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January - February 2017















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New Mobile Accident Reporting App Tool

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January - February 2017


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January - February 2017


Editor’s Note - sMpwdkI

Happy New Year!

Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal

We have day, night, seasons, birth, death and in all of these, everything happens according to the laws of nature. Our world has made laws in order to make it a better place to live and be. Every country, every industry has its own laws and rules, including the trucking industry in which we are involved. Regardless of whether we like it or not, we all have to follow pre-set rules. We have to ensure that we understand and have knowledge of industry laws, regulations, and rules. If needed, it’s important to get the right information and training on these, so that we can do our jobs properly. After the training, it’s time to implement what you have learned into your day-to-day operations. Your life will become easier, hustle free, and you will undoubtedly achieve more success in your business. As Albert Einstein said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Yes, if you play better, you will definitely be ahead of your competition. The opposite is also true: you can cheat, but this process will only cause you to have bigger problems. If you get caught breaking rules and laws, the costs can be heavy: from getting heavily fined to shutting down your operation – both of which I’m sure you wouldn’t choose. We wish you happy and successful New Year. God bless truckers…see you in the next issue.

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January - February 2017

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January - February 2017


What’s new for trucks and trailers in 2017


s the new year unfolds, there are those few business owner/operator trucker. prognosticators who seem to have their eyes The advent of a carbon tax in Canada is going to provide a stimulus for alternative ways and means of powering vehicles. firmly fixed on the future and know it all. The Using common sense, taxing carbon is akin to taxing sleep, but world seems to be full of those who can only then I don’t want to give the sitting governments any ideas on new see what is present and project the present as the revenue sources. Virtually everything we see, touch, hear, taste future. They protest, they scream, they yell, and they claim they see and smell is made of carbon, including the earth itself. We humans the future. But the reality is they don’t have a clue, any more than are carbon. So taxing carbon must make infinite sense to money the rest of us. They insult the rest of us who struggle with common hungry governments. Taxing sanity, not so much. Notwithstanding, sense progression and in so doing stymie the progression they say the carbon tax is upon us and it’s going to cause a great they’re promoting. deal of challenges and solutions to minimize the effects OK, I’ll try to jump off the soap box and get to the subject at hand. I don’t have a crystal ball and can only predict of said carbon tax. Will taxing carbon change the world? based on my common sense thinking and with some of the The jury is still out on that issue but I seriously have my knowledge of what people are planning to present in the doubts any perceived problem worthy of government “fixing” could be better solved with plain old common immediate, short term and long term. Believe me, I don’t sense, which seems to be in short supply. know it all – I have no illusions about my prognostication One of the biggest newsmakers has been innovations skills because they are nothing short of non-existent. in trucks. The Nikola One utilizes a fully electric I deal almost strictly in the transportation industry and drivetrain powered by high-density lithium batteries. if you break it down a little further, the trucking sector G. Ray Gompf Energy will be supplied on-the-go by a hydrogen fuel specifically with special emphasis on the needs of the small 8

January - February 2017

2017 ‘c kI nvW hY tr`kW Aqy tRylrW leI ijvyN ijvyN nvW swl nyVy Aw irhw hY auvyN hI Biv`KbwxI krn vwiLAW dIAW, ijs sbMDI auh jwxdy hn, d`sx leI, nzrW itkIAW hoeIAW hn[ sMswr ‘c bhuq swry lok ies qrHW dy hn jo ik isrP vrqmwn bwry hI jwxdy hn Aqy ies dI hI Biv`K leI Biv`KbwxI krdy hn[ auh ies qrHW krn leI cIkW mwrdy Aqy ic`lwauNdy hn Aqy ieh dwAvw krdy hn ik auh Biv`K sbMDI igAwn r`Kdy hn pr AslIAq ieh huMdI hY ik auh Biv`K bwry swfy nwLoN Borw vI v`D nhIN jwxdy huMdy[auh swfy vrgy hor swirAW dI byie`zqI vI krdy hn Aqy qr`kI ‘c roVw vI bxdy hn[pr kihMdy auh ieh hn ik auh auqSwihq krn dI g`l kr rhy hn[ koeI g`l nhIN, mYN hux purwxy cly Aw rhy pRcwrk QVHy qoN lWBy ho ky AslI g`l v`l AwauNdw hW[myry koL Biv`KbwxI krn leI koeI jwdU dI CVI qW hY nhIN[ mYN qW auhI hI d`s skdw hW jo ik myrI smJ Anuswr hY jW hor lokW dI smJ Anuswr ijhVy Biv`K sbMDI XojnwvW bxw rhy hn[ieh q`qkwlIn, QoVHy smyN Aqy lMby smyN dIAW vI ho skdIAW hn[myrw XkIn krnw, mYnUM nhIN pqw auh ikhVIAW hn[ 9:16 nw hI mYnUM HowesDesiTruckingHalfPage_W16.pdf 1 11/2/16 AM Awpxy Biv`KbwxI krn dy hunrW dw igAwn hY[ieh sB nw hox dy









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January - February 2017


What’s new for trucks and trailers in 2017 cell giving the Nikola One a range of 800 to 1,200 miles while delivering over 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 lb-ft of torque, which is nearly double that of any semi-truck on the road today. Never has a production model class 8 truck achieved best-in-class fuel efficiency while also dramatically improving performance over its diesel competition – all with zero-emissions. Nikola has a production model and will be delivering to customers in 2017. Can you imagine going up the Smasher or Fancy Gap and not even dropping a gear while grossed out at 80,000 with no fuel carbon footprint? Tax that! One of the selling points - and I’m not so sure it isn’t corporate hype - on the Autonomous Truck is that it will be much more fuel efficient than any human controlled truck, perhaps as much as ten percent better. While a ten percent efficiency improvement may well be even the low side of reality, will the Autonomous Truck simply be the VCR of the truck world to be replaced by a Bluetooth version before running out its life cycle? Moving on, Swift Transportation plans to begin equipping FlowBelow Aero Inc.’s Tractor AeroKit tandem axle aerodynamics package on its company trucks, with the initial deployment of the kits through 2017 expected to account for approximately 40% of the TL carrier’s company trucks. Again, these improvements in aero dynamics will only offer minuscule improvements in fuel efficiency as a result of drag, certainly the return on investment will offer a fairly short pay off. A new fairing design is also in the works that will completely close off the “gap”. The gap represents possibly 20% of the drag on the combination of a tractor and trailer. Fairings have lessened the drag to some degree. Products like EcoTabs have had significant effect on gap drag but this new fairing concept will eliminate gap drag. While there are those studying and improving drag ratios that will improve fuel efficiency, there are engineers working furiously to improve the efficiency of the driveline itself. Engines are vastly improved in efficiency over the same engines of a mere decade ago. Smaller engines producing more horsepower – who knew! Alternative fuels are gaining ground but these are still mostly fossil fuels. Then there are the tried and true fossil fuels and those being supplemented with more sustainable fuels. The results however are still carbon releasing. Canada is one of the few counties in the world with vast forests, the carbon sinks of the world, to the point where we have the ability to naturally produce more oxygen than we create carbon. Moving to the roads themselves, there are new pavements having already been invented that will save 80% to the costs of building roads over the methodologies used today, yet provide a stronger more environmentally friendly, more fuel efficient surface over which tires can perform and even last much longer. The problem being that governments are slow to react to new methodologies and are prone to lobbying efforts of those who wish not to see improvements. This new pavement process will be decades away from common usage but eventually will happen. Efficiency is about to become the new buzz word. Efficiency at every level of the supply chain in the future will make us look extremely wasteful today. Communications will dramatically be different. Shippers will find the most efficient methodology of getting their goods to customers, rather than the efficient methodology of going looking for the shipper with product to move. This is going to be the most earth-shattering paradigm shift in thinking. Capacity and freight 10

January - February 2017

myry mn ‘c ies sbMDI gMBIr SMky hn[srkwr v`loN iksy ids rhI musIbq nUM h`l krn leI hor FMg l`Bx dI QW, Awm purwxI isAwxp nwL hI ies dw h`l ho skdw hY pr ies dI splweI dI Gwt mihsUs ho rhI hY[ inkolw vMn ‘c pUrI ielYkitRk fRweIvtRyn hY ijhVI hweI- fYnistI lIQIAm bYtrIAW nwL c`ldI hY[ies nUM on-the-go AYnrjI ie`k hweIfrojn iPaul sY`l qNo imlygI[ijs nwL inkolw 800 qoN 1200 mIl q`k c`l skygw Aqy ies dI 1,000 hwrspwvr Aqy 2000 PIt pONf tork hovygI[ sVk ‘qy ieh l`g B`g iksy sYmI tr`k nwLoN du`gxI hovygI[ Ajy q`k iksy vI pRofkSn mwfl 8 dy tr`k ‘c ieMnI iPaul AYPISYNsI kdy vI nhIN sI[ ies dy nwL hI fIzl dy mukwbly ies dI pRPwrmYNs hYrwnIjnk FMg nwL vDI hY- jo swrI zIro AimSn vwLI hY[

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January - February 2017


What’s new for trucks and trailers in 2017 will be matched much more efficiently with better software and improved communications. is already a world leader in this approach. I believe the industry seems to have difficulty embracing new technology, sort of “why fix it, it isn’t broken” attitude. It’s apparent change will occur and the sooner one changes the faster one will benefit. It also seems that everything is coming at a faster pace than ever before so there is lots of confusion, misconception and hesitancy. The old tracking systems are based on CDMA technology which is fast approaching its end and will become obsolete sooner than anyone can imagine. All telco’s, in bed with the big solution providers, are scrambling to adopt the new GSM smart phone technology because they know CDMA will end but are not saying when as not to create a panic. It’s not a question of when, but rather it’s how and with whom. So, to sum my prognostications up for this year: • The industry will be staying the course on improving aerodynamics. Fairing improvements, side skirt improvement, and Eco-tab usage. • Improvements in fuel efficiency will continue. • Alternative fuels will gain usage to lessen the impact on fossil fuel dependency. • Drivelines will continue to be improved for efficiency. • Carbon tax will have significant effect on both the operating costs of transportation and the costs goods and services provided to all of us with no appreciable gains to humanity. • Urban center transportation services will utilize all-electric solutions for motive power. • Communications will continue to improve. • New and better pavement solutions will start to be seen.

leI ies qrHW dI pyvmYNts Aqy qknIk dI vrqoN kIqI jw skdI hY ijs nwL 80% q`k Krc ‘c b`cq ho skdI hY Aqy nwl hI sVkW ies qrHW dI vDIAw hoxgIAW ijnHW ‘qy twierW dI kwrguzwrI vI vDIAw hovygI Aqy GsweI vI bhuq G`t hovygI Aqy ieh hoxgIAW vI vwqwvrx vDIAw r`Kx vwLIAW[mslw ieh hY ik ieho ijhy FMg qrIky Apnwaux ‘c srkwrW bhuq dyr lw idMdIAW hn Aqy ieho ijhy lokW jW iDrW dy pRBwv kbUl kr lYNdIAW hn jo suDwr hox hI nhIN dyxw cwhuMdy[ieh TIk hY ik pyvmYNt dw ieh kMm keI dhwikAW q`k nhIN ho skygw pr ieh hovygw zrUr[ Xogqw hI nvW mUl mMqr hovygw[ Biv`K ‘c splweI cyn dI hr styj ‘qy Xogqw dw hI bolbwlw hovygw qW Biv`K ‘c l`gygw ik AsIN hux vrqmwn ‘c nukswn hI kIqw hY[ sMcwr dy swDn vI ib`lku`l v`Kry hoxgy[vDIAw qknIk iS`prW nUM auqpwd iljwx leI leI nhIN l`BygI sgoN iS`prW kol vsqUAW nUM gwhkW q`k phuMcwaux dy bhuq vDIAw FMg hoxgy[ ieh sB qoN AjIb soc ‘c qbdIlI hovygI[vDIAw sMcwr swDnW qy swPtvyAr rwhIN smr`Qw Aqy Bwr dw vDIAw smqol ho skygw[ies smyN ies kMm leI sMswr ‘c AgvweI vwLw rol inBwA irhw hY[

