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Arriving on time and meeting delivery deadlines, whatever the weather conditions, is a daily challenge for professional drivers. You can trust the MICHELIN XDS 2 to get you where you need to go, when you need to get there. And with its Durable 3D Matrix Siping Technology and wider tread, it offers exceptional traction and improved* take off mileage, providing you with savings and peace of mind. ®

*Compared to the MICHELIN® XDS® tire.



You don’t have time for surprises, so GuardDog® Connect provides 24/7 proactive monitoring of your truck. When it detects a problem, a OneCall® agent connects you with our coast-to-coast dealer and repair network to quickly get you back on the road. And our fleet management tools further enhance operational performance, reduce cost and increase safety. Because with Mack, it’s always all systems go.


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Looking Ahead to 2016 in Trucking 2016 dI tr`ikMg ‘qy pMCI Jwq

A FEW TIPS FOR TAKING ON WINTER srdI dw mukwblw krn leI ku`J nukqy

What Do the Numbers Mean? kI ArQ hY nMbrW dw?

Marketing Concepts for Trucking Gearing up for Winter srdIAW dI iqAwrI

What does CARB stand for? kwrb dw kI ArQ hY?


ALK Technologies upgrades CoPilot ey AYl ky tYknOlojIz ny kopweilt nUM A`pgRyf kIqw

WIT seeks nominees fbilaU AweI tI v`loN nwmzdgIAW mMgIAW

Truck Driver being recognized for helping mdd krn vwLy fRweIvr nUM snmwn imlygw

Mack Introduces Certified Uptime Centres mYk v`loN srtIPweIf A`ptweIm sYNtr

FMCSA releases report on SMS FMCSA goes to work on Sleep Apnea Virtual Technicians for Detroit fYtroiet leI vrcUAl tYknISIAn

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22 NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

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Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI

Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal

“The Master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried”

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Welcome to the November/December issue of Desi Trucking Magazine. Time has gone by very fast this year; it seems that just a few days ago, we congratulated you for 2015. Now, 2015 is almost gone and we are ready to welcome 2016. We all have worked very hard, and some would say smarter, in 2015. This year probably saw successes for many, while others many have temporarily failed in their mission. In the next couple of months, it’s time to sit down, reflect, and do some self-analysis of yourself and your company. Think about which plans were successful and which need refinement. For those who achieved success, we would like to congratulate them; and those who didn’t get their desired successes, we would like to encourage them to learn from their mistakes and from the Masters of the industry. As in our headline we quoted, “The Master has failed more than the beginner has even tried.” Be a good learner, take the required education or training, make a better plan and try again. Our sister company in the USA, Desi Maxx Media, hosted its second annual, and very successful, West American Truck Show in Fresno. The show was seen and enjoyed by over 100 vendors and 5000 visitors. Thus far, the reviews and feedback for the show have been very positive; at the same time, we are always encouraging suggestions how to improve the show for 2016 and make it that much better. We are very thankful to our sponsors, vendors, and all participants for their contributions. And a special thanks goes to the CTA and Fresno Transportation Club for their support. This is the last edition of Desi Trucking Magazine for 2015 – we will see you in New Year. Please drive safe and encourage others to do so. On behalf of the entire Desi Trucking team, we wish you a prosperous and joyous New Year. God bless.

‘dysI tr`ikMg’ dy ies nvMbr/ dsMbr AMk ‘c quhwfw DMnvwd[ ies swl dw smW bhuq CyqI bIq igAw[ ies qrHW lgdw hY ik ku`J smW pihlW hI quhwnUM nvyN 2015 swl dIAW vDweIAW id`qIAW sn[ hux jdoN ieh swl Kqm hI hox vwLw hY , AsIN nvyN swl nUM jI AwieAW kihx leI vI iqAwr br iqAwr hW[ 2015 ‘c AsIN sB ny bhuq imhnq kIqI [ keI qW kihxgy ik aunHW ny bVI huiSAwrI nwL kMm kIqw[ bhuq swirAW ny ies swl ‘c sPlqw nUM cuMimAW jdoN ik ku`J dy p`ly vkqI AsPlqw peI[ Agly ku`J mhIinAW ‘c SWq bYT ky ies sB ‘qy ivcwr krn dI loV hY[ DIrj nwL Awpxw Aqy AwpxI kMpnI dw ivslySx kro[ ieh soco ik ikhVIAW plYnW quhwfI kMpnI leI lwhyvMd rhIAW Aqy iknHW nUM bdlx dI loV hY[ ijnW ny sPlqw pRwpq kIqI hY AsIN aunHW nUM vDweI idMdy hW Aqy ijhVy pUrI sPlqw pRwpq nhIN kr sky aunHW nUM swfI slwh hY ik AwpxIAW glqIAW qoN is`Kx Aqy nwL hI ieMfstrI ‘c sPlqw pRwpq krn vwiLAW qoN syD lYx[ AsIN ijs qrHW isrlyK ‘c hI iliKAw hY” mwihr ivAkqI keI vwr ieMnI vwr AsPl ho jWdw hY ijMnI vwr nvyyN ny koiSs vI nhIN kIqI huMdI” cMgy isiKAwrQI bxo! loVINdI is`iKAw, jW tRyinMg pRwpq kro! vDIAw Xojnw bxwE Aqy muV koiSS kro! AmrIkw ‘c swfI hI dUjI kMpnI ‘dysI mYks mIfIAw’ v`loN iPRzno ‘c Awpxw dUjw kwmXwb swlwnw vYst AmYirkn tr`k SoA AwXoijq kIqw igAw[ ies SoA ‘c Awpxy auqpwdW dw ivKwvw krn vwLy 100 dy krIb sn jd ik ienHW nUM vyKx vwiLAW dI igxqI 5,000 qoN vI v`D sI[ hux q`k jo ies SoA sbMDI itpxIAW Aqy suJwA imly hn auh swry hI auswrU hn[ pr pihlW vWg AsIN sdw hI ies g`l leI XqnSIl rihMdy hW ik Aglw SoA pihly SoA qoN iks qrHW hor vDIAw bx skdw hY[ AsIN bhuq DMnvwdI hW Awpxy spWsrW dy, vYNfrW dy Aqy aunHW swry Swml hox vwiLAW dy ijnHW ny Awpxw Awpxw Xogdwn pwieAw[ jo sI tI ey Aqy iPRzno tRWsportySn kl`b ny ies SoA ‘c mdd kIqI, aus leI aunHW dw Kws DMnvwd[

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Advertising & Sales Jag Dhatt (National / Western Canada) Stephen Alford (Eastern Canada)

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Creative Head Ranjit Singh

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Looking Ahead to 2016 in Trucking


ouldn’t it be nice to have that crystal ball and know exactly what the next year will present to us? 2015 has given Canadians a new government. At this point, as I write this, I really wish for that crystal ball, but I don’t, and I don’t know what colour that government will be. The election isn’t for three more days and I’m not prepared to make any prediction on the outcome, either. I know what my preference is, but that’s my preference and it may not be the way of reality. The doubt, leaves all sorts of possibilities open. There outcome will bring anything from stability to angst and anything in between. 2016 will definitely give Americans a new government and again, no one has any idea what that government will be nor who will be leading it. Again, the outcome could bring anything from stability to angst. Because many Canadian rules and regulations mirror those in the United States, both elections are of critical importance to the trucking industry. Also because our economies are so closely tied, the direction of the new administrations will have a major effect. A big news story in 2015 was the introduction of autonomous trucks. The big news story of 2016 is going to be how those autonomous trucks test in real life situations. Nevada will be hosting one test; Ontario will also be hosting testing. This should 8

G. Ray Gompf be very interesting. Nevada has traffic but not the kinds of traffic there is in Ontario. Will they test the autonomous trucks anywhere on the 401 or any other 400 series highway? It’s is safe to say, there will be traffic congestion on the Coquihalla; on 881; and, 401; of that there is no doubt. There will be a lot of snow early in the year, followed by a wonderful summer and then back to snow. In many parts of Canada, magnificent northern lights will paint the sky. And not to be outdone, Manitoba will have a good crop of mosquitos. Ratification of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will be discussed over many an evening meal in North America and 22 other countries, but still may never come to fruition. For the trucking industry, ratification would be good news. Longshoremen in the west coast ports may finally work in peace and the imported and exported goods will be delivered on time as expected. The coffee war between Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s may finally be settled and a winner declared. No, that’s not likely. People will always have their favourite coffee. Fuel prices have been in flux for most of 2015 and have dropped significantly because the world price of crude has lost about $60 a barrel. The instability in the oil market will be tied closely to the disruptions in the Middle East. Instability is going to continue and have major disruptions to trucking operations, or at least the balance sheets of those operations. Speaking of fuel, the agreement between Husky Oil and Imperial Oil for the distribution of commercial fuels NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

Looking Ahead to 2016 in Trucking

2016 dI tr`ikMg ‘qy pMCI Jwq knyfw ‘c pwrlImYNt dI cox ho geI hY Aqy AmrIkw ‘c nvyN rwStrpqI bxn dy nwl 2016 ‘c nvIN srkwr Aw jwvygI[ myrI qrjIh BwvyN koeI vI hovy pr dovW dySW dIAW srkwrW dIAW qrjIhW Kws krky tr`ikMg ieMfstrI leI iks qrHW dIAW hoxgIAW ieh kihxw smyN qoN pihlW dI g`l hovygI[ dovyN dySW dy AwpsI sbMD Aqy vpwrk sbMD ie`k dUjy nwL ies qrHW juVy hoey hn ik ie`k dyS ‘c bdlx vwLy iksy kwnUMn dw Asr dUjy dyS ‘qy pYxw hI pYxw hy[ 2015 swl dI ie`k mh`qvpUrn g`l ieh rhI ik ies swl ‘c ibnw frweIvr c`lx vwly tr`k Awey[ pr ieh tr`k 2016 ‘c iks qrHW Asl jIvn ‘c c`lxgy[ nvwfw ‘c ies dw ie`k tYst kIqw jwvygw; ies qrHW dw hI tYst auntwrIE ‘c vI kIqw jwvygw[ieh bhuq idlcsp qzrby rihxgy[ nvwfw ‘c vI kwPI tRYiPk hY pr ieh auntwrIE vrgw nhIN[ hux svwl ieh pYdw hMudw hY ik ies qrHW ibnw frweIvroN tr`kW dw qzrbw 401 jW 400 hweIvyA ‘qy vI ikDry kIqw jwvygw? ieh g`l spSt hY ik hweIvyA 881 Aqy 401 ‘qy bhuq trYiPk rihMdw hY[ nvyN swl dy SurU ‘c kwPI snoA pvygI Aqy bwAd ‘c Swndwr grmI dw mOsm vI Awvygw Aqy muV snoA pYx dw c`kr cldw rhygw[ knyfw dy bhuq swry BwgW ‘c au`qr v`loN Aw rhI rOSnI Asmwn nUM rMgdI rhygI[ pr dUjy bMny mYnItobw ‘c m`CrW dI POj vI bxdI rihxI hY[ hwl ‘c swhmxy Awey tI pI pI smJoqy sbMDI au`qrI AmrIkw 1 Aqy 7/24/15 6:14 Aqy 22 horHowesDesiTruckingHalfPage_W15.pdf dySW dy lok ivcwrW krdy rihxgy ieh vI ho PM skdw

