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Trucking at a crossroads tr`ikMg cOrwhy ‘qy

Is Trucking Slowing Down? kI tr`ikMg dw kMm Gt irhw hY?

Bringing a load into Canada? knyfw ‘c lof lY ky Awauxw

TAX TIPS FOR TRUCKERS tr`kW vwilAW leI tYks sbMDI nukqy

Accepting a Freight Order Pryt Awrfr nUM mnzUr krnw

US Bill Extends Original Hours of Service Restart XU AYs ib`l vloN vDwey AslI syvw dy GMty dubwrw SurU

Fed reports mixed market for trucking, notes need for drivers PYfrl irport Anuswr tr`ikMg dI imSrq mwrikt leI frweIvrW dI loV

NTSB Report Calls For More Vehicle Collision Warning Tech AYn tI AYs bI vloN vhIkl t`kr cyqwvnI sbMDI hor qknwlojI dI mMg

EPA, DOT proposal for phase two of emissions, fuel economy standards, released, to take effect 2018 Trucking Tops Growth Charts vwDy ‘c tr`ikMg sB qoN au~pr

EPA-NHTSA Unveil Proposal for Phase 2 of GHG Truck Rule Study finds truck fleet clean-up dramatically decreases engine emissions near Port of Oakland Daimler Trucks Wants to Replace Mirrors with Cameras

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The First Step towards Healthy Life

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Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI

Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal

“Life is more precious than time…”

“vkq nwloN ijMdgI kImqI hY…”


When I was a young school-going kid, I used to see the above slogan written on the back of almost every vehicle in Punjab, India. At that time, I could not understand the slogan’s full meaning; but now I have a better understanding of it and I encourage others to follow the message of this slogan. Many people have chosen to become a professional driver as their career; however, most adults must also drive because of work. In today’s high paced world, we are constantly rushing on the road, and as a result, we break speed limits and other driving laws. All we are doing is putting our own lives, and those of others, in danger. While we all have to reach our destinations on time, always keep this slogan, ‘Life is precious than time,’ in mind. Leave extra time for your drive and you’ll notice that you are even more relaxed while driving. In the trucking industry, so many precious lives have been lost due to bad driving habits, with speeding and carelessness being only two of them. Recently, two young truck drivers, were killed in an accident and this needless loss of life was unnecessary. While helping a fellow driver stuck on the road, these two truckers were struck and killed by a passing vehicle. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims. Helping others is always good, but please ensure your own safety first. Let’s make some resolutions that focus on safety and make our roads safer. Enjoy driving and God bless you always.

jdoN mY pMjwb iv`c Awpxy bcpn ‘c skUl jwieAw krdw sI qW qkrIbn hr ie`k vhIkl au~pr ieh leIn il^I dyKdw sI[ aus smyN ies lweIn dy fUMGy mqlb smJx dI AYnI AkL nhIN sI[ pr hux aumr dy qkwzy Aqy izMdgI dy qzribAW ny ies nMU smJx dy kwbl kr id`qw hY Aqy myry dUsry vIrW BYxw nUM vI ieh g`l cMgI qrW smJ lYxI cwhIdI hY[ swfy iv`coN bhuq swirAW ny frwieivMg nMU ik`qy vjoN cuixAw hY pr bwkI vI bhuq swry lok kMmW kwrW qy jwx leI Awpxy vhIkl frweIv krdy hn[A`j dy B`j dOV vwly Xu`g iv`c AsIN sVkW au~pr vI kwhlI idKwauNdy hW, ies kwhLI iv`c keI vwr AsIN Evr spIf g`fI clwauNdy hW Aqy ku`J hor vI inXmW dI aulMGxw vI krdy hW[ ieh sB kuJ krky AsIN AwpxI Aqy sVk au~pr c`lx vwly dUsry lokW dI jwn ^qry iv`c pw rhy huMdy hW[ BwvyN ik AsIN sB ny Awpo AwpxI mMizl qy phuMcxw huMdw hY pr ieh g`l hmySW Awpxy idmwZ iv`c r`Ko ik vkq nwloN izMdgI kImqI hY[cMgw ieh hovygw ik qurn vyly k`uJ vwDU smW r`K ilAw jwvy qW ik qusIN bVy Arwm Aqy sur`i^Aq qrIky nwl Awpxw s&r qYA krooN[ tr`ikMg ieMfstrI iv`c AsIN frwieivMg dIAW ku`J glq AwdqW krky bhuq swrIAW kImqI jwnW Koh cu`ky hW, qyz r&qwr Aqy byiDAwnI frwieivMg ies dIAW do audwhrnW hn[ ip`Cy ijhy do frwievr vIrW dIAW kImqI jwnW audo clIAW geIAW jdoN auh sVk iknwry Psy Awpxy dUjy swQIAW dI m`dd kr rhy sn ik sVk qy jw rhy dUjy vhIklW ny auhnW nUM t`kr mwr id`qI[ swnUM ies dw bVw du`K hY Aqy AsIN Adwrw dysI tr`ikMg vwloN iehnW dy pirvwrW nwL hmdrdI pRgt krdy hW[ dUijAW dI m`dd krnW bhuq cMgI g`l hY Aqy AsIN vI ies nUM auqSwihq krdy hW pRMqU AwpxI ^ud dI sur`iKAw dw iKAwl jrUr r`Ko[AwE AsIN swry rL-iml ky sVkW nUM hor sur`i^Aq bnwaux dw pRx krIey[

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Trucking at a Crossroads

Trucking at a crossroads G. Ray Gompf


here seems to be a whole new breed of trucker out there today. The brotherhood seems to be still there but the brothers are starting to hate each other. It’s time to bring back the civility that has been the backbone of the industry for more than a century. The dash cam is now in almost every truck on the road and those that don’t have it, want it. The drivers want the dash cam to be pointed forward so they can proof positive when there is a kerfuffle that going to cause their integrity and skill to be called into question. Employers and regulators seem to want the focus of the dash cam to be pointed at the driver to monitor is every move. In this regard, only someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk can understand the nausea truckers endure at the hands of unskilled, uncaring drivers both private and commercial drivers. Back in the mid-nineties, I had a desk top computer in my truck, powered by an inverter, and had a camera that I taped to the dash, but I had to physically push a specific key on the keyboard to take a picture and I took many pictures. I recall pulling into the scale on Highway 11, near Gravenhurst, Ontario and the scaler wanted to know why I had the camera there. I just looked at him, didn’t answer, because to me the answer was obvious when he just blurted out -- “OH, yes, now I know. Good.” Effectively, everyone is now in possession of a telephone capable of taking pictures of significant quality and the ability to instantly move that picture around the world. These telephone also have video capability so that old adage of a picture being


worth a thousand words is never more apparent than in this day and age. Hence, the dash cam is worth it’s weight in gold. Yes, some commercial drivers are less than skilled but are absolutely convinced that everyone else is wrong and they take that 80,000 plus pound missile and act like they own the road, meting out punishment on those who cross his or her path and do something wrong in his mind. Thankfully, these commercial drivers, who need an attitude adjustment are few and far between, but it is the overwhelming majority of car drivers will do something stupid and not even know they’ve nearly met their maker save for the highly skilled and compassionate driver behind the wheel of that big truck. Hence the drivers want their dash cam pointed forward to record this stupidity because it’s not that one wonders why there are so many incidents but why there are so few incidents that could result in death and maiming. In fact, if there were a way, drivers would want dash cams recording to the front, to the rear of their vehicle and to each side recording all the invasions of safety margins that seemingly not one non-commercial driver understands. Because non-commercial drivers are the majority and because they tend to vote, and because the trucking world voters don’t seem to count for much, laws are being instituted that are crippling the trucker, making the non-commercial driver trained to think that trucks are the problem when the opposite is true. Those government departments charged with Road Safety tend to overlook the problem areas by providing lip service to


Trucking at a Crossroads


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Trucking at a Crossroads the majority while crippling the highly skilled with vindictive legislation. Commercial vehicles represent about 3% of the total registered vehicles yet account for about 15% of the miles travelled. Yet more enforcement money is spent on the 3% than on the 97 and the reason is simple. The 3% is much easier to tackle than the 97. Commercial vehicles by the course of daily activity come under government scrutiny constantly. There are scale locations that observe commercial vehicle and drivers and it’s easy to examine those vehicles much closer if they so choose. There is police that is watching all traffic and because the trucks are under much closer scrutiny from other agencies, police tend to back off the trucks although not entirely. Sometimes the trucks are scrutinized by multiple agencies in a combined effort to ensure the commercial vehicles are operating safely. Trucks are scrutinized in rest areas, at truck stops, while drivers are on rest periods, while drivers are driving and now those agencies want to be scrutinizing drivers while they are in the cab driving via a dashcam pointed inward toward the driver. When will the safety and enforcement agencies ever monitor non-commercial drivers other than monitoring the speed at which traffic moves on the highway? Possibly never? Speed limiter use for commercial vehicles rated over 20,000 pounds is about to be mandated in the United States which will virtually force it in the rest of Canada (that doesn’t already have speed limiters) and in Mexico. Why? Because the anti-truck lobby has been able to convince politicians that having trucks limited will make the world safer. It’s never about the truth or even reality, it’s about how many votes can be garnered by specific legislation that’s going to keep the politician in a seat with his or her hand in the pocket of the public purse. Wisconsin has just raised the speed limit to what is going to be five miles per hour more than the speed limited speed for trucks. In passing the legislation to raise the speed limit, they specifically mention they chose not to have a split speed limit which the trucking world has fought against for decades but then the Federal government is about to impose a defacto split 10

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Trucking at a Crossroads speed limit across not just the United States but across three countries. Due to the fact the majority of Canadian truckers cross the border into the U.S., Canada, in it’s wisdom, has been vigilant, wherever possible, harmonizing it’s rules and regulations to match those in the U.S. basically to eliminate confusion. Seemingly, the U.S. makes rules and regulations to satisfy the needs of the majority of voters without a thought on the ramifications of such rules and regulations to that skilled minority who have to abide by those rules and regulations that never apply to the majority of voters to whom those rules and regulations appeal. In other words, truckers are the only ones that need to be told what to do, when to do it and that they’ll be totally responsible when it all goes wrong. Some of this mess will be solved when governments realize that trucking driving is a specialize trade. When they make it a trade, then the required training will be mandated; a career path must be established; and pay be related to skills developed and tested through proper testing and certification. Yes, there should be a PhD in truck driving although we won’t be calling it a PhD but like the PhD in the real world, only about 2% of commercial drivers would reach this level of knowledge and skill. Add to this maze of conflicting rules and regulations; skills development that is stone age; the forthcoming autonomous truck development; smart trailers; and whatever else creative minds will be dreaming up in the future and it’s time NOW to create some meaningful certifiable skills development and career path organization and change the perception with the general public that truck drivers are somehow less than human. It’s time for the civility to re-enter, not just the realm of road sharing, but life in general. As truckers, maybe it’s us that have to lead the way back to patience and civility.