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January - February 2017

January - February 2017


Negative Equity nYgyitv AYikautI mYnUM bhuq swrIAW nYgyitv AYikautIAW dy kysW dy hwlwq nwL have been encountering more and more situations of swhmxw krnw ipAw hY[ies leI mYN smiJAw ik ieh ivSw bhuq negative equity lately, and think this subject needs to be icMqw vwLw hY ies leI ies ‘qy roSnI pwauxI cwhIdI hY[ nYgyitv highlighted as it is a growing concern. Negative equity AYikautI aus nUM kihMdy hn jdoN iksy AYst Bwv cIz dI kImq aus is when as asset has a lower value than a loan or lease rkm nwloN Gt jwvy ijMnI aus ‘qy LIz hY jW ijMnw aus ‘qy krzw taken on that asset. For example, a truck that is worth ilAw hoieAw[imswl vjoN ie`k tr`k ijs dI kImq 50,000 fwlr $50,000 has a lease on it owing $75,000. If that person wants to hY ‘qy 75,000 fwlr dI lIz Bwv rkm dyxI bxdI hY[jy tr`k dw sell the truck, there will be a $25,000 difference that needs to be mwlk tr`k vycxw cwhy qW 25,000 fwlr aus nUM aus bYNk jW iv`qI made up to the bank or financing institution. sMsQw nUM dyxw pvygw ijs ny aus nUM krzw id`qw sI[ How does negative equity happen? It can happen in a number nYgyitv AYikautI iks qrHW huMdI hY? ieh keI kwrnW krky of ways, but a very common way is to not put down enough of ho skdI hY[pr ies dw mu~K kwrn huMdw hY ik SurU ‘c bhuqI a down payment from the start. Trucks and cars lose value of fwaU n py m Y N t nw dyxw[nvIN kwr jW tr`k jdoN hI sVk ‘qy Aw jWdy 20-30% the day they drive off the lot brand new. If zero down is hn, au s y smy N aunHW dI kImq 20-30% Gt jWdI hY[ jy iksy given on a finance, then the vehicle is now worth much less than PweInYNs ‘qy zIro fwaUn pymYNt id`qI hoeI hY qW aus smyN vhIkl dI the loan. kImq aus au`qy pey lon qoN vI bhuq G`t rih jWdI hY[ Sometimes an asset can drop suddenly in value. If interest keI vwr ies qrHW vI huMdw hY ik iksy srmwey jW cIz dI kImq rates rise, assets such as stocks, bonds and real estate typically Acwnk Gt jWdI hY[jy ivAwj dI dr vD jwvy qW stOk bONf Aqy drop in value. Sometimes it’s something out of our control. A rIAl AYstyt dI kImq Gt jWdI hY[ies qrHW keI vwr ieh swfy good example of real estate was the leaky condo crisis in the v`s ‘c vI nhIN huMdw[ies dI ie`k audwhrx hY 1990 ‘c ibRitS 1990’s in British Columbia. Condominiums were built using kolMbIAw ‘c lIkI ( coNdy) kONfoAW dy sMkt dI[ieh kONfomInIAm California plans that did not account for the amounts of heavy kYlIPonIAw plYn dy Anuswr bxwey gey sn ijhVy bI sI dy d`Kx rainfall on the southern west coast of BC, and properties were p`CmI kost ‘qy BwrI mINh dw mukwblw nhIN kr sky[ies qrHW ieh damaged and leaking. The repairs to each owner were well in to mkwn cox l`g pey Aqy Krwb ho gey[hr ie`k mwlk nUM ies dI 6 figures. These people had a mortgage to pay and now a repair murMmq krvwaux leI l`K fwlr q`k Krcw krnw pYxw sI[ienHW assessment almost as the large as the mortgage. The value of the dy mwlkW dy isr ‘qy ij`Qy mwrgyj KVHI sI au`Qy murMmq leI vI properties dropped due to the leaks, and huge repairs owing, and kwPI pYsy dI loV sI[ienHW pRwprtIAW dI kImq Gt geI Aqy ieh were nowhere near the amounts owed. A lot of people had to mwrgyz dI leI rkm dy nyVy qyVy vI nhIN sI[bhuq swry lokW v`loN claim bankruptcy because they could not afford to get out of this idvwlw k`F id`qw ikauN ik auh nYgyitv AYikautI dI hwlq ‘coN nhIN negative equity situation. nhIN inkl skdy sn[ One client called me and told me he wanted a luxury car and myry ie`k klwieMt ny mYnUM sMprk kIqw Aqy ikhw ik auh offered his existing vehicle as a trade. A trade value was ie`k lgzrI kwr KRIdxI cwhuMdw hY Aqy aus ny tRyf leI assessed. We requested the bank payout on the trade and bdly ‘c AwpxI hux vwLI kwr dyx leI ikhw[ tRyf vYlXU there was a difference of over $14,000. The client had dw AMdwzw lwieAw igAw[AsIN bYNk kol phuMc kIqI jdoN no money, so guess what? He also got no luxury car. He ik Prk qkrIbn 14,000 fwlr dw sI[klwieMt kol dyx was upset and I had to explain to him that the person who leI koeI pYsw nhIN sI[ies leI soco kI ho skdw sI? did his original deal needs to be spoken to. No down aus dI kwr koeI lgzrI kwr vI nhIN sI[ auh bVw inrws payment was taken and the length of the loan was so hoieAw[mYN aus nUM ikhw ik ijs ivAkqI nwL pihlW long that it created negative equity. A lot of dealerships fIl sbMDI g`l kIqI aus nwL g`l krnI cwhIdI hY[koeI encounter this situation. Due to the person that did the vI fwaUn pymYNt nhIN mMgI geI pr krzy dI h`d ieMnI original deal incorrectly, a vehicle will not be leaving Pash Brar lMbI sI ik ieh nYgyitv AYikautI bx geI[bhuq swrIAW their lot and they lose a sale. So now the client is mad, fIlriS`pW nUM ieho ijhy hwlwq dw swhmxw krnw pYNdw hY[ijs sylz prsn ny pihlW glq fIl kIqI sI vhIkl - Pash Brar B.A. au`Qy hI KVHI rhI Aqy ies qrHW ie`k syl vI Krwb ho geI[hux Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She ie`k pwsy qW myrw klwieMt gu`sy ‘c hY dUjy pwsy ijnHW dI kwr nhIN has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA. ivkI auh fIlriSp vwLy duKI hoey[ies leI hux ieh ivAkqI



January - February 2017




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Negative Equity the dealership is mad and so is the person doing the new finance. All have lost something due to someone else’s initial inefficiency. One trucker took over one of my trailer leases. He brought his wife along when signing. She told me that the previous person they had dealt with was dishonest and would not talk to her or her husband and she wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again. I asked what happened and they explained they had another trailer they were trying to sell. I asked for the year, make and model and knew the sale price range when they told me. They told me the payout of the loan and it was about 13,000 more than the value of that trailer. I asked if they were aware of this and that they would be taking a loss. This couple said that’s why they were so upset by the previous person that did their deal. He did their deal incorrectly and now they were in negative equity and would be taking a loss. That person does not return their calls and is extremely rude to the couple.

Cash back incentives or rolling in to longer terms will still leave you in negative equity. This is very common practice in the United States from car dealerships. They are taking in vehicles which already have negative equity as trades and giving them a new vehicle and adding the negative value to the new vehicle. The people are drawn in by cash back incentives and long terms of 72 months and longer. When looking at numbers and seeing all the new car sales it would appear the economy is doing great, when in reality it’s a big misconception. It’s putting people already in a negative equity situation in to an even worse negative equity situation. They go from owing more than the trade vehicle was worth, to owing even more on a new vehicle, and again more than the vehicle is worth. Their situation went from bad to worse. To avoid negative equity situations there are a few things you can do. One is know who you’re dealing with. If there are a lot of unhappy people who are taking losses that have all dealt with the same person, avoid that person. Know the values of what asset you are acquiring. Don’t over pay and look at the value of that asset as it ages. For example, a trailer generally goes down in value about 10% a year. If you 16

January - February 2017

nvIN PweInYNs leI g`l kr irhw hY[iksy dI mu`FlI AXogqw krky swirAW dw ku`J nw ku`J nukswn hoieAw[ ie`k tr`k vwLy ny myry rwhIN ie`k tRylr lIz ‘qy leI[jdoN ies ‘qy dsKq krny sn qW auh AwpxI pqnI nUM nwL lY ky AwieAw[aus AOrq ny mYnUM d`isAw ik ijs AwdmI nwL aunHW pihlW fIl kIqI sI auh byeImwn sI Aqy aus ny nw aus nwL Aqy nw hI aus dy pqI nwL g`l kIqI[ ies leI auh XkInI bxwauxw cwhuMdI hY ik pihlW vWg nw hovy[jdoN mYN aunHW nUM ies sbMDI pu`iCAw qW aunHW KolH ky d`isAw ik aunHW kol ie`k hor tRylr sI Aqy auh aus nUM vycxw cwhuMdy sn[mYN aunHW nUM pu`iCAw ik auh tRylr ikhVy swl dw sI Aqy iks kMpnI Aqy mwfl dw sI[jdoN aunHW ny ieh sB ku`J d`isAw qW mYnUM syl pRweIs dw AMdwzw ho igAw[aunHW ny mYnUM lon dy pyAwaUt bwry vI d`isAw ijhVw ik 13,000 fwlr sI Aqy jo tRylr dI kImq qoN v`D sI[mYN aunHW nUM pu`iCAw ik aunHW nUM ies hkIkq dw pqw hY ik auh Gwtw Kw rhy hn[ies joVy ny d`isAw ik iesy krky auh pihly fIl krn vwLy qoN ^Pw hn[aus ny ienHW dI fIl glq FMg nwL kIqI ijs kwrn auh nYgyitv AYikautI dI hwlq ‘c Aw gey hn Aqy Gwtw Kw rhy hn[hux auh fIl dyx vwLw ienHW dw Pon vI nhIN cu`kdw Aqy ies joVy nwL durivhwr nwL pyS Aw irhw hY[ kYS bYk iensYNitv jW krzy dI imAwd vDw lYxw vI quhwnUM nYgyitv AYikautI ‘c DkylygI[AmrIkw ‘c kwr fIlriS`p vwilAW kol ies qrHW Awm c`ldw hY[auh tRyf ‘c pihlW hI nYgyitv AYikautI vwlIAW kwrW lY lYNdy hn Aqy nvIAW kwrW dy idMdy hn Aqy nYgyitv kImq nvIAW ‘c joV idMdy hn[lok kYS bYk shUlq Aqy 72 mhIny jW hor lMby smyN dy c`kr ‘c Ps jWdy hn[jy nvIAW kwrW dI iv`krI dI igxqI v`l vyKIey qW jwpdw ieMj hY ik AwriQkqw bhuq vDIAw c`l rhI hY[pr Asl ‘c hY ieh ie`k BulyKw hI[ieh qW pihlW hI nYgyitv AYikautI ‘c Psy lokW nUM hor vI BYVI nYgyitv AYikautI dy c`kr ‘c Psw rhy hn[ijMny dI nvIN vhIkl huMdI hY auh aus nwLoN ikqy v`D krzy ‘c Ps jWdy hn[aunHW dI hwlq BYVI qoN hor BYVI ho jWdI hY[ ies leI nYgyitv AYikautI qoN bcx leI ku`J g`lW dw iDAwn r`Kxw zrUrI hY[pihlW qW qusIN ijs bMdy nwL fIl krdy ho aus sbMDI pqw hoxw cwhIdw hY ik auh kOx hY[jy bhuq swry lok hn jo Gwtw Kw rhy hn Aqy ijnHW ny aus nwL fIl kIqw sI qW aus ivAkqI kol nw jwE[ jo cIz jW jwiedwd qusIN lY rhy ho aus dI kImq sbMDI pqw kro[vwDU nw idE Aqy nwL hI aus cIz dI vD rhI aumr dI Gt rhI kImq dw vI i^Awl r`Ko[imswl vjoN ie`k tRylr dI kImq hr swl qkrIbn 10% GtdI jWdI hY[ jy quhwfI plYn hY ik qusIN ies nUM 3 swl q`k vrqxw hY qW ieh iDAwn ‘c r`Ko ik aus smyN ies dI kImq ikMnI rih jwvygI[ies qrHW qusIN krzw dyx vwLy nwL AwpxI Xojnw bxw skdy ho[ imAwd Gtwaux nwL nYgyitv AYkuietI qoN bicAw jw skdw



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January - February 2017


Negative Equity plan on using it for 3 years and know what a 3 year old trailer of that value sells for, you can plan your loan. You know that your loan needs to be less than that 3 year value. You can plan this with your lender. Shortening a term can help avoid negative equity. For example if you put zero down on a new truck but pay it off in 2 years, then negative equity may happen in the first few months, but will quickly dissipate as the asset is paid off rapidly. Too long a deal will lead to negative equity. Putting a down payment on an asset that equals its decrease in value is also a great way to ensure you are never in negative equity. So if buying a new trailer, put 10% down to equal the drop in value or 20-30% down on a new truck or car. This allows you to have a longer term and lower payment later, but you pay more up front at the beginning. Selling or trading your equipment or any assets should not add stress. If you want to sell something that has an existing lease or any type of loan on it, there should not be tension. If your deal was done correctly, your asset should be worth more than your loan payout and you will get a nice cheque or credit towards the sale of a new asset. If you do find yourself in a negative equity situation, be prepared to take a loss, to keep the asset until it’s paid off, or discuss your options with your financial advisor to see what can be done to alleviate the situation.