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Looking Ahead to 2016 in Trucking may be the best news for Imperial Oil, since they made a mistake in firing K.C. Irving. In addition, new fuels are on the horizon and they will establish themselves as viable alternatives but there will always for the foreseeable future be a requirement for oil based motive fuels. As of yet, nobody has solved the driver shortage problem because no one wants to admit that there is a problem. Unless and until the problem can be defined, there may never be a solution. Every driver in the country can tell you why there’s a problem, but not one executive will admit the fact. Maybe they should be asking the drivers why they don’t want to be in the industry any longer and why they don’t want their sons and daughters going into the trade of driving. Maybe 2016 will see someone take the bull by the horns and figure it out. Governments will continue to institute rules and regulations for trucking that will be sold to the public by running the safety flag up the flag pole, but in reality, have little to do with safety. Mandatory speed limiters will be the law of the land in both countries for all commercial vehicles, where upon there will be more rear end collisions where cars crash into the back of slower moving trucks but the statistics will be modified to reflect a cause other than speed limiters. Safety is such an important issue that using the safety flag when the issue has nothing to do with safety or even impedes safety must be called for what it is and why it is. Political rhetoric that gets politicians re-elected. It makes them look like their “doing something” even if it’s the wrong thing. If all the government inspired safety programs had lived up to their billing over the past ten or so years, then we’d have absolutely no wrecks and no driver deaths, no serious injuries. The truth of the matter is that government forced safety programs actually have a detrimental effect on the level of safety for truck drivers and make the driver’s world more dangerous. In 2016, maybe sanity will come back to the world of trucking and real safety can prevail. The parking issue will continue to be a major issue for truckers. While there are rules to force them to stop within certain windows of time to comply with hours of service rules, the lack of safe parking places to fulfil those rest periods will continue to be a problem. Resolutions are fairly easy, but not without enormous costs. Over to you governments. The rising cost of equipment basically inspired by the environmental lobby is going to continue. The trucking industry needs to improve their environmental footprint but they also need to do a better public relations job. Allowing fuel consumption rates of trucks to be compared to small cars isn’t smart. A 1,600 pound car getting 50 plus miles to the gallon on the highway can’t compare with the favourably with a large truck, with a pay load of 50,000 pounds plus, getting seven miles per gallon. The truck wins on a weight to fuel consumption ratio every time. In fact, that 1,600 pound car would have to get 300 plus miles to the gallon to come close to the efficiency of the big truck. Extrapolate those numbers for a train and the car would have to accomplish nearly 10,000 miles per gallon of fuel consumed to be close. Run the numbers because I have. I’m always amazed that when the horse was the king with respect to transportation, the manure problem was the largest complaint and people of the day were screaming for a solution to the manure problem. Then along comes the internal combustion engine and carbon based fuels. Today’s manure is carbon based fuels and there are alternatives on the horizon. Let’s embrace the changes as they come and live a long life on a safe and secure planet. 10

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We strive to give you the greatest quality of service and products, through our commitment to our customers and never settling for good enough. AsIN Awpxy kstmrz nUM sB qoN vDIAw kuAwiltI, srivs Aqy pRofkts dyx leI vcnb`D hW WE STOCK TIRES FOR ALL VEHICLES

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ALK Technologies upgrades CoPilot


LK Technologies announced the latest release of its CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation solution. With improvements to the truck-specific routing profile feature, the company said the update makes it easier for fleets to create and follow optimized routes based on vehicle size and load, to enable safety and compliance on the road. The company added it also provides fleet managers with remote configuration capabilities for tighter control over the routes drivers follow and eliminates the need for associated driver interaction. “We see the connection between the back office and the cab as a key factor in a fleet’s successful deployment of in-cab navigation, and this CoPilot Truck release further supports our objective to align the two in a meaningful way for fleets,” said Dan Titus, vice president, business development –enterprise solutions. “With CoPilot Truck’s Web-based back office tool, CoPilot FleetPortal, we’re providing fleet managers with greater management of the routes executed incab so that drivers can stay focused on the road and avoid the risk of costly fines or collisions, which would otherwise negatively impact their CSA scores. We’ve also come a long way to address the operational requirements of fleets that support multiple vehicle sizes and loads.” With this update, CoPilot Truck introduces a new set of default vehicle types that better fit the routing needs of light-, medium- or heavyduty trucks. According to the company, if multiple profiles are created and saved, CoPilot Truck will alert a driver to select the correct profile for that particular trip, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. CoPilot Truck will now also alert drivers if they enter a custom vehicle dimension that may require a permit to help avoid errors and ensure compliance when creating routing profiles. The software update also debuts a new darker in-cab user interface on the display to further reduce driver distraction and minimize ambient screen glare during the day or night. New remote configuration settings in CoPilot FleetPortal allow driver managers to specify and send Out-of-Route thresholds by vehicle group, as well as to update custom routing profiles, PC MILER Avoids/ Favours, road closures, and custom POI sets used by CoPilot Truck incab, according to the company. “Synchronization of this information can be set to occur as frequently as every 30 minutes to once every 24 hours,” according to the company. “The option to restrict access to routing profiles is also now available, which gives drivers less to worry about and enables fleets to ensure that the correct routing profiles will be used to generate optimal routes as well as to reduce the risk of driving on truck restricted roads.” The CoPilot Truck update also enables small fleets and owner operators using ALK’s back office PC MILER routing, mileage and mapping software to send planned routes created in PC MILER directly to ALK’s CoPilot Truck Smartphone and Tablet app for compliant route execution. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows XP and Windows Mobile platforms. 12

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A Few Tips for Taking on Winter



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our driving should change with the seasons. Your safety and the safety of others depend on it. Here are some tips for getting through winter without any problems.

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1. DRIVE CONFIDENTLY Visibility is crucial for safe winter driving, and it can often deteriorate very fast. At a minimum, be sure to get on the road with a clear view by removing the snow from your entire vehicle—hood, headlights, windows and roof. To avoid surprises, check liquids and make sure your wipers and lights are working properly. The right tire pressure is essential to getting the best traction and grip on the road. It’s also a good idea to keep your tank full; it adds weight to your vehicle, giving you more grip. 2. THINK FOR OTHER DRIVERS The only steering wheel you control is your own. Don’t expect other drivers to see you or drive with you in mind. Think for them. Driving slower will give you more time to react. Keeping a

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Canada’s Best Managed Companies Trailer Wizards has been delivering dependable, professional service nationwide for over 50 years and is now one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Put our award-winning trailer expertise to work for you. Contact us today.

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1 855 327 9757 | NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015


A Few Tips for Taking on Winter greater distance from other vehicles will give you more room to maneuver. Braking earlier will help you avoid skidding. 3. DON’T MESS AROUND WITH SLOPES Slopes can get critical in winter, especially if you’re hauling heavy loads. We can’t stress enough how impossible it is to predict what other drivers will do. When going downhill, braking distances increase even with the best tires. It’s also harder to see if there’s an accident or a traffic jam down the road. When going uphill, avoiding the compressed snow in the path of other vehicles can help you gain traction. Keeping a steady speed will also help prevent your wheels from spinning out. 4. BE READY FOR ANYTHING Those who are best prepared always handle problems better. Bring extra food and water. Pack an emergency kit with warm clothes and an extra pair of boots. Some other things to keep at hand include windshield 
washer and other essential liquids, booster cables, and chains or other devices for improving traction. It might not seem like much, but these items can be very useful in the middle of a storm. 5. GET OFF THE ROAD Don’t be a hero. If conditions deteriorate to the point where driving is impaired, find a secure place to park and wait it out. Just be sure not to stop on the side of the road, where other drivers might think you’re still in a lane. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT NO MATTER HOW IMPORTANT YOUR MISSION, YOUR SAFETY IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

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WIT seeks nominees


he Women In Trucking Association is now accepting nominations for its 2016 “Distinguished Woman in Logistics” award. The award celebrates exceptional women who inspire others through their leadership roles in the trucking and logistics industries. WIT created the award in 2014 to bring attention to the need for more women in transportation and the critical roles they can play throughout the industry. Kristy Knichel, president of Knichel Logistics, won the inaugural award in 2015. She was selected from dozens of nominations representing a diverse cross-section of the industry, including warehousing, shipping, third-party logistics, supply chain management and more. “The tremendous popularity of this award program demonstrates that women are playing increasingly vital roles in one of the transportation industry’s most challenging and exciting disciplines,” said WIT President and CEO Ellen Voie. “Our nominees are true role models, not only within their own organizations but for women at every level of the transportation industry.” Any individual or organization is welcome to submit a nomination by Dec. 31, 2015.

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What Do the Numbers Mean?

What Do the Numbers Mean? kI ArQ hY nMbrW dw?


he serial numbers on equipment, cars and credit cards carry more meaning to them than just a bunch of random numbers. They serve to identify tangible or intangible items, deter theft, prevent counterfeit items, and reveal details about the year, make and model. The first number on a credit card is the industry identifier. A card starting with a 1 or 2 are issued by an airline, 3 indicates a travel or entertainment card, such as American Express or Diner’s Club, 4 starts a Visa, 5 starts a Mastercard, and 6 starts

a Discover card. The first 6 digits are the issuer identification number, and shows which bank issued the card. The 7th digit on, except for the last digit is your personal account number. The last digit is called the check digit or check sum. The - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA.


- Pash Brar B.A.

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What Do the Numbers Mean? Luhn Formula, which is a formula invented in 1960 by an IBM scientist, takes various digits in the card and they must be divisible by 10. This protects from input errors. The VIN or vehicle identification number consists of 17 letters and numbers. Since 1981 the format was standardized and do not include the letters I (i), O (o) or Q (q). The first three characters identify the manufacturer. This is the WMI code or World Manufacturer Indentifier. The first character of the WMI is the region the manufacturer is located. For North American the first character will start with a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The second character along with the first character tells you which country the vehicle was made. The third character is used as a code for the vehicle category. Is it a bus or car or truck for example. Vehicle Descriptor Section or VDS is for the 4th through 8th characters of the VIN. This identifies the vehicle type, model and body style. On a trailer, character 6 and 7 often state the length of the trailer, and position 8 is how many axles. On a semi truck, the 3rd and 4th character indicate the type of vehicle and weight rating. The 5th through 7th are the vehicle type and body style. The 8th is engine configuration. The 9th digit is a check digit, and the 10th through 17th digits are the vehicle identifier section or VIS. The 10th digit is the model year identifier For 2015 that digit is “F”. The 11th character identifies the factory and 12 through 17 are the production numbers. What’s important to note is the model year when making a purchase. Pay close attention to character 10, which is the model year. If trucking to California where there are age restrictions on equipment of 7 years, buying the wrong model