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Desi News

US Bill Extends Original Hours of Service Restart

XU AYs ib`l vloN vDwey AslI syvw dy GMty dubwrw SurU

he US House today approved HR 2577, the T-HUD bill, which includes an extension of the current rollback of the hours of service restart provisions. The $55.3 billion bill includes a number of policy riders sought by various segments of the trucking industry in the U.S. including permission for the use twin 33-foot trailers. According to the Fleet Owner, the Senate has yet to schedule action on the appropriation, and the White House has threatened to veto the bill. The American Trucking Assns. is lauding the House for passing a T-HUD bill with two provisions that it says are critical for improving the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry. “By including language requiring a more robust study of the hoursof-service restart restrictions originally imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in July 2013, and a modest increase in the length of some truck combinations, the House has taken an important step in improving the safety of our highways, first and foremost, but also the efficiency of our highway system and the industry that moves nearly 70% of the nation’s goods,” said ATA president and CEO Bill Graves. The bill requires FMCSA to demonstrate the July 2013 hoursof-service restart restrictions truly improve the health and safety of professional drivers, ATA said. In addition, the legislation includes a provision that would allow carriers to utilize twin 33-foot trailers – improving capacity and safety, without increasing truck weight limits, ATA said. “This modest change will reduce the number of truck trips needed to move the nation’s freight, cut emissions and reduce trucking’s exposure to crashes,” according to ATA.

A`j XU AYs hwaUs ny AYc Awr 2577, tI-h`f ib`l pws kr id`qw ijs ‘c ik hux Gtwey hoey syvw dy smyN ‘c vwDw kr id`qw hY[ $55.3 iblIAn dy ib`l ‘c XU AYs ‘c tr`ikMg ieMfstrI dy keI ih`isAW ‘c suDwr kIqw hY[ ies Anuswr hux dUhry 33 Pu`t tRylrW dI vrqoN dI AwigAw vI id`qI geI hY[ PlIt mwlkW dy Anuswr Ajy ies nMU sYnyt dI mnjUrI imlxI bwkI hY Aqy vweIt hwaUs ny ies ib`l nMU vIto krn dI DmkI vI id`qI hoeI hY[ AmrIkn tr`ikMg AYsosIeySn ny hwaUs dI tI-h`f ib`l pws krn dI SlwGw kIqI hY ijs ‘c do inXm Swml hn ijnHW nwL tr`ikMg ieMfstrI dI sur`iKAw Aqy kwrjkuSlqw vDygI[ ey tI ey dy pRYzIfYNt Aqy sI eI E ib`l gryvz dw kihxw hY, “PYfrl motr kYrIAr syPtI AYfminstRySn v`loN julweI 2013 ‘c lwgU kIqI ‘Awvrz-AwPsrivs’ dI fUMGweI nwL pVqwL krn leI BwSw dw Awauxw zrUrI hox dy inXm lwgU krn Aqy tr`k kMbInySn dI lMbweI ‘c mwmUlI vwDw krky hwaUs ny swfy hweIvyAW dI sur`iKAw ‘c suDwr kIqw hY, aus ieMfstrI dI sur`iKAw jo swfy mul^ dIAW l`gBg 70% vsqUAW dI FoAw FuAweI krdI hY[” ey tI ey ny ikhw ib`l Anuswr AYP AYm sI AYs ey nMU ieh swbq krnw pvygw ik julweI 2013 dy Awvrz-AwP-srivs rIstwrt shI mwAinAW ‘c pRoPYSnl frweIvrW dI ishq Aqy sur`iKAw ‘c suDwr krygw[ ey tI ey ny ikhw ik ies qoN ibnw ieh dUhry 33 Pu`t tRylrW nMU c`lx dI AwigAw vI dyvygw ijs nwL tr`k dI Bwr dI sImw nMU vDwey ibnw sur`iKAw Aqy smr`Qw ‘c vI vwDw krygw[ey tI ey Anuswr ieh mwmUlI vwDw tr`kW dy tir`pW ‘c kmI krygw ijs nwL pRdUSx ‘c vI kmI hovygI Aqy tr`kW dy hwdsy dw iSkwr hox dy mOky vI Gtxgy[”


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Is Trucking Slowing Down?

Is Trucking Slowing Down?

- Pash Brar B.A.

kI tr`ikMg dw kMm Gt irhw hY?


very day I get a call from a worried owner operator wondering if trucking is ending. There has definitely been some sluggishness in some sectors . But other sectors are very busy, so it really depends on what area you’re in and what you haul. Trucking just like any industry, is cyclical and responds to the economy. For now there is still a need for drivers as driverless trucks are still in the future. My first response to drivers worried about their livelihood has always been the same. I ask them if they don’t need food, or clothing or the other goods that they use on a daily basis anymore. Of course they need it, and of course all their daily needed goods comes in on a truck. There are however changes in some areas. There are currently food shortages due to environmental changes such as flooding and drought, which cause prices to go up. Things such as almonds, avocados and eggs are becoming more scarce. There are less loads to haul in these areas, but they may pay a higher premium for the load with their higher values and demand. With shortages we naturally begin to replace things with other items, which leads to more demand for the substituted goods. Some shortage voids are being filled by overseas, which have to be picked up from the ports and delivered via truck, so the flow does continue. The Alberta economy and the downslide of oil prices has had a major impact on loads in Western Canada and the USA. Construction as well has taken a downturn in Alberta. So major loads supporting oil, and lumber loads for construction have declined to a trickle. A lot of these loads are dependent on heavy duty trucks and b train trailers. I’m seeing a big switch as drivers are losing jobs for companies whose only focus was Alberta. These drivers can eventually find work elsewhere. A lot of companies that focus on one thing are not hiring, but long term companies who have always diversified do have jobs. Equipment modifications may need to be done, but there is still work if you keep looking and keep an open mind. There are thousands of trucking companies out there. To - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA.


l`g B`g hr idn mYnUM iksy nw iksy Enr Awprytr dw ieh Pon Aw jWdw hY ijs ‘c auh pu`Cdw hY ik kI tr`ikMg dw kMm Kqm ho irhw hY? TIk hY ik ku`J KyqrW ‘c kMm m`Dm hY[pr keI KyqrW ‘c kMm bhuq vDIAw c`l irhw hY[ g`l ieh hY ik qusIN iks Kyqr ‘c kMm kr rhy ho? hor sYktrW vWg hI tr`ikMg dw kMm vI Gtdw vDdw rihMdw hY[ ieh vI AwriQkqw nwL hI cldw hY[ BwvyN Agly smyN ‘c ibnw fRweIvrW vwLy tr`k hoxgy iPr vI fRweIvrW dI loV qw rihxI hI hY[ AwpxI rozI rotI leI icMqq fRweIvrW leI myrw pihlW vwlw hI jvwb hY[mYN aunHW nUM pu`Cdw hW ik kI aunHW nUM pihlW vWg Kwx pIx dIAW vsqW Aqy k`pVy- l`qy dI hr roz loV nhIN? p`kI g`l hY ik aunHW nUM loV hY[ ieh vI TIk hY ik ieh swrIAW cIzW tr`kW ‘c hI AwauNdIAW hn[ hW, ku`J KyqrW ‘c zrUr qbdIlI AweI hY[ A`j k`lH mOsmI bdlw ijvyN hVH Aqy soky kwrn keI Bojn dIAW vsqW loV Anuswr nhIN iml rhIAW[ ies dw kwrn hY ik kImqW vD rhIAW hn[ bdwmW Aqy AWifAW dI Gwt hY[ ies leI ies Kyqr ‘c tr`kW dy lof vI G`t hn[ pr aunHW dI izAwdw mMg hox kwrn aunHW dw BwVw vI v`D iml skdw hY[iksy cIz dI Gwt hox kwrn AsIN aus dw bdl vI l`B lYNdy hW[ ies qrHW aus qrHW dIAW vsqW dI mMg vI vD jWdI hY[ ku`J vsqW dI Gwt nUM smuMdroN pwr dy dySW qoN mMgvw ky vI pUrw kIqw jw irhw hY[ienHW vsqW nUM vI bMdrgwhW qoN tr`kW rwhIN hI cu`k ky hor QwvW ‘qy phuMcwieAw jWdw hY[ieh islislw iesy qrHW hI cldw rihMdw hY[ qyl dIAW kImqW Gtx Aqy Albrtw dI AwriQkqw ‘c igrwvt Awx kwrn vYstrn knyfw Aqy AmrIkw ‘c lof kwPI Gty hn[ Albrtw ‘c kMstRkSn dy kMm ‘c vI susqI AweI hY[ies leI ieh lwzmI sI ik qyl ieMfstrI nwl sbMDq lof Aqy kMstRkSn leI loVINdyy lMbr lof Gtdy[ ieh bhuq swry lof tr`kW Aqy tRyn trylrW ‘qy hI AwauNdyy hn[ auh fRweIvr ijnHW dw inSwnw Albrtw hI sI auh bhuq swry Awpxy kMmkwr qoN ivhly ho rhy hn[ AwKrkwr qW ienHW fRweIvrW ny ikqy nw ikqy kMm qw l`Bxw hI hY[ auh kMpnIAW ijhVIAW kyvl ie`k hI Kyqr ‘c kMm krdIAW sn hux hor fRweIvr nhIN r`K rhIAW pr auh kMpnIAW ijnHW ny keI KyyqrW ‘c kMm krnw hY nUM qW fRweIvrW dI loV rihxI hI hY[nvyN swzo smwn nwL bdlI qW huMdI hI rhygI pr jy qusIN Ku`lHy mn nwL ivcwr kro qW kMm hY hI[ ie`Qy tr`k kMpnIAW dI igxqI hzwrW ‘c hI hY[kwmXwb hox leI suMgV ky nhIN bYTy rihxw cwhIdw Bwv ie`k hI tokrI ‘c AWfy r`Kx nwL g`l nhIN bxdI[imswl vjoN jy qusIN Albrtw ‘qy hI AwsW lw ky bYTy sI qW hux muSkl qW AwauxI hI sI[ ies dI cwbI qW ie`ko ie`k hY, bdlI[ nw hI ie`k hI iksm dw tr`k clwE, ie`k JULY / AUGUST 2015






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Hamilton .............................................................................. 905.544.9631 Kingston ............................................................................... 613.548.8488 Mississauga ................................................................... 905.673.0248 Ottawa West.................................................................. 613.224.0224 Ottawa East .....................................................................613.745.1991 Peterborough...............................................................705.876.4646 Windsor.................................................................................. 519.969.9880 “With excellent pricing, fantastic service, and a level of quality that has been consistent throughout our relationship, this has truly made for an easy partnership with Benson Tire and Modern Landfill Inc.” David Vidakovic, Maintenance Manager, Modern Landfill Inc. JULY / AUGUST 2015


