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Social media and trucking soSl mIfIAw Aqy tr`ikMg

Let us make a plan for our growth and success ikvyN vDIey kwmXwbI vl

Tooth Sensitivity dMdW dI sMvydnSIlqw

Taking Your Losses

- Pash Brar


- Sonia Nanda

Managing Workforce in Trucking


- Dara Nagra



The Document called bills of lading - Ken Davey

24 Gazette Part 1 Publishes ACI eManifest Mandate 30 GAO Review Reinforces Industry Concerns on Safety Data 31 AYP AYm sI AYs ey v`loN lckIly AYc E AYs dIAW SrqW sbMDI GoK hovygI 36 Study Shows Driver Shortage & Rate Hikes Linked to HOS 40 Volvo Trucks Introduces Interior and Exterior LED Lighting for North American Models


California Trucking Association announces reorganization of its Policy & Government Relations Department

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Walmart Unveiled Futuristic Tractor Trailer Concept

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“My compliant truck is getting me more jobs.” “I need jobs...not the worries that come with having a non-compliant rig.” “It’s time to comply...there are no extensions!”

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Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI Think Like a Community Not Like an Individual Trucking is not about an individual, but also the community as well. The actions of a few can have huge impacts on this community, whether they be good or bad. While thinking of our own interests, we should make such decisions that benefit the trucking industry and avoid those that may harm it. One of the major complaints in trucking, from a driving perspective, is creating unhealthy competition. Rather than try to think of our own shortterm benefit, truckers and companies should focus on making standardized wages and rates. Now-a-days, our industry is facing a shortage of truck drivers, especially since there is a pool of aging Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal truckers who are getting ready to retire. New and potential recruits are not showing much interest in trucking because they do not see prospects of adequate money and respect – if they are investing long hours and working hard, they want to earn a decent living. As we move forward, let’s follow the rules, regulations, and ethics of the profession and make trucking respected, like it was before. In this edition, we are publishing a well-written article by our respected columnist, Ray Gompf. In, “I Am Old School” Gompf talks about how driving is not just holding the steering wheel; rather, operators must have much overall and specific knowledge. I agree with Mr. Gompf – trucking is considered general labor these days, but it’s not. It should be respected. In this fast-paced life where time is flying by, technology has changed the face of the world. The trucking industry is also changing with technology, mostly in the ways of communication and online presence. Most people are now connected through the Internet, and it is time for the trucking industry to take a serious look at the benefits of social media. Our cover story showcases the facts and figures of social media and it is a worthy read, especially when we see the startling numbers. With the approaching spring, two truck shows will be taking place in March and April. One of the largest shows, the Mid-America Truck Show, is taking place from March 27 – 29 in Louisville, Kentucky. Canada’s Truckworld is taking place from April 10 – 12 in Toronto, Ontario. The Desi Trucking Team will be attending both shows and we shall cover highlights and the latest updates in the next issue. Until next time, God bless our trucking community.

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Out Time is 7-10 days/ Home Time is 2 Days Assigned tractors & equipment. Solo positions We are a mid-size family orientated company Hiring States-CA, WA, OR, NV, AZ, UT & CO Training program available

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Paid weekly Additional pay incentives- Referral bonus, Subsistence pay Benefits-Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life Insurance & Passenger Program At the corporate office we offer free parking, showers, Wi-Fi, laundry room, driver lounge & fitness room

Requirements - Class A License & Good Driving Record

We are a True Regional Carrier who runs 11 Western States & no 48 States

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’m “old school”. That means that when a brother or sister trucker is in difficulty, I stop and offer assistance. It also means that I do whatever I can to help truckers learn different ways of accomplishing the task. If we don’t help our brothers and sisters out there on the road, then how do we get the job done. A friend of mine, a truck driver from just south of Ottawa, had an experience that bothered her. Another female trucker had called her to say that she couldn’t get her truck started because she’d run the heater overnight and the battery was drained and no one could get to help her for three more hours. My friend was not all that far away so she went out of her way to help this stranded trucker. When she got there she pulled up along side the disabled truck and got her cables out to give this other trucker a boost. Sounds good to this point, Right? Well, it went downhill from there. The other driver didn’t know where her batteries were. She didn’t know how to unlock the battery covers. She didn’t know how to hook up the cables. And what’s worse, she didn’t want to get her hands dirty to learn how to do even the basics of what should be a natural part of the driving job. The upshot is that my friend just left the stranded truck driver sitting at the 8

truck stop where she had rested overnight to drive a truck. So, these well-meaning and told her to wait for the three hours un- know-nothings making recommendations til someone came to get her going. I agree on employment to those who are relying on my friend did the right thing although some the system to take care of them get directed don’t think she should have done to jobs not suitable for their low so. expectations of life. News flash, Truck driving is not steering truck driving isn’t for everyone. and shifting. Truck driving is a It’s not a job in the traditional great deal of skill and knowledge sense of the word, it’s a lifestyle that must be learned over a long that pays those who adopt the period of time. In fact, even lifestyle. That lifestyle is diffithough I’m retired from driving cult. It’s multifaceted. It’s large G. Ray Gompf and even though I’ve had more enough to be a critical compothan 4.5 million miles of experinent to life as we all know it right ence, there are still things that I can learn across the economy, but small enough that everyday. those of us in it have a great deal in comIn my opinion, there are two things mon and we don’t deal well with those who that lead to such incompetence on the part don’t fully accept the lifestyle. of a relative few among us. The other thing that lends trucking to The first thing is that truck driving being abused by a system that’s supposed schools, afraid of pushing away $5,000 or to be helping people with employment whatever today’s current training costs are, challenges is the fact that truck driving is keep allowing untrainable people into our NOT recognized as a skilled trade and submidst. They tend not to weed out those sequently develop a career path. who are basically those who take up space As it stands right now, truck driving and have no interest in contributing. The is classified as general labour. The gensafety net system is to fault for many of eral public and even the carriers and their those who don’t want to learn the trade. associations call us professional drivers. Why? Because the safety net system en- We are not. We’re not paid as professioncouraging people to get off the system als. While we are reasonably paid we are believes that any monkey can be trained not necessarily paid fairly. There is no dif MARCH / APRIL 2014

Old School

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Old School ferentiation between that green kid fresh out of truck driving school who is a bona fide steering wheel holder to a forty year experienced driver with a great deal of skill and knowledge -that older person who has learned something new everyday for his or her entire career. If we can make truck driving a skilled trade with a defined career path that would solve the first problem of truck driving schools refusing to weed out those who have no place in the industry, because of money. The truck driving school would then have to teach a consistent curriculum making it the same training taught at each school with qualified, experienced instructors. In some schools today, those that graduated and received their license last week are teaching the next week. This is wrong and yet there is no one, no government agency anywhere to monitor the training. Also, in some cases there are training carriers, who send two inexperienced drivers out on real life runs, calling it “peer training” and paying these two inexperienced souls half of what they’d have to pay a fully trained driver. Even the concept of peer training must not even come close to entering into our lexicon. The current system works well for the carriers and shippers who simply can shirk responsibility and leave those drivers out there on road to be disciplined by authorities on the road for indiscretions that probably were never taught, never learned. Unfortunately, it’s all about the money. The shippers want their freight moved as cheaply as possible; the carriers in an effort to meet those cheap freight demands scrimp on paying qualified skilled experienced drivers. We need to have a truck driver career path. What I mean by that is we have to differentiate between those who are raw green recruits and those with decades of proven experience. One would never go into any other private industry and expect they’d start at the top and remain there for their entire career and neither should truck drivers. There must be a basic skill level in order to obtain a commercial drivers’ license which is basically in place and approved by the government because there is a skill test to attain the classified drivers license but after that the government could care less nor do the carriers. There is additional training that is absorbed today through osmosis with no testing. Originally, my hazmat testing was the dispatcher signing a card and telling me I was now qualified to haul hazmat (dangerous goods). Of course, I did find a hazmat course to truly learn about what I was supposed to do at my own expense but it’s not recognized as another skill level in today’s world. The fact is that some carriers just don’t care and unless there’s a situation, nobody else cares. There has been recent talk of making truck driving into a skilled trade and it’s in the discussion stage. I started talking about this thirty years ago and was told to shut my face and get back in my truck because it would never happen. But, I’m not one to ever shut up and get back in my truck. I will argue the point until I figure a way to get people see past the money. When people talk to me about safety; about rules and regulations; about training; about how to reward advanced skill development, and there is a lot of skill required over and above that which the government deems necessary; they had better be prepared for a long and involved discussion until there is agreement. Thirty years and counting and still a long way to go. 10

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r P Sales Dept: JEFF HIBBARD









Finance Manager: KRISTEN TOMAS

AsIN rIPr vI vycdy hW

1601 Madruga Rd, Lathrop, CA 95330 Mon - Friday: 8 am -5 pm / Sat: 9 am - 2 pm






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iat finalized its purchase of Chrysler in late January 2014. There were legal differences between UAW VEBA Trust and Fiat during the early phases of acquisition, but the two worked together to finalize the deal. Chrysler was previously taken over by Daimler-Benz in 1998 but it was an ill-fated partnership that led to the company being sold off in 2007. ack Granite, TerraPro and Titan Models can now be ordered with Meritor EX+ Air Disc Brakes, which will allow for superior stopping performance as compared with stock equipment. Mack’s usage of a flat rotor concept prevents heat distortion than the conventional S-cam designs. Mack says that these brakes are built to standard and will help boost uptime and lower overall brake costs.


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fYmlr, pYkr Aqy volvo ny AwpxI PrvrI 2014 dI cOQy kuAwrtr dI kmweI sbMDI sUcnw dy id`qI hY[ pItriblt Aqy kYnvrQ dI mUl kMpnI pYkr ny 17.2 imlIAn fwlr dI kmweI d`sI hY[ iesy qrHW PRytlweInr, vYstrn stwr Aqy iftroiet dI mUl kMpnI fYmlr ny ieh Awmdn 11.5 imlIAn fwlr dI AYlwnI hY[pr volvo v`loN AwpxI Awmdn 40% Gt geI d`sI hY[ ies dI mwr krmcwrIAW ‘qy pvygI Aqy ies kMpnI v`loN ies swl sMswr Br ‘c Awpxy 4,000 kwimAW dI nOkrI qoN Cu`tI krn dw PYslw ilAw hY[ BwvyN volvo dI syl ‘c qW 8% dw vwDw hoieAw hY pr aus dy lwB p`KoN kmweI GtI hY [

ruck-Lite LED headlights will now be standard equipment on Navistar International’s ProStar class-8 highway trucks. In addition to requiring less power and providing significantly longer life, LED lamps mimic daylight and help reduce eye strain, common with night-time driving. The LED lamps on the ProStar will come with a custom coating that will reduce haze and dimming. aimler, Paccar and Volvo all announced their fourth quarter earnings in early February 2014. Paccar, parent company of Peterbilt and Kenworth, reported record revenues of $17.2 billion. Daimler Trucks, parent company of Freightliner, Western Star and Detroit, also showed good profits with revenues of $11.5 billion. Volvo saw a nearly 40% decline in profits and thus, will lay off 4,000 employees worldwide this year. Profits for Volvo fell despite an 8% rise in sales.


rctic Synthetic Grease, made by Amsoil, is said to be able to withstand extremely low temperatures while ensuring maximum performance and protection. Amsoil claims that in areas where temperatures fall below freezing, the new synthetic grease will provide mechanical stability, longer life, and excellent protection again wear and corrosion where conventional greases have shown and proven to be ineffective.


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armin International introduced their Garmin Dash Cam, an HD camera that mounts to any vehicle’s dash. The camera, which provides a wide angle view of the road while driving, is fully automated and begins recording when the engine is turned on and stops when it is turned off. The Dash Cam comes with a 4GB microSD card, but up to a 32GB card can be added. When an incident is detected by the built in G-sensor, the Dash Cam saves the current, last, and next recording, preserving a complete record of the event. The Dash Cam retails between $219.99 and $249.99 US.

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otorola Solutions unveiled the TC55 touch computer, specifically designed for field service, merchandising, and direct store delivery markets. TC55 features high performance data capture, including bar code scanning, signature capture, documents, pictures and videos. The company claims that the consumer grade device that provides excellent usability while withstanding the wear and tear of industrial environments.

motrolw solUSnz v`loN tI sI 55 nWA dw t`c kMipaUtr Kws krky PIlf srivs, KRIdo ProKq, stor qoN is`DI filvrI krn dy mksd nwl bxwieAw hY[ tI sI 55 ‘c bhuq vDIAw kwrj kuSlqw hY ijs ‘c fYtw kYpicaur, bwr kof skYinMg, isgnycr kYpicaur, fwkUmYNts, qsvIrW Aqy vIfIE hn[ kMpnI dw dwAvw hY ik ieh ies qrHW dI ifvweIs hY jo vDIAw srivs idMdI hY[ ieh hr qrHW dy mOsm Aqy hwlqW ‘c vI ibnw Krwb hoey vDIAw srivs idMdI hY[ MARCH / APRIL 2014

Tech Tid-Bits


of January 31, 2014, Northstar Services and J&E Transportation announced the merger of their two companies. Northstar Services is an asset based carrier while J&E Transportation Services provides brokerage and warehousing. The two companies will continue their services in 48 states, Canada, and Mexico.

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ransport Canada gave boat tails the green light, but it’s up to the provinces to set truck weights and dimension standards. Boat tails are rear trailer aerodynamic devices that reduce drag and GHG emissions and providing better fuel economy. The Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard stated that boat tail designs can be used by trucking companies once the provincial regulations are updated.

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based Sutco Contracting added six new Kenworths to its fleet. But, these new trucks will be powered by Westport natural gas engines and will be working in Sutco’s wood residual fleet, located in Chilliwack, BC. Sutco stated that the initial upfront costs of a LNG-powered truck vs. a traditional diesel-powered truck were substantial, but it is worth it. Sutco partnered with FortisBC and Inland Kenworth to move their fleet into a greener direction.

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Three things you can absolutely count on: 1. The sun coming up tomorrow 2. A deer playing chicken with you on the turnpike 3. ULSD being a royal pain in your system all year long About Item #3? Howes can help. When the weather gets hot, Meaner Power Kleaner actively fights the loss of lubricity and excess wear responsible for premature part failure. To beat back the worst that ULSD can throw at you, count on Meaner Power Kleaner.