hY[&rz kro ik qusIN ie`k nvyN tr`k ‘qy zIro fwaUn id`qw Aqy do swl ‘c qusIN ies dw swrw krzw lwh id`qw qW ieh TIk hY ik pihly mhIinAW ‘c qW nYgyitv AYikautI vwLI hwlq sI pr jdoN kwhlI nwL krzw lwihAw jw irhw hY qW auh CyqI jWdI vI l`gygI[lMby smyN vwLI fIl qW nYgyitv AYyikautI v`l D`kygI hI[ iksy AYst jW KRIdI jwx vwLI vsqU ‘qy aus dI Gt rhI kImq Anuswr fwaUn pymYNt dyx nwL ieh XkInI bxwieAw jw skdw hY ik quhwfI KRIdI hoeI vsqU kdy vI nYgyitv AYikautI ‘c nhIN jwvygI[ies leI imswl vjoN jy qusIN nvW tRylr KRId rhy ho qW ies ‘qy 10% fwaUn pymYNt idE Aqy jy kwr jW tr`k KRId rhy ho qW aus ‘qy 20-30% fwaUn pymYNt idE[ies nwL quhwfI trm lMbI vI ho skdI hY Aqy pymYNt G`t ikauN ik qusIN pihlW SurU ‘c izAwdw id`qw hY[ Awpxy smwn jW iksy jwiedwd nUM vycx jW tRyf krn nwL quhwfy mwnisk qxwA ‘c vwDw nhIN hoxw cwhIdw[jy qusIN koeI ieho ijhI vsqU jW jwiedwd vycxI cwhuMdy ho ijs ‘qy pihlW hI lIz jW krzw hY qW bhuq iPkrW ‘c nw pE[jy quhwfI fIl shI FMg nwL huMdI hY qW quhwfy Aswsy quhwfy krzy qoN v`D hoxgy Aqy qusIN ies dI iv`krI krn ‘qy kwPI rkm bcw skdy ho[jy qusIN Awpxy Awp nUM nYgyitv AYikautI hwlq ‘c smJdy ho qW Gwtw J`lx leI iqAwr rho[jW ies nUM au`nw icr r`Ko ijMnw icr ieh pyf AwP nhIN huMdI jW Awpxy iv`qI slwhkwr nwL ies sbMDI ivcwr vtWdrw kro ik ies qrHW dy hwlwq ‘coN inklx leI kI krnw cwhIdw hY[

Wal-Mart ordered to pay $54 million to California truck drivers

vwl-mwrt nUM kYlyPornIAW dy frweIvrW nUM v`loN 54 imlIAn fwlr dyx dw hukm


federal jury ordered Wal-Mart to pay more than $54 million to a group of truck drivers in California who claimed they weren’t paid the minimum wage for such tasks as inspecting their vehicles. On Nov. 23, a jury for the U.S. Court for the Northern District of California decided Wal-Mart failed to pay hundreds of its truck drivers at least minimum wage for pre- and post-trip inspections, 10-minute rest breaks and 10-hour layovers. The jury awarded the drivers in the class-action suit $44,699,766 for the layover time, $5,942,440 for the inspections and $3,961,975 for the rest breaks. The jury concluded Wal-Mart failed to pay class members minimum wage for 103,221 pay periods from Oct. 10, 2007 to Oct. 15, 2015. Truck drivers at Wal-Mart are paid by the mile, not by the hour. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2008. Wal-Mart has contended that its truck drivers are paid for inspections and that drivers aren’t working during layovers. Attorneys for the more than 800 drivers in the class-action lawsuit were seeking $72 million in damages. 18

January - February 2017

&YfrL ijaUrI ny vwl-mwrt nMU Awpxy auhnW frwievrW nUM 54 imlIAn fwlr dyx dw hukm id`qw hY ijMnHw ny klym kIqw sI ik auhnw nUM tr`k clwauNdy smyN ieMnspYkSn Awid kMm krn dI pUrI qnKwh nhIN id`qI geI[ 23 nvMbr nUM kYlIPornIAw dy au~qrI ijly dI AmrIkI Adwlq dI ijaUrI ny PYslw kIqw ik vw~l-mwrt Awpxy tr~k frweIvrW nUM prI Aqy post-tirp ieMspYkSn , 10 imMt dI irst byRk Aqy 10 GMitAW dI lyEvr leI G~to-G~t qnKwh dyx ivc AsPl rhI hY[ ijaUrI ny klws-AYkSn isAUt Anuswr frweIvrW nUM lyEvr leI 44,699766 fw~lr, ieMnspYkSnW leI 5,942440 fw~lr Aqy rYst byRk leI 3,961975 fwlr dI kImq nwl nvwizAw[ ijaUrI ny ieh PYslw kIqw ik vw~l-mwrt 10 AkqUbr, 2007 qoN 15 AkqUbr, 2015 dy 103,221 qnKwh dy mOikAW dOrwn Awpxy klws mYNbrw nUM G~to-G~t qnKwh dyx ivc AsPl rhI hY[ vw~l-mwrt qy tr`k frweIvrW nUM pRqI GMtw nhIN sgoN pRqI mIl qnKwh id~qI jWdI hY[ kys Asl ivc 2008 ivc drj kIqw igAw sI[vw~l-mwrt ny dlIl id`qI ik ausdy frweIvrW nUM ieMnspYkSnW leI qnKwh id~qI jWdI hY Aqy auh lyEvr dOrwn kMm nhIN krdy[ 800 frweIvrW dy AtwrnI ies muk~dmy qoN 72 imilAn fw~lr dy muAwvjy dI aumId r~Kdy sn[

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US DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations

US DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations AmrIkw dy trWsport ifpwrtmYNt v`loN fr`g Aqy Srwb tYst krn sbMDI inXm NSC Compliance Services

When did the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing regulations come into effect? The DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations were set on February 15, 1994 for all the employees that were working under the jurisdiction of all DOT agencies. All concerned parties were required to comply by January 1, 1996. Which employee’s need to get drug tested? Any driver who drives a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) is subject to the drug testing regulations if the vehicle requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This applies to any vehicle that: - Has a gross vehicle rating or gross combination weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more OR - Is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver OR - Is transporting hazardous materials requiring placards. Does a part-time, intermittent or back up driver need to follow these regulations too? Yes regardless of how frequent the driver drives if they fall under the above category then the regulations apply to them. Do these regulations apply even though the driver only drives intrastate? Yes, if the driver drives within the state or travels outside the state they still have to follow these regulations. Who is exempt from these regulations? The regulations do not apply to any individual who is exempt from requiring a CDL, including military personnel and certain farmers and emergency responders. What type of tests is a driver required to go through? There are several different types of tests that a driver could be required to take including the following: - Pre-employment drug testing: performed before a driver starts any safety sensitive functions. The company must maintain a negative drug test results before a driver can drive a CMV. - Reasonable-suspicion testing: If a trained supervisor has 20

January - February 2017

AmrIkw dy ifpwrtmYNt AwP tRWsport Bwv fI E tI v`loN fr`g Aqy Srwb syvn vwilAW dy tYst krn leI inXm kdoN qoN lwgU hn? ieh inXm 15 PrvrI 1994 qoN aunW swry krmcwrIAW ‘qy lwgU ho gey hn jo trWsport ivBwg dy Kyqr ‘c AwauNdy hn[ swry sbMDq AiDkwrIAW nUM pihlI jnvrI 1996 q`k ienHW ‘qy Aml krn leI ikhw igAw sI[ ikhVy krmcwrIAW nUM fr`g tYst krvwaux dI loV hY? auh hr frweIvr ijs nUM kmRSIAl motr vhIkl clwaux leI kmRSIAl frweIvr Bwv sI fI AYl lweIsYNs dI loV hY aus leI ieh tYst krwauxw zrUrI hY[ieh hyT ilKI hr vhIkl leI lwgU hY: - vhIkl jW grOs kMbInySn dw ku`l Bwr 26,001 pONf jW ies qoN v`D hovy[ - fRweIvr smyq 16 jW ies qoN v`D muswPr iljwx leI bxweI geI hovy[ - Kqry vwLy inSwn l`gIAW vsqW nUM Fox vwLI vhIkl hovy[ kI iksy pwrt tweIm jW iv`c ivcwly clwaux vwLy fRweIvr nUM ienHW inXmW dI pwlxw krnI pYNdI hY? hW iblku`l[ jy koeI vI fRweIvr ies qrHW dI vhIkl clwauNdw hY jo ies SRyxI ‘c AwauNdI hY aus ‘qy vI ieh inXm lwgU hMudw hY[ jy koeI fRweIvr ie`k styt qoN dUjI styt ‘c jWdw hY qW kI ieh inXm aus ‘qy vI lwgU huMdw hY? hW, fRweIvr BwvyN ausy styt ‘c rihMdw hY jW dUjI styt ‘c jWdw hY ieh inXm sB ‘qy lwgU huMdw hY[ kI iksy nUM ies qoN Cot vI hY? ies inXm qoN aus nUM hI Cot hY ijs ‘qy sI fI AYl lwiesMs lYx dI Srq nhIN[ ienHW ‘c POjI , ku`J ikswn Aqy AYmrjYNsI g`fIAW Swml hn[ fRweIvrW nUM iks qrHW dy tYst krwauxy pYNdy hn? hyT iliKAW smyq bhuq swry tYst hn ijhVy ik fRweIvr nUM krwauxy pYNdy hn: - pRI AYNplwiemYNt Bwv nOkrI l`gx qoN pihlW krwieAw jwx vwLw tYst: ieh audoN kIqw jWdw hY jdoN fRweIvr koeI sur`iKAw nwL sbMDq kMm krnw cwhuMdw hY[ kmRSL vhIkl clwaux dyx qoN pihlW hr kMpnI nUM ieh tYst krwauxw cwhIdw hY Aqy vyKxw cwhIdw ik

January - February 2017


US DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations reasonable suspicion that a driver has violated the drug or alcohol rules then the driver has to go for this testing. - Random testing: every driver is required to be part of a random drug test pool. Once the driver is informed about being selected for a random test, he/she should report for the test immediately. For drug testing: 50% of the drivers in a pool must be tested in a 12 month period For alcohol: 10% of the drivers in a pool must be tested in a 12 month period. - Post-accident testing: If a driver is involved in an accident the following chart shows the situations where testing is required. The driver must report for the alcohol test within 8 hours and the drug test with 32 hours. Type of Accident involved Involves human fatality Involves bodily injury with treatment away from accident Disabling damage to any motor vehicle (requires towing)

Citation issued to the Driver? Test Required? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes


- Return-to-duty testing: If a driver fails a test or violates the rules then the driver is required complete the education and/or treatment required specified by a substance abuse professional. Once the driver is ready to return to duty they must complete this test. If a driver is off work and wants to come back to work again then they will not do the return-to-duty test, they will have to complete the pre-employment test. What must the driver never do? For Alcohol, the driver must not have an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater, or have consumed alcohol within 4 hours prior to starting work. For Drugs, the driver must not report to duty if have used any prohibited substances or they have refused to submit to any DOTrequired test. What specific drugs are tested for during the drug testing? The following drugs or classes of drugs are tested during a drug test: - Marijuana - Cocaine - Opiates - Phencyclidine - Amphetamines. Does an owner operator also have to follow the drug and alcohol testing regulations? Yes the rules are not any different for owner operators, if the individual drives a CMV, then they have to follow the regulations. If the driver works for 2 or more employers, can he/she be just in one random pool? No, the driver must in the pool of each employer who the driver works for. 22

