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Keeping your truck/trailer cool during the hot summers grmIAW ‘c Awpxy tr`k Aqy tRylr nMU ikvyN TMFw r`KIey

Why Life Insurance is Not Optional in Trucking tr`ikMg ‘c jIvn bImw AwpSnl ikEN nhIN hY?

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Hours of Service restart rollback Bendix recalls nearly 195,000 trailer spring brake valves Seven Sentenced in Cargo Theft Idling law in effect in Houston; San Antonio proposes five-minute limit American Truck Dealers call on politicians to freeze Federal Excise Tax on HD Trucks DAT Solutions: Spot rates rise Navistar to upfit GM Cutaway Trucks Special Edition Model 567 Heritage Pays Tribute To Peterbilt’s Roots With Exclusive Features, Exceptional Performace

44 20 JULY / AUGUST 2016



Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI


Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal

Don’t Lose Your Head In a Difficult Situation…

musIbq smyN vI Awpxy idmwg nUM SWq r`K… o …


hen I was a teen, my mom said the above lines to me and initially, the words were difficult to completely understand; until, she explained them to me in simple terms. She said that our brain controls our body and our actions, and this is the only part of our body that thinks. During a difficult time, we invest even more concentration to get out of the situation, and if you get upset, your brain can’t think properly and can’t give you the right decision. Rather, with an upset mind, most people make a wrong decision, which usually only makes the situation worse. Since the day my mom explained this to me, I’ve kept that principle in mind and whenever I get into such a situation, the first thing I say to myself is, “Keep yourself calm and don’t lose your head;” so far, have been able to successfully get out of these situations. In our industry, we spend most of the time on the road, usually under pressure to reach our destinations on time. At the same time, we have to deal many ignorant moves by other drivers that drive us crazy. We may also have issues with our dispatchers, shippers, or receivers. But remember that if there is a problem, there is also a solution and our priority should be to keep our head calm and find the right solution to solve the problem. There is a problem of undercutting of prices and although this is an issue in almost every industry, it is very prevalent in trucking. Let’s do the math? You can work 8 hours for $20/hr or work 20 hours for $8/hr. You need money to pay the bills but at the same time, you need quality time for yourself and your family. The choice is yours. As always, I wish you good luck and say, “God always bless Truckers.”

iksy smyN ieh lweInW mYNnUM myrI mW ny khIAW sn, audoN mYN cVHdI aumr ‘c sW[ mYN Swied ieh smJ nw pwauNdw jy auh mYnUM ivsQwr nwl nw d`sdI[ ausny smJwieAw ik g`l bVI is`DI hY, idmwg swfy srIr Aqy swfy AYkSnW nUM kMtrol krdw hY[ isrP ieh hI srIr dw ie`ko ie`k AMg hY jo socdw hY[ AOKy smyN qW sgoN swnUM ijAwdw socx Aqy iDAwn nUM kyNdirq krn dI loV huMdI hY, qW jo musIbq dw h`l k`iFAw jw sky[ ies leI idwmwg dW SWq rihxw bhuq jrUrI hY[jykr AsIN idmwg hI A`psY`t kr ilAw qW ho skdw hY ik AsIN shI nW soc skIey Aqy TIk PYslw lYx dI QW koeI hor glq PYslw lY leIey Aqy musIbq coN inklx dI bjwie ies iv`c hor burI qrW nwl Ps jweIey[ mYnUM g`l smJ Aw geI sI, A`j vI jd mYN iksy musIbq ‘c huMdw hY qW sB qoN pihlW Awpxy Awp nUM iehI kihMdw hW “Swq ho jw, Awpxy idmwg nUM TIk r`K” qy r`b dI ikRpw nwl mYN musIbq dw h`l l`B lYNdw hW[ swfI ies tr`ikMg ieMfstrI iv`c AsIN bhuqw smW rof au~pr guzwrdy hW, swfy idmwg qy mMizl qy smy isr phuMcx dw Bwr vI huMdw hY[ ies dy nwl nwl swfw vwh rof qy c`l rhy ku`J mUrK frwievrW nwl vI pYNdw hY jo AwpxIAW hrkqW nwl swnUM gu`sw vI cVHwaNdy hn[ swfw Awpxy ifspYcr jW iSpr rsIvr nwl vI keI vwr iksy g`loN pycw pY jWdw hY[ ies sB kwsy iv`c ie`k g`l dw iKAwl jrUr r`Ko ik jykr koeI muSikl hY qW ausdw h`l vI hY, bs hr musIbq ‘c idmwg nUM itkwxy r`K ky ies dw h`l k`Fx dI koisS kro[ ie`k hor ivSw hY ryt AMfrkitMg dw[ ieh sm`isAw BwvyN hr kwrobwr dI hY pr tr`ikMg iv`c ieh ku`J ijAwdw hI hY[ kI quhwnMU ihswb AwauNdw hY? cwhy 8 GMty 20 fwlr pRqI GMtw jW 20 GMty 8 fwlr pRqI GMtw kMm kr lE[ quhwnMU ib`l pUry krn nUM pYsw cwhIdw hY pr iesdy nwl nwl Awpxy Awp Aqy pirvwr leI smW vI jrUrI hY, cox qusIN krnI hY[ hmySW dI qrHW mYN qW isrP iehI khWgW ik pRmwqmW tr`kW vwilAW dw Blw kry……

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Keeping your truck/trailer cool during the hot summers.


t’s a fact, in summer we get some pretty significantly a cooling effect but really it didn’t do a whole lot. Today’s hot temperatures even if our cousins to the south think air conditioning is quite efficient at keeping the interior cab temperature at a comfortable level. And, it’s not just comfort, we live in igloos and shovel snow twelve months a but safety. Comfortable temperature can mean the difference year. Those hot temperatures can play havoc with between driving tired and driving alert. truck, trailer and driver. For the driver, air conditioning in the cab is not Maintaining the air conditioning system at top working level just a creature comfort add on, but virtually a necessity even is therefore a matter of safety. Drivers are having less and less time available to make decisions based on their own though those politicians who work for us think well being due to the regulatory interference, so it’s a extravagance to be taxed. I don’t see one of making them as comfortable for as long as possible them without an air conditioned office nor their air conditioned limo but that’s a whole different story. is truly a matter of good corporate governance. In the old days, we had 2/60 air conditioning, you Now keeping the power unit running efficiently is even more important to maintaining the service opened two windows, and drove sixty miles an hour. level customers expect. Keeping the engine Oh yes, there also was this flip up vent on the hood running at the proper temperature, especially of the tractor that when opened fed outside air into during the wild swings in ambient temperatures in the cab but again, you had to be travelling at speed in order to feel the effects. It didn’t do much to cool this country, is beyond a challenge. Fortunately, with today’s anti-freeze the challenge becomes the body down. It was only cooling for the driver in G. Ray Gompf considerably less. Yes, anti-freeze has value in the respect that hot air moving quickly could have 8


Keeping your truck/trailer cool during the hot summers

grmIAW ‘c Awpxy tr`k Aqy tRylr nMU ikvyN TMFw r`KIey ieh scweI hY ik grmIAW ‘c swfy ie`Qy qwpmwn kwPI vD jWdw hY BwvyN ik d`Kx vwLy pwsy rihMdy swfy kzn ieh socdy hn ik AsIN ieglUAW ‘c rihMdy hW Aqy swnMU swl dy 12 mhIny hI snoA htwauxI pYNdI hY[ ieh grm qwpmwn tr`k, tRylr Aqy frweIvr ‘qy kwPI Asr pw skdy hn[ kYb ‘c eyAr kMfISn isrP frweIvr nMU Awrwmdwiek r`Kx leI hI nhIN, sgoN ieh bhuq hI jrUrI hY[ pr swfy leI kMm krn vwLy rwjnIqk ieh socdy hn ik ieh ie`k lgzrI hY Aqy ies ‘qy tYks l`gxw cwhIdw hY[ mYN ieho ijhw koeI vI nyqw nhIN vyiKAw ijs dw dPqr jW ilMmo eyAr kMfISn qoN vgYr hovy, pr ieh ie`k v`KrI hI khwxI hY[ purwxy smyN swfy eyAr kMfISn 2/60 huMdy sn, Bwv ik dovyNo SISy KolH ky 60 mIl pRqI GMty dI rPqwr nwL g`fI clweI jWdI sI[ tr`k dy hu`f ‘qy vI ie`k Pil`p A`p vYNt huMdw sI ijs nMU KolHx nwL kYb ‘c bwhrI hvw Awaux l`g pYNdI sI, pr quhwfI rPqwr ieMnI hoxI cwhIdI sI ik bwhrI hvw Awrwm nwL AMdr Aw sky[ ies qrHW krn nwL quhwnMU koeI Kws TMFk nhIN phuMcdI sI[ ieh isrP grm hvw nMU qyzI nwL AMdr hI phuMcwdI sI Aqy frweIvr nMU QoVHI rwhq imLdI sI pr ies nwL koeI Kws Prk nhIN pYNdw sI[ A`j dy eyA r kMfISn kwPI vDIAw hn Aqy1 kYb2/4/16 nMU TMFw2:05 r`KPM x leI HowesDesiTruckingHalfPage_S16.pdf bhuq kuSlqw nwL kMm krdy hn[ Aqy ieh isrP Awrwm leI hI