Is Trucking Slowing Down? remain successful, one cannot have all their eggs in one basket. If you depend on just Alberta for example, then you’re in trouble right now. The key is variance. Don’t run all one type of truck, one type of trailer and one type of load. Variety will give you something to fall back on when one sector is impacted. For the driver, being versatile can be an advantage. If you have a heavy duty truck, you can haul lighter weight loads, but can potentially lose money in wasted. Perhaps a super 40 truck may open you up to other options. Having a trailer that can haul a few kinds of loads or even having more than one trailer can also open up more options. Adaptation is key in a changing environment. If one type of load is now gone, focus on other types of loads that are available. If you drive locally, you may have to hit the highway to get more work. Work is out there, but be willing to look for it and perhaps work harder. If buying equipment, be very cautious. Are you buying equipment for loads that are now dwindling, or buying equipment that offers you a diverse range of options? Do you know you can cover your equipment payments if you are getting less loads? Should you buy new or used, or buy at all? These are questions I’m asking my finance clients. With the high prices of new equipment, it would be horrible if you made a large purchase only to find there are very few or no loads and you cannot cover the payment. Exercise caution when purchasing and have contracts in place that are long term. Discuss and confirm with employers and contracted parties and get it in writing before making a major purchase and finding yourself stuck in a jam. One example of upcoming work is the eight billion dollar dam “ Site C Clean Energy Project “that is set to start in 2015 and complete in 2024 in North Eastern British Columbia. This will generate jobs in many sectors, including trucking. Long term projects such as this are great, but again the project will complete, so always have a contingency plan in place well in advance. Until driverless trucks are successful and render the truck driver obsolete, there is still currently a need for drivers everywhere. If you’re uncertain of your future in trucking, learn to adapt to stay in it. It may impact your family or it may impact what you drive and what you haul . You may decide to delay or not make a purchase of equipment at all, or buy used instead of new until the trucking sector you are in stabilizes. Use caution with whatever decisions you make and it may help to discuss your options with your financial advisor before making any major purchases, whether a trucking purchase, or something that will impact your whole family, such as a home. 16

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The 2016 VNL SERIES:

ALL ROADS LEAD TO FUEL EFFICIENCY. When faced with a choice between power and fuel efficiency—choose both. The 2016 VNL series is designed with refined aerodynamics and the latest in our award-winning XE packages, so your fleet can save money at every turn. That’s innovation with purpose. JULY / AUGUST 2015

Volvo Trucks. Driving Progress


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Fed reports mixed market for trucking, notes need for drivers


he Federal Reserve Bank’s June report noted national freight and port activity was mixed, while also reporting a shortage of truckers in the New York, Cleveland and Kansas City districts. The Fed gathers anecdotal information from financial experts in the nation’s 12 districts, which it compiles eight times a year for what is commonly known as the Beige Book. Kansas City District transportation firms saw stronger activity and New York District reported brisk demand for trucking services. Richmond District had slightly more demand for trucking compared to in April and expanded year over year in the Atlanta District. Port activity remained strong in the Richmond, Atlanta and Dallas districts, with Richmond stating it received diverted West Coast port traffic. Cleveland District contacts reported mixed freight volume, with the softer demand attributed to the steel and energy industries slowdown. A few contacts continue to operate at high levels of capacity and strong pricing was attributed to capacity issues. Most freight haulers said volume softened. They believe markets generally are not as strong as compared to the fourth quarter. Growth was indicated in intermodal transportation and the transport of seasonal products. Cleveland reported fleets continue to aggressively replace older equipment and little cost change, other than diesel fuel increases passed through surcharges. A driver shortage continues to put upward pressure on the driver pay scale, the report says. Atlanta’s transportation contacts continued to report varying levels of activity. There was strong growth in containerized, bulk and break-bulk cargo. Trucking activity expanded as compared with a year before. A Philadelphia transportation services analyst said trucking activity looked weaker compared with a year ago, even taking a temporary lull due because of regulatory constraints was taken in to account. The bank’s June Beige Book also noted that: * New York contacts said trucking had performed particularly well because of reduced diesel prices, brisk demand and catching up on West Coast ports backlog. * Chicago sales of heavy trucks grew steadily, supported by low diesel fuel prices and improvements in the economy. * In Dallas, a trucking company reported raising rates to cover increased labor costs, but otherwise reports from trucking firms were mixed. * St. Louis trucking reported both layoffs and new hires. 18

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Canada’s Best Managed Companies Trailer Wizards has been delivering dependable, professional service nationwide for over 50 years and is now one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Put our award-winning trailer expertise to work for you. Contact us today.

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1 855 327 9757 | JULY / AUGUST 2015


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gIq sMgIq fRweIvrI qy pMjwbI gurdIp kOr gIq sMgIq hr ie`k dI rUh dI Kurwk hY[ n`cxw - ku`dxw mn dw cwA hY ies leI ieh ienswnI mn dw KuSnumw p`K hY[ gIq sMgIq ies nUM hor cwr cMn lw idMdw hY[duinAwvI du`KW, iPkrW qy JmyilAW iv`coN ienswn ies dw shwrw lY ky AsmwnI aufwrIAW lw AwauNdw hY[ ieh vI AiqkQnI nhIN ik fRweIvr AwriQkqw dw Durw hn, Kws krky tr`k fRweIvr[ hux g`l qy ivcwr crcw hY, fRweIvr ik`qy dI gIq sMgIq nwL joV myL dI[ ies g`l qoN munkr nhIN hoieAw jw skdw ik jy fRweIivMg krnI hY, vwt QoVHI hY jW bhuqI gIq sMgIq dw hoxw zrUrI hY[g`fI hovy, BwvyN kwr hovy qy BwvyN hovy tr`k aus ‘c koeI nw koeI sMgIqk Dun v`jxI cwhIdI hY[ ieh hY vI zrUrI pihlU[ hux g`l ie`QoN Suru krIey ik jy g`fI ‘c gIq sMgIq v`j irhw hY qW ies dw kI Pwiedw hY? ijvyN mnu`KI iPqrq Anuswr AsIN hr vsq, QW Aqy irSqy ‘c Pwiedw hI l`Bdy hW iesy qrHW sMgIq vI iesy sMdrB ‘c ilAw igAw hY[ jy iksy nUM pu`CIey,” g`fI ‘c l`gy gwixAW dw quhwnUM kI Pwiedw?” qW ie`k hI au`qr imldw hY,” nINd nhIN AwauNdI[ fRweIvr nUM gIq sMgIq jgweI r`Kdw hY, vwt sOKI inbVdI hY, lgdw hY swnUM iksy dw swQ imL irhw hY[“ Awid Awid[ pr ies dy ault myrw mMnxw hY ik au`cI Avwz ‘c suixAw igAw gIq sMgIq Kqry qoN KwlI nhIN[ gIq sMgIq suxidAW keI vwr AsIN BwvnwvW dy vyg ‘c Aw ky auqyijq ho jWdy hW[ ies qrHW dy mOky AsIN AwpxI hoNd dw Aihsws vI Bu`l skdyy hW[ nqIjn swnUM J`lxy pY skdy hn AxikAwsy nukswn[ lyK nUM sMKyp ‘c r`Kdy hoey myrw fRweIvr vIrW nUM ieh hI kihxw hY ik swnUM pqw hY ik AsIN sB pMjwbI BweIcwry vwly hW[ Awey vI aus dyS qoN hW ij`Qy gurUAW pIrW ny Avqwr DwirAw[ v`fy swky qy kurbwnIAW ij`QoN dw ieqhws hY[ hW vI aus dyS dy AmIr ivrsy dy mwlk, jo swnUM “ sony dI icVI” vwLy dyS dy vwsI hox dw mwx idvwauNdy hn[ ies leI 20

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Oral Care The First Step towards Healthy Life


Healthy oral cavity can add up to 10 years of human life. In today’s busy life we hardly find time to visit our Dentist for regular checkup which might put us on the risk of various Dental related problems. As there is a common saying – PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, so here we are going to discuss some common daily practices which can be easily adopted for the healthy ORAL CAVITY.

decay, infection and even gum recession. C. Vitamins and Minerals: Food rich in essential minerals and vitamins are very important for our oral health as micronutrients helps in mineralization and growth of oral tissues.

1. Diet: A balanced diet is a dental health essential. Foods with sugars and carbohydrates feed the bacteria that produce dental plaque, while calcium-poor diets increase your chances of 2. Oral Hygiene: The most important step towards Oral Hygiene developing gums and periodontal diseases. Lets discuss the diet is brushing and flossing to remove dental plaque, a film-like coating briefly : A. Sugar: Food with sugars are the Biggest Enemies of our teeth. that forms on your teeth. If not removed, plaque can build up and There is an interesting fact that Quantity of Sugar consumed is less produce dental tartar, a hardened, sticky substance with aciddangerous that Frequency. Every time we eat sugar it lowers the producing bacteria that cause tooth decay and lead to gum disease. We should brush our Teeth after every meal and oral pH and makes our oral cavity acidic which floss at least once a day. Fluoridated mouthwash subsequently starts destroying our Tooth structure. Dr. Surdeep Singh rinse should also be included in our daily oral care So if we eat sugar more frequently than our Oral practice. Cavity will remains acidic for longer duration. B.D.S. Sugars also provide the best environment for the 3. Smoking and Drinking: Smoking, chewing harmful oral Bacteria to stick with tooth surface which eventually causes tooth decay. We should also avoid drinking tobacco and alcohol consumption can negatively affect your oral health. Apart from dry mouth, tooth discoloration and plaque SODA drinks as these drinks have a high content of sugar. Every time you eat sugar don’t forget to rinse your mouth with buildup, smoking causes gum disease, tooth loss and even oral WATER which helps to lower the acidic environment and also wash cancer. off the food debris. 4. Regular Dental Visits: Since most dental conditions are B. Water: We should drink plenty of water to avoid various Dental problems. Drinking water helps to keep the mouth moist, painless at first, if you don’t regularly visit your dentist, you may not in addition to washing away any loose food particles that could be aware of dental problems until they cause significant damage. For otherwise lodge in the teeth and cause oral health problems. Food best results, schedule regular dental check-ups every six months; particles that get trapped between teeth or the gum line can lead to a more often if you’re at higher risk for oral diseases. 22


APNA Truck Show 2015 Breaks All Records


he APNA Truck Show 2015 was a great success, breaking all previous records. Even the beautiful sunny weather couldn’t keep the crowds away from the biennial show, which took place at Tradex in Abbotsford, BC on June 13-14. The 2015 show set an all-time record for attendance with over 14,500 attendees, surpassing the previous record set in 2013. In addition, this year, exhibit floor space was sold out – another first for the APNA Truck Show. The show management team was clearly happy with their efforts in bringing the exhibitors and crowds to the show. APNA Truck Show Senior Manager Jagdeep Dhaliwal was proud to say, “Our team puts in almost a year of hard work to ensure this event is successful. We think we’ve done a good job in promoting and executing a great event; just look at the line-up outside.” The APNA Truck Show, which had humble beginnings in 2010 at Langley Events Centre, has grown to become the most anticipated truck show in Western Canada, with attendees coming from as far away as California. This year, an automotive section was added, which showcased vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Infiniti, and Porsche, and motorcycles from Barnes Harley Davidson in Langley. Visitors had the opportunity to view a variety of luxury vehicles, including the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Porsche Panamera, and Infiniti QX80. In addition to the new vehicles, there was a classic car section as well, with vehicles going back to the 1940’s. It was definitely an area of appeal for the attendees. JULY / AUGUST 2015