stweIl dw pqw lgdw hY[ 6 vW Aqy s`qvW tRylr dI lMbweI nUM drswauNdw hY Aqy 8 vW ieh d`sdw hY ik ies dy AYksl ikMny hn[ ij`Qy q`k sYmI tr`k dI g`l hY qIjw Aqy cOQw ihMdsw vhIkl dI iksm Aqy ies dI Bwr sbMDI ryitMg nUM d`sdw hY[ pMjvyN qoN s`qvyN q`k vhIkl dI iksm Aqy bwfI stwiel sbMDI jwxkwrI huMdI hY[ 8 vW ieMjx dI rUp ryKw sbMDI jwxkwrI idMdw hY[ 9vW cY`k ifijt hY Aqy 10 qoN lY ky 17 vyN ihMdsy vhIkl AweIfYNtIPwier sYkSn jW vI AweI AYs sbMDI hY[ 10 vW mwfl swl sbMDI jwxkwrI idMdw hY Aqy 2015 leI ‘AY`P’[ 11 vW PYktrI Aqy 12 qoN 17 pRofkSn nMbr d`sdy hn[ iDAwn dyx vwLI zrUrI g`l ieh hY ik KRIdI jwx vwLI vhIkl ikhVy swl dI bxI hoeI 10 vyN A`Kr vl izAwdw iDAwn idE ikauN ik ies qoN hI pqw lgdw hY ik mwfl swl ikhVw hY[ jy kYlIPornIAw nUM tr`k lY ky jw rhy ho ij`Qy swz smwn dI aumr dI 7 swl dI h`d hY ies qrHW dI hwlq ‘c glq mwfl swl dI KRId quhwfw ie`k jW vDyry swlW leI kMm dw nukswn kr skdI hY[ sMn 2004 ‘c vhIkl bxwaux vwilAW ny Agly swl jnvrI leI pihlW hI vhIkl bxwauxy SurU kr id`qy sn qW ik KRIdx vwiLAW nUM phuMc dw smyN dw nukswn nw hovy[ imswl vjoN qusIN 20 jnvrI, 2016 nUM tRylr KRId skdy ho ijs dw mwfl 2017 swl dw hovygw[ ies qrHW qusIN ie`k swl dw Pwiedw lY skdy ho[ies leI rIPr XUint ieMjx ‘qy Aqy tr`k dIAW motrW ‘qy swl zrUr cY`k kro qW ik quhwnUM v`Do v`D Pwiedw ho sky[ swrIAW kwrW, tr`kW Aqy tRylrW ‘qy Aid`K QwvW ‘qy nMbr ilKy hoey huMdy hn[ ieh isrP bxwaux vwiLAW Aqy puils dI vrqoN leI hI huMdy hn[ieh lukvIAW QwvW ‘qy ilKy hoey nMbr kwrn Prwf, DoKwDVI Aqy corI Awid hox dIAW GtnwvW qoN bicAw jw skdw hY[ hr bxwaux vwLI kMpnI dy Awpxy Awpxy v`Kry lukvyN QwvW ‘qy nMbr huMdy hn[ienHW nUM Awm lokW dI jwxkwrI qoN Cupw ky r`iKAw jWdw hY[


What Do the Numbers Mean? year can cost you a year or more of work. In 2004, manufacturers began producing model years for the following year in January to allow time for imports to arrive for the current model year. So you can buy a trailer for example on January 20, 2016, but the model year will be for 2017. You can gain a year, or lose you a year of work. So always check the year on reefer unit engines and the motors of trucks to ensure you get the full usage you are seeking. On all cars, trucks, and trailers there are hidden locations of serial numbers imprinted in undisclosed locations. These are meant only for the manufacturer and the police. These hidden locations help prevent fraud, forgery and theft. Each manufacturer has their own hidden locations. These will never be shared with the public. Each manufacturer has their own codes for their model types, engine type and style. If you go to each manufacturer you can learn their own specific codes. Knowing the VIN number on anything you are buying can save you time and money. If you decode the VIN and realize this is not the correct model or wrong length or wrong amount of axles, you can save a trip from viewing it in person. So whenever possible, ask for the VIN in advance when looking to make a purchase, and decode it to see if it is in fact what you are looking for.

Truck Driver being recognized for helping


aking an heroic choice to help a crash victim while on duty has resulted in Canada Cartage recognizing one of its own drivers. According to the company, on September 23, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., Canada Cartage driver Paul Peiris was travelling along Highway 32 in Eastern Ontario, when he saw a car hit the shoulder and flip twice before landing bellyup off the road. Peiris stopped his truck across both lanes to block traffic, called 911 and went to the car to see if he cold help the driver. The woman in the car was trapped and the vehicle was starting to smoke, so Peiris tried his best to get her out of car as soon as he could. The doors were jammed. so Peiris broke the window and pulled the woman out of the smoking car and carried her to safety. Within 10 minutes, an ambulance arrived. “I’m just glad I was there to witness the accident. If I hadn’t, I’m not sure anyone would have seen the car since it landed some distance from the road on a remote section of the highway,” said Peiris. “Paul doesn’t think of himself as a hero but we feel differently,” said Jeff Lindsay, president of Canada Cartage. “We are very proud of him and his heroic efforts because we know the outcome could have been very different, if he wasn’t there to help that day.” 20

hr ie`k auqpwdk Bwv ieh smwn iqAwr krn vwLI kMpnI dy mwfl, ieMjx Aqy stwiel dI iksm dy v`Kry v`Kry kof huMdy hn[ies dw pqw qW hI lgdw hY jy qusIN

aunHW kol jw ky ies sbMDI jwxkwrI lvo[ jy KRIdI jw rhI vsqU dw quhwnUM vI AweI nMbr dw pqw hovy qW ies nwl KRId krn ‘c quhwfw smW Aqy Dn Krwb nhIN huMdw[ jy vI AweI AYn fIkof krky quhwnUM ieh pqw l`g jWdw hY ik ieh TIk mwfl nhIN, glq lMbweI jW AYkslW dI igxqI G`t v`D hY qW quhwnUM jw ky vyKx leI l`gx vwLw smW Krwb nhIN krnw pYNdw[ ies leI zrUrI hY ik jdoN vI sMBv ho sky iksy vhIkl nUM KRId krn qoN pihlW hI vI AweI AYn zrUr pu`Co[ ies nwL quhwnUM pqw l`g skdw hY ik jo ku`J qusIN KRIdxw cwhuMdy ho ieh auh hI hY[

mdd krn vwLy fRweIvr nUM snmwn imlygw knyfw kwrtyj kMpnI v`loN AwpxI kMpnI dy aus tr`k fRweIvr nUM snmwinq krn dw PYslw kIqw hY ijs ny bVI bhwdrI nwL ie`k durGtnw ‘c PsI AOrq dI jwn bcweI[ kMpnI Anuswr g`l 30 sqMbr 2015 dI hY[ svyr dy 9:30 v`jy sn, knyfw kwrtyj kMpnI dw tr`k fRweIvr pOl pIrs eIstrn auntwrIE dy hweIvyA 32 ‘qy tr`k lY ky jw irhw sI[ aus ny vyiKAw ik iek kwr do vwr pltI Kw ky ault geI[ pIrs ny soicAw ik tRYiPk rokxw cwhIdw hY[ aus ny Awpxw tr`k dovW lweInW ‘c lw ky trYiPk rok id`qw Aqy 911 nUM Pon kIqw[ kwr ‘c ie`k AOrq PsI hoeI sI Aqy kwr ‘coN DUMAW inklxw SurU ho igAw[pIrs ny aus AOrq nUM CyqI qoN CyqI bwhr k`Fx dI koiSS kIqI[pr drvwzy burI qrHW Psy hoey sn[ ies leI swhsI fRweIvr ny ivMfo dw SISw qoV ky AOrq nUM shI slwmq bwhr k`F ilAw[ qkrIbn 10 imMt ‘c AYNbUlYNs phuMc geI[ pIrs ny KuSI pRgt kridAW ikhw ik cMgw hoieAw mYN durGtnw hox smyN au`Qy hI sI[ pIrs dw kihxw hY ik jy mYN ieh durGtnw huMdI nw vyKdw qW Swied lMGx vwLy kwr ‘c PsI AOrq nUM nw vyK skdy ikauN ik auh sVk dy pwsy Awm jwx vwiLAW dI nzr qoN auhly sI[ kYnyfw kwrtyj kMpnI dy pRDwn jYP ilMfsy dw kihxw hY ik ieh sB ku`J krn ‘qy vI auh Awpxy Awp nUM nwiek Bwv hIro nhIN smJ irhw[ pr aunHW ikhw ik AsIN aus nUM hIro smJ rhy hW ikauN ik jy auh au`Qy nw huMdw Aqy mdd krn leI nw rukdw qW ies dy is`ty ku`J hor hI inklxy sn[ NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

Desi News

ECM readings not perfect


or a number of reasons, the data coming off a truck’s Their ECM data electronic control module, or ECM, on mpg is only so showed accuracy close to the reality, a new study finds — so it’s good in of -2.6% to 2.1% some ways fleets may be using it, not so good for others. and precision within MPG is “a very complicated element to measure, especially 0.37% to 1.09%; when it comes to diesel engines,” note the authors of the study, • The single vehicle with which comes from the Montreal, Canada-based nonprofit PIT a Mercedes engine was tested Group (Performance Innovation Transport). The study conducted a total of nine times. Its ECM at a test track facility last fall examined 14 trucks that had four data showed accuracy of 0.9% and engines made by Cummins, seven by Detroit Diesel, one by precision of 1.59%; and Mercedes and two by Volvo. • The two vehicles with Volvo engines were tested a In short, the study reports that ECM data on fuel economy/mpg total of 29 times. Their ECM data showed accuracy of -3.0% and varied in terms of accuracy and precision, and also varied from one 0.9% and precision of 0.25% and 0.84%. engine type to another made by the same OEM. Further still, “for a given vehicle, ECM data precision and accuracy will even vary from test to test,” according to the study. To clarify that point,Yves Provencher, PIT Group’s manager, describes to Fleet Owner the distinction between data “accuracy” and “precision” using an example of throwing darts at a dartboard. Accuracy refers to how close the dart actually gets to the bullseye, and precision means how dead-on each shot is aimed at the bullseye, or the variance in targeting precision. “So the accuracy is how close you are from the real number,” Provencher says regarding ECM fuel economy data. “You can be at 5% from the real number, and if you are precise, then you’re going to be always at 5% from the real number.” On the other hand, if your precision (or “targeting”) is plus or minus 3%, for instance, it means your 5% accuracy could be that much farther off the mark. Your Safety, The two measures are the result of the quhwfI sur`i^Aw, quhwfI qs`lI, quhwfI s&Lqw = swfw tIcw complex algorithms OEMs use to calculate fuel economy and report it through the ECM, We are Hiring A-Z drivers (singles and teams), factoring in things like engine speed, road Owner Operators and D-Z Owner Operators speed, distance and fuel volume. “Because 2000 sweIinMg bons, $2,000 Sign-On Bonus fuel consumption data in an ECM is derived qnKwh pYkyz bhuq vDIAw, Competitive Pay Package from an algorithm and not from actual fuel ho r bo n s Aqy shUlqW[ Incentive Programs & Bonuses flow, and does not account for fuel energy qn^wh h&qy dy h&qy / is`DI quhwfy content, density or temperature, there is an Weekly Pay by Direct Deposit AkWaU t ‘c jmH W inherent error with those calculations,” the New Equipment nvy N tr` k try l r, rYgUlr hom tweIm study notes. Regular Home Time Results from the study’s 89 total tests We Require: swnMU quhwfy qoN cwhIdw hY: include: Minimum 2 years experience • The four vehicles with Cummins G`to G`t do swl dw qzrbw CVOR/ driver’s abstract in good standing engines were tested a total of 24 times. CVOR/ frwivr AYbstrYkt Their ECM data showed accuracy of -5.4% Able to cross US border AmrIkw bwrfr pwr kr skdw hovy to -6.2% and precision within 0.18% to Please Contact James Taylor today! 0.81%; 877-907-8101 x4042 • I • The seven vehicles with Detroit Diesel engines were tested a total of 27 times.      

