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FAST - Free and Secure Trade Program Pwst- PRI AYNf sikaur tRyf pRogrwm

Cheer up! It’s Spring Time!! KuS ho jwE! Aw geI ey bsMq r`uq!!

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New Sleeper configurations for Kenworth T680 and T880 kYnvrQ tI680 Aqy tI880 dy nvyN slIpr dI bxwvt

Peterbilt chooses fuel efficiency and aerodynamics for 579 pItriblt vloN 579 leI iPaUl AYPIsIAYNSI Aqy eyArofwienYmks dI cox

Volvo details new initiatives volvo vloN nvIN pihlkdmI dy vyrvyo

Navistar makes OnCommand free and standard nYvIstwr vloN AOnkmWf muPq Aqy stYNfrf

Wingman Fusion introduced by Bendix bYNifks dI pySkwrI ivMgmYn iPaUzn

Shell/AirFlow set to design new fuel efficient vehicle nvW qyl b`cq vwLw vhIkl ifzweIn krn leI iqAwr hY SY`l/eyArPloA

18 US demand could be catalyst for Canadian export growth 23 Double Coin and CMA name new regional sales managers 40 BTS Releases February 2015 North American Freight Numbers 42 FMCSA considers exemptions for drivers with implantable defibrillators 46 Krista Sohm Named to Board of Directors of Trucker Buddy International 56 Volvo Group Invests in Peloton Technology


23 May / June 2015

the 2016 vnl series :

All roads lead to fuel efficiency. May / June 2015


Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI

Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal

A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline

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Everyone has dreams for his or her future. For some, their dreams come true; but for the majority, they remain just that – dreams. Those who do not have dreams cannot get as far as they want in their lives as they would like. In the same breath, those who have dreams but do not pursue them also can’t get far as well. We have been working in the trucking industry for a long time now so I can relate and make connections to the above words. If you see a successful trucking company and you dream of trucking as a profession, there is nothing wrong with it. First of all, get proper knowledge about this profession through formal education from industry experts and from those already working successfully in the profession. By doing this, you can pre-calculate the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. By attaining the preliminary knowledge of the profession, you can better decide if it is the right profession for you. The second step is to make a checklist of the required training you will need and pursue it step by step. The most important thing is to take the proper training and go through all necessary steps rather than taking any shortcuts. The time you spend in the beginning will pay off in the long run and make you a more successful professional. Now that you are in the profession, ensure that you know the rules, laws, and regulations, and never try to bypass them. It takes less time and effort to follow rules rather than face the consequences. By taking a shortcut, or breaking laws or regulations, you can easily lose your dreams and any acquired wealth. Learning is a never ending process. Keep learning, become better day-by-day and see your dreams being fulfilled. hr ie`k mnu`K dy Awpxy Biv`K leI ku`J supny dyKdw hY, keIAW dy ieh supny pUry ho jWdy hn pr bhuiqAW dy ie`h supny supny hI rih jWdy hn[ ijhVy mnu`K spny nhIN dyKdy, auh ijMdgI iv`c bhuqIAW pRwpqIAW vI nhIN krdy, dUjy pwsy jo supny qW dyKdy hn pr auhnW nUM pUrw krn leI koeI Xojnw nhIN bxwauNdy Aqy shI idsæw ‘c imhnq nhIN krdy, auh vI ijMdgI iv`c ijAwdw sPæl nhIN huMdy[ AsIN ies nUM tr`ikMg nwl joVdy hW, jykr qusIN iksy sPæl tr`ikMg kMpnI nUM dyKdy ho Aqy tr`ikMg nUM ik`qy vjoN Apnwaux dw supnw lYNdy ho qW ies iv`c koeI mwVI g`l nhIN[ pr ies spny nUM pUrw krn leI pihlW quhwnUM ies ik`qy bwry pUrI jwxkwrI lYxI pvygI, ies ieMfstrI iv`c sPælqw nwl kMm kr rhy lokW qoN jW iPær ies ieMfsrtI nwl sbMiDq sMsQwvW qoN, ies qrW quhwnUM ies ik`qy dy cMgy Aqy mwVy p`KW dI jwxkwrI pihlW hI ho jwvygI Aqy qusIN Awp PæYslw kr skoNgy ik ie`h ik`qw quhwfy leI TIk hY jW nhIN[ dUsrw kdm ieh hY ik ie`k ilst iqAwr kro ik quhwnUM A`gy iks iks qrHW dI tRying dI loV hY , Aqy iehnW nUM ie`k ie`k krky pUrw kro[ ieh g`l bhuq mh`qvpUrn hY ik hr ie`k cIjæ pUry TIk qrIky nwl is`Ko, kdy vI glq FMg qrIky nw vrqo[ tRyinMg dOrwn lgwieAw vwDU smW A`gy c`l ky quhwfy leI bhuq PæwiedymMd hovygw Aqy quhwnMU sPæl bxn iv`c shweI hovygw[ hux qusIN ies ik`qy iv`c ho, ies g`l nUM XkInI bxwE ik quhwnUM ies nwl sbMiDq swry inXmW Aqy knMUnW dI jwxkwrI hY, iehnW inXmW dI hmysæW pwlxw kro[ inXmW dI pwlxw nw krky musIbq ‘c Pæsx nwloN iehnW dI pwlxW krnW sOKw hY[ inXm Aqy knUMn qoV ky qusIN Awpxy supny Aqy pYsw, dovyN guAw skdy ho[ hmysæW is`Kx dI koissæ kro, idn-b-idn vDIAw bxo Aqy Awpxy supny pUry huMdy dyKo[

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G. Ray Gompf

Technology and Aerodynamics T

he recent Mid-America Trucking Show was a look into the future of trucking. All the manufacturers were there proudly displaying their version of the perfect vehicle where computers play a more important role than those who will be charged with driving them. Leading the charge was Freightliner with its entry called the SuperTruck. With its aggressive aero features and unconventional styling left many jaws agape. Comments like “look at those side skirts, blow a tire behind those things and it’s going to be expensive” weren’t uncommon. But isn’t that what concepts are all about? Make it pretty then make it practical. The process of going from an artist rendering of Freightliner’s Revolution truck to having a tangible product took a year and a half, but Maik Ziegler, Daimler Trucks’ director of advanced engineering, NAFTA, says that timeframe can vary from project to project. “With SuperTruck, we have a target of 50 percent improvement of freight efficiency (over 2007 baselines),” he says. “Fifty percent is a big number, so the government gave us five years.” The accomplishments for this concept truck are very impressive. Fuel economy over 12 mpg sustained in a real world test as a result of its more than 50 percent improvement in aerodynamics drag. That’s just a start. Navistar had its own take on aerodynamic drag. Instead of full wheel covering skirts, it chose to make fenders and hub caps to add a significant wind resistance reduction. “It’s a litmus test as ‘this is our vision,’ and it kind of validates if we’re going in the right direction or not. “There is a lot of value in customer feedback. We have a lot of smart people here at Navistar but we need to make sure that we 8

validate with people who will actually use the product” said Chris Ito, director of innovation and design for Navistar. Peterbilt’s Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE) truck is a concept in every definition of the word. Designed and built in collaboration with the world’s largest retailer and trailer manufacturer Great Dane, WAVE features an aggressive teardrop design, and is powered by a fuel-neutral turbine engine that can run on diesel, gasoline, natural gas, DME, hydrogen and other biofuels. The truck and trailer were designed to improve aerodynamics by 20 percent over conventional models. Bill Kahn, manager of advanced concepts with Peterbilt, says the WAVE truck was the company’s attempt to find significant efficiency gains in an area where the low hanging fruit has long-since been harvested. Realizing that significant gains weren’t going to come from simple tweaks in aero-design, Kahn’s team set out to design a new model from the ground up. “We really wanted to come out and see what it would take to get a double-digit gain in fuel efficiency,” he says, “and what would that look like?” Walmart and Peterbilt wanted an advanced powertrain but concluded, efficiency-wise, a standard diesel engine had been pushed about as far as it could go. It’s not just the outer skin of these new concept trucks that is what is new. Besides the improvements in engine power to move them, changes to the ideas of what will fuel them to reduce carbon footprints and technology to have the truck drive itself are all on the table. Bendix brought to the table a way to have the truck read speed limit signs and react to bring the truck within preselected parameters. Bendix has been working for years and has been successful in stabilization controls. May / June 2015

Technology and Aerodynamics

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Howes Extendable Flashlight

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May / June 2015

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Technology and Aerodynamics

‘‘ There is a project in Canada that is aiming to make crossing railway tracks for commercial vehicles perfectly safe. The vision here is to have the signal mechanism at every rail crossing emit a radio signal that will be recognized by the truck’s computer and then give an audible warning to the driver there is a train about to cross the road. If the driver doesn’t react in a specified amount of time, then the truck itself applies the brakes so the truck stops well short of the tracks preventing a truck train collision. Yes, this is just in the idea stage. The final product may not look or act like what is described here, but there is thinking going on to prevent truck train collisions of which in Canada there are some 40 per year. In the US, the number is significantly more. Computer and camera technology is going to be a much larger part of the driving experience as time goes by. In one person’s lifetime we will have gone from trucks that were little more than buckboards with engines that were difficult to manage; hard to steer; under powered; and slow to complicated machines that are more computer than truck and needing little or no moni10

Peterbilt’s Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE) truck is a concept in every definition of the word


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Desi News

We now have 500+

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May / June 2015 JULY / AUGUST 2014