APNA Truck Show 2015, in associated with Barnes Harley Davidson in Langley, BC was proud to give away a custom-built Harley Davidson Street 750 motorcycle, valued at over $18, 000. This custom bike was one of four that was built for a Canadian competition. The Barnes Harley Davidson booth was busy for both days, bringing in close to 8, 000 entry ballots for the draw. Kevin Chow, Marketing Director of the Barnes Group, said, “We wanted to do something that reflected the value of the Barnes Group, and thus, giving away a custom-built motorcycle at the APNA Truck Show was a perfect fit.” Speaking of values, this year also marked an incredible VIP Dinner Night. The event, which was sold out, not only allowed industry professionals to mingle and enjoy great food, but raise funds for an amazing organization. In 2013, the VIP Dinner Night raised over $17, 000 and for 2015, the goal was to reach $20, 000. Well, this year, the VIP Dinner Night surpassed their goal and raised a record-setting $23, 000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation. The APNA management was humbled by the generosity: “We know that the trucking community has big hearts, but being able to raise that much money in less than a half hour is unbelievable. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all those who made a donation.” Global TV’s Sonia Beeksma, who co-hosted the event, was amazed by the generosity of those in the trucking industry. “I surely look forward to being a part of the next show,” she said. You can watch Global TV’s coverage at: The performance stage was abuzz for both days, providing crowds with a variety of entertainment. Local and international artists and bands performed and showcased their talents. To keep the children occupied, there was a bouncy castle and face-painting. By all measures and feedback, the 2015 APNA Truck Show was extremely successful. Exhibitors at this heavyduty trucking event were pleased with the marketing and exposure created that brought endless crowds to the show. Roman Tomica, General Manager of First Truck Centre Vancouver, said, “This is a great event and the crowds are huge. The APNA team does a fantastic job of putting on such a great event and we look forward to the next one.” His words were echoed by Brad Thiessen, Vice-President and General Manager of Daimler Trucks Canada. The management team would like to express their gratitude to all exhibitors, attendees, and volunteers who made this show possible. And, based on this year’s show, we can only expect what the next APNA Truck Show will bring in 2017. 24


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NTSB Report Calls For More Vehicle Collision Warning Tech


report released by the National Transportation Safety Board calls for more widespread use of collision mitigation systems with active braking among commercial and passenger vehicles. The special report, titled The Use of Forward Collision Avoidance Systems to Prevent and Mitigate Rear-End Crashes, concluded that collision mitigation systems can prevent or lessen the severity of many rear-end crashes. “You don’t pay extra for your seatbelt,” said NTSB chairman Christopher A. Hart. “And you shouldn’t have to pay extra for technology that can help prevent a collision altogether.” The NTSB wants NHTSA to do more testing on the systems and for vehicle manufacturers to make them standard, reports Heavy Duty Trucking. Those are among 12 recommendations made in support of forward collision avoidance technologies made over 20 years. New and repeated recommendations were outlined in today’s report, according to HDT: It found a lack of incentives and limited public awareness has stunted the widespread adoption of collision avoidance technology. The NTSB wants to see collision mitigation systems made standard on new trucks and passenger vehicles. “The promise of a next generation of safety improvements has been used too often to justify inaction,” Hart said. “Because there will always be better technologies over the horizon, we must be careful to avoid letting perfection become the enemy of the good.”

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Training Professional Drivers For A Safer Tomorrow


1.800.753.2284 647.367.0066 We welcome you to visit: 76 Sun Pac Blvd Brampton, ON L6S 5Z8 We Train: AR - AZ - BZ - CZ - DZ Courses Start Weekly Tuition Assistance Available Cour

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EPA, DOT proposal for phase two of emissions, fuel economy standards, released, to take effect 2018


he Environmental Protection Agency and Department Of Transportation announced June 19th, plans for Phase 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles. The proposed standards will begin in model year 2018 for trailers and 2021 for tractors and culminate in vehicle-wide — engine, truck and trailer — standards for model year 2027 vehicles. According to the EPA, Phase 2 of the program will “significantly reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency of heavy-duty vehicles, helping to address the challenges of global climate change and energy security.” The EPA said the proposed plan will cut Green House Gas emission by approximately 1 billion metric tons and conserve about 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the lifetime of the vehicles sold during the program. NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind said the more stringent standards would result in a $10,000 to $12,000 increase in the cost of a new truck. Buyers of trucks in longhaul operations in 2027 would recoup the extra cost of the technology within two years through fuel savings. Phase 2, according to a report from the government agencies, would save U.S. vehicle owners collectively about $170 billion in fuel costs over the lifetime of the vehicles sold between 2021 and 2027. The American Trucking Association opined on the issue Friday, tacitly supporting the direction the standards are going. “Fuel is an enormous expense for our industry – and carbon emissions carry an enormous cost for our planet,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “That’s why our industry supported the Obama Administration’s historic first round of greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for medium and large trucks and why we support the aims of this second round 30

eI pI ey, fI E tI v`loN qyl ^pq p`Dr Aqy ieimSn dy Pyz 2 dI pySkS, 2018 nUM lwgU ho jwxgy vwqwvrx sur`iKAw eyjMsI (eI pI ey) Aqy tRWsportySn ifpwrtmYNt ny 19 jUn nMU mIfIAm Aqy hYvI ifaUtI ieMjxW Aqy vhIklW leI grInhwaUs gYs ieimSn Aqy qyl ^pq p`Dr dy Pyz 2 bwry skIm dw AYlwn kIqw[ pRsqwivq qbdIlIAW tRylrW dy mwfl 2018, v`fy ieMjxW dy mwfl 2021 Aqy tr`k Aqy tRylr dy mwfl 2027 ‘c lwzmI hoxgIAW[ eI pI ey dy muqwibk Pyz 2 pRogrwm kwPI h`d q`k kwrbn ieimSn nMU G`t Aqy qyl ^pq ‘c b`cq krn ‘c shweI hovygw ijs nwL ik ivSv dy bdl rhy mOsm Aqy aUrjw sMkt vrgy mu`idAW nMU vI lwB imLygw[ eI pI ey dw kihxw hY ik pRswqivq Xojnw ADIn ies pRogrwm smyN vycy gey vhIklW dI grInhwaUs gYs ieimSn ‘c l`gB`g 1 iblIAn mItrk tn ktOqI Aqy l`gB`g 1.8 iblIAn bYrl qyL dI b`cq hovygI[ AYn AYc tI AYs ey dy sMcwlk mwrk rozkweINf dw kihxw hY ik hor s^q inXm lwgU hox nwL nvyN tr`k dI kImq ‘c $10,000 qoN $12,000 q`k dw vwDw ho jwvygw[ 2027 ‘c lMby rUtW leI nvyN tr`k KrIdx vwLy qyl ^pq ‘c ieMnI b`cq kr lYxgy ijMnI auh nvIN qknwlojI nwL lYs tr`kW dI vwDU kImq Adw krngy[ie`k irport Anuswr AmrIkw dy tr`k mwlkW duAwrw 2021 qoN lY ky 2027 q`k KrIdy gey tr`kW dy jIvnkwl dOrwn qyl ^pq ‘c 170 iblIAn fwlr dI b`cq hovygI[ AmYrikn tr`ikMg AYsosIeySn ny Su`krvwr nMU ies msly vwry ivcwr krdy hoey ieh g`l mMnI hY ik ieh sB shI idSw v`l jw irhw hY[ ey tI ey dy pRYzIfYNt Aqy sI eI E ib`l gRyvj dw kihxw hY, “ swfI ieMfstrI ‘c qyl dw ie`k bhuq v`fw ^rcw hY Aqy swfy gRih ‘qy kwrbn ieimSn dw bhuq Asr pYNdw hY[ iesy leI hI swfI ieMfstrI ny Ebwmw swSn dy mIfIAm Aqy v`fy tr`kW sbMDI grInhwaUs gYs Aqy qyl Kpq ‘c sQwpq kIqy p`Dr dy ieqhwisk PYsly dy pihly dOr dI hmwieq kIqI sI Aqy ienHW kwrxW krky hI hux dUjy dOr dy p`Dr sQwipq krn ‘c vI pUrI hmwieq krygI”[ pr mwlk-cwlk Awzwd frweIvr AYsosIeySn ny ies inXm qy svwl auTwieAw hY[ ies gru`p ny ie`k ibAwn ‘c ikhw, “tr`kr JULY / AUGUST 2015

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of standards.” The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, however, questions the rule. “Truckers already have every incentive to be efficient since fuel is the highest operating cost for an owner operator,” the group said in a statement. “We are reviewing the proposal to see if the input from small business truckers was truly taken to heart. Based on reviews of initial summaries, we do have concerns that the rule will push truckers to purchase technology that is not fully tested and may lead to costs such as increased maintenance and down time that will eclipse the potential savings estimated in the proposal.” ATA also voiced concern that certain technologies could be deployed on trucks before being fully tested despite the fact it offered tacit approval. “ATA has adopted a set of 15 ‘guiding principles’ for Phase 2,” said ATA Vice President and Energy and Environmental Counsel Glen Kedzie, “and based on conversations with regulators and a preliminary review this proposal appears to meet 14 of those. We believe this rule could result in the deployment of certain technologies that do not fully recognize the diversity of our industry and could prove to be unreliable. This unreliability could slow not only adoption of these technologies, but the environmental benefits they aim to create. To prevent this, truck and engine manufacturers will need adequate time to develop solutions to meet these new standards.” Emissions regulations will be put on trailers, set to begin


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Desi News in 2018, for the first time. The EPA and NHTSA said they are proposing to regulate trailers because they significantly contribute to fuel consumption and subsequently, carbon pollution emissions. The agencies said components like aerodynamic devices, low rolling resistance tires and automatic tire inflation systems could offer “significant carbon emissions and fuel use reductions for the vehicle.” NHTSA’s trailer standards would be voluntary from 2018 to 2020, becoming mandatory in 2021. There is no requirement, however, to retire or retrofit older trailers. The standards will only apply to new trailers. The types of trailers included in the proposed standards are: • Long (longer than 50 feet) highway box trailers-dry vans • Long highway box trailers -refrigerated vans • Short (50 feet and shorter) highway box trailers-dry vans • Short highway box trailers-refrigerated vans • Non-box highway trailers The EPA estimates that, in 2027 when the standards are fully phased in, heavy-duty vehicles across all classes would achieve the following carbon dioxide emissions and fuel use reductions: • 24 percent for combination tractors designed to pull trailers and move freight when compared to Phase 1 standards • 8 percent for trailers when compared to an average model year 2017 trailer • 16 percent for vocational vehicles when compared to Phase 1 standards • 16 percent for pick-up trucks and light vans when compared to Phase 1 standards President Barack Obama requested the standards be finalized by March 2016. Once posted on the Federal Register, the standards will be open for comment for either 60 days. After the comment period, the agencies will work to finalize the standards, aiming for the requested March 2016 deadline.