nhIN sgoN sur`iKAw dw kMm vI krdy hn[ Awrwmdwiek kYb hMB ky fRweIv krn dI bjwey cusq fRweIv krn ‘c shweI huMdw hY[ ies leI eyAr kMfISinMg isstm nUM cotI ‘qy kMm kridAW r`Kxw sur`iKAw dw hI mwmlw hY[ fRweIvrW koL ApxI BlweI leI PYsly lYx leI smW bhuq Gtdw jw irhw hY[ kwrn hY rYgUlytrI isstm dI dKlAMdwzI dw[ies leI aunHW nUM sMBv FMg nwl Arwmdyh bxwauxw cMgy kwrporyt isstm dw hI shI kwrj hY[ hux pwvr XUint nUM vDIAw FMg nwL cldw r`Kx nwL hI gwhkW dy aus srivs lYvl nUM kwiem r`iKAw jw skdw hY ijs dI auh Aws krdy hn[ ieMjx nUM TIk qwpmwn ‘qy cldw r`Kxw, Kws krky audoN jdoN Aws pws dw qwpmwn bhuq izAwdw hovy, ie`k vMgwr qoN G`t nhIN[ieh cMgI g`l hY ik A`j dy AYNtI PRIz kwrn ies vMgwr dw bhuqw Kqrw nhIN[ieh vI TIk hY ik AYNtI PRIz kwrn grm qwpmwn qoN bicAw jw skdw hY[ hux AYNtI PRIz v`l iDAwn idE[ ies nUM aus jgHw cldw nw rihx idE ij`Qy ik ies q`k jwnvr phuMc skdy hox[aunHW nUM ieh im`Tw lgdw hY[AYnH aus qrHW ijs qrHW swnUM kYNfIAW hn[pr ieh hY ie`k ^qrnwk zihr[ieh keI v`fy Aqy Coty jwnvrW nUM mwr skdw hYY Aqy ies ny mwry vI hn[ies leI sdw hI nw vrqI hoeI AYNtI PRIz nUM TIk FMg nwL r`Ko Aqy ieh XkInI bxwE ik ies nUM pUrI qrHW sWB

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Keeping your truck/trailer cool during the hot summers keeping the hot temperatures at bay, too. Note here about anti-freeze. Do not leave it laying around where animals have access to it. Anti-freeze tastes sweet to them, like candy to us, and is deadly poison. It can and has killed creatures large and small. So, always store unused antifreeze properly making sure it’s tightly contained. And don’t flush used anti-freeze down the drain. Dispose of it properly as the hazardous material it is. Getting back to the cooling system of the power unit of the truck. Make sure the radiator cap is working maintaining the pressure required by your system. If it isn’t, replace it. Make sure all the hose connections are not leaking, that flexible parts are not worn, cracked or in danger of failure in the immediate future. Check the radiator for stone chips where leaks could become an issue. Periodically, wash those bugs out of the radiator making sure as much air passes through the radiator as possible. If you use a bug screen in front of the radiator, clean it often. Remember that while the average automobile is travelling 20,000 kilometres a year where it can get away with these coolant checks twice a year, your truck is travelling ten times that and requires coolant system checks ten times as often, too. Which when you think about it, requires you to do these maintenance issues every two weeks or less. Now, unlike car drivers, you inspect your vehicle daily so doing regular checks on the coolant system shouldn’t be a big issue. Another big item on the check list when running in hot temperature summers is brakes. Make sure the brakes are clean and can keep as cool as required under operation. You don’t want to experience brake fade at critical moments. Even more you don’t want to experience a complete failure of the braking system due to overheating. How many times have you witnessed a truck descending a major down grade and the trailer brakes are smoking and then the drive wheel brakes start smoking and the truck isn’t slowing down. There are several things at play here. First a vehicle that may not be as well maintained as it should be. Secondly, the driver’s experience level might be called into question. Those long grades are common in the western part of the continent but let me assure you they aren’t all that rare in the east. Fancy Gap and Mont Eagle quickly come to mind. Throughout Pennsylvania there are many. Northern Ontario, particularly Highway 17 along the Lake Superior shore offer some genuine challenges. At this point the driver is faced with some critical decisions. On many of these high risk grades there is a “run-away” ramp, that will bring the truck to a grinding halt but it will tear the truck up a bit. These run-away truck ramps are so constructed the runaway vehicle sinks further and further into a sand and gravel mix and will stop without a doubt. These run-away ramps are 10

ky r`iKAw hoieAw hY[ieh vI Xwd r`Kxw ik vrqI hoeI AYNtI PRIz nUM fRyn ‘c nhIN su`txw[^qrnwk pdwrQ hox kwrn ies nUM TIk d`sy hoey FMg nwL hI su`to[ AwE muV tr`k dy pwvr XUint dy kUilMg isstm dI g`l krIey[ieh XkInI bxwE ik ryfIetr kYp quhwfy isstm leI loVINdy pRYSr nUM kwbU r`Kx leI kMm kr rhI hY[jy ieh nhIN krdI qw ies nuM bdl idE[ieh vI XkInI bxwE ik swry hoz kunYkSn lIk qW nhIN krdy, PlYkIsbl ih`sy Krwb jW tu`ty qW nhIN, jW auh CyqI Krwb hox vwLy qW nhIN[ ston icp leI ryfIeytr nUM cY`k kro ikauN ik lIk hox kwrn sm`isAw ho skdI hY[kdy kdy ryfIetyr dy b`gW nUM swP kr lE[ ieh XkInI bxwE ik aunHW ‘coN v`D qoN v`D hvw jw sky[ jy qusIN ryfIeytr A`gy b`g skrIn dI vrqoN krdy ho qW ies nUM swP krdy rihxw cwhIdw hY qW ik ryfIeytr ‘coN v`D qoN v`D hvw lMG sky[Xwd r`Ko ik jy Awm AwtomobweIl swl dw 20,000 iklomItr sPr krdw hY ij`Qy ieh kUlYNt nUM ies smyN ‘c do vwr cY`k krky sr skdw hYY, au`Qy quhwfw tr`k ies nwLoN 10 guxW v`D sPr krdw hY ies leI ies dI cYikMg vI ieMnI v`D hoxI cwhIdI hY[ ies leI hr do hPiqAW jW ies qoN G`t smyN ies dI myntInYNs kro[qusIN kwr frweIvrW qoN ault kUlYNt isstm nUM hr roz cY`k krdy ho ies leI ieh koeI v`fI sm`isAw nhIN hoxI cwhIdI[ cY`k krn vwLI ie`k hor cIz hY ik jdoN grmIAW ‘c vDyry qwpmwn ‘qy jWdy hovo auh hn bRykW[ieh insicq kr lE ik bRykW swP hn Aqy loV Anuswr clweI smyN TIk TMFIAW hn[qusIN ieh hrigz nhIN cwhogy ik bRykW loVINdy smyN kMm nw krn[nw hI qusIN ieh cwhogy ik bRykW vDyry grm hox krky kMm krnoN hI ht jwx[ qusIN ikMnI ku vwr ieh vyiKAw hY ik jdoN tr`k bhuq auqrweI ‘c jw irhw hovy Aqy trylr bRykW ‘coN DUMAW inkl irhw hovy Aqy bwAd ‘c fRweIv vILH bRykW ‘coN vI DUMAW inklx l`g pvy Aqy tr`k ruky hI nw[ies smyN keI g`lW kwrn bx skdIAW hn[pihlI g`l qW ieh ik vhIkl dI au`nI sMBwl nw kIqI hovy ijMnI ik cwhIdI sI[dUjI ieh ik fRweIvr dw qzrbw hI ieMnw nw hovy[ v`fIAW cVHweIAW p`CmI pwsy qW Awm hI hn pr mYN quhwnUM ieh vI d`sxw cwhuMdw hW ik pUrb v`l dy pwsy vI ieh G`t nhIN[ieh d`sdy hoey PYNsI gYp Aqy mONt eIgl ie`k dm idmwg ‘c Aw jWdIAW hn[swry pYnislvYnIAW ‘c qW ieh bhuq hn[au`qrI EntwrIE ‘c ^ws krky hweIvyA 17 ‘qy lyk supIrIAr nwL bhuq swry gMBIr ^qirAW dw swhmxw krnw pYNdw hY[ ies qrHW dy mOky keI vwr fRweIvr nUM keI AnoKy PYsly lYxy pYNdy hn[ies qrHW dy smyN keI vwr ‘rMn AvyA’ rYNp huMdy hn[ies dI vrqoN krn nwL tr`k iblku`l KVH jWdw hY[pr ies nwL tr`k dw ku`J nukswn vI ho jWdw hY[ieh rMn AvyA tr`k rYNpW dI bxwvt ies qrHW dI huMdI hY ik rMn AvyA vhIkl ryq Aqy gRYvl ‘c D`sdI jWdI hY Aqy ibnw S`k ieh KVH zrUr jWdI hY[ieh rMn AvyA rYNp aunHW fRweIvrW leI cMgy hn ijnHW ny ieh bdl Apxwaux dw PYslw kr ilAw hY[ ikauN ik g`l qW ieh hY ik tr`k iblku`l TIk Twk Aqy is`Dw rhygw[pr clweI QOVHI AOKI ho skdI JULY / AUGUST 2016