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Social Media and Trucking soSl mIfIAw Aqy tr`ikMg The question is not if you are using social media, rather it is if you are not, why not? Estimates are that by just next year, 2015, nearly 60% of the world’s population (approximately 4 billion users) use the Internet in one form or another. Given that statistic, and given the sheer numbers of people using social media, it seems blatantly obvious that social media use in the trucking industry should be on the rise too. While there are no specific statistics for how many truck drivers use social media, there’s little doubt that this population is likely not much different than the rest of the population. Internet access is widely available, even on the road, so social media is a medium worth paying attention to in the industry. It has also become rather apparent that social media is not a fad; rather, it is a growing communication tool and media. Just to give an idea of the widespread and expanding use of social media, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s, “The Brief History of Social Media” offers some fascinating statistics. 1997 – The World Wide Web had one million sites; Blogging begins; AOL offers instant messaging 2001 – Wikiepedia starts; Apple begins selling iPods 2002 – AOL had 34 million members; Friendster, a social networking site, opens 2003 – MySpace begins; LinkedIn begins; iTunes begins 2004 – Facebook begins; Flickr begins; Digg begins; Podcasting begins 2005 – YouTube begins 2006 – Twitter begins; Google had indexed more than 25 billion web pages, 400 million queries per day, 1.3 billion images, and more than a billion Usenet messages. 2007 – iPhone is here 2009 – estimates suggest ¼ of the world’s population uses the Internet 2011 - It was estimated Internet users would double by 2015 to a global total of some four billion users, or nearly 60 percent of Earth’s population. 2013 - YouTube topped one billion monthly users with 4 billion views per day, and launched paid channels to provide content creators with a means of earning revenue. Facebook user total climbed to 1.11 billion. Twitter had 500 million registered users, with more than 200 million active. Apple’s customers have downloaded over 50 billion apps and the company again improved iTunes, even as iPads were revolutionizing social games. Flickr had 87 million users and stored 8 billion photos, while Instagram had 100 million users storing 4 billion photos. LinkedIn had 225 million users, while MySpace had 25 million users. Pinterest had 48.7 million users, while WordPress hosted 74 mil14

- Michael Howe

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Social Media and Trucking lion blogs. Dropbox had more than 100 million users with 1 billion files uploaded daily. Google+ had 343 million users. Reddit had 69.9 million monthly users, with 4.8 billion monthly page views. Many in the trucking industry appreciate and understand the need to maintain an active and visible presence in social media. One of the early trucking industry social media adopters, and current leader on social media in the industry, is Allen Smith of Ask The Trucker ( Allen is an advocate for social media use by the industry. “Facebook is a tool we use heavily to communicate with those in the industry,” says Smith. For Smith, it’s about developing relationships, and social media has been a very effective means of doing this. Having your message spread is a bit of an art though. “It’s more than just posting a link and hoping people will see it and spread the word,” says Smith. “What you want to do is say something about the article/link to create interest enough for others to either comment, “Like” or share.” A key is to remember that most people are quite busy and information overload can be a turn off. Short and sweet is good, which is what makes Twitter interesting. “Twitter needs a Hook to get people to Click. Since you only have 140 characters, you need to be precise and to the intriguing point,” says Smith. While social media is great for industry advocates and commentators like Smith, it is also becoming more and more important for others in the industry. Trade associations, trucking companies, non-profit groups, and even governmental entities are all beginning to see the value of a meaningful social media presence. The British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA), a relative newcomer to the social media arena, has embraced the tool and is working through the challenges associated with it to make it as effective as they can. BCTA has been using both Facebook and Twitter since July 2013, so though their experience is relative new they have some interesting insight. Shelley McGuinness, Communications Specialist for the BCTA, says they primarily use social media to promote “BCTA initiatives that we’d like the public to be aware of.” In the past, BCTA would depend on media releases for dispersing information. “Twitter is always on for sharing information about special workshops, events, or BCTA projects, like resources we’ve been developing for employers that we’d like to share with non-members,” says McGuinness. She also points out that BCTA is an association so it is used for those purposes, but thinks trucking companies might find both Twitter and Facebook particularly valuable for human resources, especially if they want to attract younger workers. For BCTA, the effectiveniss of their social media efforts has varied thus for. McGuinness says that Twitter has been fairly effective, though they are still experimenting with how best to use it. “The bulk of our members don’t have Twitter accounts, and since we are member-oriented, it is not the best way to communicate with them,” says McGuinness. “It is, however, another means of promoting awareness of both BCTA and the industry generally, which MARCH / APRIL 2014

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Social Media and Trucking is one of our mandates. “ “It is an excellent way to remain on top of trucking, government and local news, since most outlets tweet on a regular schedule, and we can receive (and relay) truckingrelated information very quickly,” says McGuinness. “I have learned things on Twitter before anyone in the office received news by other channels, and noted items I’d like to share with members in our e-newsletter. The other thing about Twitter is, you not only get news, you see people’s reaction to it.” On the other hand, BCTA is finding Facebook to be a bit more of a challenge because for Facebook to be effective photos are important. “Photos are not something we can provide day to day, so we are still experimenting here too” says McGuinness. The one thing McGuinness recommends for others considering jumping into the social media realm is to consider time commitments. “For a business, the time factor is a consideration. Facebook needs to be updated regularly (we’re not quite there yet) and Twitter can be informationoverload,” says McGuinness. “As someone else in the industry said to me, it’s a lot of work!” Another interesting approach to social media is how government entities use it to communicate messages with the transportation industry. The Province of Alberta uses social media to do just that. Donna Babchishin, Director of Communications for Alberta Transportation, indicates that Alberta Transportation’s Twitter feed (@ABTransComm) has been running for 2-3 years, 511 Alberta just celebrated its one year anniversary on Twitter, and they have a Facebook account focused on Ending Impaired Driving that is used minimally. @ABTRansComm is for road construction notices, traffic safety information, department press releases and @511Alberta is for road conditions, weather, incident reporting, traffic cameras, etc. Alberta has found it to be an effective way to send and receive information. According to Babchishin, they accept two-way communication and that is important. “I addition to road condition information, motorists will often tell us when lights are out on a freeway, or a guard rail is down, or a sign is toppled, etc…,” says Babchishin. Transportation Minister Drysdale even commented on the effectiveness of social media at the anniversary celebratin for 511 Alberta, saying, “Our Twitter site is now up to about 30,000 followers and these numbers are growing daily, as Albertans realize the wealth of information available to them about road conditions from 511 staff and their fellow Alberta travelers.” Minister Drysdale also commented, regarding the 511 Alberta Twitter account: - Gone are the days of sitting stopped on the highway wondering what’s going on up ahead that’s brought traffic to a halt. - A quick glance at Twitter will likely answer all your questions about the hold-up and probably even provide a few photos. - With Twitter, we are all potential traffic reporters, and 511’s Twitter site: @511Alberta is the perfect forum for sharing valuable information with fellow travellers about current road and traffic conditions. Babchishin also says that they “enjoy the updates from 16

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Social Media and Trucking the Trucker community. As frequent and experienced road users, they are a credible source of information on our Twitter feeds.” In addition, they are very pleased at the interest by the trucking industry in Alberta’s tweets. “We have noted that they not only Re-Tweet our road condition information and our incident reports, but they often Re-Tweet our safety tips for the benefit of all road users,” says Babchishin. “Please don’t tweet while driving. Get your passenger to tweet or pull over.” Trucking companies too are becoming more and more interested in utilizing the power of social media. Challenger, for example, has held social media accounts since 2011, including Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Andrea Harris, Marketing Communications Coordinator for Challenger, says, “We have found it to be an effective way to communicate with many different audiences.” As one might expect in an industry with high turnover, recruiting is a focus of most marketing efforts. “We primarily use our social media accounts for communicating with current Challenger drivers, for driver recruiting purposes, to connect with customers and employees, announce company news, and promotional marketing materials,” says Harris. Overall, Challenger has found the use of social media to be beneficial to their communication efforts. “Through the use of social media, we’ve found new ways to interact with our audience and target markets,” says Harris. “We’ve utilized fresh and interesting means to market our products and services, provide an additional level of quality customer service, and even recruit new drivers and gain better insight into consumer actions in product markets that we provide services to (which provides us with constant updates on what our customers themselves experience).” Referring back to the commentary offered by Allen Smith and how social media can be used for advocacy, even within the trucking industry, there are a couple of interesting cases of social media success worth noting too. The Deaf Truckers United group on Facebook is an example of how social media was used to gather and unite individuals and then to create awareness for laws that they believed needed to be changed. According to Smith, “They started a petition, attended the 2012 Truck Driver Social Media Convention, and voiced their thoughts to Elaine Papp, Chief, Medical Programs Division, FMCSA, who was a keynote speaker at the convention.” Shortly after the convention, a decision was made by the FMCSA to grant 40 individuals hearing exemptions. fmcsa-grants-hearing-exemptions/ Much of their messaging success is directly related to the use of Facebook. Then, there’s also Truckers Against Trafficking ( This is a group that began with a dream, to end the atrocities of modern day human slavery in the United States. “From no one even knowing what human trafficking was, to educating an entire industry (the trucking industry, along with the country) regarding the billion dollar business of forced prostitution and labor, the trucking industry has embraced this and is supporting it from all ends,” says Smith. Truckers Against Trafficking has used Twitter and Facebook as a large part of their campaign to create awareness and educate the masses. “Truck Drivers are now reporting suspicious prostitution of underage girls at truck stops,” says Smith. “Kylla Leeburg, one of the founders of Truckers Against Trafficking was a speaker at the 2012 Truck Driver Social Media Convention, sharing the awareness of Human Trafficking and how social media plays a part in that awareness.” There’s no doubt social media is more than a fad – it is an effecMARCH / APRIL 2014

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Social Media and Trucking tive communication tool if used efficiently and wisely. Trucking companies, industry experts, non-profit advocacy groups, governments, trade associations, and even this writer use social media to disperse important messages. It’s time for the rest of the trucking industry to embrace social media too. Follow Mike on Twitter @TruckingDC and Like Mike on Facebook at

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Social Media will Become Even More Important in the Coming Years

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20 Statistics That Will Drive 2014 Marketing Strategies For 2014, and subsequent years, marketers are predicting that social media will begin to take center stage. Now, more than ever, social media platforms will be a necessity, rather than a luxury, for all businesses, large or small. Digital asset management firm WebDAM concluded that more and more organizations are allocating larger budgets for online presence. Branding, sales, awareness of products and services, and custom content will become increasingly important as companies fight to win customer mind share in the digital marketplace. What to expect 78% of CMOs think that custom content is the future of marketing. Marketing teams will spend $135 billion on digital marketing collateral. Internet advertising will account for 25% of the entire ad market by 2015. Trends in the marketing mix Social media: Social media marketing budgets will double over the next 5 years. Content: Nearly 50% of companies now have content marketing strategies. Email: Social sharing buttons in mail increase click-through rates by 158%. Events: 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing the most effective strategy. PR: 73% of reporters think press releases should include images. PPC: 72% of PPC marketers (those who use pay-per-click advertising) plan to increase their PPC budget in 2014. SEO: SEO (search engine optimization) is vital — 33% of traffic from Google organic search results go the first item listed. What to consider for your digital audience Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing. 52% of marketers have found a customer via Facebook in this year. 43% of marketers have found a customer via LinkedIn in 2013. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. 55% of marketers increased their digital marketing budget this year. Visual content is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Videos on landing pages increase conversion by 86%. 65% of people are visual learners, so there will be an industry-wide shift toward to employing visual content in marketing initiatives.

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Taking Your Losses

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n trucking, as with every industry, there are unexpected losses which can occur. As I called drivers and owners of trucking companies to discuss the topic of losses, I found everyone to be very passionate and eager to share their experiences. The industry is always changing. One Canadian company I know was hauling wood chips and very successful at it. But then suddenly, the industry changed. Lumber was not in high demand, the USA added tariffs, and no one needed hauling. The company slowed significantly, and was eventually shut down. The trucks and trailers were all sold off. No one could have predicted the change to come at the time, and a once successful company, is lost for good. The transportation business is cyclical. Every few years there can be an expected slowdown for the entire industry. For example, a recession hits, and suddenly the demand for goods and services goes down. There are not as many loads, and not as much equipment bought or sold. Truck and trailer manufacturers will respond accordingly to the demand, and factory production is slowed down. Jobs are lost in trucking for lack of loads, jobs are lost in manufacturing due to less demand, and sales people will suffer a significant decrease in sales and loss of commission salary. Exchange rates affect the sales of trucks, trailers and much heavy equipment. Currently, the Canadian dollar which used to be par to the American dollar, has dropped. When the exchange rate is different, the price of trucks and trailers is also different. The majority of trucks and trailers are manufactured in the USA and Mexico. Once it is brought in to Canada and the exchange rate has changed, the price of the equipment also changes. For example, a truck that was quoted a price last week is now suddenly thousands of dollars more. Consumers take a loss if they didn’t lock in a price at the right exchange rate. Sales people and dealerships take a loss for those who don’t like the new higher price and opt not to buy. Not having proper insurance coverage can account for large losses in transportation. One insurance company I know quoted a low rate to a trucking company. The trucking company didn’t know the rate was low due to a clause that the insurance agent did not point out. The clause stated that the driver of the truck had to have 10 years of experience. The driver with less than 10 years driving experience lost the load in an accident and the cargo insurance did not cover - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA.


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Thanks to Punjabi community for their continues support and making us your Volvo dealership hux swaUQ vYlI dy kstmrW leI KuSKbrI

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Taking your Losses the lost load. The trucking company is currently suing the insurance agency who issued the low cost policy. The trucking company have basically lost everything as the load was a few hundred thousand dollars. All clauses of insurance must be read and understood. Know what you are hauling and have proper insurance for it. I know one company who picked up a sealed container from a dock. They had no idea it had electronics in it. The trailer caught on fire and the whole load was lost. The trucking company had no electronics coverage and had to pay a huge sum to cover the entire lost load. Clean up costs for an accident can be very high. Many insurance policies don’t provide enough coverage for the full costs of a cleanup. One company lost their load on a mountain side and were charged an extra $40,000 out of their pocket to pay for the cleanup and environmental impact. It may be a good idea to have an umbrella policy to cover beyond your regular insurance, and to have your cleanup cost coverage as high as possible. Having a trucker in a family can be a loss to their loved ones. The trucker may be gone for long periods of time and not get to spend much time with their family. Only a few days a month might be spent together. It can be a very hard life to be away from loved ones for long periods. Drivers can go from highway to local driving, but then they will take a loss of pay. There are so many more losses in the trucking industry; Not getting paid after hauling, having drivers quit and go elsewhere, downtime for equipment repair and maintenance, employees trying to steal your client base and try to start their own company, competition luring away drivers , losing loads to competition and there is a big issue with undercutting to get loads. The industry can be ruthless for those who are unprepared. Sometimes the unexpected occurs, but handling losses is part of transportation and will never change.

