dy Krcy idMdy rhy ho auh vI imlx dI sMBwvnw nhIN ho skdI[ quhwfI zuMmyvwrI mwlk pRqI bx geI hY Aqy aus nUM pYsy moVn dI zuMmyvwrI vI bxI hoeI hY[ mYN vyiKAw hY ik bhuqy fRweIvr hor QW jwxw cwhuMdy hn pr bOs aunHW nUM jW aunHW dy smwn nUM jwx nhIN idMdw[ jy qW qusIN swlW b`DI Awpxy bOs pRqI jvwb dyh rihxw cwhuMdy ho qW byS`k ieh rsqw nw cuxo[ g`l qW ieh hY ik qusIN sB qoN pihlW Awpxy pRqI Aqy pirvwr pRqI hI zuMmyvwr ho nw ik Awpxy bOs pRqI[ hwl ‘c hI ie`k fRweIvr ny mYnUM ie`k nvW tRylr lYx leI Pon kIqw[ auhdy kol ie`k purwxw tRylr qW sI ijhVw vI aus ny myry rwhIN lIz ‘qy ilAw hoieAw sI[ aus ny mYnUM ikhw ik purwxy tRylr dy nwl nwl mYnUM nvyN tRylr leI vI PweInYNs cwhIdw hY[ ku`J hPqy q`k auh mYnUM lgwqwr Pon krdw irhw[ ieh smW auh vI huMdw sI jdoN ik dPqr bMd huMdw sI[ keI vwr qW rwq 9 vjy vI[ auh hr smyN ies dI smr`Qw lMbweI cOVweI Aqy ivqI slwh sbMDI pu`C ig`C krdw sI[ auh ieh vI kihMdw sI ik auh ie`k Kws tRylr lYxw cwhuMdw hY jo ie`k hI fIlriS`p qoN imldw hY[ ijs PLIt nwl auh kMm krdw sI aunHW ny ies fIlriS`p qoN Kws iksm dy tRylrW dw Awrfr qW kIqw sI pr fIlriSp vwilAW nwL JgVw hox kwrn auh cu`ky nhIN sn[ ies qrHW fIlriSp vwiLAW ny aunHW nUM smwn vycx dI pwbMdI lweI hoeI sI[ mYnUM fIlriSp nUM ies leI Pon krnw ipAw ik auh aus nUM au`Qy G`to G`t vVn hI dyx[ mYN purwxy tRylr nUM ie`k hor gwhk leI pYisAW dw pRbMD kr id`qw [ aus smyN auh ivAkqI cu`p irhw[ mYN jdoN aus nUM ies sbMDI d`isAw qW aus ny bVI FITqw nwl mYnuM ikhw ik aus ny qW iksy rwhIN ie`k purwxw tRylr lY ilAw hY Aqy myrIAW syvwvW dI loV hI nhIN[ nw qW auh ies qrHW zuMmyvwr sI Aqy nw hI aus nUM Awpxy ies qrHW dy A`KV vqIry dw koeI APsos sI[ aus leI ieh koeI Prk nhIN sI ik mYN aus Kwqr ikMnw smW guAwieAw hY[ aus nUM ies qrHW dy vqIry leI sbk isKwaux leI mYN aus dI pihlI lIz ‘qy pUry ivAwj smyq pYnwltI Aqy 995 fwlr dI PIs vI pw id`qI[ ies qrHW myry smyN dI KrwbI smyq aus ‘qy hzwrW fwlrW dw Krcw pY igAw[ myry klwieMtW nUM pqw hY ik ies qrHW dy kys kdI kdweIN hI huMdy hn[ pr mYN isrP aus nUM ieh d`sx leI hI kIqw sI ik aus dIAW glq hrkqW kwrn hI ieh sB ku`J hoieAw hY[ aus ny Awpxy purwxy tRylr dy KRIdx vwLy nUM vI ieh kih ky Tgx dI koiSS kIqI ik auh aus nUM ie`k ikSq dy pYsy dy dyvy ijs nUM ik auh kihMdw sI aus ny aus dI QW dy id`qI hY[ jdoN mYnUM ies sbMDI nvyN KRIdwr ny pu`iCAw qW mYN Awpxy dPqr qoN pqw krky d`isAw ik auh ikSq qW bwaUNs ho geI sI[ ies leI nvyN KRIdwr nUM ies qrHW dI koeI rkm dyx dI loV nhIN[ ies qrHW hux auh pihlw klwieMt ie`k qrHW dw byeImwn ho inbiVAw Aqy swnUM nvyN klwieMt dw bcwA krnw ipAw ijhVw zMumyvwr, vPwdwr Aqy pUry ihswb ikqwb vwLw sI[ AsIN vI aunHW leI cMgy hW

NSC Compliance & Accounting Services kMplwieMs Aqy AkwaUNitMg syvwvW ie`ko QW qy 

New company, complete permit setups

Accounting services specializing in transportation industry

Log book, Dangerous Goods training

Company Taxes

US DOT/NSC Audit representation


All Fuel Tax: IFTA, Oregon, NY, NM, KY

GST/HST Filing

E-manifest set up and load entries to Canada & US

Audits – CRA/WCB/GST

C-TPAT/PIP and TWIC Registrations

Personal Taxes

Services for American Companies W e help you in:

• Paperwork for getting loads to Canada and back to USA • FMCSA/US DOT Audits • CSA Monitoring • All Permits and authorities

National Safety Code Compliance Service Call: 1-800-965-9839 ext. 2

Surrey, BC: #4 - 8333 130th Street Ph: 604-507-7736  Fax: 604-507-7742 Abbotsford, BC: 2633 Montrose Ave.  Ph: 604-755-4230  Fax:604-755-7816 Bellingham, WA: 1313 E Maple St., Suite #236  Ph: 360-543-5608




we protected the now new client who we know is responsible, accountable and loyal. We are good to those who deserve it and not good to those who are dishonest. As I arrange multiple car, truck and trailer leases for many clients across Canada, I have a responsibility to the client to get their deals done in a timely manner, and to maintain their loyalty for all future deals. If I do a good job, generally a good client will come back for future purchases. But I am also accountable for my deals. I have to screen clients and make sure they will make their payments on time each month and that all protocol was followed. If the client does not pay, I risk losing the funder or money source. I know there are multiple people who also do financing who demand things such as fees in advance which is not protocol in the

industry and dishonest, and they have done poor quality deals that ended in fraud, losses and repossession and are banned from sending future deals. I just saw one broker trying to fraud a bank by asking a dealership to do an appraisal without looking at the equipment and for an amount much higher that the real value, hence exposing the bank. The dealership called me to share how dishonest competitors are. When I do a lease for a truck, trailer or car I can only hope you will make the payments each month and i screen all paperwork to make sure it is legitimate and honest. It is your own responsibility to make the payments for borrowing the money each month and on time. If you do not make the payment, you will become accountable for those actions and perhaps lose the truck, trailer or car and your future ability to borrow. So the lesson to be learned is; loyalty will be rewarded and if you act responsibly and take full accountability for all your actions, you will get ahead in all aspects of your life. 20


jo iemwndwr zuMmyvwr, pUry ihswb ikqwb vwLy Aqy vPwdwr hn aunHW leI nhIN ijhVy byeImwnI ivKwauNdy hn[ ikauN ik mYN knyfw Br ‘c Awpxy bhuq swry gwhkW leI kwrW , tr`k Aqy tRylr Awid lIz ‘qy lY ky idMdI hW[ myrI ieh klwieMt pRqI zuMmyvwrI hY ik aunHW dIAW fIlz smyN isr hox Aqy nwL hI aunHW dI Awx vwLy smyN ‘c mdd kIqI jwvy[ ies qrHW aunHW dI vPwdwrI nUM Biv`K dyy sOidAW ‘c vI bxweI r`iKAw jwvy[ jy mYN cMgw kMm krWgI qW auh gwhk myry koL iPr vI Awxgy[ pr ies dy nwl hI mYN AwpxIAW kIqIAW fIlz leI zuMmyvwr vI hW[ fIl krn smyN mYN ieh vI vyKdI hW ik kI auh ikSqW dy pYsy smyN isr idMdy rihxgy[ Aqy kI swrI kwrvweI TIk FMg nwl inXmW Anuswr kIqI geI hY[ jy klwieMt smyN isr Bugqwn nhIN krdw hY qW ho skdw hY ik aus PMf dyx vwLy dIAW syvwvW muV mYnUM nw imlx[ mYnUM pqw hY ik bhuq swry PMf dyx vwLy ieMfstrI ‘c ies qrHW dy vI hn jo ik aunHw PIsW dI mMg krdy hn ijhVIAW bxdIAW hI nhIN hn[ jo ik ie`k iksm dI byeImwnI hY[ ies qrHW dy ivAkqIAW ny ies qrHW dIAW fIlz vI kIqIAW hn jo ik bwAd ‘c Prwf swbq hoeIAW[ mYN ie`k ies iksm dw brokr vI vyiKAw hY jo ik bYNk nwL TgI mwrnw cwhuMdw sI Aqy fIlriSp nUM kih irhw sI ik smwn vyKy ibnw hI aus dI kImq ilK dyvy Bwv Apryzl kr dyvy[ Aqy ilKy vI aus dI Asl kImq nwLoN ikqy v`D[ fIlriSp vwiLAW ny mYnUM aunHW dI ies krquq bwry Pon krky d`isAw[ jdoN vI mYN iksy tr`k, tRylr jW kwr dI lIz bxwauNdI hW qW mYN ieh soc ky hI bxwauNdI hW ik sbMDq ivAkqI auh ikSqW smyN isr dyx dy smr`Q hY[ ies qoN pihlW mY swry pypr vrk dI bhuq brIkI nwL CwxbIx krdI hW[ ies qrHW ieh inscq kIqw jWdw hY ik ieh sB iblku`l TIk hY[ auDwr leI geI rkm dIAW smyN isr ikSqW qwrnIAW, ieh quhwfI zuMmyvwrI bxdI hY[ jy qusIN smyN isr ikSq nhIN nhIN idMdy qW qusIN ies dy nqIijAW dy Awp zuMmyvwr hovogy[ ho skdw hY ik quhwfw tr`k, tRylr jW kwr vI jWdI l`gy Aqy Awaux vwLy smyN ‘c quhwnUM krzw vI nw iml sky[ ies leI is`Kx vwLI g`l ieh hY ik Awpxy swry kIqy kMmW Aqy ley gey PYsilAW dI Kud zuMmyvwrI kbUlo[ jy ies qrHW krogy qW izMdgI dIAW mMzlW bhuq vDIAw FMg nwL pwr krdy hI jwvogy[