January - February 2017

ieh nYgyitv hI hY[ - Xog S`k dy ADwr ‘qy: jy iksy mwnqw pRwpq suprvweIzr nUM ieh S`k pYNdI hY ik fRweIvr ny fr`g Aqy Srwb nwL sbMDq inXmW dI aulMGxw kIqI hY qW auh vI tYst krwaux leI AwK skdw hY[ - ibnw d`sy kdy kdweIN- hr ie`k fRweIvr nUM ies g`l leI iqAwr rihxw cwhIdw hY ik aus dw kdy vI ies qrHW dw tYst ho skdw hY[ jdoN vI kdy iksy fRweIvr nUM ies qrHW krn leI AwiKAW jWdw hY qW auh nWh nhIN kr skdw Aqy aus nUM ausy smyN hI ieh tYst leI jwxw pvygw[ fr`g tYsitMg leI: ie`k pUl dy 50% fRweIvrW nUM swl Bwv 12 mhIinAW ‘c ies tYst leI zrUr jwxw pvygw[ Alkohl jW Srwb leI: ie`k pUl dy 10% fRweIvrW nUM swl Bwv 12 mhIinAW ‘c ies tYst leI zrUr jwxw pvygw[ - AYksIfYNt hox qoN bwAd kIqy jwx vwLy tYst: jy iksy frweIvr dI iksy AYksIfYNt ‘c SmUlIAq hY qW hyT ilKy cwrt qoN aus nUM tYst krwaux sbMDI ikhw jw skdw hY[ fRweIvr nUM hwdsw vwprn qoN 8 GMty dy ivckwr Alkohl tYst Aqy 32 GMty dy ivckwr fr`g tYst leI jwxw pvygw[ iks qrHW dw AYksIfYNt? fRweIvr nUM sweItySn jwrI kIqI geI hW kI iksy ienswn dI mOq qW nhIN hoeI? nhIN kI iksy nUM ielwj leI durGtnw hW vwLy sQwn qoN dUr lY ky jwxw ipAw vhIkl dy nkwrw hox dw nukswn (toieMg Awid krvwauxI peI) hW

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kMm ‘qy jwx leI tYsitMg: jy koeI fRweIvr tYst ‘c TIk nhIN inkldw qW aus nUM iksy fr`g jW Alkohl vwLy mrIzW dw ielwj krn vwLy koL jW koeI slwh mSvrw jW dovyN QweIN jwx leI vI ikhw jw skdw hY[pr kMm ‘qy jwx qoN pihlW fRweIvr nUM ieh tYst zrUr pws krny pYxgy[ jy koeI fRweIvr kMm ‘qy nhIN Aqy iPr qoN kMm ‘qy Awauxw cwhuMdw hY qW ies qrHW dI hwlq ‘c aus dw rItrn tU ifautI tYst nhIN ilAw jwvygw sgoN aus nUM pRI AYNplweymYNt vwLy swry tYst dyxy pYxgy[ ikhVIAW g`lW hn jo fRweIvr nUM nhIN krnIAW cwhIdIAW? ij`QoN q`k Alkohl jW Srwb dw sbMD hY fRweIvr ny vhIkl clwaux qoN 4 GMty qoN pihlW hI pIqI hoxI cwhIdI hY Aqy ij`QON q`k tYst dI g`l hY aus dI Alkohl kMsYNtrySn 0.4 jW ies qoN v`D nhIN hoxI cwhIdI[ ij`QON q`k fr`g dy syvn dI g`l hY jy aus v`loN ies dw syvn kIqw igAw hY jW aus ny fI E tI tYst dyx qoN nWh kr id`qI hY qW aus fRweIvr nUM vI ifautI ‘qy nhIN jwxw cwhIdw hY[

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US DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations What must the driver do if he is tested positive for drugs and or alcohol test? The individual has to be evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Then the driver must comply with all the recommended treatments. After the treatments the driver will be re-evaluated by the SAP and after the evaluation if the SAP allows the driver to return to work then he must pass a return to duty test prior to starting again.

What are some of the common violations carriers commit? - Having a driver drive before receiving their negative preemployment test results - Not testing drivers at the required random rate - Not having a testing program in place - Not having a random testing program in place - Failing to conduct post-accident testing in the prescribed time frame Where can I get more information on regulations relating to the drug testing for drivers? You can call us at our toll free number at 1-800-965-9839 if you need more assistance in following the regulations.


January - February 2017

fr`g tYsitMg smyN ikhVIAW ikhVIAW fr`gW dw tYst kIqw jWdw hY? - mYrUAwnw - kokyn - EpIeyt - PYniskilfIn - AYmiPtwmIn kI Enr Awprytr nUM vI fr`g Aqy Alkohl tYsitMg dy inXmW Anuswr c`lxw zrUrI hY? - hW iblkul aunHW leI koeI v`Kry inXm nhIN hn[ jy koeI sI AYm vI clwauNdw hY qW aus nUM ienHW inXmW dI pwlxw krnI hI pvygI[ jy fweIvr do jW ies qoN v`D mwlkW kol kMm krdw hovy qW kI auh ie`k hI rYNfm pUl iv`c hovygw? nhIN, fRweIvr nUM aus hr ie`k mwlk dy pUl iv`c hoxw pvygw ijs leI auh kMm krdw hY[ jy fRweIvr Alkohl jW fr`g tYst ‘c pws nhIN huMdw qW aus nUM kI krnw cwhIdw hY? iksy mwihr Aqy mwnqw pRwpq ielwj krn vwLy Bwv sbstYNs Aibauz pRoPYSnl ( AYs ey tI) v`loN aus dI jWc krnI cwhIdI hY[ fRweIvr nUM aus v`loN d`sIAW geIAW swrIAW dvweIAW lYxIAW cwhIdIAW hn Aqy hdwieqW Anuswr c`lxw cwhIdw hY[ ies qoN bwAd AYs ey tI v`loN aus dI dubwrw jWc kIqI jwvygI Aqy jy auh TIk smJdw hY qW aus nUM dubwrw kMm ‘qy jwx dI slwh dyvygw[ pr kMm SurU krn qoN pihlW aus nUM irtrn tU ifautI tYst zrUr pws krnw pYxw hY[ auh ikhVIAW Awm glqIAW hn ijhVIAW kYrIAr kMpnIAW jW vhIkl mwlk krdy hn? - iksy fRweIvr nUM aus dy nYgyitv hox dI irport imlx qoN pihlW hI r`K lYxw - smyN isr jW kdI kdweIN fRweIvrW dy ieh tYst nw krwauxy - tYsitMg pRogrwmW dw pRbMD nw hoxw - rYNfm tYstW dI suivDw nw hoxw - AYksIfYNt hox dI sUrq ‘c ies qoN bwAd vwLy loVINdy smyN tYst nw krwauxw mYN fRweIvrW leI loVINdy tYstW sbMDI vDyry jwxkwrI ik`QoN lY skdw hW? ies pRogrwm sbMDI vDyry jwxkwrI lYx leI qusIN swfy nwL tol PRI nMbr 1-800-965-9839 ‘qy &on kr skdy ho[

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Desi News

September 2016

North American Freight Numbers

sqMbr 2016

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wo transportation modes – rail and air – carried more U.S. freight by value with North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners Canada and Mexico in September 2016 compared to September 2015 as total freight on all modes decreased 2.3 percent to $91.1 billion in current dollars, according to the TransBorder Freight Data released today by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The total value of cross-border freight has declined from the same month of the previous year in 20 of the past 21 months beginning in January 2015 with only an increase of 0.7 percent in August 2016. Freight by Mode The value of commodities moving by rail and air increased 8.0 percent and 3.4 percent respectively, while the value of freight carried on other modes decreased: truck, 3.8 percent; pipeline, 5.2 percent and vessel, 6.8 percent. Trucks carried 64.7 percent of U.S.-NAFTA freight and continued to be the most heavily utilized mode for moving goods to and from both U.S.-NAFTA partners. Trucks accounted for $30.1 billion of the $48.8 billion of imports (61.7 percent) and $28.9 billion of the $42.4 billion of exports (68.1 percent). Rail remained the second largest mode by value, moving 26

January - February 2017

AmrIkw dy AwvwjweI ivBwg (AwvwjweI AWkVw ibaUro) ny trWs bwrfr mwlI AWkVy jwrI krdIAW ikhw hY ik sqMbr 2015 dy mukwbly sqMbr 2016 ivc AwvwjweI dy do swDnW – ryl Aqy hvw duAwrw a~uqrI AmrIkw muPq vpwr smJoqy (nwPtw) dy BwgIdwrW knyfw Aqy mYkisko ny izAwdw AmrIkI mwl FoieAw hY, jo bwkI swry AwvwjweI dy swDnW dy ihswb nwl 2.3% G~tdIAW hoeIAW mOjUdw fw~lr dI kImq Anuswr 91.1 ibilAn fw~lr hY[ AMqr-srh~dI mwl dI kul kImq vI ipCly swl jnvrI 2015 qoN SurU huMidAW hoieAW 21 iv~coN 20 mhInIAW ivc GtI hY, isrP Agsq ivc ieh 0.7 % vDI sI[ AwvwjweI duAwrw mwl ryl Aqy hvweI AwvwjweI duAwrw pujweIAW geIAW vsqUAW dI kImq 8.0 % Aqy 3.4 pRqISq kRmvwr vDI hY[ jdoN ik ieho kImq tr~k duAwrw 3.8%, pweIplweInW duAwrw 5.2% Aqy vYs~l duAwrw 6.8 % GtI hY[ tr~kW ny XU.AY~s- nwPtw dw 64.7% mwl FoieAw Aqy XU.AY~snwPtw dy BwgIdwrW dw mwl ieD~r qoN auD~r phuMcwaux vwly sB qoN BwrI AwvwjweI dy vrqy jwx vwlyy swDn hoey hn[ tr~kW ny ku~l 48.4 ibilAn fw`lr AwXwq ivcoN 30.1 ibilAn fw~lr dw AwXwq kIqw jo ik 61.7% bxdw hY Aqy ku~l 42.4 ibilAn fw~lr dy inrXwq iv~coN 28.9 ibilAn fw~lr dw inrXwq kIqw jo ik 68.1% bxdw hY[ ryl kImq Anuswr dUjI sB qoN v~D mwl Fohx vwlw AwvwjweI dw swDn bxI ijsny XU.AY~s- nwPtw dy kul mwl iv`coN 15.9% mwl

Desi News 15.9 percent of all U.S.-NAFTA freight, followed by vessel, 5.4 percent; pipeline, 4.9 percent; and air, 4.1 percent. The surface transportation modes of truck, rail and pipeline carried 85.5 percent of the total value of U.S.-NAFTA freight flows. U.S.-Canada Freight From September 2015 to September 2016, the value of U.S.Canada freight flows fell 4.4 percent to $46.2 billion mainly due to decreases in the value of goods moved by vessel and pipeline. All modes of transportation except rail carried a lower value of U.S.-Canada freight than a year earlier. Trucks carried 59.6 percent of the value of the freight to and from Canada. Rail carried 16.4 percent followed by pipeline, 9.0 percent; air, 5.1 percent; and vessel, 2.9 percent. The surface transportation modes of truck, rail and pipeline carried 85.0 percent of the value of total U.S.-Canada freight flows. U.S.-Mexico Freight From September 2015 to September 2016, the value of U.S.Mexico freight decreased 0.04 percent to $44.9 billion despite four modes of transportation – pipeline, rail, air, and vessel – carrying a higher value of U.S.-Mexico freight than a year earlier. Truck, which accounts for 69.9 percent of the value of freight to and from Mexico, was down 4.0 percent. Freight carried by pipeline increased by 15.3 percent, rail by 12.9 percent, air by 10.9 percent, and vessel by 7.1 percent. Rail carried 15.4 percent of the value of freight to and from Mexico followed by vessel, 7.9 percent; air, 3.1 percent; and pipeline, 0.8 percent. The surface transportation modes of truck, rail and pipeline carried 86.1 percent of the value of total U.S.Mexico freight flows.