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S 600 CARB Complaint for Life of Unit Evergreen No DPF Filter or Engine Required after 7 years

Ÿ We sell used CARB compliant Refrigerated Trailers Ÿ We rent Refrigerated Trailers Ÿ We repair all makes & types of Trailers


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HOS Continues to Effect Bottom Line say Most Truckers Despite changes in hours of service rules last year impacting carrier costs and productivity, increases in rates and improved accessorial charges have yet to materialize for many fleets. According to Transport Capital Partners’ fourth quarter survey results, carriers, carriers are looking to increased productivity as a means of raising their bottom lines, but the HoS regulations appear to have significantly impacted that avenue. Seventy-eight percent of carriers reported those new rules having some impact on productivity. Forty-one percent expect the impact will be less than 5%. But an almost equal number (37%) say the new regulations will have more than a 5% impact. Amazingly, almost six months after the changes were implemented, 16% of carriers still have not determined the full extent of the impact. With a loss in productivity (i.e., miles) under the new HOS regulations, it would seem to follow that driver wages would also fall. However, capacity issues and the need to find more drivers will inevitably push carriers to raise wages. But in this environment of static rates, do carriers really believe they can raise driver wages? Seventy-two percent of carriers expect to raise wages, albeit modestly (from 1-5%). The expectations are not even across the board: 81% of larger carriers think wages will increase 1-5% compared to only 50% of smaller carriers. Thirty-five percent of smaller carriers think wages will increase 6-10% compared with only 14% of larger carriers. “We surmise the pressure of unseated trucks and higher turnover levels may be driving some carriers to higher pay increases,” notes Steven Dutro, TCP Partner.

l`g B`g 80% kYrIArz dw mMnxw hY AYc E AYs kwrn Awmdn ‘c pvygw Prk tRWsport kYpItl pwrtnrz dy cOQy srvy dy nqIijAW Anuswr kYrIAr ieh soc rhy hn ik aunHW nUM AwpxI G`to G`to Awmdn nUM siQr r`Kx leI AwpxI auqpwdkqw nUM vDwauxw pvygw[ pr AYc E AYs dy inXmW dw ies ‘qy fUMGw Asr ipAw hY[ kYrIArW ‘coN 78% dw kihxw hY ik nvyN inXmW dw aunHW dI auqpwdkqw ‘qy ku`J nw ku`J Asr zrUr pvygw[ 41% dw kihxw hY ik ies dw Asr 5% qoN G`t hI rhygw[ pr l`g B`g ieMny hI (37%) mMndy hn ik ieh Asr 5% dy krIb hovygw[ pr hYrwnI dI g`l ieh hY ik BwvyN ienHW qbdIlIAW hoeIAW nUM 6 mhIny dw smW ho igAw hY Aqy 16% Aijhy hn ijnHW ny ies dy Asr dy AMdwzy dw Ajy q`k pqw hI nhIN lwieAw[ AYc E AYs inXmW dy lwgU hox nwL auqpwidkqw ‘c Gwt ( Bwv G`t mIlW dI clweI) dw kwrn ieh hovygw ik frweIvrW dI qnKwh GtygI[ pr frweIvrW dI Gwt kwrn frweIvr l`Bx leI qnKwhW ‘c vwDw krnw hI pvygw[pr ies qrHW dy hwlwq ‘c jdoN ik BwVy dIAW drW auh hI rihxgIAW kI kYrIArz frweIvrW dI qnKwh vDwA vI skxgy? 72% kYrIAr vwly qnKwh vDwaux leI sihmq hn BwvyN ik ieh mwmUlI ijhw vwDw (1 qoN 5% q`k) hI hovygw: v`fy kYrIArW ‘coN 81% dw vI ieh ivcwr hY ik ieh vwDw 1 qoN 5% q`k dw hovygw[ pr Coty kYrIArW ‘coN ies qrHW dI soc vwLy kyvl 50% hI hn[pr Coty kYrIArW ‘coN 35% dI socxI hY ik ieh vwDw 6 qoN 10% q`k dw hovygw jdoN ik ies qrHW dI soc vwilAW ‘c v`fy kYrIArW ‘c vI 14 % hn[ pr tI sI pI dy pwrtnr stIvn ifaUtro dw kihxw hY ik swfw ikAws ieh hY ik kYrIArW nUM ku`J nw ku`J qnKwh ‘c vwDw qW krnw hI pvygw[ MARCH / APRIL 2014

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The Trusted Partner of Punjabi Truckers RTS Carrier Services provides the tools you need to keep your trucks moving: • Fuel cards with credit lines • Qualify for fuel discounts at more than 1,000 stations

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Gazette Part 1 Publishes ACI eManifest Mandate The Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) proposed regulations to mandate eManifest requirements for highway carriers under the Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) program were pre-published this weekend in the Canada Gazette, Part I. The Canadian Trucking Alliance and its members have been working very closely with CBSA since 2005 in designing the ACI program, specifically the highway eManifest policy as well as operational and technical details. Significant time has been invested by CTA and highway carriers in the consultation process. The Alliance is pleased that the mandate is finally being implemented. What this means is that the mandatory requirements for carriers to supply advance conveyance and shipment information to CBSA will soon be implemented. Voluntary submission of eManifest began in October 2012. According to CBSA, stats from December 2013 indicate over 10,600 highway carriers are currently engaged in eManifest, representing over 95% of the cross-border highway volumes in 2013. Now that the regulations have been pre-published in the Gazette Part I, public and industry stakeholders will have 30 days to submit comments on the proposed regulation. CBSA will then respond to all comments it receives and once any necessary adjust-

ments are made, the regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette Part II. CBSA will then make a subsequent announcement that eManifest will soon be mandatory and highway carriers will have 45 days advance notice of the mandatory compliance date. Once the system is mandated, there will be a six month period where zero-rated Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) penalties will be applied to those who do not comply. Following that, carriers risk penalty for non-compliance. CTA has been working closely with CBSA in discussions around the ACI AMPS penalties. Carriers with questions with respect to the ACI AMPS can contact for more information. Highway carriers not yet submitting eManifests to CBSA should prepare now. Carriers can provide eManifest information to CBSA using a variety of methods, either through EDI, Direct Connection with the CBSA, service provider with established connection with CBSA or using the CBSA web based portal. For more information on how to start filing eManifest, please go to CBSA’s website.

Paccar Recalls More Than 21,000 Kenworth & Peterbilt Paccar Inc. said it is recalling more than 21,000 trucks for potential defects to door latches and seat belts, according to a notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. The recalls involve various 2013 and 2014 Kenworth and Peterbilt models, Paccar wrote to NHTSA in a letter outlining the recalls. Paccar is the parent company of Kenworth Truck Co. and Peterbilt Motors Co. Included in the door latch recall are 7,292 Peterbilt 567 and 579 models manufactured between Jan. 20, 2012, and Oct. 11, 2013. Also included are 6,746 Kenworth T680 from the same model years that were manufactured at around the same time. The seat belt recall is for 5,276 units of a range of brand Kenworth model year 2014 — including T660s and T680s — as well as 5,138 Peterbilts, also for the current model year and also for a range of brands. Those trucks were manufactured between early August and early November of last year. Paccar told NHTSA that it will notify owners and dealers of the defects by the end of February and that it will replace the seat belt buckles and door-latch assemblies, if needed, free of charge. The truck makers did not respond to a request for comment Feb. 10.




ALWAYS HIRING GOOD DRIVERS & OWNER OPERATORS Ally Carriers Inc. is located in Fresno, CA. We specialize in Refrigerated Transportation. We have regular freight to Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Indianapolis, Illinois and more… Our fleet of trucks and trailers is expanding all the time. Currently, we have a fleet of 50 company owned trucks and owner operators to serve all your Logistic needs. We are always beside our customer. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction.

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There are better ways.



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California Air Resources Board kYlIPornIAw eyAr irsorsz borf

What does CARB stand for? The California Air Resources Board, also known as CARB or ARB, is the “clean air agency” in the Government of California. Why was CARB introduced? The Government of California introduced CARB to attain and maintain healthy air quality. It is also used to conduct research into the causes of and solutions to air pollution. It systematically attacks the serious problems caused by motor vehicles, which is a major cause of air pollution in the State of California. Since its formation, the ARB has worked with the public, the business sector and local governments to protect the public’s health, the economy and the state’s ecological resources through the most cost-effective reduction of air pollution. When was it established? It was established in 1967 when the Mulford-Carrell Act was signed by then governor Ronald Reagan, It combines the Bureau of Air Sanitation and the Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board. CARB is a department within the cabinet level California Environmental Protection Agency. Why is it only permitted in California? Since California is the only state that had the agency before the passage of the Federal Clean Air Act, it is the only state that is permitted to have such a regulatory service. Other states can either follow the standards set by CARB or use federal ones; but cannot set their own. What are the goals of CARB? The stated goals of CARB include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality; protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants; and providing innovative approaches for complying with air pollution rules and regulations. What are the compliance requirements for heavier trucks? Heavier trucks with a gross weight greater than 26,000 pounds would have two primary ways to comply. Fleets could comply with the compliance schedule by engine model year or could use a phase-in option that is more flexible. What is the small fleet option? The small fleet option requires small fleets to meet PM filter requirements starting January 1, 2014 and defers truck replacements until January 1, 2020 or later for heavier trucks (greater than 26,000 lbs). To use this option, heavier vehicles in the fleet must comply with the following schedule: One vehicle must have a PM filter by January 1, 2014 Two vehicles must have PM filters by January 1, 2015 Three vehicles must have PM filters by January 1, 2016 The PM filter requirements can be met by either installing the highest level PM filter retrofits that have been verified by the ARB or with PM filters that are standard equipment on 2007 model year or newer engines. 26

- Sonia Nanda

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CARB Vehicle replacements begin January 1, 2020 on the same model year schedule as other fleets. You can also delay heavier truck replacements until January 1, 2023 if you show that all of your heavier vehicles are equipped with PM filters by January 1, 2014. Small fleet owners must have reported their vehicle information no later than January 31, 2014 to use these options and to demonstrate compliance. How do I comply with the small fleet option? If you own, two or three trucks, you must show that one truck had a PM filter by January 1, 2014. You will need to report information about the truck and PM filter that was installed by the January 31, 2014 reporting deadline. You will need to report annually until all trucks are equipped with PM filters. Starting January 1, 2020 you will need to upgrade to 2010 model year engines. The compliance requirements are summarized in the table below: Optional Small Fleet Compliance Schedule for Heavier Vehicles January 1, 2014 One truck must have a PM filter installed January 1, 2015 Two trucks must have a PM filter installed January 1, 2016 All three trucks must have a PM filter installed January 1, 2020 Replace all 1999 or older model year engines January 1, 2021 Replace all 2000-2004 or older model year engines January 1, 2022 Replace all 2005-2006 or older model year engines January 1, 2023 All trucks must have 2010 model year engines If all trucks have PM filters before January 1, 2014, compliance for those trucks is extended until 2023. When is the regulation implemented? The Truck and Bus Regulation was adopted in 2008 to clean up harmful emissions from nearly all heavy-duty diesel trucks operating in California. The regulation was amended in 2010 to provide economic relief to truckers affected by the recession, particularly small fleets, by delaying the first compliance requirements by one year and extending the time the truck could be operated before needing to be replaced. The regulation requires most heavy trucks in California to install soot (diesel particulate) filters or upgrade to newer models with filters by January 1, 2014, and that nearly all trucks have them installed by January 1, 2016. What are the penalties associated with not complying? Civil penalties can range from $300 to $10,000 per vehicle per day. ARB may obtain a judgment in superior court and can place liens on assets, real estate or personal property such as vehicles and other assets. At the request of ARB, the California Highway Patrol may remove the vehicle in violation in service or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can issue a vehicle license title stop. A DMV vehicle license title stop will prevent registration, renewal or transfer of your vehicle(s). ARB may file a tax offset request with the Franchise Tax Board for any amount owed to unpaid violations. Where can I get more information and assistance with in regards to CARB? You can call us at our toll free number at 1-800-965-9839 if you need assistance or want more information. 28

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GAO Review Reinforces Industry Concerns on Safety Data A recent Government Accountability Office review of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s CSA safety monitoring program reinforces industry concerns with the program and calls for reform, according to the American Trucking Associations. The report found that FMCSA lacks sufficient safety performance data on most carriers to reliably compare them with other carriers. This is a particularly acute problem for small carriers who comprise more than 95% of the industry. Further, according to an ATA press release on GAO’s report, for CSA

to be effective in identifying carriers more likely to have a crash, the violation data used by the system should have a relationship to crash risk. However, for the vast majority of violations, FMCSA has not demonstrated the relationship between violation groups and motor carrier crash risk due, in part, to the lack of data. According to GAO’s analysis, of those with sufficient data, only 13 violations consistently had some association with crash risk and only two “had sufficient data to consistently establish a substantial and statistically reliable relationship with crash risk across all (of their) tests.” “Given

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GAO’s findings, FMCSA should remove all carriers’ scores from public view,” said Dave Osiecki, ATA executive vice president and chief of national advocacy. “Since scores are so often unreliable, third parties are prone to making erroneous judgments based on inaccurate data, an inequity that can only be solved in the near term by removing the scores from public view.” The report also calls into question FMCSA’s intention on using CSA data as a basis for its Safety Fitness Determination rulemaking, scheduled for later this year. “Basing a carrier’s safety fitness determination on limited performance data may misrepresent the safety status of carriers, particularly those without sufficient data from which to reliably draw such a conclusion” the report said. Osiecki said it would “clearly be improper for FMCSA to proceed with its plan to base carrier safety fitness determinations on data from the system, until the problems identified by GAO have been rectified.”