Opioid Testing for Transportation Workers


he Trump administration is finalizing a proposal to require opioid testing for certain transportation workers. The rule would affect railroad engineers, pilots, air traffic controllers, truck drivers and other employees who are subject to federal drug and alcohol testing regulations. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has stated the proposed rule is “undergoing final review.” The Department of Transportation has also ordered a study on substance abuse in the transportation sector, she added. “Safety is the Department of Transportation’s top priority, and we are committed to working with Congress and other federal departments to combat opioid abuse,” Chao wrote. Currently, the Department of Transportation only administers a five-panel drug test, which includes marijuana, cocaine and PCP, for safety-sensitive transportation workers. Opioid abuse has skyrocketed throughout the country in recent years and has received significant media attention. “We are in the midst of a prescription opioid crisis in America,”

Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee wrote in a letter to Chao on Tuesday. “In 2016 alone, it is estimated that 11.8 million Americans engaged in opioid misuse.” “Transportation workers are not immune to this crisis,” the lawmakers said. Two maintenance workers who were struck and killed by an Amtrak train last year while working on the track tested positive for cocaine and oxycodone. In response to the problem, the Department of Health and Human Services updated its mandatory guidelines in January for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs and allowed the Department of Transportation to add four prescription opioids to its drug-test panel: hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone and oxycodone. The DOT then issued a notice of proposed rule making signalling that it would adopt the Health and Human Services guidelines on opioids. Comments on the proposal were due six months ago.



C.A.T. Acquires SLH


.A.T. announced Sept. 29 the tripling of its fleet size with the acquisition of Kingston, Ontario-based SLH Transport. “We have been looking for an opportunity like this since the acquisition of Group Express Groupex Inc. in Alexandria this past January,” said Daniel Goyotte, president of C.A.T. Holding. “The purchase of the assets of SLH fits our model well and gives us an enormous boost in capacity and coverage for North American markets.” The company plans to continue operating SLH under its existing brand and organizational structure. Current SLH president Paul Cooper will remain at the helm, reporting to Goyette, the company announced. It says the consolidation of equipment and human resources provides employees with greater job security, while tripling C.A.T.’s capacity. SLH was previously owned by Sears Canada, which filed for creditor protection in June. “SLH employees can now breathe a sigh of relief that the very stable C.A.T. Holding has taken ownership of the assets and will

continue to serve customers with the seasoned team employed by SLH. C.A.T. and SLH have many customers in common which will make for a smooth transition to the larger and more capable entity,” the company said in a statement. “We would like to thank all of the dedicated employees at SLH for their continued hard work through these recent times of turbulence. We wish you all great success in our future together with what we think will be an extremely strong union of two highly service orientated and focused companies,” Goyette and Cooper said in a joint statement.

Oregon Raising Speed Limit


regon will be increasing the speed limit for trucks after their Transportation Commission voted to do so on portions of several interstate highways, bumping the speed limit to 60 mph from 55 mph. The new limit is expected to go into effect before the end of the year and applies to roads where the passenger vehicle speed limit is 65 mph. Oregon is one of seven states that does not have the same speed limits on interstate highways. According to data, truckers were averaging 60 mph on these roads and officials say raising the limit will help improve overall traffic flow. A report from Portland State University states new technologies, such as lane-departure warning, are improving safety. In addition, radar speed signs remind truck drivers to reduce speeds through work zones. Specifically, the change covers Interstate 5 south of Portland, other than urban areas; Interstate 205 from the junction of I-5 to West Linn; and Interstate 84 from Troutdale to The Dalles. In passenger vehicle news, the Transportation Commission lowered the limit for passenger vehicles on I-5 near Roseburg to 60 mph from 65. The truck speed limit in this area will remain 55 mph. 22




CB Radios Still a Great Safety Tool for Truckers By RoadPro- Family of Brands


oe Graham did what any responsible trucker would do when he saw the accident. But no one listened. Graham was on I-90 near Erie, Pa., on Jan. 13, 2016, when he saw the beginnings of a pileup in the eastbound lanes. He got on his CB radio and tried to warn truckers approaching the accident. “I yelled on that CB for 32 miles. Anytime I saw a truck, I tried to warn them. And nobody answered,” Graham recounted in a Facebook video.