Your Satisfaction,Your Success = Our Goal



Desi News

Mack Introduces Certified Uptime Centres


ack Trucks rolled out a plan for a network of Certified Uptime Centres, for dealers having taken steps to expedite repairs and improve uptime. The certification program, to qualify for such, dealers have to rethink their approach to service. The program standardizes workflow and does away with the traditional first-come, first-served model that often means it takes longer than necessary to complete simple repairs. Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North America, discussed the program at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition. He said industry-wide, downtime events average four days even when the average repair time sits at just 3.5 hours. Mack Certified Uptime Centres will prioritize quick repairs by dedicating bays and technicians to this work so that customers needing minor repairs can get in and out of the shop more quickly. Roy said this type of job represents about 40-50% of service events. David Pardue, vice-president of aftermarket business development with Mack Trucks, said “Certified Uptime Centres are about improving the workflow and the workshop processes within the service bays at our dealerships. It’s not a program, it’s not a campaign, it’s something that’s intended to drive and secure true process changes from the check-in point, when the customer arrives, to the time they leave the dealership.” At a Mack Certified Uptime Centre, quick jobs will no longer get bogged down behind major jobs, Pardue explained. Certified dealers will dedicated one or more bays to the quick jobs, depending on the market and size of the dealership. But Roy said the pilot project, involving more than 20 dealers, has improved overall throughput and has not resulted in the bigger jobs taking longer to complete. But, “Dealers have to change the way they do business,” Pardue acknowledged. “This certification goes beyond just improving diagnostic times,” said Roy. “We’re increasing customers uptime by changing our approach to the service process, ensuring our customers’ trucks are diagnosed and repaired efficiently and returned back to them as quickly as possible.”


mYk v`loN srtIPweIf A`ptweIm sYNtr mYk tr`ks v`loN tr`kW dI murMmq ‘c qyzI ilAwaux leI srtIPweIf A`ptweIm sYNtr KolHx leI ie`k Xojnw dw Kulwsw kIqw igAw hY[ ies mwnqw pRwpq pRogrwm dy Xog bxn leI fIlrW nUM srivs dyx sbMDI muV ivcwr krnI pYxI hY[ieh pRogrwm kMm dI ivDI nUM vDIAw bxwaux leI pihlW cldI, pihlW Awx vwiLAW dw pihlW kMm krn vwLI rIq bdlI jw rhI hY ikauN ik ies nwL sDwrn murMmq leI vI izAwdw smW lgdw hY[ AmrIkn tr`ikMg AYsosIeySn mYnyjmYNt kwnPRMs AYNf AYgizibSn smyN mYk tr`ks nwrQ AmYirkw dy muKI stIvn rwey ny ies pRogrwm sbMDI ivcwr crcw kIqI[ aunHW ikhw ik ijhVI murMmq 3.5 GMitAW ‘c ho skdI hY aus leI vI AOsqn 4 idn aufIkxw pYNdw hY[aunHW ikhw ik mYk srtIPweIf A`ptweIm sYNtrW ‘c v`K v`K byAz bxw ky murMmq dy smyN nUM GtwieAw jwvygw[ ies qrHW G`t murMmq vwLy CyqI jw skxgy[ aunHW ikhw ik ies qrHW dy kMm ku`l srivs dw 40 qo 50% hn[ mYk tr`k ‘c AwPtrmwrikt ibzns dy au`p muKI fyivf pYrifaU ny ikhw ik ieh sYNtr swfy fIlriSp dIAW srivs byAz ‘c hoxgy[ nw hI ieh koeI pRogrwm hY Aqy nw hI ieh muihMm hY[ ies dw mqlb qW ieh hY ik jdoN gwhk Awvy auh CyqI syvwvW lY ky jw sky[ aunHW dw kihxw hY ik jldI kIqy jw skx vwLy kMm v`fIAW jObW kwrn pRBwivq nhIN hoxgy[ ienHW sYNtrW ‘c CyqI krn vwLy kMmW leI ie`k jW do byAz hoxgIAW[pr ies qrHW ieh fIlriSp Aqy mwrikt Anuswr hovygI[ aunW ikhw pwielt pRwjYkt ADIn 20 fIlr kMm kr rhy hn Aqy hux v`fIAW jObW krn leI vI vDyry smW nhIN lgdw[ pr pYrifaU ny mMinAw ik fIlrW nUM vI kMm krn dy FMg nUM bdlxw pvygw Aqy ieh pRikrAw isrP inrIKx q`k hI sImq nhIN hovygI[ aunHW ikhw ik swnUM srivs pRikirAw nUM vI bdlxw pvygw qW ik tr`kW dI CyqI qoN CyqI murMmq krky aunHW nUM CyqI hI kMm ‘qy vwps ByijAw jw sky[


Great Trucks, Excellent Prices, Affordable Financing BrosyXog tr`k, vDIAw m`ul, ssqI &weInYNisMg

OVER 70 UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM! 70 qoN v`D tr`kW coN mnpsMd tr`k cuxo



2012 PETERBILT 386

AD# 96648

Year: 2012, Make: Peterbilt, Model: 386 Engine: Cummins, HP: 450, Trans: 13spd Axles: 14.6x super 40’s, Mileage: 626,000km

2012 VOLVO 670-730-780

AD# 99098

Year: 2012, Make: Volvo, Model: 670-730-780,Trans: I Shift

2012 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA AD# 99096 Year: 2012, Make: Freightliner, Model: Cascadia Engine: Cummins, HP: 500, Trans: 18 spd Axles: 14.6 x 46, Mileage: 515,000km















Engine: International, HP: 475, Trans: 13spd Axles: 12/40, Mileage: 500,000km

2011 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA AD# 99097 Year: 2011, Make: Freightliner, Model: Cascadia Engine: Detroit, HP: 505, Trans: 13spd Axles: 12x40, Mileage: 900,000km




2013 INTERNATIONAL PROSTAR AD# 95424 Year: 2013, Make: International, Model: Prostar






We are second to none in customer service and we are committed to provide you with good, well maintained trucks ready to work for you.

We are looking to buy well maintained trucks. Call Rafael for a competitive offer at (416) 624-1204. Direct Financing Now Available. No Middle Man or Broker ...Low, Low Rates! Shawn Jameson Sales Specialist Cell: 705-340-1700

Ray Burley Acquisitions Cell: 416-801-5711

Rafael Moncayo Wholesale & Acquisitions Cell: 416-624-1204

905-695-5526 NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015


1-866-936-6025 Visit our website for the latest inventory E:

5810 Shawson Drive, Suite 200, Mississauga, ON


Leaders in Driveline and Suspension Tools fRweIvlweIn Aqy sspYNSn tUl 'c mUhrI


What sets Tiger Tool apart? For President Ken Jansen, it’s three key factors: refusing to compromise on quality; staying connected to the people using your product; and delivering a focused product line built for a niche market.

tweIgr tUl bwkIAW nwloN iks qrHW v`Kry hn? ies dw jvwb idMdy hoey ies dy muKI kYn jYnsn dw kihxw hY ik iqMn g`lW hn jo bwkIAW nwloN swnMU v`Krw krdIAW hn: pihlI g`l ieh ik AsIN imAwrI iksm 'c Gwt vwD nhIN krdy; ies auqpwd dI vrqoN krn vwLy lokW nwL sMprk 'c rihMdy hW; Aqy mwrikt dI loV Anuswr vDIAw smwn idMdy hW[

In the trucking industry, down-time affects the bottom line. “Without the right tools, rigs can be out of commission for days,” says Jansen. “We’ve developed a line of products that puts trucks back on the road fast.”

tr`ikMg ieMfstrI 'c kMm bMd hoxw hI mwVI g`l hY[ jYnsn Anuswr ijs qrHW shI swzo smwn qoN vgYr ir`g keI idn q`k KVHI rih skdI hY[ aunWH Anuswr aunWH ny ies qrHW dy swzo smwn dw inrmwx kIqw hY ijs nwL tr`k bhuq jldI muV sVk 'qy c`lx l`g pYNdy hn[

To get the best, they start with the best. “We use the latest design software, 3D printing equipment, high-grade materials and state of the art machining processes in every step of the build process.” Tools are assembled by hand and built to surpass industry standards for performance and safety.

bhuq vDIAw is`ty lYx leI auh bhuq vDIAw smwn nwl hI SurU krdy hn[ aunWH dw kihxw hY ik auh sB qoN vDIAw Aqy nvIn ifzwien swPtvyAr, 3 fI ipMiR tMg smwn, Aqy hr p`Dr 'qy a`c u drjy dy smwn dI vrqoN krdy hn[ tUl h`QW nwL joVy jWdy hn Aqy ies qrHW dy bxwey jWdy hn ijnHW dw suri` KAw Aqy kMm 'c ieMfstrI 'c koeI mukwblw nhIN[

The team also recognizes the importance of seeking input from the people that work in the field. The results are ergonomically designed products that minimize risks to operators and damage to equipment.

aunWH Anuswr auh PIlf 'c kMm krn vwLy lokW nwL inrMqr sMprk r`K ky aunWH qoN slwh mSvrw lYNdy rihMdy hn[ ies dw is`tw ieh hud M w hY ik aunWH dy auqpwd nwL AwprytrW nUM Kqrw vI G`t hud M w hY Aqy smwn dw nukswn vI G`to G`t hud M w hY[

Jansen has invested significant resources into the engineering and manufacturing facilities, allowing the team to monitor and control every step of the build process. “Our products are unique,” says Jansen. “We thrive on ingenuity and making products that solve common industry problems.”

jYnsn v`lNo auqpwdn krn smyN ies qrHW dw pRbD M kIqw hoieAw hY ijs nwL smwn dI iqAwrI dy smyN hr pVwA 'qy pUrI ingrwnI r`KI jw skdI hY[ jYnsn dw kihxw hY ik aunWH dy auqpwd bwkIAW nwloN invykly hn[ auh kihMdy hn ik auh ies qrHW dy invykly Aqy AslI smwn iqAwr krn dI koiSs 'c rihMdy hn ijs nwL ieMfstrI dIAW Awm sm`isAwvW dw h`l hov[ y

With the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every product, it’s easy to see why Tiger Tool has built a reputation as an industry leader.

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REMOVE AND INSTALL BEARING RACES IN MINUTES! imMtW 'c hI byAirMg rysz lwh ky nvyN bdlo Bearing Race Service Kit 10906

Unique three-clawed, spring-loaded rotary grip. Only one of its kind on the market!

AdBuq ` iqkony pMjy vwLw spirMg loff rotrI igRp[ jo AwpxI iksm dw mwrikt 'c ie`ko hI hY! Eliminates the need for welding, punching, tapping and hammering. No plugs needed: adjusts to any size bearing between 3" to 6.5". Works on virtually all aluminum and iron hubs.