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‘Flexible’ HOS Provisions to be Examined by New Research

New research could help federal regulators add more “flexibility” to the latest truck driver hours of service rules, according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration director Anne Ferro. As reported by the Journal of Commerce, FMCSA this year plans a pilot project to test the impact of split sleep periods on truck drivers. That pilot test will build on an FMCSA study released in late 2012 that found sleep periods of five hours split between night and day were better for drivers than a 10hour daytime sleep period. By using technology “on display and in full use today” such as electronic logging devices and in-cab driver monitoring, FMCSA could test the impact of allowing drivers to split 10-hour rest periods, reports JOC. Industry groups, including the American Trucking Associations, are eager and willing to participate in the pilot project, Ferro said. Currently, drivers are required to spend 10 hours off duty after 14 hours of work, including up to 11 hours of driving. Drivers also must take a half-hour rest break after eight consecutive hours of work.

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Harman Tiwana 855-439-2083 .

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Designed for use on straight and tapered king pins from 7⁄8” to 2 5⁄32”. Generates over 46,000 lbs of force and weighs only 30 lbs.



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Success Built on Hard Work and Dedication

The fore-fathers of Mr. Tejinder Singh Mehta moved to the Jammu Kashmir region of India in search of a better future and to fulfill their dreams. Mr. Mehta spent his childhood days playing in a small village that had beautiful scenery, including snowy mountains, waterfalls and natural wildlife. He had to walk many miles every day to attend school. Since Tejinder was an intelligent student, his father decided to move again to a nearby town, closer to school, so that his son would find the commute easier. Tejinder successfully completed his degree in mechanical engineering, followed by another degree in management. Subsequently, he moved to Russia and ran an import-export business for many years. Due to unrest in Russia, Tejinder had to leave his business and country. Rather than returning to his homeland in India, he decided to move to the USA on a business visa. He had to start his life from scratch and as a result, Tejinder had to struggle to establish himself in this new country. He started driving a truck and within a short time, bought his own truck. Due to his high education and experience, he started his own company, ‘INTRADE INDUSTRIES INC’. Tejinder has a magnificent, educated partner, Ms. Baljinder Kaur. With their backgrounds and excellent work ethics, the two built a good and modern team that led their company to success, competing with other front line companies. INTRADE now has a fleet of 100 trucks, both company owned and owner operated. All members work as a family and their dream is to make their company an international brand. Mr. Mehta is a very humble, charming and respected individual. After running a successful business, Mr. Mehta is paying back to the community in USA, other countries, and his homeland in India. He promotes games and contributes to many social and welfare organizations. Well done, Intrade.


nwL pYr jmwey hI sn ik rUs dy hwlwq bdlx kwrn hr mnu`K Aqy ibzns dI hoxI vI bdl geI[ is`ty vjoN au`Qy itkxw AOKw ho igAw[ sOKI izMdgI dI Bwl Pyr SurU ho geI[ ies sPr ‘c s. mihqw ny ieMfIAw vwps muVn dI QW AYl vMn vIzy ‘qy AmrIkw vl muhwrW moV leIAW Aqy fyry jw lwey vwiSMgtn fI sI ‘c[ izMdgI muV aUVy AYVy qoN SurU krnI peI[ izMdgI iPr swDn jutwaux leI sMGrs dy dOr ‘c Swml ho geI[ keI kMmW dI SurUAwq kIqI pr nqIjw Aws muqwbk Pl nw dy sikAw[ s. mihqw dw socxw sI ik auh kMm kIqw jwvy ijsdI irtrn CyqI hovy[ AwKr ie`k dosq dI slwh nwL tr`ikMg lweIn cuxn dw PYslw kr ilAw[ aunHW dw mMnxw sI ik ieh kMm CyqI irtrn dyx vwlw hY[ frweIivMg lwiesYNs lYx qoN bwAd CyqI tr`k ‘qy cVH gey[ tr`k ‘c swrw AmrIkw GuMimAW[ AOK sOK dy idn vI vyKy[ ieMjnIAr qoN ie`k dm frweIvr bxnw pihlW pihl AOKw vI l`gw[ pr CyqI hI ieh ik`qw aunHW nUM cMgw l`gx l`g ipAw[ frweIvrI kridAW tr`ikMg ibjns dIAW bwrIkIAW nUM nyVy ho ky jwixAw[ pVHy ilKy hox kwrn koeI 6 mhIny bwAd hI Awpxw tr`k KRId ilAw[ AwpxI kMpnI INTRADE INDUSTRIES INC. sQwpq krky nwl ifspYc dw kMm vI SurU kr id`qw[ ies kMpnI dy pwrtnr mYfm blijMdr kOr hn jo mwstr AwP iltrycr ieMgilS hn[ aunHW kol hor vI bhuq swrIAW ividAk XogqwvW hn[ A`j dw Xu`g ivigAwnk hox kwrn auh hI mnu~K kwmXwb ho skdw hY jo igAwn ivigAwn dI jwxkwrI r`Kdw hY [ ies jwxkwrI qoN aUxw ivAkqI A`gy nhIN vD skdw[ ivigAwn kwrn hr Kyqr ‘c CyqI CyqI qbdIlIAW ho rhIAW hn[ ies leI mnu`K nUM vI qbdIlIAW dy nwl nwl B`jxw pYNdw hY[ ies g`loN ieh dovyN pwrtnr l`kI hn[ ienHW kol tr`ikMg ibjns sbMDI BrpUr jwxkwrI hY[ mYnyjmYNt Aqy mwrkIitMg dw qjrbw hox kwrn A`j sYNtrl vYlI dIAW ku`J pihlI kqwr dIAW kMpnIAW ‘c INTRADE IN-

DUSTRIES INC. ny Awpxw nWA Swml kr ilAw hY[ ies kMpnI kol AwDuink shUlqW qy loVW nwl sijAw Awpxw dPqr vI hY[ ies dPqr ‘c koeI fyF drjn AYNplOeI kMm krdy hn[ kMpnI kol koeI cwr eykV ‘c PYilAw Awpxw pwrikMg Xwrf vI hY[ kMpnI vloN Awpxy hr AYNplOeI dIAW shUlqW dw iKAwl vI r`iKAw jWdw hY[ ij`Qy mwlk Aqy AYNplOeI ‘c dosqW vwlw ivhwr hovygw auh kMm zrUr qr`kI krdw hY[ies kMpnI dI vI iehI isPq hY Aqy ieh iksy kMm krn vwly dw bkwieAw hyT nhIN r`Kdy[ hr ie`k dw ausdy kMm Anuswr imhnqwnw id`qw jWdw hY[ ies leI ies kMpnI nUM kdy vI tr`k frweIvrW Aqy hor krmcwrIAW dI muSkl nhIN AweI[ ies kMpnI kol koeI 100 dy krIb tr`kW dw PlIt hY[ ijs ‘c koeI 40 tr`k kMpnI dy Awpxy hn[ bwkI tr`k Enr vIrW dy hn[ ies kMpnI dI sPlqw dw rwz vI sPl qy kuSl mYnyjmYNt hY[ jdoN mYN s. qyijMdr isMG mihqw nUM pu`iCAw ik ies kMpnI bwry quhwfw kI supnw hY, qW aunHw dw kihxw sI ik AsIN ies kMpnI nUM nYSnl qoN ieMtrnYSnl p`Dr q`k lY jwxw cwhuMdy hW[ auh kihMdy hn ik INTRADE INDUSTRIES INC. kyvl AmrIkw ‘c hI sImq nw rhy sgoN AsIN ies dI phuMc hor mulkW q`k vI bxwauxw cwhuMdy hW[ jdoN aunHW dIAW smwijk, siBAwcwrk Aqy Dwrimk gqIivDIAW bwry pu`iCAw qW aunHW ikhw ik auh hr aus sMsQw dI mdd krdy hn jo iemwndwrI nwl pMjwbI bolI Aqy siBAwcwr leI au`dm krdI hY[ aunHW dw kihxw hY ik auh kb`fI dy nwL nwL hwkI dI Kyf nUM auqSwihq krn leI auprwly krn sbMDI soc rhy hn[ aunHW A`gy d`isAw ik ij`Qy AsIN ie`Qy dy gurU GrW nwl juVy hoey hW au`Qy AsIN hr swl ipMglvwVw sRI AMimRqsr shwieqw vI Byjdy hW[ aunHW dI ieh idlI qmMnw hY ik AmrIkw dy tr`ikMg ibjns dI koeI AwpxI sMsQw hovy[ ijs nwl ie`k dUjI kMpnI nwl qwlmyl ho sky Aqy AOkVW, muSklW qy jwxkwrI dy Awdwn pRdwn nwl ies ibjns nUM hor bulMdIAW ‘qy iljwx leI rwh sOKw hovy[ sB qoN vDIAw gux jo ies kMpnI dy mwlkW ‘c hn auh hn suBwA ‘c inmrqw, ipAwr, Apx`q Aqy cMgw smwijk slIkw[ auh hr imlx Awey nUM Awdr nwl imldy hn[ Awpxy im`Tq Bry bolW krky Awpxy sihXogIAW, au`dmI kwrobwrIAW ‘c auh cMgI ie`zq dy pwqr hn[ ijs kMpnI jW sMsQw pRqI Awm lokW dy ivcwr sohxy Aqy Awdr Bry qy S`uB hox auh kMpnI jW sMsQw zrUr sPlqw hwsl krdI hY[ INTRADE INDUSTRIES INC. dI JolI ‘c pRmwqmw ny ieh swrIAW brkqW pweIAW hn[ ie`k idn ieh kMpnI zrUr AmrIkw dIAw h`dW pwr krky hor dySW ‘c vI Awpxw nWA roSn krygI[ - sMqoK isMG imnhws 35

Desi News

Study Shows Driver Shortage & Rate Hikes Linked to HOS Trucking companies will need to “hire more drivers to accomplish the same amount of work” as they deal with the impacts of HoS changes introduced last summer, according to a study conducted by The Global Supply Chain Institute of the University of Tennessee’s [UT] College of Business Administration. As reported by Fleet Owner, the authors of the study expect to see evidence of a driver shortage in 2014 as a result. In turn, shippers can certainly expect to see increased rates from carriers hit by the

driver shortage and high turnover, but how much remains to be seen. “Because drivers have less hours to accomplish the same amount of work, excess capacity is demanded, which lowers productivity and ultimately leads to higher costs for both the carrier and shipper,” wrote authors Dr. Mary C. Holcomb, UT associate professor of Supply Chain Management, and Dean Vavalides logistics analyst for Pilot Flying J. The survey data indicates that the type of transportation principally affected by

"Always looking for good drivers & owner operators”


stry ucking indu We joined tr , rs ve ri uck d in 2003 as tr years now 10 n ee b so its

We rent trailers to those who work with us

We have loads from Cali to Midwest and backhauls 7 days a week We answer our phones 24/7 Jassy/ Bobby/ Sunny 559-275-1960/ 559-271-9100

Jassy Cell Phone: 559-355-3631, 36

the rule changes has been long-haul moves (40.5%) while the impact to dedicated (23%), short-haul (18.9%) and one-way (17.6%) moves has been much less. Nearly half (47%) of shippers surveyed anticipate an increase in carrier rates. Only 10.6% do not think this will happen. “It is our belief that the latter group is in denial about what’s going to happen,” the authors state. “Rate increases [by carriers] will be coming. It’s just a matter of how much.” More than half of shippers (57.7%) expect to pass the transportation rate increases through to their customers – something the authors note could be “unrealistic” in the current economy. “It is obvious that the loss of productivity cannot be absorbed by the carriers. Shippers will have to improve their operations in order to minimize the HOS rule change impact.” Approximately 54% of the carrier companies surveyed anticipated making changes to their distribution operations in response to changes in the HOS rule. About 27% anticipate they will incur less than a 1% productivity loss due to HoS while almost half expect to suffer between a 1% to a 4% loss. The authors found that the numberone reaction carriers planned to deal with the impacts of HoS was to extend the lead time for some customers. “This is clearly the primary plan as the second through fourth initiatives -- Increasing delivery windows for some customers; Improving shipment consolidation; and Increasing the use of drop and hook – rank lower in priority.” A “a sizeable majority” (65.7%) are also currently working with their “core/ strategic carriers” to help them continually improve the efficiency of their transportation operations. Yet “only 51.1% believe that these efforts will mitigate the impact of the HOS rule change.” And all this as trucking is “already experiencing hiring pressure due to an aging driver workforce and the impact of the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) regulation that arrived in 2010. “Taken together, the effect [of these regulations] will be an increased shortage of drivers available to transport shipments in 2014 and beyond,” the authors contend.

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f o o r P P MARCH / APRIL 2014

Desi News

ie`k AiDAn : AYc E AYs blobYk kwrn ho jwvygI frweIvrW dI Gwt Aqy vD jwxgy ryt ipClI smr ‘c lwgU kIqy AYc E AYs ( Avrz AwP srivs- kMm dy GMty) dy lwgU hox kwrn tr`ikMg kMpnIAW nUM hor frweIvr r`Kxy pYxgy[ ieh is`ty aus AiDAn qoN pqw l`gy hn ijhVw globl splweI cyn AwP dI XUnIvristI tYnysI (XU tI) dy kwlj AwP ibzns AYfminstrySn v`loN kIqw igAw[ PlIt Enr ‘c CpI irport Anuswr lyKkW v`loN kIqy gey AiDAn Anuswr aunHW dw kihxw hY ik 2014 ‘c frweIvrW dI Gwt hovygI[ ies dy ault iS`prW nUM kYrIArW nUM vDyry pYsy dyxy pYxgy[ ies dy lyKk fw: myrI holkONb, XU tI AYsosIeyt pRoPYsr AwP splweI cyn mYnyjmYNt, Aqy vwvlIfz lOigisitk dy pwielt PlwieMg jy ivSlySkW dw kihxw hY ik kwrn ieh hY ik aunHW nUM Awpxw auhI kMm inBwaux ‘c hux vDyry smW l`gygw Aqy aunHW qoN Aws ieh kIqI jwvygI auh vDyry smr`Qw jW Xogqw ivKwaux[ ies nwl auqpwdn ‘c Gwt AwvygI ijsdw nqIjw AMq ieh inklygw ik kYrIArW Aqy iS`prW dovW dy Krcy vD jwxgy[ srvyKx ‘c id`qy gey AMkiVAW Anuswr sB qoN v`D pRBwivq hox vwilAW tr`kW ‘c lMby sPr vwly tr`k (40.5%) hoxgy[ jdoN ik CotI dUrI vwilAW ‘qy 18.9% Aqy ie`k pwsy jwx vwilAW ‘qy 17.6% ‘qy vI QoVHw bhuq Asr pYxw hI pYxw hY[ ijnHW iS`prW nUM srvy dOrwn pu`iCAw igAw, ‘coN l`g B`g A`iDAW (47%) ny ikhw hY ik FoAw FuAweI dy ryt vDxgy[ ies qrHW dy isrP 10.6% hn jo ies qrHW nhIN socdy[ lyKk dw kihxw hY ik jo ies qrHW nhI socdy auh Swied scweI qoN Anjwx hn[ aunHW dw kihxw hY ik ies qrHW dy hwlwq ‘c kYrIArW v`loN ikrwey vDwauxy hI vDwauxy hn[ pr ieh nhIN ikhw jw skdw ik ieh ikMny vDwey jwxgy[ l`g B`g A`Dy ( 57%) iSpr ieh socdy hn ik vDy hoey ryt auh A`gy Awpxy gwhkW isr pw dyxgy[ pr mOjUdw ArQcwry ‘c ies nwl lyKk sihmq nhIN[ “ ieh g`l qW pRq`K hY ik kYrIArz v`loN auqpwdn dI Gwt nUM smoieAw nhIN jw skygw[ nvyN AYc E AYs inXmW ADIn iSprW nUM AwpxI vMf pRxwlI ‘c suDwr krnw pYxw hY[ 27% dy krIb dw kihxw hY ik auh Aws krdy hn ik nvyN inXm Anuswr auqpwdn ‘c kyvl 1% dw nukswn hovygw jdoN ik A`iDAW dw kihxw hY ik AYc E AYs (Awvrz AwP srivs) ‘c qbdIlI nwl 1% qoN 4% q`k nukswn hovygw[“ MARCH / APRIL 2014