The accident eventually grew to involve 85 vehicles, including 12 trucks. More than 18 people were taken to hospitals and the highway was closed for nearly six hours. Graham, who hauls chemicals, said some of the trucks might have avoided the pileup if they’d had their CB radios on. “It’s very disheartening to realize I did everything I could to warn those guys they were coming up on a wreck. I yelled on the CB and yelled on the CB, just trying to get people to answer me. Thirty-two miles, no answers, no answers,” he said. CB radios might be old technology, might be noisy, might 24


be abused by people who just want to hear themselves talk, but they’re still a valuable safety tool. Nothing else allows truckers to communicate as quickly with nearby colleagues. “Over the years, the need (for a CB) has diminished somewhat due to technology, but the need will never completely go away. It’s a perfect way to get instant updates on traffic, weather, parking, and directions to a customer, in some instances,” said Thomas Miller, a member of the RoadPro Pro Driver Council. “I have benefited numerous times from having a CB, from icy road alerts to traffic crashes up ahead and backedup traffic. The one I remember the most was having a flat tire on my trailer. It was an inside tire and I couldn’t see it. If I hadn’t been told by another driver, it could have blown my other tire, causing it to shred and throw debris everywhere. Just one of the many examples,” Miller said. Fellow Pro Driver Council member Libby Clayton said she uses her CB to get information about traffic jams and warn other drivers about accidents. “I had an accident happen right in front of me. As I was pulling over, I called 911. Then I got on the CB to warn those behind me,” she said. Veteran driver Henry Albert said truckers who abandoned their CBs years ago because the airwaves were clogged with unwelcome chatter will find them much clearer – and cleaner – now that it’s no longer a fad. “It’s much better today than it’s been in a long time,” he said. “The CB is a great safety tool, especially Channel 19. Every trucker should have one.” Take it from the truckers who know. CBs are a must-have on the road.




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hief U.S. negotiator John Melle has laid the Trump administration’s most aggressive NAFTA demands to date on the table. It appears after several rounds of benign negotiations the trade agreement may be in jeopardy. The fourth round of negotiations comes to an end with tensions rising after the U.S. presented proposals that could be impossible for Canada and Mexico to go along with. U.S. industry representatives and Congress, meanwhile, are becoming vocal about preserving the regional trade ties built over the years as they sense the discussions could be in trouble. NAFTA’s fate may now hang on how flexible the U.S. is about its demands heading into the fifth round of talks, scheduled for Mexico City around the first week of November. While the parties had wanted to reach a deal by December, officials familiar with the negotiations say the talks are likely to drag on for months. Hanging over negotiations are Donald Trump’s regular threats to walk away. One official familiar with the proceedings, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly, said on Oct. 15 that it seems more likely Trump will give the mandatory six months’ notice required to leave NAFTA, though not necessarily end up backing out. Others were less sure. “He’s unpredictable, so I don’t know,” said Stephen Moore, a senior economic adviser during Trump’s campaign and chief economist at the Heritage Foundation. “I do feel, though, that his bark has been worse than his bite on trade. That doesn’t mean that he’s retreating. But I think we’re going to see a NAFTA 2.0 that will find areas that will give the U.S. even greater benefits, while protecting American workers.” Mexico has signalled that it won’t negotiate during the sixmonth window if Trump announces he’ll walk away, and it’s unclear what the next steps would be were that to happen. Congress and others are vowing legal and political fights if the president tries to pull out.





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California’s largest trucking association is dedicated to promoting ADVOCACY, SAFETY, COMPLIANCE, LEADERSHIP development and EDUCATION. CTA provides LEGISLATIVE and REGULATORY REPRESENTATION, to the trucking industry as well as access, influence and protection to companies through resources that advance the long-term sustainable profitability of motor carriers and suppliers.

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A First-Timer’s Guide to Buying a CB Radio By RoadPro- Family of Brands


oday’s young drivers were born well after the CB radio’s heyday in the 1970s. Drivers too young to remember “Convoy” and BJ and the Bear might be surprised to find that CB radios can still be found in most cabs. While they have been supplemented by cellphones and GPS, the CB radio still does things the other devices can’t and veteran truckers, while they don’t rely on it as much as they used to, know it’s still important for safety. But how should a driver who’s never owned (or even used) a CB know what to buy? The radios look similar and share many features, but prices can range from $50 to $200 or more. We asked an expert – Gary Hill, category manager for CB accessories brands at RoadPro Family of Brands, which manufactures and distributes CBs and accessories. It’s important to know that a complete CB package comprises four parts: the radio, mic, antenna and the coaxial cable connecting the antenna and radio. All four need to work together to achieve maximum performance. To make it more complicated, the four are often sold separately. Radio The CB radio is that rare piece of electronic technology that has largely remained unchanged for decades. In fact, the last major change came in 1977 when the FCC increased the number of bands to 40 from 23. Most of the changes since have been cosmetic (LED-lit displays) or supplemental (Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility). Look for reputable manufacturers like RoadKing, Cobra and Uniden. Avoid the cheapest entry-level units because the professional driver will want the additional features that come with professional models. Ask veteran drivers what models they like, which features they use and shop accordingly. Mic Virtually every CB radio comes with a handheld mic. And most of those standard mics are discarded because professional drivers upgrade to higher-quality ones, said Hill. Companies like Astatic and RoadKing make noisecanceling mics that offer much better sound quality than factory-issued ones, he said. Drivers often keep a second mic in 34