Requires 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Power Source. Also available as an adapter (15070) to our Pin & Bushing Kit. 10,000 PSI hweIfROilk pwvr sors dI loV swfI ipn Aqy buiSMg ik`t dy nwl Afwptr (15070) dy qOr qy vI auplbD


vYlifMg, pMicMg, tYipMg Aqy hYmirMg dI loV nhIN rihMdI[ iksy pl`g dI loV nhIN: 3" qoN 6.5" q`k dy sweIz dy hr ie`k byAirMg 'c AYfjst hud M w hY[ swrIAW AlmUnIAm Aqy lohy dIAW h`bW 'qy kMm krdw hY[ y

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Have What It Takes 25

Marketing Concepts for Trucking

Marketing Concepts for Trucking T

rucking is one of the important segments of today’s Large companies segment their markets by conducting economy. Most of the industries, including trucking, extensive market research projects/surveys. This research is are facing challenges to operate in today’s often too expensive for small businesses to invest in, tough economic time. One of the mean to improve but there are alternative ways for a small business to the profit margins in any business is to target proper segment their markets. A small business can do the market segment and adapt the service levels to their following to gain knowledge and information on how expectations. Market segmentation is the process to segment their markets: (in marketing) of grouping a market (i.e. customers) • Use secondary data resources and qualitative into smaller subgroups. This is not something that is research. They can use the following resources for arbitrarily done. It is derived from the fact that the external secondary data total market is often made up of submarkets (called • Trade Association publications and experts - Dara Nagra ‘segments’). These segments are homogeneous in their • Basic research publications MBA PMP ® constitution (i.e. people in the segment have some • External measurement services similarities to be recognized as a group. Because of this intragroup similarity, they are likely to respond somewhat similarly to a given marketing strategy. That is, they are likely to have similar feeling and ideas about a marketing mix, comprised of a given product or service, sold at a given price, distributed in a certain way, and promoted in a certain way. Markets can be segmented or targeted using a variety of factors. The bases for segmenting consumers in the market include: • Demography (age, family size, life cycle, occupation) • Geographical bases (states, regions, countries) • Behavior bases (product knowledge, usage, attitudes, responses) • Psychographic bases (lifestyle, values, personality) A business must analyze the needs and wants of different • Government Statistical data regarding trade, demography, market segments before determining their own niche. To be regional imbalances, language, income distribution, land effective in market segmentation the company needs to keep the holdings etc. following things in mind: • Conduct informal factor and cluster analysis by • Segments or target markets should be accessible to the o Watching key competitors marketing efforts and copying business them. • Each segmented group must be large enough to provide a o Talking to key trade buyers about new product introductions. solid customer base. o Conducting needs analysis from qualitative research with • Each segmented group requires a separate marketing plan. individuals and groups. 26


Marketing Concepts for Trucking There are many reasons for dividing markets into smaller segments. Any time there are significant, measurable differences in the market, the market can be segmented into identifiable groups. By doing so, the company will • make marketing easier • discover niche markets • Become more efficient with their marketing resources There are different approaches to tackle different market segments: Mass Marketing or Undifferentiated Marketing: Go after the whole market with one offer and focus on common needs rather than differences Product-variety Marketing or Differentiated Marketing: target several market segments and design separate offers for each according to segment specific needs. Target Marketing or Concentrated Marketing: Target market is the group of potential customers selected for marketing. For new products, there is a theory that different groups of people have different risk tolerances. Innovators First 5% - 10% that adopt the product Early Adopters Next 10% - 15% Early Majority Next 30% Late Majority Next 30% Laggards Remaining 20% Innovators and Early Adopters: The innovators and early adopters are critical to launching a new product. If a company can target its initial efforts at these groups, its limited resources will be well spent. They will become its champions. It is not an easy task to find these groups. From some studies, the characteristics of the innovators and early adopters are: Venturesome: the willingness and desire to be daring in trying something new and different Social integration: frequent and extensive contact with others in one’s area Cosmopolitan: extending point of view beyond the immediate neighborhood or community Social mobility: upward movement on the social scale Privileged: attitude and possession of money (less risky to try something new) But be aware that it is not necessarily a smooth ride to go from one risk group to another. Most of the times, there is a time gap between moving from the innovators to the early adopters and then to the early majority and so on. Target Market Influencers: In addition to targeting innovators and early adopters, efforts should be made to find the innovators and early adopters, who can influence the market. This is important for a marketing plan with a limited budget. Rules to Market Segmentation: If a company needs to gain a viable market segment within its overall target group then there are a few rules it needs to follow: • It must be clear and specific in defining the segment. • The identification of market segments must be as a result of well researched facts and figures. • All its customers’ exhibit a multitude of traits and characteristics, but it must only segment ones which are relevant to what it hope to target. For example if the business is selling life assurance policies, then the company should not segment the market by height of person because the height of a person is unhelpful in helping it sell insurance policies. Age or income can be the viable trait to define a market segment. • Don’t over segment as it will be impossible to successfully target all these groups. The company needs to aim for the largest most relevant segment. • The company must also be able to reach its segment group realistically. If it has identified that a large segment has internet access and would like to reach them via the internet, it must also have the same technology and knowledge at its fingertips as it is available to the target groups. • It must also ensure that it is cost effective to chase this market segment. If it costs too much to reach them or if it has to compromise its profitability to reach them, then the company needs to think whether the segment would be worth pursuing. Always chase the largest segment first. Trim the smaller segments off the list as it may not be viable to pursue the smaller segments. NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

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FMCSA goes to work on Sleep Apnea


he Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is working on the initial steps for a potential rule to regulate sleep apnea testing. According to the Department of Transportation’s monthly regulatory update, the agency is drafting an advanced notice of proposed rule-making, which it expects to publish in December. An advanced notice is an effort to gain information for the rule-making process. The DOT report indicated the advanced notice will “request data

regulating testing and treatment for the condition without a formal rule-making process. Since then, the agency has issued guidelines interpreted by various groups as efforts to indirectly regulate the issue. Concerns from the industry led Congress to pressure FMCSA to release a bulletin of clarification in January stating that the decision to require sleep apnea testing for a driver is solely that of the certified medical examiner issuing the driver’s medical certification.

FMCSA releases report on SMS


and information concerning the prevalence of moderate-to-severe obstructive sleep apnea among individuals occupying safety sensitive positions in rail and highway transportation.” The information collected from the advanced notice will help the FMCSA determine the economic impact and safety benefits of mandatory screening and treatment, if necessary, for obstructive sleep apnea. The FMCSA’s approach to sleep apnea screening has long been contentious. A 2013 law prevents the agency from


he Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) this week released a report ordered by Congress that it claims confirms the amount of data used in the agency’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) as clearly sufficient to allow FMCSA to identify high-risk truck and bus companies. The agency said the report found that its SMS effectively identifies the truck and bus companies involved in 90 percent of the more than 100,000 crashes that occur each year, and those that are identified as high-risk carriers continue to have crash rates that are twice the national average. In examining commercial motor vehicle crash rates, FMCSA said it looked at carriers of various sizes in accordance with the Congressional directive. The analysis revealed no significant difference in actual crash rates between small carriers and those with 20 or more roadside inspections. FMCSA said its examinations determined that the category of carriers with 11-20 inspections and patterns of non-compliance has the highest crash rates, presenting a clear and immediate intervention opportunity for the agency to proactively bring these carriers into compliance with important safety regulations, including: hours-of-service limitations designed to prevent fatigued driving; vehicle maintenance, and; commercial driver’s license (CDL) requirements. FMCSA claims current SMS data sufficiency standards allow the agency to effectively identify and proactively intervene with high-risk carriers before a crash involving a large truck or bus occurs. In March, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommended that the agency increase the minimum number of required roadside safety inspections needed before prioritizing truck and bus companies for interventions. FMCSA disagreed, claiming a delay in responding to known non-compliant carriers would needlessly jeopardize the safety of the motoring public. Under current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs), a carrier’s safety fitness can only be assigned following an on-site investigation; SMS is a tool to prioritize high-risk truck and bus companies for enforcement interventions. The FMCSA said the report released this week underscores the critical importance of considering carriers of all sizes in the agency’s continuing efforts to remove unsafe carriers and commercial drivers from the nation’s roadways and protecting travellers everywhere. NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

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Six truck driving tips O

ver 100,000 injuries and 300,000 accidents involved large trucks in 2012, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. And Time ranked truck driving number 8 on its 2014 list of the “10 Most Dangerous Jobs.” Here’s a list of truck driver, or anyone for that matter, safety pointers perfect for both drivers new to their vehicles and savvy pros looking for a quick refresher. 1. Watch your blind spots Other motorists may not be aware of a truck’s “no zones” — those where crashes are most likely to occur. Common “no zones” include: Off to the side just in front of the cab, Just behind the side mirrors & Directly behind the truck If others aren’t aware of these trouble spots, they may drive dangerously close. As frustrating as this can be, it’s up to you to exercise caution before turning or changing lanes and to maintain a safe distance. 2. Reduce speed in work zones Roughly one-third of all fatal work-zone accidents involve large trucks. Make sure to take your time going through interstate construction — your delivery can always wait. 3. Maintain your truck Give your vehicle a thorough check each morning (fluid levels, horn, mirrors, etc.). The brakes are particularly vital, given how much weight is riding on them. If you spot anything unusual, report


it to dispatch before attempting to drive. 4. Load cargo wisely The higher you stack cargo, the more drag on the truck. By stacking lower and spreading cargo through the full space of the truck, you can stay more nimble and improve your fuel economy. 5. Reduce speed on curves Usually, following the speed limit is a good thing. When it comes to trucking, however, there are times when even adhering to posted signs is still too fast (confusing, we know). Particularly on exit/entrance ramps, the speed limits are meant more for cars; trucks have a tendency to tip over if they take the curves too fast. When going through any curve, it’s best to set your speed far lower than the posted limit to make up for your rig’s unique dimensions. 6. Adjust for bad weather Inclement weather causes roughly 25 percent of all speedingrelated truck driving accidents. Cut your speed down by one-third on wet roads, and by one-half on snowy or icy ones. Also allow more time for maneuvers in poor weather. Let your blinker run for a good 5 blinks before your change lanes, and signal for turns before slowing down. And if you see other truckers pulling over, maybe it’s best you do likewise.