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Base rate/mile: $1.06 (sgl) $1.10 (tm) U.S. premium: $1.08 (sgl) $1.14 (tm) Utilization Bonus: $0.05 - $0.08 /mile Fuel Rebate: $0.45/litre Safety, Sign on, Fuel Bonus Plates and Insurance incl. Don’t forget ask about our



Desi News

Trucking Tops Growth Charts


eneral freight trucking is outpacing growth in all other small business industries, according to financial information company Sageworks. Specialty freight owners also have reason to smile, coming in at number four for growth over the 12 months ending May 31, 2015. Sageworks analyzed sales data for businesses with less than $5 million in annual revenue and discovered that the trucking industry is sitting pretty. General freight grew 24.8 percent, and specialty freight, including tankers and reefers, grew 16.3 percent.

“A lot of growth in trucking initially after the recession was related to oil and oil production, but even as some of the production has tapered down and oil prices have dropped, growth among small businesses in the industry still remains high,” said Sageworks analyst Chuck Nwokocha. Five of the other eight industries in the top 10 for small business growth are related to construction, a field closely tied to trucking. Foundation, structure and building exterior contractor business came in at number two with 19.4 percent growth.

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The other four construction industries in the top 10 are: other specialty trade contractors, 13.4 percent; utility system construction, 13 percent; residential building construction, 12.8 percent; and building equipment contractors, 12.5 percent. The growth of machinery, equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers (13 percent) also supported the trucking industry. The two other industries in the top 10 were: services to buildings and dwellings, 16.7 percent, and computer systems design and related services, 13.8 percent.

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Bringing a load into Canada?

Bringing a load into Canada? NSC Compliance Services

knyfw ‘c lof lY ky Awauxw Who do you need to register with to bring a load into Canada? You need to be registered with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and ensure you have the right authorities to come into Canada. What is ACI eManifest Program? Advance Commercial Information (ACI) eManifest Program is a program that provides CBSA officers with electronic prearrival cargo and conveyance information so that they are aware and have the right information to identify any health, safety or security threats related to commercials goods before the goods arrive in Canada. What is an eManifest? eManifest is a term used to describe the advance, electronic conveyance of freight information to customs officials prior to a shipment arriving at a border. eManifest expedites the customs clearance process by allowing pertinent information about shipments to be assessed and approved by customs officials in advance of any shipment’s physical arrival. When did this program come into effect? The CBSA completed the deployment of the electronic systems for highway carriers to transmit advance cargo and conveyance data in 2011. When is this program being implemented? The eManifest requirements for highway carriers are now mandatory and they have set the following timelines: - From May 6, 2015 to July 10, 2015: the CBSA will provide carriers with a period of transition during which penalties for non-compliance will not be issued. Information will be provided by CBSA to carriers to ensure they start complying with eManifest requirements. - From July 10, 2015 to January 10, 2015: Carriers who do not 34

knyfw ‘c lof lY ky Awaux leI quhwnUM iks kol rijstr krwauxw pvygw? quhwnUM ies leI knyfw bwrfr srivs eyjMsI jo sI bI AYs ey dy Coty nWA nwL jwxI jWdI hY kol rijstr hoxw pYNdw hY qW hI qusIN knyfw ‘c lof lY ky Aw skdy ho[ ey sI AweI eI mYnIPYst pRogrwm kI hY? ey sI AweI Bwv AYfvWs kmRSL ienPwrmySn ie`k auh pRogrwm hY ijs nwL sI bI AYs ey APsrW nUM ielYktRwink pRI ArweIvl rwhIN kwrgo dw pqw l`g jWdw hY Aqy auh knyfw ‘c phuMcx qoN pihlW sbMDq kmRSl vsqW nUM sur`iKAw, bcwA Aqy ishq sbMDI KqirAW qoN vwkP ho skdy hn[ eI mYnIPYst kI hY? eI mYnIPYst Sbd bwrfr ‘qy phuMcx qoN pihlW kstm AiDkwrIAW nUM ibjleI aupkrxW rwhIN jwxkwrI phuMcx leI vriqAw jWdw hY[ ies nwL ieh Pwiedw huMdw hY ik ikauN ik kstm AiDkwrIAW kol iSpmYNt sbMDI pihlW hI jwxkwrI phuMc jWdI hY ies leI kstm klIrYNs pihlW hI ho jWdI hY[ ieh pRogrwm kdoN hoNd ‘c AwieAw? sI bI AYs ey v`loN hweIvyA kYrIArW leI ieh isstm 2011 qoN hI iqAwr kIqw hoieAw hY[ hweIvyA kYrIArW leI eI mYnIPYst pRogrwm lwzmI hovygI Aqy ies leI ieh smW insicq kIqw hY: - 6 meI 2015 qoN lY ky 10 julweI 2015 q`k : sI bI AYs ey v`loN ieh lwgU krn dw smW id`qw jwvygw[ies ‘qy Aml nw krn vwilAW ‘qy koeI jurmwnw Awid nhIN lwieAw jwvygw[ sI bI AYs ey v`loN kYrIArW nUM jwxkwrI id`qI jwvygI ik auh ieh zrUrI bxwaux ik ies smyN ‘c eI mYnIPYst leI loVW pUrIAW kr lYx[ - 10 julweI 2015 qoN 10 jnvrI 2016 q`k: auh kYrIAr ijhVy eI mYnIPYst dIAW SrqW pUrIAW nhIN krdy nUM sI bI AYs ey dy JULY / AUGUST 2015

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amrIkn trwikMg kMpnIaF nUM GbrfAux dI loV nhIN We help you in:

Ÿ Paperwork for getting loads to Canada and back to USA Ÿ FMCSA/US DOT Audits Ÿ CSA Monitoring Ÿ All Permits and authorities

National Safety Code Compliance Service Call: 1-800-965-9839 ext. 2

Surrey, BC: #4 - 8333 130th Street n�Ph: 604-507-7736 n Fax: 604-507-7742 Abbotsford, BC: 2633 Montrose Ave. n Ph: 604-755-4230 n Fax:604-755-7816 Bellingham, WA: 1313 E Maple St., Suite #219 n Ph: 360-543-5608 JULY / AUGUST 2015




Bringing a load into Canada?

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comply with eManifest requirements could be issued zero-rated penalties (non-monetary) under CBSA’s Administrative Monetary Penalty System. - Starting January 10, 2016 carriers who do not comply with eManifest requirements will be issued monetary AMPS penalties. How soon does the information have to be submitted? ACI eManifest requires highway carriers to transmit their cargo and conveyance data to CBSA for Canada-bound crossings at least an hour prior to arriving at the border. When can CBSA issue penalties? CBSA may issue penalties in the following cases: • Providing information that is incomplete, inaccurate or false • Failing to send the required information within the designated, mode-specific timeframes • Failing to notify the CBSA that the data has changed How long does it take to get registered to be an ACI eManifest participant? Currently the waiting period for registration is approximately four weeks. It could potentially increase as all carriers have to follow the above deadline. If you only come into Canada once every few months, do you still need to register and file for an ACI eManifest? Yes, you need to register and file for ACI eManifest regardless of how frequently you come into Canada. Do I need to file an ACI eManifest for an empty truck or trailer? Yes, with the exception of CSA (Customs Self Assessment) carriers, you must file an eManifest “Conveyance Report” when driving an empty truck or pulling an empty trailer. “Bobtail” tractors are exempt. Do I need to file an eManifest for every shipment on my truck? Yes, you need to file an eManifest for each and every shipment on your truck. Where can I get more information on registering for ACI? You can call us at our toll free number at 1-800-965-9839 if you need more assistance in registering for ACI or getting your eManifest’s done.

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Desi News

EPA-NHTSA Unveil Proposal for Phase 2 of GHG Truck Rule


he US EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration formally released their long-awaited proposal for the second round of greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency rules for commercial trucks. Phase 2 of the regulations for 2021 to 2027-model trucks and tractors and 2018-to2027 MY trailers covers entire vehicles and – as was reported earlier, there will be separate standards for truck engines, administrators of EPA and NHTSA confirmed. The EPA trailer standards, which exclude certain categories such as mobile homes, would begin to take effect in model year 2018 for certain trailers, while NHTSA’s standards would be in effect as of 2021, with credits available for voluntary participation before then,” the agencies said in a joint press release. “Cost effective technologies for trailers – including aerodynamic devices, light weight construction and self-inflating tires – can significantly reduce total fuel consumption by tractor-trailers, while paying back the owners in less than two years due to the fuel saved.” EPA estimates that about $10,000 to $12,000 in new equipment or technology would be needed by a tractortrailer to meet the requirements. EPA’s administrator Gina McCarthy pointed out that much of existing off-the-shelf technology now used to meet current Phase 1 economy and GHG requirements can extend into Phase 2, but new “innovative technology” will also be required, she said. “Everybody will have lots of choice,” she added. “There will be no one path.” At the press conference, EPA and NHTSA declined to give actual mile-per-gallon estimates. They told media there is no definite number because “medium- and heavy-duty trucks and combination vehicles vary greatly in configuration, weight and use.” The American Trucking Associations offered a statement of support for the proposal, but said it remains concerned the rule may result in the use of certain technologies on vehicles before they can be fully tested. “ATA has adopted a set of 15 ‘guiding principles’ for Phase II,” said ATA Vice President and Energy and Environmental Counsel Glen Kedzie, “and based on conversations with regulators and a preliminary review this proposal appears to meet 14 of those. “We believe this rule could result in the deployment of certain technologies that JULY / AUGUST 2015

do not fully recognize the diversity of our industry and could prove to be unreliable. This unreliability could slow not only adoption of these technologies, but the environmental benefits they aim to create,” Kedzie said. “To prevent this, truck and engine manufacturers will need adequate time to develop solutions to meet these new standards. “… The potential for real cost savings and associated environmental benefits of this rule are there – but fleets will need a wide variety of proven and durable technologies to meet these new standards throughout the various implementation stages.” Meanwhile, industry stakeholder reactions to the rollout varied. Engine makers strongly supported the proposal, while some

truck manufacturers were more tempered. The Volvo Group said it “supports ambitious goals to reduce GHG emissions and fuel consumption for the complete vehicle, including engine efficiency, while providing overall value to its customers.” However, it took exception “in principle” to requiring a separate set of rules for engines as being “inconsistent with the Group’s interest in minimizing the complete, real world environmental impacts of its products.” Volvo said that approach could “limit OEMs flexibility to meet the regulated targets for each individual customer in a way that suits their specific needs, and incentivizes optimization for engine test cell requirements versus real world efficiencies.”




s a Canadian independent owner-operator, there are many opportunities for you to save on the tax that you pay on your hard-earned cash. In this issue I will talk about the five most basic but important tips to help yourself when it comes to being an owner-operator. Over the next few issues I will shed some light on the benefits of incorporating and how to incorporate, is incorporating right for you, running your incorporated company, and the tax pitfalls within an incorporated structure.