FoieAw, vYs~l ny 5.4%, pweIplweIn ny 4.9 % Aqy hvw duAwrw 4.1 % mwl FoieAw igAw[ jmInI AwvwjweI swDnW – tr~k, ryl Aqy pweIplweIn duAwrw ku~l kImq dw 85.5% XU.AY~s- nwPtw dw mwl ilAwieAw-iljwieAw igAw[ XU.AY~s-knyfw dw mwl sqMbr 2015 qoN sqMbr 2016 q~k AmrIkw-knyfw dy mwl dI kImq G`t ky 4.4% jo ik 46.2 ibilAn hY, ho geI ikauNik vY~sl Aqy pweIplweInW duAwrw FoihAW vsqUAW dI kImq G~t geI[ ryl qoN Cu~t bwkI swry AwvwjweI dy swDnW ny ipCly swl dy mukwbly AmrIkw-knyfw dw mwl G~t mwqrw ivc FoihAw[ tr~kW duAwrw Foey gey mwl dI ku~l kImq 59.6% hY, ryl, pweIplweIn, hvw Aqy vYs~l duAwrw Foey mwl dI kImq 16.4%, 9.0%, 5.1% Aqy 2.9 % kRmvwr hY[ jmInI AwvwjweI dy swDnW tr~k, ryl, pweIplweIn duAwrw AmrIkw-knyfw dy ku~l mwl iv~coN 85.0% mwl FoihAw igAw hY[ AmrIkw-mYkisko dw mwl sqMbr 2015 qoN sqMbr 2016 q~k AmrIkw-mYkisko dy mwl dI kimq G~t ky 0.04%, jo ik 44.9 ibilAn hY, rhI geI- jdoN ik cwr AwvwjweI dy swDnW pweIplweIn, ryl, hvw Aqy vYs~l ny ipCly swl dy mukwbly v~D mwl FoieAw[ tr~k duAwrw mykisko qoN 69.9% mwl ilAwieAw-iljwieAw jWdw sI jo 0.4% G~t igAw[jdoN ik ieho pweIplweIn, ryl, hvw Aqy vY~sl duAwrw 15.3%, 12.9%, 10.9% Aqy 7.1% kRmvwr viDAw[ ryl duAwrw mYkisko qoN 15.4% mwl ilAwieAw-iljwieAw igAw, jo ik vY~sl duAwrw 7.9% hY[ hvw duAwrw 3.1% mwl Aqy pweIplweIn duAwrw 0.8% mwl ilAwieAw-iljwieAw igAw[ jmInI AwvwjweI dy swDnW ryl, tr`k Aqy pweIplweIn ny AmrIkwmYkisko dy mwl dI ku~l kImq dw 86.1% mwl FoieAw[

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January - February 2017



January - February 2017

January - February 2017


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Staying safe in a storm. Winter survival tips


perating a commercial motor vehicle during the winter months poses many challenges for the professional driver. One of these challenges is dealing with rapidly changing weather and road conditions. From icy roads to blinding blizzards, it is important for drivers to be prepared for whatever hazardous conditions they may face. Now is a good time to review some of the steps that drivers should take and issues they need to be aware of when it comes to staying safe during the winter months. Winter survival kit All drivers should have a winter survival kit in their vehicle. In addition to the items that should be in their vehicle at all times (warning devices, jumper cables, tool kit, first aid kit), they should also carry a snow brush and scraper, shovel, traction devices, a brightly colored cloth, blankets/sleeping bag, extra food and water, extra medications (if necessary), and proper outerwear (extra coat, gloves, hat, boots). Stranded during the storm Knowing how to react if stranded on the road during a snowstorm is key to driver safety. First and foremost, if a driver is stranded in his/her vehicle, he/she should stay in the vehicle. He/she should never leave for assistance, unless help is visible and close (within about 100 yards). Leaving the

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January - February 2017

vehicle is a dangerous decision, as it is easy to become disoriented in blowing and drifting snow. If able to safely do it, the driver should hang a brightly colored cloth outside the vehicle.

He/she should run the vehicle’s engine (with the heater on) for about 10 minutes every hour to keep warm. While the engine is running, the driver should open a window slightly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the driver should make sure the vehicle’s exhaust pipe is clear and free of snow. Retaining body heat is important to avoid hypothermia, a condition brought on when the body’s temperature drops to a dangerously low level. Symptoms of hypothermia include uncontrollable shivering, slow speech, memory lapses, and drowsiness. Ways to stay warm and prevent hypothermia include trying not to stay in one position too long, dressing in layers, and using any additional blankets and coats to insulate the body’s heat.

Holidays prime time for cargo theft


fter shippers hand off their product and carriers or owneroperators set out to deliver it, thieves can step in and ruin it for everyone. Although insurance companies carry a majority of the risk, we all stand to lose when cargo is removed from legitimate supply chains. Shippers are concerned with losing customers’ confidence and business. Carriers face deductibles and higher insurance premiums. And, of course, consumers pay the ultimate price with higher prices. Being prepared and aware are some of the best ways to avoid cargo theft. According to CargoNet, some of the steps you should take to minimize your risk are fuelling and resting before loading, minimizing stops, checking all doors and locks when stopped, and not giving out too many details over the radio.

Market place CDL Training Opportunity kmrSIAl frweIivMg lweIsYNs Aqy jOb grMtI BUSINESS MONDAY - FRIDAY SATURDAY 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 9:00 am - 2:00 pm HOURS: CALL Now!


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January - February 2017


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January - February 2017

srdI dy mhInIAW ivc kmrSIAl frweIvrW nUM vhIkL clwaux ivc keI muSklW pyS AwauNdIAW hn[ iehnW iv~coN ie~k hY lgwqwr bdldw mOsm Aqy sVkW dy hwlwq[ brPIlIAW sVkW qoN lY ky brbILy qu&wn q~k, frweIvrW leI ieh jrUrI hY ik auh aunHW swhmxy pyS hox vwly iksy vI Kqrnwk hwlwq dw swhmxw krn leI iqAwr rihx[ hux iek shI smW hY jdoN frweIvr kuJ inXmW nUM duhrwaux Aqy kuJ msly ijnHW bwry frwievrW nUM jwxkwrI hoxI cwhIdI hY, smJx, qW jo srdI dy mhInIAW ivc auh sur~iKAq rih skx[ ivMtr srvweIvl ik`t swfy frweIvrW kol aunHW dy vhIklW ivc ie~k sur~iKAw ikt hoxI cwhIdI hY[ieh vsqUAW jo aunHW dy vhIklW ivc sdw hoxIAW cwhIdIAW hn (ijvyN ik cyqwvnI jMqr, jMpr kybl, AOjwr ikt, muFlI fwktrI shwieqw ikt) qoN ielwvw sdw aunHW nUM Awpxy nwl ie~k snoA burS, skrYpr, Svl, tirkSn jMqr, ie~k cmkdwr kpVw, kMbl, slIipMg bYg, Bojn, pwxI, jrUrI dvweIAW (jo loVINdw hox) Aqy TMF ivc pwaux vwly kpVy (kot, dsqwny, topI, bUt) hoxy cwhIdy hn[ qUPwn ivc Psxw frweIvr dI sur~iKAw ieh jwxn ivc hY ik jy auh P~s jwvy qW kI kdm cu~ky jwx[ sB qoN pihlW Aqy sB qoN jrUrI, jy cwlk Awpxy vwhn ivc P~s jwx qW vwhn ivc ruky rihx[ jdoN q~k mdd 100 kdm dI dUrI qoN njr nw Awaux lg jwvy, vwhn C~f ky nw jwx[ vwhn C~f ky jwxw ie`k Kqrnwk PYslw hY ikauNik au~fdI Aqy iPsldI brP ivc rwh Btk jwxw bhuq Aswn hY[ jy Aijhw krnw cwlk nUM sur~iKAq l`gy qW aus nUM Awpxy vwhn dy bwhr ie~k cmkdwr rMglw kpVw tMg dyxw cwhIdw hY[ grm rihx leI aus nUM hr GMty dy 10 imMtW ivc vwhn dw ieMjn Aqy hItr cwlU krnw cwhIdw hY[ jdoN ieMjn cl irhw hovy qW cwlk nUM bwrI QoVI Kol dyxI cwhIdI hY, qW jo kwrbn monoksweIf dI jihr nw cVy[ nwl hI kwrbn monoksweIf dI jihr qoN bcx leI ieh XkInI bxwauxw cwhIdw hY ik vwhn dI AYZzwst pweIp swP Aqy brP-rihq hovy[ hweIpoQrimAw qoN bcx leI srIr dI grmI bcw ky jW sMjo ky r`Kxw jrUrI hY, hweIpoQrimAw AijhI siQqI hY ijs ivc srIr dw qwpmwn Kqrnwk qOr qy Q~ly Aw jWdw hY[ hweIpoQrimAw dIAW inSwnIAW hn: lgwqwr kWbw, bolx ivc rukwvt, Xwd krn dI qwkq qy Asr Aqy susqI[ Kud nUM grm r~Kx Aqy hweIpoQrimAw qoN bcx dy qrIky hn: ijAwdw smW ie~ko siQqI ivc rihxw, ijAwdw kpVy pwauxw Aqy vwDU kMbl jW kot dI vrqoN, qW jo SrIr dI grmI bwhr jwx qoN rokI jw sky[

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SuperTrucks are HERE

SuperTrucks are HERE


n 2009, the US Department of Energy had a bold initiative – develop Class 8 tractor trailers with 50% greater fuel efficiency. When the announcement was first made seven 7 years ago, many were skeptical of whether a task like this could be completed. Fast forward to today, and some manufacturers haven’t just met the requirements, they’ve surpassed them, thanks to their new SuperTrucks. Class 8 trucks haul about 80% of the goods in North America and use about 28 billion gallons of fuel per year in the USA alone. Even though commercial trucks only make up 4% of vehicles on the road, they consume about 20% of the fuel! In order to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, four teams of truck manufacturers and suppliers began designing and optimizing technologies to increase fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Crews from Cummins & Peterbilt, Freightliner, Navistar, and Volvo began their SuperTruck Programs. So, what makes a Class 8 SuperTruck? Although there’s not an easy or short way of defining them, SuperTrucks utilize the following technologies to increase fuel efficiency (Note: this list is not exhaustive): • Lightweight Materials – Rather than use conventional materials, some of the manufacturers have even implemented carbon fibre to reduce weight. • Highly Engineered Aerodynamic Surfaces – By making enhancements to the bumper, chassis and roof fairings, there is improved air flow under the truck, around the tires and the trailer gap.

• Advanced Combustion Engines – Bigger is not always better. Advancements such as turbo compounding improve fuel efficiency while still providing amazing power and torque. • Wide-based Low-rolling Resistance Tires – The right tires on any vehicle make a huge difference in control, fuel economy and ride comfort. Michelin Tires, for example, came up with a new design to increase fuel economy. • Idle Reduction Equipment • Engine Waste Heat Recovery Systems • Long-haul Hybrid Systems 34

January - February 2017

So, the initial nagging question was whether the fuel efficiency targets could be met. The results were staggering. The team of Cummins and Peterbilt built a SuperTruck that gave a 20% increase in engine efficiency, 76% increase in freight efficiency, resulting in a whopping 10.7 miles per gallon average rating! Freightliner, a division of Daimler, had an impressive 115% increase in freight efficiency and averaged 12.2 miles per gallon. The remaining two teams, Navistar and Volvo are also on track to surpass expectations.

We had a chance to chat with the Volvo team to gain more in-depth knowledge about their SuperTruck Program. The manufacturer’s PR team also sent some great online materials for our perusal. According to Volvo, their first challenge was to build a tractor trailer combination that had an efficient chassis and was ultra aerodynamic. Rather than using generic materials, carbon fibre was used on the entire roof, hood, and side fairing – not only is carbon much lighter, but it’s also stronger. Volvo is also working on developing new materials with similar properties but at a much lower cost. Next, their SuperTruck partner, Ridge Corp, developed trailer add-on aerodynamic devices made of composite materials in order to meet the desired durability and stiffness without compromising payload capacity. Moving on, rather than using steel, the entire chassis of the SuperTruck is made of aluminum; only the bolts holding it together are steel. Volvo’s aluminum chassis is almost half the weight of traditional steel and has the greatest impact on the vehicle weight. Thanks to a much lower weight and aerodynamic drag, Volvo’s SuperTruck required a lot less engine power. Rather than using the baseline D13 engine, a D11 engine was more than sufficient. This downsizing yielded further weight reduction. Overall, with all these changes, Volvo’s SuperTruck’s weight was reduced by 3,200 pounds. Like Volvo, other manufacturers are using state-ofthe-art technology to make sure their SuperTrucks are impressive. If what we’ve seen so far is any indication, they’ll be more than just impressive. SuperTrucks are here Jag Dhatt to stay!