lyKkW dw kihxw hY ik kYrIArz dw ie`k pRqIkrm AYc E AYs ‘c qbdIlI kwrn Awpxy gwhkW dw lIf smW vDwauxw hovygw[ ieh aunHW dI mu`K Xojnw hovygI- ku`J gwhkW leI filvrI ivMfo dw vwDw; ku`J leI iSpmYNtW nUM iek`Tw krnw; Aqy frwp Aqy hu`k ‘c vwDw krnw- AgyqW nUM G`t r`Kxw[ kwPI mwqrw (65.7%) kYrIAr hux qoN hI Awpxy tRWsportySn AwprySnW nUM vDIAw bxwaux leI soc rhy hn[ koeI 51.1 % dw

iKAwl hY ik ienHW koiSSW nwl AYc E AYs dy pRBwvW nUM Gtwaux ‘c mdd imlygI[ sI AYs ey dy ieh inXm jo 2010 ‘c Awey ienHW krky Aqy vDdI aumr dy frweIvrW dI QW nvyN frweIvr r`Kx kwrn ies qrHW dw dbwA vDdw hI jwvygw[ lyKkW dw AwKr ‘c kihxw hY ik ienHW inXmW kwrn frweIvrW dI lgwqwr Gwt rhygI Aqy 2014 Aqy ies qoN A`gy trWsportySn iSpmYNt ‘c muSklW dw swhmxw krnw pvygw[

Your Logistics Company


TEAM Drivers & Owner Operators Yard to Yard work Available Asset Loads

based Transportation company, Established on January 12, 2002.

to all 48 states, Enough Miles. Fleet


model New Equipment.

consists of over 200 Tractors & 350 Dry Vans.

For Hiring, Call: Malini @ 909-350-1644 ext 321 Email:

Cargo Group of Companies Contact: Baldev Kang | T: 909-350-1644 ext 330

14587 Valley Blvd. Fontana CA 92335 NJ office: 823 St Georges Ave, Woodbridge, NJ 07001 | Phone: 732-485-0225

Michigan office: 1064 Hackerman Dr, Temperance, MI 48182 | Phone: 734-847-0178


Let us make a plan for our growth and success A

s spring approaches, now is the time to begin thinking about how we want to plan for our growth and success. Every year we start off with so much promise and excitement and feel like this is the year that we will conquer the world – however, in most instances, we do not fully prepare ourselves and thus, face the hard reality of underachieving. Today, you may be a company driver, single truck owner/ operator, or a small to mid-size fleet. Whatever your situation is, figuring out where you want to be at the end of the year is crucial for success. Putting together a game plan that incorporates everything from financial goals, personal goals and equipment acquisition are the 3 keys to setting you up with a framework to work with. There are several options in the market space today, from banks, leasing companies, private loan providers and brokers. Every one of these individuals are equally capable of providing you with the funds you need but can they provide you with the right advice and guidance when it comes to helping you build your business for the long term? Let me introduce myself. My name is Anil Bissa and I am a truck and trailer leasing specialist. My job is simple, to provide


- Anil Bissa

ikvyN vDIey kwmXwbI vl bhwr dw mOsm nyVy Aw irhw hY [ ies leI swnUM ieh socxw cwhIdw hY ik vDyry auqpwdn Aqy kwmXwbI ikvyN hwsl krnI hY[ hr swl hI AsIN ies vwAdy Aqy joS nwl kMm SurU krdy hW Aqy socdy hW ik ies swl AsIN bhuq imhnq krWgy Aqy ies qrHW socdy hW ik swrI dunIAw hI Piqh kr lvWgy[ pr ies qrHW dIAW ie`CwvW DrIAW DrweIAW hI rih jWdIAW hn kwrn ieh huMdw hY ik AsIN ies leI pUrI qrHW iqAwrI nhIN krdy[ ies ‘c koeI Prk nhIN ik qusIN ie`k kMpnI dy frweIvr ho, isMgl tr`k Enr jW Awprytr jW Coty jW drimAwny PlIt dy mwlk ho[ jo hwlq quhwfI hux hY Aqy swl dy AMq q`k qusIN ik`Qy phuMcxw cwhuMdy ho ieh sB qW quhwfI sPlqw ‘qy hI inrBr krdw hY[ ies sB leI quhwnUM ienHW iqMn g`lW dw iDAwn r`Kxw cwhIdw hY jo sPlqw leI zrUrI hY[ ieh hn quhwfy ivqI inSwny, injI inSwny Aqy swzo smwn dI pRwpqI[ Ajoky smyN mwrikt ‘c bYNk, lIizMg kMpnIAW, krzw dyx vwlIAW injI kMpnIAW Aqy brokr hn[ ieh swry quhwnUM krzw qW dy skdy hn pr kI auh quhwnUM quhwfy ibjns dI Biv`K dI lMby smyN dI qr`kI leI TIk slwh dyx dy vI Xog vI hn?


Let us make a plan for our growth and success you with the education you deserve when it comes to financing your equipment. Today, with so many options available, it gets very confusing when looking at a lease or loan agreement. Everyone states that they are the best and can give you the lowest rate, but can they really? Do they have the expertise to analyze your current situation and how to place you with the right financial product to suit your needs and goals? Equipment leasing is the most common type of financing for the transportation industry because of the multitude of benefits it provides. For the past few years, I have been helping everyone from the new owner/operator who has dreams of one day managing his own fleet to the small fleet owner looking to expand. I have been able to provide aggressive rates and excellent service. Honesty and trust is very important in the transportation industry. I have been able to build my reputation by sticking to those two words and making them my priority when sitting down with my clients. I understand how hard it is for you as a driver – the sacrifices you make, the time away from family, the long hours. You deserve to be treated fairly and honestly. Let me help you build your business. I look forward to helping you with your financing needs.

AwE mYN quhwnUM Awpxy bwry d`sW[ myrw nWA hY Ainl bIsw Aqy mYN tr`k qy tRylr lIizMg dw spYSilst hW[ myrw kMm sDwrx ijhw hI hY[ auh ieh hY ik jdoN quhwnUM Awpxw smwn lIz krn leI pYsy dI loV pYNdI hY audoN quhwnUM ies sbMDI jwxkwrI dyxI[ Ajoky smyN jdoN bhuq swry bdl imldy hn audoN ieh AOKw ho jWdw hY ik lIz jW lon ‘coN iksdI cox krIey[ hr koeI ieh dwAvw krdw hY ik auh sB qoN vDIAw hY Aqy quhwnUM sB qoN G`t dr ‘qy krzw duAw skdw hY[ kI auh ieMny mwihr hn ik quhwfI mOjUdw siQqI nUM jWc ky Aqy quhwfIAW loVW Aqy AwiSAW dy Anuswr quhwnUM Fu`kvW ivqI auqpwd lYx ‘c quhwfI mdd skdy hn? bhuq swry Pwiedy hox kwrn tRWsportySn ieMfstrI ‘c iekuiepmYNt lIizMMg PweInYNisMg bhuq hI vrqI jWdI hY[ keI swlW qoN mYN aus hr ie`k nvyN Enr/ Awprytr dI mdd krdw Aw irhw hW ijs ny ie`k idn Awpxy Coty PlIt nUM hor vDwaux dw supnw ilAw hoieAw hY[ mYN ies iv`c kwmXwb vI hoieAw hW Aqy aunHw nUM bhuq vDIAw dr ‘qy hI nhIN sgoN vDIAw syvwvW lY ky dyx ‘c kwmXwb vI irhw hW[ tRWsportySn ieMfstrI ‘c mh`qv pUrn g`lW hn iemwndwrI Aqy ivSvws[ jdoN vI mYN Awpxy klwieMtW nwl bYTw hW mYN ienHW do SbdW nUM hI mu`K r`iKAw hY Aqy Awpxw ieh Aks bxwaux ‘c sPl vI irhw hW[ mYN ieh BlI BWq smJdw hW ik quhwnUM frweIvr vjoN ikMnIAW muSklW dw swhmxw krnw pYNdw hY - kurbwnI jo quhwnUM dyxI pYNdI hY, Awpxy pirvwr qoN dUr rihxw pYNdw hY Aqy keI keI GMty kMm krnw pYNdw hY[ ies leI ieho ijhi kurbwnI krn vwLy lokW dw h`k bxdw hY ik aunHW nwl iemwndwrI Aqy vDIAw FMg nwl vrqwA kIqw jwvy[ mYnUM mOkw idE ik mYN quhwfy ibjns ‘c mdd kr skW[ mYnUM aufIk hY ik qusIN myry kol AwpxIAW ivqI loVW dI mdd leI AwE[

PwienYNisMg qy spirMg pRmoSn!

tRylr au~pr isr& pihlI Aqy Aw^rI ikSq hI idE (O.A.C)

Spring Promotion Going on Now !

First and Last Payment ONLY on Trailers (O.A.C) Reduced Rates for truck leases (O.A.C)

tr`k LIz au~pr ryt G`t kIqy (O.A.C)

Truck Rate Promotion

Spring Promotion

Trailer Promotion

1-888-637-0054 ext 4 MARCH / APRIL 2014


Desi News

Volvo Trucks Introduces Interior and Exterior LED Lighting for North American Models

100% q`k

In-cab LED lighting is now standard across Volvo Trucks’ North American vehicle lineup. Optional LED headlamps, designed for better visibility and longer life, are now available for the Volvo VNL and VNX. Both the LED interior lighting and LED headlamps are available for order. The solid-state LED interior lights and headlamps consume oneeighth the energy required of standard incandescent lighting and are designed for a significantly longer life. The optional LED headlamps from Truck-Lite Co., LLC, available on the Volvo VNL and VNX, models significantly improve visibility through an expanded beam pattern and light coloring similar to daylight. The headlamps also feature a lens coating to resist hazing and yellowing. Standard interior LED lighting on Volvo VNM, VNL, VNX, VHD and VAH models provide far longer life than standard bulbs while also placing less strain on the truck batteries than incandescent lighting. Red LED reading lamps are also avail-

G`t kImq qy PYktirMg isrP

able with the interior combination lamps, providing reading capability at night without sacrificing forward visibility. “In addition to improved efficiency and visibility compared with incandescent lighting, LEDs are designed to last far longer, so use of LED lighting can help reduce vehicle downtime and potential CSA violations,” said Jason Spence, Volvo Trucks product marketing manager. Volvo Trucks North America’s operations and products are guided by the company’s three core values: Quality, Safety and Environmental Care. The Volvo VNM, VNL, VNX, VHD and VAH trucks are assembled in the United States at the New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Virginia, while Volvo engines for North America are assembled in Hagerstown, Maryland. The New River Valley Plant is certified to ISO50001 energy standards. Both plants are certified to ISO14001 environmental and ISO9001 quality standards. The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 110,000 people, has production facilities in 19 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2013, the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to $41.5 billion. The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo shares are listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm and are traded OTC in the U.S. 40


Market place

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Jagdeep Singh Insurance Agency Inc. LIC. #0H15013



Thermo King & Carrier Units Repair l Smoke Opacity Testing l Calibration Of Units & AC Repair l

Truck Insurance


Pre-Spring Special

We Also Cover:

Auto Home Gas Station Health & Life

KingTec 13,600 BTU APU Truck Unit Jagdeep Singh LIC. #0E42884



Go lvd

eB at St

N. Brawley Ave


4491 W Shaw Ave Ste #300A Fresno, CA 93722

Cell: 559-260-3207 Bus: 559-277-5580 Fax: 888-227-6988 | 559.567.5010

Insurance Agent

W. Shaw Ave.

Call CHUCK & mention

this ad to receive this Pre-Season Special Price!


+ tax

Don't be caught waiting in line to have your APU installed! Spring is just around the corner and before you know it, it will be time to turn that knob to the "blue" and cool down! We have shaved time and $$ off our installs to save you big $$ ! Now you can rest comfortably in the privacy of your own truck, with our High Efficient, High Quality, "Enviro-Friendly" APU, without having to burn fuel to stay comfortable!

f o o r P

We have financing options to fit your APU needs on existing equipment and we will also offer to assist you and work directly with your New/Used truck sales person for packaged financing.



We are the leading APU Dealer in Parts, Sales, and Service, for California and the Western United States

Get IRP truck plates same time AweI.Awr.pI tr`k plytW ausy smyN lvo * Company Audits (Federal & CHP) * Drug & alcohol testing center * IFTA filling * kMpnI Awift (PYfrl jW CHP ) * fr`g Aqy Alkohl tYsitMg sYNtr * iePtw PwieilMg

3150 Panama Ln Bakersfield, CA




L&M Proo


f o o r P

Large Selection of Used Carb Compliant Trucks and Trailers

Tel: 559.266.4663

Fax:P 559-266-4916 roof

1078 East North Ave., Fresno, CA 93725 MARCH / APRIL 2014

kOmrSIAl kRYift gru`p AwP kYlIPornIAw

f o ro

kI quhwnMU nvyN / purwxy tr`k jW tRylr leI PwienYNs dI loV hY?