MEALS: As a truck driver you can claim 80% of all meals and beverages or $17.00 per meal for a maximum of 3 meals a day that you are working on the road. In order to qualify for the 80% deductibility you must be a long-haul trucker and you have to prove that you are one for the deduction to count. Also, keep in mind that if you are working in the U.S. or have some meals while down there on the road you can claim the exchange rate (yearly average) on the meal as well. Be aware that you will also need to fill out the TL2 tax form to claim your meals when filing your taxes. If you are not able to track all of your receipts you can claim a reasonable per diem of $70 Canadian per day based on your logbook for when you were working, however a word of 38

Tax Tips for Truckers

Ryan Sahota BBA, CPA, CA

caution it is always best to have receipts. INCORPORATE: One of the most important steps an owneroperator can take is to form a corporation. Incorporating allows for greater flexibility in determination of income and expense deductibility and the amount you personally report and are taxed on. Incorporating is especially important if you plan on paying family members such as your spouse or children for work done within the company to income split. A simple solution to avoid any attribution rules with income splitting is to have your spouse be the sole shareholder in the company with you as the salaried employee (keep in mind your situation may be different and always consult with a Chartered Professional Accountant). With the kids make sure that they are actually working and that everything is documented as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can challenge your expenses and revise deducted amounts. LOGBOOKS & RECEIPTS: It is important to keep receipts in the event that expenses and purchases are challenged by the CRA. Also, it helps your accountant and yourself when going back through the books to determine what that certain expense was for. Many owneroperators only keep their logbooks for three months, but if you’re using your logbook to validate your meal allowances then it becomes a tax document and must be kept for seven years. With the CRA increasing the number of audits, especially on meals, a lot of owner-operators do not have the right documentation in place. Keeping the logbook can save you thousands of dollars. KNOW YOUR ACCOUNTANT: Find a good Chartered Professional Accountant who specializes in the industry, cares about your business and is a good fit with you personally. While they may cost more than a regular accountant or your family member, finding a good Chartered Professional Accountant is like finding a good mechanic. They will save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. JULY / AUGUST 2015

Tax Tips for Truckers

tr`kW vwilAW leI tYks sbMDI nukqy jy qusIN knyfw ‘c Kud tr`k dy mwlk qy cwlk ho qW ies qrHW dy dy KricAW dy, qW keI Enr AwprytrW koL sbMDq kwgz p`qr huMdy hI keI mOky hn ijnHW nUM cMgI qrHW vrq ky qusIN AwpxI sKq imhnq dI nhIN[ lwg bu`k sMBwl ky r`Kx nwL quhwnUM ieho ijhI hwlq ‘c hzwrW kmweI nUM byloVy tYksW qoN bcwA skdy ho[ies AMk ‘c mYN aunHW mu`Fly pr fwlrW dw Pwiedw ho skdw hY[ AqI zrUrI 5 nukiqAW bwry g`l krWgw ijhVy tYks dy sbMD ‘c iksy Awpxy AkwaUNtYNt nUM smJo: ies qrHW dw cwrtrf pRoPYSnl AkEnr Awprytr nUM zrUr iDAwn ‘c r`Kxy cwhIdy hn[Agly ku`J AMkW waUNtYNt l`Bo ijhVw ies ieMfstrI dw mwihr hovy[ nwL hI aus nUM quhwfy ‘c mYN ieh d`sWgw ik ienkwrporyt dw kI Pwiedw hY Aqy ieh iks qrHW ibzns dw iPkr hovy Aqy quhwfy nwl injI qOr ‘qy cMgw hovy[ ieh TIk krIdI hY[ kI ieh quhwfy leI PwiedymMd rhygI? ies ‘c ikhVy ikhVy hY ik Awm AkwaUNtYNtW jW quhwfy pirvwirk mYNbrW nwloN ieh QoVHy mihMgy tYks AiV`ky hn? hn pr ijs qrHW AsIN ie`k cMgw mkYink l`Bdy hW aus qrHW hI ie`k Bojn: tr`k fRweIvr dy qOr ‘qy qusIN Kwx pIx dy 80% Krcy pw cMgw cwrtrf pRoPYSnl AkwaUNtYNt vI zrUrI hY[ Awx vwLy smyN ‘c auh skdy ho[jW jdoN qusIN sVk ‘qy cldy hovo qW ieh 17 fwlr pRqI Kwxw quhwfy l`KW fwlr bcw skdy hn[ Aqy idn ‘c iqMn vwr qoN v`D nhIN hoxy cwhIdy[ pr 80% dI Cot pRwpq krn leI Srq ieh hY ACT NOW! ik lONg hol tr`kr ho[ Aqy qusIN hI ho ijs nUM ieh Cot imlxI cwhIdI hY[ ieh vI Xwd r`Kxw ik jy qusIN AmrIkw ‘c kMm krdy ho Aqy au`Qy sVk ‘qy cldy smyN Bojn Awid ‘qy qusIN swl dI AOsq dy ADwr ‘qy fwlr dw AYkcyNj ryt klym kr skdy ho[ pr ieh vI Xwd r`Kxw ik tYks ‘c Bojn dw ieh klym krn leI quhwnUM TL2 tYks Pwrm vI Brnw pvygw[pr jy qusIN rsIdW Awid nhIN sMBwl skdy qW qusIN jdoN kMm kIqw hY qW, AwpxI lwg bu`k dy ADwr ‘qy pRqI idn dy 70 knyfIAn fwlr dy ihswb nwl klym kr skdy ho[ pr cMgI g`l ieh hI hY ik qusIN rsIdW Awid sMBwl ky r`Ko[ ienkwrporyt: mwlk jo cwlk vI hY aus leI ieh g`l vI mh`qv pUrn hY ik auh kMpnI nUM kwrporyt vjoN rijstr krvwey[ ienkwrporyt hox dI sUrq ‘c injI hox nwloN Krcy Awid vDIAw FMg nwL pwey jw skdy hn[ ies ‘c ieh vI Pwiedw hY ik qusIN AwpxI pqnI Aqy b`icAW nUM aunHW dy kIqy kMm bdly pYsy pwx dI Xojnw vI bxw skdy ho[ ienkm spilitMg dw • Incorporation Registration • IFTA Registration sB qoN vDIAw FMg ieh hY ik qusIN AwpxI • IRP Registration & Revenue C.V.O.R. Registration pqnI/pqI nUM sylrIf AYNplweI vjoN sol SyAr holfr vjoN pwE[ ( pr iKAwl r`Kxw quhwfI • U.S. D.O.T. & MC Registration • C-TPAT • Drug Testing siQqI v`KrI vI ho skdI hY, ies leI sdw hI Awpxy cwrtrf AkwaUNtYNt dI slwh lE) Compliance Package for Single Operations & Small Fleet [ b`icAW leI ieh iKAwl r`Ko ik auh s`cmu`c •Fuel Tax Report & File Mileage Report for (KY, NY, NM, OR) kMm krdy hn[ hr ie`k cIz dy dsqwvyz sMBwl •Monitor & Update Driver Qualification File • Log Book Auditing ky r`Ko ikauN ik sI Awr ey quhwfy KricAW ‘qy •Setting Up Equipment/Maintenance Files svwl vI auTw skdI hY Aqy GtweIAW hoeIAW •Mini Audit prior to your Ontario/USDOT Audit rkmW muV iv`c puAw skdI hY[ lwgbu`k Aqy rsIdW: ieh vI ho skdw hY •Dangerous Goods Certificate •Hours of Services Courses We also ik sI Awr ey quhwfy KricAW nUM cuxOqI dyvy ies provide • Pre Trip & Safety Classes •Professional Driver Training Program leI Awpxy KricAW dIAW rsIdW vI sMBwl safety courses ky r`Ko[ ies dw ieh Pwiedw vI hY ik E: wfI irtrn Brn smyN ieh quhwfy AkwaUNtYNt leI ieh d`sx ‘c shweI hovygw ik Krcy ik`Qy Aqy kdoN kIqy hn[ku`J mwlk- cwlk kyvl Bay 6-9, 2456, 7050 Telford Way, Unit 10, iqMn mhIinAW q`k hI lOg bu`kW sMBwl ky r`Kdy 23 Ave. NE, Calgary, AB Mississauga, ON L5S 1V7 hn[pr jy qusIN Bojn dy Krcy vI pwxy hn qW ieh tYks dsqwvyz bx jWdI hY jo s`q swl q`k r`KxI pYNdI hY[ hux jdoN sI Awr ey v`loN Fax: 403-455-4261 Fax: 905-696-6825 vDyry Awift kIqy jw rhy hn, Kws krky Bojn

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G &G Trucking Solutions

Tel: 403-455-4258


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Accepting a Freight Order

Accepting a Freight Order Pryt Awrfr nUM mnzUr krnw


t is very important for a business to receive new orders. ie`k ibzns leI nvyN Awrfr pRwpq krnw bhuq zrUrI hY[nvW Receiving an order brings joy and excitement to everyone Awrfr imlx nwL kMpnI ‘c hr ie`k nUM KuSI huMdI hY[ ieh in the company. It is the lifeblood of a business. It is ibzns dI ijMd jwn hY[ ibzns leI ieh bVw zrUrI hY ik aunHW important for a business to ensure that there is a continuous nUM lgwqwr Awrfr imldy rihx[ ies dy nwl syl Aqy ifspYc stream of incoming orders. The sales or dispatching staff needs vwilAW dw Prz vI bxdw hY ik auh pUrI jwxkwrI lY skx qW ik to take a proactive approach in acquiring all relevant information ies dy Bugqwn ‘c koeI AiVkw nw pvy[iksy Awrfr ‘c pYx vwLI about the order so that it can be fulfilled without any rukwvt keI vwr bhuq mihMgI pY skdI hY[iksy Awrfr issue. The problems that can occur in an order are very ‘c pYx vwLI rukwvt aus ibzns dy vwDy dw kwrn bxn costly. Instead of making a business grow, a problematic dI QW ausdy Aks nUM burI qrHW Krwb kr skdI hY[ order can cause severe damage to the growth and iksy gwhk qoN Awrfr lYx smyN tr`ikMg lOigsitk reputation of the business. ieMfstrI dy ifspYcrW nUM swrI Aqy pUrI loVINdI jwxkwrI In the trucking logistics industry, dispatchers need lYxI cwhIdI hY[jdoN iek vwr gwhk qoN Awrfr sbMDI to remain focused on verifying all relevant information pUrI qrHW qs`lI kr leI jWdI hY qW Awrfr lYx vwLI while taking an order from a customer. Once the order kMpnI dI aus Awrfr nUM gwhk dI qs`lI Anuswr isry is confirmed with the customer, it becomes the ordercwVHn dI kwnUMnI zMumyvwrI bx jWdI hY[ - Dara Nagra taking company’s legal responsibility to fulfill the order ijhVy gwhkW dI qs`lI ho jWdI hY auh A`goN quhwnUM MBA PMP ® according to the customer’s satisfaction. Customer hor Awrfr hI nhIN idMdy sgoN hor sMBwvI gwhkW kol vI satisfaction is the key. Satisfied customers not only quhwfI isPwrS krdy hn[pr ijhVY gwhk quhwfy kMm qoN continue placing new orders, but also refer other potential KuS nhIN hoxgy aunHW ny Awp qW quhwnUM muV Awrfr dyxy nhIN pr customers. Unsatisfied customers can cause much more harm ies qoN vI v`D quhwfw nukswn krngy[auh quhwnUM sur`iKAw dI than simply ceasing to place new orders. They can drag your aulMGxw,ivqI jurmwny Aqy AprwiDk mwmilAW vrgy kysW ‘c Psw business through financial penalties, lawsuits, criminal charges, ky kort kichrIAW dy c`krW ‘c vI Psw dyxgy[ies qrHW auh KuSI safety violations or other liability claims. The pleasant experience jo Awrfr imlx nwL hoeI sI jWdI hI nhIN lgdI sgoN quhwfw of receiving an order can become the cause of severe damages nukswn vI krdI hYy Aqy keI vwr qW ibzns bMd krn dI nObq 40