Keeping your truck/trailer cool during the hot summers not harmless to the vehicle whose driver has made the decision to use such an option. The theory is the truck will remain true and upright and just gradually come to a safe stop -- although the ride may be a little rough. The truth is the truck may veer wildly out of control, even upset. It’s not an option you want to use without good cause. The best option is during your daily vehicle inspection to take care of any brake issues apparent, and learn a good technique for descending a grade. During your daily inspection, ensure that all lubrication points are properly greased or oiled. When you’re connecting to a trailer, make sure the fifth wheel plate has sufficient lubrication to effect a smooth connection, especially in warm weather. Even run a greased finger across the rubber connectors on the glad hands as you connect them. It helps them from drying out when the temperatures go into the stratosphere. AND, most importantly, keep your tires properly inflated at the recommended pressure to keep tires as cool as possible and maintaining proper adhesion to the road. Now, we come to the trailer with respect to keeping things cool and efficient. Other than reefers, there’s not a lot you can do, except that to do with brakes and tires. So make sure everything within your control is done to the best of your ability. When it comes to reefers, the same checks also need to be made as you would for the engine of the truck and the cooling system. Presumably, the reefer is maintained well by the company but it is the driver’s responsibility to get his freight delivered properly without damage, so it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the reefer is going to do it’s job for the duration of the trip. To do anything less is failing to do your job as a driver. Enjoy the warm weather, because too soon we will be back to snow and ice and a whole different set of checks and balances about which to think.

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Hours of Service restart rollback It means, no 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. requirements and no weekly limit to the restart’s use.


estrictions by the Hours of Service regulation will again be modified because the U.S. House Appropriations Committee released Tuesday, May 17, the text of a 2017 fiscal year DOT funding bill. The bill would make permanent 2014’s “restart rollback” reverting hours-of-service rules for truckers to those in effect in December 2011, meaning no 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. requirements and no weekly limit to the restart’s use. The new regulation does not tie the changes to the 34-hour restart study currently being conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a departure from trucking-specific provisions cleared by Congress in recent years. It is also a departure from the plan floated in the Senate’s DOT funding bill, which ties the future of hours of service rules to the FMCSA study’s conclusions and could set a new 73-hour a week cap on truckers’ hours-of-service limits. Are you confused yet? The House bill would simply reinstate the 34-hour restart regulations in effect on December 26, 2011, effectively nullifying the results of agency’s study and its conclusions. (The 30-minute break, however, would remain a requirement in the regs.) The bill is set to be considered in a House subcommittee today, May 18. The bill also halts FMCSA’s work on its January-proposed Safety Fitness Determination rule until the reforms called for in 2015’s FAST Act highway bill are implemented. Major trucking 12

groups and some lawmakers have taken issue in recent months with the agency’s reliance on some of the architecture of the CSA Safety Measurement System. Congress directed FMCSA to pull the SMS BASIC percentile rankings and alerts from public view and to not use them in any fashion to rate carriers until it develops and implements reforms to the system. The agency proceeded with its SFD rule regardless, arguing it didn’t violate FAST Act provisions. The Senate version does not include a measure related to the Safety Fitness Determination rule. That version of the funding bill has already cleared committee and has been brought to the Senate floor for a vote — no vote has yet been held, and little debate has taken place. The House version may present a clearer, less controversial path for hours of service. The Senate plan prompted disgust from nearly all sides when it came to light last month. Safety groups and trucking groups have both taken issue with the HOS changes, with some arguing the measures are too confusing of a change and others arguing the new rules are too generous to the trucking industry. President Obama this week also threatened to veto the legislation, partially citing its opposition to the hours of service changes as reason why. As the House legislation is fresh, the president has not yet released a policy statement on the bill. JULY / AUGUST 2016

877-961-4425 4000 W

S 5600 W

Utility 2100 S Freeway

XUitltI tRyLr XUtw- syL, srivs, pwrts Aqy rYNtl

Utility Trailer Sales of UTAH

Sales, Service, Parts & Rentals 2009 UTILITY BRAND NEW THERMO KING C-600 REEFER UNIT! •Stainless Steel Corner Radius •Heavy Duty Duct Floor •CorrugatedSide Skins •Air Ride Tandem Slider Suspension •Air Operated Pin Puller

4970 West 2100 South Salt Lake City, UT 84120

Stk# 45603 - $45,900

2009 UTILITY INSTALLING BRAND NEW THERMO KING C-600 REEFER UNIT •Stainless Steel Corner Radius •Heavy Duty Duct Floor •CorrugatedSide Skins •Air Ride Tandem Slider Suspension •Air Operated Pin Puller Stk# 45604 - $45,900

2010 WABASH THERMO KING SB-210+ ETV (Qty 14+), Air Ride, Heavy Duty Duct Floor, Aluminum Outside, 50 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, Reefer Chute and Bulkhead Installed, SS Rear Doors Stk# ENG10W - $26,9002016 JULY / AUGUST

2011 WABASH THERMO KING SB-210+ ETV (Qty 9+), Air Ride Tandem Slider Suspension, Air Operated Pin Puller for Slider, Aerodynamic Side Skirts, Outside Aluminum 22.5" Wheels, Heavy Duty Aluminum Duct Floor, 50 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, Reefer Chute, and Bulkhead Installed, Stk# ENG11W- $30,400

2010 WABASH INSTALLING BRAND NEW THERMO KING C-600 REEFER UNIT •Air Ride Tandem Slider Suspension •Outside Aluminum 22.5 Wheels •SS Rear Doors •Stainless Steel Vertical and Horizontal Dock Bumper •Permit Holder Box on Front Driver Side •Heavy Duty Aluminum Duct Floor •Corrugated Aluminum Side Skins •50 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, Reefer Chute and Bulkhead Installed Stk# 45367 - $46,900

2012 WABASH THERMO KING SB-230 ETV (Qty 51+), Air Ride Tandem Slider Suspension, Air Operated Pin Puller for Slider, Aerodynamic Side Skirts, Outside Aluminum 22.5" Wheels, Stainless Steel Rear Doors, Permit Holder Box on Front Driver Side, •Heavy Duty 13 Aluminum Duct Floor, 50 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, – STK # ENG12W – $35,900

Why Life Insurance is not Optional in Trucking

Why Life Insurance is Not Optional in Trucking

- Pash Brar B.A.

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ecently, I lost a client and friend. He was only four days past his 30th birthday. He is survived by a wife aged 27, and three children aged 5, 3 and 2.5 months old at the time of his death. His truck, trailer and load of lumber went over an embankment and he was killed instantly. Unfortunately at the time of his death, he had no life insurance in place. At the time of a tragedy such as this, the last thing a grieving family should have to worry about is money. With no life insurance in place, lack of money added more stress to an already awful situation. The fleet of the driver provided the family with a cheque on the day of the death, which was used as a down payment for the funeral home. I had no idea that funeral homes want money up front. I also had no idea that the funeral home would ask for the rest of the money immediately following the funeral and cremation. The family did not have the rest of the money. A lot of truck drivers have or are required to have Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) insurance, depending on where you live. Provinces and states use this to compensate for work place injuries, and also take preventative measures to ensure worker safety. In the case of my friend who passed, he had WCB. WCB is supposedly who pays for the funeral of someone who dies while on the job in the province in which this accident occurred. The family thought their money woes were over. However, not a dime has been paid. Toxicology tests and investigations are still currently being done, and zero has been paid. This insurance proved inadequate in this situation. Another insurance in place for my friend was his fleet insurance. Nothing has been paid on that side either for the loss of life. The family was told it can take years before any money is received, if at all. If life insurance was in place, the money - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA. 14