COMMERCIAL CREDIT GROUP of California Financing for New or Used, Truck and Trailer


f o ro


Purchase Money or Lease? Refinance your equipment, to lower your payment? Cash Out Loan on equipment equity? Private Party lender (able to conduct sales between private parties)

f o ro

All Credit Types Welcome!

If you operate more than one truck, please give me a call to see what I can do for you! Call Brian Getz

West Sacramento, CA

PH: (209) 617.8609



f o ro


* Bring in this ad on the time of exam/appointment

$10 off

lable for ks” i a v a e s c "Diagno F & DEF Tru P D w all ne

We clean DPF & DEF Filters

Fax: 1-541-839-3105 MARCH / APRIL 2014


P Ken Hindmarsh (North of Merced)


Xavier Flores (Bakersfield to Merced)


2015 Great Dane Everest Super Seals now available

Serving Nationwide




Tire Services

l�Truckwash l


We strive to make our customer enjoy their visit. l With oil changes taking no longer than 30 minutes. l With our great prices you won't have to empty your wallet.


OUR NEW LOCATIONS Full Service Truck Repair Shop Klein Truck Stop, Fresno CA Jasvir Singh 559-800-8687

Flying J - Hwy I-5 - Exit 205 Full Service Repair Shop

Lowest Price Guaranteed! Fax: (866) 478-0155 E-mail:

2372 Walnut Ave., LIVINGSTON, CA 95334 44

Bakersfield CA 24/7 Travel Plaza, Exit 117, Hwy 58 Tel: 661-369-4368 Full Service Repair Shop Fresno CA 5th Wheel Truck Stop, Exit Central, Hwy 99 Tel: 559-554-8119 Off: 559-233-8473 Lube, Tires, Brakes & Minor Repair Madera CA Pilot Truck Stop, Exit 18 1\2 Hwy 99 Tel: 559-975-6628 Off: 559-673-8473 Lube, Tires, Brakes & Minor Repair Ripon CA Jimco Truck Stop, Exit Milgeo, Hwy 99 Tel: 209-535-0368 Off:209-599-6662 Lube, Tires, Brakes & Minor Repair Oklahoma City Next to TA Truck Stop, Exit 140,Hwy 40. Tel: 405-819-9550 Full Service Repair Shop Oklahoma City Behind Loves Truck Stop, Exit 137, Hwy 35 Tel: 405-819-9550 Full Service Repair Shop Pauls Valley Exit 72, Hwy 36 Tel: 405-238-4800 Truck Wash Spiceland IN Exit 123, Hwy 70 Tel: 765-987-7000 Full Service Repair Shop

Large Selection of New & Used Tires Other Varieties Available.


Hwy 99

North bound Exit 106B / South bound exit 106 Meritt Dr.

Load Boards

Coffee Shop

inns twCAFÉ Restaurant

Relax at our Truck Stop! Brand new building & Restaurant Delicious food Clean Restrooms & Showers We accept all major fleet cards and credit cards

P: 559 238 3801 F: 559 238 3850 E: MARCH / APRIL 2014


experience the East Bay tire difference Mobile service High-tech equipment

on-site service FLAT REPAIRS


24-Hour Emergency Road Service

Tire Balancing














Additional Parts Extra

21,000 RATING #HLFGD4515QR



2680 S. EAST AVE.

(559) 237-2001 á 800-537-2600


¥ Inspect Suspension ¥ Align Two Axles ¥ Install New Pivot Pins (2)

Includes oil filter, fuel filter, fuel pump strainer, air cleaner element and oil. Includes quick-check procedure & pre-trip inspection. Additional cost if additional inspections or repairs are needed

















• Replace 8 each shoes with Haldex 23,000# Lining GD4515Q • Install 4 each new Euclid Brake Spring Kits E-4515QHD-N


(209) 444-8800 á 800-624-9644

Since 1936



Los Angeles:


ITM Equipment Ent. LLC

Fresno Truck Service and Tires

2370 Peck Road, City of Industry, CA 90601 Tel: 562-699-9777 • Fax: 800-850-9577 email:

3599 South Golden State Blvd, Fresno, CA 93725 Tel: 559-266-9243 • Fax: 559-266-9019 Contact: Manjit Singh

Save Up To


Per N ight!

KEY BENEFITS ★ 14 to 17 hours of Run-Time ★ Recharges While Driving ★ 3 Speed Blower

★ Light Weight APU ★ Easy Instillation ★ Simple Operation SPECIFICATIONS

ESTIMATED SAVINGS Fuel Cost Per Gallon $4.00 Engine Size 6 cylinder RPM 1000 RPM Hours idling per day 8 Operating Days per year 240 Savings per day $65.58 Savings per year $15,738.79 Savings over 2 years $31,477.58 Savings over 3 years $47,216.36


★ Extremely Quiet & Reliable ★ Environmentally Friendly ★ 1 Year Warranty

$4.00 6 cylinder 800 RPM 8 240 $55.98 $13,434.79 $26,869.58 $40,304.36

Cooling Capacity Voltage Standard Total Current Evaporator Airflow Displacement Refrigerant Pressure Protection Evaporator Specifications Condenser Specifications. Compressor Type.

9,980 BTU DC 12 Volt 45 Amps 208 CFM 36 CCR R134A/ 1.85 LBS Low 5 PSI- High 250 PSI 11 LBS- 13" x 17" x 6 76 LBS- 30" x 28" x 7" Enclosed, DC Power-Direct Connection


Optional Battery Box



Qrmo ikMg nwm nwloN v`Dky

THERMO KING NORTHWEST tRylr rY&rIjIrySn syL Aqy srivs tRylr irpyAr CotI hovy jW v`fI ey.pI.XU. syL Aqy srivs kwrb ieMzn irplysmYNt a division of Thermo King Northwest, Inc

sales@ tknw .com

CALL US: 1(800) 678-2191

www. tknw .com

isr& qyl dI b`cq hI nhIN ieh aus qoN vI v`Dky hY • G`t fRYg • izAwdw iPaUl mwielyj • izAwdw vhIkl styib`ltI • G`t rIAr spryA

1-866-758-4100 48


AsIN Awpxy BweIcwry dy SISy hW! AE rL iml ky dUijAW iv`c swfy BweIcwry dI ie`zq bxweIey guirMdrjIq isMG (nItw mwCIky)

bwhrly mulkW iv~c Awky vI tr~k frweIvr ie~k lvWgy ijµdgI dy AsUl, swfI ie~zq nwloN koeI vI cIz pRdysI hI huµdw hY, ikauNky auh mhIny iv~coN pµdrW idn swfy jIvn iv~c ijAwdw mwAny nhIN r~KdI[ijvy pµjwb qw sVk au~qy hI guzwrdw hY Aqy ijnHW bwhrly mulkw dy iv~c koeI bµdw kqwr ‘c KVHky rwzI nhIN ievNy hI Awpxy sUibAW iv~c v~Ko-v~K mUl dy lokW nwl frweIvr dw vwh bµdy ieQy krdy hn ie~k dUjy dy mUhrdI kwgz c~kI A~g vwsqw pYdW hY Swied hI hor iksy kµm vwly dw AYnW pYdW mcwauNdy cOvI Gµty kwhlI kwhlI krdy rihµdy hn[ ies hovy, ieh vrqwrw Awpxy Drm, siBAwcwr Aqy ivrsy bwry qrW krn nwl ij`Qy AsIN AwpxI sKSIAq dw jlUs k~Fdy hor vrgW dy lokW ƒ jWxU krvwauxW frweIvr dI jMumyvwrI hW auQy AsI Awpxy BweIcwry ƒ vI nIvW ivKwaNudy[byS~k ƒ hor pkyirAW krdw hY[jdo tr~k stwpW qy jw lof l~dx ieho ijhI ibrqI vwly vIr bhuq G~t hn bwkI bhuq swry lwhux vwlIAW QwvW qy jo AsIN ivvhwr krdy hW auh smUh nOjuAWn bVy vDIAw slIky nwl ivcrky TwT bwT nwl pµjwbI BweIcwry dI iek qsvIr bx ky hor BweIcwirAW frweIvrI vI krdy hn[ pr keI vwrI mwVI kwrguzwrI iv~c auBrdw hY[swfy tr~k frweIvr vIrW ƒ cwhIdw qW ieh hY ik vwly vIr pUry BweIcwry ƒ bdnwmI dvwaudy hn ijs krky ivdySI mUl auh ies qsvIr ƒ AYny vDIAw qrIky nwl dUsirAW A~gy pyS krn dw hr ivAkqI hryk pµjwbI ƒ hI inkµmw lIcV Aqy ibnW slIky ik swfIAW Awaux vwlIAw pIVHIAW swfy qy mwx mihsUs krn pr vwlw GmµfI mµndw hY[ so vIro qusIN swfy BweIcwry dI numwieµdgI krdy kI AsI jo swfw Prz bxdw hY, ausƒ shI qrIky inBw rhy hW....? qury iPrdy SISy ho, quhwfw ikrdwr swfy BweIcwry dI qsvIr hY ies Agr AsIN QoVI ijnI vI ieh nYiqk jMumyvwrI smJIey ik AsI qsvIr ƒ DuµdLI nW hox idE ies qsvIr ƒ AYny vDIAw qrIky nwl cµgy gux cµgIAW AwdqW gRihx krnIAW hn Aqy dUsry BweIcwirAW hor BweIcwirAW A~gy pyS kro ik swƒ swfy pµjwbI hox qy mwx hovy[ leI rol mwfl bxnw hY[ iknW cµgw hovy, Agr jy AwpW ƒ iksy cIj bwry nhI pqw qW ijs mhOl iv~c AsIN rihµdy hW Awpxy Awly duAwly dy lokW ƒ vyK ik AsIN AwpxIAW AwdqW Awpxy suBw ƒ aus dyS dy kƒn muqwibk auQo dI rihxI bihxI muqwibk Fwl leIey qW ik ivdySI lok swfw mzwk nW aufwaux[ jy AsIN QoVw bhuqw vI Awpxy Awp ƒ bdl leIey qW Pyr vI g~l guxIeNy iv~c Aw skdI hY, ieh g~lW koeI bhuq v~fIAW nhIN hn ijnHW ƒ smJx leI rwkt swieµs dI loV hovy, b`s QoVw ku Serving iDAwn dyx dI loV hY[ ijvyN jdNo qusIN iksy nvI QW qy jWdy ho qW 11 Western States A~KW PwV-PwV Agly v~l it~k it~kI lwky lgwqwr nW vyKo sgo ichry qy muskrwht ilAwky hYlo hwey kho[g~lW krdy smyN h~Q dI ivckwrlI auNgl ƒ ieSwry vwsqy nW vrqo[jdo tr~k stwp qoN qyl BrwauNdy ho qW tr~k pµpW iv~co bwhr krky pwrk kro Aqy SISy vgYrw Dox smyN iKAwl r~Ko ik nwl KVy tr~k qy iCty nW pYx Aqy qyl pwxI jldI nwl ic~k kro nW ik iPaUl AweIlYNf ƒ hI vrk-Swp bxW ik bYT jwvoN qW jo ipClw frweIvr vI jldI Bugq sky[ pr Awpxy muµfy ijAwdwqr pµp lweIn iv~c hI tr~k pwrk krky Gµtw Gµtw stor iv~coN bwhr nhIN inkldy ieny iv~c mgrlw freIvr iKJ jWdw hY ikauNky A~j k~lH dI ies qyj rPqwr ijµdgI iv~c hr-koeI kwhlI iv~c hY[keI vwrI jdoN AsIN rijstr qy lweIn iv~c pYsy Adw krn leI KVy huµdy hW qW qurMq AdwiegI iPaUl kwrf aupl`BD Awpxy tr~k frweIvr vIr bhuq au~cI Avwz iv~c Pon qy g~lIN l~gy huµdy hn ijhVw ik goirAW ƒ qW burw l~gxW hI hY Awp ƒ vI BYVw lgdw hY[ iesy qrW hI Awpxy bµdy vwSrUmW iv~c tUAwilt vrqx smy krdy hn, Pyr nwl pwxI dI boql vI vrq ky Aµdr hI sut AwaNudy hn ijQo Pyr ieh gory mItr-mItr dIAW gwLw k~Fdy bwhr inkldy hn ikauky iehnW ƒ hux cµgI qrW nwl pqw hY ik dysI bµdy hI pwxI dI boql lYky tUAwilt jWdy hn[bhuq vwrI Helping people succeed by delivering a wide range of transportation solutions. Awpxy bµdy ibnW br~S kIiqAW hI rsIivµg Aqy iSipµg vwlIAw QwvW qy jw ibrwzdy hn Aqy bhuqy bµidAW iv~co keI keI idn nW nhWaux kwrn bdbU vI mwrdI hY, ijhVI ik pUry pµjwbI BweIcwry leI byiejqI vwlI g~l hY[ lwlc krky ikMnw ku pYsw kmw