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Technology and Aerodynamics toring by the operator. Driver is fast becoming a nomenclature that no one will recognize in the next generation but Safety Engineer will be the new driver where the Safety Engineer monitors all of the systems of the vehicles moving our freight around the world, without collisions or even a danger to anyone with whom they may come in close proximity. We’re not there yet, of course, but there is at least progress towards the goal of having no one killed or injured simply doing their job. Roads where collisions are a thing of the past. Integrated transportation systems that not matter the methodology will be able to communicate with each other and prevent incidents before they even become evident. The world’s economies run on energy. Choosing the next big energy source and being right is the challenge for the future. That one person who has seen so many changes in one lifetime has gone from witnessing horses provide motive power for transportation and agriculture to those futuristic visions that have been discussed above. The question isn’t so much as to what these trucks will do and how they’ll operate. It’s how will the next generation of driver drive. Will the driver simply be a person who rides along to do the bullwork – lower landing gear, hook up air connections, do pre and post trip inspections? Will there be any steering responsibility? Will the driver simply have to wipe off the truck’s cameras periodically to ensure it can see where it’s going? Will drivers need to know how to back into a dock or is a computer much better suited to handle that task?

frweIvr SbdwvlI ieho ijhI bxdI jw rhI hY ik AglI pIVHI ‘c syPtI ieMjnIArW qoN ibnHW iksy dI smJ ‘c nhIN AwvygI[ syPtI ieMjnIAr hI nvyN frweIvr hoxgy jo ik swrI dunIAw ‘c GuMm rhy Pryt vwLy tr`kW dy isstm ‘qy nzr r`Kxgy auh vI iksy nMu iksy vI qrHW dy Kqry Aqy s`t cot qoN vgYr[ AsIN Ajy au`Qy nhIN phuMcy hW pr hW, G`to G`t aus mMizl v`l vD zrUr rhy hW ijs dw inSwnw hY ik AwpxI Awm nOkrI krdy smyN koeI vI zKmI nw hovy Aqy iksy dI vI mOq nw hovy[ AijhIAW sVkW ijnHW ‘qy durGtnwvW ie`k ieqhws hI bx ky rih jwx[ AwpsI qwlmyl vwly tRWsport isstm jo ik ie`k dUjy nwL g`l krn dy kwibl hox Aqy sVkI hwdsy mMdBwgIAW durGtnwvW bxn qoN pihlW hI roky jw skx[ dunIAw dI AwriQkqw aUrjw ‘qy Navistar inrBr krdI hY[ Agly v`fy aUrjw sRoq Project dI cox krnI Aqy iblkul shI cox krnI Biv`K dI ie`k bhuq v`fI cuxOqI Horizon hY[ ie`k ienswn ijsny AwpxI izMdgI ‘c bhuq bdlwA huMdy vyKy hn, voiKAw hY ik AvwjweI dy swDn jo GoVy pRdwn krdy sn A`j ik`Qy phuMc gey hn, ieh AsIN swrw au`pr vrxn kr cu`ky hW[ svwl ieh nhIN hY ik ieh tr`k kI krngy Aqy iks qrHW krngy, blik svwl ieh hY ik AglI pIVI dy frweIvr iksqrW fRweIv krngy[ kI frweIvr ie`k Awm mwVw motw kMm krn vwlw hI rih jwvygw ijsdw tr`k qy hoxw isrP ienHW kMmW leI hY, ijvyN ik; lYNifMg gyAr Q`ly krnw, eyAr knYkSn joVnyy Aqy pRI Aqy post tir`p




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Technology and Aerodynamics Also questions like – if the truck is self-driving and the driver is simply a monitor and not a decision maker, if and when the computer fails will the human driver be “at fault” or will it be the computer programmer that created the software to drive the truck? Will there be court cases that will determine the validity of the human driver? Will there be a need for hours of service legislation to prevent tired driving? Will shippers demand delivery times without accommodation for the human factor? Will there be a need for recovery vehicles to support the trucking industry? Will snow and ice covered roads interfere with computer driven trucks? While advances in technology are welcomed it is the questions in the way the humans monitoring these systems isn’t being addressed, at least not openly and the thought process must be part and parcel of the concepts.

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Where has All the Equipment Gone?

Where Has All the Equipment Gone?

- Pash Brar B.A.

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s seasons change, so does trucking. With improved weather and road conditions in spring and summer, trucking awakes from its winter hibernation. With the busier season ahead, companies seek out new equipment to meet their increased load demand. But this year there is a very high demand for equipment. So high in fact, that a lot of equipment has been sold out across North America and factories are backed up many months trying to fill the orders. There are still options to explore while one waits for equipment to become available One option is to make do with what you have. If it’s a company driver waiting to become a first time lease operator, keep driving the company truck while you wait for equipment to arrive. If you’re a company, perhaps hire a lease operator to make up for the extra loads while you wait. But it’s important to keep working and try to meet demands from clients if you choose to wait it out. Too much money will be lost if you wait and do nothing. Buying used is a viable option for some. Some will do this if they can find something decent but others are adamant and want new trucks and trailers only. Everyone has a preference. One suggestion is to order the equipment you want, and in the mean time utilize used equipment to meet your load demand and not have to turn away work. Not doing the work at all will lose too much money while you wait for your order. Some high demand equipment is backed up 8-10 months. So something used now is better than nothing at all in some cases. If you still want new, then trade in the used equipment later when the new equipment arrives. Speak to your local dealerships about used options on their lot and future trade ins coming in to tide you over. If you don’t want to wait months for your custom order, you can look at what the dealerships have coming available in the future stock. Right now, if you wait for equipment to arrive, most of it is pre-sold before it even arrives. If you wait for it to arrive, it is already too late. If you wait to think about it, someone will come in and put a deposit on the piece of equipment you may have been thinking about, and again it’s too late. My advice is go ask your local dealership what they have and if anything is available for your type of work, put a deposit down right away. Go to the dealership with your cheque book or credit card ready. If you change your mind later, a refund can be arranged for your deposit in most situations. - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA. 14

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May / June 2015


2429 S. Peck Rd, Whittier CA 90601



Where has All the Equipment Gone? In some cases a compromise can be the answer. You may have your heart set on a certain brand, but that particular brand is sold out for many months. There may be other brands that do have availability. Only some, but not all manufacturers are behind in production. Do you lose that work and wait, or are you willing to go look at other brands and competitors who may have something available? Some companies only stick to one brand and one brand only, but you never know, perhaps another brand may offer some options for you, even if only temporary. If anything, it’s good to go out and learn about all the different brand names out there, and you may be pleasantly surprised by changes in price, options and fuel economy between the brands Ask lots of questions and speak to others currently using the brand. Keep an open mind even if you decide not to stray from your brand. Product knowledge is always a great thing to have. Call your local dealership about doing a back up offer. Sometimes deals fall through. Maybe a company ordered too many, and don’t need all that was ordered. Sometimes the financing falls through. Sometimes there’s a change in mind and even credit cards can get declined on the deposit. Whatever the reason, if a deal falls through and you have put a deposit on some equipment as a back up, you have a chance at getting that equipment until it leaves the lot. If you are not successful, then the dealership will refund your deposit. If you don’t try, you cannot succeed, so if you need something fast, keep trying with back-ups. It’s also important to check with the manufacturer to see if any changes have been made at the production level. Manufacturers may have increased their production to meet the higher demand in their products. With increased production, comes a faster turnover and you may get your equipment sooner than expected. So if you had decided not to order because the wait was too long and it was hopeless, and now suddenly the wait time has decreased, you may have lost out on opportunity. Manufacturers also may receive cancelled orders. If there’s a cancellation, that opens up slots in production for your order to get made faster. So keep checking in and adjust yourself as production adjusts to achieve a higher efficiency rate for your business. I know a lot of people are frustrated with record equipment sales level right now across North America as they want equipment that just isn’t available to them right at the moment. Try the methods mentioned and always keep in touch with your local dealerships, manufacturers and others in trucking. Sometimes you may stumble on equipment just through who you know. Keep checking with dealerships and manufacturers for upcoming availability and ask what deals may not go through. Be open to all avenues and if a dealership knows you are a serious buyer, you will be notified for anything available. In this high demand market i think the most important thing is that money talks. The first to put the money down will get the item. Those that think and wait are going to lose, so if you know you want something have your wallet ready. 16

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Service brake defect prompts Daimler truck recall

Service brake defect prompts Daimler truck recall


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration document, Daimler Trucks North America LLC recalled more than 2,000 Freightliner and Western Star trucks. The recalled vehicles have a service brake defect. Certain Freightliner and Western Star trucks manufactured Oct. 6, 2014, to Feb. 16, 2015, that are equipped with Haldex Life Seal brake chambers are affected. Vehicles affected may experience brake drag due to an improperly seated diaphragm in the brake chamber. While the truck is traveling at highway speeds, the defect may cause loss of control of the vehicle. Models affected include: • 2015 Freightliner 108SD • 2015 Freightliner 114SD • 2015 Freightliner 122SD • 2015 Freightliner Business Class M2 • 2015 Freightliner Cascadia • 2015 Freightliner Coronado • 2015 Western Star 4700 • 2015 Western Star 4900 Daimler Trucks North America will notify customers and will replace the brake chambers free of charge. Daimler’s number for this recall is FL676, and the recall is expected to begin May 25, 2015. Drivers who own one of the recalled models can contact Daimler Trucks North America customer service at 800-385-4357. Owners can also contact the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit

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US demand could be catalyst for Canadian export growth


xport Development Canada (EDC) suggests, in a new report, there is no time like the present for Canadian firms to export their goods to the United States. The agency’s latest global export forecast predicts industrial capacity constraints within the U.S. will be a key driver of global economic growth over the next two years. A higher U.S. dollar is also making foreign investments and imports more attractive. The EDC says those factors are creating a “huge opportunity for Canadian companies to meet the U.S. economy’s need for goods, services, and production capacity.” The agency says U.S. consumers are confident again, employment is up, wages are rising, debt ratios are sinking and Americans are spending. “As a result we’re seeing facilities in the U.S. being pushed to capacity as they scramble to keep up with increasing demand,” said EDC chief economist Peter Hall. “If ever there was a time for businesses, whether small, medium or large, to start exporting to the U.S., it’s now.” EDC’s forecast for the American economy is 3.6 percent growth in 2015 and 3.3 percent in 2016. The agency forecasts Canada’s export growth to be one per cent this year and seven per cent in 2016. The outlook for Canadian GDP is 2.4 per cent for 2015 and 2016. It says Canada’s exports have diversified considerably to emerging markets over the last few years, and that trend is expected to continue into 2016. The share of Canada’s exports destined for those markets was five per cent in 2000, but now tops 12 percent. Hall notes that while the United States is a key growth driver, spill-over growth will reach Europe, the rest of the developed world and emerging markets. Hall does offer a word of caution in the EDC report, saying the global economy is “nearing the end of its high-wire act.” “There are still a lot of pretty big post-crisis risks lurking out there and it’s important that businesses insure their activities against these risks.” May / June 2015

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New Sleeper configurations for Kenworth T680 and T880

New Sleeper configurations for Kenworth T680 and T880


enworth announced at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY., the launch of a new 76-inch mid-roof sleeper for its T680 and T880. Full production is expected to start in the fall. Kenworth general manager and Paccar vice president Preston Feight says “the 76-inch mid-roof sleeper is optimized for liquid bulk tankers, flatbed haulers and operators looking for a lighter weight, more aerodynamic truck with all the driver comforts of a full-height sleeper. “The mid-roof sleeper provides 100-pound weight savings when compared to Kenworth’s 76-inch high-roof sleeper and up to a 5 percent fuel economy savings for tanker and flatbed applications, depending on load conditions. “For many truck operators, obtaining additional payload capacity can make a big difference in potential profit. The efficient mid-roof design has lower drag, and provides a reduction in fuel expenses.” Kenworth’s 76-inch mid-roof sleeper features a liftable lower bunk and side storage towers, including hanging storage for drivers to store their clothes. A bunk for team drivers or a back wall sleeper storage unit is also available as an option, as is a factory-installed Kenworth Idle Management System. LED lighting is also used heavily throughout. With the new addition, the T680 can be specified in 76-inch mid- and high-roof sleepers, 52-inch mid-roof sleeper and day cab. Kenworth’s T880, the 2015 ATD Commercial Truck of the Year, can be specified in day cab, 52-inch sleeper and 76-inch mid-roof sleeper configurations.


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Hendrickson announces Disc Brakes for Trailers

Hendrickson announces Disc Brakes for Trailers


ccording the Perry Bahr, vice president and general manager, Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems launched the new MAXX22T being the first — and only — air disc brake system for trailers in North America today. Bahr noted that while trailer disc brakes are popular in Europe — and Hendrickson manufactures brakes for that market — the particular needs of the North American market caused Hendrickson to develop the MAXX22T specifically for fleets on this side of the Atlantic. The new brake system was developed in conjunction with WABCO and uses that company’s bi-directional single piston design with Hendrickson’s wheel end and brake components. The new system, Bahr says, results in a high reliability design with reduced weight and installation efficiency. Other MAXX22T features include a bolt-on splash guard that allows easy rotor inspection, a 20,000 pound gross axle weight and is compatible with Hendrickson’s TIREMAAX PRO and any Ready-To-Roll wheel end package.

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Cummins looks into the future

Cummins looks into the future A

t the inaugural press conference at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show, Cummins offered a sneak-peek at its 2017 greenhouse gas engine technology. Details are thin but Srikanth Padmanabhan, vice president of the company’s engine business noted that the ISX15 will feature enhancements including a more efficient turbocharger and reduced parasitic energy loss. The engine will be offered in distinct designs optimized for either performance or fuel economy. Power ratings will range from 400 to 605 horsepower. Cummins will also offer new technology downstream from the engine. A new single-module exhaust after-treatment system will also debut in 2017. Srikanth says the new system is an evolutionary design that leverages both customer input as well as Cummins Filtrations’ acquired after-treatment expertise. The system will be 60 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than current after-treatment systems and will use new catalytic materials and DPF dosing methods to achieve reliable emissions compliance.

Double Coin and CMA name new regional sales managers


ouble Coin and CMA named Bill Telefonow its new regional sales manager for the Canada region. He has worked for more than 20 years in sales and management for several tire manufacturers, including Continental Tire Canada and Kumho Tire Canada.The company also named Rico Austin regional sales manager for the southwest region. “Our two new regional sales managers bring a multitude of industry experience to our growing sales team,” said Aaron C. Murphy, vice-president of CMA. “With the expansion of our service footprint as well as additional requirements from the marketplace, we look forward to their contribution in supporting Double Coin and CMA success.”

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May / June 2015




Free and Secure Trade Program


PRI AYNf sikaur tRyf pRogrwm NSC Compliance Services What is FAST? FAST stands for Free and Secure Trade. It is a commercial clearance program for known low risk shipments that cross between the U.S, Canada and Mexico. When did this program start? The initial phase of the FAST program began in December 2002 and was initiated after 9/11. Is it mandatory to be registered in the FAST program? It is not mandatory for a commercial driver to be enrolled in the FAST program to cross border but there are several benefits for the driver to be registered. There are more than 78,000 commercial drivers that are enrolled in the FAST program. What are the benefits of the FAST program? If you are part of the FAST program then you will benefit from the following: - Access to dedicated lanes for greater speed and efficiency in processing trans-border shipments; - Reduced number of inspections resulting in reduced delays at the border; - Priority, front-of-the-line processing for CBP inspections; and, - Enhanced supply chain security while promoting the economic prosperity of the U.S, Canada and Mexico. What are FAST eligible goods? In order to qualify for the streamlined FAST process, goods imported must meet these conditions: - They must not be prohibited, controlled or regulated importations as set out in any act of Parliament or provincial/state legislation; - They must not be subject to the release requirements of any other government department; and - They must be shipped directly to Canada from the continental United States or Mexico. How many ports have FAST lane access? There are 17 ports on the northern border connecting to Canada and 17 on the southern border connecting to Mexico. The majority of dedicated FAST lanes are located in northern border ports in Michigan, New York and Washington State and at southern border ports from California to Texas. What are the requirements to qualify for a FAST card? 24

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May / June 2015


FAST You may qualify to participate in the program if you: - are a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S, Canada or Mexico - are 18 years or older - possess a valid driver’s license - must be admissible to Canada and the United States under applicable immigration laws. What can cause a driver to not qualify for a FAST card? You may not qualify if you: - provide false or incomplete information on your application; - have been convicted of a criminal offense; - have a criminal conviction for which you received a pardon; - have failed to obtain a waiver of inadmissibility to the U.S. when applicable; - have been found in violation of customs or immigration law; or - fail to meet other requirements of the FAST Commercial Driver Program. How long is the FAST card valid for? In general FAST cards are valid for five years. What must you do to ensure you follow the rules to maintain your FAST card? When using your FAST card you must ensure the following: - you must comply with all customs and immigration laws of the United States and Canada and all other laws and regulations enforced by CBP and CBSA; - carry at all times and show when requested your FAST Commercial Driver card, and necessary personal identification including any immigration documents; - make sure everyone in your vehicle has a valid FAST Commercial Driver card before you reach the border; If any of the passengers in your vehicle is either not carrying his FAST Commercial Driver card or is not a FAST Commercial Driver participant, you must use the regular service lanes; - not transfer your FAST Commercial Driver card to another individual. Where can I get more information on becoming a part of the FAST program? - You can call us at our toll free number at 1-800-965-9839 if you need more assistance in becoming a part of the FAST program.