hwl ‘c hI myrw ie`k klwieMt Aqy dosq r`b nMU ipAwrw ho igAw[ ausdw 30vW jnm idn isrP cwr idn pihlW hI lMiGAw sI[ auh Awpxy ip`Cy 27 swlw AwpxI pqnI Aqy iqMn b`cy C`f igAw hY ijHnW dI aumr ausdI mOq smyN kyvl 5 swl, 3 swl Aqy 2.5 mhIny hI sI[ ausdw tr`k, tRylr Aqy lMbr dw lof ie`k iFg qoN ifgx bwAd mOky ‘qy hI ausdI mOq ho geI[ bdiksmqI nwL ausdI mOq smyN aus koL koeI vI jIvn bImw pwilsI nhIN sI[ ies qrHW dy du`K dy mOky smyN sog mnw rhy pRIvwr nMU G`to G`t pYsy dI koeI icMqw nhIN hoxI cwhIdI[ jIvn bImw nw hox krky pYsy dI Gwt ny pihlW hI bVy d`uK Bry smyN ‘coN guzr rhy pRIvwr dIAW muSiklW ‘c hor vI vwDw kr id`qw[ ausdy fRweIvr swQIAW ny pYsy iek`Ty krky aus rwSI dw cY`k ausdI mOq dy idn pRIvwr nMU id`qw ijs nMU ausdy AMiqm sMskwr leI fwaUn pyAmYNt vjoN vriqAw igAw[ mYnMU ies g`l dw koeI igAwn nhIN sI ik iPaUnrl hom vwLy pYsy AfvWs ‘c mMgdy hn[ Aqy nw hI ies g`l dI koeI jwxkwrI sI ik bwkI rihMdI rkm vI auh AMiqm rsmW Aqy sskwr hox qoN qurMq bwAd hI lYx leI mMg krdy hn[ pRIvwr koL bkwieAw rihMdI rkm Adw krn leI koeI pYsw nhIN sI[ keI tr`k fRweIvrW ny jW qW vrkrz kMpYnsySn borf (WCB) bImw krvwieAw hoieAw hY jW aunHW nMU ieh krvwauxw jrUrI hY, quhwfI irhwieS ik`Qy hY ies g`l ‘qy ieh inrBr krdw hY[sUby Aqy pRWq ies pYsy nMU kMm vwLI QW ‘qy s`t l`gx vwiLAW nMu muAwvzy dy rUp ‘c idMdy hn Aqy iesdI vrqoN kwimAW dI sur`iKAw leI cu`kx vwLy kdmw ‘qy vI Krc kIqI jWdI hY[ myry dosq ijs dI mOq hoeI sI ausny WCB pwilsI leI hoeI sI[ jykr kMm krdy smyN iksy dI mOq ho jWdI hY qW drAsl aus sUby dI WCB ny AMiqm sMskwr leI rkm dw Bugqwn krnw huMdw hY [ pRIvwr ny soicAw ik Swied aunHW dI pYsy dI musIbq h`l ho jwvygI, pr Ajy q`k pRIvwr nMU ie`k Dylw vI nhIN imiLAw[ nSIly pdwrQW dy tYst Aqy CwxbIx c`l rhI hY pr Ajy q`k ie`k kOfI dw vI Bugqwn nhIN kIqw igAw[ies siQqI ‘c ieh ieMSorYNs iblku`l nwkwm swibq hoieAw hY[ myry dosq dw jo ie`k hor ieMSorYNs sI auh sI ausdw PlIt ieMSorYNs[izMdgI Kqm ho geI hY pr iPr vI aunHW vloN vI pYsy dw koeI Bugqwn nhIN kIqw igAw hY[pRIvwr nMU d`isAw igAw hY pYsy dw Bugqwn hox nUM swlW b`DI l`g skdy hn, jykr koeI pYsw imLxw vI hY qW[ jykr jIvn bImw krvwieAw huMdw Aqy ausdI pwilsI dw JULY / AUGUST 2016









Why Life Insurance is not Optional in Trucking could have been received within a few weeks if the policy was properly maintained. Now the family has to figure out how to support a young widow and her three children for what could be years before they receive any money, if they receive anything at all. A lawyer has to be hired, and the lawyer will take a substantial amount of any funds received. Again fleet insurance proved inadequate. If equipment is involved that is totalled or damaged in a death incident, leasing companies and banks can react in a negative manner. If a lease or loan was done improperly from the start, a possible loss could occur. Perhaps not enough down payment was taken, or the equipment is worth less than the value of the remaining lease or loan. If there is a loss, the leasing company or bank could possibly pursue the family for any losses even in

the instance of a death. Luckily in the case of my friend, I did his leases and there was an equity cheque which my company was able to pay to the widow. In this case, that cheque is what finally paid off the funeral over a month after the death. These are the only funds the family has received to date. When life insurance is applied for, life insurance companies ask questions about past family history, draw blood samples, and test urine. Once their evaluation is complete, and premiums are paid and kept current, you are insured. When looking at statistics for payout on life insurance, most of the major life insurance companies payout within a few weeks of the death claim, depending on the circumstances and no involvement of fraud. Life insurance companies do their research in advance, whereas in cases such as my friend, the fleet insurance provider and WCB are doing their research after the fact of death. In cases where insurers are looking at the case after death, if a flaw is found, then payment may not be made. Trucking is a dangerous job. Whether you are a self employed owner operator, owner of a trucking company, or company driver, you must look out for yourself and for your business. You must maintain adequate insurance coverage in cases of disability and in cases of death. No one will look after you or your family in the future but yourself. Can your family continue their lifestyle without you in their lives and the income you bring home? From my friend’s unexpected death we can 16

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New & Big Location in LATHROP

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YEAR’S 2005 - 2010





STOCKTON: 866-524-3758

2050 E. Louise Ave Lathrop,CA 95330 JULY / AUGUST 2016

SACRAMENTO: 877-556-8789

17 3600 W Capitol Ave West Sacramento,CA 95691

Why Life Insurance is not Optional in Trucking learn how important it is to be prepared for anything good or bad that may happen in our lives. We cannot predict the future, but we can plan for it and plan for our family’s future stability. I know a lot of trucking industry people may want insurance coverage and think they cannot afford it. It is more expensive for trucker’s to get insurance. With dangerous occupations, the coverage costs more. But there are affordable options within each person’s budget. Term insurance is more affordable. Permanent policies are what cost the most, and if you cannot afford a permanent policy, term or temporary insurance, can fill your needs in the meantime. Term policies can be for 10, 20 and 30 year terms and can be as low as $10-20 a month for $100,000 coverage if you are a non smoker. Seeing the family of my friend struggle each day is a very painful thing. I was devastated when I heard the news that he was gone. I still have the last text messages from him saved on my phone and his last emails. That’s all I have left and the laughs we shared. Now I wonder what will happen to his kids in the future. I wonder if his kids will be able to go to university one day and who will pay for it. I wonder if his kids will get married one day and who will pay for the wedding. I wonder why he didn’t have life insurance when he had three kids and a wife. These are questions no one can answer, but I hope we can all learn from his story. Life insurance when you’re in the trucking industry is just not something you should think about maybe getting one day. It’s something you need right now. If you don’t have coverage I hope you will consider getting some immediately.

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Bendix recalls nearly 195,000 trailer spring brake valves


endix Commercial Vehicle Systems notified the National Highway Traffic Administration on June 8 that it is recalling nearly 195,000 spring brake valves. According to NHTSA documents, if there is a delay of the spring brake application, the trailer may roll away after being decoupled. More specifically, SR-5 trailer spring brake valves manufactured Jan. 1, 2004, to March 4, 2016, are affected by the recall. Valves were improperly machined without a radius on the internal check valve seat, causing a delay of application of the spring brakes while parking. According to a NHTSA recall document, Bendix has not yet developed a remedy for the problem. Therefore, a notification schedule has not been submitted as of press time. The SR-5 valve is a reservoir-mounted trailer valve that can control four spring brake actuators during parking or emergency applications, a NHTSA safety recall report explains. A trailer will have an audible air leak from the dash mounted park control valve or red glad hand when it is disconnected, prior to decoupling when a slow-to-park situation occurs. This leakage will continue until the trailer reservoirs and spring brake chambers are depleted of air pressure.Truckers who have questions about this defect should contact Bendix at 877-3459526. NHTSA can also be contacted at 888-327-4236. Ask about NHTSA campaign number 16E-045. 18