the cab in case the first one breaks. Cable It’s tempting to save money by buying a cheap cable but that would be a mistake, Hill said. A cable with insufficient shielding will cause loss of signal through leakage and external interference. Look for cable that is 97% shielded. There are three types: • RG-58 – For single antenna installations and for jumper wires between the radio and a test meter • RG-59 – For dual antenna installations only • RG-8X or Mini-8 – For single antenna installations or as a jumper between pieces of equipment The length of the cable is important as well, Hill said. While it might seem logical to use as short a length as possible, in this case, longer is better. For complicated electronics reasons, an 18-foot cable is best, even it’s longer than needed. While it is tempting to roll up the excess into a bundle, that can cause interference. It’s better to unspool the length as much as possible in the cab while making sure it doesn’t get tangled in anything. Antenna Antennas come in a variety of types and designs by materials, length and location of the coil, which can be base-mounted, midmounted or top-loaded. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Whichever type you use, make sure the coil is above the top of the truck for optimal performance (but low enough to clear underpasses and trees). Antennas can range from under a foot tall to 10-foot whips. They can be mounted on side mirrors, roofs, bumpers and elsewhere. Some newer truck models even have antennas built into the cab frames.

Keep them clean of dirt, oil, snow and ice and check the sheathing for nicks or holes.

Tuning Once all the parts are in place, it’s time to tune the system. Tuning can make the difference between sending a clear signal four to five miles and not being able to reach a truck a half-mile ahead of you.

RoadKing and other brands have built-in SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) meters which make it easy to tune radios and antenna to each other. Buy an SWR meter if it’s not built into the radio. Drivers should tune before every trip and certainly if they’re moving their outfit to a different truck. The SWR measures the amount of power being transmitted through the antenna, which determines how far the signal travels. Using the SWR meter as a gauge, incrementally lengthen or shorten the antenna until it is performing at maximum efficiency. (Detailed instructions can be found in the manual). Price and Longevity How much should a driver expect to pay for a good system and how long will it last? Hill estimated the price of a pro-quality system at $220 to $250 ($100 for the radio and $50 apiece for the other components). Look for sales and rebates. Lifespan varies by components, Hill said. The radio and cable can easily last 10 years or longer and a mic should be good for four to five years. Antennas aren’t so lucky. A low branch or ice buildup can destroy an antenna. The more a truck is driven, the shorter the antenna’s lifespan. Expect to replace them every few years. Once in place, a CB radio system will give drivers the additional safety measure they need on the job, Hill said. “Most veteran drivers still rely on CBs,” Hill said. “They know how important they are to safety.”




ATA President Calls for Unity, Says ELD Fight is in the Past

n his second State of the Industry Address since taking over last year, American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear told the annual Management Conference and Exhibition that the Associations’ efforts to unify and strengthen the industry group have resulted in important victories for trucking. “Your story is now being told to the highest levels of government, to the media and to the American people,” Spear said. “Together we are building trucking’s future.” Spear pointed to victory in securing permanent hours-of-service reform, a higher profile for ATA on autonomous vehicle issues, withdrawal of rigid sleep apnea rules and stalling of a poorly crafted speed-limiter rule as significant triumphs for the industry. “ATA has put its own members in a position to shape public policy at the highest level,” he said. “And with the President now championing our best interests, the entire nation is paying attention to what we have to say.” Spear also said with the nation paying attention to the trucking industry, the association would continue to advocate policies “that produce measurable benefits to our industry, our customers and the general public,” and move beyond issues that have been settled. Spear was specifically speaking about electronic logging devices. “This issue has been legislated, promulgated and litigated,” he said. “It is now time to move forward. ELD technology removes one’s



ability to exceed the legal hours of services, ushering in a safe, efficient and fair playing field for the nation’s trucking industry.” He called for unity in the trucking industry, even in the face of increasing anti-truck sentiment. “Back in Washington, anti-truck and amateur hour advocacy groups believe they know what’s best for our industry. This wave of special interests has built a cottage industry fuelled by ideology, emotion and misguided narratives – all intended to divide our industry and this association. Obstruction is their weapon of choice,” he said. “Rest assured, ATA will not be driven into this rut, nor allow such division to impede our ability to win. Our focus will remain on safety, sound data, the truth… doing what’s best for our industry and the country, not what’s good for a political party or one’s personal agenda.” Spear also said ATA would take a new leadership role in addressing a persistent issue in trucking: the driver shortage. “Our industry faces several barriers that must be addressed if we’re to grow, including: establishing pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training programs, and hiring and training 18-21 year-olds. We need interstate recognition of credentials, entry-level training standards for veterans and nonveteran employees, solutions for the impact of detention time and congestion on drivers’ hours of service, and more,” he said.