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Peterbilt choose fuel efficiency and aerodynamics for 579

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Peterbilt chooses fuel efficiency and aerodynamics for 579


eterbilt Motors introduced enhancements to its Model 579 EPIQ it says can improve fuel efficiency up to 14 percent. In additon, the company announced new models or expanded versions of existing models, including improvements in its natural gas-powered offerings. The 579 EPIQ’s fuel gains come from aerodynamics, drivetrain, tire pressure monitoring and automatically generated driver performance tips, said Chief Engineer Scott Newhouse during the Mid-America Trucking Show. He detailed some key elements: • A roof fairing bridge that reduces the gap between truck and trailer; • Enhanced chassis fairings that minimize the opening in front of the tandem axle; • Rubber wheel closeouts on the front axle; • A bumper dam that reduces aerodynamic lift and drag; and • A bumper-to-hood seal that redirects air around the truck. “The Model 579 is the most aerodynamic truck in Peterbilt’s 75-year history and when configured with the EPIQ package, it takes fuel economy to even greater levels,” said Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager. Peterbilt added a new 58-inch sleeper for its Model 579 in low- and midroof configurations, ideal for weight conscious short- and regional-haul operations. The new sleeper, entering production during the fourth quarter, reduces weight by up to 100 pounds (versus the 80-inch sleeper) while including all of the amenities found on Peterbilt’s larger sleepers. The new sleeper includes a full-length door to help facilitate loading personal gear and belongings. Full-length, integrated extenders to minimize trailer gap and improve aerodynamic efficiency. Other features include a television mount, refrigerator and microwave shelf. Peterbilt launched a new set-forward front axle configuration for its flagship vocational Model 567 that is ideal for mixer and other weight-conscious applications. Like the set-back axle version, the Model 567 SFFA is available in both 115- and 121-inch BBC lengths. The 115-inch BBC has a bumper to front axle distance of 29 inches and the 121-inch BBC has a bumper to front axle distance of 31 inches. Peterbilt introduced two new medium-duty vehicles powered by compressed natural 28

pItriblt ny Awpxy mwfl 579 EPIQ ‘c ku`J suDwr swhmxy ilAWdy hn[ ienHW dw kihxw hY ik ieh qyl Kpq ‘c 14 pRqISq q`k dw suDwr kr skdy hn[ iesdy nwL hI kMpnI ny hor nvyN mwfl vI SurU kIqy hn jW nYcrl gYs nwL c`lx vwLy ieMjxW ‘c suDwr krky purwxy mwflW ‘c vwDy kIqy hn[ imf-AmYirkw tr`ikMg SoA dOrwn cIP ieMjnIAr skwt inaUhwaUs ny ikhw ik eyArofwienYmks, fRweIvtRyn, twier pRYSr mwnItirMg Aqy AwtomYitk bxdy fRweIvr pRPwrmYNs it`ps krky 579 EPIQ dI qyl Kpq vDIAw ho jWdI hY[ aunHW ny k`uJ Kws nukiqAW qy rOSnI pweI: • ie`k rUP PyAirMg birj jo ik tRYktr Aqy tRylr dw Pwslw GtWaudw hY[ • vDy hoey cYsI PyAirMg jo ik tYNfm AYksl dy swhmxy dy gYp nMU bhuq G`t krdy hn[ • mUhrly AYksl ‘qy rbV vIlH klojAwaUt[ • ie`k bMpr fYm jo ik eyArofwienYmks ilPt Aqy frYg nMU GtwauNdw hY Aqy • ie`k bMpr qoN lY ky hu`f q`k sIl jo ik tr`k dy duAwLy dI hvw dI idSw nUM bdl idMdI hY[ pItriblt dy jnrl mYnyjr fYirn isvr dw kihxw hY ik 579 mwfl tr`k pItriblt dI 75 swl dI ihstrI ‘c sB qoN v`D eyArofwienYimks tr`k hY Aqy jdoN iesnMU EPIQ pYkyj nwL kniPgr kIqw jWdw hY qW ieh qyl dI b`cq nMU hor vI aucyry p`Dr q`k lY jWdw hY[ pItriblt ny Awpxy mwfl 579 dy loA Aqy imf rUP kniPgrySn ‘c nvW 58 ieMc slIpr joiVAw hY jo ik G`t Bwr Aqy pRWq dy AMdr AMdr FoAw FuAweI krn vwiLAW leI bhuq hI vDIAw hY[ nvyN slIpr dw auqpwd swl dI cOQI cOQweI ‘c SurU hovygw[ieh slIpr pItriblt dy v`fy slIprW dIAW swrIAW su`K suivDw dy smyq vI 100 pONf q`k tr`k dy Bwr nMU G`t kr dyvygw (80 ieMc slIpr dy mukwbly) nvyN slIpr ‘c pUrI lMbweI vwLw drvwzw hy jo May / June 2015

Peterbilt choose fuel efficiency and aerodynamics for 579 gas: the Model 337 and the Model 348. Both vehicles are now in production and can be configured as trucks or tractors. They are optimized for configuration with 110-inch BBCs. Newhouse said the optimized spec, including steering geometry that provides up to a 50 degree turning angle, provides improved maneuverability in congested operations. Both the Models 348 and 337 are powered by the Cummins Westport ISL-G with 320 horsepower and 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque. Peterbilt introduced its Models 579 and 567 in liquified natural gas configurations, available as daycabs. Production is scheduled for June. Both trucks are powered by the Cummins-Westport ISX12 G with up to 400 horsepower and 1,450 lb.-ft. of torque. “Peterbilt is the industry’s natural gas leader with the largest market share, most experience and broadest, most versatile product lineup,” said Robert Woodall, assistant general manager of sales and marketing. ik in`jI smwn nMU l`dx leI bhuq shweI huMdw hY[pUrI lMbweI vwLy AYkstYNfr swml hn jo ik tRylr dy gYp nMu G`t krdy hn Aqy eyArofwienYimks smr`Qw nMU vDwauNdy hn[ hor PIcrW ‘c tYlIivzn mWaut, Pir`j Aqy mweIkrovyv SYlP Swml hn[ pItriblt ny Awpxy pRmu`K mwfl 567 leI nvIN sY`t-Pwrvrf PrMt AYksl kniPgrySn pyS kIqI hY jo ik imksrW Aqy hor BwrsMquln kMmW leI iblkul shI hY[ sY`t-bYk AYksl pRqIrUp dI qrHW mwfl 567 SFFA vI donHW hI 115 qy 121-ieMc BBC lMbweI ‘c auplBD hY[ 115-ieMc BBC dw bMpr qoN lY ky mUhrly AYksl q`k dw Pwslw 29 ieMc hY Aqy 121-ieMc BBC dw bMpr qoN lY ky mUhrly AYksl q`k dw Pwslw 31 ieMc hY[ pItriblt ny do nvyN mIfIAm ifautI vhIkl mwfl 337 Aqy 348 pyS kIqy hn jo kMprY`sf nYcrl gYs nwL cldy hn[dono hI vhIkl hux inrmwx ADIn hn ijnHW nMU tr`k jW tRYktr, iksy dw vI rUp id`qw jw skdw hY[ auh 110-ieMc BBCs nwl koeI vI pRqIrUp lYx dy AnuswrI hn[ inaUhwaUs ny ikhw ik ieh ies styAirMg ryKw gixq nwl AwauNdw hY jo ik 50 ifgrI q`k hor moV k`t skdw hY Aqy ijhVw BIV BV`ky vwLIAW QwvW ‘qy bhuq PwiedymMd hY [ 348 Aqy 337 dovyN hI mwfl kimnz dy 320 hwrspwvr Aqy 1000 lb.-ft tOrk vwLy vYstport ISL-G nwL cldy hn pItriblt ny Awpxy mwfl 579 Aqy 567 ilkuAfPweIf nYcrl gYs bnwvt vwLy pyS kIqy hn jo fykYb vjoN auplBD hn[ ienHW dw auqpwdn jUn ‘c SurU krn dw PYslw kIqw igAw hY[ donW hI tr`kW nMu clwaux leI 400 hwrspwvr Aqy 1,450 lb.-ft tOrk vwLy kimnz-vYstport ISX12G dI vrqoN kIqI geI hY[ sylz Aqy mwrkIitMg dy AisstYNt jnrl mYnyjr rObrt vu`fAwl dw kihxw hY, “pitriblt sB qoN v`D mwrikt SyAr hox krky, sB qoN izAwdw Aqy ivSwl qzrbw, ‘qy bhuguxI pRofkt lweInA`p nwL ieMfstrI dy nYcrl gYs lIfr hn”[ May / June 2015


We are happy to announce that our BAKERSFIELD location is now open Located at 529 Manwell Blvd, Bakersfield. P: 661-366-0912 Easy access off of Highway 58 and Weedpatch highway.

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May / June 2015

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May / June 2015


Volvo details new initiatives

Volvo details new initiatives M

arch 26, Volvo launched several new initiatives at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY., including a specialized I-Shift automated transmission for severe duty applications and a new Adaptive Loading System based around an automatically-controlled 6×2 liftable forward axle. In Canada, this will take either a government modification to existing rules and regulations to allow it or Volvo will not sell this 6X2 configuration in Canada. Volvo Remote Diagnostics service will be expanded in April to monitor critical fault codes on the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission according to Wade Long, Volvo’s director of product marketing for North America. “Vehicle uptime is arguably the highest priority for our customers because trucks benefit their owners only if they are moving,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “While technology such as Remote Diagnostics is a key element of our uptime services, we believe that a strong dealer network and knowledgeable, diligent Volvo aftermarket support personnel are critical as well.” Volvo also introduced Adaptive Loading, a new 6×2 liftable forward axle that automatically adjusts to load weight changes and offers 4×2 operation under certain conditions. Volvo demonstrated Adaptive Loading at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show. Key benefits of Adaptive Loading include greater fuel efficiency, improved traction, lower maintenance costs and increased driver productivity. Adaptive Loading is ideal for bulk haul or general freight operations where the truck goes out loaded and returns empty and for diminishing-load applications. “As our customers continually strive to reduce operating costs and increase productivity, we must deliver solutions tailored to their specific applications,” Nyberg noted. “For many operations that run empty or lightly loaded much of the time, Adaptive Loading is an innovative way to change the truck’s configuration on the fly for maximum efficiency.” Long said “To further enhance fuel efficiency gains, customers selecting Adaptive Loading can choose one of Volvo’s XE – eXceptional Efficiency – powertrain packages, including XE Adaptive Gearing and XE Economy. XE powertrain pack32