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Seven Sentenced in Cargo Theft


ew Jersey Acting Attorney General Robert Lougy announced that seven men were sentenced June 10, 2016, to state prison and jail terms for conspiring in a $1.5 million series of thefts involving tractor-trailers loaded with cargo, including clothing, beauty products, auto parts and beer, which the defendants stole and fenced. The theft ring operated in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. A total of 12 men were charged in a June 4, 2015, indictment stemming from Operation Midnight Run, a long-term investigation by the New Jersey State Police Interstate Theft North Unit, the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Specialized Crimes Bureau and the United States Department of Homeland Security Border Enforcement Security Task Force. Nine defendants have pleaded guilty to date. Each of these men was sentenced last week by Superior Court Judge James J. Guida in Bergen County: Yoanny Justiz, 33, of North Bergen, N.J., was sentenced to nine years in state prison. He pleaded guilty on Feb. 29, 2016, to second-degree conspiracy. Luis Marin, 47, of Union City, N.J., was sentenced to nine years in state prison. He pleaded guilty on Feb. 29, 2016, to second-degree receiving stolen property. Horacio Llerena-Martinez, 55, of North Bergen, N.J., was sentenced to eight years in state prison. He pleaded guilty on Nov. 30, 2015, to second-degree conspiracy. Angel Dominguez, 44, of Union City, N.J., was sentenced to seven years in state prison. He pleaded guilty on Nov. 30, 2015, to seconddegree theft. Pedro Arias, 68, of Elizabeth, N.J., was sentenced to five years in state prison. He pleaded guilty on Jan. 25, 2016, to second-degree theft. Kenneth Manus, 61, of Norwood, N.J., was sentenced to 180 days in the county jail as a condition of three years of probation. He pleaded guilty on Nov. 30, 2015, to third-degree receiving stolen property. Hector Rivas, 38, of Union City, N.J., was sentenced to 270 days in the county jail as a condition of three years of probation. He pleaded guilty on Nov. 30, 2015, to third-degree receiving stolen property. The members of the cargo theft ring worked together in various combinations to steal tractor-trailers containing cargo from the tristate area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. They brought the stolen cargo to warehouses and lots in New Jersey, Brooklyn, N.Y., and the Bronx, N.Y. Between June 2012 and April 2015, ring members engaged in nine thefts and two purchases of additional stolen goods in which the total value of the cargo and tractor-trailers stolen exceeded $1.5 million. The stolen cargo included $120,000 worth of catalytic converters stolen in Linden, N.J., and recovered at a warehouse in Saddle Brook, N.J.; $190,000 worth of Moroccan oil hair and body products stolen in Allentown, Pa., and transported through New Jersey to a lot in the Bronx, N.Y.; and $152,000 worth of GNC fish oil capsules stolen in Paterson, N.J., and recovered at a furniture store in Hillside, N.J. “These thieves stole whatever cargo proved to be an easy mark, driving off with tractor-trailers loaded with everything from beer to mozzarella cheese to auto parts,” said Lougy. “Their crime spree was a real road show, but our prosecutors joined with the New Jersey State Police and U.S. Department of Homeland Security to track them 20

across three states and bring them to justice.” “Organized criminal syndicates are drawn to cargo theft because of the huge illicit profits that can be generated,” said Director Elie Honig of the Division of Criminal Justice. “Working with the New Jersey State Police and our federal partners, we are aggressively investigating and prosecuting this underworld activity, which disrupts commerce, inflicts big financial losses and frequently finances other crimes.” “Truckloads of cargo have always been a lucrative target for organized criminal groups. Our Interstate Theft Unit, along with our partners in Operation Midnight Run, are glad to have taken this group off the road and recovered large quantities of stolen goods,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. “This case is an excellent example of how teamwork among state, local and federal agencies can disrupt these types of largescale criminal activities and ensure that those involved are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Special Agent in Charge Terence S. Opiola of ICE Homeland Security Investigations in Newark. Two other defendants have pleaded guilty in the case. Wilson Ferrer-Reyes, 51, of Union City, N.J., pleaded guilty on Jan. 4, 2016, to third-degree receiving stolen property and was sentenced on April 22, 2016, to 364 days in the county jail as a condition of three years of probation. Carlos Toriac-Almira, 36, of Union City, N.J., pleaded guilty on Jan. 25, 2016, to fourth-degree receiving stolen property and faces a recommended sentence of 18 months in state prison. He is scheduled for sentencing on September 9. One of the indicted defendants was admitted by the court into the Pre-Trial Intervention Program. The indictment is pending against the two remaining defendants, Osmay Perez-Herrera, 51, of New York, N.Y., and Luis Requena, 24, who was deported after his arrest in 2013. They face first-degree charges of conspiracy and money laundering, as well as second-degree charges of theft, fencing and receiving stolen property. The charges are merely accusations and JULY / AUGUST 2016

Desi News they are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Manus owned the warehouse on Midland Avenue in Saddle Brook where the Corning catalytic converters, stolen on June 20, 2012, were recovered. Manus fenced goods stolen by the ring, buying them himself or finding a buyer. At that warehouse, investigators also recovered pallets of beer, including a large amount of Guinness stout, worth more than $23,000, which allegedly were stolen by the theft ring in Easton, Pa., on June 22, 2012. Ring members rented space at a furniture store on Route 22 in Hillside, N.J., which they also used as a location for their fencing activities. In addition to the GNC fish oil supplements, which were stolen in Paterson on May 28, 2013, investigators also recovered the following stolen cargo there: more than $77,000 worth of Bell bicycle parts stolen in Paterson, N.J. on May 28, 2013; about $65,000 worth of bedding, which was part of a trailer-load of $88,000 in bedding stolen from South Plainfield, N.J., on June 14, 2013; and more than $9,000 worth of Little Hug juices stolen in Passaic, N.J., on July 1, 2013. The tractor-trailers stolen with the cargofor were found at various locations. our dedicated Company Osmay Perez-Herrera, who uses the name “Omar,” was co-owner of the Mi Pais Supermarket on St. Nicholas Avenue in New York, N.Y. Investigators conducted two sting operations in which goods that


$201,000 worth of clothing, which was stolen in Elizabeth, N.J., on March 12, 2015, and transported to a lot in Brooklyn, N.Y. A tractor-trailer containing more than $143,000 worth of Nivea skin lotion, which was stolen in Easton, Pa., on Sept. 25, 2013, and transported to a lot in the Bronx, N.Y. A tractor-trailer containing more than $151,000 worth of Goodyear tires stolen on April 7, 2015, from Grantville, Pa., which Dominguez and Marin were transporting through New Jersey when they were stopped by investigators in Readington, N.J., and arrested. A tractor-trailer containing $100,000 worth of mozzarella cheese stolen on Sept. 27, 2013, from a warehouse in Sayreville, N.J. Arias was arrested on the New Jersey Turnpike after he and other defendants stole the cheese from the warehouse. Requena and Justiz were riding in a car immediately in front of Arias and also were arrested.

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were purportedly stolen allegedly were sold to Perez-Herrera for resale at various locations, including at the store. The “stolen” goods consisted of $80,000 worth of perfume and 330 counterfeit North Face jackets. Perez-Herrera is charged with thirddegree counterfeiting in connection with the jackets. The defendants, acting as theft crews in various combinations, also stole the following: A tractor-trailer containing approximately JULY / AUGUST 2016

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Idling law in effect in Houston; San Antonio proposes five-minute limit


n collaboration with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Alamo Area Council of Governments, San Antonio is working on a proposal that will limit vehicles weighing 14,000 pounds or more to idling for no more than five minutes, while Houston’s idling law is now in effect. If passed, exemptions will include: Vehicles with 2008 or newer heavy-duty diesel, liquefied natural gas, or compressed natural gas engines certified by EPA or state agency to emit less than 30 grams of nitrogen oxide per hour of idling; Vehicles with a sleeper berth, only during a government-mandated rest period; Stopped traffic; Motor run as power source for mechanical operations; Idling during maintenance/diagnostics; Defrosting a windshield. In San Antonio, the anti-idling ordinance is tentative for City Council consideration on Thursday, June 30. Passed this past November, trucks weighing more than 14,000 pounds are now prohibited from idling for more than five minutes in Houston, according to Ordinance 2015-1086. Trucks equipped with a 2008 or later model year heavy-duty diesel engine or liquefied or compressed natural gas engine certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or state environmental agency

that emits no more than 30 grams of nitrogen oxide emissions per hour when idling are exempt. Other exemptions include: Trucks motionless because of traffic; Engine providing power necessary for mechanical operation, other than propulsion, and/or passenger compartment heating, or air conditioning; The primary propulsion engine of a motor vehicle being operated for maintenance or diagnostic purposes; The primary propulsion engine of a motor vehicle being operated solely to defrost a windshield; The motor vehicle when idling is necessary to power a heater or air conditioner while a driver is using the vehicle’s sleeper berth for a government-mandated rest period and is not within two miles of a facility offering external heating and air conditioning connections at a time when those connections are available. Each violation in Houston is punishable by a fine ranging from $500 to $1,000. Each day the violation occurs will be considered a separate offence. Both the proposed ordinance in San Antonio and the Houston ordinance are similar to the Memorandum of Agreement with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality signed by cities and counties in North Central and Central Texas.