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The New Mack Anthem Made in the USA

Raman Singh

AmrIkw ‘c bxI nvIN mYk AYNQm


ith most press trips and events, the days start early and they are long. Sometimes flights are direct, but most of the time, there’s at least one connection. This time, both of us didn’t have any delays, missed connections, or the dreaded canceled flight. We arrived in Allenton, PA late in the evening and awaiting us was a decorated airport, showcasing the Mack logo and signage. Right off the bat, we knew it was going to be a great event, and we expected nothing less. As the journalists and Mack management team assembled at Mack Headquarters, a briefing took place, that explained the vision of the new Anthem, a truck that was aiming to become,



Jag Dhatt

pRYs nwl sbMDq bhuq swry itRp ies qrHW dy huMdy hn jo SurU qW svyry CyqI hI ho jWdy hn pr Kqm dyr nwL huMdy hn[ keI vwr is`DIAW aufwxW huMdIAW hn pr keI vwr rwh ‘c aufwx bdlxI vI pYNdI hY[pr ies vwr swnUM dovW nUM bhuq smW rsqy ‘c nhIN guzwrnw ipAw nw hI koeI PlweIt im`s hoeI qy nw hI dyrI nwl c`lI[ AsIN dyr Swm AYlnton, pI ey ‘c phuMc gey sW[ie`Qy swfI aufIk kr irhw sI bhuq hI Swndwr qrIky nwL sjwieAw igAw eyArport[ ie`Qy l`igAw hoieAw sI mYk dw logo vI[swnUM SurU qoN hI l`g irhw sI ik ieh pRogrwm bhuq vDIAw ho inbVygw[ AsIN vI b`s, ieho cwhuMdy sW[ jdoN p`qrkwr Aqy mYk pRbMDk tIm mYk hY`fkuAwrtr ‘c iek`Ty hoey qW ie`k sMKyp ijhI jwxkwrI id`qI geI ijs iv`c mYk dw 117 swlW dy ieiqhws iv`c sB qoN mh`qvpUrn nvyN tr`kW ivcoN ie`k “ie`k nvyN AYNQm” dy idRStIkon qoN ivAwiKAw kIqI[ mYk tr`k dy pRDwn fYins slYgl ny ikhw, “ ieh tr`k dI bxwvt ie`k sdI qoN v`D swfy nvInqm KojW nUM joVdw hY Aqy swfy gwhkW dy kwrobwr leI bxwieAw igAw hY Aqy fRweIvrW leI vDIAw iqAwr kIqw igAw hY[ ieh sB SkqI Aqy hoNd pRdwn krdy hn, jo isrP ie`k mYk tr`k hI pyS kr skdw hY[” mYk AYNQm nUM ies Gtnw qoN ie`k idn pihlW bhuq DV`lydwr Aqy auqSwh nwl pyS kIqw igAw sI, ijs dI AwpxI vjHw vI sI[ieh ie`k dlyr AwDuink klwisk hY –jo v`fI Aqy sukyAr-id`K vwlw hY, pr ies dI AYrofwienwimks ‘c id`K qy vDyry zor id`qw igAw hY[ igRl bhuq vDIAw FWcy vwlI Aqy mzbUq hY, ijs ‘c ip`lrW iv`coN Sbd “mYk” ie`k spyn vjoN r`iKAw hoieAw hY[ ikauNik ifzweInrW ny ikhw sI ik ifzweIn krdy smyN qoN hI ieh sB ku`J pihlW hI mn ‘c sI[ nvyN AYNQm dw swfw pihlw pRBwvhI isAwxp BirAw Awvy qW ikAw bwq hY[ ie`k Awl-blYk klr skIm dy nwl ieh tr`k



“one of the most significant new trucks in Mack’s 117-year history,” said Dennis Slagle, President of Mack Trucks. “The Anthem combines our latest innovations with more than a century of truck-building know-how and the incredible result is a truck that’s been built for our customers’ business and designed for drivers, all while delivering the power and presence that only a Mack truck can deliver.” The Mack Anthem was introduced a day before this event with much fanfare and enthusiasm, and with good reason. It’s a bold modern classic – big and square-looking, but with an emphasis on aerodynamics. The grille is very structured and tough, with pillars holding the word “Mack” as a bridge span as designers said that was in mind while designing. Our initial impression of the new Anthem, look wise? Wow!!! With an all-black colour scheme, the truck looks menacing, especially if you see it in the rear-view mirrors. It is bold! The front fenders are large and flat. The LED headlights are enclosed in a square. In fact, all the lights, exterior, and interior are LED’s. There are door mounted mirrors and hood-mounted mirrors carefully lined up to create only one point of wind resistance. You can even get them heated if you like. The hood release is in the front – like an old vehicle hood latch. Most of the time, it seems that trucks are just functional, but nowadays, new trucks are designed by a talented team that focuses on every aspect of over the road. After admiring the new Anthem truck, media members were assigned to the fleet, which also included the Pinnacle and Granite. The pre-planned route was simple and was going to take us through various road and driving conditions, the best way to test the trucks. We rolled out of Allenton, PA, one after one, an armada of awesomeness, with occupants of media, CDL drivers, Mack developers and designers, and product managers. The route was going to end in Atlanta, but I was the only driver who was going to end my journey in Greensboro, North Carolina, a 500 mile drive to really test the truck. Like the outside, Anthem’s interior is also bold, reflecting the same lines and design as the exterior. There is no disconnect here at all, as all aspects of the Anthem blend together nicely like a jigsaw puzzle. The dash is an ergonomic wrap with lots of switches and gauges to keep you busy. The driver display can be modified with the press of a button on one of the two moose-antler stalks popping out of either side of the steering column. There’s a 5-inch driver display in the dash and an optional 7-inch infotainment screen that can provide you with TomTom Navigation for trucks and satellite radio or other features. The steering wheel has a flat bottom – an industry first – designed to 40