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Accepting a Freight Order that can go as far as shutting down the business. Therefore, the dispatcher needs to be fully aware of all the positive and negative outcomes an order can bring about. He or she needs to be very detail oriented while receiving orders. The following is the breakdown of the different kinds of information a dispatcher needs to verify during the order receiving process: 1. Freight and Equipment Requirements: All the relevant physical information about the freight like weight, width, length, number of skids, temperature requirements, type of tractor, type of trailer, special handling procedure (if required) needs to be asked up front before accepting the order. 2. Credibility Check: It is very important to check the credibility of the customer. If the customer has bad credit, many negative occurrences and high risk factors, then it may be better not to do business with them. If there is no surety of receiving payments, then what is the purpose of doing business with them? It is usually the responsibility of the management to perform credit checks on the customers who have credit terms with the company. The dispatcher needs to work closely with the management to ensure customers are reliable and credible to do business with. 3. Rate and Payment Terms: The dispatcher needs to know the rate and the payment terms of all the orders he accepts. In larger companies, there are dedicated salespersons that negotiate the rate and terms with customers. Smaller companies usually authorize dispatchers to negotiate rate and payment terms. What ever the case may be, these should be finalized before confirming the order. 4. Pickup and Delivery Information: The full addresses of the pickup and delivery locations, expected or scheduled times for the pickups and deliveries, routing requirements, contact person’s name and phone number, docking station number, pickup number and any safety requirement information needs to be collected during the order taking process. 5. Customs Broker Information: If the freight involves crossing international borders, customs broker information should be received from the customer in order to arrange customs clearance for the freight, including email addresses, phone and fax numbers, and hours of operation. 6. Penalties and other Terms: Any penalties for delay or other clauses should be taken into account. If the customer makes demands for penalties on such events as late arrivals or delivery, then the dispatcher or salesperson receiving the order can also negotiate extra payment charges for excess waiting time while loading or unloading, fuel surcharges, and other claimable expenses. Once all the above information is discussed and gathered, the dispatcher needs to confirm that there is some retrievable evidence for the order in case of later disagreements or disputes. A signed purchase order (PO), or Load Confirmation Sheet should be requested and its receipt acknowledged before proceeding with the order. 42

vI Aw jWdI hY[ ies leI ifspYcr nUM imlx vwLy Awrfr dy sMBwvI nPw nukswn nUM vI iDAwn ‘c r`Kxw cwhIdw hY[ies leI Awrfr lYx vwly jW lYx vwLI nUM Awrfr lYx smyN pUrI jwxkwrI pRwpq kr lYxI cwhIdI hY[ijhVIAW g`lW dw Awrfr lYx smyN ifspYcr nUM iDAwn r`Kxw cwhIdw hY auh hyTW qrqIb vwr dy rhy hW: 1. Pryt Aqy smwn sbMDI loVW: Awrfr lYx qoN pihlW Pryt sbMDI Bwr, cOVweI, lMbweI sik`fW dI igxqI, trYktr dI iksm, trylr dI iksm, hYNfilMg dy FMg qrIky ( jy loV hY qW) Awid sB bwry pqw kr lYxw cwhIdw hY[ 2. BrosyXogqw sbMDI pqw lwauxw: sB qoN v`D ieh g`l zrUrI hYy ik gwhk dI BrosyXogqw sbMDI pqw kr ilAw jwvy[ jy gwhk dw bYf kRYift hY jW aus nwL koeI mwVy vwikAwq juVy hoey hn jW aus nwL ibjns krn ‘c koeI hor ^qry hn qW Blw ies ‘c hI hY ik ies qrHW dy gwhk nwL ibjns nw hI kIqw jwvy[jy ies dw hI zkIn nhIN ik pYsy imlxgy ik nhIN qW aus nwL ibjns krn dI hI kI quk hY? Asl ‘c qW ieh mYnyjmYNt dI zuMmyvwrI hY ik kMpnI nwL kRYift krn vwilAW dy kRYift cY`k kry[ ies leI ieh XkInI bxwaux leI ik ijnHW gwhkW nwl ibjns krnw hY auh BrosyXog vI hn ik nhIN ifspYcr Aqy mYnyjmYNt nUM AwpsI qwlmyl nwL kMm krnw cwhIdw hY[ 3. ryt Aqy pymYNt dIAw SrqW: ifsppYcr ijhVy Awrfr lYNdw hY ausnUM swirAW dy ryt Aqy pymYNt dIAW SrqW sbMDI pUrw pqw hoxw cwhIdw hY[ v`fIAW kMpnIAW ‘c Awpxy kMm nUM pUrI qrHW smRpq sylzprsn huMdy hn ijhVy Awp hI pymYNt SrqW Aqy ryt qYA krdy hn[ pr CotIAW kMpnIAW vwLy Awm qOr ‘qy ifspYcrW nUM hI ieh kMm sMBwl idMdy hn[pr ieh kMm iksy koL vI hovy swrw ku`J Awrfr p`kw krn qoN pihlW hI qYA kr lYxw cwhIdw hY[ 4. ip`k A`p Aqy filvrI sbMDI jwxkwrI: Awrfr lYx smyN ip`k A`p Aqy filvrI dw pUrw Aqy TIk pqw, ienHW leI l`gx vwLw AMdwzn smW, rsqy dIAW loVW, sMprk krn vwLy Bwv kntYkt prsn dw nWA Aqy Pon nMbr, fOikMg stySn nMbr, ip`k A`p nMbr Aqy sur`iKAw sbMDI hor jwxkwrI lYxI AqI zrUrI hY[ 5. kstm bRokr dI jwxkwrI: jy Pryt AMqr rwStr srh`d pwr jwxw hY qW gwhk qoN kstm klIrYNs krwaux leI kstm bRokr sbMDI jwxkwrI lY lYxI cwhIdI hY ijs ‘c swry Pon nMbr, eI myl AYfrYs, PYks nMbr Aqy AwprySn dy GMitAW sbMDI jwxkwrI hovy[ 6. pYnltIAW Aqy hor SrqW: dyrI hox kwrn pYx vwlI pYnltI Aqy hor SrqW nUM vI iDAwn ‘c r`Kx dI loV hY[ jy kstmr lyt filvrI jW phuMc sbMDI hrjwny dI mMg krdw hY qW ifspYcr jW sylzprsn ijs ny Awrfr ilAw hY Bwr l`dx jW lwhux smyN l`gy vwDU smyN, vwDU aufIk smyN, iPaUl srcwrj jW hor klym krn Xog Krcy d`s ky mwmlw nij~T skdw hY[ jdoN aupr ilKI swrI sUcnw sbMDI ivcwr ho jwvy qW ifspYcr nUM ieh g`l p`kI kr lYxI cwhIdI hY ik bwAd ‘c koeI JgVw Awid hox dI sUrq ‘c kI Awpxy h`k leI kwPI sbUq mOjUd hn[Awrfr ‘qy kwrvweI krn qoN pihlW ie`k dsKqW vwlw prcyz Awrfr Bwv pI. E jW lof knPrmySn SIt lY lYxy cwhIdy hn[ JULY / AUGUST 2015

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Study finds truck fleet clean-up dramatically decreases engine emissions near Port of Oakland Black carbon and oxides of nitrogen down 76 percent and 53 percent, respectively, in four years


New Pay Package Benefits Starting Day One Pay Rate to Match Experience Paid Orientation Tuition Reimbursement

(for Qualified Trainees)

SEEKING DRIVERS & OWNER OPERATORS, drivers for flatbed and reefer, trainees from accredited schools, Apprentices & Licensed Mechanics, and on the road Driver Trainers Positions also available out of BC and PQ East Coast Premium changing from $0.03cpm to $0.04cpm

Between: (ON, PQ, NB, NS) and (NY, (N PA, NJ, RI, MD, DE, DC, MA, ME, VT, NH, CT)

Introducing: Select Mid-West Premium $0.04cpm Between: (ON, PQ, NB, NS) and (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana) New O/O Pay Open Board $1.13 Dedicated $1.12 1.800.334.51422 | F 1.888.876.0870 |


ACRAMENTO - A study funded by the California Air Resources Board demonstrates that mandatory upgrades to diesel truck fleets serving the Port of Oakland are responsible for significant reductions in two major air pollutants. According to research conducted by Berkeley scientist Robert Harley and based on data collected from thousands of trucks near the Port of Oakland, emissions of black carbon, a key component of diesel particulate matter and a pollutant linked to global warming, was slashed 76 percent from 2009 to 2013. Emissions of oxides of nitrogen, which leads to smog, declined 53 percent. Also during this period, the median age of truck engines declined from 11 to six years, and the percentage of trucks equipped with diesel particulate filters increased from 2 percent to 99 percent. The study findings are considered dramatic because they occurred over a relatively short time. Comparable emissions reductions could normally take up to a decade through gradual replacement of old trucks or natural fleet turnover. In this case, the improvements are attributed to the ARB’s Drayage Truck Regulation and to the Comprehensive Truck Management Program at the Port of Oakland, which require vehicle owners serving the port to clean up their trucks by either replacing them with newer models or installing diesel particulate filters. Diesel trucks are one of California’s biggest sources of air pollution. Because they are so durable, they can operate for decades and emit significant amounts of diesel pollution unless they are retrofit with filters or replaced. Adopted in 2007, the ARB’s Drayage Truck Regulation requires all trucks serving major California ports and intermodal rail yards to be registered and upgraded according to a staggered implementation schedule. By Jan. 1, 2023, all class 7 and 8 diesel-fueled drayage trucks must have 2010 or newer engines. Currently, pre-2007 model year (MY) trucks cannot serve the ports. All 2007-2009 MY trucks are compliant through 2022. Diesel exhaust contains a variety of harmful gases and more than 40 other known cancer-causing compounds. In 1998, California identified diesel particulate matter as a toxic air contaminant based on its potential to cause cancer, premature death and other health problems. JULY / AUGUST 2015