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January - February 2017


SuperTrucks are HERE

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January - February 2017

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DriverTech re-entering direct sales market for mobile communications


riverTech announced it will be re-entering the direct sales market for mobile communications with its DT4000 mobile device and FleetWatcher fleet management system. According to the company, more than 500 fleets use DriverTech’s software and rely on DriverTech’s Tier 1 Network Operating Center (NOC) to keep their trucks in communications with fleet managers. DriverTech also announced the addition of industry veteran Steve Sanderson to its team as the National director of sales. “Steve is known by fleets across the industry as a trusted advisor based on his many years at Teletrac, Rand McNally, Lytx and SmartDrive. We look forward to his sales leadership and deep knowledge of

the industry,” said Mark Haslam, president and CEO. “I’m thrilled to be a part of DriverTech. Their customers love the technology and hands on approach to service. I’m really

looking forward to showcasing the amazing advancements they’ve made to their DT4000 in-cab device, FleetWatcher portal and ecosystem of third party integrations,” said Steve Sanderson. “This is a critical decision for any transportation company and we spent a significant amount of time reviewing technology partners. Throughout our

extended relationship with DriverTech, they have proven their dedication to advancing their technology and reliability standards while maintaining the agility and flexibility we feel is an essential characteristic for any Roehl technology partner. DriverTech is now the standard platform across our entire fleet,” said John Paape, vice president of technology and CIO of Roehl Transport. DriverTech has made multiple recent additions to its software including: • WorkFlow integrations with leading transportation management software providers • Fleet-managed Truck Safe Navigation • Rollover stability system event detection with critical event reporting • Navistar OnCommand and Cummins Connected Diagnostics

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FMCSA Holds with 25% For Random Testing


he U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that the controlled substances random testing rate for regulated motor carriers will remain at 25 percent for 2017. FMCSA regulations require that truck and bus companies that employ commercial driver’s licensed drivers conduct random drug and alcohol tests upon these individuals at a nationally prescribed percentage, which is informed by the results of an annual survey. “For the safety of everyone traveling on our highways and roads, no driver should ever get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” said FMCSA Administrator Scott Darling. “Commercial motor vehicle companies must comply with the crucial safety responsibility of conducting rigorous drug and alcohol testing programs for all of their CDL drivers.” For 2016, FMCSA lowered the minimum annual drug testing rate from 50 percent to 25 percent following three consecutive calendar years (2011, 2012, 2013) of drug testing data received in the Management Information System survey, which indicated that the positive rate for controlled substances was less than one percent. FMCSA conducts the MIS survey to ensure compliance with the set testing rates. According to federal regulations, when the data received in the MIS for two consecutive calendar years indicates that the positive rate for controlled substances is less than one percent, the FMCSA Administrator has the discretion to lower the annual testing rate to a minimum of 25 percent of a carriers’ driver positions. If, however, at any time the positive rate for controlled substances exceeds one percent, the testing rate will automatically revert upward to 50 percent. “We will continue to monitor the data closely, and should the positive rate for drug use rise above the one percent threshold in the upcoming 2015 survey, the national random testing rate requirement will be immediately increased to 50 percent,” said Darling. FMCSA’s Drug and Alcohol Testing

Survey measures the percentage of CDL drivers who test positive for drugs and/ or alcohol, as a result of random and non-random (i.e., pre-employment, postcrash, and reasonable suspicion/followup) testing. In 2014, FMCSA required carriers to randomly test 50 percent of their CDL drivers for drugs and 10 percent of their CDL drivers for alcohol. According to the survey, for random drug and alcohol testing conducted in 2014 (the most recent data available):

The estimated positive usage rate for drugs in 2014 was 0.9 percent. For 2012 and 2013, the estimated positive usage rate for drugs was estimated to be 0.6 percent and 0.7 percent, respectively. The estimated violation rate for alcohol usage (the percentage of drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.04 or higher) in 2014 was 0.08 percent. For 2012 and 2013, the alcohol usage violation rates were 0.03 percent and 0.09 percent, respectively.

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ATA strengthening transportation security without undermining economic security


merican Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear underscored the trucking industry’s commitment to keeping the supply chain efficient and secure in testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation’s Subcommittee. “ATA places great emphasis on security,” Spear said in his testimony. “Our focus is on strengthening transportation security without undermining economic security.” In his testimony, Spear said the trucking industry continues to be frustrated by the redundancy in the number of background checks that drivers must endure, and that the Transportation Worker Identification Card should be the single standard for the transportation industry. “Adopting a ‘one credential or screening, many uses’ policy would fix this problem. Absent this policy, ATA’s highest security priority will continue to be the multiplicity of background checks and their associated costs and

burdens,” he said. “This is why ATA supports the TWIC as the potential single credential and Security Threat Assessment that, in turn, can demonstrate and provide compliance with multiple programs and regulations.” The reforms necessary to fully unlock the TWIC’s potential are part of the Surface Transportation and Maritime Security Act, which ATA supports. Spear also said ATA was mindful and ready to work to ensure that as autonomous vehicle technology advances, proper cyber security safeguards are in place. “Our industry will continue to work with service providers as well as government agencies to improve our cyber security posture and make certain that our systems and protocols are never compromised,” he said. “ATA will continue to advocate for a policy framework on autonomous vehicles that will ensure public safety and reduce threats to our nation’s infrastructure, while also encouraging innovation in this rapidly changing environment.”

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January - February 2017

January - February 2017


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FMCSA Establishes National drug and alcohol clearing house

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he Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced a final rule that establishes a national drug and alcohol clearinghouse for commercial truck and bus drivers. The clearinghouse database will serve as a central repository containing records of violations of FMCSA’s drug and alcohol testing program by commercial driver’s license holders. “An overwhelming majority of the nation’s freight travels by truck, and millions of passengers reach their destinations by bus, so creating a central, comprehensive, and searchable database of commercial motor vehicle drivers who violate federal drug and alcohol testing requirements has been a departmental priority,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “This system will be a new technological tool that will make our roads safer.” Once the clearinghouse is established, motor carrier employers will be required to query the system for information concerning current or prospective employees who have unresolved violations of the federal drug and alcohol testing regulations that prohibit them from operating a commercial motor vehicle. It also requires employers and medical review officers to report drug and alcohol testing program violations. The drug and alcohol clearinghouse final rule annual net benefits are an estimated $42 million, with crash reductions resulting from annual and pre-employment queries by FMCSAregulated motor carriers. “This is a major safety win for the general public and the entire commercial motor vehicle industry,” said FMCSA Administrator Scott Darling. “The clearinghouse will allow carriers across the country to identify current and prospective drivers who have tested positive for drugs or alcohol, and employ those who drive drug- and alcohol-free. Drivers who test positive for drugs or alcohol will no longer be able to conceal those test results from employers and continue to drive while posing a safety risk to the driving public.” The final rule requires motor carriers, medical review officers, third-party administrators, and substance abuse professionals to 44

January - February 2017

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Desi News report information about drivers who: Test positive for drugs or alcohol Refuse drug and alcohol testing; and Undergo the return-to-duty drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Additionally, motor carriers will be required to annually search the clearinghouse for current employees. During the pre-employment process for prospective employees, a search is required to determine whether a driver violated drug or alcohol testing requirements with a different employer that would prohibit them from operating a CMV. Federal safety regulations require employers to conduct pre-employment drug testing and random drug and alcohol testing. Motor carriers are prohibited from allowing employees to perform safety-sensitive functions, which include operating a CMV, if the employee tests positive on a DOT drug or alcohol test. In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. § 552a), a driver must grant consent before an employer can request access to that driver’s clearinghouse record and before FMCSA can release the driver’s clearinghouse record to an employer. After registering with the clearinghouse a driver can review his or her information at no cost. Congress directed FMCSA to establish a national drug and alcohol clearinghouse as mandated by the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The national drug and alcohol clearinghouse Final Rule goes into effect on January 4, 2017, with a compliance date of January 2020.

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January - February 2017


Desi News

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Recommends Driving Mode Phones

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he U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released proposed guidelines today to help address driver distraction caused by mobile and other electronic devices in vehicles. Today’s announcement covers the second phase of voluntary guidelines to address driver distraction on U.S. roads. The first phase focused on devices or systems built into the vehicle at the time of manufacture. “As millions of Americans take to the roads for holiday gatherings, far too many are put at risk by drivers who are distracted by their cellphones,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.”These commonsense guidelines, grounded in the best research available, will help designers of mobile devices build products that cut down on distraction on the road.” The proposed, voluntary guidelines are designed to encourage portable and aftermarket electronic device developers to design products that, when used while driving, reduce the potential for driver distraction. The guidelines encourage manufacturers to implement features such as pairing, where a portable device is linked to a vehicle’s infotainment system, as well as Driver Mode, which is a simplified user interface. Both pairing and Driver Mode will reduce the potential for unsafe driver distraction by limiting the time a driver’s eyes are off the road, while at the same time preserving the full functionality of these devices when they are used at other times. “NHTSA has long encouraged drivers to put down their phones and other devices, and just drive,” said NHTSA Administrator Dr. Mark Rosekind. “With driver distraction one of the factors behind the rise of traffic fatalities, we are committed to working with the industry to ensure that mobile devices are designed to keep drivers’ eyes where they belong — on the road.” The agency is seeking public comments on its proposed guidelines. Comments can be made here. NHTSA continues to urge the driving public to take the following safety precautions to minimize distraction while driving: 46

January - February 2017

AmrIkw dw AY~n.AY~c.tI.AY~s pRSwsn dy AwvwjweI ivBwg ny pRsqwivq idswinrdyS jwrI kIqy hn qW jo g~fIAW ivc Pon jW hor iDAwn vtwaux vwilAW vsqUAW qoN frweIvrwN nUM dUr r~iKAw jw sky[ A~j dw AYlwn vlMtrI idSwinrdySW dy dUjy pVwA nUM kvr krdw hY qW jo AmrIkw dIAW sVkW qy frweIvrwN dw iDAwn Btkx qoN bcwieAw jw sky[ pihly pVwA ny auqpwdn smyN nvIn jMqr jW isstm qy iDAwn kyNdirq kIqw sI[ AmrIkI AwvwjweI sk~qr AynQnI Pw~ks dy Anuswr,” ijs qrW l~KW dI igxqI ivc AmrIkI Cu~tIAW mnwaux inkl rhy hn, iehnW dI jwn auhnW frweIvrW kwrn Kqry ivc pY skdI hY ijnHW dw Awpxy PonW kwrn iDAwn Btk jWdw hY[ ieh Awm idSwinrdyS jo ik ie~k srvau~qm Koj nwl juVy hn, jo ik ifzweInrW nUM Aijhy mobwiel jMqrW nUM bxwaux ivc mdd krygw jo sVk qy cwlk dw iDAwn Btkx qoN bcwauxgy[ ieh pRsqwivq idSwinrdyS AijihAW ibjlI jMqrW nUM bxwaux leI auqswihq krdy hn jo portybl hox qy frweIvr dw iDAwn vtwaux qoN bcwaux[ ieh auqpwdkW nUM AijihAW suivDwvW lwgU krn ivc mdd krdIAW hn, ijvyN ik pyAirMg, ijs Anuswr portybl jMqr nUM vwhn dy ienPotynmYNt isstm nwl joiVAw jWdw hY, jo ik frweIvr mof nwl juiVAw huMdw hY, ijs nUM vrqnw bhuq Aswn hY[ dovyN, pyAirMg Aqy frweIivMg mof Asur~iKAq frweIvrI nUM GtweygI, jdoN frweIvr dw iDAwn sVk qoN htx qoN sIimq kr id~qw jwvygw[ ies dy nwl hI ienHW jMqrW dI pUrI vrqoN dUjy simAW ivc vI sMpUrn hovygI[ AY~n.AY~c.tI.AY~s.ey dy pRSwsk fw. mwrk rozkwieMf,” AY~n. AY~c.tI.AY~s.ey ny sdw hI Awpxy cwlkW nUM Pon Aqy hor jMqrW dI G~t vrqoN krn Aqy frweIvrI vloN ijAwdw iDAwn dyx leI auyqswihq kIqw hY[ ikauNik frweIvr dw iDAwn Btkxw jwnlyvw AwvwjweI dw kwrn hY, ies leI AsIN ies audXog nwl ieh

Desi News Be a safe, distraction-free driver, put your cell phone down and focus on the road; When using electronic devices for directions, set the destination prior to driving;

XkInI bxwaux leI vcnb~D hW ik Aijhy mobwiel jMqr bxwey jwx qW jo frweIvr dI ingwhH sVk qy bxI rhy[ eyjMsI Awpxy iehnW pRsqwivq idSwinrdySW qy Awm jnqw dy ivcwr jwxnw cwhuMdI hY[ AY~n.AY~c.tI.AY~s.ey Awm jnqk vwhn cwlkW nUM ApIl krdI hY ik hyT ilKy sur~iKAw dy inXmW nUM mMny qW jo vwhn clwaux smyN iDAwn Btkxw G~t sky: iek vDIAw, sur~iKAq cwlk bxo, Pon dI vrqoN nw kro Aqy iDAwn sVk qy r~Ko[ idSw drswaux vwly jMqrW dI vrqoN krnI hovy qW mMzl dw pqw pihlW hI auhnW ivc Br ilAw jwvy[ jy qusIN XwqrI ho qW Awpxy h~k dI vrqoN krdIAW hoeIAW cwlk nUM Pon dI vrqoN krn qoN roko[ ho sky qW cwlk dI Pon qy g~l-bwq krn jW ilKq sMdyS Byjx ivc mdd kro qW jo aus dw iDAwn sdw vwhn clwaux qy rhy[ sdw AwpxI sIt bYlt bMn ky r~Ko[ ieh quhwnUM Asur~iKAq vwhn cwlkW qoN bcwauNdI hY[

Speak up when you’re a passenger and your driver uses an electronic device while driving. Offer to call or text for the driver, so his or her full attention stays on the driving task; and Always wear your seat belt. Seat belts are the best defense against other unsafe drivers.