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allow for easier entry and exit. The front gUVHI nINd Aw jWdI hY[ ies dy slIpr ivMfoz slIpr kMtrol pYnl, rOSnI, lckdwr windshield is available as either a onevrkspys Aqy AweIfl PRI pwvr ny Gr qoN dUr vI KuS Aqy ruJyvyN BirAw smW bxweI piece or two-piece design, whichever you r`iKAw[ prefer. The cabinets are really strong and hu`f dy hyTW ipAw hY tr`k dw idl[ AYm pI 7 jW 8 ieMjx dI qwkq 505 AYc pI sturdy. Anthem-exclusive seats developed q`k hY[ Aqy ieh hY vI v`K v`K qrHW ‘c imlx vwLw AwtomYitk mYnUAl 12- spIf by Sears Seating give a choice of 30 AYm fRweIv tRWsimSn[ ies dy AwpSn vI loV Anuswr AYc fI Aqy trbo kMpwaUNifMg feature and function combinations. The AYplIkySn dy hn[ ifsk jW frMm bRykW dI cox dI shUlq vI hY[ bYnifks ivMgmYn dash display features analog and digital iPaUzn isstm ( siQrqw kMtrol, AnukUl krUz kMtrol, lyn bdlI cyqwvnI) AYNQm nUM displays, and gauges on the instrument imAwrI bxwauNdI hY[ 70 ieMc slIpr dy nwl 3 PI sdI qyl dI b`cq huMdI hY[ pr idn panel have been positioned higher for smyN ies b`cq dw Anumwn fyF PI sdI lwieAw igAw hY[ better driver visibility. The truck’s heating, A`j k`lH AwtomYitk sYktr ‘c ieh Awm hY ik kunYktf vhIklW hI hox[ mYk ventilation and air conditioning controls vwiLAW ny vI ies nvIN qknIk nUM gLy lwieAw hY[ ies qknIk nwL swrw fYtw and the automatic transmission’s shift pad have been relocated closer to the driver. The Anthem cab will offer three variations: a day cab, a 48-inch flat-top sleeper, and a 70-inch stand-up sleeper. All of them will be available with a roof fairing. The 70-inch model offers a 35% gain in interior volume versus previous models and allows room for drivers more than 6 feet tall to stand straight up behind the front seat. Behind the Wheel There was no doubt that the drive was going to be a great experience. It was nice to have the opportunity to test drive not only the new Anthem, but a variety of other configurations during our 500 mile stretch to Greensboro, NC. My first truck to drive was the Mack Anthem with a dry van load of 77K gross. Our co-pilot, Mack Powertrain Marketing Manager Stu Russoli, explained in detail about the various functions of the truck and we had the chance to discuss the various Mack MP engines, which we’ll talk about later. After some time, it was time to switch to a different Mack Anthem configuration, where we experienced the bunk bed. It really is very comfortable that anyone could fall into a deep sleep in about 5 minutes. The sleeper windows, sleeper control panel, lighting, flexible workspace and Idle-free power Email: or call us at: (360)332-1444 - x 939 keeps the occupant happy and productive while away from home. Under the hood lies the heart of the truck. An MP 7 or

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8 engine with horsepower ranging up to 505 hp and the automated manual 12-speed mDrive transmission comes in a variety of configurations, including an HD or turbo compounding option, depending on the application. There is the option of disc or drum brakes. The Bendix Wingman Fusion system comes standard with the Anthem (stability control, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning). Fuel economy is projected to be a 3 percent improvement with the 70-inch sleeper, 1.5 percent improvement with the day cab. As with the automotive sector, connected vehicles are the norm these days, and the Mack family of trucks has embraced the technology that puts data at your fingertips and keeps your truck on the road. More than 60,000 Mack trucks are currently equipped



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8/445 AYc pI, 1860 AYl bI PIt tork nwL 53 ieMc dI vYn iK`cI[ ieh swrw Bwr qkrIbn 77,500 sI[ iekOnmI mof ‘c vI phwVIAW cVHn ‘c bhuqI muSikl nhIN AweI[ pr prPOrmYNs mof ‘c qyl qW zrUr QoVHw izAwdw l`gw pr smW bhuq vDIAw bIiqAw[ jdoN ieh 2018 dI pihlI iqmwhI ‘c auqpwdn SurU krygw qW AYNQm, AYksl-bYk ipnywkl nUM bdl