Enr EprytrW dI loV ਅਸੀਂ ਟ੍ੇ ਲਰ ਰੈ ਂਟ ਤੇ ਿਦੰ ਦੇ ਹਾਂ



Tooth Sensitivity

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What are sensitive teeth? sMvydnSIl dMd kI huMdy hn ? Does the taste of ice cream or a sip of hot coffee sometimes kI kdy grm kOPI dw Gu`t pIx Aqy AweIs krIm Kwx nwl quhwfy cause a painful experience for you? If you’ve ever suffered a dMd duKdy hn? jy kdy koeI grm jW TMFI cIz quhwfy dMd jW dMdW ‘c painful sensation in your teeth from drinking or eating somedrd mihsUs huMdI hY qw quhwfy dMd sMvydnSIl hn[ dMdW dIAW KoVHW thing hot or cold, then you may have sensitive teeth. Cavities Aqy Bury dMd hox kwrn ieh sMvydnSIlqw ho skdI hY[ pr jy quhwfy and fractured teeth can cause sensitive teeth. But if your dentist dMdW dy fwktr ny ies qrHW dw kwrn nhIN d`isAw qW tu`tw hoieAw has ruled these problems out, then worn tooth enamel, a cracked dMd, dMd ‘qy jMmI pypVI jw iksy dMd dI nMgI jVH vI iesdw kwrn tooth or an exposed tooth root may be the cause. Sensitivity may ho skdI hY[sMvydnSIlqw nUM ies qrHW vI ibAwn kIqw jw skdw hY be defined as a short, sharp pain that is usually initiated by eating ik jdoN ku`J TMFw q`qw Kwx nwl jW TMFI hvw l`gx nwl dMd ‘c qyz hot or cold foods or exposure to cold air. drd huMdI hox l`g pvy[ imswl vjoN cmcw Br AweIs Taking a spoonful of ice cream, for example, can be krIm sMvydnSIl dMd vwly ivAkqI leI duKdweI bx a painful experience for people with sensitive teeth. skdI hY[auh Bojn jW pIx vwlIAw vsqW ijnHW ‘c vDyry The excessive consumption of acid-containing foods mwqrw ‘c eyisf hY ijvyN K`ty jUs, &l Aqy sOPt ifRMks and beverages, such as citrus juices and fruits and soft quhwfy dMdW nUM sMvydnSIl bxw skdy hn[ sMvydnSIl dMd drinks, can also put you at risk for tooth sensitivity. kwrn hlky drd qoN lY ky sKq drd ho skdw hY jo keI Having sensitive teeth can mean anything from getGMitAW q`k rih skdw hY[ ieh dMdW dI iBAwnk ibmwrI ting a mild twinge to having severe discomfort that can hox dI icqwvnI vI ho skdI hY[ continue for several hours. It can also be an early warndMdW dI sMvydnSIlqw qoN kOx duKI hY? ing sign of more serious dental problems. dMdW dy rogIAW ‘c dMdW dI sMvydnSIlqw dI Awm iSkWho suffers from sensitive teeth? wieq hY[AmrIkw dy 40 imlIAn bwlg ivAkqIAW kdy Jagdeep Kaur Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common comnw kdy ies ibmwrI qoN pIVq rhy hn[BwvyN ieh ibmwrI B.D.S, M.P.H plaints among dental patients. At least 40 million adults bwlg hox smyN jW 70 swl qoN v`D aumr vwlY ivAkqIAW in the United States suffer at some time or other from nUM vI ho skdI hY pr 20 qoN 40 swl dI aumr dy lok ies sensitive teeth. It is more common in people aged between 20 qoN izAwdw pIVq huMdy hn[ and 40 years, although it can affect people in their early teens and kwrn: when they are over 70. AsIN jo dMd vyKdy hW ausdw ku`J ih`sw ie`k nrm qih nwl FikAw Causes hoieAw hY ijhVw AMdrly koml ih`sy dw bcwA krdI hY[jy AMdrlw The part of the tooth we can see is covered by a layer of enamnrm ih`sw nw FikAw hoieAw hovy qW dMd sMvydnSIl hojWdw hY[ieh el that protects the softer dentine underneath. If the dentine is exAwm qOr ‘qy audoN huMdw hY jdoN dMd Aqy msUVy imldy hn Aqy auprlI posed, a tooth can become sensitive. This usually happens where qih bhuq pqlI ho jWdI hY[ the tooth and the gum meet and the enamel layer is much thinner. sMvydnSIlqw dy ku`J kwrn hyTW ilKy gey hn: Here are some causes of sensitivity: 1. tu`QbrS nwl rgV- bhuq zor nwl Aqy ie`k isry qoN dUjy isry 1. Toothbrush abrasion - brushing too hard, and brushing q`k burS krn nwl vI keI vwrI mws, Kws krky msUVy rgVn from side to side, can cause enamel to be worn away, particularly krky vI ieh ho skdw hY[ nMgy hoey QW kwrn vI dMd sMvydnSIl ho where the teeth meet the gums. The freshly exposed dentine may skdy hn[ then become sensitive. 2. dMdW dw Gsxw- Bojn Aqy pIx vwlIAW vsqW qyzwbI hox kwrn 2. Dental erosion - this is loss of tooth enamel caused by atvI ieh bImwrI l`g skdI hY[ies nwl mws nukswinAw jWdw hY Aqy tacks of acid from acidic food and drinks. If enamel is worn away dMdW dy AMdrlw ih`sw nMgw ho jWdw hYy[ the dentine underneath is exposed, which may lead to sensitivity. 3. msUiVAW dI kmzorI- keI vwr msUVy kmzor ho jWdy hn Aqy 3. Gum recession - gums may naturally recede (shrink back), suMgV jWdy hn[ies qrHW jVHW nMgIAW ho jWdIAw hn[ijs kwrn and the roots will become exposed and can be more sensitive. KwDI pIqI cIz l`gx l`g pYNdI hY[jVHW dy ql ‘qy aunHW nUM Fkx leI Root surfaces do not have an enamel layer to protect them. koeI mws Awid nhIN huMdw[ 4. Gum disease - a build-up of plaque or tartar can cause the 4. msUiVAW dI ibmwrI- dMdW ‘qy jMmI pypVI jW kryVw hox kwrn gum to recede down the tooth and even destroy the bony supvI dMd kmzor ho jWdy hn Aqy dMd siQr r`Kx vwlI QW kmzor ho port of the tooth. Pockets can form in the gums around the tooth, jWdI hY[ dMd dy duAwly KoVHW ho jwx kwrn ies nUM swP krnw vI making the area difficult to keep clean and the problem worse. AOKw ho jWdw hY[ 50


Tooth Sensitivity 5. Tooth grinding - this is a habit which involves clenching and grinding the teeth together. This can cause the enamel of the teeth to be worn away, making the teeth sensitive. 6. Other causes of pain from sensitivity may be: • A cracked tooth or filling - a cracked tooth is one that has become broken. A crack can run from the biting surface of a tooth down towards the root. Extreme temperatures, especially cold, may cause discomfort. • Tooth bleaching - some patients have sensitivity for a short time during or after having their teeth bleached. Discuss this with your dentist before getting treatment. Things that should be avoided: You may find that hot, cold, sweet or acidic drinks or foods like ice cream can bring on sensitivity, so you may want to avoid these. If you have sensitivity when brushing your teeth with cold water from the tap, you may need to use warm water instead. It is important you do not avoid brushing your teeth regularly as this could make the problem worse. Some toothpastes contain abrasive ingredients that may be too harsh for people who have sensitive teeth. Ingredients found in some whitening toothpastes that lighten and/or remove certain stains from enamel and sodium pyrophosphate, the key ingredient in tartar-control toothpaste, may cause to increase tooth sensitivity. When should you seek dental help? It is advisable to see a dentist if you have tried treating your sensitive teeth with desensitizing toothpaste for a few weeks and have had no improvement.


5. dMd pIhxw- ieh ie`k qrHW dI Awdq hY[ ies Anuswr dMdW nUM ie`k dUjy nwl rgVn dI Awdq pY jWdI hY[ies kwrn dMd kmzor Aqy sMvydnSIl ho jWdy hn[ 6. sMvydnSIlqw dy ku`J hor hyT ilKy kwrn vI ho skdy hn:* krYk hoieAw jW BuirAw hoieAw dMd- ie`k krYk dMd auh hY jo tu`t jWdw hY[krYk dMd dy Kwx vwly auprly pwsy qoN hyTW q`k jw skdw hY[bhuq izAwdw TMF nwl izAwdw qklIP ho skdI hY[ * dMdW dI bliicMg- keI vwr blIicMg hox qoN bwAd vI sMvydnSIlqw ho skdI hY[ ies qrHW dI hwlq ‘c ielwj qoN pihlw fwktr dI slwh lE[ auh g`lW ijnHW qoN prhyz krnw hY: jy quhwnUM grm, TMFIAW, im`TIAW, qyzwbI pIx jW Kwx vwlIAW cIzW ijvyN AweIs krIm Awid Kwx nwl sMvydnSIlqw vDdI hY qw ienHW qoN prhyz hI krnw cwhIdw hY[jy dMdW nUM burS krn smyN TMFy pwxI dI vrqoN nwl sMvydnSIlqw vDdI hY qW in`Gy pwxI dI vrqoN krnI cwhIdI hY[pr ieh iKAwl r`Kxw ik ikDry burS krnw hI nw bMd kr dyxw ikauNik ies nwl vDyry nukswn hovygw[ keI tu`QpystW ‘c izAwdw rgV vwly q`q huMdy hn ijhVy aunHW lokW dy dMdW leI nukswndyh ho skdy hn Kws krky sMvydnSIl dMdW vwly lokW leI ieh vDyry hwnIkwrk ho skdy hn[ t`uQpystW ‘c dMdW nUM ic`ty krn leI jW pwey jWdy q`qW ‘c ies qrHW dy q`q huMdy hn ijnHW nwl sMvydnSIlqw vDdI hY[ quhwnUM dMdW leI m`dd kdoN lYxI cwhIdI hY? jdoN qusIN ku`J idn sMvydnSIl dMdW leI AsMvydnSIl tu`Qpyst vrq ky vyK ilAw hY Aqy ies dw koeI Pwiedw nhIN hoieAw qW dMdW dy fwktr nUM imlxw cwhIdw hY[ dMdW dw ielwj dMdW dw fwktr quhwfy pRBwivq dMdW nUM cY`k krygw Aqy quhwfy nwl


Tooth Senstivity Dental Treatment: The dentist will carry out an examination of the affected part and will talk to you about the symptoms that you experience. The dentist will look at your teeth to find out what is causing the sensitivity and to find the best way of treating the symptoms. Because sensitivity may mean different things to a patient and dental professional, be sure to clarify exactly what you feel when you discuss the condition with your dentist. The dentist may treat the affected teeth with special de-sensitising products to help relieve the symptoms. Fluoride gels, rinses or varnishes can be applied to the sensitive teeth. These can be painted onto the teeth at regular appointments one or two weeks apart, to build up some protection. Sensitivity can take some time to settle, and you may need to have several appointments. If this still does not help, your dentist may seal or fill around the neck of the tooth, where the tooth and

gum meet, to cover exposed dentine. In very serious cases it may be necessary to root-fill the tooth. How to prevent sensitive teeth? • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste. Use small circular movements with a soft- to medium-bristled brush. Try to avoid brushing your teeth from side to side. • Change your toothbrush every two to three months or sooner if it becomes worn. • Have sugary foods and fizzy and acidic drinks less often. Try to have them only at mealtimes. • If you are thinking about having your teeth bleached, discuss sensitivity with your dentist before starting treatment. • If you grind your teeth, talk to your dentist about the possibility of having a mouth guard made to wear at night.

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California Trucking Association announces reorganization of its Policy & Government Relations Department California Trucking Association (CTA) CEO Shawn Yadon announced the reorganization of its Policy & Government Relations Department. Yadon stated that “the major reorganization which has taken place at CTA involves the blending of the policy/regulatory functions with external/legislative functions.” Effective immediately, Eric Sauer will lead policy/regulatory and external/legislative affairs at CTA as the Vice President of Policy & Government Relations. As a graduate from California State University, Chris Shimoda Eric Sauer RJ Cervantes Sacramento, Sauer started out with CTA in 2001 and most recently held the position of Vice President of Policy & Regulatory Affairs. “I am very excited about his new role and responsibilities and am confident he will do an outstanding job on behalf of our members and our industry,” noted Yadon. Under Sauer’s leadership, Chris Shimoda will be taking on the role of Director of Policy. Joining CTA in 2007 as a graduate of University of California at Davis, Shimoda has served as Manager of Safety Policy and recently lead as Manager of Environmental Policy. Shimoda’s role will expand to include other regulatory points of focus along with continuing to be CTA’s chief policy expert in the environmental arena and as the industry’s point person with related regulators and agencies including CARB and many others. RJ Cervantes has been promoted to the position of Director of Legislative Affairs. In 2010 Cervantes was hired as the Association’s Transportation Policy CoordinaMinimum 2 years of Class A experience required tor and in March, 2011, he became CTA’s Legislative Affairs Coordinator. Recently, Trailer rentals available. Cross docking services. Cervantes served as the Highway Policy Manager. In his new role, Cervantes will * Quick Pay be the Association’s point person on legis* Fuel advance available lative matters at the local, state and federal * Specialized in AZ, CA, OR, WA levels. Cervantes is an alumnus of the University of Portland holding a BA in Politi* Asset based company running latest cal Science. CARB compliant equipment “I am very excited about this reorganization and what it means for our industry. The melding of the legislative and policy Address: 2749 E Malaga Avenue, Fresno, CA functions will allow for much greater colContact: Lakhbir S. Gill laboration and cohesion as they relate to our representation of the critical issues Tel: 559.456.4455 Fax: 559.456.4454 facing us today. I am confident that our Email: membership will see the positive impacts from this reorganization immediately and there will be much more to report from this team in the very near future,” said Yadon.