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“Most Wanted List”

The National Transportation Safety Board’s

“Most Wanted List,” rwStrI AwvwjweI sur~iKAw borf dI

“most vWitf ilst”


his year’s 10 Most Wanted are: 1. Eliminate distractions. NTSB encourages federal agencies and lawmakers to tighten distraction regulations for all modes of transportation. 2. Reduce fatigue-related accidents. The key to achieving this goal is finding and treating fatiguerelated medical issues and knowing the fatiguing effects of medications, according to the NTSB. For trucking, this will likely mean continued action on regulations to require sleep apnea testing. 3. Prevent loss of control in flight in general aviation. Loss of control is the biggest killer in general aviation. 4. Improve rail transit safety oversight. NTSB cites ineffective safety oversight as a contributing factor in many rail transit accidents. 5. End alcohol and other drug impairment in transportation. The board emphasizes that every transportation death caused by alcohol or other drug impairment is preventable and calls for new laws, increased enforcement and better public education to eliminate impaired operation in all modes of transportation. 6. Increase implementation of collision avoidance technologies. Collision avoidance technologies are currently available and can provide a lifesaving safety net for truck drivers and rail operators. 7. Expand record use to enhance safety. Use of data records, such as trucking’s newly mandated electronic logging devices, allows operators to identify and correct unsafe operations, according to NTSB. They can also be used to help investigators determine the cause of an accident. 8. Require medical fitness. NTSB seeks both public and private policies to ensure the medical fitness of safety-critical 48

January - February 2017

ies swl dy d~s Aiq jrUrI ivSy hn: 1. byiDAwnI ^qm krnw[ rwStrI AwvwjweI sur~iKAw borf, rwj dy AdwirAW Aqy sMsd nUM hr qrW dy AwvwjweI dy swDnW leI byiDAwnI frwieivMg pRqI krVy knUMn bxwaux leI auqSwihq krdw hY[ 2. Qkwvt nwl hox vwilAW durGtnwvW Gtwauxw[ rwStrI AwvwjweI sur~iKAw borf dy Anuswr, ies tIcy nUM pRwpq krn dI kUMjI hY Qkwvt nwl juVy mYfIkl muid~AW nUM l~Bxw Aqy aunHW dw ielwj krnw Aqy dvweI dy QkwvtI pRBwvW nUM jwxnw[tr~ikMg leI ies dw ArQ hY slIp AYpnIAW tYsitMg leI lgwqwr knUMnI kwrvweI Aqy rYgUlySn lwgU krnw[ 3. Awm qOr qy hvwbwjI dOrwn jhwj qy kwbU Kohx qoN rokxw[ ieh mOqW dw pRmu~K kwrn hY[ 4. ryl AwvwjweI dI sur~iKAw ingrwnI nUM suDwrnw[ rwStrI AwvwjweI sur~iKAw borf audwhrn idMidAW d~sdI hY

“Most Wanted List” transportation personnel. 9. Strengthen occupant protection. Occupant protection involves proper use of seat belts but also technology and systems to prevent injuries from post-crash fires and debris. 10. Ensure the safe shipment of hazardous materials. This priority is aimed at rail, which is increasingly used to ship hazardous materials, and air, which is subject to dangers posed by lithium batteries. “Safety is not a destination but a continuing journey, and our efforts to improve safety must never stop,” said NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart. “It takes a concentrated effort by the industry, government and private citizens to save lives.”

DAT Trendlines Report As expected, the number of available loads on the spot truckload freight market surged last week compared to the previous week, which was shortened by the Thanksgiving holiday, according to a DAT Trendlines report. Less expected was the unseasonably high number of loads posted to the DAT network of load boards during the week ending Dec. 3: a 64% jump in the number of available loads compared to a 13% increase in the number of posted trucks. The spot van load-to-truck ratio is the highest since June 2014; the refrigerated ratio is at its highest since March 2015: Van L/T: 4.7 (up 61%) Reefer L/T: 8.2 (up 36%) Flatbed L/T: 18.8 (up 27%) With demand on the upswing, rates rose across all three equipment types: Vans: $1.74/mile, up 8 cents Reefers: $1.96/mile, up 1 cent Flatbeds: $1.91/mile, up 2 cents Those rates include a fuel surcharge. The average price of on-highway diesel gained 2.4% compared to the previous week at $2.48/gallon. Van Loads Soar: The number of van load posts soared 80% and truck posts increased 11% week over week. Spot van rates stayed strong in key regional markets: Chicago, $2.09/mile, unchanged Dallas, $1.57/mile, up 2 cents Charlotte, $2.02/mile, up 5 cents Buffalo, N.Y., $2.12/mile, up 10 cents Los Angeles, $2.16/mile, down 3 cents Reefers Cooling: Reefer load posts were up 49% last week and truck posts increased 9%. With holiday produce on the move, the national average rate for November was 6 cents higher than October’s average.

ik byAsr sur~iKAw ingrwnI ryl AwvwjweI durGtnwvW dw pRmu~K kwrn hY[ 5. AwvwjweI dOrwn Srwb Aqy hor niSAW pRqI kmjoirAW nUM Kqm krnw[ borf ies g~l qy jor idMdw hY ik Srwb Aqy hor niSAW kwrn hox vwilAW durGtnwvW nUM roikAw jw skdw hY Aqy ieh nvyN knUMn bxwaux, aunHW nUM lwgU krn Aqy ibhqr jnqk isiKAw dI mMg krdw hY qW jo hr qrW dI AwvwjweI dOrwn nSy dy pRBwv hyT frwieivMg kwrvweI nUM Kqm kIqw jw sky[ 6. AYksIfYNt twlx dI qknIk nUM v~D qON v~D lwgU krnw[ AYksIfYNt twlx dIAW qknIkW A~jk~l auplBD hn Aqy tr~k frweIvrW Aqy ryl cwlkW nUM jIvn bcwaux dw rwh muh~ieAw krwauNdIAW hn[ 7. sur~iKAw nUM vDwaux leI irkwrf r`^x dI ivsQwr nwl vrqoN[ rwStrI AwvwjweI sur~iKAw borf Anuswr fwtw irkwrfW dI vrqoN, ijvyN ik tr~kW dy nvIn ielYktRwink lwigMg jMqr cwlkW nUM Asur~iKAq kwrnW nUM jwxn Aqy TIk krn ivc mdd krdy hn[ 8. mYfIkl qMdrusqI dI loV[ rwStrI AwvwjweI sur~iKAw borf, jnqk Aqy injI, dohW nIqIAW qoN Awpxy krmcwrIAW dI mYfIkl qMdrusqI dI mMg krdw hY[ 9. vhIkl svwrW sur~iKAw nUM mjbUq krnw[ vhIkl svwrW sur~iKAw nIqI ivc qknIk, pRxwlI Aqy sIt bYlt dI vrqoN huMdI hY qW jo t~kr qoN bwAd l`gx vwlI A~g Aqy mlby qoN bcwA ho sky[ 10. Kqrnwk vsqW sm~grI dI sur~iKAq ifilvrI nUM XkInI bxwauxw[ ies kMm nUM rylvy ivc qrjIh id`qI jwMdI hyY, ijs dI vrqoN Kqrnwk sm~grI dI ifilvrI leI krdy hn; jo ik lIQIAm bYtrIAW dy Kqry nwl sMbMiDq hY[ rwStrI AwvwjweI sur~iKAw borf dy cyArmYn krIstoPr hw~rt Anuswr, “sur~iKAw iek mMijl nhIN, sgoN iek sdw cl~x vwlw sPr hY, Aqy ies nUM ibhqr bxwaux dIAW swfIAW koiSSW kdy rukxIAW nhIN cwhIdIAW[ieh audXog, srkwr Aqy nwgrIkW dy jIvn bcwaux dy v~fy jqnW dw nqIjw hY[“

January - February 2017


Desi News

Nikola Motor Company Unveils Electric Semi-Truck

inkolw motr kMpnI ny pyS kIqw nvW ielYkitRk tr`k Nikola Motor Company unveiled its highly anticipated Nikola One electric semi-truck its Salt Lake City headquarters. The event is attended by more than 600 members of the media, industry partners, customers and government leaders. The Nikola One utilizes a fully electric drivetrain powered by high-density lithium batteries. Energy will be supplied onthe-go by a hydrogen fuel cell giving the Nikola One a range of 800 – 1,200 miles while delivering over 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 ft. lbs. of torque – nearly double that of any semitruck on the road. Never has a production model class 8 truck achieved best-in-class fuel efficiency while also dramatically improving performance over its diesel competition – all with zero-emissions. The Nikola One leasing program will include unlimited hydrogen fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance during a 72-month term. To date, Nikola Motor Company has accepted

inkolw motr kMpnI ny Awpxy sw~lt lyk istI dy mu~K dPqr ivKy Awpxy icr qoN aufIky jw rhy inkolw ielYkitRk tr`k nUM lWc kIqw[ smwroh ivc 600 qoN vI v~D mIfIAw dy krmcwrI, audXoigk BwgIdwr, gRwhk Aqy srkwrI nyqwvW ny Bwg ilAw[ tr`k ijsdw nwm ‘inkolw vn’ hY, ieh tr`k c`lx leI pUrI pwvr hweI fYNstI iliQAm bYtrIAW qoN pRwpq krdw hY[ aUrjw lgwqwr iek hweIfrojn i&aUL sYl duAwrw pRdwn kIqI jwvygI ijs nwl ieh tr`k 800-1200 mIl dI dI dUrI qih kr skygw, ieh aUrzw inkolw vn nUM 1000 hw~rs pwvr Aqy 2000 PIt AY~l.bI.AY~s dy tw~rk pRdwn krygw hwly qIk iksy vI klws 8 mwfl dy tr~k nwlo dugxI hovygI[inkolw vn Awpxy hor fIzl mukwbly vwly tr`kW dy mukwbly v`D i&aUL AY&ISYNt hY Aqy iblku`l DUAW nhIN C`fdw mqlb zIro AimSn[ inkolw vn lIizMg pRogRwm ivc Anilmitf hweIfrojn i&aUL, pUrI vrMtI Aqy hr 72 mhIny bwAd murMmq dI syvw vI pRwpq hovygI[ hux qIk inkolw motr kMpnI ny kul imlw ky lgBg 3 ibilAn fwl~r

reservations totaling nearly three billion dollars in future orders. Nikola Manufacturing Plant & Hydrogen Stations “Nikola will build a world-class advanced manufacturing facility which will create thousands of new jobs,” said Nikola Founder and CEO Trevor Milton. Nikola is currently in discussions with several states to decide who to partner with in its effort to reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels, advance green energy and revolutionize the trucking industry. The location of the Nikola Motor manufacturing facility will be

dy Awrfr vI pRwpq kr ley hn[ inkolw mYnU&YkcirMg plWt Aqy hweIfrojn stySn inkolw dy KojI Aqy sI.eI.E trYvr imltn dy Anuswr,” inkolw dunIAw dI srvau~qm auqpwdn shUlIAq dw inrmwx krygI, jo hzwrW nvIAW nOkrIAW nUM jnm dyvygI[“ inkolw kMpnI hwly keI rwjW nwl ies vyly ivcwr ADIn hY ik iks qrW AmrIkw dI &Osli&aUl au~qy inrBrqw nUM Kqm kIqw jwvy, iks qrW grin-aUrjw nUM ibhqr kIqw jwvy Aqy trikMg audXog ivc kRwNqI pYdw kIqI jwvy[ inkolw motr dw mYnU&YkcirMg plWt dw kyNdr 2017 dy pihly A~D ivc qYA kIqw jwvygw[ audGwtn mOky qy imltn inkolw kMpnI dy hweIfrojn i&aUL