with Guard Dog Connect, which now offers Mack Over the Air remote updates, updated software for powertrain components and revised vehicle parameters for duty cycle optimization. The route we took provided ample opportunity to test the comfort and power of the truck. We can say that ride quality is quite good, much improved, thanks to new technology, materials, and advancements in the body, engine, transmission and suspension. Our first pit stop was in Hagerstown, MD. At this location, Raman was supposed to start driving with a tanker, but was not able to because I didn’t have a tanker endorsement. Regardless, we enjoyed riding with one of veteran workers and a driver of the plant itself. We took advantage of Rama not driving and examined the front dash. We took a good look at Digital-Analog gauges and the Mack Co-Pilot 5” full-color display, which provides enhanced visibility and simpler navigation without any distractions. The next pit-stop came and we eyed the gravel truck, but unfortunately got assigned to a different Anthem. At this point, our co-driver was Jonathan Randall, Senior Vice President of sales for Greensboro, NC. As Rama started driving to our next destination, we turned on our CB radio to channel 19, the commonly used frequency by the trucking community. We heard various comments from four-wheelers truck drivers talking about the new Mack Trucks that they saw over roads, which was our armada! By the time we pulled into the Love’s Truck Stop in Raphine, VA, we were ready to stretch our legs and grab a quick lunch as the Mack trucks were stormed by drivers eager to get a closer look at them. Each one was somebody’s favorite. From the head-turning lead truck, “Black Dog,” to the 48-inch flattop sleeper pulling a flatbed, all 10 were different, a real mix and matchup. We spent the rest of the afternoon riding and driving in the Anthem, pulling a 53-inch van with a turbo compounding MP8/445hp, 1860 lb-ft torque. We were grossing around 77,500. In economy mode, we didn’t set the world on fire going up the hills, but in performance mode, we made better time on the hills while sacrificing a little bit of fuel economy. The Anthem will replace the axle-back Pinnacle when it begins production in the first quarter of 2018. Order books are open now, and the first day saw a record number of orders and inquiries on the books. This truck is intended to help Mack increase their Class 8 market share.

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Eaton Endurant Transmission Now Available in Peterbilt 579 and 567 Models


oday Peterbilt announced the availability of the new 12-speed Eaton Endurant™ transmission in Models 579 and 567. Available exclusively with the Cummins X15 Efficiency series engine in ratings up to 510-hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque, the Endurant will service vehicles in regional and linehual applications up to 110,000 lbs. GVW. The Endurant transmission comes standard with the PACCAR column mounted shifter allowing drivers ultimate control of the transmission’s engine brake and gear selection in a new convenient and ergonomic location. A cooler-free precision lubrication system, encapsulated sensors and wiring, and standard 8-bolt PTO opening location, and a 750,000-mile lube change interval are among some of the key features. The Endurant also offers a 5-year / 750,000 mile warranty, and a 3-year/350,000-mile clutch warranty. “The Endurant transmission was optimized for the Cummins X15 engine and gives our customers another powertrain option,” said

Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt Chief Engineer. “Endurant has a wide range of benefits including its light weight design and longer service i n t e r v a l s . Its integration with the column mounted shifter will make it a top choice for both fleet and owner operator customers.” Peterbilt Motors Company, located in Denton, Texas, has a global reputation for superior quality, industry leading design, innovative engineering and fuel efficient solutions, and is recognized as the “Class” of the industry. Peterbilt provides a comprehensive array of aftermarket support programs through its 350-plus North American dealer locations that complement its full lineup of on-highway, vocational and medium duty products, including alternative fuel vehicles. Peterbilt offers industry leading service and support, including SmartLINQ connected truck technologies, expedited Rapid Check diagnostic services, the Red Oval certified used truck program, automated parts inventory replenishment and 24/7 complimentary Customer Assistance through 1-800-4-Peterbilt.

FlowBelow Introduces Aerodynamic wheel Covers for Trailers


lowBelow introduced its first aerodynamic wheel cover and fairing kit for trailers. The Trailer AeroSlider System mounts to the sliding trailer suspension and travels with the suspension. It includes FlowBelow’s quick release wheel covers, as well as a fairing between the trailer wheels and aerodynamic mudflaps. The system combines to offer fuel savings of about 1.2%, FlowBelow chief executive officer Josh Butler said during a press conference at the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition. “We believe that we have found the most practical way to address the aerodynamics of the trailer tandem without sacrificing durability or accessibility,” said Butler. “Our plan to bring this patented technology to the market at large 44


is to focus primarily on working directly with leading trailer OEMs and suspension suppliers to make this system effectively part of the trailer.” FlowBelow is already working on a second stage AeroSlider that will be introduced next year and will offer more than 2% in fuel savings, Butler said. The company plans to roll out its new AeroSlider System through trailer OEMs and suspension manufacturers. The company also announced an increased aftermarket presence, through a network of dealers. Dubbed the Elite Dealer Program, FlowBelow plans to offer its products with all features and available options for new or used trucks, as well as those already in service. Customers will be able to order the system through their existing truck dealers who are participating in the program.


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25619 Pacific Hwy S, Des Moines, WA 98198 NOVEMBER - DECEMber 2017






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USA Nov-Dec 2017  
USA Nov-Dec 2017