Managing Workforce in Trucking tr`ikMg ‘c krmcwrIAW dI dyK Bwl The transportation industry operates in an extremely dynamic tRWsportySn ieMfstrI dw kMm bhuq hI gqISIl vwly mwhOl ‘c huMdw environment. The market conditions, technology and competihY[mwrikt dy hwlwq, qknIk Aqy mukwbly vwilAW dw lgwqwr vwDw ho tors are continuously evolving. Human Resources is one of the irhw hY[ ieMfstrI nUM A`gy vDwaux leI nOkrI dyx vwlw ivBwg ie`k bhuq most significant characteristics necessary to keep the industry hI mh`qv pUrn BUimkw inBwauNdw hY[ pr ies dI AxdyKI kIqI jw rhI moving in a forward direction, but this sector is largely overhY[ AsIN Aksr hI suxdy hW ik trWsportySn kMpnIAW Awpxy ibzns dy looked. We often hear about transportation companies changing mwfl, swzo swmwn, kMm dy BUgoilk iK`qy bdl rhIAW hn[ pr auh Awpxy their business models, equipment types or geographikMm krn vwly krmcwrIAW nUM ienHW qbdIlIAW leI Fu`kvyN bdlwA cal operational regions; however they reluctantly fail nhIN krdIAW[ ies qrHW keI vwr aus Prm dy Biv`KI ivkws leI to implement solutions to adequately prepare their v`fw Kqrw pYdw ho jWdw hY[ kwrn ieh ik mnu`KI srmwieAw iksy workforce to support these changes. This can often vpwrk Adwry Aqy ausdy shwiek AdwirAW dw AinKVvW AMg hY[ pose a significant threat to the future development of ieh bhuq zrUrI hY ik jy vwqwvrx gqISIl hY qW krmcwrI vI aus the firm, as human capital is an integral component in Anuswr hI hoxy cwhIdy hn[ ieh bhuq zrUrI hY ik kMpnI dIAW the development of business services and the markets bdl rhIAW siQqIAW Aqy bdl rhy audySW Anuswr aus kol Fu`kvyN that support them. A dynamic environment requires a inpuMn kMm krn vwly hox jo kMpnI dIAW AwsW ‘qy pUry auqrn[ ies dynamic work force. It is imperative that an organiza- Dara Nagra leI kMm krn vwilAW nUM r`Kx dw FMg qrIkw vI bdl rhy audySW tion has the right employees with the right skills to vwlw hI hoxw cwhIdw hY[ ikauN ik ieh qW kMm krn vwly hI hn MBA PMP ® support the strategic objectives of the company. The ijnHW ny mwrikt dy nvyN tIicAW nUM pRwpq krnw hY[ hiring process needs to synchronize one’s market segments with ijhVIAW sMsQwvW jW kMpnIAW Awpxy kMm- kwj nMU vDwauxw cwhuMdIAW the labor segment. It is the employees who need to provide serhn aunHW leI mu`K kMm ieh ik auh loVINdy Aqy mwihr krmcwrIAW dI cox vices in the targeted market segments. krn[ sbMDq sMsQw dI Biv`K dI qr`kI leI kwbl Aqy imhnqI krmThe significance of obtaining qualified employees is the numcwrIAW dI loV hY[ikauN ik lybr mwrikt qW sImq hI hY ies leI aus ber one concern facing organizations in their efforts to expand. ‘coN hI ies qrHW dy krmcwrIAw dI cox krnI hY jo ik iksy Kws kMpnI Efficiency and innovation within the work place are key facets nUM vDIAw clwaux dy smr`Q hovy[ ies swrI prikirAw leI zrUrI hY ik in determining the future success of an organization. Companies ies leI AKbwrW rwhIN AYf id`qI jwvy, sYmInwr lwey jwx Aqy hor ies must strategically formalize solutions to recruit the best candiqrHW dy FMg Apxwey jwx ijs nwl vDIAw kMm krn vwLI tIm dI cox dates from the fixed labor pool. There is a need to implement kIqI jw sky[ iksy tRWsportySn kMpnI dw mu`Flw audyS ieh hI huMdw hY ik a dynamic strategy to recruit qualified individuals through the auh tRWsportysn ieMfstrI mwrkIitMg pRqIinD vjoN mohrI rol inBwaux dy utilization of newspaper ads, job fairs, university information smr`Q hovy[ies leI zrUrI hY ik auh qjrbykwr Aqy mwihr krmcwrIAW seminars and co-op programs. The primary intention of a comdI cox kry[ pRbMDkI FWcy ‘ c bhuq swrIAW qbdIlIAW Aw rhIAW hn pany’s marketing campaign needs to focus on gaining a repuies dw pRBwv kMpnIAW Aqy aunHW nwL sbMDq krmcwrIAW ‘qy pYxw vI table presence in the transportation sector as an industry leader, lwzmI hY[ ies ieMfstrI ‘c hr kMpnI ieh socx leI mzbUr hY ik auh which significantly assist in attracting qualified candidates for ikvyN cMgy krmcwrI BrqI kry Aqy aunHW nUM kMpnI ‘c itky rihx leI ikhVy the available positions. FMg Apxwvy[ ijhVIAW kMpnIAW krmcwrIAW dIAW loVW nUM smJky aunHW The landscape of the organizational work force is undergodIAW mMgW nUM pUrIAW krn leI Fu`kvyN prbMD krdIAW rihxgIAW, auh ing tremendous change and future trends indicate this charachI ieMfstrI ‘c kwmXwb hoxgIAW[ ienHW bdlwvW dy clidAW krmcwrI teristic will dramatically alter the way companies relate to their smUh vI Awpxy kMm vwly QwvW ‘qy ies Anuswr hI rveIAw Apnwauxw employees. Hiring and retaining good employees have become cwhuMdy hn[ Ajoky krmcwrI hyT ilKIAW g`lW nUM vDyry qrjIh idMdy hn: the primary concerns of nearly every company in every industry. * pirvwirk qrjIh Companies that understand what their employees want and need * BweIvwlI dI Bwvnw in the workplace and make strategic decisions to proactively ful* vDIAw jIvn dI Bwvnw fill those needs will become the dominant players in their respec* vwlMtIAr Bwvnw tive markets. Concurrent with these trends, the emerging work * KudmuKiqAwrI force is developing very different attitudes about their role in * lckdwr Aqy bdlxXog the workplace. Today’s employees place a high priority on the krmcwrIAW nUM Awpxy kol r`Kx dI vI ie`k cuxOqI hY[ ies leI hyT following: ilKIAW pMj v`K v`K siQqIAW dw iDAwn r`Kxw cwhIdw hY[ • Family orientation • Sense of community * vwqwvrx sbMDI: kMm vwlI QW ies qrHW dI hoxI Aqy r`KxI cwhIdI hY • Quality of life issues • Volunteerism ik kMm krn vwilAW nUM ie`Qy rihxw vDIAw l`gy[ • Autonomy • Flexibility and nonconformity * sbMD: ies g`l vl iDAwn idE ik quhwfy kol kMm krn vwilAW Overcoming the retention challenge requires the implementanwl qusIN iks qrHW dw ivvhwr krnw hY Aqy auh Awps ‘c iks qrHW dw tion of five distinct categories of retention strategies: vrqwA krdy hn[ • Environmental: Create and maintain a workplace that at* ivkws: injI Aqy pySy dy ivkws Anuswr TIk qrHW nwl ivhwr kro[ tracts, retains and nourishes good people. * nukswn pUrqI: kyvl qnKwh Aqy muFlI Awmdn dI QW Asl nukswn • Relationship: Focus on how to treat people and how they dI pUrqI nUM iDAwn ‘c r`Ko[ 54


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Managing Workforce in Trucking treat each other. • Support: Give people the tools, equipment and information to get the job done. • Growth: Deal with personal and professional growth. • Compensation: Cover the broad spectrum of total compensation, not just base pay and salary. One of the secret ingredients to empower the company with human capital is to have a proper work structure in place. Job design and specialization are fundamental components of strategic planning and ensuring organizational growth prospects are attained. Companies are increasingly dependent on comparative advantage and worker efficiency to stay afloat in today’s integrated global market place. This characteristic forces organizations to regularly appraise psychological assessments, to determine their employees’ sense of responsibilities, and knowledge of work activities. This article compares the traditional approaches to job design with some of the newly developing approaches. The traditional approaches categorize the work force into two major categories: 1) Management 2) Workers Management - can be most effective if it devises rules and procedures to govern the way in which a task is to be undertaken. Management is assumed to be more effective than labor at devising methods for executing the work and at planning and organizing. By breaking the work down into simple elements: • the training of workers is clearly simplified • workers are more easily substituted, one for another • supervision is made easier as it is apparent when workers are doing something that is not part of the specified task. Workers - Human beings are rational economic beings. In basic

economics, labor is a commodity no different than apples or coldrolled steel. The prime goal is assumed to be monetary and consequently reward systems which relate pay levels to output are seen as likely to result in maximum output. As such, humans will examine a situation and identify a course of action likely to maximize their self-interest and act accordingly. All that is required to maximize output, from the organization’s perspective, is to hire the right people, train them properly and construct an appropriate reward system. If the work can be paced, say by a machine, a worker can develop a natural rhythm and momentum. This approach ignores the psychological and social aspects of work to the detriment of the organization, the workforce and society as a whole. For instance, high levels of task rationalization are associated with high levels of boredom, which in turn is associated with job dissatisfaction and counterproductive worker behavior. The newer approaches for job design started considering non-economic caveats which are very important to the employees. These include distributive and procedural justice, social comparisons, social status and organization culture. According to various literatures on motivation, individuals often have problems consistently articulating what they want from a job. Therefore, employers have to create an open, fair, stress free and productive work atmosphere. Then, the employees can provide fair feedback and inputs without being afraid of losing their jobs. Productivity and quality are two important aspects in an organization. Adequate emphasis on both components spells success for the organization in the long run. At the same time, the employees should have job satisfaction. Only then do the first two aspects have significance. Thus, designing an effective and efficient job design, and organizing the three aspects of productivity, quality and job satisfaction becomes of paramount importance for the organization.

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Walmart Unveiled Futuristic Tractor Trailer Concept

You’ve never seen a transport truck quite like this. Walmart created a concept truck to maximize efficiency on the road, and the result is something that looks a little more spaceship than tractor-trailer. Walmart Corporate announced the project Feb. 17 during a meeting to report on progress with reaching the company’s sustainability goals. Chris Sultemeier, senior vice president and head of corporate transportation services

for Wal-Mart, said the company also has agreed to buy 2,000 hydrogen-fueled forklift trucks for use in its U.S. and Canadian distribution centers, the Transport Times reported. In 2005, Wal-Mart set a goal of doubling the efficiency of its truck fleet by 2015. Sultemeier said the company reached 80% of its goal by purchasing more fuel-efficient trucks and finding ways to ship more goods in less space and using fewer trucks. The company uploaded a video of the truck on YouTube and described it as the

“latest in (their) fleet efficiency program.” The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience, or WAVE, concept truck is … (a) oneof-a-kind prototype offers a whole package of firsts. The tractor has very advanced aerodynamics and is powered by a prototype advanced turbine-powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain. The trailer is made almost exclusively with carbon fiber, saving around 4,000 pounds which can then be used to carry more freight. Courtesy of The Blaze

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professional driver will sign thousands of bills of lading in their career…yet few know what it is all about. I remember the first time I saw I box of blank bill of lading forms I though some idiot spelled ‘loading wrong”. Little did I know that the care the care and history of the making of that document. With the bill of lading the driver protects and obligates himself and the carrier to safely transport the number and time of goods and deliver then to the appointed destination in good order. In Canada and in US interstate transportation the bill of lading must contain these items: 1. The carriers name 2. Names of consignor and consignee. 3. Origin and destination points. 4. Number of packages. 5. Description of freight. Every shipment must have one. The carrier must issue or cause to be issued the bill of lading so if your shipper gives you a scale ticket or some other document, you have to make a bill of lading out and have it signed. I have seen drivers fined at scales for not having a bill of lading, for not having the carrier name on the bill match the name on the truck, for not having an adequate description ( in this case, a load of cedar shakes was described as “1 wood “). Even if you are using another carrier’s form, write “via Name” where Name is the name of your company, near the top. The number of packages is the next biggest problem for drivers. The rule here is that if you did not count it, don’t sign for it. If you are picking up a loaded trailer always sign “shippers load and count” next to your name. If the shipper is loading 20 pallets and the bill said 2000 pcs you can either let then have you count the pieces or sign “20 pallets said to contain 2000 pcs’ next to your name. The bill of lading is a special contract that carries specific rights and obligation codified in law, that have been developed in the way goods are traditionally transported. It is signed by the shipper and the driver but the consignee and the owner of the goods are also parties to the contract even though they did not have any thing to do with the making of it and may not of even had any choice in who the carrier would be. When you sign the bill of lading, you have now made your carrier, or you, if you’re an owner operator responsible for the value of the goods and for transporting then with “due” dispatch. You should make your dispatcher aware of any of the following as soon as you find out notice them: MARCH / APRIL 2014

- Ken Davey

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We now have 100+ 2010 Cascadia's rolling in



The Document called Bills of Lading High value goods. In Canada domestically, there is a $2.00 per lb. maximum value on goods unless otherwise declared so report any declared value. In the US or on international shipments there is no limit on liability and therefore my advice differs. I’d let dispatch know about any shipment over $5.00 per lb. Definite delivery dates. A carrier gas no obligation to move goods with other than due dispatch unless a delivery date is on the bill of lading. We used to move goods for ocean transport al the time and so the bill would always contain the words must deliver by “date” for vessel sailing. If the carrier was late with a delivery date definite load the carrier becomes liable for damages. Goods of extraordinary value. There is a big difference between a load of used furniture or a load of antiques. Same as a big difference between a load of posters and a load lithographed art prints. Let dispatch know if what your picking up is not exactly what they said it would be. Used goods. Sometimes you are picking up a shipment of warranty return goods or a used piece of equipment. Make sure the bill description reflect the facts the goods are used. Nonsense Cargo. I created this category all by myself. One blustery day in January we dispatched a driver to pick up a load of Tea. The contract did not call for heat and we assumed it was a load of loose or bagged tea, the same as the Coffee loads we transported that were bags of coffee beans. Unfortunately the cargo was bottles of ice tea. The shipper loaded it on an unheated trailer, the driver allowed the load to be loaded on an unheated trailer and set off to cross the great white north with 2600 miles of below zero temperature. Surprise the tea froze. The bottles broke. The load was a mess. We fought the claim based on our belief that the shipper should have specified heat, and not loaded an unheated trailer. The courts determined that the trucker is the “expert” in the driver shipper relationship and we bought a load of ice tea. Remember that the next time a 12 year old forklift driver wants to tell you how to load your truck. Keep your eyes open for things that don’t make sense to you.


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Serving California, Arizona, and Nevada

TRANSPORTATION INC. Refrigerated & Dry Commodities

We are HIRING! Services

Qualifications Required: - Over 25 years of age - 3 years driving experience - Refrigeration experience - Clean drivers license

One call to get your shipment picked up and delivered on time every time.

Suki Sanghera P: (209) 537-4817 ext 101

After Hrs: (209) 556-1048


- We provide cost-efficient truckload service with 50' and 53' air ride refrigerated trailers & 53' dry vans. - All trailers are food grade - All trucks are in constant contact with dispatch and have satellite tracking for 24 hour information and location of equipment. - Quick response to all your transportation needs. - Pickup and delivery confirmation.

F: (209) 537-3659

A CARB compliant company Hours of Operation - Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm Sat: 8am-12pm

Address: 3818 Moffett Rd, Ceres, CA 95307 61

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“Customer service is our company’s highest priority. We are able to reach our goal of 99.9% on-time deliveries while maintaining 7+ MPG. That’s why we trust Volvo Trucks.” – Tray Sihota and Perman Sihota, Royal Express Inc. “swfI kMpnI leI kstmr srivs sB qoN mh`qv pUrn hY[AsIN Awpxw smyN isr filvrIAW phuMcwx dw tIcw 99.9% pUrw krn ‘c s&l hoey hW auh vI 7+ mIl pRqI gylx qyl ^rc ky[ iesy krky AsIN vOlvo tr`kW qy Brosw krdy hW” - try shoqw Aqy prmn shoqw MARCH / APRIL 2014

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Desi Trucking - US Mar Apr 2014  
Desi Trucking - US Mar Apr 2014