Desi News

Daimler Trucks Wants to Replace Mirrors with Cameras


iting it as a way to improve aerodynamics and gain more flexibility in new technologies Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is asking the U.S. government to revise federal regulations to allow manufacturers to replace truck side-mounted rear view mirrors with camera-monitor systems (CMS). Daimler argues that modern camera-based systems can do the same job as rearview mirrors, if not better, and the change would allow truck makers to avoid the aerodynamic drag that comes sizeable mirror hanging on each side of the tractor. In its petition to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the company requested a revision to U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS), number 111 – which requires rear view mirrors on each side of heavy-duty trucks – so that “manufacturers like DTNA to optimize vehicles for fuel efficiency.” “DTNA strongly believes that CMS technology can achieve the same or better level of safety as outside rearview mirrors in providing the driver a view to the rear along both sides of the vehicle, but with enhanced environmental benefits, especially for large trucks,” the company said in the petition. “Camera systems can eliminate blind spots and furnish an unimpeded view in all directions, encompassing multiple lanes.” As reported by Today’s Trucking, DTNA argues the exiting requirement for rear view mirrors hinders improving truck fuel efficiency because it is not legally able to put CMS on trucks in the U.S. David Giroux, spokesman for DTNA, told Today’s Trucking, in this case the law has not caught up with technological reality, and the mirror requirement as a safety measure, should actually be an option. “By changing the regulations to eliminate required exterior mirrors when replaced by tiny cameras, optimal visibility would be achieved and fuel efficiency of new trucks hitting North American roads could be improved by up to 1.5%,” he said. In the petition, DTNA said CMS also have additional advantages over rear view mirrors including they do not have to be adjusted for different drivers while some CMS have swivel technology that automatically adjusts the camera angle as the tractor trailer turns to provide the driver better visual coverage that is unobstructed by trailers during turns, among other benefits. JULY / AUGUST 2015

In March, DTNA unveiled its futuristic Freightliner SuperTruck at the MidAmerica Trucking Show in which it announced it had achieved fuel economy of 12.2 miles per gallon during testing, in the federally funded program to develop more efficient Class 8 trucks. However, Daimler officials said it had to keep certain components on the SuperTruck, such as rearview mirrors, because of federal regulations, even though they hurt efforts improve fuel efficiency.

Your Safety, Your Satisfaction,Your Success = Our Goal quhwfI sur`i^Aw, quhwfI qs`lI, quhwfI s&Lqw = swfw tIcw We are Hiring A-Z drivers (singles and teams), Owner Operators and D-Z Owner Operators 2000 sweIinMg bons, $2,000 Sign-On Bonus Competitive Pay Package Incentive Programs & Bonuses Weekly Pay by Direct Deposit New Equipment Regular Home Time

qnKwh pYkyz bhuq vDIAw, hor bons Aqy shUlqW[ qn^wh h&qy dy h&qy / is`DI quhwfy AkWaUt ‘c jmHW nvyN tr`k trylr, rYgUlr hom tweIm

We Require: Minimum 2 years experience CVOR/ driver’s abstract in good standing Able to cross US border

swnMU quhwfy qoN cwhIdw hY: G`to G`t do swl dw qzrbw CVOR/ frwivr AYbstrYkt AmrIkw bwrfr pwr kr skdw hovy

Please Contact James Taylor today! 877-907-8101 x4042 • I 45

THE NEXT GENERATION no-AweIfl klweImyt kMtrol dI AglI pIVHI Airworks provides the perfect comfort solution, with every component specifically engineered to deliver

eyArvrks pyS krdy hn Awrwm leI sMpUrn h`l, ijsdy hr purjy nMU cotI dw kMm krn vwLw, kuSlqw, sur`iKAw Aqy hMFxswrqw leI Kws qOr qy ifzweIn kIqw igAw hY[

Airworks is a new product from a well-known Canadian manufacturer. Operating on its own fully rechargeable batteries, this 12 volt no-idle air conditioning system works and comfortable. Engineered and manufactured by Tiger Tool International Incorporated in Abbotsford, BC, Airworks complies with idle-free laws across North America. “By focusing the design on driver comfort and dependability, we were able to create a complete system that will serve as a recruitment tool for rig and fleet owners,” says Owner and President Ken Jansen. “We know well-rested operators are more alert, drive more safely, and stay on schedule.” At the same time, Jansen notes many fleet owners work hard to keep their fuel and maintenance costs as low as possible. The system incorporates technical contributions from various BTU’s of cooling power ensure operator comfort, both on alternator through the chassis batteries while driving. As virtually all rigs will be exposed to harsh conditions, AC units – if not properly designed and installed – are vulnerable to rust, leakage and even electrical fires. The team was determined to resolve this; they used 316 stainless steel to eliminate rust and corrosion while the electrical components are IP67 and IP68 certified, meaning the Airworks system is completely weatherproof. Mike Andrews, head of Research & Development, was instrumental in creating two innovative and proprietary safety/operating features, making Airworks a truly unique system. Andrews designed SafeStopTM to automatically disconnect all power from the system in the event of an electrical malfunction, reducing the risk of both fire and personal injury. His AccuSpeedTM controller automatically adjusts the system to maintain the target temperature 17 hours between charges, so owners and operators can count on prolonged battery life. “We wanted to make Airworks the best system on the market,” says Jansen. “To achieve this, we not only spent a substantial amount of resources on research and development, but took the time to engage with customers to truly understand issues that face the industry today.”


eyArvrks ie`k jwxI pCwxI knyfIAn auqpwdk kMpnI dI nvIN aupj hY[ ieh 12 volt dw no-AweIfl eyArkMfISnr frweIvrW dy Awrwm Aqy kYibn nMU TMFw r`Kx leI ibnw ieMjx nUM stwrt kIqIAW vI cldw rihMdw hY[ ieh AwpxIAW pUrIAW cwrj hoeIAW bYtrIAW nwL cldw hY[ eyArvrks nOrQ AmrIkw dy AweIfl-PrI kwnUMnW dI pUrI qrHW pwlxw krdw hY Aqy iesdw auqpwdn Aqy qknIkIkrn AYbsPorf bI sI dI kMpnI tweIgr tUl ieMtrnYSnl ienkwrporytf vloN kIqw igAw hY[ pRYzIfYNt Aqy mwlk kY`n jYnsn dw kihxw hY ik frweIvr dy Awrwm Aqy kwrjkuSlqw nMU iDAwn ‘c r`Kdy hoey AsIN ies isstm nMU bxwaux ‘c kwmXwb rhy hW jo ik irg Aqy PlIt mwlkW leI nvyN frweIvr l`Bx ‘c kwPI shweI hovygw[ aunHW ny A`gy c`l ky ikhw ik AsIN jwxdy hW ik auh frweIvr ijnHW ny cMgI qrW Awrwm kIqw huMdw hY auh izAwdw cukMny, vDyry sur`iKAq frweIv krdy hn Aqy shI smyN Anuswr cldy hn[nwL hI jYnsn dw mMnxw hY ik keI PlIt mwlk AwpxI qyl Kpq Aqy KricAW nMU G`t r`Kx leI bhuq sKq imhnq krdy hn[ ies isstm nMU bxwaux leI v`K v`K qknIkI mwihrW Aqy auqpwdn stwP dI rwey leI geI hY[ 10,000 bI tI XU kUilMg pwvr vwLw ieh XUint tr`k cldy smyN vI ‘qy tr`k KVHw hox vyLy vI[Eprytr dy Awrwm dw pUrw iKAwl r`Kdw hY[ 12 volt bYtrIAW cY`sI bYtrIAW rwhIN Awltrnytr duAwrw frweIivMg krdy smyN rIcwrj huMdIAW hn[ kdy nw kdy hr tr`k nMU sKq hwlwqW dw swhmxw krnw pYNdw hY, ey sI XUint jykr cMgI qrHW ifzweIn Aqy ieMstwl nw kIqw igAw hovy qW iesnMU zMgwl l`gx, lIk hox Aqy ie`QoN q`k ik A`g pYx dy bhuq mOky huMdy hn[ swfI tIm iesnMU ienHW sB qoN bcwaux leI Twx cu`kI sI, zMgwl qoN bcwaux leI 316 stynlY`s stIl dI vrqoN kIqI geI Aqy IP167 Aqy IP168 srtIPweIf ielYktRIkl purjy vrqy gey, ies sB dw mqlb ieh hY ik eyArvrks pUrI qrHW vYdrprUP hY[ mweIk AYNfiraUs jo ik irsrc Aqy ifvYlpmYNt dy hY`f hn do ieho ijhy PIcr r`Kxy cwhuMdy sn jo ik nvyN hox dy nwL nwL sur`iKAq vI hox, ieh nvyN PIcr hI eyArvrks nMU iblku`l ie`k Kws isstm bxwauNdy hn[ AYNfiraUs ny SafeStopTM ifzweIn kIqw jo ik ielYktRIkl KrwbI hox dI sUrq ‘c Awpxy Awp hI swrI pwvr isstm nwloN bMd kr idMdw hY ijs nwL A`g l`gx Aqy in`jI cot l`gx dw Kqrw nhIN rihMdw[ AYNfiraUs dw AccuSpeedTM kMtrolr AwtomYtIklI isstm nMU Afjst kr idMdw hY qW ik sY`t kIqw hoieAw tYNpRycr iblku`l TIk Aqy kuSl rhy[ ieh XUint cwrj krn qoN bwAd 17 GMty q`k c`l skdw hY qW ik frweIvr Aqy mwlk lMbI bYtrI lweIP ‘qy inrBr kr skx[ jYnsn dw kihxw hY ik auh eyArvrks nMU mwrikt ‘c auplBD swry isstmW nwloN vDIAw bxwauxw cwhuMdy sn Aqy ies qrHW krn leI aunHW ny Koj Aqy ivkws ‘qy hI bhuq pYsw hI nhIN KricAw sgoN gwhkW nwL vI rwbqw kwiem kIqw qW ik pqw l`g sky ik A`j dI ieMfstrI nMU ikhVIAW muSiklW dw swhmxw krnw pY irhw hY[ JULY / AUGUST 2015

KEEP COOL WHEN YOUR ENGINE’S OFF quhwnUM qd vI TMfw r`Ky jdoN ieMjx bMd hovy The perfect idle-free cab comfort solution for individual rigs or entire fleets. ie`k sMpUrn AweIfl-&rI Armdwiek h`l ie`k tr`k jW pUry kMpnI tr`kW leI[

Airworks helps improve your bottom line while keeping operators cool and comfortable for up to 17 hours. eyArvrk quhwfI kMpnI dI qr`kI ivc vwDw krn ‘c shwieqw kry, tr`k cwlk nUM 17 GMty q`k TMfk Aqy Arwm pRdwn krky[

Airworks runs on its own fully rechargeable batteries while an innovative AccuSpeedTM controller automatically adjusts to maintain the temperature. You get well-rested operators who are more alert, drive more safely and stay on schedule. Airworks complies with no-idle laws, reduces fuel and maintenance costs and can be installed in as little as four hours.

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Engineered & manufactured in Canada.

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Make the comfortable choice. quhwfy leI ie`k Armdwiek cox[ & installation JULY /Purchase AUGUST 2015

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