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Volvo details new initiatives ages improve fuel efficiency by lowering engine rpm at a given vehicle speed, a concept Volvo calls ‘downspeeding.’ Many customers selecting Adaptive Loading will find XE Adaptive Gearing a great choice as well because it is designed to benefit applications that go out loaded and return empty, customers can magnify their fuel savings by optimizing both suspension and powertrain specs.” XE Adaptive Gearing, available as an option since the beginning of the year, operates in direct drive when loaded and in overdrive when empty. Like other 6×2 setups, Adaptive Loading improves fuel efficiency compared with traditional 6×4 configurations, which have two drive axles. The non-drive axle, which is in the forward position of the tandem axles, helps distribute load weight without the internal gearing of a drive axle, lowering weight and reducing internal friction. The reduced weight – more than 300 pounds compared with a 6×4 – enables a greater payload. The liftable forward axle and Volvo’s Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS) technology offer additional fuel efficiency benefits. Adaptive Loading and Volvo’s current 6×2 option both use ECS to dynamically transfer weight among the two axles. In Adaptive Loading, ECS – based on pre-programmed weight thresholds – automatically lifts the axle in empty or light-load situations to create a 4×2 configuration, which reduces rolling resistance from tires. Other benefits cited by Long include lower maintenance costs, improved driver productivity and improved traction in slippery road conditions or on grades.

spIifMg” kihMdI hY [ bhuq swry gwhk jo AfYpitv loifMg nMU cuxngy aunHW nUM AYks sI AfYpitv gIAirMg bhuq vDIAw l`gygw ikauNik ieh Kws qOr aunHW leI bxwieAw igAw hY jo jWdy hoey lof lY ky jWdy hn pr AWaudy hoey KwlI muVdy hn[ sspYNSn Aqy pwvrtRyn donW nMu Bwr dy AnukUl krky gwhk AwpxI qyl Kpq nMU v`D qoN v`D bcw skdy hn[ AYks eI AfYpitv gIAirMg jo ik ie`k AwpSn dy qOr qy swl dy SurU qoN auplBD hY, jdoN lof BirAw hovy qW ie`k fwierYkt fRweIv Aqy jdoN KwlI hovy qW Evr fRweIv ‘c cldw hY[ dUjIAW 6X2 sY`tAp vWg AfYpitv loifMg qyl Kpq nMU rvwieqI 6X4 dy mukwbly vDIAw bxwauNdw hY, ijnHW dy ik do fRweIv AYksl huMdy hn[ nwn-fRweIv AYksl, jo ik tYNfm AYksl dI Pwrvrf puzISn ‘qy huMdw hY auh fRweIv AYksl dy AMdrUnI gyArW dI shwieqw ley ibnHW lof dy Bwr nMU ie`ko ijhw vMfx ‘c m`dd krdw hY Aqy Bwr nMU G`t krky AMdrUnI rgV nMU G`t krdw hY[ GitAw hoieAw Bwr – 6X4 dy mukwbly 300 pONf qoN v`D – pyAlof nMU v`fw krn ‘c shweI huMdw hY[ ilPt ho skx vwLw mUhrlw AYksl Aqy volvo dw ielYktRonIklI kMtrolf sspYNSn (eI sI AYs) qknwlojI, qyl dI hor b`cq krn ‘c shweI huMdw hY[AfYpitv loifMg Aqy volvo dw mOjUdw 6X2 AwpSn, dono hI eI sI AYs dI vrqoN krdy hn jo ik vDIAw qrIky nwL Bwr nMU dohW AYkslW qy vMf idMdw hY[ AfYpitv loifMg ‘c eI sI AYs pihlW hI pRogRwm kIqy Bwr dy mwp dMfW Anuswr AYksl nMU, KwlI hox jW Bwr G`t hox dI sUrq ‘c, Awpxy Awp hI cu`k idMdw hY Aqy 4X2 vwlI bnwvt bxw idMdw hY ijs dy sdkw twierW dI roilMg rijstYNs Gt jWdI hY[ lONg vloN d`sy hor PwieidAW ‘c, ies ‘c murMmq dy G`t Krcy, fRweIvr vloN vwDU auqpwdn Aqy iqlkvIAW sVkW jW cVHweIAW auqrweIAW ‘qy vDIAw pkV (trYkSn), vI Swml hn[

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2016 Great Dane Super Seals now available

May / June 2015


Navistar makes ONCommand free and standard

Navistar makes OnCommand free and standard T

he OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics system from Navistar will now be free and standard on all 2007 and newer model International trucks, the company announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. It no longer will be charging a monthly fee for the service, and it will be giving new OnCommand subscribers what they call a “telematics credit” — a stipend of sorts fleets can use to buy hardware and data service for a fleet telematics system. Michael Cancelliere, Navistar’s senior vice president for global parts and custom service, said at the company’s annual MATS press briefing “that 80 percent of trucks on the road are not equipped with a telematics system, something Navistar sees as its opportunity and obligation to fix.” Cancelliere further asserts that OnCommand does not trap fleet managers into one telematics hardware or software provider, as the system works with nearly all telematics suppliers. The credit can be used on base model telematics hardware and two years of data service on International vehicles upon activiation of OnCommand, starting July 2015. Navistar does not yet have a firm dollar amount on how much it will provide, but will have more details in the coming months. The OnCommand fee waiver and the telematics credit are part of the company’s recent “Uptime” efforts, announced earlier this year Navistar says its focus now from manufacturing through a vehicle’s life is to limit downtime with two basic tenets: Keep trucks out of the shop through quality builds, but also to limit dwell time when trucks do need repairs. “Delivering industry-leading levels of uptime to our customers is more than just building a line of trucks that stay on the road longer,” said Bill Kozek, president truck and parts at Navistar. “The ‘Uptime’ mission at International is our commitment to technology, innovation, tools and services that allow our customers to keep moving forward.” International also announced at the show enhancements to its new International ProStar ES (efficiency spec) and that it is the first truck maker to offer Bendix’ new Wingman Fusion active safety system, also unveiled at MATS. Updates to the ProStar ES include availability of Cummins’ new ADEPT powertrain, which includes SmartTorque2 and SmartCoast, announced earlier this week by Cummins at the show. The ADEPT is centerpieced by the Cummins ISX15 and uses a suite of advanced electronic features that allow the engine to interact with automated-manual transmissions. It also employs Cummins’ SmartCoast. These features are also available on non-ES ProStar models powered by the Cummins ISX15. The ProStar ES also is available with Navistar’s proprietary N13 engine, coupled with the Eaton Fuller Advantage automated-manual transmission. 34

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ivAwhW, pwrtIAW leI fI.jy, swaUNf, lweItW, Fol plyAr, vytrs / bwr tYNfr, lImo dI sjwvt Aqy pRojYktr dw ieMqzwm krdy hW

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Class 8 Used Truck Sales Jump 14% M/M in March

TRUCK SERVICE & Tire NOW HIRING Diesel / Semi Mechanic

nS olde G

S Chestnut Ave.

Blvd tate

Hwy State


Contact: Manjit Singh 3599 Golden State Blvd. Fresno, CA 93725

en Gold


Trailer Repairs Refer Repairs Welding Service


Truck Repairs Truck Tires Road Service

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otal reported volumes of used Class 8 trucks climbed to 2,770 units in March, a jump of 14% month over month and 5 % year over year, according to the latest release of the State of the Industry: U.S. Classes 3-8 Used Trucks, published by ACT Research. “All three markets – auctions, wholesale, and retail – gained month over month,” said Steve Tam, Vice President-Commercial Vehicle Sector with ACT. “The downside, if there is one, is that March is usually the pinnacle of the year, so we expect volumes will soften in April.” Slightly higher miles and flat age conspired to put downward pressure on the average selling price of total reported Class 8 trucks. Prices were 2% lower month over month. The report from ACT provides data on the average selling price, miles, and age based on a sample of industry data. In addition the report provides the average selling price for top-selling Class 8 models for each of the major truck OEM’s – Freightliner (Daimler); Kenworth and Peterbilt (Paccar); International (Navistar); and Volvo and Mack (Volvo). For subscription information to the full report, please go to our web site at ACT is the worldwide leading publisher of new and used commercial vehicle (CV) industry data, market analysis and forecasting services for the North American market, as well as the U.S. tractortrailer market and the China CV market. ACT’s CV services are used by all major North American truck and trailer manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as the banking and investment community.

globl mltI srvisz REGISTRATION SERVICES Same Day Licence Plates All Kind of Truck Permits DOT Compliance and Audit Services



Over 11 Years’ Experience 1950 E Miner Ave. Stockton, CA 95205

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i n f o @ g l o b a l m u l t i s e r v i c e s . c o m I w w w. g l o b a l m u l t i s e r v i c e s . c o m 36 36

May / June 2015

May / June 2015

37 37


TRUCK & TRAILER TIRE Quality Signs For All Your Needs Your One Stop Sign Shop Truck Lettering Vehicle Graphics Vehicle Lettering Banners Magnetic Signs Window Lettering Real Estate Signs

tr`kW dy sweIn

A-Frames Signs Exterior Signs Business Cards Brochures Trip Pack Envelopes Flyers/Post Cards Special Events




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Kelly 8 drive tire $2999 with labor Chinese 8 smart way drive tire with labor $1899 American haldex break with labor $85 Hub seal trailer parts with labor $120 American break drum $95 each Oil change

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BTS Releases February 2015 North American Freight Numbers