January - February 2017


Desi News determined in the first half of 2017. At the launch event, Milton also unveiled Nikola’s plan for a network of Nikola hydrogen fuelling stations across the US and Canada. Nikola plans to begin construction of its hydrogen fuelling stations in January 2018. Nationwide Sales, Service and Warranty At this evening’s event, Nikola Motor Company announced Ryder System, Inc. as its exclusive nationwide distribution and maintenance provider. Ryder has a network of over 800 service locations in North America today. Commenting on the new strategic partnership, Ryder’s President of Global Fleet Management Solutions, Dennis for oursaid, dedicated Company Cooke “We commend Nikola for its leadership in zero-emission vehicles, and for its decision to partner with Ryder as their exclusive nationwide distribution and maintenance provider. This relationship is key to expanding our advanced vehicle technology portfolio

stySnW dI AwpxI Xojnw bwry vI d`isAw[ inkolw iehnW i&aUL stuSnW dw inrmwx pUry AmrIkw Aqy kYnyfw iv`c kIqw jwvygw Aqy ieh jnvrI 2018 dy duAwly SurU krn dI Xojnw hY[ nYSnL p`Dr qy syL, syvwvW Aqy vrMtI ies Swm dy smwroh ivc inkolw motr kMpnI “rweIfr isstm ienkOrporySn” nUM Awpxw nYSnL p`Dr qy syL Aqy syvwvW pRdwn krn vwlI kMpnI v~joN AYlwn kIqw[ rweIfr dw au~qrI AmrIkw ivc lgBg 800 srivs sYNtrW dw jwl hY[ nvIn BweIvwl rxnIqI qy boldIAW rweIfr dy ‘globl PlIt mYnyjmYNt silaUSn’ dy pRmu~K fYins ku`k ny ikhw,” AsIN inkolw dI DUAW-rihq pRxwlI ivc lIfrSIp dI SlwGw krdy hW Aqy iehnW dy rweIfr nUM AwpxI nYSnL p`Dr qy syL Aqy syvwvW pRdwn krn vwlI kMpnI bxwaux dy PYsly dI SlwGw krdy hW[ rweIfr lgwqwr auB~r rhIAW PlIt qknIkW qy nzr r~Kdw hY Aqy auhnW kMpnIAW nwl irSqw sQwipq krn ivc ivSvws r~Kdw hY jo ik nvInqw nUM vpwrk AwvwjweI auodXog ivc vDwvw idMdIAW hn[ rweIfr isstm dI rwStrI kvryj dy nwl-nwl, Qompsn mSInrI, jo ik ie~k toky mSIn dw fIlr hY Aqy inkolw motr kMpnI dw SuruAwqI invySk hY, auh vI AwpxIAW syvwvW tYnsI Aqy im~sIis~pI ivc vI pRdwn krygw[

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of innovative solutions. Ryder continually monitors emerging fleet technologies and seeks to establish relationships with companies that are leading innovation within the commercial transportation industry.” In addition to Ryder System’s national coverage, Thompson Machinery, a Caterpillar dealer and an early investor in Nikola Motor Company, will also offer sales and service in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Come join us & start hauling for Kamway now!!!

For hiring, contact us today Email: or call us at: (360)332-1444 - x 939

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Desi News

National minimum training standards for entry-level commercial truck and bus operators AYNtrI lYvl dy kmrSIAL tr`k Aqy b`s frwievrW leI nYSnL p`Dr qy G`to-G`t tryinMg stYNfrf inXmW dw AYlwn, isKlweI dyx vwly ivAkqI Aqy skUlW dI vI G`to G`t Xogqw jrUrI[


he U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced a Final Rule establishing comprehensive national minimum training standards for entry-level commercial truck and bus operators seeking to obtain a commercial driver’s license or certain endorsements. The standards established in this rule address the knowledge and skills necessary for the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles and also establish minimum qualifications for entities and individuals who provide entry-level driver training. “Ensuring that drivers are properly trained is a critical element in improving road safety for everyone,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “The entry-level training standards for large truck and bus operators put forth today exemplify a commitment to safety from a broad coalition of commercial motor vehicle stakeholders.” The comprehensive CDL training requirements, which emphasize safety and promote driving efficiency, will result in lives saved, reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, vehicle maintenance cost reductions, and industry-wide performance improvements. The rulemaking was mandated by Congress in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act. “This new rule represents the culmination of a sustained and coordinated effort to identify appropriate pre-licensing CDL 52

January - February 2017

AmrIkw dy tRWsport ifprtmYNt dy Adwry &Yfrl motr kYrIAr sy&tI AYfminstRySn ny iek AwKrI inXm dw AYlwn krdIAW hoieAW AYNtrI lYvl dy kmrSIAL tr~k Aqy b~s frwievrW leI nYSnL p`Dr qy G`to-G`t tryinMg stYNfrf inXmW sQwpq krn AYlwn kIqw hY[ ies inXm hyT sQwipq kIqy gey stYNfrf kmrSIAL motr vwhn sur~iKAq clwaux leI jrUrI igAwn Aqy hunr dI g~l qy jor idMdw hY Aqy AYNtrI lYvl frweIvrW nUM isKlweI dyx vwly ibznYs Aqy ivAkqI leI jrUrI Xogqw vI sQwipq krdw hY[ AmrIkI AwvwjweI s~kqr AYNQnI Pwks Anuswr,” ieh inrnw krnw, ik hr iksy leI sur~iKAk sVk pRdwn krn ivc frwievr dw pUrI qrW isiKAk hoxw bhuq jrUrI hY[v~fy tr~kW Aqy b~s AprytrW leI pRvyS-p~Dr au~qy qYA kIqy imAwr ieh is`D krdy hn ik borf kolISn Aw& kmrSIAL vhIkl nwl sbMiDq iDrW sur~iKAw pRdwn krn leI vcnb~D hY[“ sI.fI.AY~l dIAW ivsqwrpUrvk isKlweI loVW, sur~iKAw qy jor idMdIAW hn Aqy cwlk dI kwblIAq nUM vDwvw idMdIAW hn; nqIjy v~jON vDyry jwnW sur~iKAq rihxigAW, qyL dI vrqoN Aqy pRdUSn nUM G`t krngIAW, vhIkl dI sWB sMBwl dw Krcw G~tygw Aqy audXoigk p~Dr qy ibhqr pRdrSn hovygw[ieh inXm kwMgrs v~loN 21vIN sdI dy “mUivMg AhY~f Pw~r pROgrY~s” AYkt ivc Aihm d~isAw igAw sI[ AY~P.AY~m.sI.AY~s.ey dy pRSwsk tI.AY~P. skot.fwrilMg Anuswr,” nvW inXm lgwqwr Aqy qwlmyl BirAW koiSSW nUM drswauNdw hY qW jo swfy rwStr dIAW sVkW qy sur~iKAw vDwaux leI lwhyvMd hovygw[ swfy ih~sydwrW dIAW koiSSW ibnWH ieh mh~qvpUrn Aqy jIvn bcwaux vwlw inXm bxwauxw sMBv nhIN sI[AsIN Kws qOr qy swfI pRvyS-p~DrI frweIvr isKlweI slwhkwr kmytI dI ies inXm bxwaux dy kwrj dOrwn auhnW dIAW AxQ~k koiSSW Aqy sVk sur~iKAw bxwaux Aqy vDwaux leI SlwGw krdy hW[

Desi News standards that will enhance safety on our Nation’s roads,” said FMCSA Administrator T.F. Scott Darling, III. “Without the collective efforts of our stakeholders working closely with us, we could not have completed this important lifesaving rule. We especially appreciate the Entry-Level Driver Training Advisory Committee for its tireless efforts and expertise to enhance roadway safety through the negotiated rulemaking process.” Under the Final Rule announced Wednesday, applicants seeking a CDL would be required to demonstrate proficiency in knowledge training and behind-the-wheel training on a driving range and on a public road, with training obtained from an instructional program that meets FMCSA standards. There is no required minimum number of hours for the knowledge or behind-the-wheel portions of any of the individual training curricula, but training providers must determine that each CDL applicant demonstrates proficiency in all required elements of the training in order to successfully complete the program. Mandatory, comprehensive training in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories would apply to the following individuals under the Final Rule: First-time CDL applicants, including: “Class A” CDLs “Class B” CDLs Current CDL holders seeking a license upgrade (e.g., a Class B CDL holder seeking a Class A CDL) or an additional endorsement necessary to transport hazardous materials, or to operate a motorcoach or school bus. All of these individuals are subject to the entry-level driver training requirements and must complete a course of instruction provided by an entity that meets the qualification standards set forth in the Final Rule. FMCSA anticipates that many entities currently providing entry-level driver training, including motor carriers, school districts, independent training schools, and individuals will be eligible to provide training that complies with the new requirements. Drivers who are not subject to or are excepted or exempted from federal CDL requirements are not subject to this Final Rule. For example, military drivers, farmers, and firefighters who are excepted from federal CDL requirements are not subject to this Final Rule. The entry-level driver training Final Rule goes into effect on February 6, 2017, with a compliance date of February 2020.

New & Net Trailer Orders More than Double Previous Month in November


ew and net trailer orders surged in November, strongly indicating that the trailer buying season has begun. Driven mostly by Dry Vans, November net orders climbed 71% month-over-month, according to the most recent State of the Industry: U.S. Trailers published by ACT Research Co. (ACT). A drop in cancellations also helped boost last month’s sales. “Dry vans were also nearly equivalent to year-ago levels,” said Frank Maly, Director–CV Transportation Analysis and Research at ACT. Speaking on the comparison to last year, Maly continued, “Even with that surge, total trailer orders for the month still trailed last November by 7ppt, and ytd net orders are down one-third from 2015 volume.”

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Desi News

Wabash National Corporation launches Cold Chain Series refrigerated van trailer


abash National Corporation announced commitment from a fourth fleet to join the company’s launch program for its Cold Chain Series refrigerated van trailer made with molded structural composites. Leonard’s Express joins Werner Enterprises, K&B Transportation and Combined Transport—with dealers Regional International, TEC Equipment and Wick’s Truck Trailers—to bring the company’s

refrigerated trailer to the North American market, the company noted. “The launch program for our Cold Chain Series composite reefer continues to move forward as planned,” said Brent Yeagy, president and chief operating officer. “Refrigerated carriers see the superior performance benefits in our new molded structural composite technology. Many carriers have been very interested in participating in the launch

program so they can better understand the value of the performance benefits on their operations.” “We’re excited to show the progress we’ve made since we introduced our prototype trailer in February,” added Robert Lane, director of business development for Wabash National’s Commercial Trailer Products. “We’ve spent the past eight months in R&D undergoing further testing and qualifications and finalizing repair procedures. This reefer is unlike anything on the market today.” Wabash National’s Cold Chain Series refrigerated van is made out of the company’s proprietary molded structural composite with thermal technology (MSCT), which the company said improves thermal performance by up to 25% and is up to 20% lighter, while improving puncture and damage resistance. In addition, the molded structural composite floor system promises higher floor ratings—up to 24,000 pounds. “What this means for our customers is improved thermal efficiency, reduced fuel costs, increased payload and cargo capacity, optimized utilization and enhanced durability,” Yeagy explained. Molded structural composites are used in a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, marine and commercial construction. This is the first time the technology is being used in the trailer industry. Wabash National also utilizes this technology in its previously commercialized refrigerated truck body. Production and field testing for the initial launch trailers will begin in the first quarter of 2017.

New Mobile Accident Reporting App Tool


new mobile accident reporting app tool for the transportation industry has re-set the standard for documenting the occurrence of commercial and business vehicle traffic crashes. The Accident Plan app leads the driver through each critical step of the accident reporting process, and will also keep administrators informed in real time, document every vital aspect of the event and assemble it into a comprehensive accident report. In addition, it provides an animated, seven-chapter training video featuring “Skidmore.” Skidmore teaches drivers in advance about proper accident reporting and conduct. “The motor carrier has long held the disadvantage when it comes to crash defense,” says Brendan Dawson, Founder and CEO of Accident Plan. “That’s due, at least in part, to the driver not having proper tools and training with which to adequately handle a stressful crash scene event.” Baffled by the inadequacy of the old paper accident kit, Dawson said he built Accident Plan from scratch in order to give drivers a tool to help them focus on the critical task at hand and for motor carriers who need to proactively manage their claims. 54

January - February 2017

According to co-founder Patrick Fay of Fay Engineering, accident reconstruction experts since 1971, Accident Plan can help level the playing field for motor carriers by helping the driver capture critically important information.

“Vital data can be swept away quickly as emergency crews begin to clear the scene,” Fay says. “Accident Plan gives the driver and the motor carrier the best chance to collect that data while it’s still fresh.” “This information can create a distinct advantage during investigation and can significantly limit a carrier’s exposure during potential litigation.”





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Desi Trucking - US  
Desi Trucking - US  

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