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HDMA announces Commercial Vehicle Research Council


he Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, the commercial vehicle division of the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association, announced the formation of a new industry roundtable council, the Commercial Vehicle Research Council. The new council is the culmination of efforts by the former Automotive Market Research Council board, which decided to cease AMRC operations in December of 2015, and HDMA, to begin a new council operating under the HDMA banner. The newly formed CVRC will be comprised of senior market data and research executives from leading HDMA member companies and OEMs in the heavy duty commercial vehicle and off-highway commercial equipment industries. The council is patterned after several other industry councils that HDMA successfully manages, while preserving the legacy of the AMRC. “This was a move that made a lot of sense to the companies involved in the AMRC,” said past AMRC Chair Adrian Ratza of Hino Trucks. “The CVRC will be a unique combination of old and new, introducing new elements to the group while recognizing the rich heritage of the former AMRC.” Ratza will serve as the CVRC founding chair, and other past AMRC officers are also assuming duties as founding board members on the CVRC. The new board will initially include Russell Cox, Peterbilt Motors Co., and Asa Veek, Horton, with more to be

announced soon. The CVRC will be a dedicated research council, managed by HDMA, that will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of key trends and issues regarding market data, research and consensus forecasting trends within the heavy duty commercial vehicle industry. The new CVRC council plans to hold its first meeting October 6 in Chicago, the day after HDMA’s annual off-highway conference, the Global Off-Highway Industry Dialogue being held October 5 at the Donald E. Stephens Center in Rosemont, Ill. “We believe the CVRC will quickly establish itself as an ongoing industry group that will sponsor and participate in HD CV industry benchmarking and market analysis programs, and we are excited to enable the transition of the former AMRC into a new council for HDMA,” said Tim Kraus, president and chief operating officer of HDMA. “Moving forward, the CVRC will play an important role for all our members, particularly HDMA peer-councils, with its focus on the HDCV and OHV markets. This council will also support a variety of member-focused HDMA research projects.” If you or your company is interested in participation in Commercial Vehicle Research Council, please contact Richard Anderson, senior market data analyst, HDMA at or 919-4068875.

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E Manifest/ACI

E Manifest / ACI

NSC Compliance Services


arriers, regardless of how often they cross the Canadian or US border with commercial goods, require an electronic entry to the CBSA and CBP with a bar code, which is called E Manifest. What is E Manifest? The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are committed to delivering a reliable and efficient commercial border process to provide tangible benefits to the trade community.

E Manifest is a virtually paperless process that starts before shipments reach the border. The collection and risk assessment of advance commercial information, sent electronically to the CBSA and CBP, allow low-risk shipments to be identified prior to arrival and be processed in a more efficient manner upon arrival at the border.


What will happen if a carrier does not submit E Manifest? If a carrier is non-compliant to the mandatory E manifest services, CBSA and CBP will issue monetary penalties. Driver`s may also be turned back from the border. When does the carrier have to submit the shipment information with CBSA and CBP? Carriers have to submit the shipment information with CBSA or CBP before the arrival at the border. It should be done at least one hour before the driver reaches the border. What are the requirements for border crossing? Coming into Canada: In order to set up an E Manifest portal user account with CBSA, carriers require a Carrier Code. A carrier also has to get printed bar-coded labels called PARS. These bar-coded labels carry the carrier code with a unique shipment number to create a cargo control number. An administrative penalty of $1,000 will be imposed on carriers if bar-coded labels are not presented with their shipments upon arrival at the Canadian border. Coming into the United States: In order to register with the CBP, carriers require a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC). This is a unique two-to-four-letter code used to identify transportation companies. A carrier also has to get printed bar-coded labels with the SCAC code and unique shipment numbers to create a shipment control number. These are also called PAPS Labels. Where can I get more information and applications for e manifest portal log in? Call us at our toll free number 1-800-965-9839.






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WIT partner with Feeding America


he Women In Trucking Association began a partnership with the nonprofit organization Feeding America to assist their efforts to fight hunger on a national level. The first step was in creating awareness for drivers and carriers to contact Feeding America if they have a load that has been rejected by the customer for some reason. The organization can then assess the practicality of accepting the load for its network of over 200 food banks in the United States. To make the donation process easier, Women In Trucking Association has added a “Rejected Loads-Feeding America” button in its app. Anyone can download the app for Android or iOS by searching for “Women In Trucking Association.” The app is free, and drivers are encouraged to download it now for future reference. The app will connect a driver to the nearest Feeding America food bank. Feeding America accepts good, safe surplus food that is still nutritious, but has been rejected for reasons unrelated to the edible use of the product. Although the organization focuses on food

donations, it also accepts items that can offset financial burdens for those it serves, such as bath and beauty products, paper goods, toys, and clothing. While the food banks are pleased to accept the product at their locations, they are often willing and able to meet a driver at a truck stop or shipping dock if their warehouse is out of the way or if the donation is not a truckload. The app was created for WIT in 2015 by uFollowit, a leading provider of mobile applications. Since then, it has been used to connect members through social media and to keep them informed of upcoming events, helpful career information, blogs, news and information about the annual Accelerate! Conference and Expo. Women In Trucking Association is proud to lead the effort to help stop hunger in America by helping drivers and carriers turn rejected freight into meals for hungry families. Those you help could be your neighbour, your friend or even your own family members.

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International introduces HX Series




nternational Truck launched the International HX Series, a new line of Class 8 premium vocational trucks designed to deliver the strength and endurance required for the severe service industry. This is the first all-new vehicle introduced by International Truck since 2010. “The launch of the HX Series is an opportunity for International to recapture a leading position in the vocational market, a segment we previously led,” said Troy Clarke, president and CEO, Navistar. “The launch of the HX Series underscores our commitment to innovation, our dedication to uptime and our position as a leader within the industry.” The new truck series, unveiled at the World of Concrete trade show, will replace the International PayStar model. “The design of our new HX Series is based on in-depth discussions with leading users of severe service applications,” said Bill Kozek, president, truck and parts, Navistar. “Each of the four models in the series has been engineered to deliver unmatched performance for the most punishing jobs, while making operators more productive.” International is taking orders for this vehicle immediately. The first vehicles will be delivered this spring. Four HX Series models will be offered, with both set-forward and set-back front axle models in either short or long hood, depending on the application. Three models were unveiled at World of Concrete. The HX515 is a 115-inch BBC set-forward axle straight truck with primary vocations including concrete mixer, construction dump, refuse/roll-off and crane. The HX615 is a 115-inch BBC set-back axle truck or tractor with primary vocations including construction dump, concrete mixer, platform stake/crane and refuse/roll-off. The HX620 is a 120-inch BBC set-back axle truck or tractor with primary vocations including heavy haul tractor, construction dump and platform stake/crane. The fourth model, the HX520, is a 120-inch BBC set-forward axle truck or tractor with primary vocations including heavy haul tractor, construction dump and platform stake/crane. It will be formally unveiled at Truck World in Toronto in April. The HX515 and the HX615 models are powered by Navistar N13 engines, while the HX520 and HX620 models offer the Cummins ISX15 engine. Each model in the HX Series delivers on four key principles of design: maximum strength and durability, driver productivity, bold styling and superior uptime. “The HX Series combines aggressive styling, unstoppable capability and driver-centric features to appeal to vocational truck owners in a whole new way,” said Denny Mooney, senior vice president, Global Product Development, Navistar. “All you need to do is get behind the wheel of this truck and you will see that this is a major step forward in design, all with the driver in mind.” JULY / AUGUST 2016

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American Truck Dealers call on politicians to freeze Federal Excise Tax on HD Trucks


ommercial truck dealers traveled to Washington, D.C., recently to urge their House and Senate members to freeze the federal excise tax on the sale of most heavy-duty trucks, tractors and trailers at its current rate of 12 percent. The American Truck Dealers second annual fly-in included 67 congressional meetings on Capitol Hill, congressional guest speakers and legislative briefings during ATD’s summer board meeting from June 7-8, 2016. ATD, which represents more than 1,800 medium- and heavy-duty truck dealerships, is a division of the National Automobile Dealers Association. “Many members of Congress have never stepped foot in a truck dealership, yet they are


charged with creating laws that impact our businesses every single day. That’s why dealer outreach to our legislators on Capitol Hill and back home at the dealership is very important,” said ATD Chairman Steve Parker. Parker, president of Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers in Linthicum, Md., added that these interactions build face-toface relationships with elected officials in Washington, D.C., and provide an opportunity for dealers to emphasize the vital role they play as employers in the trucking industry and in communities across the country. “When you raise the taxes on new, clean, efficient trucks, you encourage people to buy old, dirty trucks, and you don’t move the economy,” said Rep. Tim Walz in remarks to the ATD board members. “[Raising the FET on trucks] is detrimental to business and has unintended consequences. One of those unintended consequences is people purchase older trucks that actually have higher carbon emissions.” Last year, Rep. Reid Ribble and Rep. Walz introduced House Concurrent Resolution 33, a bipartisan resolution that puts Congress on record in opposition to a FET increase. The measure currently has 31 House cosponsors. Last month, Sen. Cory Gardner introduced the Senate version, Senate Concurrent Resolution 40. Other ATD legislative priorities include informing Congress about dealer concerns with the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration jointly proposed new (Phase 2) commercial truck and engine, greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy rules and their impact on truck dealerships, employees and the economy. JULY / AUGUST 2016