.S.-NAFTA freight totalled $85.7 billion in February 2015 as two out of five transportation modes – air and truck – carried more U.S.-NAFTA freight than in February 2014, according to the TransBorder Freight Data released today by theU.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The $85.7 billion total is the lowest February value for U.S.-NAFTA freight since 2011. Year-over-year, the value of U.S.-NAFTA freight flows by all modes

decreased by 4.3 percent. The value of NAFTA trade by pipeline and vessel declined in February due to the reduced unit price of mineral fuel shipments. In February 2015 compared to February 2014, the value of commodities moving by air grew by the largest percentage of any mode, 4.5 percent. Truck freight increased by 0.9 percent. Rail freight decreased by 6.2 percent. Pipeline freight decreased by 22.8 percent and vessel freight decreased by 29.0 mainly due to

Aman Tamana

209-202-4229 40 40

the lower unit price of mineral fuel shipments. Trucks carried 63.1 percent of U.S.NAFTA freight and are the most heavily utilized mode for moving goods to and from both U.S.-NAFTA partners. Trucks accounted for $26.9 billion of the $45.7 billion of imports (58.9 percent) and $27.2 billion of the $40.0 billion of exports (67.9 percent). Rail remained the second largest mode, moving 14.4 percent of all U.S.-NAFTA freight, followed by vessel, 7.1 percent; pipeline, 6.1 percent; and air, 3.8 percent. The surface transportation modes of truck, rail and pipeline carried 83.7 percent of the total U.S.-NAFTA freight flows. U.S.-Canada freight totalled $45.1 billion in February 2015 as only one out of five transportation modes –air– carried more U.S.-Canada freight than in February 2014. Year-over-year, the value of U.S.-Canada trade by air increased by 3.0 percent. Truck freight decreased by 2.9 percent and rail decreased by 13.3 percent. Pipeline freight decreased by 22.8 percent and vessel decreased by 26.5 percent, mainly due to lower mineral fuel prices. Trucks carried 57.2 percent of the $45.1 billion of freight to and from Canada, followed by rail, 14.6 percent; pipeline, 11.0 percent; vessel, 4.9 percent and air, 4.7 percent. The surface transportation modes of truck, rail and pipeline carried 82.9 percent of the total U.S.-Canada freight flows. U.S.-Mexico freight totalled $40.6 billion in February 2015 as three out of five transportation modes –air, truck, and rail– carried more U.S.-Mexico freight than in February 2014. Year-over-year, the value of U.S.-Mexico air freight rose 7.4 percent, the largest percentage increase of any mode. Freight carried by truck increased by 4.7 percent and rail freight increased by 3.3 percent. Pipeline freight decreased by 23.1 percent and vessel freight decreased by 30.4 percent, mainly due to lower mineral fuel prices. Trucks carried 69.6 percent of the $40.6 billion of freight to and from Mexico, followed by rail, 14.2 percent; vessel, 9.5 percent; air, 2.9 percent; and pipeline, 0.7 percent. The surface transportation modes of truck, rail and pipeline carried 84.5 percent of the total U.S.-Mexico freight flows. May / June 2015

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DRIVERS & OWNER OPERATOR FOR DRIVERS: Min 2 year OTR experience 38 cents & telephone provided FOR OWNER OPERATORS: 11 western states Fuel cards provided 24/7 Dispatch

Fuel Discount

from 20 cents up to 50 cents.

Enr AprytrW nUM 20 qoN 50 sYNt q`k ifskwaUNt May / June 2015

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FMCSA considers exemptions for drivers with implantable defibrillators


group of drivers who have implantable cardioverter defibrillators are petitioning the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for an exemption that would allow them to return to the road driving a truck. On Tuesday, FMCSA will publish a notice on the Federal Register laying out the exemption requests from 15 individuals who have implantable cardioverter defibrillators. An implantable cardioverter defibrillator, or ICD, is a device used for

preventing sudden death in patients with known, sustained ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation. Tachycardia is a sustained heartbeat of 100 beats per minute or more and fibrillation is an irregular, rapid heartbeat. According to the American Heart Association, the ICD is placed under the skin and keeps track of the heart rate. Thin wires connect the ICD to the heart. If an abnormal heart rhythm is detected the device will deliver an electric shock to

Your Logistics Company


TEAM Drivers & Owner Operators Yard to Yard work Available Asset Loads

based Transportation company, Established on January 12, 2002.

to all 48 states, Enough Miles. Fleet


model New Equipment.

consists of over 200 Tractors & 350 Dry Vans.

For Hiring, Call: Malini @ 909-350-1644 ext 321 Email:

Cargo Group of Companies

restore normal heart beat. FMCSA provides medical advisory criteria to medical examiners to follow when determining if a driver is medically certified to drive a truck. According to the Federal Register notice, the advisory related to 391.41(b) (4) states that the phrase “has no current diagnosis of” means that the driver should not have “a clinical diagnosis of” a current cardiovascular condition or a cardiovascular condition which has not fully stabilized regardless of a time limit. The advisory also states that the phrase “known to be accompanied by” is designed to include a clinical diagnosis of a cardiovascular disease which is accompanied by symptoms of syncope, dyspnea, collapse or congestive cardiac failure; and/or which is likely to cause syncope, dyspnea, collapse, or congestive cardiac failure, the Federal Register notice states. In 2014 three individuals petitioned the agency for an exemption from the regulation that would allow them to drive in interstate commerce. The agency did not issue a final decision on those requests because, according to the Federal Register notice, the agency was in the process of gathering and analyzing additional data concerning ICD use and driving. The agency is republishing the initial three requests for exemption, along with 12 more. The individuals have ICDs that were implanted anywhere from more than a decade ago to as recently as this past year. All of the individuals have letters from physicians essentially vouching that their ability to drive would not be adversely affected by the ICDs. FMCSA began accepting comments on the exemption request on Tuesday, April 21.


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May / June 2015


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Thermo King & Carrier Units Repair  Smoke Opacity Testing  Calibration Of Units & AC Repair 

KingTec 13,600 BTU APU Truck Unit

Diagnostics available for check engine light


DF Associates Trailer Rental AsIN tRylr vI rYNt krdy hW

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May / June 2015

May / June 2015


Dometic Sleeper Cab System with A/C, Heat, and Invert ITM Sleeper Cab System with A/C only ITM Sleeper Cab System with A/C on

3-4 Hours Recharge Time While Driving 3-4 Hours Recharge Time While Driv 240+ AMP Alternator Recommended 240+ AMP Alternator Recommen 10,000 BTU Cooling Capacity 10,000 BTU Cooling Capac 10-15 Hours Run-Time 10-15 Hours Run-T 375 lbs 375


S h o r e P o w e r a n d R e e f e r C o n n e c t i o n Ava i l a b l e f o r U n l i m i t e d R u n -T i m e S h o r e P o w e r a n d R e e f e r C o n n e c t i o n Ava i l a b l e f o rBUILT-IN U n l REFRIGERATOR i m i t e d R u n -T i m DOMETIC SLEEPER CAB SYSTEM REFRIGERATOR WITHBUILT-IN A/C, HEAT, AND INVERTER

• Exclusive Protected Evaporator MICROWAVE Eliminates the Risk of Ice-Pack Damage • 1.1 Cubic Foot Capacity • Recessed Handle for Smooth Surface • 1,000 Watts of Cooking Power • Features Upper tray, Bottle Holder, • 10 Adjustable Power LevelsShelves with Nine Pre-Sets Vegetable Bin, and Adjustable

• Exclusive Protected Evaporator • 10-15 Hours Run-Time Eliminates the Risk of Ice-Pack Damage • 3-4 Hours Recharge Time While Driving Recessed Handle for Smooth Surface • 7,000•BTU Cooling Capacity • Features Upper tray, Bottle Holder, • 320 lbs • 1.5 KWVegetable Heat StripBin, and Adjustable Shelves • Install Kits Available For: Freightliner, • 1800W Inverter Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, and • 240+ AMP Alternator Recommended International

• Digital and Digital Clock with LED read-ou • Install KitsTimer Available For: Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, and Food to • Removable GlassMack, Turntable Rotates International Provide Even Cooking

DEER GUARD • Easy Installation - No Drilling or Front-End Modification DEER GUARD

REEFERREEFER TRAILERS DRY VAN TRAILERS TRAILERS DRY VAN TRAILERS • Hyundai Trailers • Hyundai Trailers • Hyundai Trailers • Hyundai Trailers • Utility Trailers • Utility Trailers • Utility Trailers • Utility Trailers • With Thermo King or • With Thermo King or Carrier Reefer Units Carrier Reefer Units

• Trim Kit and Exhaust Kit Included

• Mounting Brackets Sold and Packaged Separately • Easy Installation - No Drilling or Front-End Modification • Folds Down for Easy Access Sold to Hood • Mounting Brackets and Packaged Separately • Available• Folds for Freightliner, International, Down for Volvo, Easy Access to HoodPeterbilt and Mack • Please call for pricing availability • Available for and Freightliner, Volvo, International, Peterbilt and Mack • Please call for pricing and availability


• All -Purpose Cleaner • All -Purpose Cleaner • Ultra Red Cleaner • Ultra Red Cleaner • Odor Away • Odor Away • Wash 'N Wax Cleaner • Wash 'N Wax Cleaner • Fresh 'N Up Moist Towelettes • Fresh 'N Up Moist Towelettes • Odor Absorb Supreme • Odor Absorb Supreme • Air Fresheners • Air Fresheners