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Mack Celebrates Good Year; adds another use to plant


ommercial truck sales should finish strong in 2015, with sales expected to be good in 2016 as well, noted Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North America, during an event celebrating the addition of drive axles production and carrier housing machining to engine and transmission assembly here at the Volvo/Mack powertrain factory in Western Maryland. “I think we’ll have a good year [in 2016]; we don’t see a real big dip occurring in sales next year,” Roy told Fleet Owner. “Replacement demand is still driving a lot of sales but we’re also seeing the new companies entering the market, too; there’s a lot of acquisition activity going on in trucking right now.” The major factor limiting truck sales right now and for the foreseeable future, however, remains the ongoing – and increasing – shortage of drivers, Roy stressed. “Absolutely we could sell more trucks if there were simply more drivers,” he said. “That shortage continues to be the limiting factor [for sales].” The long-haul segment continues to experience the most acute shortage of drivers, Roy added, while regional and local carriers aren’t suffering nearly as much. “I talked with one regional carrier [executive] recently who told me their driver turnover is only at 30%, because they can get their drivers home more frequently,” he pointed out. Roy emphasized that if freight does begin to shift away from U.S. west coast ports to the east coast – a shift that may be driven by the widening of the Panama Canal; an effort now nearing completion – more opportunities for local drayage and regional trucking may be created which could help on the driver recruiting and retention front. “Time will only tell where that is concerned,” he said. Other industry experts are concerned that Class 8 sales in particular may be reaching a cycle “peak,” with truck inventories now on the increase. “The capacity index [supply] rose faster than the freight index [demand] for the eighth time in 10 months back in September,” noted Kenny Vieth, president and senior analyst with ACT Research Co., in a statement. “We have to go back to the second half of 2012 to find a comparable period of imbalance – a period marked by anemic economic growth and strong U.S. Class 8 retail sales,” he pointed out. “With strong Class 8 sales expected into the end of the year, and no apparent catalyst to trigger stronger economic growth, we would expect capacity additions to remain ahead of freight creation at least into the end of 2015,” he added. 30

Average spot market rates fall for all three modes


nalysis of rates provided by DAT Solutions, which operates the DAT network of load boards, and reveals decreased rates for reefers, flatbeds and vans. Van rates dropped 4 cents to $1.69 after three weeks of a stagnant rate of $1.73, according to DAT van rates dropped a penny to $1.73, further separating rates between the two load boards. Reefer rates at Truckstop. com were down 7 cents to $1.95. Over at DAT, reefer rates dropped 5 cents to $1.96. Over the past several weeks, reefer rates between the two load boards have remained relatively close together. Flatbed rates went down 2 cents from the previous week to $1.96, according to DAT is also reporting a 2-cent drop to $2.01 for flatbed rates. Between the two load boards, flatbeds have consistently displayed the greatest disparity of the three modes, with this week revealing a 5-cent gap, keeping the gap unchanged compared to the previous week. Across all modes, shows that load availability decreased by 9.1 percent, and truck supply went up by 4.6 percent, indicating a disadvantage for truckers seeking loads in comparison to the previous week. According to DAT, load-to-truck ratios were down anywhere from 8 percent to 19 percent across all modes. has placed the Market Demand Index (MDI) at 10, a 1.5-point decrease from the previous week. The MDI is a comparison of available loads to available trucks posted on the load board. The higher the MDI, the better the chances that the power rests with the carriers and vice versa; currently, 10 represents an even market. This time last year, the MDI was 19.

Thermo King acquires Celtrak


hermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced its acquisition of Celtrak, an integrated vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company. Based in Galway, Ireland, the company provides end-to-end telematics products and services for customers in more than 30 countries and in 10 different languages. According to the company, Thermo King has partnered with Celtrak since 2005 on its TracKing telematics solutions. “This is a strategic acquisition that further accelerates the advancement of Thermo King’s Intelligent Services strategy,” said Ray Pittard, president of Thermo King. “Through our decade-long partnership, we’ve successfully elevated our telematics platform to enable data-driven services that help lower our customer’s operating costs, offer traceability and enhance our products and services portfolio.” “This is a good fit for the Celtrak business and our employees,” said Declan McAndrew, chief executive officer of Celtrak. “For the last decade we’ve had a successful partnership with Thermo King and we’re proud to be a part of the team.” NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

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qurMq &weInYNisMg 90 idn / 25,000 mIL ieMzn, trWsimSn, rIAr-ieMf vwrMtI* v`D vwrMtI auplb`d syPtI srtIPwief 24/7 rof sweIf shwieqw mOzUd* *Call for details


General Manager







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1285 Shawson Drive, Mississauga ON w w w. a r r o w t r u c k . c o m 31

Gearing up for Winter

Gearing up for


srdIAW dI iqAwrI


he cold months are upon us, and now is a good time to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming temperature drops. Besides winter tires, changing the fluids and wiper blades, your vehicle’s electrical system can use some love, too. For the average driver (travelling approx. 22,000KM a year), your car battery should be changed every 4 to 5 years. When batteries are on their way out, they don’t really give any warning signs. Usually what happens is, on a cold winter day or night you get in your vehicle and when you try to start it, it will either really struggle to start or, it just won’t start. This is because when a battery is on its last stage, it is most susceptible to damage in the summer months due to heat. Extreme heat conditions are a battery’s enemy; however, during those summer months, there isn’t a need of much cold cranking amps (CCA) to start your vehicle. It’s during the winter months where the CCA’s are needed and that’s when a worn battery shows its age, when you need it the most. So the rule of thumb is to change your vehicle’s battery every 4 to 5 years. Remote starters are another great item to have for colder months, if installed and used properly. The main thing about a remote starter is the convenience factor. You can safely start your vehicle from the comfort of being inside (provided the car is parked outside). The best way to use a remote starter is to let the car idle just long enough so the fluids can move in the engine and also, you’re not sitting in a cold car waiting or leaving the keys in the ignition while you wait inside. I do not recommend idling a car excessively with the remote starter though because excessive idling is bad for the motor and wastes fuel. Just use it long enough to get everything going, then drive the car nice and easy until it gets up to operating temperature. A remote starter unit is also great for turbo application vehicles, as it can double as a turbo timer. When a turbo vehicle is run hard, the oil that circulates in the turbo can get very hot, and it’s not advisable to just shut down the vehicle immediately. Most manufacturers recommend the vehicle idle for a short period of time to allow the oil to circulate and cool down. The remote starter can do this for you; that way, the vehicle can idle locked, and it will shut down after the amount of time you set it to, and you can go about your business. 32

Anthony Jarantilla

Vehicle Installation Manager Visions Electronics, Surrey

srdIAW dw mOsm swfy isr ‘qy hY[ies leI hux hI auh smW hY ijs ‘c qusIN AwpxI vhIkl nUM srdIAW dy TMF vwLy mOsm leI iqAwr kr skdy ho[ies smyN kyvl srdIAW vwLy twier bdlxw hI kMm nhIN sgoN vweIpr blyf Aqy ibjleI kwrj pRxwlI v`l vI iDAwn dyx dI loV hY[ auh fRweIvr ijhVw AOsqn swlwnw 22,000 iklomItr kwr clwauNdw hY leI zrUrI hY ik auh hr cwr jw pMj swl bwAd bYtrI bdl lvy[ jdoN bYtrIAW dI qwkq Kqm hox vwLI huMdI hY qW iksy iksm dI icqwvnI dI inSwnI nhIN AwauNdI[ g`l ies qrHW huMdI hY ik jdoN keI vwr qusIN srdIAW nUM kwr stwrt krn lgdy ho qW ieh jW qW bhuq AOKI stwrt huMdI hY jW stwrt huMdI hI nhIN[ ieh vI huMdw hY ik Kqm ho rhI bYtrI grmIAW ‘c grmI nwL vI Krwb ho jWdI hY[ Aiq dI grmI bYtrI dI duSmx hY[ pr grmI dy mhIinAW ‘c quhwfI vhIkl nUM stwrt krn leI sI sI ey (kolf krYNikMg AYNps) dI loV vI nhIN pYNdI[ ieh srdI dy idnW ‘c hI loV pYNdI hY auh vI audoN jdoN ik quhwfI bYtrI qkrIbn Kqm ho geI huMdI hY[ies krky sunihrI inXm ieh hI hY ik AwpxI bYtrI cwr jW pMj swl bwAd bdl lE[ jy shI FMg nwL lwey Aqy vrqy jwx qW rImot stwrtr srdI dy mOsm ‘c bhuq vDIAw hn[ rImot stwrtr dI mu`K g`l hY ies nwL imldI shUlq[ jy kwr bwhr pwrk kIqI hoeI hY qW qusIN AMdr bYTy hI kwr nUM NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

Gearing up for Winter stwrt kr skdy ho[ rImot nwL stwrt krn dw vDIAw FMg ieh hY ik ku`J smW kwr nUM stwrt rihx idE[ieh ies krky hY ies dy qrl TIk QW phuMc jwx[ rImot stwrtr dw ieh Pwiedw hY ik nw qW quhwnUM kwr ‘c bYT ky ies dI aufIk krnI pvygI Aqy nw hI cwbIAW iv`c C`f ky aufIkx dI loV hY[ mYN qW ieh hI isPwrS krWgw ik kwPI smW kwr nUM stwrt rihx idE[mYN ieh vI nhIN kihMdw ik loV qoN v`D smyN q`k ies nUM stwrt rihx idE[ h`doN v`D smyN kwrn ij`Qy qyl dI PzUl KrcI hovygI au`Qy motr leI vI TIk nhIN[ku`J smyN bwAd jdoN ieh TIk qwpmwn ‘qy Aw jwvy qW ies nUM qor lE[rImot stwrtr trbo AYplIkySn vhIkl leI vI vDIAw hY ikauN ik ieh trbo tweImr nUM du`gxw kr skdw hY[ jdoN trbo vhIkl nUM zor nwl clwieAw jWdw hY qW trbo ‘c jwx vwLw qyl bhuq grm ho jWdw hY[ ies leI ieh slwh hY ik cldI vhIkl nUM bhuq CyqI bMd nhIN krnw cwhIdw[bhuq swr kwrW bxwaux vwLy ieh slwh idMdy hn ik ku`J smW vhIkl nUM KwLI c`lx idE qW ik qyl GuMm sky Aqy TMFw ho sky[ ieh kMm rImot stwrtr nwL kIqw jw skdw hY[ ies nwL ieh vhIkl nUM jdoN lOk vI l`gw rhygw Aqy ieMjx ku`J smW c`l ky quhwfy inXq kIqy smyN ‘qy bMd ho skdw hY[ qusIN ies qrHW vDIAw FMg nwL Awpxy kMm ‘qy inkl skdy ho[ Aglw zrUrI kMm hY ik h`uf dIAW qwrW nUM A`pgryf krnw[ qusIN AwnlweIn ‘qy ‘grwaUNifMg ik`t’ KRId skdy ho jW iksy myry vrgy dI Swp qoN bxvw skdy ho[ ieh A`pgRyf bVw pycIdw ijhw hY ikauN ik jdoN ieh ienstwl ho jWdIAW hn qW ienHW dI imxqI AOKI hY[ ieh qwrW Kws qOr ‘qy motr qoN cYsI Aqy bYtrI qoN cYsI dy au`pr jW PYktrI dIAW grwaUNf vwierW bdlx leI lweIAW jWdIAW hn[ ieh A`pgryf purwxIAW kwrW ‘qy vDyry ivKweI idMdw hY[ au`Qy ieh GsIAW hoeIAW ivKweI dy skdIAW hn[ sMBwl dy bc bcwA leI mYN ieh swrIAW vhIklW ‘qy krdw hW[ cMgI qrHW kMm krdy rihx leI mYN ieh vI zkInI bxwauNdw hW ik kI swrIAW qwrW rwhIN shI voltyj jw rhI hY[ ies dw is`tw huMdw hY sOKI stwrt, hY`flweItW dI rOSnI nw Gtxw Aqy swP suDrI clweI vgYrw[ ieh zkInI bxwE ik qusIN aufIkdy nw rihxw Aqy aufIkdy aufIkdy qusIN bhuq dyrI kr bYTo[ies leI AwpxI vhIkl qy Awpxy Awp nUM Aw rhI srdI dy mOsm leI iqAwr kr lE[ NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

Finally, upgrading the ground wires under the hood might be worthwhile too. You can purchase “grounding kits” online or have them custom made in a shop like mine. This is a controversial upgrade as it is hard to measure its effects on the vehicle once it has been installed. Typically, the ground wires are added from motor to chassis, and battery to chassis on top of, or by replacing, the factory ground wires. This upgrade is more noticeable on older cars where the wiring is older and may have corrosions or is possibly fraying. I do this to all my vehicles as a measure of preventative maintenance. By making sure all the grounds are good, I know that all the electronics are receiving the correct amount of voltage for them to operate better. This could mean, easier starting, less head light dimming, smoother idle, etc. Make sure you don’t wait until it’s too late, and prepare yourself and your vehicle for the upcoming winter months.