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DAT Solutions: Spot rates rise


four-day workweek would normally account for a 20-25 percent decline in the number of posted loads but, load availability was down just 9 percent during the week ending June 4 – a good sign for the spot market and retail freight in particular, reported DAT Solutions. Load-to-truck ratios for vans, reefers and flatbeds all increased as a result, a positive trend for carriers: Van L/T ratio: 2.5 loads per truck (up 31 percent) Reefer: 4.6 (up 13 percent) Flatbed: 18.4 (up 30 percent) National average rates: Van: $1.62/mile. Up 8 cents including a 1-cent increase in the fuel surcharge. The upward rate trend continues. Reefer: $1.93/mile. Up 6 cents including a 2-cent hike in the fuel surcharge. Flatbed: $1.93/mile. Up 1 cent due to the fuel surcharge; the average line-haul rate for flatbed freight was unchanged. Vans in a seasonal pattern: Spot market demand is lower than it was a year ago but van rates are still following normal seasonal patterns. Demand for vans decreased only 4 percent last week rather than a 20 percent drop that would be expected during a 4-day work week. Where the rates are (van edition): On high-volume routes, rate increases far outnumbered lanes with falling prices. Key movers: Columbus to Buffalo paid 24 cents better at $2.62/mile, which is a sign that retail shipments stayed strong after Memorial Day. Rates rose 18 cents to $2.47/mile from Chicago to Detroit, which is another retaildriven lane. Memphis to Indianapolis is another retail-driven lane, and rates rose 22 cents to $1.88/mile. Capacity has gotten tighter there, and outbound rates climbed up to $1.81/mile. Reefer trends: There’s often a slump in reefer freight availability right after Memorial Day. Things were still trending up, however, particularly in the Midwest. By region, spot rates for notable reefer markets include: West: Fresno, Calif., $2.13/mile, up 6 cents Midwest: Green Bay, Wisc., $2.40/mile, up 4 cents JULY / AUGUST 2016

South Central: McAllen, Texas, $1.89/ mile, unchanged Southeast: Lakeland, Fla., $1.70/mile, down 17 cents Northeast: Philadelphia, $2.16/mile, up 3

cents Reefer rates have fallen sharply in Florida. The steep drop in volumes in the central part of the state has affected pricing out of Miami: the average rate from Miami to Baltimore, a key lane, plunged 61 cents to $2.26/mile. Flatbed L/T ratio up 30 percent: Flatbed load availability was off 14 percent while capacity fell 33 percent. That led to a 30 percent increase in the flatbed load-totruck ratio, at 18.4 loads per truck.

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Dip in Trailer Orders Expected


TR reports final United States trailer net orders for May met expectations at 13,300 units. Order activity was down 16 percent month to month and down 15 percent year over year, registering the weakest order month since August 2010. Orders have totalled 286,000 units for the last 12 months and backlogs are now down 9 percent year over year.

Dry van orders dipped 20 percent from April, but that was expected to happen based on strong backlogs. Refrigerated van orders held fairly steady versus last month. Flatbed, tanker and dump trailer orders were comparable to April’s totals, which also was expected. Production did increase 3 percent over April. “The trailer market is operating normally at

this point in the yearly cycle and should continue on this path for the next several months,” said Don Ake, FTR vice president of commercial vehicles. “There is a concern because inventories have increased for five straight months and are getting somewhat elevated. We are probably at or approaching the top of this production upcycle. “Dry van and reefer production should remain steady due the high backlogs, but the market is starting to show some tiredness after a very impressive run. The flatbed and tanker segments are displaying some stability, so hopefully they have stopped their decline.” HVUT Taxes Due The heavy vehicle use tax period begins July 1 and ends the following June 30, and you must pay the full year’s tax on all vehicles that you have in use during the month of July. Returns must be filed by the last day of the month following the month of the vehicle’s first taxable use in the tax period, even if you are filing the return just to suspend the tax for any vehicle. This means that July’s report and tax is due by August 31. They must be filed in accordance with the instructions applicable to the form on which the return is made.


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Tips for Truckers

Tips for Truckers

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et Adequate Sleep Getting adequate sleep is important for your health. Harvard Medical School has suggested that sleep plays an important role in memory and learning. A sleep-deprived person has shown the inability to focus and learn new tasks efficiently. Driving long distances requires focus; therefore, sleep is very important for any truck driver. Sleeping in the truck or in a hotel bed doesn’t always lead to a good night of sleep, but there are plenty of ways to get an even better night of sleep. Buying a white noise machine or the right pillow for your sleeping style can help with getting a full night of rest to keep you focused on the road. Eat Healthy Eating healthy can improve your overall health in many ways. Eating less process foods and more vegetables and fruits can help you lose weight, boost your immune system, and get a better night of sleep. Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and vitamins that can help protect you from a cold or flu. Studies have shown that vitamin C can help combat germs. You’ll find these germ-fighting vitamins in foods such as berries, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, and many other fruits and vegetables. Quit Smoking Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventative disease and death in the world. Over 390,000 Americans die from smoking-related diseases every year. By quitting smoking you can decrease your risk of heart disease, cancer, and other smoking-related diseases. 44

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Tips for Truckers Manage Your Diabetes Diabetes is an important disease that truckers need to learn to manage due to the nature of your job. Your job depends on it! A 2009 study found that commercial truck drivers have a 50% higher risk of developing diabetes compared to the general population and 87% of truck drivers have hypertension or pre-hypertension. By focusing on eating healthy, participating in physical activity, and working with your medical provider, your diabetes can be kept under control. Stay Up to Date on Vaccines Chances are you haven’t had a shot in many years. Many adults think because they received all their vaccines as a child that they have a lifetime of immunity against various diseases. But, that’s not true. Vaccine effectiveness wanes over time making you more susceptible to possibly contracting a disease that you thought you were immune against. Measles have been on the rise in the recent years especially among young children. Last month an outbreak in California occurred with patients ranging from 7 months to 70 years old. The CDC strongly urges adults to stay up to date on their vaccines to help prevent contracting preventive diseases. For more information about which vaccines you need as an adult, the CDC provides an excellent infographic. Drink Lots of Water Drinking water every day is essential to good health. Water can help regulate your body temperature, lubricate and cushion joints, and get rid of bodily waste through urination, sweat, and bowel movements. Drinking water also has been linked to weight loss because water makes people feel more full and consume fewer calories. The Institute of Medicine suggests that men should drink


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Tips for Truckers about 13 cups a day and women should drink about 9 cups of water a day. However, if you live in a hot climate or exercise a lot then you will most likely need even more water. Water can also come from foods, such as watermelon and celery. Exercise More Physical activity has many benefits to health. It can help you control your weight, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and strengthen your bones and muscles among many other reasons. The CDC suggests working out for at least 150 minutes a week at a moderate-intensity to maintain your weight or more if you need to lose weight and keep it off. Of course, eating a healthy diet will also help you lose weight. Strength training can help reduce hip fractures, arthritis and other diseases linked to bone density loss. If you are just starting to exercise, start small and build up to longer times. Exercise can include anything you like, such as walking, biking, martial arts, or swimming. Find something you like and commit to it! Reduce Stress Stress can be linked to a lot of negative feelings in life. Not all stress is bad, but if it has a negative impact on your physical and mental health then you should try to reduce your stress levels. The American Psychological Association has found a link between chronic stress and physical health. Chronic stress can lead to disease, such as an increased risk of coronary disease, or lead to bad habits, such as overeating and smoking. The good news is that you can reduce your stress levels and increase your health! The American Psychological Association suggests reducing your stress by first identifying what the cause is. They also suggest getting more sleep and participating in relaxation exercises such as yoga or meditation. If nothing seems to help reduce your chronic stress, seek out your medical provider or a counselor. Take a Vacation When you run a small business or work for yourself, sometimes it’s hard to take time off for a vacation. A recent US Travel Association study found that the average American took 16 days of vacation time in 2013 compared to 20.3 days in 2000. Taking a vacation, whether it’s just a week at home or a week sitting on a tropical beach drinking Pina Coladas, can help you catch up on sleep and reduce your stress. Vacation also allows you to discover new parts of the world, different cultures and spend time with your family and friends. Spend Time with Loved Ones Being on the road for long periods of time can leave you missing your family and friends back home. When you’re home or on vacation spend time with them. Simple as that! One study conducted by Brigham Young University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that having strong social connections can boost longevity. Courtesy of