ITM46Equipment 2370 Peck Road, City of Industry, CA 90601


• Portable Compressor Refriger • 1.1 Cubic Foot Capacity Freezer • 1,000 Watts of Cooking Power • Can Refrigerate or Freeze to 0 • 10 Adjustable Power Levels with Nine Pre-Sets Degrees F (-17 Degrees C) • Digital Timer and Digital Clock with LED read-out • Features Include Quick Chill/T • Removable Glass Turntable Food Function,Rotates Memory, andtoDead B Provide Even Cooking Protector • Trim Kit and Exhaust KitQuarts, Included • 33 1.1 Cubic Feet (31

12/24 Volts DC, 110 Volts AC

T: 562-699-9777 F: 800-850-9577 / June 2015 info@itmequipment.usMay I

Wingman Fusion introduced by Bendix

Wingman Fusion introduced by Bendix


uring one of the many press conferences at the 2015 MidAmerica Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems announced its new Bendix Wingman Fusion, the company’s next generation in active safety systems. Wingman Fusion integrates three of the company’s existing component technologies — Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program fullstability system, Bendix Wingman Advanced collision mitigation technology and AutoVue lane departure warning system – into a single driver assistance system. By combining these components and having multiple sensors sharing situational data, Wingman Fusion offers driver assistance with lane departure warning, overspeed alerts and action, following distance alerts with enhanced collision mitigation and stationary vehicle braking. Bendix Wingman Fusion can reduce the vehicle’s speed up to twice as much in a potential collision situation when compared to nonintegrated systems. “A fleet can buy separate radar and camera systems right now, but what it comes down to is the integration of the data,” said TJ Thomas, director of marketing and customer solutions for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. “This next-generation camera talks to the next-generation radar that talks to the next-generation braking system in a way that isn’t in our industry today.” Wingman Fusion can deliver five different alerts to the driver, however the system prioritizes alerts depending on the situation. For example, if it detects a lane departure and an unsafe following distance, the system deems the potential collision as the most critical event and issues a collision alert to the driver rather than distracting or confusing him with multiple alerts. Wingman Fusion’s new stationary vehicle braking technology uses both radar and camera data to confirm a stopped vehicle ahead and warns the driver up to 3.5 seconds before impact and automatically engages the brakes if the driver doesn’t take action. May / June 2015

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Wingman Fusion introduced by Bendix The new overspeed alert and action feature is activated at 37 mph and works with Bendix ESP. It uses the system’s camera to automatically read posted speed signs and compares the speed limit to the truck’s current speed. It then issues an audible alert if the truck is more than 5 mph over the posted speed limit. If the truck is more than 10 mph over the speed limit, Wingman Fusion provides an audible alert as well a one-second engine throttle reduction to get the drivers attention. Bendix says fleets can modify these thresholds depending on their individual speed parameters. Bendix SafetyDirect also will capture a video of the event and transmit it to the fleet’s safety operations for driver coaching. Wingman Fusion is available to all major North American manufacturers of Class 8 trucks for integration into their vehicle platforms and is initially available on the International ProStar. “The need for comprehensive, proactive driver training and safe, alert drivers practicing safe driving habits cannot be replaced by any technology, no matter how advanced,” said Thomas. “But during Wingman Fusion’s extensive testing and demonstration, fleets and drivers regularly provided incredibly positive feedback on the system’s potential for helping to improve fleet operations, driver education, and – what matters to us all the most – highway safety.”

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970-663-9075 48

May / June 2015

Desi News

FMCSA considers new approach The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is considering a new approach to motor carrier safety. The agency is requesting public comment on the idea of rewarding carriers that take proactive steps to enhance their fleets’ safe practices. If implemented, the “Beyond Compliance” program would recognized carriers for using non-mandated safety controls, such as tire pressure sensors, roll stability control and lane departure warning systems. “An incentive based-approach to improving carrier safety would be a more effective tool than the current penaltybased system,” said the FMCSA. Possible incentives offered through the program could include credit against BASIC scores, credit on Inspection Selection System values or less frequent inspections. The agency is asking industry stakeholders to comment on these specific questions: What voluntary technologies or safety program best practices would be appro-

March Gain in Trailer Orders Brings Epic Order Season to a Close

priate for a Beyond Compliance program? What safety performance metrics should be used to evaluate the success of voluntarily implemented technologies or safety program best practices? What incentives would encourage motor carriers to invest in technologies and best practice programs? What events should cause the incentives to be removed? Should this program be developed by the private sector? How would FMCSA verify that the voluntary technologies or safety programs were being implemented? The FMCSA has looked at incentive programs in the past but has never taken any action. Studies by the Transportation Research Board and the American Transportation Research Institute have offered conditional support for the concept. In its quest to explore the idea, the FMCSA assigned the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee to discuss the issue. The committee has been given three specific areas for consideration that cover the same topics as the questions posed to the public.


railer net orders in March, at 23,190 units, rose 12% over February, according to the most recent State of the Industry: U.S. Trailers published by ACT Research Co. (ACT). “While large fleets made order commitments in the last four months of 2014, small and medium fleets, along with dealers, finally joined the party late in the order season,” said Frank Maly, Director– CV Transportation Analysis and Research at ACT. “Emphasis now shifts to production as OEMs move to deliver on those recordsetting order commitments.” Maly noted several positives for the trailer industry, including impending resolution of the West Coast ports labor issues, good freight volume, and robust investment plans by fleets. “Our view that 2015 will be the best trailer market since the late 1990s remains unchanged,” he added.

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Truck Insurance I tr`k ieMSorYNs Dedicated to great customer service! We insure: Local, Long-haul, Dirt/Sand.


proof 3995 Smith St. Suite #11 Union City, CA 94587 CA Lic# 0H07390 May / June 2015

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Shell/AirFlow set to design new fuel efficient vehicle

Shell/AirFlow set to design new fuel efficient vehicle


t a press briefing, March 26th, at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, Shell Lubricants announced it has partnered with AirFlow Truck Company to develop a hyper-fuel-efficient Class 8 truck and trailer concept vehicle. Dubbed the StarShip, the concept truck centres on aerodynamics the aim of which is to develop a design that bucks trends in conventional truck design was the message from AirFlow President Bob Sliwa. Complete cross country fuel economy tests with truck and trailer are scheduled for 2017. Initial designs for the StarShip call for the truck and trailer to be joined as a single, integrated unit, ridding it of the truck and trailer gap — a significant source of aerodynamic drag. It will also be outfitted with a newly designed hood, side skirts, front end and custom interior. Some of the truck’s elements will retract under 35 mph, the companies said. AirFlow and Shell will not be relying on aerodynamics alone to achieve the fuel economy benefits being sought. The StarShip will be powered by advanced engine and drivetrain technology, also. Shell says it will be offering technical consultation on engine and drivetrain components and, of course, the lubricants the StarShip will need. Sliwa has been morphing trucks to his liking since the 1980s, when as an owner-operator he took his own cabover and reshaped the hood to reduce aero drag. Sliwa and AirFlow also built the Bullet Truck, unveiled in 2012. Sliwa used a Kenworth T2000 as the base for that project.

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CVSA ROAD CHECK 2015 on June 2 - 4


he annual 72-hour inspection blitz is the largest targeted enforcement effort on commercial vehicles in the world. It is a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada and the Secretariat of CommunicationsJune and Transportation (Mexico). This year CVSA specifically noted it would be checking medical certificates on the roadside. Recent changes in the regulation have truck drivers wondering whether they should carry their medical cards with them. “So the CDL/driving record should reflect that the drivers are in compliance,” Steve Keppler, executive director for CVSA, said. Keppler“However, we have heard about a number of instances where (for several reasons) problems are being experienced in the field, so we recommend that drivers still carry their medical certificate just to be safe.” The Unified Carrier Registration program requires individuals and companies that operate commercial vehicles to register their business and pay an annual fee, due at the end of the year, based on the size of their fleet. Keppler said that if the UCR fee has not been paid, it is “a state-by-state decision” on whether to allow trucks back on the road without paying the fee on the spot. He added that failure to pay a UCR fee “is not an out-of-service condition.” Is your MCS-150 biennial report updated? This is another area that will be examined by enforcement during Roadcheck 2015. If you are a motor carrier, you must update your FMCSA business snapshot every two years using the MCS150 form. “FMCSA has implemented a regulation that will deactivate a motor carrier’s registration for not filing its MCS-150 report as required,” Keppler said. Keppler said Roadcheck will also focus on cargo securement. “The proper loading and securing of cargo on vehicles is a matter of public safety,” according to a CVSA release. May / June 2015

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Cheer up! It’s Spring Time!!

Cheer up! It’s Spring Time !!!