What does CARB stand for?

What does CARB stand for? NSC Compliance Services

kwrb dw kI ArQ hY? What does CARB stand for? The California Air Resources Board, also known as CARB or ARB, is the “clean air agency” in the Government of California. Why was CARB introduced? The Government of California introduced CARB to attain and maintain healthy air quality. It is also used to conduct research into the causes of and solutions to air pollution. It systematically attacks the serious problems caused by motor vehicles, which is a major cause of air pollution in the State of California. Since its formation, the ARB has worked with the public, the business sector and local governments to protect the public’s health, the economy and the state’s ecological resources through the most cost-effective reduction of air pollution. When was it established? It was established in 1967 when the Mulford-Carrell Act was signed by then governor Ronald Reagan, It combines the Bureau of Air Sanitation and the Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board. CARB is a department within the cabinet level California Environmental Protection Agency. Why is it only permitted in California? Since California is the only state that had the agency before the passage of the Federal Clean Air Act, it is the only state that is permitted to have such a regulatory service. Other states can either follow the standards set by CARB or use federal ones; but cannot set their own. What are the goals of CARB? The stated goals of CARB include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality; protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants; and providing innovative approaches for complying with air pollution rules and regulations. What are the compliance requirements for heavier trucks? Heavier trucks with a gross weight greater than 26,000 pounds would have two primary ways to comply. Fleets could comply with the compliance schedule by engine model year or could use a phase-in option that is more flexible. What is the small fleet option? The small fleet option requires small fleets to meet PM filter requirements starting January 1, 2014 and defers truck replacements until January 1, 2020 or later for heavier trucks (greater than 26,000 lbs). To use this option, heavier vehicles in the fleet must comply with the following schedule: One vehicle must have a PM filter by January 1, 2014 Two vehicles must have PM filters by January 1, 2015 Three vehicles must have PM filters by January 1, 2016 The PM filter requirements can be met by either installing the highest level PM filter retrofits that have been verified by the ARB or with PM filters that are standard equipment on 2007 model year or newer engines. 34

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amrIkn trwikMg kMpnIaF nUM GbrfAux dI loV nhIN We help you in:

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What does CARB stand for? Vehicle replacements begin January 1, 2020 on the same model year schedule as other fleets. You can also delay heavier truck replacements until January 1, 2023 if you show that all of your heavier vehicles are equipped with PM filters by January 1, 2014. Small fleet owners must have reported their vehicle information no later than January 31, 2014 to use these options and to demonstrate compliance. How do I comply with the small fleet option? If you own, two or three trucks, you must show that one truck had a PM filter by January 1, 2014. You will need to report information about the truck and PM filter that was installed by the January 31, 2014 reporting deadline. You will need to report annually until all trucks are equipped with PM filters. Starting January 1, 2020 you will need to upgrade to 2010 model year engines. The compliance requirements are summarized in the table below: Optional Small Fleet Compliance Schedule for Heavier Vehicles January 1, 2014 One truck must have a PM filter installed January 1, 2015 Two trucks must have a PM filter installed January 1, 2016 All three trucks must have a PM filter installed January 1, 2020 Replace all 1999 or older model year engines January 1, 2021 Replace all 2000-2004 or older model year engines January 1, 2022 Replace all 2005-2006 or older model year engines January 1, 2023 All trucks must have 2010 model year engines If all trucks have PM filters before January 1, 2014, compliance for those trucks is extended until 2023. When is the regulation implemented? The Truck and Bus Regulation was adopted in 2008 to clean up harmful emissions from nearly all heavy-duty diesel trucks operating in California. The regulation was amended in 2010 to provide economic relief to truckers affected by the recession, particularly small fleets, by delaying the first compliance requirements by one year and extending the time the truck could be operated before needing to be replaced. The regulation requires most heavy trucks in California to install soot (diesel particulate) filters or upgrade to newer models with filters by January 1, 2014, and that nearly all trucks have them installed by January 1, 2016. What are the penalties associated with not complying? Civil penalties can range from $300 to $10,000 per vehicle per day. ARB may obtain a judgment in superior court and can place liens on assets, real estate or personal property such as vehicles and other assets. At the request of ARB, the California Highway Patrol may remove the vehicle in violation in service or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can issue a vehicle license title stop. A DMV vehicle license title stop will prevent registration, renewal or transfer of your vehicle(s). ARB may file a tax offset request with the Franchise Tax Board for any amount owed to unpaid violations. Where can I get more information and assistance with in regards to CARB? You can call us at our toll free number at 1-800-965-9839 if you need assistance or want more information. 36

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We help set up new Trucking Companies by obtaining all Canadian and US authorities (CVOR, MC, DOT, IFTA, IRP and other)


We are also internal auditors and provide full fledged safety and compliance services as listed below: 1. Establishing company policies and procedures 2. Driver qualification – hiring application, reference checks, orientation training and any other qualification related matter 3. Vehicle permits – New York hut, New Mexico, Oregon and Kentucky 4. Certifications: C-TPAT, PIP, fast CAN/USA, bonded CAN/USA, CSA, Smartway, dangerous goods 5. Auditing and completing vehicle maintenance files 6. Monthly logbook auditing for all drivers 7. Carrying out contractors disciplinary program for drivers with violations 8. Driver discussions and re-training 9. Semi-annual safety meetings 10. Annual driver review 11. Quarterly IFTA filing 12. MTO/DOT audits - help in failed audits 13. Authority renewals 14. Border crossing transponders 15. IRP plates 16. Drug testing 17. Fuel card setup and any other trucking related services

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For a free consultation please call jagdeep at 647-926-9155 Unit 16, 188 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton, ON NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

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2015 Mercedes-Benz C400


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Chris Chase


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Incorporate or Sole Proprietorship?



am often approached by truckers asking me whether it is a good idea to incorporate and what setup is the most beneficial for tax efficiency. There are no traditional rules of thumb that are applicable as each trucker has a different personal scenario. I usually suggest to get started that an individual consider the riskiness involved with business operations, and if by incorporating the personal liability is reduced. Another consideration is how much cash you may need to live and support your family on. If you are operating as a sole proprietor and bringing in net income above what you would need for the year it may make sense to incorporate and defer the personal tax rather than paying additional monies on dollars you don’t need. The form of entity chosen can have a significant impact on the way you as the owner operator are protected under the law and the way you are affected by income tax rules and regulations. For the newly formed business, there are mainly two common types of organizations that can be undertaken. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks and is treated differently for legal and tax purposes. A sole proprietorship is typically a business owned and operated by one individual. A sole proprietor is not considered to be a legal entity under the law, but rather is an extension of the individual who owns it. The owner has possession of the business assets personally and is directly responsible for the debts and other liabilities incurred by the business. If the business fails and becomes insolvent, creditors have recourse to all assets owned by the sole proprietor. The income or loss of a sole proprietor is combined with their other earnings for income tax purposes. There can be

- Ryan Sahota BBA, CPA, CA Ryan is a Partner at Pacific Chartered Accountants LLP with over 10 years of industry experience.


Ryan Sahota BBA, CPA, CA

keI vwr tr`kW vwiLAW v`loN mYQON ieh slwh p`uCI jWdI hY ik tYks bcwaux leI ikhVI mwlkI TIk hY ienkwrporyt jW sol pRopRweItriSp[ koeI Kws inXm qW nhIN hn pr hr tr`kr dy v`Kry v`Kry hwlwq hn Aqy inXm vI v`Kry lwgU huMdy hn[ mYN sdw hI ies g`l qoN SurU krdw hW ik aus ivAkqI leI ibzns ‘c ikhVy Kqry ho skdy hn[ Aqy kI ienkwrporytf krn nwL injI zuMmyvwrI qoN bicAw jw skdw hY[ dUjI g`l ieh ik quhwnUM Awpxy pirvwr dI mdd Aqy jIvn bsr krn leI ikMnI nkd rwSI dI loV hY[ jy qusIN iekhry mwlk ho Aqy Awpxy pirvwr dI loV nwLoN v`D Su`D Awmdn bxwaNudy ho qW ienkwrporyt krn dI g`l TIk hY[ ies qrHW injI tYks ‘c b`cq ho skdI hY[ ijhVw vI FMg qusIN cuxdy ho aus dw quhwfy ‘qy Awmdn tYks inXmW nwL Asr pvygw, jo d`sxgy ik qu h wfw tYksW qoN ikvyN sur`iKAw ho skdI

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nvIN Enr/ Eprytr pyA $1.12 pRqI mIl + AYP AYs sI

NEW O/O PAY - $1.12 PER MILE + FSC • plyts Pu`lI pyf • lckIly kMm dy skYjUAl Aqy lynW • iPaUl tYks igxy qy id`qy jWdy hn • rweIfr Aqy pY`t vI Aw skdy hn

• Plates Fully Paid • Flexible Work Schedules & Lanes • Fuel Taxes Calculated & Paid • Riders & Pets Welcome

nvIN E tI Awr kMpnI frweIvr dI qnKwh $0.45 pRqI mIl

NEW OTR COMPANY DRIVER PAY- $0.45 PER MILE • hYlQ bYnIiPts idqy jwxgy • 2013 Aqy 2014 dy nvyN vOlvo tr`k • pRqI idn mrzI Anuswr • lIz -tU-En dI vI shUlq • lckIly kMm dy skYjUAl Aqy lynW • rweIfr Aqy pY`t vI Aw skdy hn

• Health Benefits Paid • 2013 & 2014 Volvo Tractors • Per Diem Optional • Lease-to-Own Available • Flexible Work Schedules & Lanes • Riders & Pets Welcome

Where INNOVATIVE DRIVER PROGRAMS and SMART MANAGEMENT have created a fleet to watch.