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Desi News

In-Transit resuming; Border Crossings Up


ebounding truck volumes are a welcome sign of economic improvement south of the border and perhaps an indication of a ‘rebalancing’ cross-border freight market, says Stephen Laskowski, the president of the Ontario Trucking Association. Trucks crossings in Detroit-Windsor alone rose 8 percent year-over-year in the fits quarter of 2016. Total U.S.-Canada truck crossings rose 3.2 percent in the first quarter, but were up 6.2 percent at the three largest border crossings. “Three percent is a big number,” Laskowski said. “Even 1 percent or 2 percent is a big number.” The increase “is a reflection of the (weakness of the) Canadian dollar, and of a healthier U.S. economy. He suggested the rebound may reflect a “rebalancing” of the market. “We may be entering a world of flatline, reverse and rebound economies that give us rebound jumps that look larger than the standard growth rates we’ve been used to. It’s a different world than we’re used to.” Construction on the Gordie Howe International Bridge, designed to relieve congestion on the 87-year-old Detroit Ambassador Bridge, I expected to start next year but isn’t expected to be open to traffic until 2020. The 3.2 percent first-quarter increase in truck border crossings certainly looks like a rebound. Total U.S.-Canadian truck crossings rose only 0.9 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter,

after falling 1.2 percent in the third quarter and 1.6 percent in the second quarter last year. The number of truck crossings would be even larger, Laskowski said, “if (Canadian) factories hadn’t been shut down when the U.S. and Canadian dollar hit par” a few years ago. “Rather than ramping down from three production lines to two, we went from three to none,” he said. The loss of that manufacturing output shifted the focus of truck traffic in Canada from north-south to east-west, especially when Western Canada’s energy business boomed. That changed again as the exchange rate dropped toward 70 U.S. cents per Canadian dollar. “In many cases, if you’re moving goods from Michigan to New York, it’s faster to cross the border and go through Ontario than to go a southern route through the U.S.,” Laskowski said. The six-month pilot project, under development since 2014, could make the U.S.-Canadian border a little more “open” for truckers and shippers. “There was an awareness on the U.S. side that something needed to be done,” Laskowski said. “There needs to be a balance between security and trade, and achieving intransit shipments reflect that balance.” “The border is no longer looked at as an opportunity for trade facilitation, it’s looked at as a security objective,” Laskowski said. “In that reality, we will always have our challenges.”

2014 King Pin Award Winner

Ken Hindmarsh (North of Merced)


Xavier Flores (Bakersfield to Merced)




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Navistar to upfit GM Cutaway Trucks


avistar and General Motors agreed to expand their manufacturing partnership Thursday, with the Lisle, Ill.-based truck maker agreeing to manufacture GM’s cutaway commercial vans at its Springfield, Ohio plant next year. GM’s full-length on frame Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans are upfitted into utility or service vehicles, ambulance or rescue vehicles, shuttle buses and school buses. “This partnership will provide our Wentzville, Mo., assembly plant more flexibility to keep up with continued demand for midsize trucks and full size vans,” says Cathy Clegg, GM North America Manufacturing and Labor Relations Vice President. Under the terms of the multi-year contract, Navistar says it will add at least 300 jobs and recommission its second line at the plant. “Our Springfield plant is an important part of our manufacturing footprint, and we’ve been preparing it for a higher volume concentration of light- and medium-duty products as part of our manufacturing strategy,” says Persio Lisboa, president, Navistar operations. “This is an important step towards our goal to drive automotive quality into the commercial vehicle industry.” Last September, Navistar and GM announced a separate long-term agreement to develop and assemble a medium-duty, conventional cab Class 4/5 commercial vehicle at Navistar’s Springfield plant starting in 2018. Truck washes being blamed for virus Truck washes in US are promoting the spread of a pig virus. That’s according to farm groups in Canada, where the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus has killed off an unknown number of piglets in Manitoba and other pork-producing areas. Manitoba Pork and other such trade associations believe commercial truck washes in the U.S. are contaminated with PEDv due to the use of recycled water or failure to heat trucks to a temperature high enough to kill the virus. Despite the suspicions, there is no proof of the claim. Gates Corporation Releases 255 New Automotive Aftermarket


Parts Gates Corporation, a global diversified manufacturer of industrial, automotive, and heavy-duty aftermarket products, announced the addition of 255 new part numbers to its Original Equipment (OE) quality product line. The product release includes six new heavy-duty water pumps for popular truck applications. Pumps are built using upgraded seals and bearings to handle heavy loads, while precise machining ensures a correct fit. Gates adds a new size of Fiber Braid Lock-On Hose (5LOC) which is now available in 300’ bulk reel and 50’ packaging. This fiber braid reinforced hose is ideal for petroleum-based hydraulic oils, glycol antifreeze compounds, water, engine lubricating oils and air. It has an oil and mildew resistant cover, a 300-psi working pressure and meets specific performance requirements for fuel and B20 biodiesel fuel transfer applications up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The product release includes a new line of Variable Valve Timing Solenoids that effectively restore the variable valve timing to proper operation and performance. The OE quality parts provide exact fit, easy installation and a practical solution to the failed operation of a VVT Solenoid, which prevents oil flow and pressure to an engine’s cam phaser. Variable Valve Timing Solenoids Gates expands its RPM (Race, Performance, Muscle) line with 22 new RPM Micro-V® belts for many popular supercharged applications as well as a new timing belt for the 1993-1994 Nissan Maxima equipped with the 3.0L engine. Gates RPM Micro-V belts utilize multiple adhesion gum layers and nylon reinforcement in a patented EPDM compound, resisting heat and extending service life. The RPM timing belts use superior materials such as high-strength tensile cords, aramid reinforced rubber compound and tough tooth fabric. They have shown to be stronger, last longer and be less susceptible to damage from heat and contamination compared to the original equipment and competitive timing belts.




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Shop: 559-673-1800 Mobile State Wide: 1-800-822-9496 Clamps-Gaskets-Bungs: 1-760-525-0001 2832 N Golden State, Madera, CA 93637

w w w. D P F F i l t e r s . c o m JULY / AUGUST 2016


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Special Edition Model 567 Heritage Pays Tribute To Peterbilt’s Roots With Exclusive Features, Exceptional Performace


eterbilt’s new Model 567 Heritage salutes the company’s beginnings by combining its most modern and technologically advanced work truck with distinctive styling and exclusive features inside and out, Peterbilt Motors Company recently announced. “Peterbilt’s Model 567 Heritage elevates the classic styling of Peterbilt with a package of unique features that will command attention on highways and jobsites,” said Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “The Model 567 Heritage appeals to owner-operators and premium carriers who want to reward their drivers and add distinction to their fleets. The Heritage delivers proven productivity, uptime and value with a look and feel that is like no other truck on the road.” Peterbilt’s rich history began in the rugged Northwest logging industry, manufacturing trucks that took on the demanding work with new levels of performance, reliability and durability. Since those early years, the company has grown to produce innovative, industry-defining trucks for most every commercial vehicle market.


The Model 567 Heritage pays tribute to Peterbilt’s roots, Siver said, by delivering a robust workhorse with a head-turning, customized appearance. The Model 567 Heritage is configured with a 121-inch BBC and set-forward front axle (SFFA) – the industry’s most modern SFFA truck – to optimize payloads and weight distribution. It can be spec’d as a day cab or with a 72- or 80-inch sleeper. Exterior features of the Model 567 Heritage include: • Bright bumper, grille bars, exhaust stacks, mirrors and sunvisor; • Chromed air intake bezel and metal hood latches; • Polished rocker panels, quarter-fender closeout panels, fender brace and brackets, battery boxes and fuel tanks; and • Special Heritage badging, uniquely numbered and mounted to the grille and sleeper (when applicable) for the first production trucks. Inside the cab, the Model 567 Heritage has exclusive features and branding that includes: • Platinum-level Heritage Brown interior with a black dash top and wood-finish trim; • Premium brown leather seats with accent stitching to complement the cab design and embroidered Heritage logo in the headrest; and • Door pads with brown wood trim. For Model 567 Heritage trucks equipped with a sleeper, wood trim accents continue on the sleeper cabinets and storage compartments. The two-tone sleeper back wall is embroidered with the Heritage logo. “The Model 567 Heritage takes a place among Peterbilt’s most iconic trucks,” Siver said. “Through unparalleled performance and distinctive design, it builds upon decades of groundbreaking models and furthers our proud tradition of providing trucks with industry-leading quality and value.” The Model 567 Heritage is available now for order through Peterbilt dealerships with production scheduled for September. JULY / AUGUST 2016



Special lease and finance offers available by BMW of Bakersfield through BMW Financial Services. BMW of Bakersfield 5400 Gasoline Alley Drive . Bakersfield, CA 93313 (661) 396-4040

For model year 2015 or later vehicles sold or leased by an authorized BMW center on or after July 1, 2014, BMW Maintenance Program coverage is not transferable to subsequent purchasers, owners, or leasees. Please see or ask your authorized BMW center for details. Special lease and finance offers available through BMW Financial Services. Š2014 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.



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Fiercely insulated, like a

Utility foam-in-place insulation provides a 360-degree foam envelope to ensure that the entire trailer is fully insulated and 100% void free, for the highest level of thermal performance. Our unique mandrel foaming process delivers optimum thermal efficiency, lowering costs, year after year.

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