KuS ho jwE! Aw geI ey bsMq r`uq!!


arch 20th marked the first day of spring. Along with the warm weather and sunnier and brighter days, spring also brings a new positive energy in everyone’s life. There seems to be a direct relation between warm and brighter weather and human ‘feel good’ psychology; Human beings are more productive, enthusiastic and energetic in the spring. It is also the time when business people can generate more opportunities to boost their organizations by coming out of their business offices in which they have hibernated all winter. It’s the time for business networking. Business networking is a marketing method by which business opportunities are created through networks of likeminded business people. The purpose of networking is to build relationships, to get leads from someone you know, or from someone who knows someone you know. The purpose of attending a networking event is to meet business people from various industries and to get exposure for yourself and your business. There are several prominent business networking organizations that create models of networking activity that, when followed, allow the business person to build new business relationships and generate business opportunities at the same time. Networking can help a business to improve performance, products and staff skills. It can also help to develop knowledge and skills by providing opportunities to participate in benchmarking, which can help to identify those areas where you can improve business performance. Networking can boost a business’ reputation and gather new leads. A business owner can raise their profile by becoming an established and regular networking member. Networking also helps to expand markets by generating new business contacts with potential 52

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Cheer up! It’s Spring Time !!! customers, suppliers and partners. Networks can also be a key source of information and support. The extent to which one benefits depends on the events and services the network partnership offers and how actively someone becomes involved. Some businesses are reluctant to seek advice or get help for fear of being embarrassed or giving a competitor an opportunity to take advantage of them. However, for most businesses, the benefit of taking an active role in a network usually outweighs any potential concerns or reasons not to network. In the transportation industry, there are many significant networking events. Among them, there are the truck shows and conventions which take place each year. These are organized every spring or summer in many metropolitan cities in Canada and U.S.A. The major benefits of attending these shows are: • Displays of the latest trucks, equipment and technology; • A chance to see the latest and greatest in the transportation industry; • Meeting business associates and friends; • Developing new contacts; • Free demonstrations and evaluations of technology products; • Gaining information, knowledge and finding new trends in the industry; • Marketing your products and services; There is a very well-known truck show happening in BC this summer: • APNA Truck Show – June 13 – 14, 2015, Tradex Centre – Abbotsford, BC So, mark these dates in your calendar, and start planning to get the most out of these spectacular spring and summer networking opportunities.

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COMMERCIAL CREDIT GROUP of California Financing for New or Used, Truck and Trailer Purchase Money or Lease? Refinance your equipment, to lower your payment? Cash Out Loan on equipment equity? Private Party lender (able to conduct sales between private parties) All Credit Types Welcome!

Call Parminder Judge Roseville, CA

PH: (209) 617.8609 E: May / June 2015


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Krista Sohm Named to Board of Directors of Trucker Buddy International


rucker Buddy International’s Board of Directors has unanimously elected Krista Sohm, vice president, Marketing & Communications for Meritor, Inc. as its newest board member. “We are very excited to have Krista join the board,” said Randy Schwartzenburg, executive director, TBI. “Krista is recognized for her ability to create and implement innovative ideas. We look forward to the contribution she will bring to our board in helping us advance Trucker Buddy’s mission of enabling school children to understand the importance of the trucking industry in our everyday lives.” Sohm, who has 25 years of industry experience, said, “I am proud to join the board of TBI and represent Meritor. TBI creates a shared experience and helps support many of the essential skills children are learning in the classroom, including writing, math and geography.” Meritor, a platinum sponsor of the organization, has supported Trucker Buddy for more than 15 years. In addition to the philanthropic contributions from the Meritor Trust, the company has also endorsed the volunteer efforts of its employees. Most recently Mike Pennington, who passed away last year, represented Meritor on the TBI board and served on its advisory committee. 54

OnCommand available in Canada


nternational announced at ExpoCam its OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics platform is now available in Canada. The company also announced a partnership with Canadian telematics firm Isaac Instruments. “OnCommand Connection demonstrates our commitment to uptime and our Canadian customers while proving our ability to be the integration leader,” said Mike Cerilli, vice-president and general manager, Navistar Connected Vehicle Business. “We are excited to have Isaac on board, and we are working with even more telematics providers in Canada to provide customers the solutions they need.” OnCommand Connection works with a fleet’s own telematics provider to pull diagnostic-related data and provide vehicle “health reports.” It reduces downtime by warning fleet operators of impending issues and providing input on how to handle them. “The prompt, clear description of vehicle fault codes we receive from OnCommand Connection allows the

maintenance staff to communicate with drivers, prevent equipment damage and maintain high customer satisfaction levels,” said Jim Pinder, corporate fleet director, Erb Group of Companies. As in the US, International trucks will come with OnCommand Connection as a standard, no-charge feature, the company announced. It can also be retrofit in model year 2007 and newer International trucks using a partner telematics system. Additionally, the company will offer a credit for base model telematics hardware and two years of data service on International branded vehicles upon activation of OnCommand Connection membership with the device, the company announced. This bundled offering will be available in July 2015. “We are serious about customer uptime in Canada and bringing such a robust telematics offering, with so much choice for customers, is a critical component of our uptime strategy,” said Mark Belisle, president, Navistar Canada. More info on the system can be found at

Edmonton site for Ritchie Bros biggest auction Ritchie Bros. announced it is hosting its largest ever Canadian auction in Edmonton at the end of April. The four-day unreserved auction, which will run Apr. 28May 1, features more than 8,000 trucks and other pieces of equipment. Among them are more than 200 truck tractors, 110 dump trucks, 560 trailers and 95 articulated dump trucks. More than 30 Kenworth T800 tractors will be up for grabs. “Our next Edmonton auction will be a huge event – our first four-day auction in Canada, with the most equipment we’ve ever sold in a Canadian auction,” said Jim Rotlisberger, regional sales manager, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. “We have equipment from every sector – construction, transporta-

tion, agriculture, drilling and mining, oil and gas and more. The auction is open to the public, and every item will be sold to a new owner, with no minimum

bids or reserve prices. Interested bidders are welcome to visit our Edmonton site ahead of the auction to inspect and test equipment. Bids can be placed in person, online in real time and by proxy.” For full details, visit www.rbauction. com/Edmonton. May / June 2015

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qurMq &weInYNisMg 90 idn / 25,000 mIL ieMzn, trWsimSn, rIAr-ieMf vrMtI* hr ie`k tr`k fwieno tYst AwieL cyNj Aqy DOT sit`kr 24/7 rof sweIf shwieqw mOzUd* *Call for details

Branch Manager: Dildeep Singh Johal Sales Associate: Preet Kaur Sales Associate: Tajinder Singh Sandhu Sales Associate: Avtar Singh Sandhu

bRWc mYnyjr: idldIp isMG johl sylz AYsosIeyt: pRIq kOr sylz AYsosIeyt: qijMdr isMG sMDU sylz AYsosIeyt: Avqwr isMG sMDU

888-212-4369 10830 S. Harlan Rd, French Camp CA w w w. a r r o w t r u c k . c o m

May / June 2015


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Volvo Group Invests in Peloton Technology Volvo Group Venture Capital, a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, today announced its investment in Peloton Technology, a developer of vehicle technologies that deliver safety and fuel savings to fleets in the trucking industry.


eloton’s truck platooning system is an integrated safety, efficiency and analytics platform that builds on advanced safety technologies such as collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control systems. The Peloton system electronically couples trucks through a combination of vehicle-to-vehicle communications, radar-based active braking systems and proprietary vehicle control algorithms. The result is enhanced collision avoidance capabilities and increased fuel efficiency for the front and rear trucks in a two-truck platoon. “Peloton Technology has assembled a stellar team and developed a technology-based platooning solution with the potential to save a significant amount of fuel and also increase safety for fleets,” said Jonas Landstrom, investment director and head of the Americas for Volvo Group Venture Capital. “Volvo Group Venture Capital is focused on partnering with companies that help our customers increase their bottom line through technologybased solutions.” A study of Peloton’s system by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and a major fleet, using the industry standard SAE Type II test, showed reductions in fuel consumption of 10 percent for the rear commercial vehicle and by more than 4 percent for the front vehicle. Other U.S. and international studies of truck platooning have also shown high levels of fuel efficiency improvement.

“The societal demand for reduced traffic congestion, as well as improved safety on our nation’s highways, will continue to drive the need for innovative advanced technologies, such as platooning,” said Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North America. “Mack has had a longstanding commitment to maximizing the efficient transportation of freight, reducing the environmental footprint through alternative-fuel vehicles and the purposeful integration of technology and people.” “Volvo Trucks has long been a leader in offering advanced technology to our customers, and we were the first OEM to lead a platoon,” said Goran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “We look forward to working with Peloton Technology as they work on a platooning solution that will improve safety and fuel efficiency, while also combatting the costs associated with congestion.” Peloton, based in Mountain View, California, also is developing a Platooning Network Operations Center, a cloud-based service that helps trucks find platooning partners, collects vehicle and driver data and allows the approval or adjustment of platooning parameters. Volvo Group Venture Capital is part of the Volvo Group. With the objective of accelerating new business growth, Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in companies driving service orientation and product differentiation in the transportation industry.

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THERMO KING NORTHWEST tRylr rY&rIjIrySn syL Aqy srivs tRylr irpyAr CotI hovy jW v`fI ey.pI.XU. syL Aqy srivs kwrb ieMzn irplysmYNt a division of Thermo King Northwest, Inc

sales@ tknw .com


CALL US: 1(800) 678-2191

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WE'RE YOUR FULL SERVICE TRUCK SHOP Whether an owner-operator or fleet manager, PapĂŠ Kenworth keeps you moving. If you're looking to buy, rent or service a light, medium or heavy duty truck, let our highly trained team jump into action for you. Our huge parts inventory and factory-trained service technicians will keep you and your truck on the road. Experience a commitment to service that's second to none at any of our 13 convenient locations in California, Oregon and Washington. Fresno Special: Bring in this ad for $500 in free accessories with the purchase of a T680 or T880.

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Now Open! Is your Check Engine light on? All of our USA locations are now equipped with a triage bay! Bring your truck to any Inland Kenworth location for immediate plug-in.*

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* Available for Cummins, Paccar MX, and CAT engines only. Appointment required.

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