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Incorporate or Sole Proprietorship? a tax advantage during start-up if the business has losses, but it’s normally a disadvantage once earnings exceed the amount needed for the sole proprietor’s personal living expenses. A sole proprietorship is perhaps the easiest form of business to own and operate because it does not require any specific legal organization, with the exception of normal requirements such as licenses and permits. A corporation is a separate legal entity which exists under the authority granted by either federal or provincial law. A corporation has substantially all of the legal rights of an individual and is responsible for its own debts. It must also file income tax returns and pay taxes on income it derives from its operations. Typically, the owners or shareholders of a corporation are protected from the creditors of the business. However, when a corporation is small, creditors often require personal guarantees of the principal owners before extending credit. The legal protection afforded to the owners of a corporation can far outweigh the additional expense of starting and administering it. A corporation must adopt and file articles of incorporation or by-laws which govern its rights and obligations to its shareholders, directors and officers. Annual reports must be filed with the registrar of companies each year and on time. The corporation must file annual federal income tax returns with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and specific provincial returns in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta if it does business in these provinces. Any elections made in a corporation’s initial tax return can have significant impact on how the business is taxed in the future. Incorporating a business allows a number of other advantages such as the ease of bringing in additional capital through the sale of equity (i.e. shares) or allowing an individual to sell or transfer their interest in the business. It also provides for business continuity when the original owners choose to retire or sell their interest. Incorporation can mean a significant deferral of income taxes, since the small business tax rate is much lower than the top personal rates. It may also allow opportunities for income splitting with family members in order to reduce overall income taxes of a family. As always, remember to consult with a trust Chartered Professional Accountant and Corporate Lawyer as to the benefits and disadvantages for your personal situation as a few dollars spent today will save you thousands in the upcoming years.


aus dy lYxdwr aus dI injI jwiedwd ‘coN Awpxw pYsw vsUl skdy hn[ Awmdn tYks leI iekihry mwlk Bwv sol pRopRweItr dI ku`l Awmdn vyKI jWdI hY- aus dI ibzns dI Aqy jy koeI hor hY auh vI[ SurU ‘c jy ibzns ‘c Gwtw hY qW tYks mMqv leI Pwiedy vwLw vI ho skdw hY pr jy ie`k vwr aus dy injI KricAW nwloN vD jwvy qW ies dw nukswn vI ho skdw hY[ iekihrI mwlkI jW sol pRopRweItriSp ibzns clwaux leI bhuq sOKI prxwlI hY[ kwrn ieh ik ies leI Kws kwnUMnI sMsQw dI loV nhIN[ hW ieh zrUr hY ik lwiesMs primt vgYrw qW lYxy hI pYNdy hn[ kwrporySn v`KrI iksm dI hY ijhVI PYfrl jW sUbweI kwnUMn ADIn c`ldI hY[ kwrporySn dy ie`k ivAkqI vrgy hI h`k hn Aqy ieh vI ie`k ivAkqI vWg AwpxIAW dyxdwrIAW dI Awp hI zuMmyvwr huMdI hY[ ijhVy kMm ies v`loN krky kmweI kIqI jWdI hY aus ‘qy vI tYks dyxy pYNdy hn[ pr ie`k g`l hY ik ies dy mwlk jW ih`sydwr ienkwrporytf kMpnI dIAW dyxdwrIAW dy zuMmyvwr nhIN huMdy[ pr keI vwr jdoN ies qrHW dIAW kMpnIAW CotIAW huMdIAW hn qW auDwr dyx vwLy auDwr dyx qoN pihlW mu`K mwlkW koloN injI grMtI mMgdy hn[ ies kwrporySn dy mwlkW nUM imlI lIgl sur`iKAw ies nUM SurU krn Aqy sMBwlx dy KricAW qoN ikqy v`D ho skdI hY[ ie`k kwrporySn nUM kwrporySn dy bxwey aup-inXmW nUM ij`Qy srkwr Aqy Awpxy ih`sydwrW nUM dyxw cwhIdw hY au`Qy aunHW ‘qy c`lxw vI pYNdw hY[ hr swl rijstrwr kMpnIz nUM smyN isr swlwnw irport vI ByjxI pYNdI hY[ kwrporySn nUM hr swl kYnyfw rYvinaU eyjMsI ( sI Awr ey) kol ienkm tYks irtrn BYjxI pYNdI hY[ jy ieh kwrporySn auntwrIE, kubYk jW Albrtw ‘c hovy qW sUby dy sbMiDq AiDkwrIAW nUM vI ieh irport ByjxI pvygI[ pihlI tYks irport ‘c id`qI geI jwxkwrI dw Biv`K ‘c l`gx vwLy tYks ‘qy Asr pYNdw hY[ jy ibzns ienkwrporytf hY qW ies dy ku`J hor Pwiedy vI hn[ ijvyN SyAr vyc ky hor srmwieAw jutwauxw jW koeI ih`sydwr Awpxw ih`sw vyc vI skdw hY jW aus nUM iksy dy nWA vI bdl skdw hY[ ies nwL ieh vI hY ik jy SurUAwqI mwlk Awpxw ih`sw vyc idMdw hY jW auh irtwier ho jWdw hY qW vI ibzns cldw rihMdw hY[ ies ‘c Awmdn kr A`gy vI pwieAw jw skdw hY[ smwl ibzns dw injI Awmdn nwloN tYks ryt vI G`t hY[ pUry pirvwr dy smu`cy tYks G`t krn leI ies nwL pirvwirk mYNbrW nwL ienkm spilitMg vI ho skdI hY[ sdw hI iksy Brosy Xog cwrtrf pRoPYSnl AkwaUNtYNt Aqy kwrporyt vkIl nwL g`l krky ienHW dy lwB Aqy nukswn jwxo ikauN ik A`j dy Krcy hoey ku`J fwlr quhwfw Awaux vwLy smyN ‘c hzwrW fwlrW dw Pwiedw kr skdy hn[


Desi News

OEMs developing LIDAR technology for autonomous vehicles


ight Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, as part of an advanced driver assistance system sensor suite, will be mostly deployed for active safety functions with only 29% fitted for fully automated driving purposes by 2021, according to Frost & Sullivan. Out of the top 13 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), 7 are working on automated driving passenger vehicles using a LiDAR. A new analysis from Frost & Sullivan, LIDAR-based Strategies for Active Safety and Automated Driving from Major OEMs in Europe and North America, finds that the LiDAR-enabled passenger vehicle market earned revenues of $51.1 million in 2014 and estimates this to reach $141.0 million in 2021.The need to deploy improved sensors that support active safety and automated driving in future passenger vehicles has driven the European and North American automotive industry towards exploring LiDAR technology. Compared to other products on the market, LiDAR is a better sensor in terms of object detection and mapping in low-visibility conditions, according to Frost & Sullivan. The use of reflective infrared lasers to capture data and the independence from ambient light enables LiDAR to perceive objects the same way in a wide range of conditions. “Legislations have been passed in parts of North America in support of the use of LiDAR technology in vehicles to enable automated driving,” said Frost & Sullivan automotive and transportation senior research analyst Anirudh Venkitaraman. “While this has encouraged adoption in the region, the higher cost of LiDAR systems when compared with other sensors has been a major constraint for growth.” “The European and North American markets do offer some cost-effective LiDAR solutions but they have a resolution that is poorto-modest at best. Reliability issues also plague these systems as they consist of a few moving parts,” according to Frost & Sullivan. “Other problems associated with LiDAR systems are its limited range and packaging constraints. The average LiDAR system available on the market can scan up to 100 meters ahead with limited reflectivity. This, however, is inferior to camera-based systems, which provide a range up to 500 meters.” “As LiDAR technology is still in its nascent stages, achieving market NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

acceptance will take some time,” noted Venkitaraman. “Once the future generation of technologically-advanced, affordable

LiDARs hit the market shelves towards 2020, the end-user market will be more willing to invest in these products.” Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Europe and North America are rigorously working with tier-one suppliers to create an advanced LiDAR solution for use in passenger vehicles. Those OEMs tying up with tier-one suppliers to develop LiDAR systems for automated driving vehicles will manage successful and faster introduction of their products.


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Desi News

Virtual Technicians for Detroit.


etroit Connect enhanced its Virtual Technician remote diagnostics platform, adding over-the-air programming and a new portal. “Intelligent connectivity is at the core of what we are offering to drivers and fleet managers,” said Matt Pfaffenbach, director, telematics for Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA). “By adding new technologies that provide more meaningful insights and visibility, we are further contributing to increased uptime, safety and efficiency.” The portal will allow users to view and archive Detroit Diesel Engine Control (DDEC) reports, which use diagnostics to further analyze driver and vehicle performance. It will serve as an acces point for all services offered by Detroit Connect. It is currently being piloted and will be rolled out to all customers in spring of 2016, Daimler announced at the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition. “Every customer has different concerns and ways of analyzing and acting on fault information, so we developed the portal to specifically make the fault information as manageable and consumable for every priority,” said Pfaffenbach. Over-the-air programming will use cellular service connectivity to remotely adjust vehicle parameter settings, remote downloading of DDEC reports and the remote flashing of software updates for electronic controllers.

“Vehicle connectivity is going to continue to have a significant impact on how customers do business, and DTNA will continue to push the envelope to be part of that evolution,” said Pfaffenbach. Daimler also announced C.R. England has renewed its telematics services with Detroit Connect on more than 2,700 trucks. “C.R. England has made the decision to extend our Virtual Technician subscriptions for the entire length of time our Daimlerbuilt units are in our fleet,” said Douglas Kading, vice-president of maintenance for C.R. England. “As our equipment reached the two-year free subscription mark with Virtual Technician, we were entering a period in the life cycle with significant cost increases in the after-treatment and exhaust systems. By getting the Virtual Technician notifications on these older units, we were able to avoid unexpected breakdowns, which improved our customer service and reduced our maintenance costs.”

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Affordable, dependable line meets diverse needs of truckers


AVAL, Quebec – During the spring of 2015, Uniroyal® announced the launch of six commercial truck tires in the Canadian market. The new tire line provides an affordable offer for every position and application, from long haul to regional to on/off-road. Two of the tires, Uniroyal® RS20™ and Uniroyal® LS24™, are SmartWay® verified, which means they have met the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for outstanding fuel efficiency. “For more than 120 years, Uniroyal has provided affordable and dependable passenger and light truck tires,” said Harold Phillips, COO for Michelin North America (Canada), Inc. “We are excited to bring that same value to the trucking industry. Commercial truck operators can trust Uniroyal tires to work as hard as they do. It’s an affordable solution that will keep them rolling with minimal downtime.” At the heart of every Uniroyal tire is DuraShield® construction, Uniroyal’s unique combination of features for durability, dependability and retreadability. Three strategic features — pyramidal steel belts, insulating belt edge strips and a heavy-gauge inner liner — work together to reduce stress, promote endurance and protect the tire’s casing. Uniroyal commercial truck tires are backed by a four-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Certain long-haul and regional applications are also covered by a one-retread limited warranty. The new Uniroyal line consists of six tread designs, available in sizes 11R22.5 and 11R24.5: • Uniroyal® LS24™: SmartWay verified long-haul steer and all-position tire • Uniroyal® LT40™: Long-haul and regional trailer tire • Uniroyal® RS20™: SmartWay verified regional steer and all-position tire • Uniroyal® RD30™: Regional and long-haul drive tire • Uniroyal® HS50™: On/off-road steer and all-position tire • Uniroyal® HD60™: On/off-road drive tire NOVEMBER / DECEMber 2015

New Pay Package Benefits Starting Day One Pay Rate to Match Experience Paid Orientation Tuition Reimbursement

(for Qualified Trainees)

SEEKING DRIVERS & OWNER OPERATORS, drivers for flatbed and reefer, trainees from accredited schools, Apprentices & Licensed Mechanics, and on the road Driver Trainers Positions also available out of BC and PQ East Coast Premium changing from $0.03cpm to $0.04cpm

Between: (ON, PQ, NB, NS) and (NY, (N PA, NJ, RI, MD, DE, DC, MA, ME, VT, NH, CT)

Introducing: Select Mid-West Premium $0.04cpm Between: (ON, PQ, NB, NS) and (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana) New O/O Pay Open Board $1.13 Dedicated $1.12 1.800.334.5142 | F 1.888.876.0870 |


EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES Start driving with North America’s Safest Fleet today! Opportunities for Company Drivers & Owner Operators ∙Open Board or Scheduled Teams ∙Canada/US Short Haul ∙Canada/US Long Haul ∙Canada Only Nights


1.800.462.4766 | | Bison Transport is committed to Employment Equity & Diversity


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Desi Trucking - Eastern Edition  

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